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This Art Nouveau Vase Was Designed by Amphora Master Paul Dachsel.
This vase designed by Amphora artist Paul Dachsel exhibits an Art Nouveau influence. Page 3.

Paul Dachsel's Amphora - The Mark Associated with His Workshop
See the mark associated with Paul Dachsel's Amphora business used from approximately 1906 through 1911. Page 4.

Pairpoint Puffy Lamps - The Value Lies in the Blown Glass Shades
Lamps made by Pairpoint with blown out shades can be quite valuable, but only if the shade is in excellent condition.

Pairpoint Puffy Lamps - Values of Select Lamps with Illustrations
Value can range widely for Pairpoint lamps, especially

Books by Charles Dickens Sell for More Than $70,000 - Rare Autographed Inscription and Letter Verify Provenance and Increase Value
See the inscription in Charles Dickens on hand that drastically increased the value of this set of leather-bound books.

What Does Rococo Mean in Relation to Antique Furniture?
Ever hear the term

Is It a Piano, Pianoforte or Maybe a Harpsichord? - What's the Difference in These Three Instruments That Look Very Much Alike
Do you know the difference between a piano, a pianoforte, and a harpsichord? This feature explains the similarities and differences of these antique musical instruments.

Who Was John Henry Belter? - A Look at a Rococo Revival Furniture Master's Work
When it comes to Rococo Revival furniture, no one did it better than John Henry Belter.

Meet Esky – The Esquire Magazine Man - A 1940s Advertising Mascot
If it weren't for collectors, Esky - the Esquire Magazine Man - would be all but forgotten today.

Is It a Fall-Front or Drop-Front Antique Desk?
Is there a difference between a fall-front and a drop-front desk? Find out here.

The Slant-Front Desk and How It Relates to the Fall- or Drop-Front Style in Antique Furniture
The slant-front desk is a popular, distinctive style originating in the 1700s and remaining popular for literally centuries.

J. & J.W. Meeks Furniture - Antique Home Furnishings Made by John and Joseph W. Meeks
Spanning 72 years, J. & J.W. Meeks produced furniture in many different styles. Learn more about the company, what they made, and values for these pieces here.

Collecting Gold Dust Twins Black Americana Memorabilia
Have you ever wondered how much people are willing to pay for politically incorrect Gold Dust Twins advertising memorabilia? Get an idea here.

The Jack in the Pulpit Vase - A Antique Glass Style Originating Abroad and Named in the United States
While the founder of a very famous American glass studio is said to have named this type of vase, the style originated abroad.

The Value of Vintage Louis Vuitton Luggage
Vintage Louis Vuitton luggage, in addition to being classic, is also very valuable.

Peter Brubaker Folk Art Horses Worth More Than $20,000
What makes a folk art horse worth than $20,000? Perhaps it was made by Peter Brubaker.

Napier Book Reveals Jewelry Secrets and Busts Related Myths
Melinda Lewis received enough pre-orders to publish her book! The Napier Co. is a phenomenal asset to collectors of costume jewelry and others wanting to know more about Napier's jewelry.

Busting the Mamie Eisenhower Napier Bracelet Myth
For years collectors thought there were only two copies of the famed

Roseville Futura Pink and Gray Jukebox Vase - Learn About Colors, Glazes, and Embellishments Used on This Pottery
See an example of a

Marks on Roseville Futura Pieces
Did Roseville use traditional marks on its popular Futura line? Find out more here. Page 3.

Values for Roseville Futura Pieces - How Much is This Art Pottery Worth?
How much are Roseville Futura pieces worth? Find out more about valuing this type of art pottery. Page 4.

Weller Louwelsa Pottery - Popular Art Ceramics Made from 1896 through 1924
Learn more about Louwelsa pottery made by Weller from 1896 through the mid-1920s.

Vintage Plastic Halloween Toys - The Value of Cheap Orange and Black Halloween-themed Playthings
They many not look like much, but some old plastic Halloween toys can be worth a pretty penny.

Roseville Pottery Cremo Line - Rare Antique Example Sells for $8,400 at Auction
If you've never heard of Roseville's Creamo line, it's indeed cream of the crop when it comes to rare and valuable antique pottery.

Roseville Pottery Futura Line - See Examples and Learn More About This Modernist Favorite
Roseville's Futura line was originally marked with paper labels leaving most of them unmarked today. Learning to recognize these pieces can be quite profitable.

Art of the Buckle Book Review - Belt Accessories as Fashionable Collectibles
If you're a fan of Western style collectibles, this book on buckles is sure to be a hit.

Watermelon Vitrail II Medium - Learn to Recognize Watermelon Vitrail II Medium Rhinestones Used in Vintage Costume Jewelry
These rhinestones are widely referred to as

Shipping Antique Pottery & Porcelain - How to Securely Package and Ship Antique Pottery and Porcelain Antiques and Collectibles
There are some tricky points to consider when shipping fragile pottery and porcelain antiques, but this task can be tackled successfully if you know how to package items correctly.

Packing Jewelry for Shipping - How to Securely Package Antique, Vintage and Collectible Jewelry for Safe Shipping
While most people think they're doing a good job packaging vintage and antique jewelry for shipping, pieces arrive broken every day. Avoid disappointment and learn how to do it right.

Cat's Eye Opal Foiled Cabochon - Example of "cat's eye" opal foiled glass cabochon stones used in costume jewelry of the late 1950s & early '60s.
View an example of

Easter Egg Stippled Cabochon Stones - Example of Easter Egg stippled cabochon stones used in costume jewelry from the late 1950s & early '60s.
View an example of

Pendant Necklace Example - What Do a Pendant Necklaces Look Like? See a Pendant and Learn More About this Necklace Style
Pendant necklaces have been around for centuries. See what they look like and learn more about this enduring style.

Packing Collectible Glassware for Shipping - How to Pack Glass Antiques & Collectibles for Safe Shipping
Learn how to package antique and collectible glassware to make sure it arrives to its shipping destination undamaged.

Information on Theft of Rare and Valuable Antique Persian Rug Sought - Owners Offer Hefty Rewards for Stolen Silk Tabriz Carpet
Have you seen this stolen antique Persian rug? Information leading to the recovery could lead to a hefty reward.

Can You Get An Accurate Antiques Appraisal Online? - Submitting Photos and Descriptions to Get an Estimation of Value
Have you ever thought about using an online appraisal service to value antiques? Learn more about how to get the most for your money when you worth with an Web-based appraiser.

Shipping Paper Collectibles & Photographs - What You Need to Know About Packing Ephemera, or Paper Collectibles, and Photographs for Shipping
Packing ephemera and photographs for shipping can be accomplished safely and easily following these simple steps.

Collecting Mid-Century Handbags Made of Lucite, Bakelite and Other Plastics
Vintage goes full tilt when it comes to funky and fashionable mid-century handbags made of plastics.

Mitchell & Rammelsberg Victorian Furniture - Fine Wood Furnishings with Elaborate Carving Dating to the Mid 1800s
Wondering when the legendary Mitchell & Rammelsberg pieces were made and how much they're worth? Take a look at this introductory feature.

Defining Art Deco Style - Answers to Questions About What It is and How to Identify It
So you see Art Deco this and that and wonder if those pieces really exhibit the appropriate style deserving of this moniker. Learn more about how to identify Deco here.

Recycling Antiques - Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle Like an Antiquer
While you may not think of antiques when you think of recycling, antiquers have been reusing, repurposing and recycling long before it was the hip and trendy thing to do.

What Gives an Old Antique or Collectible Cookbook or Recipe Leaflet Value?
Those old cookbooks and recipe leaflets grandma saved can be worth quite a bit. Find out what can make them valuable.

