Health Topics A-Z Sitemap - Page 3 2016-09-26

Miliaria crystallina - chest and arm

Molluscum contagiosum on the face

Rocky mountain spotted fever on the foot

Meningococcemia on the leg

Meningococcemia on the calves

Cutis marmorata on the leg

Wegener's granulomatosis on the leg

Epidermolysis bullosa, dystrophic

Skin testing, PPD (R arm) and Candida (L)

Incontinentia pigmenti on the leg

Incontinentia pigmenti on the leg

Dermatitis, herpetiformis on the forearm

Hives (urticaria) on the chest

Hives (urticaria) on the back

Erythema nodosum on the foot

Hives (urticaria) on the back and buttocks

Dermatographism on the back

Psoriasis on the knuckles

Lichen striatus - close-up

Gianotti-Crosti syndrome on the leg

Phytophotodermatitis on the hand

Polymorphic light eruption on the arm

Hyperlinearity in atopic dermatitis

Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii

Fixed drug eruption on the cheek

Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii

Dermatitis, herpetiformis on the thumb

Milia - nose

Dermatitis, herpetiformis on the hand

Lichen striatus - close-up

Lichen striatus on the leg

Vitiligo on the back and arm

Sporotrichosis on the forearm

Herpes zoster (shingles) on the hand

Leishmania panamensis - close-up

Sporotrichosis on the arm

Leishmania panamensis on the foot

Leishmaniasis on the finger

Acne, cystic on the back

Ecthyma gangrenosum

Acne, close-up of cysts on the back

Trichinella spiralis in human muscle

Head louse and pubic louse

Ascaris lumbricoides egg

Pinworm, close-up of the head

Crab louse, female

Pubic louse-male

Crab lice

Hookworm egg

Hookworm rhabditiform larva

Strongyloidiasis, creeping eruption on the back

Head louse - female

Head louse infestation - scalp

Lice, body with stool (Pediculus humanus)

Body louse, female and larvae

Head louse, male

Snake bite on the finger

Kaposi's sarcoma - perianal

Head louse emerging from egg

Henoch-Schonlein purpura on an infant's legs

Henoch-Schonlein purpura on the legs

Snake bite on the finger

Porphyria cutanea tarda on the hands

Henoch-Schonlein purpura on an infant's foot

Henoch-Schonlein purpura on an infant's legs

Poison ivy on the knee

Poison ivy on the leg

Granuloma, fungal (Majocchi's)

Granuloma, fungal (Majocchi's)

Pityriasis rubra pilaris - close-up

Erysipelas on the face

Granuloma, annulare on the legs

Dermatitis, atopic on the legs

Ringworm, tinea corporis on the leg

Measles, Koplik spots - close-up

Hodgkin's disease, liver involvement

Spinal tumor

Deep venous thrombosis, iliofemoral

Vasculitis, urticarial on the hand


Vasculitis on the palm

Tuberous sclerosis, hypopigmented macule

Dermatitis, stasis on the leg

Sarcoidosis on the elbow

Sarcoidosis on the nose and forehead

Sturge-Weber syndrome - legs

Erythema nodosum associated with sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis - close-up

