Senior Care Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Recruiting Healthcare Workers
Recruiting qualified healthcare workers for aging services has proven hard. You need to start at the 50,000 foot level to understand the causes so you can move beyond the symptoms.

Love and Marriage in Assisted Living
Late life marriages by an elderly family member can create tension. Is it your business to meddle? Yes and no. Here are things to consider.

5 Fraud Categories that Older Adults Must Know
Frauds and Schemes targeting older adults are so widespread they’re considered “the crime of the 21st century.

Legal Ramifications of Elder Abuse
Legal Ramifications of Elder Abuse-How to Protect Yourself and a Loved One

Medical Clearance
When it comes to vacationing with seniors, a little extra planning is necessary to ensure that caregivers and seniors alike enjoy the vacation.

Choosing Where to Go on a Senior Citizen Vacation
Choosing where to go when traveling with an older adult or senior on vacation should be a family decision.

Mode of Transportation for Senior Travel
Getting to the destination can be the biggest hurdle. Let’s face it, traveling by airplane for seniors can be a hassle. Here are some tips when planning senior travel.

Recommended Vacation Sites for Seniors
Best places to take seniors on vacation include cruises, Branson, MO and Disney. Vegas makes top list for handicapped accessibility.

Web Resources for Senior Travel
Here are web resources to consider when planning senior travel

Becoming a Nursing Home Administrator-What You Need to Know
Nursing Home Administrators are in demand. Here is what you need to know to become a nursing home administrator.

Innovative Music Programs
Innovative Music Programs-Making Big Strides in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Finding a Job as a Nursing Home Administrator
By the search on our site, nursing home administration is hot. Here are some top level sources for finding a job as a nursing home administrator.

Activity Professionals Can Earn CEUs Online
To remain a certified activity professional you need to take continuing education courses. Earn CEUs online. Find out how in this article.

Beyond Birthdays, Bingo and Bible
Creating new seniors activities beyond birthdays, bingo and bible. Joe Monserrat puts new ideas into events for his residents.

Starting a Non-Medical Home Care Company? SC Requires a License
One of the fastest growing businesses is non-medical home care. If you are starting one in South Carolina, you now need a license to do so.

Digital Marketing Academy
Digital Marketing's Resources Give Professionals a Leg Up

Paying for Care-Data Can Help You Make Better Decisions
Translating Big Data to Practical Long-term Care Insights.

High Tech, Low Takeup: Caregivers Lag in Tech Adoption
Tablets for grandparents. Cell phones with big buttons. Technology solutions to the challenges of aging are exploding. Yet caregivers lag in their adoption.

Millenial Caregivers - A Growing Group
New research shows that Millennial Caregivers are growing, some 25% of family caregivers, 10 million strong with special needs and challenges.

Unique Walker Helps Loved Ones Maneuver ANY Restroom
Toilet Talk - Unique Walker Helps Loved Ones Maneuver in ANY Restroom.

Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease-Dementia Mentors Can Help. Read about a program that can help caregivers and patients better understand and navigate dementia, including Alzheimer's.

Home Health Concierge Services
Home Health Concierge Services. Did you know that custom, concierge services are available when you hire home health care? Yes they are.

Nursing Home Compare - 42% Don't Know About It
Choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility? Start with Nursing Home Compare. The government recently changed the standards for reporting quality for nursing homes. That is good news for consumers. Find out why.

Holidays a Great Time to Celebrate Caregivers. Here's How
For those who employ caregivers—either an employer or a family member -- holidays are a time to acknowledge what these caregivers do year-round. Here's how.

Choosing Home Health-Cost is a Factor but Quality Trumps All
Choosing Home Health-Cost is a Factor but Quality Trumps All

Seven Tips for Safely (and Smoothly) Downsizing Seniors
If your parents or grandparents need to downsize to a smaller home, it can be an emotional and trying time. Learn how to make it a little easier.

Growing Older With Gratitude
A reflection on what it means to grow older while being intentionally grateful, with tips for living life with more gratitude at any age.

The Secrets to Happiness
The Secrets to Happiness and How to Put Them in Action. An article that can inspire caregivers and those they are caring for daily.

How Caregivers Can Save Time and Reduce Stress
Being a caregiver is rewarding, but can also be stressful and demanding. Get tips from the experts for saving time and reducing stress.

Hoarding in Elders - A Growing Problem
Hoarding in elders in a growing problem. But you can work with a loved one to un-clutter both their mind and their household.

Caregiver Support Program - Surviving to Thriving
A Caregiver Support Program provides 30 days of inspiration through short, two to three minute videos that will uplift and soothe family caregivers.

Culture / Race Impact Research and Treatment of Alzheimer's
Primary physicians are on the front lines for identifying Alzheimer's yet many unprepared for their role. Issue that impact research and treatment.

