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FDA Easing of Gay Blood Ban Draws Criticism
On December 22, 2015, the FDA revised a 32-year-old policy that now allows gay men who don't have sex to donate blood, drawing the ire of activists.

Isentress (raltegravir) - HIV Drug Information
Isentress (ratelgravir) is an antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV infection for both adults and children two years of age and older.

Does HIV Reinfection Increase My Risk of Illness?
Some studies suggest that, while people reinfected with HIV have higher viral loads, reinfection itself does not correlate to faster disease progression.

How House Abortion Bill Could Impact Women With HIV
In March 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives proposed a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks. How might this impact women at high risk of HIV?

PrEP and Older Adults: Should I Be On the HIV Prevention Pill?
While HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is recommended to prevent HIV in high-risk individuals, some have questioned its appropriateness in older adults.

Directory of HIV/AIDS Hotlines By State
AIDS hotlines can provide support and information not to only people living with HIV but to anyone wanting to know more about HIV prevention or care.

Overview of Coccidioimycosis - Valley Fever
Coccidioimycosis is a fungal disease associated with HIV-related immunosuppression and is commonly known as

The Link Between HIV and Diabetes
Recent research has suggested that use of statin drugs in people with HIV can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by 10% for every year of use.

HIV and AIDS - Definitions and Descriptions
AIDS is not a disease but rather the stage of HIV disease in which the immune system is compromised, making it vulnerable to opportunistic infections.

Once-Monthly HIV Drugs on the Horizon?
Scientists have begun to explore long-acting HIV drugs and drug delivery systems which may eventually allow for once-monthly or once-quarterly dosing.

Bioavailability/Bioequivalence - Definition - HIV/AIDS
Bioavailability and bioequivalence are both terms used in pharmacology to describe the specific actions and properties of a drug product.

Consequences of Constantly Changing HIV Care
Multiple-clinic patients (also known as

Antifungals Used to Treat HIV-Related Infections
There are a number of agents used to treat HIV-related fungal infections such as candidiasis (thrush) and cryptococcal meningitis.

Aggressive HIV Strain Progresses to AIDS Within 3 Years
Researchers in Belgium have identified an aggressive strain of HIV in Cuba, which can develop into AIDS within three years of infection.

Genetic Origins of HIV - What Is the Origin of HIV?
Researchers at Oxford University has concluded that the

Who Should Be Taking the HIV Prevention Pill Today?
U.S. Public Health Service released updated guidelines calling for the daily use of PrEP in the HIV-negative persons at substantial risk of infection.

How Effective Is PrEP in Preventing HIV?
The HIV prevention drug, Truvada, is often cited a reducing the risk of HIV by 99% and even 100%. Do these figures bear up under real-world scrutiny?

Indiana HIV Crisis Due to Injecting Oxymorhone Use
Some experts have suggested that the HIV outbreak in Austin, Indiana (pop. 4,295) may not dissimilar to larger epidemics in Russia or Central Asia.

Truvada (tenofovir + emtricitabine) - HIV Drug
Truvada is a two-in-one antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV and as a means of HIV prevention known as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

HIV Drug Information on Triumeq
Triumeq is once-daily, single pill antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV-1 infection, comprised of abacavir, lamivudine and dolutegravir.

HIV Criminal Law by State
A total of 37 U.S states have enacted laws that can criminalize people with HIV for everything from non-disclosure to spitting to

THE GOOD: Elliptical Female Condoms
Researchers at Indiana University are aiming to create an elliptical female condom that is contoured to the shape of the vagina.

Origami condom inventor Daniel Resnic was ordered to repay nearly a half million dollars in taxpayers funds after allegations of misappropriation.

THE GOOD: One-Handed Condom Wrappers
London-based designer Ben Pawle designed a simpler condom package that allows users to remove and apply a condom with just one hand.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD: Galactic Cap Condoms
The Galactic Cap condom is made in two parts: a U-shaped adhesive strip that attaches to a reservoir cap which covers just the head of the penis.

THE GOOD: Adaptive, Shape-Fitting Condoms
A team for the University of Oregon proposed are developing an ultra-thin, heat-sensitive condom able to conform to the shape of the wearer's penis.

THE GOOD(ISH): VivaGel Anti-Viral Condoms
The VivaGel condom was approved for use in Australia as the first anti-viral condom designed to be

THE GOOD: Wingman Condoms
The Wingman has a wing-like device attached to the opening of the condom, which allows you to unroll the condom over the penis smoothly and quickly.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD: Rapex Anti-Rape Condom
The Rape-aXe condom is worn like a female condom but with 25 razor-sharp teeth inside, which grabs onto the attacker's penis when forcibly inserted.

THE SIMPLY BAD: The Condom Thong
Dubbed the

11 Great (and Not-So-Great) Condom Innovations
In recent years, scientists and inventors have begun to rethink the traditional condom, with results ranging from the sublime to the downright silly.

The NOT-SO-GOOD: Scroguard Scrotal Shield

THE GOOD: Self-Lubricating Hydrogel Condoms... With Viagra?
Scientists in Australia have developed a self-lubricating condom that is not only extra strong but may be able deliver a dose of Viagra.

Say What? The Facts About HIV and Hearing Loss
While research showed a link between HIV and losses of both high- and low-frequency​ hearing, the mechanisms for such losses still remain unclear.

Prezcobix (Darunavir + Cobicistat) HIV Drug Information
Prezcobix (darunavir + cobicistat) is once-daily, fixed dose combination antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV-1 infection.

Could Your Personal Lubricant Increase HIV Risk?
There are a number of studies questioning whether personal lubricants can damage the cells lining the vagina and rectum, increasing the risk of HIV.

What Is the Risk of HIV in Bisexual Men?
Bisexual men represent only about 2% of the sexually active male population in the U.S. but remain disproportionately affected by HIV and other STIs.

Hepatitis Drug C Co-Pay and Assistance Programs
Co-Pay and Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) provide access to hepatitis drugs for people who having difficulty affording medications or insurance.

Can People With HIV Be Organ Donors?
The HIV Organ Policy Equity Act (Hope Act) allows for the donation of HIV-infected organs to either an HIV recipient or as part of clinical research.

Food Tips with HIV Medications, Diet Tips on Antiretrovirals
This easy-to-use reference guide can help you understand the food requirements for your HIV drugs, improving efficacy and lowering adverse effects.

Russia - HIV/AIDS Around the World
Based on Russia's public health statistics, the AIDS epidemic within the regions has exploded over the past 20 years, increasing by some 250% since 2001.

HIV and Your Oral Health
Oral diseases of the mouth are common in people with HIV, ranging in severity from mild to those require immediate serious medical attention.

Tips for Traveling with Prescription Drugs
Traveling with your HIV medications often requires foresight and preparation in order to ensure a smooth check-in and no risk of loss or damage.