Livedo reticularis on the legs

Paronychia, candidial

Ringworm, tinea manuum on the finger

Squamous cell carcinoma - invasive

Livedo reticularis - close-up

Keratosis pilaris on the cheek

Kaposi's sarcoma on the thigh

Keloid, pigmented

Keloid above the ear

Herpes zoster (shingles) on the neck and cheek

Kaposi's sarcoma on the back

Kaposi's sarcoma - close-up

Herpes zoster (shingles) on the hand and fingers

Herpes zoster (shingles) on the chest

Systemic lupus erythematosus rash on the face

Granuloma, annulare on the elbow

Herpes zoster (shingles) on the arm

Psoriasis, guttate on the cheek

Pityriasis rosea on the chest

Psoriasis, guttate on the arms and chest

Pemphigus, vulgaris - lesions in the mouth

Skin cancer, close-up of level III melanoma

Skin cancer, close-up of level IV melanoma

Skin cancer, melanoma superficial spreading

Skin cancer, close-up of lentigo maligna melanoma

Dermatitis, atopic on a young girl's face

Lichen simplex chronicus on the back

Lupus, discoid on a child's face

Lichen simplex chronicus

Lichen planus on the oral mucosa

Lichen planus on the arm

Xanthoma on the knee

Lichen planus on the hands

Xanthoma - close-up

Vitiligo, drug induced

Vitiligo on the face

Hives (urticaria) on the trunk

Urticaria pigmentosa on the chest

Urticaria pigmentosa - close-up

Hives (urticaria) - close-up

Hives (urticaria) on the chest

Tinea versicolor on the back

Hives (urticaria) on the arm

Tinea versicolor - close-up

Skin cancer, squamous cell - close-up

Striae on the leg

Skin cancer, squamous cell on the hands

Sporotrichosis on the hand and arm

Scabies mite, eggs, and stool photomicrograph

Scabies mite, photomicrograph


Pityriasis rubra pilaris on the palms

Pyogenic granuloma on the hand

Athlete's foot, tinea pedis

Ringworm, tinea on the hand and leg

Pityriasis rubra pilaris on the chest

Pityriasis rubra pilaris on the feet

Janeway lesion on the finger

Pemphigus, vulgaris on the back

Pitted keratolysis

Molluscum on the chest

Neurofibromatosis, giant cafe-au-lait spot

Molluscum, microscopic appearance

Polyarteritis, microscopic on the shin

Mastocytosis, diffuse cutaneous

Skin cancer, melanoma on the fingernail

Lice, head - nits in the hair with close-up

Lentigo, solar on the back

Lentigo, solar with erythema on the arm

Insect bites on the legs

Insect bite reaction - close-up

Hemangioma on the face (nose)

Histoplasmosis, disseminated in HIV patient

Impetigo on a child's face

Fixed drug eruption, bullous

Folliculitis, decalvans on the scalp

Folliculitis on the leg

Fixed drug eruption

Erythema multiforme on the leg

Exfoliation following erythroderma

Erythema multiforme on the hand

Erysipelas on the cheek

Drug rash, Tegretol

Edema, central on the face

Ehlers-Danlos, hyperelasticity of the skin

Erythema annulare centrifugum - close-up

Eczema, atopic - close-up

Epidermolysis bullosa, dominant dystrophic

Dermatomyositis, Gottron's papule

Dermatomyositis, heliotrope eyelids

Dermatomyositis on the legs

Dermatitis, seborrheic on the face

Dermatitis, herpetiformis on the arm and legs

Dermatitis, pustular contact

Dermatitis, seborrheic - close-up

Dermatitis, herpetiformis on the knee

Dermatitis, perioral

Dermatitis, atopic in an infant

Dermatitis, contact on the cheek

Dermatitis, atopic on the arms

Hyperlinearity in atopic dermatitis, on the palm

Dermatitis, close-up of allergic contact

Dermatitis, contact


Cryptococcosis on the forehead

Wart (verruca) with a cutaneous horn on the toe

Basal cell nevus syndrome - face and hand

Black hairy tongue

Basal cell nevus syndrome - plantar pits

Skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma - pigmented

Skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma - behind ear

Skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma - spreading

Skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma - nose

Tuberous sclerosis, angiofibromas - face

Alopecia, under treatment

Trichotillomania - top of the head

Amyloidosis on the face

Alopecia totalis - front view of the head

Alopecia totalis - back view of the head

Actinic keratosis on the scalp

Alopecia areata with pustules

Actinic keratosis on the forearms

Actinic keratosis - close-up

Acne, cystic on the face

Acne, vulgaris on the back

Acanthosis nigricans on the hand

Acne, cystic on the chest

Acanthosis nigricans - close-up

Scurvy, corkscrew hair

Port wine stain on a child's face

Ringworm, tinea capitis - close-up

Half and half nails

Scurvy, periungual hemorrhage

Mycobacterium marinum infection on the hand

Totally anomalous pulmonary venous return, x-ray

Totally anomalous pulmonary venous return, x-ray

Aspergillosis - chest x-ray

Canker sore (aphthous ulcer)

Chickenpox, acute pneumonia - chest x-ray

Chickenpox - close-up

Totally anomalous pulmonary venous return, x-ray

Intracerebellar hemorrhage - CT scan

Hand, foot, and mouth disease on the hand

Hand, foot, and mouth disease on the foot


Mastoiditis - redness and swelling behind ear


Mononucleosis, photomicrograph of cell

Mastoiditis - side view of head

Ultrasound, normal fetus - spine and ribs

Ultrasound, color - normal umbilical cord

Ultrasound, normal fetus - ventricles of brain

Ultrasound, normal fetus - profile view

Ultrasound, normal relaxed placenta

Ultrasound, normal fetus - arms and legs

Ultrasound, ventricular septal defect - heartbeat

Ultrasound, normal fetus - head measurements

Ultrasound, normal fetus - heartbeat

Ultrasound, normal placenta - Braxton Hicks

Ultrasound, normal fetus - femur measurement

Ultrasound, normal fetus - face

Ultrasound, normal fetus - foot

Ultrasound, normal fetus - arm and legs

Ultrasound, normal fetus - abdomen measurements

Erythema toxicum neonatorum - close-up

Lichen nitidus on the abdomen

Psoriasis, magnified x4

Dermatitis, nickel on the sole

Wart (close-up)