Maxfield Parrish - Iconic Artists Profile and Brief Biography for Collectors
You're probably familiar with at least one of the works by Maxfield Parrish, but did you know that he was even more popular in the early 1900s than he is today?

Collecting Thanksgiving Greeting Postcards - Affordable Collectible Cards
Have you ever wanted to start a vintage postcard collection and thought it was cost prohibitive? Think about Thanksgiving postcards as a reasonably priced alternative.

Should You Buy Damaged or Repaired Antiques and Collectibles?
There's one instance when buying damaged antiques or collectibles might be acceptable. Read more about why it's usually better to avoid them though.

Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2014 - Is This the Right Price Guide Book for You?
Not all antiques reference books are created equally. Is Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2014 the right one for you?

An Introduction to Collecting Newcomb College Pottery
Newcomb College Pottery ranks very high among art pottery collectors. Find out more about this legendary pottery's history, marks and how much these pieces are worth.

Packing and Shipping Antiques - How to Safely and Securely Package and Ship a Variety of Antiques and Collectibles
Learn more about how to safely and securely package and ship a variety of antiques and collectibles.

Gallé Glassware - The Value of Glassware Made in Emile Gallé's Workshop in Nancy, France Along With Information on Modern Reproductions
The prices for glassware produced in Emile Gall's French workshop can be staggering in price, but it's wise to be wary of reproductions when purchasing this glass for a collection.

Who Was George E. Ohr? - Learning About the Pottery of the Mad Potter of Biloxi, Mississippi
Who was George E. Ohr? He dubbed himself

What is Tobacciana? - Antiques and Collectibles Related to Cigars, Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products
Ever wonder what the word

Quimper Faience Pottery History, Marks and Wares
Quimper actually refers to more than one company that produced similar faience wares. Learn more about the history and marks associated with these collectible pieces.

Steuben Glass Works - Identifying and Dating Frederick Carder's Highly Collectible Art Glass
Steuben is well known for producing high quality art glass in the early 1900s. Learn more about the company's beginning and how to identify and date these pieces.

Verre de Soie by Steuben Glass Works - White Silk Glass Sometimes Confused with Carnival by Novice Collectors
Verre de Soie by Steuben Glass Works can sometimes be confused with Carnival Glass by novice collectors. Find out how to identify Verre de Soie here.

Packaging Vintage and Antique Textiles and Clothing for Safe Shipping
Learn the best way to package antique clothing and vintage textiles to make sure they arrive to their shipping destination securely.

Who Was Eva Zeisel? - Learning About Mid-Century Modern Designer Eva Zeisel's Life and Collectible Dinnerware and Other Design Works of Art
Have you ever heard of modernist designer Eva Zeisel? Learn more about the remarkable woman whose claim to fame is highly collectible dinnerware.

Don't End an Online Auction Early - Five Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't End an Online Auction Early to Accept a Buy It Now Offer
Should you end an online auction when approached by an individual with a

What You Need to Know to Start an Occupational Shaving Mug Collection of Barber Shop Antiques
Collecting occupational shaving mugs can be an interesting and fun hobby. Learn more about these early 1900s antiques here.

Has Online Selling Replaced the Brick and Mortar Antiques Venue? - Internet Shopping Versus Traditional Antique Shops
Has browsing the Internet replaced traditional antiques shopping? Find both the short and long answers to this question here.

Downsizing and Selling a Collection - Steps for Collectors Growing Older or Anticipating a Move
Whether you're retiring or just moving your household, if you're a collector moving can be a daunting task. Take these steps to work ahead and make the move much easier when the time comes.

Developing an Eye for Quality Antiques - How to Develop an Eye for Quality to Buy Antiques at Bargain Prices
Developing an eye for quality antiques can help you net more valuable finds when you're out on the prowl for antiques.

Verdigris on Antiques - When It Comes to Verdigris on Antiques, Does It Cause Damage and Should It Be Cleaned?
When it comes to verdigris, or green

What Does Flashed On Color Mean In Reference to Antique and Vintage Glassware?
Sometimes the term

Collecting Glass Children’s Dishes - What You Need to Know to Start a Collection
Have you ever thought about collecting glass children's dishes like those your mom, grandmother or even your great-grandmother played with? Here's some information to get you started.

Cigar Ribbon Textiles & Quilts - Learn More About Tablecloths, Pillows, and Quilts Made from Cigar Bundle Ribbons in the Late 1800s and Early 1900s
Thrifty homemakers around the turn of the 20th century used ribbons that held together bundles of cigars to fashion quilts and textiles. See examples of this early repurposing here.

Cigar Ribbon Table Cover - Learn More About Tablecloths Made from Cigar Bundle Ribbons in the Late 1800s and Early 1900s
Cigar ribbons were used to fashion many small items such as tablecloths and pillows at the turn of the 20th century. See an example here. Page 2.

Cigar Ribbon Quilt - Learn About Antique Quilts Fashioned From Ribbons That Held Cigars Together in Bundles Around 1900
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, cigar ribbons were sewn together to form textiles like quilts, tablecloths and pillow faces. See an example of a cigar ribbon quilt here. Page 3.

Cigarette Silks - Learning About Quilts and Other Textiles Made of Cigarette Silks
Cigarette silks, a type of tobacciana, were used to fashion quilts and other textiles at the turn of the 20th century. See what they look like here.

Cigarette Silks Quilt - Sets of Cigarette Silks Were Often Fashioned Into Quilts
Complete sets of cigarette silks were often fashioned into quilts giving them a varied yet uniform look. Page 2.

Cigarette Silk Detail - This Example Shows The Detailing of an Early 1900s Cigarette Silk
See an example of cigarette silks that were used to make textiles in the early 1900s. Page 3.

Colorful Cigarette Silks - See a Cigarette Silks Quilt Featuring a Series of Beautiful Women
Beautiful women were used to sell all types of products at the turn of the 20th century and they appeared on cigarette silks as well. Page 4.

What Makes This Spatterware Pitcher and Bowl Set So Valuable?
Spatterware has its share of fans, but it usually doesn't sell for more than $19,000. See what makes this pitcher and bowl set so desirable to collectors.

Collar or Collier Necklace Example
Not sure what qualifies as a collar necklace? Take a look at this example and learn more about this popular necklace style.

Collecting Fruit Crate Labels - Advertising Collectibles with a Colorful Past
This type of early advertising was actually designed for distribution on wooden crates of fruit. Learn more about colorful fruit crate labels.

Les Cohen Amphora Pottery Collection - An Extraordinary Grouping Bringing Exceptional Prices at Auction
View these select examples of exceptional Amphora pottery from the Les Cohen collection sold at auction for formidable sums.

Amphora Owl Vase from the Les Cohen Collection
This Amphora owl vase from the Les Cohen Collection is an amazing example of this type of pottery. Page 2.

Amphora Dragon Vase by Alfred Stellmacher
By Alfred Stellmacher, this wonderful Amphora pottery vase features a dragon motif. Page 3.

Amphora Berry and Flying Bat Art Nouveau Vase
This Art Nouveau vase with a bat motif is a superb example of Amphora pottery. Page 4.

Amphora Nymph with Berries Art Nouveau Vase from the Les Cohen Collection
This Amphora vase with Art Nouveau nymph and berry motif is an exceptional example of this type of pottery. Page 5.

Three Types of Tole: American Painted Tin Toleware
Toleware refers to items and objets made of tin ware that has been japanned or lacquered, and adorned with a picture or design. Also known as tôle peinte (French for “painted sheet iron”), painted tin, or simply tole, the technique of toleware was applied to a variety of household things – from humble utilitarian household ones to decorative fixtures – and in a range of styles. Here are three distinct faces of toleware from England, France and America. Page 4.