Tips on HIV and the Workplace
With advances in HIV treatment, people can now have fully productive lives, which includes setting long-term goals for yourself and your career track.

HIV - The Family and Medical Leave Act - FMLA - HIV Facts
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides employees the right to take leave for a family or health emergency, while protecting their job once they return.

The Real Reasons Why People Don't Use Condoms
Condoms are the cornerstone of safer sex and have reduced HIV infections worldwide. So why then do only 65% of men use condoms on a regular basis?

What Is the Risk of HIV from a Blood Transfusion?
Universal blood screenings are performed in 70% of countries, using high-sensitivity tests that not only screen for HIV but other infectious diseases.

HIV Risk Without Ejaculation During Sex
Learn whether HIV transmission may occur even if a person with HIV does not ejaculate during sexual intercourse.

How Long Should I Wait to Get HIV Test After Exposure?
If a person has been exposed to HIV, there is a period by which an HIV test cannot deliver an accurate response known as the window period.

Serosorting and How it Affects HIV Risk
Learn more about serosorting and how this practice affects a person's risk of getting infected with HIV.

Vicodin - Drug and Prescribing Information
Vicodin is an effective pain reliever when used properly. Careless, inappropriate, or deliberate misuse can have serious medical consequences.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Connection to HIV
Learn more about Vitamin D in the body, and how vitamin D deficiency is connected to HIV.

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
Methicillin-resistant staph aureus (MRSA) is a multi-drug resistant bacteria that can cause serious infections with over 75,000 cases in the US each year.

Understanding the Clostridium Difficile Infection
One of the more common causes of diarrhea in people with HIV is Clostridium difficile, a bacteria normally found in the human gastrointestinal tract.

Lymphadenopathy - Swollen Lymph Nodes and HIV
Lymphadenopathy, a condition defined the swelling of lymph nodes on one or multiple sites of the body, is considered an important indicator of HIV.

Role of Religion and Spirituality in Coping with HIV
Religion and spirituality are central to many people's lives and, when faced with an HIV infection, can provide a newly infected person a means to cope.

TB Blood Test Benefits and Recommendations
Learn about the TB blood test, its benefits, and when this test is recommended over the traditional tuberculin skin test.

Can I Get HIV from a Mosquito Bite?
Despite evidence showing no risk of HIV through mosquito bites, many remain concerned due to the outbreaks of Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases.

The Risk of HIV from Tattooing or Body Piercings
While the risk of HIV from tattooing and body piercing is considered to be low, there are factors than can increase risk significantly in some.

Luc Montagnier, Co-Discoverer of HIV - AIDS History
Luc Montagnier is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist credited as a co-discoverer of HIV, who has also drawn criticism for his controversial research.

10 Condom Mistakes You Should Never Make
To better avoid getting or transmitting HIV, it’s important not only to use condoms consistently but to avoid common mistakes that often occur.

Can You Get Hepatitis C from Sex?
A growing epidemic of hepatitis C infections among urban, HIV-positive gay men suggests the risk of sexual transmission is higher than imagined.

Is It Time to Retire "AIDS" from HIV/AIDS?
Why is HIV one of the only conditions in which the stage of disease is given an entirely different name? After 35 years, has it helped or hindered progress?

Sustiva, Stocrin (efavirenz) - HIV Drug Information
Sustiva (efavirenz) is an antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV in adults and children and a component of the combination HIV drug Atripla.

Epzicom, Kivexa (abacavir + lamivudine) - HIV Drug Information
Epzicom is fixed-dose combination drug used in the treatment of HIV, which is comprised of two antiretroviral agents, abacavir plus lamivudine.

Zepatier (elbasvir + grazoprevir) - Hepatitis C Drug Information
Zepatier (elbasvir/grazoprevir) is a fixed dose combination drug used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C genotype 1 or 4 infection.

Technivie - Hepatitis C Drug Information
Technivie is the first, all-oral, interferon-free therapy for patients with hard-to-treat genotype 4 chronic hepatitis C infection.

5 Facts About the Alere Determine HIV Combo Test
The Alere Determine HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo is among the two assays recommended by the CDC as the preferred choice for HIV testing in the U.S.

What Is the Risk of HIV in Mixed-Status Couples on Therapy?
Over a 10-year period, mixed-status, heterosexual couples on HIV therapy have an estimated 2% risk of contracting HIV versus 25% among gay couples.

HIV-Associated Infections of the Eyelid and Conjunctiva
Between 10% and 20% of people with HIV will likely develop an opportunistic infection of the eyelid, tear ducts and conjunctiva (white of the eyes).

Why the U.S. Trails in Delivering HIV Treatment Goals
Of the eight countries included in a review of national HIV strategies, the U.S. came next to last in delivering the goals of HIV testing and care.

Diagnosing HIV in Infants and Toddlers
Rather than testing for antibodies, as done with adults, doctors test for the actual presence of HIV in infants using

Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies: Key to a Vaccine?
Broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies are defensive antibodies produced by the immune system, which are able to neutralize multiple strains of HIV.​

What Is the Current Window Period for HIV?

Viekira Pak - Hepatis C Drug Information
Viekira Pak is a co-packaged, four-tablet drug combination used in the treatment of chronic genotype 1 hepatitis C (HCV) infection.

Vitekta (elvitegravir) - HIV Drug Information
Vitetkta (elvitegravir) is an integrase inhibitor-class drug used in the treatment of HIV-1 infection for patients previously exposed to therapy.

Tybost (cobicistat) - HIV Drug Information
Tybost (cobicistat) is a drug used in the treatment of HIV, which

Antibody/Antigen - Definition - HIV/AIDS
An antibody is a Y-shaped protein secreted by certain types of white blood cells that can latch onto an infective agent at a site called the antigen.​

How Important Is Your CD4/CD8 Ratio?
The CD4/CD8 ratio compares the proportion of

Surprising Facts About HIV Risk in Transgender People
The risk of HIV is not only different among transgender women and men, their medical needs are often unique and misunderstood even by doctors.

Why Patients (and Doctors) Delay HIV Therapy
A European study conducted in 2013 has shown that the reluctance to initiate HIV therapy extends not only to patients but to doctors, as well.

HIV and the Impact of Gender Imbalances
The power dynamics within a relationship can often dictate who makes decisions about sexual practices, placing some women at greater risk of HIV.

HIV-Associated Infections of the Retina and Optic Nerve
Disorders of the posterior segment of the eye are seen in as many as 50% to70% of patients with HIV, oftentimes resulting in damage to the retina.

HIV Treatment Considerations - Antiretroviral Therapy
While having an all-in-one tablet like Complera or Genvoya may be preferred in first-line therapy, other factors can exclude the choice of HIV drugs.

