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Top 5 Countries for International Adoption
Have you wondered what countries are the most popular for International Adoption? Here are the facts, and some insight as to why.

10 Famous People Who Were Adopted
There a lots of great stories of adoption. Here are 10 brief stories of celebrities who were the product of adoption.

10 Celebrity Families Who Have Adopted
Have you ever wondered which celebrities have adopted children? Here are 10 celebrity families who have adopted in recent years.

Adopting Outside Of Birth Order
Birth order is a big deal! So, how do you approach adoption or foster care when it disrupts birth order in your home?

Closed Or Open Adoption?
Choosing between closed and open adoption maybe something you considering. Hopefully this will help you better understand your options.

3 Ways To Tell Your Story
As an adoptive or foster parent you have a unique story to share with others. Here are 3 creative ways to tell your story.

5 Steps to Prepare for Foster Care
Foster Care can be a very rewarding and rich experience. Being properly prepared is crucial for a successful journey in foster care.

Why Does International Adoption Take So Long?
International Adoption is a lengthy process. Here's a look at the reasons why that is true.

When Others Don't Understand Your Adoptive or Foster Family
You are passionate about being an adoptive or foster family. But, that isn't true of everyone. What should you do when others aren't supportive?

5 Steps To Choosing An Adoption Agency
Choosing and adoption agency can be tough. Here are 5 tips to help you make a confident and informed decision.

3 Sacrifices and 3 Rewards of Adoption and Foster Care
Being a parent alone requires these same sacrifices and delivers these same rewards. But, adoption and foster care make them far more tangible.

8 Tips for Adoption Travel
International adoption will require to to visit your child's country of origin at least once. Be prepared and enjoy every moment with these 8 tips.

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Was Adopted
Jersey Store star Snooki is not actually from New Jersey or Italy. Snooki was adopted from Chile when she was 6 months old.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Family for Adoption and Foster Care
Preparing your family for adoption and foster care is important. The children you will help will be best served in healthy families.

8 Crucial Reasons You Should Not Adopt A Child
Many people are considering adoption today. With the popularization in media today, I want to share 8 crucial reasons you should not adopt a child.

Eight Family Foster Care Adoption Blogs
My top picks of family foster care blogs. Find families who do foster care adoption as well as straight family foster care. Bloggers include lesbian and gay foster parent to foster dads to foster parents of gay teens. This is a diverse group with knowledge to share.

Christmas Movies - Elf - Heidi - Little Drummer Boy - Nester the Long Eared Donkey - Holiday Movies - Adoption Themed Movies
Looking for a Christmas movie with an adoption theme? Here are a few movies for Christmas that will meet your needs.

Visas for Hague Convention Adoptions - What Are the IH-3 and IH-4 Visas for?
Visas for Hague convention adoptions are the IH-3 and IH-4 visas. Children adopted in Hague convention countries receive either an IH-3 or IH-4 visas.

Four Realities About Adoption
Four Realities about adoption I wish I had known.

Racism, Adoption and Our Kids
As a transracial, adoptive family we must be proactive. In light of the current cultural struggles here in America, we cannot avoid discussing racism.

Key Ingredient of Adoption
This is a key ingredient for adoption. To survive the process you need practical steps to develop patience.

4 Crazy Adoption Questions
As an adoptive family you will get asked some crazy questions. From experience, here are a few tips on handling those questions!

Foster Parent Appreciation Month
Well, we received our gift from our foster care agency yesterday. A nice mug filled with Hershey Kisses and a DVD about the foster care program so that we may

When a Child's Behavior Problem Threatens the Adoptive Family
I recently received an email from a distraught adoptive father. His 8-year-old, internationally adopted son was becoming violent toward his 6-year-old birth

When Adoption Reunions Go Wrong - Very Wrong
An interesting article from the Philadelphia Daily News caught my attention the other day. It seems that a New Jersey woman is suing the state for 1 million

What You Need To Know About Adoption Through Foster Care
Some Basics about Adoption through Foster Care You Should Know.

