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Olmsted-Designed Grounds at Oheka Castle on Long Island New York
The landscaped grounds at Oheka Castle were designed by the sons of Frederick Law Olmsted. Learn about the restoration of the grounds and gardens at the Long Island estate.

The Grand Stairway at Oheka Castle on Long Island New York
Learn about the beautifully designed stairway and wrought iron banisters at Oheka Castle on Long Island.

Library at Oheka Castle on Long Island New York
The library at the Gilded Age Oheka Castle has secrets. Learn more.

Restoration of Oheka Castle on Long Island New York
The Gilded Age Oheka Castle on Long Island has been rescued from the ruins. Learn about the historic restoration.

What Is a Modular Home? - Architecture Glossary
Learn about modular housing and find out how modular homes differ from other types of pre-fabricated home construction.

Definition of Corinthian Column- Features, Facts & More
What is a Corinthian column? Learn about the Corinthian Order, the Corinthian column style, and facts about Corinthian columns.

Becoming an Architect
Dr. Lee W. Waldrep has created a helpful and readable career guide to assist any aspiring professional designer. Published by John Wiley & Sons.

HardiPlank and HardiPanel - Fiber Cement Siding
Learn more about cement siding and cement siding materials, commonly known as HardiPlank and HardiPanel.

Fourteen Great Women Architects
Architecture is traditionally a male profession, but the women listed here overcame obstacles became world famous for their achievements.

Greatest Modern Buildings and Architecture
During the 20th century, architects revolutionized the way we think about buildings and design. Our readers call these buildings the greatest of the modern era. Find information and photos.

Build to Save Energy - Green Architecture
Slash your utility bills and help the environment by energy-efficient design. These resources will help you save when you build or remodel your home.

The Sochi Olympic Adler Arena Built for Speed Skating Competition
Learn more about the Adler Arena in Sochi's Coastal Cluster, finished for the 2014 Speed Skating Competition of the Winter Olympics.

The Sochi Olympic Ice Cube Center for Curling Competition
What shape does an Ice Cube take? Learn more about the 2014 Olympic curling venue in Sochi, Russia.

The Sochi Olympic Ice Dome, the Bolshoy, for Ice Hockey Competitions
Learn more about the 2014 Sochi Olympic Ice Dome, the Bolshoy, for ice hockey competitions.

The Sochi Olympic Shayba Arena Built for Ice Hockey Competitions
Shayba was designed with its function in mind. The ice hockey arena is shaped like a hockey puck and exterior lights provide the illusion of movement.

The Sochi Olympic Iceberg Skating Palace
Learn more about the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic venues, including the Iceberg Skating Palace for figure skating and track events. How do they make ice?

Manufactured Home Definition and Examples
Do you live in a manufactured home? Should you purchase one? Find out what we mean when we call a home manufactured.

What Is Beaux Arts Architecture? -
What Is Beaux Arts? Find definitions and examples of Beaux Arts architecture in our Architecture Glossary.

Description of Organic Architecture
Frank Lloyd Wright was famous for his theories on Organic Architecture, though other architects also believed in these principles. See examples here.

What Is Green Architecture and Green Design?
From our Architecture Glossary, definition of the green architecture with resources for learning more about green design and sustainable architecture.

Pictures and History of Gothic Revival Architecture
Join us for a photo tour of Gothic Revival architecture in England and the United States.

Gothic Styles and Queen Anne
See how Gothic Revival blended with other architectural styles

Romantic Gothic Revival
The earliest Gothic Revival buildings resembled architecture from medieval England. They had delicate wooden ornaments.

High Victorian Gothic Revival
High Victorian Gothic architecture of the 19th century was as lavish as 14th century Gothic of the Middle Ages. Learn about this new Gothic vision.

The Gothic Revival Lyndhurst Estate
Lynhurst estate is an example of lavish Gothic Revival architecture. Learn about the architectural style in the U.S.

Brick Gothic Revival
During the 1800s in the U.S., many Victorian era stone and brick homes had Gothic Revival details.

Gothic Revival Farmhouses
Even modest wooden farmhouses can have fanciful Gothic Revival details.

Carpenter Gothic
Carpenter Gothic houses have faniciful details. See pictures.

Gothic Cottages
Learn about the charming Gothic Revival cottages found in rural parts of the USA.

Wedding Cake House in Kennebunk Maine
Is the Wedding Cake House in Kennebunk, Maine really

The Berlin Holocaust Memorial by Peter Eisenman
Architect Peter Eisenman's controversial Holocaust Memorial in Berlin was called too abstract and almost historically passive. Here's the story.

Undulating Stones at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial
Architect Peter Eisenman designed the Holocaust Memorial as a sea of massive stone blocks arranged between East and West Berlin. Take a visual tour.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - Each Stone a Unique Tribute
Each stone slab at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a unique shape and size. Learn more about the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.

Abstract Forms at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial
Does Peter Eisenman's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe say enough about the events of WWII or does the abstraction speak volumes?

Beneath the Berlin Holocaust Memorial
Beneath the Berlin Holocaust Memorial, a visitor's center includes the inscriptions and historical information not found in Eisenman's Memorial stones.

The Berlin Holocaust Memorial Opens
Designed by US architect Peter Eisenman, plans for the Berlin Holocaust Memorial were approved in 1999. It opened to the public on May 12, 2005.

A Memorial Without Names - Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
There are no plaques, inscriptions, or religious symbols at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial. The solid stones have been compared to anonymous coffins.

Pathways through the Berlin Holocaust Memorial
Visitors to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe can follow a labyrinth of pathways between the massive stone slabs.

Anti-Vandalism at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial
The stone slabs at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial are open to the elements but have been coated with a special solution to prevent graffiti.

Art Deco Architecture - Chrysler Building in New York
Jazzy details and Egyptian shapes gave Art Deco buildings a modern flare early in the twentieth century. Learn about Art Deco architecture. Page 13.

Sacred Structures - Cristo Redentor or Christ Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Christ Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is locally called Cristo Redentor. Built for the times in 1931, the iconic statuary is the architecture of protection. Page 20.

Art Deco in Miami - South Beach Architecture is a Colorful Playground
The love of the Art Deco style in architecture and design is celebrated to this day, especially in Miami. Learn more about Art Deco in Florida.

Art Deco Architecture in the US - The Dawn of Deco
Join us for a photo tour of Art Deco architecture and learn how the Art Deco style influenced building design around the US.

Art Deco Designs and Symbols - How King Tut's Tomb Influenced the Daily News
Art Deco architects often lavished their buildings with symbolic images.

Art Deco Decoration - Skyscrapers Take Shape
Vivid color, strong lines and undulating, repeating patterns are a trademark of Art Deco design, but so is the stepped shape of skyscrapers.