Three Types of Tole: French Tôle Peinte
Toleware refers to items and objets made of tin ware that has been japanned or lacquered, and adorned with a picture or design. Also known as tôle peinte (French for “painted sheet iron”), painted tin, or simply tole, the technique of toleware was applied to a variety of household things – from humble utilitarian household ones to decorative fixtures – and in a range of styles. Here are three distinct faces of toleware from England, France and America. Page 3.

Three Types of Tole: English Toleware
Toleware refers to items and objets made of tin ware that has been japanned or lacquered, and adorned with a picture or design. Also known as tôle peinte (French for “painted sheet iron”), painted tin, or simply tole, the technique of toleware was applied to a variety of household things – from humble utilitarian household ones to decorative fixtures – and in a range of styles. Here are three distinct faces of toleware from England, France and America. Page 2.

Three Types of Toleware - Contrasts in French, English and American Tole Tinwork
Toleware refers to items and objets made of tin ware that has been japanned or lacquered, and adorned with a picture or design. Also known as tôle peinte (French for “painted sheet iron”), painted tin, or simply tole, the technique was applied to a variety of household things – from humble utilitarian household ones to decorative fixtures – and in a range of styles. Here are three distinct faces of toleware from England, France and America.

A Step by Step Guide to Revival Styles Popular with Victorians Including Egyptian, Queen Anne, Gothic and Rococo
The 19th century saw wave after wave of Revival styles, as furniture makers systematically pillaged the past for ideas. This article contains descriptions of several Revival styles beloved by the Victorians.

Egyptian Revival Furniture - Victorian Egyptian Revival Furniture Style
The 19th century saw wave after wave of Revival styles, as furniture makers systematically pillaged the past for ideas. See an example of Egyptian Revival style. Page 2.

Greek Revival Furniture - Victorian Greek Revival Furniture Style
The 19th century saw wave after wave of Revival styles, as furniture makers systematically pillaged the past for ideas. See an example of Greek Revival style. Page 3.

Queen Anne Revival Furniture - Victorian Queen Anne Revival Furniture Style
The 19th century saw wave after wave of Revival styles, as furniture makers systematically pillaged the past for ideas. See an example of Queen Anne Revival style. Page 7.

Gothic Revival Furniture - Victorian Gothic Revival Furniture Style
The 19th century saw wave after wave of Revival styles, as furniture makers systematically pillaged the past for ideas. See an example of Gothic Revival style. Page 6.

Renaissance Revival Furniture - Victorian Renaissance Revival Furniture Style
The 19th century saw wave after wave of Revival styles, as furniture makers systematically pillaged the past for ideas. See an example of Renaissance Revival style. Page 5.

Rococo Revival Furniture - Victorian Rococo Revival Furniture Style
The 19th century saw wave after wave of Revival styles, as furniture makers systematically pillaged the past for ideas. See an example of Rococo Revival style. Page 4.

Gebruder Heubach - Dolls, Figurines, Piano Babies and Christmas Decor Made by the German Company Gebruder Heubach
Discover the varied wares manufactured by the German company Gebruder Heubach including dolls, piano babies and Christmas decorations.

Gebruder Heubach Character Dolls - Learn About the Pricey Character Dolls Produced by the German Company Gebruder Heubach
See an example of a rare character doll made by the German manufacturer Gebruder Heubach, and learn more about these interesting dolls dating to the early 1900s. Page 2.

Gebruder Heubach Character Doll Face - Take a Close Look at a Character Doll Made by the German Company Gebruder Heubach
This closer look at the face of a pouty face character doll shows the artistry of German manufacturer Gebruder Heubach. Page 3.

Heubach Piano Babies & Figurines - See Examples of Piano Baby Figurines Made by German Company Gebruder Heubach in the 1800s
See two examples, one sitting and one laying, of piano babies made by Gebruder Heubach in the 1880s. Page 4.

Heubach Christmas Decor - Learn About Christmas Decorations Made by German Manufacturer Gebruder Heubach
Learn more about the Christmas decorations made by German doll manufacturer Gebruder Heubach. Page 5.

How to Identify Heubach Christmas Decorations - See a Side by Side Comparison of Gebruder Heubach's Work with That of Another Unknown German Manufacturer
Distinguishing the Christmas decorations made by Gebruder Heubach comes down to closely examining the bisque faces. See a side by side comparison here. Page 6.

Marks of Gebruder Heubach - Learn About the Marks Used on Gebruder Heubach Dolls, Piano Babies and Figurines Made in Germany
Learn more about the various marks used to identify dolls and figurines, including piano babies, made in Germany by Gebruder Heubach. Page 7.

Lithographic Cigarette Sign - Sign Featuring Cigarette Package Lithographs
Think fakes and counterfeits are a modern concept? See some cigarette labels, the first used in product labeling, that helped foil fakers in the 1800s.

Identify and Value Antique Morning Glory Lady China or Porcelain Head Dolls
Some old dolls are valuable even if they aren't in perfect condition. Learn more about one of these examples.

Marked or Signed Vintage Christmas Tree Pins - What to Consider When Buying
Do you know what to look for when buying signed vintage Christmas tree pins? Find out here. Page 3.

What to Look for in Christmas Jewelry - Appeal, Quality, Marks and More
Wondering what you should look for when buying vintage Christmas jewelry? Take a look at these tips for buying smart. Page 2.

Collecting Holiday Jewelry Including Christmas Tree Pins, Both Vintage and Contemporary
Have you ever thought about starting a holiday jewelry collection, maybe even Christmas tree pins, but weren't sure where to begin? This article will give you a step by step overview.

Unsigned Set Using Pink Marner Heart Stones - Identifying Heart Shaped Lampwork Glass Stones in an Unmarked Jewels by Julio Set
This unsigned brooch and earrings set is like those made by Marner for the company's Jewels by Julio line. Page 3.

Holiday Jewelry Beyond Christmas Tree Pins - Wreaths, Reindeer, Ornaments, Santa, Candles and More
Not a fan of Christmas tree pins? There's much more to holiday jewelry collecting learn about. Page 4.

Collecting Contemporary Christmas Jewelry Including Tree Pins
Do you know where to begin when it comes to collecting contemporary Christmas jewelry made from the 1990s to present? Take a look at this article for some hints. Page 5.

Back View of Jewels by Julio Unsigned Set Using Marner Heart Lampwork Stones or Glass Beads
See a back view of a Jewels by Julio unmarked set using Marner's heart-shaped lampwork glass stones. Page 4.

Art Nouveau Jewelry of Louis Comfort Tiffany
Curious about the jewelry crafted under the supervision of Louis Comfort Tiffany? Learn more about it here.

Tiffany Peacock Necklace Back - The Back Side of the Tiffany Peacock Necklace Features Pink Flamingos
See the reverse of the peacock necklace designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Page 2.

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Design Book - A Book Filled with Artist's Design Renderings Produced by Tiffany & Co. from 1914-1933 by Meta K. Overbeck
Have you ever wondered how a jewelry design gets its start? This Tiffany & Co. design book from 1914-1933 will show you where jewelry artistry begins. Page 3.

Louis Comfort Tiffany's Laurelton Hall - Aerial View of the Former Long Island Home and Estate of Louis Comfort Tiffany Known as Laurelton Hall
Gone since the 1950s but certainly not forgotten by fans of Louis Comfort Tiffany's decorative arts, this feature highlights the former grandeur of his home Laurelton Hall.

Hugh F. McKean and Laurelton Hall - Hugh F. McKean Surveys the Remains of Louis Comfort Tiffany's Laurelton Hall Home on Long Island to Salvage Tiffany Treasures
Louis Comfort Tiffany's home on Long Island Sound burned in 1957. Learn about the rise and fall of this glorious estate, and some of the treasures salvaged by Hugh F. McKean and his wife Jeannette. Page 2.