New Nursing Home Administrator Code of Ethics Unveiled
New Nursing Home Administrator Code of Ethics-Personal Conduct Addressed

How To Get Seniors To Use The Internet
While more seniors are going online, many are still not. The carrot could be a new technology that helps connects seniors with family members-Claris One.

Boomers Resisting Aging in Place Technology
Boomers Resisting Aging in Place Technology-Just 21% Plan to Incorporate It

The Experience is the Marketing
Increasing transparency is allowing consumers to vet providers. Pay attention to what they say in their marketing. If the experience doesn't match, move on.

Communicating Empathy to Patients and Family Caregivers-
Have you ever been a patient? They feel real fear and terror. Communicating empathy to patients makes them feel providers have a personal connection.

State Scorecard on LTSS Needs Help
State Scorecard on Long-Term Care - Costs Rising. Emphasis on Home Care Needed. AARP Public Policy Institute, SCAN Foundation & The Commonwealth Fund.

When Caring Takes Courage
The book When Caring Takes Courage is designed to help families understand how loved ones change due to dementia.

Communicating with Elders and Their Family Caregivers
Communicating effectively with elders and their family caregivers is key to providing safe, quality health care. Here is a ​checklist to help.

Best Practices in Medicaid Claims Processing
A popular topic on our site has been Medicaid claim processing. Here we highlight ways to make the claim process smoother and assure you get paid.

Design Strategies for Memory Care
There are many old stereotypes when it comes to memory care design. While respecting the research that deals with colors, patterns, sights and sounds, you can use bold design to enrich the lives of residents.

Sex Among Residents in Nursing Homes Increasing
Many older Americans routinely engage in sexual activity according to a study. Sex in long-term care f is still a taboo subject. Time to talk about it.

Consider Remote Health Monitoring of Your Loved Ones
Remote health monitoring can relieve the burden for unpaid family caregivers for home-bound elders and provide a strategic edge for assisted living.

Traditional AL Design
Changing the Traditional Model of Assisted Living Design. Here is what it looks like now.

The Release of Assisted Living 2.0™
Changing the Traditional Model of Assisted Living Design. Here is what it can be.

Now is the Time to Open a Home Care Franchise
A Franchise Business Review Report on Senior Care Businesses paints a rosy portrait for the home care industry. Now is the Time to Open a Franchise

Becoming a Director of Nursing in Long-Term Care
In this article we look at the role of the director of nursing across long-term care settings.

Recharge Your Assisted Living Marketing
Is your assisted living marketing and sales approach stale? Do you need to recharge. Here are six tips that can get you started, increase referrals and closes.

Nursing Home Disaster Planning
Nursing Home Disaster Preparedness is essential to the safety of residents and staff. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) Office of Inspector General has identified gaps in preparedness. This article outlines the findings from their report “Gaps Continue to Exist in Nursing Home Emergency Preparedness and Response During Disaster.

Caring for LGBT Seniors. Quality Care Hampered.
The number of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender seniors is expected to double over the next few decades. Caring for this population is a challenge.

10 Tips for Success in Assisted Living Sales
Assisted Living Sales is a competitive. You're

Net Promoter Score is the One Metric that Counts
A Net Promoter Score asks the ultimate question - will you recommend us to others? What other questions matter after that? NPS is the metric that matters.

Cultural Sensitivity in Nursing Homes
The development of cultural sensitive programs in long-term care can help bridge differences, positively impact care and lead to increased satisfaction.

Older Caregivers and Social Media
The 18 to 33 age demographic is still the largest users of the social media yet older age demographics are rapidly catching up. And that is important to know as you ramp up your social media strategy. Caregivers are using social media more and the sandwich generation mom is multi-tasking, researching care for themselves, their parents and their kids.

Understanding Palliative Care
Understanding palliative care is vital if we are to advance the health care discussion. It can give people quality of life during any stage of life.

HIPPA Filing a Medical Claim - ICD-10-PCS
ICD-10 implementation while postponed was set to begin in October of 2013. Still, organizations should prepare. Read about the affected parties.

The Rise of Home Health Care
With a continued emphasis on aging in place, home care will continue to have its place in the aging continuum but it is not without its challenges.

Workforce Satisfaction in Nursing Homes
Finding and keeping talented staff in the aging services industry is hard. Workforce satisfaction is more than wages and benefits. The intangibles of workforce satisfaction – respect and empowerment among others – are keys to retention and recruitment in the industry.

Social Media in Healthcare
Social media in long-term care is misunderstood. Just 7 percent of word of mouth happens online. Healthcare is something that people do not want.

How CNA's and Home Health Aides Can Make A Job into a Career
Career ladders encourage, recognize, and reward capable employees. Successful performance and acquisition of additional skills through education or training prepare individuals for the next job level.

Culture Issues in Long-Term Care
As the number of ethnic and minority populations age and as the LGBT community ages, culture issues in Long-Term Care are only beginning to emerge.

