Secondary Education Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Issues in Education
Many issues surround public and private education including increasing school violence, rural schools, social promotion, and student accommodations. The information provided here can help provide insight and information about these issues and more.

Resources and Strategies for Secondary Educators
Teaching advice, tips, and strategies, lesson resources, and more from Secondary Education expert Colette Marie Bennett. Start exploring today.

Character Education - Teaching Ethical Behavior
Information and resources to help teach ethical behavior to students.

Making School Safe for Homosexual Bisexual and Transexual Students
Learn techniques to create a safe environment for homosexuals, bisexuals and transexuals in school.

rural schools
Rural schools face special problems. Read about them and methods to face these issues.

School Violence - Combatting School Violence
School violence is of major concern to individuals throughout the nation. The school violence debate rages on to find a solution to situations such as Columbine.

School Uniforms
School uniforms are often a source of contention between parents, students, and schools. These resources look at the issues surrounding the use of uniforms in schools.

Administration and Guidance Information
Find information and resources for effective administration and guidance support including teacher evaluations and more.

Standards in Education - Educational Standards
Raising standards is an important topic of educational reform. Read about efforts to raise standards at schools across the nation.

Chronic Absenteeism Related to Drop-out Rates
Research shows that chronic absence is a leading warning sign that a student will drop out. Here are steps educators can take to improve attendance.

Curriculum Areas
Curriculum is at the heart of education. This category provides a wealth of information, resources, and lesson plans for each subject area across the curriculum.

Social Studies
From American History to Economics to Psychology, find great social studies resources here.

geography resources for the social studies teacher
Learn more about geography and find great resources to help enhance geography lessons.

Geography Warm Ups: Middle School
Links to questions for geography in grades 6 & 7.

Biographies Throughout the Curriculum
These biographies were created with the biographical framework and can be used throughout the curriculum.

Language Arts Resources
Language arts and English teachers will find numerous resources including lesson plans, study aids for over fifty novels, writing resources, speechwriting, poetry, and much more.

Mythology Resouces for Educators - Mythology Legends and Folklore
Gods, goddesses, heroes and more. Enrich your lessons with the exciting resources found here.

Biography Writing: Purpose, Criteria, and Rubric for Grades 7-12
Writing a biography? The purpose, prompt, criteria for writing, and Common Core aligned standards based rubric available for teachers in grades 7-12.

Choosing Classroom Layout to Support Instruction
Different types of instruction will require different seating arrangements, and each classroom layout has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Teaching Tips and Strategies
Use these tips, strategies, and ideas to help with discipline, cooperative learning, motivating students, critical thinking, teaching character and ethics, and integrating curriculum.

Parental Involvement in Education
Parents and teachers should work together to ensure that each child achieves to their fullest potential. These resources can help teachers as they attempt to get parents involved.

Common Teacher Problems
There are a number of common problems that teachers often have to face. The following articles examine these typical problems and provide ideas to meet these challenges.

Classroom Management
Classroom management refers to the wide variety of skills and techniques that teachers use to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task, and academically productive during a class.

Summer Assignments
Technology can enhance summer learning

Stop Cluttering Up the Classroom Walls!
Teachers should control the amount of decoration or clutter in the classroom so that students do not become overstimulated.

Science Class Question-and-Answer Topics
Here is a list of daily science question-and-answer topics that can be used in a general science class, for pop quizzes, exams or general review.

Getting Started With Student Portfolios
Having students create portfolios can be a rewarding endeavor. This article looks at how to get started creating portfolios and the benefits.

Winter Holiday Activities for the Middle and High School Classroom
The holidays at the end of the year, including Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah and the Winter Solstice, offer a variety of ideas for student projects.

Inspirational Quotes for Student Speeches
Need to write a speech and searching for an inspirational quote? This list provides fifteen key inspirational quotes that are great for speeches along with links for further quotes.

Classroom Rules for Teachers
A list of classroom rules for students to follow that any teacher can adapt, to ensure that their class runs smoothly and everyone's on the same page.

Classroom Management Strategies
Many teachers, especially new teachers, struggle with classroom discipline. Here are great techniques and resources to help educators out with classroom management.

Motivating Students to Learn
Great techniques to help educators motivate students to learn.

Praise and Positive Reinforcement
Students respond well to positive reinforcement and specific praise. Read about these classroom management techniques here.

4 Classroom Icebreaker Activities for Teachers
Icebreakers are an important step to getting student buy-in. Unless a student is emotionally connected to school, they will lack motivation to learn.

Lesson Plans and Activities
Find lesson plans for topics throughout the curriculum.

Social Studies Lesson Plans - Ideas for Social Studies Teachers
Lesson plans for the social studies teacher. Find great information for teachers of history, geography, and more.

12 Inspirational Quotes for Back-to-School Responses
In this write-aloud lesson, students observe how a teacher will work and rework prose in a response to a prompt before they write their own response.

12 Inspirational Quotes for Back-to-School Responses
In this write-aloud lesson, students observe how a teacher will work and rework prose in a response to a prompt before they write their own response.

Summer Vacation
Summer vacation is a popular plot, let's relieve the joys and the complications that summer vacation presents in the following 10 TV series

How August is the Sunday Night of the School
That kind of preparation that most teachers do during the month of August can be the same as the preparation that they do every Sunday night.

political science resources for the social studies teacher
Political Science information and resources for the social studies teacher.

Discovering the Candidates' Stands on Issues
The 2016 Presidential Election is providing a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in inquiry on the candidates and the hot political issues.

Inappropriate Candidate Language Complicates Teaching
The 2016 Presidential Election gives teachers the task of teaching the difference between bullies on the playground and bullies on the pulpit.

What to Do When the Technology Fails in Class
When there is a technology glitch in class, an educator can still salvage a very important lesson to teach students- the lesson of perseverance.

Grant Writing - sources and tips for writing grants part 1
Grant writing is a difficult yet necessary process in education. However, there are many sources and tips to make grant writing easy.

grant writing - sources and tips for writing grants part 2
This article looks at tips for writing grants. Page 2.

