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The World Trade Center Memorial: Winning Designs
The competition to design a memorial honoring those who died in the terrorist attacks at the New York World Trade Center inspired an astonishing 5,201 proposals

Monticello - Virginia Home of Thomas Jefferson
See the Virginia home of Thomas Jefferson and find facts about its architecture. Page 12.

Robert A.M. Stern - Postmodern Architect
Architect Robert A. M. Stern designs buildings that express affection for the past, from buildings for Disney to the Presidential Library of G.W.Bush.

Skyscraper Pictures - The Woolworth Building
Learn about the Gothic Revival Woolworth Building in New York City. Page 6.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California - World's Great Bridges - Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California was the world's longest suspension bridge when it opened on May 27, 1937 - but is it golden? Page 3.

World's Great Bridges - Photos of the World Great Bridges
Find photos, facts, and statistics for the world's great bridges.

Trident Beams at the National 9/11 Museum Pavilion
This artist's rendering shows a close up view of trident beams salvaged from Ground Zero. The National 9/11 will display the beams in a glass atrium at the entrance.

National 9/11 Memorial - Michael Arad and Reflecting Absence
The National 9/11 Memorial, originally named Reflecting Absence, went through many revisions. Why did architect Michael Arad change his plan?

9/11/01 - 5/21/14 - Photo Timeline of Destruction and Reconstruction in New York
A year-by year chronology of reconstruction in New York, beginning with the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 and continuing through the most recent anniversary of progress.

9/11/01 - 5/21/14 - Photo Timeline of Destruction and Reconstruction in New York
A year-by year chronology of reconstruction in New York, beginning with the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 and continuing through the most recent anniversary of progress.

Snohetta - About Snøhetta, Architects
Based in Norway, the Sn°hetta architecture firm has completed major projects around the world. Learn about the amazing buildings designed by Snohetta.

How to Find House Plans
Looking for plans for your dream home? Begin by exploring these options.

Free Architecture Courses on the Web
Hundreds of colleges and universities around the world offer free downloads of popular courses in architecture, urban design, and engineering. Check out the best of the best.

Career Paths for Those Majoring in Architecture
Architecture offers many different career paths. Learn about the jobs related to buildings and design.

Where are the best colleges to study architecture
A frequently asked question is where to study architecture. The answer may surprise you. Preparing for a career in architecture is highly personal.

Do I Need an Architect for My New Home?
You are building a new home. Do you need an architect? Explore the pros and cons, and learn about cost-saving alternatives.

Why Hire a Professional Architect
A good architect will anticipate your needs - even if you are not sure how to express them. Page 2.

Cape Cod Traditional House Styles (1600-1950)
Is your house a Cape Cod? Learn about Cape Cod houses and find out how to identify the Cape Cod style.

How to Find the Best School for Architecture
How do you choose the best college or university for studying architecture and design? Explore these tips and resources from professional architects.

How to Pick the Best Home Design Software Program
You don't have to be a computer whiz to use home design software. But follow these tips to find the software that's right for your skills and needs.

Ranch Style Pattern Book Floor Plans
See floor plans and historic advertising flyers for Ranch houses built during the 1950s. Learn about mid-twentieth century housing in the USA.

Marketing the Ranchero to 1950s America
The name of this house, Ranchero, perfectly describes its marketing to 1950s America.

Starlight Western or Ranch Style Floor Plans
The attached garage on this traditional 1950s ranch style home gives the floor plan a wider, horizontal feel.

Ranch House With a Wall of Windows
This floor plan allows a better view of not only the porch and terraces, but also the placement of the windows in this ranch's living area.

Floor Plan for a Ranch Style Home Under 900 Square Feet
An unusual roof creates the illusion of great width for this ranch-type house from the 1950s.

The Glory of a Narrow Ranch Style House
Plans for this 1950s ranch house prove that you don't need a wide lot to build a rambling ranch home.

Split-Level Ranch Style Floor Plans
The floor plan of the split-level ranch seems to indicate that the third level of Level III may be the basement. Take a look. You decide.

Floor Plans for a Modern Ranch House
The towering chimney of this ranch style home interrupts the wide front gable but does not destroy its visual width.

A Western Bungalow Ranch Style Floor Plan
Perhaps the front roof overhang allows this plan to be called a typical Western bungalow. Take a look and you decide for yourself.

5 Steps to Building Your New Home
Before you build, make sure you follow these five steps.

High School Subjects for Careers in Architecture
While still in high school, aspiring architects should plan a strong college preparatory program. Think about taking these courses.

Build on a Budget - Cut Costs When You Build or Remodel
How much will your building or remodeling project cost? Maybe less than you think! Here's how to cut costs without compromising comfort and beauty.

Build on a Budget - Cut Costs When You Build or Remodel
How much will your building or remodeling project cost? Maybe less than you think! Here's how to cut costs without compromising comfort and beauty.

The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse St. Augustine Florida
This tiny house in Saint Augustine, Florida is thought to be the oldest wood school building in the United States. By examining its construction, you can see how buildings were made in America's colonies.

America's Oldest Schoolhouse Today - St. Augustine Travel
Today, the St. Augustine schoolhouse resembles a theme park attraction. Mechanized figures dressed in 18th century attire greet visitors and describe a typical school day. Children can receive make-believe diplomas. But America's

Colonial Construction in St. Augustine, Florida - Oldest Schoolhouse
The schoolhouse in St. Augustine is constructed of pest-resistant red cedar and cypress timbers secured with wooden pegs.

Does Architecture Pay? Advice to a Student
Architect earnings aren't high right now. Should this worried student change his job search and career plans? Here's our advice.

Tallest Buildings in the World - Skyscraper Ranks
A comprehensive chart showing statistics of the tallest buildings in the world, with more than 100 skyscrapers compared, including several skyscrapers still under construction.

Historic House Designs - Trends in New Construction
American's love of Victorian and Country cottage homes can be satisfied with new construction. Explore the designs of old-fashioned new buildings.

New Old Houses - Build a New Old House
Are you dreaming of building a new house that resembles a historic older home? Check out these house plans and building guides.

Neo-Victorian House Style - New Houses That Look Victorian
The Inn at the Park in South Haven, Michigan illustrates Neo-Victorian architecture. Learn about American homes designed to resemble older buildings.

Historic House Plans - Finding Plans for Your New Old House
Just about any historic style can be incorporated into a new, or Neo, home design. Find building plans for the Neo houses.

Multi-Generational Housing Design - Old Ideas for New Communities
New construction often mimics older house styles, but builders are also copying communities of the past. Multi-generational housing is a new old idea.

What Is Architecture? Definition and Resources
Definition of the word Architecture, with links, quotes, and resources, from our Architecture Glossary.

Celebration Florida - Disney's Dream Town
Walt Disney's vision of Utopia was realized by some of the most famous architects in the world. Join us for a photo tour of the ideal Celebration, FL.

