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Ten Basic Rules of Netiquette or Internet Etiquette
The new rules of etiquette include use of technology, but you can avoid offending people by following ten basic rules of netiquette.

What are the Side Effects of Caffeine or Ceffeinated Drinks?
What are the side effects of caffeine? An in-depth article on the short-term side effects of the addictive stimulant that is used daily by countless people.

Side Effects of Energy Drinks: Are They Addictive?
Is addiction one of the side effects of energy drinks? Learn about the risks of using energy drinks, particularly what parents of teens should know.

Can You Overdose on Caffeine from Coffee, Energy Drinks, or Pills?
Coffee drinkers often wonder, can you overdose on caffeine? Although rare, overdoses from caffeine pills, expresso shots , or energy drinks can happen.

What Does it Mean to Be Polyamorous ?
Polyamory is engaging in an intimate relationship with more than one person. Learn about this unconventional approach to love and intimacy.

What Is Acid?
What is acid? Get the facts about LSD, including how it was created, when it became illegal and its place on the illicit drug scene today.

What Is Ecstasy
What is ecstasy? Get the facts about ecstasy (molly), including how it was created, when it became illegal and its place on the illicit drug scene today.

What Is a Bad Trip After Taking Drugs Like Magic Mushrooms or LSD?
What is a bad trip? Basically, it's an unpleasant experience that can happen after taking drugs such as lysergic acid (LSD) or magic mushrooms.

Does Caffeine Consumption Actually Improve Memory?
Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that there may be a link between caffeine and memory, but does coffee actually improve memory? Learn more.

What Are the Effects of Methoxetamine or MXE?
Little is known about the effects of the drug methoxetamine, also known as MXE or m-ket, as the drug has not yet been extensively researched.

What is BZP or n-benzylpiperazine, marketed as a legal high?
What is BZP? BZP or n-benzylpiperazine, is a drug often used in

What is Cannabidiol and What are Its Effects?
Cannabidiol or CBD is one of more than 400 active ingredients in the drug, cannabis -- also known as weed or marijuana. Find out about CBD effects.

What to Expect from Cannabis Withdrawal
Although marijuana users may believe that the drug is non-addictive, cannabis withdrawal can happen. This is what it is like.

What Is Snorting Drugs?
Glossary definition of the term snorting drugs. Learn about how cocaine is just one of the drugs used for snorting drugs.

What Is the Definition of Antabuse?
Better your understanding of how antabuse helps alcoholics stay sober with this definition of the medication and review of its benefits.

Why Supersize Meal Portions Lead to Overeating
Overeating and obesity creep up on us through supersize meal portions. Learn to avoid overloaded plates and to eat out without worrying about weight.

Can Marijuana Cause Male or Female Infertility?
FAQ addressing whether marijuana can cause infertility, including a review of research on marijuana effects on fertility.

Avoid Dangerous Men With How to Spot a Dangerous Man
How to Spot a Dangerous Man describes eight types of dangerous men, gives strategies and red alert checklists, and shares success stories and failures.

What Is Party and Play Among Gay Men?
Find out about the party-and-play phenomenon in the gay underground. Explore how some gay men use drugs for sexual pleasure and the associated risks.

What Are Sexual Minorities? How are they Different?
What are sexual minorities? People who do not fit with society's norms of sexual orientation and/or gender identity, and are at risk for addictions.

What to Expect from Methamphetamine or Meth Withdrawal
Methamphetamine or meth can cause horrible withdrawal symptoms. These are the most common experiences that people go through during meth withdrawal.

Why Is My Addicted Loved One Always Telling Lies?
People with addictions are notorious for telling lies. But why do they do it? And how can family members and others who care cope with frequent lying?

What Is the Definition of Materialism?
What is the definition of the term materialism? Understanding this concept is important in regards to examining overspending addictions.

The Difference Between an Addiction and a Compulsion
What are the differences between addictions and compulsions? Definitions and an explanation for the confusion in terms that are used interchangeably.

What Are Drug Laws?
Learn about the main laws around drug possession and trafficking, including definitions, sentencing and jurisdiction differences.

Characteristics of Addicted Gamers
Who becomes a video game addict? It's a large number of Americans, because a huge segment of the population is playing them. Meet them here.

Safe Injection Sites: What You Need to Know
An overview of the location and operation of safe injection sites, places (not in the U.S.) where people can go to inject illegal drugs safely.

What Is BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)?
Learn about how blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is measured and how it affects a person's behavior, judgment, physiology and ability to drive.

What Is the Definition of a Neurotransmitter?
What is the definition of a

What Is Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction?
Rehab for drug and alcohol addiction is a multi-phase, personalized program involving detox, medications, behavioral therapy, and support. Learn more.

What Is Sexual Anorexia?
Sexual anorexia is the compulsive avoidance of sex and sex-related matters. Learn about its symptoms, risk factors, treatment and more.

What Are the Symptoms of Being a Shopaholic?
What are the symptoms of being a shopaholic? Researchers have found a number of personality traits and psychological patterns that define shopaholics.

What is Alcohol Intoxication
The definition of intoxication is when a person consumes enough alcohol or drugs to produce behavioral pr physical abnormalities, such as impairments.

How Couples Counseling Can Help with Addiction Issues
Couples counseling can be a helpful part of addictions treatment for people who are married, or in a relationship, even if they intend to separate.

"I Hate My Body:" Negative Body Image and Binge Eating and Child Abuse
Feeling and saying,

Controlled Heroin Use - Can it be Done Without Addiction?
Controlled heroin use is rarely discussed, but obscure studies indicate that a sub-group of heroin users can control their use without becoming addicted.

Five Steps to Build Self-Esteem After Addiction
Addiction can take a big toll on your self-esteem. The good news: You can begin to build it back by taking these five simple steps.

Are Addicts Dangerous?
Finding out someone has an addiction can be a shock for many friends and relatives. But if the addiction has taken hold of your partner, teenage child, or

How the Drug Users' Code Causes Harm to Drug Users
You may have been told about the drug users' code, but more likely, if you use drugs, you will have seen it in action among groups of other users.

How to Set Boundaries with Your Parents Smoking Around Your Kids
Grandparents who are hard-care smokers can be stubborn about their

Are Tattoos Addictive?
Tattoo collectors say you can't just stop at one. This article explores the ways in which tattoos appear to be addictive for a minority of people.

What to Expect from Caffeine Withdrawal Syndrome
Trying to quit or cut down on caffeine, but finding it difficult? You may be experiencing caffeine withdrawal symptoms, or caffeine withdrawal syndrome.