10 Tips for Donating to HIV/AIDS Charities
When selecting an HIV charity, it's important that you follow your heart, as well as the numbers, to help ensure your donations dollars are well spent.

Open Enrollment Health Insurance Exchanges - HIV/AIDS
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) aims to ensure HIV-specific healthcare to individuals long denied insurance coverage or access to Medicaid benefits.

The Facts About HIV Microbicides
Microbicides are seen as means to reduce the spread of HIV among those most at risk, including women who are vulnerable to sexual violence.

What Are the Early Signs and Symptoms of HIV?
In the early (acute) stages of an HIV infection, 40% or more of people will develop flu-like symptoms within 7-14 days of an exposure.

How Much Adherence Is Enough Adherence?
Evidence suggests that some newer generation HIV drugs may not require the same, greater than 95% adherence rates of older antiretroviral drugs.

The Facts About HIV and Cervical Cancer
While cervical cancer can develop in both HIV-infected and non-infected women, the incidence among women with HIV can be as high as seven times greater.

Does HIV Increase Your Risk of a Heart Attack?
The current body of research strongly indicates that people with HIV are 50% more likely to have a heart attack than people in the general population.

How HIV Causes Premature Aging
Premature senescence (premature aging) suggests that the body is aging before its time and is linked to the persistent inflammation caused by HIV.

12 Recommended Immunizations for Adults with HIV
While some immunizations are recommended for all adults with HIV, other vaccinations are only for those at higher risk for certain contagions.

Should People with HIV Get the Shingles Vaccine?
While the FDA has made no formal recommendations regarding the use of Zostavax in people with HIV, there is growing evidence in support of its use.

The Year in HIV/AIDS: Top 5 Resolutions to Make in 2016
The promise of a longer, healthier life for people living with HIV can be reasonably achieved by making a few, key resolutions in 2016.

What Is the Risk of Birth Defects From HIV Drugs?
It has been suggested that children exposed to antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy may have higher risk of birth defects. How real are the risks?

Is HIV Less Virulent Today, or More So?
Two different studies investigating the virulence of HIV in Southern Africa and Europe, respectively, came to completely opposite conclusions.

Top 6 Fitness Tips for People Living With HIV
An informed fitness program for people with HIV includes both aerobic and resistance training, focusing on attainable goals with steady progression.

Is HIV Non-Disclosure Linked to Poorer Health?
It was long presumed that non-disclosure of person's HIV status was linked to poorer health outcomes. New research suggests this may not be the case.

Landmark Study to Transform Global AIDS Strategy
A landmark study showed that the treatment of HIV on diagnosis decreased the risk of illness by 57%, findings of which will transform global strategy.

Cystoisosporiasis - Isosporiasis - Glossary Definition
Cystoisosporiasis is an parasitic infection of the intestines classified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as an AIDS-defining condition.

Salmonella Septicemia - AIDS-Defining Condition
Salmonella septicemia is a condition wherein the presence Salmonella bacteria in the blood triggers a potentially deadly, whole-body inflammation.

HIV and the Role of Nutritional Supplements
Good nutrition can help ensure proper immune function in tandem with HIV therapy. The role of vitamins and nutritional supplements remains debatable.

HIV and Testosterone Deficiency
Testosterone deficiency occurs in both men and women with HIV and long been recognized as a complication of HIV since the earliest days of the pandemic.

Toxoplasmosis - AIDS Defining Condition
Toxoplasmosis of the brain has been classified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control as an AIDS-defining condition.

How Long Can I Live If I Get HIV? - HIV Life Expectancy
Studies have shown that a 20-year-old, HIV-positive person on antiretroviral therapy can now expect to live into his or her early 70s.

Prevalence/Incidence - Definition - HIV/AIDS
Prevalence describes the

Cryptococcosis - Cryptococcal Meningitis
Extrapulmonary cryptococcosis (which includes cryptococcal meningitis) is classified by the CDC as an AIDS-defining condition.

Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) - Hepatitis C Drug Information
Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) is polymerase inhibitor-class drug used in combination antiviral therapy for the treatment of hepatitis C (HCV).

What Are HIV Booster Drugs and How Do They Work?
HIV booster drugs can increase the plasma concentration of certain antiretroviral medications (ARVs) when used in combination therapy.

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and HIV
Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is an AIDS-defining illness in people with HIV if lasting over a month or presenting in the lungs, bronchi or esophagus.

HIV Wasting Syndrome - AIDS-Defining Condition
HIV wasting syndrome is defined as progressive, involuntary weight loss which is not attributable to any condition other than HIV infection itself.

Egrifta (Tesamorelin) - Drug Information
Egrifta (tesamorelin) is a synthetic form of injectable growth-hormone-releasing hormone used to treat HIV-associated lipodystrophy.

How Long Can HIV Live Outside of the Body?
Under specific conditions, HIV can survive outside of body for hours, days and even weeks. But does this mean that there is a real risk of infection?

Harvoni (ledipasvir/sofosbuvir) - Hepatitis C Drug Information
Harvoni (ledipasvir/sofosbuvir) is fixed dose combination drug used in the treatment of chronic, genotype 1 hepatitis C (HCV) infection.

Provirus, HIV - Glossary Definition
A provirus is the genetic material (genome) of a virus that is integrated into the DNA of an infected host cell, as happens during an HIV infection.

5 Signs of Medical Quackery - HIV/AIDS
Sifting ethical science from pseudo-science can sometimes be tricky, but there a number of tell-tale signs to help you sniff out medical quackery.

Remembering Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African statesman and anti-apartheid revolutionary who became the symbol of human rights and HIV/AIDS activism.

Does Abstinence Education Work?
In March 2015, the Texas House of Representatives voted to divert $3 million targeted for HIV screenings to abstinence education, angering activists.

Survey Reveals Why HIV Doctors Really Are Different
HIV doctors make the lowest salary of all medical specialists ($174,000) but, of the 25 listed specialties, ranked #2 in overall job satisfaction.

When Will We Have an HIV Vaccine?
Much of recent research has focused on the development of therapeutic vaccines, which may slow the progress of HIV rather than prevent it.

HIV/AIDS and the Millennium Development Goals - United Nations
The Millennium Development Goals, established by the United Nations in 2000, include a call to

Top Five AIDS Denialists
The top five AIDS denialists are rated on the influence they had during a specific time in history and the impact their messages carry today.

Americans with Disabilities Act for People with HIV
The Americans with Disabilities Act extends protections to all Americans with HIV, symptomatic or not, as well as those might be regarded as having HIV.

HIV encephalopathy AIDS dementia complex
AIDS dementia complex (a.k.a. HIV encephalopathy) is a neurological disorder caused by HIV which has been classified as an AIDS-defining condition.

HIV and Pregnancy: Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission
The use of antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy is shown to be 98% effective in preventing HIV transmission from mother to child.