Town Center in Celebration FL
Learn about the master plan for Celebration, Florida and the Celebration Town Center that was designed by world-famous architects.

Celebration Post Office by Michael Graves
See the unusual silo-shaped postmodernist post office that architect Michael Graves designed for Celebration, FL.

Celebration FL Post Office Interior
What was architect Michael Graves thinking? See inside the strange, circular post office in Celebration, FL.

Celebration Town Hall by Philip Johnson
See the amusing, postmodernist Celebration Town hall designed by architect Philip Johnson for Disney's planned community.

Stetson University Center in Celebration FL
See the semi-circular Stetson University Center in Celebration, Florida, Disney's planned community.

Celebration Bank by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown
See the retro, 1950s style bank that partners Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown designed for the Disney town of Celebration, FL.

Celebration Hotel by Graham Gund
Graham Gund designed a postmodernist hotel for Celebration, Florida hotel. Learn more about the town that Disney built.

Neotraditional Homes in Celebration FL
Learn about the neotraditional house styles in the Disney-made town of Celebration, Florida.

Googie Cinema in Celebration FL by Cesar Pelli
See the retro Googie style bank in Celebration, Florida designed by Cesar Pelli & Associates.

What Is the World's Tallest Building?
What is the world's tallest building? It depends on who does the measuring! Find answers here.

Burj Khalifa - World's Tallest Building
Burj Khalifa, also known as Burj Dubai or Dubai Tower, is now the tallest building in the world.

Chinese House - Yin Yu Tang, a Traditional Chinese House
Built 200 years ago for a wealthy merchant in the Chinese village of Huang Cun, Yin Yu Tang is the first Chinese house brought from China to the U.S.

Historic Reconstruction of Chinese House - Reconstructing a Chinese House
Architects, conservators, and craftspeople faced many challenges in recreating the eighteenth century Chinese home, Yin Yu Tang.

Visit a Traditional Chinese House Details - Visitor Information for Yin Yu Tang
Visit a Traditional Chinese House - Visitor Information for Yin Yu Tang at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

Traditional Chinese House Details - Yin Yu Tang, a Traditional Chinese House
The ancient laws of feng shui acted as guiding principles in the construction of Yin Yu Tang, a traditional Chinese House.

Italianate House Picture
Picture of an Italianate style house. Page 13.

Minimal Traditional Style House Floor Plans
Minimal Traditional describes a simple style of American home built between the World Wars. Explore the history of this style and see floor plans.

Full Front Gables
Many Minimal Traditional house styles are side gable with one front gable, but this plan has three front gables and no side gables. Compare plans.

Floor Plans for a Small, Mid-Century House
An attached garage is a 1950s added feature of this Minimal Traditional house design.

House Plans for a Petite Modern Bungalow
Described as a petite modern bungalow, this minimal traditional home plan has mass appeal to an upwardly mobile American population.

Minimal Traditional Ranch-Like Home Plan
This simple but charming mid-twentieth-century small home has a floor plan for a growing family. See the plan.

Minimal Traditional House Plan Includes Front Vestibule
A very wide front-facing cross gable allowed the architect to include a vestibule in this house plan. Compare this design with others in this series.

Traditional '50s House Plans - Small Brick House
A charming Minimal Traditional design was perfect for a growing America and is still perfect for an American population now downsizing. See house plan

Minimal Cape Cod Charm
This Minimal Traditional house style has features of both a Cape Cod and a Neocolonial home. See the historic plans.

Minimal Modern House Plan
Minimal Traditional homes are sometimes called Minimal Modern, and this Modified Contemporary Design shows the reason why.

Maximizing a Minimal Traditional House Plan
Minimal decoration and traditional, simple design are characteristic of the Minimal Traditional style, yet some plans had a few architectural details.

Architect Definition - What Does an Architect Do?
You might be surprised at all architects do. Here are examples and resources to help you choose an architect for your building or design project.

What's under the grass on that roof?
Learn the basics of green roof architecture with this quick guide, complete with links to many references.

Michael Jackson Closes Neverland Ranch
During his time at Neverland, Michael Jackson added an odd mix of fanciful, childlike buildings and attractions. Learn more and see photos.

Michael Jackson Builds Neverland
Michael Jackson turned 2,676 acres into a Disneyesque fantasyland at Neverland Ranch in southern California. Learn more and see photos of Neverland.

Michael Jackson's Amusement Park at Neverland
Michael Jackson's Neverland was his home and also a private amusement park. Learn about Netherland Ranch and see photos.

Home as Castle: Creating a Man-Made Oasis at Neverland
Singer celebrity Michael Jackson transformed an arid plot of land into an oasis of entertainment. Is this so different from what others have done?

The Leinster House in Ireland and the White House in Washington DC and Stormont Parliament Buildings in Belfast
The Leinster House is an architectural twin to America's presidential home. How did that happen? Learn about connections between Ireland and the U.S.

The White House in Washington DC - Compare the White House to the Leinster House and to Stormont
The front facade of the White House in Washington, DC shares many features with the Leinster House in Dublin, Ireland. Here are the similarities.

Surprising Facts About the White House in Washington DC
How much do you know about America's White House - really? Check out these surprising facts.

House Paint Color Pictures - Yellow and Gold House Paint Colors
Sunny yellow and gold colors will give nearly any house an aura of warmth. Yellows are also highly adaptable, harmonizing well with brick and stone. Browse these house paint color pictures for ideas on how to use yellow and gold colors in your house painting project.

CAD and BIM Definitions With Examples
The future of architecture lies in CAD and BIM technologies. Learn the meaning of these acronyms and find examples and resources.

Yellow and Gold House Paint Colors - Yellow Bungalow With White Trim - Paint Color Ideas for Your House
The paint colors on this bungalow are drawn from the yellow and blue flowers blooming in the front yard. Page 6.

Romantic Castles - World's Most Romantic Castles
For castle lovers everywhere, here's a roundup of the world's most romantic castles, with links to photos and resources.

Find the Plans for Your Old House
How to find the original building plans for your old house, with tips and resources.

House Paint Color Guide - Paint Color Ideas for Your House
What color should you paint your house? Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for house paint color advice and ideas.

What Is Renaissance Architecture?
An easy-to-follow introduction to Renaissance architecture in Italy and Europe, with resources for learning more.

Definition of Column and Classical Columns
Definition and illustrations for classical columns, Doric columns, Ionic columns, Corinthian columns, Tuscan columns, and other column designs.

Opposites in Architecture - Buildings that Mix Styles and Materials
Even the greatest architects have been known to create uneasy partnerships

Building Your New Home - Always Ask These Questions
Before you hire a builder for your new house, be sure that you can answer each of these important questions. Page 2.

Guest Writer Ralph Liebing - Guest Writer Profile
Guest writer Ralph Liebing was a Senior Architect and Specifications Specialist in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was a lifelong teacher of code compliance.