Considerations of Transracial Adoption
These are considerations that should be realized as a transracial, adoptive family.

International or Domestic Adoption? Part 1
A short guide to helping you decide if international or domestic adoption is best for you.

International or Domestic Adoption? Part 2
A short guide to help you decide if international or domestic adoption is right for you.

Identity Crisis of Adoption and Foster Care
There is a crisis that often occurs inside adoptive and foster families. We need to be proactive at addressing the identity crisis of the whole family!

3 Ways to Celebrate Diversity in Your Home
3 Ways to Celebrate Diversity in your home. As an adoptive or foster family it means culture, context and race are considerations to everyday life!

How to Write an Incident Report
You should fill out an incident report if an accident happens. Make it as truthful as possible and make sure to include these details.

Why Do Foster Care Disruptions Occur?
Many foster children bounce from foster home to foster home due to disruptions. Here is a list of common reasons foster parents disrupt on placements.

Funding An Adoption
Practical options in helping to fund your adoption.

Shifting Focus
Shift your primary focus in adoption and foster care to the family.

5 Steps For Beginning An Adoption
5 Steps to Begin the Adoption Process

What Is the Salary for Foster Care?
A quick overview on the perspective of the foster care subsidy as salary.


Adoption Rights and Advocacy Issues
Find articles on various topics that impact the adoption industry and adoption community.

The Child Adoption Process - Resources and Guides
Adoption process from infant adoption to international or gay adoption. Learn if adoption is an option for you and your family, then start the adoption process.

Adoptee Support Resources
Information, resources, and help for the adoptee member of the adoption triad.

Anti-Adoption-birth mother birth parents adoptees adoptive families stories
For those of the adoption triad that feel that they have been lied to, mistreated, or abused by the adoption industry.

Famous Adoptive Parents and Celebrity Adoptions
Information on famous adoptive parents, famous adoptees, foster kids, and other famous people with a tie to the adoption or foster care community.

Birth Father Registries
Are birth father registries planned out carefully enough to ensure birth father rights? Birth father rights are important and perhaps the registries are the best option available, but what changes need to be made to ensure that the father's are involved?

Can a Parent With Terminated Rights Seek Custody Again?
Can a parent whose rights were terminated seek custody if the child hasn't been adopted yet? An Ohio court examines the limits of terminated parental rights.

Seven Ways to Afford the Cost of an Adoption
One of the major reasons people don't pursue adoption is the cost of adoption, especially international adoption. Many every day people have added to their family through adoption without going flat broke. Here are a few ways to help with adoption costs

Breastfeeding Information for Adoptive Mothers Hoping to Nurse
Information on adoptive breastfeeding to not only help educate, but to help make an important decision on whether or not to pursue preparing to breastfeed an adopted child.

Children's Books for Children in the Foster Care System
A listing of books that are foster care related, perfect for foster homes or foster care agencies.

Non-Foster Care Themed Children's Books
List of children's books that may be perfect for foster children to enjoy.

How to Prepare for Becoming a Foster Parent
Thoughts on how foster care can be challenging including links to more resources on how to deal with the challenges.

Black Hairstyles - Black Hairstyles for Foster or Adopted Children
When I provided respite foster care for my best friend's foster children, I was completely intimidated by the upkeep of their black hairstyles. Find easy and less intimidating black hairstyles for your foster or adopted children.

Adult Adoption FAQ - Foreign Adults Wishing to Be Adopted into United States
Can an Adult From a Foreign Country be Adopted into the United States?

What Are the Child Abuse Risk Factors
What are the common causes or risk factors of child abuse? Why would anyone abuse his/her own child?

Adoption Grants and Loans to Help With Adoption Costs
The cost of adoption can scare many prospective adoptive parents away. Here is a guide to organizations that offer adoption grants and loans to families.

Older Child Foster Care and Adoption - Setting Up a Bedroom for Older Youth
Learn how to prepare for foster parenting or adoptive parenting.

Interracial Adoption: What to Consider Before Deciding
Is an interracial adoption for you and your family? What are some things to consider before making your final decision on an interracial adoption?

