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How to Find a Dermatologist
Need to find a dermatologist to help with your acne treatment? Learn how to find a dermatologist, and choose the right acne treatment dermatology center for you.

All About Isotretinoin Acne Treatment
Are you thinking about starting isotretinoin acne treatment? Before you jump into isotretinoin acne treatment, get a good understanding of how isotretinoin works, its possible side effects, and iPledge requirements for isotretinoin use.

All About Acne Scars and Acne Scar Treatment
Even with careful treatment, acne scars may still occur. Learn why acne scars develop, how to prevent scarring, and the best acne scar treatments.

Types of Acne Scars and Treatments
Even with the most careful and conscientious treatment, acne scars may still occur. But not all scarring is created equal. Learn more about the various types of acne scars, how they develop, and common acne scar treatments.

Skin Conditions That May Cause Pimples
Not all pimples are caused by acne. Learn more about acne look-alike skin problems that cause pimples, inflamed bumps, and other acne-like symptoms.

Reasons to See a Dermatologist for Acne Treatments
When should you see a doctor or dermatologist about acne treatments? Learn five important reasons to contact your dermatologist regarding acne treatments.

Big Pimple That Won't Go Away
Have a big pimple that won't go away? From home remedies to professional procedures, find out what you can do for that pimple that won't heal.


Cyst - Definition of a Cyst
What is a cyst? If you have severe acne, do you automatically have cysts? Learn more about cysts, how to identify a cyst, and how cysts are best treated.

Pustule - Definition of a Pustule
What is a pustule? Learn the definition of a pimple.

Does Masturbation Cause Acne?
Does masturbation cause acne, or should it be filed under acne myths? Learn more.

Benzoyl Peroxide
Are benzoyl peroxide acne treatments right for you? Find out how they work, how to use them, and how to beat common side effects.

Newborn Baby Acne Information
What is newborn baby acne? Learn more about why babies develop acne, baby acne causes, and its treatments.

Over the Counter Acne Treatments
There are so many over the counter acne treatments available today. But with so many on the shelf, how do you choose? Learn what to look for in an effective OTC acne product, and you can banish those breakouts!

Can Acne Facials Help Clear Your Skin?
Can acne facials help clear your skin? Learn more about acne facials and what they can, and cannot, do for your skin.

Treatment Tips for Oily Skin and Acne
You're not in love with your oily skin and acne. But with the right treatment, you can manage your oily skin and acne. Here are 5 tips to help you treat oily skin and acne, and maybe just learn to love your oily skin.

How Oral Acne Medications Work
Persistent or severe acne may respond best to oral acne medications. And you have plenty of acne treatment options beyond isotretinoin (formerly sold as Accutane). Learn about the best oral acne medications available, and how they work.

Exfoliation Tips for Acne Prone Skin
A successful acne skin care routine should include regular exfoliation. What is exfoliation? Why is exfoliation so important for those with acne? Learn the basics of exfoliation and which exfoliating products work best for acne prone skin.

Does Drinking Milk Cause Acne?
Some researchers believe milk and dairy products can cause acne and worsen pimples. Some think it's the hormones found in milk

Treating Back Acne With Body Washes and Other Tips
Back acne can be harder to treat that facial acne, but with the right treatments you can get significant clearing. Learn how to treat back acne, and acne on the body, and which medications are most often used to treat back acne.

What Causes Acne Scars?
Acne Scars - What causes acne scars? Learn how acne scars form, and how you can minimize your chances of developing scarring.

Is My Makeup Causing Acne?
Makeup and Acne - Is my makeup causing acne? Learn how to lessen the chance of breakouts caused by cosmetics.

Daily Skin Care for Acne - Basic Skin Care Routine
Controlling acne depends on a good acne skin care routine. Learn more about treating your acne, and developing an effective acne skin care regimen for your acne prone skin.

How to Choose a Moisturizer for Acne
When you're prone to breakouts, finding the right moisturizer is tough. Learn how choose a moisturizer for acne prone skin with these easy-to-follow tips.

Topical Prescription Acne Treatments
With so many acne treatments available, how do you know which is right for you? Get profiles for some of the most effective prescription acne treatments available today, and learn which of these topical acne treatments will work best for your skin.

