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Accessorizing tips for the holidays
Accessorizing tips specifically for the holiday seasons.

What is Colorblocking?
Read about the popular styling method of colorblocking.

Winter Coat Trends
Are you looking to buy a new winter coat? Learn about common types of winter coats and find out what's popular in outerwear this season.

Sun Hat - Accessories for a Beach Wedding
A hat offers sun protection for an outdoor wedding, while looking stylish and chic.

White Handbag - Accessories for a Beach Wedding
A colorful clutch is ideal for a outdoor wedding. Select a color that coordinates your summer dress.

Flat Sandals - Accessories for a Beach Wedding
Flat sandals embellished in crystal, jewels and other adornments are ideal for a beach wedding.

Shield Sunglasses - Accessories for a Beach Wedding
If you are going to be out in the sun all day, you will need a pair of trendy sunglasses. Shield sunglasses are popular choice at the moment.

What Accessories Should I Wear With a Red Dress?
When wearing a red dress, your accessories should be simple and chic.

Photo Galleries of Accessories - Photos of Accessories
Check out these photo galleries of fashion accessories to get ideas about what to wear for certain occasions. Photos also depict different accessory lines, trends and fashion shows.

What to Wear to a Cocktail Party
If you have found the perfect cocktail dress but aren't sure what to wear with it, here are some suggestions for wonderful accessories.

Diamond Cuff Bracelet - What to Wear to a Cocktail Party
A sophisticated cuff bracelet is a terrific option for a cocktail party or other special event.

Beaded Clutch - What to Wear to a Cocktail Party
Carry an elegant beaded clutch in an interesting shape or design.

Drop Earrings - What to Wear to a Cocktail Party
Add a fabulous pair of drop earrings. Choose earrings that are embellished with diamonds and other gemstones.

Statement Necklace - What to Wear to a Cocktail Party
A bold necklace with chunky stones, bright baubles or big beads is the perfect complement to a cocktail dress.

Strappy Metallic Sandals - What to Wear to a Cocktail Party
For a cocktail party, choose high heel sandals in bold bright colors or shiny metallics.

Hats & Belts
Hats and belts can add the finishing touch to any outfit. Learn about different types of hats and bels and how you can use these accessories to complete your look.

Shop for Accessories
You don't need to break the bank to find chic, stylish accessories. These stores and online shops offer budget accessories, accessory gifts and much more.






How to Wear Mary Jane Shoes and Look Like an Adult
Mary Janes can look very chic. Here are some tips for looking stylish in Mary Jane shoes.




Smart Ways to Store Your Earrings
Looking for some easy DIY ways to store and organize your earrings? Check out these easy and inexpensive ideas.

Use pill organizers to store earrings
Using pill organizers to store small earrings is an inexpensive way to keep your earrings from getting lost.

Store earrings on a cheese grater
Here's something you probably never thought to do with a cheese grater. Try using it hang your earrings.

Store earrings in ice cube trays
Ice cube trays can store small earrings and jewelry.

Frame needlepoint canvas to store and organize your earrings
While you are at the craft store pick up a needlepoint canvas to create a lovely way to store long earrings.

Hang chandelier and drop earrings from a radiator grate
Use a radiator grate to store your chandelier earrings.

Store earrings on a wide grosgrain ribbon
A pretty way to organize stud earrings is by keeping them on a wide grosgrain ribbon.

Keep earrings organized using buttons
emove the buttons and use them to keep your earrings paired and easy to find.

Accessories Every Woman Over 40 Should Own
Accessories are a wonderful way to express who you are and, as you have reached this milestone, here are five accessories every woman over 40 should own that are worthy of investing in.

Pack Like a Pro: Smart Solutions for Packing Accessories
To ensure you pack your bag like a pro, here are some smart solutions for packing your favorite and most necessary accessories for your next trip.



