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Secondary Education
Secondary Education.

Secondary Education
Secondary Education.

Increase Engagement with Debate, Forums, or Polls
A debate, a forum, or a poll are argument strategies that can help motivate students in any discipline in the secondary classroom.

Reflections and Suggestions for the New Year Grades 7-12
Writing down a list of classroom success or failures can help you reflect in order to create resolutions for the remainder of the school year.

Memorable Movie Metaphors: "A Christmas Story"
The language from this American holiday film can be an opportunity for educators to teach students the power of vocabulary in creating comedy.

Close Reading the Opening Lines of a Holiday Classic
In choosing to use the open paragraph of

Holography in High School
Information and resources for teaching about holography and holograms.

Close Reading "The Greatest Gift", the Text for a Holiday Classic
Students can close read this short story text which is the basis for the film

Present History -Taught Backwards- Engages Students
Teaching history

"Backwards" Inquiry Connects Present to Past
15 questions for an American history class, grades 5-12, that is designed to teach history

Educators Prepare for Student Exposure to Violence
In the event of violence in the classroom or in the community, educators need to be equipped with the tools to deliver psychological first aid.

Educator 9/11 Speech Frames Teaching Current Events
The discipline of social studies is most useful in helping students with discussions that allow them to study the causes and effects of terrorism.

64 Questions for American Studies in Government
The C3s define the kinds of compelling questions all secondary students can use with four different lenses: civics, economics, geographic, historical.

57 Questions for C3 Inquiry on 20th C American History
Here are 57 questions to set students in social studies classes grades 8-12 onto a path of inquiry to better understand 20th Century American History.

Questions for C3 Inquiry on American Civil War and Reconstruction
These 52 questions cover 19th Century American history including the Civil War, Immigration, and Westward Expansion for students grades 7-12.

Compelling Questions for the Social Studies Classroom
The C3s Inquiry Arc have students develop their own compelling questions to do research, evaluate evidence, and communicate their conclusions.

Practicing C3 Inquiry on Early America
37 questions on Colonial America provide a starting place for students to develop a path of inquiry according to the C3 Framework for Social Studies.

Teaching Social Studies Through Inquiry
The new Social Studies Frameworks offer an Inquiry Arc to guide teachers on embedding questions into instruction, regardless of grade level content.

Economics Journal Topics
This list of journal topics is designed to help students grow in self understanding through the act of daily journal writing.

Dealing With End of the Year Stress - Causes of Stress
Teacher burnout is a common occurrence. Teaching is definitely a stressful job. Here are some reasons why, and some things to help.

Dealing With End of the Year Stress - avoiding teacher burnout
Teacher burnout is a common problem towards the end of the year. Here are a few tips to avoid teacher burnout and year-end stress. Page 2.

Goal Setting - Maintaining Motivation
Part III of a three part series on goal setting. Maintain motivation and momentum in achieving your goals. Page 4.

Goal Setting - Dreams Become Reality
Part I of a three part series on goal setting dealing with turning your dreams into reality by identifying strengths.

Goals Setting - Dreaming Up Great Goals
Turn your dreams into reality by identifying your strengths. Here, we examine finding meaning in daydreams and getting real. Page 2.

Writing Great Goals - Keys to Writing Great Goals
Part three of a three part series on goal setting. In this installment your students learn how to write great goals. Page 3.

Research Proves Wait-Time Works
A period of silence that lasted at least three (3) seconds after a question has a positive impact on students and teachers in the classroom.

Parental Engagement is a Matter of Public Health
The CDC policy statements provide a framework to help guide school districts into developing parent relationships in their school communities.

Parents Matter for Middle and High School Students
According to a recent study, academic, behavioral, and emotional adjustments can be made easier with parents who are involved in education.

A School's Website Makes an Important First Impression
The school website is the front door of the school, a place to welcome all virtual visitors and to make that great first impression.

Keep Those Teacher Websites Updated
A teacher needs to keep in mind that his or her website is a communication tool for the students and parents that must be continually updated.

Peer to Peer Assessment Strategy for Groups
Instead of having the teacher determine how a group's participation or project will be scored, students can use evidenced based peer to peer grading.

Teaching the Compare Contrast Essay
Teaching the Compare Contrast Essay. Use this step-by-step process to help your students write excellent compare/contrast essays. Page 2.

How to Teach the Compare and Contrast Essay
Teaching the Compare Contrast Essay. Use these great worksheets to help your students write excellent compare/contrast essays.

Pros and Cons on Flexible Grouping in Grades 7-12
Flexible grouping experiences in the classroom help prepare students for authentic experiences of working with others in college or in a career.

The Prevalence of School Violence
School violence is something that concerns the entire community. How widespread is the problem? What can we do about it?

Flex Grouping in Grades 7-12
Using flexible grouping in middle and high school, grades 7-12, can help differentiate instruction for all students.

7 Strategies for Groups in any Content Area Grades 7-12
Flex grouping students with similar language proficiency or academic needs can help improve comprehension with academic and content area vocabulary.

Importance of Communication Training for Parents
For school districts, controlling the message with coordinated timely and accurate information has become increasingly more complicated.

Technology Nights Promote Community Digital Literacy
Technology activity nights promote digital literacy to make parents aware of resources used in school as well as resources for support.

Top Board Games for Classroom Fun
Want something for students to do during downtime? Why not have them try these fun games. They might even learn something while they're at it.

Top 10 Graduation Gifts
Here are the top 10 gifts for high school and college graduates. Check out these select graduation gifts.

Top Novels for American Literature Classes
Following is a list of some of the top American Literature novels taught in schools across the nation.

Methods of Professional Growth for Teachers
What methods are available for professional growth and development for teachers? This article looks at methods that teachers can grow in their profession.

Top Plays of Shakespeare for High School Classes
It is important that students are exposed to one of the greatest writers in the English language. These plays are some of the most widely used in high school classes.

Top Six Keys to Being a Successful Teacher
Here are the top six keys to being a successful teacher. All teachers can benefit from focusing on these important qualities.

