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Porch Re-do - Restoring a porch - House Style Workshop
This 1925 home in Baltimore, Maryland is about to get a whole new look. The owners plan to expose the original wrap-around porch and paint the siding using period colors. Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 24.

Mutt House - What Style Is This Mutt House - House Style Workshop
The owner of this 1915 home calls it a

Southern Cottage - What Style Is This Southern Cottage - House Style Workshop
This Tennessee home was built in the early 1900s. Although the Realtor called it a Colonial, it's really something else. Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 22.

Remodeled Bungalow - History of a Remodeled Bungalow - House Style Workshop
This home is a bungalow, but it has been remodeled many times. What did it used to look like? Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 21.

House with Square Tower - What Style Is This House With a Square Tower - House Style Workshop
The house was built by a local merchant in about 1897 or 1898. The square tower is unfinished on the inside, and it can be reached only through a small opening in the attic. Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 18.

Michigan Victorian - What Style Is This Michigan Victorian House - House Style Workshop
Built in 1880, this Michigan home is certainly a Victorian. But there were many very different house styles in the Victorian period. What style is this home? Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 17.

California Western House - What Style Is This California Western House - House Style Workshop
According to legend, WC Fields once stayed at this 1927 California home overlooking Wildwood Canyon. What style is it? Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 16.

Victorian House - What Style Is This Victorian House - House Style Workshop
The owner asks whether this simple Victorian home is a Queen Anne. Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 15.

Hip Roof Victorian - What Style Is This Hip Roof Victorian - House Style Workshop
Built in 1890 in a small Alabama town, this home doesn't seem to fit any of the common Victorian styles. Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 14.

Folk Victorian House - Restoring a Folk Victorian House - House Style Workshop
This tidy little home appears to be a Folk Victorian, but what's going on with the porch? Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 13.

Old House With Modern Siding - What Style Is This Old House With Modern Siding - House Style Workshop
Newer siding and other remodelings make it hard to determine the style of this old house. Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 25.

Old Cottage - What Style Is This Old Cottage - House Style Workshop
Located in Westchester County, New York, this charming cottage was built in 1926. Visit our House Style Workshop for answers to questions about this and other homes. Page 26.

Neoclassical or Victorian House - Is This House Neoclassical or Victorian - House Style Workshop
The Realtor calls this unsual house neoclassical. But, how do you explain the round turret? Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 27.

California Duplex - What Style Is This California Duplex - House Style Workshop
This duplex house in California has an odd shape. What style is it? Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 28.

Victorian House Plans - Finding Victorian House Plans - House Style Workshop
The owner of this Victorian house wants to restore the interior. But first she needs some important information. Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 29.

Iowa Cottage - What Style Is This Iowa Cottage - House Style Workshop
This Iowa cottage was built after the Victorian era. Can it still be a Victorian? Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 30.

Colonial or Victorian House Style - Is This House Colonial or Victorian - House Style Workshop
Explore our House Style Workshop for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 31.

Square Colonial - What Style Is This Square Colonial Home - House Style Workshop
Built in 1918, this home has a Colonial look, but it's square with a pyramid-shaped roof. Explore our House Helpline Photo Gallery for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 32.

What Style Is This Canadian Cottage - House Style Workshop
It's easy to find houses like this one in Vancouver, Canada, but not so easy to describe the style. Explore our House Helpline Photo Gallery for answers to frequently asked questions about house styles and home design. Page 33.

A Gallery of House Styles - What Style Is It?
Readers seeking advice have submitted the photos for this house style workshop. Can you name the styles? Browse the photos and house style resources, add your ideas, and see what others are saying.

A Gallery of House Styles - What Style Is It?
Readers seeking advice have submitted the photos for this house style workshop. Can you name the styles? Browse the photos and house style resources, add your ideas, and see what others are saying.

A Gallery of House Styles - What Style Is It?
Readers seeking advice have submitted the photos for this house style workshop. Can you name the styles? Browse the photos and house style resources, add your ideas, and see what others are saying.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Architecture Enthusiasts
Find unusual and useful gifts for architects and builders, new homeowners and old house rehabbers, and anyone with a fascination for buildings and design.

Favorite House Styles of Readers
What are the most popular house styles? Here's how our readers voted.

10 Buildings That Can Give You the Creeps
Prepare to be spooked! Here are some of the scariest buildings in the world.

8 Must-See Cities in the USA
As you plan your architecture trip, be sure to put these great American cities at the top of your must-see list - then learn what cities our readers picked.

What is the Chicago School? Commercial Style
See photos of Chicago's earliest skycrapers - not very tall by today's standards. These 19th architects paved the way for today's modern commercial buildings.

Early Chicago School, The Rookery Experiment in Design
The steel-framed Rookery Building displayed new engineering techniques with traditional and experimental styling. Early Chicago School buildings were like that.

Did Sullivan's 1889 Auditorium influence the Chicago School?
The Chicago School did not develop overnight. Architect Louis Sullivan experimented with design in both Chicago and St. Louis. Learn about early skyscrapers.

What is the Chicago School? 1894: The Old Colony Building
Chicago architects Holabird and Roche designed many of the early skyscrapers that became known as the Chicago School of construction. Learn more about this team.

What is the Chicago School? 1895: The Marquette Building
The 1895 Marquette Building is one of the best surviving examples of what has become known as the Chicago School of architecture. Learn why.

What is the Chicago School? 1895: The Reliance Building
If you've ever stayed at the Hotel Burnham in Chicago, you've bedded in the building that begat the modern skyscraper. Learn more about the Chicago School.

Monoliths, Mounds, and Prehistoric Architecture - Silbury Hill
Before recorded history, primitive people built mounds, monoliths, and other stone structures. Let's explore prehistoric architecture such as Stonehenge and Silbury Hill. Also find timelines of early civilizations, photos, and research resources.

Ancient Egypt - Architecture History Photo Guide - Pyramids of Giza
Discover the marvels of engineering that began in Ancient Egypt, even before the great pyramids of Giza. Page 2.

Art Deco Architecture - Chrysler Building in New York
Jazzy details and Egyptian shapes gave Art Deco buildings a modern flare early in the twentieth century. Learn about Art Deco architecture. Page 13.

Baroque Architecture - Architecture History Photo Guide
What do imperfect pearls have to do with French Baroque building design? Learn more about a 17th century movement in art, music, and architecture. Page 8.

The Beaux Arts Style - Architecture History Photo Guide
From our Architecture History photo guide, an introduction to elaborate Beaux Arts architecture. Page 11.

Classical Architecture
From our picture dictionary of architecture history, an introduction to Classical architecture. Page 3.

Gothic Architecture - Chartres Cathedral and Gothic Architecture
During the middle ages, builders developed new approaches to building that made the great Gothic cathedrals possible. Learn about Gothic architecture. Page 6.

Modernist Styles in Architecture
With an emphasis on function, modernism transformed the way we think about building design. Learn about modernist architecture. Page 14.

