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Presidential Library Buildings, Johnson Library in Texas
Learn more about the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas - one of the many Presidential Libraries found throughout the United States.

Presidential Library Buildings, Nixon Library in California
Learn more about the building of a Presidential legacy and the special circumstances surrounding the Nixon Archives in Yorba Linda, California.

Presidential Library Buildings, Ford Library in Michigan
Unlike most Presidential Libraries, the Gerald Ford Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan is not in the same city as the Ford Museum. Learn more.

Presidential Library Buildings, Carter Library in Georgia
The Carter Presidential Library adjoins the internationally renowned Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Find out more in this short report.

Presidential Library Buildings, Reagan Library in California
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California is but one of the many Presidential Libraries found throughout the United States. Learn more about the building of a Presidential legacy.

Cass Gilbert - Architect of Skyscrapers and Capitols
From the Woolworth Bldg to the US Supreme Court, historic themes join modern ideas in the architecture of Cass Gilbert, born November 24, 1859 in Zanesville, Ohio.

Inventing the Skyline - The Architecture of Cass Gilbert
Inventing the Skyline: The Architecture of Cass Gilbert is a hefty, picture-packed book about the works of skyscraper pioneer Cass Gilbert. Learn more.

Castle Books - Gift Books for Castle Lovers
For beautiful photographs and stories about the world's great castles, check out these photo books and travel guides.

Great Photo Books and Gift Books on Architecture
For lush photographs of the world's great buildings, explore these hefty architecture books. You'll find every type and style of building, from ancient castles to modern skyscrapers. Packed with beautiful photographs, these books make wonderful gifts.

What Inspires Florida Style and Home Design?
Architects and designers promote Florida's natural beauty. Learn more about Classic Florida Style from the Miami-based firm of Taylor & Taylor.

Photo Books About Antebellum Architecture and Southern Mansions
These fascinating books have lush photos of antebellum mansions and plantation homes from the American South.

Good Reads - Make Believe It's About Architecture
These books are fiction, but they capture the passion we associate with our homes and great buildings. Architecture is a great story to tell!

Adventure Movies About Skyscrapers & Famous Buildings
Since the dawn of Hollywood, highrises have played leading roles in the movies. Here are our favorite adventure movies that take place in or around skyscrapers and famous buildings.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Famous American Architect
Explore the life and works of Frank Lloyd Wright, born in Wisconsin, June 8, 1867. This profile is a great intro to America's most famous architect.

Books to Help You Build a Smaller Home
Tiny homes don't have to be primitive. Many books today can get you started finding house plans and ideas for designing compact houses and cottages.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Architecture Enthusiasts
Find unusual and useful gifts for architects and builders, new homeowners and old house rehabbers, and anyone with a fascination for buildings and design.

Architecture Gifts and Collectibles and Accessories and Clothing
Shop safely online for architecture gifts, collectibles, and holiday giving ideas. Use these links to find clothing, accessories, construction toys, housewares, furnishings, and artwork inspired by the work of great designers. Regardless of the occasion, there is something here to delight fans of famous architects.

The Best of LEGO Architecture
These LEGO construction kits make great gifts for anyone who enjoys architecture and design. Every year, LEGO adds more.

The Best of LEGO Architecture
These LEGO construction kits make great gifts for anyone who enjoys architecture and design. Every year, LEGO adds more.

Toys and Tools for the Passionate LEGOist
Can you learn about architecture from building with LEGOs? You bet. The items listed here are not typical toys, but offer adult-sized challenges to design.

9 How-To Books for Building Your Own Log Home
If you'd like to build your own log home or cabin from scratch - without using a kit - these construction guides and building plans will tell you how.

History of Log Cabins in America
Today's log homes are often spacious and elegant, but in colonial America log cabins reflected the hardships of life on the frontier. Learn more.

Log Cabin Construction Facts
With little more than an ax and a chisel, North America's homesteaders turned timber into sturdy, practical homes. Find facts about log beginnings. Page 2.

Picture This: Dunguaire Castle in County Galway, Ireland
Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara, County Galway, Ireland, included in a select photo gallery of castles around the world.

Picture This: Johnstown Castle in Ireland
Johnstown Castle is a Victorian recreation of medieval architecture. The turreted home was built between 1810 and 1855. Page 2.

Neuschwanstein, the Victorian Palace of Mad King Ludwig
Explore the fanciful Victorian Palace, Neuschwanstein Castle, built during the 19th century for the King of Bavaria, known as Mad King Ludwig. Page 4.

Picture This: Rock of Cashel in Ireland
Ancient Celtic Kings ruled from the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, Ireland - one of a select photo gallery of castles around the world. Page 5.

Picture This: Tully Castle in County Fermanagh, Ireland
In the 1600s, inhabitants of Tully Castle were imprisoned in its vaults, and the stronghouse was turned to ruins. Learn about castles around the world. Page 3.

Castles, Fortresses, and Palaces - Photos of Fortified Houses
Designs for some of the houses we live in today have been influenced by the great châteaux and manor houses of Europe and the imperial residences of the East. Learn about the world's most remarkable castles, fortresses, and palaces in this architectural photo gallery.

Picture This: Buckingham Palace in London, United Kingdom
The central quadrangle of Buckingham Palace is a surprising feature unseen by most visitors. Learn more about this interesting part of British history and architecture. Page 6.

Picture: Chateau de Versailles, La Grande Galerie des Glaces
The Versailles Treaty that ended World War I was signed in the Galerie des Glaces or Hall of Mirrors. Learn more about this historic room within the Baroque Chateau. Page 7.

Picture This: Kronborg Castle, Hamlet's Elsinore
Learn about castles around the world, including Kronborg in Denmark, considered the location of Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. Page 8.

The Power of Place: Versailles
World War I ended when a treaty was signed in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Explore the power of place and an architecture that never forgets.

How to Become an Architect - Architecture Careers FAQ
Would you like to become an architect? This page leads you to answers for some of the most frequently asked questions about careers in architecture.

Books to Help You Plan and Build Your New Deck
Before you build your new deck, check out these great books for photos, drawings, and construction plans.

Top 10 Trends In Home Design
Architects, engineers, and designers are creating new housing styles to accommodate the way we live and think today. Look for these top home design trends.

Books to Help You Plan Patios, Walkways, and Courtyards
Planning a new patio or walkway? Moving the kitchen outside? Before you begin laying your brick or stone, check out these inexpensive how-to books.

Rem Koolhaas, About the Modern Dutch Master
Born November 17, 1944 in The Netherlands, Rem Koolhaas has mystified the world with his modernist, deconstructionist, humanist works. Is it possible to know Rem?

The Architecture of Space and Interior Designs of FLW
The style and look associated with Frank Lloyd Wright was created by repeated use of certain architectural elements. What are Wright's common themes?