Morse Museum of American Art - Tiffany Leaded Glass and Other Objects on Display at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, Florida holds many decorative arts treasures, including a vast collection of pieces crafted by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Tiffany Lamps at Morse Museum - Tiffany Dragonfly Leaded Glass Lamp on Display at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
A museum exhibit devoted to Louis Comfort Tiffany would not be complete without leaded glass lamps. Page 2.

Tiffany Art Jewelry at Morse Museum - Several Examples of Tiffany Art Jewelry Including the Peacock Necklace are on Display at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
Art jewelry designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany is rare and exquisite, including the peacock necklace on display at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. Page 10.

Art Nouveau at the Morse Museum - Art Nouveau Works Including a Pendant by Rene Lalique on display at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art includes an Art Nouveau exhibit and within is a pendant designed by Ren Lalique. Page 3.

Arts and Crafts at the Morse Museum - The Arts and Crafts Movement, Including Gustav Stickley's work, is Represented at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
The Arts and Crafts Movement which began in Europe and spread to the United States, is represented in the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. This includes the work of Gustav Stickley. Page 4.

Newcomb Art Pottery at Morse Museum - Newcomb College is Among the Art Pottery Selections at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
Newcomb College art pottery is represented at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. Page 5.

Tiffany Chapel at the Morse Museum - Tiffany Chapel is One of the Most Impressive Installations at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
Louis Comfort Tiffany's chapel from the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chigago is one of the highlights at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. Page 6.

Tiffany's Laurelton Hall at Morse Museum - Several Galleries Filled with Objects Salvaged from Louis Comfort Tiffany's Laurelton Hall Estate Reside at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
Laurelton Hall was one of Louis Comfort Tiffany's crowning achievements, and remains of the estate now reside in galleries at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. Page 7.

Tiffany Blown Glass at Morse Museum - Many Examples of Tiffany's Favrile Glass are on Display at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
Exhibits at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art include many pieces of Favrile glass created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Page 8.

Tiffany Favrile Pottery - A Gallery is Devoted to Tiffany Favrile Pottery and Ceramic Arts at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
While not as widely recognized as Tiffany glass, the pottery works of Louis Comfort Tiffany are equally as creative. Page 9.

Identifying Antique Wooden Two Box Wall Telephones
Do you have an old wooden telephone and want to learn more about it? See if it's what is described by collectors as a

Identifying Antique Pot Belly Candlestick Telephones
You've probably seen candlestick telephones in period movies, but would you know if one was a

Identifying Fiddleback Antique Wooden Wall Telephones
Have an old wooden wall telephone you're trying to identify and value? Learn more about the Fiddleback phone here.

Identifying Wooden Picture Frame Front Antique Wall Telephones
How does an antique Picture Frame Front telephone differ from a Plain Front wall phone? Find out here.

Identifying Wooden Plain Front Antique Wall Telephones
Would you know a Plain Front antique wall phone if you saw one? Found out what they look like here.

Identifying the Western Electric 51AL Dial Candlestick Telephone
Is your old

The Value or Price of Hubley Pekinese Dog Doorstops - Size, Rarity and Condition All Come Into Play with These Cast Iron Antiques
Find out how much a Hubley Pekinese dog doorstop might be worth.

Tiffany Chapel at the Morse - Discovering Tiffany Chapel at the Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, Florida
The Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, Florida holds one of the most comprehensive collections of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany, including the Tiffany Chapel which originated at the Chicago 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.

Tiffany Chapel Mosaic Altar - Discovering Tiffany Chapel at the Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, Florida
The Tiffany Chapel, one of Louis Comfort Tiffany's defining achievements as an artist, includes an elaborate altar and arches comprised of mosaic work. Page 2.

Tiffany Chapel Mosaic Baptismal Font - Discovering Tiffany Chapel at the Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, Florida
The Tiffany Chapel, Louis Comfort Tiffany's

Glassware by Rene Lalique - When Similar Glass Isn't Worth a Similar Value
All Rene' Lalique jewelry is quite valuable, but what about his company's glassware? That can be an entirely different story.

Duncan and Miller Glass Company - Examining the Elegance of Duncan and Miller (Duncan-Miller) Glassware
While not as well known as other elegant glass manufacturers, Duncan and Miller Glass Company made some fine collectible glass in its day. Learn more about the company and its wares.

Elegant Glassware Questions - Learn About This Collectible Glass with Answers to Questions About Elegant Glass
What is elegant glass? Which companies made it? Where was it originally sold? If you've got questions about collectible elegant glass, this feature will provide the answers.

Answers About Blown Glass - Answers to Questions About Blown Glass Including a Brief History and What to Look for in Quality Collectible Glassware
If you've ever wondered how long blown glass has been around, or what to look for in a quality collectible piece, answers to your questions are right here.

Old Mine Cut - Learn to Recognize This Antique Jewelry Style
There’s a gold mine of information about old mine cut gems in this glossary-style article. Learn to recognize the old mine cut – the latest thing in jewelry in the 1750s, making gems sparkle like never before.

Baroque Pearl - How Is It Different From a Regular Pearl in Antique Jewelry?
This illustrated glossary-style article defines the baroque pearl, tracing its history.

Weller Pottery Profile - History and Information on the Weller Pottery Company and Its Wares Including Lines and Values
Weller Pottery Company produced varied lines from 1872 through 1948, and they range as widely in style as they do in value. Learn more about Weller Pottery including its lines and values.

Coalbrookdale Cast Iron Furniture - All about the Masters of Antique Garden Furniture
In the 1800s, one of the leading contemporary purveyors of outdoor furniture was the Coalbrookdale Company of Shropshire, England. This lavishly illustrated article traces the history and describes the work of the Coalbrookdale Company, whose 19th-century cast-iron settees, chairs and tables have become valuable antiques.

Victorian Trade Cards - Learning About Collecting Victorian Trade Cards, The Modern Day Predecessors to Business Cards
Victorian trade cards, the counterpart to the modern business card, feature interesting products and themes highly sought by avid collectors. Learn more about this type of ephemera, including how much they might be worth.

Jizai Metal Sculptures - Incredibly Realistic Japanese Metal Sculptures Known as Jizai
Forbidden to make weapons, Japanese arms makers turned to creating jizai in the 19th century -- realistic, articulated animal sculptures. This glossary-style article defines jizai, with an illustrated example of this Japanese craft.

Byobu Japanese Screen - What Is a Byobu Japanese Screen in Antique Furniture
Byobu, Japanese folding screens, are both pieces of furniture and works of art. This glossary-style article defines and illustrates the byobu, an ancient Japanese folding screen.

On Collecting and Being Collected: An Interview with Kenneth Jay Lane
Read Pamela Wiggins' interview with renowned jewelry designer Kenneth Jay Lane about what he's collected in his lifetime and what it's like having your designs viewed as collectibles.

Kodansu Mini Chests - Exquisite, Intricate Mini Chests From Japan Known as Kodansu
An introduction to kodansu – miniature chests, with tiny doors and drawers, used by the Japanese to store their valuable keepsakes for centuries.

Art Nouveau Genius of Lalique - Featuring a Rare Brooch From Premier Jeweler Rene Lalique Sold at Sotheby's
One of the major pieces sold on July 13, 2011 at Sotheby’s summer Fine Jewels auction in London – with an estimate of 10-15,000£ (around $16,000-24,000) – an anemones brooch by René Lalique (1860-1945). Though best-known today for frosted glassware, Lalique began his career as a jeweler, and is considered one of the avatars of Art Nouveau, bringing that turn-of-the-20th-century style to pendants, bracelets, combs and bodice ornaments

Bachelor's Chest - What Is a Bachelor's Chest in Antique Furniture?
It now means a generic small chest, but do you know what the bachelor's chest originally was? The bachelor's chest was one of the first multipurpose types of furniture - perfect for a single gentleman occupying a small bachelor’s pad. Learn what a bachelor's chest is, what it was used for and how it looked with this illustrated article.

