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Livestock Feed Sales Representative
Career profile of a feed sales rep. Livestock feed sales representatives sell feed and other products to a variety of vendors in the animal industry.

Careers with Animals: Herpetologist
Herpetologists are scientists interested in the study of reptiles and amphibians. Here's a synopsis of what the job entails, including salary information.

Careers with Animals: Horse Trainer
Horse trainers are responsible for training horses to perform specific behaviors in response to a rider’s cues. Learn more about this career path.

Careers with Animals: Horse Groomer
Horse groomers in the equine industry provide daily care and maintenance for the horses under their supervision. Learn more about the career.

Careers with Animals: Exercise Rider
Exercise riders guide racehorses through their workouts and work according to the instructions of the trainer. Learn the skills and career options.

Dog Trainer Career Profile and Salary Information
Dog trainers assist with behavioral modification and obedience training. Learn more about this career path.

Dairy Farmer Job Description
Dairy farmers manage cows involved in milk production. Read more from the dairy farmer job description to learn the necessary skills for this career.

Aquarist - Career Profile and Salary
An aquarist cares for a wide variety of fish and other marine animal species kept in aquariums.

Careers with Animals: Lawyer
Animal lawyers are involved with legal cases and disputes related to cases of animal cruelty, tainted food products, veterinary malpractice, and more.

Careers with Animals: Breeder
Animal breeders are responsible for producing animals that may be used for a variety of purposes including companionship, show, sport, or consumption.

How to Prevent Employee Turnover
Employee retention should be a key goal for any business.

Most Popular Pet App Ideas
Pet related apps are becoming big business in the industry.

How to Start a Successful Pet Blog
There are some key steps to follow when starting a new pet related blog.

Top 10 Sources for Job References
It is important to consider all possible reference sources when launching a job search.

Making Money with Bees
There are several different ways to make money from beekeeping.

Interview Questions to Avoid Asking
Don't make the mistake of asking one of the five worst interview questions.

Animal Assisted Therapist Career Profile
Animal assisted therapists integrate animal contact into treatment plans for their clients. Learn more about this career path and if it's right for you.

Equine Veterinarian Career Profile
Equine veterinarians are responsible for maintaining the health of the horses under their care. Learn more of required training, salary, and options.

Wildlife Biologist Career Profile
Wildlife biologists study a variety of animals in their natural habitats. Here's an overview of the profession, including salary information and more.

Pet Portrait Artist
Pet portrait artists are commissioned by owners to paint images of their pets.

Top Paying Animal Careers By Industry
There are several animal careers offering an average salary in excess of $50,000 per year.

Reptile Breeder Career Profile
Reptile breeders offer snakes, turtles, lizards, and other reptiles for sale as pets and breeding stock.

Animal Scientist Career Profile
Animal scientists may be involved with animal production, research and development, teaching, or inspection.

Lab Animal Technician Career Profile
Lab animal technicians perform research on animals in a laboratory setting.

Animal Photographer Career Profile
From pet portraits to wildlife photos, animal photographers capture images for a variety of outlets. Learn more about this career path.

Equine Vet Tech Salary and Career Profile
Equine veterinary technicians provide skilled assistance to veterinarians that work with horses. Learn about the equine vet tech salary and education.

Beef Cattle Farmer - Career Guide
Beef farmers raise cattle as part of the beef production industry. This article provides a career overview of this profession, including salary info.

15 Careers with Horses
There many interesting career paths in the equine industry.

Pre-Veterinary Internships for Aspiring Vets
Pre-veterinary internships help aspiring vets gain valuable hands-on experience. Explore some of the best animal internship opportunities for students.

Careers with Animals: Ichthyologist
Ichthyologists are marine scientists who study sharks, and other fish species. This overview provides career details , including salary info.

Top Paying Equine Careers with Salary Information
Some equine careers offer a high salary. From pharmaceutical sales reps to mounted police officers, discover which career is right for you.

Seven Marine Animal Jobs for You
There are several desirable marine animal jobs for individuals interested in working with marine life. Learn about aquarists and marine biologists.

Veterinary Surgeon Job Qualifications and Description
Veterinary surgeons are board certified to perform advanced general or orthopedic surgical procedures.

Careers with Animals: Jockey Agent
A jockey agent interacts with racehorse trainers to secure riding engagements for the jockey that they represent. Learn more about the career.

Animal Science School List For College
There are many schools that offer a degree in Animal Science. Here's a list to help you find the program that best suits you.

Dog Trainer Certification
There are many professional certification options for dog trainers.

Careers with Animals: Zoo Keeper
Learn about the experience and education required to become a zoo keeper including pay, job outook and more.

How to Start a Dog Walking Business
A dog walking business can be a profitable pet venture with a low start up cost.

Veterinarian: Career Profile
Veterinarians provide comprehensive medical care for a variety of animal species.

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Veterinary pharmaceutical sales reps market lines of animal health products to veterinarians.

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business
A pet sitting business is a great way to enter the animal industry. As a business owner, you are free to set your own schedule and define your service area.

What Is a Farrier (Job Description)?
What is takes to become a farrier. Learn more about the education and experience required to become an expert in equine hoof care.