Best Books About America's Favorite Architect, FLW
Architects, critics, and fans have written extensively about the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Listed here are a few of our favorite books.

Architecture and Design Schools in the US Ranked Best
Which architecture school is best? Find school rankings from the latest DesignIntelligence report, America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools.

A Hard Path Doesn't Have to be Difficult
A brick patio and walkway will enhance the beauty of your entire home, so here are the basic steps. Includes links to brick patterns and idea books.

Flying Buttresses and Gothic Style Architecture - Sainte-Chapelle in Riom, France
Walls in Gothic buildings achieved new heights, thanks to the flying buttress system, a revolutionary design that changed Medieval architecture.

What is the Best Part of Gothic Architecture? Gargoyles
A gargoyle is much more than a grotesque creature. Learn the meaning of gargoyle and see gargoyle photos.

The Griffin in Architecture and Design
The mythical griffin has been a powerful image in buildings through the ages. See photos that show how griffins are used in architecture in design.

Sacred Buildings - Adare Friary in Limerick, Ireland
Founded in 1316 by the Earl of Kildare, the Adare Friary was once known as the Black Abbey. Today, Adare Friare is St. Nicholas' parish church and school. Page 15.

Sacred Temples in Angkor, Cambodia
Ancient temples found in Angkor, Cambodia date back to the 800s. Explore this historic wonder. Page 12.

Sacred Buildings - Bagsvaerd Church in Denmark
Explore the innovative Bagsvaerd Church in Denmark, designed by architect Jørn Utzon. Page 6.

Sacred Buildings - Barcelona Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain
The Cathedral of Santa Eulalia (also called La Seu) in Barcelona is both Gothic and Victorian. Learn more. Page 28.

Sacred Buildings - William H. Danforth Chapel at Florida Southern College by Frank Lloyd Wright
The non-denominational William H. Danforth Chapel is a landmark Frank Lloyd Wright design on the campus of Florida Southern College. Page 32.

Sacred Buildings - Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and Byzantine Architecture
See photos and find information for Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey which has inspired builders through the centuries. Page 8.

Duomo Cathedral of San Massimo - Sacred Buildings - Duomo Cathedral of San Massimo in L'Aquila Italy
Earthquakes have taken a toll on Duomo Cathedral of San Massimo in L'Aquila, Italy. Page 34.

Sacred Buildings - New Main Synagogue Ohel Jakob, Munich Germany
Ohel Jakob, the new main synagogue in Munich, Germany, replaced the old one destroyed during Kristallnacht. This space is at the center of Bavarian Jewish life in southern Germany. Page 4.

Sacred Buildings - the Old-new Synagogue in Prague
The medieval Old-New Synagogue (Altneuschul) in Josefov, the Jewish quarter of Prague, is one of Europe's oldest synagogues. Page 14.

Sacred Buildings - Rumbach Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary
Designed by architect Otto Wagner, Rumbach Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary is Moorish in design. Page 11.

Sacred Buildings - Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon, Ireland
Built during the Victorian era, Sacred Heart Church is lavished with Gothic Revival details. Learn more. Page 23.

Sacred Buildings - Santa Maria di Collemaggio in L'Aquila Italy
Alternating pink and white stone create dazzling patterns on the medieval Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio. Page 35.

Sacred Spaces - Sea Ranch Chapel, California
Artist and architectural designer James Hubbell used wood, metal, and stained glass to sculpt the unique Sea Ranch Chapel near Gualala, on the coast of California, USA. Page 22.

Sacred Buildings - St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland
St. Patrick's Cathedral is the largest church and oldest Christian site in Ireland. Learn more about Dublin's Anglican attraction. Page 2.

Sacred Buildings - St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England
St Paul's Cathedral in London is known for the grand dome that Sir Christopher Wren designed. Page 30.

Cathedral Architecture - St. Vitus Cathedral - St. Vitus Cathedral at Hradcany in Prague - Sacred Buildings
St. Vitus Cathedral is part of the vast Hradcany Castle complex and one of the most famous landmarks of Prague. Page 33.

Sacred Buildings - Stone Church in Glendalough, Ireland
Glendalough, Ireland has a monastery founded by St. Kevin, a hermit monk, in the early 600s and several old churches like this one. Page 26.

Sacred Buildings - Unity Temple by Frank Lloyd Wright
See photos and learn the history of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Unity Temple, made of poured concrete. Page 3.

Sacred Buildings - Westminster Abbey in London, England
Westminster Abbey in London is one of the world's most famous examples of Medieval Gothic architecture. Page 31.

Sacred Buildings - Basilique Saint-Denis, Church of St. Denis
The Church of Saint-Denis became a model for most of the late 12th-century French cathedrals, including those at Chartres and Senlis. Page 24.

Sacred Buildings - Al Kadhimain Mosque, Baghdad, Iraq
Explore the stunning Al-Kadhimiya Mosque in Baghdad, Iraq. Page 7.

Sacred Buildings - Assumption Cathedral in Moscow
Learn about Moscow's Assumption Cathedral (the Cathedral of the Dormition) and its glittering onion domes. Page 17.

Sacred Buildings - Chapel of Saint Peter Campos de Jordão
Discover the modernist Chapel of Saint Peter Campos de Jordão SP Brazil designed Paulo Mendes da Rocha . Page 9.

Sacred Buildings - Gothic Cathedral in Chartres, France
Chartres is one of the most famous cathedrals in France, and is widely praised for its sculpture, stained-glass windows, and high gothic style. Page 5.

Sacred Structures - Cristo Redentor or Christ Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Christ Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is locally called Cristo Redentor. Built for the times in 1931, the iconic statuary is the architecture of protection. Page 20.

Sacred Buildings - Church of the Transfiguration in Russia
Made of wood without a single nail, Russia's Church of the Transfiguration has 22 onion shaped domes. Learn more. Page 19.

Dome of the Rock - Sacred Architecture in Jerusalem
Learn about the ancient Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel. Page 10.

Sacred Buildings - Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco
Discover the enormous Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. Page 18.

Sacred Buildings - Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, Japan
Explore the beautiful and serene Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Page 16.

Sacred Buildings - Kizhi Wooden Churches in Russia
Discover the centuries-old wooden churches on the island of Kizhi in Russia. Page 27.

Sacred Buildings - La Sagrada Familia or Holy Family Church, by Gaudi
See La Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi's uncompleted masterpiece. Page 25.

Sacred Buildings - Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia
Explore the lavish Rococo style Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia. Page 13.

Sacred Buildings - St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia
St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia combines the architecture of the East and West. Learn more. Page 21.

Sacred Buildings - Kulturerbe Wieskirche - Wies Pilgrimage Church of the Scourged Saviour
The Wieskirche, or the Wies Pilgrimage Church is a masterpiece of Rococo design on the inside. The exterior is a simple, white structure located in a cow pasture. Page 29.

