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Desktop 3D Resin Printers Growing In Popularity
Quick overview of different types of resins, plus a list of 3D Printing Resin Suppliers. UV printers offer different strengths and resolutions.

STL Viewers - Free and Open Source Programs To Download
Free and powerful STL Viewers, some open source versions, that you can use to 3D print today. Download one of these free versions.

3D Printers Under $1,000 Fully Assembled
3D Printing is getting more and more affordable and easier to use. Here's a list of fully assembled printers available for under $1,000.

3D Printing apps for Android, iOS, and the web
Most of the time, you are near the 3D printer you are using, but sometimes you need to manage remotely and these 3D printing apps can help.

Resources on How To Make DIY Filament for your 3D Printer
Making your own 3D printer filament can save you money in the long term.

LulzBot 3D Printers from Aleph Objects
Aleph Objects with its LulzBot line of 3D Printers is for both the DIY crowd, the maker crowd, and the professional engineer in corporate America.

Moving from Inkscape to Autodesk Fusion 360
Creating a 3D model from 2D Image or Logo is possible with Inkscape and then Autodesk Fusion 360 -- our interview with James Alday.

2D Image to 3D Model -- Perfect Trace of a 3D CAD Sketch
Creating a 3D model from 2D Image or Logo is possible with Inkscape and then Autodesk Fusion 360 -- our interview with James Alday.

2D Image to 3D Model in Inkscape - Path-Trace Bitmap Command
Detailed steps on how to turn a 2D Image into 3D Model w James Alday.

2D to 3D - moving from Inkscape to Autodesk Fusion 360
Creating a 3D model from 2D Image or Logo is possible with Inkscape and then Autodesk Fusion 360 -- our interview with James Alday.

2D to 3D - Insert SVG
Creating a 3D model from 2D Image or Logo is possible with Inkscape and then Autodesk Fusion 360 -- our interview with James Alday.

Step by Step 2D Image Into 3D Model
Using Inkscape, we are changing an image into a vector image (SVG) to allow us to use it in a 3D modeling program.

2D Image to 3D Model - Import Image into Inkscape
Step by Step w James Alday of ImmersedN3D on Instagram explains how to turn a 2D Image or Logo into a 3D Model.

Finished! 2D Image or Logo into a 3D Model w James Alday
Creating a 3D model from 2D Image or Logo is possible with Inkscape and then Autodesk Fusion 360 -- our interview with James Alday.

How to turn a 2D Image or Logo into a 3D Model
Turning a 2D Image or Logo into a print-able 3D Model doesn't have to be too hard. Follow these suggestions from James Alday.

2D to 3D - Turn image into SVG (Vector Image)
On the path of turning a 2D Image or Logo into a 3D model w James Alday.

3D Prosthetics
3D Printing making a difference in someone's life: Prosthetics for children, veterans, and others who have lost a limb through illness or accident.

3D Printing Basics
3D Printing Basics to help you navigate the growing world of 3D tech.

3D Education
An ongoing series of the people making a difference in education with cool 3D projects.

Corporate Profiles
Looking at companies that are doing work in 3D.

3D Design Basics
3D Design is fundamental to getting a good 3D model printed on any machine.

3D Models
3D modeling can be considered part of 3D design, however, this section looks at various 3D model file sites where you can download free or low cost models to get you started.

3D Scanning
3D Scanning is an important part when you need to take an existing part or product and model it to prepare for a 3D print. This section explores various hardware and software.

Desktop 3D Printers
A variety of reviews and lists of different 3D printers that fit and work for small to midsize businesses as well as home-based workers, hobbyists, and makers.

3D Printing Business
This section deals with commercial and business aspects of 3D design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing.

3D Printing Glossary Terms
Terms to help you understand 3D printing

Corporate Profiles
This category is for company profiles where public and private companies are highlighted for their efforts in 3D printing.

This category is for future, forward-thinking 3D advances in 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D design.