Improve Geometry Content Vocabulary! Try Poetry!
Geometry class is a great place for educators to use poetic patterns and create poems that help students to better understand content vocabulary.

13 Best Practices for Summer Learning Programs
A century’s worth of research proves all students lose academic skills over the summer.Here are 13 best practices to reducing summer learning loss.

13 Best Practices for Summer Learning Programs
A century’s worth of research proves all students lose academic skills over the summer.Here are 13 best practices to reducing summer learning loss.

english lesson plans - language arts lesson plans
English and Language Arts lesson plans. Find some great resources to either use outright or supplement your own lessons.

Digital Tools Promote Dialogue with Gr 7-12 Parents Using Technology
Parents and teachers in grades 7-12 can make connections by creating two-way communications with digital tools.

Educreations App Review
Read a review of this free app that allows teachers to create and share great video lessons.

February Writing Prompts - Writing and Journal Topics
These writing prompts can be used each day in class for the month of February. They are also great for journal topics or warm up activities.

Bloom's Taxonomy - Analysis Category
Here is information about the analysis category of Bloom's Taxonomy.

The Joys and Pains of Teaching Seniors
There is a certain attitude in high schools that Senior teachers often get off easy. However, it is not always easy to teacher kids who have chronic Senioritis - sometimes from day one. Read more to find out and to learn ways to deal with the special issues surrounding teaching (and motivating) Seniors.

Bloom's Taxonomy Lesson Plans in the Classroom
Bloom's Taxonomy categorizes levels of questions. Explore the taxonomy and find ways to implement each level in lesson plans and tests in your classroom.

Bloom's Taxonomy - Knowledge Category
Here is information about the knowledge category of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Bloom's Taxonomy - Application Category and Examples
Here is information about the application category of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Bloom's Taxonomy - Comprehension Category
Here is information about the comprehension category of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Bloom's Taxonomy - Evaluation Category
Here is information about the evaluation category of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Bloom's Taxonomy: Synthesis Category
Here is information about the synthesis category of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Inspirational Quotes from Winston Churchill
Use these inspirational quotes from Winston Churchill in speeches and more.

Field Trips: Pros and Cons
Learn all about the pros and cons of taking students on educational field trips.

5 Ways to Use Rest and Reflection to Make Learning Stick
Research shows for the first time that how the brain processes information during rest can improve future learning.

Take Time to Wrap Up the School Year in 3 Steps
Teachers should try to spend time at the end of this year to make positive results in the next school year.

Make Mind Maps that Stick with Labels
Use adhesive labels printed with topics from a unit of study to encourage critical thinking to create mind-maps that visually organize information.

The #1 Lesson Evaluated This Year Used a Literature Circle
Integrating social media in literature circles gives students tools to reimagine and analyze literature in through the ways they communicate.

Improve Comprehension and Collaboration with Post-Its
Six strategies with post-it notes that can be used across the curriculum or as interdisciplinary strategies in order to improve student understanding.

6 Sources for Expanding Classroom Libraries
Filling a classroom library with high interest materials to encourage reading for fun is a challenge, but there are low cost solutions..

7 Common Questioning Problems and Their Solutions
This article lists seven common problems in questioning techniques and suggestions for solutions that can help change teacher behaviors.

Wait-Time is Think-Time in the Secondary Classroom
The eight (8) categories of periods of silence can help teachers recognize when and where

What Techniques does the Speechwriter Use?
Students must examine the ways the author uses rhetorical structures (literary devices) and figurative language to create meaning in a speech.

The Speech is Addressing What Event(s)?
Context for the speech should be viewed through the lenses of civics, economics, geography, and history as part of new C3Standards for Social Studies.

Who is Delivering the Speech?
Students must consider who is delivering the speech as part of understanding the speaker's point of view in delivering a speech.

How Does Analysis Help Understanding?
Last, students consider how their analysis of point of view, context, and techniques has or has not changed their initial understanding of the speech.

To Whom is the Speaker Delivering the Speech?
When students study a speech, they must consider the audience for whom the speech was intended as well as their own (audience) response.

What is Going On and How do I Know?
Students can meet Common Core Literacy Standards by using textual evidence from speeches (primary source documents) to demonstrate understanding.

Hear the Speech -Spoken or Recorded
A speech is meant to be heard, so the first of eight (8) steps is to listen to the speech either by reading aloud or listening to a recording.

What is the Message of the Speech?
Students need to understand the central idea or message of the speech, and how their understanding of that message deepens with analysis.

How Do You Determine If Students Have Learned?
What is the target answer for the teaching job interview question: What method or methods do you use to determine if students have learned what you have taught? Find the best answer and answers to avoid here.

What Techniques does the Speechwriter Use?
Stem questions help students examine the ways the rhetorical structures (literary devices) and figurative language create meaning in a speech.

To Whom is the Speaker Delivering the Speech?
Stem questions help students consider the audience for whom the speech was intended as well as their own (audience) response.

Who is Delivering the Speech?
Stem questions can help students consider who is delivering the speech and the speaker's point of view.

What is the Message of the Speech?
Stem questions help students identify the central idea or message of the speech.

What’s Going On in this Speech?
Stem questions can help students use textual evidence from speeches (primary source documents) to demonstrate understanding.

The Speech is Addressing What Event(s)?
Stem questions that view the speech through civics, economics, geography, and/or history can help students understand a speech's context.

Quick Debates for the Secondary Classroom
Here are four debate formats that can be used in the secondary classroom in any discipline.

Teach for America - Profile on the Teach for America Program
Teach For America is the national group of new teachers who commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools and become leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunity. Learn more about this awesome program.

Create Activity Night Opportunities for Families
Research shows that even at these higher grade levels, grades 7-12, keeping parents in the loop is critical to each student's academic success.

Creative Journal Topics Involving Different Perspectives
Journal writing can be an effective tool for educators accross the curriculum. This list of journal topics are designed to help students look at things from different perspectives through the act of daily journal writing.

Universal and Diagnostic Screening in Setting SLO Goals
Sources of data for teachers developing SLO goals can be collected from universal or diagnostic screens- part Response to Intervention(RTI) programs.