Learn About Step Parent Adoptions
Learn the basic steps to completing a step parent adoption. Contacting an adoption lawyer is a good first step as each State handles step parent adoptions differently.

Foster Care Basics for Those interested in Caring for Children in Need
Everything you ever wanted to know about foster care, being a foster parent, or becoming a foster parent. Know that regulations differ from state to state and country to country, but the basics and needs of the children are very much the same.

Summer Fun With Your Foster or Adopted Kids
Ideas for things to do to help keep your foster or adoptive kids busy during breaks from school. These fun activities may save your sanity and give kids things to do this Summer.

How to Complete an Adoption From Foster Care
Many adoptive parents choose foster care adoption. This is a great way to help the thousands of children who wait in foster care for years.

Appropriate Adoption Baby Shower Games
Here are several baby shower game ideas and tips for those adoption baby shower hosts and hostesses. Many of these options may require your creative touch to ensure that these baby shower games are adoption friendly and fun.

Russian Adoption Problems Seen by Mike, Tanya Mulligan
An adoptive couple of three Russian children share their view points on the issues surrounding Russian adoptions.

Russian Adoptive Parents Share Their Views on Parenting Older Russian Adopted Children
Mike and Tanya Mulligan, an adoptive couple that adopted 3 children from Russia have strong feelings about Russian adoption problems. The following is an email interview about their opinions on Russian adoption and Russian adoption problems. Page 2.

Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children
CASA volunteers or court appointed special advocates, speak out for children. These volunteers are everyday citizens who take time to advocate for children in court.

International Adoption From Non-Hague Convention Country
What are the first steps to beginning an international adoption? What paperwork do you need? Learn the basic steps to proceed with an international adoption from a non-Hague Convention country.

Obtain Non-Identifying Information From Adoption Records
A very important first step in an adoption search towards is to access your non-identifying information from your adoption records. How each State handles adoption records varies. Learn how your State handles this very important information.

Movie Review of I Am Sam - Movie With a Foster Care Theme
Sam Dawson (Sean Penn) and his daughter Lucy Diamond Dawson (Dakota Fanning) have a great life together until Lucy, at age 7, starts to surpass her retarded father in intelligence. The family's weaknesses come into light through Lucy's teachers and a social worker places Lucy into foster care.

What Makes Someone a Good Foster or Adoptive Father?
This Father's Day remember to thank your adoptive father or foster father for all the little things he didn't have to do. Father's Day is a time to consider all the ways that your fathers really are the best Dads in the world. This Fathers Day don't forget all your dads.

Should You Take a Foster Child on a Family Vacation?
Plan a needed break this summer with a family vacation, but should foster children go with you? Consider these points when deciding whether to include a foster child in your family vacation plans this summer.

Father's Day Thoughts for Adoptive and Foster Fathers
A collection of articles about adoptive fathers and foster fathers. Ideas for Father's Day gifts and articles geared towards adoptive fathers and foster fathers on Father's Day.

Tips for Grandparents of Foster Children
Get some tips on grandparents and foster children.

Appropriate Adoption Baby Shower Games
Here are several baby shower game ideas and tips for those adoption baby shower hosts and hostesses. Many of these options may require your creative touch to ensure that these baby shower games are adoption friendly and fun.

Life in a Troubled Teens Group Home (Personal Story)
A woman shares some experiences from when she lived in a group home for teens.

Life in a Group Home - Group Home Troubled Teen - The Cottage - Group Home
Terri shares stories from her time in a group home for teens. Learn what it's like for kids in a group home as she describes her experiences. Page 2.

Communication Advice - Foster Parents & Social Workers
Learn tips on how to avoid communication problems by establishing roles and expectations.

Before You Start the Adoption Process
Before you take the first steps into the adoption process you may want to understand a bit of the adoption lingo that you will hear. What is an adoption homestudy? What is a dossier? How should I choose my adoption agency? There is a lot to consider when diving into the adoption process of an international or domestic adoption.