How to Mix and Match Jewelry in One Outfit
Mixing and matching jewelry in one outfit is really trendy right now. Here are Five ways to mix your jewelry to update your looks.




Budget Accessories - Discount Accessories - Bargain Accessories
The hottest accessories don't always have to be the most expensive. From online bargains to shopping techniques, you can save on stylish handbags, hats, and more.

Hair Accessories
You can use hair accessories -- such a clips, barrettes and headbands -- to add a little dimension and style to your outfit.

Shop for Iris Apfel's accessories

Listen to Iris Apfel, jewelry can change an outfit more than anything else

Accessories are the spices of a great outfit

Why accessorizing is important according to Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel's Accessorizing Style

Who is Iris Apfel?
If you love accessories, you have to learn about Iris Apfel and what makes her the style icon that she is and how accessories have been a huge part of it.

How to Take a Dress From Day to Evening

How to Take a Suit From Day to Evening

How to Take a Skirt From Day To Evening

How to Take Pants From Day to Evening

Day to Evening Looks Without Changing Your Outfit
Learn how to take your outfits from day to evening with just a few accessory changes.

The History of the Beret
Berets have a rich history that make them more than just stylish. Learn about the history of this iconic had style.

The History of Wayfarer Sunglasses
Originally created in the '50s, retro wayfarer sunglasses have made a comeback. Read about the history of these sunglasses and how they became so popular.

What is a Minaudiere?
Also known as box clutches, minaudiere are small purses commonly used at formal events.

How to Wear Infinity Scarves this Fall
An infinity scarf is a scarf made of one continuous loop of fabric. Here are some tips to keep in mind when wearing an infinity scarf this fall.

Top 5 Accessories Trends You Need to Own This Fall
How about adding some elegant and stylish accessories to your wardrobe this Fall? Here are top 5 accessories trends for 2015 Fall to consider having in your wardrobe.

EMU Australia boots are built to last
EMU invests heavily in innovation and design - using natural materials, craftsmanship and quality, to create their footwear.

The History of EMU
Based in Geelong, Australia in the heart of the world's finest quality wool-growing district, EMU began, 20 years ago

The "Sole" of EMU
EMUsole, developed to enhance your experience and prolong the life of your boot. It's a hard- wearing and comfortable tough rubber outsole with soft EVA inset.

Looking for perfect fall boots? Check out Emu Australia Boots
This fall, if you are on the hunt for stylish, high quality boots that will keep you warm, then Emu is a brand you want to check out.

Let's get the pronunciation of EMU straight.
If you have been pronouncing Emu like Eem-moo you have been saying it wrong. The proper pronunciation is EEM-you.

Five Fashionable Accessories You Should Never Fly Without
Check out the five must-have accessories that will not only make your trip more comfortable but will guarantee that you arrive with style.

Accessories That Will Make You Look Instantly Slimmer
While there is no diet out there that will help you shed 10lbs. in a weekend (well, no healthy diets), there are plenty of accessories that will make you look instantly slimmer.

Ten Crazy and Ridiculous Accessories Superstitions
Fashion and accessories have a lot of connections to superstitions. Here are ten accessories superstitions you will find fascinating.

Burgundy Earrings
You like burgundy but don't want to wear too much of it. No problem. Something as simple as a pair of burgundy earrings

Burgundy Sneakers
In the fall, white sneakers are probably not the most likely of colors many will want to wear making a color like burgundy a great alternative

Burgundy Scarf
If you're not looking forward to breaking out your old coat for another season try adding a burgundy scarf

Novelty Heels
A good pair of burgundy pumps or booties should definitely be on your shopping list

Burgundy Hat
Hats aren't just for warmth in the fall, they are for style. Pick up a burgundy fedora

Burgundy Statement Necklace
A burgundy statement necklace will add richness to the darker shades you will be wearing this fall

Burgundy Handbag
Want to pick up a trendier handbag this fall but are worried that it will be too trendy to be your everyday bag? Try burgundy

Burgundy Flats
Try a pair of burgundy flats that will work casually with your favorite boyfriend jeans, look perfect with a pair of grey tailored pants, a navy dress or your basic black skinny ankle pants.