3D Products
Printers, devices, 3D materials, and more. This is the category to click if you are looking for reviews, overviews, etc.

How To Do It
This category is for various fixes, upgrades, repairs, modifications, tips that can help you with your 3D printer.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How To Calculate 3D Printing Cost
Sometimes you want to know how much filament or material an object or file is going to use and, thus, how much it will cost you to print it.

MakeXYZ is a Local 3D Printing Service
MakeXYZ is a 3D printer directory -- allowing you to get an object or model printed or to list your printer and earn some cash.

9 Ways to Make Money with a 3D Printer
Many 3D printers sit idle in a home or shop, but there are loads of opportunities to make money doing 3D printing. Read this post for ideas.

Where to Find 3D Printable Models For Free
From the Smithsonian with its X 3D project to the well-known Thingiverse repository, here are places to find free 3D models and files for your 3D printing work.

How to Remove 3D Printed Support Structure
3D printing requires attention to detail and how you print the support (to hold up an overhang, for example) can make your final cleanup easier, or harder.

What Is A Voronoi Pattern And How To Make One with 3D Printer
Voronoi diagrams have practical and theoretical applications in math, science, technology, and now, 3D printing.

7 Examples of 3D Printed Fashion - Items You Might Buy and Wear
Whether you call it fashion, apparel, wearables, 3D printing is making an impact on things we wear and that help our bodies - think hearing aids, orthotics, and more.

Mesh vs. NURBS: Which 3D Model Is Best for 3D Printing?
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs operate on a variety of mathematical formulas which results in models being created as either solid, mesh, or NURBS. Mesh and NURBS are often used in 3D printing.

STL Files: What They Are & How to Use Them
The STL file format is commonly used in 3D printing and modeling. It has become the standard for various rapid prototyping processes.

3D Printing Services When You Do Not Have A 3D Printer
3D Printer Service Bureaus that you can use to 3D print without owning your own 3D printer.

Repairing 3D Files With Meshmixer and NetFabb
Sherri Johnson of CatzPaw Innovations shares some tips and tools for repairing 3D models so that they work on your 3D printer.

Repairing for Printability with Netfabb
Sherri Johnson of CatzPaw Innovations shares some tips and tools for repairing 3D models so that they work on your 3D printer. Page 2.

3D Printer Bed Leveling
In order to get quality 3D prints, you need a level print bed. Here are some tips and resources to help you achieve levelness...

More 3D Printer Slicing Programs
More slicing programs to help you 3D print. Page 2.

3D Slicing Programs for 3D Printers
If you are looking for a 3D Slicer program for your 3D printing needs, read my quick overview with a growing list of free 3D slicing tools.

Plating 3D Prints
Plating, or electroplating, has been around for hundreds of years. People are starting to apply this age-old technique to 3D printing.

Basic Primer on Stepper Motors for 3D Printers
A short explanation of how your 3D printer moves, by way of stepper motors, to lay down such fine and accurate layers to turn your favorite 3D model into a print.

Building Your First 3d Printer Is Easier Than Ever
With the boom in new 3D Printers, it is increasingly easy to assemble a kit or create your own kit.

3D Printed Material Strength
3D Printing Material Strength resources and a chart on tensile strength for common 3D printing materials.

Best 3D Printing Videos Some of My Favorites
A few of my favorite 3D Printing videos

Proto-pasta makes Exotic Metal Plastic Filaments for 3D Printers
3D printing is a growth industry, but materials for 3D printing is also going through a boom. Innovators are combining materials in new ways that make your 3D prints look great.

3D Scanning and Printing:Cultural, Natural Preservation
New methods of conservation and preservation are made possible with 3D Printing and 3D Scanning.

Tech Specs on 3D Printing Materials
Short, but growing list, of 3D Printing materials

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
We cover all aspects of 3D printing from printer reviews to tips on 3D scanning.