What Is an Adoption Subsidy?
What is an adoption subsidy? How is it determined if a child qualifies for adoption assistance?

Family Vacation Plans - The Pros to Including Your Foster Child in Your Family Vacation Plans This Summer
Family vacations can offer a lot of fun for you and your foster children, but many worry about including foster children in their family vacation plans. Check out this list of pros for taking your foster children with you and including them in your family vacation plans.

First Few Weeks Home with an Adopted or Foster Child
The first few weeks with a new foster or adopted child is very stressful. Here are few topics to focus on first.

What Is an Adoption Welcome Party?
Most every new parent, especially moms, look forward to their baby shower. But what about adoptive parents who are adopting a child older than an infant? That's when the host or hostess would throw an adoption welcome party. Learn more about hosting the perfect welcome party.

Ways of Showing Words of Affirmation Love Language
Learn different ways to help a child feel loved through the words of affirmation love language.

12 Prayer Requests for Children in Foster Care
The following article is a list of needs to keep in our prayers when we consider foster children, their families, and the foster families and workers that serve them.

How to Explain a Move to a Child in Foster Care
One of the hardest tasks as a foster parent is to tell a child in foster care that he is moving to a new foster home. Learn a few tips to help you with this emotional task.

Caring for an African American or Biracial Child's Hair
Learn how to care for African American hair. Simple black hair care tips and steps to caring for African American hair.

A Few Things to Know About African American Hair Care
A few basic tips on caring for African American Hair and biracial hair.

Quick Black Hair Care Tips
Learn basic black hair care tips to help when working with your child's African American or biracial hair.

Steps to Family Reunification in the Foster Care System
Social workers develop a plan to help families reunify. Learn the basics to a family reunification plan for children in the foster care system.

Free Parenting Class for Foster Parents - Foster Parents Know that Being Great Involves Being Professional
Great foster parents know that being great means working as a part of a professional team with social workers and a variety of others. This free parenting course teaches other foster parents how to be the best they can be while helping foster children.

Lifebooks 101
Find thoughts and tips on the basics of putting together a lifebook for a foster or adopted child.

How to Work With Adoption Search Angels
How to get started searching with an Adoption Search Angel. Check to see if there is a free adoption search angel available in your area of search.

Hayley Wickenheiser Is an Olympian and Adoptive Parent
Olympic athlete and adoptive parent, Hayley Wickenheiser. Learn more about this Olympian adoptive parent.

Guatemala Adoption - Adopting From Guatemala - How to Adopt From Guatemala - Guatemala Adoption
A quick walk through on adopting from Guatemala. Guatemala adoption requirements are laid out as well as information on needed paperwork to complete a Guatemala adoption.

Adoption Home Study - International Adoption
A big step in the international adoption journey - the home study.

Form I-600A - International Adoption - Guatemala adoption
The I-600A form - the first form to be completed for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Adoption Travel - International Adoption -Guatemala Adoption - Adopting From Guatemala - Guatemala Adoption
Travel time for a Guatemala adoption.

Adoption Dossier - International Adoption
A step in an international adoption process - every adoption requires a dossier.

Guatemala Adoptions - The Children of Guatemala - Guatemala Adoption
Who are the waiting children of Guatemala? What ages of children are in orphanages awaiting new adoptive families? Learn more about Guatemala adoptions.

A New Family Through Adoption - International Adoption - Guatemala Adoption
The final step in any adoption is the fact that you are now a new family!

Starting a Search with a Free Adoption Search Angel
Learn how to access an adoption search angel and the information you will need to have when you contact a volunteer.

Rules for Working with an Adoption Search Angel
Know what not to do when working with a volunteer. There are boundaries in all relationships, even with Adoption Search Angels.

Do You Want to Be an Adoption Search Angel?
Learn how to become an adoption search angel. We are always needing more free search angel volunteers.

Book Review of 'The Lost Boy' by Dave Pelzer
The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer review

Adoption Poem - An Orphan's Prayer
An adoptive mother shares an adoption poem about an orphan waiting for her adoptive mother.