Ten Banned Books and Their Reason for Being Banned
Want to know more about the types of books that are being banned and the reason why they are banned? This looks at ten books that are often banned books or attempted to be banned in the United States.

Maintaining the Parent Relationship through Digital Tools
Technology to communicate information helps parents have the necessary input in developing their children's education/career goals in grades 7-12.

Assessing Technology to Engage 21st Century Parents
Technology is emerging as a critical component in parent-teacher communication.

Busing - Integration through Busing
The debate about busing rages on today. Read arguments both for and against busing.

Social Promotion - Promoting Students through School
Social promotion is the practice of promoting students through the grades in order to keep them with their original class. Learn more about this measure here.

Challenges of Engaging the Immigrant Parent
Communicating with immigrant parents presents a host of new challenges for teachers and school administrators.

Parent Contact Goal
Writing a SMART parent goal will help teachers and administrators develop the evidence to demonstrate how successful they were in engaging parents.

Setting Teacher-Parent Goals for Immigrant Parents
School communities are becoming more diverse and teachers and administrators must work to engage all parents for each student's academic success.

Reasons to Promote Parent Engagement in Middle and High School
Effective communication with parents has proven to be an important tool for teachers and school administrators to use.

Examples of Parent Goals in Content Area Classes Gr 7-12
A classroom teacher could write goals to engage parents in content area lessons by posing questions through surveys or polls.

Week #1 Activities and Assignments in the Secondary Classroom
For the student, your message should be different than the introductions given by other 7th-12th grade teachers that first week of school,

Day #1-Make a Great Impression in the Secondary Classroom
Depending on the school schedule, the secondary school teacher must be prepared to repeat the same welcoming day activity for each class of students.

Data Decision-Making in the Secondary Classroom
Collecting data is an old education practice that has a new focus on interpretation and decision making.

Collaborating in Goal Setting with the Singleton Area Teacher
When teachers in core classes draft goals for the school year, the singleton or unique area teacher should be included.

10 Things a Veteran Teacher Knows To Do in Back-to-School Prep
The familiarity with the routine of back-to-school for the veteran teacher, however, can make the return to classroom a little less challenging

Explaining SLOs in Evaluation Programs That Use Them
Some teacher evaluation programs place more weight in the area of student learning, and require teachers to review data to create SLOs.

SLOs Revised for Future Use
Some teachers, schools, and/or districts retain the same SLOs and then revise them annually to address the specific needs of students.

SLOs and Instructional Strategies
As teachers collect data related to SLOs during the school year, their progress on meeting SLOs may be monitored through observations by evaluator.

SLOs and Ratings in Evaluation
After the final evaluation conference, teachers receive a rating that incorporates the level of success they have had in meeting SLO goals.

SLOS and Preparing for a Final Evaluation
the teacher can prepare data that has been gathered and analyzed for a a final review on meeting the SLO for an evaluator.

SLOs and the Mid-Year
Teachers and/or evaluators may do mid-year reviews as part of progress monitoring.

SLOS Corroborated with Benchmarks
In writing SLOs, teachers should look at best-practice research to identify proven strategies to support the SLOs.

SLOs and Implementing Strategies
Once the SLOs are approved, teachers can determine which strategies are working effectively based on outcomes.

Writing SLOs: Review the Data
In secondary schools teachers can review student data from the prior year before the school year begins.

SLOs in Collaboration
SLOs are written as SMART goals, an mnemonic acronym for S: Specific M: Measurable A: Achievable R: Realistic T: Timely

Using Baseline Data to Set up SLO Goals
Teachers should set their SLOs goals for the academic year based on baseline data from data multiple data sources-benchmarks and prior year data.

Teaching Students to Read (Red, White & Blue) Speeches
Encouraging students to note how and why MacArthur uses

Great American Speeches in the Secondary Classroom
Giving students speeches to analyze is one way for history and social studies teachers to meet the Common Core State Standards for Literacy.

"The Only Thing We Have to Fear"- A Literary Text
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1st Inaugural Address, a top speech of the 20th Century,is noted for its attack on the psychology of the Great Depression.

Great American Speech: Lou Gehrig's Farewell to Baseball
Beyond the lesson in literary analysis, teaching Lou Gehrig's

Lesson Plans
Learn the ins and outs of creating effective lesson plans.

Educational Issues - Bullying, Tests and Block Schedules
This section focuses on the major educational issues that face teachers and administrators today.

Teaching 101
Here you can find the basics of teaching. Teaching 101 will provide you with information to help with classroom discipline, lesson planning, teaching techniques, and much more.

Sociology Resources - Social Studies and Sociology
Social theory can really get students excited to learn. Use these sites to teach about the different aspects and individuals important to the field of sociology.

Charter Schools
Charter schools allow individuals to create schools based on specific principles and ideas. This educational reform has become very popular in recent times.

4 Ways Used Books Can Improve Classroom Libraries
Used books offer a solution for teachers to expand their classroom libraries and integrate books into the curriculum in different subject areas.

Self Publishing for Educators
Publish your own works or help your students self-publish theirs.

Expository Prompts
This article provides over seventy five expository prompts for disciplines across the curriculum to help you come up with great ideas for essays.

Compare Contrast Prewriting Chart - Creating a Compare Contrast Chart
Here is instructions for creating a compare/contrast prewriting chart that you can use in class today.

Persuasive Essay Topics
Here are a number of persuasive essay topics that you can use for courses across the curriculum.

Persuasive Writing Prompts
Persuasive writing prompts for various academic classes. These sixty essay prompts can be used across the curriculum to help increase writing skills.

Extra Credit Strategies - Dos and Don'ts
What is the best use of extra credit? How do some teachers misuse it? What strategies can you use to make it work for you and your students? This articles looks at strategies for using extra credit along with things to avoid when giving extra credit.

Grade Contracts - What Are Grade Contracts
Grade Contracts are contracts that teachers have students sign where they identify their target grade. Read more about these teacher tools and find out whether they are right for you and your classroom situation.