Architecture for our Spirit and Soul
In this photo gallery of architecture, discover and compare sacred spaces from around the world, including churches, cathedrals, temples, shrines, and mosques.

Architecture for our Spirit and Soul
In this photo gallery of architecture, discover and compare sacred spaces from around the world, including churches, cathedrals, temples, shrines, and mosques.

Victorian Gothic Revival Architecture - Lyndhurst in Tarrytown New York
Gothic ideas never completely vanished. During the nineteenth century, builders created an eclectic Victorian style and Gothic Revival was born.

The Medieval Synagogue in Prague and Gothic Style Architecture
Gothic style architecture was not limited to cathedrals. Jewish synagogues of the era also incorporated Gothic ideas. Look at Prague's Gothic side.

Pointed Arches in Gothic Style Architecture
The pointed arch was an important innovation of Gothic architecture. These arches revolutionized Medieval churches and cathedrals. What's the point?

Ribbed Vaulting and Gothic Style Architecture - Royaumont Abbey
Dramatic ribbed vaulting transformed architecture during the Gothic era. Join us for a photo history of medieval Gothic churches and cathedrals.

Stained Glass Windows and Gothic Style Architecture - Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Magnificent stained glass windows became possible during the Medieval era. Examine Paris' Notre Dame and other important Gothic style buildings.

Gothic Architecture- Gargoyles Guard the Cathedrals
Gothic style architecture is known for its gargoyles, but these strange, leering sculptures were more than decoration. They had a practical role.

Gothic Style Floor Plan - Salisbury cathedral in England
During Medieval times, the great Gothic cathedrals were constructed according to a spatial plan. The English built a little different than the French.

Diagram of a Medieval Cathedral - Gothic Style Engineering
In this diagram we see how Gothic style engineering allowed medieval cathedrals to achieve greater height and elegance. Look behind the rafter.

Gothic Style - What Ideas Transformed Medieval Buildings?
What was the Gothic look hundreds of years ago? Explore Gothic style architecture and the ideas that transformed cathedrals in medieval Europe.

Museum Architecture - 1966 Whitney Museum by Breuer, NYC
The old Whitney Museum on 75th Street was too small even when it opened in 1966. Marcel Breuer's brutalist architecture, however, is huge. Page 19.

Museum Architecture - Yad Vashem by Safdie in Jerusalem
Architect Moshe Safdie spent ten years planning and developing the Holocaust History Museum at the Yad Vashem complex. It is one of the most visited museums in the world. Page 18.

Museum Architecture - Whitney Museum by Piano, NYC
Renzo Piano's 2015 Whitney Museum is as asymmetrical as any prestigious art museum in a city's industrial Meatpacking District. Out of place? You decide. Page 20.

Museum Architecture - Brazilian Museum of Sculpture
Photo of the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 2006 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate. Page 7.

Museum Architecture - Centre Pompidou
From our photo gallery, pictures of important, interesting, or unusual museum architecture. This picture: Centre Pompidou in Paris. Page 12.

Museum Architecture - Solomon Guggenheim Museum in NYC
Learn about Frank Lloyd Wright's unique Guggenheim Museum in New York City, including a discussion of the semi-circular design and controversial color selection. Page 3.

Museum Architecture - Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell Univ.
From our photo gallery, pictures of important, interesting, or unusual museum architecture. This picture: The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Architects. Page 5.

Museum Architecture - National 9/11 Memorial Museum Atrium
The National 9-11 Museum in New York City is a unique underground experience. The visitor encounters both the light and darkness of a tragic event. Page 8.

Museum Architecture - East Wing, National Gallery by Pei
From our photo gallery, pictures of important, interesting, or unusual museum architecture. This picture: East Wing, National Gallery in Washington DC by Pritzker Prize Laureate Ieoh Ming Pei. Page 10.

Museum Architecture - Sainsbury Centre by Norman Foster
From our photo gallery, pictures of important, interesting, or unusual museum architecture. This picture: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts by Sir Norman Foster. Page 11.

Museum Architecture - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
From our photo gallery, pictures of important, interesting, or unusual museum architecture. This Photo: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA). Page 9.

Museum Architecture - State Museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Photo of the Brazilian State Museum of São Paulo in São Paulo, Brazil, by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 2006 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate. Page 6.

Museum Architecture - The Jewish Museum in Berlin
From our photo gallery, pictures of important, interesting, or unusual museum architecture. This picture: The Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany, Daniel Libeskind, architect. Page 4.

Museum Architecture - The Louvre Museum in Paris
Learn about the architecture of the famous Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Page 13.

Museum Architecture - Louvre Pyramid (Pyramide du Louvre)
From our photo gallery, pictures of important, interesting, or unusual museum architecture. This picture: The Louvre Pyramid (Pyramide du Louvre). Page 14.

Museum Architecture - Yale Center for British Art
Designed by modernist architect Louis I. Kahn, the Yale Center for British Art is a massive concrete structure organized into roomlike grids. Page 15.

Museum Architecture - A Picture Dictionary of Styles
Museum architecture from around the world shows us a variety of cultural themes. Explore our photo gallery of important, interesting, and unusual museums.

Museum Architecture - A Picture Dictionary of Styles
Museum architecture from around the world shows us a variety of cultural themes. Explore our photo gallery of important, interesting, and unusual museums.

Museum Architecture - Broad Art Museum by Zaha Hadid
The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University opened in 2012. Its modern design is by Pritzker architect Zaha Hadid. Page 2.

Museum Architecture - LAMOCA by Isozaki
From our photo gallery, pictures of important, interesting, or unusual museum architecture. This Photo: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA). Page 16.

Museum Architecture - The Tate Modern Museum in London
Designed by Pritzker Prize Laureates Herzog & de Meuron, the Tate Modern is one of the world's most celebrated examples of adaptive reuse. Page 17.

Museum Architecture - Suzhou Museum in China by I.M. Pei
Learn about the Suzhou Museum in Suzhou, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China designed by I.M. Pei Architect with Pei Partnership Architects.

Richard Morris Hunt, Architect of the Gilded Age

Jean Louis Charles Garnier - Designer of the Paris Opera
Phantom of the Opera? Not French architect Charles Garnier, best known today for designing the phantom's Parisian Opera House. Learn more about Garnier, born in Paris on November 6, 1825.

Wang Shu, Rise of the Architect Scholar
Chinese architect Wang Shu, born November 4, 1963, is a craftsman and scholar who won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize for 2012. Learn about Wang Shu's life, works, and partnerships.

Sears Catalog Modern Home No. 157

Sears Catalog Modern Home No. C189, The Hillrose

Sears Catalog Modern Home No. 102

Foursquare House Plans - Is Your Old House From a Catalog?
Searching for the house plans for your American Foursquare style home? They just might be part of this group of Sears and Aladdin catalog favorites.

