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Does Xolair Cause Heart Attacks and Strokes?
In July 2009, the FDA issued a statement regarding the possibility that Xolair (omalizumab) may result in an increase in various cardiovascular and

Are Asthma Medications Safe?
It seems that lately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can't stop issuing precautionary statements regarding the potential dangers of various asthma

Is Vitamin D Deficiency Related to Asthma and Allergies?
Vitamin D is an important nutrient and hormone that is found naturally in only a few foods but is also made in the skin with sunlight exposure. Vitamin D plays

Should Peanuts Be Banned From Schools?
Should Peanuts Be Banned From Schools?

Xyzal Now Indicated For Children 6 Months to Five Years of Age
Xyzal (levocetirizine), a low-sedating prescription antihistamine available for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and urticaria, has now been approved by the

Natural Treatments for Seasonal Allergies
Most people are looking to reduce their reliance on medications as a way to treat their allergies, and are turning to natural remedies instead. While natural

Back to School Means Time for Asthma Attacks
Back to school time brings various thoughts to mind - including autumn leaves, school buses and children excited about being back at school. But it also means

Cold Weather Allergies
Think that allergies aren't a problem during cold weather? Think again. Even though the plants outside aren't exactly green, and the fact that there isn't much

Think You Have a Penicillin Allergy? Find Out for Sure!
Good news for people with a history of a penicillin allergy -- once again a penicillin skin testing extract is available on the market which help diagnose or

Christmas Tree Allergy
Think your allergies and asthma get worse once you bring that fresh pine tree indoors during the holidays? It may be more than just your imagination. People for

Help! I Can't Stop Scratching!
Itching is a common reason for people to see an allergist. Many of those with itching have a rash, others do not. Some people suffer from itching for many

Is it a Cold, the Flu, or Allergies?
It can be difficult to tell the difference between a cold, the flu, and allergy symptoms, particularly in kids. This is especially true during the fall months,

Put a Stop to the Swine Flu!
The swine flu is here, and more and more people are becoming infected. It appears that people, especially children, with asthma are at higher risk for

Food Allergies and Vaccines
Millions of vaccinations are given every year in the United States; allergic reactions from these vaccines are extremely rare. However, some people with certain

Allergies in Children
Allergies are becoming more and more common in children. For example, allergic rhinitis is extremely common in children, and is far more than just a runny nose.

Thanksgiving Allergies
Soon many of us will travel to see family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. These travels could lead to various exposures that could worsen underlying

New Year's Resolution: Get Allergy Tested!
Have you thought what your New Year's Resolution will be this January? Tired of the same old resolutions: lose weight, get organized, start exercising? Why not

Cedar Fever is Back!
For thousands of people living in Texas and parts of Oklahoma, winter not only brings cold weather and the Holidays, but also Mountain Cedar pollen. Mountain

Need An Excuse To Drop Your New Year's Resolution?
Well, you've made it 12 days into the New Year. How's that New Year's Resolution going? Are you sticking with it? Need an excuse to drop it? Try these excuses:

Allergic to my pet - Allergen Avoidance
If you're allergic to your pet, you may not have to get rid of your furry friend. Here are some tips to follow to reduce your allergy symptoms.

Omega 3 Allergies - Omega 6, Omega 3 and Allergies in Children
Learn if supplementation with omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids helps to prevent the onset of allergies in young children.

Acupuncture and Asthma - Will Acupuncture Help Asthma
Find out if acupuncture can help treat asthma.

Causes of Asthma in Children -- Watching Television Causes Asthma in Children
Learn how excessive television watching can lead to the development of asthma in young children.

Bleach Cleaners for Allergies -- Household Bleach to Improve Asthma
Learn how using a dilute household bleach cleaner can help the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Bronchial Thermoplasty - All About Bronchial Thermoplasty
Learn about bronchial thermoplasty for the treatment of asthma.

Echinacea - Allergies and Echinacea - Echinacea and Common Cold
Do you take Echinacea to prevent or treat symptoms of a cold? You're not alone -- but if you take this common herb in order to prevent from getting a cold, you could be wasting your money.

Pesticides and Allergies in Children -- Are Pesticides and Allergies in Children Connected
Learn how certain pesticides can affect the development of allergies and asthma in children.

Do Dogs and Cats Prevent Allergies -- Should I Get a Dog or a Cat to Prevent My Child from Getting Allergies
Thinking about getting a pet dog or cat in order to prevent allergies in your child? Not sure which type of pet would be best? Find out whether getting a dog or a cat would help prevent allergies in your child.

Allergy Shots - Do Allergy Shots Hurt
Do allergy shots hurt? Many people, especially children, are afraid of getting allergy shots because of the thought of painful injections. Find out if allergy shots are painful and learn ways to reduce any discomfort.

Asthma Attacks -- How to Prevent an Asthma Attack
Learn some techniques to prevent asthma attacks and to stay healthy during the cold and flu season.

Latex Allergy -- Allergies to Latex
If you suffer from a latex allergy, find out about the new form of guayule latex that doesn't cause allergic reactions in people with latex allergies.

H1N1 Nasal Spray and Asthma -- Should You Get the H1N1 Nasal Swine Flu Vaccine If You Have Asthma
Learn why you shouldn't get the H1N1 nasal spray vaccine if you have asthma.

H1N1 Swine flu vaccine and egg allergy -- Should I get the H1N1 swine flu vaccine if I have an egg allergy
Learn why you shouldn't get the H1N1 swine flu vaccine if you have an egg allergy.

Mosquito Allergy -- Tips for dealing with mosquito allergy
Learn some useful ideas about how to deal with mosquito bite allergy. Page 2.

Mosquito Allergy -- Tips for dealing with mosquito allergy
Learn some useful ideas about how to deal with mosquito bite allergy. Page 3.

Mosquito Allergy -- Tips for dealing with mosquito allergy
Learn some useful ideas about how to deal with mosquito bite allergy. Page 4.

Mosquito Allergy -- Tips for dealing with mosquito allergy
Learn some useful ideas about how to deal with mosquito bite allergy.

Mosquito Allergy -- Tips for dealing with mosquito allergy
Learn some useful ideas about how to deal with mosquito bite allergy. Page 5.

Mosquito Allergy -- Tips for dealing with mosquito allergy
Learn some useful ideas about how to deal with mosquito bite allergy. Page 6.

Mosquito Allergy -- Tips for dealing with mosquito allergy
Learn some useful ideas about how to deal with mosquito bite allergy. Page 7.

Mosquito Allergy -- Tips for dealing with mosquito allergy
Learn some useful ideas about how to deal with mosquito bite allergy. Page 8.

Flonase and Astelin Together -- Is There Any Benefit to Using Flonase and Astelin Together for Treatment of Allergies
Many people with allergies don't get adequate control of their symptoms with the use of a single medication. There is limited data on the use of more than one medication to treat allergy symptoms, although 2 studies show additive benefit with the use of Flonase and Astelin. Learn more about the use of Flonase and Astelin combination therapy for the treatment of allergic rhinitis.