Art Deco Ziggurats - Designing Skyscrapers with Zigs and Zags
Art Deco buildings often took on a distinctive Art Deco shape: the ziggurat.

Art Deco Patterns and Designs - Miami and Art Deco Color and Architecture
Terra-cotta facing and the strong vertical bands are typical Art Deco features borrowed from antiquity.

Art Deco and the Discovery of King Tut's Tomb
Find out how the discovery of King Tut's tomb inspired a jazzy new approach to architecture and design.

Art Deco in Dallas - Egyptian Influences at the Texas State Fair
Art Deco designs are found throughout the U.S. especially in post-Depression architecture like from the 1930s Texas State Fairgrounds.

Steps to Building a New House - Installing Plumbing
Plumbing for the new house is installed before the concrete slab is poured. These photos show the process of new home construction.

Photo Steps to Building a New House - Framing
After the foundation was cured, the framing went up.These photos show the process of new home construction.

Photo Steps to Building a New House - Raising the Walls
Less than two weeks after the framing was started, the exterior walls were raised. These photos show the process of new home construction.

Photo Steps to Building a New House - Installing Wallboard
In this stage of the new home construction, the interior wallboard was installed.These photos show the process of new home construction.

Installing Fixtures and Cabinets in a New House
Three months after construction began, the Hudson's construction project started to look like a

Installing a Bathtub in a New House
The tub was put in early, but the tile didn't go in until most of the rough interior was finished - a step-by-step process in new home construction.

Photo Steps to Building a New House - Adding Brick Details
Once most of the inside was finished, the builders spent time doing finishing touches on the outside. A brick facade was installed on some of the exterior walls. These photos show the process of new home construction.

Photo Steps to Building a New House - Finishing Touches
After four months of construction, the new house was ready. These photos show the process of new home construction, beginning to end.

Rem Koolhaas Architecture Details and History
The architecture of Rem Koolhaas is so unconventional that scholars have difficulty classifying him.

Republic Polytechnic Designed by Fumihiko Maki and Associates
The Republic Polytechnic Woodlands Campus displays Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki's full sense of modern, green design. View a 50 year portfolio.

Kaze-no-Oka Crematorium Designed by Fumihiko Maki
The low rise of Maki's design creates a subtle integration of this crematorium with the surrounding cemetery landscape. View a portfolio of Maki architecture.

Designed by Maki and Associates, 4 World Trade Center
Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki became part of NYC's rebuilding when his design was chosen for Tower 4. Learn more about other Maki architecture.

Hillside Terrace Complex Designed by Fumihiko Maki
Tokyo's Hillside Terrace became a laboratory for Fumihiko Maki's urban design. View a portfolio of Maki architecture from over a fifty year career.

MIT Media Lab Designed by Fumihiko Maki and Associates
Overlooking the Charles River and the Boston skyline, the MIT Media Lab site gave architect Fumihiko Maki the perfect venue to experiment with light.

Annenberg Public Policy Center Building Designed by Fumihiko Maki and Associates
The glass-clad Annenberg Center is typical of Fumihiko Maki's modern designs. View a portfolio of Maki architecture from over a fifty year career.

Toyoda Memorial Hall Designed by Fumihiko Maki
The first Japanese project for Fumihiko Maki was at Nagoya University. Toyoda Memorial Hall shows a simplicity in spirit and a lightness in design.

Steinberg Hall Detail Designed by Fumihiko Maki
Steinberg Hall was the very first commission by future Pritzker Prize winner Fumihiko Maki. View a portfolio of Maki architecture.

Kemper Museum Designed by Fumihiko Maki
Kemper Museum marked Fumihiko Maki's continued relationship with Washington University at St. Louis. View a portfolio of Maki architecture.

Iwasaki Art Museum Designed by Fumihiko Maki
Almost unbelievable in Western traditions, this art museum is part of a Japanese resort spa. Learn more about the architecture of Fumihiko Maki.

Spiral Building Designed by Fumihiko Maki
Well-known in Tokyo, the Spiral Building displays many features of Maki architecture. Learn more about this building and other projects.

Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Designed by Fumihiko Maki
The Tokyo Gymnasium complex is included in a portfolio of projects designed by Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki from over a fifty year career.

Architect Kazuyo Sejima of Japan, Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates SANAA
Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima designs alone and collaborates with Ryue Nishizawa in their firm, SANAA. Learn more about the 2010 Pritzker Laureate.

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, 2008, by Kenzo Tange
Kenzo Tange shows the range of his design with this educational tower in Tokyo. Learn more about the designs of the Pritzker Laureate.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the 1991 City Hall by Tange
When Japanese architect Kenzo Tange won the Pritzker Prize in 1987, the Tokyo City Hall complex was yet to be built. Learn more about Tange's work.

Saint Mary's Cathedral, Tokyo, Japan, by Kenzo Tange, 1964
Kenzo Tange's 1964 church in Tokyo, Japan institutionalized modernism in this war-torn country. Learn more about the designs of the Pritzker Laureate.

What Is a Balustrade? What Is a Baluster?
Illustrated definition of the word Balustrade from our Architecture Glossary

Architect Letters, Initials and Acronyms
Architects, engineers, builders, and home designers often wear a string of letters after their names. What do initials like AIA and RA really mean? Before you hire a building professional, check out this helpful list of important architecture acronyms.

Architect's Titles - Architecture Acronyms
This helpful list gives definitions for the most common acronyms, initials, and abbreviations used by architects, designers, engineers, and other building professionals. Find the meaning of AIA, RA, IALD, and much more. Page 2.

About Your Mail Order House (Resources)
Use these archives and resources to find plans and other important information about Sears, Aladdin, Montgomery Wards, and other historic mail order houses and catalog homes.

Research Your Mail Order House - More tips for researching your mail order house
To find detailed blueprints for your historic catalog home, you may need to launch an extensive search. Here's how. Page 2.

Find Frank Lloyd Wright House Plans
Do you dream of building the kind of home that Frank Lloyd Wright might have designed? Check out the house plans in this directory.

Architecture 101: What You Need to Know About Buildings
For basic facts about architecture, from famous buildings to the design of your own home, begin with these links.

Architect Ryue Nishizawa of Japan, Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates, SANAA
Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa and SANAA partner Kazuyo Sejima won the Pritzker for powerful, minimalist buildings using common, everyday materials.

The LEGO Movie (2014) Tells Important Truths About the Architecture Business
The LEGO Movie has a lot to say about architecture, building, and Vitruvius. Check out these top 10 truths you can learn from this animated 3-D film.

Architecture in Palm Springs, California
Architects in Palm Springs, California adapted European Bauhaus ideas to the local desert landscape of southern California. They created mid-century modern.

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates - Winners
Each year the Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded to an architect who has made important accomplishments. These pages list all the Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates, from the most recent back to 1979 when the prize was first established.

