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African Cuisine from Staple African Food Recipies, Techniques and Guides
Access resources to learn about African cuisine, spices, regional recipes and staple techniques.

The Asanka: The Ghanaian Grinding Pot
The kaaa or asanka is a traditional grinding pot or blender native to Ghana. You can liken this tool to a pestle and mortar but it has many more uses.

Fresh Shito (Pepper) Sauce
Fresh shito is a Ghanaian favourite go-to sauce made from fresh raw ingredients.

Tools You Will Need
The traditional Ghanaian grinding pot or pestle and mortar, known as a kaaa or asanka

Ingredients You Will Need
Ingredients required for the fresh pepper (shito) sauce are very similar to a tomato, onion and chilli salsa.

Technique Required to Grind the Sauce
Grind ingredients in the asanka by chopping into small pieces first.

Blending in a Hand Held Blender
Using a hand held blender to grind the fresh shito ingredients is a quick method.

Shito Sauce with Tilapia and Chips
Serve fresh shito with grilled or fried fish.

Shito Sauce with Kenkey and Fried Fish
Fresh shito will typically be served with kenkey and fish.

Regional African Cuisine from all corners of the continent
Find cuisines from Africa's diverse regions from North African and Middle Eastern, South Africa's meting pot, to spicy West African foods.

Cuisine from Southern Africa
Food from the countries located in the Southern region of Africa; including South Africa, Botswana, Namibia for example.

Food from the Horn of Africa
With influences coming from backgrounds as diverse as French, Italian, Arab, Persian, Indian and Nilotic amongst others, it is no wonder that cuisine from Africa is so popular around the world.

African Staple Food
Getting to the heart of authentic African cuisine

African Cuisine
Some African cuisine recipes are naturally vegetarian. If you are vegan or vegetarian, why limit yourself? Try them out and open yourself up to a world of variety.

National Dishes
Dishes which are quintessentially representative of a country's cuisine.

Vegetarian Dishes
Some African cuisine recipes are naturally vegetarian. If you are vegan or vegetarian, why limit yourself? Try them out and open yourself up to a world of variety.

Cuisine from East Africa
Popular foods from East African countries.

Cuisine from North Africa
Popular foods from North African countries.

Cuisine from West Africa
Cuisine from countries located in West Africa

Cuisine from Central Africa
Well known foods from Cameroon, Congo and Rwanda amongst other Central African Nations.

The Cereal Grains of Africa
Grains such as teff, millet and sorghum are still extremely important in traditional African cuisines. As ingredients, they open up a new world of options in cooking and baking.

Potjies and the Best Potjiekos
Is a potjie (pronounced poy-kee) a stew or a cooking utensil? Read this article to find out just what exactly it is and the secrets you should know to bring the best out of it.

What is Matoke?
Matoke is a banana used mainly for cooking when it is unripe and the peel is still green.

Appearance of Matoke
Matoke in the unripe form are green and very hard to touch due to their high starch content.

Peel Matoke
Peeling matoke is not so simple. Follow these steps to guide you through the process.

Place Matoke in Salted Water
Place the peeled matoke pieces into salted water until ready to cook.

Biltong is a much loved cured, spiced and dried meat. It is well known around the world as a South African food which is gaining gourmet status in internationally renowned markets.

Boerewors is a high quality South African sausage that will arguably be the best sausage you have ever tasted. Page 2.

A braai is the South African version of the barbecue and often involves grilling copious amounts of meat, chicken or sea food. Page 4.

Potjiekos is a slow cooked South African stew made traditionally in a cast iron 3 legged pot over an open coal or wood fire. Page 3.

Durban Curries
If you are looking for the best curry in the world, look for a Durban curry which is purely and proudly Indian South African cuisine.

Meat Lover's Guide from South Africa
Here is a meat lover's guide to South African cuisine. Featuring the world famous biltong, followed by boerewors, potjiekos and braai.

10 Vegan African Cuisine Recipes
Can you place vegan and African cuisine in the same sentence? Of course you can. Here is a selection of 10 comforting recipes vegans will love.

Eliminate the Peanut Oil Part 1
Eliminate oil from crushed peanuts using this step-by-step process. Once complete, you can make your own suya spice at home.