Neo-Gothic Architecture - The Neo-Gothic Tribune Tower in Chicago
In the early 20th century, skyscraper architects found inspiration from medieval Gothic cathedrals. Learn about Neo-Gothic architecture. Page 12.

Postmodernism in Architecture
Learn about the postmodernist movement in architecture and postmodernist buildings such as Philip Johnson's At&T Headquarters (now the SONY Building). Page 15.

Renaissance Architecture - Villa La Rotonda by Andrea Palladio
Villa Almerico-Capra, also known as Villa La Rotonda, by Andrea Palladio is a famous and beautiful example of Italian Renaissance architecture. Page 7.

Rococo Architecture - architecture history photo guide
Natural shapes and graceful lines characterize the delicate Rococo style. Learn more about Rococo architecture. Page 9.

What makes a building beautiful?
What makes a building beautiful? readers have the best insights. Here are some of their answers. Page 16.

Architecture History - Eastern Roman Empire of Byzantine Istanbul and Beyond
Byzantine architecture is rooted in the Roman Empire, East and West. Learn more about the history, characteristics, and examples. Page 4.

Romanesque Architecture - Architecture History Photo Guide
You may have difficulty identifying Romanesque architecture, which has many variations. Learn about the historic period and see examples. Page 5.

Neoclassicism in Architecture - New Approaches to Classical Architecture
The rise of Neoclassicism brought us stately buildings that resemble the temples and monuments of Classical Greece and Rome. Learn about Neoclassicism in architecture. Page 10.

What makes a building beautiful? Architecture History Photo Guide
From prehistoric to modern, here are the key periods and styles in architectural history, with links to photos and resources.

What makes a building beautiful? Architecture History Photo Guide
From prehistoric to modern, here are the key periods and styles in architectural history, with links to photos and resources.

Donald Wexler Palm Springs Architect - Steel House Designer
Architect Donald Wexler died June 26, 2015 in Palm Desert, California. Working in Palm Springs, California, Wexler became a leading architect in the mid-century modernist movement. Learn about his life in this short profile.

In an effort to quiet critics, Wal-Mart Corp. hired a green architecture firm to design an eco-friendly store near Vancouver. It's not what you think.

Hansaviertel Residential Housing Project
Hansaviertel in Berlin, Germany was rebuilt after World War II with help from some of the world's most famous architects, including the Finnish Alvar Aalto.

Aqua Tower, Chicago Residential Housing
Chicago's Jeanne Gang made her architectural mark in 2010 with the modern, swirling Aqua Tower skyscraper. It's architecture you can live in.

BoKlok Apartment Building in Norway
Prefabricated manufactured housing, popular in the mid-20th century post-war building boom, remains desirable as affordable housing in the 21st century.

The Shard, London Mixed Use Skyscraper
London's Shard by Renzo Piano is the first 1,000 foot skyscraper in Western Europe. The mixed-use glass pyramid overlooks the River Thames in all directions.

Hadid Residences, Milan, Italy, 2013
Together in Italy, Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind have created modern residential complexes that complement each other. Learn more about Milan's urban redevelopment.

Residential Housing Projects - Habitat '67 and More
Explore a gallery of multifamily housing projects, starting with the award-winning Habitat '67, which launched the architecture career of Moshe Safdie.

Olympic Housing by Niall McLaughlin Architects
Housing built for the Olympic games is often repurposed for the general public after the event. Should the Olympics influence the form of design?

Albion Riverside Residential Housing Project
British architect Sir Norman Foster has created a modern geometry along the River Thames. Learn more about the Albion Riverside.

Frank Gehry's Residential Housing Skyscraper
Frank Gehry's residential skyscraper, within walking distance of New York's World Trade Center, sits atop PS 397 - a local school with Gehry icing.

Cayan Tower, residential skyscraper in Dubai
Buildings with twisting designs are becoming as common as residential skyscrapers. What might we call this organic-inspired 21st century architecture?

Green Design
Find out how to build healthy, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient environments. All aspects of green design are explored in this compendium of resources.

Funny Buildings and Flawed Buildings and Silly Structures
Architects aren't perfect. Even the greatest designers build structures that are impractical, absurd, or just plain funny-looking. Here are some of my favorite silly projects.

Free Spirit House in British Columbia Canada
Free Spirit Houses in British Columbia, Canada float from tree branches. Page 4.

Funny Picture of a Beer Can House in Houson Texas
John Milkovisch, a retired employee of Southern Pacific railroad, spent 18 years ornamenting his home in Houston, Texas with about 39,000 beer cans. Page 10.

Banna Park Birdwatch - Egg-Shaped Overlook in Okinawa Japan
Bird watchers get a great view from this egg-shaped lookout at Banna Park on Ishigaki Island, Japan. Page 5.

Weird House in the Alps - House Shaped Like a Bedpan
This weird house in the Alps looks strangely like a hospital bedpan. Page 2.

Weird Building - The Amazing Smith Mansion in Wyoming
Many people wonder about an unusual log structure in Wyoming. The builder's daughter gives a firsthand account of this strange building.

Theme Building at Los Angeles Airport, California
The Theme Building at the Los Angeles International Airport has become an iconic homage to the Space Age. Built in 1961 by an architecture team including Paul Williams, the circular structure was meant to predict the future of air travel -- or was it just a silly structure? Page 11.

Funny Architecture and Weird Buildings
Architecture can be weird. From around the world, see photos of upside-down buildings, lopsided buildings, and buildings shaped like spaceships, mushrooms, plants, and other funny shapes.

Funny Picture of a Pod House or Mushroom House in New York State
This funny looking Pod House, or Mushroom House, is shaped like a plant. Learn about the house and the architect. Page 9.

Funny Picture of an Upsidedown House in Syzmbark Poland
Daniel Czapiewski, a designer and philanthropist, built this Upside-Down House as a satirical commentary on communism and the current state of the world. Page 8.

Wonderworks Upsidedown Museum Building in Florida
The upsidedown Wonderworks building is a fun-loving museum on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. Page 7.

McDonald's Restaurant in Orlando Florida - Building Shaped Like French Fries
This McDonald's restaurant in Orlando, Florida is shaped like a basket of french fries. Page 6.

Wacky Restaurant in Aruba
Visitors vacationing on the Caribbean island of Aruba can snack at this wacky restaurant with dinosaurs, cars, and other things on the roof. Page 3.

Guide to American Bungalow Styles
Bungalows come in many shapes and styles. Learn to recognize the various types, see pictures, and learn the history that spans from 1905-1930.

Checklist for Healthy Design - Healthy Home Checklist
A home that is healthy nourishes body, mind, and spirit. Begin with these guidelines. Page 2.

How to Design a Healthy Home -- Checklist
Lay the foundation for a home that nourishes your physical and emotional well-being.

Definition of an Eave - Architecture Glossary
Illustrated definition of the word Eave from our Architecture Glossary.