What Exactly Is the Common Colonial American Antique Furniture Piece Called a Lowboy?
Everything you always wanted to know about the lowboy (including its relationship to the highboy), a quintessential piece of colonial American furniture, is in this article, which is illustrated with several types of lowboys.

What Exactly Does a Highboy Look like in Antique Furniture?
The highboy is a quintessential piece of colonial American furniture. This glossary-style article defines and traces the development of the highboy, and is illustrated with several examples.

Soundalikes: Settle Vs. Settee - The difference Between the Settle and the Settee in Antique Furniture
Though often used interchangeably – in fact, one looks like a misspelling of the other – settle and settee refer to two distinct types of antique seating. Learn the difference between a settle and a settee in this illustrated article that traces the history of two often confused, but distinct, types of furniture.

Belle Epoque or Edwardian Jewelry - The Garland Style: Quintessential Belle Epoque/Edwardian Jewelry
Around the turn of the 20th century, the most à la mode jewelry was white – white stones, white metal setting – and designed in the garland style. The garland style, very typical of Edwardian Era/Belle Epoque jewelery, features diamonds and pearls in lacy, graceful settings. This illustrated article identifies the garland style in antique jewelery.

Five Good Reasons to Attend an Antique Show
If you can't think of a good reason to attend an antique show other spending beyond your budget, then you've forgotten about all the things you can learn and enjoy beyond simply shopping at these venues.

Canapé de l’Amitié Settee - What Is a canapé de l’amitié Settee in Antique Furniture?
The canapé de l’amitié is another one of those novelty couches so beloved in the 19th century. This glossary-style article explains and shows what a canapé de l’amitié is and how it reflects its era.

Gadrooning - What Does This Decoration Look Like on Antique Furniture?
You probably would recognize gadrooning, even if you don't know the name. This glossary-style article explains gadrooning, an ancient decorative technique that has given filip to furniture and tableware for centuries. Gadrooning is illustrated in both silver and wood in this article.

Cuff Bracelet - What Defines This Style of Bracelet in Antique Jewelry?
A cuff bracelet derives its name - and often its appearance - from a shirt cuff. Cuff bracelets, among one of the most ancient styles of jewelry, are defined in this well-illustrated article. Learn what a cuff bracelet is, and which famed jewelry designers are associated with it.

Tesserae - Learn About Tesserae Also Known As Those Tiny Things That Create a Mosaic or Micromosaic in Antique Jewelry and Furniture
Test your knowledge of antique decorative techniques by identifying tesserae. This glossary-style article defines tesserae, the elements of the ancient art of mosaic making, with examples in jewelry and furniture.

It's a Wonderful Life for Illinois Collector Richard Goodson - Collecting It's a Wonderful Life Memorabilia
Richard Goodson has amassed a collction of more than 4,000 pieces of

Ry­­ōshibako Japanese Stationery Box - How to Identify an Antique Ry­­ōshibako Japanese Stationery Box
A ry­­ōshibako is one of loveliest examples of Japanese crafts. A ry­­ōshibako is a Japanese box with a hidden surprise. This glossary style article defines and illustrates the ry­­ōshibako.

Forbes Gallery Art Nouveau Jewelry Exhibit - International Art Jewelry: 1895-1925 at Forbes Gallery New York
International Art Jewelry: 1895-1925, a new Forbes Galleries show, displays 200 pieces of jewelry and related decorative arts objects in the style of Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Jugendstil, Skonvirke, comparing and contrasting these turn-of-the-20th-century design movements.

Rookwood Pottery - History, Identifying, and Valuing
Learn more about Rookwood in this introduction to identifying and valuing this company's wares.

How to Pick an Estate Sale Company - All Liquidators Don't Do Business Equally
Wondering what you should look for in a reputable estate sale company? This article will help you get started.

Wooden Open Wagon by Baine - Example of Antique Folk Art
Wooden Open Wagon by Baine - Example of Antique Folk Art

Pietra Dura Italian Decorative Technique - What Is Pietra Dura in Antique Furniture?
This glossary-style article defines pietra dura, an Italian technique. The Italian decorative technique of pietra dura means hard stone, but is very easy on the eyes.

Bayadère Antique Necklace Style - What Is a Bayadère Necklace in Antique Jewelry?
You've seen braided seed pearl necklaces, but did you know they were called bayadres? This glossary-style defines and provides pictures of bayadres.

Vernis Martin - What is Vernis Martin Decorative Technique in Antique Furniture?
Vernis martin was one of the better European imitations of Asian lacquer. This article defines the vernis martin technique, providing several illustrations.

Heritage Auction Galleries - An Introduction to Heritage Auction Galleries
One of the largest auctioneers in the country, Heritage Auction Galleries opened a New York City office in fall 2010. This article describes Heritage Auction Galleries, its locations and its strength in collectibles auctions.

Antique Bib Necklace - What's a Bib Necklace in Antique and Collectible Jewelry?
The bib necklace is not for babies. A dramatic piece of jewelry, the bib necklace has gone in and out of fashion since ancient times. This glossary-style article explains all about the bib necklace, a hot style these days.

Antique Hair Ornaments & Jewelery - A Guide to Knowing Your Antique Head and Hair Jewelry
Since Antiquity, women (and some men) have worn hair ornaments. Here is a list of the types of hair ornaments antique and vintage jewelry collectors are most likely to encounter.

Antique Mall of America Las Vegas - What to Expect Shopping at Antique Mall of America in Las Vegas, Nevada
What to Expect Shopping at Antique Mall of America in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tiara Jewelry Definition - What Is a Tiara in Antique Jewelry?
Although associated with aristocrats, tiaras have been popular with all sorts of women for formal affairs. This glossary-style article defines the tiara, using several illustrated examples.

Coronet Crown in Antique Jewelry - What Is a Coronet Crown in Antique Jewelry?
Sound the trumpets for the coronet, a sort of demi-crown for anyone under the rank of monarch. This glossary-style article defines the coronet, and explains how it differs from other head ornaments.

Barrette in Antique Jewelry - What is a Barrette in Antique Jewelry
As simpler hairstyles became more common in the 20th century, barrettes became fancier. This glossary-style article defines the barrette and its development.

Hair Comb Antique Jewelry - What is a Hair Comb in Antique Jewelry
An ancient hair ornament, combs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This glossary-style article defines the hair comb in antique jewelry.

Hair Pin or Comb Antique Jewelry - What is a Hair Pin or Comb in Antique Jewelry
Hair pins, a necessity for respectable grown women in previous centuries, could often be elaborately jeweled. This glossary-style article describes the two basic types of pins, with illustrated examples.

Tiara-Comb in Antique Jewelry - What Is a Tiara-Comb in Antique Jewelry?
Two great hair ornaments came together in the tiara-comb, developed in the early 19th century. Learn the history of the hybrid tiara-comb in this well-illustrated glossary-style article.

Choker Antique Necklace - What Is A Choker Necklace in Antique Jewelry
Don't choke if someone asks you what's a choker. This glossary-style article defines the different types of choker, a very old type of necklace.

Girandole Antique Earrings - What is a Girandole Earrings in Antique Jewelry
One of the most classic of earring styles is the girandole. This glossary-style article traces the history of the girandole earring and furnishes illustrated examples.

Nelson & Nelson Antiques - Nelson & Nelson Antiques Dealers' of New York
Nelson & Nelson, New York-based decorative arts dealers for some 30 years, have recently relocated to the renovated Pierre Hotel in Manhattan. This news item describes the new store of Nelson & Nelson.

Top and Drop Earring - What is a Top and Drop Earring in Antique Jewelry?
The top and drop earring is one of the most classic earring styles. This illustrated glossary-style article defines the top and drop earring.