Constructing a Bloom's Taxonomy Assessment
Create an assessments using Bloom's Taxonomy as your guide. This article shows you how.

Memory Joggers to Frame Your Lessons
Help your students as they listen to and participate in daily lessons with the use of memory joggers.

Inspirational Speeches that Made America
Great American speeches can inspire students. These speeches can also increase literary analysis skills and build up student background knowledge.

Speeches by 6 American Authors as Informational Texts
The American author can also be an American speaker; teachers can use authors' speeches with students to increase literacy and background knowledge.

American Speeches as Literary Texts
Speeches inspire and teachers can use different speeches with their students to increase literacy and background knowledge.

Celebrate 10 Summer Vacation Moments from TV Series
Summer vacation is a popular plot, let's relieve the joys and the complications that summer vacation presents in the following 10 TV series

Pros and Cons of School Uniforms
What are the pros and cons of school uniforms? The debate about their effectiveness continues to rage with parents, students, and teachers.

School Uniforms - Supreme Court Rulings
What does the Supreme Court have to say about school uniforms? Learn more here. Page 2.

Daily Teacher Tips
Teaching is a complex affair. Here I've broken down 365 teaching tips to help you each day of the year. Enjoy!

technology for educators - high tech lesson plans
Lesson plans for teaching technology for educators.

Journal Writing - Topics and Lessons for Journal Writing
These lessons all relate to effectively using journals in your classroom. Included are numerous journal entry topics and starters to use across the curriculum.

Educational supplies - Aids for Educators
Find supplies and resources to help educators in the teaching process. Most of these are items available for purchase.

Free Clipart for Teachers
Enliven educational assignments and handouts with free clipart for teachers.

Resources for Teachers - Making Teaching Easier
You can find a ton of information to make teaching easier with these resources. Find clip art for teachers, educational supply information, news and web resources, tutorials, fun and games, beginning and end of the year resources, and substitute teacher aids along with much more.

teachers as researchers
In order to be effective, teachers need to become exceptional researchers.

Teacher Unions - All About Teacher Unions
Should you join a teacher union? Are you required to join one? What is a teacher union all about? What are the benefits to one? What are the costs? Learn more with these resources about teacher unions.

Web Resources for Educators - Internet for Teachers
Excellent web resources for educators including free home pages and more.

End of the School Year - Resources for the End of the School Year
Every year, teachers have to face the end of the school year and all the stress and activities that come along with it. These resources can help teachers as they face the end of the school year.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards
Readers' Choice nominations and awards for secondary education.

Teacher Appreciation
It is very important to show teachers how much we appreciate them. These resources give information about teacher appreciation week and how to celebrate teachers.

departments of education for the United States
Gain access to every Department of Education across the US and Canada.

Teaching Job Interview Resources
Help and information to help teachers interviewing for a teaching job.

National Certification Information for Teachers
Many states are offering incentives for teachers to gain national certification. Here is the official website along with other resources to help educators.

State Certification
Information about state certification for all fifty states. Find out how to become certified in the United States with these profiles.

Teacher Education and Enrichment
Aspiring teachers, novice teachers, and experienced teachers alike should find these resources useful as they provide details for not only becoming a teacher but also continuing education and enrichment.

Professional Development for Teachers
Learn about professional development opportunities and ideas for teachers.

Top Inspirational 20th Century Movies for Educators
Here are ten movies that inspire teachers and make them feel proud to be in the field of education where they really do have an impact. Enjoy!

8 Movies for Teachers to Watch for Inspiration or Fun
Movies that feature the role of teachers offer a point of view from the classroom that almost everyone who teaches in a school can recognize.

What Is the Aim of Secondary Education?
Each individual teacher has an opinion about what the aim of education should be, not only in their own classroom but also in school in general.

Novels and Short Stories Titled A-C - Language Arts Teachers
Here are some great resources for novels and short stories titled A-C including Animal Farm, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and much more. Many can be used as lesson plans or to supplement your own information.

Novels and Short Stories Titled D-L
Here are some great resources for novels and short stories titled D-L. Many can be used as lesson plans or to supplement your own information.

Novels and Short Stories Titled M-O
Here are some great resources for novels and short stories titled M-O. Many can be used as lesson plans or to supplement your own information about these books.

Novels and Short Stories Titled P-Z
Here are some great resources for novels and short stories titled P-Z. Many can be used as lesson plans or to supplement language arts teachers information.

Use Dr. Seuss for Literary Criticism and Analysis
Students read Dr. Seuss's

All Quiet on the Western Front - Movie Worksheet
Have your students answer these questions as a companion to the movie, 'All Quiet on the Western Front' based on the novel by Erich Remarque.

Effective Speech Writing & Inspirational Public Speaking
The key to effective speech writing is the development of an awesome theme. This article provides guidance and insight to help create inspiring speeches.

Effective Speech Writing Example
Here is an example of a speech organized around a central theme. It was given at an induction ceremony for the National Honor Society. Page 3.

Effective Speech Writing - Putting All the Pieces Together
Once you have established your theme, use these tips to put all the pieces of an effective speech together. Page 2.

Teach the Election-2016 Edition! Voting Rights
This presidential election year provides an opportunity to study the Constitutional Amendments and laws that provide the right to vote to citizens.

Teachers: STOP and Rethink the Summer Work Packet!
Researchers suggest that teachers may need to rethink spending their time to create and to grade summer assignment packets.

Mathematics Resources - Information for Mathematics Teachers
If you teach mathematics you know that many times approaching a problem from multiple angles can help students gain a greater understanding of the math involved. These resources can help.

Geometry for Educators - Mathematics - Geometry
Math resources for geometry teachers ranging from lesson plans to tessalations.

Eight Mathematical Practice Standards
The Standards for Mathematical Practice describe varieties of expertise that mathematics educators at all levels should seek to develop in their students. These practices rest on important “processes and proficiencies” with longstanding importance in mathematics education

6 Strategies for Teaching Idioms in the 2016 Election
Helping students understand the language of political campaigns prepares them for the future when they exercise their right to vote.