How to Start a Doggie Day Care Business
Want to turn your love of dogs into a career? Learn about the steps to successfully start your own doggie day care.

How to Start a Pet Photography Business
Pet photography is a fun and profitable niche business that allows you to combine a love of animals with technical skill in photography.

Riding Instructor - Career Profile
Riding instructors provide coaching to their students in a variety of equestrian disciplines. This profile details the duties, training and salary.

Animal Massage Therapy Career Profile
Animal massage therapists use massage techniques to help an animal's physical well-being. Learn about the Northwest School of Animal Massage.

Fish and Game Warden
Fish and game wardens are a part of the wildlife conservation and law enforcement fields.

Career Profile: Mounted Police Officer
A career profile for mounted police officers that use law enforcement and horsemanship skills to ensure public safety.

Equine Dental Technician Career Profile
Equine dental technicians provide exams and care to maintain horse health. Learn more and decide if this career path is right for you.

K-9 Police Officer Career Profile
K-9 law enforcement officials use their canine partners to maintain order and pursue criminals.

How to Start a Pet Boutique
Pet boutiques provide high quality pet products to consumers.

Animal Career Profile: Beekeeper
Beekeepers may operate small or large scale operations to produce honey and other related products. Many colleges offer courses in beekeeping.

Racehorse Trainer Career Profile
Racehorse trainers are responsible for the care and conditioning of the equine athletes under their supervision.

Animal Control Officer Job Profile
Animal control officers enforce laws related to humane animal care. Learn more about this career path.

Veterinary Specialist Career Options
The AVMA recognizes many different specialty certifications for veterinarians.

Veterinary Acupuncturist Career Profile
Veterinary acupuncturists use tiny needles to stimulate healing in their patients. Learn about this unique career path.

Aquaculture Farmer
Aquaculture farmers raise fish for varied purposes including consumption, restocking, and bait.

How to Start a Therapeutic Riding Program
Therapeutic riding programs provide equine-based therapy to students facing physical, mental, or emotional challenges.

Making a Living Selling Pet Insurance
Pet insurance agents sell different types of insurance policies to pet owners. Learn more about making a living selling this kind of insurance.

Safety Tips for Working with Animals
It is important to take precautions when working with animals; here are several tips to keep you, and the animals you are working with, safe.

Careers with Animals: Zoologist
Zoologists study a variety of wildlife species. Learn about the job outlook, salary and career options.

Careers with Animals: Zoo Wildlife Educator
Zoo wildlife educators provide information on wildlife topics to zoo visitors and promote conservation efforts. Learn more about the career path.

Zoo Director Career Profile
Zoo directors oversee operations for the entire zoo facility. Learn more about this career path and see if it's right for you.

Careers with Animals: Zoo Curator
Zoo curators supervise employees and manage the zoo's collection of animals. They also oversee animal husbandry, diets, and veterinary care.

Careers with Animals: Racing Steward
Racing stewards enforce the regulations that apply to participants in horse racing. Learn more about the job including description and profile.

Careers with Animals: Poultry Farmer
Poultry farmers raise chickens and other fowl for meat production, find out the details of the job.

Careers with Animals: Kennel Manager
A kennel manager is responsible for the daily care of the dogs boarded at their facilities​, including providing care for the animals.

How to Get a Job at a Vet's Office
Trying to get a position at a vet's office? Focus on these key areas to increase your chances of landing the job.

Top 10 Reasons to Pursue an Animal Career
Thinking about working with animals? Check out the top reasons you should pursue an animal career path.

Making a Living as an Animal Writer
Writing about pets can be a career for those with animal experience and solid writing skills. Being an animal writer requires a certain skill set.

Wildlife Technician
Wildlife technicians assist biologists and game officers with wildlife management and research. Learn more.

Wildlife Conservation Internships
There are many internships in the field of wildlife conservation.

Veterinary Nutritionist Career Profile
Veterinary nutritionists are specialists with advanced training in the field of animal nutrition.

Horse Farm Manager Job Description
A horse farm manager oversees an entire equine operation. Learn about the job functions and duties of a typical horse farm manager.

How to Get Into Vet School
Getting accepted to vet school isn't easy, but you can improve your odds by achieving good grades and carefully preparing your application package.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Pet Franchise Business Options
There are many franchise options for aspiring pet business owners.

How to Name a Pet Business
A pet business name should be memorable, unique, and descriptive.

Why Your Pet Business Needs a Website
There are many reasons to consider launching a website for your pet business. Here are some of the best ones, plus info on how to get started.

Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Pet to Work
There are many pros and cons associated with a pet friendly workplace.

Beef Cattle Herdsman
A beef herdsman is responsible for all aspects of cattle care and management.

Animal Assisted Therapy Certification
Learn about programs offered through colleges and universities as well as options for people who just want to volunteer with their pets.

Animal Writing Internships
There are many internship options for those seeking a writing career involving animals.

Canine Rehabilitation Therapist Job Profile
Canine rehabilitation therapists work to increase a dog's mobility and minimize pain. Learn more about this rewarding career.

Pet Store Manager - Career Overview
Pet store managers oversee all aspects of running a retail pet store. Learn about career options and average salaries.

Mixed Practice Veterinarian Career Profile
Mixed practice veterinarians treat both large and small animals. Learn more about this type of practice.