Clarinex -- Is Clarinex an Effective Allergy Treatment
Learn about Clarinex, a prescription antihistamine used for the treatment of hay fever and hives in children and adults.

Antihistamines and Sedation
Some older, first-generation antihistamines can cause sedation, dry mouth and urinary retention. Fortunately, there are newer, second-generation antihistamines available with fewer of these side effects.

Antibiotics Cause Asthma in Children – Could Antibiotics Be a Cause of Asthma in Children
Learn if antibiotics given to infants, and which ones, may be associated with the developement of asthma.

Halloween Food Allergies -- How to Enjoy Halloween with Food Allergies
Learn how to help your food-allergic child enjoy a safe Halloween.

Worst Allergy Symptom for Children -- What is the Worst Allergy Symptom for Children
Learn what allergy symptom is the most bothersome to children, and the different medicines that will be successful in treating this symptom.

Advair -- Is Advair Safe?
Learn about the most recent warnings from the FDA regarding Advair and other asthma medications containing long-acting beta agonists.

Allergies -- Asthma Control
How to determine if your asthma is controlled.

Allergies -- Runny Nose with Eating Spicy Foods -- Gustatory Rhinitis
Have you ever had a runny nose after eating spicy foods? You may have experienced gustatory rhinitis. Learn about this common form of non-allergic rhinitis, and how it can be treated.

Safety of Inhaled Steroids in Kids -- Are Inhaled Corticosteroids Safe for Children with Asthma
Many parents are concerned about their kids using inhaled steroids to treat their asthma. Find out about the possible side effects of inhaled steroids, and why most concerns about inhaled steroids are blown out of proportion.

Allergies -- Nasal Steroid Sprays Treat Eye Allergy
Have you heard the news that some topical steroid nasal sprays actually treat allergic eye symptoms? Find out if this effect is unique to certain medications, and how these nose sprays may be able to treat eye allergies.

Nasal Steroid Safety in Kids - Are Nasal Corticosteroids Safe in Children
Many parents are concerned about the safety of nasal steroids for the treatment of allergies in children. Find out the surprising answer about the safety of these common allergy medicines.

Singulair Side Effects - Singulair Side Effects of Suicide and Behavioral Changes
Does Singulair, a medication used to treat asthma and seasonal allergies, cause a person to have behavioral changes or suicidal thoughts? Should you or your child take Singulair? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Sulfite Allergy and Epi-Pens - Allergies to Sulfites and the Epi-Pen
Can people with sulfite allergy use an Epi-Pen or Twin-Ject? Find out the surprising answer.

Peanut Allergies - Allergies to Peanuts - Allergies to Treenuts
Did you know that being allergic to peanuts or to one type of treenut places you at risk for being allergic to other types of treenuts? If you're allergic to any type of nut, find out the risks for other nut allergies and what should be done to prevent them.

Epipen -- How Many Epi-Pens
How many Epi-Pens should you have on hand? The answer may surprise you. Find out if you've got enough of these potentially life-savings medical devices.

School and Food Allergies -- Where at School Do Food Allergies Happen?
Learn where at school food allergies are most likely to occur - the answer might surprise you.

Epinephrine at School -- Where Should Epinephrine Be Kept at School
Learn the best place for where epinephrine should be kept at school.

Empty Asthma Inhaler -- When An Asthma Puffer Is Empty
Using an asthma inhaler until the device stops spraying means that you haven't been getting any medicine for quite some time. Learn how to determine when your asthma inhaler is empty - and when it's time to get a new one.

Exercise and Asthma -- Can You Exercise With Asthma
Learn some important tips to exercise safely when you have asthma.

Swine Flu Treatment - Swine Flu Treatment in People with Asthma
Learn how swine flu should be treated in people with asthma.

Runny Nose Treatment -- Nose Runs Outside with Cold and Windy Weather
Learn about why your nose runs when you're outside with cold or windy weather and the treatments available for this symptom.

Medicines that Worsen Asthma -- Which Medicines Can Worsen Asthma Symptoms
Learn about the types of medicines that can worsen asthma symptoms and cause other respiratory problems.

Allergy Eye Drops and Contact Lenses – Can I Use Allergy Eye Drops if I Wear Contact Lenses
Learn if you can wear contact lenses while using allergy eye drops.

Anticholinergic - What Is Anticholinergic?
Learn what is meant by the term anticholinergic, including medications that have anticholinergic side effects and other medications that function specifically to be anticholinergic.

Intradermal Skin Test -- Intradermal Skin Test for Allergies
Learn what an intradermal skin test is and how it is used to diagnose allergies.

Scratch Test -- Scratch Test for Allergies
scratch test allergies, allergy test, diagnose allergies

Isomer - What is an Isomer
Learn the definition of an isomer.

Racemic - What is a Racemic Mixture
Learn what is meant by a racemic mixture.

What is the Potency of a Medicine
Learn what is meant by the potency of a medicine.

Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria
Learn what is meant by chronic idiopathic urticaria.

Exercise Induced Asthma
Learn what is meant by exercise induced asthma.

Pollination - What Is Pollination
The definition of pollination. Allergies.

IgE -- Definition of IgE
Definition of IgE antibody. Allergies.

IgG -- Definition of IgG
Learn the definition of IgG. Allergies.

Albumin - What Is Albumin
Learn the definition of albumin and how it is important for pet allergies.

Latex Paint and Latex Allergy
Find out of latex paint poses a risk for people with latex allergy.

Topical Steroids for Children – Which Topical Steroids are Better for Children
Learn which topical steroids are better for the treatment of allergic rashes in children.

Afrin Nasal Spray – Is Afrin Nasal Spray a Good Medicine for Allergies
Learn why using Afrin for nasal congestion associated with allergies isn't the best idea, and how addiction to this common nasal decongestant spray is treated.

Generic Allergy Medicines – Which Allergy Medicines are Available in Generic Form
Find out which allergy medicines are available in generic version, which typically means that these medicines are far less expensive.

Allegra and Fruit Juice – Can I Take Allegra and Fruit Juice Together
Learn why you shouldn't take Allegra and drink fruit juice at the same time.

Fluocinonide cream – Is fluocinonide a good cream for skin itching
Learn about the use of fluocinonide for the treatment of skin itching associated with allergies.

Cause of Allergies -- What is the Cause of Allergies
Allergies are becoming more common, but what is the cause of allergies in the first place?

Global Warming and Allergies - Is Global Warming Affecting Pollen Allergies
Are global warming and allergies connected? Learn how global warming may be making your pollen allergies worse.

Pollen Allergy – How to Avoid Symptoms of Pollen Allergy
How to avoid pollen if you suffer from a pollen allergy.