HIV Post-Exposure Guidelines for Healthcare Personnel
The U.S. Public Health Service issued updated guidance for the use of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) in health workers accidentally exposed to HIV.

HIV/AIDS Profiles: The People Who "Cheated" HIV
Scientists have long observed people with HIV who do not progress to AIDS and were able to maintain stable CD4 counts and undetectable viral loads, often for decades.

Larry Kramer: From Art to AIDS Activism and Back
Larry Kramer (1935 - ) is an American playwright who co-founded the New York-based Gay Men’s Health Crisis and AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP).

The History of the NAMES AIDS Memorial Quilt
The NAMES AIDS Quilt is a massive community arts project that served as one of the most powerful activist tools during the height of the AIDS crisis.

Microsporidiosis - HIV/AIDS Definition
Microsporidiosis​ is an HIV opportunistic illness caused by a species of unicellular fungi, seen almost entirely in immune compromised individuals.

Gene Therapy Blocks HIV By Mimicking Target Cells
Scientists are exploring gene therapies that can either

Despite Success, PrEP "On Demand" Raises Questions
Researchers have suggested that Truvada (tenofovir +emtricabine) taken

HIV Information - Transmission and Prevention
When assessing your risk of HIV, it's important to understand the four conditions that must be satisfied in order for an HIV infection to take place.

HIV Resources - HIV Resources on the Internet
HIV resources can be found all over the Internet. HIV resources on the Internet can be helpful but can also be misleading and inaccurate. This feature guides you through the maze of HIV resources on the Internet.

HIV Risk in the Transgender Men and Women
A 2008 study reported that among the transgender population of California, 6.8% were HIV-positive, a rate even higher than among gay and bisexual men.

Lactic Acidosis in HIV Therapy - Causes and Symptoms
Lactic acidosis can be a severe and even life-threatening side effect of certain HIV drugs, causing a buildup of lactic acid in the blood and tissues.​

A Primer to HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy
Read about the history of, symptoms, and cause of body fat changes that may occur in people living with HIV, known as lipodystrophy.

Treatment of HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy
While there is no cure for HIV-associated lipodystrophy, there are treatments that can potentially reverse some of the effects of fat redistribution.

Common Parasitic Opportunistic Infections in HIV
Learn about three of the most common parasitic opportunistic infections, and how they can be prevented in people with HIV with low CD4 counts.

HIV and PCP (Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia)
Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia (PCP) is a potentially deadly infection seen in people with HIV, most often with severe immune suppression.

Finding the Right HIV Specialist for You
HIV remains a dynamic disease that requires specially trained physicians able to deliver high levels of care specific to your individual health needs.

the Catch-22 of HIV and Immune Activation
Chronic immune activation is caused when HIV overstimulates the immune system to a point where it potentiates, rather then inhibits, viral replication.

HIV Risk in Teens and Young Adults
In the U.S., over 12,000 people under the age of 25 are infected with HIV each year. Find out why and ways to help reduce risk in teens and young adults.

AIDS & HIV. Page 2.

How to Find the Right HIV Support Group
Find the HIV support group best suited to your needs, from community-based programs to online chat rooms to private support networks.

Deciphering Your Routine HIV Blood Tests
Routine blood tests are just as important to understand in the proper management of HIV infection as your CD4 count and viral load.

Symptoms of HIV by Stage
While HIV diminishes the body's ability to defend itself, the symptoms are generally the result of a specific opportunistic infection.

Genetic Strains of HIV-1 and HIV-2
The enormous diversity of HIV creates something of a moving target for researchers as emerging strains become more virulent and resistant to therapy.

Anabolic Steroids and HIV Injecting Drug Risk
The use of image and performance-enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids carries a one-in-ten risk of HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection.

Can We Treat Our Way Out of the AIDS Epidemic?
UN officials warn that

Can Menstruation or Menopause Increase a Woman's HIV Risk?
Research has suggested that normal hormonal changes can increase a woman's risk of HIV by causing changes to the tissues of the vagina and cervix.


HIV and Lymphadenpathy (Swollen Lymph Glands)
The incidence of lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph glands) is especially high in people with HIV and can occur at any stage of infection.



Early Signs and Symptoms of Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
By spotting the early signs and symptoms of shingles (herpes zoster), you may be able to lessen the severity of an impending outbreak.




9. And the Band Played On (1994) - Top 10 HIV/AIDS Films
The AIDS drama, And the Band Played On, was considered something of a television landmark in its time, based on the best-selling book by Randy Shilts.

The 10 Best Films About HIV/AIDS
The best films about HIV/AIDS serve as an historic record, bringing to life the struggles and emotions that remain as relevant today as they did then.

10. Philadelphia (1994) - Top 10 HIV/AIDS Films
Philadelphia is the film that changed the social landscape at time when the anger vented at the Reagan/Bush administrations was nearing boiling point.

1. How to Survive a Plague (2012) - Top 10 HIV/AIDS Films
How to Survive a Plague paints a moving portrait of the rage, loss and hope felt by those who fought injustice during the AIDS crisis in America.

3. Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt (1989)
Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt is one of the most powerful films about HIV/AIDS, packing an emotional wallop that is not easily forgotten.

2. Angels in America (2003) - Top 10 HIV/AIDS Films
Angels in America combines historic reference, biblical allegory and a sweeping scope that captures the breadth of AIDS epidemic to powerful effect.

5. The Lazarus Effect (2010) - Top 10 HIV/AIDS Films
The quietly powerful 2010 documentary, The Lazarus Effect, describes the impact of free antiretroviral programs on HIV-infected individuals in Africa.

6. Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - Top 10 HIV/AIDS Films
When marketing the 2013 film, Dallas Buyers Club, many in the production stated that the film was not about HIV/AIDS. And, in truth, they're right.

7. An Early Frost (1985) - Top 10 HIV/AIDS Films
An Early Frost was the first major film to dramatize the AIDS crisis in America, winning numerous awards and an audience of over 34 million viewers.

8. Longtime Companion (1989) - Top 10 HIV/AIDS Films
Longtime Companion was credited as the first wide-release theatrical film to chronicle the AIDS crisis in America, spanning the years 1981 to 1989.

4. The Normal Heart (2014) - Top 10 HIV/AIDS Films
HBO's adaptation of the award-winning HIV/AIDS drama, The Normal Heart, retains much of the anger and caustic immediacy that it so memorable on stage.

Resistance to One ARV Can Lead to Cross-Resistance.
Because resistance relates to changes in HIV's genetic code, any mutation that causes resistance to one drug can cause cross-resistance to other drugs.

Antiretroviral Drugs Do Not "Make" HIV Resistant.
When infections occurs, it is not with a single type of HIV, but with a pool of thousands of slightly different types (or “variants”) of HIV.

A Resistant Variant Does Not Mean You are Resistant.
The goal of antiretroviral therapy is to keep all variant populations fully suppressed, preventing HIV with partial resistance from mutating further.