Measuring Nursing Home Satisfaction
In this article we look at Nursing Home Satisfaction measured through the company My InnerView.

Adult Day Care Overview
Adult day care offers respite for caregivers and needed socialization for seniors. This article provides an overview of adult day care centers.

Food Services in Senior Care
The one thing that contributes to the quality of life for those in senior living-FOOD! Food services has come a long way. Here are some best practices

Aging Trends Spell Business Opportunities
Aging trends spell business opportunity. There are almost 40 million people aged 65+ in the United States. By 2030 there will be more than 72 million.

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Activities-A Primer
A primer that can help professionals and family caregivers understand the expectations and responsibilities associated with a quality activity program.

Nursing Home Design: Focus on Person-Centered Care
Statistics suggest most older people will need nursing homes at some point. Here's how to provide a ​person-centered nursing home design for the future.

Nursing Homes and the Flu-Preventing an Epidemic
Preventing and/or containing the spread of flu in your nursing home, assisted living or retirement community. Here are some guidelines.

Extend Your Senior Living Brand
Extend your senior living brand by expanding your product and service offerings. Brand extensions can help grow awareness and cross-promote offerings.

Filing a Claim with Medicaid
This article covers how to become a Medicaid provider and file a claim with Medicaid.

Geriatric Care Manager Job Description
As caregivers cope with the stress of caring for a loved one, a new profession, Geriatric Care Manager is born. Find a care manager job description here.

Home Care vs. Home Health Care
Read about the differences between home care and home health care, as well as hiring a home caregiver​ or skilled nurse.

The Differences Between Male and Female Caregivers
Are there​ differences between male and female caregivers? Read about the differences here, and how male caregivers can get support.

Nursing Home Activity Director Certification Rules
As more baby boomers enter retirement there is a need for qualified activity directors. NCCAP has created a national exam to elevate the profession and practitioner.

Hospice Marketing Campaign on Advance Directives
Hospice marketing is hard. Most people don't want to have the conversation around dying. An advance directives campaign could help jump start marketing.

Activity Programs for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living
An individualized, well though out activities program is at the heart of a quality life for residents in nursing homes or assisted living residences. Activities are​ not just about bingo and watching television. In fact, activity programs can be quite creative and stimulating for the mind. And the health and well-being benefits of a good program are becoming more and more documented. In short, this stuff works.

Activity Programs for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living
An individualized, well though out activities program is at the heart of a quality life for residents in nursing homes or assisted living residences. Activities are​ not just about bingo and watching television. In fact, activity programs can be quite creative and stimulating for the mind. And the health and well-being benefits of a good program are becoming more and more documented. In short, this stuff works.

Tips for Taking Car Keys Away from Elderly Parents
Find tips on how to talk to your parents about driving and identify when it might be time to take away the car keys.

Adult Day Care Services Rules and Regulations By State
Adult day care or adult day services are key in helping people age in place. Here is an overview of adult day care rules and regulations by state.

MDS 3.0 Assessments-Accuracy Key to Effective Care Plan
Accurately completing MDS 3.0 assessments is important for reimbursement and essential for individualized care planning. Here's how.

Adult Children Happier When Parents Move to Assisted Living
Adult children report higher satisfaction when their parents move to Assisted Living, according to new research from Call it peace of mind.

When Caring Takes Courage, Part Two
The book When Caring Takes Courage offers tips to help engage loved ones with dementia in everyday activities.

Paying for Long-Term Care / Medicaid Spend Down
Learn about Medicaid spend down to legally protect some of your assets when you are applying for Medicaid for assisted living and nursing homes.

Guest Writer: Brendan Sullivan
Meet Assisted Living guest writer Brendan Sullivan. Learn about his education and his business experience​ in the field.

Guest Writer: Krista Potthast-Haynes
Find out more about Assisted Living guest writer Krista Potthast-Haynes. Listed here is her education and her experience in the field.

Assisted Living Guest Writer: Lori Juneau-Alford
Assisted Living guest writer Lori Juneau-Alford offers her expertise on various topics within the field. Learn about her background here.

Assisted Living Guest Writer: Dr. Paul Leon Ramsey
Learn more about guest writer for Assisted Living Dr. Paul Leon Ramsey. Read about his experience in the assisted living field and his education.

Games for Older Adults from New Challenge Activities
New game in town: unique games for older adults stimulate and activate competitive nature. Learn more.

Unique Activities for Elderly Men
In most senior communities women residents outnumber the men. Planning for men’s activities is a must. Here are some ideas.

What is a Special Focus Facility?
A nursing home that is on a list of Special Focus Facilities is probably one to avoid. They have had a history of serious quality issues.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities
What is a continuing care retirement community? Find out who has to pay for to live in this community, and what it includes.

Senior Care
Senior Care. Page 2.