Herpes simplex - close-up

Herpes zoster (shingles) - close-up of lesion

Hand, foot, and mouth disease on the soles

Angioma serpiginosum

Blackheads (comedones)

Blackheads (comedones) close-up

Miliaria profunda - close-up

Wood's lamp test - of the scalp

Incontinentia pigmenti - side

Acne - close-up of pustular lesions

Leishmaniasis, mexicana - lesion on the cheek

Swimmer's itch

Scabies mite, photomicrograph

Tick imbedded in the skin

Flea bite - close-up

Cutaneous larva migrans

Chigger bite - close-up of blisters

Granuloma annulare on the eyelid

Urticaria pigmentosa in the armpit

Sarcoid - close-up of the skin lesions

Dermatographism on the arm

Granuloma annulare - close-up

Yellow nail syndrome

Atopy on the ankles

Dermatographism - close-up

Xanthoma - close-up

White nail syndrome



Necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum - leg

Oral glucose tolerance test

Sponge bath

Necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum - abdomen

Diabetic nephropathy

Fasting glucose tolerance test

Nerves of the larynx


Plantar wart

Subungual wart

Rheumatoid arthritis

Voice box

Vaginal ring


Balance receptors

Thermometer temperature

Sodium content

Varicose veins


Swimmer's ear

Synovial fluid


Baby spitting up

Strep throat

Shoulder sling

Skin bruise

Sources of fiber


Triangular shoulder sling

Ringworm of the scalp




Gestational diabetes

Muscle bruise

Arthritis in hip



Muscle pain

Lymphatic system

Morning sickness

Runny and stuffy nose


Lacrimal gland

Nasal spray flu vaccine

Normal foot x-ray

Hair follicle sebaceous gland

Fire safe home

Deer and dog tick

Eye muscles

Eyelid eversion


Amyloidosis on the fingers

Corns and calluses

Rear-facing car seat

Forward-facing car seat


Cold symptoms

Canker sore

Home safety

Bone bruise

Teach children to brush

Baby burping position

Hair follicle

Baker's cyst

Fractured tooth

Baby acne

Poison control center - Emergency number

Wrist splint




Splinter removal

Stinger removal

Middle ear infection


Rotator cuff muscles

Shoulder joint

Spinal cord injury

Lyme disease

Muscle strain

Kidney function

Laceration versus puncture wound

Impingement syndrome

Head trauma

Heart chambers

Heart beat

Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Head injury

Foot swelling

Intestinal gas


Eustachian tube


Food poisoning

Collapsed lung, pneumothorax

Foreign object in ear

Foreign object removal

Ruptured eardrum

Breast pain


Central nervous system

Location of whiplash pain

Black widow spider


Abdominal quadrants

Neck pain

Pyogenic granuloma - close-up

Ankle sprain

Airway burn

Ankle sprain swelling

Abdominal organs

Brown recluse spider



Plantar fascia

Plantar fasciitis

Simple carbohydrates


Complex carbohydrates

Respiratory cilia

Hypertensive retinopathy

Macular degeneration

Spine supporting structures

Soluble and insoluble fiber

Vitamin B9 source

Spinal stenosis

Vitamin B9 benefits


Substantia nigra and Parkinson's disease

Vitamin B12 benefits

Vitamin B12 source

Normal, nearsightedness, and farsightedness

Trans fatty acids

Saturated fats




CREST syndrome


Knee pain

Cauda equina

Sciatic nerve

Vesicoureteral reflux

Biliopancreatic diversion (BPD)

Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch

Adjustable gastric banding

Vertical banded gastroplasty

Yo-yo dieting

Hunger center in brain

Muscle cells vs. fat cells

Fast food

Healthy diet

Fish in diet

Fat layer in skin

Calories and fat per serving

Hamstring stretch

Thigh stretch

Triceps stretch

Hip stretch

Groin stretch

Chest stretch

Exercise - a powerful tool

Exercise - dress appropriately

Shin splints

Exercise with friends

Bicycle helmet - proper usage

Exercise 60 minutes a day

Active vs. inactive muscle

Exercise and age


Obesity and health


Spinal fusion

Intervertebral disk


Signs of scoliosis

Scoliosis brace

Blood clot formation


Forward bend test

Spinal curves

Basal cell nevus syndrome - close-up of palm

Benign juvenile melanoma

Cerebral aneurysm

Xerosis - close-up

Acute monocytic leukemia - skin

The structure of a joint

Early treatment of injury

Warming up and cooling down

Flexibility exercise

Isometric exercise

Radial pulse

Exercise-induced asthma

Benefit of regular exercise

Sweat test

Circulation of blood through the heart

Aerobic exercise

Taking your carotid pulse

Diaphragm and lungs

Common asthma triggers

Upper respiratory tract

Lower respiratory tract

Smoking and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder)