What Is a Rivière Georgian or Victorian Necklace in Antique Jewelry?
The rivire is one of the most classic of necklace styles. This glossary-style article defines the rivire, traces its history and is illustrated with an especially famous one.

Pinchbeck Antique Jewelry - What is Pinchbeck Antique False Gold Jewelry?
Back in the 1800s, if you couldn't afford gold jewelry, pinchbeck would do in a pinch. This article defines and describes pinchbeck, used in costume jewelry to imitate gold. See what a pinchbeck piece of jewelry looks like, how it developed, and when pinchbeck pieces flourished.

Memento Mori - What is Memento Mori Death Motif Skull Jewelry?
Skull jewelry is nothing new -- in the 16th and 17th centuries, people wore them often, as memento mori. You can easily remember what memento mori means in jewelry with this article. This glossary-style article describes memento mori, a macabre type of jewelry, distinguishing it from mourning jewelry and providing several illustrations.

A Review of Charleston Antique Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada - Shopping for Antiques & Collectibles
Charleston Antique Mall in Las Vegas offers a fun shopping experience for those interested in varied collectibles, including Vegas memorabilia, vintage clothing, and a

Berlin Iron Jewelry - What Is Berlin Iron Jewelry in Antique Mourning Jewelry
It sounds massive, but Berlin iron jewelry is actually some of the most lacy-looking, delicate antique jewelry you're ever likely to see. This glossary-style article defines and describes the brief vogue of Berlin iron jewelery, supplemented by several lovely illustrations.

Plique-à-jour Enameled Jewelry - What is Plique-à-Jour Enameling in Antique Jewelry?
Plique--jour is an enameling technique that produces a unique stained-glass effect in a piece of jewlery. This glossary-style article defines plique--jour, furnishing examples of what this sort of antique enameled jewelry looks like, and which famous designers were masters of it.

Lavalier Antique Necklace - What is a Edwardian Lavalier Necklace in Antique Jewelry?
The lavalier, named for a king's mistress, typifies turn-of-the-20th century jewelery styles. this glossary-style article defines the lavalier, and describes its history, giving an illustrated example.

Sautoir Antique Necklace - What is an Art Deco Sautoir Necklace in Antique Jewelry
A sautoir is a super-long chain or beaded necklace. Popular in the early 20th century, the sautoir embodies Jazz Era style. This article defines and traces the sautoir's history, providing lovely examples of the style.

What Is a Dog Collar Choker Necklace in Antique Edwardian or Belle Epoque Jewelry?
The dog collar necklace epitomized its era, the Belle Epoque/Edwardian age. This lavishly illustrated article traces the history of the dog collar and the different varieties; describes how it fit into the fashions of the era, and who wore it.

Aigrette Hair or Hat Ornament - What Is An Aigrette Hair or Hat Ornament in Antique Jewelry
Use your head to learn about the aigrette, a piece of jewelry meant for your hair, hat or wig. This illustrated glossary-article defines and traces the history of the the aigrette. Learn how the aigrette developed, from Indian turbans to Jazz Age headbands

Gutta Percha Antique Jewelry - What is Gutta Percha in Antique Mourning Jewelry
Gutta Percha was popular in the 19th century for mourning jewelry. This glossary-style article describes and gives several illustrated examples of gutta percha jewelry.

Giardinetti Flower Basket Pin in Antique Jewelry
Giardinetti means little gardens in Italian, and beautiful little floral pieces in jewelry. This glossary-style article defines giardinetti and traces their popularity, with pictures, through two centuries.

Renaissance Revival Antique Jewelry - What Is Renaissance Revival Antique Jewelry?
Nostalgia is nothing new, as Renaissance Revival jewelry from the 19th century proves. This article defines and describes the Renaissance Revival style of jewelry.

Antique Zsolnay Pottery History and Products
Zsolnay Pottery of Pecs, Hungary made some interesting an remarkable pottery. Learn more about it here.

Why Condition is Important When Valuing or Determining the Value of Antiques and Collectibles
Condition is the single most important factor in valuing antiques and collectibles. Find out why with this article from's antiques guide.

Vintage Designer Accessories for Less - Buying Vintage Designer Accessories for Bargain Prices
Shopping for designer accessories can be stylish, but it can also take lots of cash. Learn how buying vintage accessories can offer an alternative to designer accessories, for a fraction of the price.

French Jet - French Jet Used in Antique Victorian Mourning Jewelry
French jet isn't jet and isn't necessarily from France. But in the later 1800s, French jet was an invaluable source of modestly-priced mourning jewelry. This glossary-style article defines French jet, with an illustration.

Vulcanite Victorian Jewelry - What Is Vulcanite Antique Victorian Mourning Jewelry?
Would you believe that vulcanite, a type of rubber, could be used for jewelry? In the mid-19th century vulcanite was a popular substitute for more expensive jet or tortoiseshell in jewelry -- especially mourning jewelry. This glossary-style article describes vulcanite, with several examples of vulcanite pieces.

Antique Fob Jewelry - What Is a Fob on Antique Jewelry and Watch Chains?
Don't be fobbed off with imprecise definitions. This illustrated glossary-style article describes the two types of fobs in jewelry. Learn when fobs -- an early version of a charm bracelet for both sexes -- developed and what they look like.

Bog Oak Jewelry - What Is Antique Irish or Mourning Bog Oak Jewelry?
Would you believe that something as inelegant-sounding as bog oak could produce beautiful jewelry? In the Victorian era, bog oak jewelery was quite fashionable. This glossary-style article describes and defines bog oak jewelry and furnishes several examples of these fossilized wood pieces.

Cloisonné Enameled Jewelry - What Is Cloisonné in Antique Enameled Jewelry?
Cloisonn is an ancient enameling technique. This glossary-style article defines the cloisonn method of enameling jewelry, and is illustrated with several examples of this painstaking procedure.

Antiques Glossary - Glossary of Antiques Terms
If you're unsure about the meaning of parure, patina or provenance, along with many other useful antiques-related terms, check out this handy glossary.

Selling on eBay - Five Valuable Tips for Selling on eBay
Selling on eBay can be easy, profitable and fun, especially when it comes to antiques and collectibles. But there are pitfalls. Check out this article from author Pamela Y. Wiggins for tips on selling on eBay with success.

A Trip to Antiques Roadshow - Pamela Wiggins Reports on Antiques Roadshow
A visit to the Antiques Roadshow sheds a favorable light on the operation, and reports values on Chinese

Vintage Aprons - Collectors Tie One On with Vintage Aprons
Aprons have become more and more collectible over the years, but most people don't realize the wide variety available. Learn more about them and what's collectible.

Learn to Haggle, Bargain and Negotiate Better Prices Antiques and Collectibles
Is bargaining for a great price on antiques and collectibles a challenge or an art form? Either way, this feature clues you in on how to do your best haggling no matter where you're shopping.

Collecting Presidential Political Campaign Buttons
Learn about what presidential campaign button collectors look for and how much they'll pay for this historical memorabilia.

Collecting Vintage Shawnee Pottery Including Corn Lines
Shawnee Pottery is perfect for every season. Learn more about it here.

Metlox Pottery Collecting - History and Background
Metlox made tons of dinnerware during its run in business, but they made some other interesting things as well. Ever heard of a Poppet? Find out more here!

Learning About Antique & Collectible Majolica Earthenware
The beauty of Majolica wares are in the eye of the beholder. But even the

Researching Antiques on the Internet - Web Researching Antiques and Collectibles
The Internet can be a useful tool in antique research, but sometimes you have to think outside normal parameters to get the most from your quest for information. Let these helpful hints guide you as you learn from resources the Web has to offer.