USCG-HQ at St. Elizabeths
The U.S. federal government is investing in Green Roof technologies. The 2013 campus built for the Coast Guard in Washington, DC is a prime example.

USCG-HQ Sustainable Development
What makes a sustainable community? Find out why the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters has been called a great example of sustainable development.

USCG-HQ Natural Elements of Brick, Stone, Glass, and Earth
Natural building materials are seen in the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC. See campus photos of stone, brick, glass and earth.

USCG-HQ Plantings on Green Roof
Green Roof systems on the U.S. Coast Guard HQ are extensive and intensive, using local plantings irrigated by recycled stormwater. See a photo tour.

USCG-HQ - A New Trend in Public Architecture
The 2013 U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C. is an example of a new direction in public architecture - building green to save the earth.

USCG-HQ Green Roof Specifications
Sedam mats are planted along the roof perimeter of the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters. Sedam borders the wild grasses in the middle of the Green Roof.

USCG-HQ is Organically Built Into a Hillside
The Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C. is built in levels. Many of the buildings, integrated into the hillside, have Green Roof Systems,

Exterior Siding Options for Your House
What type of material should you use when you install siding on your house? Compare these options.

The 1900 House - Victorian Floor Plans
Victorian houses may be beautiful... But could you live in one? Here are floor plans for a famous TV house, plus a choice collection of Victorian house plans you can view on the Web.

Life in a 1900 House - Living in a Victorian House
The adventurous Bowler family volunteered to spend three months in a Victorian townhouse for a British television series, Here's what happened.

Floor Plan and Layout of the Victorian 1900 House
The 1900 House from the British television series is a late-Victorian terraced townhouse in Greenwich, a suburb of London. Here are the floor plans.

Victorian Floor Plans - Floor Plans of Victorian Houses
Could you live in a house built in the 19th century? Here are links to floor plans of Victorian houses.

Modern Architect Charles Gwathmey
With Robert Siegel, Charles Gwathmey was a partner in the New York firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates. Learn more about Gwathmey and the New York Five.

Michael Graves - Postmodern Architect and Product Designer
Learn about the life and works of postmodern architect Michael Graves, known for his product designs and whimsical buildings.

Neoclassical Architecture at Stormont in Belfast -- Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings
Fronted in Portland stone and ornamented with statues and carvings, Stormont in Northern Ireland shares similarities with many neoclassical buildings.

Architect Oscar Niemeyer of Brazil
The Pritzker Prize winning architect Oscar Niemeyer is a modernist who transformed Brazil. Learn more.

Definition of an Eave - Architecture Glossary
Illustrated definition of the word Eave from our Architecture Glossary.

Chicago Bungalow
Learn about the distinctive bungalow architecture of Chicago. Page 19.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC
Learn about the famous memorial to America's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, in Washington DC. Page 14.

Washington DC Buildings - Famous Buildings in Washington, DC - Washington DC Architecture
The United States is often called a cultural melting pot, and the architecture of its capital city, Washington, DC, is truly an international blend. As you browse these photos, look for the influences of ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Rome, medieval Europe, 19th century France, and other distant times and places.

Definition of Doric Column - Architecture Glossary
What is a Doric column? Learn about the Doric Order, the Doric column style, and facts about Doric columns.

House Paint Color Color Guide - Nature's Colors - Garden-Inspired House Colors
A colorful garden inspired the paint color for this cheerful bungalow. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 4.

Basilique Saint-Denis in Paris - Photo of Basilique Saint-Denis - the Church of St. Denis
The Church of Saint-Denis became a model for most of the late 12th-century French cathedrals, including those at Chartres and Senlis. Page 24.

Architectural Drawings by Famous Architects
How does an architect's idea move from the mind to the construction site? Most likely hundreds of pieces of paper are involved. Here is a sampling.

"Smart House" - Definition of Architecture Terms
What do we mean when we call a house smart? Learn about smart home technologies and home automation systems.

Queen Anne Architecture - Victorian Houses in the US
The phrase Queen Anne suggests British royalty, but don't be confused! Here are facts about a popular American architecture during the Victorian era.

Guest Writer Ken Katuin - Guest Writer Profile
Guest Writer Ken Katuin was president of and editor of the company's newsletter,

Robert Siegel, Modern Architect
Until the death of Charles Gwathmey, Robert Siegel was best known as a partner in the New York firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates.

Create Built-in Seating for Extra Storage Space
Create extra storage space with built-in seating. Here are tips.

Find Storage Space - Add Storage Near Your Ceilings
Tall ceilings can be used to carve out more storage space in your home.

Linen Cabinets - Plan for storage in your new bathroom
Make sure to plan for storage in your new bathroom. Here are tips.

Find Storage Space - Create More Storage With a Kitchen Island
A small island makes a perfect place for extra storage. Here are tips.

Find Storage Space - Add Storage Space in the Walls
Need more room? Install a recessed cabinet! Recessed cabinets are designed to fit between the 16 inch studs found in most homes. Learn how to do it.

Find Storage Space - Add Storage Under The Stairs
Use the space beneath your stairs for extra storage.

Are You a New Urbanist - Answers For Our Cities From a New Urbanist
New Urbanist thinker James Howard Kunstler says our cities have become unattractive and inhumane. Do you agree or disagree? Speak your mind.

Profile of Australian Architect Glenn Murcutt
Australian architect Glenn Murcutt pours his creativity into small, economical projects that conserve energy and blend with the environment. Learn about the work of Glenn Marcutt and see photos of his buildings.

Guest Writer L. Alkire - Guest Writer Profile
Guest Writer L. Alkire is a freelance writer and DIY enthusiast.

Architecture Guest Writer Profile Sue Freeman
Guest Writer Sue Freeman is the author of guidebooks on where to hike, bike, ski, find waterfalls, and explore cobblestone in parts of New York State.

Cobblestone Houses
Stone houses can be found in many parts of the world, but New York's cobblestone houses are unique. Learn more about these interesting buildings

Checklist for Healthy Design - Healthy Home Checklist
A home that is healthy nourishes body, mind, and spirit. Begin with these guidelines. Page 2.

How to Design a Healthy Home
Lay the foundation for a home that nourishes your physical and emotional well-being.

Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Complete Listing
What did Frank Lloyd Wright build? This index lists all the intact projects that Wright completed during his lifetime.

Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael California by Frank Lloyd Wright
See a historic photo of the curving Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, California. Learn more about this unusual building by Frank Lloyd Wright.. Page 5.

Ieoh Ming Pei, Architect
Begin exploring the life and works of Pritzker Prize winning architect I.M. Pei, from City Hall in Dallas to Cleveland's Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

Longaberger Company Headquarters, Ohio
Longabergers has made handcrafted picnic baskets for decades, so when the Ohio-based company designed a corporate headquarters, what did it look like?