Sears Catalog Modern Home No. 2090, The Alhambra

Aladdin Catalog, The Hudson, 1920

Sears Catalog Modern Home No. 111, The Chelsea

Sears Catalog Modern Home No. 158

Sears Catalog Modern Home No. 52

Sears Catalog Modern Home No. C227, The Castleton

Art Deco Decoration - Skyscrapers Take Shape
Vivid color, strong lines and undulating, repeating patterns are a trademark of Art Deco design, but so is the stepped shape of skyscrapers.

Art Deco Architecture in the US - The Dawn of Deco
Join us for a photo tour of Art Deco architecture and learn how the Art Deco style influenced building design around the US.

Art Deco Influences - King Tut and the Daily News
Art Deco architects often lavished their buildings with symbolic images.

Art Deco - Miami and Art Deco Color and Architecture
Terra-cotta facing and the strong vertical bands are typical Art Deco features borrowed from antiquity.

Art Deco and the Discovery of King Tut's Tomb
Find out how the discovery of King Tut's tomb inspired a jazzy new approach to architecture and design.

Art Deco Ziggurats - Skyscrapers with Zigs and Zags
Art Deco buildings often took on a distinctive Art Deco shape: the ziggurat.

Art Deco in Dallas - Egyptian Influences in Texas
Art Deco designs are found throughout the U.S. especially in post-Depression architecture like from the 1930s Texas State Fairgrounds.

The House Frank Lloyd Wright Hated
Like many American architects starting a career, Frank Lloyd Wright was keen on experimenting with new designs. One client, however, wanted traditional.

7 of the Best Books On School Design
Architects who design schools face many challenges. Learn the important concepts, construction advice, history, and workable plans from the latest books.

French Architect Jean Nouvel, A Look at the Pritzker Winner
Taking cues from the environment, flamboyant French architect Jean Nouvel plays with light and shadow. Learn more about the Pritzker Laureate, born August 12, 1945.

Climbing Pretty Skyscrapers is Just Too Easy
High-tech architecture can be tempting for the urban climber. Should architects modify skyscraper designs to keep stuntmen on the ground?

Advice to a Young Cuban With a Dream
What advice can we give to a young man with a strong will to become an architect? Here are nine suggestions.

40 Mercer Street in New York City - Pritzker Prize-Winning Architect Jean Nouvel
40 Mercer Street in New York City. 41 luxury apartments and shops, Jean Nouvel, architect. Page 13.

Institut du Monde Arabe - IMA - Arab World Institute - Jean Nouvel Photos
Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA), or the Arab World Institute, in Paris, France by Jean Nouvel, architect. Page 4.

Interior view of the metal lenses at the Institut du Monde Arabe - IMA - Arab World Institute
Interior view of the metal lenses at the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA or Arab World Institute). Page 6.

Metal Lenses on the Institut du Monde Arabe - IMA - Arab World Institute
The Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA), or the Arab World Institute, has adjustable metal lenses on the exterior wall. Page 5.

Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, France by Jean Nouvel, architect
Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, France by Jean Nouvel, architect. Page 8.

Lyon Opera House - Renovation of the Opera in Lyon, France
Renovation of the Opera House in Loyon France. Jean Nouvel, architect. Page 10.

Nemausus Public Housing in Nimes, France - Picture of Nemausus Public Housing
Nemausus public housing in Nimes, France. Jean Nouvel, architect.

Jean Nouvel Portfolio of Buildings and Projects
Pritzker Laureate Jean Nouvel experiments with light and shadow. This photo gallery presents some highlights of Nouvel's prolific career, one filled with exuberance and Imagination.

Agbar Tower in Barcelona, Spain, Jean Nouvel, architect
Agbar Tower in Barcelona, Spain, Jean Nouvel, architect. Page 3.

Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art by Jean Nouvel, architect
Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, France. Jean Nouvel, architect. Page 7.

Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jean Nouvel, architect. Page 9.

Quai Branly Museum in Paris, France - Photo of the Musée du Quai Branly
Quai Branly Museum in Paris, France. Jean Nouvel, architect. Page 11.

Tour de Verre in New York City
Tour de Verre is a 75-story tower to be constructed on a site adjacent to theMuseum of Modern Art in New York City. Jean Nouvel, architect. Page 12.

Books for Architecture Students
From Vitruvius to Frank Lloyd Wright, experts in architecture require a range of knowledge. If you're planning to study architecture, planning, and design, you'll want to begin here.

Career Planning for Architecture
Learn about careers in architecture, explore architecture schools and programs, and find the resources you need to plan a career in architecture and related fields.

Career Advice, Considerations, and Options
What are some of the pathways toward a career in architecture? Find out how to receive professional licensing for architecture, engineering, and other professions in the building and design fields.

Careers in Engineering
Use these resources to find jobs and job-search advice in the engineering fields, including civil engineering and structural engineering.

Review of Rybczynski's A Clearing in the Distance
Witold Rybczynski's book is not merely a biography of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. It is also a portrait of American life in the nineteenth century.

Books to Help You Choose House Paint Colors
These beautifully illustrated books will help you choose exterior paint colors for your home.

Zaha Hadid - Citation from the Pritzker Prize Jury
Does Pritzker Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid deserve praise? The Pritzker Prize Jury says she does. Examine her work and words from the people who bestowed architecture's highest honor.

Famous Architects
The men and women listed here changed the way we design buildings and homes. Learn about the lives and works of important architects, builders, and designers.

Zaha Hadid Designed Pierres Vives
Zaha Hadid used the concept of a fallen tree to encompass three functions of the Montpellier city government. Take a look at the Pierres Vives in France.

Zaha Hadid Designed Phaeno Science Center in Germany
The official website says that Wolfsburg's Phaeno looks like a spacecraft that has just landed. You'll have to decide for yourself what architect Zaha Hadid had in mind.

Zaha Hadid Designed Rosenthal Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati
Zaha Hadid's completion of the Contemporary Art Center in Ohio made her the first woman to design a U.S. museum.

Zaha Hadid Designed Broad Art Museum
The Broad Art Museum on the campus of Michigan State University is Zaha Hadid's second museum completed in the U.S. It opened in November 2012.

Zaha Hadid Designed Sheikh Zayed Bridge
Learn more about Zaha Hadid's bridge in Abu Dhabi.

Zaha Hadid Designed Guangzhou Opera House in China
It's been called gorgeous to look at by the New York Times. Zaha Hadid's Guangzhou Opera House has also given eye candy to a flat, urban center.

Zaha Hadid Designed CMA CGM Skyscraper in France
The varied career of 2004 Pritzker Laureate Zaha Hadid includes designing this million square foot skyscraper. CMA CGM Tower is corporate headquarters to an international shipping giant.

Zaha Hadid Designed Galaxy SOHO, Beijing, China
The Galaxy SOHO, a multiple-space modern Chinese courtyard, was not Zaha Hadid's first building in China, but her first in Beijing.