Birth Month and Allergies -- Does the Birth Month of a Child Affect the Development of Food Allergies
Find out how the birth month of a child can possibly lead to the increased risk of food allergies.

Horse Allergies -- Could I Be Suffering From Horse Allergies
While exposure to horses may not be as common as it was 100 years ago, horse allergies are still fairly common. Horse dander has the ability to travel long distances in the air, and is very allergenic. Even people with allergies to dogs and cats are predisposed to having allergy to horses. Learn all about horse allergies, including if allergy shots work for this not-so-uncommon form of animal allergy.

Dust Mites and Stuffed Toy Animals – Can Stuffed Toy Animals Can Be a Problem with Children with Allergies to Dust Mites
Dust mites are a normal part of bedding material, and washing these items frequently in hot water removes the dust mite particles. Dust mites are also found in other items, such as children's stuffed toy animals, which cannot be washed easily. Find out ways to reduce dust mite contamination of stuffed toy animals, in order to reduce allergy symptoms in children with dust mite allergies.

Dry Skin – How Can I Get Relief From My Dry Skin
Dry skin affects people of all ages, especially during the winter months. Symptoms of dry skin, also called xerosis or the winter itch, include red, flaky, dry skin, often with painful cracking on the hands and feet. An aggressive moisturizing technique developed by dermatologists, called soak and smear, can bring relief within just a few days.

Nasonex – Should I Use Nasonex For My Allergies
Learn all about the use of Nasonex for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, including the dosage and side effects.

Rhinocort – Is Rhinocort a Good Treatment for Allergies
Learn about the use of Rhinocort Aqua for the treatment of allergies, including the correct dosage and side effects that may occur. Find out why Rhinocort Aqua is the preferred nasal spray for the treatment of allergies during pregnancy.

Flovent for Asthma – Should I Use Flovent for the Treatment of Asthma
Flovent is a commonly used inhaled steroid for the treatment of asthma. Learn about the different types of Flovent that are available, the correct dosages, and side effects that may occur.

Asmanex for Asthma – Is Asmanex a Good Medicine for Asthma
Learn about Asmanex, an inhaled steroid for the treatment of asthma, including the correct dosage and side effects. Find out why people with milk allergy should not use Asmanex.

Halloween and Asthma -- How Can Halloween Activities Worsen Asthma
Learn how your asthmatic child can enjoy a safe Halloween.

Allergy Sleep -- Does Having an Allergy Affect a Child's Sleep
Learn how having allergy symptoms can affect the quality of sleep a person gets.

Eczema Location - What is the Most Common Location for Eczema
Learn why eczema occurs in different locations of the body at different ages.

Outgrow Asthma -- Will My Child Outgrow Asthma
Learn the factors that may predict if your child will outgrow their asthma.

Exercise for Asthma – Is Exercise a Good Treatment for Asthma
Exercise is a common trigger for worsening of asthma symptoms, but did you know that exercise can actually improve asthma control? While this seems like a bit of a catch-22, studies show that regular exercise can improve overall asthma control.

Allergic to Christmas Tree - Christmas Tree Allergies
Learn how you can be allergic to an indoor Christmas tree.

Vaccine Allergy - Desensitization and Vaccine Allergy
Learn about vaccine allergy and how desensitization can allow a person to receive a vaccine.

Air Cleaners for Allergies -- Should I Get an Air Cleaner for My Allergies
For some people, the use of an air cleaner has been shown to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. But who should purchase an air cleaner to help with their allergies? While anyone who wishes to reduce the amount of indoor airborne particles can purchase an air filter, I typically only recommend a few of my patients to incur the cost of an air filter, which can be quite expensive.

Asthma and Menstrual Period – Does a Woman’s Asthma Get Worse During the Menstrual Period
Learn why a woman's asthma may get worse around the time of her menstrual period.

Asthma Medicines During the Summer – Can I Stop Taking My Asthma Medicines During the Summer
Learn why stopping your asthma medicines during the summer is not such a hot idea.

Need Vitamin D - Do I Need Vitamin D Supplements or Is Sun Exposure Enough
Learn if you can get enough vitamin D from the sun, or if you may need vitamin D supplements.

QVAR for Asthma – Is QVAR a Good Inhaled Steroid for Asthma
Learn why QVAR is a good choice for an inhaled steroid for the treatment of asthma, including some advantages QVAR has over some other brands of inhaled steroids.

Inhaled Steroids For Asthma -- Should I Use Flovent, QVAR, Pulmicort, Alvesco, or Asmanex
Inhaled steroids are the preferred controller therapy for the treatment of asthma. There are a number of different inhaled steroids available, so which one should you use -- Flovent, QVAR, Pulmicort, Alvesco, or Asmanex?

Allergy Cure - Is There an Allergy Cure
Learn whether there is an allergy cure available.

Allergy Shots for Asthma Treatment - Are Allergy Shots Effective for Asthma Treatment
Learn if allergy shots are safe and effective for the treatment of asthma.

Allergy Shots -- How Do Allergy Shots Work
Learn the method by which allergy shots work to decrease or eliminate allergy symptoms.

Pulmicort for Asthma – Is Pulmicort an Effective Medicine for Asthma
Learn about Pulmicort for the treatment of asthma, including the Flexhaler and Respule versions, including the dosage and side effects of this medication.

eosinophilic esophagitis -- What was the cause of your eosinophilic esophagitis
Eosinophilic esophagitis is an allergic disease of the upper gastrointestinal tract often caused by various allergic triggers, including foods and aeroallergens. Learn what people found to be cause of their eosinophilic esophagitis.

Neti Pot -- Tips on Using a Neti Pot
Learn tips on how best to use your neti pot.

Neti Pot -- Tips on Using a Neti Pot
Learn tips on how best to use your neti pot. Page 2.

Advair Flovent Serevent - How to Use Advair Flovent Serevent Diskus
Learn the correct way to use the Advair Diskus.

Foradil Aerolizer Inhaler -- How to Use Foradil Aerolizer Inhaler
Learn the correct way to use your Foradil Aerolizer inhaler for the treatment of asthma and COPD.

Asthma - How to Use a Pulmicort Flexhaler for Asthma
Learn how to use your Pulmicort Flexhaler for asthma symptoms.

COPD Emphysema -- How to Use Spiriva Handihaler
Learn the correct way to use the Spiriva Handihaler.

How To Use a Metered Dose Inhaler Without a Spacer
Learn the correct method to use a metered dose inhaler without a spacer.

Allergies -- How to Use a Nasal Spray
While it may seem obvious, most people use nasal sprays incorrectly, which can lead to unnecessary side effects and prevent the medication from working as well as it should. Learn the correct method to use an allergy nose spray.

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Worst Cities for Allergies - Top Allergy Cities
Do you live in one of the worst places for seasonal allergies? See the list of the top 10 worst cities in the United States for allergy sufferers!