How to Become an Architect - Architecture Careers FAQ
Would you like to become an architect? This page leads you to answers for some of the most frequently asked questions about careers in architecture.

Architect Definition - What Does an Architect Do?
You might be surprised at all architects do. Here are examples and resources to help you choose an architect for your building or design project.

What is a chimney pot? Definition and Photos
Chimney pots are historically significant but today they are used to enhance a home's curb appeal. Learn more about this architectural detail.

Tudor Chimneys of Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace near London is known for its ornate chimney pots. Learn more about this architectural detail.

Modest chimney pots on Jane Austen's House
Jane Austin's house in Hampshire, England shows off modest chimney pots. Learn more about these Tudor chimneys in this short photo gallery.

What is a chimney pot? Photos of Chimney Pots in Portugal
Chimney pot design is an inexpensive way to honor the past. In Portugal, these chimneys make a visual statement. Learn more about these chimney designs.

La Pedrera chimney pots that only Gaudi could design
Antoni Gaudi created unique chimney pots for a Barcelona apartment building. See a variety of chimney stack designs in this short overview.

What is a chimney pot? Chimney Pots in Modern Architecture
What does a modern house look like with chimney pots? Discover how a Tudor invention can enhance the design of a modern house.

Architecture Dictionaries - Dictionaries for Architecture and Construction and Design
Find definitions for words used in architecture, construction, and design. These easy online dictionaries, encyclopedias, and almanacs are especially handy for projects related to architecture, engineering, and mathematics.

C: Architecture Terms Starting With C
From our Architecture Dictionary, find definitions for architecture terms and building vocabulary starting with the letter C, including Corbel, Cornice, Craftsman, Crenellation, and more.

Architecture in Chicago, Illinois
Traveling to Chicago? Before you go, learn about these must-see examples of Chicago architecture, designed by some of America's greatest architects.

William Holabird, Skyscraper Pioneer
Born in New York on September 11, 1854, William Holabird became known for his Chicago School skyscrapers. Here is your starting place for exploring his life and works.

Skyscraper Architect William Le Baron Jenney
New England-born William Le Baron Jenney is today associated with Chicago and the birth of the American Skyscraper. Born September 25, 1832, Jenney's life and works are profiled here.

A Design School Sees the Big Picture - Literally
Read how a school project turned interior decorating into a trip to the movies. What stories do set designers create? A great exercise for the interior decorator in us all.

Domotics - Definition of Domotics
Don't look now, but your home may be infested. Learn more about domotics with a short intro to smart home technologies and home automation systems.

Definition and History of Castle
What is a castle? Find definitions, history, and resources for learning about castles, palaces, fortresses, and stronghouses.

Research Your Home
This simple guide lists how to find information about your house, research history, choose paint colors, add curb appeal, and explore other resources.

Plan Your Architecture Trip
Your next vacation can turn into a learning adventure with tours of the world's great architectural wonders. Here's how.

Find an Architecture Tour
For a wonderful learning vacation, explore these resources. Page 2.

Zaha Hadid - Citation from the Pritzker Prize Jury
Pritzker Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid rose to the highest ranks of the profession. Citation from the Pritzker Prize Jury with links to photographs of her works.

Hidden Costs in Home Construction
As you plan your new home, watch out for these hidden costs. A new home is not all home construction costs.

5 Steps to Building Your New Home
Before you build, make sure you follow these five steps.

How to Find House Plans
Looking for plans for your dream home? Begin by exploring these options.

Build From Floor Plans - Can You Build a House From a Floor Plan
Can you build a house using just a floor plan and a picture? Find answers here.

Mies van der Rohe Gets Sued
The glass house designed by Mies van der Rohe was a bitter disappointment to a woman who was hoping for something more. More than fifty years later, the Farnsworth House still stirs controversy.

Cobblestone Houses
Stone houses can be found in many parts of the world, but New York's cobblestone houses are unique. Learn more about these interesting buildings

The Psychology of Planning a Dream House
Do you ever dream about houses? What do house dreams mean? Psychologists have theories.

Fantasy Houses - Homes from Dreams and Imagination
The houses from our dreams and imaginations reveal secrets about our inner selves. Join us in a discussion of dream houses. Share your writing and drawings. Page 2.

Rem Koolhaas Architecture Details and History
The architecture of Rem Koolhaas is so unconventional that scholars have difficulty classifying him.

How to Pick the Best Home Design Software Program
You don't have to be a computer whiz to use home design software -- but follow these tips to find the software that's right for your skills and needs.

Architects and the Sydney Olympic Stadium in Australia
Architects faced tough challenges when they designed Stadium Australia, the Sydney Olympic Stadium

Do I Need an Architect for My New Home?
You are building a new home. Do you need an architect? Explore the pros and cons, and learn about cost-saving alternatives.

Why Hire a Professional Architect
A good architect will anticipate your needs - even if you are not sure how to express them. Page 2.

Taliesin West - Taliesin West in Arizona by Frank Lloyd Wright
Talieson West, Frank Lloyd Wright's grand desert experiment in Arizona, continues to grow and change. Learn about Talieson West and see photos of the buildings that Frank Lloyd Wright designed.

Definition of Building Designer
A Professional Building Designer, or Home Designer, is not always an architect. Find out what Certified Building Designers can, and cannot, do.

Corbel - Definition
A corbel can be... Illustrated Definition from our architecture glossary.

What Is a Balustrade? What Is a Baluster?
Illustrated definition of the word Balustrade from our Architecture Glossary

Bargeboard (Vergeboard) Definition
Bargeboards, also called verge boards, hang from the projecting end of a roof. They are often elaborately carved and ornamented.

Definitions of Battlements or Crenelations
Illustrated definition of the words Battlement, Crenellation, Embrasures and Merlons from our Architecture Glossary.

What Is a Palladian Window?
Illustrated definition for the term Palladian Window from our Architecture Glossary.

Parapet Definition and Examples in Architecture
Definition for the word parapet with examples of how parapets are used in architecture.

Architecture and Art Activities
These lesson plans and learning activities use building design to explore concepts of shape, form, perspective and pattern.

Building Cost Estimators
For estimating the cost to build or remodel, we recommend these resources and software programs.

Definition of the word Levee
Definition of the term levee with examples and resources, plus information on the levee failures in New Orleans.

Definition of Trompe l'oeil in Architecture
Definition of the term trompe l'oeil with examples and photos of how trompe l'oeil is used in architecture.

Rammed Earth
Learn about one of the oldest methods of home construction, rammed earth, and how modern builders are adapting the process.

Straw Bale Architecture
Architects and engineers are exploring new possibilities for straw bale construction. Which technique used may determine the architectural design.

Find the Age of Your Old House
Here are the basics to researching the age of your old house.

Selecting House Exterior Paint Types and Colors
A simple how-to that tries to turn a necessary household job into a family fun event. Put color into a dull job.

What Is Renaissance Architecture?
An easy-to-follow introduction to Renaissance architecture in Italy and Europe, with resources for learning more.