Eliminate the Peanut Oil Part 2
Placing a heavy based pot on top of the crushed peanuts aids in getting excess oil out of the peanuts.

Crush the Peanuts
Crushing roasted peanuts is the first step to getting suya spice, also known as tankora spice in Ghana.

Crushing Peanuts in a Chopper
Crushing peanuts in a food processor is a quick way of getting the nuts into a crumble farily quickly, and ready for use to make suya spice.

How to Make Suya Spice
Read this step-by-step guide to find out how to make suya spice. Now you can make that delicious street food in your very own kitchen.

Suya Spice is Now Ready to Use
Once oil has been extracted from the crumbled peanut powder, the remaining spices are added and the suya spice is ready to use.

Suya Spice Ingredients
The secret ingredients in suya spice are no longer a mystery. Read this article to find out exactly what suya spice ingredients you will need to make that lovely spice.

10 African Recipes You Must Try
Must try recipes from Africa! A list from the world famous Ethiopian dishes such as doro wat to South African bobotie and West African jollof!

African Greens
There is a huge variety of green leafy vegetables in Africa that spinach is not a necessity. From amaranth leaves to spider flower leaves, there is a great myriad to discover.

Mutakura - Peanut and Beans Dish from Zimbabwe
Peanut and beans, known as mutakura in Zimbabwe, is just one of the many ways of making a distinctively traditional African meal. Other variations make use of corn or samp.

Serve Madombi with Stew
Step 14 of How to Make Madombi: Plate and serve the madombi.

Allow Dough to Prove for 45 Minutes
Step 9 of How to Make Madombi: Place the dough into an oiled bowl, cover and prove for 45 minutes.

Risen Dough Should Double in Size
Step 10 of How to Make Madombi: After 45 minutes the dough doubles in size

Divide the Dough
Step 11 of How to Make Madombi: Divide the dough into smaller portions

Steam the Madombi Dough
Step 12 of How to Make Madombi: Steam the dough balls in a stew or a pot of boiling water with a little butter

Ready to Serve the Madombi!
Step 13 of How to Make Madombi: After 25 minutes, uncover the pot. You will have huge madombis to serve.

Sift 3 Cups of Flour
Step 1 of How to Make Madombi: Measure 3 cups of plain flour and sift into a bowl.

Add Remaining Dry Ingredients
Step 2 of How to Make Madombi: Measure the remaining dry ingredients into the bowl and mix with the plain flour.

Measure 300mls of Warm Water
Step 3 of How to Make Madombi: Measure out 300 millilitres of warm water to add to the dry ingredients in order to make a dough.

Add 300mls of Warm Water
Step 4 of How to Make Madombi: Add 300 millilitres of warm water to the dry ingredients.

Mix the Madombi Mixture with the Water
Step 5 of How to Make Madombi: Mix the madombi mixture with the water

Mix Dough by Hand
Step 6 of How to Make Madombi: Mix the dough by hand once it is less sticky

Stretch and Knead Dough
Step 7 of How to Make Madombi: Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and begin to knead and stretch the dough to get the gluten going.

Knead Dough for 10 Minutes
Step 8 of How to Make Madombi: Ensure you knead the dough for at least 10 minutes.

Madombi - Dumplings from Botswana
Madombi (pronounced mah-dom-bee) is essentially a type of bread eaten with stew, or more precisely a dumpling. It is a national favourite in Botswana.

10 Ways to Use Peanuts in Recipes
10 peanut recipes to try using African recipes from West, East, Central and Southern Africa. From famous West African stews and soups to spices and sauces.

Amarula and Coconut Chocolate Truffles
Add something special to your Christmas dinner guaranteed to delight your guests with this Amarula chocolate truffle recipe.

Beef Bobotie
Among the list of most popular African recipes is the bobotie recipe, recognised as South Africa's national dish.

Introduction to Food from Somalia
Food from Somalia is undoubtedly as international as it is African.


Popular Food from Nigeria
Nigerian food is very diverse and comes from the most populous country in West Africa.

Okra Stew with Prawns and Lobster Tails
Try this Ghanaian okra stew with prawns and if you really want to impress, throw in one or two lobster tails to create a West African tasty delight.