Easter Collectibles - Learning About Easter Collectibles and How Much They're Worth
Easter and springtime traditionally go hand in hand, and so do the collectibles that mark the season. Learn more about the origin of Easter and the collectibles with a fun feature from

Visiting Winchester Mystery House - My Visits to This Unique American Home
I enjoyed my visits to the Winchester Mystery House so much, I thought it would be fun to share with my users. If you're intrigued by amazing architecture, antiques or ghostly tales, don't miss this feature.

Romantic Customs for a Vintage Halloween Party - Fun and Games for Vintage Halloween Parties
Incorporating romantic customs into a modern Halloween party can be interesting and fun. Check out these

Trim a Tree with Uncommon Ornaments - Decorating a Christmas Tree with Uncommon Ornaments
Using out of the ordinary, unusual objects, even collectibles, to decorate a Christmas tree can produce striking results. Learn more about unusual Christmas ornaments.

Collecting the Little Joys of Christmas in Collectible Holiday Books - Antique Holiday Books
Holiday books are fun collectibles that can be shared with families time and again. Adding antique holiday themed books, especially those depicting Santa Claus, to a collection can make it interesting and exciting for kids of all ages.

Collecting Vintage and Antique Vanity Powder Jars
Once upon a time, a beautiful powder jar stood on every stylish lady's vanity or dressing table. Find out more about what vintage powder jars are worth.

Learning About Jeanette Glass Company Depression Glass and Milk Glass
Wondering about the Depression and milk glass produced by Jeannette Glass Company? Take a look at this introduction to the topic.

Antique Furniture Glossary - Terms with Illustrations
Want to learn more about antique furniture? Start with this glossary of furniture terms linking to articles with illustrations.

Common Antique Jewelry Terms - Know Your Common Antique Jewelry Terms
Much of learning about old jewelry, as with any subject, involves learning the lingo. This article defines several terms and phrases that are common in descriptions of vintage and antique jewelry.

Romancing the Collector with an Antique Gift - Choosing the Perfect Antique or Collectible Gift
If your collecting sweetheart truly loves you, the same old gift will certainly suffice. But wouldn't it be nice to really wow them with a gift from the heart this year? It's not nearly as complicated as you might think, and it doesn't have to be costly either.

Pietra Dura Antique Jewelry - What Is Pietra Dura Antique Jewelry
An ancient Florentine technique, pietra dura can create subtle but intricate pieces of jewelery. This glossary-style article defines pietra dura, and gives examples of pieces displaying the technique.

What is Antique Tin Toleware?
Varnished tinned-metal objects, known as toleware, were popular for 200 years. This glossary-style article defines toleware, tells where it was made and how to recognize it.

Join a Collecting Club - Collecting Groups Enrich the Experience No Matter What You Collect
Joining a collecting club, nationally, locally or online, can enrich your experience as a collector no matter what you happen to collect.

Collecting Christmas Year-Round - Hunting Christmas Collectibles in the Off Season
Thinking Christmas all year long isn't easy for everyone. But when you do, some great bargains can be had on holiday collectibles.

Claddagh Ring - What Is an Irish Claddagh Ring in Antique Jewelry?
Remember on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Angel gave Buffy a Claddagh ring? Learn the long history of the Claddagh ring -- what it looks like and what it symbolizes -- in this illustrated glossary-style article.

Tabouret or Taboret Footstool - What Is a Tabouret or Taboret Footstool in Antique Furniture?
Keep tabs on your antique furniture knowledge by learning to identify a Tabouret or Taboret. The tabouret (taboret) developed from a humble footstool to a privileged object. Learn what a tabouret is and what it looks like with this glossary-style article.

How to Identify a Scroll Top Pediment in Antique Furniture
This glossary-style article offers several examples of scroll pediments on antique furniture, and explains how to identify one.

Broken Pediment - How to Recognize a Broken Pediment in Antique Furniture
A broken pediment is no cause for a broken heart - it's a common type of ornament atop case furniture. Learn what a broken pediment looks like, when it developed and its characteristics, with this illustrated article.

Finial Decorative Element - What Is a Finial in Antique Furniture?
Knowing what a finial is puts the finishing touch on your knowledge of antique furniture. You probably know what a finial is, without knowing its name -- it's on top of many a colonial chest, Victorian secretary or Shaker rocking chair. This glossary-style article defines the finial, and shows several examples.

When to Hire a Professional Appraiser for Written Antiques Appraisals
When is a written antique appraisal necessary? This article provides the information you need to decide if a professional personal property appraiser should be hired or whether to do it yourself.

Prospect Door - What Is a Prospect Door in Antique Furniture
Ever wonder about that prospect door - that little door surrounded by drawers in the center of a desk? This illustrated, glossary-style article identifies the prospect door - a familiar feature in many a cubbyholed desk.

Pilaster Decorative Column - What Is a Pilaster Decorative Column in Antique Furniture
Those tiny, flat columns decorating furniture are called pilasters. Learn all about the pilaster -- where it originated, and its different forms -- in this illustrated glossary-style article.

Cellarette Wine Cooler - What Is a Cellarette Wine Cooler in Antique Furniture
Meet the cellarette, an antique wine cooler. This illustrated glossary-style article on the cellarette keeps the info flowing about this 18th-century storage unit for wine and liquor.

Rose Cut - Defintion of an Antique Way of Making Gems and Diamonds in Jewelry Shine Through Rose Cutting
Back in the 1600s, the rose cut was the latest way to make a gemstone or diamond shine. This glossary-style article describes the rose cut, an antique way of faceting gems to improve their glitter.

Demi-parure: the Antique Jewelry Term for Matching Sets or Suites of Three Pieces
This glossary-style article defines the demi-parure, a matching set of jewelry pieces that date from the late 1500s, and explains how it differs from a parure.

Jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels - Van Cleef & Arpels Exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum Provided Insight Into Legendary Jewelry Company
A review of the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum's exhibit

Invisible Jewelry Setting - What Is an Invisible or Mystery Setting in Antique Jewelry Patented by Van Cleef & Arpels?
You'll be able to easily see an invisible setting in a piece of jewelry after reading this glossary-style article. This illustrated article defines and gives the history of the invisible setting in jewelry.

Tiffany Setting in Jewelry - What Is a Tiffany Setting for Solitaire Gemstones in Antique Jewelry?
What is a Tiffany setting? The Tiffany setting looks so modern, it's hard to believe it is 125 years old. This glossary-style article defines the Tiffany setting and shows several examples of it.

What Does a Compass Seat Chair Look Like in Antique Furniture?
This glossary-style article defines the compass seat, a quintessential feature of American Queen Anne furniture.

How to Identify a Bonnet Top in Antique Furniture
Learn what a bonnet top is, and how it differs from other pediments, in this illustrated glossary-style article.

Maltese Cross - What Does The Popular Maltese Cross in Antique Jewelry Design Look Like?
This article defines the Maltese cross, an ancient and enduringly popular motif in antique jewelry, both precious and costume.

A Particularly Precious Porcelain Angel - Exhibition of a Unique 18th-century Chinese Export Angel
Cohen & Cohen, Chinese Porcelain and Asian Art dealers based in Surrey, England, are exhibiting a newly discovered item: a Chinese export porcelain Angel of Fame statue. This is the first known example of the Angel of Fame, a common motif in Delftware, being executed in Chinese export porcelain.

Minaudière Evening Bag - Designs of Van Cleef & Arpels, Judith Leiber and Katherine Baumann
Don't smile when you read about the minaudire, whose name derives from the French word

Designer & Artist Sonia Delaunay - Who Was Sonia Delaunay in Relation to Vintage Fashion?
A brief biography of artist Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979). Sonia Delaunay was a true Renaissance artist, whose work made no distinction between fine, decorative and industrial arts. This article concentrates on the textile and fashion designs of artist Sonia Delaunay.