Ideas for Performance-Based Activities
Find a number of ideas and information to help you design amazing performance-based activities and assessments for students.

Halloween Analogy Questions - Analogies With a Halloween Theme
Here is a quick worksheet that you can use with your students to help them work on analogy questions using a Halloween theme. This is great practice for standardized tests.

Skills Students Need to Succeed in Social Studies Classes
Learn about the key skills that students should learn to be successful in social studies classes.

Treaty of Paris Articles 2-4
Articles 2-4 of the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War. Page 2.

Treaty of Paris Articles 5-10
Articles 5-10 of the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War. Page 3.

Civil War Photographs - Pictures of the American Civil War
Original photographs from the Civil War. Find images of important people, key battlefields, casualties, weapons, and more.

Example Planning Periods - What Happens During Teacher Planning Periods
Here is a week of typical planning periods culled from an actual teacher's routine schedule. It is useful to see why this time is necessary and also why teachers end up taking a lot of their work home.

Budget Cuts and Teacher Planning Time
Some school districts have proposed reducing teacher planning time in an effort to fit more classes in the schedule and help with budgetary concerns. However, this is a big mistake. This article looks at the importance of teacher planning time.

English I Course Outline
Here is a course outline for English I. It includes major topics of study along with links and further information to help teachers of English.

Week 1 Language Arts Warm Ups - Capitalization
Daily language arts warm ups to start students working as soon as class begins. Week one's warm ups focus on capitalization.

10 Ways to Make Education Relevant
Here are ten ways to make education more relevant to students today. Use these methods to bring in real world connections.

What To Do When Students Lack Interest
What do you do when your students lack interest and are not motivated to learn what you are teaching. This article looks at ten ways that teachers can combat this common issue.

11 Things Substitute Teachers Can Do to Get Asked Back
Learn how to be a substitute teacher who will be requested time and again by teachers and administrators alike.

Classroom Management Tips for Substitute Teachers
This collection of great classroom management tips are focused on the specific issues that substitute teachers face on a daily basis.

How to Teach Students to Preview Reading Assignments
Previewing is an excellent tool to help students become better readers. This article provides a number of steps that you can use to teach students to preview reading assignments.

Top Five Grading Systems
There are five major types of grading systems or practices that teachers and school districts use to assess students. Learn about the positives and negatives of each.

Qualities of a Good Principal
What are the qualities of a good principal? What makes a school principal effective? This article examines nine characteristics that school administrators should have.

Essential Consumer Math Concepts
Here are nine essential consumer math concepts that every student should be taught before they graduate from high school.

Top Free Chemistry Apps for Teachers
Chemistry teachers can find a wealth of study aides, ideas for lessons, and additional resources with these free apps.

10 Ways Teachers Can Communicate Expectations to Students
Here are ten methods teachers can use to communicate their expectations to students.

Top Ten States for Teacher Pay
Here are the top ten states in the United States for average teacher pay.

What Is a Substitute Teacher
What is a substitute teacher? Learn about substitute teaching including the duties involved, education requirements, and typical salaries.

What Is a Teaching Assistant?
What is a teaching assistant? This article highlights the job of a teaching assistant including the duties involved, the education required, and typical salaries.

Top 10 Mnemonic Devices for Helping Students
Mnemonic devices are memory tools that can help students as they learn key facts. This list looks at some of the major mnemonic devices that you can use with your students.

Tips to Cut Writing Assignment Grading Time
Grading writing assignments can be very time consuming. Use these nine tips to help cut grading time for essays and writing assignments.

Top Ten Themes for Graduation Speeches
Here are ten great topics that you can use to form the backbone of your graduation and other speeches.

Every Student Can Succeed - Quick Teaching Tip
Get a new teaching tip each day to help you in your teaching career. Here is a tip dealing with student success and your opinion about it.

Humor in the Classroom - Quick Teaching Tip
Get a new teaching tip each day to help you in your teaching career. Here is a tip dealing with humor in the classroom.

Consistency and Teaching - Quick Teaching Tip
Get a new teaching tip each day to help you in your teaching career. Here is a tip dealing with consistency and teaching.

Confrontation and Classroom Management - Quick Teaching Tip
Get a new teaching tip each day to help you in your teaching career. Here is a tip for dealing with classroom management and discipline by avoiding confrontation.

Varying Teaching Techniques - Quick Teaching Tip
Get a new teaching tip each day to help you in your teaching career. Here is the tip for dealing with varying teaching techniques.

Fairness in Teaching - Quick Teaching Tips
Get a new teaching tip each day to help you in your teaching career. This is a tip dealing with teaching strategies especially fairness.

End of the Year Surveys - Quick Teaching Tip
Get a new teaching tip each day to help you in your teaching career.

Taking Attendance - Quick Teaching Tip
This quick teaching tip looks at the importance of taking accurate attendance along with tips and ideas to make it easier.

Wait Time Definition and Importance in Education
What is wait time? Why is it important in education? Learn about this key concept and more.

Scientific Method - Step-by-Step
Follow the steps to learn the scientific method. The first step is to observe a phenomenon.

Formulate a Question - Scientific Method
The second step of the scientific method is to formulate a question. Page 2.

Create a Hypothesis - Scientific Method
The third step of the scientific method is to create a hypothesis. Page 3.

Test the Hypothesis - Scientific Method
The fourth step of the scientific method is to test the hypothesis. Page 4.

Formulate the Conclusion - Scientific Method
The last step of the scientific method is to formulate the conclusion based on the experiments. Page 5.

Songs With Metaphors and Similes
If you are planning on teaching about metaphors, here is a good site with resources that may help with any questions you may have. You can also learn about

Tips for Taking Matching Tests
Use these tips to help you understand the best way to approach matching questions on a test.

Try an Ed Camp this Summer
EdCamps want to encourage teachers share with their peers what they need individually to improve their educational practice.

Facilitate and Encourage Learning - Teaching Guide
One of the key roles for teachers is to facilitate learning for students. This article highlights a number of ways that teachers can facilitate student learning to help them succeed.

