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SPIA Structure: Life Only
A Single Premium Income Annuity with a Life Only designation provides a lifetime of income payments at the highest contractual levels available.

Sheryl Moore of Look to Wink on Indexed LI and Annuities
Stan The Annuity Man and Jimmy.Direct talk with Annuities and Insurance Expert Sheryl Moore about her website and current annuity and UI.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Sheryl Moore of Weighs in on the DoL Rul- Red Flags
Podcast with Sheryl Moore from discussing the DoL Fiduciary Rule and red flags to look out for in the Indexed Annuities and Insurance worlds.

Laddering QLACs
Are you familiar with laddering CDs or bonds? Laddering annuities like Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts are strategies worth considering as well.

QLAC Fees and Commissions
Commissions and fees for QLACs (Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts) are very low when compared to annuity types like indexed and variable.

What is an Annuity Surrender Charge Period?
It is Important to Fully Understand How Surrender Charges Work Within Any Annuity You Plan to Purchase. An Informed Decision is Found in the Details.

How Can an Annuity Ensure I Do Not Outlive My Money?
Annuities are a lifetime income stream similar to Social Security and pensions. You can use annuities to provide guaranteed lifetime income payments.

What are the 3 Biggest Annuity Buying Mistakes?
Thoroughly research an annuity product and the issuing carrier, and then purchase only if the contractual guarantees fulfill your specific necessity.

Financial interviews with leading financial minds.
Financial interviews that relay attitudes and impressions from leading financial minds.

Rated Single Premium Immediate Annuities
Rated SPIAs or Age Rated SPIAs can provide a higher payout because your life expectancy is proven to be less due to your specific health related issues.

What? Variable Annuities Have a Prospectus-Indexed Not?
Variable annuities have a prospectus because they are categorized as a security, but Indexed annuities are classified as a life insurance product.

Hybrid Annuity Strategies
Hybrid annuities are actually fixed indexed annuities that have attached contractual riders that typically guarantee lifetime income.

Is it Possible to Buy an Annuity Direct Without an Agent?
It isn't possible to purchase a Fixed Annuity direct yet. There are online resources available to aid your annuities research to fit your portfolio.

The Future of Annuities is finally here at! is where you are in control of your annuity quotes. SPIA, DIA, MYGA, and QLAC quotes are at your fingertips, and delivered direct to you.

P.I.G. Portfolio Income Guarantees - The Non Annuity
Portfolio Income Guarantees (aka: PIG) are also referred to as contingent deferred annuities, and these income guarantees are attached to a portfolio.

Truth is, There is Plenty of Good and Little Bad About QLACs
Low commission Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts will be the driving force for all types of annuities to move toward a direct to consumer model.

Fixed Index Annuities Designed to Compete with Certificates of Deposit
Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs), also called Equity Indexed Annuities or just Indexed Annuities, are principal protected, but the

What is a "Free Look" Period With an Annuity?
Each state has a free look period after purchase, a specified time allowed, which allows the annuity consumer to get out of the policy for any reason.

Should I Buy a Deferred Income Annuity?
DIAs, or Longevity Annuities, are a solid product providing income later. Research to see if a DIA or a DIA Strategy will work for you in your portfolio.

How is an Annuity Like My Social Security Payment?
Similar to Social Security, some annuities can help to manage longevity risk (the risk of outliving your money), and inflation (inevitable as taxes).

The Terry Savage Truth with Stan the Annuity Man and Jimmy Dot Direct
Conversation between Terry Savage, Stan the Annuity Man and Jimmy Dot Direct. Terry Savage relays the Savage truth about a variety of financial topics.

Interview with The AAII Journal Editor Charles Rotblut
Stan The Annuity Man and Jimmy Dot Direct interview Charles Rotblut, CFA and Editor of The AAII Journal discussing behavioral finance, AAII, and more.

5 More Dumb Things Annuity Agents Say
Some Annuity Agents can say misleading things to entice you to buy one of their favorite products. Make sure the annuity you buy is right for you!

The Dumbest Things Annuity Agents Say
If an annuity sales pitch veers into territory that sounds too good to be true-it is! Beware and don't fall for the hype-remember it's a sales pitch!