Writing for Animal Magazines: Publishing Markets
There are many animal magazines that accept articles from freelance writers. Here is a list of publications that may need writers.

Zoology Degree Coursework Overview
From basic science courses to specialized areas of study, learn about the coursework required for a degree in zoology.

Equine Career Opportunities
Individuals with a talent for working with horses should be able to identify a few desirable jobs from this evolving list of possible career paths.

Artificial Insemination Technician Career Profile
Artificial insemination technicians assist with livestock breeding. Find out if this career is right for you.

Veterinary Schools in the United Kingdom
There are 8 schools in the United Kingdom that offer a veterinary degree.

Are You Ready to Own a Vet Practice?
There are several questions you should ask yourself before becoming a veterinary practice owner.

Dream Jobs with Animals
Take a look at some of the most popular animal-related dream jobs.

Veterinary Resident and Intern Salaries
Vet resident and intern salaries are modest but can lead to higher earning potential in the long term.

What You Can Learn from a Bad Boss
Working for a bad boss can have some surprising benefits.

Should You Go Back to School
There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to return to school.

Ranch Manager
Ranch managers are involved with all aspects of cattle management and ranch maintenance.

How to Find the Right Internship
It is important to find the right internship for your career goals.

Skills of Successful Dog Groomers
Successful dog groomers have several key qualities.

Tapping the Hidden Job Market
How to find unadvertised job opportunities. Tapping into the hidden job market on your search for employment.

Veterinary Malpractice
Veterinary malpractice suits can be serious issues for veterinarians.

Zoo Nutritionist
Zoo nutritionists provide comprehensive nutritional management for animals kept in zoos.

Benefits of Continuing Education
Continuing education credit requirements can be a good thing.

The Competitive Pet Medication Market
Veterinarians face increased competition (and decreasing market share) in the pet medication sales industry.

Service Dog Trainer
Service dog trainers teach dogs to perform specialized behaviors so they can assist those with physical challenges.

How to Gain Experience with Animals
There are many ways to gain practical experience working with animals.

Pros and Cons of Working at a Corporate Vet Clinic
There are advantages and disadvantages to working for a corporate clinic.

10 Best Animal Welfare Grants
Finding funding is crucial to the success of nonprofits. Many organizations provide animal welfare groups with grants. Start your search with these groups.

Turning a Hobby into a Business
Do you take pet portraits for fun? Or bake your own dog treats? Learn how to develop your hobby into a full time business.

Vet Tech Internships for Students and Graduates
There are many internship opportunities for veterinary technicians. These organizations offer vet tech internships to students and recent graduates.

Skills for Working with Horses
Those working with horses at a professional level should possess several critical skills and abilities.

Poultry Internships - Career Training
There are many internships available to students of poultry science, including with companies like Butterball and Foster Farms, for career training.

Marine Animal Scholarship Programs
Need funding for marine animal education? These scholarships will get you started on your search.

Animal Control Officer Certification Programs
There are several certification options for animal control officers. Learn about a few different program options.

Clocker - Horse Racing Career Profile
Clockers time official workouts for racehorses at tracks or training centers. Find out more about this career path.

Best Pet Industry Trade Shows
Trade shows are a great way to network and keep up with industry innovations. Learn about the major pet industry trade shows.

Sheep and Goat Internships - Career Training
There are many internships for those interested in working in the livestock industry with sheep or goats.Explore your career options with this list.

Zoo Veterinarian Specialty Profile
Zoo vets provide treatment for wildlife species that are traditionally exhibited in zoos. Learn more about this career path.

Veterinary Practice Manager
Veterinary practice managers oversee all aspects of business management for vet clinics.

Animal Education Internships for Career Training
There are many animal education internship options available. Here's a list of programs for those looking for career training in this field.

Dairy Inspector Career Profile
Dairy inspectors ensure that dairy farms comply with regulations. Learn about this important career path.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Dog Groomer
Thinking about becoming a dog groomer? Learn about all the reasons this is a great and rewarding career.

Caribbean Vet Schools
Caribbean vet schools offer another option for aspiring veterinary students.

Veterinary Internships, Externships and Residencies
Veterinary internships and residencies prepare veterinarians for practice or advanced specialty work.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Training
Wildlife rehabilitators can benefit from a variety of certification, training, and internship opportunities.

Who Needs a Horse Racing License?
Most racing industry professionals must be licensed.

Dairy Herdsman
A dairy herdsman ensures that the dairy herd is healthy and meeting production goals.

Dog Groomer Certification: Training Options
There are several certification options for professional dog groomers. Learn about your different training options.

Great Careers Working with Livestock
There are many different career paths in the livestock industry other than farming. Learn more about these jobs.

Paddock Judge Career Profile
Paddock judges supervise the paddock area and ensure that horses are wearing the correct equipment. Learn more about this horse racing industry career.

Track Veterinarian Career Profile
Track veterinarians ensure racehorses are fit for competition.

Animal Behavior Certification Programs
There are several animal behavior certification programs available to behaviorists and trainers.

Veterinary Pharmacist Career Profile
Veterinary pharmacists compound and dispense medications intended for use in animals. Learn more about this growing field.