Burgundy Bracelet
Add a burgundy bracelet to that mix to super charge your trendiness

Burgundy Sunglasses
Add some trend to your sunglasses with a pair in burgundy, like these from Prada.

It's All About Burgundy This Fall
Looking to add a hit of trend to your existing wardrobe? Check out how accessorize with burgundy, fall's trendiest color.

Wrapurse: An Easy Way to Keep Your Handbags from Wearing Out
Wrapurse is a cover that protects the bottom of your purse and keeps your purse protected, germ-free and gives your bags a longer life.

Kipling Ravier Backpack
Kipling Ravier Backpack. Accessories.

Kate Spade Emerson Place Neko
Kate Spade Emerson Place Neko. Accessories.

Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Convertible Backpack
Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Convertible Backpack

TOMS Waxed Canvas Trekker Backpack
TOMS Waxed Canvas Trekker Backpack

DKNY Rubberized Backpack
DKNY Rubberized Backpack. Accessories.

Steve Madden Bharper Quilted Backpack
Steve Madden Bharper Quilted Backpack

Pack on Track Backpack in Colorblock
Pack on Track Backpack in Colorblock

COACH Turnlock Tie Rucksack
Coach Turnlock Tie Rucksack. Accessories.

JanSport High Stakes Backpack
JanSport High Stakes Backpack. Accessories.

LeSportsac Voyager Backpack
LeSportsac Voyager Backpack. Accessories.

Carry Yourself and Your Stuff in Style
Check out these backpacks you'll want to carry to school and beyond this fall.

Herschel Supply Co. 'Dawson- Mid Volume' Backpack
Herschel Supply Co. 'Dawson- Mid Volume' Backpack

Be Stylish and Smart with Cuff Jewelry
The Cuff, an ever-expanding jewelry line that has some pretty amazing smart abilities. Besides being beautiful jewelry, here is what The Cuff can do for you.

Never Detangle a Necklace Again with The MagBag
The MagBag is this amazing travel and storage system for jewelry and makeup that has a magnet liner to keep jewelry in place and from getting tangled.

How to Carry and Use Just One Bag While on Vacation
Multiple purses can take up a lot of room in a suitcase. Here are some smart ways to bring just one handbag and use it on your entire trip.

Five Reasons Accesorizing is Important
To add flavor and excitement to your outfits, accessorizing is important. Here are five reasons why you need to accessorize.

Headscarves, Hats and Head Convering Resources for Cancer Patients
If you are dealing with hair loss due to cancer or other illnesses, here are a several excellent resources to check out for headscarves, head coverings and hats.

Waterproof Flats
Rainy days happen on hot days, too. If it is too hot for boots, try a pair of waterproof flats. Page 6.

Waterproof Handbags
As you come in from the rain, thrilled that you managed to stay dry, you look down at your handbag and noticed that it is soaked through. Page 5.

Go Go Golosh
Have you ever been caught out in the rain while wearing heels? Try a pair of shoe covers made specifically for heels from Go Go Golosh. Page 4.

Pretty printed pareos
Have fun with your pareos. Choose pretty prints you love. Page 4.

Go for a well fitting pareo
If a large scarf just seems too

Pareos with SPF protection
Go beyond just covering up your body, protect your skin too. Choose pareos with SPF coverage. Page 5.

Wrap a pareo like a dress
Pareos don't just have to be worn like a sarong. Get more coverage by wrapping it around your whole body and twisting it around your neck. Page 2.

Color block your pareo and swimsuit
Create a colorblocked swimwear look, with a bold swimsuit and pareo in contrasting colors. Page 10.

Hood To Go
Hood to Go, a stylish, water resistant hood that can be worn under any coat. The hood is attached to a small, lightweight vest. Page 3.