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates - Winners
Each year the Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded to an architect who has made important accomplishments. These pages list all the Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates, from the most recent back to 1979 when the prize was first established.

Architecture in Japan
This city-by-city roundup is your source for information about the important architecture in Japan, both ancient and modern.

Arata Isozaki - About Arata Isozaki - Japanese Architect
Architect Arata Isozaki, born and educated in Japan, often integrates Eastern ideas into his building designs. Learn more about this

Art Nouveau Architecture - Glossary Definition
Definition and resources for Art Nouveau and Jugendstil architecture and related architectural styles.

Richard Meier, Architect of the Getty Center
Pritzker Laureate Richard Meier's designs have been described as

What Is Stucco?
What is stucco? This page defines the term stucco and provides resources for learning more about stucco siding, including historic recipes for stucco mixtures.

Usonian Style Architecture History and Characteristics
Discover the simple Usonian style houses that Frank Lloyd Wright designed, and see photos of Usonian architecture.

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates - Winners
Each year the Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded to an architect who has made important accomplishments. These pages list all the Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates, from the most recent back to 1979 when the prize was first established.

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates - Winners
Each year the Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded to an architect who has made important accomplishments. These pages list all the Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates, from the most recent back to 1979 when the prize was first established.

Find a Color Chart for all your Home Painting Projects
Are you looking for just the right color for your home painting project? Choose a color chart from this list for architecturally-tested color schemes.

Renovate an Old House - Should You Modernize Your Old House
As you renovate your old house, you may wonder how much you should modernize.

Remodel Your Victorian House - Renovate an Old House
Old-house remodelers are often tempted to remove walls and enlarge small Victorian rooms.

Open Rooms in Your Old House - Renovate an Old House
An open interior is what Wright would suggest. When you renovate your old house, don't remove entire walls. Instead, cut openings or archways.

Add Storage to Your Old House - Renovate an Old House
Create or find extra storage space in the nooks and crannies of your old house.

Build an Addition to Your Old House - Renovate an Old House
When you renovate your old house, always make sure that your new addition is compatible with the architecture of the existing house.

Renovating Your Victorian House, An Introduction
How can you update a charming Victorian house without spoiling its charm? Follow this short step-by-step guide for some ideas.

Re-purpose Rooms in Your Old House - Renovate an Old House
Think creatively about different ways to use existing rooms in your old house. Sometimes a space can be re-purposed with very little remodeling.

Preserve the Charm of Your Old House - Renovate an Old House
As you update your older home, make sure to preserve its historic details. Details that have been stripped should be sought out and replaced.

Architecture in Seattle Washington
The Great Fire of June 6, 1889 and the 1890s Gold rush forever changed the architecture of Seattle, Washington. Explore some of what the city built.

George W. Furbeck House, 1897, by Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright continued experimenting with home design, moving toward a Prairie style with a hint of Queen Anne in the George Furbeck house.

Rollin Furbeck House, 1897, by Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright's 1897 Rollin Furbeck house shows how Wright modified established designs to become his own. Learn more about early Wright.

Isidore H. Heller House, 1896, by Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright's 1897 Heller house was a great experimentation in massive house design and decoration provided by German artisan Richard Bock.

Wright's First Prairie Style House, the Winslow Home, 1893
Frank Lloyd Wright's first Prairie House was for Herman Winslow. The reaction was dramatic against this nontraditional residential design.

Survive Remodeling
Remodeling? Here's how to keep your construction project going smoothly.

Plan Your Remodeling and Home Improvement Projects
The dream of remodeling your home may turn into a nightmare, unless you plan ahead. Follow these steps to get your home improvement project on the right start.

Improving Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings: A Summary of Preservation Brief 3
Technical Preservation Services Preservation Brief 3 has ideas applicable to any building, whether or not historic. Read a summary of suggestions.

An Energy-Efficient Victorian Inn - Solar Power at Spring Lake Inn
The historic Spring Lake Inn went solar. See how this commercial Victorian resting place reaps the benefits of New Jersey sun.

Ceiling Fans Add to the Savings - Energy Conservation at a Victorian Inn
Ceiling fans also contribute to effective use of energy at Spring Lake Inn, the Victorian inn that went solar.

Challenges of Installing Solar Power - Can This House Go Solar
Spring Lake Inn doesn't seem suitable for a high-tech photovoltaic solar system, and the owners faced many challenges.

The Cost of Going Solar - Solar Power Installation Costs
The owners of Spring Lake Inn discovered that they could afford a solar power system thanks to state and federal rebate programs and other incentives.

How Many Solar Panels - Photovoltaic Roof Panels at a Victorian Inn
Innkeepers installed enough solar panels to meet the electrical needs of their large Victorian, but without harming the building's historic character.

Maintenance-Free Solar Power at a Victorian Inn
Solar power is virtually maintenance-free. No moving parts are needed to generate electricity at this Victorian inn.

Solar Inverters for a Solar Power System
In the basement of this Victorian inn, inverters transform the DC power generated by the solar panels into standard AC electricity for household use.

Solar Power System - An Electric Meter That Spins Backwards
The bi-directional electric meter at the Spring Lake Inn spins backwards when the solar panels produce more electricity than needed.

Design that Saves the Environment - Solar Power at Spring Lake Inn
The photovoltaic panels at Spring Lake Inn do more than lower utility bills. The innkeepers have also reduced demands on environmental resources.

Mounting the Solar Panels at Spring Lake Inn
Mounting solar powers at this Victorian inn took several days, and needed to be placed properly to allow sufficient air flow.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Famous American Architect
Explore the life and works of Frank Lloyd Wright, born in Wisconsin, June 8, 1867. This profile is a great intro to America's most famous architect.

Walter H. Gale House, 1892-1893, by Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright's house for Walter Gale in 1893 shows the beginnings of the architect's break with traditional Victorian style. Learn more.

Thomas Gale House, 1892, by Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright designed Thomas Gale's house in the Victorian style of the day, the Queen Anne. What was Wright's thinking? Learn more.

Robert P. Parker House, 1892, by Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright began his residential building career designing the architectural style of the day, the Queen Anne. What led him to the Prairie?