What Is a Drug Dealer?
Drug dealers can be small time dealers with prescription medications or large-time operators with very lucrative businesses and illegal drugs

Tips to Cope With Diarrhea During Drug Withdrawal
Tips for controlling diarrhea and/or stomach pain during drug withdrawal, as well as withdrawal symptoms and other treatments available.

Ecstasy Facts and Myths: Debunking The Truth About MDMA
When it comes to the drug MDMA (known as ecstasy), facts and myths abound! Here are five common misconceptions — along with the truth about MDMA.

How Much Caffeine is in Foods and Drinks?
You would be surprised at how much caffeine there is in food and drinks we consume every day, without even thinking about it.

Tips to Help You Cope with a Bad Acid Trip
A bad trip can happen suddenly and unexpectedly on hallucinogenic drugs. These five tips will help you cope with a bad acid trip if it happens to you.

Serve Alcohol At Home Parties Without Drunk Guests
Serve alcohol in your home without getting your guests drunk with these tips. Offer non-alcoholic drinks and food to keep the focus off of drinking.

Make Sure No-One Drives Home
The risk of having an accident increases, even with a single drink with dinner. Make sure your guests don't drink and drive.

Serve Your Guests
Serve alcoholic drinks to your guests yourself.

Choose a Narrow Based Wine Glass for Alcoholic Drinks
A narrow based glass will discourage your guests from drinking too much alcohol.

Avoid a Wide Based Glass for Wine But Use for Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Wide based wine glasses like this one hold more liquid, so are a better choice for non alcoholic than alcoholic drinks.

A Good Choice of Beer Glass
The ideal choice of beer glass is pictured here.

The Worst Type of Beer Glass
This is the worst type of glass in which to serve beer, if you don't want your guests to get drunk.

Set an End Time
We are used to saying when a party begins, but rarely when it ends. Make sure you set an end time for yours.

Provide Good Non-Alcoholic Options
Give your guests something to drink other than wine or tap water.

Serve Food
Serve food to slow down alcohol absorption.

Five Effective Ways to Say No to Alcohol
It is tough for anyone to say no to alcohol, but is very difficult for those who are quitting or cutting down on alcohol. Learns tips to make it easier.

Self-Help Groups for Shopping Addiction
Support groups can help compulsive shoppers identify and avoid triggers. Use this list of self-help groups for shopping addiction to get started.

The 10 Most Addictive Pain Medications
Prescription pain killers are commonly abused. Here are ten of the most addictive pain drugs on the market today. Steve

How to Talk to an Addict -- Someone Who Has an Addiction
Can you communicate with someone who has an addiction? Should you confront them, challenge them, agree with them? Find out how to talk to an addict.

The Cycle of Sexual Abuse - Abusive Adult Relationships
Details and reasons why people who were sexually abused as children have abusive relationships as adults, such as fear, anger and familiarity.

What Not to Say to Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One to Addiction
Here are ten insensitive things you should not say to someone who has lost a relative or loved one to an addiction or death by drugs.

How Counseling For Relationship Problems Can Help With an Addiction
Counseling for relationship problems is recommended for people being treated for addictions. So why focus on the relationship when addiction is the problem?

How to Find a Needle and Syringe Exchange Program
Needle exchange programs quietly exist in many communities so that IV drug users can get clean equipment, but they can be hard to find.

Five of the Most Deadly Prescription Drugs
Prescription drug problems have reached epidemic proportions, with more people dying from overdoses on these drugs than ever before.

Don't Let Bowel Issues Get in the Way of Your Recovery!
Image © Davide Guglielmo Here at the health network, we've been talking about the unmentionable -- bowel issues. We realized that embarrassment

Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse - Sexual, Physical, and Emotional
Breaking the cycle of child abuse can be hard for parents who were abused themselves. These tips will help you to avoid repeating parents' mistakes.

The Ten Types of Sex Addiction in 'Don't Call It Love'
Are you worried your partner a is sex addict? Dr. Patrick Carnes, author of Don't Call It Love, identifies ten types of addictive sexual behavior.

Websites That Can Ruin Your Life
The internet is a very accessible resource for those who are curious.

What Does It Mean to Be Intersex?
Get the facts on what it means to be intersex with this definition of the term and examples of the different ways the condition affects people.

What Are the Types of Ingredients in Cocaine?
What is in cocaine, or commonly, the mixture of substances commonly sold as cocaine by drug dealers, is something you should know before you take it.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction
Marijuana addiction is a recognized mental health disorder. If you think you may be addicted, the list of symptoms here can help you sort things out.

Socially Acceptable Behavior vs Social Deviant Behavior
From drinking to gambling to sex, addictions can range from socially acceptable behavior to socially deviant behavior. Here's why.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction
Each person’s experience of addiction is slightly different, but usually involves a cluster of some of the following signs of addiction.

What Is THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol?
THC is the best known psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Is it addictive or harmful? Learn more here.

Internet Safety -- Know the Risks of Online Sex
Internet safety carries risks for people who use the internet for any kind of sex, whether you are sexting, viewing porn, or meeting partners online.

What Is in Heroin?
Ever wondered what heroin is made of? Here we discuss heroin types, ingredients, fillers, chemical adulterants and potential toxins in heroin.

What is Dilutional Hyponatremia or Water Intoxication?
What is dilutional hyponatremia? Water intoxication, as it is also known, results from drinking too much water, and can be life-threatening.

What is Dehydration, What Causes It, and How to Avoid It
What is dehydration? Dehydration is a significant health risk for people who use drugs and alcohol, who exercise frequently, or who binge and purge.

Characteristics of Recreational Marijuana Use
Explains the characteristics of unproblematic recreational marijuana use, as distinct from marijuana use disorder and other marijuana-related problems.

What is Caffeine? An Overview of Caffeine and Caffeine Use
Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant. Caffeine use is common, and it is found in many common foods and drinks, and in prescription and illicit drugs.

The Myths and the Realities of Gay Meth Use
There has been a lot of concern about the epidemic of gay meth use, with tales of peer pressure to

What Is Food Addiction? Is It Like Other Addictions?
Food addiction is a very real phenomenon that affects millions of people. One in three Americans is obese, possibly due to addictive foods and lifestyles.

What You Need to Know About Heroin Use
Heroin effects or a heroin high is intense, and can be unpleasant. Heroin is a dangerous drug and overdoses can result in death.

What Does a Cocaine High Feel Like?
A cocaine high can change the way you feel about yourself, and about other people. These aren't always good effects on your mind and in your body.

Addict Games That Frustrate and Manipulate Those Around Them
Addict games are real-life versions of games we played as children. This shows five of the most popular games that you may not realize you are playing.