What Is Style In Architecture
Before you try to identify an architectural style, it's important to know what style is... and what style is not.

Adaptive Reuse - Adapting Old Buildings for New Uses
Historic preservationists and environmentalists praise the values of Adaptive Reuse. But, what is it?

Googie Architecture - Futuristic Design of the 1950s
The 1950s brought a futuristic, fanciful style known as Googie. Learn about Googie architecture.

Fanlight - Definition
From our Architecture Glossary, definition and illustration for the term FANLIGHT.

Mitered - Architecture Glossary
Mitering describes a joining together of two pieces. Learn what can be mitered from this entry in our Architecture Glossary.

Brick Patio / Walkway: Six Steps to Paving and Tips
A brick patio and walkway will enhance the beauty of your home. For perfect pavement, follow these easy steps.

Frank Furness - Philadelphia Architect Frank Furness - Gilded Age Master
Elaborate architecture flourished during America's Gilded Age, and Frank Furness designed some of the most flamboyant. Born in Philadelphia, PA on November 12, 1839, Furness built hundreds of buildings, never far from home.

Richard Morris Hunt - Gilded Age Architect

Rem Koolhaas - Modern Dutch Architect
Born November 17, 1944 in The Netherlands, Rem Koolhaas has mystified the world with his modernist, deconstructionist, humanist works. Is it possible to know Rem?

Profile of Bernard Maybeck, California Architect
Discover the eclectic work of architect Bernard Maybeck, born February 7, 1862 in New York City, but who became an inspiration to Julia Morgan and other important California architects.

Jean Nouvel, French Architect - Pritzker Prize Winner Jean Nouvel
Taking cues from the environment, flamboyant French architect Jean Nouvel places an emphasis on light and shadow. Learn more about the Pritzker Laureate, born August 12, 1945.

Jean Louis Charles Garnier - Designer of the Paris Opera
Phantom of the Opera? Not French architect Charles Garnier, best known today for designing the phantom's Parisian Opera House. Learn more about Garnier, born in Paris on November 6, 1825.

Architecture for Travelers to Ireland and Northern Ireland
Ancient monoliths, medieval castles, arts & crafts design, and art deco architecture all find a home in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Denise Scott Brown - Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates
Your starting place for exploring the life and works of Denise Scott Brown and her firm, Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates.

Cesar Pelli - Cesar Pelli and the Petronas Towers
Explore the life and works of Cesar Pelli, born in Argentina on October 12, 1926 but best known as designer of the 1998 Petronas Towers in Malaysia.

Ieoh Ming Pei, Architect
Born April 26, 1917 in China, I.M. Pei changed America's view of architecture with Cleveland's Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. Explore more of this Pritzker Laureate.

Henry Hobson Richardson, Known for the Richardsonian Romanesque Style
Learn about the life and works of American architect Henry Hobson Richardson, born September 29, 1838 and famous for inspiring the Victorian style known as Richardsonian Romanesque.

John Ruskin: Biography of Writer and Philosopher
Explore the life and works of English writer, artist, and philosopher John Ruskin, born February 8, 1819 in London, England and still influential in the world of art and architecture.

Architecture in the USA - United States Architecture
The architecture of many countries and cultures is reflected in the vast expanse of the United States. From the skyscrapers of New York to the ancient pueblos of New Mexico, the USA is a nation of architectural diversity. Begin your travels here.

Relaxing Homes and Calm Design - Relaxing Home Design Ideas
For relaxing rooms, choose calming shapes and lines. Here are tips for designing a relaxing home.

Architecture in Palm Springs, California
Architects in Palm Springs, California adapted European Bauhaus ideas to the local desert landscape of southern California. They created mid-century modern.

Study Architecture Online
Learn about architecture from these free university lectures, podcasts, and videocasts available on the Web.

Crash Course in Architecture by Hilary French
Don't be fooled by the comic book look. Hilary French's Architecture: A Crash Course is a handy guide with photos, illustrations, and a timeline of architecture history.

Quotations - Architect Mies van der Rohe
Find quotations by modern architect Mies van der Rohe, famous for saying LESS IS MORE.

Architecture and Landscape Architecture School Rankings
Which architecture school is best? Find school rankings from the latest DesignIntelligence report, America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools.

Composite Column - Definition of Composite Column - Architecture Glossary
What is a Composite column? Learn about composite columns and the Classical Orders of Architecture.

Architect Barbie - Mattel I Can Be an Architect Doll
Mattel has launched an Architect Barbie doll, complete with pink architectural models. Learn about the toy and find Barbie resources, architecture career resources, and more.

Did 9/11 Change The Way We Build?
Find out how post-September 11 building codes and safety laws have changed architecture.

Romanesque Revival House Style
Based on the work of Henry Hobson Richardson, Romanesque Revival Homes are grand and imposing. Learn to recognize the Romanesque style.

What Is Beaux Arts Architecture?
What Is Beaux Arts? Find definitions and examples of Beaux Arts architecture in our Architecture Glossary.

Colonial Houses in New England 1600s-1700s
Is your house a New England Colonial? Learn about historic colonial houses in New England and find out how to identify New England Colonial architecture

Wang Shu, 2012 Pritzker Laureate
Chinese architect Wang Shu, born November 4, 1963, is a craftsman and scholar who won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize for 2012. Learn about Wang Shu's life, works, and partnerships.

What is Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, and Cast Iron Architecture?
Cast iron as a building material was a global phenomenon during the 19th century Industrial Revolution. Learn more about cast iron and wrought iron.

George Browne Post, Architect of the American Renaissance
George Post's work after the U.S. Civil War makes him one of the most important architects in American history. Learn about Post and his times.

Can any building survive the force of Tsunami waves?
What strategies do engineers and emergency responders suggest for tsunami-resistant construction? Here are the latest ideas.

Britain's High-Tech Architect
Make this your starting point for exploring the life of Pritzker Laureate Norman Foster, born June 1, 1935, and today best known for

The Gates in Central Park by Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Photos
Take a short tour of the Gates Project in Central Park, a 16-day installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in 2005. The installation is a carefully planned enhancement of public space.

What Happened to the 2005 Central Park Gates Art Installation?
Art installations are temporary. The Gates in Central Park were designed to last only sixteen days. See photos of recycling the Christo and Jeanne-Claude installation.

The Central Park Gates - Construction of a NYC Installation
The 7,500 Gates by Christo and Jeanne-Claude were constructed with steel supports encased in bright orange vinyl. See photos of the 16-day temporary installation in Central Park.

Bright Orange Banners at the Central Park Gates in 2005
See photos of the 16-day temporary installation in Central Park. Designed and installed by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in 2005, the Gates created an inviting public space.

The Central Park Gates - Against An Historic New York Skyline
New York City's dignified art deco buildings overlooked the flowing orange nylon panels erected by Christo & Jeanne-Claude. See photos of the 16-day temporary installation in Central Park.