Foster and Adoptive Parents Need to Consider Many Aspects Before Making a Decision - Too Many Transistions May be Too Much for One Family to Handle
Foster and adoptive parents need to discuss many factors before deciding if it is the right time to add a child to the family. A time of many transitions may signal that it is the wrong time for a family.

Free Parenting Class for Foster Parents - Foster Parents Work with Birth Family to Aid Reunification
Learn more about how to being a great foster parent means helping a family be reunited.

Adoption Poem - The Promise
A birth mother shares feelings through an adoption poem written for her two sons that were adopted 11 years ago.

Book Review Red Thread Sisters
A young adoptee from China promises to find an adoptive family for her best friend who has been left behind in an orphanage.

Adoptive Parent Andy Griffith
Andy Griffith was an adoptive father of two children. Learn more about this famous adoptive parent.

Form I-604 - Determination on Child for Adoption
A quick review of the reason and usage behind Form I-604 used in international adoptions.

Strong Foster Families Work to Keep Relationships Strong
There is more to being a foster parent than working with foster children, it's also important to maintain your own family during the process. Here are some ideas on how to remain a strong family while fostering.

Strong Foster Families Know When to Stop
Are you done providing foster care or do you just need a break? Explore different options as you continue to become a strong foster family.

Foster Children and Celebrating Birthdays
Celebrating birthdays is something most children look forward too, foster children are no different. Here are a few tips on helping a foster child celebrate his birthday.

Domestic Adoption Costs Breakdown of Amounts
The costs involved with completing a domestic adoption.

10 Surefire Ways to End a Friendship with a Foster Parenting Friend
Do you have a foster parenting friend? Would you like to learn how to best support him or her? Well, here is a list of 10 suggestions of what not to say to your friend.

Free Parenting Class for Foster Parents - How to Be a Great Foster Parent in a Few Weeks
Five weeks of lessons to help sharpen your foster parenting skills. Topics include working as a part of a professional team in case plans, helping family reunification, understanding the grieving foster child, discipline, culture, and lifebooks.

Gay Adoption Issues - Choosing an LGBT Friendly Attorney
Know adoption law before attempting to complete a gay adoption. It may help to prevent some issues.

I-600 International Adoption Form - Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative in an International Adoption
The I-600 form is a part of the international adoption process. It classifies an orphan that has been or will be adopted by a U.S. citizen as an immediate relative to that citizen. The I-600 allows the child to enter the United States.

I-600A - Orphan Petition - International Adoption
Information on your first form to be filed with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service when starting your international adoption process.

I-800A - Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country - International Adoption
Information on your first form to be filed with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service when starting your international adoption process from a Hague Convention country.

Foster Care and Your Marriage
If we don't do our best and be good partners in fostering, foster care can hurt a marriage. A tongue-in-cheek top ten list for all foster parents.

What to Do Before Sending Foster Children or Adopted Children Back to School
Are you ready to send your foster children back to school? Do you know how to enroll a foster child into school? While every school is different the same information is needed. Are there other things to consider in getting ready to start a new school?

Best Ideas to Complete a Lifebook for Your Adopted or Foster Child
Ideas on what to include and how to balance the good and the bad for your foster or adopted child's lifebook.

Child Behavior Problems - Handling Child Behavior Problems in Foster and Adoptive Families
Dealing with child behavior problems is one of the issues faced by adoptive parents. Many children suffer from behavior problems. Gain some ideas on how to handle them and protect your family.

Drawback to Raising Children with a Second Language - Bilingual Children - Second Language Learning
Drawbacks to raising a bilingual child. In international adoptions we are faced with the need to help our children maintain some sort of tie to their birth country. Helping the children acquire or maintain their second language is one way to meet this need.

How to Create a Safety Plan
How to create a safety plan when children have unsafe behaviors within your home.

Some Men Are Afraid to Become an Adoptive or Foster Parent - How To Help Your Man Ease Into Fatherhood
Some men are afraid to become an adoptive or foster parent. How to help your man ease into fatherhood.