Treating Acne with Birth Control Pills
Can birth control pills really treat acne? For a lot of women, the answer is yes! Find out how birth control pills work to treat acne, and if they're an option for you.

BenzaClin Acne Treatment - How It Works
BenzaClin gel has the power of two acne-fighting ingredients in one acne treatment - benzoyl peroxide and topical clindamycin Learn more about this prescription acne treatment, how BenzaClin works, and common side effects of this acne treatment.

Acne Treatment Tips for Using Benzoyl Peroxide
If you have acne, chances are you have used benzoyl peroxide at some point. Benzoyl peroxide is found in many acne treatment products. Get the most out of your benzoyl peroxide acne treatment by following these simple tips.

Treating Acne with Isotretinoin, Formerly Accutane
Isotretinoin, formerly known as Accutane, can be a valuable acne treatment option for those with severe acne. But isotretinoin is not for everyone. Learn more about isotretinoin, how it works, and possible side effecs.

Is Smoking Cigarettes a Cause of Acne?
Is smoking cigarettes a cause of acne? The answer may surprise you. Learn if smoking cigarettes could be a cause of acne for you.

How to Treat Acne With Benzoyl Peroxide
Everything you need to know to treat acne with benzoyl peroxide. Whether you've just started using benzoyl peroxide, or you’re considering trying this acne treatment, you probably have questions. Get answers to some common questions about benzoyl peroxide, learn about possible side effects and how to get the best results from your treatment.

What Is Acne?
What is acne? Why does acne develop? Most importantly, what can be done to treat acne? Get the answers to all your important acne questions here.

Benzoyl Peroxide vs. Salicylic Acid
Benzoyl peroxide vs. salicylic acid -- which acne treatment should you choose?

Acne and Normal Skin - Treating Acne and Normal Skin
Never thought your normal skin type could be prone to acne? Even not too oily and not too dry, otherwise known as normal skin, can be prone to acne. These 5 tips will help you treat acne in normal skin types.

Does Proactiv Work
Does Proactiv really work? These clues will help you determine if you should try Proactiv or save your money.

Oral Tetracycline - Treatment for Acne
Oral tetracycline is one of the most popular oral antibiotics for treating acne. Wondering if it's right for you? Learn how tetracycline works, its side effects and tips for getting the best results from your treatment.

Retin-A vs. Retin-A Micro Acne Treatments
What's the difference between Retin-A and Retin-A Micro? Find out how these acne treatment medications are alike, how they differ, and what that means for you.

Scrubs and Acne - Using Scrubs for Acne
Before you start scrubbing away at your skin, learn more about scrubs and acne. Are scrubs effective acne treatments, and should you use a scrub to treat your acne?

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) - Acne Scarring
Get answers to the most common questions about post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations (PIH). What causes this skin discoloration? Can anything be done to treat PIH?

Am I Allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication?
Am I allergic to benzoyl peroxide? How do I know if I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide? Learn how to determine between a benzoyl peroxide allergy and normal benzoyl peroxide side effects.

The Common Signs and Symptoms of Acne
There are many more acne symptoms than just the typical pimple. Learn some of the common signs and acne symptoms.

Acne Mechanica - Causes and Treatment
Did you know there are many different types of acne? One common type of acne is called acne mechanica. This type of acne can occur on the face and body. Learn more about the cause of acne mechanica and it's treatment.

Acne Scars: Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
Are post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) spots true acne scars? These brown to red acne scars left behind after a pimple has healed are quite common. But is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation permanent? Learn why PIH develops, and what can be done about it.

Acne Scars - Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
Acne Scars - Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation a true acne scar? Learn more about PIH and how it's treated. Page 2.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Treatments
What are the best hyperpigmentation treatments? Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation can make you feel self-conscious about your skin. But there are treatments that can help fade hyperpigmentation fast.

Acne Skin Care - Acne Skin Care Tips for Men
If you get pimples, you'll benefit from a good acne skin care routine. But there are special considerations that must be taken into account when caring for men's skin. Don't worry, guys! These acne skin care tips are super simple, don't take much time at all, and can help you get healthier skin.