Cloze Tests to Determine Reading Comprehension
Learn about Cloze tests including their uses to help determine reading comprehension for individual reading passages.

Presidential Quotes About Education
Read these quotes about education from American presidents.

April is not the Cruelest Month to Teach Poetry
Once students recognize how much they are exposed to the poetry everyday, teachers can bring them to a new level of appreciation of poems and poets

Book Spine Poems for Poetry Month
There are no limits to the poetic combinations using book spines, and just like the poems found in anthologies, the creations of book spine poetry can range in tone from serious or funny.

Three Ways to Celebrate during National Poetry Month
In encouraging the celebration of poetry, teachers can use different formats that refashion text into poetry in several different ways.

150 Year Old News Report of Lincoln's Assassination Meets Common Core Standard
A primary source document on Lincoln's assassination makes history more engaging than facts from a textbook and meets CCSS Literacy Standards.

Closed Captioning Increases Comprehension for All
By clicking the close-caption option while showing a film in class, a teacher can provide differentiation for all learners.

The Danger of Teaching the Familiar Text
Imagine a classroom where a teacher could say: “I have not read this [poem, play, novel]. What if we read and learned together?”

Technology Problem Solving is a Math Practice Standard
In the 21st Century classroom, students and educators use the Mathematical Practice Standard #1 in order to persevere and problem solve every day.

Social Studies Plus Math Practice Standard#1 Equals PBL
There are many PBLs in Social Studies and these examples give students the opportunity to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Creating Your Own Lesson Plan Calendar
An effective planning tool for lessons throughout the year is a lesson plan calendar. This how to will go through the steps of creating a lesson plan calendar which you can refer to as you plans units and individual lessons throughout the year.

Creating Motivational Posters that are Poetry in the Classroom
How to use the art of the motivational poster in a new way to teach the elements of poetry with suggestions and examples.

Finding Text Complexity in a 3 Word Poem
Even a short poem would meet the rigors of the three standards for measuring text complexity according to the Common Core.

What is the IB Program?
Learn about the IB program including its history, philosophy, and programs offered.

Common Core English Language Arts Standards
Learn all about the Common Core English Language Arts Standards adopted by 45 states and how they affect you and your lessons.

What to Do If Your Students Come to Class Unprepared
Missing school supplies can be the bane of many teacher's existence. Learn two different methods of dealing with this issue.

Topic Sentence Examples
Topic sentences provide focus for individual paragraphs. Following are 30 topic sentence examples that you can use as models for students and in class.

American History Warm Ups for Every Week of the Year
These American History Warm Ups are a great way for students to start working as soon as class begins.

geography warm ups for everyday- questions to begin the school day
Daily social studies warm ups to start students working as soon as class begins.

world history warm ups for everyday- questions to begin the school day
Daily social studies warm ups to start students working as soon as class begins.

Debate Rubric
Debates are extremely useful ways to get students to truly participate in class. Use this rubric to help assess classroom debates.

Biography Rubric
Use this biography rubric to grade student-produced biographies. Get the rubric for your class today.

What Type of Teacher Are You - Teacher Personality Quiz
What type of teacher personality do you have? Take the teacher personality quiz to find out.

Best Website for Teachers - Reader's Choice Voting Poll
Vote in this year's Reader's Choice Award for the Best Website for Teachers.

Best Teacher to Follow on Twitter - Reader's Choice Voting Poll
Vote in this year's Reader's Choice Award for the Best Teacher to Follow on Twitter.

Suggested Summer Reading: "Readicide" by Kelly Gallagher
Readicide is:

Organizing the Compare-Contrast Essay
Sharpen critical thinking and writing skills by teaching students how to write two comparison essays.

civil rights movement - resources for the civil rights movement
Use these specially selected resources to help teach and learn about the Civil Rights movement in the United States.

Burnout and Stress Management - Causes and Cures of Stress
Learn more about the causes of burnout and stress. Useful for everyone, particularly teachers.

Creating Interesting Websites
Making high school web sites exciting and interesting. Find great resources and tips here.

Moonfleet - Novel by John Meade Faulkner
Here are some great resources for John Meade Faulkner's novel Moonfleet. These can be used as lesson plans or to supplement your own information.

The Pigman- Novel by Paul Zindel
Here are some great resources for Paul Zindel's novel

A Question of Loyalty- Novel by Barbara Greenwood
Here are some great resources for Barbara Greenwood's novel

Fine Arts Lesson Plans - 2D and 3D Fine Arts Lesson Plans
Awesome fine arts lesson plans using both 2D and 3D art.

Noteworthy and Interesting High School Websites
Noteworthy and interesting school web sites. Find great examples of schools connected to the internet.

Shakespeares works - lesson plans to use with Romeo and Juliet
Resources and Lesson Plans for William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Find the complete play along with teaching aids and lesson plans.

physics and physical science resources for science teachers
Information and resources for teachers of physics and physical science.

The Assistant - Novel by Bernard Malamud
Here are some great resources for Bernard Malamud's novel

The Pearl - Novel by John Steinbeck
Here are some great resources for John Steinbeck's novel

American Revolution Battles - Revolutionary War Battles
Find great information and maps for the major battles of the American Revolution.

Community Service - Resources to Help Students with Community Service
Community service has become a huge part of many students' educational career. Find resources to help students with fulfilling their community service requirements.

resources for foreign language teachers german
Information and resources for german language educators.

Ask an Expert - Tutoring and Ask an Expert Help
The Internet provides teachers and students with experts to help answer questions and more. These ask an expert services will be very useful for teachers and their students.

Learning Styles Strategies
Strategies to help teachers reach students of different learning styles.

sleep resources for educators
Resources to help educators get a better night's sleep.

The Slave Dancer - Novel by Paula Fox
Here are some great resources for Paula Fox's novel

Online Sleep Tests - Sleep Deprivation Tests
Take numerous tests online sleep tests to determine if part of your burnout and stress problems stem from lack of sleep.

