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Why You'll Use Twitter on Apple TV
Twitter has arrived on the Apple TV and will be showing weekly NFL games, along with sports action from many other places -- so has your Apple TV just developed a new lease of life as a social hub?

How to Use Your Mac as a Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple TV
Have you ever wanted to use a Mac keyboard to type on an Apple TV (or other mobile device?) Now you can thanks to the handy Typeeto app from Eltima Software.

The only Apple TV site you'll need
Welcome to the Apple TV pages, where you'll learn everything you need to use your device and all about the apps and trends shaping the future of TV.

Essential Apps for Sporty Types
If you love sports you'll want to download and use most of these spending sports-related apps for the Apple TV. You'll find everything from soccer to shaolin in this collection.

Redbooth Collaboration Makes Apple TV an Enterprise Product
Red booth is arguably the first enterprise-focused app to appear for the Apple TV, and it has the potential to unlock significant productivity gains.

How to Find Something Good to Watch on Apple TV
Three of the best movie recommendation apps for Apple TV show some of the many challenges developers and viewers must navigate as we migrate away from linear programming into an all you can eat melody of everything, everywhere and all the time.

8 Apple TV Remote Tips You Really Need
Your Apple TV Siri Remote may well be the simplest remote control you've ever used, but it still packs some hidden or at least less-obvious talents you should take some time to get to know, including these eight useful tips.

This is Why Apple TV 4 Doesn't Play 4K
Even though millions of homes already own 4K Ultra HD TV’s, the Apple TV 4 doesn’t support it, and that's OK as technical and deployment challenges get in the way.

How to use Apple TV Accessibility Technologies
Everything you need to know to navigate, manage and use the powerful accessibility technologies baked inside Apple TV 4, including support for Switch control and more.

How to Manage Apps on Apple TV
How to control Home Screen Confusion by moving, managing and organizing the apps you use on your Apple TV.

Apple TV Problems And How To Solve Them
Apple TV troubleshooting tips to get you out of trouble in the rare event you meet any kind of problem with the Apple set top box.

How to Use The App Store on Apple TV
Everything you need to select, download and delete apps using the Apple TV App Store, including how to quickly find apps you've deleted accidentally.

The Apple TV Program Guide Makes TV Great Again
Apple is working hard to ensure the Apple TV is the world's most essential TV companion, providing world class access to all your favorite media in one easy to navigate space.

Jailbreaking Apple TV: What You Need to Know
What is jailbreaking and how can you do it to an Apple TV? What can you do with a jailbroken Apple TV using popularly available jailbreaking software?

How to Use the New Remote App With tvOS 10 And Apple TV
Apple TV user? Everything you need to know about the new Remote App and how it can make your Apple TV experience even better.

The Most Essential Apple TV Tips Everybody Needs
This curated collection of ten essential Apple TV tips includes all the most frequently useful items we can find.

Apple TV is the Perfect Solution for Millennial TV Watching Habits
This is why Apple TV is a perfect fit for Millennial audiences who already want a combination of access, convenience and control.

How to Take Control of Your Apple TV Subscriptions
Everything you need to know to test and trial Apple TV channels/apps -- how to make sure you never need to pay an unexpected fee.

How Apple TV AirPlay Works
How Apple TV AirPlay works explains how to use Apple's wireless streaming standard with your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

There are 7 Ways to Enter Text on Your Apple TV
You'll be amazed at the number of ways you can enter text on an Apple TV 4G. You aren't stuck with using your Siri Remote -- no way -- come see the seven (count them!) SEVEN ways you can input text using Cupertino's streaming media box.

What Channels Support Universal Search on Apple TV?
What is Universal Search on Apple TV? Which apps and channels support it? How do you use it?

What To Do If You Lose Your Apple TV Siri Remote
What should you do when you have lost or damaged your Apple Siri Remote control? Be sure to follow these simple instructions to prepare yourself now for damage tomorrow to your Remote using Apple TV.

How to Reset Apple TV
How to Reset your Apple TV if you are selling it or encounter major software problems with the device, such as failed jailbreaks, failed system updates or worse.

How to Use an Older Apple TV in Class
Apple TV is a powerful tool for education, so how do you set up an older Apple TV for use in the classroom? All the Settings you need to understand.