Resistance Can Be "Transmitted" From One Person to the Next.
According to the CDC, 20% of new HIV infections in the U.S. involve a transmitted resistance to one or more antiretroviral drugs.

Resistance Testing Helps Determine the Correct Drug Combination.
Resistance testing provides your doctor with a picture of the types of drug resistance you may have prior to the start of antiretroviral therapy.

Suboptimal Adherence Gives Resistant HIV the Survival Advantage.
Suboptimal HIV drug adherence, due to missed doses or interruption of treatment, allows for drug serum levels to drop in the bloodstream.

Additional Mutations Can Increase the Levels of Drug Resistance.
If HIV is not fully suppressed, the resistant viruses will continue to mutate until a drug no longer has any effect. This is called “drug failure.”

Resistance is Not Futile, But It is Forever.
Optimal adherence and safer sex practices are key to reducing HIV transmission and prolonging viability of your drugs over the long term.

10 Things You Should Know About HIV Drug Resistance
Understanding the dynamics of drug resistance can help you ensure your HIV medications work more effectively and with fewer complications over the long run.

Why Are There So Many HIV Variants?
HIV produces as many as 10 billion new viruses every day, but is highly prone to genetic errors when replicating. These mistakes are called

“Wild-Type” HIV is the Predominant Variant.
“Wild-type” is HIV that has not mutated and is 100% susceptible to antiretroviral drugs.

Understanding Fever During an HIV Infection
While fever is as common in people with HIV as anyone else, persistent fever with no clear cause can sometimes indicate a developing illness.

A Brief HIstory of the Condom - HIV/AIDS
Condoms, where did they come from? The history of condoms is interesting. This condom history will show you where your condoms have come from.

HIV and Your Complete Blood Count (CBC)
The complete blood count (CBC) is used to measure the cell composition of your blood in order to help diagnose infection and identify drug reactions.

HIV and Sleeping - Reasons for Insomnia
Sleep problems are commonly noted in people with HIV, caused by emotional or psychological distress, by certain HIV drugs, or sometimes by HIV itself.

Guidelines for Starting HIV Therapy in Adults
The Department of Health and Human Services released updated its guidelines for the initiation and use of antiretrovirals in adults infected with HIV.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is a global health agency that disburses resources to low- to medium-income countries in need.

UNAIDS - United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS
The United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) acts as the primary coordinator by which to ensure a more unified global response to HIV/AIDS.

The Facts About HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a prevention strategy whereby the daily use of Truvada can reduce a person's risk of getting HIV by around 90%.

How to Disclose Your HIV Status to Your Partner
Dating and disclosure can cause stress in those living with HIV, exposing them to vulnerabilities that go far beyond than the fear of rejection.

Treating Hepatitis C With Epclusa
Epclusa (sofosbuvir, valpatasvir) was approved by the FDA in June 28, 2016 and is the first hepatitis C drug able to treat all six major viral genotypes.

What Is Hemophilia and How Does It Intersect With HIV?
HIV transmission among hemophiliacs was long considered among the highest levels of risk. How much have things changed with newer screening techniques?

Cause and Treatment of An Itchy Urethra in Men
Read about what causes an itchy urethra or discharge from the urethra, and how this condition – known as urethritis – is diagnosed and treated.

AIDS Denialism: Ancient History or Ongoing Threat?
Despite advances in HIV sciences, the shadow of AIDS denialism looms large, casting doubt and distraction among those who are often in the most need of care.

Smoking Cessation for People with HIV
Under the Affordable Care Act, private insurance created after March 23, 2010 must offer free smoking cessation interventions.

9 Healthy Aging Tips for People Living With HIV
With life expectancy rates increasing among people with HIV, greater emphasis has been placed on reducing high rates of premature frailty and illness.

What Is Marinol and How Is It Used in HIV Treatment?
Marinol (dronabinol) is a prescription drug derived from marijuana that was once commonly prescribed in people with HIV-associated wasting syndrome.

Interpreting and Understanding a Negative HIV Test
Read how to interpret a negative HIV test and whether this truly means a person is not infected with HIV.

Why HIV Progresses Slower in Some People Than Others
HIV tolerance is the state by which the body doesn't fight HIV but simply minimizes the damage done by it, conferring to slower disease progression.

How Often Do False Positives and False Negatives Occur?
While the rate of false positive and false negatives is very low, they can occur, either a result of human error or limitations of tests themselves.

Twinrix Vaccine: Combination Hepatitis A and B Vaccine
Learn about a vaccine that combines both hepatitis A and hepatitis B in one syringe, and why this vaccine may be important for you to receive.

The Risks of Oral Sex In Teenagers
Research suggests that teens are engaging in oral sex as a

Shingles Symptoms and Complications
Learn about the symptoms and signs of shingles, how to identify the rash, and the complications that shingles may cause.

Crystal Meth and Substance Abuse - When Speed Kills
Methamphetamine (crystal meth) use remains high across diverse populations, causing long-term health damage while increasing HIV and hepatitis C risk.

HIV Risk for Women Having Anal Sex
Read about anal sex in women, including the number of women who engage in this sexual practice, the risk of getting HIV, and what we can do to about it.

How Viagra Works and Side Effects Erectile Dysfunction
Learn more about viagra used to treat erectile dysfunction, including its mechanism, dosages, and side effects.

Olympic Champion and HIV Advocate Greg Louganis
Greg Louganis gained world's attention as one of the greatest diving champions in Olympic history and respect as one if its earliest HIV activists.

Universal Precautions to Prevent HIV in Hospitals
Universal precautions are a set of measure smeant to prevent transmission of HIV, hepatitis B and other bloodborne pathogens in clinics and hospitals.

What Are Antiretrovirals and How Do They Work?
The benefits of modern antiretroviral therapy include a greater ease of use, a lower risk of HIV resistance, and fewer drug-related side effects.

What Does a CD4 Count and Viral Load Mean?
A CD4 count and viral load test are performed to determine the status of a person's immune system and the level of HIV in the body.

What Are My HIV Testing Options?
The CDC recommends a new strategy for HIV testing using 4th generation combination assays able to detect both HIV antibodies and antigens.

Treatment Options for Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
Newer generation hepatitis C drugs today offer cure rates of up to 99 percent, with far fewer side effects and treatment duration of as little as 12 weeks.

Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis C
The signs of hepatitis C can vary by stage infection, with some experiencing few, if any, symptoms, while others have potentially life-threatening events.

What Is a Latent HIV Reservoir?
Latent reservoirs are cells of the body where HIV is able to hide, undetected by the immune system and little affected by antiretroviral therapy .

Tivicay (dolutegravir) - HIV Drug Information
Tivicay (dolutegravir) is an integrase inhibitor-class antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV infection.