Olmsted-Designed Delaware Park in Buffalo, New York
Ten years after Central Park in NYC, Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. and Calvert Vaux designed Delaware Park for the city of Buffalo. That wasn't all.

Olmsted Landscapes -- Learning About Landscape Architecture
Landscape architecture helps teach life skills, especially the value of detailed planning. Frederick Law Olmsted's business provides a model.

Olmsted-Designed Franklin Park in Boston, Massachusetts
Franklin Park is the largest element in Frederick Law Olmsted's Emerald Necklace of linked parks and waterways in the Boston area.

Olmsted-Designed Jackson Park in Chicago, Illinois
Olmsted's landscape architecture business designed the South Park area in Chicago around marshes, lagoons, and the shores of Lake Michigan.

Olmsted-Designed Lake Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Olmsted designed Lake Park around the North Point Lighthouse on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Olmsted-Designed Volunteer Park in Seattle, Washington
Volunteer Park in the heart of Seattle is home to both a Conservatory and the Seattle Asian Art Museum - plus trails and playgrounds.

Olmsted-Designed Audubon Park in New Orleans, Louisiana
The Audubuon Park zoo in New Orleans is a treat for children of all ages, although some may prefer the park's golf course.

Olmsted-Designed Cherokee Park in Louisville, Kentucky
Olmsted-designed parks and parkways in Louisville began to be built in 1891.

Gehry Responds to Concert Hall Heat - Fixing Controversial Design
Frank Gehry's shiny Walt Disney Concert Hall complex was met with both adulation and concern. Find out what the neighbors thought.

Books to Help You Build Your Adobe Home
Beautiful and practical, today's adobe homes combine ancient techniques with modern technologies. Learn more with these helpful how-to guides.

Mitered - Architecture Glossary
Mitering describes a joining together of two pieces. Learn what can be mitered from our Architecture Glossary.

House Paint Colors to Match a Green Roof
See how a muted green colors complement the roof on this Victorian home. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 5.

Sverre Fehn - Norwegian Architect
Norwegian Architect Sverre Fehn was a Modernist, yet he was inspired by primitive shapes and Scandinavian tradition. Learn more about Fehn's works.

Architecture Coloring Books
These delightful coloring books introduce children to the joy of architecture.

Find Used Building Parts - Architectural Salvage
Here's a simple how-to on finding architectural salvage for your old house repair. Incorporating old parts into a new home offers historic flavor.

Work With an Architect
Building your home begins with building a relationship with your architect. These tips will help you through your building or remodeling project.

Architecture Books for Kids - How to Pick Architecture Books for Kids
Architecture books for kids are perfect when the adults are remodeling! Choose books about building and design to connect family activities.

Characteristics of a Mission Style House
Use this simple guide to help you recognize the mission or California mission style of architecture.

How To Identify Greek Revival Architecture
Look for these characteristics to recognize the Greek revival style of architecture.

Mies van der Rohe - Modern Architect
Believing that less is more, Mies van der Rohe designed rational, minimalist skyscrapers that set the standard for modernist design.

What Is Board and Batten in Architecture?
What do we mean when we talk about board and batten architecture? Answers here.

Mrs. Howard's Farmhouse Design - Victorian House Plans by a Woman
Many 19th century American farmhouses were designed by women. Here's an example, with floor plans.

Mrs. Howard's Farmhouse Design - Second Floor
Matilda W. Howard discusses the house plans she published in 1847. Here are her drawings and her commentary. Page 2.

Farmhouse Designed by a Woman - Cellar of Mrs. Howard's Farmhouse
In 1847, Matilda W. Howard won $20 for designing plans for a farmhouse. Here are her drawings and her commentary. Page 3.

Farmhouse Designed by a Woman - The Dairy of Mrs. Howard's Farmhouse
Matilda W. Howard describes the dairy of the practical farmhouse she designed in 1847. Page 4.

Forgotten Women Designers - Homes Built By Women
Some of the world's most livable homes have been designed by women. Here's a look at women-designed farmhouses in 19th century America.

House as a Mirror of Self: Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home
Once featured on Oprah, House As A Mirror of Self may not be for everyone, but Clare Cooper Marcus may take you to a dwelling you've never before been.

The Most Beautiful House in the World
In a compelling narrative, Witold Rybczynski describes how he began to build a boat shed and ended up with a new home. Review by Jackie Craven.

Guides to House Styles and Architectural Styles
These handy guides will give you the tools you need to identify house styles and architectural trends in North America.

Prefabulous + Sustainable - : Architecture Books
Author Sheri Koones discusses her book, Prefabulous + Sustainable: Building and Customizing an Affordable, Energy Efficient Home

Quai Branly Museum in Paris, France - Photo of the Musée du Quai Branly
Quai Branly Museum in Paris, France. Jean Nouvel, architect.. Page 11.

Learn about adobe and other types of earth construction, from our architecture glossary.

Old House Restoration Guides - Selected Preservation Briefs for Homeowners
These helpful guides from the US National Park Service provide valuable, detailed advice for home restoration projects.

Thomas Jefferson, Gentleman Architect
Thomas Jefferson was more than a president. Learn more about the designs and architectural influences of the great American statesman.

Choose Building Plans for Your New House or Remodeling Project
Here's a simple how-to on choosing building plans for your new house or your remodeling project

Great Architects Born in June
The month of June is a special time for the birth of architecture - or at least the birth of the architect. Here's an introduction to our newly updated calendar of architects and designers born in June.

Top 6 Log Cabin and Home Building Plans
If you'd like to build your own log home or cabin from scratch - without using a kit - these construction guides and building plans will tell you how.

Cape Cod House Plans - 1950s America Style
See floor plans and historic advertising flyers for Cape Cod houses built during the 1950s. Learn about mid-twentieth century housing in the USA.

Cape Cod Style One-and-a-Half Story Floor Plan
The Cranberry was a romantic mid-twentieth century modernization of the Cape Cod house style. See historic plans. Page 2.

Two Bedroom Brick Cape Cod Bungalow Home Plan
Explore a bungalow-type floor plan that is basically a brick Cape Cod style. Page 3.

Floor Plan for a Small Cape Cod Home
The compact plan of this 810 sq. ft. Cape Cod home exaggerates the twentieth century importance of the automobile. Page 4.

A Cape Cod or Southern Colonial Floor Plan Design
Although having many Cape Cod characteristics, this brick house would more commonly be found in the colonial southern United States. Page 5.

Modernization of a Colonial Cape Cod House Plan
This traditional Cape Cod house plan has been modernized for suburban America. Page 6.

Find Your Home's Original Floor Plan
Over the years, your home has seen many remodelings. What did it used to look like? Here's how to find out.

Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue - Goodhue and Church Architecture
American architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue revolutionized church architecture, popularized Hispanic styles, and went on to explore classical forms.

School Campuses Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted
Lucky scholars get to study at some of world's most beautiful campuses. Visit some of the campuses designed by Frederick Law Olmsted or his partners.

