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Play Cheap Golf on Kauai Hawaii
You might think cheap golf on Kauai, Hawaii, is an oxymoron, when so many courses cost $100 to $200 or more for a round. At Kukuiolono, it's just $9 for the right to play all day! (Plus $3 for a hand cart or $9 for a gas cart.) Thank Walter McByde.

Adventure Travel - Scuba Diving, Snorkeling , Water Sports
Scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports are all here. Our planet is more than 70 percent water, so there are lots of places for adventure travel in and on the water. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and canoeing are just a few adventures`in the water. Prefer to stay drier? Try cruising, sailing or riding in a motor boat.

Cruising, Rafting, Boating, Kayaking, Sailing
Kayaking, sailing, boating and other paddling or rowing adventures

Adventure Travel - General
Wide ranging thoughts and information about Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel - Destinations
Great places for adventure travelers.

The 10 Best Hiking Trails in America's National Parks
National parks are some of the best places to go hiking. Here are five parks that are at the top of that list.

Scuba Diving -- The Best Dives, Just Steps From Shore
If the boat ride between dive sites and shore kills your scuba vibe, these shore-accessible dives should fit the bill.

Gear Review: Fishpond Westwater Rolling Carry On
The Westwater Rolling Carry On duffle is an excellent piece of luggage for adventure travelers who travel light and need water proof protection.

10 Best Hot Springs For Instant Relaxation
The top hot springs locations in the United States where travelers can find instant relaxation in natural and manmade environments.

Adventure Travel - Gear
News and reviews of gear aimed at adventure travelers.

Gear Review: Eagle Creek XTA Backpack
Travelers looking for a lightweight – yet full-featured – daypack to carry with them on their adventures should look no further than the XTA from Eagle Creek.

A Visit to Colorado's Mountain Biking Capital – Crested Butte
The mountain town of Crested Butte offers plenty of adventure for travelers looking for an active escape.

Adventure Travel Experiences, Trips, and Vacations
Discover all of the possibilities that adventure travel offers with the help of's resident adventure and outdoor travel

5 Classic Overland Journeys
As overlanding continues to rise in popularity with adventure travelers, here are five classic routes to add to your bucket list.

What is Overlanding?
One of the hottest trends in adventure travel at the moment is overlanding. But does this style of travel actually involve?

Travel Technology
Technology that impacts the way we travel.

6 Rugged Gadgets Designed for Your Next Adventure
Whether you're headed to the city or a remote destination, these 6 tech gadgets are the perfect companion for your next adventure.

Running Wild Whitewater in Quebec
Quebec has much to offer the adventure traveler, including some excellent whitewater rafting along the beautiful Mtabetchouan River

The 8 Best Whitewater Rafting Destinations in the World
Eight of the very best whitewater rafting destinations in the world.

Gear Review: Casio WSD-F10 A Smartwatch for the Outdoors
Outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers finally have a smartwatch designed specifically for them – provided you use an Android phone.

Kayaking in Michigan - Paddling a Kayak on a Michgan River
Kayaking on the Huron River through rural nature preserves and straight into the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan is kayaking adventure unlike any other.

Download Free Maps With Avenza Maps for iOS, Android, and Windows
The Avenza Maps app for iOS and Android gives travelers the ability to download interactive maps that can be used for navigation, even when offline.

Pacsafe Anti-Theft Travel Purses and Bags
The Pacsafe Citysafe 200 travel shoulder bag is, quite simply, the best travel purse I've used during my years of exploring the world. Read on for details.

How to Get in Shape for a Trekking Trips
How to get in shape for trekking and hiking trips, so you'll enjoy the vacation more.

DiCAPac Inexpensive Waterproof Camera Case - Review
If you're looking for an inexpensive waterproof camera case to protect your digital camera, we found the DiCAPac Alpha case worked well while snorkeling and river rafting.

Adventure Travel Family Vacations - Tips for Family Vacations With Adventures
Here are some sources for adventurous family vacations and family trips, plus companies with affordable options designed to engage multiple generations.

Extreme Adventure Travel Vacations- Extreme Adventures in Travel
Looking for some options for extreme adventure travel? These companies offer some of the most unique itineraries on the planet.

Best Companies for Travel Gear, Supplies and Accessories
When you are looking for useful, innovative or cool travel gear, supplies and accessories, these companies offer the best choices.

Adventure Travel News
General news and information from the Adventure Travel industry.

Happy 100th Anniversary National Park Service!
On August 25, 2016 the National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary with a host of special events taking place all over the country.

TSA Allows Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases and Backpacks
Tired of pulling your laptop and other electronic gear out of your carry-on bag or backpack? TSA won’t make you take your laptop out of these checkpoint friendly bags and backpacks.

Top 30 Adventure Travel Companies
Your choice of an adventure travel company could ensure a wonderful vacation. Here's a selection of the very best!

Top 30 Adventure Travel Companies
Your choice of an adventure travel company could ensure a wonderful vacation. Here's a selection of the very best!

Top 30 Adventure Travel Companies
Your choice of an adventure travel company could ensure a wonderful vacation. Here's a selection of the very best!

Over the Altai Mountains on Horseback
Tusker Trail's Mongolia Trek continues into the remote Altai Mountain and beyond.

Mongolia on Horseback: Riding with the Nomads
Tusker Trail's Mongolia Trek takes adventurous travelers deep into the Altai Mountains on horseback.

Mongolia on Horseback: An Adventure of a Lifetime Begins
Tusker Trail's epic journey across Mongolia on horseback is truly one of the best adventure travel experiences available today.

More Extreme Skiing, Snowboarding and other Active Winter Sports
If skiing or snowboarding down groomed runs all day isn't your idea of adventure, check out some of these more extreme ways and places to ski, snowboard, or explore other active winter sports. Skiing or snowboarding on extreme slopes within ski area boundaries or off-piste, playing in terrain parks or catching air in half-pipes -- they've all covered here.

Photo- Buddhist monks praying in a temple in Hue, Vietnam
Buddhist monks praying in a temple in Hue, Vietnam. Page 11.

Photo -- Vietnamese woman in a small boat on Perfume River in Vietnam
Vietnamese woman in a tiny boat on Perfume River in Vietnam. Page 10.

Photos and Images of Vietnam - Vietnam Photos and Images
Vietnam is a colorful country that is now on the

Photo - Burning incense in a Buddhist temple in Hue, Vietnam
Worshipers burn incense in a Buddhist temple in Hue, Vietnam. Page 7.

Photo -- Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi, Vietnam
Winners write history. The Ho Chi Minh Museum is a stylish museum that traces this leader's deeds in Vietnam before and during the Vietnam War. A home he lived in is also on exhibit. Page 4.