What Are the Official Criteria for Addiction?
What are the DSM-IV-TR criteria for substance addiction? Read the seven criteria for substance dependence here.

What Is a Therapeutic Relationship?
What is a therapeutic relationship? Read about the aspects of the therapeutic relationship in addictions treatment.

Harm Reduction Tips for Heroin Users to Reduce Risks
Heroin use is a high risk activity, and is best avoided completely. If you do take heroin, these harm reduction tips for heroin users could save your life.

How Bad Will the Withdrawal from Methadone Be?
Should I Come Off Methadone? If you have quit heroin for a while, you may want to quit methadone cold turkey, but tapering is safer.

What Does it Feel Like to Get High on Meth?
Getting high on meth can change your perceptions, feelings and sensations, making you feel powerful and energized. But the effects can turn nasty.

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Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug to Heroin and Cocaine Use
Is marijuana a gateway drug? A look at the research into whether marijuana leads to more serious drug problems, such as cocaine and heroin addiction.

What Does It Feel Like to Get High on Acid?
What does it feel like to take an acid trip? LSD highs are unpredictable. Learn more about the common features of the psychedelic experience.

The Truth About Gay Drug Use
Is there any truth to the stereotype that gay men are drug abusers? How did this idea take root? See what the research has to say.

What Is Reinforcement in Relation to Addiction?
What is reinforcement? Reinforcement is a psychological process which can increase a negative behavior such as an addictive behavior.

Tips for Coping With Withdrawal Cravings
Cravings during alcohol or drug withdrawal are powerful enough that most need help to successfully cope with them. Read here for some solutions.

Serve Guests Alcohol Without Them Getting Drunk
Want to throw a party without people throwing up? Here are five tips for serving alcohol without your guests getting drunk.

When to Use the Pump and Dump Method for Lactation
Our comprehensive article on using the pump and dump method of maintaining lactation when your breastmilk could be contaminated with drugs or medications.

Tips for Dealing with Withdrawal Insomnia
Withdrawal insomnia from drugs or alcohol can last for a long time. Read about three ways to cut down on the sleeplessness caused by these substances.

What Is a Rebound Effect?
Here's our definition of Rebound Effect, as used in the context of addictions, including an example and what it has to do with homeostasis.

What Is an Expectancy Effect?
Here's our definition of the expectancy effect, as used in the context of addictions, including a brief example of how expectant effects work.

What Is Dissociation?
Here's our glossary definition of dissociation, including both physical and drug-related reasons for the psychological experience.

How Should I Deal With My Drunk Mom at Christmas
Use our list of tips and thoughtful advice for dealing with a troubled parent who drinks too much during the holidays.

Are You "Being Treated Like a Drug Addict"?
Here's our in-depth look at what happens when someone has to take pain medications and the people around them treat them like addicts.

Flashback (Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder)
What is a flashback? Flashbacks include occasional, temporary post-drug experiences, as well as Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder.

An Overview of Magic Mushrooms - Psilocybin
Even though magic mushrooms grow in the wild, they're not a harmless or legal high. Learn more about the preparation​ and effects of shrooms.

Differences Between Soft and Hard Drugs
Is there really a difference between soft and hard drugs? Learn more about the distinction and implications of using these terms to describe drug use.

Shopping Addiction 101 - What is Shopping Addiction?
Shopping addiction is a behavioral addiction that can cause individuals and their loved ones significant problems.

Who Gets Addicted to Shopping?
What kind of person gets addicted to shopping?

Marketing and Advertising
How does marketing and advertising affect shopaholics?

Impulse Buying
Impulse buying is a type of addictive shopping behavior.

Retail Therapy
Retail therapy is the false belief that shopping is psychologically therapeutic.

Online Shopping Addiction
Online shopping addiction is a form of internet addiction as well as a type of omniomania.

Getting Spending Under Control
While professional help is sometimes necessary, there are some immediate steps you can take to get your spending under control.

A Day in the Life of a Stoner
This is a fictitious account of the day to day experience and effects of daily marijuana smoking, which captures some of the problems that develop with heavy pot use.

Addictions. Page 2.

Game Addiction - Is Video Game Addiction Really an Addiction
Parents are often concerned their kids are becoming addicted to video games, and we are seeing more reports of studies indicating video game addiction is a genuine concern. But is video game addiction a real addiction, like addiction to alcohol or drugs?

A Day in the Life of a Heroin Addict
A fictitious account of what it is like living with heroin addiction on a day to day basis. It goes into methadone, dietary issues from heroin, and more.

Addictions. Page 2.

Should Workplace Drug Testing of Employees Be Allowed?
Recent medical technology developments have created workplace drug testing, to find out whether someone has recently used a drug. Read about its pros and cons.

Does Stress Cause Addiction?
Concepts of addiction have moved from a focus on addictive drugs, to an understanding of the relationship between addictive behaviors and stress.

Are Addictive Behaviors or Activities Real Addictions?
We hear a lot about behavioral addictions these days -- that people can become addicted to seemingly normal activities. But are they really addictions?

Is it Safe to Drink Alcohol and Breastfeed?
While advice on avoiding alcohol during pregnancy is clear, the significant risks of combining alcohol and breastfeeding have not been well communicated.

What Is Abstinence in Addiction Treatment?
Abstinence is a topic that is often hotly debated in the addictions field. Find out what is meant by the term, abstinence.

Caffeine and Breastfeeding Advice
Advice for breastfeeding moms on combining caffeine and breastfeeding.

The Culture of Substance Use in Students
Students misperceptions about their peers are often the source of their problems with alcohol and drugs.

Overview of Tattoo Addiction
Tattoos are appearing everywhere, and some people can't stop at one -- they get more and more tattoos and describe the process as tattoo addiction.

Substance Use in LGBT Students
Research has consistently shown that LGBT students are at higher risk for alcohol and other substance use, and for related problems.

Addictions. Page 2.

Ten Cognitive Distortions Identified in CBT
CBT is one of the best ways to overcome addiction. The therapist helps you identify and change

Help for Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)
Get help to understand and cope with post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) following recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

How to Help an Addicted Friend or Relative
Tips on how to help an addicted friend or relative, including how to support a loved one with an addiction and how to care for yourself.

What is the Ayahuasca Brew?
Learn about the hallucinogenic tea, ayahuasca. Also, read about the psychedelic use, and research of this drug.

Stimulatn Abuse, Speed, Meth, or Cocaine Addiction
Describes the criteria for the diagnostic label of Stimulant Use Disorder, which covers speed, meth, and cocaine addiction.

What Is Binge Eating Disorder?
Binge Eating Disorder is a new addition to the category of eating disorders. It also bears a close similarity to addictions, and some consider it a behavioral addiction.

