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How to Start an Acting Career
Advice, observations and interviews from the heart of the entertainment industry by a young actor on his journey in Hollywood.

Acting as a Career
Pursuing a career in acting can be overwhelming for a newcomer as well as a seasoned professional. On this site, you will learn tips about pursuing a career in acting and the entertainment industry. You will see what life is really like in this incredible business.

Do It Now
If you're interested in acting, don't wait another day to start living your dream life. Click here.

How to Be a Confident Actor
Being confident in a meeting with a talent agent is very important. Here's why!

The Jungle Book Review
Don't miss Disney's amazing remake of

How to network as an actor
Networking is essential in Hollywood. But

Actress Rene Lovit
An acting career involves times of





Building a Website
Learn tips on how to build a successful website as an actor. Click here!


The Meisner Technique
Actor and acting coach Don Bloomfield shares insight about the acting technique know as the

5)  Be Your Own Agent!
Actors can obtain auditions without an agent. Click here.

3)  It’s YOUR Career, Not Your Agent’s Career
Actors: It's YOUR acting career, not your agent's! Click here.

Apply to acting agents
Keep applying to acting agents until you find the one who is a great fit for you!

1)  Understand that You Did Your Best
Give yourself some well-deserved credit for doing a great job after meeting with a talent agent. Click here!

2)  Acknowledge What Can Be Improved Upon
Actors are always learning, and we must never give up. Click here.

Meeting a Talent Agent
Did you leave a talent agency meeting feeling disappointed? Don't stress about it. Click here!

Be Your Own Friend
Actors, in our incredible (and difficult industry!) it's important to learn to be your own friend. Read more here!

Working as an actor
The life of an actor is not always what audiences might expect. Click here to read more.

Before Quitting Your Day Job
Until you are able to quit your day job, here are some suggestions to make the most out of it!

How to Become Successful on Social Media
How can you become successful through the use of social media? Click here!

New Media
New media can help boost a career in entertainment. Click here to learn more!

Scale Management
Scale Management owners explain why new media is important to an acting career!

Social Media and Entertainment
New Media is changing the way that the entertainment industry operates! Click here to learn more!

Social Media Stars
Click here to learn how new media is helping to make dreams come true!

Odd Brodsky
Advice for actors from actress and filmmaker Cindy Baer.

Next Stop:  Los Angeles!
Cindy Baer lends advice about everything from acting day jobs, to creating your own projects!

Sharing Positivity through Her Work
Cindy Baer shares advice for actors.



Tips for actors
Every actor should be aware of these 6 tips! Click here to read what they are.




What To Do After a Bad Audition
Click here to read about what to do after a bad audition!

How to Improve Your Audition Skills
What can you improve upon for future auditions? Click here for more.

On To The Next
After a

Don't Be Hard on Yourself
It is very important to be good to yourself after you have an audition that doesn't go so well. Here's why.

How to keep a good perspective
Always aim to keep a good perspective about your acting career, especially after an audition which doesn't go too well. Click here!

Auditioning and Dating
Auditioning and dating are extremely similar. Click here to find out why this is true!

First date feeling nervous
Feelings of nervousness and feelings of excitement are essentially the same! Don't be nervous on your next audition - or on your next date!

Feeling vulnerable on a date
When on an audition or on a date, don't be afraid to be who you are!

Building confidence
You will build confidence through rejection as an actor. The same is true with dating!

Being a Strong Actor
You are a strong actor. Be sure to remind yourself of this!

You are Unique
Your individuality sets you apart as an actor. Embrace it!

Affirmations as an actor are helpful. Click here to learn about 5 affirmations for actors!

Successful Actors
You are a successful actor! It's important to remind yourself of this!

Affirmations for Actors
You are a very talented actor! Acting.

Goals as an Actor
Your are moving toward your goals as an actor every single day. Never give up!

Follow Your Dream
Follow your dream of being an actor! Click here.

How to achieve success as an actor
You will succeed as an actor if you never give up. Click here.

Individuality and acting
Thinking about what is next in your acting career is important, but staying fulling present is equally necessary. Click here.

Pursuing Your Acting Dream
Seeing your dream becoming your reality. Read about three words to consider!

6. Be Creative
Share your creativity as an actor in as many ways as possible!

5. Get Together with a Good Friend
Your friends and family will help you through rough times, which may accompany an acting career. Click here!