Frederick Law Olmsted and the Central Park Gates
When the nineteenth century landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted designed New York's Central Park, he aspired to preserve the natural landscape. What would Olmsted have to say about the brilliant orange Gates created by Christo and Jeanne-Claude? See photos of the 16-day temporary installation in Central Park.

The Central Park Gates - Art In Motion in Central Park New York City
Can a public space like Central Park become even more inviting? The Gates - A Project For New York proved it possible in 2005

Design of the Central Park Gates - The Central Park Gates
Christo and Jeanne-Claude spaced each Gate about 12 feet (3,65 meters) apart along the winding walkways through Central Park. See photos of the 16-day temporary installation in Central Park.

The Central Park Gates in 2005 - A Public Space Gets Used
Roller skating amongst the Gates in Central Park was a to-do activity in February 2005. See photos of the 16-day temporary installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

The NYC Gates, One Project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude
The Gates in Central Park was one of many art installations by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. During their fifty year career, they created many other enormous creative environments.

How to Choose the Best Architecture Books for Kids
Children live in

What's What and Who's Who in the Architecture World
Find definitions for styles, concepts, and technical words in this glossary of glossaries for architecture, design, and construction -- across the network of Experts.

Wright and Root Inside the 1888 Rookery Building
The Rookery Building in Chicago is well-known today as a Frank Lloyd Wright project. It is not. Learn why.

Frank Lloyd Wright Examines Root's Space in The Rookery
The lobby of the Rookery Building in Chicago is often thought to be the design of Frank Lloyd Wright, but John Root might disagree. Learn the true story.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Remodeling of The Rookery Lobby
Frank Lloyd Wright remodeled the lobby of The Rookery in 1905. How did he bring elegance to Burnham and Root's 1888 skyscraper?

John Root's Oriel Staircase
Did Frank Lloyd Wright design the iconic spiral staircase in Chicago's Rookery Building? You may be surprised with the answer.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Own Detail
Small details in the light court of Chicago's Rookery Building show that architects CAN think alike. Learn more about the Frank Lloyd Wright and John Root lobby.

Remodeling The Rookery
Explore the lobby renovations to The Rookery Building, built in 1888 and still standing.

Root's and Wright's Rookery Lobby
Explore the lobby of The Rookery Building in Chicago. Architects CAN create beautiful things, and then make them even more beautiful.

Robert Venturi, Profile of the 1991 Pritzker Laureate
Find fast facts about postmodern architect Robert Venturi, born June 25, 1925 in Philadelphia. Learn about his work in architecture with Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates.

See the Best Architecture in Seattle, Washington
The Great Fire of June 6, 1889 and the 1890s Gold rush forever changed the architecture of Seattle, Washington. Explore some of what the city has rebuilt.

Top Movies and Documentaries About Architects
Explore the lives of famous and influential architects in these documentary films now available digitally. Can an architect be your new best friend?

10 Reasons Why Architects Love The LEGO Movie
The LEGO Movie has a lot to say about architecture, building, and Vitruvius. Check out these top 10 truths you can learn from this animated 3-D film.

Classic Toys for the Architect and Engineer, Young and Old
Architecture is about building things, and these popular and classic toys can help the young engineer and the older hobbyist put together the pieces.

A Short Profile of Paul Williams, Hollywood's Architect
Paul Williams, a Black American, became renown for designing over 2000 celebrity homes in Southern California and one iconic cafe at LAX. Diversity.

LEGO Construction Toy Gifts for all Ages
These LEGO construction kits make great gifts for anyone who enjoys architecture and design. Every year, LEGO adds more.

LEGO Construction Toy Gifts for all Ages
These LEGO construction kits make great gifts for anyone who enjoys architecture and design. Every year, LEGO adds more.

Outside the Lines of Architecture - Coloring Books
These delightful coloring books introduce children to the joy of architecture and spur memories for many adults.

Architecture and Building Design Books and Publishers and House Plans
This page is your starting place for finding books, house plans, and reference works related to architecture and building design. Included are photo books, research aids, biographies, children's books, building guides, house plan books, and gift books.

Lesson Plan Collections for Architecture and Engineering Concepts
For teachers and parents, here are Web sites and books offering variety of lesson plans for kindergarten through high school. These lesson plans use an interdisciplinary approach, combining architecture and building concepts with math, writing, art, and other subject areas.

Top 9 Architecture Project Books for Kids
You can build what you can dream. Inspire your kids with these easy-to-read books packed with projects they can build using things they find around the house.

Pop-Up Books Made to be Seen
Don't you love books that open up 3-dimensional shapes? Here are our favorite architecture pop-up books for readers of all ages.

Get Your Preschooler Thinking About Architecture
Children become aware of their environment at a very young age. These books will encourage discussion of architecture, design, engineering, and living in spaces.

BIG Plans for 2WTC - Envisioning Lower Manhattan
How is 2 World Trade Center being envisioned now that Norman Foster is out of the picture? Take a short tour of the new renderings. They're BIG.

BIG Plans for 2WTC - Client-Centered Design for Tower 2
Should client-centered design be taken to the lengths of replacing one starchitect with another? Take a tour of the 2015 conceptual drawings for 2WTC.

What will the lobby look like in the 2015 design for 2WTC?
The lobby of 2WTC is directly connected with the Calatrava-designed transportation hub, nearing completion. Take a 2015 of Tower 2 as conceptualized by BIG.

BIG Plans for 2WTC - Terraces of Green face Tribeca
Terraced green spaces are built into the BIG 2015 redesign of Tower 2 in Lower Manhattan. Take a short tour of the new design.

BIG Plans for 2WTC - 2015 Rendering of Towers
The conceptual drawing of the 2015 redesigned 2 World Trade Center is very different from the 2006 design. Learn more about Bjarke Ingels' BIG design.

BIG Plans for 2WTC - 2015 Site Plan
Although new conceptual drawings were released for 2WTC, the old Master Plan by Daniel Libeskind seems to have remained in tact. What's the new design?

BIG Plans for 2 World Trade Center
In June 2015, architect Bjarke Ingels and developer Larry Silverstein kicked Norman Foster to the curb. What is the new redesign for 2 World Trade Center?

Foster's Tower 2 in Context
WTC Tower 2 by Foster and Partners has an innovative design. See sketches and plans.

Realistic Rendering of Foster's Vision for 2 WTC
Norman Foster plans rooms with sweeping views at Tower 2 on the World Trade Center site. Page 2.

Norman Foster's Plan for WTC Tower 2 in 2006
See Norman Foster's plans for Tower 2 at the World Trade Center site in New York City. Page 3.

Sectional View of World Trade Center Tower 2
Architect Norman Foster discusses his design for Tower 2 at the World Trade Center site. Page 4.

2 WTC Symbols of Hope for the Future
Architect Norman Foster designed WTC Tower 2 as part of the master plan for reconstruction at the World Trade Center site. Learn more. Page 5.

