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Addiction and the Media
The media has a pervasive and profound influence on the members of society, and has a strong impact on the acceptability and attractiveness of addictive behaviors. This may be direct, through advertising, or indirect, through the glorification of addictive behavior.

Chronic Pain
People with chronic pain may be at increased risk of developing addictions, particularly to pain relieving drugs such as opiates. They may also use alcohol to escape the pain. People with addictions are more at risk of developing chronic pain through accidents, health problems and lack of self-care.

Risk of Addictions For People With Developmental Disabilities - Addiction Risk Reduction Tips For Parents of Children With Developmental Disabilities
Provides a list of tips for parents and caregivers aimed at reducing risk of addictions.

Tips For Communicating With An Addicted Loved One
Tips for communicating with someone with an addiction in ways that are supportive and effective.

Glossary of Definitions
Definitions of terms used in other articles and content.

Harm Reduction
Harm reduction is an approach to helping people with addictions that focuses on reducing the damage done by drugs and the lifestyle of addictions, rather than with-holding help and limiting it to helping people become abstinent (although harm reduction can include helping people to become abstinent).

Must Read Essentials
Five articles which appear on every page, and provide the basics on the site as a whole.

Personality Disorders
People with personality disorders may be at increased risk of developing addictions. Alcohol, drugs and other addictive behaviors may be used as a way of managing strong emotions, attempting to facilitate social relationships, and may be engaged in as a result of poor impulse control.

Will One Drink or Drug Use Make a Difference?
Wondering whether a single drink or use of a drug will make a difference to successfully quitting? Read on...

The Impact of Fame
Fame brings with it special stresses related to the inability to live up to a public persona, lack of privacy, fear of stalkers and harassment, and excessive wealth. Lifestyle factors may also bring additional exposure to alcohol and drugs.