Overeating - Ten Types of Overeating
Overeating is a common problem, but there are many different types of overeating. Here are ten of the most frequently cited ways that overeating can become a problem.

What Is Sex Addiction?
Learn why there is such a controversy about the concept of sex addiction. This destructive behavior ruins lives but doesn't appear in the latest DSM.

What Are the Different Types of Hallucinations?
What is a hallucination? They can be visual (seeing), auditory (hearing especially voices), tactile (feeling), olfactory (smell), or gastatory (taste).

What is Delusion as a Drugs or Mental Illness Effect?
What is a delusion? In the context of drug addiction, delusions are mistaken beliefs that have no basis in reality, and can be an effect of mental illness.

What is a Contact High Without Taking Drugs?
What is a contact high? This phenomenon is often described among drug users as picking up the intoxication effects of another person.

What Are Set and Setting in Developing Addiction?
Definition of the terms set and setting, which have been found to be important precursors in the development of addiction.

What Are Psychedelics?
Psychedelics are a group of drugs which cause perceptual disturbances and changes in thoughts and feelings, sometimes called hallucinogens.

What are Bath Salts as a Recreational Drug?
What are bath salts? Bath salts are one of many terms, such as pixie dust, to describe a group of designer drugs popularised as supposed legal highs.

Getting Addiction Treatment and Approaches
Describes addiction treatment processes, including substance and behavioral addictions. Includes expectations and different formats of addiction treatment.

Should Cannabis be Legalized?
Cannabis legalization has recently become a real possibility. This article summarizes the main arguments for and against the legalization of pot.

What are Acid Flashbacks in the New DSM-5?
Explains what happens when someone experiences an acid flashback, or to give it the technical term, Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder.

Tips for Withdrawal From Drug Addiction
Withdrawal from drug addiction must be done safely. Here are tips for managing symptoms and choosing a withdrawal method.

A Day in the Life of an Overeater
Many people who have no difficulties controlling their eating wonder why some others overeat. A day in the life of an overeater gives a first hand account of what it is like when you eat too much, all the time.

12 Step Review - Should I Join a 12 Step Program?
This 12 step review covers the advantages and disadvantages of 12 step program for overcoming an addiction or coping with the addiction of a loved one.

What is Inhalant Use Disorder in the DSM-5?
What is Inhalant Use Disorder? This life-threatening disorder develops from behaviors such as

Top Five Triggers of Relapse and How to Avoid Them
It is extremely common for addicts to relapse at least once during recovery. Learn about which situations are proven triggers so you can avoid them.

What Is Double Doctoring?
What is doctor doubling? Find out about this drug-seeking behavior, also called doctor shopping, and how it's linked to today's heroin epidemic.

Is Online Infidelity Really Cheating on Your Partner?
Online infidelity, sexual or romantic involvement through email or the internet, can feel like it isn't really cheating, but is this right?

Psychological Process of Addiction
The excessive appetites model of addictions was developed in contrast to the prevailing disease model of addiction. Learn more.

Psychedelic Therapy for Quitting Smoking
Psychedelic therapy is a controversial approach originating in the 1960s, but new research suggests it may be helpful for quitting smoking.

My Girlfriend Hits Me When We're Drunk - Can I Get Her to Stop?
My girlfriend is really feisty, and I feel she is abusive. If my girlfriend hits me when we're drunk, how can I get her to stop?

Prescription Stimulant Use in Students
Prescription stimulants are the most excessively used substance by college students. The reason? Many have false beliefs about these substances.

What is a Neurotherapy Treatment?
Neurotherapy, also known as neurofeedback, is a treatment technique used to change brain functioning and end the cycle of addiction.

Is Eating Too Much Sugar Harmful to Kids
Guidance for parents on giving candy to a child on a daily basis, and what research tells us about the potential harms of eating too much sugar.

Over the Counter Pain Medication and Breastfeeding
Advice for breastfeeding moms on combining over the counter pain medication and breastfeeding, including Advil, Tylonol, and Asprin.

Online Child Sexual Abuse Overview
Cybersex may seem like harmless fantasy, but when it involves children, even dabbling in child porn poses a risk to children and to anyone who does it.

Childhood Trauma Linked to Student Substance Use
Learn about how early childhood trauma is strongly associated with substance use in adulthood, and this is also the case with students.

What is Khat or Qat? Drug Effects and Risks
What is khat or qat? Learn about how the drug khat is used, and its effects, risks, potential for addiction, and legal status.

What Is Substance/Medication-Induced OCD?
Substance/Medication-Induced Obsessive Compulsive or Related Disorder is the official diagnosis for substance induced OCD, caused by drugs or medications.

What Is Other Hallucinogen Use Disorder?
If you've been taking too much acid or other psychedelics, you may have Other Hallucinogen Use Disorder, a diagnosis in the DSM-5?

What Is Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome?
Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) symptoms can last for years after ending substance abuse. It can be a barrier to recovering from addiction.

How to Deal with a Drunk Son
Parents are often faced with the situation of their teenage son getting drunk. Here's how to deal with a drunk son, while remaining supportive.

Gay Drug Use
A commonly held stereotype is that gay men use recreational drugs. But many gay men do not use drugs, and this myth is harmful to the gay community.

Tell the Difference between Real and Fake Cocaine
Cocaine users are being fooled by drug dealers who are cutting powder cocaine by 90%, and in some cases, up to 100% with other substances.

Can Using Tinder be Addictive?
Tinder is a new way to meet potential sexual partners online. Many users say it is addictive, but is this correct?

How to Avoid Overeating
Overeating is a common problem. Avoid slipping into the overeating trap by following these simple tips.

Pregnant and on Heroin - What are my Treatment Options
Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it can be fraught with worry for women who are pregnant and on heroin. This article addresses some of these concerns.

What is Alcohol Intoxication in the New DSM-5?
What is alcohol intoxication, as defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition or DSM-5?

What Are Tranquilizers? How Safe Are They?
What are tranquilizers? They're calming medications when used as prescribed, but they're also drugs of abuse. Learn about their good and bad side.

How to Stop Overspending and Tighten Your Budge
What to do if you think you are overspending might have an addiction to shopping. Note, shopping addiction can indicate a treatable medical condition.

Is Compulsive Shopping Really an Addiction?
The terms compulsive shopping, shopping addiction, and shopaholic have become everyday words, but is compulsive shopping really an addiction?

What Is Pathological Gambling? Telltale Signs of Gambling Addiction
Pathological gambling is a behavioral addiction, which has troubling symptoms and can cause significant problems for people affected by it.