Facts About Stribild, the HIV "Quad Pill"
Stribild is a once-daily, single-tablet antiretroviral drug approved by the FDA for use in patients starting HIV therapy for the first time.

Global and U.S. Death by HIV/AIDS
Expanded access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) has profoundly lowered the rate of AIDS-related deaths, both in the U.S. and globally.

What Should I Do If a Condom Breaks?
Accidents will happen. But should a condom burst during sex, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the risk of HIV infection

cART - HAART - HIV Combination Antiretroviral Therapy
cART is the acronym for combination antiretroviral therapy, which employs the use of three or more drugs to suppress HIV replication.

How To Correctly Size A Condom
Finding the right condom can make the difference between having trouble-free or troublesome sex. Learn how to size condoms in this informative how-to.

Hepatitis Causes, Signs and Symptoms with HIV
Some forms of viral hepatitis are common in people with HIV, with differences in their modes of transmission, clinical presentations and risk factors.

Will the HIV Prevention Pill Encourage High Risk Sex?
In 2014, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation angered many by claiming that PrEP, the HIV prevention pill, would increase sexual risk taking. Are they right?

HIV Treatment Cascade Model
HIV genetic resistance tests identifies mutations associated with current or evolving drug resistance by class of antiretroviral drugs.

How to Read a Hematology Report (Sample)
Your routine blood tests tests are as important to your well-being as HIV-specific tests, such as your CD4 count and viral load.

How to Read HIV Genetic Resistance Test Reports
HIV genetic resistance tests identify mutations associated with current or evolving drug resistance by class of antiretroviral drugs. Learn how to read the results here.

AIDS & HIV. Page 2.

Syphilis Facts, Symptoms, and Stages
Here's our comprehensive guide to STDs, including symptoms, stages, and treatments for Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia & Trichomoniasis.

AIDS & HIV. Page 3.

AIDS & HIV. Page 4.

HIV and Mumps
A recent outbreak of mumps has got people asking,

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and HIV Infection
Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a potentially fatal skin condition most frequently associated with drug hypersensitivity, including a few that treat HIV.

The Link Between HIV and Kidney Disease
Studies show that about 30 percent of all HIV infected people have some sort of kidney function abnormality. HIV and kidney disease is a common combination.

A Guide to the Signs and Symptoms of Syphilis
Syphilis is on the rise in many U.S. populations and is linked to increased rates of HIV. Learn why and ways to prevent the further spread of infection.

HIV and Diarrhea: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
Diarrhea remains a common problem for people living with HIV, with as many as 60% experiencing three or more loose or watery bowel movements per day.

Surprising Ways That Craigslist Increases HIV Rates
A 2013 study suggested that HIV prevalence in 33 U.S. states had risen by15.9% over a ten-year period as a direct result of Craigslist hookups.

Your Essential Guide to HIV Testing and Diagnosis
There are a number of tests used in the detection, treatment and management of HIV, ranging from rapid in-home tests to genetic assays used to tailor therapy.

3 Over-The-Counter Drugs That Can Undermine Your HIV Therapy
A number of over-the-counter supplements and prescribed medication, often missed by pharmacists, can greatly reduce the efficacy of your HIV drugs.

HIV-Associated Complications of the Eye
HIV-associated eye disorders are common among people living with HIV, with as many as 70 to 80 percent experiencing some form of eye problem.

HIV Prevention: An 8-Step Plan to Reduce Risk
Newer prevention tools can offer greater protections against HIV, reducing not only the risk of getting the virus but passing it on to others.

Your Essential Guide to HIV Therapy
Now that HIV therapy is indicated for all persons living with HIV, it's important to understand how the drugs work and ways to achieve treatment success.

Francoise Barre-Sinoussi - Co-Discoverer of HIV
Franoise Barr-Sinoussi is a French virologist who was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize for discovery of HIV, alongside Luc Montagnier.

Might Treatment-On-Infection Allow For Treatment Interruption?
Researchers with the French PRIMO cohort study have questioned whether early treatment might slow, if not entirely prevent, HIV disease progression.

Safer Conception Strategies for HIV Serodiscordant Parents
Major advances in antiretroviral therapy allow for pregnancy in HIV serodiscordant couples while minimizing the risk of infection.

HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy) for HIV
HAART is the acronym for highly active antiretroviral therapy, a term use to describe the effectiveness of combination drug therapies to fight HIV.

Latent Reservoirs: Achilles Heel of AIDS Research?
The clearance of HIV reservoirs, considered key to a cure, may be hindered by the speed by which they are established and the drugs meant to flush them out.

The Facts About HIV Treatment as Prevention
Treatment as Prevention (TasP) is an approach by which HIV-infected people with undetectable viral loads are less likely to transmit HIV.

Understanding the Role of an HIV Specialist
Learn about what it means to be an HIV specialist and the benefits of being cared for by one if you are infected with HIV.

HIV Drug Information on Atripla
Atripla is a single pill, fixed dose combination tablet used in the treatment of HIV containing the drugs tenofovir, emtricitabine and efavirenz.

HIV Risk Among Women Who Have Sex With Women (WSW)
While lesbians (women who have sex with women) are often considered the group with the lowest risk of HIV infection, some cases of transmission do exist.

Can You Breastfeed if You Have Herpes?
Learn whether breastfeeding is safe if a woman has herpes and what precautions she should take if she has herpes of the breast.

Risk Compensation - HIV/AIDS Glossary
Risk compensation is a theory by which individuals will adjust their behavior​ based on their perception of risk, even if that perception is misinformed.

Mens Health and Causes of Rectal Pain - AIDS/HIV
One common men's​-health issue is rectal pain. Rectal pain can occur for many reasons from the not so serious to the very serious.

AIDS & HIV. Page 2.

HIV and Senior Citizens
Our senior citizens have to deal with declining health everyday. But one disease few senior citizens worry about is HIV. In fact HIV and senior citizens are seldom talked about in the same breath. What is the relationship between HIV and the older adult. What is the state of HIV over 50.

Hepatitis C Therapy: Side Effects and Other Considerations
While newer generation hepatitis C drugs offer fewer side effects and shorter treatment duration, consideration needs to be given to avoid complications. Page 2.

Treating Chronic Hepatitis C in People with HIV
Hepatitis C is an infectious disease affecting the liver and one of the leading causes of hospitalization and death among people living with HIV.

CDC Says 50% of Gay Black Men Will Get HIV
A 2016 study from the CDC concluded that one of every two gay black men in the U.S. would be infected with HIV in the course of his lifetime.

Why Treating HIV on Diagnosis Is Now a Must
On September 30, 2015, the WHO revised its global HIV treatment policies to recommend the immediate initiation of therapy at the time of diagnosis.

Why Your Address May Be Your Greatest HIV Risk
A sharp rise in new HIV infections are being seen in U.S. cities where poverty and the lack of government response only serve to fuel the epidemic.