Introduction to African Cuisine
African food culture and History. A brief introduction into the external influences on African cuisine regions, brought about through colonisation.

You will need
An easy to follow

Make a cool mixture of cornmeal and water
Adding cornmeal to cold water helps to prevent a lumpy base for the ugali.

Simmer the porridge for 20 minutes
Simmering the porridge allows the mixture to cook and retain a lot of latent heat, enough to cook the additional cup of cornmeal when added.

Add the remaining dry cornmeal
Gradually add the dry cornmeal to the porridge mixture and stir.

Stir one more time then dish out and serve immediately
Make sure ugali is served immediately when ready to eat.

Meal idea for ugali
Serve ugali with a tasty sauce, greens and meat. You can serve beans if you are vegetarian.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Spices Used in African Cuisine
What makes African cuisine distinct is the flavour achieved from the spices and seasoning. Read on to find out more about the secrets of the African kitchen.

Flavours from East Africa
Spices and ingredients which give East African cuisine its culinary identity.

Meat Dishes
Dishes made from different types of meat, poultry and fish.

Techniques for African Cuisine
Some of the simplest African Cuisine dishes require complex preparation techniques.

Desserts of Africa
Desserts from all over Africa. African Cuisine.

Hot, Cold and Festive African Drinks
African cuisine has a variety of hot and cold drinks for every occasion whether it is afternoon tea or a more festive drink fit for a wedding feast.

Indigenous African Foods
Africa has a vast variety of ingredients that are naturally occuring. They are nutrient rich and often available at very little cost in Africa. These may be harder to find outside of Africa, but substitutes can always be found where ever you are.

Recipes with an African Twist
Not your traditional African foods but a modern take on traditional African ingredients.

Okra Stew with Prawns and Lobster Tails
Try this Ghanaian okra stew with prawns and if you really want to impress, throw in one or two lobster tails to create a West African tasty delight.

Edikaikong with British Ingredients
Edikaikong is a flavoursome and nutritious low-fat vegetable dish associated with the Efik people from the Calabar region of Nigeria. Try this recipe with readily available ingredients.

Peanuts and Black Eyed Peas with Coconut Milk
Freda takes on a New Year's tradition with an African twist with the addition of whole peanuts: Peanuts and black eyed peas in a coconut milk and tomato sauce.

How to Identify Genuine Scotch Bonnet Peppers
Scotch bonnet peppers have a unique fragrance and flavour but they are increasingly getting difficult to identify in the market. Read this article to learn more.

Scotch Bonnet Chilli
Try this scotch bonnet sweet chilli jam recipe to create a special hand made gift to give away in all seasons. This is not only for Christmas, spice up Valentines Day.

Mulled Zobo Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry sauce is the mainstay for Christmas or any turkey dinner. Try this African inspired mulled zobo cranbery sauce recipe which uses hibiscus petals.

Mulled Zobo (Purple Hibiscus) Syrup
Are you looking for something different to try this Christmas? Why not try this mulled zobo (purple hibiscus) syrup and use it as a base for a number of exciting recipes.

African Cuisine
African Cuisine.

African Cuisine
African Cuisine.

African Cuisine
African Cuisine.

African Cuisine
African Cuisine.

African Cuisine
African Cuisine.

African Cuisine
African Cuisine.

African Cuisine
African Cuisine.

African Cuisine
African Cuisine.

African Cuisine
African Cuisine.

How to Make Fresh Gluten-Free Pasta from African Yams
Learn how to make fresh gluten-free pasta dough in this step-by-step how-to guide. It uses a very unusual ingredient: African yams.

African Peanut Soup Recipe
Peanut butter soup, Ghana's most famous soup, is a variant of groundnut soup, where peanut butter is an easily accessible ingredient. It is delightful served with traditional fufu or rice balls.

Berbere Spice Blend (Ethiopian Food)
Berbere Spice is a blend of spices and is used to make Ethiopian stews or wats such as doro wat. The unique blend with chili and paprika is what makes Ethiopian food awesome.

Top 10 South African Foods to Try
From chakalaka to biltong, we have delved into the life of food from Mzansi, the Rainbow Nation, and have come up with this incredible list of top 10 South African foods to try.

Durban Curry Masala Spice Blend
Curry masala is a spice blend used to make red hot Durban curry. Read on to discover how you can make this in your own kitchen.