Black History Online Activities - African American History
Integrate technology into your classroom while teaching about African-American history and culture. Find numerous webquests and more.

Autism Resources for Educators
Resources to help understand and educate students with Autism.

School-to-Work - Vocational Guidance
Resources to make an effective school-to-work program.

Shakespeares works - lesson plans to use with Macbeth
Resources and Lesson Plans for William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Find the complete play along with teaching aids and lesson plans.

Photo Essay as Informational Text for Memorial Day
The photos are accessible to all students, but the complexity of thinking from studying the photos is what all educators hope to inspire in students.

Sex Education - Secondary Schools and Sex Education
The debate over sex education in schools has raged since the 1960's when the government first provided funding to create a sex education teacher manual. Today the debate still goes on over sex education as those espousing abstinence first programs go head to head with those who believe that teaching abstinence does not work in today's world.

Trigonometry for Educators - Mathematics - Trigonometry
Want to expand on your lessons for Trigonometry? Find ways to apply Trig to the everyday world along with basic math courses and more.

Consumer Mathematics for Educators - Consumer Math
Need ideas and information to help you teach students the important basics of consumer math? Check out these resources.

Famous Quotations About Education
Learn what individuals and great thinkers have thought about education through these education quotes.

brain research - brain and education
Read the latest research about the brain and find out how to use this information in the classroom.

Mathematical Practice Standard #1 in the ELA Classroom
Math Practice Standard #1 promotes students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

5 Questions to Ask about Theme
There are five universal questions that meet Reading Anchor Standard #2: determine the central ideas or themes of a text.

Debate Prep Requires Active Reading
Once they understood the purpose for reading, the students could use the text to make and to defend a claim in small group debates.

foreign language lesson plans
Lesson plans specific to foreign language courses. Great ideas to help make learning foreign languages fun.

Fine Arts Lesson Plans
Lesson plans dealing with Fine Arts courses. Great help for Fine Arts teachers who want some ideas for teaching.

Math Lesson Plans - Ideas for Teachers of Mathematics
Lesson plans for math courses. Find resources to help teach mathematics concepts here.

Four (4) No-Cost Questions to Determine Reader Comprehension
The Common Core has spawned an industry of costly educational support materials, but these questions are a no-cost alternative for every grade level.

State Testing Resources - Resources for Testing
Many states have instituted high stakes testing. You can find information about specific state tests here.

Displaying Student Work
Show off your students work with these display ideas.

Census Jobs for Summer - Part Time Census Jobs
Work for the U.S. Census Bureau during the summer and earn extra money.


Active Listening for the Classroom
See how to use active listening to improve students' motivation and communication skills.

Active Listening - Steps and Instructions
Use these steps to help become an effective active listener. Page 2.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Explore the challenges and rewards of integrating technology into the classroom with this article from Guide Melissa Kelly.

Concerns of Integrating the Internet in Class
Take some time to review concerns and issues you might face when integrating technology into your classroom. Page 2.

How to Deal With Confrontational Students
This article takes a look at methods and tips for dealing with confrontational students in your classroom.

Censorship and Banned Books in Schools
Issues concerning censorship and the banning of books in schools.

Censorship and Book Banning - Proactive Measures for Teachers
Use these ideas to help overcome issues that might arise in your classrooms concerning books and censorship. Page 2.

Top 10 Characteristics of a Quality School
Ever wonder what it takes to be a quality school? Want to know if the school where you are teaching or attending is effective? This list highlights the top 10 characteristics of a quality school.

101 Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas for Students
These 101 compare and contrast essay topics provide teachers and students with great and fun ideas for compare/contrast essays.

Top Ten Keys to a Successful Teaching Job Interview
Read these keys to learn ten things prospective teachers should do in order to have a successful teaching job interview.

Questions and Answers for Teacher Interviews
Find key teacher interview questions and target answers for questions commonly asked during teacher interviews.

60 Debate Topics for High School
Looking for High School debate topics? This list of over 60 topics has been written for use in classes throughout the curriculum.

General Expository Essay Topics
General expository essay topics that can be used in any discipline. Here are 61 sample essay prompts to use in any class across the curriculum.

Teaching at Private Versus Public Schools
Are you considering teaching at a private school? Are you interested in the key differences between public and private schools? This article takes a look at these differences to help you make a decision of whether teaching at a public or a private school is the best option for you.

Handling Discipline Problems With Classroom Management
Discipline problems are listed as the major concern for most new teachers. What can teachers expect and how can they effectively handle discipline problems? Classroom management combined with an effective discipline plan is the key.

High School English Curriculum Plan of Study
Here is a sample high school English plan of study. This plan of study shows a progression of courses through the standard four years of high school.

Fair and Balanced - Teacher Personality Quiz Result
Are you fair and balanced as a teacher? Here are the Fair and Balanced results from the teacher personality quiz. Of course, all results are nonscientific. Enjoy!

Middle School Debate Topics
Looking for Middle School debate topics? This list of over 60 topics has been written for use in classes throughout the curriculum.

Eight Things Teachers Can do to Help Students Succeed
Helping students grow and succeed is the goal of every teacher. This article looks at eight things that you can do to foster student success.

10 Things New Teachers Should Do for the First Day of School
Got the first day jitters? Here are ten things that new teachers should do before their first day of school to ensure a smooth beginning to the school year.

Top Six Teaching Tasks - What Teachers Do
What do teachers really do? Every task that teachers perform falls under one of six categories. Here are those top six teacher tasks with information and tools to help you enhance your teaching experience.

Ways Students Misbehave and What Teachers Can Do About It
This article looks at how students misbehave and what teachers can do about it.

Songs With Similes
Want to find songs that include similes? This list looks at songs that including similes in them for use in language arts and other classes.

Ways to Foster Discipline in Schools
Discipline in schools is of major concern to teachers, administrators, and parents. But how do we foster discipline in schools? This article looks at ways to increase discipline in schools through effective classroom management techniques and more.

13 Steps to Effective Lesson Planning for Grades 7-12
Writing lesson plans does not have to be difficult. In fact, this is the time when a teacher can really get creative. Here is a simple how-to on how to create effective lesson plans.