Zaha Hadid Designed Zaragoza Bridge
Built for Spain's Expo 2008, the Zaragoza Bridge by Zaha Hadid combines exhibit space with pedestrian travel across the Ebro.

Architecture by Zaha Hadid, a Select Portfolio
The modern Museum of Transport in Glasgow, Scotland is Dame Zaha Hadid's first major commission in the United Kingdom.

Zaha Hadid Designed Vitra Fire Station
This small, German fire station was future Pritzker winner Zaha Hadid's first major architectural work.

Zaha Hadid Designed Austrian Ski Jump
The Bergisel Ski Jump, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, is not a simple sports venue. The next time you're in Austria, see the city of Innsbruck like an Olympic athlete does.

Zaha Hadid Designed Aquatics Center for the London Olympics
Zaha Hadid designed the 2012 London Aquatics Centre to be downsized and reused after the Olympic games.

Zaha Hadid Designed MAXXI Museum in Rome
Find out more about Italy's first national museum of architecture and art, designed by architect Zaha Hadid.

What will our houses look like in the 21st Century?
What is parametric design? New 3D software allows designers to easily manipulate building models, a process that is revolutionizing architectural style. Learn about the house design of the future.

Juhani Pallasmaa, Short Bio of the Finnish Architect
Born September 14, 1936 in Finland, Juhani Pallasmaa is a prolific architect, designer, writer, and lecturer. His atypical views on computers and literature have influenced architectural study.

Architecture by Moshe Safdie , Yad Vashem, 2005
Some say Yad Vashem in Jerusalem is Moshe Safdie's most important building. Learn more about this Holocaust History Museum and Safdie's other projects.

Architecture by Moshe Safdie - Virasat-e-Khalsa in India
Learn about architect Moshe Safdie's design for a Sikh cultural museum and research center in India. This complex is one of Safdie's many projects around the world.

Architecture by Moshe Safdie, U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP)
US tax dollars paid for this government headquarters devoted to peace, designed by Israeli-born architect Moshe Safdie. Take a short tour of the architect's projects.

Architecture by Moshe Safdie - Crystal Bridges Museum
Moshe Safdie favored a bridge motif when he designed Crystal Bridges Museum. Today the visitor can view a Frank Lloyd Wright house, too. Learn more.

Architecture by Moshe Safdie - Vancouver Public Library
The public library in Vancouver was the first of two dynamic public libraries designed by Moshe Safdie. Compare the architect's designs in this short portfolio of projects.

Architecture by Moshe Safdie - Toronto's Pearson Airport
When you're flying into Toronto, choose Pearson Airport. Moshe Safdie was on the design team. The glass roofing will give you a bird's eye view of your flight.

Architecture by Moshe Safdie, a Select Portfolio
Take a short tour of Moshe Safdie architecture, a lifetime of functional spaces of grandeur and light. Begin with his most opulent Marina Bay Sands Resort.

Architecture by Moshe Safdie - U.S. Federal Courthouse
The federal courthouse in Springfield, Massachusetts gives anyone clear access to a Moshe Safdie architecture. Stop by to compare his designs.

Architecture by Moshe Safdie - Kauffman Center, Kansas City
Moshe Safdie's glass walls and roofs let you see all parts of the world. When visiting Kansas City, make sure you see his Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

General Guide to Architecture in Missouri
Vacationing in Missouri? Plan your next trip to include visits to iconic landmarks like the St. Louis Gateway Arch and one of the first skyscrapers ever built.

Michelangelo, Rebel of the Renaissance
Michelangelo is not known for his architecture, but one scholar thinks he's the most radical of architects. Learn more about the Rebel of the Renaissance.

The Italianate House, Most Popular Style in the US, 1840-1885
The Italianate house style, suggesting the romantic villas of Renaissance Italy, was the most popular home built during America's Victorian era.

Second Empire in the USA
Learn about the first Second Empire buildings in the United States and explore the history of the French-inspired style.

History of the Second Empire Style
Discover the roots of the majestic Second Empire style of architecture.

Second Empire and the Italianate Style
How to distinguish between a Second Empire house and an Italianate style house.

Second Empire Architecture: History and Photos
Explore Victorian Second Empire architecture and learn how to distinguish the style

The General Grant Style
The General Grant style of architecture expressed the exuberance of a prosperous era. Learn more.

Second Empire Houses For Common Folk
How builders applied Second Empire ideas to modest Victorian homes.

Modern Buildings With Mansard Roofs
The mansard roofs characteristic of Second Empire architecture are still used today.

10 Buildings That Can Give You the Creeps
Prepare to be spooked! Here are some of the scariest buildings in the world.

Books About Urban Design
Must-Read Books About Urban Design: the classic texts on urban planning, urban design, and New Urbanism.

Frank Gehry and Deconstructivist Architecture
Your starting place for learning about the life and works of the controversial architect, Frank Gehry, born February 28, 1929, with links, photos, and more.

Are You a New Urbanist?
New Urbanist thinker James Howard Kunstler says our cities have become unattractive and inhumane. Do you agree or disagree? Speak your mind.

Grim Cities - Neighborood Design Photos
Author and spokesman for the New Urbanist movement, James Howard Kunstler says Americans are building cities that aren't worth caring about.

Sprawl - The Five Components of Sprawl
What is Sprawl? Find out the key components of sprawl in this excerpt from Suburban Nation by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Jeff Speck. Page 2.

Suburban Nation - Excerpt From The Book On New Urbanism
Find out the meaning of SPRAWL and learn two ways cities can grow in this excerpt from the book Suburban Nation by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Jeff Speck

Sprawl - A Brief History of Sprawl
Read a brief history of sprawl in this excerpt from Suburban Nation by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Jeff Speck. Page 3.

Do you walk to work? Why not?
Do you live in a New Urbanist community? Find out what New Urbanism is, and is not. Definitions and resources from our Architecture Glossary.

Principles of New Urbanism, from the Charter of the New Urbanism
More principles of New Urbanism and neighborhood design from the Charter for the New Urbanism, written by the Congress for the New Urbanism. Page 2.

Charter of the New Urbanism - Principles of New Urbanism
Full text of the Charter of the New Urbanism, which outlines the principles of New Urbanism, written by the Congress for the New Urbanism.

How To Choose Building Plans - 10 Steps to Your Dream Home
Here's a simple how-to on choosing building plans for your new house or your remodeling project. But, before these steps, do you have the confidence?

Brunelleschi's Dome, a Renaissance for Leonardo da Vinci
The 15th century renewed an interest in Divine Proportions and Golden Sections, a popular mathematical belief that lives on today. What's it all about?

Plotting the Golden Mean - A Graphical Representation
Mathematical ratios can be graphically represented, and, when they are, design happens. What does the golden ratio look like?

The Golden Ratio - Hidden Codes in Architecture
All things with a design can be measured and turned into mathematics. When God creates things, they are divine. Learn how man imitates God's work.