Removing the Patch Tests
Allergies. Page 5.

Allergies. Page 7.

Allergies. Page 6.

Completing the test placement
Allergies. Page 4.

Placing the Patch Test
Allergies. Page 3.

Completing the test preparation
Allergies. Page 2.

Patch Testing Procedure
Not sure what to expect from patch testing? Confused how patch testing is different from allergy skin testing? Watch a pictoral guide on the step-by-step process of patch testing, from start to finish.

Allergies. Page 7.

Allergies. Page 6.

Allergies. Page 3.

Allergies. Page 4.

Allergies. Page 2.

Allergies. Page 5.

allergies - skin testing - allergy test
See the step-by-step process on how allergy skin testing is performed, from placement of the skin tests to reading the results!

Nose Sprays -- Are Nasal Sprays Addictive?
Find out what type of allergy nasal sprays may be addictive.

Shellfish Allergy and Iodine -- IV Dye and Shellfish Allergies
The association between IV dye allergy and shellfish allergy is just a myth.

Shellfish Allergy -- Allergies to Shellfish
If you're allergic to one kind of shellfish, you might be allergic to all types of shellfish.

Skin Testing How Old -- Skin Testing Painful
Find out what age skin testing can be performed in children, and if skin testing is painful.

Xolair and Heart Attacks and Strokes – Does Xolair Cause Heart Attacks and Strokes
Learn about the new warnings from the FDA regarding the risk of cerebrovascular events like heart attacks and strokes in people taking Xolair.

C-Section and Allergies - Asthma and Allergies Increase with C-Section
Learn why delivery via Cesarean section (C-section) may increase the rate of allergies in children.

Neti Pot - Neti Pot for Allergy and Sinus Infection Treatment
Learn how the use of a Neti pot can help in the treatment of allergies and sinus infections.

Side Effects of Nasal Sprays – Most Bothersome Side Effects of Allergy Nasal Sprays in Children
Learn why many children don't like to use allergy nasal sprays, as well as some tips on how to use nasal sprays correctly in order to minimize side effects.

Ear Infections -- Ear Infections and Allergy
Ear infections and allergies are common reasons why children visit the doctor. Could there be a link between the two? Find out if allergies predispose a child to ear infections, and what allergy treatments can help.

Aspirin Allergy - Aspirin Desensitization
Learn about desensitization for aspirin allergy.

Asthma and Obesity -- Overweight Asthma
Find out why obesity can worsen asthma, and how weight loss can improve asthma symptoms.

Barbeque Allergies -- Mesquite Smoke Allergy
Find out if your allergy and asthma symptoms at the neighborhood barbecue are related to the type of wood that was burned.

Allergy to Body Piercings -- Allergic to Tongue Ring
Find out the symptoms you may have if you are allergic to your body piercing.

Mountain Cedar Allergy - Cedar Fever and Tree Allergies
Find out what types of trees cause cedar fever, and when you might experience these symptoms.

Allergy to Household Cleaners -- Cleaning Sprays and Asthma
Have you ever coughed or had shortness of breath after breathing in fumes from household cleaners? If you use home cleaning sprays frequently, you may be at risk for developing asthma.

Cold or Allergy - Is It a Cold or Is It Allergies?
Find out how to determine if your nasal symptoms are due to allergies or caused by the common cold.

CPAP for Asthma -- CPAP for Sleep Apnea Helps Asthma
Learn how the use of CPAP for the treatment of sleep apnea helps improve asthma symptoms

Egg Allergy and MMR -- Egg Allergies MMR Vaccine
Find out why getting the MMR vaccine appears to be safe for children with egg allergy.

Egg Allergy -- Egg Allergies and Influenza Vaccine
If you're allergic to eggs, find out why you might not be able to get the flu shot.

Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma -- Do Allergies Affect Asthma?
Learn why uncontrolled allergies can affect control of asthma, and how simply treating nasal allergies can improve overall asthma symptoms.

Asthma Education – Should I Attend an Asthma Education Class
Learn how asthma education can benefit children with asthma.

Asthma and GERD -- Acid Reflux and Heartburn Worsening Asthma
Learn about the associations between asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease and how treatment with acid reflux medications may not be enough to control asthma worsened by GERD.

Athlete's Foot and Asthma -- Does Having Athlete's Foot Affect Asthma
Learn how having athlete's foot may affect your asthma symptoms.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Asthma Attacks -- Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Asthma Attacks
Learn how vitamin D deficiency can worsen asthma control.

Bee Stings and Mosquito Bites -- Swelling from Bee Stings and Mosquito Bites
Learn why localized swelling at the sites of mosquito bites and insect stings may not be of major concern.

Melon Allergy - Ragweed - Melon and Ragweed Allergy
Does eating fresh watermelon make your mouth itch? Does cantaloupe cause your throat to feel irritated or swollen? Will honeydew melon result in a burning of the tongue? You may have an oral allergy syndrome to melons, which is related to ragweed pollen allergy.

Skin Cream Allergies - Contact Dermatitis to Lanolin
Not all skin creams are appropriate for all. Some may have specific ingredients that can cause contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction of the skin. Learn about the various ingredients in skin creams that can cause allergic reactions.

Nasal Congestion -- Causes of Stuffy Nose
Find out what can cause nasal congestion besides allergies.

Allergies - Sneezing with Sunlight
Can you be allergic to sunlight? Find out why you may sneeze when exposed to bright sunlight.

Allergy to Natural Food Coloring - Food Color Allergies
Learn about allergies to natural food colorings.

Egg Allergy -- Outgrow Egg Allergy
Does your child have an allergy to egg? Ever wonder if, and when, your child will outgrow this food allergy? Find out about the latest research about predictors for outgrowing egg allergy.

Allergies -- Pollen Allergy and Herbal Supplements
Find out how having pollen allergies may cause allergic reactions to certain popular herbal remedies.

Scalp Rash -- Contact Dermatitis to Hair Dye
Many people with an allergy to hair dye don't ever get a rash on their scalp. Find out why.

Bug Bites and Allergies - Bug Bite and Sting Allergies in the Summer
Summer is the time of the year when insect allergies are most likely to occur. Find out what types of insects cause problems and the types of reactions that can occur.

Asthma During Thunderstorms -- Worsening Asthma Symptoms During Rain Storms
Learn why asthma can get a lot worse during thunderstorms.

Tomato Allergy - Grass Allergy - Tomato and Grass Allergy
Do you get an itchy tongue, mouth or throat after eating a fresh tomato, but don't have symptoms after eating tomato sauce? You may have an oral allergy syndrome to tomatoes, which is related to grass pollen allergy.

Perfume Allergy -- Allergic to Perfumes and Smoke
Find out what's causing you to sneeze and get a stuffy nose when you smell perfume, strong odors and cigarette smoke.