What Is Substance Induced Mood Disorder?
Substance/Medication-Induced Depressive Disorder is the official diagnostic label for substance induced depression, caused by alcohol, drugs or medications.

What Is Exercise Addiction, and Are You at Risk?
Athletes and people who are concerned about their health and wellness may wonder, what is exercise addiction, and am I at risk?

Vitamins to Help Quit Smoking
Can taking supplements improve your chances of kicking nicotine for good? Get the facts about taking vitamins to help quit smoking.

What It Feels Like to Get High on Amphetamines
Find out how it feels to be high on amphetamines without actually taking them. You might feel energetic on the way up but depressed on the way down.

High Risk Online Sex Websites
Online sex is a common use of the internet. But some websites cross the line and aren't worth the risk.

Cannabis Use Disorder or Problematic Marijuana Use
Diagnostic criteria for Cannabis Use Disorder, a diagnosis introduced in the DSM 5, includes marijuana addiction and other marijuana related problems.

Five Ways to Say No to Marijuana
Saying no to marijuana can feel awkward -- here are five ways to refuse weed without seeming uptight, judgmental or fearful.

What to Expect From Cocaine Withdrawal Syndrome
This article explains the symptoms that are commonly experienced when people go through cocaine withdrawal syndrome after stopping taking the drug.

Characteristics of Marijuana Abuse the Disorder
The characteristics of marijuana abuse, the now outdated Cannabis Use Disorder diagnosis in the DSM-IV-TR, including symptoms and potential harms.

Relapse to an Addiction, Substance or Behavior
What is a relapse? Having a relapse to an addiction, substance or behavior should be avoided, but does not always mean failure.

Five of the Best Cocaine Movies That Show the Effects
Five of the best cocaine movies, which range from comedies to serious dramas. All of them show how cocaine can affect people and relationships.

How to Be Supportive After a Death From Drugs
Learn how to be supportive to a loved one going through the complicaded process of grieving over a death caused by drug addiction or substance abuse.

Xanax Dosages, Side Effects, and Withdrawal
What is Xanax? This article includes a definition of Xanax, it also provides information on dosages, side effects, and the risks associated with taking Xanax.

A Review of the SMART Recovery Program
Reviews the advantages and disadvantages of joining a SMART Recovery program for support in overcoming an addiction.

The Excessive Appetites Theory of Addiction
This article summarizes Jim Orford's Excessive Appetites theory of addictions. This theory suggests that behaviors are just as addictive as drugs.

What Is Drug Withdrawal? And What Are the Symptoms?
Drug withdrawal is basically symptoms,the unpleasant way you feel while your body is ridding itself of the drug. Learn about these symptoms.

Info on the Drug MXE, Mexxy, or Methoxetamine
What is the drug, Methoxetamine (MXE) or

5 Best Addiction Recovery Gifts for a Drug User
Wondering what to buy for the drug user in your life? Here are the five best addiction recovery gifts for a drug user that won't worsen their habit.

DSM 5 Criteria for Substance Use Disorders
The DSM 5 criteria for substance use disorders are used by psychiatrists, psychologists, and other professionals to diagnose drug-related problems.

DSM-IV to DSM 5 Diagnostic Criteria for Substance Use Disorders
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria used to diagnose substance use disorders changed significantly from DSM-IV to DSM 5.

Can Hypnosis Unlock Memories of Childhood Abuse?
Some people who struggle with emotional and addiction problems wonder whether childhood abuse may be responsible -- and whether hypnosis can unlock repressed memories.

Drug Use Etiquette Can Harm Your Health
Etiquette isn't just for the upper class and the old fashioned -- it applies to drug use as well. But it can do more harm than good.

Do amphetamines cause memory loss?
Question: I'm starting to wonder if amphetamines might be affecting my memory. Is there any research on this? Answer:

What Do the Effects of a Marijuana High Feel Like?
Find out what the effects of a marijuana high feel like before you consider trying this unpredictable drug - the experience varies but some effects are common.

A Day in the Life of a Smoker
This is a fictitious account of a day in the life of a smoker. It shows what it is like coping with stress, expense and social stigma if you refuse to quit.

How Does Denial Affect Addiction?
Denial is a state used by those with addiction to hide from reality and rationalize behavior. It can be overcome through therapy and other methods.

How Does Addiction Change Homeostasis?
Definition of homeostasis, a process to maintain stable physiological balance, and an example of how it's used in the context of addictions.

Getting an Assessment and Addiction Diagnosis
Describes the process of having a professional assessment and addiction diagnosis, including what to expect and how you will be treated.

Difference Between Compulsive and Impulsive Shopping
Compulsive and impulsive shopping are often referred to as interchangeable, but there are key differences. Learn about shopping addiction.

Can I Control My Alcohol Consumption?
For those addicted to alcohol, usually the only option presented is abstinence. But for some, controlling alcohol consumption is more sustainable.

Do Your Money Problems Stem From Addictive Behavior?
Rich or poor, we all have money problems at one time or another. But when are money problems a sign of addictive behavior?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Addiction
Cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction, also known as CBT, is a psychological treatment to help people with a range of addictive behaviors.

Understanding Bingeing and Purging
Describes the behavioral patterns of different types of bingeing and purging, associated problems, relationship to addictions and how to get help.

Mescaline as a Therapeutic Drug
Overview of mescaline as a therapeutic drug.

LSD as a Therapeutic Drug
Overview of LSD as a therapeutic drug.

Psychedelic Therapy Re-Emerging in Research Studies
Introduction to an overview of psychedelic drugs being use in research studies.

Source of Information on Psychedelic Therapy
Information on source of information on psychedelic therapy

MDMA (Ecstasy) as a Therapeutic Drug
Overview of MDMA (Ecstasy) as a Therapeutic Drug

Psilocybin as a Therapeutic Drug
Overview of psilocybin as a therapeutic drug.

Ayahuasca as a Therapeutic Drug
Overview of ayahuasca as a therapeutic drug.

How Do Drugs Affect Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is highly recommended, but drug use while breastfeeding may cause problems for your baby. Learn about the effect of drugs on your baby

A Higher Power, Spirituality and Addiction
Spirituality and addiction recovery are connected , including the belief in a higher power. But what if you aren't religious?

Detox - Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs
Review of major considerations when deciding whether a detox program for your addiction is right for you.

Blood Alcohol Content Conversions for Men by Weight
Part of drinking safely is knowing how much alcohol you can drink while keeping your blood-alcohol content under the limit.

Effects of Caffeine on the Body and Physical Health
The effects of caffeine on the body and physical health include effects on your heart, blood pressure, and bone density.