Lesson Plan Template - Resources for Teachers
This lesson plan template guides teachers as they write plans that keep things organized while ensuring the objectives are met. Learn more now.

Student Portfolio Items - Examples and Suggestions
Here is a list of possible items that could be included in a student portfolio.

The Purpose of Tests
What is the purpose of tests? Why do teachers give assessments at all? This article takes a closer look at the ways that tests are used in and out of the classroom.

Lesson Objectives That Produce Results
Lesson objectives are the first step towards student success. This article looks at ways to create effective lesson objectives.

Essay Topics for American Government Classes
These 25 essay prompts provide American Government and Civics teachers great ideas and topics for writing assignments.

How to Hold a Class Debate - Secondary Education
a simple how to on holding a class debate, fromyour guide

Understanding and Using Learning Styles
This article looks at the three different learning styles and helps teachers find ways to use learning styles to increase their effectiveness in the classroom. It also covers challenges and concerns when dealing with learning styles.

Learning Styles and Visual Learners
This profile of visual learners helps teachers and students understand not only the strengths of visual learners but also strategies to help them learn most effectively.

Profile of Existential Intelligence
Here is a profile of the existential intelligence from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences with advice for teachers to help include this intelligence in lessons.

Lecture as a Teaching Method - Pros and Cons
Here we look at the pros and cons of using lecture as a teaching method for secondary school educators.

New Friend Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker Activity
Use this scavenger hunt icebreaker to help you get a group or class acquainted and involved. Have them fill out the 30 categories listed for this activity.

The Responsibility of Teachers
There are many responsibilities that go along with a teaching career. This article takes a look at these teacher responsibilities and explains why they are part and parcel of teaching as a career.

Back to School Student Questionnaires
This back to school activity has students fill out a questionnaire about themselves. It's a great way to get to know your students on the first day of school.

Writing Teaching Interview Thank You Notes
Find hints and tips to help you write great teaching interview thank you notes.

Strengths and Weaknesses? - Teaching Job Interview
What is the target answer for the teaching job interview question: What are your strengths and weaknesses? Find the best answer and answers to avoid here.

What Is Classroom Management? Definition and Resources
What is classroom management? Find out and learn strategies for effective classroom management.

Pros and Cons of Using Movies in Class
Many teachers wonder about the use of movies within their classroom. This article takes a look at the pros and cons of using movies in class.

How to Develop Organizing and Planning Instruction
One of the six main tasks that teachers perform is planning, developing, and organizing instruction. Planning instruction is the key to a teacher's sanity. This article focuses on the tools that can help you plan, develop, and organize instruction effectively.

Effective Teacher Questioning Techniques
Teachers use questions for many reasons. This article looks at teacher questioning skills with advice on how to make it more effective.

High School Science Curriculum Plan of Study
Here is a sample high school science plan of study. This plan of study shows a progression of courses through the standard four years of high school.

The Influence of Teachers' Words and Actions
Teachers have a huge impact on student lives. This article takes a look at how much influence they truly have and why they have to be very careful in the messages they give students.

The Importance of Teacher Reflection
Part of growing in the teaching profession comes from reflecting on the good and the not-so-good in our day-to-day teaching. This article explores the importance of teacher reflection, provides methods for reflection, and then gives advice on what to do with the information learned.

Inspirational Quotes from Albert Einstein
Use these inspirational quotes from Albert Einstein in speeches and more.

Sample High School Math Curriculum Plans
Here is a sample high school mathematics plan of study. This plan of study shows a progression of courses through the standard four years of high school.

Examination of Linguistic Intelligence
Here is a profile of the linguistic intelligence from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences including advice for teachers.

Profile of Intrapersonal Intelligence
This profile of the intrapersonal intelligence from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences includes advice to include this intelligence in lessons.

Naturalist Intelligence - Definition and Examples
Here is a profile of the naturalist intelligence from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences including advice to help include this in their lessons.

A Look at Kinesthetic Learners and Methods
Understand not only the strengths of kinesthetic learners but also strategies to help them learn most effectively.

Holding Debates in Middle School Classes
Holding debates in middle school classes can be quite effective. They also present their own challenges. This article looks at the benefits and issues involved.

Some Samples of Expository Essay Topics
Expository essay topics for various disciplines written like those on the Florida Writes exam.

Language Arts Warm Ups for Every Day
Daily language arts warm ups to start students working as soon as class begins.

How to Deal with Late Work and Make Up Work
Late work and make up assignments can often cause a classroom management nightmare for teachers. Here are some tips, ideas, and possible policies for dealing with late work.

Creating a Policy to Deal with Tardies
Dealing with tardy students is an important part of any teacher's job. Finding a tardy policy that works for you is extremely important. If you allow students to be tardy then you will be setting a precedent that will get worse throughout the year. Therefore, it is very important that you set up a workable system for dealing with tardies from the very beginning.

Icebreaker - Find Your Kind
Use this cool icebreaker to help introduce students to each other while allowing you to find out more about them.

Pretests - Importance and Use of Pretests
Pretests are an extremely effective tool for teachers. They can help teachers assess the content of their lessons and let teachers know where students need extra help. This article focuses on pretests and their uses.

Halloween lesson plan ideas
A happy assortment of Halloween lesson plan ideas across the curriculum.

How to Create Rubrics
Follow these step-by-step instructions that show how to create rubrics that are effective and help make grading easier.

Journals in the Classroom - Flexible Instructional Tools
Journal writing is an incredibly flexible instructional tool, useful across the entire curriculum. While often used as a class startup activity, it is used primarily to give students an opportunity to speculate on paper, confident that their ideas, observations, emotions, and writing will be accepted without criticism.

Songs With Metaphors
Use songs with metaphors to help teach students about this figure of speech.

Movie Lesson Plan Ideas
Want to get some ideas for how you can increase the educational value of movies you show in the classroom? This article can help you find different methods for including movies in your lesson plans.