Meeting Foster Children for the First Tme
Learn some tips on how to handle the first meeting and day one with your new foster child.

Fostering Connections with Birth Family While Doing Foster Care
Fostering connections with the birth family is extremely important to family reunification. Find ideas to help form a bond between foster parents and birth family.

Helping Your Older Child Adjust -Reactive Attachement Disorder - RAD - Adoptee
Parenting a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) brings many difficulties and challenges. Information to gather from a social worker before adopting a child. Any and all information will help make diagnosis, treatment, and parenting more effective.

Grandparents - Grandparents and Adopted Children
Grandparents are an important connection for children and grandparents of adopted children need to reach out and attempt to build that connection. One grandparent discusses how she established a connection with her three adopted, older grandchildren. Ideas for grandparents of adopted children.

Adoptee Reunion - Birth Family Meeting for the First Time
The story of when I found out I had a big sister.

What is an Adoptive Mother?
Who are adoptive mothers? What traits do they possess? What does it take to be an adoptive mother?

Parent - Am I Ready to Be a Parent Through Adoption?
Deciding to become a parent is a huge decision. Is adoption a good way for you to become a parent? Who should choose adoption? Should you adopt a baby internationally or Domestically? There are many questions to consider and choices to make in the world of adoption.

What Is the History of National Adoption Month
Why do we celebrate National Adoption Month and where did it get its beginnings?

Family Adoption Support Group Ideas - Adoption Activities
15 different activities for your adoption support group. Great ideas for family groups as well as children's groups.

Open Adoption - History of Open Adoption
Catch a quick informative glimpse of open adoption in this short article by Lucille Carroll, guest author. Open adoption is not a new concept.

Happy Adoption Reunion Story
One woman's journey to locate her birth family brings many surprises and answers to questions. Having been raised as an only child in her adoptive home, she is pleased to find siblings and a large family.

Meeting Birth Father in a Happy Adoption Reunion Story
One woman's journey to locate her birth family brings many surprises and answers to questions. Page 2.

Unanswered Letters in a Happy Adoption Reunion Story
Reader finds answers to questions after a successful adoption search and reunion. Page 3.

Phone Calls with New Family in a Happy Adoption Reunion Story
Reader finds siblings during her adoption search and reunion. Page 4.

Blessings of Having Family in an Adoption Reunion Story
Reader shares her feelings after a successful adoption search and reunion. Page 5.

Induced Lactation and Adoptive Breastfeeding
If an adoptive mother is interested in breastfeeding her baby she will need to induce lactation. Learn more with this article.

Open Adoption - Common Myths About Open Adoptions
There are many myths about open adoptions. Which open adoption myth have you heard before? Which ones do you believe? Explore the truth about open adoption.

Adoption Search Angel Listing for the United States
A listing of the Adoption Search Angels. These volunteers help find members of family separated by adoption.

Grief - All About Children and Grief and Grieving
All about grief and grieving with foster and adopted children. How does grief effect a child? What are some ideas to help a child with grieving? What may impact a foster child's grief?

Is Foster Care for You and Your Family? - Foster Parenting and You - Foster Care Children Need Devoted Foster Parents
Before jumping into foster care, most foster parents spend two or three years just thinking about it. Here are a few points to consider before making the final decision on whether or not to become foster parents.

Birth Child - A Definition for the Term Birth Child
A definition for the term birth child. The term birth child is often used in the adoption and foster care community.

Pennsylvania Adoption Search Angels
A group of adoption search volunteers in Pennsylvania help find lost family separated by adoption.

Guatemalan Orphanage - Guatemalan Adoption - Guatemalan Mission - Guatemalan Adoption
Mom's on a Mission visit Guatemalan orphanage to do mission work. Page 2.

Post Adoption Reports - How to Write a Post Adoption Report - International Adoption
How to write a post adoption report. Post adoption reports are mainly required after an international adoption.