Activities for December for Assisted Living
Activities for December-Five Articles for Assisted Living / SNF Activities for December

The Affordable Care Act and YORN - Real Time Feedback
Meet Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines by beefing up your feedback mechanisms. An innovative technology called YORN can help.

Veteran's Aide and Attendance - What You Should Know
Veteran's Aid and Attendance (VAA), which can assist with up to $2,000 per month, is an important benefit that can help pay for long-term care needs.

Getting Seniors Settled at Home
Seniors Settled at Home-Aging in Place Provides Comfort, Allows For Independence. Learn about a new senior living housing option - the elder cottage.

Talking About End of Life Wishes - Card Game Can Help
Unique playing cards are being used by Norwell Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice to entice seniors to talk about their end of life wishes.

Nursing Home Environmental Services
Environmental services in long-term care is more than just keeping a clean and safe environment. It is also about providing a home to residents.

Nurse Hand Washing - Key to Infection Control
Hand hygiene and good infection control in health care settings can go a long way in helping contain germs and disease. It starts with nurse hand washing.

Men Think Differently About Dementia Than Women
More women have dementia than men. A new survey from the U.K. suggests men think differently about dementia than women. That can impact care.

Technology That Helps You Age-in-Place
Aging-in-place can only happen when technology solutions help it to happen. Let's take a look at the latest aging-in-place technologies.

How to Have an End-of-Life Conversation
Having and end-of-life conversation with a loved one can be tough, but it's an important discussion to have. Learn how to start the conversation.

Home Healthcare Satisfaction (CAHPS) Survey
Learn the requirements and guidelines for creating and assigning a unique sample identification (SID) number and other parts of a satisfaction survey.

Spotting the First Signs of Parkinson's Disease
The holidays bring together family members who may not often see each other. If you notice health changes in a loved one, know what to look for.

They're Not Middle-Aged, But They Are Family Caregivers
A majority of family caregivers are middle aged women but the statistics only show part of the story. Older male spouses and Millennials are stepping up.

Falls Leading Cause of Death in Elders
Falls are a leading cause of injury and death in older adults. MDS 3.0 Fall guidelines help providers minimize fall risk.

Handling Bullies in Senior Living Communities
Bullying in senior communities is not uncommon. Find out what assisted living facilities can do to combat the bullying.

Short-Term Rehabilitation Activities for "Residents"
Many older Americans will spend at least a short-term stay recovering from medical miracles such as joint replacements. Rehabilitation activities will help.

Spotting and Preventing Antipsychotic Use on Your Loved One
Find out what you can do to spot the use of and also prevent the inappropriate use of antipsychotics on your loved one in a long-term care home.

Art Projects for Seniors-Better Overall, Cognitive Health
Art projects for seniors can enhance their quality of life while helping them learn a new skill. Here's one program that is bringing art project to seniors.

Bringing Activities into the Home-Marketing Opportunity
Bringing Activities into the Home-Marketing Opportunity and Brand Extension for Senior Care Companies. Socialization key to aging in place.

Caring Cards Help Bridge Awkward Conversations With Elders
Many conversations with elders end quickly with frustration on both parts and a sad silence. Let's learn how to better communicate with our elder loved ones.

Activities for Seniors for November
Ideas for activity professionals in long-term care, assisted living, nursing homes. Activities for November-Here's Five Articles to Kickstart Things.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Activities for April
April activities for nursing homes and assisted living cover the fountain of youth, baseball to hitting the road. Diverse and eclectic and a must read.

Activities for the Month of August
August activities for nursing homes and assisted living. Here is a six part series of articles that can jump-start your program.

Capturing Life Stories to Better Know Patients / Residents
How do you draw out the stories of your residents? The following articles will explore capturing life stories to better know patients / residents.

Dietary Preferences Instead of Dietary Supplements
Honoring residents’ choices in dining actually positions staff to get better clinical outcomes. Choices provide a road map for how to implement care interventions to meet care goals.

Starting a Home Care Business
With an increased desire to age in place. more and more services are being delivered straight to the home. One of the fastest growing businesses is non-medical home care. in this step-by-step article, we look at how to start a non-medical home care business.

Where to Start - Options for Entry
There are four ways to enter the non-medical home care arena.

Incorporating Your Home Care Business
How you incorporate your business is important because that initial decision will affect all aspects of business operations later. So choose carefully and consult with an attorney.

Setting Up Your Home Care Business
Once incorporated it is time to set up the business systems for your home care enterprise.

Establish Policies and Procedures for Your Home Care Business
An efficient home care business operates with policies and procedures in place for all aspects of the operation. You may be able to purchase these and in many cases they will be part of a franchise that you might buy.

Hire Home Care Staff
Hire the best caregivers available as your reputation depends on it. Spend time interviewing prospects and conduct background and reference checks even if not “technically” required.