Hunter Boots
Hunter has transformed this classic rain boot to something chic and trendy with all their colors and patterns. Page 2.

Tie a pareo like a strapless dress
Tie your pareo like a strapless dress to go poolside for a bit of lunch. Then, afterwards, untie it to cover your shoulders when you have gotten too much color. Page 7.

Run for cover, bathing suit season is here
If bathing suit season has you less than enthused, pareos and sarongs can add some sexy coverage for the beach and pool.

It's a wrap
On vacation? Use your pareo for coverage at the beach and in the evening as a wrap for your dresses. Page 3.

Head out into the rain with style
Check out these fabulous weatherproof accessories that will make you want to sing in the rain.

Pareos that match your swimsuits
Many swimsuits come with matching pareos. But don't limit the use of it to just that particular suit. Page 9.

You already have a pareo in your closet
Don't have a

Oversized pareo
The bigger the pareo the more you can do with it. You can even make it look like a maxi. Page 6.

Packing for your weekend away
Before you make your travel plans, make sure you have a weekender bag to pack your favorite summer outfits.

LeSportsac Weekender Bags
Since its founding in 1974, LeSportsac, has become an American icon sold in countries around the world. Page 2.

Longchamp Le Pliage bag
As far as weekend bags go, it doesn't get more iconic than the coveted Longchamp Le Pliage bag. Page 3.

You can't go wrong with a TUMI bag in terms of quality and roominess. A definite for a quick weekend away, and more. Page 4.

Herschel Supply Duffle
The Herschel Supply weekender duffle comes in a wide variety of colors and features a removable shoulder strap and is ideal for weekends away. Page 5.

H&M Weekender Bag
You don't have to drop a small fortune for a stylish weekend bag. After all, that short getaway may be busting the budget. H&M makes a lovely looking tote. Page 6.

Wheeled Weekender Bags
If your bag tends to be heavy, or you have shoulder problems, there are plenty of wheeled weekender bags that can be carried or wheeled. Page 7.

White Shoes for Summer
Whether you wait until the summer to wear white shoes or buck tradition, here are some shots of celebrities wearing them for a little inspiration.

White Shoes with Lemon Yellow
Kristina Bazan attended the 'Sicario' Premiere during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 19, 2015 in Cannes. Page 2.

White Stacked Pumps
Somehow, Rachel Weisz managed to wear a pair of white pumps with stacked heels when she attended the 'Youth' photocall during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival. Page 3.

White Shoes for a Feminine Look
Shu Qi used white shoes to create a very feminine look with her coordinating white dress when she attended 'The Assassin' after screening party. Page 4.

White Oxfords
Kendall wore a pair of flat, slip on oxfords. When it comes to white shoes, they don't have to be heels or sandals. Page 5.

White Wedges
White wedges in the summer are great. They're strappy, comfortable and work well with all types of summer dresses and white jeans. Page 6.

White Strappy Heels
White shoes aren't just for dresses, skirts and wedding gowns. They look with a crisp pair of white summer pants. Page 7.

Reusable shopping bags are eco-friendly and super convenient
If you don't have some reusable bags, check out some of these excellent brands and how they can be used for more than just taking home the groceries.

Chunky Platform Sandals are Back
Looking to add them to your shoe collection? Check out all these hot chunky platform sandals styles recently spotted by celebrities.

Chunky Platform Sandals with a Mini Dress
Hailey Baldwin attended 'China: Through the Looking Glass', the 2015 Costume Institute Gala in this mini dress and platform sandals. Page 10.

Funk Up Your Chunky Platform Sandals
This look of wearing socks and chunky platform sandals certainly isn't for everyone, but it's a way to wear them and it is certainly memorable. Page 2.

Chunky Platform Sandals Offer Height Without Discomfort
actress Taylor Spreitler was spotted at the premiere of 'See You In Valhalla' in a super schnazzy pair of chunky platform sandals. Page 3.