Add Character to Your Home
A simple how-to on adding charm and character to a bland or featureless home.

Find an Architect
You are searching for an architect. Where do you begin? Follow these simple steps to find the right architect for your project.

Frederick Law Olmsted and Landscape Architecture
Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) was a landscape architect before the profession was founded. He was a visionary who foresaw the need for national parks, devised one of America's first regional plans, and designed America's first large suburban community.

Paper Tube Frame School, 2008, Chengdu, China
Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and volunteers built temporary schools of paper tube framing after China's devastating earthquake in 2008. See photos.

Inside the Paper Tube Frame School, 2008, Chengdu, China
A temporary elementary school designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and built by volunteers after China's 2008 earthquake. Learn more. Page 2.

The Building and Remodeling Contract
Before you hire a builder, make sure the contract has certain wording and conditions.

Peter Zumthor Swiss Architect - Pritzker Prize Winner
Pritzker Prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor is often praised for the detailed craftsmanship of his designs.

A Field Guide to American Houses - Book Review
A Field Guide to American Houses by Virginia and Lee McAlester provides everything you need to recognize housing styles in the USA.

Earth Sheltered Houses
Learn about earth-sheltered homes and other types of earth construction, from our architecture glossary.

Recognize the Tudor Style of Architecture
Follow these tips to identify the Tudor revival or Tudor style of architecture.

Plan Books for Patios, Walks, and Courtyard Exterior Spaces
Planning a new patio or walkway? Before you begin laying your brick or stone patio, check out these inexpensive how-to books.

Planbooks for Spanish and Mediterranean Style Houses
Browse this page for building plans books for Spanish and Mediterranean Style homes. Or follow the links for information about Spanish and Mediterranean architecture.

Books About Sexuality in Architecture
Want to study the role of gender and sex in building design? These books offer points of view you may not have realized.

Books About Urban Design
Must-Read Books About Urban Design: the classic texts on urban planning, urban design, and New Urbanism.

Charles and Ray Eames - American Designers
The husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames are most famous for their furniture, but they also made important contributions to architecture.

Richard Neutra and the International Style and Desert Modernism
Born and educated in Europe, Richard Neutra introduced the International Style to America, and also introduced Los Angeles design to Europe.

Toyo Ito, 2013 Pritzker Laureate
Toyo Ito was awarded the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize for designs that are both unique and universal. Learn more about this Japanese architect.

Deck Building Books and Manuals
Before you build your new deck, check out these great books for photos, drawings, and construction plans.

Florence Knoll, Architect of Mid-Century Corporate Interiors
Florence Knoll transformed modern office spaces by integrating interior design with architectural design. Learn more about this mid-century pioneer.

Definition of Mimetic Architecture
Those strange buildings shaped like flying saucers or hot dogs have a name, and a history. Learn about fun and fascinating Mimetic Architecture.

John Augustus Roebling
German-born John Augustus Roebling became famous for building suspension bridges, but his patents for wire ropes made him wealthy.

Cass Gilbert - Architect of Skyscrapers and Capitols
Historic themes combine with modern ideas in the architecture of Cass Gilbert, designer of the Woolworth Building and U.S. Supreme Court.

The Washington Monument in Washington DC
Learn about the history of the Washington Monument and the impact of the earthquake on the Monument. Page 9.

Kevin Roche, Irish-American Architect, A Profile
Irish-American architect Kevin Roche defies the stereotype of Star-architect. Learn more about this Pritzker Laureate.

Eero Saarinen - Finnish-American Architect
Finnish-American Eero Saarinen approached architecture and furniture design with the eye of a sculptor. Learn about Saarinen's life and works.

Robert Venturi - Postmodern Architect
Find fast facts about postmodern architect Robert Venturi and learn about the work of his architecture firm, Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates.

Understanding Frank Gehry's Architecture
We can understand the architecture of Frank Gehry by how he remodeled his own home in 1978. De-construct Gehry's construction.

Frank Gehry Experiments with Aesthetics
The Gehry House was an experiment in contrasts, both materials and design. Take another look to better understand the architecture of Frank Gehry. Page 4.

Frank Gehry's Process
Although Frank Gehry's architecture may appear haphazard, the architect's process is to fully model every design. Creating chaos takes planning. Page 5.

Frank Gehry Experiments with Design
Architect Frank Gehry experimented with facade when he remodeled his own home in 1978. Exterior and interior design portrayed the unexpected. Page 2.

Frank Gehry Experiments with Materials
Frank Gehry's experimentation with industrial materials in his own home may have created a confidence that led to his signature metal facades. Page 3.

Find the Age of Your Old House
Here are the basics to researching the age of your old house.

Architecture for Travelers to Ireland and Northern Ireland
Ancient monoliths, medieval castles, arts & crafts design, and art deco architecture all find a home in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Gehry House in Santa Monica California - Frank Gehry Buildings
Architect Frank Gehry used corrugated metal and chain link when he constructed his home in Santa Monica, California. Page 10.

Book Review - Conversations With Frank Gehry by Barbara Isenberg
Review of the book Conversations With Frank Gehry by Barbara Isenberg, with information about architect Frank Gehry and links to photos of his buildings.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Home-for-All Exhibit
Toyo Ito was designing community spaces for disaster victims when he won the 2013 Pritzker Prize. Explore many projects from Ito's 40 year career.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Mikimoto
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed this store / office building for the Japanese pearl jewelry retailer. Explore projects from Ito's 40-year career. Page 10.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Funeral Hall
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed a Funeral Hall at Gifu to reflect natural elements. Explore this and other architecture from Ito's 40-year career. Page 11.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Tama Art University Library
The small curved library building at Tama Art University was designed by Toyo Ito. Explore this and other architecture from Ito's 40-year career. Page 12.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Main Stadium for the 2009 World Games
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed this 2009 Stadium to show the curves of an ancient dragon and the modern technology of solar energy. Learn more. Page 13.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Hotel Porta Fira
The Hotel Porta Fira in Barcelona, Spain, is like no other architecture by Toyo Ito. Explore this and other buildings from Ito's 40-year career. Page 14.

Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture
Japanese architect Toyo Ito rebuilt two of his most famous residential structures to become part of TIMA. Explore 40 years of Ito's architecture. Page 15.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, White U House
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed the White U House for his sister. Explore this and other selected projects from Ito's 40 year career. Page 2.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Tower of Winds
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed Tower of Winds as an experimental sculpture of light and wind. Explore projects from Ito's architectural career. Page 3.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Yatsushiro Municipal Museum
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed this municipal museum as part of the landscape, on a grassy knoll. Explore projects of this Japanese architect. Page 4.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Dome in Odate
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed the Odate Dome as a multipurpose recreational center for this farming community. Explore Ito's architecture. Page 5.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Sendai Mediatheque
Many say that Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito's breakout architectural project was the media center he designed for Sendai. Learn more. Page 6.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito was chosen to design the temporary 2002 pavilion in London's Hyde Park. Explore this and other projects from Ito's career. Page 7.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, Matsumoto Performing Arts Center
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed Matsumoto Performing Arts Center for theatre, opera, and Japanese elegance. Explore Ito's architectural career. Page 8.