African-American history - Instructional Resources for Teaching Black History
Information and resources to aid in teaching about African American history.

psychology resources for the social studies teacher
Psychology information and resources for the social studies teacher.

98 Presidential Election Vocabulary Terms Grades 9-12
To better understand the 2016 Presidential Election, high school students should become familiar with the vocabulary of the electoral process.

Reading: #1 Summer Assignment Worth Assigning
Research confirms that the number of books read during the summer is consistently related to academic gains.

Family and Consumer Science Resources - Information for Teachers
Resources for the family and consumer science educators.

Foreign Language Resources - Information for the Foreign Language Teacher
Excellent Latin, German, French, and Spanish resources for foreign language educators.

Health and Physical Education
Use these resources and information to assist in teaching health and physical education.

Performing Arts Resources - Information for Performing Arts Teachers
Resources and information for Performing Arts educators including drama, music, and more.

Vocational Education Resources
Vocational education teachers will find this information useful for teaching suggestions, lesson plans, and more.

50 Key Terms for Teaching the 2016 Election: Grades 5-8
To better understand the upcoming election, middle school students in grades 5-8 should become familiar with the vocabulary of the electoral process.

3 Ways Students Can Give End of Year Feedback
As teachers reflect on their lessons over the year, they should consider the use of a student survey to gather critical student feedback.

Technology and Education
The use of technology and the internet has become an important component in effective teaching today. Use these resources and strategies to help integrate technology into your classes.

Audio Visual Resources
Information on audio and visual resources for internet projects in education.

Teaching with Computers in Education
Learn techniques to teach with computers in education. These are adaptable throughout the curriculum.

internet resources for educators - internet and education
The internet is a powerful tool for educators. Here are great resources to help you see its potential.

American Authors' Tributes for Memorial Day
The following nine excerpts by American authors are from texts associated with Memorial Day and span from the late 18th to the early 20th Century.

Poetry Resources
While not everyone can produce great poetry, anyone can learn to enjoy its beauty. Help your students gain a deeper understanding and hopefully a love of poetry.

Speech and Debate Resources
Numerous resources can be accessed here to help prepare for speeches and debates.

Speech and Debate: Archived Speeches
Read and listen to archived speeches while getting speechwriting tips.

An Achievement Gap Created by the Summer Slide Before Grade 9
Differences in summer learning experiences before grade 9 can ultimately impact whether students earn a high school diploma and continue to college.

Algebra Resources for Math Teachers.
Need some help making up lesson plans for Algebra? Check out these helpful Algebra resources for Math teachers.

Improve Algebra Content Vocabulary! Try Poetry!
Algebra class is a great place for educators to use poetic patterns and create poems that help students to better understand content vocabulary.

Learning Theories and Pedagogy
Learning styles, multiple intelligences, and personality types all are buzzwords that educators use to describe the methods in which they educate students. Learn more about these and other learning theories with the information provided here.

Novels and Stories - Literature in the Classroom
Novels and short stories are the backbones of teaching in a language arts classroom. Use these lessons and ideas to help teach about generic and specific works of literature.

Personality Types and Assessment
Assess personality types to help connect to learners in the classroom.

Assessments and Tests
Assessments including quizzes and tests are essential. In fact, one of the most important tools a teacher has in their curricular arsenal are effective assessments. The key here, though, is the word effective. These resources help teachers create, deliver and grade assessments, quizzes, and tests effectively.

Mathematical Practices
Eight practices for the mathematical classroom

Data in the classroom
How does data decision-making in the classroom impact student growth

Blooms Taxonomy - Resources and Information
Bloom's taxonomy provides teachers with an effective reasoning skills framework. Access great resources today including questions, verbs, and profiles.

Creating Tests
Learn about creating tests that are valid and effective. These resources can help you as you create assessments today.

Homework Discourse Using Math Practice Standards
Researchers identify discourse strategies typical in math homework review and suggest alternates to promote the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Homework in the Secondary Classroom
Managing, assigning homework grades 7-12

The Electoral College - What Happens if There Is a Tie?
What happens if there is a tie in the electoral college? Find out about the electoral college with this FAQ.

Social Emotional Learning Competencies
Students students need to be competent in five areas to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills described in social emotional learning.

Teaching English as a Second Language - ESL
Help students who speak English as a second language (ESL) succeed in the mainstream.

Job Openings for Educators
The internet provides an amazing resource for those searching for new jobs. Find what's out there with these resources.

Contests and Competitions
Here are numerous examples of contests and competitions in which secondary students can participate.

Social Emotional Learning
The process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Banned Books and Education
Resources about banned books and education including lists of the most frequently banned books and more.

Guide to Teacher Evaluation Programs
Teacher evaluation programs require teachers collect and review to demonstrate student achievement over the academic year.

Classroom Management Strategies
A section devoted to helping secondary educators classroom manage their classrooms so that both academic and social emotional learning goals are met.

Common Core Literacy
Common Core State Standards address all subject areas and focus on the analysis of informational texts at all grade levels in every subject.

Social Emotional Learning Definition
Social emotional learning can lead to improved academic achievement.

Funds of Knowledge as Rich Resources for ELL students
A funds of knowledge approach allows secondary educators to value ELL students' authentic cultural experiences and capitalize on them for learning.

Strategies that Motivate Students Connected to Proverbs
Here are eight (8) instructional strategies connected to Old World proverbs that can motivate students in any content area in the 21st Century.

Daily Warm Ups for Teachers - Questions to Begin the School Day
Daily warm ups for teachers each of the subject areas to start students working as soon as class begins.

Holiday Lesson Plans
Find some great ideas to connect lessons to holidays with holiday lesson plans.

Science Resources - Information for Science Teachers
The Internet provides excellent opportunities to enhance the teaching of science. Find excellent lesson plans and topical information to help enhance and enliven your science lessons.

Social Studies Warm Ups - Questions to Begin Each Day
Daily social studies warm ups to start students working as soon as class begins.