What Are Accutane Acne Treatment Side Effects?
Wondering about Accutane side effects? Isotretinoin (Accutane) is a powerful acne treatment medication, but it comes with a host of possible side effects. Learn more about Accutane side effects, and get more information about treating acne with Accutane (isotretinoin).

Oral Minocycline for Acne
Wondering about minocycline for acne treatment? Learn all you need to know about how it works, common side effects, and get tips for getting the best results from your minocycline treatment.

Nodular Acne Definition - Severe, Nodulocystic Acne
What is nodular acne? How do I know if I have nodular acne? Learn more about this severe form of acne, and how it is treated.

Will a Facial Steam Treatment Clear Acne?
Will an acne steam clear your pimples? Learn what steam really does for your acne, and if an acne steam will get rid of blackheads, pimples, and blemishes.

Why Aren't My Acne Treatments Working
Why aren't my acne treatments working? Learn what to expect from your acne treatment, and how to decide if your acne treatment is really working.

Topical Clindamycin for Acne Treatment
Are your using topical clindamycin for acne? Learn about topical clindamycin for acne, topical clindamycin side effects, and how you can get the most from your topical clindamycin acne treatments.

Acne Skin Care Cleansing - Cleansers, Bar Soaps, and More
Cleansing the face seems like such a simple thing, doesn't it? But it's normal to have questions about proper acne skin care and cleansing, especially if you are prone to acne breakouts. Get answers to some of the most common questions about acne skin care and cleansing the skin.

Make Your Own Acne Treatment
Forget about buying expensive 3-step acne treatment kits! You can make your own OTC acne treatment routine with inexpensive products you can find at the drug store. Build your own customized acne treatment routine that's perfect for you.

Acne Skin Care DON'Ts - Tips and Advice
Good skin care is a critical part of your acne treatment routine. Learn what you should not do when treating your acne, and learn how to better care for your acne prone skin.

Top Myths About Acne Causes
Myths abound when it comes to acne causes. Learn more about true causes of acne, and what

Excoriated Acne - Definition, Description, Causes, Treatment
One of the more serious acne causes is constant picking or squeezing of pimples. What you should do if you can't stop picking at your skin.

Dermatologist Talks About Stress and Acne
How is stress and acne connected? Dr. Richard Fried, a dermatologist and clinical psychologist, weighs in on how acne and stress are related, and how you can improve your acne with stress reduction.

What You Need to Know Before Starting Acne Treatment
What do you need to know about acne before starting treatment? I'm sharing some of my hard-won knowledge to help you get the best results from your acne treatments.

Using Antibacterial Hand Soap for Acne Q&A
Should you use antibacterial hand soap for acne? If you have acne, you may be tempted to get your face

Acne Skin Care - Acne Skin Care DOs
Good acne skin care is a critical part of your acne treatment routine. Are you skipping these important steps in your acne skin care routine? Get some important acne skin care DOs, and learn how to better treat your acne.

Common Mistakes for Acne Treatments
Looking for the best results from your acne treatments? Don't commit these common acne treatment mistakes!

How Often Should I Wash My Face, When I Have Acne?
Although acne isn't caused by not cleansing your face, there's no doubt that regular cleansing is an important step in your acne treatment routine.

Acne Treatment - Tips From a Dermatologist
Want to get the best possible treatment for your acne, and become your dermatologist's favorite patient at the same time? Here are five things your dermatologist wishes you knew about acne treatment.

How To Choose the Right Acne Treatment
Finding an acne treatment that actually works is tough. Answer these simple questions for personalized acne treatment suggestions.

How To Choose the Right Acne Treatment
Finding an acne treatment that actually works is tough. Answer these simple questions for personalized acne treatment suggestions.

Acne Triggers - Acne Trigger Factors
Why did your skin suddenly start breaking out? Why does your acne seem to wax and wane? Discover the many different acne trigger factors and how you can avoid them. Learn about hormones, cosmetics, diet, and more, and how they impact acne breakouts.

OTC Acne Treatment - How To Choose an OTC Acne Treatment
Not sure which OTC acne treatment is right for you? Here's how to choose an over-the-counter acne treatment that will work best for your skin.