Occupational Asthma -- How Your Job Can Cause Occupational Asthma
Learn how to determine if your job is causing or worsening your asthma.

Allergies -- Allergy Shots for Children -- Age for Immunotherapy
Considering starting your child on allergy shots? Ever wonder at what age children can be started on allergy shots? Learn the signs to determine if your child is ready for allergy shots.

Sneezing -- What Causes Sneezing
There are many different causes of sneezing -- from hay fever to black pepper, many people have experienced both allergic and irritant causes of sneezing. Learn about the many causes of sneezing.

Asthma and Pregnancy -- Early Labor and Delivery
Learn how uncontrolled asthma during pregnancy can lead to pre-term labor and delivery.

Rabbit Allergy -- Easter Bunny Allergies
Learn why getting a pet rabbit this Easter season may not be a good idea for a family with allergies.

Poison Oak Cure - Cure for Poison Ivy and Sumac
I often have patients ask me if there is a cure for poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac. Find out if there is a way to prevent these itchy rashes from happening.

Milk Allergy -- Goat Milk Allergy
Find out if a person with milk allergy can drink goat's milk or a variety of other milks.

Dog Allergy - Dog Allergies
Ever wonder if you can be allergic to one kind or type of dog but not another? Learn more about the intricacies of dog allergies.

Mouth Itches with Fruit Vegetables -- Mouth Itchiness After Eating
Ever wondered why eating fresh apples sometimes causes your mouth to be itchy? It's called oral allergy syndrome.

Allergies - Allergic Shiners
Why dark circles under the eyes occur with allergies.

Food Allergies - Outgrow Food Allergy
Find out the ways to determine if your child has outgrown his or her food allergy.

Allergies - Trouble Smelling and Tasting
Find out how allergic rhinitis and sinus disease can cause trouble with smelling and tasting.

Touching Foods and Food Allergies -- Does Touching Foods Cause Food Allergies
Learn if touching foods can result in allergic reactions caused by food allergies.

Milk Allergy -- Can a Child with Milk Allergy Avoid Milk
Learn how successful a person with milk allergy can be at avoiding milk products. The answer may surprise you.

Peanuts Banned at School -- Should Peanuts Be Banned at School
Learn the pros and cons to the idea that peanuts should be banned at school

Red Dye Allergy -- Could I Have a Red Dye Allergy
Learn about the different types of food colorings, including red and yellow dye, that cause allergic reactions, and how to avoid them.

Atopic Dermatitis and Skin Infections -- Eczema and Infections
Learn why people with atopic dermatitis (eczema) are prone to infections of the skin from bacterial, viral and fungal causes.

Skin Moisturizer Allergy - Allergy to Oatmeal Skin Moisturizers
Oatmeal-based moisturizers have recently become popular over-the-counter therapies for eczema and other chronic skin conditions. Find out how some people, particularly children, may be allergic to the oats contained in these creams, which therefore can worsen the skin condition.

Outgrow Wheat Allergy -- When Will a Child Outgrow Wheat Allergy
When when your child might outgrow his wheat allergy? Wheat allergy is one of the most common food allergies in children, affecting up to 1% of all children.

Bleach Baths for Severe Eczema -- Does Taking Bleach Baths Help Treat Severe Eczema
Learn how taking dilute bleach baths can improve symptoms of severe eczema.

Veramyst – How Well Does Veramyst Treat Nasal Allergies
Learn if Veramyst is an effective treatment for nasal and eye allergies, as well as the appropriate dosage of this medication and common side effects that may occur.

Allergy to Joint Replacement -- Artificial Joint Allergies
Learn about allergies to artificial joints.

Rash from Cell Phones - Allergies to Cell Phones
Find out why over-using your cell phone could give you an itchy rash on your face.

Grain Allergies -- Allergy to Cereal Grains
Learn why most people with grass pollen allergies or an allergy to a single cereal grain, such as wheat, can eat other cereal grains without problems. This is true even if a person has positive allergy tests to multiple food cereal grains.

Allergies -- Food Allergy from Smells and Odors
Learn about food allergies occurring from smelling or inhaling odors from cooking foods.

Allergies - Why are allergies increasing
Find out the reason why allergies are becoming more common.

Stinging Insect Allergy -- Identify Type of Insect that Stung You
Have you been stung by an insect recently? Was it a bee, wasp or hornet? Maybe it was a yellow-jacket? How do you know? Learn some of the common characteristics of the stinging insects to help identify the type.

Allergies - Allergy Symptoms Affecting Mood and Behavior Changes
Did you know that allergies can also affect your mood, energy level and ability to concentrate? Find out more about the effects of allergies on your behavior, and what can be done about it.

Milk Allergies -- Outgrowing Milk Allergy
Does your child have an allergy to milk? Ever wonder if, and when, your child will outgrow this food allergy? Find out about the latest research about predictors for outgrowing milk allergy.

Definition of Allergen. Allergies.

Definition of allergy. Allergies.

Definition of anaphylaxis. Allergies.

Definition of angioedema. Allergies.

Defintion of antibody. Allergies.

Definition of anti-histamine. Allergies.

Definition of asthma. Allergies.

Definition of atopic. Allergies.

Definition of basophils. Allergies.

What is a bronchodilator? Allergies.

What is bronchospasm? Allergies.

Definition of conjunctivitis. Allergies.

Definition of corticosteroids. Allergies.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure -- CPAP
Learn what continuous positive airway pressure is.

Definition of HEPA. Allergies.

Definition of RAST. Allergies.

Definition of dander. Allergies.

What is a decongestant? Allergies.

What is dermatitis? Allergies.

Desensitize -- Desensitization
Learn about the definition of desensitization.

Definition of eczema. Allergies.

Definition of eosinophil. Allergies.

Definition of hayfever. Allergies.

HFA inhalers
What is an HFA inhaler? Allergies.

Definition of histamine. Allergies.

What are the Hymenoptera? Allergies.

Definition of immunotherapy. Allergies.

Definition of leukotrienes. Allergies.

Mast cell
Definition of mast cell. Allergies.

Mold - What is Mold
Learn what mold is. Allergies.

Nasal Polyps - Definiton of Nasal Polyps
Learn the definition of nasal polyps.

Allergies -- Oral Challenge
What is an oral challenge? Allergies.

What is an otolaryngologist? Allergies.

Perennial Allergic Rhinitis - Year Round Allergies - What is Perennial Allergic Rhinitis - What are Year Round Allergies
Learn the definition of perennial allergic rhinitis.

Pollen - What is Pollen
Learn exactly what pollen is. Allergies.

Reactive Airways Disease
what is reactive airways disease?

Definition of rhinitis. Allergies.

Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis - Seasonal Allergies - What Is Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis - What are Seasonal Allergies
Learn the definition of seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Sensitization -- What Is Sensitization
Learn what is meant by sensitization.

Definition of sinusitis. Allergies.