Photo -- Temple in Hue, Vietnam
A shrine The temples in a temple in Hue, Vietnam. Page 6.

Photo -- Cam Ranh Bay, the site of battles during the Vietnam War, today is a popular beach in Vietnam
Today Cam Ranh Bay, the site of battles during the Vietnam War, is a popular beach with locals and tourists. Page 3.

Photo - A Family in a Boat on the Perfume River in Hue, Vietnam
Boats are the main means of transportation for many families who live along Perfume River in Hue, Vietnam. Visitors can cruise the river in vibrantly colored dragon boats.

Photo - Artisan stonecutter carves a sculpture in Hue, Vietnam
An artisan stonecutter carves a sculpture in Hue, Vietnam. Page 9.

Photo - Woman carrying chickens and food in buckets in Vietnam
Women in the Vietnamese villages often carry food and even live animals in two buckets that hang from a stick on her shoulders. Page 8.

Photo -- Woman riding a bike through a village in Vietnam
A local woman rides her a bike through a village in Vietnam. Page 2.

Photos and Images of Vietnam - Vietnam Photos and Images
Vietnam is a colorful country that is now on the

Exploring Remote Mongolia on Horseback with Tusker Trail
Mongolia is a classic adventure travel destination, and what better way to explore this place than on the back of a horse?

Five Outdoor Products to Protect Travelers From Zika
Limit your potential exposure to the Zika virus with these products designed to repel insects, including mosquitoes.

Pictures and Images from Exotic Locales Around the Wolrd
Pictures and images from locales around the globe.

Adventure Travel - Adventure Travel Resorts in United States.
Resorts for adventure travelers in the United States.

Adventure Travel Companies and Outfitters -Companies for Adventure Travel Trips
Adventure travel is trendy, but not all companies offering adventure travel vacations have experience running these types of adventures. Here are tips for choosing a reputable adventure travel tour operator or outfitter, plus information about some experienced companies who are offering innovative adventure trips and vacations.

Image - Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders, Viewed from the Sun Gate
Image - Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders

Image - Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders
Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders

Image - Llamas and People Share the Ruins in Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders
Image - Llamas and People Share the Ruins in Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders. Page 4.

Image - View from the Sun Gate of Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders
Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders. Page 2.

South Africa Zip Line Adventures in Tsitsikamma
Zipping along 10 zip lines in one trip was a wild intro to the world of zip line adventures. But that’s what you get when you take the Zip Line Adventure at Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park in South Africa. (Adrenalin junkies note: When you’ve done this, head over to Bloukrans Bridge and do the bungie jump.)

Yes, You Can Go to the North Pole
Believe it or not, it is possible for adventure travelers to visit the North Pole, provided they have the time, and more importantly the money.

Moab Hummer Tours - Moab Utah Slickrock
Riding in a hummer on a Moab Hummer tour takes you up and down 45- to 50-degree pitches. It's an adrenaline high.

G Adventures Introduces 4 New Active Escapes
Looking for an exciting new active trip for 2016 or 2017? G Adventures has you covered with four amazing new escapes.

Manuel Antonio Park, Costa Rica, Beach for Adventures - Manuel Antonio Park, Costa Rica
Beach vacation for adventures - Between the beaches and the rainforest,Costa Rica's Manuel Antonio park has everything an adventurous traveler could want.

Inbounds Extreme Skiing at Winter Park Resort, Colorado
Winter Park Resort ski patroller Jamie Wolter gives you his take on the best inbounds extreme ski terrain for experts skiers and snowboarders only.

Cliff Diving - Dive Off a Cliff Into the Water
Soaring off cliffs up to 80-feet high into lakes and oceans is an extreme sport, for sure.

What Is BASE Jumping? - Definition and Examples
Base jumping is an extreme sport. Base jumpers leap off buildings, antennas, bridges and cliffs to glide, sometimes in a special wingsuit, then open a parachute to land safely.

Beach Vacation Destinations - Oahu's Waikiki Beach in Hawaii
On Oahu's Waikiki Beach wanna-be surfers are learning the basics, while farther out you'll see experienced surfers riding waves, stand-up paddlers, and a group of tourists in an outrigger canoe steered by a local.

Bungee Jumping Places for Adventure Travel Rushes
Where to take a bungee jumping leap of faith for adrenaline rushes here in the states, New Zealand, South Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Austin Adventures - Adventure Travel Trips with Austin-Lehman Adventures
Looking for a company that offers personalized, reasonably priced adventure travel trips that are limited to 12 people? Here's where to learn more about adventure travel with Austin Adventures

Pink Jeep Tours Adventures - Jeep Tours to Grand Canyon, Sedona and Death Valley
With Pink Jeep Tours, you can ride on rugged roads or off road to view the red rocks in Sedona, visit ancient Native American ruins, roll through Death Valley and visit the Grand Canyon. This company has both open-air jeeps and luxury all-terrain Tour Trekkers with leather seats if you want more comfort.

Nomadic Expeditions to Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan and China
Explore Mongolia by foot, horseback, camel or four-wheel vehicle on a Nomadic Expeditions adventure or cultural journey.

Beach Vacations for Adventurers
Beach vacation destination for adventure - Coasteering on Pembrokeshire Coast on Wales, cliff jumping, surfing on scary reef breaks and swimming in sea caves. On land, there's hiking and biking along the 186-mile long Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, rock climbing and riding horses in the sand.

Nude beaches destinations - Beaches for Nude Bathing
Nude beaches around the world, for people who like to sunbathe and swim nude.

Beach Destination for Adventures – Santa Monica, California
This beach destination has trapeze school, non-stop beach volleyball games, great waves for surfing or stand-up paddling, and nearby hiking and mountain biking trails.

Beach Vacations for People With Dogs - Whidbey Island, Washington
Pack your dog, and your skimboard or surfboard in the car and head to Whidbey Island's Doublebluff Beach, with two miles of off-lease sand. The skimboarding, surfing, kiteboarding and other sail sports are terrific on Doublebluff, which also has two miles of off-leash dog beach.

Beach Vacation Destinations Hamilton Island, Australia - Hamilton Island Australia Beach Vacation Adventure Destinations
Australia's Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef is a top beach vacation destination for travelers who love to combine sunbathing on soft sand and lots of adventure. Catseye Beach is an especially prime choice for people who enjoy water sports.

Beach Vacation Destination for Adventures - Taiwan's Penghu Archipelago
Beach vacation destination - Sea kayking, wind surfing and sunbathing on golden sand in Tawain's Pengu Archipelago, which has 50 plus tropical islands.