Effective Writing Instruction Resources
The ability to write effectively is essential for a successful future. The writing process encompasses many aspects and these resources can provide a great deal of information to assist teachers and students.

Educational Restructuring and Reform
Reforming education is one of the central issues of many political campaigns, newspaper articles, and studies. The resources here provide information about the many types of reforms and restructuring that schools are using along with tips to help you cope with educational reforms that might be occuring in your schools today.

special education resources - information for the special ed teacher
Investigate these resources and strategies for teaching special education students both in the mainstream and in pull out classes.

Teacher Burnout Information and Strategies
Burnout is a problem that teachers often face. The pressures of teaching can be enormous. These resources can help you recognize signs of burnout and give you strategies to avoid and combat it.

administration resources - information and aids for administrators
Being an effective administrator is one of the hardest jobs in education today. Use the information found here to help make the job easier.

Back to School - Information to Help with Back to School Preparations
Find great Back to School resources and information to help you start the year off right including new teacher strategies, icebreakers, handy teacher helpers, grading systems, discipline techniques, and much more.

Cheating and Academic Integrity
Information about cheating including methods they use and what educators can do about it.

Fine Arts Resources - Information for the Fine Arts Teacher
Great resources to aid the fine arts educator. Find some of the best information on the net.

Grant Writing
Learn all about how to write effective and powerful grant proposals. Also, find out what grants are available.

Guidance Resources - Information for Guidance Counselors
Guidance resources that will aid even the most experienced guidance counselor from Find out more today.

american history resources for the social studies teacher
American History information and resources for the social studies teacher.

World History Resources for the Social Studies Teacher
World History information and resources for the social studies teacher.

Learning Styles for Teachers
Help students with all learning styles in your classroom. Find assessments, techniques and more resources for educators here.

Student Resources - Information for Student Activities and More
Information and resources for student activities and more including community service and clubs.

Effective Essays - Paragraphs - Papers
Writing is an art form that is only learned through practice. Help your students become effective writers by teaching them to write well-formed paragraphs and strong essays.

Menu of American Revolution Resources for Educators
Information and links about the American Revolution. Find great ideas, lesson plans, lecture outlines, battles, biographies, and mroe.

Civil War Resources for Educators
The American Civil War is an extremely popular and interesting topic in American History. Find some outstanding resources and information here that can help you create effective lessons.

Menu of Geography Warm Ups
These geography warm ups are a great way to start each day in your Geography class.

Menu of World History Warm Ups
These World History warm ups can help you start your World History class on the right foot.

Burnout and Stress Management for Educators
How to manage burnout and stress. Useful for everyone, particularly educators.

Editorial Cartoons and Humor
Humor is always an effective teaching tool. Use editorial cartoons to aid in instruction throughout the curriculum.

Designing Internet Projects
Design awesome internet projects to use in your classrooms. These are adaptable throughout the curriculum.

Metaphors and Similes - Instructional Resources
Metaphors and similes are an awesome teaching tool to use throughout the curriculum.

Nutrition Resources for Educators - Nutrition and Health
The information and resources you can benefit not only your students but also your own family. Read about nutrition facts and more.

Reading Lists for Use in the Classroom
Need help creating your reading lists? If you are looking for help or just something new, check out this information.

Astronomy Resources for Science Teachers
Astronomy is always a high interest science topic. Use these resources to help enhance your teaching of astronomy.

chemistry resources for science teachers
Use these excellent science resources to help create effective chemistry lessons.

Environomental Science for Science Teachers
Help students learn about the importance of environmental science with these resources.

Genetics Resources - Teaching About Genetics
Use these great resources to help you teach and learn about Genetics.

weather resources for science teachers
Weather information and resources for teachers of science.

speeches - graduation speeches and more
Public speaking can be very scary. Find ideas and tips for writing and giving effective speeches.

economics Resources for the Social Studies Teacher
Economics information and resources for the social studies teacher.

Teaching About China - Resources About China
Information and resources about China. You will find tons of information here to help you learn and teach about China.

Winter Holidays Lesson Plans and Resources
Resources for Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and other Winter Holidays.

Womens History - Womens Roles and Contributions to American and World History
Information and resources to aid in teaching about women and their role in history.

African American Authors and Their Works
Find information about numerous African-American authors along with links to some of their most important works.

Language Arts Warm Ups
These language arts warm ups provide a great way to begin your class. Students get ready for the language arts lesson ahead.

Calculus Resources for Math Educators
Teaching about limits driving you crazy? Use these Calculus Resources for Math educators for ideas to help with that Calculus concept and a great deal more.

biology resources for science teachers
Find a wealth of science resources for teachers of biology.

Science Warm Ups
These science warm ups provide a great way to begin your class.

Shakespeare works - William Shakespeare Works
Resources and Lesson Plans for William Shakespeare works. Find the complete line of Shakespeare works along with teaching aids and lesson plans.

Common Core State Standards
Building on the best of existing state standards, the Common Core State Standards provide clear and consistent learning goals to help prepare students for college, career, and life.

Active Listening Techniques for Educators
Learn all about active listening techniques for educators. This tool is awesome to use in your classroom.

cooperative learning - teaching through cooperation
Issues concerning cooperative learning. Find resources to help implement cooperative learning techniques in the classroom.

Creative Thinking
Learn about methods for getting your students to use their creative thinking skills.

Critical Thinking Skills - Reinforcing Critical Thinking Skills
Help your students develop their critical thinking skills with these excellent resources.

science lesson plans - ideas for teachers of science
Lesson plans for science courses. Find some outstanding resources to help you teach your science courses.

Teaching About Terrorism in the Classroom - Dealing With Terrorism
These resources can aid in helping students understand and deal with terrorism.

ADD resources - ADHD resources
Read about the latest research about ADD/ADHD. Find teaching strategies students who have ADD/ADHD.

Behavioral Disorders Resources for Educators
Learn about techniques to deal with Behavioral Disorders in the classroom.

block schedules - modular schedules
Read about one of the latest educational reform movements: block scheduling. Find out the pros and cons to this alternative scheduling option.

Down Syndrome resources for educators
Find effective teaching strategies and additional activities to use with students who have Down Syndrome.