Marketing a Non-Medical Home Care Business
With your operations ready to go, it's time to acquire clients. Let's get started.

Home Care is a Rewarding Business
In conclusion, home care can be a fulfilling calling. But make no mistake it is a business so operate it as one. Use your heart when it comes to the care of those elders whose families have entrusted their care to you.

Why People Need to Consider Hospice
The death and dying conversation has been picking up steam. Hospice not so much. People need to consider hospice care and that starts with education.

Science Projects for Seniors Stimulates Brain Health
Using science for seniors as part of your activities program can help stimulate the brain and contribute to resident quality of life. Here's how.


Ask 10 Questions When Hiring a Professional Caregiver
There are many scenarios in life when you may need to hire a professional caregiver. 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Professional Caregiver. Get answers.

Compassionate Communication with the Memory Impaired
Communication is important in any relationship but it changes when you’re caring for a loved one with dementia. Compassionate communication can help.

Custom Playlists on Ipods Are Enhancing Activities
Music and Memory is improving the quality of life of the elderly and ill through iPod based personalized music. Their work became viral through Alive Inside.

Teaching Meditation to People with Dementia
Yoga and meditation have increasing been shown in research as a way to improve symptoms and even delay onset of dementia. Learn how one program is helping.

Hospice Care - Not Just for the Dying
Hospice care is often misunderstood. Understanding some of the trends in hospice can further help to alleviate fear and promote understanding.

Prepare Your Home For Aging In Place
People sometimes talk about

One on One Activities for Senior Care Residents
Activity directors work hard to offer programming for residents. There are residents who by desire or illness can't participate. Let's engage them.

Consolidation, Transparency, Aging-in-Place Common Themes
World Health Care Congress-Annual Conference Informs Business & Consumers on What's Next

Check Out Ownership When Choosing a Nursing Home
When Choosing a Nursing Home, Check Out Ownership-For Profits, Equity Investors Fare Poorer in Quality Outcomes

How to Free Parents from the Trap of Watching TV All Day
There are so many new ways to view television. Binge watching is a new term. Seniors often turn to the TV for comfort. Here’s how to help a parent get off the couch.

Valentine's Day Blues:
Valentine's Day Blues as You Age-Coping with Loss. Celebrating Love.

October Activites Hub
October Activities for Assisted Living and Nursing Home Professionals

Using Tablets to Engage Residents in Activities
Lots of people have misconceptions about seniors and technology. Activity directors are using tablets to engage seniors and enhance their quality of life every day. Let's see how they're doing it.

Using Food to Evoke Memories in Senior Care
Nothing says home like the smell, sight and taste of a familiar recipe. Let's learn how Atria Living uses food to evoke memory.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy for Those With Dementia/Alzheimer's
Aromatherapy is recognized as a legitimate part of holistic nursing. Find out how you can use aromatherapy for a loved one with dementia.

Using Online Pharmacies? Beware.
Using Online Pharmacies? Beware. Only 4% Found to be Compliant to State and Federal Regs.

New ACO Models Emerging in Long-Term Care
New ACO Models Emerging in Long-Term Care-More At-Risk Scenarios Reward Efficiency, Safety, Quality

Helping Muslim Clients Navigate Cultural Home Care Issues
Helping Muslim Clients Navigate Cultural Home Care Issues. Honoring the culture of our patients and clients should always be a top priority.

Why Music is Important to Seniors
The power of music for seniors is undeniable.It enhances quality of life. Let's find out how incorporate music into your activities.

Music Programs for Activity Professionals
Innovative music programs for seniors that empowers people to emerge from the isolation imposed by Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory Care Program for Seniors-Key to Quality Life
Sight, smell, sounds, touch all invoke memories and an effective memory care program can really add to the quality of life of elders.

Nationwide Medicaid Long-Term Care Guide
Medicaid Long-Term Care Guide-NIH Approved Resource Helps You Navigate Benefits. Each state has individual financial and medical requirements. Find out more.

Measuring Satisfaction in Assisted Living
Measuring assisted living satisfaction is hard because there are no common standards. My Inner View has created a measurement tool to help solve that.

MDS 3.0 Cognitive Patterns
The level of cognitive ability among nursing home residents helps determine a proper care plan. In MDS 3.0 a resident interview is key for a full picture.

What is MDS 3.0 - RUGS IV - Falls - Preventing Falls
Falls are a leading cause of injury, morbidity, and mortality in older adults. While MDS 3.0 guidelines looks to help providers minimize fall risks, there are apparent fall reduction mechanisms, like alarms, that actually contribute to falls as opposed to preventing them. In this article, we look at how to reduce alarms and therefore falls in facilities.

Matching Caregivers and Clients in Home Care
With increasing sophistication, home care companies are able to precisely match paid caregivers to clients. It makes a difference. Find out how.