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder)

Cause of acute bronchitis

Asthmatic bronchiole and normal bronchiole

Chronic sinusitis

Cause of chronic bronchitis

Peak flow meter

Bronchitis and normal condition in tertiary bronchus

Secondhand smoke and lung cancer

Normal versus asthmatic bronchiole

Read food labels

Yeast and mold

Intradermal allergy test reactions

Allergy skin prick or scratch test

Dust mite-proof pillow cover

HEPA air filter

Food label guide for candy

Introduction to allergy treatment

Poison plants

Histamine is released

Recognizing invader

RAST test

Allergic reactions to medication

Insect stings and allergy

Latex allergy

Food allergies


Atopic dermatitis

Middle ear infection (otitis media)




Sun protection


Allergy symptoms

Allergic rhinitis

Knee joint

Ulcerative colitis

Selenium - antioxidant

Sentinel node biopsy

Omega-3 fatty acids


Depression among the elderly

Forms of depression


Depression and insomnia

Depression and men

Depression and heart disease

Depression and the menstrual cycle

Celiac sprue - foods to avoid

Crohn's disease - affected areas

Depression in children

Roux-en-Y stomach surgery for weight loss

Diabetic blood circulation in foot

Anorectal fistulas

Lipocytes (fat cells)

Cholesterol producers

Pancreas and kidneys

Different types of weight gain

Childhood obesity


Cervical cancer



Patient and doctor work together


Plaque buildup in arteries

Cause of peptic ulcers

Blood pressure check

Treatment of epilepsy

Nerve supply to the pelvis

Location of peptic ulcers

Carpal tunnel surgical procedure

Causes of secondary headache

Lithotripsy procedure

Tension-type headache

Intravenous pyelogram (IVP)

Pain of cluster headache

Limbic system

Compression of the median nerve

Gastroscopy procedure

Cause of headaches


Brain structures

CT scan of the brain

MRI of the brain

Ulcer emergencies

Migraine cause

DASH diet

Exercise can lower blood pressure

High blood pressure tests

Vascular headaches


Food label guide for whole wheat bread

Inflammatory bowel disease

Stages of cancer

Large intestine

Small intestine

Structure of the colon


Artery cut section

Keratosis pilaris - close-up

Type I diabetes


Heart attack symptoms

Formed elements of blood

Allergic reactions

Autonomic Nerves

Brain-thyroid link

Nuclear scan

Tuberculosis of the lungs

Ichthyosis, acquired - legs

Dislocation of the hip

X-linked recessive genetic defects - how girls are affected

X-linked recessive genetic defects

Prevention of cystitis

Penis, with and without foreskin

X-linked recessive genetic defects - how boys are affected

Progression of a decubitis ulcer

Tendon vs. ligament

Black hairy tongue

Areas where bedsores occur

Meninges of the spine

Torticollis (wry neck)

Spina bifida (degrees of severity)

Skin graft

Skull fracture

Skull fracture

Spina bifida

Signs of scarlet fever

Bone-building exercise

Lumbar puncture (spinal tap)

Circulation of lymph

Meninges of the brain

Grand mal seizure

Kernig's sign of meningitis

Institutional hygiene

Pathway of sperm

Fifth disease


Bursa of the elbow

Bursa of the knee

Brudzinski's sign of meningitis

Birth control methods

Inhalation Anthrax

Smallpox lesions

Cutaneous anthrax

Tinea versicolor - shoulders

Nail infection, candidal

Tinea versicolor - close-up

Lupus, discoid - view of lesions on the chest

Dermatomyositis, Gottron's papules on the hand

Erythema multiforme, target lesions on the palm

Erythema multiforme, circular lesions - hands

Pustules, superficial on the arm

Staphylococcal lymphangitis

Untreated hypertension

Burn, blister - close-up

Burn, thermal - close-up

Lifestyle changes

Monitoring blood pressure

Female-pattern baldness

Heimlich maneuver on infant

Heimlich maneuver on infant

Stopping bleeding with pressure and ice

Development of permanent teeth

Heimlich maneuver on conscious child

Heimlich maneuver on an adult

Heimlich maneuver on conscious child

Mitral valve prolapse


Bacterial pericarditis

Constrictive pericarditis

Migraine headache

Mallory-Weiss tear

Mitral stenosis

Infective endocarditis

Left heart catheterization


Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Hepatitis A

Dilated cardiomyopathy


Halo nevus

Exercise and heart rate

Cystic fibrosis

Drug induced hypertension

Culture-negative endocarditis

Cyanotic heart disease

Cyanotic 'Tet spell'