Angolan Caldo Verde
Angolan caldo verde is a thick green soup introduced to the Central African country of Angola by the Portuguese. It marries up the local culinary traditional ingredients with Portuguese influence very well.

Fumbwa Recipe (Congolese Spinach Stew)
Fumbwa is the Congolese word for wild spinach, which grows abundantly in Central Africa. It is used to make fumbwa leaf stew, which is creamy with a unique combination of peanuts and red palm oil.

Nkate Cake (Ghanian Peanut Brittle)
Nkate cake is a popular sweet peanut snack and is very easy to make. It is a much loved treat in Ghana and sometimes goes by the name groundnut cake.

Tanzanian Pilau Rice Recipe
Tanzanian pilau rice is one of the most popular rice dish in East Africa, characterised by the use of fragrant spices to make pilau masala, and coconut milk.

Koose Recipe (Spicy Bean Cakes from Ghana)
This koose recipe will help you re-create a popular West African street food. It is often served with a spicy ginger millet porridge called Hausa koko.

Mesir Wat, a Popular Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew
Mesir wat is a popular Ethiopian red lentil stew and is fantastic for a vegan or vegetarian dinner. It is made by cooking red lentils in a sweet and spicy onion reduction.

Hausa Koko (Spicy Millet Porridge)
Hausa koko is a spicy millet porridge, usually eaten as a breakfast dish and bought off the streets from talented market men and women of West Africa.

African Porridge, an African Staple
African porridge is a staple loved across the continent. It often comes in the form of thick cornmeal porridge and is known as sadza, pap, nshima or ugali.

Botswana Pulled Beef
Seswaa is Botswana's national dish made of slow cooked, then shredded beef. It appears much like pulled pork.

10 African Beers to Try
Get to know 10 African beers this international beer day. From lagers to stouts, pilseners to traditional ales, this list will give you an idea of what you can find and where.

Kelewele Recipe
Kelewele is a spicy plantain snack and a very popular street food in Ghana. Sweet ripe plantain bite sizes are seasoned with ginger, chilli and salt.

10 Recipes to Try from Ghana
10 recipes to try from Ghana are reasonably quick and easy to make. This handy list will get you acquainted with cuisine from the west African nation.

All About Yaji Spice and Nigerian Suya Kebabs
Learn all about the secret ingredient in Yaji spice, which gives Nigerian suya kebabs and many other West African kebabs their unique flavour.

Ghanaian Kebabs - Chichinga
Chichinga is a seriously delicious Ghanaian kebab often sold on the streets by skilled vendors. You can now make these in your very own home to enjoy any time you crave them.

Oven Roasted Plantains
Fried plantains are a much loved snack and side dish in many countries. Here is a way to have them without the added guilt that comes with deep frying.

Tankora Spice Recipe
Learn how to make the West African spice that makes kebabs to die for. It is known in Ghana as tankora spice and in Nigeria as yaji spice used to make suya.

Tasty Kelewele Recipe
Try this tasty kelewele recipe and you will never need to try another one again. You will need a few ripe plantains, ginger, pepper and one more essential ingredient.

The African Pear
The African pear is known by a variety of names across different countries, but popularly known as ube in Nigeria or atanga in Gabon. It is lusciously creamy when cooked.

How to Care for Your Asanka
Have you ever pulled out your asanka only to find it covered in mould? Learn how to care for your asanka in this article to ensure that this never happens to yours.

Six Different Ways You Can Use an Asanka
Do you have an asanka that you never use? Well, not anymore. After reading about six different ways you can use an asanka you might be inspired to try a few things.

Tiger Nuts
Tiger nuts are one of the earliest crops to have been cultivated. They are also very popular in West Africa and eaten as a snack or made into a milk drink.

Eight South African Dishes with a Dutch Influence
Explore all types of South African foods. This list gives insight into how the Dutch influenced South African food, making the modern day Afrikaner favourites.

Seven Bread Recipes to Try from Africa
If you are curious about bread and pastry recipes from Africa, start with this list. Although a lot of them are fried, they are delicious eaten occasionally.

Maafe - Senegal Peanut Stew
Maafe is famously a West African peanut stew from Senegal, and it seems this has taken the world by storm, quickly being adopted across many cultures.