The Golden Ratio in Architecture - The Great Pyramids
The mathematics of the Great Pyramids in Egypt is unmistakable, but was it on purpose? Learn more about the golden mean and architectural design.

Maison à Bordeaux, Why is this Koolhaas Design So Special?
The Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas gives us much to think about as we consider the accessible design of a house in Bordeaux, France. Why is this home so special?

Definition of Corinthian Column - Features, Facts and More
What is a Corinthian column? Learn about the Corinthian Order, the Corinthian column style, and facts about Corinthian columns.

What Is an Ionic Column? Architecture Definition and Examples
What is an Ionic column? Learn about the Ionic Order, the Ionic column style, and facts about Ionic columns.

Remodel and Restore - Home Improvement Resources
Find tips, tools, and ideas for your home improvement projects.

Architecture Travel and Tours
Plan a dream trip to see the world's great architecture. Find tours, trips, itineraries, and destinations that focus on architecture, archaeology, historic homes, art, and design.

Lessons and Activities For Architecture
Teachers and parents will love these architecture lesson plans and activities. Students can also use them to plan school projects that incorporate math, science, art, social studies, and language arts.

New Urbanism - Pros and Cons to New Urbanism
Critics of New Urbanism say that New Urbanist neighborhoods are overly planned. Strict zoning regulations can limit the freedom of homeowners to make changes to their homes.

American Shopping Plaza - Neighborhood Design Photos
The building shown here is a strip mall in the United States. It is part of an open shopping plaza surrounded by an expanse of blacktop pavement. Its walls are featureless and there is a bland uniformity to the evenly spaced columns and broad glass windows.

Cities Made for People, Not Cars - Neighborhood Design Photos
Since the mid-1980s, a new breed of designers, the New Urbanists, have been proposing ways to make America's towns and cities more humane.

Stop Sprawl: How to Design a Walkable Neighborhood
Two buildings in two cities. Both buildings have masonry walls, tall windows, and low roofs. Both cities have curving roads that wind past shops and restaurants. Which scene is most welcoming? In this photo tour we will look at the way we design our neighborhoods and explore ways to improve our communities.

Is America Ugly? What makes a neighborhood great?
Can planning boards create cities that are more welcoming? Readers respond to voice their own needs and desires and answer the question, Is America ugly?

Santillana del Mar, Spain - Neighborhood Design Photos
This street is located in the village of Santillana del Mar in Spain. The old masonry walls radiate a sense of life and energy.

Modern Apartment House - Neighborhood Design Photos
Careful planning went into the creation of this American building. Notice the symmetry of the roof gables and the methodical placement of the windows. But on the way to the drafting board, something went wrong.

Mixed-Use Neighborhoods - Neighborhood Design Photos
According to New Urbanist ideals, even shopping centers and military bases can become warm and welcoming. But creating people-friendly places isn't just about adding flower boxes. It's about rethinking the patterns of our cities... and, perhaps, changing the fabric of our lives.

An Old Town Recreated - Neighborhood Design Photos
The restoration of Main Street in Annapolis, Maryland created an idealized version of a 19th century American downtown.

How did Frank Gehry cope with Disney Hall's shine?
Frank Gehry's shiny Walt Disney Concert Hall was met with both adulation and concern when it opened October 23, 2003. What did the neighbors think?

Memorial to a Campus Bonfire - A Texas Tragedy
What is a bonfire? Let's look at the meaning of

What Is Smart Geometry?
The Smart Geometry group tackles algorithms as if they were pens and sketchpads. Learn more about how computer programs are changing the way some do design.

Why the World Trade Center Twin Towers Fell
When terrorists struck the New York Twin Towers, many people wondered why the buildings collapsed so quickly. Could the buildings have been made stronger?

Free House Paint Apps from the iTunes Store
Use these FREE smart phone apps to choose paint colors for your house.

Does Architecture Pay? Advice to a Student
Architect earnings aren't high right now. Should this worried student change his job search and career plans? Here's our advice.

Architecture is Memory
Memorials to 9/11 victims are sometimes grand and sometimes simple, but always powerful. It just may be because of the power of memories. Ponder this.

Easy Tools to Draw Simple Floor Plans
You don't need expensive, complicated software to draw simple floor plans. Check out these easy online drawing tools and magical mobile apps.

Don't Forget the Linen Cabinets!

Plan for Attic Storage

Add Storage Under the Stairs

Create Built-in Seating

Add an Island

Don't Skimp on the Garage

Add Space in the Walls

8 Secrets for More Storage in Your Home
Increase the storage in your home by building, compartmentalizing, and buying space-saving furnishing. Here are some tips to get you started.

Build High Ceilings

The Maple Floor Plan
The floor plan of The Maple shows a different design to separate a family's functions - except for that Tower. What do you think about this plan?

Splayed Wings of the Perfect Little House
This architecture team from the Pacific Northwest has designed a home with wings. Take a look at an organic design of the future, available as stock plans.

Photos of The Maple and More About That Tower
The architecture team of Stella Carosso and Peter Brachvogel develop small, affordable, perfect little house plans not just for developers, but for anyone.

Great Domes Around the World
Inside and out, domes are beautiful in their designs and engineering. See photos of great domes around the world, with links to more information.

Essential Reference Books for Architecture
Architects and professors recommend these reference books for students and others researching architecture and home design.

Find a Color Chart for all your Home Painting Projects
Are you looking for just the right color for your home painting project? Choose a color chart from this list for architecturally-tested color schemes.

Rem Koolhaas, Visionary Architect
The architecture of Rem Koolhaas is so unconventional that scholars have difficulty classifying him. Should we put labels on style and art - and architects?

Find the House Plans You Need to Build Your Dream
These house plan catalogs include illustrations for popular house styles along with floor plans and elevation drawings. Find a house plan you like, and you can order the prints.

Disputes Over the Sydney Opera House Remodeling
Remodeling at the Sydney Opera House faced many disputes. Details.

About the Sydney Opera House and Additive Architecture
See photos and learn the history of the startling, shell-shaped Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

Jorn Utzon Comments on his Design for the Sydney Opera House
Jorn Utzon comments on his design for the Sydney Opera House

Jorn Utzon's Plan for the Sydney Opera House
Learn about architect Jorn Utzon's plan for the shell-shaped Sydney Opera House.

Theaters at the Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House in Australia is not one theater but many. Learn about the iconic building and see pictures

Remodeling at the Sydney Opera House
Should the iconic Sydeney Opera House be remodeled? How did architect Jorn Utzon feel about the renovation plans?

How the Sydney Opera House Was Built
Find out the how the amazing Sydney Opera House was built and see construction photos.

Jorn Utzon Battles Controversy Over the Sydney Opera House
Jorn Utzon battled controversy over his design for the Sydney Opera House. Learn the history.