Codeine and Breastfeeding: Keep Your Baby Safe
Tips on combining codeine and breastfeeding for Moms who have been prescribed medications containing codeine. Risks and what to do if codeine is necessary.

Acid Trip Movies that Show the Psychedelic Experience
These five acid trip movies give viewers a sense of the fascinating but sometimes frightening and downright dangerous experience of tripping on LSD.

Ten Ways to Overcome an Addictive Personality
From comfort eating, to overusing the internet, here are ten behaviors to get under control if you have an addictive personality.

Five Advertising Tricks That Trigger Impulse Buying
Advertisers have ways of luring you into compulsive spending. Here are five common advertising tricks used to make you spend, against your better judgement.

Five True Bad Acid Trip Stories that Make You Think Twice
Tripping on acid can be very unpleasant, even terrifying. These five true bad acid trip stories could make you think twice before taking it.

Supporting Families of People with Drug Addictions
Families of people with drug addictions have many issues to worry about. They want to fix their loved one's addiction, yet they need support themselves.

What Is Peer Pressure and Does it Lead to Addiction?
What is peer pressure? It is the way that people of the same social group -- peers -- can influence one another, often in negative ways.

What is the Inhalant Drug Known as Poppers?
Poppers are inhalant drugs, also known as amyl nitrite. But although this drug is legally available to adults, did you know it is potentially dangerous?​

Tips For Fever Management During Withdrawal
Tips for responding appropriately to, and controlling, withdrawal fever. Home treatment remedies, when to seek medical help and addiction symptoms.

What Symptoms to Expect From Heroin Withdrawal
This article explains the symptoms that are commonly experienced when people go through heroin withdrawal, along with tips for helping you cope with them.

Why Boundaries are Important for Recovery
We hear a lot about people with addictions having problems with boundaries, but it is not always clear what is meant by the term boundaries. This article explains what boundaries are, and why they are important for recovery.

What to Expect from Nicotine Withdrawal
What is it like to go through nicotine withdrawal? Discover the most common symptoms and learn how to combat them so you are prepared to quit smoking.

What to Expect from Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
Do you know what to expect from alcohol withdrawal, which can happen if you suddenly stop drinking alcohol? Symptoms, how to manage them, and when to get help.

What Is Video Game Addiction?
What is video game addiction? Video game addiction compulsive or uncontrolled use of video games, which causes problems in other areas of the person's life.

What Not to Say to Someone With a Drug Addiction
These are some of the ignorant, rude, or clueless comments or questions that someone with a drug addiction won't want to hear from family and friends.

What is Suboxone? - Definition and Uses
Suboxone is a prescription medication that can help treat heroin addiction and dependence on other opiates.

What Is Substance Intoxication Delirium?
Substance Intoxication Delirium is the official diagnostic label for delirium caused by taking alcohol, illicit drugs, or medications.

What Is Substance/Medication-Induced Anxiety Disorder?
Substance/Medication-Induced Anxiety Disorder is anxiety or panic that is caused by alcohol, illicit drugs, or medications.

What Does "Psychoactive Mean?
Information on what

What is Sexting or Sex Texting?
Sexting may seem like fun and games, but can quickly turn into a destructive addiction. Learn about how sexting can become a problem.

What Is the Definition of Psychosis?
What is the definition of the term psychosis? Learn about the clinical term, common causes and types, and the link between drug use and psychosis.

What is Paranoia and Can it be Caused by Drugs?
What is Paranoia? This article explains causes and treatments for this unpleasant condition, often caused by tiredness, drug use, or mental illness.

What Is Motivational Interviewing as a Treatment for Addiction
What is Motivational Interviewing? It is an approach to addiction counseling, which is respectful and non-confrontational, but helps with motivation to change.

What is Mindfulness Therapy as an Addiction Treatment?
What is mindfulness? It is a state of mental awareness and focus that is used in meditation practices, and is increasingly used in therapy.

what is it like for a kid whose parents drink too much
What is it like for a child whose father or mother drinks too much alcohol? Many parents convince themselves that drinking around their kids is OK, but it can be harmful.

What is Harm Reduction in Substance Use?
What is harm reduction? Harm reduction is an approach to decreasing some of the damage related to substance use, without focusing on people quitting.

What Is Euphoria?
Glossary definition of euphoria in the context of addiction. includes an example of drug euphoria.

What Is Geeking? Here's What You Should Know
Geeking is binge use of crack cocaine, a powerfully addictive drug that typically comes to rule the lives of its users. Learn what happens in geeking.

What is Gambling Disorder in the DSM 5 psychiatry manual?
What is Gambling Disorder? A behavioral addiction diagnosis included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition or DSM V.

What Is the Definition of a Drug Overdose?
Better understand what a drug overdose is with this definition, which also includes a review of the signs, symptoms and treatment of overdoses.

What Is Asphyxiation?
Asphyxiation can cause death as a result of alcohol and drug abuse and also can be a deliberate sexual act. Learn more about this dangerous condition.

What is Auto-Brewery Syndrome or Abnormal Gut Fermentation?
Auto-Brewery Syndrome or Abnormal Gut Fermentation is a real, but highly unusual medical condition which can lead to false accusations of heavy drinking.

What Is a Needle Exchange Harm Reduction Program
Needle exchange services provide injection drug users with clean needles, safe disposal of used needles, and sometimes other resources.

What Is Ambien?
Glossary definition of Ambien in regards to addiction. Learn how the sleeping pill is used by drug users for sexual effects.

How Do Rituals Play a Role With Addictions
Rituals are a part of the addiction processes. Rituals define how addictive behaviors are started and what addictive behaviors take place.

What is a K Hole
Answer to the frequently asked question,

What is a ComeDown for Drug Users?
A comedown is a term used to describe when someone with an addiction begins to experience their high wearing off. Comedowns can exacerbate addiction.

Why Heavy Drinkers Decide to Change their Alcohol Drinking
Heavy drinkers usually change at some point, with or without help. So why do heavy drinkers decide to change their alcohol drinking?

What Does it Feel Like to Get High on Mephedrone?
Mephadrone is a recent designer drug, that has rapidly grown in popularity due to a number of factors. This article describes the experience of taking the drug, as reported by users.

What Are the Risks of Quitting Cold Turkey?
To many addicts, quitting cold turkey is more appealing because it can be easier to avoid the drug entirely, but this can be very dangerous.

What Are Boundaries for Healthy Relationships?
What are boundaries? People with addictions often have problems with boundaries in relationships, but some don't know what boundaries in relationships are.

Which Controlled Drugs Are In the Controlled Substance Act
The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) is a law in the United States which determines which substances are controlled drugs, and carry penalties.