Traditional African Biltong Stew
Biltong stew: is it sacrilege to stew such a delightful snack, or is it something that has been practiced for centuries? You decide, but this lip smaking stew is worth it!

Senegalese Sauce Rouge
Senegalese sauce rouge can be served as a dipping sauce for the much loved akara or fried bean balls. It can also be served on grilled fish.

North African Cuisine
An introduction to cuisine from North Africa bursting with the flavours of the Mediterranean, Arab world, South Europe and Africa.

Cuisine from Central Africa
The historical and cultural influences on the foods of the Central Africa, namely Congo, Cameroon and Rwanda.

Cuisine from South Africa
The historical and cultural influences on the foods of South Africa, the Rainbow Nation.

Ugandan Chai Tea
Tea drinking is a must in Uganda and the tea has to be

Mahamri - Swahili Coconut Buns
Mahamri is a coconut and cardamom doughnut popular across the coastal areas of East Africa, particularly Mombasa, Kenya and in Tanzania.

Bariis Iskukaris - Spiced Somali Rice
Bariis iskukaris is one of the most popular rice dishes in Somalia. It is fragrant and often incorporates cooking the rice in stock mixed with a traditional spice blend.

Chapati Recipe
Chapati is a flat bread most popular in East Africa. It has a similar name to Indian chapatis, however it is more like a paratha.

Introduction to Ugandan Cuisine
There is more to Ugandan cuisine than meets the eye. Read this article to get the gist of Uganda's traditional food.

Somali Chai Tea
Somali chai sweet tea, known as shaah cadeys, is a spice filled tea normally made entirely with milk or water or a mixture of both.

Malawah - Somali Sweet Pancake
The easiest Somali recipe you will make is malawah, a sweet crepe-like pancake which is normally served with butter and honey or sugar.

Add Remaining Dry Ingredients
Step 2: Measure the remaining dry ingredients into the bowl and mix with the plain flour.

Mix the Dough
Step 4: Mix the dough with a wooden spoon

Magwinya - Fat Cakes
Magwinya or amagwinya are a deep fried doughnut and much loved snack across Southern Africa. Other names for it is mandasi, fetcooks and fat cakes.

Serve the Magwinya
Step 9: Drain the magwinya in kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.

Sift 500g of Flour
Step 1: Measure 500g of plain flour and sift into a bowl.

Add 500mls of Warm Water
Step 3: Add 500 millilitres of warm water to the dry ingredients.

Allow Dough to Prove for 60 Minutes
Step 5: Cover the dough and prove for 60 minutes.

Beat the Dough
Step 6: Beat the dough once again then allow to rest for up to 15 minutes

Scoop Dough Balls and Fry in Oil
Step 8: Fry the dough in oil over a medium heat

Fry for 2 Minutes
African Cuisine.

Cook the Binyebwa on Low to Medium Heat
Cook the groundnut sauce on a low to medium heat for 25 minutes.

What is Binyebwa?
Binyebwa is a groundnut sauce made in Uganda and it usually accompanies mashed matoke to form Uganda's national dish.

Characteristics of the Groundnut Powder
Groundnut in Uganda are red on the outside.

Gather the Ingredients
Only 4 ingredients are required to make the binyebwa.

Mix the Ingredients
Mix the groundnut, onion, water and salt to taste.

Oil Seperates
Oil seperates from the groundnut when the binyebwa is ready.

Serve Binyebwa in a Number of Ways
Binyebwa can be made and served in a number of ways. Mixing it with dried fish or dried pumpkin leaves is quite common.

Magwinya are an absolute favourite in Botswana. They are a tasty street food often sold by the women who make them. It is not uncommon to indulge along with fried chips.

Banana Curry
Try the fantastically mesmerising banana curry made with special bananas called matoke.

Matoke are a variety of bananas from south west Uganda. The unripened and small, green bananas are normally cooked and mashed to make the national dish of Uganda.

Vetkoek and Vleis
Vetkoek is an Afrikaaner dish from South Africa and is virtually a deep frien doughnut. It is the type of comfort food that would give any South African a good dose of nostalgia.