Veterinary Receptionist - Profile and Salary
Veterinary receptionists schedule client visits and supervise the front office of the vet clinic.

Clerk of Scales Career Profile
The clerk of scales is responsible for weighing jockeys, reporting program changes, and supervising the jockey's room.

10 Unusual Animal Businesses
There are several unusual animal business options that can be profitable ventures.

Primatology Internships
There are many internship possibilities for students interested in pursuing careers with primates. Here's a list of programs offering primatology internships.

Doggie Day Care Operator Career Profile
Doggie day care operators provide care for dogs while their owners are at work. Find out more about this career path.

Summer Jobs Ideas for Working with Animals
Students may find animal-related summer jobs with a number of employers. Learn more about your options.

Wildlife Scholarships for Animal Lovers
Animal lovers: Discover sources of scholarships and scholarship funding for wildlife-related degrees with this list of options.

Aquaculture Internships - Educational Options
There are many internships for those interested in aquaculture and fisheries management. Learn more about a few of your options.

Animal Welfare Internship Guide
There are many internship opportunities related to animal welfare. Learn about a few of the options.

The Top Reasons to Become a Vet
Not sure if you want to become a vet? Learn about the many good reasons to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

How to Start a Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Mobile veterinary clinics provide convenient animal health care options.

Kennel Attendant Job Profile
Kennel attendants care for dogs in boarding facilities. Learn more about their responsibilities and decide if this is the right job for you.

How to Start a Dog Boarding Business
A dog boarding kennel can be a profitable pet service business. Here's all you need to know to start a dog boarding business.

Veterinary Scholarships
Learn about veterinary scholarships and awards that defray educational costs.

Equine Scholarships
Learn about a variety of scholarship opportunities for those pursuing equine degrees.

Careers for Vets Beyond Private Practice
There are many career paths a veterinarian can pursue outside of traditional private practice.

Insect Internships
There are many insect internships for aspiring entomologists, beekeepers, and curators.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Vet Tech
There are many good reasons to consider becoming a veterinary technician. Learn about the benefits of this rewarding career.

Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification Options
There are several certification options for therapeutic riding instructors. Learn about some of the different courses.

Animal Rescue Career Options
There are a variety of animal rescue and welfare career paths. Learn which one might be right for you.

How to Start a Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
Find out what it takes to start a low cost spay and neuter clinic in your community, from choosing a location to finding funding to establishing a price.

Humane Educator Career Profile
Humane educators provide lectures and demonstrations that promote humane interactions between animals and people.

Animal Shelter Manager - Career Profile & Salary Info
Animal shelter managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of the animal shelter facility.

Livestock Appraiser Career Profile
Livestock appraisers determine the value of livestock for sale or insurance purposes. Learn more about this career path.

Careers with Animals: Hot Walker
Hot walkers are responsible for hand-walking racehorses to cool them down after races and workouts.Learn more about the experience and skills needed.

Wildlife Forensic Scientist Salary and Career
Wildlife forensic scientists study biological samples of wildlife that are evidence in legal cases. What's a wildlife forensic scientist salary?

Livestock Auctioneer
Livestock auctioneers present and sell animals in the auction ring.

Marine Mammalogist Job and Career Description
Marine mammalogists are marine biologists that focus on the study of marine mammals. This page describes what this career might be like.

How to Start a Nonprofit Animal Organization
Do you dream about starting your own animal nonprofit? Learn what it takes to start your own organization and make your dream a reality.

Veterinary Technician Specialties
NAVTA recognizes 11 specialty certifications for vet techs. Learn more to help you decide which specialty you might want to pursue.

Herpetology Internships
Herpetology internships are a great way for aspiring herpetologists and zoo keepers to gain hands on experience.

Riding Instructor Certification
There are several certification options for riding instructors.

Top Paying Wildlife Careers
Want to work with animals and make a lot of money? There are several high paying career options in wildlife-related​ fields.

Racetrack Outrider - Career Overview
Racetrack outriders are responsible for maintaining a safe environment at the track during morning workouts and live racing.

Aquatic Veterinarian Job Profile
Aquatic veterinarians provide health care for marine species. Learn more and discover if this career is right for you.

Career Profile: Zoo Habitat Designer
A career profile of zoo habitat designers. They plan and construct animal exhibits in zoos across the world.

Animal Care Specialist - Military Career 68T
Animal care specialists are soldiers who provide health care for government owned animals while serving in the military. Learn more about this career.

Find Internships in the Beef Industry
Beef internships prepare students for careers in the beef industry. Start your search with these internship suggestions.

Canine Internships
There are many internship options for those hoping to pursue a career working with dogs.

Careers with Animcals: Dog Walker
Dog walkers provide daily exercise for pets.

Equine Insurance Agent Career Profile
Equine insurance agents sell mortality, major medical, and other equine insurance policies to horse owners.

Career Profile: Pet Adoption Counselor
An animal career profile on pet adoption counselors; they connect potential adopters with shelter pets.

Animal Career Profile: Dog Breeder
Dog breeders produce puppies for show or companionship. Learn more about becoming a reputable breeder.

Careers with Animals: Sheep Farmer
Sheep farmers raise sheep as a part of the meat and wool production industries.