Essential Music App Hints For Apple TV
Five great tips to help you get much more out of using the Music app or Apple Music on your Apple TV

6 Ways to Explore Space With Apple TV
Apple TV and its apps are becoming powerful tools for learning almost anything, find out more about the universe around us using these space-focused apps.

WWDC: Apple TV Gets Even Better
Here are all the ways the Apple TV is being improved across the next few months, every new detail described.

8+ Travel Apps For Apple TV
Apple TV apps to help you plan your next vacation, including flight checkers, local guides, the very best guidebooks, vacation booking and places to stay...

3 Ways to Watch WWDC 2016 on Your Apple TV
Three ways to use your Apple TV to stay fully up-to-date with news, announcements and other key events from Apple's important Worldwide Developer's Conference, 2016

How to Set Restrictions on The New Apple TV
How to stop your children from watching things on your Apple TV you don't think they can see and how to prevent family members downloading apps and other content on your credit card without permission.

What is Apple TV?
Apple TV, what it is, its history and Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs important part in developing the exciting new interface.

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The Pros And Cons of Travelling With an Apple TV
Everything you need to know to get your Apple TV online when you travel, but be warned -- there's lot's to think about and this may not be the most effective way for a better TV experience for every traveller.

Watch Movies From Almost Any Media Server with
You can watch almost any video format held on almost any media server you own on your Apple TV without any painful transcoding using this brilliant and well-featured third-party app.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On Apple TV
Amazon offers some great video and TV shows but you can't easily watch them on your television using Apple TV. We've got you covered with this handy and useful guide to watching Amazon movies using Apple TV.

Now You Can Watch Twitter On Apple TV
This unique Apple TV app lets you watch the Twitterverse using a zoomable satellite map on your Apple TV -- now you really can watch how ideas spread through social media.

6 Great Apple TV Apps To Help You Stay Well
Apple TV and these six apps will transform your television into the go to destination to help you help your heart, body and mind stay well.

How To Control Apple TV 4 Screensavers
How to take control of screensavers on your Apple TV 4, every setting and screensaver explained, you'll be setting your screensaver like a pro.

How To Control Apple TV With Your Apple Watch
Everything you need to know to control your Apple TV with your Apple Watch -- how to set it up, how it works and how to remove it.

How to Use Apple Music on Apple TV
Everything an Apple Music user needs to know to begin using the streaming music service on their Apple TV.

7 Great Apple TV Apps for Learning
These seven amazing apps will have you learning new skills, crafts and qualifications fast, all you need is a little commitment and an Apple TV.

44 Things You Can Get Siri to Do with Apple TV
Siri can handle all kinds of questions and tasks and you will become familiar with the many things it can achieve in this short guide.

How To Take Screenshots on Apple TV
Three relatively quick to deploy methods to help you capture images of what is happening on your Apple TV using your Mac.

How to Make Your Home Smarter With Apple TV
How to control your smart HomeKit accessories remotely using an Apple TV and your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Unlock Apple TV Gaming with a Game Controller
How to use a gaming controller such as the SteelSeries Nimbus to unlock gaming on Apple TV

13 TV Apps Your Apple TV Is Going To Love You For
Essential Apple TV apps anyone who watches television should install today.

13 TV Apps Your Apple TV Is Going To Love You For
Essential Apple TV apps anyone who watches television should install today.

Yes! Use a Bluetooth Keyboard With Your Apple TV Today!
Everything you need to know to pair and use a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV, including tips you may not have encountered before.

Setting up Your Apple TV
Everything you need to set up your fourth generation Apple TV using the Apple Siri Remote or an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Everything You Need to Use Your Apple TV Siri Remote
The best guide to using those six buttons on the Apple Siri Remote to achieve much more than any remote control you've used with your TV before.

Which Apple TV Capacity do you Need?
What should you think about when choosing an Apple TV? Do you want to make heavy use of it? Are you a gamer? Or do you have poor bandwidth? Which model makes sense for your needs?

TV Maps: The best way to use Maps on Apple TV 4
Explore the entire planet from the comfort of your den using your Siri Remote and the TV Maps app on Apple TV.

What is Live Tune-in on Apple TV?
Apple's new Live Tune-in feature makes Apple TV an even more effective replacement for cable TV: What is it, how do we use it and where can we get it?

12 Apple TV 4 Tips You’ve Probably Never Used
From hidden menus to super-easy ways to navigate between on-screen items, these great tips will have you getting much more from your Apple TV - fast!