The Isadore and Lucille Zimmerman Home by Frank Lloyd Wright - Photo Tour
Long and low, the Isadore and Lucille Zimmerman residence in New Hampshire is a classic Usonian by Frank Lloyd Wright. Join us for a photo tour.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House - Kitchen
Frank Lloyd Wright's kitchen design for the Zimmermans tells more about the architect than the residents. Explore Wright's ideas in this photo tour.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House - Usonian Simplicity
Frank Lloyd Wright's design of the Zimmerman house in New Hampshire is typically Usonian. Is it typically New England? You decide with this photo tour.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House - Organic Design
F. L. Wright's plans for this Usonian house left in place the rocks and trees of New Hampshire. Materials of nature are part of the Zimmerman home.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House - Woodwork
Frank Lloyd Wright described the Usonian house as

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House - Windows
Typical of the Usonian style, Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman house is built for the land it occupies. Street-side, the home is private.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House - Natural Views
Frank Lloyd Wright's plans specified the rear of the Zimmerman house to be open to the natural woodlands, the blurring of inside and outside. See how.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House - Harmonious Spaces
Explore the inner harmony of space in the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Isadore and Lucille Zimmerman House in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House - Furnishings
The fireplace and integrated furnishings are central to Frank Lloyd Wright's interior designs, and the Zimmerman house is no exception. Explore more.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House - Dining Area
Frank Lloyd Wright designed the dining area of the Zimmerman house to be open and integrated with living. Explore this New Hampshire Usonian design.

A Clearing In The Distance by Witold Rybczynski
Witold Rybczynski's book is not merely a biography of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. It is also a portrait of American life in the nineteenth century.

Architect Birthdays - Famous Architects and Builders Born in June
Many of the world's greatest architects and builders were born in June. Here's a calendar list of June birthdays with links to photos and resources.

Architect Birthdays - Famous Architects and Builders Born in June
Many of the world's greatest architects and builders were born in June. Here's a calendar list of June birthdays with links to photos and resources.

Sir Norman Foster, High-Tech Architect
Your starting place for exploring the life and works of the Pritzker Prize winning architect Sir Norman Foster, known for his

What's Been Written About Frank Lloyd Wright?
Architects, critics, and fans have written extensively about the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Listed here are a few of our favorite books.

Top 10 Digital Tools to Help You Choose House Paint Colors
Be lobbied by the paint companies. You deserve a sales pitch. Use these easy, free digital painting tools to try out paint colors for your house.

Careers in Architecture (Salaries and Income)
These resources and surveys reveal the average income for architects in the United States.

Bl2000. Architecture.

Bl2009. Architecture.

Bl2010. Architecture.

Bl2011. Architecture.

Bl2012. Architecture.

Bl2013. Architecture.

Bl2014. Architecture.

Bl1999. Architecture.

Bl2001. Architecture.

Bl2002. Architecture.

Bl2003. Architecture.

Bl2004. Architecture.

Bl2005. Architecture.

Bl2006. Architecture.

Bl2007. Architecture.

Bl2008. Architecture.

World's Most Creative Architects
Which architects living today are designing the most interesting and unusual buildings? Check out Jacques Herzog, born April 19, 1950.

Parapet Definition and Examples in Architecture
Definition for the word parapet with examples of how parapets are used in architecture.

Construction Seduction
What building stirs your heart? Let's talk about the contenders.

A Bauhaus Life
One of the most influential architects of the 20th century, Walter Gropius, was born on May 18 in 1883.

Scholar Farmer, US President, Architect = Renaissance Man
Thomas Jefferson was a great leader, and also an architect. Learn more.

Old House, Energy Hog?
Check your house for ways to improve energy efficiency.

How did religion inspire architecture? Learn about the beginnings of Byzantine architecture.

Elevator Magic
Celebrate the invention of the first safe passenger elevator, installed by Elisha Otis into the Haughwout building.

Modernism Week
Modernism Week in Palm Springs is a wonderful opportunity to tour rarely-seen architecture from the mid-twentieth century.

Look Skyward in St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri, home of the landmark Gateway Arch, celebrates its 250th anniversary.

Architecture & Romance
Famous people tie the knot in famous places. Where would you like to wed? Some romantic ideas.

Honest Abe: Master Remodeler?
Abraham Lincoln remodeled his Springfield, Illinois house for several years before he became President.

The Gehry House Dining Room - Creating the Mystery of Intention
The dining room inside Frank Gehry's 1978 renovated house shows the artistic direction of a soon-to-be famous architect. Learn more.

Frank Gehry Buys a Pink Bungalow
Frank Gehry launched his career when he remodeled a modest pink bungalow in Santa Monica. Learn more about the controversial Gehry House.

Gehry House Gets a New Kitchen
Who influenced Frank Gehry? Find out by exploring the kitchen of the Gehry House.

Architecture to Live In
You don't have to be rich to live in an apartment designed by a famous architect.

Victorian Period Architecture (1840-1900)
You know your house is a Victorian...but, what style is it? This handy guide to Victorian house styles has facts and photos.

Top Home Design and Architecture Software Programs
Find home design software programs that are inexpensive (or free!) and easy to use. Here are our top picks.

How to Become an Architect - Architecture Careers FAQ
Would you like to become an architect? This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions about careers in architecture.

Endangered U.S. Post Offices, e.g., Geneva, Illinois
U.S. Post Offices are endangered, so join us as we tour America in search of these national treasures and the array of architecture they represent.

Quaint Post Office in Bald Head Island, North Carolina
With front porch rocking chairs inviting its patrons, the post office on Bald Head Island is a typical gathering place for North Carolina citizens.

Post-War Post Office in Russell, Kansas
Why does this building look so familiar? The post office in Russell, Kansas is a good example of a mid-twentieth century stock design often used.

Federal Architecture in Middlebury, Vermont
The colonial revival or classical modern design of the Middlebury, Vermont post office is similar to many others found throughout the U.S.

Preserved Post Office in Mineral Wells, Texas
The old Mineral Wells post office, built in the early twentieth century, displays the dignified classical architecture of a federal building. Closed as a post office in 1959, the building was given to the community to be used for other purposes. Preservation and reuse should be part of every city's urban plan.

Historic 1916 Post Office in Miles City, Montana
This federal building in Miles City, Montana offers architecture of simple dignity worthy of historic preservation.

Post Office Since 1816 in Hinsdale, New Hampshire
The Hinsdale, NH post office is the oldest continuously working U.S. Post Office in the same building. People have gathered here since 1816.

Old City Post Office in New York City
For many years, the City Post Office in New York City has been called the largest post office in the U.S. What is its future?

Historic U.S. Post Office In Colorado
Built during the Great Depression, the Renaissance Revival-style City Post Office Federal Building in Canon City, Colorado is now an arts center.

Historic U.S. Post Office in St. Louis, Missouri
The old post office in St. Louis, Missouri has been an excellent example of Second Empire architecture since the time of Civil War Reconstruction.

Preserved Historic Post Office in Washington, D.C.
The Old Post Office in Washington, D.C. avoided demolition in 1928 and in 1964. Now it is a popular tourist attraction.

Art Deco Post Office in Springfield, Ohio
Many post offices in the US, like the one in Springfield, Ohio, were built during the Great Depression, which explains the PWAP murals. Learn more.

Preserved Post Office in Honolulu, Hawaii
The 1922 Spanish Mission Colonial Revival architecture of this old post office building has been preserved by the state of Hawaii.