A Variety of Canine Career Options
Love dogs? There are many different career options that will allow you to work with man's best friend.

Barn Manager Cover Letter Examples
Whether you're an experienced barn manager or just starting out, use these cover letter examples and tips to help you land your next job.

How to Start a Dog Grooming Business
Dog grooming salons are among the most popular pet service businesses. Learn how to be successful with your own grooming business.

How to Start a Petting Zoo Business
Petting zoos are becoming a popular animal business option. Learn what you need to run your own.

Career Profile: Pig Farmers
A career profile of pig farmers, how they raise animals for the pork production industry, and the projected outlook for the profession.

Career Profile: Movie Animal Trainer
A career profile of movie animal trainers. Those in the entertainment industry charged with training and caring for live animals used in film and tv.

Careers with Animals: Pet Sitter
Pet sitters care for animals while their owners travel.

How to Start a Horse Boarding Business
Boarding stables are popular equine businesses. Learn how to successfully start your own.

Veterinary Dermatologist Career Profile
Veterinary dermatologists are responsible for diagnosing and treating a wide variety of animal skin diseases. Learn about career options and salary data.

Bloodstock Agent Career Profile
A bloodstock agent buys and sells horses on behalf of clients in the Thoroughbred racing industry.

Animal Career Profile: Barn Manager
A career profile for barn managers whom oversee equine care and manage stables, as well as employees.

Small Animal Veterinarian - Career Profile
Small animal veterinarians diagnose and treat a wide variety of animals that are kept as pets.

Large Animal Veterinarian - Career Profile
Large animal vets are qualified to treat a variety of livestock species including horses and cattle. Learn more about required training and salary.

Careers with Animals: Horse Breeder
Horse breeders produce and sell horses for a variety of purposes such as racing, showing, and pleasure riding. Learn more about the career.

Agricultural Extension Agent Job Profile
Agricultural extension agents educate farmers and producers about innovations in the field. Learn more about this career path.

Veterinary Surgical Technician
Veterinary surgical technicians assist with pre-operative preparations, surgical procedures, and post-operative care.

Wildlife Veterinarian Job Profile and Salary
Wildlife veterinarians treat a wide variety of species found in zoos or in local wildlife areas.

Animal Career Profile: Avian Veterinarian
An animal career​ profile on Avian veterinarians that treat companion birds and farm-raised poultry.

Career Profile: Veterinary Pathologist
Veterinary pathologists are specialists who examine animal tissue and fluid samples to diagnose diseases.

Veterinary Anesthesiologist Profile
Veterinary anesthesiologists are specially certified to sedate animals for medical treatment.

Careers with Animals: Ornithologist
Ornithologists are scientists that study a variety of avian species.

Marine Mammal Trainer Job Description
Marine mammal trainers are responsible for training marine species to perform specific behaviors. Here's a job description, including salary info.

Careers with Animals: Primatologist
Primatologists study primates such as gorillas and chimpanzees. They may work as educators, researchers, or conservationists. Learn more.

Entomologists study insects in both field and laboratory settings.

Animal Related Degrees and Programs of Study
There are many college degree programs that lead to careers in the animal industry. Discover which path will lead to your dream job.

How to Get a Job at the Zoo
Zoo careers in high demand, but you can increase your chances of being hired by acquiring the proper education and experience.

Equine Internship Opportunities
Equine industry internships are available in areas such as management, veterinary care, rehabilitation, and publishing.

Internships at SeaWorld and Other Parks
Internships at places like SeaWorld prepare students and recent graduates for careers in marine biology, marine science and dealing with marine life.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Internships: A Resource Guide
Wildlife rehabilitation internships provide training in critical care, animal husbandry and handling techniques. This guide lists many opportunities.

Find a Paid Zoo Internship Near You
Zoo internships give students valuable hands-on experience working with exotic animals. Find a paid zoo internship using this resource guide.

Animal Health and Pharma Sales Internships
Pharmaceutical sales internships help prepare job seekers for careers in the field of animal health. Here's a list of opportunities available.

Animal Science Degree Coursework
Learn about the coursework required for a degree in animal science and the career paths the degree will prepare you for.

How to Get a Job with Marine Animals
There are several ways to improve your odds of working with marine animals. Learn how to land your dream job.

Careers Options for Working with Wildlife
There are many career options for those interested in working with wildlife species. Discover if one of these jobs is right for you.

Animal Behavior Internships
For students seeking a career in animal behavior, animal welfare, or a related area, this list provides info on many internship opportunities.

Finding Avian Internships
Avian internships prepare students and recent graduates for careers in ornithology and related careers. This guide features many opportunities.

8 Career Change Tips
Follow these steps if you are interested in transitioning into a new career path.

How to Start a Tack Shop Business
Tack shops supply equine equipment to horse owners, trainers, and breeders. Learn what it takes to start your own tack business.

How to Get a Job in the Thoroughbred Industry
There are many employment opportunities in the Thoroughbred industry.

How to Start an Animal Rescue
Starting an animal rescue can be a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Learn more about everything required to run your own rescue.

How to Start a Pet Bakery Business
As demand for all natural, preservative free pet treats increases, gourmet pet bakery businesses are springing up to fill an important niche in the pet industry.