3D Printing Materials Suppliers – Where to Buy
From Walmart to specialty shops, companies are jumping on the 3D Printing bandwagon. Here are some places to buy your ABS and PLA filament spools.

The Latest Filaments for FFF/FDM 3D Printers
On this page, we go into a bit more detail on the different 3D printer filaments coming on the market. Page 2.

When you need to build a 3D model from scratch, these tools can help
Here are five excellent 3D design software packages that are completely free. You do not need to buy expensive, hard-to-learn CAD/CAM software.

Amazon Places Its Retailer Might Behind 3D Printing
Amazon announced in mid 2014 that it was opening a 3D Printing Store -- putting them into the race with other retailers which sell 3D printers, including Home Depot, Staples, and others.

3D Printers Under $1,000 As Do-It-Yourself Kits
If you are wanting to save a few dollars (or a lot), these 3D Printer DIY (do-it-yourself) Kits are ones to consider.

What Is G-Code?
G-Code is created by a slicing program which tells the 3D printer how and where each layer needs to be deposited.

Heat and Speed Beyong The First Layer of Your 3D Print
Sherri Johnson of Catzpaw shares in-depth advice on improving your 3D prints. Page 3.

Tweaking and Slicing for Better 3D Prints
In the third installment, Sherri Johnson shares about

Different Settings for Different Areas Of Your 3D Models and Prints
3D Printing and 3D Modeling expert Sherri Johnson from CatzPaw Innovations shares insider tips and techniques to improve your 3D prints. Page 2.

Infill settings can differ from Perimeter settings
Step by step advanced slicing settings

Adding a new region to allow for different extrusion setting
Getting super-detailed, for ultra-fine 3D prints with Sherri Johnson of Catzpaw.

Changing settings for different areas of print job.
Step by step advanced slicing settings

Time to Print! With these advanced slicing settings
Advanced slicing and 3d printing tips

Simplify3D Settings for different areas
Advanced tips from Sherri Johnson

Changing Perimeter Settings for your 3D Model
Improving your 3D print with advanced slicing settings.

Changing printer settings for different areas of print.
make use of dual print heads using one extruder for the model and one for a raft

Adjusting 3D Printer Settings - A Little Heat and Speed Change
Step by step slicing settings. 3D Printing.

Page 2 Of Tips about better 3D printing files
Improve your 3D printing files with these tips from Sherri Johnson. Page 2.

3D Designing for 3D Print-ability
3D Printing is fun, but not always easy. If you are designing your own 3D models, these tips from CatzPaw Innovations can help.

Cura is open-source slicing software for 3D Printing
Cura is an open source slicing software - LulzBot created a version for its own printer. But you can use it for many 3D printers.

LulzBot Mini Is A Terrific 3D Printer for Beginners and Advanced Users
Setting up and using the LulzBot Mini 3D Printers is one of the easiest things I've done. This mini printer packs a lot of power.

Technical Specifications on LulzBot Mini 3D Printer
A long list of the technical specs from Aleph Objects' website about the LulzBot Mini 3D Printer. Page 2.

3D Printed Robots Are On The Rise
If you are wondering how so many robots are appearing in the media, this post may help. 3D Printing is solving problems that were insurmountable before.

3D Printer Extruder Nozzle Clogged? Here Is How To Unclog It
Everyone who owns a 3D printer runs into various maintenance and repairs. This short post on clearing a blocked extruder nozzle can help.

Sacramento Public Library Offers The Design Spot 3D Printing Lab
3D Printing is a technology that many local communities want to offer to their library patrons. In this short profile, we highlight The Design Spot at the Sacramento Public Library.

More Amazing 3D Advances in Medicine and Science
Advances within medical and scientific communities is perhaps leading, however quietly, the world of 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, and 3D Scanning. Page 2.

Amazing 3D Printing Experiments In Science And Medicine
How will science and medicine be changed by 3D Printing? Here are a few stories that can help you get a deeper picture of the future.