Curried Mince For Vetkoek
Curried mince is typically what you will need to creat the popular South African home grown dish called vetkoek and vleis.

Cuisine from the Horn of Africa
The historical and cultural influences on the foods of the Horn of Africa, namely Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia.

Lamb Shank Potjie with Beets
Lamb shank potjie with beetroot and butternut is a must try recipe perfect for a winter gathering around the campfire or any occasion.

Chicken Breast Potjie Recipe
Are you having a go at making your first potjie? Have a go at this easy Chicken potjie recipe with a cooking technique which is guaranteed to set you on the right track.

Koeksisters are the braided, deep fried, sticky and sweet pastry from South Africa.

Banana Sambal
Have you ever tried sliced bananas as a side with your hot Durban curry? If you like bananas and curry, then this is a must try recipe.

Madombi Recipe from Botswana
Madombi are dumplings from Botswana and coupled with a lamb stew or chicken potjiekos, it makes it the comfort food of all comfort foods.

Bunny Chow with Lamb Recipe
Bunny chow, alongside Durban curry, is one of South Africa's most popular exports. Just fill a scooped out half loaf of bread, fill with curry and eat.

Chakalaka Recipe
Chakalaka is South Africa's township inspired vegetable relish and an essential side dish at a braai, served with pap and meat.

Hot Durban Lamb Curry
Durban lamb curry may actually be the best curry you have ever tasted. It is hot and spicy, laced with aromatic whole spices such as cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.

What is Bunny Chow?
Bunny chow is a fabulous street food from South Africa. Originally a dish from Durban, bunny chow has taken over as a street food across South Africa.

Carrot and Cucumber Sambal
Durban sambals are almost always served with any curry dish. Try this all in one carrot and cucumber sambal to add freshness to your plate.

Chicken Curry Recipe from Durban
This simple Durban chicken curry recipe is the perfect introduction to South African Indian cuisine, which boasts the best tasting curries in the world.

Apricot Blatjang
Apricot blatjang is a popular chutney made from South Africa's favourite ingredients; dried fruit. It goes well with cheese and best served with bobotie.

South African Fruit Chutney
Fruit chutney is a popular item you will find in most South African kitchens and pantries. It is a condiment, it is also often used as an ingredient.

All You Need to Know About Waakye
Waakye almost trumps the popularity of another rice dish, jollof. This rice and peas dish, a famous street food from Ghana, is worth a try in your own kitchen.

Ghanaian Salsa Style Shito
Kpakpo shito is a fresh tomoto, onion and chilli sauce much loved by Ghanaians. It is not to be confused with shito din, black pepper sauce, which is cooked with dried ground crayfish.

Waakye Recipe Using Canned Beans
How to cook Ghana's rice and peas dish, waakye, with beans from a can. This is a must try recipe for one of Ghana's famous street foods.

Waakye (Ghana Rice and Beans)
How to cook Ghana's rice and peas dish, waakye, with whole peas from scratch using this must try recipe for one of Ghana's famous street food.

Cornmeal Porridge with Peanut Butter (Bota Une Dovi)
Cornmeal porridge is the ubiquitous breakfast dish of Southern Africa. Add peanut butter and you get a traditional Zimbabwean meal.

Yam Oto
Oto or eto is the food of ceremonies in Ghana, often eaten to mark significant life events or rites of passage such as birth, death, marriage and puberty.

Ushering in the New Year the African Way
What Christmas and new year is like in different parts of Africa namely Botswana, Zimbabwe in Southern Africa and Ghana in West Africa.

Grilled Tilapia
Grilling is the only way to enjoy tilapia fish in Ghana, alongside a fresh tomato, onion and chilli salsa known as shito.

What is a Wat, a Wet, or a Wot?
Get to know the most popular African stew, the Ethiopian wat. It is aromatic and red in colour due to the famed berbere spice.

Traditional Malva Pudding
Try South Africa's most loved dessert; traditional Malva pudding. Its popularity reaches as far as Zimbabwe, and is a favourite restaurant menu item.

Milk Tart (Melktert)
Milk tart is a light and creamy South African favourite guaranteed to make you smack your lips with every bite.

Coconut Candy from Ghana
Caramel coconut balls are popular in both Ghana and Nigeria and are the perfect home made sweet treat.