Nécessaire - What Is a Necessaire Made by Van Cleef & Arpels, Faberge, Cartier and Other Fine Jewelery Crafters?
A ncessaire was necessary if you were an on-the-go aristocrat in the 18th-20th centuries. This glossary-style article explains what a ncessaire was, with numerous photos to illustrate how precious these objets were.

Settle - How To Identify This Gothic Seat Akin to the Sofa in Antique Furniture
Don't settle for guesswork if you want to know what a settle is - just consult this brief article. This article defines and describes a settle, once a common piece of furniture, that is ancestor to modern sofas.

Settee - What Is This Type of Antique Seating, a Settee, Exactly in Antique Furniture?
Get set to learn what a settee is. Originating in the 1600s, the settee is still popular today. This illustrated article describes the settee, its history and how it differs from the settle (earlier) and the sofa (later).

Cheveret Antique Desk - What Is a Cheveret Desk in Antique Furniture
It's a desk, it's a bookshelf, it's a moveable bookcase...the cheveret is a highly versatile piece of furniture. This illustrated article defines and describes the cheveret, who designed it and when it flourished.

Oldest American Made Porcelain - Historic Tea Bowl or Cup by John Bartlam in Charleston is Oldest American Made Porcelain
A recently discovered tea bowl may well be the earliest-known piece of intact, American-made porcelain. The origins of a colonial South Carolina tea bowl, and a brief history of tea cups.

Bureau Mazarin Antique Desk - What Is a Bureau Mazarin Desk in Antique Furniture?
This glossary-style article describes the bureau mazarin, a lavish desk for the opulent lifestyle of 17th century aristocrats.

Butler's Desk or Chest - What Is a Butler's Desk or Chest in Antique Furniture?
The butler's desk or butler's chest has been a popular and practical article of furniture since the late 1700s. Illustrated with several examples, this glossary-style article defines the butler's desk or chest.

Art Deco Line Bracelet - What Distinguishes a Line Bracelet From a Bangle in Antique Jewelry
Put your jewelry knowledge on the line by defining the line bracelet. The line bracelet became a symbol of Jazz Age jewelry. This glossary-style article defines and traces the history of the line bracelet, also known as a tennis bracelet.

Antique Collar Pins - What Is a Collar Pin in Men's Antique Jewelry?
What are those little collar pins that most of the dandyish gangsters in Boardwalk Empire wear? The collar pin or collar bar was a necessity for the well-dressed man in the early 20th century. This glossary-style article defines the collar pin and traces its history.

Jabot Pin - Cartier's Famous Design in Antique Jewelry
What is a Jabot pin, for which Cartier is famous, in Antique Jewelry?

Piqué Tortoiseshell Jewelry -- What Is Piqué Tortoiseshell Antique Victorian Jewelry?
For over 200 years piqu jewelry has piqued the interest of jewelry-lovers, especially tortoiseshell fans. This glossary-style article defines piqu jewelry and provides several beautiful examples.

Slide Clasp Fastener -- What Is a Slide in Antique Jewelry?
Learn about the slide, the buckle's toothless cousin. This glossary-style article describes the slide, an antique fastener that became a piece of jewelry in its own right.

Slide Bracelet - What Is a Slide Bracelet in Antique Jewelry
Slide into understanding the slide bracelet, which has not one but two forms. This glossary-style article defines the slide bracelet, both original and retro varieties.

Millegrain Setting - What Is a Millegrain Setting in Belle Époque and Edwardian Antique Jewelry?
The millegrain setting is a delicate beaded style that flourished around the turn of the 20th century. This illustrated glossary-style article defines and explains the history of the millegrain setting.

Chinoiserie Asian Scene - What Are Chinoiserie Asian Decorative Elements in Antique Furniture?
Chinoiserie isn't just about Chinese -- it reflects Europeans' interest in all things Asian as far back as the 1600s. Learn what chinoiserie means in antique furniture with this well-illustrated, glossary style article.

Filigree Metalwork - What Does The Term Filigree Mean in Antique Jewelry?
This article provides a definition and succinct history of filigree, a familiar type of decorative metalwork in antique jewelry.

Harrington Chippendale Commode - Sotheby's Six-Million Dollar Harrington Commode Made by Chippendale
An important commode with provenance most likely made by Thomas Chippendale sold at Sotheby's London recently for millions. In antiques, name does matter as this sale proved.

Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann Furniture - Sotheby's Sells Important Ruhlmann Antique Furniture
On December 16, 2010, Sotheby’s in New York held an auction of several pieces by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann. The big winner at the Sotheby's Ruhlmann auction was a sideboard that fetched over $1.5 million dollars.

Costume Jewelry in America - A Costume Jewelry Exhibit in New York at Forbes Galleries
News about the Forbes galleries exhibition The Vintage Woman: A Century of Costume Jewelry in America, 1910-2010. This article describes a vintage costume jewelry exhibition in New York City.

Credenza Antique Sideboard - How to Identify a Credenza Sideboard or Buffet in Antique Furniture
Lend credence to your antiques' knowledge by learning about the credenza. Developed during the Renaissance, the credenza has flourished for 500 years. This illustrated glossary-style article succinctly explains almost everything you need to know about the credenza.

What Is a Cassone Chest in Italian Antique Furniture?
Imagine storing your clothes in a Botticelli-painted chest, or cassone. The cassone was a special, elaborate chest that flourished in Renaissance Italy. Learn what a cassone looked like and what it was made for with this illustrated article.

Breakfront Bookcase or Cabinet - What Is a Breakfront Bookcase or Cabinet in Antique Furniture?
Learning what breakfront means in furniture styling needn't break your heart. It's all in this illustrated glossary-style article that defines and describes breakfront furniture.

Torsade Necklace - What is a Torsade Necklace in Antique Jewelry?
The torsade is one really twisted necklace. Also known as a twister, the torsade is an ancient type of necklace or bracelet. This illustrated, glossary-style article defines the torsade.

Torc Antique Bracelet - What Is a Torc or Torque Bracelet or Necklace in Antique Jewelry
The torc is an ancient form of jewelry that made a 20th-century comeback. In designing his famous torc bracelet, David Yurman was inspired by ancient Celtic torc necklaces. Learn all about the torc in this glossary-style, well-illustrated jewelry article.

Learn how to Clean Vintage Linens
Heirloom linens can brighten your home with proper cleaning and storage. Learn more here.

Learn how to Properly Store Antique Linens
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Dewitt-Wallace Decorative Arts Museum - A Visit to the Dewitt-Wallace Decorative Arts Museum
A verbal visit to the Dewitt-Wallace Decorative Arts Museum in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, which includes an overview of the

Movie Memorabilia and Collectibles - Collecting Movie Memorabilia
Some feel like today's stars can't hold a candle to the glamourous ladies and gents of yesteryear. If you're one of these people, there's a good chance you already own a few movie collectibles. If not, read all about them here.

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Learning about Period Antique Furniture Can Pay off Big
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Collectible Shakers Spice Up a Holiday Table

Learning About Antique Moser Glass
Learn more about this highly collectible antique glassware made by Ludwig Moser.

Frequently Asked Questions About Antiques and Collectibles FAQ
Questions about age and reproductions, among other topics, come up frequently when it comes to antiques and collectibles.

Caring for Antiques & Collectibles by Storing Them in the Proper Way
Light, humidity and less than perfect temperatures can all be a detriment to collections. Find out how to keep your prized possessions and valuable heirlooms in top shape here.

Caring for Antiques & Collectibles by Cleaning Them the Proper Way
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Art Deco Essentials - Book Reviews Including Vintage Clothing & Fashion
Two great books from Bulfinch Press offer collectors, decorators and general style mavens a solid look at Art Deco and the people who lived it.

Art Deco Fashion - Book Review Featuring Clothing & Accessory Styles of the 1920s and 1930s
This little gem of a book covers the ever-popular

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