Measuring Patient Satisfaction in Home Health
Measuring satisfaction in home health introduces standard measures that help the organization perform better and the consumer make informed choices.

Reducing Noise in LTC Facilities Important for Resident Wellbeing
Excessive noise in healthcare facilities can make dementia worse. Reducing noise is important for resident well-being. Here are some tips.

We Need to Increase Options for Low-Income Seniors
Increasing Long-term Care Options for Low-Income Seniors-Outreach and Education is key. Enrollment in skilled nursing facilities has increased for seniors of color.

The Future of Long-Term Health Innovation
The Future of Long-Term Health Innovation-Here are the Top Long Term Care Innovation Trends we are seeing.

Capturing Elders' Stories - Life History Project Promotes Safety
Everyone has a story, but often we learn their story too late. The Living History Program records and creates a the personal story of patients to personalize care.

The Power of Yoga for Seniors
Yoga training program helped incontinent women reduce their leakage up to 70%. And Chair Chi has benefits that help seniors with balance and more.

The Plays The Thing
The Play’s The Thing-Bringing Theater Workshops to Senior Living

The Hospice Care Team-Key to a Dignified Experience
The hospice care team is obviously an integral part of a person’s care that assure that the there is a true quality of life at the end of life.

January Activities for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes
January Activities for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
How to become a Becoming a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

Technology Can Help Family Caregivers
Technology is critical to those needing long-term care. It can deliver quality care to seniors and provide peace of mind for family caregivers.

Dementia Friendly as a Strategic Imperative for Hospitals
Dementia Friendly as a Strategic Imperative for Health Providers-Family Caregivers in the Workplace. How we treat caregivers impacts how they care for others.

How to Take Control of Your Parents' Finances
As elderly loved ones age family members often see signs of financial difficulty. Adult children often step in by monitoring their finances. Here's how.

10 Steps that make Aging-in-Place a Reality-Experts Weigh In
Most of us want to age-in-place. But can we really? In this article 10 experts share how to make aging in place a reality.

Starting an Adult Medical Day Center
There is a growing trend to provide care to our elders in the community. In this article, we look at how to start an adult medical day care center.

Stitching Circle - Good Exercise with Great Purpose
Does the image of a senior citizen sitting and knitting scream “stereotype

Staff Evaluations in Long-Term Care
Long Term Care is known for high staff turnover. Hire for fit and fewer staff turn over. Consistently performing evaluations and good people will stay.

Starting an Adult Day Care Center
An emerging business opportunity in long-term care is starting an adult day care center. Adult day centers play a vital role in seniors' quality of life.

Spread Word of Mouth Through Testimonials
In this article you'll learn how to spread word of mouth through testimonials. Testimonial is story and a good story is good for business.

The Health Benefits of Seniors Using Social Media
We typically think of social media as something for the young. Six out of ten older adults are online, many on social media. That provides health benefits.

How to Make Smart Confident Decisions About Senior Living
A new website and social media initiative from the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) helps you make smart decisions about senior living.

Enhancing Resident Care, Promoting Quiet, Responding Faster
The quiet issue is big in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living environments. Noise contributes to poor sleep and other health issues. Silverado Senior Living's quest to provide the highest quality of life and to maintain a home like environment for their residents, lead to a search to find a quiet and efficient nurse call system, getting away from overhead paging, loud radios and one way pagers.

Guest Writer: Gloria Hoffner
Senior Sages-Philosophy 101 Keeps Older Adults Sharp and Socially Engaged

World Health Congress Session on Value Based Contracting
Want to a Hospital's Partner of Choice? Exceed Their Quality Expectations-Value Based Contracting

Hospice Reimbursement-Understanding Could Boost Referrals
Hospice reimbursement is often misunderstood by the public Many think it is not a covered service and shy away. Help the public understand, boost referrals.

Healthy Cooking to Satisfy Seniors Across Cultures
This article looks at tips for healthy cooking and eating in culturally diverse senior populations. As seniors grow older their taste buds change too!

September Activity Article Hub
Here are some activities for the month of September for activity directors in nursing homes and assisted living.

Reducing Stress
Keeping the peace and serenity that we experience during a vacation all year round. Here's how to reduce your stress by living in the moment.

Guns and the Elderly. Tips for Health Professionals
Elderly Americans are the most likely gun owners. Here are some actions to take to assure that everyone is safe when a senior owns a firearm.

Top 3 Questions for Being a Savvy Consumer of Senior Care
Top 3 Questions for Being a Savvy Consumer of Senior Care-Question the Infection (Rate)

Pub Crawl in Senior Living - Now We're Talking,er Drinking!
Pub Crawl in Senior Living - Activity Engages Residents in What Used to be an Observational Experience

Protecting Your Home from the Costs of a Nursing Home
Protecting Your Home from the Costs of a Nursing Home-Steps to Take Now

Prepare for Your Retirement Now
Prepare for Your Retirement Now-Older Americans Face Nearly $140,000 in LTC Costs

Options for Senior Transportation-Key to Aging in Place
A social determinant of health care is transportation. As parents age lose the ability to drive, transportation is a lifeline. Let's explore options.