Depression Era Post Office in Yuma, Arizona
Post office buildings are often designed for reuse. The preserved 1933 post office in Yuma, Arizona is now headquarters of a family-owned business.

Endangered Post Office in La Jolla, California
In 2012, preservationists fought to save this Depression-era post office in La Jolla, California. Learn about the architecture and the historic mural.

Smallest Post Office in the U.S.
The smallest post office building in the U.S. is located in Florida, but not in Celebration! This tiny building is less than 100 square feet.

Historic Pre-Civil War Post Office in Lexington County, South Carolina
Give Me That Old Time Religion was composed here in this pre-Civil War structure in Lexington County, South Carolina.

Log Cabin Post Office in Chicken, Alaska
The log cabin post office building in Chicken, Alaska is typical frontier architecture. Post office buildings often reflect the local culture.

New England Post Office in Bailey Island, Maine
The small post office on Bailey Island in Maine not only is a gathering place for the community, but also reflects the local architecture.

Build the House You Want and Can Afford
An architect offers valuable advice and money-saving tips to help you build your dream home.

Aalto's Three-Legged Stool
Alvar Aalto is known for both his buildings and his furniture designs. Learn about Alvar Aalto.

Architecture School Rankings
Which architecture school is best? Find school rankings from the newest DesignIntelligence report, America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools.

The Griffin in Architecture and Design
The griffin is a powerful image used in architecture through the ages. Join us as we explore the symbolic role of this mythical creature, and see photos that show how griffins are used in architecture in design.

Heartbreak Houses - Romantic Homes With Sad Stories
So much love went into these romantic homes, but each is shrouded with tragedy. Read the sad stories and see photos.

London 2012 Olympic Venues
Olympic games provide a showcase for architecture. Explore ten of the more interesting competition venues used for the 2012 summer games in Great Britain.

9/11 Architects Involved in Rebuilding and Memorials
Learn about the architects and builders who designed memorials and museums and planned reconstruction after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

9/11 Architects Involved in Rebuilding and Memorials
Learn about the architects and builders who designed memorials and museums and planned reconstruction after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Pedestal Designs for the Statue of Liberty
How does a sketch become reality? Trace the design process of the Statue of Liberty's pedestal.

Architecture of the Mexican Maya, Past and Present
Learn about the architecture of the Mexican Maya, from ancient city ruins to 21st century village housing.

Grand Central Terminal in New York City
How did New York City's Grand Central Terminal come to be? Learn more about this iconic building.

Coffered Ceilings: Inside Architecture
Coffered ceilings have a long history in architecture. Learn more about the uses and functions of this popular interior detail.

Great Monuments and Memorials for Victims of the September 11 Attacks
Monuments and memorials for the victims of the September 11, 2001 express the artistic visions of artists and architects around the world.

Grand Central Terminal City - A NYC Neighborhood
How did New York City's Grand Central Terminal change a neighborhood? Learn more about this iconic building and find out how it transformed East 42nd Street and the City.

Transforming Brownfields: A Case Study of Green Ideas in London 2012
A contaminated, neglected suburb of London was transformed into a sustainable Olympic Park. What Green Ideas did the London 2012 Olympics give us?

List of Famous Architects Born in April
Many of the world's greatest architects and builders were born in April. Here's a calendar list of April birthdays with links to photos and resources.

Top Movies and Documentaries About Architects
Explore the lives of famous and influential architects in these documentary films now available digitally.

Top 10 Movies About Architecture
These terrific documentary films explore the world of architecture and building design.

Classic Toys for the Architect and Engineer, Young and Old
Architecture is about building things, and these popular and classic toys can help the young engineer and the older hobbyist put together the pieces.

Guide to American Bungalow Styles
Bungalows come in many shapes and styles. Learn to recognize the various types, see pictures, and learn the history that spans from 1905-1930.

Mid-Century (1930-1965) Homes: A Guide
Explore the types of homes built in the United States that met the needs of an expanding American middle class from roughly 1930 until 1965.

Column Types and Styles - Guide to Architectural Pillars
An introduction to the types and styles of columns found in architecture through the ages.

The Best Woods for Decks and Porches
To build a better deck or porch, be sure to choose a better wood. Here are our top picks for the best wood to use for decks and porches.

Why the World Trade Center Twin Towers Fell
When terrorists struck the New York Twin Towers, many people wondered why the buildings collapsed so quickly. Could the buildings have been made stronger?

Do Americans Have Rights To Their Homes?
As the United States prepares to celebrate Independance Day, many Americans are questioning a new Supreme Court ruling that will permit local governments to

In an effort to quiet critics, Wal-Mart Corp. hired a green architecture firm to design an eco-friendly store near Vancouver. It's not what you think.

Free Lesson Plans and Activities for Architecture
Architecture offers a world of possibilities for classroom learning. Listed here is just a sampling of fascinating lessons and activities that you can download for free and adapt to your own classroom.

8 Secrets for More Storage in Your Home
Increase the storage in your home by building, compartmentalizing, and buying space-saving furnishing. Here are some tips to get you started.

Maya Lin's Poster, Entry Number 1026
Maya Lin's winning entry to the Vietnam Memorial competition included simple, abstract sketches and a one-page description. What did she say?

What's Up With Junkitecture?
Was Frank Gehry's 1978 remodeling job junk or art? German architect/artist Martin Kaltwasser is taking architectural salvage to new extremes. He and his wife Folke Köbberling have constructed a London theater out of trash.

Googie Architecture - Futuristic Design of the 1950s
The 1950s brought a futuristic, fanciful style known as Googie. Learn about Googie architecture.

Who was Waddy Wood?
The architecture of Waddy Wood can be seen throughout Washington, DC, yet this 19th century architecture remains relatively obscure.

How Old Is Your House? Determining a Building's Age
Learn how to find the age of your old house. Use these tips and resources to research the history of your home and estimate when it was built.

The Vietnam Veterans Wall
Learn about the controversial memorial to Vietnam Veterans designed by Maya Lin. Page 15.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC
From our photo gallery, picture and information for the The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC. Page 12.

Pictures of Monuments and Memorials
See pictures of creative and unusual memorial architecture, from the National 9/11 Memorial to small monuments with original approaches.

Remembering the Vietnam Memorial
Maya Lin's original drawings for the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial were redrawn.

How to Build a Geodesic Dome Model - Introduction
The first in step-by-step instructions to put together a low-cost, easy-to-assemble model of one type of geodesic dome.

Geodesic Dome Model - Build a Geodesic Dome Model - About Geodesic Domes
The first geodesic dome was built by Dr. Walter Bauersfeld in 1922. Buckminster Fuller obtained his first patent for a geodesic dome in 1951

Geodesic Dome Model - Build a Geodesic Dome Model - Step One
Step One: To build a geodesic dome model, cut triangles from heavy paper or transparencies. From our step-by-step instructions for constructing a geodesic dome model.