Can I Buy a DIA Direct?
You can research Deferred Income Annuities at Run quotes to compare carriers and contracts and learn if a DIA is a fit for your portfolio in the process.

How the DOL’s “FiduciaryCare” Will Permanently Change Annuities

Can I Buy an Annuity Direct?
The annuity industry is moving towards a direct distribution model whether it wants to or not. It is now possible to research annuities direct, online, and independently.

QLAC RMD Strategies
QLACs legally allow you to reduce your taxes on your IRA's Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) you have to start taking when you turn age 70 1/2.

QLAC Social Security Strategies
Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) and Social Security can complement each other when planning for guaranteed lifetime income needs.

The Future Looks Good for QLACs
The future is bright for the QLAC strategy because of its simplistic, easy to understand, transfer of risk design and the fact it can be used in an IRA.

Why Agent Sales Incentives are Ruining the Annuity Industry
Annuities can provide lifetime income guarantees, but often sales incentives to the seller are not in the best interest of the annuity consumer.

Does the Department of Labor Hate the Annuity Industry?
Oddly, the Dept of Labor proposes fiduciary standards in order to protect consumers, but misses the target. The insurance industry will fight these changes.

Lottery Winners Should Choose the Annuity, Not the Lump Sum
It is prudent, practical and advised to take the annuity payments instead of a lump sum when you win the lottery. It protects you, your assets and family.

Why I Hate The Word Retirement
The biggest fear in retirement is underfunded income. Benchmark income and principal protection on the 10 Yr Treasury Bond and don't fall prey to fear.

When Was the Last Time an Annuity Carrier Failed?
The last time an annuity carrier was absorbed by their state was in 2008 when Standard Life of Indiana had some financial issues.

The Goal is Income NOT Retirement
The goal when you reach retirement is generating income. Keep it simple with annuities similar to CDs and you can avoid the financial sales pitches.

The Extinction of the Annuity Agent is Near
Direct sales of annuities are in the near future and will redefine the current sales and distribution structure. Annuity agents will nearly be extinct.

QLACs Made Simple
QLAC was created as a planning tool that provides guarantees you cannot outlive… take it for a test drive and see if the benefits fit your needs, or offer you freedom you didn’t think you could have.

When is the Best Time to Buy an Annuity?
The best time to buy an annuity is only when the contractual guarantees of the annuity policy match your specific financial goals and solve for them.

When Were Annuities First Invented and Then Introduced in the US?
Annuities date back at least to the Roman Times. Sold and developed in the United States for over 200 years, a variety of annuity products are now available.

Why are Fixed Index Annuities Called "Hybrids"?
Fixed index annuities, also referred to as equity indexed annuities, are now being pushed using the inappropriate word

Annuity Upfront Bonuses
Upfront bonuses are offered to enhance the initial premium deposited into an annuity contract, but shouldn't be considered free money. There are contingencies.

Why Income Riders are Annuity Monopoly Money
Income riders are real money only when paid out as Annuity Payments; the percentages are part of the equation used to calculate payments, not gains.

5 Annuity Dreams Sold That Will Never Happen
Annuity agents sell annuity dreams that just won't come true. Look through pie in the sky annuity sales pitches for the contractual realities instead.

The Annuity Industry Has an Evil Secret
The annuity industry will change, moving towards a direct to consumer platform and products that favor consumer needs rather than agent sales incentives.

Can I Buy a MYGA Direct?
It is now possible to research Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities at You can discover if a MYGA fits your portfolio using your own parameters.

Can I Buy a QLAC Direct?
You can research which QLAC is a fit for your portfolio at Not sure how different QLACs stack up next to each other? Run a quote based on your parameters.

Can I Buy a SPIA Direct?
SPIAs are a simple to understand and efficient way to provide annuity income payments. It is now possible to research these products directly at

Should I Wait Until Interest Rates Go Higher
Attempting to time purchases based on interest rate changes makes little to no sense in relation to relatively short-term (0-5 yrs) financial time frames.

Basic Terms You Should Know from the Annuity Lexicon
It is important to understand the basics about annuities. Start by learning the language of annuities with these ten basic annuity terms you need to know.

Income Riders: The Good, The Bad..The Truth
Annuity Riders accumulate guaranteed percentage increases while deferred. This is not yield. The amount is only paid out when taken as annuity income.