Topical Retinoids - Topical Retinoids Acne Treatments
There are many topical retinoid acne treatment options. Learn more about topical retinoids and how they treat acne.

Definition of Millia in Acne
What is milia? Do you have milia? Learn more about milia and its role in acne development, how to identify milia, and how milia is treated.

The Bacterium Responsible for Acne Breakouts
Propionibacterium Acnes are the bacterium responsible for acne breakouts. Learn more about this acne causing bacterium.

iPledge - iPledge Program and Accutane
What is the iPledge program? Do I have to enroll in iPledge if I am taking Accutane? If you take any isotretinoin medication, like Accutane, Claravis, Sotret or Amnesteem, you will be required to enroll in the iPledge program. Learn more about this system, and how it works to ultimately protect you.

Closed Comedones - Definition
At your last appointment, your skin care therapist remarked you had a lot of closed comedones. What are closed comedones? Learn more about closed comedones, and how they form.

Preteen Skin Care
Not sure what type of skin care routine your preteen needs? Here's how to create an age-appropriate skin care routine for tweens that will banish breakouts and build healthy skin care habits for life.

Save Money on Prescription Acne Medications
Is it possible to save money on prescription acne medications? Yes! Try these 5 easy, penny-pinching tips and get effective acne treatments for less.

Preteen Skin Care Tips
Taking care of your skin is so important. Here's a simple skin care routine just for kids your age (7 to 12) that will help you get rid of pimples and keep your skin healthy.

A Parent's Guide to Preteen Acne
Is your preteen breaking out? Not to worry, Mom and Dad, it's normal. This parent's guide to treating acne in preteens (ages 8 to 12) will help you treat it.

What To Expect from Your New Acne Treatment
Want to know what to expect from your new acne treatment? From benzoyl peroxide to isotretinoin, this guide will help you during those initial weeks of treatment.

Acne Treatment Myths
There are many acne treatment myths out there, separating fact from from fiction can be tough. Is your favorite treatment tip an acne treatment myth?

What to Expect at Your First Dermatology Appointment
Ready for your first dermatology appointment? Here's what you can expect during your first visit to the dermatologist.

Prepare for a Dermatology Appointment
Ready for your first dermatologist visit? Here are some simple steps you can take to prepare for your dermatology appointment, and get your acne treatment started on the right track.

Preteen Acne Treatments
You can treat preteen acne! The most effective preteen acne treatment options, from over-the-counter products to prescription medications.

Preteen Acne Treatment Tips
Ready to treat your preteen acne? Try these six acne treatment tips especially for preteens and tweens, ages 7 to 12.

Preteen Acne Help
Preteen acne is a common problem -- but it can be fixed! These 4 steps will help you understand and treat acne in kids ages 8 to 12 years old.

AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray Review
How does AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray really work? Read the review to find out if this OTC body acne treatment is right for you.

Acne Skin Care - How To Save Money on Your Acne Skin Care
You can save money on your acne skin care, while treating acne. These three simple tips will help you save money on your acne skin care.

Acne Treatment - Top Questions About Acne Treatment
How long with it take my acne treatment to work? Is acne caused by lack of cleansing? Get the answers to the top 5 frequently asked questions about acne treatment.

Food and Acne - Link Between Food and Acne
Is there a link between food and acne? Can the food we eat cause acne? Find out if foods like chocolate, milk, fried foods, and more really cause acne.

A Parent's Guide to Treating Teen Acne
Remember your own acne years? It can be even tougher to watch your kid suffer through teen acne. But with a bit of know-how, and the right acne treatments, you can greatly reduce (or even completely clear up) your teen's acne.

Teen Acne Treatments
Dealing with teen acne? Overwhelmed with all the acne treatments available? Learn more about the most effective teen acne treatments, and how to choose medication for teen acne wisely.

Prescription Acne Treatments Not Working
You've been to the dermatologist, used a prescription acne medication, yet you still have acne. What should you do when your prescription acne treatments just aren't working?