Apricot Preserve
Apricot jam is a traditional favourite in South African households, often added to well known Cape dishes such as bobotie or malva pudding.

7 Leafy African Cuisine Recipes
African cuisine is rich with a variety of greens available to use. In some countries, greens are eaten on a daily basis as a side dish or a main casserole.

Leafy Beefy Stew
Highfields stew has been made famous due to street vendors in the Highfield township selling to posh city workers from Harare, Zimbabwe. Try this leafy beefy stew recipe today to learn why.

Nutty Greens (Zimbabwe)
Peanut butter greens is an extremely popular Zimbabwean side dish. It is also widely eaten in Zambia. It is not usually cooked with meat, which makes this perfect for vegans.

Ndole Recipe (Nutty Bitterleaf/Spinach and Prawn Casserole)
Ndolé is a bitterleaf (spinach), peanut and meat casserole, often made with prawns and crayfish. It is recognised as Cameroon's national dish.

Palaver Sauce Recipe
Palaver sauce is the famed West African spinach stew with melon seeds. It often has a mixture of meat and fish incorporated into the dish.

Yassa au Champignon
Have you been looking for a Senegalese inspired vegetarian and vegan alternative to poulet yassa? Look no further. Try this yassa marinade recipe with portabella mushrooms.

Easy Red Red Recipe
Red Red is one of Ghana's most loved dishes. It is a stew made from tomatoes and onions fried in palm oil, with black eyed peas added. It is normally served with fried plantain.

A Vegan Alternative to Traditional Bobotie
Most popular in the vegetarian category of African cuisine is lentil bobotie with green lentils and spices. South African food.

Sukuma Wiki
Sukuma wiki is Kenya's famed vegetable relish made by braising collard greens in an onion and tomato sauce. It is normally served with ugali and stew.

Jollof Rice
Africa's most popular dish. This West African

Strain the Beans - Step 6
Strain the beans of the excess water and chaff.

Repeat the process
Examine the de-hulled beans and repeat the de-hulling process if necessary

Store the Beans Until Ready for Use
De-Hull Beans Ready to Cook. African Cuisine.

Is it Worth the Effort?
Why should anyone make the effort of de-hulling beans? Is it worth it?

De-Hull Black Eyed Beans or Cow Peas
De-hulling whole dried beans. African Cuisine.

De-hulling the Beans By Hand
The outer coat or hull of the black eyed beans need to be removed if desired. Otherwise the hulls may get stuck in your teeth when eating.

De-hulling Beans in a Pestle and Mortar
An alternative to de-hulling beans by hand

De-hulled Beans in a Pestle and Mortar
De-hull the beans in 3 batches so that you can ensure all beans have bean grounds to remove the hull.

Rinse the beans
Rinse the beans and allow the hulls to rise to the surface of the water

Bean Balls Made from Black Eyed Peas
Koose, a much loved Ghanaian street food normally enjoyed with Hausa koko (ginger spiced millet porridge) for breakfast or as a snack

Use Whole Black Eyed Beans or Cow Peas
Whole dried beans is the best place to start to make the perfect koose.

Soak the beans
Soaking the beans in water will cause the beans to expand and make them easy to de-hull if desired.

De-hull the Beans
The outer coat or hull of the black eyed beans need to be removed if desired.

Blend the beans into a smooth paste
Blend the beans, onion, ginger and pepper until smooth.

Fry the beans in hot oil
Fry the bean paste for 5 to 6 minutes until they are deep golden brown in colour and puff up to make bean balls.

Remove koose from heat and drain oil in a paper towel
Drain excess fat from the koose by placing them in a paper towel.

Serve with hot sauce, salsa or traditional porridge
Koose can be enjoyed as a snack or as breakfast

Doro Wat
Doro wat is the most popular African dish in the world. It is a sweet and spicy onion based chicken stew. It is also known as tsebhi dorho in Eritrea.

Cuisine from East Africa
The historical and cultural influences on the foods of East Africa with a defined Bantu African, Arabic, Indian and European influence.

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Bl2000. African Cuisine.

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Bl2002. African Cuisine.

Bl2003. African Cuisine.

Bl2004. African Cuisine.

Bl2005. African Cuisine.

Bl2006. African Cuisine.