Own Your Power
You're a powerful actor! Acting.

Sign up for acting classes
Signing up for an acting class is motivating and a great way to network. Click here to read more.

Reflect on Your Accomplishments
Give yourself credit and acknowledge how far you have come in your acting career.

Acting goals
Setting and evaluating your goals for your acting career is very important. Click here!

How to stay motivated as an Actor
Click here to see 6 suggestions about how to stay motivated as an actor!

How to Find a Day Job
Here are 3 tips for finding a suitable day job as an actor!

Flexible jobs for actors
Having a flexible day job is important for actors. Click here to read more!

Networking opportunities for actors
As an actor, finding a job that allows you to network with others is very important. Click here to read more.

You're Overall Well-Being
Don't stress! It's important for actors to find a day job that will keep you happy and healthy. Click here to read more!


Series: Spotlight on a Star
There are many incredible men and women who work in the entertainment industry who have influenced me in a positive way. There are stars at all levels in this business, and I am honored to now introduce some of them to you! All of these people have great advice to share about acting and the entertainment business!



Jordan Doww
Actor/Entertainer Jordan Doww shares advice and insight in this interview! Click here to read more!






Daytime Emmy Awards 2016
Check out some great interviews from the red carpet at the 2016 Daytime Emmy Awards!

Gregg Sulkin
Gregg Sulkin, a successful actor and overall great guy, shares helpful advice for actors!


Red Carpet Interviews!
Interviews on the Red Carpet! Acting.

Do One Thing Every Day Toward Your Goal
Doing at least one thing every day toward your acting career goals is important to finding success in Hollywood. Here are 8 suggestions to help you to keep moving forward!

Actor Headshots
Headshots are very important for an acting career. Check out some tips for obtaining a great acting headshot.

Actors and Money
There are lots of things to consider before becoming an actor. Money is one of those factors. Learn more here!

Prince Rogers Nelson
Remembering Prince Rogers Nelson.

The Media
The Media plays an incredible role in our lives, in the present as well as in the past.


Acting Classes for Beginners
Check out 4 tips that can help you to find a great acting class as a new actor.




One Step at a Time
Every step that you take as an actor can help to make your dream your reality. Read more!

Be Kind to Yourself
As an actor, being kind to yourself is extremely important. Here's why!

Writing a Cover Letter to a Talent Agency
Learn tips on how to write a cover letter to a talent agent in order to request representation, and see an example of a cover letter!

Gabriel Campisi
Gabriel Campisi has found success in numerous areas of the entertainment industry. He shares advice for artists in this interview!



Preparing for change
Learn how to prepare for the uncertainty and constant changes that accompany an acting career.

Pilot Season
Tips and advice for Pilot Season 2016.






Staying Positive as an Actor
Staying positive is important for actors. Click here to learn a suggestion that may help you to stay positive!

Finding Auditions Online
There are many ways to find acting auditions. Here are several websites where you can find them!

Acting and Social Networking
Networking is essential as an actor. It can help you in many ways, including obtaining auditions.

Finding Auditions in Publications
Auditions can be found in publications! Here's a suggestion!

Casting Director Workshops
Casting director workshops and acting classes are a great place to network and meet casting directors!

Where to Find Acting Auditions
Here are 7 suggestions for where actors can find auditions!


Tyler Henry
Tyler Henry - of E! Network's


Networking in Hollywood
Gain the attention of Hollywood by being a




Jenny Dixon
Kind and talented Irish actress Jenny Dixon shares valuable advice and insight for actors.

Nancy Reagan
Remembering actress and activist Nancy Reagan, who passed away on March 6, 2016.

Amie DellaValle Actress
Talented actress Amie DellaValle shares advice for actors, including a wonderful suggestion for a

Hollywood Happenings
Find out the best things to see and to do, right here in the heart of Hollywood!

The 88th Annual Academy Awards
Important messages of diversity were included at the 88th Academy Awards. Here are the ones that stood out during the show!



Preparing for a Photo Shoot
Suggestions for actors about how to prepare for your headshot photo shoot.

Talent Agency Assistant Mary Izzo
Read important tips about the entertainment business and

Inspiration for your Acting Career
Inspiration to help you keep moving forward in the difficult career of acting and entertainment!