Caged Platform Sandals
Caged sandals are hot for summer and, here, actress Ginifer King arrived at the 12th Annual John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit wearing a pair. Page 4.

A Pop of Colorful Chunky Platform Sandals
Actress Maria Castro attended Hugo Boss Woman fragrance presentation photocall at Matadero Madrid wearing a pair of red chunky platform sandals. Page 5.

Chunky Platform Sandals with White Jeans
These Zarass sandals look great with white jeans. If you fear what your butt looks like in a pair, try wearing chunky platforms. Page 6.

Leg Lengthening Nude Chunky Platform Sandals
Sonja Morgan was spotted at The Fashion Institute of Technology's 2015 Future Of Fashion Runway Show wearing a pair of nude platform sandals. Page 7.

Dressy Chunky Platform Sandals
Chunky platform sandals aren't just for casual summer dresses and white jeans. Anne Fletcher and Sofia Vergara arrive at the 'Hot Pursuit' Premiere. Page 8.

Animal Print Chunky Platform Sandals
Carla Gugino attended the 2nd Annual Village Fete Benefiting Pioneer Works Center For Art & Innovation wearing a pair of animal platforms. Page 9.

The philosophy of Envirosax is to make a substantial environmental impact with fashion, design and innovative products. Page 2.

ChicoBag products are designed to make it easy to replace single-use disposable items. They produce reusable bags, packs and totes. Page 3.

Rume Large Tote
RuMe’s Large Tote holds up to 50 pounds, is durable and washable, fun and fashionable! These bags are perfect for trips. Page 4.

BAGGU makes simple, high quality bags in many bright colors. They're durable and fill many uses so you can own less stuff. Page 5.

Purchase reusable shopping bags at your local grocery store
One of the easiest places to pick up some reusable shopping bags is from most grocery store chains during checkout. Page 6.

Reusit Bags continues to empowers hundreds of thousands of customers to reduce, reuse & save since its launch in 2003. Page 7.

Store your Reusable Shopping Bags with the Tote Buddy
The Tote Buddy neatly holds piles of reusable bags, helping you delutter and stay organized on every shopping trip. Page 8.

Five Fantastic Places to Donate Your Accessories
If you are getting ready to do a closet purge, be sure to take some time to cull through your accessories and consider these fantastic resources for donation.

Long Necklaces: Accessorizing Made Easy
If accessorizing feels like a chore, have accessorizes on hand that go with everything. One of these items is a long gold necklace in silver or gold. Find out why.

Gift Ideas for the Accessories Lover
You have someone on your holiday gift list who is a bit of a fashionista. Need a little help? Here are some gift ideas for the accessories lover.

Accessories You Need to Survive the Next Polar Vortex
If last winter is any indicator of how cold it will get this winter, then be prepared for cold. Check out these very cool, but very warm, accessories worthy of considering for the next Polar Vortex.

What are Cat Eye Sunglasses?
Read about cat eye sunglasses, what they are and how to wear them.

How to Save Money on Accessories
Learn how to save some extra cash with these clever accessory shopping tips.

How to Thrift Shop for Accessories
The thrift store is one of the best places for any budget fashionista. Learn how to be a successful secondhand shopper with these thrifting guidelines.

How to Shop at Teen Budget Stores
With the right mindset and careful planning, you score some chic yet affordable pieces at teen budget stores.

How to Wear Floral Print
Floral prints are a must in every wardrobe. This guide features tips on the different ways you can style this popular pattern

Mahabis Reinvents Slippers
Mahabis has reinvented slippers. Most slippers can't be worn outside, but Mahabis detachable soles make your slippers outside-ready in seconds.

Check out the best online retailers to purchase the hottest pair of shades. Learn about different styles and types of sunglasses.