Was I Sexually Abused? - Trauma and Addiction
Was I sexually abused? The fact that you don't recall much of your childhood could indicate that you may have been exposed to a traumatic event.

Types of Psychedelic Drugs
There are many types of psychedelic drug. This article describes some of the better known types, and outlines their effects.

What Are the Different Types of Gamblers?
What differentiates addictive gambling from professional and social gambling. Learn more about gambling addiction, including signs and treatment.

Five Different Types of Cybersex User or Addict
Research shows that there are five different types of cybersex user, and not all of them have cybersex addiction or sexual problems. Here examples of each.

Types of Marijuana - Information and Overview
There are several types of marijuana, and a variety of cannabis preparations which look completely different, although they contain the same drug.

Five Mistakes about Painkiller Addiction in the Movie "Cake"
The Jennifer Aniston movie,

Marijuana Problems - Cannabis Use and Related Disorders
What are Marijuana Problems? There are differences between marijuana use, cannabis abuse, cannabis dependence, and cannabis use disorder.

Does Marijuana Cause Infertility? What Research Tells Us
Does marijuana cause infertility? For people trying to conceive, who may use marijuana, it is important to know about the research evidence.

The Health Risks of Marijuana and Breastfeeding
What are the consequences of smoking marijuana while breastfeeding? Discover the latest research and how your marijuana use can effect your baby's health.

Making Friends Without Alcohol -- What to Do Instead
Making friends without drinking alcohol can be a challenge for some people, especially those who have recently quit drinking. Here's how to do it.

Tips for Coping With Withdrawal Nausea and Vomiting
Tips for coping with withdrawal-induced nausea and vomiting.

The Self Medication Theory of Addiction
The self medication theory of addiction is the idea that people use addictive substances or behaviors to cope with a hidden physical or mental health issue.

The Precontemplation Stage for Overcoming Addiction
This describe the precontemplation stage, the first stage of Prochaska and DiClemente's stages of change model of addiction and behavior change.

The Maintenance Stage
The maintenance stage of change in Prochaska and DiClemente's Stages of Change model of addiction and behavior change.

What Is the Nature vs Nurture Debate?
Learn about the argument of the nature vs nurture debate as it applies to understanding addiction.

Is Tinder Safe?
Tinder is considered by many to be an exciting new way of meeting sexual partners, but it does carry risks.

Is Retail Therapy Good for You?
Retail therapy can seem like a quick and easy route to feeling good, and might make you feel better for a short time. But research tells a different story when it comes to being happier.

Is Ritalin Addictive?
Ritalin is widely prescribed for both children and adults who have ADD and ADHD, but it also has the potential for abuse. So is Ritalin addictive?

Is it Safe to Share?
I recently started hanging out with some friends who like to smoke weed. They always pass around the joint, and I wonder whether it is safe, going from one mouth to another.

Is Hypnosis Safe as an Addiction Treatment?
Is hypnosis safe? People interested in using clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy to treat addictions are often interested in the safety of the approach.

Introduction to Internet Sex Addiction
Describes the process of addiction to sexual activity based on the internet.

Ten Myths About Motivational Interviewing
Let's explode ten commonly held myths about Motivational Interviewing, a compassionate and gentle approach to treating addictions.

Television Addiction
Television has long been discussed in the media, and accepted among laypeople. But researchers remain unclear on the nature of this behavioral addiction.

Do I Need Help? - My Husband Hits Me When He's Drunk
I need help. I love my husband, and we both enjoy drinking on the weekends, but my husband hits me when he's drunk. What should I do?

I Drink a Lot -- Does That Make Me an Alcoholic
Many people who drink a lot are concerned that they might be an alcoholic. But are there other issues that drinkers should be more concerned about?

All About Sugar Addiction
If you have ever found yourself craving sugary food, even when you weren't hungry, or kept on eating sweet food long after you intended to stop, read on. Sugar addiction is a common type of food addiction.

How to Drink Responsibly
Explains how to change from irresponsible drinking to drinking responsibly.

Will My Baby Be Harmed if I Smoke While Breastfeeding?
Nicotine is a highly addictive drug, and many new mothers hope to return to smoking while breastfeeding. But is it safe for the baby?

How Painkiller Addiction or Overuse Happens
How do pain patients graduate from painkiller use to painkiller addiction? Here are 10 factors that contribute to this tragic transformation.

Should I Drink Low Alcohol Beer or Alcohol Free Beverages?
Low alcohol beer and wine, and other alcohol free drinks are widely available -- but are they a good idea? Not for everyone.

Should I Breastfeed When I Drink or Use Drugs?
Moms who drink, smoke, or take medications and other substances often still want to breastfeed their baby. Learn how substances can get into breastmilk.

How CBT Helped Jenna to Stop Overeating
The story gives a look at how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helped Jenna stop overeating. The characters are not real but the story matches real issues.

How to Quit An Addiction - Advice on Stopping
Dealing with the many factors, physical, mental and emotional, that make quitting difficult is the secret of how to quit an addiction.

How Can I Stop Hurting - Dealing With Emotional Pain
Although drugs can sometimes numb emotional as well as physical pain, there are ways it can make the problem worse.

Harm Reduction Tips for Marijuana Users to Reduce Risks
Marijuana can be potentially harmful, but you can follow these harm reduction tips for marijuana users to reduce the risks.

Cocaine Tips: Six Harm Reduction Strategies
Cocaine use is a high risk activity, and is best avoided completely. If you do take cocaine, these harm reduction strategies could save your life.

Preventing Video Game Addiction in Children
Provides parents and caregivers with tips on preventing video game addiction in their children, ranging from monitoring screen time to good parenting.

How Emotional Pain Affects Physical Pain
Emotional pain worsens the experience of physical pain, but what is meant by

What is Opioid Use Disorder in the New DSM-5
The diagnostic criteria for Opioid Use Disorder, a substance use disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

Online Casino Addiction
Online casinos carry a special risk of gambling addiction, as people who might otherwise not participate in casino gambling are able to access them through the internet.

Five Ways to Curb Your Drug Cravings and Avoid Relapse
Cravings are a normal reactions to discontinuing drug use. They can trigger a relapse, but try these simple strategies to curb your drug cravings.

Five Types of Internet Abuse Used to Cyberbully
Provides tips on how to protect yourself and your children from five types of internet abuse are used to cyberbully and exploit children, teens, and adults.

Does Weed Relieve Stress?
Does weed really relieve stress or make you more peaceful? Find out the truth behind five commonly held myths about the effects of marijuana.