Dyslexia Resources for Educators
Help for teachers of students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

Gifted Education Resources
Great resources for teachers of gifted students.

Hearing Impairment Educational Resources
Important resources to help reach and better educate students who have hearing impairments.

IEPs - Individualized Educational Program Resources
Insight and advice for writing effective Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs).

mainstreaming strategies for educators
One of the major reforms in the past fifteen years has been the attempt to mainstream all students into the classroom. Here are strategies to make mainstreaming work.

Mental Retardation Resources for Educators
Find out the history and strategies for educating students with mental retardation.

Partners in Education
Businesses are becoming very interested in ensuring that the education our students receive gets them ready for the workforce. Read about partners in education here.

the importance of smaller schools
Smaller schools, while not necessarily cost efficient, are proven to be more effective.

Special Education Glossary
This special education glossary will define numerous terms and acronyms commonly used in special education.

Speech Impairment Resources for Educators - Speech Disabilities
Learn strategies and tips to help when educating students with speech impairments.

Visual Impairment Resources for Educators
Information and resources to help educate students who have visual impairments.

Vouchers and Education
Educational reform is the topic of many political platforms. One of the reforms gaining the most attention is vouchers. Read about the pros and cons here.

Advanced Placement Information and Resources
Advanced Placement courses are very demanding. Find help and information for the AP teacher here.

Classroom Management Tools - Handy Classroom Management Helpers
Handy classroom management helpers for teachers will help you can find information to help you deal with late work, class rules, restroom use, make up work, extra credit, and much more.

Substitute Teacher Sites
Substitute teachers often have a tough time of it in the classroom. Find information to help substitutes.

Grading Systems - Classroom Grading Systems
Many methods exist to make grading easier. Read about numerous grading systems here.

Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences expands upon the traditional idea of intelligence. Learn about his theory with these resources.

portfolios and education - using portfolios
Information and resources for the effective use of portfolios in assessing students.

Rubrics and Education - Using Rubrics in Education
Rubrics are excellent grading tools. Rubrics can help cut down on grading time while ensuring more objective grading practices. Find not only instructions for writing rubrics but also specific examples of rubrics to use in class.

ACT Resources - Testing and the ACT
Use the information provided here to help prepare your students to take the ACT standardized test.

SAT Resources - Testing and the SAT
Use the information provided here to help prepare your students to take the SATs.

tests online
Have fun evaluating yourself and students with these online assessments.

the boston massacre - background to the american revolution
The Boston Massacre was the first violent clash between the colonists and British soldiers. Find some great primary and secondary resources including conflicting accounts of the event.

american revolution documents - revolutionary war documents
Documents related to the American Colonies' battle for Independence during and after the American Revolution.

American Revolution Lesson Plans - Revolutionary War Lessons
Use these lesson plans on the American Revolution for great teaching ideas.

American Revolution Maps
Maps related to the American Colonies' battle for Independence during the American Revolution.

Slavery in America - History of Slavery in America
These resources provide excellent information concerning the history of slavery in America.

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
Use these online resources and more to help you teach and learn about Geoffrey Chaucer's

Chinese Culture - Information About Chinese Culture
Information and resources about the Chinese culture including Chinese arts, traditions, holidays, languages, literature, philosophy, and food. You will find much information here to help you learn and teach about China.

Creating Editorial Cartoons - Information About Editorial Cartoon Creation
Want students to learn more about the art of cartooning and creating editorial cartoons? These resources help students with the creation of editorial cartoons.

Editorial Cartoon Worksheets and Activities
Excellent worksheets and activities to help you teach your students about editorial cartoons and to help incorporate editorial cartoons into your lessons.

Great Depression Resources for Educators
Teach about the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression. Find some outstanding resources here.

History of China - Information About the History of China
Information and resources about the history of China. You will find lots of information here to help you learn and teach about China.

Martin Luther King Jr Information
Biography, speeches, letters, and more to help teach about Martin Luther King, Jr.

All Quiet on the Western Front - Novel by Erich Remarque
Here are some great resources for Erich Remarque's Novel All Quiet on the Western Front. These can be used as lesson plans or to supplement your own information.

Teaching Research Papers
Writing a research paper is one of the toughest things for students to grasp. Here you'll find many tools to help teach the writing of research papers while providing students with a more meaningful experience.

speeches - graduation speech presentation
Only a few tips here apply to graduation speeches such as your throat drying out or suddenly having less time than originally planned, but they may be helpful.

Graduation Speeches - Inspirational Quotations and Stories
These inspirational quotes are a great addition to graduation speeches and other speeches that students might need to present.

Graduation Speeches - Topics for Graduation Speeches
These topics can helps students find themes for their graduation and other speeches.

graduation speeches - tips for writing graduation speeches
Help your students write memorable graduation speeches. You will find both generic and specific speechwriting resources.

Teaching About Africa - Resources to Help You Teach About Africa
Here are some excellent resources to help you as you teach about Africa.

Teaching About Russia
Use these resources to help you teach about Russia.

African Americans and the Arts - Music Literature and Art
Numerous sources to help learn and teach about the African-American contribution to the Arts.

Menu of American History Warm Ups
Here are 36 weeks of American History warm ups. Use these each day to get your class warmed up and going.

Biology Classroom Experiments - Examples of Biology Classroom Experiments
Quality biology classroom experiments are needed by teachers all over. Here are some example of biology classroom experiments that you can use in your class.

Chanukah - Lesson Plans for Chanukah
Ideas and resources to integrate Chanukah into your lesson plans.

Christmas Lesson Plans
Ideas and resources to integrate Christmas into your lesson plans.

Grammar - Style - Mechanics - Effective Writing Tools
The basis for all effective writing is found in the study of grammar, style, and mechanics. These resources can help lead the way.

examples of internet projects for education
Excellent examples of effective internet projects.

Kwanzaa Lesson Plans
Ideas and resources to integrate Kwanzaa into your lesson plans.

Shakespeares works - lesson plans to use with Julius Caesar
Resources and Lesson Plans for Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Find the play along with teaching aids and lesson plans.