Geodesic Dome Model - Build a Geodesic Dome Model - Step 2 - Hexagons
Step Two: To build a geodesic dome model, connect the triangles to form hexagons. From our step-by-step instructions for constructing a geodesic dome model.

Geodesic Dome Model - Build a Geodesic Dome Model - Step 3 - Half-hexagons
Step Three: To build a geodesic dome model, assemble your remaining triangles into half-hexagons. From our step-by-step instructions for constructing a geodesic dome model.

Geodesic Dome Model - Build a Geodesic Dome Model - Step Four - Pentagons
Step Four: To build a geodesic dome model, connect your triangles to form pentagons. From our step-by-step instructions for constructing a geodesic dome model.

Geodesic Dome Model - Build a Geodesic Dome Model Step 5 - Connect the Hexagons
Step Five: To build a geodesic dome model, connect your hexagons. From our step-by-step instructions for constructing a geodesic dome model.

Geodesic Dome Model - Build a Geodesic Dome Model - Step Six - Connect the Pentagons
Step Six: To build a geodesic dome model, connect five pentagons to the hexagons. From our step-by-step instructions for constructing a geodesic dome model.

Geodesic Dome Model - Build a Geodesic Dome Model - Step Seven - Connect Hexagons
Step Seven: To build a geodesic dome model, connect six more hexagons. From our step-by-step instructions for constructing a geodesic dome model.

Geodesic Dome Model - Build a Geodesic Dome Model - Step Eight - Connect the Half-Hexagons
Step Eight: To build a geodesic dome model, connect the half-hexagons. From our step-by-step instructions for constructing a geodesic dome model.

Saddam Hussein's Babylonian Palace
From the ancient palace of Nebuchadnezzar to a lavish new palace for himself, Saddam Hussein used architecture to awe and intimidate. Here's an inside look.

Five Building Plans for Cottages
Nothing says peace, tranquility, and relaxation better than a cottage. These great resources will help you plan and build your own dream cottage.

What Is Neoclassical Architecture?
Learn how to identify neoclassical architecture and see examples of neoclassicism in architecture from great buildings to modest homes.

Pictures of House Color Combinations
Is green too ordinary? Pink too bold? The answer depends on how you use the colors. These photo galleries will help you visualize color combinations on a variety of house styles.

Get the Wright House Plans
Ever dream of building a house like the ones Frank Lloyd Wright designed? Maybe you can.

Architecture for Travelers to Spain
Architecture in Spain is an exotic mix of Moorish influences and surreal modernism. These resources will help you plan your architecture tour through Spain.

Composite Column - Definition of Composite Column - Architecture Glossary
What is a Composite column? Learn about composite columns and the Classical Orders of Architecture.

Theaters and Performing Arts Centers - Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis Minnesota
Pritzker Prize-Winning architect Jean Nouvel experimented with color and light when he designed the nine-story Guthrie Theater complex in Minneapolis. Page 7.

How to Become a Professional Home Designer
Do you dream of designing houses? Why not consider a career as a Professional Building Designer? Here's how to begin.

Monticello - Virginia Home of Thomas Jefferson
See the Virginia home of Thomas Jefferson and find facts about its architecture. Page 12.

Robert A.M. Stern - Postmodern Architect
Architect Robert A. M. Stern designs buildings that express affection for the past, from buildings for Disney to the Presidential Library of G.W.Bush.

Skyscraper Pictures - The Woolworth Building
Learn about the Gothic Revival Woolworth Building in New York City. Page 6.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California - World's Great Bridges - Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California was the world's longest suspension bridge when it opened on May 27, 1937 - but is it golden? Page 3.

World's Great Bridges - Photos of the World Great Bridges
Find photos, facts, and statistics for the world's great bridges.

Trident Beams at the National 9/11 Museum Pavilion
This artist's rendering shows a close up view of trident beams salvaged from Ground Zero. The National 9/11 will display the beams in a glass atrium at the entrance.

Snohetta - About Snøhetta, Architects
Based in Norway, the Snřhetta architecture firm has completed major projects around the world. Learn about the amazing buildings designed by Snohetta.

How to Find House Plans
Looking for plans for your dream home? Begin by exploring these options.

Free Architecture Courses on the Web
Hundreds of colleges and universities around the world offer free downloads of popular courses in architecture, urban design, and engineering. Check out the best of the best.

Career Paths for Those Majoring in Architecture
Architecture offers many different career paths. Learn about the jobs related to buildings and design.

Where are the best colleges to study architecture
A frequently asked question is where to study architecture. The answer may surprise you. Preparing for a career in architecture is highly personal.

Do I Need an Architect for My New Home?
You are building a new home. Do you need an architect? Explore the pros and cons, and learn about cost-saving alternatives.

Why Hire a Professional Architect
A good architect will anticipate your needs - even if you are not sure how to express them. Page 2.

Cape Cod Traditional House Styles (1600-1950)
Is your house a Cape Cod? Learn about Cape Cod houses and find out how to identify the Cape Cod style.

How to Find the Best School for Architecture
How do you choose the best college or university for studying architecture and design? Explore these tips and resources from professional architects.

How to Pick the Best Home Design Software Program
You don't have to be a computer whiz to use home design software. But follow these tips to find the software that's right for your skills and needs.

Ranch Style Pattern Book Floor Plans
See floor plans and historic advertising flyers for Ranch houses built during the 1950s. Learn about mid-twentieth century housing in the USA.

Marketing the Ranchero to 1950s America
The name of this house, Ranchero, perfectly describes its marketing to 1950s America.

Starlight Western or Ranch Style Floor Plans
The attached garage on this traditional 1950s ranch style home gives the floor plan a wider, horizontal feel.

Ranch House With a Wall of Windows
This floor plan allows a better view of not only the porch and terraces, but also the placement of the windows in this ranch's living area.

Floor Plan for a Ranch Style Home Under 900 Square Feet
An unusual roof creates the illusion of great width for this ranch-type house from the 1950s.

The Glory of a Narrow Ranch Style House
Plans for this 1950s ranch house prove that you don't need a wide lot to build a rambling ranch home.

Split-Level Ranch Style Floor Plans
The floor plan of the split-level ranch seems to indicate that the third level of Level III may be the basement. Take a look. You decide.

Floor Plans for a Modern Ranch House
The towering chimney of this ranch style home interrupts the wide front gable but does not destroy its visual width.

A Western Bungalow Ranch Style Floor Plan
Perhaps the front roof overhang allows this plan to be called a typical Western bungalow. Take a look and you decide for yourself.