Can the Sharing Economy Alter the Services for the Aging?
The sharing economy is new and technology may alter how we help the aging. Here are some ideas on how technology could help seniors and caregivers.

Balance Training Can Reduce Falls in the Elderly
Balance issues are a serious health problem among the elderly. There’s a simple solution ­– balance training. It can help reduce falls in the elderly.

Nursing Homes, Hospice Remain Challenges According to OIG
Nursing Homes, Hospice Remain Challenges According to OIG-5th in Importance

Nursing Home Administrator Exam-Test Questions in Finance
The Nursing Home Administrator Exam is comprised of several sections that test different competency levels. In this article we look at finances.

Home is Where the Heart Is for Home Care Services
Home is Where the Heart Is-Settings May Change But Person-Centered Home Care Doesn’t

MDS 3.0 What to Know about this Care Management Tool
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) tool for care management in nursing homes is called the Minimum Data Set (MDS). Learn more about MDS 3.0.

Custom Concerts for Seniors at Home Over the Internet
The power of music in healing is undeniable. Shut in elders rarely experience live music. Custom concerts for seniors at home through the internet is the solution.

Designing Your Home for Aging in Place
Aging in Place is all the rage. You need to make sure your house is designed for it. Let's see how to design your home for aging in place.

Six Steps to Effective Employee Retention
With the high rate of turnover in health care there is a great need to retain workers. Here are six steps to effective employee retention.

Ceramics-Ideal Activity for Short Stay and Long-Term Residents
The activity director can often feel pulled in two directions trying to serve long-term and short stay clients. Ceramics can be a fun activity for both.

Building Bridges of Trust:
Building Bridges of Trust-Exploring Cultural Sensitivities in Home Health Care

Enhance the In-Home Patient Experience
Enhance the In-Home Patient Experience-Seven Things To Do

Closing Health Disparities in the Black Community
There are important things that all of us can do to stay ahead of chronic and debilitating illnesses such as stroke, diabetes and hypertension.

Caregiver Support-Advice for Moving the Talk to Action
We need a comprehensive program to support family caregivers. The pace of interest has quickened. The discussion needs a shove. Here are some ideas.

Caregiver Training for Professionals and Family Members
Being a family caregiver seems intuitive. Caring can be enhanced by professional training. We cover caregiver training for professionals and family members.

Biggest Healthcare Payer is Consumer
Biggest Healthcare Payer is Consumer-Educated Consumers Shop Around Before Spending

Carnivals, a Unique Activity for Seniors
Creating a carnival atmosphere in a senior living home is a unique activity. Here's how to bring the carnival to residents.

Enabling Adoption and Scalability of Technology in LTSS
Enabling Adoption and Scalability of Technology in LTSS-Leaders are the Cultural Cheerleaders

Caregiver Support Program - From Surviving to Thriving
30 Day Video Caregiver Support Pgm Moves Caregiving from Burden to Opportunity. For 30 days you receive an inspiring video that is uplifting and soothing.

Advanced Illness: Revolutionizing the Care Value Proposition
Advanced Illness: Revolutionizing the Care Value Proposition. We are going to have to come together with the private sector and government to bring new solutions to the table.

Five Insights on Caring for Those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s
Five Insights on Caring for Those with Dementia and Alzheimer's-Tips for Family Caregivers

How Care Partners Can Help to Reduce the Risk of Falls in the Home
How Care Partners Can Help to Reduce the Risk of Falls in the Home

Caring for the Spiritual Side of Residents
Caring for the spiritual side of Your residents can be a challenge. How can the activity director help you continue the spiritual side of your life? Elder Source Senior Ministries (ESSM) can help.

Positioning Your Organization as the ACO Partner of Choice
How do long-term care providers best position themselves as an ACO partner of choice? Value based purchasing is coming. How do you stack up?

Books for Activity Professionals as Selected by Gloria Hoffner
The best tool for any activity director is education! Books for activity professionals make great gifts all year. Here are some suggestions.

Designing an Adult Day Center-Environment, Safety Important
Adult Day Care is becoming increasingly important as people choose to age in place. You first need to start with a top-notch facility to attract clients.

Aging in Place the Uber Way
More and more people are choosing aging in place as their long-term plan. More services and technologies are emerging to help. Let's take a look at them.

Activities for a New Year - What's Up with Babies?
Activities for a New Year - What's Up with Babies? Activities for nursing homes and assisted living for January. This month we explore the significance of babies and the New Year.