How to Start a Mobile Dog Grooming Salon
Mobile dog grooming salons offer convenient grooming services to pet owners. Learn about the process of starting your own business.

How to Start a Pet Apparel Design Business
Pet apparel design is a great business opportunity for animal lovers who have a talent for sewing.

Veterinary Office - Potential Career Paths
There are many career paths available to those interested in working at a vet office, and most of these options do not involve pursuing a veterinary degree.

Egg Farmer Career Profile with Salary Information
Egg farmers manage hens that are involved in egg production. Learn more about this career path.

Veterinary Related Job Search Sites
There are many job search sites for veterinary related employment opportunities.

Equine Job Search Sites
There are several job search sites that cater to equine career seekers.

Broodmare Manager Career Profile
Learn about the duties and qualifications of a broodmare manager and decide if this career is right for you.

Veterinary Technician Career Profile
A veterinary technician is a licensed professional trained to assist veterinarians. Learn more about this career path.

Careers with Animals: Dog Groomer
Dog groomers provide professional grooming and bathing services for many breeds.

Wildlife Rehabilitator - Career Profile
Wildlife rehabilitators provide treatment and care to injured native species until they are healthy enough to be released.

Marine Biologist - Career Profile
Marine biologists study a wide variety of aquatic organisms, from microscopic plankton to massive whales.

Animal Behaviorist - Career Profile
Animal behaviorists study animal interactions, provide training, and conduct research.

Dog Show Handler Career Profile
Dog show handlers use their knowledge of various breeds to succeed in the show ring. Learn more about this career path.

Animal Nutritionist Job Overview and Duties
Animal nutritionists create balanced diets for a variety of domestic and exotic animals.

Pet Food Sales Rep - Career Profile
Pet food sales reps use knowledge of the animal industry and sales techniques to effectively market their products, which may include pet accessories.

Salary: How Much Do Veterinarians Make?
Veterinarian salaries can vary by type of practice and years of experience.

Top Job Search Sites
Many of the major job search sites can be of use to animal career seekers.

Zoo Job Search Sites
There are several AZA jobs search sites designed to assist zoo career seekers in finding the ideal job for their skill set and qualifications.

New Grad Resume Tips
Learn how to write your first resume after graduation.

How to Start a Pet Taxi Service
Pet taxi services coordinate the transportation of pets to grooming or vet appointments. Learn how you can provide this valuable service.

How to Start an Equine Transport Business
Equine transportation services ship horses from one location to another.

Animal Geneticist Job Description and Career Options
Animal geneticists study genes and heritability in animal populations. This page covers what it takes to become one and what a career might look like.

Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian
Emergency and critical care veterinarians are board certified to practice emergency medicine.

Animal Health Inspector Career Profile and Salary
Animal health inspectors monitor animal facilities to ensure that they operate within all state and federal regulations.

Horse Racing Careers
Take a look at several popular career options in the horse racing industry.

Top Paying Animal Health Careers
There are many high salary career options in the animal health field. Learn more about which job is right for you.

How to Start a Dog Training Business
A dog training business can be a profitable way to enter the rapidly expanding pet service industry.

Detection Dog Handler Job Profile
Detection dog handlers work with canine partners to locate concealed drugs or explosive devices.

Equine Product Sales Rep Career Profile
Equine product sales representatives market horse related products, feed, and equipment to retailers.

Pet Food Sales Representative
Pet food sales reps market pet food products to retailers.

How to Start a Riding Stable
A riding stable can be a profitable business venture.

Animal Health Career Options
There are many career options in the field of animal health that do not require a DVM. Learn about the different ways you can work with animals.

Zoo Veterinary Technician Career Profile
Zoo vet techs are specially certified to assist veterinarians that work with exotic species. Find out if this is the right career for you.

Veterinary Technician Anesthetist
Veterinary technician anesthetists assist veterinarians with the administration of anesthesia for surgical procedures.

Veterinary Theriogenologist Specialty Profile
Veterinary theriogenologists are board certified practitioners of reproductive medicine. Learn more about this career path.

Veterinary Ophthalmologist Specialty Profile
Veterinary ophthalmologists are vets with advanced training in eye care and surgery. Learn more about this specialty.

Clinical Pathology Veterinary Technician Specialty
Clinical pathology veterinary technicians are trained to evaluate animal blood or urine samples in a laboratory setting.

Veterinary Radiologist Career Profile
Veterinary radiologists interpret diagnostic scans taken via MRI, CT, ultrasound, or radiograph.

Veterinary Microbiologist Specialty Profile
Veterinary microbiologists study microorganisms that cause disease in animal species. Learn more about this board certified specialty.

Zoo Commissary Keeper
Zoo commissary keepers prepare and deliver zoo animal rations.

Zoo Career Options with Salary Information
Want to work at a zoo but aren't sure where to start? Explore the different zoo career options and salary rates to find what's right for you.

Animal Nutrition Internships: A Guide
Animal nutrition internships help aspiring nutritionists and animal scientists gain hands on experience. This guides shows many opportunities.

Is an Animal Career Right for You?
Thinking about working with animals but not sure if it's the right job for you? Learn how to determine if an animal career path will be a good fit.