Toyo Ito's Architecture, TOD'S
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed this upscale store / office building for the Japanese leather goods company, TOD'S. Explore Ito's architecture. Page 9.

Did Frank Lloyd Wright Build Your House
It's easy to be confused about which buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This FAQ page will help you distinguish the real Wrights from the pretenders.

Relaxing Home Design - Tips for Building and Remodeling and Decorating a Relaxing Home
The quest for peaceful, worry-free living has inspired a simpler, more realistic approach to home design. Follow these easy design ideas for building, remodeling, and decorating a beautiful and relaxing home.

Picture Dictionaries
Visual learners can review the important ideas in architecture and housing design with these online photo galleries, packed with pictures and descriptions.

Colorful Buildings - Brightly Colored Buildings
Serious architects in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries turned away from playful palettes, but a few rebel architects have bucked the trend. See brightly-colored buildings by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Jean Nouvel, and other rule-breakers.

Must-See Cities in the USA - Great American Cities for Architecture - Architecture Travel
As you plan your architecture trip, be sure to put these great American cities at the top of your must-see list.

Highest Toilets in the World - Bathroom Design
Where are the highest toilets in the world and how do architects and engineers design toilets for very high places?

Spooky Buildings and Scary Buildings
Prepare to be spooked! Here are some of the scariest buildings in the world. Add to our list.

Jorn Utzon Photo Tour - Buildings by Jorn Utzon
Danish architect Jorn Utzon will always be remembered for his visionary Sydney Opera House, but the shell-shaped landmark was just one part of a long career. Join us for a photo tour of Jorn Utzon's great works

Funny Buildings and Flawed Buildings and Silly Structures
Architects aren't perfect. Even the greatest architects design buildings that are impractical, absurd, or just plain funny-looking. Which buildings are the silliest? That's open for debate. Here's a short list of famous structures that have stirred controversy, outrage, and laughter.

City Parks - Landscape Design in Urban Parks
As cities grow, it has become important to set aside green space where urban dwellers can enjoy trees, flowers, lakes and rivers, and wildlife. Landscape architects work with urban planners to design city parks that integrate nature into an overall urban plan. Some city parks have zoos and planetariums. Some city parks encompass many acres of forested land. Other city parks resemble town plazas with formal gardens and fountains. Listed here are landmark examples of city park design.

Architecture Pop-Up Books
Don't you love books that open up 3-dimensional shapes? Here our favorite architecture pop-up books for readers of all ages.

Historic House Plans from Victorian Homes
During Victorian times, many builders found ideas, inspiration, and instruction from architectural planbooks by noted designers. Here are our top picks for planbooks from the Victorian era.

Best Books About Skyscrapers and Tall Buildings
These beautiful photo books about skyscrapers make great gifts for architecture enthusiasts.

Castle Books - Gift Books for Castle Lovers
For beautiful photographs and stories of about the world's great castles, check out these photo books and travel guides.

Books About Palladian Architecture
Find great books and other resources about one of the most influential architects of all time, Andrea Palladio.

Architecture Books For Kids and Children
Inspire your kids with these easy-to-read books packed with projects they can build using things they find around the house.

Adventure Movies About Skyscrapers & Famous Buildings
Since the dawn of Hollywood, highrises have played leading roles in the movies. Here are our favorite adventure movies that take place in or around skyscrapers and famous buildings.

Photo Books About Antebellum Architecture and Southern Mansions
These fascinating books have lush photos of antebellum mansions and plantation homes from the American South.

Fun and Fictional Architecture Novels
These books are fiction, but they capture the passion we associate with our homes and great buildings.

Architecture Books for Preschoolers - Children's Architecture Books
A child is never too young to begin learning about buildings and design. Written for preschoolers and beginning readers, these picture books and simple storybooks lay the foundation for understanding and appreciating the world of architecture.

Gifts for Frank Lloyd Wright Fans
These wonderful Frank Lloyd Wright gifts meet every budget, ranging from a few dollars up into the thousands.

Haunted House Books
These haunted house books will send chills down your spine.

Define and illustrate the use of the impost and impost blocks
From our architecture glossary, definition of the term impost with examples and illustrations.

Metabolism in Architecture
Metabolist architecture and futuristic urban design influenced postwar Japan and 20th century modern architecture during the 1960s and 1970s. Learn more about the metabolist movement.

Edward Durell Stone
American architect Edward D.l Stone began his career embracing modernism and the International Style. A 1940 road trip changed all that. Learn more.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fireproof House Plan
Frank Lloyd Wright's A Fireproof House for $5,000 published in Ladies Home Journal in April 1907 gave rise to similar Prairie Style designs.

Friedrich St.Florian, WWII Memorial Designer
Learn more about Austrian-born Friedrich St.Florian, design architect of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Architect Barbie - Mattel I Can Be an Architect Doll
Mattel has launched an Architect Barbie doll, complete with pink architectural models. Learn about the toy and find Barbie resources, architecture career resources, and more.

Design a Feng Shui Kitchen
What lighting and appliances should you choose for your kitchen? Architects and Feng Shui experts offer advice.

Solomonic Column and Barley-Sugar Column and Spiral Column
Definition and illustrations for Solomonic columns, also known as barley-sugar columns, spiral columns, and twisted columns.

Persian Column - About Columns in Persia and Iran
Definition and illustrations for Persian column and columns that originated in ancient Persia (now Iran).

Romanesque Revival House Style
Based on the work of Henry Hobson Richardson, Romanesque Revival Homes are grand and imposing. Learn to recognize the Romanesque style.

German-American Theodore C. Link, FAIA, Missouri's Architect
German-born architect Theodore Link is known today for his turn-of-the century public buildings, especially in St. Louis, Missouri. Learn more.

Architecture in China
This page is your guide to architecture in China, with links to must-see sights in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and other regions of mainland China.

Architecture in the Middle East - Architecture for Travelers to the Middle East
Located in the cradle of civilization, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen, Lebanon, Bahrain, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates are home to historic temples and mosques, exquisite mosaics, and innovative modern construction.

Philip Johnson - Glass House Architect
Exploring the life and works of Philip Johnson, Pritzker Prize Laureate and designer of the Seagram Building, the AT&T Headquarters, the Transco Tower, and the glass house in New Canaan, Connecticut

Julia Morgan - Architect of Hearst Castle
Your starting place for exploring the life and works of Julia Morgan, designer of Hearst Castle and one of America's most important and prolific architects.