List of Approved Hepatitis C Drugs
Following the approval of Sovaldi in 2013, seven other drug molecules and combination tablets have been approved to treat chronic hepatitis C infection.

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms and Diagnosis
Peripheral neuropathy is a sometimes painful condition caused by damage to nerves that can affect both the mobility and well-being of people with HIV.

CCR5 Receptor Antagonist - HIV/AIDS Definition
HIV entry inhibitors (also known as fusion inhibitors) are a class of antiretroviral drugs that block HIV from accessing key entry points into host cells.

The Facts About HIV and Barebacking
Research suggests that barebacking reflects a plethora of psycho-social issues that impact the sexual decision-making of gay men at risk for HIV.

Caring for a Child with HIV
Get answers to common questions, like vaccinations and teasing, that parents face when caring for a child infected with HIV.

How Symptom Checking Can Place You at HIV Risk
Given that the course of HIV can vary from person to person,

HIV-Associated Infections of the Cornea and Iris
HIV-associated infections of the anterior segment of the eye (cornea, iris, and anterior chamber) can range in severity from dry eyes to blindness.

A Practical Guide to Tuberculosis and the TB Test
The risk of tuberculosis (TB) remains extremely high in people with HIV, requiring routine screening and informed treatment in high-risk populations.

Link Between HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
The presence of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) can increase a person's risk of acquiring HIV, both for biological and behavioral reasons.


HIV and Life Expectancy - Gains and Losses in Life Years
While people with HIV can live normal lifespans if provided antiretroviral therapy, some everyday habits can take back many—if not all—of those gains.


HIV and Life Expectancy - Gains and Losses in Life Years
While people with HIV can live normal lifespans thanks to modern HIV therapy, some everyday habits can take back many, if not all, of those gains.


Pneumonial Infections in People with HIV
Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) and recurrent bacterial pneumonia are both considered AIDS-defining clinical conditions in people with HIV.

Cymbalta To Treat Both Depression and Nerve Pain
Learn more about an antidepressant Cymbalta, or duloxetine​, that can also be used to treat nerve pain, a common side effect of HIV medication.

Medications for Heartburn and Interaction with HIV Drugs
Learn what medications are used to treat heartburn in HIV, and how they may interact with your HIV medications.

Examining Whether HIV and AIDS are the Same
Learn about the differences between HIV and AIDS, and how these terms are often erroneously interchanged in the media.

The Cost of HIV Medications - Average Wholesale Prices
How much does HIV medication cost? The Average Wholesale Price (AWP) is the average price that wholesalers are actually paying for a particular HIV drug.

HIV and Kaposi's Sarcoma Diagnosis and Treatment
Kaposi's sarcoma is a tumor caused by a herpes virus that was rarely seen until the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. Learn more about this HIV-related condition.

Profile of David Ho, Acclaimed HIV/AIDS Researcher
David Ho is an American scientist whose pioneering research into HIV/AIDS garnered him the distinction of being named Time's Man of the Year in 1996.

HIV and Liver Function Tests (LFTs)
Liver function tests are a battery of tests that gives your doctor an idea of how well your liver is working, especially when treating HIV infection.

HIV Needle Exchange - Debate Over Government Funding
Learn about needle exchange and the debate as to whether this practice should be funded by the United States government.

HIV Microscopy Gallery - HIV Microscopy in Pictures
A gallery of microscopic images of the HIV virus as well as other viruses that have strong ties to the disease.

Toxoplasma Gondii Image - Toxoplasmosis
Toxoplasmosis of the brain is caused by the protozoan T. gondii, and has been classified as an AIDS-defining condition in people with HIV.

Salmonella Image - AIDS Defining Condition
Recurrent Salmonella septicemia is classified as an AIDS-defining condition by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Coccidioides Immitis Image - Coccidioimycosis
Extrapulmonary coccidioimycosis is considered an AIDS-defining condition in people with HIV by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Varicella Zoster Image - HIV - Herpes Zoster
Varicella zoster virus is member of the herpes virus family, which commonly causes chickenpox in children and shingles in adults.

Cystoisopora Belli Image - Isospora Belli Image
Cystoisosporiasis is a parasitic infection of the intestines classified by the CDC as an AIDS-defining condition.

Cryptococcus Neoformans Image - HIV - Cryptococcosis
Cryptococcosis is a fungal infection that has been classifies as an AIDS-defining condition by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Histoplasma Capsulatum Image - HIV - Histoplasmosis
Histoplasma capsulatum is the causative agent for histoplasmosis, a fungal disease classified as an AIDS-defining condition by the CDC.

T-Lymphocyte Cell Image - T-Cell Image
Scanning electron micrograph of a human T-lymphocyte (also called a T-cell) from the immune system of a healthy donor. Credit: NIAID

HIV-Infected CD4 T-Cell Image
A scanning electron micrograph of an HIV-infected CD4 T-lymphocyte cell. Credit: NIAID

Close Up Image of an HIV-Infected CD4 T-Cell
Scanning electron micrograph of HIV particles infecting a CD4 cell, colorized in blue, turqoise, and yellow. Credit: NIAID

Budding HIV Virion Image
HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is shown budding out of a human immune cell, which the virus infects and uses to replicate. Credit: NIAID

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) Image
Scanning electron micrograph of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, which cause TB. Credit: NIAID

Pneumocystis jiroveci Image
Silver stained microscopic image of Pneumocystis jiroveci fungi isolated from a bronchial irrigation.

Candida Albicans Image - Thrush - Candidiasis
Candidiasis (or thrush) is a fungal infection that can range from superficial oral infections to severe systemic disease in people with HIV.

Human Papillomavirus Image - HPV
Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that is associated with a risk for the development of cervical cancer in women with HIV.

HIV Does Not Cause AIDS in the Way We Thought
New research has shown that the predominant mode of cell death during HIV infection is not caused by free-floating virus but the immune cells themselves.

Understanding HIV and Depression
When depression is associated with a person's HIV, specialist care should be sought to address the HIV-specific and non-specific causes of depression.

HIV Transmission from Vaginal Sex
Presumptions about the risk of HIV from vaginal sex can often lead people to grossly overestimate or underestimate their personal risk of infection.

HIV and Smoking, A Deadly Intersection
Research suggests that cigarettes are more harmful to people living with HIV than HIV itself, resulting in the greatest loss of life years overall.

The Global Impact of HIV Drug Resistance
In the U.S. and Europe, studies suggest that HIV drug resistance rates may be as high as 20%. It is feared that rates in Africa may far exceed 50%.

Folliculitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
A common skin infection called folliculitis can manifest, often profoundly, in HIV-infected people with severely compromised immune systems.

Novel Immunologic Approaches to Fighting HIV
In a compelling study, Johns Hopkins scientists have shown that the body's own immune cells can be trained to better spot and kill HIV-infected cells.