Methods for Presenting Subject Matter
There are many methods for presenting subject matter to students. This list presents the most common methods that teachers use to present subject matter with further advice and information.

10 Ways to Manage Teacher Burnout
Teaching can be a very stressful job which can sometimes lead to teacher burnout. This article focuses on the top 10 things you can do to combat teacher burnout.

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Teacher
Here are the top 5 things that you should consider before you make the plunge and become a teacher.

What Qualities Make a Great Teacher?
What are the qualities that a great teacher should have? This article takes a look at the eight qualities of a great teacher.

Importance of Effective Teacher Training
This article takes a hard look at why effective teacher training is necessary.

10 Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences
Here is a list of ten things to remember and do when you hold parent-teacher conferences.

Top 10 To Do's for Teachers During Summer Vacation
Here are ten things that teachers can do during summer vacation to help prepare for the next school year.

How Budget Cuts Affect Teachers
Teachers and students are greatly affected by educational budget cuts. Here is a look at ten ways that they are adversely affected. Lawmakers should review this before agreeing to cut school budgets.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment
A positive learning environment sets the stage for student success. Help ensure that your classroom is positive and effective so that all students can learn.

Characteristics of an Effective Classroom
This article looks at the characteristics of an effective classroom setting.

Integrating Writing Across the Curriculum
Read about ways to integrate writing in all classes throughout the curriculum. Find shortcuts to grading and more!

Writing Across the Curriculum - preparing writing assignments and selecting writing topics
Tips and Topics for Writing Across the Curriculum. Page 2.

Social Studies Warm Ups - Questions to Begin Each Day
Links to sites that offer questions (in Geography, American History and World History) to start students working as soon as class begins.

Interpersonal Intelligence
This profile of the interpersonal intelligence from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences includes advice to help include this intelligence in lessons.

Profile of Musical Intelligence
This profile of musical intelligence from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences includes advice to help include this intelligence in their lessons.

End of the Year Classroom Checkout List
Use the classroom checkout list to help as you close out the school year.

Learning Styles and Auditory Learners
This profile of auditory learners helps teachers and students understand not only the strengths of auditory learners but also strategies to help them learn most effectively.

Helping Students to Take Notes
Students often have a difficult time taking notes in a classroom setting. This article talks about ways that you can help students as they take notes.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence Profile
This profile looks at the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences including advice for teachers' lesson plans.

Are Teachers Required to Join a Teacher Union?
Are teachers required to join a union if one exists in their school? This is a question that many new teachers might have. Read the answer here.

Housekeeping and Record Keeping Tasks for Teachers
One of the six key teacher tasks is taking care of housekeeping and record keeping tasks. The way that a teacher handles these tasks says a lot about their classroom organization skills. With effective and easy-to-use systems in place, teachers will be able to spend more time focusing on actually instructing and interacting with their students.

Profile of Logical Mathematical Intelligence
This look at logical-mathematical intelligence from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences includes advice to help include this intelligence in lessons.

Student Portfolio Basics for Middle and High School Teachers
What are student portfolios? What is their purpose? This glossary entry takes a look at the definition of student portfolios.

Top 8 Free Apps for Biology Teachers
These eight apps are excellent resources for biology teachers and students, and the best part is that they are free! Check them out today.

Issues with Integrating Technology in the Classroom
While technology can be a huge aid in the classroom, it can also be a waste of taxpayer money if not purchased or used properly. This article looks at the issues that surround using technology in the classroom.

Tips for Taking Over a Classroom
Taking over a classroom halfway through the year can be a challenge for teachers. Take a look at the issues that teachers face and find tips to meet these challenges.

What To Do If You Are a Teacher Without a Classroom
Being a teacher without a classroom, or a 'floating' teacher, can be a truly difficult task. This article provides tips and strategies to deal with this situation.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas - 20 Ways to Honor Teachers
These twenty teacher appreciation ideas can help you honor teachers and educators during teacher appreciation week or any time during the school year.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas - 20 Ways to Honor Teachers
These twenty teacher appreciation ideas can help you honor teachers and educators during teacher appreciation week or any time during the school year.

How to Deal With a Class Clown
Having an issue with a class clown? These students can easily become disruptive. These seven ideas can help you successfully deal with a class clown.

10 Ways to Impress a Teacher
Want to make you teacher happy? Happier teachers are nicer teachers. This list of 10 ways to impress a teacher can help!

Blooms Taxonomy Verbs
Blooms Taxonomy Verbs. Find out the best verbs for each level of Blooms taxonomy with this handy list.

Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction
Learn about Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction and how to use them as you create lessons.

Cooperative Learning Versus Traditional Learning in Groups
Learn the difference between group activities in a traditional learning setting versus a cooperative learning setting.

Assessment Definitions - Ten Assessment Definitions To Know
Here are ten key assessment definitions that every teacher should know.

Stages of Cognitive Development and Education
Learn about how Jean Piaget's stages of cognitive development can help you as teach.

Benefits of Cooperative Learning
Students greatly benefit from cooperative learning in the classroom. Find out all the ways that students grow in their interpersonal and individual skills through cooperative learning activities.

How to Create Cooperative Learning Activities
How do you create effective and organized cooperative learning activities? This article looks at the steps you should take to implement cooperative learning activities in your class.

Creating Tests Based on Objectives
This article takes an in depth look at how to create tests using the stated objectives for the material the student has learned.

Reasons for Homework
What is the purpose of homework? What are the reasons that it should be given? Learn more with this list.

Parent-Teacher Call Checklist
It is important to be prepared when you call a parent concerning their child's schoolwork or behavior. Here is a list of what you should do, gather, and have prepared before participating in a parent-teacher call.

Ways to Make Cross-Curricular Connections in Instruction
This article looks at four ways to make curricular connections in instruction.

Evaluating Websites for Educational Purposes
How can you tell if a website is a good source for educational purposes? What should you look for and what should you avoid? This article looks at key questions you can ask as you evaluate websites.