How to Stay Focused as an Artist
Suggestions on how to stay focused as an actor.

How to Get a Talent Agent
Click here to learn the first steps to take regarding how to find a talent agent!

Talent Agent Information
Conduct research prior to submitting to - or signing a contract with - a talent agent.

Actor Evin Michaels
Actor Evin Michaels shares advice about acting and finding success in the entertainment industry.

Rachel Kylian Actress
Helpful advice from French actress Rachel Kylian about acting and the entertainment industry.

How to listen as an actor
Click here for tips to help you become a better listener. Truly listening will benefit your acting tremendously!

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Auditions. Acting.

How to Live Without Regrets
Here's a simple question to ask yourself before pursuing (or abandoning) an acting career to help you to live in the moment and live a life without regrets!

Stay in a Positive Mindset
Staying in a positive mindset is important for a successful acting career.

22nd Annual SAG Awards Winners
The 22nd Annual SAG Awards were a great success in Hollywood. Read about one reason why!

Acting Classes
Information regarding acting classes and acting techniques.

Talent Agents
Advice on how to obtain a talent agent!

Moving to Hollywood
Moving to Hollywood to pursue acting

Casting Director Advice
Advice for actors from professional casting directors!

Factors To Consider Before Pursuing Acting as a Career
There are many things to consider before deciding to pursue acting as a career. Here are some important factors to help you with your decision!

Judy Daley's Advice
My mother, Judy Daley, a singer, actress and performer, shares advice for performers through her incredible experiences.

Marketing Tools for Actors
Marketing tools are essential for a successful career in acting. In this section, you'll find tips on what marketing tools are necessary for actors, and how to use them to appropriately further your career!

The 22nd Annual SAG Awards
Reminder! The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards air on Saturday, January 30, 2016!

Background Acting Work
Here are some pros and cons of working as a background actor, as well as tips on how to get started as a background performer!

This is the Reason Why Actors are So Amazing!
The actor is a gift to the world. Check out why this is true!

One Day at a Time
In order to enjoy your acting career, aim to take things one day at a time. And always be thankful for all of the good in your life!

Enroll in Acting Class
It is important to constantly be enrolled in an acting class. Click here to read an example of why this is true!

Being an Actor
It is important to recognize that you ARE an actor, you're not simply

Oscars Nominations 2016
The 2016 Oscar nominations lacked diversity. What can Hollywood do to improve this situation?

Lights Camera Action
Taking action toward your goal will help you to become successful!

Competition in acting
Just how competitive is acting? This story may surprise you!

New Year
Taking small steps toward your goals and resolutions every day in the New Year will help to keep you on track. Read more here!

Actor Spencer Morgan
Find out some of the benefits of interning in a casting office as well as lots of other acting advice in this interview with actor Spencer Morgan!

Acting and Boxing
Actor/Boxer Ross Bacon describes the challenges and rewards of pursuing a dual career.


Courageous Actors
It takes a lot of courage to be an actor. Recognize how strong you are! Click here.

How To Obtain Acting Auditions
Click here to learn how to obtain acting auditions without a talent agent!

Building Your Personal Brand as an Actor
Blogging can help you build your brand as an actor. Click here to read more!

New Years Resolutions for Actors
Click here for suggestions about 3 areas to focus on in order to assess your achievements as an actor over the previous year and to help plan for reaching goals in 2016!

How to Sign With a Talent Agent
Check out 4 ways to impress a talent agent and increase your chances of being offered representation!





How the Power of Visualization Can Help Your Acting Career
The power of visualization can positively affect your acting career. Click here to read more!




Perception has much to do with success. Read more about perception in regards to an acting career!

Acting and Rejection
An acting career and rejection go hand in hand. But you can overcome it. Read more here!

The Season of Giving
Take some time to show your appreciation of those in the entertainment business during the Season of Giving!

Distractions and How to Handle It
Distractions are not helpful for actors. Here's a personal example.


The Hollywood Christmas Parade 2015
Click here to read about the 84th Hollywood Christmas Parade in Hollywood, California!

Acting talent manager
Should You Hire a Talent Manager? Here Are a Few Thoughts To Help You Decide!

Commercial Background Work
Commercial Background Work is Much More Profitable than you may Think!!