What Is the Lifetime Cost of HIV?
For patients starting HIV therapy at CD4 counts of 500 or less, the average lifetime cost is estimated to be $250,000, increasing as the CD4 drops.

What Is the HIV Treatment Cascade?
The HIV Treatment Cascade is a model used by Federal, state and local agencies to better identify gaps in care delivery to people living with HIV.

The Facts About HIV and Thrush (Candidiasis)
Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by a type of yeast, which can affect the mouth (thrush), vagina (yeast infection), and other organ systems.

HIV and Smoking: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Today
The consequences of smoking is arguably greater in people with HIV than anyone else, exponentially increasing the risk of cancer, heart disease, and death.

Why Is It So Hard to Make an HIV Vaccine?
Despite setbacks, scientists are starting to overcome the barriers to HIV vaccine development, with novel approaches to drug and immune-based therapies.

Issues of Being Overweight and HIV Positive
HIV has long been associated with weight loss and wasting, but now are dealing with an ever-growing challenge among patients with HIV: obesity.

What To Do If An HIV Treatment Fails
HIV treatment failure occurs when a drug (or combination of drugs) is unable to unable suppress viral activity or restore a patient's immune function.

Genvoya - HIV Antiretroviral Drug Information
Genvoya is a newer formulation of the drug Stribild (a.k.a. the Quad Pill) used in the treatment of HIV in both adults and children over the age of 12.

Fulyzaq (crofelemer) for HIV-Associated Diarrhea
Fulyzaq (crofelemer) is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat diarrhea in people with HIV caused by antiretroviral therapy.

The Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test, Understanding the PPD
The TB skin tests consists of an injection of a TB derivative. The reaction to a shot, specifically its size, can determine if a person has been infected.

HIV-2 is the Less-Common Cousin of HIV-1
We hear so much talk about HIV we assume there is only one type of HIV. Actually, the HIV we talk about most is HIV-1. There is a second, less common strain called HIV-2. What is HIV-2?

Does Needle Exchange Prevent HIV Infection?
Needle exchange is a concept that is surrounded by controversy but has been shown to be an effective means to slow the spread of HIV and hepatitis.

Do Financial Incentives Improve HIV Patients' Outcomes?
A 2015 study, conducted at 76 HIV clinics and care sites, aimed to increase testing, linkage to care, and adherence by offering financial incentives.

What Is a CD4 Count and Why Is It Important?
The CD4 count literally counts the number of CD4 T-cells in a blood sample and tracks whether a person's immune strength is going up or going down.

Evotaz (atazanavir + cobicistat) - HIV Drug Information
Evotaz (atazanavir + cobicistat) is once-daily, fixed dose combination antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV-1 infection.

The Catch-22 of HIV Elite Control
HIV elite controllers (people able to control HIV without drugs) are up to 77% more likely to be hospitalized that people on antiretroviral therapy.

HIV Elite Controllers - HIV/AIDS Definition
Some people have the ability to control HIV without the use of drugs. Uncovering the mechanisms for control may one day help develop an AIDS vaccine.

Tetanus Vaccine - Tdap - Tetanus - Tetanus Vaccine
The Tdap vaccine is administered to adolescents and some adults to protect against tetanus, diphtheria,and pertussis (whooping cough).

Can I Get HIV from Kissing?
Kissing is considered among the most ineffective means of transmitting HIV, with risk considered anywhere from negligible to non-existent.

Daklinza (daclatasvir) - Hepatitis C Drug Information
Daklinza (daclatasvir) has been approved to treat people with chronic genotype 3 hepatitis C infection, including those with liver cirrhosis.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Retinitis Eye Infections
Cytomegalovirus (CMC) retinitis is a potentially blinding infection of the eye associated with severe immune suppression in people with untreated HIV.

Complera - HIV Antiretroviral Drug Information
Complera (rilpvirine + emtricitabine + tenofovir) is a three-in-one drug used in the treatment of HIV in both adults and children over the age of 12.

Uncommon Signs and Symptoms of Early HIV Infection
While some people will experience flu-like symptoms during early HIV infection, others may experience serious, even life-threatening illnesses.

6 Prescription Drugs to Avoid if Taking HIV Therapy
A number of commonly prescribed drugs cannot used with certain HIV medications as this can lead to increased side effects or decreased drug activity.

Does HIV Make You Fat?
A 2015 study has shown the high viral loads (over 100,000 copies/mL) at the start of therapy can triple the gains in abdominal fat in people with HIV.

Does PrEP Work the Same for Men and Women?
A study suggests that PrEP, in the form of a daily dose of Truvada, may require far greater adherence levels in women than in men to protect against HIV.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - HIV/AIDS
The CDC is responsible for managing, monitoring, and evaluating bilateral HIV/AIDS programs funded by PEPFAR in over 75 countries.

Anal Pap Screening in Gay and Bisexual Men
Anal pap screening is recommended to enable the early detection of anal cancer in gay and bisexual men, as well as at-risk women. Learn why.

Death and Dying - Planning for the Future - Estate Planning
Death and dying is a fact of life none of us want to face. For those living with a chronic illness like HIV & AIDS este planning and planning for the future is a wise thing to do. Planning for the future will make sure your loved ones are taken care of when you are gone.

What Can I Do If I Have Been Accidentally Exposed to HIV?
In the event of accidental exposure to HIV, there are drugs that can potentially reduce the risk of infection called post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

Does HIV Increase Your Risk of Cancer?
Cancers are considered the leading cause of death for people living with HIV in the developed world. Find out why and ways to reduce your risk.

A Practical Guide to Coping With HIV Stigma
Learning to overcome HIV stigma starts by understanding the roots of prejudice and discrimination towards those living with HIV.

Edurant (rilpivirine) - HIV Drug Information
Edurant is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in May 2011.

What are My Chances of Getting HIV?
Learn the odds or statistics behind your chance of getting HIV based on certain exposures like sex, sharing needles, or getting a needle-stick injury.

Do I Have an HIV Infection?
How do I know if I have HIV? What are the signs? Can I tell if someone has HIV? These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions about HIV.

Who Is at Highest Risk of Transmitting HIV?
The CDC reports that undiagnosed patients account for 30 percent of all HIV infections, while three in five are from undiagnosed patients aware of their status.

Combination HIV Antigen/Antibody Tests
On June 27, 2014, the CDC recommended the use of 4th generation combination tests able to detect HIV up to four weeks earlier than antibody tests.

History of HIV - Harold Jaffe - History of HIV
Dr. Harold Jaffe is a noted American scientist, credited with being among those in the frontline during the first days of the AIDS epidemic.

Which Countries Restrict Travel to People with HIV?
There are at total 66 countries are known to have entry regulations for people with HIV, 18 of which have laws that can affect short-term travelers.