WISE Up Powerbook - Talking About Adoption - Talking About Adoption With Children - Handling Rude Thoughtless Annoying Questions
A great book for kids and parents to read together. W.I.S.E. Up the Owl will lead your child through simple lessons and teach him/her how to handle the rude, annoying, and thoughtless questions that other kids sometimes ask. Empower your children with W.I.S.E. Up.

Birth Father-Putative Father Registry-Birth Father
Information on the Putative Father Registry of New York.

Russian Murder Cases of Children Have Been by an Adoptive Parent
The number of Russian children murder cases by adoptive parents continue to rise. There have been 16 cases of adopted children from Russia being murdered by their adoptive parents. Here are the quick facts on these chilling cases.

Angelina Jolie - Famous Adoptive Parents - Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie Relationship with Brad Pitt
Information on famous adoptive parent, Angelina Jolie. Not only is she a popular film star, but a humanitarian who does good work across the globe to help make life better for children. Angelina Jolie is also in a relationship with Brad Pitt, they have a child together.

Olympic Athlete - Greg Louganis Is an Olympian Adoptee and a Famous Olympic Athlete
Greg Louganis, Olympic athlete is a diver and gold medal winner in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. This Olympic athlete is also an adoptee.

Olympic Athlete - Scott Hamilton Is an Olympic Athlete and a Famous Adoptee
Olympic athlete, Scott Hamilton was adopted as an infant. He is an Olympic gold medalist and a cancer survivor. He is someone to look up to as he has beat many odds to be where he is today. Learn more about this Olympic athlete.

Celebrating Mother's or Birthmother's Day - Adoption Gifts - Mother's Day
Views from birthmoms and adoptive moms on the importance of birth mother's day. Find ideas for celebration and honoring birth mothers everywhere on the Saturday before Mother's Day - Birth Mother's Day.

What Are Love Languages?
Utilizing the five love languages may be a wonderful way to build attachment and bonding within your newly adoptive or foster family.

Birth Certificate Number - Where Do I Find the State and Local Numbers on My Birth Certificate?
If you are an adoptee searching for your birth family, your adoption search angel may request numbers off of your birth certificate. Learn why a birth certificate number is important during an adoption search.

Amended Birth Certificate - What Is the Difference Between an Amended and Original Birth Certificate
What is the difference between an amended birth certificate and an original birth certificate?

Prospective Parent - Surrogacy - Adoption - About Adoption
What does the term prospective parent mean?

A Definition for the Term Biological Parent
Learn the quick definition of the word biological parent.

Lifebooks Adopted Child- Lifebook- How to Create Lifebook
A wonderful book that tells how to make a lifebook for the foster or adopted child. Includes how to word delicate life stories, what information to include, and how to include the child in the lifebook process.

Indiana Adoption - Adoption in the State of Indiana
Information on Indiana adoption. Lean the requirements and contact information to complete an Indiana adoption.

Legal Risk Placement - What Is a Legal Risk Placement?
What Is a Legal Risk Placement? A definition of the adoption term, legal risk placement?

Adoption Photolisting - What Is an Adoption Photolisting?
An adoption photolisting is a way to meet children who are in need of adoptive homes.

Fostering in the State of Ohio
Fostering in the State of Ohio. Adoption / Foster Care.

Do Airlines Offer Discount Airfares for Adoption?
Do research before purchasing airfares offered through adoption fare programs to make sure that they are the best deal for international adoption travelers.

Share Foster Parenting Tips with Other Foster Parents
Take a moment and share your best foster parenting tips. Do you have ideas on how to best work with social workers or birthparents? How about a quick tip on dealing with a foster child's behavior? Please share any and all ideas with other foster parents.

Stellaluna - Adoption Books - Children's Books - Janell Cannon

Adoption Law - Adoption Court Cases - Adoption Law
Legal information, going to court, legal terms used in adoption law, and legislation. Adoption law and other legal resources.

Importance of Culture - Explore the Importance of Culture within Adoption and Foster Care
There is much to think about when it comes to adoptive and foster parenting, but don't forget the importance of culture.