How to Deal With an Angry Parent
Having to deal with an angry parent can be disheartening and stressful. These tips can help make the process easier and more productive.

Efficient Use of Class Time
Teachers have a very limited amount of class time with their students. Therefore, it is very important that they use their time efficiently. This article takes a look at ways that teachers can manage their class time efficiently so that learning time is maximized.

Student Rewards
Learn more about student rewards and find great ideas to reward student effort and achievement.

Methods to Deal With Tardy Students
This article highlights methods that teachers can use to deal with tardy students.

Education Careers
Education careers are a great way for individuals who want to make a difference. This list looks at what it takes to succeed in a number of careers in education.

10 Strategies to Increase Reading Comprehension
Learn about 10 easy and effective strategies to help students with their reading comprehension.

Student Teacher Checklist
Student teachers can use the following list of items to help them ensure they are ready for their student teaching assignments.

Reasons to Avoid the Overuse of Discipline Referrals
Here are four reasons to avoid the overuse of discipline referrals.

Four Stages of Teaching
What stages do teachers go through during their career? This article looks at the four main stages of teaching.

Causes of Hostility in School
Why are students hostile in your classroom? What causes students to lash out? This article looks at the causes of hostility in the classroom environment as a means to try and halt hostile actions before they begin.

Steps to Starting a Class Off Right
Want to start your classes each day in the best possible manner? This list provides a step-by-step approach to starting each class off right.

Fostering Student Achievement
Are you fostering student achievement or simply giving them assignments? This article looks at ways that teachers can move from simply telling students what to do and help them achieve real learning in your class.

Ten Ways to Motivate Students
Need some inspiration on ways to motivate your students to work? Here is a list of ten ideas that you can start implementing right away.

Classroom Management Strategies
Looking for some quick classroom management strategies? This list looks at some ideas to help you in your day-to-day teaching including ideas to manage your classroom better while ensuring that students are understanding and engaged with what you are teaching.

Teaching and Unexpected Interruptions
Teaching is full of unexpected interruptions. This article looks at different disruptions teachers have to face in their day-to-day teaching.

Educational Probing Techniques - Probing Student Responses
Teachers can help improve student learning and retention by using techniques to elicit deeper and well-thought out responses to teacher questions. This article looks probing techniques that teachers can use each and every day in class.

Review Methods for Classroom Teachers
Reviewing material already learned is a key part of helping students to organize and integrate information. This article looks at five methods that teachers can use to help students review.

Assigning Letter Grades
How do you assign letter grades for homework and assessments? This list looks at five methods commonly used to help determine what grade an assignment should receive.

Learning Environment Checklist
Use this learning environment checklist to ensure that you are providing students with the best learning environment possible.

What Not to Do on a Field Trip
Planning a field trip? This article takes a look at what you should definitely not do on a field trip.

Five Important Classroom Procedures
Here are five key classroom procedures that every teacher needs to have created and reinforced with their students.

Avoiding Teacher Bias and Erroneous Beliefs
Teacher bias occurs all the time. Many teachers don't even realize the biased beliefs they hold. Here are six erroneous beliefs that teachers should avoid at all costs.

Topics for Argumentative Essays
Argumentative essays require the writer to pick a side and present well-researched points in favor of their position. This list of 51 topics for argumentative essays can be used in classes throughout the curriculum.

Inspirational Quotes from Thomas Edison
Use these inspirational quotes from Thomas Edison in speeches and more.

Inspirational Quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt
Use these inspirational quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt in speeches and more.

Ideas for Substitute Teachers With No Lesson Plans
This article provides substitute teachers with numerous great ideas that they can use when faced with no lesson plans or with time left over after lessons are completed in class.

Spatial Intelligence - Profile & Introduction
Here is a profile of the spatial intelligence from Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences including advice for teachers to help include this intelligence in their lesson plans.

Play the Basketball Review Game
Here is a simple how to on playing a basketball review game with your class.

How to Teach the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility in Economics
Want a great, fun way to teach about the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility? Follow these simple steps with your students.

Emergency Lesson Plans
Here are suggestions and advice for creating emergency lesson plans for your classes.

Substitute Folders | Creating a Substitute Folder
A substitute folder is an excellent resource that every teacher should have in their classroom. Here are the details of what should be included in your substitute folder.

Teacher Attitude - Quick Teaching Tip
Get a new teaching tip each day to help you in your teaching career. Here is a tip dealing with teacher attitude.

Positive Discipline
What is positive discipline? Learn more about this concept here.

Rubric - Definition of a Rubric
What is a rubric? Here is a definition of rubrics.

What is validity? Here is the definition of validity in reference to assessments and education.

Behavior Disorders - Special Education Definition
Here is a definition and explanation of behavior disorder or BD.

biography of john smith - leader of jamestown
Here is a biography on the life of John Smith. It was created using the educational biographical framework.

High School Social Studies Curriculum Plan of Study
Here is a sample high school Social Studies plan of study. This plan of study shows a progression of courses through the standard four years of high school.

Creating Effective Field Trips
Field trips are normally not a required part of the curriculum. This article deals with how teacher can create effective field trips.

Strict Disciplinarian - Teacher Personality Quiz Result
Are you a strict disciplinarian? Here are the Strict Disciplinarian results from the teacher personality quiz. Of course, all results are nonscientific. Enjoy!

Walking Carpet - Teacher Personality Quiz Result
Are you a walking carpet? Here are the Walking Carpet results from the teacher personality quiz. Of course, all results are nonscientific. Enjoy!

Helping Students Communicate in an Academic Environment
One of the key lessons to help students succeed in an academic environment is to help them learn the necessary skills for academic discourse. This article looks at the skills necessary for academic communication success.

Parents and Education
What role do parents play in education? This article takes a look at the role that parents play in their child's education.

Appropriate Consequences for Student Misbehavior
What are appropriate and logical consequences for student misbehavior? This article looks at appropriate responses and consequences to aid with classroom management.

What do Grades Really Mean?
What do grades really mean? What is their purpose? It is important as teachers that we examine our attitudes about grades and grading.