Arts/Crafts Business Sitemap - Page 2 2016-09-26

David Yurman
David Yurman took his basic twisted cable design and with the help of his wife turned it into a designer jewelry empire

Gold Filled
When jewelry or other items are identified as being gold filled, it means they are made from a hollow tube of usually 14K gold (sometimes 10K is used) that is filled with another metal.

Rhinestone Jewelry
Rhinestone jewelry is made from inexpensive rock crystal and is set in base metals such as brass, iron or nickel. Rhinestone jewelry has been one of the more popular jewelry looks over the past few years. This is because it's bright and sparkly and a very cost effective alternative to colored gemstones.

How to Set Up QuickBooks Fixed Percentage Price and Per Item Price Levels
In this article you learn what QuickBooks price levels are and how you can use them to modify standard customer billing. Find out the difference between price levels with a fixed percentage or per item type.

Lease Inclusion Amount
The amount of money that is taxable as ordinary income when you use a leased vehicle in your business. The purpose is to equalize the tax effect between depreciating an owned vehicle and writing off a lease. Find out how it is figured and why.

How to Fill Out Form 1040-ES
Think you may need to make an estimated tax deposit for your arts and crafts business? This article gives easy to follow instructions on how to fill out and file your Form 1040-ES. You'll learn if you need to add your spouse's information on the form and also how to electronically file and pay.

Certificate of Registration
Wonder what you receive after registering a copyright? Check out this example.

QuickBooks Vendor Types - QuickBooks Accounting Software
This article shows you how to use QuickBooks types to organize your jobs so you can organize your customer base by grouping similar customer or jobs together. Using this info, you can run reports to provide timely and relevant information about which type of customer or job is the most profitable.

QuickBooks Price Level Lists - QuickBooks Accounting Software
In this article you learn what QuickBooks price levels are and how you can use them to modify standard customer billing. Find out the difference between price levels with a fixed percentage or per item type.

Using a Life Coach and Mental Imagery for Your Arts and Crafts Business
Find out how to use mental imagery and coaching to keep you motivated and successful in your arts and crafts business.

Review of Creating a Faery Figure with Wendy Froud
Interested in creating models using polymer clay? Check out this review for

Review of Fiverr
Read my review of Fiverr, an online freelancing service that advertises

Directory of Arts and Crafts Online Markeplaces
Considering selling your arts and crafts in an online marketplace? This articles gives you a heads-up on the most popular from Etsy to ArtFire to Artful Home and more! Get concise info to the policies and costs of each and come back frequently for updated information!

Etsy Shop Basics - Sell Crafts on Etsy
Learn the ins and outs of opening a shop on Etsy. Walk through the seven basic steps from picking an Etsy username to finding out about the listing fees and the Etsy community of crafters.

Start Up - Arts and Crafts Business Start Up Information
How to start an arts and crafts business. Select the right type of business ownership for your arts and crafts business, learn how to write a business plan and find out about the different types of craft businesses.

Arts and Crafts Business Incubators - Emerging Crafter Assistance
Business incubators provide arts and crafts workspace, equipment, business services and relevant mentoring to new and emerging businesses for a fraction of the actual cost. Interested in finding out more about entering such a program? This article provides info on finding an incubator in your local area and details incubators located in Toronto, New York City and Kansas City, MO.

Arts and Crafts Business Insurance
Many artists and crafters, especially those working out of their homes, forget there is often a need for business insurance. But what kind and how much? The best place to start is with the insurance agent handling your home or auto insurance. This article gives suggestions for the arts or crafts business owner to consider.

Balance Sheet - Arts and Crafts Assets, Liabilities and Equity
The balance sheet is the financial statement showing your arts and crafts assets, liabilities and equity. You'll need this information to make business decisions, apply for loans and to write your business plan. While sole proprietorships don't include a balance sheet with their tax return, this is a requirement for all other business entities. Learn about the difference between assets, liabilities and equity and what types of accounts your arts and crafts business will have in each.

Manage and Grow - Arts and Crafts Business Management
Business management information and resources on how to deal with day-to-day non-creative side of your arts/crafts business. Learn more about hiring, paying and managing labor, selecting business insurance and establishing vendor relationships.

How to Calculate Gross Income for Your Arts and Crafts Business
The fifth in the series of articles about organizing your accounting records starts wrapping it all up with a discussion about figuring gross income. You also find out about the difference between the cash and accrual methods for figuring gross income.

Moulage is a fashion design technique where the designer fits or molds the fabric directly on the model or dressmaker dummy.