Adolf Loos - Pioneered Modernist Architecture in Euope
Adolf Loos scorned ornamentation in architecture. Learn about his works, see photos of his buildings.

Henry Hobson Richardson, First American Architect
Learn about the life and works of American architect Henry Hobson Richardson, famous for inspiring the Victorian style known as Richardsonian Romanesque.

Getty Center by Architect Richard Meier
Fast facts for Getty Center in Los Angeles by Richard Meier, with links to photographs and detailed information.

Famous Monuments and Memorials
Browse our master index for great monuments and memorials around the world, including war memorials, memorials for veterans, September 11 memorials, and Holocaust memorials

Architecture in California - California Architecture
California and the long Pacific coast of the United States is a territory of changing landscapes and wild diversity in architectural styles. In these links and resources you will find simple adobe homes of early Spanish colonists, glitzy homes of Hollywood movie stars, groundbreaking modernist architecture, playful amusement park buildings, wacky googie structures, and many other interesting and unusual building types.

Architecture in Chicago Illinois
Traveling to Chicago? Before you go, learn about these must-see examples of Chicago architecture, designed by some of America's greatest architects.

General Guide to Architecture in Missouri
Plan your next trip to Missouri to include visits to iconic landmarks like the St. Louis Gateway Arch and other architectural wonders.

Architecture in New York City
Plan your trip to New York City to see some of the world's greatest architecture, from soaring skyscrapers to jewels of art deco design. Here are must-see landmarks and travel tips.

Architecture in Texas
For the architecture enthusiast, a guide to the important buildings and must-see sites in the state of Texas, USA.

Architecture in Iraq - Photos of Architecture in Iraq - Iraqi Treasures
At the cradle of civilization, Iraq has archaeological and architectural treasures that date back thousands of years. Find facts and photos here.

Thom Mayne, 2005 Pritzker Laureate
Winner of the 2005 Pritzker Architecture Prize, Connecticut-born Thom Mayne uses his California-based firm, Morphosis, to create a unique American architecture. Learn more about this uncompromizing designer.

Frank Furness - Philadelphia Architect Frank Furness - Gilded Age Master
Elaborate architecture flourished during America's Guilded Age, and Frank Furness designed some of the most flamboyant. During his career, Frank Furness designed more than 600 buildings, mostly in Philadelphia and the Northeast USA.

Rem Koolhaas - Modern Dutch Architect
Rem Koolhaas has been called a Modernist and Deconstructivist, yet critics claim that he leans toward Humanism. Learn more about this Dutch architect.

Hemicycle - Architecture Glossary
Frank Lloyd Wright is famous for his hemicycle buildings. What is that, and where else do we find hemicycle designs?

Taliesin West - Taliesin West in Arizona by Frank Lloyd Wright
Talieson West, Frank Lloyd Wright's grand desert experiment in Arizona, continues to grow and change. Learn about Talieson West and see photos of the buildings that Frank Lloyd Wright designed.

Study Architecture Online
Learn about architecture from these free university lectures, podcasts, and videocasts available on the Web.

New Orleans Architecture
You must see these buildings when you visit New Orleans. Here are resources, photos, travel guides, and post-Katrina updates.

Reader Submissions: Call For Writers
Submit your articles and illustrations to the architecture pages at

Reader Submissions: Post-War (WWII) Houses
Was your home built in the middle of the 20th century? This is your place to share photos and also see pictures of post-World War II houses submitted by our readers.

Post-War (WWII) Houses
Was your home built in the middle of the 20th century? This is your place to share photos and also see pictures of post-World War II houses submitted by our readers.

New Home Construction - Building a New Home
Learn about new houses constructed by our readers, see photos of new houses, get home-building advice, and share your own experiences building a new house.

Bungalow Pictures
Tell us about your bungalow, share pictures of your bungalow style house, and see pictures of bungalows submitted by our readers.

Bungalow Pictures
Tell us about your bungalow, share pictures of your bungalow style house, and see pictures of bungalows submitted by our readers.

Bungalow Pictures
Tell us about your bungalow, share pictures of your bungalow style house, and see pictures of bungalows submitted by our readers.

Victorian Houses - House Pictures - Victorians
Tell us about your Victorian house, share pictures of your Victorian house, and see pictures of Victorian houses submitted by our readers.

Bungalow Pictures
Tell us about your bungalow, share pictures of your bungalow style house, and see pictures of bungalows submitted by our readers.

Book Review: 20th-Century World Architecture, The Phaidon Atlas
The Phaidon Atlas presents many photos of world architecture, with accompanying elevation drawings and floor plans, built between 1900 and 1999. Read a full review of this remarkable reference book.

Monterey Style Casa Soberanes, c. 1840s
Monterey, California, is home to many 19th century homes built or remodeled in what we call today as

Remodeling into a Monterey Style - The Vasques Adobe
How do you transform a simple one-story adobe house into what has become known as the Monterey Style? Learn more from Guadalupe Cantua de Vasquez. Page 5.

Old Custom House in Monterey, California
How did Thomas O. Larkin expand his design influence in 19th century Monterey, California? Learn more about the beginnings of the Monterey Style. Page 4.

Monterey Style Pacific House, 1835-1847
The Pacific House in Monterey, California exemplifies what has become known as the Monterey House Style. Learn more about its architecture. Page 3.

Monterey Style Cooper-Molera House
Adobe construction was traditional in early 19th century Monterey, CA. The second floor balcony created a new house style known today as Monterey. Page 2.

Monterey Style Larkin House, a Unique American Design
Larkin's home in Monterey, California set the standard for a new style of architecture in the 1800s, Monterey Colonial, a design revived in the 1900s.

DALE - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
The Dynamic Augmented Living Environment created by students from SCI Architecture and Caltech moves on rails. Page 10.

The Start.Home - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
The students of Stanford University say their Start.Home is easy prefab solar design, competing in the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon. Learn more. Page 11.

Ecohabit - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
The students from Stevens Institute of Technology designed a New Jersey solar home that tries to address all facets of sustainability. See it here. Page 12.

Borealis - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
The challenges of solar home design for remote northern environs was met by a Canadian Solar Decathlon 2013 team. Learn about their Borealis house. Page 13.

LISI - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
Students from Vienna, Austria traveled to California to enter the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon. See their First Place LISI design. Page 14.

Harvest Home - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
Harvest Home is designed to harvest and replenish natural resources like the sun's energy. See the 7th place entry to the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon. Page 15.

ECHO - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
Students from Ontario, Canada joined forces to design a house that echoes into the future. See their sixth place 2013 Solar Decathlon entry. Page 16.

ADAPT - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
El Paso, Texas students designed a solar home suited for the Desert Southwest.See their entry to the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon competition. Page 17.

fluxHome - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
Southern California students designed an accessible, low-cost home for the 2013 Solar Decathlon. See it here. Page 18.

PEAK - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
West Virginia students take their Appalachian Knowledge to the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon. Page 19.