Casting Director Samantha Kelly
Commercial Background work is a great day-job for actors. Check out some advice from casting director Samantha Kelly! Click here!

How to switch talent agencies
How do you know when it may be time to leave your talent agent? Here are some things to think about to help you!

Persistent Actors
Persistence is one of the key components for a successful acting career. Click here to read an example of why this is true!

Dr. Wayne Dyer Inspiration
The late author and motivational speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer, inspired many people, including actors, for decades. Click here to read about 3 lessons learned by an actor.

Jessie Harrison Interview

Meeting a Talent Agent for the First Time
Check out what you should bring with you to your next entertainment industry meeting, and what you should always leave at the door!

Meaningful goal setting
Aim to set goals based around your desires, not anyone else's. Click here to read more.

What to do at a callback audition
Have you received a callback audition? Congratulations! Check out 5 tips on how to nail the callback here!

How to Set Goals for Your Acting Career
Targeting what you'd like to accomplish and setting goals is important for an acting career. Click here to learn more!

How to get an acting agent
Here are 3 questions to be sure to ask when meeting with a talent agent!

Go to audition
Actor friend, don't

First Dates Auditions
It takes a lot of courage to be an actor. Similar to dating, you've got to get yourself out there and not be afraid to fail! Learn more here!

All about who you know
In Hollywood,

Do one thing at a time
In an acting career, taking everything one thing at a time. Check out this blog post.

Casting Director Workshops
Are casting director workshops helpful to actors? Find out here!

How To Deal With Rejection as an Actor
Unfortunately, rejection and an acting career go hand-in-hand. But, you are strong and you can handle it! Here are some tips to help you cope!

The Entertainment Biz: How to Find Where You Fit In!
Where do you fit in in the entertainment business? Here are some thoughts on how to find your place!

Casting Director Chris Game
Casting Director Chris Game shares incredibly valuable advice for actors in this interview. Click here to read more!

Halloween West Hollywood
Halloween in West Hollywood is absolutely incredible. Here's why!

How to get out of your comfort zone
Here's an example of why actors should aim to stay outside of their comfort zones!

Chances of becoming an actor
Is an acting career equivalent to gambling?! Click here to find out.

Talent agent submissions
Is your talent agent submitting you for acting roles? Here's one suggestion on how to find out.




Impress Casting Directors
Click here to learn 6 ways to impress casting directors at your next audition! Click here.




Life on set
Actors can learn from anyone on set! Read an example here!

Acting social networking sites
Social media / new media can help your career in entertainment to progress! Click here to learn how a young actor has benefited from utilizing social platforms, and learn tips!

What Performers Can Learn from One Direction
One Direction is headed in the right direction, and they can teach all of us performers some valuable lessons! Check this out!

How to submit to a talent agent
Click Here to Learn 7 Ways to Submit to a Talent Agent!

Actress Brittani Ebert
Keep up with actress Brittani Ebert in this follow up interview! Click here!

3 of the Most Important Qualities to Look for when Hiring a Talent Agent!
There are many important qualities to look for when hiring a talent agent. Click here to find out what the three most important qualities are!

9/11 Documentary
9/11 The Documentary provided viewers with a first hand look at what has happening in New York City on 9/11/01.

Never Forget 9/11/01
Filmmakers Gedeon and Jules Nauden, and James Hanlon captured the unthinkable on 9/11/01. We will never forget.

The Twin Towers
Remembering the Twin Towers and the September 11, 2001 attacks 14 years later. Click here to read more.

Find a Day Job
Finding a day job as an actor will help to sustain an actors lifestyle. Click here!

Moving to Hollywood
Are you considering moving to Hollywood to pursue an acting career? Or did you just arrive here in L.A? Here are 3 important first-steps to take!

Apartments in Los Angeles
Upon an actors arrival to Los Angeles, finding a place to live is a top priority. Click here!

Acting Classes Los Angeles
It is extremely important to be enrolled in a good acting class. Click here to read more!

Write Your Own Song
How is song-writing connected to acting? Click here to find out.

How to get involved with social media
New media can help actors and performers become discovered! Click here to learn more.

VidCon 2015
VidCon 2015, a convention for

Actors and Social Media
Do actors need to be involved with new media in order to be successful? Click here to read about this subject!

Improvisation acting
Improv is a skill that will help you as an actor. Click here for the reasons why!