3D Printing Your Next Car: The US Government Can Help
Oak Ridge National Laboratory is figuring out how to make 3D Printing faster, more reliable, and bigger.

GE Direct Write: 3D Inking As A New Way To 3D Print
3D printing technology keeps changing and fast. Here are two new ways to

3D Systems – Pioneer of 3D Printing
3D Systems is one of the market leaders in 3D Printing and its founder is considered the father of 3D printing.

Stratasys 3D Printing Market Leader
Updated post on 3D Printing market leader, Stratasys (Stock:SSYS).

SolidWorks 3D CAD Software for Engineers and Designers
A short corporate overview about SolidWorks, owned by Dassault Systemes

How To Print Minecraft In 3D
Minecraft users often want to create real versions of characters, creations: 3D printing is one way to do that. Here is a list of how-to sites.

Thingiverse: A 3D Printing Design Community
Thingiverse is one of the top-rated, most popular digital design file repositories. 3D printer fans frequently share their digital designs here.

Inventor of 3D Printer: Charles “Chuck” Hull
3D Printers are far from new, despite the media hype that you often hear -- these innovative machines were invented in the mid-1980s. Chuck Hull is one of the pioneers.

Local 3D Printing with 3D Hubs
3D Hubs is a fast-growing online network that connects you to 3D Printers all around the world. Need something 3D printed, but don't have a printer? Look here.

Star Trek Replicators Inspire 3D Printing
Will 3D Printing eventually equal the Star Trek Replicator? Read onā€¦

Bringing 3D Printing to Children - Leo the Maker Prince by Carla Diana
Leo the Maker Prince -- a book for children about 3D printing that will inspire creativity and passion (STEM)

Ember 3D Printer Powered By Spark Platform From Autodesk
3D Printing is not always an easy process. Autodesk set out to make it a bit easier with the Spark Platform and Ember 3D printer. Here are some deets:

3D-Printed Prosthetics Change the World
For a person who has lost a limb, the process of getting a prosthetic is challenging. 3D printing is promising to make it more affordable, and custom.

ITAMCO – Manufacturing Company For 3D Printing Future
3D Printing is changing the future of manufacturing. ITAMCO in Indiana is a contract manufacturing firm testing 3D printers in its plants.

What Is 3D Printing?
A quick overview of 3D Printing and how it works. Includes mention of leading 3D printer companies (Public companies) and 3D design software.

Michael Weinberg With 3 Steps To Figure Out 3D Printing and Copyright
3D printing and copyright is an ever-changing part of life if you're into 3D printing, 3D modeling and sharing your files online

Best 3D Printers By People Who Use Them Often or Daily
3D Hubs BIG List of 3D Printers, reviewed by their regular users.

3D Scan An Object With Your Smartphone or Digital Camera
A few of the steps to creating 3D models with just a smartphone or digital camera.

AMF Format for 3D Printing - Plus a NEW format: 3MF
The AMF is an alternative 3D printing format. It was/is meant to replace the aging STL filetype, however, as you'll read in this post, 3MF is coming.

New 3D Printing File Format: Introducing The 3MF File Format
3MF, which stands for ā€œ3D Manufacturing Format,ā€ has the potential to become the new 3D printing standard replacing the STL and AMF filetypes.

3D Printing Processes: Many Different Terms and Methods
3D Printing has been around since the mid-1980s and many methods exist for printing an object in 3D dimensions.

What is Photogrammetry? A Way To Start Your 3D Printing Models
Photogrammetry is the best way to get started on many 3D models for your 3D printing needs.

Leading the 3D Printing Charge: GE
GE is using additive manufacturing to change how it makes things -- from jet engines to the healthcare industry.

You Can 3D Print By Hand With This Special "Pen"
A 3D Pen is, in essence, a highly portable 3D printer. Take a look at the 3Doodler 3D Pen explored here.

Terms that start with A. 3D Printing.