Beach Vacation Adventures - Jumping Off West End Cliffs, Jamaica
Cliff jumping and cliff diving ensure adrenalin rushes for visitors to this stretch of coastline next to the Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica.

Adventure Travel: 7 Extreme Places You Can Visit
Want to quite literally travel to the extremes of our planet? This list will help you do just that.

pictures - People still live in the ancient part of Mertola, Portugal
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 9.

pictures - Ancient mosque turned into a church in Mertola, Spain
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 8.

Photo of Peruvian Weaver and Daughter in Cusco, Peru
A Peruvian weaver un Cusco work while her daughter watches. Page 8.

Photo - Cactus Thrive in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 8.

Image - The Scared Rock at Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders
Image - The Scared Rock at Peru's Machu Picchu, One of the World's Great Wonders

Image - People Gather at Machu Picchu, Peru to Watch the Sunrise
People Gather at Machu Picchu, Peru to Watch the Sunrise. Page 8.

pictures- Stone carvings on medieval castle in Mertola, Portugal
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 11.

pictures - ruins in medieval castle in Mertola, Portugal
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 12.

pictures - Guadiana river was an ancient trade route through Mertola, Portugal
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 5.

pictures - lighthouse in Mertola, Portugal
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 10.

pictures - Weavers in the old city in Mertola, Portugal
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 7.

A Baby Ocelet at a Jungle Lodge in Peru
A baby ocelet gnaws on a backpack at a jungle lodge in Peru. Page 11.

Picture of Riding a Pony in Colca Canyon, Peru
Riding a pony on the steep trails in Colca Canyon, Peru. Page 12.

Photo -- A View of the Ruins in Ollataytambo, Peru
A View of the ruins in Ollataytambo, Peru through an ancient archway. Page 10.

Photo - the dramatic landscape in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 4.

Photo - climbing massive rocks in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 3.

Image - Llamas Wander Around the Ruins at Machu Picchu, Peru
Image - Llamas Wander Around the Ruins at Machu Picchu, Peru. Page 12.

Image --a Llama Up Close and Personal at Machu Picchu, Peru
Image --a Llama Up Close and Personal at Machu Picchu, Peru. Page 9.

Touring on Bikes and Mountain Biking
You spend hours riding your bicycle around the city but picture yourself pedaling along a country lane in Italy or zipping down a rocky mountainside. It's easy to make these dreams real. If you don't own the right bike for a trip pick an outfitter who does. Here are tips for finding and getting ready for trips, plus colorful locales – from Moab, Utah, to Provence, France – that want you to visit.

Amazon River in Peru at Dawn
Boating on the Amazon River in Peru at dawn. Page 3.

Photo of residents in Cusco, Peru, celebrating the winter solstice with parades
In Cusco, the gateway to Macchu Pichu, residents celebrate the winter solstice with many parades and festivities. Page 6.

Directories for Adventure Sports Trips and Active Travel
Directories that list adventurous sports trips and active travel vacations.

Companies With Best Bike Trips & Vacations
These companies offer some of the best bike trips on the planet, and the vacations are in countries around the globe.

Adventure Travel Companies With Multisport Vacations
Multisport trips are for active vacationers. Here's where to find companies offering multisport vacations.

Adventure Travel Companies With Walking, Hiking and Trekking Trips
Companies with special hiking, walking and trekking vacations

Family Adventure Travel Vacations
A list of companies offering trips for families that enjoy adventure travel.

Adventure Travel Companies With Small Group Trips
Adventure travel companies offering small group trips and vacations.

Adventure- Expedition Cruises
Find expedition cruises for adventure travel.

photo - Ecoventura yacht sailing at sunset in the Galapagos Islands
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Galapagos Islands photo - Galapagos Islands Land Iguanas
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 7.

photo - sea lion in fish market on Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 5.

Galapagos Islands photos - Kayaking in the Galapagos Islands
Taking a kayak out to see penguins and birds around an island in the Galapagos. Page 6.

photo - photographing Galapagos Islands blue-footed boobies
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 3.

photo - red-footed boobies guard a chick in the Galapagos Islands
Adventure and Outdoor Travel. Page 2.

Pictures - Picture of Houses Set in the Tufa Hillsides of Cappadocia, Turkey
Picture - The homes and caves built into rocky hillsides in a village in Cappadocia, Turkey, are magnified in the water glass.

Cappadocia, Turkey Pictures - Pictures of Pigeon Houses in Cappadocia, Turkey
Pictures - Pigeon Houses in Fairy Chimneys and Rocks in Cappadocia, Turkey. Page 11.

Picture - - Cappadocia Turkey Fairy Chimneys
Picture - In Cappadocia, Turkey fairy chimneys create a dramatic landscape. Page 10.

Picture - Hiking in Ihlara Canyon, Cappadocia, Turkey
Picture - From this entrance, hikers must walk down dozens of steps to reach the bottom of Ihlara Canyon, in Cappadocia, Turkey, to walk alongside the stream. Page 8.

Picture - Hot Air Balloons Rise at Dawn Above Cappadocia, Turkey
Picture - Riding in a hot air balloon is a popular way to see Cappadocia, Turkey. Page 7.

Picture - Lodging in Nevishir, a Village in Cappadocia, Turkey
Picture - Staying in one of Nevishir's old mansions built into the hillside, or in a cave room, in Cappadocia, Turkey, guests can just walk outside and start hiking in Pigeon Valley. Page 6.

Picture - Underground City in Cappadocia, Turkey
Picture - Travelers explore one of the many underground cities in Cappadocia, Turkey. Page 4.

Hiking Trails - Short Hike Up Glen Nevis in Scotland's Highlands
The hike up Glen Nevis in Scotland's Highlands has been voted the one of the best short hikes in Great Britain.

Hiking Destination - Luguna Capri, Patagonia
Hikes in Patagonia deliver spectacular views of glaciers and jagged peaks.

Trails to Hike - Santorini, Greece, Fira to Oia Trail
Hike Fira to Oia on Santorini Island, Greece. The trail has views of white-washed houses hugging cliffs that fall into the Aegean Sea.

Trails to Hike in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Hike the Wapiti Trail in Yellowstone National Park, which takes you to the edge of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.

Trails to Hike - Beehive Basin, Big Sky, Montana
The trek is worth the effort because of the view when hiking Beehive Basin in Big Sky, Montana.

Hiking on Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru
Hiking the main Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is so popular that alternate routes have been created. Try the Salkantay Trail that weaves through 15 ecosystems.

Trails to Hike - Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada
Hikes on the trails over the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta, Canada, may require crampons.