Frank Gehry Comments on the Sydney Opera House
Architect Frank Gehry comments on the Sydney Opera House by Jorn Utzon.

Sydney Opera House Photo Tour
Join us for a photo tour of the amazing shell-shaped Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Queen Elizabeth II led the opening celebration on October 20, 1973.

Alf House

The SURE (sustainable + resilient) HOUSE

The Reflect Home from Sacramento

DURA—Diverse, Urban, Resilient, and Adaptable

The Nest Home

Indigo Pine

Aggie Sol

STILE—Sustainable Technologies Integrated in a Learning Experience

GRoW Home


Casa Del Sol

Solar Houses - Designs from the 2015 Decathlon
Check out these solar homes designed by 14 student teams competing in the 2015 USDOE Solar Decathlon. What are they learning about architecture, engineering, and sustainability?

EASI House

ShelteR3 - Respond, Recover, and Resist

Build to Save Energy - Green Architecture
Slash your utility bills and help the environment by energy-efficient design. These resources will help you save when you build or remodel your home.

Profile of Danish Architect Jorn Utzon
Danish architect Jørn Utzon, born April 9, 1918 in Copenhagen, is best known for designing the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Learn more about the 2003 Pritzker winner in this short bio.

More About Jørn Utzon
Jørn Utzon is certainly best known for his revolutionary Sydney Opera House. However, Utzon has created many other masterpieces in his lifetime. Page 2.

What's So Special About the Getty Center?
What makes the Getty Center in Los Angeles so appealing? Here's an overview of what the critics say about Richard Meier's masterpiece, with links to photographs and detailed information.

3 Rules of Architecture & How to Win the Big Prize
?The Pritzker Architecture Prize has been awarded to some obscure architects lately. Juries have defied expectations with their picks. What's their agenda?

How Is Geometry Used in Architecture?
Architecture begins with geometry. Find out how geometry relates to architecture and why some architects believe in principles of

Open House in New York City Every October
The first schedule has been announced. Every October New York City opens its doors to architecture enthusiasts, and there's always a lot to see. Learn more about OHNY.

Solar Power - Solar Energy Building Guides & Resources
Even homes in northern climates can tap into clean, free power from the sun. These resources include solar home building guides, solar power installation resources, photos of solar homes, and ways any home can capitalize on passive solar.

These Twin Towers Were Not Destroyed By Terrorists
Terrorists destroyed the Lower Manhattan Twin Towers, but twin tower design can be found in cities around the world. Check out these iconic twin tower designs.

Cesar Pelli - Brief Bio of the Petronas Towers Architect
Explore the life and works of Cesar Pelli, born in Argentina on October 12, 1926 but best known as designer of the 1998 Petronas Towers in Malaysia.

What is a column? Architecture Glossary
Definition and illustrations for classical columns, Doric columns, Ionic columns, Corinthian columns, Tuscan columns, and other column designs from our Architecture Glossary.

What is a Corbel? Architecture Glossary
A corbel can be a bracket or a building method. Why is that? Learn the history of this descriptive word from our illustrated architecture glossary.

The Primitive Hut - Laugier's Theory About Architecture
All architecture derives from the three elements found in this primitive form. Explore Marc-Antoine Laugier's 18th century architectural theories.

The Architecture of Blind Justice
Architect Cass Gilbert built the Gothic Woolworth skyscraper, yet he looked to ancient Rome to design the US Supreme Court Building. Tour the architecture of the highest court.

The US Supreme Court Building - Main Entrance
Sixteen marble Corinthian columns support the pediment of the main entrance of the Supreme Court Building.

The US Supreme Court Building - Western Pediment
In the western pediment of the US Supreme Court Building, sculptures by Robert Aitken represent Liberty guarded by figures who represent Order and Authority.

The US Supreme Court Building - Contemplation of Justice Sculpture
On either side of the main steps of the Supreme Court Building are seated marble figures.

The US Supreme Court Building - Guardian of Law Sculpture
On the right side of the main entrance to the Supreme Court Building is a male figure by sculptor James Earle Fraser.

The US Supreme Court Building - East Entrance
Tourists don't often see the back, east side, of the Supreme Court Building. Or do they?

The US Supreme Court Building - East Pediment
The sculptures in the eastern pediment of the US Supreme Court Building were carved by Herman A. McNeil.

Facts About The US Supreme Court Building
The US Supreme Court Building was the last project of Cass Gilbert's career and was a team effort by members of his firm.

Architecture of the Mexican Maya, Past and Present
Learn about the architecture of the Mexican Maya, from ancient city ruins to 21st century village housing.

Architecture in Italy - Where to Begin?
Traveling to Italy? Make this your starting place for exploring the country's rich architecture, with plenty of links to more info.

What Is a Cornice? Architecture Glossary
The cornice is the uppermost section of moldings along the top of a wall or just below a roof. See an example from a building in Madrid, Spain.

What Is a Modular Home? - Architecture Glossary
Learn about modular housing and find out how modular homes differ from other types of pre-fabricated home construction.

Hotels and Inns - Famous Architecture With Rooms to Rent
Spend the night in a famous building! The hotels, inns, and rental houses listed here are my favorites, and are recommended for anyone who loves great architecture. Some are renovated historic buildings, others are modern construction that shows exceptional artistry. All offer something very special in terms of design.

Learning Architecture Basics at the Swan and Dolphin Hotels
Learn how architect Michael Graves planned the design of companion resort hotels in Florida.

Streamlined Interiors Designed by Michael Graves
Architect Michael Graves designed the streamlined interiors of the Swan and Dolphin hotels in Florida.

Playful Statues at the Swan and Dolphin hotels
See the playful statues at this Florida resort hotel.

Mural Magic in Florida
Hand-painted murals create magic at the Swan and Dolphin hotels in Florida.

Water Architecture at the Swan and Dolphin hotels
See the water designs of architect Michael Graves at the Swan and Dolphin hotels.

Playful Architecture at the Swan and Dolphin Disney World
Discover the fun world of entertainment architecture at the Swan and the Dolphin, two whimsical Disney World resorts designed by architect Michael Graves.

New England Craftsman Style at The Manor on Golden Pond
The Manor on Golden Pond in central New Hampshire is an architectural gem and a wonderful place to stay. Look in on this 1907 New England spa.

New England Colonial Architecture at the Rabbit Hill Inn
The Rabbit Hill Inn in northern Vermont is one of those rare yet typical New England stopovers. How did a tavern become so upscale? A long history.

The Most Influential Swiss Architect, Le Corbusier
Born October 6, 1887, Le Corbusier pioneered a modern architecture that led to the Bauhaus movement and the International Style. Explore the life of this influential designer.

10 Great Planbooks for One-Story Homes
These great plans will help you build a one-story home that meets your special needs. Select from an array of publishers in the US and abroad.