5 Steps to Building Your New Home
Before you build, make sure you follow these five steps.

High School Subjects for Careers in Architecture
While still in high school, aspiring architects should plan a strong college preparatory program. Think about taking these courses.

Build on a Budget - Cut Costs When You Build or Remodel
How much will your building or remodeling project cost? Maybe less than you think! Here's how to cut costs without compromising comfort and beauty.

Build on a Budget - Cut Costs When You Build or Remodel
How much will your building or remodeling project cost? Maybe less than you think! Here's how to cut costs without compromising comfort and beauty.

The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse St. Augustine Florida
This tiny house in Saint Augustine, Florida is thought to be the oldest wood school building in the United States. By examining its construction, you can see how buildings were made in America's colonies.

America's Oldest Schoolhouse Today - St. Augustine Travel
Today, the St. Augustine schoolhouse resembles a theme park attraction. Mechanized figures dressed in 18th century attire greet visitors and describe a typical school day. Children can receive make-believe diplomas. But America's

Colonial Construction in St. Augustine, Florida - Oldest Schoolhouse
The schoolhouse in St. Augustine is constructed of pest-resistant red cedar and cypress timbers secured with wooden pegs.

Does Architecture Pay? Advice to a Student
Architect earnings aren't high right now. Should this worried student change his job search and career plans? Here's our advice.

Tallest Buildings in the World - Skyscraper Ranks
A comprehensive chart showing statistics of the tallest buildings in the world, with more than 100 skyscrapers compared, including several skyscrapers still under construction.

Historic House Designs - Trends in New Construction
American's love of Victorian and Country cottage homes can be satisfied with new construction. Explore the designs of old-fashioned new buildings.

New Old Houses - Build a New Old House
Are you dreaming of building a new house that resembles a historic older home? Check out these house plans and building guides.

Neo-Victorian House Style - New Houses That Look Victorian
The Inn at the Park in South Haven, Michigan illustrates Neo-Victorian architecture. Learn about American homes designed to resemble older buildings.

Historic House Plans - Finding Plans for Your New Old House
Just about any historic style can be incorporated into a new, or Neo, home design. Find building plans for the Neo houses.

Multi-Generational Housing Design - Old Ideas for New Communities
New construction often mimics older house styles, but builders are also copying communities of the past. Multi-generational housing is a new old idea.

Celebration Florida - Disney's Dream Town
Walt Disney's vision of Utopia was realized by some of the most famous architects in the world. Join us for a photo tour of the ideal Celebration, FL.

Town Center in Celebration FL
Learn about the master plan for Celebration, Florida and the Celebration Town Center that was designed by world-famous architects.

Celebration Post Office by Michael Graves
See the unusual silo-shaped postmodernist post office that architect Michael Graves designed for Celebration, FL.

Celebration FL Post Office Interior
What was architect Michael Graves thinking? See inside the strange, circular post office in Celebration, FL.

Celebration Town Hall by Philip Johnson
See the amusing, postmodernist Celebration Town hall designed by architect Philip Johnson for Disney's planned community.

Stetson University Center in Celebration FL
See the semi-circular Stetson University Center in Celebration, Florida, Disney's planned community.

Celebration Bank by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown
See the retro, 1950s style bank that partners Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown designed for the Disney town of Celebration, FL.

Celebration Hotel by Graham Gund
Graham Gund designed a postmodernist hotel for Celebration, Florida hotel. Learn more about the town that Disney built.

Neotraditional Homes in Celebration FL
Learn about the neotraditional house styles in the Disney-made town of Celebration, Florida.

Googie Cinema in Celebration FL by Cesar Pelli
See the retro Googie style bank in Celebration, Florida designed by Cesar Pelli & Associates.

What Is the World's Tallest Building?
What is the world's tallest building? It depends on who does the measuring! Find answers here.

Burj Khalifa - World's Tallest Building
Burj Khalifa, also known as Burj Dubai or Dubai Tower, is now the tallest building in the world.

Chinese House - Yin Yu Tang, a Traditional Chinese House
Built 200 years ago for a wealthy merchant in the Chinese village of Huang Cun, Yin Yu Tang is the first Chinese house brought from China to the U.S.

Historic Reconstruction of Chinese House - Reconstructing a Chinese House
Architects, conservators, and craftspeople faced many challenges in recreating the eighteenth century Chinese home, Yin Yu Tang.

Visit a Traditional Chinese House Details - Visitor Information for Yin Yu Tang
Visit a Traditional Chinese House - Visitor Information for Yin Yu Tang at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

Traditional Chinese House Details - Yin Yu Tang, a Traditional Chinese House
The ancient laws of feng shui acted as guiding principles in the construction of Yin Yu Tang, a traditional Chinese House.

Italianate House Picture
Picture of an Italianate style house. Page 13.

Minimal Traditional Style House Floor Plans
Minimal Traditional describes a simple style of American home built between the World Wars. Explore the history of this style and see floor plans.

Full Front Gables
Many Minimal Traditional house styles are side gable with one front gable, but this plan has three front gables and no side gables. Compare plans.

Floor Plans for a Small, Mid-Century House
An attached garage is a 1950s added feature of this Minimal Traditional house design.

House Plans for a Petite Modern Bungalow
Described as a petite modern bungalow, this minimal traditional home plan has mass appeal to an upwardly mobile American population.

Minimal Traditional Ranch-Like Home Plan
This simple but charming mid-twentieth-century small home has a floor plan for a growing family. See the plan.

Minimal Traditional House Plan Includes Front Vestibule
A very wide front-facing cross gable allowed the architect to include a vestibule in this house plan. Compare this design with others in this series.

Traditional '50s House Plans - Small Brick House
A charming Minimal Traditional design was perfect for a growing America and is still perfect for an American population now downsizing. See house plan

Minimal Cape Cod Charm
This Minimal Traditional house style has features of both a Cape Cod and a Neocolonial home. See the historic plans.

Minimal Modern House Plan
Minimal Traditional homes are sometimes called Minimal Modern, and this Modified Contemporary Design shows the reason why.

Maximizing a Minimal Traditional House Plan
Minimal decoration and traditional, simple design are characteristic of the Minimal Traditional style, yet some plans had a few architectural details.

Architect Definition - What Does an Architect Do?
You might be surprised at all architects do. Here are examples and resources to help you choose an architect for your building or design project.

What's under the grass on that roof?
Learn the basics of green roof architecture with this quick guide, complete with links to many references.

Michael Jackson Closes Neverland Ranch
During his time at Neverland, Michael Jackson added an odd mix of fanciful, childlike buildings and attractions. Learn more and see photos.

Michael Jackson Builds Neverland
Michael Jackson turned 2,676 acres into a Disneyesque fantasyland at Neverland Ranch in southern California. Learn more and see photos of Neverland.