Hiking the Angel's Landing Trail, Zion National Park, Utah
Don't hike Angel's Landing Trail in Utah's Zion National Park if you're afraid of heights. If you aren't, it offers eye-popping views.

Top 10 Trails to Hike in the World
Top 10 Hikes around the world by a hiker who has worn out 12 pairs of hiking boots. She is head guide for an award-winning active travel company. Page 1 of 11.

Trails to Hike - Exit Glacier Near Seward, Alaska
Hiking trails in Alaska. Tips to hike Exit Glacier in Alaska's Kenai Fjords National Park.

Trails to Hike - Mooney Falls, Havasupai Reservation, Grand Canyon, Arizona
Hiking trails in the Grand Canyon. The Mooney Falls trail in the Havasupai Reservation, includes descending a cliff through caves and down ladders.

In Dig This Territory You Can Move Massive Amounts of Dirt and Snow Around
Kids play with toy bulldozers and excavators in a sandbox. At Dig This, adults play with real bulldozers and excavators building roads, digging ditches and moving rocks in the first heavy equipment arena in the United States.

Dig - Run Bulldozers and Excavators in Dig This - an Adult Sandbox
Kids play with toy bulldozers and excavators in a sandbox. At Dig This, adults play with real bulldozers and excavators building roads, digging ditches and moving rocks in the only heavy equipment arena in the United States.

You Play With Bulldozers and Excavators in a Kid's Sandbox First At Dig This
Kids play with toy bulldozers and excavators in a sandbox. At Dig This, adults play with real bulldozers and excavators building roads, digging ditches and moving rocks in the first heavy equipment arena in the United States.

Guys Really Get High Learning to Build Roads With a Bulldozer
Kids play with toy bulldozers and excavators in a sandbox. At Dig This, adults play with real bulldozers and excavators building roads, digging ditches and moving rocks in the first heavy equipment arena in the United States.

A Puny Female Finds Moving One-ton Rocks With an Excavator Empowering.
Kids play with toy bulldozers and excavators in a sandbox. At Dig This, adults play with real bulldozers and excavators building roads, digging ditches and moving rocks in the first heavy equipment arena in the United States.

The Details -- So You Can Play at Dig This, the Heavy Equipment Arena in Steamboat Colorado
Kids play with toy bulldozers and excavators in a sandbox. At Dig This, adults play with real bulldozers and excavators building roads, digging ditches and moving rocks in the first heavy equipment arena in the United States.

Soft Adventure Travel -Swim In Underground Rivers at Xplor Adventure Park in Mexico's Riviera Maya
After jumping to the underground river at Xplor, I shook myself as if I was a dog shedding water, but the goal was to warm my body. Just one of four soft types of soft adventure travel at this adventure park in Rivera Maya, Mexico.

Soft Adventure Travel - Riding a Dune Buggy Through Jungle and Cave at Xplor Adventures in Mexico's Riviera Maya
The three-mile journey in an amphibious vehicle at Xplore adventure park in Riviera Maya, Mexico, took us through the lush Caribbean jungle, over suspension bridges and eight caverns, one flooded.

Soft Adventure Travel - All-Inclusive Xplor Adventure Park in Riviera Maya, Mexico
At Xplor Adventure Park in Riviera Maya, Mexico, they want you to have free hands while you are playing. The fee you pay to enter the park covers everything, from all the activities to your food.

Soft adventure travel - Zip Lines at Xplore Adventure Park in Riviera Maya, Mexico
The network of zip lines at Xplor adventure park looks like an overhead freeway. Ziiiiiip. The sound alerts you that another rider is passing overhead. All together, the park has about two miles of zip lines that run from high towers down to water-filled caverns. One zip line adventure has five lines and the other six lines.

More Adventure Travel Experiences in the Riviera Maya and Cancun, Mexico
Visits to the adventure parks, snorkeling or scuba diving, horseback riding and ATV tours are easily arranged for adventurous travelers staying in the Riviera Maya or neighboring Cancun, Mexico

Adventures in Mexico at Xplor - Explore Underground at Xplor Adventure Park in Rivera Maya, Mexico
Do you know what lies beneath your feet? At Xplore in Mexico's Riviera Maya, there's an entire world of underground adventures including swimming and rafting in underground rivers. Above the earth's crust, there's a network of zipines that looks like freeways in the sky, and a three-mile track where you can drive an amphibious buggy through the jungle, into caves and on suspension bridges over water.

Soft Adventure Travel - Rafting In Underground Rivers at Xplor Adventures in Mexico's Riviera Maya
Rafting on crystal-clear water in Xplor adventure park's underground river, where the brown, coral and gray dripping stalactites and stalagmites have united into thick columns that you can steer around, is an amazing experience. We settled into the low rafts, hooked small paddles onto our hands and started paddling along the underground river. Blue lights on the river's bottom guided our way.

6 Reasons to Visit Colombia
Colombia isn't the first South American country that comes to mind when deciding where to travel, but here are six reasons you should plan a visit.

8 Foldable and Collapsible Travel Bags
Save space when staying in tight quarters with these foldable and collapsible travel bags.

Natural and Wildlife Adventure Travel Trips
Nature and wildlife adventure travel trips are growing in popularity. Would you like to dive with whale sharks, watch thundering herds during the annual animal migration in Africa or track wolves with your camera in Yellowstone National Park.

Women's Adventure Travel: Group Tour Operators
Here's where to find tour operators specializing in women's adventure travel vacations, including trips to the Himalayas, Central America, and Europe.

Small-group Adventure Travel
These 8 global adventure travel companies limit their tours to small groups, often 16 people or less.

Companies for Family Adventures - Find Company Specializing in Family Adventure Travel
Looking for a company that offers family adventures you and your kids will love? Here are several companies that offer family adventure travel chock-full of activities just for kids, plus adventures the entire family will enjoy as a group.

The Proper Gear for Trekking in the Himalaya
Whether you're hiking to Everest Base Camp or trekking the Annapurna Circuit, be sure you're properly equipped. Here's everything you'll need.

The Best Adventure Travel Companies - Multisport Trips
Here are several companies offering multi-sport trips and vacations guaranteed to keep your adrenalin flowing.

Meru and Everest: Mountaineering Goes Hollywood
Two big mountaineering films are giving mainstream audiences a taste of what climbing in the Himalaya is truly all about.

Prospects For North American Ski Season Look Good
After several disappointing winters in a row, meteorologists are predicting an outstanding 2015-2016 ski season thanks to powerful weather forces.

The State of Adventure Travel in Nepal
After a series of natural disasters has hit Nepal over the past year, the country now faces the challenge or rebuilding its fragile infrastructure, while convincing adventure travelers it remains a safe, viable place to visit.