Sublingual Immunotherapy - What is Sublingual Immunotherapy
Learn the definition of sublingual immunotherapy.

Trichophyton -- What is Trichophyton
Learn what Trichophyton is, and how being allergic to it can lead to severe asthma.

UP3 - What is UP3
Learn what an uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is.

Definition of urticaria. Allergies.

What is venom? Allergies.

Vitamin D -- What Is Vitamin D
Learn what vitamin D is, where it comes from, and what the body uses it for.

Allergies -- How to Use an Eye Drop for Children
Many people, especially children, have a hard time using an eye drop. Here's an easy way to get the drop in the eye every time.

How to Use an Epi-Pen
Learn the safe way to use an Epi-Pen.

Twinject -- How to Use a Twinject
Learn the safe way to use a Twinject device.

Symptoms and Diagnosis
Allergy symptoms may be obvious, such as when a person sneezes and has itchy eyes when exposed to cats. Other allergy symptoms may not be so obvious, such as when a person has hives after taking a hot shower. Learn the variety of symptoms that can occur with allergies, the various methods available to diagnose allergies, as well as specific diseases and unusual allergies.

Loading the patch test Finn chambers
The patch testing panels are prepared by filling small metal cups with the allergens to be tested. This may include chemicals customized for a particular person, or a standardized panel. The TRUE test, a standard panel of allergens pre-loaded onto paper tape, is available and does not require this step, but is limited to 24 allergens.


Benadryl -- Benadryl for Allergies
Share your thoughts, and read about others' experiences, about the common side effects of Benadryl.

Itchy Rash During Pregnancy
Having an itchy rash during pregnancy can lead to a stressful time during pregnancy, which is otherwise supposed to be an exciting event for a mother to be. Find out what types of itchy rashes women have had during pregnancy, and how they were able to cope with it.

Food Allergies at School -- Preventing Food Allergies at School
Learn about ways parents are attempting to prevent food allergy reactions in their children at school.

Dog Allergy - How to Keep a Dog When You Have a Dog Allergy
Learn how other people have learned to overcome their allergies and keep a pet dog in their homes.

Gluten Free -- Tips on How to Eat Gluten Free
Learn some helpful tips on how to live gluten free if you have celiac disease.

Pet Allergy - Share Your Unusual Pet Allergy
Do you have an unusual pet allergy? Share your story about your unusual pet allergy, and how you were able to determine that you're allergic to your exotic pet.

Food Intolerance -- How I Found Out I Had a Food Intolerance
Food intolerance is often confused with food allergy. Even though a cause-and-effect relationship may exist between eating a certain food and experiencing adverse symptoms, this doesn't mean a person has a food allergy. Share your story about how you found out that you had a food intolerance.

Recognize Allergy Symptoms -- How Other People are Able to Recognize Allergy Symptoms
Learn how other people were able to recognize that they had allergies.

Air Cleaners -- What Air Cleaners Can Do for Your Allergies and Asthma
For many people, the use of an air cleaner has been able to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. But who should purchase an air cleaner to help with their allergies? Find out some of the reasons why people are getting air cleaners, and what benefits they've received from them.

Seeing an Allergist -- How Seeing an Allergist Has Helped Your Allergies
Allergists are uniquely trained in the diagnosis and management of allergic diseases, and are formally trained in the use of immunotherapy (allergy shots) as a way to reduce or eliminate the need for allergy medicines. Read about how people have found benefit by seeing an allergist for their allergy symptoms.

Global Warming and Allergies -- Do You Think Global Warming is Worsening Your Allergies
Have you noticed a change in your allergies over the years? Do you believe that global warming or climate change is the cause? Share your story, and read about others' opinions.

Allergies and Pregnancy -- Treating Allergies During Pregnancy
Most women would rather not take medications in order to treat allergies during pregnancy. However, in some circumstances, it may be impossible not to. Find out what some mothers-to-be have learned about treating their allergies during pregnancy, and whether they'd do it again after what they've been through.

Asthma and Pregnancy -- Treating Asthma During Pregnancy
Most women are concerned about the side effects of taking asthma medications during pregnancy. However, the risks of untreated asthma during pregnancy are usually far higher than a theoretical side effect of most asthma medications. Find out what some mothers-to-be have learned about treating their asthma during pregnancy, and whether they'd do it again after what they've been through.

Allergy Shots -- Allergy Shots to Treat Allergies
Learn how long people have benefited from allergy shots for their allergies, even long after stopping the shots.

Allergy Shots or Allergy Drops -- Did You Choose Allergy Shots or Allergy Drops to Treat Your Allergies
Find out why people chose allergy shots or allergy drops in order to treat their allergies -- and the reasons why they did so.

Itchy Eyes -- Treat Itchy Eyes
Itchy eyes are the most common symptom of eye allergies, also called allergic conjunctivitis. There are many ways to treat itchy eyes, with or without medicine. Have you found a way to solve your itchy eyes? Share your story, and learn from others, about the best ways to treat itchy eyes.

Allergies and Asthma at School -- Preventing Allergies and Asthma at School
Share the methods you've used to help prevent your child from experiencing allergies and asthma at school.

Asthma Education -- How Asthma Education has Helped Your Asthma
Find out from other readers how asthma education has helped to control their asthma, or their kids asthma.

Exercise and Asthma -- Tips to Be Able to Exercise If You Have Asthma
Learn some useful tips on how to be able to better exercise if you have asthma.

Asthma and Halloween -- How to control your child's asthma on Halloween
On Halloween night, many children will be running outside in the crisp autumn air with their friends. For most children, Halloween will be a safe night of trick-or-treating fun. But for children with asthma, Halloween night could be a source of coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Some children with asthma may even end up in the emergency room. Learn how your asthmatic child can have a fun, safe Halloween night.

Swine Flu Prevention -- Your Plans for Swine Flu Prevention
Share your plans on how to prevent swine flu, and read about other people's ideas on the subject.

Cough -- Common Causes of a Cough
Learn about the most common causes of a cough, and how people have found a way to fix this common medical problem.

Christmas tree allergy -- What to do about your Christmas tree allergy
Think you might be allergic to your Christmas tree? You might be right. Learn about why having an indoor Christmas tree can worsen your allergies.

Swine Flu Vaccine -- Do You Intend to Get the Swine Flu Vaccine?
Do you intend to receive, or have your children receive, the swine flu vaccine? Share your thoughts on whether you think the swine flu vaccine is worth getting, and why you are or aren't getting it.

Advair Side Effects -- Are You Concerned About Advair Side Effects
Learn about what other people are saying about Advair side effects.

Over-the-Counter Antihistamines - Is Having Over-the-Counter Antihistamines a Good Thing
Over the past few years, many antihistamines that were once available by prescription only have now become available over-the-counter without a prescription. Some people may think this is a good thing, but is it? Share your thoughts, and read about the thoughts of others.