How to follow your dreams
Pursuing your dream will take you to places that you may never thought were possible. All aboard, actor friends!

How to be a successful actor
Actress Jennifer Levinson and Director/Writer/Editor Steven Kanter share advice for anyone considering a career in entertainment. You'll love what they have to say!

How to stand out as an actor
Embracing your

How to Take More Control of Your Acting Career
Taking control of your acting career will help to you to find more success. Click here for suggestions on how to take power into your own hands as an actor!

How to have a relationship as an actor
It is certainly possible to balance an intimate relationship with the crazy life of Hollywood. Here are some tips on how to make it happen!

How to have a good audition
In an audition, always give it your best shot, and don't be afraid! Click here to read more!

Spotlight On a Star: Aaron Goold
Independent movie producer Aaron Goold reminds us that anything is possible! Read about his inspirational story and his new film,

Spotlight on a Star: Chase Simonds
Actors get a lot of recognition for their work, but the men and women behind-the-scenes are equally talented and amazing!

Spotlight on a Star: Christinna Chauncey
Hollywood professional Christinna Chauncey offers valuable advice about the entertainment industry!

Spotlight on a Star: Ben Rovner
Actor/entrepreneur Ben Rovner is helping to make Hollywood a happier place. He shares lots of advice in this article!

Daniel Luke Rogers
Australian cinematographer Daniel Luke Rogers offers advice and inspiration in this interview. Check it out!

The 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards
The 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards. Acting.

Rat Race
At times, working as an actor in Hollywood can feel like a

How to Keep Moving as an Actor
The shark teaches an important lesson for an actor: Always keep moving! Click here.

How to deal with audition anxiety
Audition anxiety is a problem for many actors. Click here to read about a simple trick that may help you deal with nerves at your next audition!

You're free to pursue your acting dream!

How to Format an Acting Resume
Click here to find out how to format an acting resume as a new actor!

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott Background
Click here to learn about Pixie Lott's background and what she is currently working on!

Pixie Lott Advice
Click here to read advice from Pixie Lott about the entertainment business and why it is important to never give up!

Pixie Lott Success
Pixie Lott shares her advice for prospective actors and entertainers! Click here to read more!

Pixie Lott Italia Conti Associate School Chelmsford
Click here to read about how Pixie Lott is helping others!

The Key to Success
This is the key to success, according to artist Bob Barry. Page 4.

What is

Audition Advice
Read about audition and acting advice from Bob Barry here! Page 2.

Bob Barry
Learn about actor / photographer/ artist Bob Barry. Click here!

Success as an actor
It is certainly possible to find success as an actor! Page 4.

Opportunities for actors
Opportunities for actors. Acting. Page 3.

Acting preparation
Preparation as an actor. Acting. Page 2.

How to be a successful actor
Is there a formula to follow on how to be a successful actor? Find out here.

The 2015 Daytime Emmy Awards
The 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards Prove How Incredible the Entertainment Industry Is!

Actress Kelli Goss
Actress Kelli Goss shares thoughts and advice at the 2015 Daytime Emmy Awards. Page 2.

Actor Guy Wilson
Actor Guy Wilson shares inspirational message while on the red carpet at the 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards. Page 3.

Everyone is a Winner
Who are the winners of the 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards. Page 4.

Staying Proactive as an Actor:  From a Small Town to Hollywood!
You don't need to live in Hollywood to find success as an actor. Click here to find out why this is true!

Lucas Cruikshank:  Small Town Boy / Hollywood Success Story
Actor Lucas Cruikshank lends his advice about finding success as an actor. Page 2.

Succeed as an Actor
You can make it as an actor. Acting. Page 3.

Joslyn Davis
Host and Television Personality Joslyn Davis lends her advice for anyone interested in the entertainment business.

Learning How to "Let It Go"
Host Joslyn Davis lends advice on overcoming challenges. Page 2.

Maintaining Success in the Entertainment Industry
Joslyn Davis lends her advice on how to become successful and how to maintain success in the entertainment industry. Page 3.

David Letterman Final Show
David Letterman reminds us of an important message during his final show.

David Letterman
David Letterman reminds us of an important message during his final show. Page 2.

Actors are Thankful for Casting Director Mark Teschner
Casting Director Mark Teschner loves his job, and he shares lots of invaluable information for actors in this interview! Click here to read!