5 Traits of Good Adventure Travel Guides
Adventure travel guides can make or break your experience. Here are five traits that all good guides possess.

Travel News: Endangered Rhinos, Surfing North Korea, & More
The latest news from the world of adventure travel. This week's stories include the last white rhinos, a North Korean surf camp, and more.

5 Active Adventures to Push You to Your Limits
5 incredibly challenging journeys that will push adventure travelers to their physical and mental limits.

Adventure Travel News: Yellowstone Breaks Record, Ski Deals, & More
News from the world of adventure travel. This week's stories include a new attendance record in Yellowstone, female rangers in African parks, and more

A Tribute to the Iconic Land Rover Defender
On the occasion of the two millionth Land Rover Defender being built we salute one of the top adventure vehicles of all time.

Adventure Travel News: Safety in Nepal, Machu Picchu on the Cheap, and more!
Adventure travel news this week includes thoughts on travel safety in Nepal, visiting Machu Picchu not he cheap, and more.

8 Father's Day Gifts For Adventurous Dads
Father's Day is just around the corner and here are some suggestions for gifts to give to your adventurous dad.

100 Reasons the National Parks Remain America's Best Idea
In 2016, the U.S. National Park Service celebrates a century of service. In honor of that milestone, here are 100 reasons America's national parks still rock!

Traveling in Egypt: Calm, Quiet, and
Once a place of violence and unrest, Egypt is now calm, quiet, and accommodating to foreign visitors.

Gear Review: The adidas Wandertag Jacket
The adidas Wandertag jacket offers outstanding performance for adventure travelers at a price that can't be beat.

10 Big Adventures For 2015
10 big adventures for travelers to embark on in 2015.

5 Destinations to Rediscover in 2015
5 great travel destinations that should be rediscovered in 2015.

Beyond the Olympics: 5 Adventurous Things to do in Brazil
Leave the hustle and bustle of Rio behind and head out to these destinations for true adventure.

Adventure Travel Insurance Continues to Prove Its Worth
Still wondering whether or not travel insurance is worth it? Some recent stories may help convince you.

Gear Review: Victorinox Explorer Wheeled Duffel & Spectra 2.0
Two great new luggage options for adventure travelers who are looking for convenience and security without compromising mobility too.

Gear Review: Granite Gear Cross-Trek 26" Wheeled Duffel
The Granite Gear Cross-Trek Wheeled Duffel is a perfect alternative for adventure travelers looking to ditch the backpack.

Intrepid Travel offers off-the-beaten path adventures.
Intrepid Travel is a niche adventure travel company that focuses on taking travelers off the beaten track in Asia, and in the Antarctica. Many of their trips are cheap, because travelers stay in the same accommodations as locals do.

The Women's Travel Group Offers Adventure Travels
The Women's Travel Group offers adventure travel trips that set women in exotic locales, on sandy island beaches and in sophisticated cities.

Adventure Travel in Cancun and Riviera Maya, Mexico
Dive in cenotes, swim or raft in underground rivers, ride ATVs and zip through jungle canopies on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

Etiquette, Culture & Customs Guides for Foreign Countries
Custom and culture guides give you customs, customs, hand gestures and ways to greet locals before you travel to foreign countries.

Swim and Exit Via a Cenote at Rio Secreto, Riviera Maya, Mexico
You leave Rio Secreto caves via a cenote, an opening in the ground much like the ancient Mayans used to access the river for fresh water more than a thousand years ago.

Find adventure in the Rio Secreto Caves of the Riviera Maya
Walking and swimming in the underground river that flows through Rio Secreto was our favorite tourist attraction in Mexico's Riviera Maya. Here's why!

Visit Rio Secreto Caves - Made by Asteroid Made Dinosaurs Extinct
Exploring Rio Secreto, in Riviera Maya, Mexico, you're visiting caves formed as the result of the asteroid that probably resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs crashing into the earth.

Visit Rio Secreto Cave System - Rivera Maya Tourist Attraction
Walking and swimming in the underground river that flows through Rio Secreto was our favorite tourist attraction in Mexico's Riviera Maya. You see caves in an untouched state.

Exploring Rio Secreto Cave System - Cancun Mexico Tourist Attraction
The light on your helmet sparks off the colorful stalactites and stalagmites in the Rio Secreto caves, a popular tourist attraction near Cancun.

Solo Travel - Tips for Singles Traveling Alone
If you are a solo traveler, here are companies, cruise lines and websites with lots of information and advice for people who like to travel alone, and singles looking for trips where they can meet others.

Adrenaline Junkie Alert: 12 Adventures Just for You
12 adrenaline-soaked activities, like cage diving and bobsledding, for active travelers who like to push their mental and physical limits.

5 Gadgets for Communicating in the Backcountry
These four high-tech devices will help you stay in communication while visiting the remote places of our planet.

What to do if You Encounter a Bear in the Wilderness
Encountering a bear in the backcountry can be potentially dangerous. Here's how you can avoid that danger and come home safe and sound.

Winter Sports Trips -- Extreme Sports and Easier Snow Sports
Winter sports trips are excuses to play in the snow. Do you prefer extreme winter sports that push your body and mind to new highs, or less strenuous sports so you can enjoy the outdoors? Here's where to find resorts and regions with parks, pipes and terrain for skiers and snowboarders, ice climbing, dog sledding and other outdoor activities.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

The Best Places for Snowmobiling in North America
Best places for snowmobiling in North America. Snowmobile tours, rent or bring your own to Colorado, Alaska, Utah, Quebec and New Hampshire.

6 Pieces of Gear to Make Your Next Camping Trip Even More Enjoyable
Make your next camp outing even more enjoyable with these six pieces of gear designed for backcountry comfort.

Travel Tech: V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones
One of the best investments for frequent travelers is a good pair of headphones, and V-Moda makes some of the best. How do their wireless Cross Fade models stack up?

Adventure Travel 101: Staying Healthy on the Road
One of the biggest challenges that any adventure traveler faces is staying healthy while on the road. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

America's National Parks are Valued at More Than $92 Billion
A new study attempts to determine just how valuable the National Parks are in terms of economic impact.

Zika Virus Probably Isn't Covered by Your Travel Insurance
As concerns over the Zika virus continue to rise, travelers are discovering that they may not be covered for the disease by their travel experience.

Why Kazakhstan Should Be Your Next Adventure Destination
Central Asia offers some of the best untapped destinations for adventure travelers. Here's why Kazakstan just might be the very best of all.

7 Adventurous Things to do in Cuba
What does Cuba have to offer the adventure traveler? Read on to find out!

The 10 Least Visited U.S. National Parks
Iconic national parks like Yellowstone get the most attention, but these 10 least-visited U.S. parks offer plenty of beauty, without the crowds.