What is an Annuity Rider?
Annuity riders are attached benefits to a policy that can contractually guarantee lifetime income, long term care benefits, or a death benefit.

Why Doesn't My 401k Offer an Annuity Income Choice?
On July 1st, 2014, the Treasury Department and the IRS approved the use of Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts within 401ks and IRAs.

What are the Agent Qualifications to Sell Annuities?
The qualification bar to sell Indexed Annuities is currently low, and is a primary reason that the industry has earned its bad reputation.

What Levels of Commission do Agents Earn on Annuities?
Even though all commissions are

What are the Governing Bodies that Regulate Annuities?
There are a Variety of State, Federal, or Non-governmental Regulatory Bodies that Oversee Annuities, Yet High Commission Annuities are Over Promoted.

Annuity Living Benefits Popularity Soars
Income Riders are a popular Guaranteed Living Benefit (GLB) available today. Yearly fees buy increased income payment levels, but don't provide gains.

The Top 5 Incorrect Assumptions About Annuities
There are many incorrect assumptions about annuities based on faulty, misunderstood or incomplete information. Annuity education can disprove stereotypes.

Trying to Time Interest Rates is an Annuity Fools Game
Don't try to time annuity purchases to rising interest rates. It's a losing strategy, as you lose out on the contractually guaranteed benefits offered now.

With a Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity, Yield + Time = Simple
MYGAs, or Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities are a Fixed Rate product that offers security, simplicity and minimal risk.

Annuity Legacy Strategies
Some annuity policies can provide contractually guaranteed death benefits for legacy and estate planning purposes.

Annuity P.I.L.L. Strategy
The P.I.L.L. strategy is an easy to use acronym to find out if an annuity is appropriate for a specific portfolio.

Longevity Annuities: The Good, The Bad and The Truth
Longevity Annuities will propel an annuity renaissance, with simplistic lifetime guaranteed income solutions similar to other future pension guaranties.

10 Quick Facts About DIAs
If you are looking for guaranteed income payments in the future, Deferred Income Annuities or a QLAC might be able to cover your income later.

Income Now Annuity Strategies
Income Now Annuity Strategies provide guaranteed income by transferring that risk to the annuity carrier to create a personal pension plan for you.

You Can Offset Longevity Risk with a Deferred Income Annuity
Deferred Income Annuities, or DIAs, deliver lifelong income payments. You can minimize longevity risk, also called the risk of outliving your money!

Annuity Arbitrage
Annuity arbitrage combines a lifetime income annuity and life insurance to leverage both income and legacy using only the contractual guarantees.

Laddering Annuities
Similar to laddering of bonds and CDs, you can also ladder annuities. Annuities can be laddered not only for yield but for income as well.

Use an Annuity to Stretch Your IRA Payments
You don't need an annuity to implement a Stretch IRA strategy, but fixed annuities offer this legacy strategy principal protection and contractual guarantees.

Annuity Asset Protection Strategies
In some select states, annuities provide full asset protection from lawsuits and creditors. Texas and Florida are the primary states with these laws.

Annuity Leveraged Income Doubler Strategy
The Annuity Leveraged Income Doubler is a proprietary strategy that uses 2 different fixed indexed annuities to maximize income.

Annuity RMD Strategies
Annuities are a viable option when allocating Required Minimum Distribution money, whether you want to leave legacy payments or protect the original principal.

Charitable Gift Annuity Income Strategies
Lifetime income guarantees can eventually benefit charities and non-profits with the Charitable Gift Annuity structures they offer, and can also provide tax benefits now.

10 Quick Facts About SPIAS
SPIAs have much to offer with a simple straightforward platform, low commission and no ongoing fees, and a variety of structuring possibilities.

10 Quick Facts About MYGAs
Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities provide similar benefits as Certificates of Deposit with some beneficial differences.

Income and a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)
A Single Premium Immediate Annuity, or SPIA, will provide guaranteed monthly income for life with no risk of outliving your income, with no liquidity.

The Good, The Bad and The Truth about Variable Annuities
Variable Annuities can provide contractual guarantees with attached riders, but Fixed Annuities generally provide higher guarantees and flexibility.