Antihistamine Side Effects - Share Your Story
Antihistamines are commonly used to treat allergies, and can cause a wide variety of side effects. Have you experienced side effects from antihistamines?

Allergies and Children -- Effects of Allergies on Children
Find out the various ways that allergies can have a major impact on a child's quality of life.

Halloween Food Allergies -- How to Have a Safe Halloween with Food Allergies
Halloween represents a night of parties, trick-or-treating, having fun, and eating lots of junk food. For children with food allergies, however, Halloween can potentially represent a life-threatening experience. Learn how to make Halloween safe and enjoyable for your food-allergic child, and read about others' ideas.

Bullying and Food Allergies -- Has Your Child Experienced Bullying due to their Food Allergies
Children are often stigmatized by their food allergies -- such as by having to eat at a separate lunch table at school. This can often lead to bullying and teasing by their classmates. Has your child been bullied or harassed because of their food allergies?

Spider Bites - Share Your Story
Have you been bitten by a spider? What type of reaction did you experience? Was medical treatment necessary? What ways have you found to avoid being bitten again? Share your story, and read from others, about reactions to spider bites.

Skin Infections Thought to be Spider Bites
Did you have what you initially thought was a spider bite, but found out it was actually a skin infection caused by something else? Share your story, and read from others, about how skin infections are commonly mistaken for spider bites.

Penicillin Allergy - How to Live with a Penicillin Allergy
Find out how people with penicillin allergy are living with their condition.

Allergies at the Dentist -- Have You Experienced Allergies at the Dentist
Have you experienced allergic reactions at the dentist? Share your story, and read others, about your allergic reaction at the dentist's office.

Sun Allergy -- Could I Have a Sun Allergy
Learn how other people discovered that they had a sun allergy.

Allergy Testing -- Allergy Skin Testing
Allergy skin testing offers a way to determine if, and to what triggers, a person is allergy to. Knowing a person's allergic triggers is the most important first step in treating allergies, since it allows a person to possibly avoid their triggers, and also allows for immunotherapy (allergy shots) to be given.

Fall Allergies -- How Fall Allergies Affect You
Autumn brings to mind images of crisp weather, changing leaves, back to school and football games -- and for some people, fall allergy symptoms. From weed pollen allergies to concerns about allergies occurring at school, ragweed allergy to allergies on Halloween night, fall allergies present in a variety of ways.

Dry Skin Relief -- Share Your Story About Dry Skin Relief
Many people suffer from dry skin, despite the use of over-the-counter moisturizers and prescription steroid creams. Share your story on how you were able to find relief for your dry skin. If you haven't yet found relief, read the success stories from our readers.

Spring Allergies -- What's the Cause of Your Spring Allergies
Spring is a common time of the year for people to experience seasonal allergy symptoms. As the weather gets warmer and plants start to bloom, trees and grasses release pollen into the air, triggering allergic symptoms in those with seasonal allergies. Colorful flowers also bloom in the spring, and are often blamed as the cause of spring allergies. In addition to plants, exposure to pet rabbits and chicks as Easter presents can also be a reason why allergy symptoms flare during the spring.

Allergy Medicines Stop Working - Have You Found That Allergy Medicines Stop Working
It is quite common for people with allergies to notice that allergy medicines stop working after a period of time. Many people frequently need to change their allergy medicines, in some cases multiple times a year, in order to find relief. Other people rotate allergy medicines every few months, which seems to lessen this problem.

Use Pollen Counts - How People Use Pollen Counts in Their Daily Lives
Pollen counts, which predict or measure the amount of pollen present in the air, are readily available in most areas. Learn about the different ways that people use pollen counts to alter their daily activities, such as staying indoors, keeping their windows closed, or even taking an antihistamine before venturing outdoors.

: Nasal Saline Wash -- What is the best way to perform a nasal saline wash>
Learn about the various ways to perform a nasal saline wash, and some useful tips from our readers.

Natural Therapies for Allergies -- Are You Using Natural Therapies for Treatment of Your Allergies
Learn about how people are using natural therapies as part of the treatment of their allergies.

Methacholine Challenge -- Test for Asthma
Learn what a methacholine challenge test is and what it is used for.

Allergic Reactions -- Have You Had an Allergic Reaction
Learn about the different types of allergic reactions that people have experienced, and share your own story.

Steroids -- Steroid Side Effects
Learn about some of the common side effects of steroids.

Mosquito Allergy - How Mosquito Allergy Can Ruin a Vacation
Read about how mosquito allergy can ruin a vacation, and how people were able to cope with it.

Reader Stories: Allergy-Proof Your Home
One of the first steps in treating allergies is avoiding what you're allergic to.Learn from other readers about how they allergy-proofed their homes.

Reader Stories: Allergies Affect Work and School Performance
Most people won't actually miss work or school as a result of their allergies, but they may not perform as well as a result of their symptoms. Has treatment of your allergies helped to improve your work or school performance?

Reader Stories: How to Deal with Your Pet Allergy
Learn about different measures that you can take to deal with your allergy symptoms when you're allergic to your pet, but don't want to get rid of your furry best friend.

Reader Stories: How Mosquito Allergy Ruined Your Vacation
Read about how mosquito allergy can ruin a vacation, and how people were able to cope with it.

Reader Stories: How Sulfa Allergy Ruined Your Special Day
Learn about how sulfa allergy ruined people's special days.

Sulfa Allergy - How Sulfa Allergy Ruined Your Special Day
Learn about how sulfa allergy ruined people's special days.

Pet Allergies -- How To Deal with Your Pet Allergies
Learn about different measures that you can take to deal with your allergy symptoms when you're allergic to your pet, but don't want to get rid of your furry best friend.

Contact Lenses and Eye Allergies -- Have You Been Able to Wear Contact Lenses with Eye Allergies
Have you been able to wear your contact lenses with your eye allergies? Share your story, and read about others'.

Dealing with Allergies -- Dealing with Your Allergies
Coping with allergies can be difficult. Besides the obvious symptoms, allergies can have a negative impact on a person's quality of life, affect their mood, sleep habits and energy levels. In addition, many people with allergies are embarrassed by their symptoms, such as runny noses and sneezing, which often causes them to avoid social situations such as going out to restaurants. Learn the various ways to cope with your allergies in order to improve your quality of life!

Acupuncture - What is Acupuncture
Learn the definition of acupuncture.

Cross-reactivity -- What Is Cross-reactivity
Learn what is meant by cross-reactivity in terms of allergy.

Occupational Asthma
Learn the definition of occupational asthma.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids -- What are omega 3 fatty acids?
Learn what omega 3 fatty acids are.

Placebo - What is a Placebo
Learn what a placebo treatment is, and why is it important in medical studies.

Do Alternative Treatments Work for Allergies and Asthma?

April Showers Bring May Flowers -- And Grass Allergy Season

What Is Your Plan to Combat Spring Allergies?