Adventure Travel With Road Scholar for All Ages
Active adventure travel trips for the 50plus crowd that younger travelers will want to (and can) book, too.

The Zipline at Heavenly Mountain Resort, California
Heavenly Mountain Resort in California claims it has the longest zipline in the United States. During the 80-second ride, you're guaranteed spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and the ski slopes you underneath as you descend.

Hey Travelers! Leave the Wild Animals Alone!
Spotting wildlife in its natural habitat is truly a thrill, but as more and more travelers are discovering, those creatures don't necessarily want to see us.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

5 Underrated National Parks
Not all of the national parks in the U.S. get the love they deserve, despite being amazing destinations. Here are five of them that are most definitely under appreciated.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Where to Find a Zip-Line in America
Whether you're in Hawaii, California, New Hampshire, Alaska or dozens of the other states, odds are there's a zip-line within easy driving distance.

Skiing Tuckerman Ravine on Mount Washington, NH
Skiing or snowboarding in Mount Washington's Tuckerman Ravine is a fun and challenging experience.

See Polar Bears in Alaska and Canada
See polar bears up close in their natural habitat on polar bear tours to Canada and Alaska.

How to Prepare for Hiking, Walking Vacations
Hiking, walking and trekking vacations are a lot of fun. Here are suggestions for choosing and getting ready for your trip.

Hiking, Climbing and Mountaineering - Hike and Climb
Mountaineering, hiking and rock or ice climbing takes you into dramatic settings, whether it's hiking in desert canyons, walking through a grape-scented vineyard or trekking with sherpas. Here are tips for choosing a trip, preparing for a trip and an array of intriguing walking hiking, trekking vacations.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

5 Best Hikes in Yellowstone National Park
The five best Yellowstone hikes from a person who hiked more than 300 miles while working at the National Park.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

5 Great Product For Adventurous Dads
Still looking for the perfect gift for the adventurous dad in your life? Check out these great suggestions guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

5 Emerging Adventure Travel Destinations for 2016
Every year there are new destinations that pop on the radar for adventure travelers. Here are five such places for 2016.

2018 Will Officially Be "Visit Nepal Year"
In an effort to rebuild its flailing tourism sector, the Himalayan country is hoping to attract more than a million visitors by 2018.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Adventure and Outdoor Travel
Adventure and Outdoor Travel.

Gateway Canyons Resort: Adventure Travel in Colorado
Kayakers, hikers, and climbers enjoy Colorado's Gateway Canyons Resort, a sustainable luxury resort owned by Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks.

Un-Cruising Alaska: Staying Active on the Inside Passage
On an Un-Cruise adventure you won't just be sitting onboard your ship, you'll be getting out and exploring the world around you.

Review: Smith Turbo Fan Goggles Clear the Fog
Foggy goggles can ruin a ski run, especially for athletes wearing glasses. Smith's Turbo Fan Goggles clear the lenses, a godsend for all skiers.

Un-Cruise: The Cruise Experience for the Adventure Traveler
Un-Cruise puts the adventure into the cruise experience by taking clients to some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet and giving them plenty of activities to keep them busy.

Romantic Getaways in Riviera Maya and Cancun - Rafting in Mexico's Rivera Maya and Cancun
Until I visited Riviera Maya and Cancun on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, I thought vacationing was just playing golf, sunbathing on beaches and snorkeling. Not can dive or snorkel in cenotes, swim or raft in underground rivers, steer ATVs or amphibious buggies in the jungles and ride lots of zip lines.

Romantic Getaways for Adventurous Couples
Adventure vacations are the most romantic. Hike to waterfalls in Hawaii; ride hot air balloons in Turkey; or retreat to a dude ranch in Arizona.

Romantic getaways in Molokai Hawaii for Adventure Travelers - Molokai Hawaii for Romantic Getaways
In Molokai, Hawaii, you can get to know each other better on a quiet beach, take a take a hike to a waterfall-fed spring, go mountain biking or hike down the steep almost 1,800-foot high cliffside to Kalaupapa National Historic Park.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Romantic Getaway in Cappadocia, Turkey - Romantic Getaway Adventure Travel in Cappadocia, Turkey
Drifting in a hot air balloon over the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, Turkey, and spending nights in an intimate cave room or a suite in an old mansion hugging a hillside with a spectacular view from your private porch, is seriously romantic. During the daytime, you can hike or mountain bike on trails in this unique landscape, visit underground cities and dine in tents set over rushing streams.

Romantic Getaways at Ranches - Winter Romantic Getaways at Dude Ranches
Guest and dude ranches can be a wonderful choice for romantic getaways in the winter. The two of you can go horseback riding in the snow or cross country skiing. Afterward, soak in a private hot tub, or arrange for massages. Dinners can be at a quiet table for two in the lodge, or with new friends you've met on the trail that day.

Un-Crusing Alaska: Discovering the Inside Passage by Small Ship
Want to take a cruise through Alaska's Inside Passage but don't enjoy the large cruse line experience? Un-Cruise has you covered with their small-ship excursions.

Product Review: Zanier Heat-GX Heated Gloves
Review of the latest generation Zanier Heat-GX heated gloves, which have an adjustable, integrated heating system that will keep your fingers warm for a full ski day.

Educational Vacations: Learn a New Skill While Traveling
Educational vacations combine your favorite activities—cooking, wine tasting, sailing and hiking—allowing you to experience different cultures and learn new skills.

Cycle Australia's Great Ocean Road with this Bike Tour
Amazing landscapes and famous Aussie hospitality help make the Great Victorian Bike Ride one of the best cycling tours in the world.

Day Hiking Mountains - Day Mountain Hiking Tips
Mountain hiking tips for day hikers who enjoy backcountry trails and resort trails in the Rocky Mountains.

What is Abseiling - Define Abseiling
Abseiling, or rappelling as it is called by many mountaineers, is sliding down a rope under controlled conditions. It's a technique used by people who are rock climbing, ice climbing, kloofing, canyoneering and mountaineering to get down steep cliffs or even man-made objects, such as buildings or bridges.

Go Fly Fishing in Cuba with this Amazing Trip
Fly fishing in Cuba? Its a reality with this fantastic trip from Orvis.

7 Reasons to Visit Yellowstone National Park in Winter
Yellowstone—the nation's first national park—is a two million-plus acre playground... even in the winter.

Unique Travel Experience Lets You Combat Poaching in Africa
Want to fight illegal wildlife poaching in Africa while visiting one of Kenya's best parks? This unique travel experience makes that possible.