Future Income and a Deferred Income Annuity (DIA)
A Deferred Income Annuity, or DIA, fits the purpose of producing future income starting on a specified date and continuing for the remainder of your life.

Advantages of a Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA)
Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities provide contractually guaranteed growth and principal protection with a lack of liquidity during deferral periods.

Indexed Annuities: The Good, The Bad and The Truth
Indexed Annuities are fixed annuities protected from downside markets with upside limited, not assured. They can deliver attached income rider benefits.

SPIA Structure: Life with Period Certain
A SPIA structured “Life with Period Certain” has a definite time period the income is paid out; the longer the period certain, the lower the pay out.

Immediate Annuities: The Good, The Bad ..The Truth
Single Premium Immediate Annuities, or SPIAs, function like a permanent personal pension plan with no annual fees and the assurance of a known income.

SPIA Structure: Life with Death Benefit
The “Life with Death Benefit” SPIA has a death benefit built into the policy with a lifetime income stream; a larger benefit offers a lower payment.

How Income Riders Make Annuity Companies Rich
Income riders have a place in some portfolios. Understand how to calculate the fees, and recognize that the rider amount is a calculation, not yield.

Contingent Deferred Annuities
Contingent deferred annuities attached to a stock or bond type portfolio can provide an income guarantee without having to buy an annuity.

SPIA Structure: Life with Installment Refund
The Life with Installment Refund SPIA structure is a life expectancy bet with the annuity company, and you win. They pay no matter how long you live.

SPIA Structure: Life with Cash Refund
SPIA with Life with Installment Refund provides beneficiaries payments from the original premium; Cash Refund distributes a lump sum remainder payment

SPIA Structure: Period Certain Only Structure
SPIAs can be customized to contractually guarantee payments for a specific period of time to fill a gap in income instead of typical lifetime payments

QLAC - Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract
QLACs, also know as Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts, are deferred income annuities that can be used in both 401ks and Traditional IRAs.

Charitable Gift Annuities
Charitable Gift Annuities guarantee a lifetime income stream while providing tax benefits, by donating money to a charity or non profit.

Medicaid Annuities
Medicaid Annuities, Medicaid Annuity, Medicaid Annuity Planning

Variable Annuities
Variable Annuities use separate accounts (mutual funds) for growth, while Income Riders provide attached benefit guarantees. It's a high fee package.

Annuity Disclosure Statement - Read Before You Buy!
It is imperative that you read and understand the disclosure statement of the annuity policy you plan to purchase before signing the contract!

Annuities are Life Insurance, but Life Insurance is not an Annuity.
Annuities are a Life Insurance Product,, but Life Insurance Policies don't qualify as Annuities. It is important to know the difference between them.

How Can Annuities Help Adjust Your RMDs?
Owning a SPIA or a QLAC from within your Traditional IRA can be an effective annuity strategy to satisfy RMD requirements and provide an income floor.

How Can Annuities Address Inflation?
Inflation, or the fear of inflation, is something we all are familiar with; annuities can contractually address the needed income increases to keep up.

How Can I Lock in a Future Income Stream With an Annuity?
Annuities can be efficiently used for target date income planning, also called income later planning, utilizing contractual risk transfer strategies.

How to Determine if You Need an Annuity
When considering annuities as an addition to your portfolio, use the P.I.L.L. acronym to see if an annuity would fit and add value as a specific allocation. It’s really that simple.

How Do You Determine the Safety of the Annuity Carrier?
How to check the safety of your annuity carrier by using ratings services and the COMDEX ranking system in addition to looking at carrier financials.

verywell. Annuities.

A QLAC Can Offer Some Tax Relief and Income Advantages
A QLAC provides the ability to defer your mandatory distributions (RMDs), reducing your current taxes, and providing guaranteed income later in life.

QLACs with COLAs
Cost of Living Adjustments, COLAs, can be added to a QLAC to contractually increase the income stream annually. It is one way to address inflation.

Why do Annuities Have Such a Bad Reputation?
The Annuity Industry has a negative reputation, lacks enforced regulations, suffers from over-hyped marketing, and minimal agent education standards.