Taking Sudafed Might Hurt Your Sex Life

Cat Dander: The Purr-fect Allergen

Beer Helps to Treat Symptoms of Hay Fever

Don't Mix Peanuts and Pregnancy

Restaurants Becoming More Saavy on Food Allergies

Looking for a New Allergy Treatment? Go for the Cure!

I've Got a Rash -- I Must be Allergic to Something!

Cold Weather Causing a Runny Nose? It Isn't Allergies!

Christmas Tree Allergy

Got the Winter Itch?

Over the Counter Medicines for Allergies

Xyzal Syrup Approved for the Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis and Urticaria

Holiday Allergies

Allergies to Fragrant Flowers

Grass Pollen Season Causes Severe Eye Allergies

Take the Sting Out of Insect Allergies

Don't Let 4th of July Allergies Keep you Indoors!

Alvesco - An Inhaled Steroid Without the Side Effects?

FDA Approves Nasacort AQ for Children as Young as 2 Years Old

Sun Exposure for Eczema

A Long-Lasting Cold Could Be a Sinus Infection

Astepro is Here!

Spring Allergies Are Coming!

Time to See An Allergist?

Pet Rabbits for Easter?

One Last Word on Swine Flu -- And Asthma

Eating Honey to Treat Allergy Symptoms?

Have a Nagging Cough?

Is Vitamin D Deficiency Related to Asthma and Allergies?

Is it a Cold, the Flu, or Allergies?

Food Allergies and Vaccines

Cedar Fever is Back!

Allergy Care on a Budget!

How To Treat Spring Eye Allergies

Over-the-Counter Allergy Medicines Recalled

Sublingual Grass Immunotherapy Tablet Shows Long-Term Allergy Benefit

Don't Take a Summer Vacation From Your Asthma Medications

Allergy Shots or Allergy Drops?

Testing for Penicillin Allergy

Looking For a Different Way to Treat Allergies?

Nasal Steroids for Hay Fever

What is the Oral Allergy Syndrome?

Body Piercing May Cause Nickel Allergy

Got Hives? Get your Thyroid Checked!

ALA: No Link Between Singulair and Suicide

Two New Over-the-Counter Allergy Eye Drops

Why Lactose Intolerance Isn't a Food Allergy

Itching and Allergies

Xyzal Goes Generic

Honey for Allergies -- Eating Honey for Treatment of Allergies
Have you heard that eating honey collected from local beehives can be helpful for the treatment of seasonal allergies? Share your thoughts about this common homeopathic treatment for allergies.

Itching to Get Rid of a Rash?
Itching to Get Rid of a Rash?

Dogs Really are Man's Best Friend
Dogs Really are Man's Best Friend

Too Clean For Our Own Good?
Too Clean For Our Own Good?

The Eyes Have It!
The Eyes Have It!

A Breath of Fresh Air
A Breath of Fresh Air

Overcome Egg Allergy!
Overcome Egg Allergy!

Allergy Drops Instead of Allergy Shots?
Allergy Drops Instead of Allergy Shots?

From Wheezers?
From Wheezers?

Have Epi-pen, Will Travel
Have Epi-pen, Will Travel

The Allergy and Migraine Connection
The Allergy and Migraine Connection

The Return of Sulfite Allergy
The Return of Sulfite Allergy

Dust Mites a Major Concern for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers
Dust Mites a Major Concern for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

Common Causes of a Cough
Common Causes of a Cough

Your Glass of Wine May Contain More than Just Grapes
Your Glass of Wine May Contain More than Just Grapes

Safety of Allergy Shots Reaffirmed
Safety of Allergy Shots Reaffirmed

Is Your Asthma Controlled?
Is Your Asthma Controlled?

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home
Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Alternative Medicine: Health or Hoax?
Alternative Medicine: Health or Hoax?

Punxsutawney Phil: An Early Spring
Punxsutawney Phil: An Early Spring

Contact Dermatitis to Hair Dye Common Among Teens
Contact Dermatitis to Hair Dye Common Among Teens

How is Asthma Diagnosed?
How is Asthma Diagnosed?

Spring is in the Air
Spring is in the Air

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Allergies - FAQs
An index of FAQs for the Allergies guide site.

Allergies - FAQs
An index of FAQs for the Allergies guide site.

Allergies - FAQs
An index of FAQs for the Allergies guide site.

Allergies - FAQs
An index of FAQs for the Allergies guide site.

Allergies - TopPicks
An index of TopPicks for the Allergies guide site.

All About Asthma
Learn all that you should know about the symptoms, diagnosis and management of asthma. These articles and tools will help you conquer your asthma, so that your symptoms will no longer conquer you.

Developing an asthma action plan
Developing an asthma action plan can give a person with asthma the ability to better control their asthma at home. With the use of a peak flow meter, an action plan can be designed based on changes in lung function. This plan may signal the need to use asthma medications, contact their doctor or even go to the emergency room.

All About Asthma Treatment in Children
Learn the latest on the treatment of asthma in children, including ways to diagnose asthma, treatment options, and how to make sure that your child's asthma is adequately managed.

All About COPD
Learn about the different forms of COPD, from chronic bronchitis to emphysema, the different causes of this disease and how best to approach and treat the symptoms.

All About Cough
Learn about the many different causes of coughing, the best ways to diagnose the cause of the problem, and the different treatment options available.

Eye Allergies
Got red, itchy eyes? Allergies of the eyes are commonly due to allergic conjunctivitis, but could be due to something more serious, such as allergic keratoconjunctivitis (AKC) or vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC). Find out about symptoms, treatment and more when you read about these eye allergies as written by Daniel More, MD, a board-certified allergist.

Allergies - Frequently Asked Questions
A brief, question and answer format of the most commonly asked questions about allergic diseases. These questions are some of the most common questions I am asked in my allergy clinic. The answers are brief, but in many cases have a link to a full-length article on the subject if more information is needed.

All About Latex Allergy
Learn the basics of latex allergy, including methods to diagnose latex allergy and avoidance techniques. Also learn about certain foods that may cause problems for people with latex allergies.

All About Medication Allergies
Learn more about a variety of medication allergies. From aspirin to pencillin, to sulfa and iv contrast, you'll discover a wealth of information on medications to which you've had a reaction.

All About Nasal Allergies
Learn about nasal allergies, including symptoms, ways to diagnose the problem and various treatment options available. Information on allergy shots, also called immunotherapy, is also available.

All About Sinus Infections
Learn the basics of sinus infections, also called sinusitis, including how allergies can cause sinus infections and ways to diagnose and treat this common problem.

Specific Food Avoidance and Elimination Diets
Specific Food Avoidance and Elimination Diets

Pet, Pollen, Mold and Other Airborne Allergies
Specific types of allergens are discussed in this category. Find out more information about certain pet allergies, pollen and mold allergies, as well as unusual and rare causes of allergies.