Four Signs You're In an Accessorizing Slump
Have your outfits been feeling a bit bland? Do you feel like another nobody in the crowd or that your style is lacking personality? Here are four ways to tell if you are in an accessorizing slump.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How to Be a Stylish Wedding Guest
Here are some fail-proof accessories that will guarantee you will be a stylish wedding guest, no matter what you are wearing.

Oversized Sunglasses
One of Nicole Richie's trademark accessories is a stylish pair of oversized sunglasses, which can add a vintage touch to any outfit.

Long Necklace
To style a long necklace like Nicole Richie, wear one or several with layers of sheer clothing and a fashionable pair of heels.

9) Deben Hams Orange Enamel Flower Allway Necklac
With the help of a unique statement necklace, you can easily transform your outfit from

7) Charm and Chain Gold Coin Bib Necklace
With the help of a unique statement necklace, you can easily transform your outfit from

8) Anthropologie Roundabout Fringe Necklace
With the help of a unique statement necklace, you can easily transform your outfit from

6) Kate Spade Mariner Rope Necklace
With the help of a unique statement necklace, you can easily transform your outfit from

3) Buckle BKE Pearland Necklace
Dress up your neck with this Buckle BKE Pearland Necklace. It's a great statement necklace that can easily be worn with your favorite dress, whether the occasion is a dinner party or a night out with the girls.

9 Statement Necklaces to Spice Up Your Wardrobe
There's something for everyone in this roundup of nine statement necklaces. Each and every necklace will instantly add a little bit of flair to even the most simple outfit.

1) Max & Chloe Andrea Valentini Rosetone Draped Necklace
Rose gold has become a popular trend amongst jewelry lovers. This draping statement necklace is made with layered chain in a beautiful shade of rose gold.

2) Kenneth Jay Lane Two Tone Omega
Mixing metals has never been more stylish. This statement necklace combines feather pieces in different metal finishes to make a one-of-a-kind accessory.

4) Sabine Python Collar Necklace
If you love animal prints, you'll love this unique and sexy statement necklace. The sleek shape, accented with snake print, makes a bold and chic accessory.

5) Spring Street Design Group Anchor Rope Necklace
With the help of a unique statement necklace, you can easily transform your outfit from

Comfortable Sandals
Instead of wearing flat flip flops and shoes while traveling, opt for sandals that provide enough support and comfort for your feet.

Crossbody Bag
A crossbody bag is extremely useful while you're on vacation. You'll be able to go hands free, which will be more comfortable and allow for easier moving throughout the day.

While you're on your getaway, a watch will help you keep track of the time with style.

While on vacation, shield your eyes from the sun with your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Floppy Hat
Protect yourself from the sun while you're on vacation with a wide brimmed, floppy hat.

While you're on vacation, keep all of your important items in one place with a convenient wristlet.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry Made in the U.S.A.
If you love jewelry but want to shop consciously, check out these eco-friendly jewelry companies that are all made in the U.S.A.

Must Have Accessories for Spring: Metallics
When it comes to adding metallic accessories to your own wardrobe, it doesn't matter if these metallic accessories are gold or silver. What matters is you take advantage of how versatile these shades are.

Outerwear Accessories
Stay warm and fashionable with the latest trends in outerwear including coats, jackets, gloves, scarves and wraps.

Vodka will make a great household product for cleaning crystalline and glass jewelry

Club Soda
Club soda is great to add to summery alcoholic beverages and also great for your diamonds.

Don't use beer on gemstones, but try using it to clean solid gold jewelry.

Ammonia works on all jewelry except pearls.

Aluminum foil
When you line a bowl with aluminum foil and fill the bowl with hot water and powdered laundry detergent you can clean your jewelry

Window Cleaner
you can use window cleaner on your crystalline gemstones, such as rubies and diamonds.

White Vinegar
You probably know that vinegar will clean just about everything in your home. Why not use it on your jewelry?

Baking Soda
Speaking of baking soda, use it to clean tarnished jewelry.