How to Find Animal Internships
There are many great animal internship opportunities for those seeking additional experience. Learn how to find an internship that will be a good fit.

Cover Letter Sample for Veterinary Technician Position
View example cover letters for both experienced vet techs and recent graduates.

10 Animal Career Job Search Tips
Candidates can greatly improve their chances of finding employment in the animal industry by following a few simple steps.

Animal Related College Clubs
Students should consider participating in animal related college clubs to gain experience. Here are some different ones worth joining.

verywell. Animal Careers.

Equine Careers
There are a wide variety of careers in the equine industry relating to horse health care, training, breeding, and competition.

Breeding and Farming Careers
Animal production careers include options in breeding and farming.

Wildlife Careers
There are many careers that involve working with wildlife, both in a natural setting and in zoological parks.

Animal Health
Animal health careers are profiled, including veterinary and non-veterinary positions.

Starting an Animal Business
There are many careers that animal lovers can start on their own.

Animal Career Cover Letters
Examples of animal related career cover letters.

Animal Job Search Sites
There are quite a few job sites that can be of use to animal career seekers.

Animal Internships
Explore internship opportunities for animal careers.

Explore professional certification options in the animal industry.

Other Animal Careers
There are a variety of animal careers related to writing, art, television, advertising, and more.

Canine Careers
There are many careers that involve working with dogs.

Sales Careers
There are a variety of animal careers for sales professionals.


Dermatology Veterinary Technician
Dermatology veterinary technicians are certified to assist dermatologists with exams, tests, and procedures.

What Animal Professionals Worry About
There are certain things that may be causes of concern for those working in animal related careers.

Things You Should Know About Vet School
There are several things you should know about vet school before committing to a veterinary career.

Vet School
All about vet school applications, loans, and entrance exams.

How to Start a Cat Cafe
The cat cafe, a cross between a coffee shop and an adoption center, can be a profitable animal business.

Pet Businesses Featured on Shark Tank
The popular television show Shark Tank has featured a number of pet businesses over several seasons.

Veterinary Specialist Salary
Board certified veterinarians earn much higher salaries than practitioners with a general DVM degree.

Best Pet Business Ideas
Be sure to consider these 10 popular options when deciding to open a pet service business.

Agricultural Job Search Sites
There are many sites that can help job seekers find agricultural positions.

Degree Programs
There are many colleges and universities that offer professional degrees in animal related fields.

Scholarship Programs
Details on scholarship opportunities for animal related degrees.

Internal Medicine Veterinarian
Internal medicine veterinarians are trained to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions that affect internal body systems.

Top Paying Positions for Animal Scientists
There are many high paying positions for animal scientists.

Outdated Resume Advice
Some resume tips have become outdated in today's career marketplace.

Best Vet Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Job Perks
Veterinary pharmaceutical sales rep enjoy many perks in addition to salary.

Veterinary Epidemiologist Career Profile
Veterinary epidemiologists monitor diseases in animal populations.

Things You Should Know About Vet Techs
There are several things you might not know about veterinary technicians.

Animal Cruelty Investigator
Animal cruelty investigators look into reports of animal cruelty and enforce laws related to such cases.

Compensation: Hourly vs Salary
There are advantages and disadvantages to receiving hourly or salary compensation.

How to Fight Job Search Fatigue
Don't allow job search fatigue to wear you down as you look for a new position.

Key Qualities of a Great Horse Trainer
The best horse trainers share several essential qualities.

How to Achieve Work Life Balance
Work-life balance is an important consideration for all employees.

Veterinary Employment Contracts
Veterinary associates should review the terms of their employment contract carefully.

10 Best Veterinarian Job Perks
There are many benefits and perks offered to veterinarians.

Camp Experiences for Future Vets
Attending vet camp can be a great way to learn about veterinary careers.

Best Online Pet Business Ideas
There are several pet business that you can run online.

Animal Career Apprenticeship Options
There are several animal career paths that encourage apprenticeships.

Vet Tech Career Myths
There are several misconceptions about veterinary technicians.

Pros and Cons of Being a Veterinary Technician
There are many advantages and disadvantages to consider when deciding to pursue a career as a vet tech.

Animal Career List
Looking for an animal career? Here are many available options.

Pet Product Marketing Tips
A solid marketing plan can ensure the success of a new pet product.

10 Best Animal Internships
There are many great internship opportunities with animals (and these are some of our favorites).

8 Ways Racehorse Trainers Make Money
Racehorse trainers rely on several streams of revenue to earn their living.

Making Money with Butterflies
There are several ways to profit from a commercial butterfly business.

10 Best Zoo Job Perks
There are many benefits and perks associated with zoo career paths.

What Employees Value Most
There are several key things that job seekers desire.

Education and Career Steps to Become a Veterinarian
There are several steps in the process of becoming a veterinarian.

How to Save When Starting a Vet Clinic
Savvy veterinarians can find ways to save when establishing a new practice.

Best Home Based Pet Businesses
There are many pet businesses you can start out of your own home.

Things You Didn't Know About Dog Trainers
There are several things you might not know about professional dog trainers.

Cover Letter Tips
Learn how to write a great cover letter to help with your job search.

Animal Science Scholarships
There are many animal science scholarships and awards available to defray educational costs.