IAATO Announces 2016 Antarctic Tourism Statistics
Antarctic tourism is on the rise, but how many people are actually visiting the frozen continent, and what are they doing there?

REI Launches Adventure Weekend for Women
The outdoor and travel gear retailer is hosting a special three-day weekend adventure designed specifically for adventurous ladies.

The 5 Best U.S. States for Adventure Travelers
When it comes to outdoor playground, the U.S. has plenty to choose from. But these are the five very best destinations for adventure travelers.

Track Your World Travels With Maps From bills itself as the world’s largest map store - and the selection of maps, guidebooks, globes and map accessories is astonishing.

TSA Info About Carry-On Bags for Air Travel
Here's an update on the rules because the Transportation Security Administration, including the amount and you can carry gels and liquids in your carry-on plane bag. Plus, details on where to get continually updated info.

Five Best Day Hikes in the Swiss Alps
Looking for details on taking great day hike in the Swiss Alps? Greg Witt, author of

The Current State of Adventure Travel in Ecuador
Following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, Ecuador struggles to pick up the pieces, although the travel industry there has seen few disruptions.

Adventure Travel 101: How to Pick the Right Travel Partner
Finding a good travel partner can take time and patience. Here are some tips for selecting the right person to accompany you on your adventures.

The Slow Road to Recovery Continues in Nepal
A year after a devastating earthquake claimed the lives of thousands, Nepal struggles to return to normalcy with the help of adventure travelers.

Celebrate National Parks Week - April 16-25, 2016
It's National Parks Week in the U.S., which means its time to get out and celebrate

Avalanche Safety -- How to Survive an Avalanche
Like to explore the backcountry in the winter? You better know how to survive an avalanche.

7 Adventurous Things To Do in Antigua and Barbuda
The Caribbean isn't always known for being a great adventure travel destination, but Antigua and Barbuda offer horseback riding, paddle boarding, and more.

New Study Reveals How America Feel About National Parks
As the National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday, American's share their thoughts on the iconic places that make up the National Park System

ExOfficio BugsAway Apparel is Built for Adventure Travelers
The adventure travel apparel company makes clothing specifically designed to protect from the sun and keep annoying insects at bay.

Exciting New Trail Running Adventures for 2016
Get fit and enjoy an amazing adventure with these awesome trail running camps for 2016.

Zika Virus Spreading to More Destinations
The Zika virus continues to be a concern for travelers, even as it spreads to more destinations across the globe.

Luxury Adventure Travel Tours
Prefer private guides and posh accommodations? These companies have luxury adventure tours that fit the bill.

Adventure Medical Kits: First Aid for World Travelers
Staying healthy on the road isn't always easy, but if you're carrying a first aid kit from Adventure Medical Kits you'll at least be well prepared.

Overseas Adventure Travel - Find Overseas Adventure Travel
Overseas adventure travel opens your mind to new experiences. Overseas adventure travel can mean bargaining for saffron in a Vietnamese street market, watching giant condors fly through two-mile deep Colca Canyon in Peru or riding an elephant in Thailand. All adventure travel is an intensely personal and exotic adventure.

Adventures in Wine Country - A Visit to Santa Rosa, California
California's wine country is a popular destination for those looking for a relaxing escape, but did you know there are opportunities for adventure too?

Aquarium Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Aquarium scuba diving and snorkeling programs are offered at more than 10 aquariums in the U.S.

Expedited Passport Services at JFK Airport
Dropped your passport in a mailbox with those letters you had to get out before leaving for Paris? Don’t laugh. I saw it happen. If you’re at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, go to the It’s Easy Service 24/7 desk. It’s where you’ll find last-minute help for lost, expired or stolen passports.

What Is Cliff Diving?
Cliff Diving: Diving into the water from a steep cliff. This is a risky sport that should only be done by divers trained to soar from extreme heights.

Where to Drive a Military Tank and Crush a Car
Ever wanted to drive a military tank and fire a cannon? Here's where civilians can do it—completely legally.

Travel With Photocopies of Passport and Credit Cards
Always travel with photocopies of your passport and other important travel documents. If your purse or wallet is stolen, it's easier to replace everything if you have photocopies of the originals that show the passport and card numbers.

RoundTrip Outdoor is Travel Insurance for the Adventurous
RoundTrip Outdoor offers travel insurance that not only covers medical needs and trip cancellation, but protects and replaces your expensive gear too.

Weekend Adventure: Take the GORUCK Challenge
Taking a GORUCK challenge lets adventurous individuals train like a U.S. soldier for a weekend.

Best Colorado Mountain Biking Trails
Sources for best Colorado mountain biking trails, resorts and cities, with links to maps, bike shops and more.

Gear Review: Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip
The Capture Pro Camera Clip from Peak Design is a great tool for adventure travelers who like to keep their cameras close at hand.

REI Adventures Offers Great Active Travel Trips
REI Adventures offers great active travel trips, such as canoeing on a lake here in the U.S., cycling in Vietnam, or sea kayaking and hiking in Croatia. And, these are just a few of the 90plus weekend-to-multiweek trips offered by REI Adventures, part of the REI that has more than 80 stores in the U.S. chock-full of equipment and clothing for adventure travelers.

Hut-To-Hut Hiking and Skiing Worldwide
Best hut to hut trips hiking or cross country skiing. In Colorado's Rocky Mountains, the Alps in Europe, Tasmania, Iceland and the Appalachian Trail.

Adventure Travel News: Everest Cancellations, Free Bose Headphones, and More!
Adventure travel news for the week ending January 9, 2015.

Adventure Travel News: Nepal Updates, Scenic Airport Landings, and More
This weeks stories include updates from Nepal, the world's most scenic airport landings, climbing with Kevin Jorgeson, and the best summer job ever!

5 More Classic Adventure Travel Destinations
5 more classic adventure travel destinations that should not be missed.

Soft Adventure Travel - Hidden Worlds Cenote Adventure Park, Yucatan
Hidden Worlds is tucked into a section of the jungle that covers Mexico's Riviera Maya, which borders Cancun, is a family oriented adventure park. You can ride a bike - a SkyCycle - through the trees, snorkel in a cenote, rappel into a cavern and ride zip lines.

Adventure Travel Trips With Backroads - Backroads Bike, Hike, Multisport Trips
Backroads, founded in 1979, is an active travel company that offers 300 itineraries, including biking, walking/hiking, multisport, and Insider Trips, which shift the focus from physical activity to in-depth cultural explorations. Seventy-five percent of Backroads guests have traveled with Backroads before or were referred by a friend.