Ketchup isn't just for french friends and hamburgers. Use it to clean silver jewelry.

While you are brushing your teeth, put some toothpaste on your diamond ring and use a toothbrush to clean the diamond.

How to Clean Your Jewelry Using Common Household Products
Check out these very easy and very effective household products that will have your jewelry gleaming in no time.

Denture Tablets
Here is a cool use for denture tablets; use them to clean diamond rings.

Statement Earrings
An absolutely glowing Zoe Saldana shows how statement earrings not only bring attention to the face but can be a finishing element when the neckline is better left bare.

Rosamund Pike: Nude Pumps
Rosamund Pike clearly understands that nude pumps are the most versatile shoe color one can own.

Taylor Swift: Statement Rings
Try a cocktail or statement ring like Taylor Swift did at KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2014.

Katy Perry: Chokers
Chokers have made a comeback and Katy Perry knows it when she was spotted wearing them at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

Emma Roberts: Bold Colored Shoes
heck out how her red pumps added a punch to the all black and white outfit she wore to Z100's Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden on December 12.

How Did Celebrities Accessorize in 2014?
2014 had no shortage of great accessorizing ideas worn by some of your favorite celebrities. Check out out these ten trends for the year worn by these top stars.

Kerry Washington: The Oversized Clutch
Spotted coming out of The View in New York City in November, Kerry Washington was carrying an oversized clutch, a huge trend for 2014.

Beyonce Knowles: Chunky Platforms
With such a simple dress, Beyone's platforms add some pop to her outfit at the 2014 Billboard Women In Music Luncheon.

Kim Kardashian: Cognac Handbag
Even though she was just caught on the street in November in New York City, Kim Kardashian knows how versatile a cognac handbag is, and so should you.

Lena Dunham: Oxfords
At her book signing, Lena Dunham proved that oxfords don't have to be mannish or masculine.

Jennifer Lawrence: Cuff Earrings
Jennifer Lawrence looks feminine in what she wore to the premiere of Lionsgate's The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1. But look closer at her ears.

Accessories You Need to Get Through the Holiday Shopping Season
Holiday shopping is upon us. Here are some must-have accessories to consider having with you to make sure you can get through holiday shopping.

Designer Fashion
Keep up with the creative minds of your favorite fashion designers and their accessory lines. Read biographies, interviews, and check out their latest accessories.

Steampunk Accessorizing Tips
A steampunk dress makes a daring and classic fashion statement, especially with creative blend of futuristic and vintage accessories. To add more character to your steampunk dress, you can select from a wide range of steampunk accessories and make a unique style statement.

Tech & Whimsy: Accessorizing Trends at NY Fashion Week Spring 2015
check out some of these accessorizing Trends Seen at September 2014 NY Fashion Week. Love tech? Some of these are definitely for you.

Top 5 Ethical and Charitable Accessories Lines
Here you will find the top 5 most notable ethical accessories lines that have a charitable component to them.

Trendy Back-To-School Fashion Accessories For Kids
here you will find a brief overview of trendy back-to-school accessories for kids

Creative Hands-Free Accessories
Here are some cool accessories solutions to help you go hands-free in style.

Rack Trap
The Racktrap is an undetectable one-size-fits-all personal bra pocket that holds everyday essentials

Sholdit Scarf
The Sholdit gives you the look and feel of a scarf, the security of across the body bags, and the simplicity of a clutch purse.

Shoe Along
Shoe Along was created to give women a better, more stylish and hands-free way to carry their second pair of shoes along.

The Joey Bra
JoeyBra was created for women who are constantly on the go and struggle to find a place to put their ID, keys, or phones.

Hood To Go
Hood To Go is a stylish weather resistant hood that can worn under any coat.

The PortaPocket offers a hands-free pocket/carry-case solution for a variety of needs

Summer Must-Have Accessories
before you hit the beach, check out these essential summer must-have accessories, and notable brands, that will keep you stylish and protected.