Diamond Top of Tower 2, a Foster Design from 2006
Tower 2 at the New York World Trade Center will have a distinctive diamond-shaped top. See pictures of the original 2006 design. Page 6.

World Trade Center Tower 2 at the New World Trade Center
Norman Foster's Tower 2 is integral to the plans for the new World Trade Center in New York. See drawings. Page 7.

2 World Trade Center Plans and Drawings by Foster
Browse this gallery to view sketches and early renderings from 2006 for 2 World Trade Center by Lord Norman Foster.

The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands
Philanthropists Walter and Leonore Annenberg left their Sunnylands estate in southern California to the people. Learn more about this 1966 historic residential estate.

Sunnylands Center
Walter and Leonore Annenberg continue their philanthropic lives by building and funding the Sunnylands Center in southern California. Learn how The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands built a learning environment for the public.

Sunnylands Art Garden
At 200 acres, Walter and Leonore Annenberg's 1966 Sunnylands estate in southern California had land to spare. Discover what inspired the landscape Office of James Burnett to transform fifteen acres of desert into an award-winning landscape open to the public.

Sustainability at Sunnylands
The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands opened in 2012. Discover how a 1966 southern California estate for the rich and famous became a learning center for sustainable development.

Paintings by Paula Rego at the Paula Rego Museum - Paula Rego Museum Tour
Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura designed for Paula Ręgo a museum with bold geometric shapes and intense color. Learn about the Paula Ręgo Museum in Portugal.

Dramatic Red Towers at the Paula Rego Museum - Paula Rego Museum in Cascais Portugal
Clad with red concrete, the Paula Ręgo Museum rises dramatically from the green landscape in Cascais, Portugal. Tour the Paula Ręgo Museum by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

Paula Rego Museum Cafe by Souto de Moura - Cafe of the Paula Rego Museum in Cascais Portugal
The Paula Rego Museum includes a cafe, a shop, offices, an auditorium, and exhibition spaces. Tour the Paula Rego Museum in Cascais Portugal.

Free Architecture Courses on the Web
Hundreds of colleges and universities around the world offer free downloads of popular courses in architecture, urban design, and engineering. Check out the best of the best.

What will homes of the future look like? Ask an Architect
Architects are trained to build on the past AND to look ahead. Katrina Cottage designer Marianne Cusato helps us understand the functional home of the future.

House Plans and Floor Plans
Browse our main index to find house plans and floor plans for many types of building projects, plus get tips to help you find the best plans and save money.

Kevin Roche, No Easy Man to Describe
Irish-American architect Kevin Roche defies the stereotype of Star-architect. Learn more about this Pritzker Laureate, born June 14, 1922 in Dublin.

John Augustus Roebling, Builder of the Brooklyn Bridge
German-born John Augustus Roebling became famous for building suspension bridges, but his patents for wire ropes made him wealthy. Learn more in this brief profile.

What is the Oldest Town in the US? Ask the Anasazi
Is there any easy answer to the question

What is the Oldest Town in the US? St. Augustine, Florida
Some people say St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest settlement in the US, but where's the proof? Here's the discussion.

What is the Oldest Town in the US? Jamestown, Virginia
Some people say Jamestown, Virginia is the oldest settlement in the US. Some say St. Augustine, Florida. Why can't people agree? Here's the discussion.

Build a Better House - With Dirt
Architects and engineers are taking a new look at ancient building techniques with modern designs. Here's an introduction to adobe, rammed earth, cob, and straw bale.

Architecture in the The United States - USA Architecture
From the skyscrapers of New York to the ancient pueblos of New Mexico, the United States is a nation of architectural diversity. Use this directory to find facts and photos for historic or important architecture in the USA.

The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse St. Augustine Florida
This tiny house in Saint Augustine, Florida is thought to be the oldest wood school building in the United States. Take a short tour.

Colonial Construction in St. Augustine, Florida - Oldest Schoolhouse
Learn about the construction of the old schoolhouse in St. Augustine, Florida.

America's Oldest Schoolhouse Today - St. Augustine Travel
Like much of St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest schoolhouse resembles a theme park attraction. Take a short tour.

E - Architecture Terms Starting With E - Architecture Dictionary
From our Architecture Dictionary, find definitions for architecture terms and building vocabulary starting with the letter E, including Earth sheltered, Eave, Eastlake, Embrasures, and more.

Eminent Domain - Who REALLY Owns Your Home?
If you think your home is your castle for only you to enjoy, think again. Learn about eminent domain and what it could mean to you, your property, and a developer's business plan.

Symmetry and Proportion, what da Vinci learned from Vitruvius
Is design intuitive or mathematical? How do architects and designers put together elements to create a unified whole? The answers might surprise you.

Smart Geometry
The Smart Geometry group tackles algorithms as if they were pens and sketchpads. Learn more about how computer programs are changing the way some do design.

Brunelleschi's Dome, a Renaissance for Leonardo da Vinci
The 15th century renewed an interest in Divine Proportions and Golden Sections, a popular mathematical belief that lives on today. What's it all about?

The Golden Ratio - Hidden Codes in Architecture
All things with a design can be measured and turned into mathematics. When God creates things, they are divine. Learn how man imitates God's work.

Plotting the Golden Mean - A Graphical Representation
Mathematical ratios can be graphically represented, and, when they are, design happens. What does the golden ratio look like?

The Golden Ratio in Architecture - The Great Pyramids
The mathematics of the Great Pyramids in Egypt is unmistakable, but was it on purpose? Learn more about the golden mean and architectural design.

If you can understand Frank Gehry....
Most architects don't hit their prime until middle age, and Frank Gehry is no exception. We know him today as a sought-after

Frank Gehry Experiments with Aesthetics
The Gehry House was an experiment in contrasts, both materials and design. Take another look to better understand the architecture of Frank Gehry.

This is Architecture? Deconstructing Frank Gehry
We can understand the architecture of Frank Gehry by how he remodeled his own home in 1978. De-construct Gehry's construction.

Frank Gehry's Process
Although Frank Gehry's architecture may appear haphazard, the architect's process is to fully model every design. Creating chaos takes planning.

Frank Gehry Experiments with Design
Architect Frank Gehry experimented with facade when he remodeled his own home in 1978. Exterior and interior design portrayed the unexpected.

Frank Gehry Experiments with Materials
Frank Gehry's experimentation with industrial materials in his own home may have created a confidence that led to his signature metal facades.

A Middle-Aged Architect Remodels His House
Frank Gehry launched his career when he remodeled a modest pink bungalow in Santa Monica. Learn more about the controversial Gehry House.

The Gehry House Dining Room - Creating the Mystery of Intention
The dining room inside Frank Gehry's 1978 renovated house shows the artistic direction of a soon-to-be famous architect. Learn more.

Gehry House Gets a New Kitchen
Who influenced Frank Gehry? Find out by exploring the kitchen of the Gehry House.