Shakespeares works - lesson plans to use with Hamlet
Lesson Plans for Shakespeare's Hamlet. Enliven your lessons with these ideas.

Alcohol Drug and Smoking Awareness
Information and resources to help make students aware of the dangers associated with alcohol, smoking and drug use.

Halloween Lesson Plans and Resources
Find some great ideas to connect lessons to halloween with these halloween resources.

Scholarships - Information About Scholarship Applications and Advice
Learn all about scholarships including information about scholarship applications and advice from's Secondary Education guide. Find out more today.

speech and debate instruction
Use these excellent resources to help teach speech and debate more effectively.

teacher evaluation
Part of educational reform is a better system for evaluating teachers. Read about methods and findings for teacher evaluation here.

Thanksgiving Resources and Lesson Plans
Resources to help teach about Thanksgiving in class.

Grant Writing Resources
Information and resources for writing better grant proposals in education. You will also find help in locating grants.

Icebreakers for Teachers - First Day Activities
Great icebreakers, first day activities that teachers can use allowing students to get know each other.

Learning Style Assessment and Inventories
Use these learning style assessments and inventories for the greatest benefit in the classroom.

internet activities and projects - internet activities for educators
Projects and plans for using the internet in education. Find some great resources for integrating the internet here.

plagiarism and copyrights in education
Learn about plagiarism definitions and strategies to stop this national epidemic.

What's Your Teacher Personality?
Have fun as you take the quiz to find out your teacher personality. Here is the quiz and the types of teachers you might be.

Independent PD Choices for Educators
Meeting educational colleagues on Twitter Chats, and in person at EdCamps for meaningful professional development..

Singleton Teachers Can Collaborate in Digital PD
Using Twitter as professional development allows single subject educators the opportunity to collaborate in real time with thousands of others.

Year Round Education Definition and Arguments
Year round education is an idea that's been around for a long time. This article takes an in depth look at the pros and cons of using this system.

My Best Teaching Experience (Personal Story)
Every teacher can recount numerous highs and lows in their teaching career. Here is my best teaching experience by far. It taught me a lot, and I hope it can help you in areas of student misbehavior also.

Create a Restroom Pass System For Class
A simple how to on creating a restroom pass system.

Write a Five Paragraph Essay
a simple how to on writing a five-paragraph essay.

10 Ways to Be a Good Mentor Teacher
Following are ideas and strategies on how to be an effective mentor teacher.

How to Teach Latitude and Longitude
A simple How to on teaching latitude and longitude.

Top 10 Concerns of Language Arts Teachers
Here are the top ten concerns of math teachers.

Teacher Humor - You Know You Are a Teacher When
Want a little teaching humor? Read and share to

What Is Tenure? - Definition in Education
What is tenure? Read this definition to learn more about teacher tenure.

Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence
Howard Gardner developed the theory of multiple intelligences to challenge the idea that IQ tests measure an individual's potential. Discover his theory.

Pros and Cons of Whole Group Discussion
Here we look at the pros and cons of using whole group discussion as a teaching method for secondary school educators.

Year Round Education Definition
Here is the definition of year round education from Secondary School Education.

Top Inspirational Books for Educators
Check out these top picks for the best inspirational books for educators.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Teacher
Why become a teacher? There are numerous benefits and rewards! Here's my top ten list.

Top Motivational Books for Educators
Need a little motivation? Read these top eight motivational books selected and ranked by your Secondary School Educators Guide.

Top 10 Worst Things a Teacher Can Do
This list provides a look at what teachers should avoid doing in class in order to ensure that they maintain control and provide students with the best educational experience possible.

Top Tips for Student Teachers and First Year Teachers
Student teachers and their instructors can use these top ten tips to help them be more effective in their initial teaching assignments.

Choice Motivates Students When Rewards and Punishment Don't Work
In grades 7-12, where motivation is such a critical factor in a student learning, educators can support student learning by offering choice.

Authentic Forms as Exit Slips Grades 7-12
Three (3) iconic forms that could be used as formative assessments exit slips that measure individual student understanding.

Wiesel's "Perils of Indifference" for Holocaust Study
Elie Wiesel's speech

Social Emotional Learning and Collaboration in Class
Educators should be aware the recent studies suggest that social environment is critical for learning because of its impact on each student's brain.

Dealing with Distractions and Interruptions in School
Each interruption or disruption is costly in educational time as a student needs 1 to 3 minutes to refocus on the task on hand.

Interview Answer: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?
What is the target answer for the teaching job interview question: Where do you see yourself in five years? Find the best answer and answers to avoid here.

Avoid Common Mistakes When Writing Learning Objectives
Learn about ways to avoid common mistakes when writing learning objectives.

Use Metaphor Poems to Teach Poetry
Use metaphor poems to help teach about metaphors and poetry.

12 Interview Mistakes for Teacher Interviews
Interviews can be scary. It is easy to make interview mistakes unless you come prepared. This list of 12 interview mistakes reveals what you should avoid as you approach your next teacher interview.

Why Teachers Must Be Good Organizers
Teachers need to be good organizers to help students achieve to their fullest potential. Find out more with this list of reasons why organization is the key to effective teaching.

10 Ways Teachers Can Help Prevent School Violence
Here are 10 ways that teachers can help prevent school violence. Teachers are vital part of prevention and recognizing the ways they can help are paramount. These tips can help teachers as they create a safe environment for all students.

How to Be Prepared and Lead During a Fire Drill
Fire drills happen a couple of times a year. What is your responsibility as a teacher. How do you prepare and lead during a fire drill? This articles covers the most important steps to being prepared and leading during a fire drill.

Question Stems for Each Level of Blooms Taxonomy
These handy question stems provides teachers with a great aid as they write questions for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Test Bias Definition in Education
What is Test Bias? Here is the definition of test bias in reference to assessments and education.

What Teachers Need to Know About Being a Club Sponsor
What you need to know about sponsoring a student club.

Cheating in Education Today
Here is a look at the deplorable state of student cheating in education today and how to deal with it.