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming an Architect
Lee Waldrep has created a well-organized and readable career guide to help any aspiring professional designer. Published by John Wiley & Sons. Read a review.

Who are the Disney Architects?
Check out these world-famous architects, all who have designed for the Walt Disney Company. Theme parks, resorts, and corporate offices take on whimsical designs when created for Disney.

Michael Graves, Postmodern Architect and Product Designer
Learn about the life and works of postmodern architect Michael Graves, born in Indiana July 9, 1934, and today known for his product designs and whimsical buildings.

Christopher Wren, Bio of the Architect Who Rebuilt London
Born October 20, 1632, the English architect, mathematician, and scientist Christopher Wren had the right skills to rebuild London in 1666. Learn more.

Fire Prevention Week and America's Most Famous Architect
The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 influenced how urban designers and architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, approached construction and design.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Plan for a Fireproof House
Frank Lloyd Wright's A Fireproof House for $5,000 published in Ladies Home Journal in April 1907 gave rise to similar Prairie Style designs.

Design and Build Your New House
Find step-by-step instructions and cost-saving advice for designing and building your dream house. These articles and resources will help you as you purchase your building lot, choose a floor plan, select architectural features, hire pros, and budget your finances.

The Most Beautiful House in the World - Book Review
In a compelling narrative, Witold Rybczynski describes how he began to build a boat shed and ended up with a new home. Jackie Craven reviews The Most Beautiful House in the World.

Maya Lin, Short Profile of the Architect, Sculptor, and Artist
Learn about the life and works of artist and architect, Maya Lin, born October 5, 1959 in Athens, Ohio. Lin began her career designing the controversial Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Maya Lin's Winning Entry for Vietnam Veterans
Maya Lin's winning entry to the Vietnam Memorial competition included simple, abstract sketches and a one-page description. What did she say?

Henry Hobson Richardson, An American Original
Learn about the life and works of American architect Henry Hobson Richardson, born September 29, 1838 and famous for inspiring the Victorian style known as Richardsonian Romanesque.

When Women Are Partners
Female partners in architecture firms are often overlooked, yet several famous men and women partnerships have endured. Should they collaborate?

What Is Renaissance Architecture?
An easy-to-follow introduction to Renaissance architecture in Italy and Europe, with resources for learning more.

Basilica Palladiana - Basilica in Vicenza by Andrea Palladio - Palladio Picture Gallery
Andrea Palladio gave the Basilica in Vicenza, Italy two styles of classical columns. Join us as we explore some of Palladio's greatest works. Page 3.

San Giorgio Maggiore by Andrea Palladio - San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice - Palladio Picture Gallery
Andrea Palladio modeled the façade of San Giorgio Maggiore after a Greek temple. Join us as we explore some of Palladio's greatest works. Page 2.

Villa Almerico-Capra - Villa La Rotonda by Andrea Palladio - Palladio Picture Gallery
Palladio's design for Villa Almerico-Capra expressed the humanist values of the Renaissance period. Join us as we explore some of Palladio's greatest works.

Andrea Palladio Portfolio of Important Architecture
What buildings are considered among the greatest Renaissance masterpieces? Check out the architecture of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580), who continues to inspire what we build today.

Guides and Manuals for Old House Restoration
These helpful guides from the US National Park Service provide valuable, detailed advice for home restoration projects.

How to Fix and Preserve Old Stucco
All about stucco. Summary of Preservation Brief 22, US Interior Dept, includes history of stucco, guidance on repair, maintenance, tinting, and recipes for stucco mixes.

Historic Preservation: Research, Restore, and Preserve
Want to rescue an older building from demolition... And to have it listed on the National Register or the National Trust? Or, do you just want to preserve the heritage of your own older home? Here are facts about restoration projects, historic registries, historic landmarks, and preservation methods.

Repair and Restoration Solutions
Follow these links for help with common repair and restoration problems, including painting damaged wood, restoring stucco, and repairing mortar. Also be sure to explore our Historic Preservation resources for more information about the care of older buildings.

Building Plans and House Plan Books - Best Books for Building Plans and House Plans
Browse our online bookstore for the best selection of building plans, construction guides, and mail order houses. Find catalogs for blueprints and floor plans plus illustrated books to inspire you.

Top 10 Victorian Architecture & Pattern Books
During Victorian times, many builders found ideas, inspiration, and instruction from architectural plan books. Here are our top picks from the 1800s.

How to Save on Energy Bills in Your Old Home
Keep your home energy costs down with these tips. Here's a summary of suggestions with links to the evidence-based research of Preservation Brief 3.

Books and Catalogs of the American Craftsman
Gustav Stickley is known for more than his

House Paint Color Guide - Subtle House Paint Color Combinations at the Harriet Beecher Stowe House
Author Harriet Beecher Stowe used subtle shades of green, without dramatic contrasts, for her Connecticut home. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 11.

House Paint Color Color Guide - Nature's Colors - Garden-Inspired House Colors
A colorful garden inspired the paint color for this cheerful bungalow. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 4.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Cherokee Red House Paint Colors
What was Frank Lloyd Wright favorite color? Cherokee Red! Would Wright's red be a good color pick for your house painting project? Page 7.

House Paint Color Guide - Balance the House Paint Colors
What color should you paint your house? This much red might be overpowering on a large house, but for this cozy cottage in Los Angeles, well-balanced splashes of cherry red add charm. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 12.

House Paint Colors to Complement Brick and Stone
Color scheme to complement the brick and stone on a Queen Anne house. Page 6.

House Paint Color Color Guide - Colorful Cottages
When houses are clustered close together, they create a unified color scheme. Each home is distinct, but also part of a larger picture. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 3.

House Paint Color Guide - House Paint Colors for Dramatic Accents
What color should you paint your house? Darker shades are best for accenting recesses, while lighter tones will highlight details that project from the wall surface. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 10.

House Paint Color Color Guide - Jazzy Colors for an Old House in St. Augustine Florida
You might quickly tire of green and pink, but it does attract shoppers to the antique shop located inside this bungalow in St. Augustine, Florida. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 2.

House Paint Colors to Match a Green Roof
See how a muted green colors complement the roof on this Victorian home. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 5.

House Paint Color Guide - Detail Colors for a Victorian House
Gray accents add depth to the details on this sunny yellow Victorian home in St. Augustine, Florida. Also note the touches of red. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 8.

House Paint Color Guide - Paint Color Ideas for Your House
What color should you paint your house? Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for house paint color advice and ideas.

House Paint Color Color Guide - Historic House Paint Colors at Roseland Cottage
The coral and black color scheme at the historic Roseland Cottage is recreated from the original Victorian color palette. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas.

House Paint Color Guide - Classic White House Paint Colors at Hill-Stead Museum
White is a classic choice for stately buildings like the Colonial Revival Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, Connecticut. Browse our gallery of house paint pictures for more color ideas. Page 9.