Cor pulmonale

Coronary angiography

Clubbed fingers

Coarctation of the aorta

Coronary artery spasm

Nervous system

Acute vs. chronic conditions

Calcium source

Cardiac tamponade

Carotid dissection

Atrial septal defect


Calcium benefit

Vitamin K benefit

Vitamin K source

Gray and white matter of the brain

Vitamin D source

Vitamin E benefit

Vitamin E source

Vitamin D benefit

Vitamin D deficit

Vitamin C deficit

Vitamin C source

Vitamin B6 source

Vitamin C benefit

Vitamin B3 source

Vitamin B6 benefit

Vitamin B3 deficit

Vitamin B2 source

Vitamin B3 benefit

Vitamin B1 source

Vitamin B2 benefit

Vitamin B1 benefit

Vitamin A benefit

Vitamin A source

Venous insufficiency

Ventricular septal defect

Heart valves - anterior view

Heart valves - superior view

Tricuspid Regurgitation

Tricuspid Regurgitation

Tetralogy of Fallot

Thromboangiites obliterans

Actinic keratosis on the arm

Superficial thrombophlebitis

Swan Ganz catheterization

Pleural effusion

Postural drainage

Pyogenic abscess


Post-MI pericarditis

Right atrial myxoma

Left atrial myxoma

Arterial embolism

Atherosclerosis of the extremities

Aortic insufficiency

Aortic stenosis

Aortic aneurysm

Aortic dissection

Amino acids


Adult dermatome

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy


Ultrasound, normal fetus- ventricles of brain

Thyroid ultrasound

Stable angina

Ultrasound comparison

Conduction system of the heart

Janeway lesion - close-up


Carotid duplex


17 week ultrasound

30 week ultrasound

Posterior heart arteries

Insulin pump

Prostate cancer

PSA blood test

Ventricular tachycardia

Normal heart rhythm


Progressive build-up of plaque in coronary artery

Post myocardial infarction ECG wave tracings

Glucose test

Osteoarthritis vs. rheumatoid arthritis

Insulin pump

Femoral hernia

Hip fracture

Arterial plaque build-up

Small cell carcinoma

Developmental process of atherosclerosis

Internal fixation devices

Fractures across a growth plate

Prevention of heart disease

External fixation device

Squamous cell carcinoma

Enlarged view of atherosclerosis



Lung cancer - chemotherapy treatment

Non-small cell carcinoma

Right cerebral hemisphere - function

Circle of Willis

Left cerebral hemisphere - function

Cerebellum - function

Blockage in internal carotid artery

Atherosclerosis of internal carotid artery

Brainstem function

ACL injury


ACL degrees

Striae in the popliteal fossa

Vertebral column

Vertebra, thoracic (mid back)

Vertebra, cervical (neck)

Vertebra, lumbar (low back)

Teeth, adult - in the skull


Surface anatomy - normal wrist

Sternum - view of the outside (anterior)

Surface anatomy - normal palm

Skull of an adult


Oral thrush


Panic disorder with agoraphobia

Periorbital cellulitis

Neonatal adrenoleukodystrophy


Nasal flaring


Nikolsky's sign

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Ear abnormalities

Hospital-acquired pneumonia


Motormental retardation

Motor nerves

Post-traumatic stress disorder


Nailcare for newborns

Moro reflex


Primary HIV infection

Infectious mononucleosis

Pulmonary aspergillosis

Primary syphilis



Mongolian blue spots

Retrosternal thyroid

Radial head injury

Miliary tuberculosis

Metopic ridge


Developmental milestones


Rubella syndrome





Lyme disease


Actinomycosis (lumpy jaw)

Tertiary lyme disease

Leg pain (Osgood-Schlatter)

Low nasal bridge


Schizoaffective disorder

Lower leg muscles




Infantile reflexes

Normal lung anatomy

Paranoid schizophrenia

Secondary infection


The lungs

Pituitary gland

Pituitary hormones


Natural short sleeper


Simian crease

Disseminated histoplasmosis


Acute histoplasmosis

Skin turgor