Michelangelo, Rebel of the Renaissance
Michelangelo is not known for his architecture, but one scholar thinks he's the most radical of architects. Learn more about the Rebel of the Renaissance.

Arad's Design for the National 9/11 Memorial
The National 9/11 Memorial, originally named Reflecting Absence, went through many revisions. Why did architect Michael Arad change his plan?

Who are the World's Most Creative Architects?
Are starchitects the world's most creative people? Check out Jacques Herzog and other so-called starchitects of the 21st century.

The Italianate House, Most Popular Style in the US, 1840-1885
The Italianate house style, suggesting the romantic villas of Renaissance Italy, are the most popular homes built during the Victorian era.

Spaceport America is Ready to Take You Higher
Today's mega-sized airports handle air travel but not space travel. Architect Norman Foster designed a special spaceport to solve this problem. Learn more.

The Wright Way to Learn Architecture
Design a house with Frank Lloyd Wright? With this free software, anyone can learn architecture from America's most famous architect. Learn more.

Thomas Jefferson, Gentleman Architect
Thomas Jefferson was more than a president. Learn more about the designs and architectural influences of the great American statesman, born April 13, 1743.

General Guide to Architecture in Missouri
Vacationing in Missouri? Plan your next trip to include visits to iconic landmarks like the St. Louis Gateway Arch and one of the first skyscrapers ever built.

What Is a Pritzker - Pritzker Architecture Prize Information
Information about the Pritzker Architecture Prize, with resources for learning more about the Pritzker Prize and the Pritzker Prize Laureates.

Build to Save Energy - Green Architecture
Slash your utility bills and help the environment by energy-efficient design. These resources will help you save when you build or remodel your home.

20th Century and Beyond - Trends in Architecture
Make sense of the 20th century! Move into the 21st century! Explore modernism and beyond in architecture. These resources move from Art Moderne and the Bauhaus school to Deconstructivism, Formalism, Modernism, Structuralism, Postmodernism, and other important isms of architecture in modern times.

World's Great Bridges - Millau Viaduct in Southern France
Norman Foster's high-tech bridge in southern France has been called the tallest bridge in the world. How does it stack up against older bridges? Compare with photos. Page 6.

Alamillo Bridge - World's Great Bridges - by Santiago Calatrava
Architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava designed the Alamillo Bridge for the 1992 Expo on La Cartuja Island in Seville, Spain. Find facts here. Page 5.

Bixby Bridge in Big Sur California - World's Great Bridges
In a photo gallery of world bridges, the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California is one of the tallest single-span concrete bridges in the world.

6 Bridges You'll Want to Cross
Find photos, facts, and statistics for some of the world's great bridges.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - Finlandia Hall in Helsinki
White Carrara marble from Northern Italy was a favorite material of architect Alvar Aalto. It elegantly contrasts with black granite in Finlandia Hall. Page 6.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - Lakeuden Risti Church in Seinajoki
The Lakeuden Risti Church is one of many projects Alvar Aalto built for Seinajoki, Finland. Explore Aalto's works in this short portfolio. Page 3.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - Otaniemi Technical University
A combination of materials -- red brick, black granite, and copper -- combine to make Alvar Aalto's buildings for the Otaniemi Technical University a delight in Espoo, Finland. Page 7.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - Seinajoki Town Hall by Alvar Aalto
The Seinajoki Town Hall in Seinajoki, Finland is one of many works by architect Alvar Aalto. Learn more about his work in this short portfolio. Page 5.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - Defence Corps Building White Guards HQ
Finnish architect Alvar Aalto was classically inspired early in his career. This neoclassical building in Seinajoki was built when the architect was in his twenties.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - The Baker House by Alvar Aalto
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA is host to buildings by famous architects, including the Baker House by Alvar Aalto. Page 2.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - Enso-Gutzeit Headquarters
Alvar Aalto's modernist office building is a stark architectural contrast to the adjacent old world Uspensky Cathedral in Helsinki. Explore the works of Aalto in this short portfolio. Page 4.

Alvar Aalto - Photos of buildings and projects by Alvar Aalto
Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is well-known for modern Scandinavian designs, both buildings and furniture. Take a short photo gallery tour of buildings and projects by Aalto.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - Church of the Assumption of Mary, Italy
Architect Alvar Aalto brought modernism to the small parish of Riola di Vergato, Italy. Compare this design with others in Aalto's architecture portfolio. Page 8.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - An Exhibition of Furniture Design
Finnish architect is well-known for his furniture designs, which are still sold today. Learn more about this modern designer from a short portfolio of his work. Page 9.

Alvar Aalto Architecture - Viipuri Library
Completed in 1935 when Vyborg was part of Finland, Alvar Aalto's Viipuri Library is now part of Russian historic architecture. Compare the selected works of this Finnish architect. Page 10.

Alvar Aalto and Modern Scandinavian Architecture
Alvar Aalto's passion for painting led to the development of his unique architectural style. Explore the life and works of this modern designer, born February 3, 1898 in Kuortane, Finland.

A Place for Books and Booth - Hay Castle In Wales
Richard Booth, the owner of Hay Castle in Wales, proves that nothing is too old or too dilapidated to be put to good use.

Chairs By Famous Architects
The greatest architects of modern times didn't stop at buildings. They designed lamps, tables, sofas, beds, and chairs. Here are four famous chairs.

An Architect's Design, the Barrel Chair by Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright often designed furniture to perfectly control all aspects of his designs. The 1937 Barrel Chair is one of his most famous pieces.

An Architect's Design, the Hill House Chair by C.R. Mackintosh
Like many architects, Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed furniture for specific residences. Furniture was an interior decoration, and not necessarily functional.

Modernist Chairs - Chairs by Famous Architects
A new breed of designers, the Modernists, rebelled against the concept of furniture that was merely decorative. Striving for functionality and universality, they worked to build a better chair.

An Architect's Design, Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe
The Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe was a custom design, created for the King and Queen of Spain. It was also an artistic statement.

An Architect's Design, the Nonconformist Chair by Eileen Gray
The Nonconformist Chair by Eileen Gray has only one armrest. It is designed to accommodate the owner's favorite resting position.

The Hammock House in Miami by Taylor & Taylor
The houses of Taylor & Taylor express Florida's landscape and traditions. Let's look at the sophisticated Hammock House in Miami.

Interior Design for Ibis House at the University of Miami by Taylor & Taylor
Phyllis Taylor used natural materials for the design of Ibis House at the University of Miami. See this and other Florida homes by the architecture and design team, Taylor & Taylor.

Home Office at the Ocean Reef Club by Taylor & Taylor
See how the architecture and design team, Taylor & Taylor, transforms a home office using nautical themes.

Step Inside - Florida Classic Style by Taylor & Taylor
See inside Sunset House Seraphim Point in Key Largo, designed by Taylor & Taylor

Sunset House, Seraphim Point at Key Largo, Florida, by Taylor & Taylor
Architect William Taylor designed this Florida house to face West, taking advantage of the sunsets over Florida Bay. Explore the work of Taylor & Taylor.