Living with Acne
Living with acne can be discouraging, but there is hope! Learn about acne treatments, proper skin care, and how boost your self esteem while waiting for your skin to heal.

What Causes Acne?
What causes acne? Why do some people get acne breakouts while others don't? Learn the top three causes of acne and find out why you're prone to breakouts.

Teen Acne Help
Almost all kids suffer from teen acne. But why does acne appear during the teenage years? And, more importantly, what can you do to treat it? Get answers to all your questions about teen acne, and learn how to banish those breakouts.

Retinoids - Definition of Topical Retinoids
What are retinoids? Get the definition of retinoids, and learn how topical retinoid acne treatments can help improve your skin.

Aveeno Active Naturals Clear Complexion Bar - Review
Is Aveeno Active Naturals Clear Complexion Cleansing Bar right for you? Read the review and get the real scoop on this blemish bar.

Cell Turnover (Desquamation)
While learning about acne treatment, you may hear the term

Definition of Cystic Acne
What is cystic acne? Could you have cystic acne? Learn the definition of cystic acne, how to identify cystic acne, and how cystic acne is treated.

Treating Teen Acne in Boys
Get acne treatment advice especially for your skin with these top 10 tips for treating teen acne in boys.

How To Treat Teen Acne with Over-the-Counter Products
Want to know how to treat your teen acne with over the counter products (and get real results)? These four steps will show you how.

Skin Anatomy
Understanding skin anatomy can help you understand why your skin behaves the way it does (like, why you're breaking out). Besides, when you really understand your skin, you appreciate just how interesting and amazing it really is. In short, understanding skin anatomy will help you love your skin!

Treatment for Acne and Sensitive Skin
Having acne is hard enough; having acne and sensitive skin may be even harder. These five steps will help you treat acne and sensitive skin with good results.

Accutane iPledge Requirements for Women
Enrollment in the iPledge program is required for all people taking isotretinoin medications, including Accutane, Claravis, Sotret, and Amnesteem. Because of the high risk of birth defects in babies whose mothers take isotretinoin any woman who can become pregnant, no matter how remote the chances, have criteria they must meet in order to receive this medication. What are the iPledge requirements for women who can get pregnant?

Chemical Peels - Definition of Chemical Peels
What are chemical peels? Learn more about chemical peels, the different types of chemical peels and how they are used, and if a chemical peel treatment may be right for you.

Pores - About Face Pores
Enlarged pores, clogged pores, blackheads on the nose... these problems can drive you nuts! Learn more about the pores on your face, why they become clogged or enlarged, and what you can do about it.

Acne Basics - Understanding Basic Acne Development
Need straightforward information on acne? This is the place to start. Get the basics to help you make sense of this common skin disease. Learn how and why acne develops, become familiar with its progression and stages, and explore the functions of the hair follicle and how it relates to acne.

Acne Treatments - Glossary of Acne Treatments
Looking for a definition of an acne term or treatment? Get information about acne treatments, terms, and conditions.

Acne Information Glossary - Information on Acne and its Treatments
Acne Information Glossary - Information About Acne and its Treatments. Need an explanation, information, or definition of a common acne or skin care term? Find the answers you're looking for here.

Acne Information Glossary - Information on Acne and its Treatments
Acne Information Glossary - Information About Acne and its Treatments. Need an explanation, information, or definition of a common acne or skin care term? Find the answers you're looking for here.

Acne Treatments - Glossary of Acne Terms and Acne Treatments
Looking for a definition of an acne term or treatment? Find answers about acne treatments, terms, and skin care information.

Acne Medications - Oral Prescription Acne Medications
For stubborn cases of acne, your dermatologist may decide an oral acne medication is needed. Get more information about oral acne medications, how these prescription acne medicines work, possible side effects, and how to get the most from your acne treatments.

Acne Information Glossary - Information on Acne and its Treatments
Acne Information Glossary - Information About Acne and its Treatments. Need an explanation, information, or definition of a common acne or skin care term? Find the answers you're looking for here.

Acne Skin Care - Proper Cleansing for Good Acne Skin Care
Proper cleansing goes way beyond soap and water! Learn how to choose the best cleanser for your skin, get the skinny on cleansing options, and tips for keeping your skin properly clean.