How to Get an Animal Sales Job
Learn how you can improve your chances of finding a position in the animal sales industry.

10 Best Equine Job Perks
There are many benefits and perks related to equine career paths.

How to Become a Better Vet
The best veterinarians share several qualities that help them to provide exceptional service.

5 Benefits of Becoming a Vet Tech Specialist
There are several benefits to pursuing a vet tech specialty certification.

Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Technician
Emergency and critical care vet techs assist with treating emergency injuries and provide skilled supportive care.

Veterinary Career Myths
Take a look at the most commonly held misconceptions about veterinary careers.

Clinical Practice Veterinary Technician
Clinical practice vet techs assist veterinarians in a clinical setting.

Horse Identifier
Horse identifiers verify the identity of each horse entered in a race.

Cattle Feedlot Manager
Feedlot managers are responsible for the feeding and care of beef cattle.

Racetrack Starter
Racetrack starters supervise the loading of horses into the starting gate for training or racing purposes.

Are You Too Old for Vet School
Some aspiring veterinary students decide to apply to vet school later in life.

25 Best Jobs with Horses
Take a look at 25 popular career paths in the equine industry.

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Animal Career
There are many factors to consider before choosing a specific animal career path.

Livestock Insurance Agent
Livestock insurance agents offer insurance coverage options to livestock producers.

Animal Chiropractor
Animal chiropractors adjust specific areas of the body to reduce pain and boost performance.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Veterinary Practice
There are advantages and disadvantages to opening a mobile veterinary clinic.

Dairy Nutritionist
Dairy nutritionists develop rations that ensure the health and productivity of dairy cattle.

Feline Veterinarian
Feline veterinarians focus on providing veterinary care to cats.

Dairy Internships
Dairy internships prepare students for careers in the dairy industry.

Equine Photographer
Equine photographers take photos of horses for artistic or commercial purposes.

Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer
Volunteer work offers many benefits.

Tips for Applying to Vet School
Check out our top tips for students preparing to apply to vet school.

How to Start a Pet Food Bank
Pet food banks help owners provide food for their animals in times of financial difficulty.

Animal Production Careers
There are many career paths in animal breeding.

Equine Breeding Farm Careers
There are many equine breeding industry career paths for those interested in working on horse farms.

Wildlife Manager
Wildlife managers oversee wildlife management and conservation in a territory.

Equine Pedigree Analyst
Equine pedigree analysts suggest breedings for horses owned by their clients.

New Grad Career Tips
Check out 7 top tips for new graduates seeking their first professional position.

Vet Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Cover Letter
Veterinary pharmaceutical sales representatives: cover letter examples for new and experienced job seekers.

7 Questions for Aspiring Veterinarians
Aspiring veterinarians should consider several factors before committing to the career path.

Zoo Camp Opportunities
Zoo camps can help students decide if they are interested in a zoo career.

Pros and Cons of Investing in a Pet Franchise
Be sure to research the pros and cons of pet franchise ownership before investing.

Unusual Equine Careers
There are a number of unusual equine career paths that could be a good fit for you.

Horse Show Braider
Professional braiders prepare show horses for competition.

Saddle Fitter
Saddle fitters ensure a saddle is properly balanced for effective equine performance.

Equine Short Courses
Equine short courses provide specialized education in concentrated sessions.

How to Design a Vet Clinic Website
Create an informative and organized website for your vet clinic with these tips.

Affordable Animal Start Ups
Starting an animal business doesn't have to be expensive; many options have low start up costs.

How to Engage Clients with Social Media
Connecting with clients via social media can be critical.

How to Reduce Vet School Debt
It is important for vets to find ways to minimize educational debt.

Essential Skills for Working with Dogs
There are several key skills that canine professionals should possess.

Animal Law Enforcement Careers
There are quite a few options for those interested in animal law enforcement careers.

Animal Training Career Paths
There are many options for those interested in animal training careers.

How to Find Equine Jobs
There are many great places to look for equine job leads.

Curriculum Vitae vs Resume
There are similarities and differences between CVs and resumes.

Poultry Veterinarian
Poultry veterinarians specialize in the care of chickens, ducks, and turkeys.

Top 10 Veterinary Schools
The 2016 rankings of top vet schools are revealed in a report by U.S. News & World Report.

Relief Veterinarian
Relief veterinarians fill in at clinics when the regular practitioner is on leave.

Top Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows
Trade shows can be profitable ventures for exhibitors.

8 Tips for Paying Off Student Loans
Paying off student loans is a critical responsibility for new graduates.

Graduate Degrees for Animal Careers
There are several animal related graduate degree programs.

Exotic Bird Breeder
Exotic bird breeders raise parrots for use as pets or breeding stock.

Pooper Scooper Business
Pooper scooper businesses are rapidly growing in popularity as pet owners increase convenience spending.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Dog Trainer
There are many good reasons to consider a dog training career.

How to Start a Veterinary Practice
Veterinarians hoping to establish a new practice should plan the process carefully.

Vet Tech Scholarships
There are several veterinary technician scholarship opportunities available to students.

Are There Too Many Veterinarians
Is there an oversupply of veterinarians or a lack of demand for services?

Explore the scholarship programs available for various animal degree paths.