Interiors and Design by Taylor & Taylor
Explore the architecture and interior design of Taylor & Taylor, a Miami team that aspires to capture the spirit of Florida.

Windemere Estate near Orlando, FL by Taylor & Taylor
Explore homes by Taylor & Taylor designed with respect for Florida's architectural history. Shown here: Spanish and British Colonial ideas combine at Windemere Estate.

Porch at Seraphim Point by Taylor & Taylor
An open-air porch designed by Taylor & Taylor blurs the boundary between indoors and out.

The Lincoln Memorial - Famous Buildings in Washington, DC
Learn about the famous memorial to America's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, in Washington DC. Page 14.

The National Archives - Famous Buildings in Washington, DC
The National Archives Building in Washington DC, a stately building, is safe-keeping for a nation's important documents. Learn more. Page 16.

Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a Brief Bio of the Man Who Created Portmeirion, Wales
Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, born May 28, 1883, devoted his life to the cause of environmental preservation and the creation of a village. Learn about the creator of Portmeirion, Wales.

Architecture in Portmeirion, Wales
Every September Portmeirion plays host to Festival No6, billed as a

The Piazza in Portmeirion, Wales
Along the southern edge of the Piazza in Portmeirion, Wales, two columns support gilded figures of Burmese dancers.

Bridge House in Portmeirion, Wales
Tapering walls make Bridge House in Portmeirion, Wales seem larger than it really is.

Bristol Colonnade in Portmeirion, Wales
The Colonnade in Portmeirion, Wales once stood in front of a bathhouse in Bristol, England.

Promenade at Portmeirion, Wales
Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, designer of Portmeirion, Wales, wanted to show that

Unicorn Cottage at Portmeirion, Wales
This minature of a stately Chatsworth home creates the illusion of a classic Georgian estate.

Festival No6 at the Hercules Gazebo in Portmeirion, Wales
Cast iron mermaid panels, salvaged from Liverpool's Old Seaman's Home, form the sides of the Hercules Gazebo in Portmeirion, Wales, site of the annual Festival No6.

Cottages at Portmeirion, Wales
When Sir Clough Williams-Ellis began building Portmeirion, Mermaid house was all that was on the Welsh peninsula. One building at a time makes a village.

Blue House Colors - Beige and Blue Bungalow - Color Ideas for Your House
Beige trim complements the dark marine blue of this Craftsman Bungalow. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 3.

Blue House Colors - Lavender, Blue, and Yellow Bungalow - Color Ideas for Your House
Easter-egg colors may add a sense of whimsy to this little Texas Bungalow, but will the playfulness last? Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 2.

Blue House Colors - Bright Blue Victorian House - Color Ideas for Your House
Although egg blue isn't traditional, the paint color works on this Victorian color. The trim is a crisp off-white. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas.

Blue House Colors - Blue-colored Ranch house in Delray, Florida
What color should you paint your house? Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for color ideas, including this Delray Beach home in Florida. Page 4.

House Paint Color Pictures - Blue House Paint Colors
Browse these house paint color photos for ideas on how to use blue colors in your house painting project. Sometimes the best ideas come from the mistakes of others.

Blue House Colors - with Ornate Victorian Trim
Choosing exterior house paint colors can be challenging. If your heart is set on blue, take a look at our gallery of homes, including this one with ornate, Victorian trim. Page 8.

Blue House Colors - Victorian with Pink Gable in Colorado Springs
Browse our gallery of blue houses. The exterior paint color combinations can be experimental, sometimes working and sometimes not so much. Page 7.

Blue House Colors - Painting the Details in Bay City, Michigan
How do you choose which detail to paint on your house? This Michigan homeowner has experimented with blues and whites. Browse our photo gallery for more ideas. Page 5.

Blue House Colors - Grey-Blue and Turquoise
Painting your house blue? Like grey colors, there are 50 shades of blue, including the mismatched blues on this Ranch style house. Visit our gallery of blue hues. Page 6.

Geodesic Dome Definition - Glossary of Architecture Terms
From our Architecture Glossary, illustrations and definition of the term Geodesic Dome, with links and resources for learning more.

Egg-and-Dart Molding Design Defined
Illustrations and definitions of egg-and-dart designs, from our Architecture Dictionary at

Dentil - Definition
Illustrated definition of the word Dentil and term Dentil Molding from our Architecture Glossary.

Local Preservations Win in Lincoln, Nebraska
Read how the 1913 Industrial Arts Building in Lincoln, Nebraska was almost destroyed, saved only by the extraordinary passion of ordinary people.

Historic Preservation: Research, Restore, and Preserve
Want to rescue an older building from demolition... And to have it listed on the National Register or the National Trust? Or, do you just want to preserve the heritage of your own older home? Here are facts about restoration projects, historic registries, historic landmarks, and preservation methods.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York - World's Great Bridges
Photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, taken before the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Page 2.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California - World's Great Bridges - Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California was the world's longest suspension bridge when it opened on May 27, 1937 - but is it golden? Page 3.

Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon, Portugal - World's Great Bridges
With its viaducts, Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon, Portugal is the longest bridge in Europe. Page 4.

Art Deco Decoration - Skyscrapers Take Shape
Vivid color, strong lines and undulating, repeating patterns are a trademark of Art Deco design, but so is the stepped shape of skyscrapers.

Art Deco Ziggurats - Skyscrapers with Zigs and Zags
Art Deco buildings often took on a distinctive Art Deco shape: the ziggurat.

Art Deco in Dallas - Egyptian Influences in Texas
Art Deco designs are found throughout the U.S. especially in post-Depression architecture like from the 1930s Texas State Fairgrounds.

Art Deco Influences - King Tut and the Daily News
Art Deco architects often lavished their buildings with symbolic images.

Art Deco - Miami and Art Deco Color and Architecture
Terra-cotta facing and the strong vertical bands are typical Art Deco features borrowed from antiquity.

Art Deco Buildings in Miami - South Beach Playground
The love of the Art Deco style in architecture and design is celebrated to this day, especially in Miami. Learn more about Art Deco in Florida.

Art Deco Architecture in the US - The Dawn of Deco
Join us for a photo tour of Art Deco architecture and learn how the Art Deco style influenced building design around the US.

Art Deco and the Discovery of King Tut's Tomb
Find out how the discovery of King Tut's tomb inspired a jazzy new approach to architecture and design.

Norma Merrick Sklarek - African-American Architect
Norma Sklarek, born in Harlem, NY April 15, 1926, broke many barriers when she became a licensed architect. Learn more about this African-American woman in this short bio.

Famous Monuments and Memorials
Browse our master index for great monuments and memorials around the world, including war memorials, memorials for veterans, September 11 memorials, and Holocaust memorials.

National September 11 Memorial Museum
Federal preservation laws have protected the development of the WTC area. So, what have they built instead? Learn more about the National 9/11 Museum, opened since May 21, 2014.