Adoptive parenting - articles - resources
Parenting articles and links on training, building family unity, siblings, and support.

Amanda Dees - Adoption Poetry - Adoption Poems
Amanda, an adoptee from Taiwan, wrote the following poem when she was nine years old, just after meeting her birth mother for the first time.

Interracial Adoption - International Adoption - Cross Cultural Adoption - Book Excerpt
Authors of the book,

Bryony Lake - Contributing Author at About Adoption
Articles listed below contributed by Bryony Lake, a reunited natural mother.

Christopher- Book Reviews - Foster Care - Foster Children - Adoption - Adoptee
Christopher reads books about adoption and foster care and gives his review as seen through his 12 year old eyes.

Guest Author - Contributing Authors - Dan - Chris - Adoptees
We are both adoptees, Chris is reunited with his birthmom and 4 brothers, and I am still searching. We came up with the Plane theory driving home from the Concerned United Birthparents Retreat in October of 2004.

Debbie Hutson - Adoption Poetry - Adoption Poems - Written While Waiting
Poetry by Debbie Hutson - written while waiting for the adoption of her children from Guatemala.

Articles written by Erik L. Smith
Articles written by Erik L. Smith, a birth father and a wonderful author.

Financial Matters - Adoption - foster care - subsidy - reimbursement
Useful adoption and fostering financial information - adoption costs and fees, and fostering rates and taxes, subsidies.

Adoption / Foster Care Glossary & Indexes
Glossary of various words used within the adoption and foster care world.

Guest Article Index - Contributing Authors - Writers - adoption
Want to read another article by your favorite guest author? Here you will find a listing of their work that is published here at About Adoption.

Jan Baker - Contributing Author - About Adoption - Jan Baker
Biography of contributing author at About Adoption, Jan Baker. A reunited birthmother shares her stories with

Keith Thompson - Contributing Author - Foster Parent - Adoptive Parent
Contributing author and foster/adoptive parent.

About Adoption - Loretta Love Huff - Adoptee
Contributing author for About Adoption. Adoptee Loretta shares her adoption reunion story and other insights as an adopted person.

Louann Carroll - Author - Adult Adoption
Articles and Biography contributed by Louann Carroll.

Madhu Rollings - articles - international adoption - adoptee stories
Articles written by international adoptee, Madhu Rollings.

Mardie Caldwell - Guest Author - Contributing Author
Mardie Caldwell, COAP of Let's Talk Adoption is a guest author on About Adoption & Foster Care.

Mary Anne Cohen - Guest Author - Contributing Author
Mary Anne Cohen is a birthmother and adoption reform activist. She has been involved in adoption reform groups since 1975, and is a member of Concerned United Birthparents, supporting member of Bastard Nation, and past board member of American Adoption Congress. She is a poet and essayist, and has written extensively on adoption reform issues.

Adoption Poetry - Adoption Poems - Written While Waiting - Adoptive Mothers
Adoption poetry by Michele Cervone Scott, an adoptive mother. Poems written while waiting for the adoption of her child from Russia.

Patty D. Schlossberg - adoption - articles - adoptee
Articles contributed by Patty D. Schlossberg, an adult adoptee.

Rebecca Hernon Guest Author
Birthmother and active member of the adoption forum. She is also the host of the birthparent forum here at About Adoption. Rebecca is a guest author writing about her experience with her open adoption with her daughter.

Ron Schutt - Contributing Author - Foster Parent - Adoptive Parent
Ron Schutt is a contributing author and poet for About Adoption and Foster Care. He has written a poem about a child's trauma moving from home to home within the foster care system.

Terri Enbourge - The Wall - Open Adoption
Terri is the author of the very popular article about open adoption,

Terri Rimmer - Contributing Author - Guest Writer
Articles and biography of contributing author, Terri Rimmer. Terri was a past resident of group homes, foster homes, and is a birth mother. She has a lot of experience and brings much knowledge to adoption and foster care discussions.

Adoption Poems - Tom Fisher - Adoption Poems
Adoption poems by adoptive parent Tom Fisher.