DIY Accessories for Kids: Projects to Keep Them Occupied This Summer
If you're starved for creative ideas to keep your kids active this summer here are some DIY accessories projects your fashionable kids might enjoy.

Belt Glossary
Read about the different types of belts and how to wear them.

Handbag Collections - Handbag Lines
From up-and-coming designers to top brand names in the business, check out these profiles and reviews of these fabulous handbag collections.

Up-and-Coming Designers - New Fashion Designers
Profiles and interviews with up-and-coming designers of jewelry, shoes, handbags and other accessory lines. Also information on new accessory lines and collections.

Hat Glossary - Types of Hats
Are you looking for a new hat? This hat glossary will provide all the information you need about the different styles and types of hats, from casual to formal.

Shoe Lines - Profiles and Reviews of Shoe Lines
From up-and-coming designers to top brand names in the business, check out these profiles and reviews of these fabulous shoe lines.

Red Carpet Accessories - Celebrity Accessories
Check out the accessories that the celebrities are wearing at the awards shows, movie premieres and other red carpet events. Find out where you can get the celebrity look for less and mimic the handbags, jewelry and other accessories from the red carpet.

5 Creative Ways to Wear a Brooch
Accessorize with style with these 5 creative ways to wear a brooch.

Wristlets are convenient and versatile accessories that are perfect for when you're on the go.

Messenger Bag
A larger version of crossbody bags, messenger bags are commonly use for work and school.

Teashade Sunglasses
What are teashade sunglasses? Accessories.

2011 Summer Accessory Trends
Keep up with the latest styles with this list of 2011 summer accessory trends.

7 Trendy Sunglasses Under $20 - Shop for Budget Sunglasses
Protect your eyes with these 7 trendy sunglasses. Each stylish pair is just under $20.

6 Unique Floppy Hats Under 40 Dollars
From interesting patterns to bright colors, this list features 6 stylish floppy hats - all for under $40.

Rebecca Minkoff
Thanks to her iconic and classic

Pamela Love
Pamela Love is a New York based jewelry designer known for her mysterious and edgy pieces influenced by nature, animals and alchemy.

Sterling Silver Red Opalite Earrings - Celebrity Look for Less - Eva Longoria
These sterling silver earrings are funky and fun with four drop cut red opalite. Page 6.

Elastic Headband
Simple yet versatile, elastic headbands are made with a strip of material attached to a piece of stretchable elastic.

Head Scarf
Head scarves are comfortable hair accessories that can be found in a wide variety of materials. Popular fabrics include jersey, silk and cotton.

Skinny Headband
Skinny headbands are thin hair accessories that can be worn alone or doubled up.

Accessories of the Day
If you are shopping for accessories, check our list of

Accessorizing With Jewelry
Whether you opt for statement or subtle jewelry, choosing the right necklaces, earring, bracelets, watches and rings can add that finishing touch to any outfit.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Created in the 1936, Ray-Ban Sunglasses is one of the most iconic eyewear brands in the fashion industry.

Headband Glossary
Dress up your hairstyle with this versatile hair accessory. Read about different types and styles of headbands.

2011 Spring Accessory Trends
This list includes Spring 2011's hottest accessory trends.

Earrings come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and materials. From hoops to studs to dangling earrings, accessorize your wardrobe with earrings.

Gadget Accessories
Find cute cases for your iPod or cell phone. Get laptop bags and other gadget accessories.

Save or Splurge on Accessories
When shopping for accessories, we all have to decide when to bargain shop and when to splurge on a high-end purchase. When making a shopping decision, consider how often you are going to wear the item, as well as how much you like it. In the end, it's up to you - save or splurge?

Accessories Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a question about accessories? Do you want to know which accessories to wear with what outfit? Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions about accessories.

Men's Accessories
Fashion accessories for men, including ties, belts, jewelry, shoes and more. Find out what to wear by occasion and season.