Michael Jackson's Amusement Park at Neverland
Michael Jackson's Neverland was his home and also a private amusement park. Learn about Netherland Ranch and see photos.

Home as Castle: Creating a Man-Made Oasis at Neverland
Singer celebrity Michael Jackson transformed an arid plot of land into an oasis of entertainment. Is this so different from what others have done?

The Leinster House in Ireland and the White House in Washington DC and Stormont Parliament Buildings in Belfast
The Leinster House is an architectural twin to America's presidential home. How did that happen? Learn about connections between Ireland and the U.S.

The White House in Washington DC - Compare the White House to the Leinster House and to Stormont
The front facade of the White House in Washington, DC shares many features with the Leinster House in Dublin, Ireland. Here are the similarities.

Surprising Facts About the White House in Washington DC
How much do you know about America's White House - really? Check out these surprising facts.

House Paint Color Pictures - Yellow and Gold House Paint Colors
Sunny yellow and gold colors will give nearly any house an aura of warmth. Yellows are also highly adaptable, harmonizing well with brick and stone. Browse these house paint color pictures for ideas on how to use yellow and gold colors in your house painting project.

CAD and BIM Definitions With Examples
The future of architecture lies in CAD and BIM technologies. Learn the meaning of these acronyms and find examples and resources.

Yellow and Gold House Paint Colors - Yellow Bungalow With White Trim - Paint Color Ideas for Your House
The paint colors on this bungalow are drawn from the yellow and blue flowers blooming in the front yard. Page 6.

Romantic Castles - World's Most Romantic Castles
For castle lovers everywhere, here's a roundup of the world's most romantic castles, with links to photos and resources.

Find the Plans for Your Old House
How to find the original building plans for your old house, with tips and resources.

House Paint Color Guide - Paint Color Ideas for Your House
What color should you paint your house? Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for house paint color advice and ideas.

What Is Renaissance Architecture?
An easy-to-follow introduction to Renaissance architecture in Italy and Europe, with resources for learning more.

Definition of Column and Classical Columns
Definition and illustrations for classical columns, Doric columns, Ionic columns, Corinthian columns, Tuscan columns, and other column designs.

Opposites in Architecture - Buildings that Mix Styles and Materials
Even the greatest architects have been known to create uneasy partnerships

Building Your New Home - Always Ask These Questions
Before you hire a builder for your new house, be sure that you can answer each of these important questions. Page 2.

Guest Writer Ralph Liebing - Guest Writer Profile
Guest writer Ralph Liebing was a Senior Architect and Specifications Specialist in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was a lifelong teacher of code compliance.

USCG-HQ at St. Elizabeths
The U.S. federal government is investing in Green Roof technologies. The 2013 campus built for the Coast Guard in Washington, DC is a prime example.

USCG-HQ Sustainable Development
What makes a sustainable community? Find out why the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters has been called a great example of sustainable development.

USCG-HQ Natural Elements of Brick, Stone, Glass, and Earth
Natural building materials are seen in the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC. See campus photos of stone, brick, glass and earth.

USCG-HQ Plantings on Green Roof
Green Roof systems on the U.S. Coast Guard HQ are extensive and intensive, using local plantings irrigated by recycled stormwater. See a photo tour.

USCG-HQ - A New Trend in Public Architecture
The 2013 U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C. is an example of a new direction in public architecture - building green to save the earth.

USCG-HQ Green Roof Specifications
Sedam mats are planted along the roof perimeter of the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters. Sedam borders the wild grasses in the middle of the Green Roof.

USCG-HQ is Organically Built Into a Hillside
The Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C. is built in levels. Many of the buildings, integrated into the hillside, have Green Roof Systems,

Exterior Siding Options for Your House
What type of material should you use when you install siding on your house? Compare these options.

The 1900 House - Victorian Floor Plans
Victorian houses may be beautiful... But could you live in one? Here are floor plans for a famous TV house, plus a choice collection of Victorian house plans you can view on the Web.

Life in a 1900 House - Living in a Victorian House
The adventurous Bowler family volunteered to spend three months in a Victorian townhouse for a British television series, Here's what happened.

Floor Plan and Layout of the Victorian 1900 House
The 1900 House from the British television series is a late-Victorian terraced townhouse in Greenwich, a suburb of London. Here are the floor plans.

Victorian Floor Plans - Floor Plans of Victorian Houses
Could you live in a house built in the 19th century? Here are links to floor plans of Victorian houses.

Modern Architect Charles Gwathmey
With Robert Siegel, Charles Gwathmey was a partner in the New York firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates. Learn more about Gwathmey and the New York Five.

Michael Graves - Postmodern Architect and Product Designer
Learn about the life and works of postmodern architect Michael Graves, known for his product designs and whimsical buildings.

Neoclassical Architecture at Stormont in Belfast -- Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings
Fronted in Portland stone and ornamented with statues and carvings, Stormont in Northern Ireland shares similarities with many neoclassical buildings.

Definition of an Eave - Architecture Glossary
Illustrated definition of the word Eave from our Architecture Glossary.

Chicago Bungalow
Learn about the distinctive bungalow architecture of Chicago. Page 19.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC
Learn about the famous memorial to America's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, in Washington DC. Page 14.

Washington DC Buildings - Famous Buildings in Washington, DC - Washington DC Architecture
The United States is often called a cultural melting pot, and the architecture of its capital city, Washington, DC, is truly an international blend. As you browse these photos, look for the influences of ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Rome, medieval Europe, 19th century France, and other distant times and places.

Definition of Doric Column - Architecture Glossary
What is a Doric column? Learn about the Doric Order, the Doric column style, and facts about Doric columns.

House Paint Color Color Guide - Nature's Colors - Garden-Inspired House Colors
A colorful garden inspired the paint color for this cheerful bungalow. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 4.

Basilique Saint-Denis in Paris - Photo of Basilique Saint-Denis - the Church of St. Denis
The Church of Saint-Denis became a model for most of the late 12th-century French cathedrals, including those at Chartres and Senlis. Page 24.

Architectural Drawings by Famous Architects
How does an architect's idea move from the mind to the construction site? Most likely hundreds of pieces of paper are involved. Here is a sampling.

"Smart House" - Definition of Architecture Terms
What do we mean when we call a house smart? Learn about smart home technologies and home automation systems.

Queen Anne Architecture - Victorian Houses in the US
The phrase Queen Anne suggests British royalty, but don't be confused! Here are facts about a popular American architecture during the Victorian era.

Guest Writer Ken Katuin - Guest Writer Profile
Guest Writer Ken Katuin was president of and editor of the company's newsletter,

Create Built-in Seating for Extra Storage Space
Create extra storage space with built-in seating. Here are tips.

Find Storage Space - Add Storage Near Your Ceilings
Tall ceilings can be used to carve out more storage space in your home.