Acne Skin Care - Exfoliation for Good Acne Skin Care
Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which is an important step if you have acne. But improper exfoliation may do more harm than good. Learn the best way to exfoliate your skin when you're acne prone, and which procedures you should avoid.

Acne Skin Care - Moisturizing for Good Acne Skin Care
Moisturize your acne prone skin? Although it may seem like a contradiction, proper moisturizing can be a good thing for your skin. Learn why even oily skin benefits from a good moisturizer, and how to choose the right products to avoid worsening breakouts.

Acne Skin Care - Acne Skin Care Sunscreen
Good sun protection is important for everyone. But when you have acne, it's harder to find a sunscreen that works for your skin. Get some tips to help you protect your skin from the sun, while treating acne breakouts.

Diagnosis of Acne - How Acne is Diagnosed and What to Do Next
So you think you have acne, or you've just been diagnosed with acne. Now what? You probably have a lot of questions, many of which will be answered here. Learn how acne is diagnosed, the grades of acne, and what to do after you or your child receive a diagnosis of acne.

Acne Skin Care - Acne Skin Care Tips
As anyone with acne knows, good daily skin care is a key component of your acne treatment regimen. Want your skin care to be even more effective? These tips will help you get the most from your daily skin care routine.

Acne Concealer - More About Acne Concealer and Makeup
What's the next best thing to clear skin? Hiding those blemishes! Get the skinny on the best acne concealers, makeup, and how to apply to successfully conceal acne.

Treating Acne - Treating Acne and Protecting Your Self-Esteem
Whether your acne is mild or more serious, it can affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. Learn how to take care of yourself and preserve your self-confidence despite having not-quite-perfect skin.

Acne Information Glossary - Information on Acne and its Treatments
Acne Information Glossary - Information About Acne and its Treatments. Need an explanation, information, or definition of a common acne or skin care term? Find the answers you're looking for here.

Acne and Exercise - Don't Let Acne Keep You From Regular Exercise
Don't let acne keep you from exercising. Here are some tips to overcome any anxiety.

Androgen Hormones and Acne
What are androgen hormones? Find out what androgens are and how they affect acne development.

What Are Atrophic Acne Scars
What are atrophic acne scars? Get the definition here, and find out how you can treat them.

Definition of Comedogenic
What does comedogenic mean? Learn the definition of comedogenic.

Dermatologist - Definition of Dermatologist
What is a dermatologist? Get the definition of

The Dermis - Explaination of the Skin's Dermis
The Dermis - Explaination of the skin's dermis.

Acne Skin Care - Springtime Acne Skin Care
Springtime is the perfect time of year to reassess your acne skin care routine. With a few quick changes, you can treat acne while you prepare your skin for the warm spring days ahead.

Tazorac - Tips for Treating Acne with Tazorac
Are you using, or thinking of starting, Tazorac for your acne? To get the most from your Tazorac acne treatments, try these tips.

Medi Spa - How To Choose a Medi Spa
Is your medi-spa safe? How can you choose a safe medi-spa? Before booking your medi-spa appointment, ask these questions.

Teen Acne - Help Your Child Deal with Teen Acne
Many parents overlook teen acne, because don't all teens get pimples? Even if your child doesn't come right out and say it, chances are they are uncomfortable and embarrassed about their acne. For some, teens acne can affect the way they feel about themselves, negatively impacting their self-esteem. Get some tips to help your child deal with teen acne in a constructive way.

Acne Free Sulfur Mask Review
Acne Free Therapeutic Sulfur Mask is an inexpensive acne treatment mask found at many drugstores. But does it work? Read the review!

Acne Vulgaris - Definition of Acne Vulgaris
Acne Vulgaris - Definition of Acne Vulgaris. What is acne vulgaris?

Blackheads - Definition of a Blackhead
What is a blackhead? Learn exactly what a blackhead is, what causes blackheads, and how blackheads can be treated.

Acne Skin Care - Acne Skin Care Tips and Treatments
Good acne skin care is an important step in your treatment routine. Do you know how to properly care for your acne prone skin? Get acne skin care tips, information about cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizers, and more.