QLAC Product Strategy Benefits
QLACs offer many product benefits and value propositions to a person looking for future income guarantees, and to possibly lessen their RMDs.

QLAC: A Different Type of Longevity Annuity
Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) are a unique version of the longevity annuity (aka: deferred income annuity) product type.

QLAC Income Later Strategies
Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) solve for income later needs using funds from your Traditional IRA.

Transferring Funds to a QLAC
Transferring money from your current qualified plan to a QLAC is a simple paperwork process that is a direct transfer and a non taxable event.

QLAC Payouts
A QLAC can help solve your future income needs. Choose between two income structures when deciding how it pays out: Life Only or Life with Cash Refund

Income Benefits of Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts
Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) are structured to provide a lifetime income stream starting at a future date, within your IRA.

Why Buy a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)?
Why buy a Single Premium Immediate Annity? Simply put… SPIAs Provide Lifetime Income Guaranteed! Do some homework and then decide if you need a SPIA.

Jim Farrish a Money Manager, Teacher, Speaker, Blogger
Annuities Guest Writer Jim Farrish is a professional money manager, teacher, speaker, and blogger with an affinity for direct sales of annuities.

Why Money Launderers Love Annuities
The only thing stopping a criminal from laundering money through an annuity is the annuity sales agent's conscious. LIMRA (Life Insurance and Market Research Association)does have a class that all sales agents are required to attend which makes them aware of the possiblilty..

QLACs slow and eventual rise to the Annuity Top
QLACs, or Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts, will become the most often sold annuity offering lifetime income and leaving a lower tax base in your IRA

All in the Family: QLACs, Social Security, and DIAs
Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts, Social Security, and Deferred Income Annuities are all income products designed to sustain us during retirement

The QLAC Application Process
The paperwork for a QLAC is pretty basic and short because there are no moving parts in the policy or market attachments, just simple transfer of risk

QLACs Help Young Workers Structure Their 401ks
QLACs can address future income needs as well as potentially reduce taxes on RMDs within an IRA, and young workers can build a future income stream.

QLACs Compared to Income Riders
QLACs can be used within an IRA as a simplistic future pension product, while Income Riders are a tool used to calculate income distribution levels.

How to Compare QLAC Carriers
Considering the purchase of a QLAC? Find the carrier(s) that provide the specific contractual guarantees you need to fulfill your financial goals.

How To Shop for a QLAC
Shopping for a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) revolves around finding the highest contractual guarantee with a high rated carrier.

QLAC Product Limitations
Every annuity type has product limitations. The two primary limitations with a QLAC is the lack of liquidity and accumulation value.

Annuity Types That Are Not QLACs
Variable annuities and indexed annuities are not classified as QLACs, but that isn't preventing them from fighting for inclusion.


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Funds Or Indexed Annuities?
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Worried About Your Retirement Income? How About Guaranteed Income?
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How to use fixed indexed annuities for guaranteed income.

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Is An Annuity Right For You?

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Protection against inflation is the most important feature of a well laid retirement plan.

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Low rates are here to stay. It might be time to look for an alternative.

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Is now a good time to transfer your annuity?

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Fish stories of ridiculous retirement plans.

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Resources for implementing a business retirement plan.

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A brief look at the Solo 401k Plan

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A good starting place when considering a business retirement plan for your business.

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Taxes in retirement can be shocking. Invest tax free instead.

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Are there any negatives to using annuities in business retirement plans?

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Two reasons why you should be using annuities in your 401k.

Are Annuities Good For Retirement? How Much Should You Invest?
Are annuities the best investmetn for retirees?

Do Indexed Annuities Live Up To The Hype?
The basics on indexed annuities.

The Dreaded Surrender Charge
How to carefullly avoid surrender charges on annuities.

Down Market Preparations
Preparing for a down market.

Learning About Annuities
Ending the confusion about annuities.

SEPs or SIMPLEs? Making Plan Decisions
Choosing the right retirement plan for your business.

The Best Business Retirement Plan To Be Able To Use Guaranteed Annuities
Which business retirement plan is best?

Annuity Death Benefits
What are annuity death benefits?

How To Create Guaranteed Income For Life
How guaranteed income riders create a lifetime of retirement income.

Does Your Annuity Bonus Make Up For Transfer Fees?
Will your bonus really cover your fees and charges?