Five Heroin Movies That Attempt to Portray Addiction
Five movies about heroin that include famous actors like Ben Stiller and Frank Sinatra that cover heroin addiction and struggles over the decades.

Five Ecstasy Movies - Movies About MDMA
MDMA (ecstasy and molly) is an illegal drug with effects similar to both stimulants and psychedelics. Learn about how the drug has featured in movies.

Local Gambling Hotlines to Call by U.S. State
If you have a gambling problem, find a gambling helpline to call by U.S. state. The hotlines are designed to help addicts, people in debt and more.

Local Gambling Hotlines to Call by U.S. State
If you have a gambling problem, find a gambling helpline to call by U.S. state. The hotlines are designed to help addicts, people in debt and more.

Local Gambling Hotlines to Call by U.S. State
If you have a gambling problem, find a gambling helpline to call by U.S. state. The hotlines are designed to help addicts, people in debt and more.

Local Gambling Hotlines to Call by U.S. State
If you have a gambling problem, find a gambling helpline to call by U.S. state. The hotlines are designed to help addicts, people in debt and more.

Food Addiction - Is Food Addiction Real
The media has discussed food addiction for some time now, commenting on

Sex Addiction - Is Sex Addiction Really an Addiction
We hear a lot in the media about sex addiction, and particularly whether celebrities such as David Duchovny and Tiger Woods are

Is Sex Addiction Real, a Joke or an Excuse?
We hear a lot in the media about sex addiction, and celebrities being

Is Cybersex Fantasy or Reality?
Cybersex may seem like harmless fantasy, but when it involves children, even those who simply dabble in child porn pose a serious risk to young children.

Why Did My Cheating Spouse Have an Online Affair
Why are people in real relationships drawn to having online affairs?

How Much Alcohol Is in One Drink?
We talk about alcohol in terms of drinks, but how much alcohol is actually in a standard drink?

How Much Alcohol Is in an American Standard Drink?
How much alcohol is in one American standard drink? This frequently asked question is answered in terms of common alcoholic beverages.

Five Truths about Painkiller Addiction in the Movie "Cake"
Jennifer Aniston gave a courageous portrayal of a woman struggling with grief, pain, and addiction to the medication percocet, in the movie,

Making Friends Without Drinking -- How to Connect With Others
Did you learn to socialize using alcohol? If you have recently quit and are finding it hard to connect with others, this article could help.

Magic Mushrooms to Quit Smoking?
Magic mushrooms are thought of as a potentially dangerous hallucinogenic drug, but new research suggests it may be helpful for quitting smoking.

My Parents Drink Too Much
Children of parents who drink too much have a tough life, but their problems are often invisible to the other children and adults around them. This article provides some insight into what thousands of children go through living with heavy drinking parents.

Fact or Fiction: Get The Truth About Acid
There are a lot of misconceptions out there about acid, or Lysergic Acid (LSD). Get the truth behind five commonly held myths about LSD.

Sources and Research on the Stages of Change Model
Source list for the Stages of Change

The Action Stage
The action stage in Prochaska and DiClemente's transtheoretical model.

The Relapse Stage
The relapse stages of the stages of change model.

The Preparation Stage
The preparation stage of Prochaska and DiClemente's Stages of Change model of addiction and behavior change.

The Contemplation Stage
The contemplation stage of Prochaska and DiClemente's Transtheoretical Model.

The Stages of Change Model of Overcoming Addiction
The stages of change model explains how people overcome addiction. It is also sometimes called the transtheoretical model.

Ten Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship
It can be difficult for recovering sex addicts to know what a healthy sexual relationship looks like. Here are 10 features of healthy intimacy.

How to Support Someone With Substance Abuse Family Issues
Substance abuse family issues can affect anyone. Here are five ways to support someone who has alcohol or drug use in the family.

Can You Get High From Exercise?
Exercise is free, fun, and good for you. It can also cause euphoria, meaning, it can get you high. Is this a harmless way to have fun, or is it addictive?

Blood Alcohol Level - Know Your Blood Alcohol Level For Men
Page 2 of article for men on how to calculate your blood alcohol level.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

What Does the Expression Tough Love Mean?
Tough love is frequently used to describe helping someone with addiction, but it can be very harmful and can even lead to relapsing into addictions.

What is the Definition of PnP in Addiction?
PnP stands for

What Is Substance/Medication-Induced Psychotic Disorder?
Substance/Medication-Induced Psychotic Disorder is the medical term for a type of mental illness caused by taking alcohol, illicit drugs, or medications.

How Supportive-Expressive Therapy Treats Addiction
Supportive-expressive therapy is an evidence-based, psychodynamic treatment for more severe substance use disorders. Learn if the treatment suits you.

Understanding Addiction
If you've never experienced addiction, it may be hard to understand. This article helps you understand addiction, without stigma and judgment.

What is W18 or W-18? - The Latest High Risk Drug
What is W-18? This research drug hit the streets around 2013, and has been implicated in numerous deaths by overdose, particularly in Canada.

Controlling Compulsive Lying for People With Addictions
Laws and social stigma create situations where lies can become a way of life for people with addictions. These tips will help you control the urge to lie.

What are the Effects of Caffeine on the Brain?
The effects of caffeine on the brain are wide ranging. There are several psychological effects of caffeine, which can disrupt mental processes.


Family Members – Get Help For Yourself First
Suggestions of ways that the family members of people with addictions can get the support that they need.

How to Prevent Addiction in Your Kids
Here are ten tips for parents who want know what kinds of parent discipline prevents addiction problems in their kids.

Addiction Research - Addiction Research
Addiction research is conducted in many areas of the lives of people with addictions, and looks at the biological, psychological and social reasons for addiction, and methods for helping people overcome addictions.

Addictions and Health - Addictions and Health Problems
Details of physical health problems which commonly co-occur with addictions.

Mental Health and Addictions - Co-occurring Problems With Mental Health and Addictions
Details of mental health problems which co-occur with addictions.

Shopping Addiction - Shopping Addiction Resources
If you consider yourself a compulsive shopper, a shopping addict, or a shopaholic, or you care about someone who is, chances are you want to know more about the condition and what you can do to overcome it. You'll find strategies and self-help tools as well as information.

Food Addiction - Food Addiction, Overeating, and Binge Eating
Compulsive over-eating and binge eating, particularly with certain types of food, can be a form of addiction. Get the latest on food addiction, it's causes, how you can overcome it, and how you can prevent it.

Safe Injecting
Injecting drugs is a learned skill, typically requiring professional training, but engaged in by drug users with no proper understanding of the risks involved. Added to that is the potential risk of overdose, leaving injection drug uses vulnerable to harm and even premature death.