DesertSol - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
The Mojave Desert sun is the focus of DesertSol, the solar house entry to the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon by students from Nevada Las Vegas. Page 4.

InSite - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
The Middlebury College Solar Decathlon 2013 team created a solar home for local living. Learn about their plan for private and public space. Page 5.

Chameleon House - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
An adaptable exterior skin is the chameleon feature of this solar house, designed by students from Missouri for the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon. Page 6.

UrbanEden - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
Students from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte chose an urban solar design to compete in the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon. Learn more. Page 7.

The Delta T-90 - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
Norwich University students designed a high-performance, Vermont-built, solar-powered dwelling to compete in the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon. Page 8.

Radiant House - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
Students from Santa Clara University claim that their Radiant House is driven by three E's - efficiency, economics, and elegance. Page 9.

Odile Decq's Design for FRAC Bretagne, from a Portfolio of her Work
Contemporary art has moved near the Brittany region of France with the opening of FRAC Bretagne in Rennes, a museum designed by modern French architect Odile Decq. See more of her architecture.

Odile Decq's Design for the MACRO in Rome, Italy
A few years after Italy's Peroni beer factory was transformed into the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO), French architect Odile Decq designed a modern addition, integrating the interior modern art with the surrounding urban Roman neighborhood. Page 2.

Odile Decq's Design for the 2009 International Garden Festival
Architect Odile Decq created a rebellious landscape of Ophiopogons noirs, a dark-colored grass vegetation, to express the 2009 theme Gardens of Colour at France's Chaumont-sur-Loire Garden Festival. Page 3.

Odile Decq's Design for the Phantom Opera Restaurant in Paris
The first restaurant in Charles Garnier's historic Opera House in Paris was designed by French architect Odile Decq. Her signature red and white, curves, glass, plaster, and steel create the space. Page 4.

Architecture for Visitors: Site-Specific Centers & Facilities
Visitor centers serve a peculiar function. The architecture must be functional and accommodating, but it cannot overshadow the visitor's main attraction. Learn more.

SHADE - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
Check out the solar designs created by nineteen teams from universities around the world for the USDOE 2013 Solar Decathlon.

AIR House - Solar home entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
The Czech Technical University transported their AIR house from Prague to California for the USDOE 2013 Solar Decathlon competition. How did they do? Page 2.

The Phoenix House - Entry to 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition
Students from Louisville, Ball State, and Kentucky designed a solar disaster relief home for the 2013 USDOE Solar Decathlon. Learn more. Page 3.

Fountain Place, Living and Working in Dallas Architecture
Fountain Place has been a landmark of the Dallas skyline since 1986. Learn more about its design and the surrounding plaza. Page 10.

Old Red Courthouse near Reunion Tower, Downtown Dallas Architecture
The Old Red Courthouse in downtown Dallas, Texas is a well-preserved example of the 19th century Richardsonian Romanesque style of architecture. Page 11.

Dallas Hotel Indigo, Conrad Hilton Moves Into Texas, 1925
The historic 1925 Dallas Hilton hotel may have changed names throughout the years, but its architecture has stayed true to form. Find out more. Page 12.

Wilson Building, 1904, One of Dallas' Oldest Skyscrapers
The Wilson Building is one of Dallas' oldest, continually used tall buildings. And now you have the opportunity to live there. Learn more. Page 13.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Thom Mayne Architecture in Dallas
The Perot Museum, named after billionaire Texan Ross Perot, is a modernist design by Pritzker winner Thom Mayne. Learn more about this Dallas center. Page 14.

Nasher Sculpture Center combines unique architecture and landscaping.
The Nasher Sculpture Center was there first. Why is a 2013 residential skyscraper threatening the architecture of Renzo Piano? Find out. Page 15.

Dallas City Hall designed by I.M. Pei - Buildings in Dallas
The 1977 City Hall was designed to complement the growing skyscrapers of Dallas, Texas. Learn about I.M. Pei's unique solution for the City of Dallas. Page 5.

Art Deco at Fair Park - Buildings of the Texas State Fairgrounds
Dallas is home to one of the largest collections of art deco buildings in the United States. You can see them every year at the Texas State Fair. Page 6.

Kalita Humphreys Theater - Frank Lloyd Wright in Dallas, Texas
The Kalita Humphreys Theater is one of the few remaining circular venues designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Learn more about this architecture in Dallas. Page 7.

Winspear Opera House by British architect Norman Foster
Sir Norman Foster's opera house for Dallas, Texas is high-tech housing for a traditional horseshoe auditorium. Learn more about the design. Page 8.

Wyly Theatre - Dallas Art and Architecture
The box-like exterior of Dallas' Wyly Theater is a simple cover for the flexible interior configurations. Learn more about this 21st century design. Page 9.

JFK Museum at theTexas School Book Depository - Buildings in Dallas
Dallas is much more than the city where President Kennedy was killed. Learn about the building where shots rang out.

JFK Memorial by Philip Johnson - Dallas Art and Architecture
A modernist tribute to JFK by Pritzker Laureate Philip Johnson has met with criticism. Find out more about this Dallas, Texas memorial architecture. Page 2.

Bank of America Plaza, Tallest Building in Dallas, Texas
What's the tallest building in Dallas, Texas? Learn more about this 1985 skyscraper. Page 3.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge - Architecture of Dallas
Texans cross the Trinity River into Dallas via a bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava. It's become a functional tourist attraction. Page 4.

Hurricane Barriers for Storm Surge Protection
Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and New Jersey in late 2012, but in Rhode Island Sandy's storm surge was blocked by a 1966 hurricane barrier. Learn more about the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier.

What is a Tainter Gate?
Engineered in the 1800s, the Tainter Gate's mechanical concept is still used today. Learn more about how this radial gate provides a hurricane barrier from storm surges. Page 2.

The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands
Philanthropists Walter and Leonore Annenberg left their Sunnylands estate in southern California to the people. Learn how The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands turned a 1966 historic residential estate into a sustainable, learning environment.

Sunnylands Center
Walter and Leonore Annenberg continue their philanthropic lives by building and funding the Sunnylands Center in southern California. Learn how The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands built a learning environment for the public. Page 2.

Sunnylands Art Garden
At 200 acres, Walter and Leonore Annenberg's 1966 Sunnylands estate in southern California had land to spare. Discover what inspired the landscape Office of James Burnett to transform fifteen acres of desert into an award-winning landscape open to the public. Page 3.

Sustainability at Sunnylands
The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands opened in 2012. Discover how a 1966 southern California estate for the rich and famous became a learning center for sustainable development. Page 4.

Presidential Library Buildings, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Beyond
Presidential libraries are buildings that safeguard the official documents and memorabilia of U.S. Presidents. Library designs, however, can help shape memories, too. Some have called these buildings curious shrines. Explore the architecture of these unique buildings that are located from coast to coast in the United States.