The Day I Danced on Broadway

My Life as a Bouncer at the Soap Factory
Judy Daley shares an example of how we never know what gifts will be bestowed upon us!

Luck and Acting

Fulfilling Your Acting Career Dreams in the Next 5 Minutes
You Can Change Your Acting Dreams into Your Reality in just 5 Minutes.

Actors Should Never Accept “Downtime”
Along with Acting, Try All Areas of the Entertainment Industry!

If You Haven’t “Made it” in Hollywood by the Time You’re 30 Years Old….
Success as an actor can be found an any age! Click here to find out why!

Take The Risk, Reap The Reward
Life is all about taking risks. If you do what makes you happy, the true reward is that you will be successful and fulfilled.

Learning How to Let Go: Actors Face this Challenge Everyday
Actor friends, we must learn how to

Actors: It All Can Change in a Second!
Actors: A career in acting and in the performing arts is constantly changing! Enjoy it all, through the

The "Catch-22"* Situation with Agents and How to Overcome it
There's a typical

I received a wonderful question from a talented actress seeking some advice. Click here for the open-letter response!

Don't Stop Moving
Actors must not stop moving forward! Click here to read more about this topic!

Acting roles and typecasting
Knowing your type and knowing who you are as a person is important to your acting career. Click here to read more!

New Lessons about Acting are Constantly Learned
Click here to read about 8 inexpensive ways to learn, and to make progress in your acting career!

How to be More Appreciative
Life as an actor moves at a very face pace. It's important to stop and take a good look around! Click here for more!

How to set SMART Goals
Setting tangible goals (

That Key Factor That Sets You Apart as an Actor
There's one key factor that sets you apart from every other actor! Check out what that factor is here!

You're Never "Stuck" at Any Point in Your Acting Career
Actors, you're never

Crashing an Audition
Is there ever a time that an actor can

Comparing Yourself to Other Actors
As an actor, focusing on being the best YOU that you can be can be more beneficial than comparing yourself to others. Click here!

Can't Make It to an Audition on Time?
Tips on what to do if you can't make it to an audition on time.

The Audition Waiting Room
What to Do and What Not to Do in the Audition Waiting Room!

Director, Writer and Producer Jared Cohn shares valuable advice about the entertainment industry. Click here to read about it!

Acting Reel
The Importance Of An Acting Reel.

How to Keep in Touch With Casting Directors
Use these 6 simple tips to help you stay connected to casting directors!

Stuart Stone
Casting Director Stuart Stone offers advice for actors about how to book an acting job!

Danielle Eskinazi
Commercial Casting Director Danielle Eskinazi shares invaluable advice for actors! Click here to check it out!

What to Do if You Forget Your Lines
Here's what to do if you forget your lines in an audition!

How To Get a Callback
Click here for tips on how to get a callback audition.

How to Slate Properly
Learning how to

Robin Nassif Interview
Talent Agent Robin Nassif shares advice for actors!

Lesson about Acting
Being fully present is essential in the craft of acting. Click here!

Zino Macaluso Interview Part 2
Scams occur in the entertainment industry far too often. Fortunately, the actors' union, SAG-AFTRA, helps to combat scams from happening. Click here!

Zino Macaluso Interview
What are some of the benefits of joining the actors union? Click here to read information from Zino Macaluso, National Director/Head Senior Legal Counsel, Agency Relations Professional Representatives Department at SAG-AFTRA.

Success as an Actor is All About Your Journey!
Success as an actor is all about your journey, not your destination. Enjoy every moment it!

Casting Director Advice: Arlie Day
Casting Director Arlie Day shares information for actors and members of the entertainment industry. Click here to read her helpful hints!

I Am Enough
Actor friends, there's no need to try to impress others in the entertainment industry. You are enough.

Don’t Hold Back – GO!
Being natural is an extremely important aspect of

Are You Ready for Pilot Season?
Actors! Pilot Season is approaching quickly! Are you prepared? Click here for tips!

Maintaining a Good Business Relationship with Your Agent
What to Do in Order to Maintain a good Business Relationship with your Talent Agent

What Will Happen In Your Meeting?
Show a talent agent exactly who you are. Always be you.

Achieving your Goals as an Actor, Day by Day
Finding where you