Adventure Races -- The Global Scavenger Hunt is an Amazing Race Open to Many
Have you watched the Amazing Race and wondered if -- or were sure you could -- compete? If so, the Great Escape 2009 is looking for globetrotters and adventurous travelers to join its annual Global Scavenger Hunt.

Hiking in Switzerland's Jungfrau Region
Guest author and hiking guide Greg Witt believe the Jungfrau region is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It's a glistening mountain landscape and home to the Alps’ highest concentration of glaciers, where you’ll find exquisite hiking trails, dazzling waterfalls, and legendary peaks like the Eiger with its fearsome North Face.

Inbounds Backcountry Style Extreme Terrain at Steamboat in Colorado
Colorado's Steamboat Resort is famous for its champagne powder, and for skiing in the glades and tightly treed areas. Johnny Sawyer, the Ski Patrol’s supervisor who has worked at the mountain for more than 30 years, offers his take and tips for skiing in the inbounds extreme and treed terrain at Steamboat.

Top Zipline Adventures in the US and Abroad
Searching for the best zipline adventures (sometimes called a “canopy tour”) in the U.S. and around the world. These zip line adventures cover the globe. Click here to see if there's a zipline or canopy tour where you're taking your next vacation.

Sources for Volunteer Travel Abroad and in the U.S.
Volunteer travel abroad and in the United States. Where to find companies with trips with volunteer opportunities while on vacation.

Volunteer Travel With American Jewish World Service
Teenagers to retirees are signing up for the American Jewish World Services volunteer and travel programs. You can too.

VolunTourism -- How To Decide If Volunteer Travel Is For You
Voluntourism -- combining a vacation or trip anywhere in the world with a few days or weeks volunteering is one way a growing number of travelers are making a difference. How do you decide if volunteer travel, whether it's spending a day at an African preserve feeding lion cubs or two weeks helping build a town hall in a third-world country, is for you?

Unusual Accommodations - Unusual Lodging for Adventure Travelers
Are you seeking adventure travel that involves unusual accommodations where you can spend the night? Here are three unusual lodging choices stretching from mountainsides to treetops to an ocean bottom.

Extreme sports - Extreme Skiing and Snowboarding Inbounds Backcountry Experiences
Looking for places where you can find extreme backcountry-style skiing or snowboarding experiences but inbounds at resorts so there's avalanche control and ski patrollers around? Look no farther: Here's a list of some of the best places that expert skiers and riders love to explore.

Unforgettable Adventure Travel Trips
Check out these ten unforgettable types of adventure travel. These adventurous travel experiences range from scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef or hot air ballooning over a desert in New Mexico to kayaking with the kids in the Pacific ocean by Vancouver, Canada.

Other Adventure Travel Web Site and Sources
Here's a list of other adventure travel Web sites and sources that offer a wide range of adventure travel trips and stories about adventurous travel experiences.

Adventure Races
While the Amazing Race and Primal Quest may be the most well-known adventure races, there's a subculture of adventurous travelers who are participating in some lesser known adventure races and competitions. These adventure races typically include a variety of athletic endeavors, often travel to foreign countries and above all testing one's self in challenging new situations.

Family Summer Vacations - Summer Family Adventure Vacations at Mountain Resorts
Top summer family adventures in the mountains. When temperatures climb in the city, head to the mountain resorts for beat-the-heat family vacations.

Mountain Resorts Summer Family Adventure Vacations
When temperatures climb in the city, head to the mountain resorts for beat-the-heat family trips. Page 2.

Great Day Hikes Near Salt Lake City
Greg Witt, author of

How to Take a Zipline or Canopy Tour
Are you going to ride a zip line on your next trip? Before you start zipping, all reputable zipline tour operators will give you basic training. Here's what to expect.

Scuba Diving Treasure Hunters - Treasure Hunters Scuba Dive the Atocha
Get the opportunity to scuba dive through one of the most famous treasure ships in history with the man who discovered it back in 1985.

Adventure Travel 101: How to Travel Solo
Solo travel can be just as rewarding as going with friends and family, provided you are open to the experience, do some planning, and stay safe.

Review: Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler and Fast Inflate Pillow
Eagle Creek expands its line of products designed specifically for travelers with the introduction of the Cargo Hauler Duffel and Fast Inflate Pillow.

Get Your Winter Adrenaline Rush on the Timbersled
Part dirt bike, part snowmobile, and completely awesome, the Timbersled just might be the most fun you can have on snow.

U.S. Lifts Travel Warning for Nepal
A travel warning issued for Nepal by the U.S. following last year's earthquake has been lifted at last.

Winter Adventures: Snowshoeing Quebec's Valley of the Phantoms
Quebec's beautiful Valley of the Phantoms is a winter landscape unlike any other, as you'll discovery when you explore it on snowshoes.

Zicasso Matches Travelers and Travel Agents
Zicasso matches travelers with travel agents who specialize in the custom trips to locations you want to visit, and activities you want to experience. Online Directory
The GoVoluntouring Web site acts as matchmaker between travelers who want a volunteer experience and projects that need volunteers.

Improve Winter Driving Skills on Snow and Ice
Winter Driving School - Get skills to handle snow and ice at these winter driving schools. You'll learn to recover from skids, braking techniques and more.

5 Portable Chargers for the Adventure Traveler
Need to keep your mobile devices charged while on the go? Here are 5 portable chargers designed with the adventure traveler in mind.

5 Adventurous Places to Visit While the Dollar is Strong
Take advantage of favorable exchange rates and cheap travel to visit these amazing adventure destinations.

Adventure Travel 101: Medications and Vaccinations
Adventure travel takes us to exotic locations, some of which can expose us to dangerous viruses. Here's how you can avoid getting sick on the road.

Ecotourism Trips and Vacations
Ecotourism - What's ecotourism? Merriam-Webster's online dictionary reads:

Dogsledding and a Unique Encounter with Wolves in Quebec
For a unique animal encounter visit Quebec's Adventuraid, where dog sledding and wolf encounters are an everyday occurrence.

How to Stay Warm on Cold Weather Outdoor Adventures
With the proper gear, and a good layering system, you can stay warm even in the coldest weather conditions. Here's how!

How to Avoid Getting the Zika Virus While Traveling
Worried about contracting the Zika Virus on your next trip? Here are some helpful tips that could help you avoid it altogether.

Join Tusker Trail in Climbing Kilimanjaro to Support Families of Fallen Soldiers
The best company guiding travelers on Kilimanjaro is undertaking a charity trek to support the families of fallen U.S. Special Forces soldiers.

What is the Zika Virus and Should You Be Concerned?
A new virus has recently grabbed headlines and spurred travel warnings, but what exactly is the Zika virus, and how will it impact your travel plans for 2016?