Brain Teasers Are a Fun Way to Teach Critical Thinking
Brain teasers are an excellent way to spend extra time in class. They help increase students' critical thinking skills too!

Integrated Curriculum Educates Students at a Higher Level
Integrating curriculum can take a child's understanding to a new level. This article looks at many ideas to help find connections between classes.

Successfully Managing Student Conduct
Managing student conduct can seem scary, especially to newer teachers. However, it is one of the main tasks teachers have in order to maintain an academic classroom environment. This article looks at the steps teachers need to take for effective classroom discipline and classroom management.

Student Portfolio Planning Checklist
Student portfolios provide an excellent way to measure the growth of student work over a period of time. This student portfolio planning checklist helps teachers as they plan how to create an effective student portfolio assessment for their classroom.

How to Give Effective Praise in the Classroom
Giving students effective praise is an important part of teaching. This article looks at the steps and the tips for giving effective praise.

Ideas for Collecting Homework in the Classroom
Collecting homework is a necessary daily task for most teachers. Here are tips to make this housekeeping chore efficient and effective.

Which States Have The Most Electoral Votes?
Which states have the most electoral votes? Find out about the electoral college with this FAQ.

Has a Tie Ever Occurred In The Electoral College?
Has a tie ever occurred in the electoral college? When? Find out about the electoral college with this FAQ.

Understanding the Electoral College in Washington DC
How many electors does Washington D.C. have? Find out about the electoral college with this FAQ.

Teachers Need Training on Social Emotional Learning
Social and emotional competencies are not secondary to education; they are concrete factors in the success of teachers, students, and schools.

Reduce Student Discipline with Classroom Management
Classroom management is linked to student discipline; these eight key elements can help educators' classroom management to reduce student discipline.

Social Emotional Learning and Classroom Management
Classroom management is improved by combining social emotional learning with the principles of planning, environment, relationships, and observation.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Teacher Survey on Social Emotional Learning
The central message of this 2012 survey is that teachers know social and emotional learning is critical to student success in school, work, and life.

Studies on Self-Efficacy and Social Emotional Learning
There are multiple studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of social emotional learning and several of these studies deal with student efficacy.

7 Steps to a District's Social Emotional Learning
Seven steps to help district leaders to plan and to implement social emotional learning (SEL) with evidence from research on SEL programming success.

Practicing Life-Long Learning during the Summer Vacation
While summer vacation need not be an

75 Hot Topics Students Want to Debate
Yes, using the strategy of debates can help students to synthesize ideas, and giving students a choice on what to debate can help student motivation.

Social Emotional Learning Background
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the umbrella for character education, violence prevention, anti-bullying, drug prevention and school discipline.

Biography of Booker T Washington - African-American Educator
Here is a biography on the life of Booker T. Washington. It was created using the educational biographical framework.

Violence in Schools - Combatting Violence
How can we put a stop to school violence? This article examines possible solutions that schools and teachers can implement. Page 2.

Biography of Pocahontas
Here is a biography on the life of Pocahontas. It was created using the educational biographical framework.

Thanksgiving Across the Curriculum
Use these great lesson plan ideas to incorporate and teach about Thanksgiving throughout the curriculum.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Class
Out of the ordinary Thanksgiving lesson plans using the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Page 2.

Celebrating Black History Month - African Americans
Learn the history of Black History Month and find great resources to help integrate it into your class.

Rubrics - How to Make Grading Easier
Rubrics are an easy way to grade complicated assignments. Learn why and how to create them.

Teaching Paragraph Structure
Learn the most popular format for writing paragraphs from Secondary Education expert Melissa Kelly.

Writing and Evaluating Essay Prompts
A handy worksheet to help students write and evaluate prompts.

How Many Electoral Votes Does a Candidate Need to Win?
Learn how many electoral votes are required to win the US presidential election.

How Many Total Electoral Votes Are There?
All the information you need to understand the electoral college, including how many votes a candidate needs to win the presidency.

The Electoral College - Why did the Founding Fathers create electors
Why did the Founding Fathers create electors? Learn the reasoning behind why the creators of the US Constitution included the electoral college to select the president.

Pros and Cons of Teaching in Block Schedules
Block scheduling is a method of restructuring schools to give a student more time in each class during a day. Learn about the pros and cons of this idea.

Block Scheduling Teaching Strategies
These teaching tips and strategies help teachers as they implement block scheduling in class. Page 2.

Understanding the U.S. Electoral College
How many electors does each state have? Find out about the electoral college with these links to detailed information.

Mini Lessons - Two to Ten minute activities
These activities take between 2 to 10 minutes and are great to use in the last few minutes of class. Page 2.

Mini Lessons - ten to fifteen minute activities
These activities take between 10 to 15 minutes and are great to use in the last few minutes of class. Page 3.

Mini Lesson Plans - Lessons Plans to Upgrade Downtime
Find great activities to use in those last few minutes of class.

Debate is in Mathematical Practice #3
Debate principles include logic, evidence, proof, and argument; logic is that area of mathematics that uses the same principles.

Roles for Classroom Debate
In any debate, each student has a specific role or responsibility to play on a team. Here are the descriptions for student roles in debate.

Kahoot! App to Engage Students
The Kahoot! app is a free digital tool for interactive quizzes that lets teachers design an activity with game graphics to promote learning.

Reasons for Debate in the Secondary Classroom
Teaching students the building blocks of debate skills integrates argumentation, research, and evaluation of sources for any discipline.

Sites to Prep Students on Topics for Debate
Three websites that offer interactive platforms for educators to use for resources and for students to participate in the practice of debate.

Steps to Formal Debate in the Classroom
The Lincoln-Douglas Debate format (LD) is a competitive 1:1 debate, in which two sides of an specified resolution or issue are debated.

Secondary Education
Secondary Education.

Secondary Education
Secondary Education.

Secondary Education
Secondary Education.

Secondary Education
Secondary Education.

Four Corners-Informal Debate Strategy
In this debate students will: -listen to an opinion statement; -strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree; -collaborate; -respond.

Secondary Education
Secondary Education.