Nervous About Your First Annuity?
Calm your nerves with the basics on annuities.

Why Should Annuities Be In IRAs?
Annuities have special benefits that make them great candidates for IRA investing.

$450,000 In Deductible Contributions To A Retirement Account?
One business retirement plan with very high contribution limits.

Annuity Questions
Get your annuity questions answered here! Do you have a question that you do not see the answer to? Ask you and you may see it answered here.

Plain Language Annuity Definitions
A plain language resource defining common annuity and insurance terms.

Annuity Profiles/Before You Invest
Learn the pros and cons of popular annuities and what to look for when investing in an annuity.

Understanding Annuity Riders
All about annuity riders! Choosing the right annuity riders can be confusing. The right rider can add immeasurable value to your annuity but choose wisely. Some cost you and once chosen some cannot be canceled.

Annuity Case Studies
Annuity case studies to help understand the details of annuities and their uses.

Annuity Basics
Learn the basics of annuities and how they work.

Annuities And Income Planning
How to use annuities to protect and increase your retirement income.

Annuities and Personal Finance
Annuities and personal finance leading up to and during retirement.

Annuities and Your Estate
Annuities are great tools to use in planning your estate. What happens when your annuity outlives you?

Annuities and IRAs
How does an annuity in an IRA work? Do they belong there? Why?

Annuity Questions Answered
Get your annuity questions answered here.

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All about annuities in business retirement plans.

Tax Deferred
Definition of tax deferred. Annuities.

Surrender Charges
The definition of annuity surrender charges.

Annuity Suitability
Plain English definition of annuity suitability.

Before You Invest In Fixed Indexed Annuities
Before your invest in indexed annuities be sure learn about the amazing benefits they offer.

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Should you choose a fixed indexed annuity or a fixed interest annuity?

Fixed Indexed Annuity
The definition of a fixed indexed annuity.

State Guarantee
The definition of a State Guarantee in relation to annuities and other insurance based products.

The definition of annuitization.

Annuity Laddering
The definition of annuity laddering

Understanding Annuity Surrender Charges
Surrender charges and withdrawal penalties seem scary at first but with a well thought out plan they should never be a problem.

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How To Choose A Fixed Indexed Annuity

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A detailed example of how to end market fluctuations with indexed annuities.

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Are variable annuities better than mutual funds?

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Are Annuity Long Term Care Riders Right For You?

What To Look For In An Annuity
If you are looking at investing in an annuity then read this first. Learn the basics to be able to make the best decision possible.

Guaranteed Income Without Losing Access To Principal?
Guaranteed income riders add safety and security to your retirement income planning. Think of them as a safety net for your retirement income portfolios.

What Is The Death Benefit Rider?
Death benefit riders are good tools to create extra cash for your heirs. They are also a good alternative to life insurance, if used appropriately, if you cannot qualify based on your health. Learn how they work now!

What Is The Guaranteed Income Benefit Rider?
How to use the guaranteed income benefit rider for stable,secure income in retirement.

One Great Reason To Use Annuities In Your IRA
Do annuities belong in IRAs?

Understanding Annuity Commissions
Ever wondered how your broker or insurance agent is getting paid? Just because you didn't pay up front commissions does not mean you aren't paying for your annuity. Learn how it works here.

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Annuities have a bad reputation. Learn why and also how to avoid the negatives of owning annuities.

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How do you know if an annuity is right for you? A few simple steps to make certain you are making the right decision.

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If you are paying high fees to transfer investments into bonus annuities be sure research your options first.

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Using fixed indexed annuities instead of bonds.

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When To Invest In An Annuity
Learn about when to invest in annuities.

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With so many investment options in 401ks it can be confusing as to where to invest your monthly contributions. How much should go into annuities?

Potential Downfalls Of Annuities In Business Retirement Plans
Annuities can be a great benefit in retirement plans but they are not for everyone.

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412(e)(3) The Best Of Both Worlds - Annuities and Defined Benefits
Are you looking for a way to put back massive amounts of deductible cash into your retirement accounts? How does $250,000 or more sound?

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What are the cons of annuities in business retirement plans?

The Pros Of Annuities In Business Retirement Plans
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