Activities for January
Activities for nursing homes and assisted living for January-Resolutions Based on Songs

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An index of categories in the

You Gotta Have Heart (Activities That Is)
You Gotta Have Heart (Activities That Is)-More February Activities for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

When to Call in a Geriatric Care Manager
A Geriatric Care Manager is Often the Best Person to Help Families Navigate Care

Metrics. Senior Care.

Outside Resources
Outside Resources. Senior Care.

Downsizing Your Home as You Age
Downsizing Your Home as You Age. Senior Care.

Hoarding by Elders Signal Trouble
This topic is devoted to hoarding in the elderly.

Warning Signs of Advance Care Needs
Warning Signs of Advance Care Needs. Signs that a loved one needs advanced care.

Financial Assistance in Paying for LTC
Find resources for paying for your long term care needs and those of a loved one.

Choosing Independent Living Communities
Choosing Independent Living Communities

What's It Like to Be Recipient of Home Care - Patients Respond
Knowing what it's like to be a recipient of home care can help readers set expectations and demand the highest standards of care. Hear from actual patients.

Technoogy to Aid Family Caregivers
Robots as caregivers. Can they replace the human touch? No. But here are some technologies that benefit family caregivers while leaving care to humans.

Reverse Mortgages
You see the commercials. But what are reverse mortgages and can they be of value to you as you age. Find out here.

14 Technologies Seniors Should Use to Make Life Easier
The most efficient way to lower long-term costs is to remain at home, What means will keep you safe and independent? Technology. Here are 14 to consider.

Antipsychotic Use in Assisted Living
Antipsychotic Use in Assisted Living-Think It's Only in Nursing Homes, Think Again. When choosing senior care in any setting, ask about two things - the use of antipsychotic medications and how the resident interview is conducted.

Share Your Caregiver Experience
We welcome articles from family caregivers who can share their story while helping other navigate their caregiving journey.

The Long Distant Caregiver
Being a caregiver who lives away from your loved one can be difficult especially if you have no siblings or help available. These articles will help you manage caregiving from a distance.

When the Caregiving Journey is Over
When the Caregiving Journey is Over. What's next and how do you move on after a loved one has passed and your caregiving journey is over. Learn how to here.

Guest Writer: Colleen Ashe, CEO, Ashe Organizing Solutions Ltd.
Guest Writer: Colleen Ashe, CEO, Ashe Organizing Solutions Ltd.

The Origin of Valentine's Day
The Origin of Valentine's Day-Activities for February for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Guest Writer: Jennifer Tucker, Vice President of Homewatch CareGivers
Guest Writer: Jennifer Tucker, Vice President of Homewatch CareGivers

Guest Writer:
Guest Writer: Adrienne Zetterberg, Director of Business Development, ECHO Cottages Ltd.

Legal Considerations When Caring for Elders
Estate planning. Power of attorney. Medical power of attorney. Advanced directives. It can all be so confusing when planning for your aging or helping a loved one. We will help you navigate these issues.

Accountable Care Organizations
Health reform provisions call for the creation of accountable care organizations. Yet there definition is not set. There are some models for accountable care organizations in the marketplace. This looks at some.

New Year's Resolutions for Seniors
New Year's Resolutions for Seniors-Why You Need Them. Suggestions to Start.

Unionization in Long Term Care. Assisted Living.

Quality Initiatives
Quality Initiatives in Long Term Care

Hiring Help
Family caregivers cannot do everything themselves. In this category we will look at how to hire the right help for your needs and those of your loved one.

Information for Consumers on Choosing and Evaluating Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Home Care and Other Long Term Care Services and Supports
This tab is devoted to helping consumers navigate the often confusing maze of long term care services and supports. We have included information on how to choose and evaluate nursing homes, assisted living, home health, adult day and other services; locate services; pay for care; and locate resources for caregivers can be found here.

Infection Control
This category contains articles related to infection control and hand hygiene.

Healthcare Workers – Healthcare Jobs – Healthcare Recruitment – Healthcare Careers
One of the fastest growing segments of the economy is healthcare and within that aging services. One of the problems facing the industry is that many people look at positions in the industry as jobs not careers. The industry is seeking to change that mentality. Here we will link you to important information about career positions and related training and certification. And we will help organizations with timely articles about recruitment, training, workforce satisfaction, rewards and recognitions and more.

Activities for Seniors
An individualized, well though out activities program is at the heart of a quality life for residents in aging services no matter what the setting. Activities is not just about bingo and watching television. In fact, activity programs can be quite creative and stimulating for the mind. And the health and well-being benefits of a good program are becoming more and more documented.

gloria hoffner - activity professionals - activities for seniors - activities in nursing homes
Gloria Hoffner is the owner of Guitar with Gloria and Science for Seniors providing activity programs at over 200 retirement communities.

Aging in Place – Universal Design – National Home Builders Association – Ageing in Place
Aging in place is the ability to live in one's own home for as long as confidently and comfortably possible. One of the keys to successful aging in place is to remodel the home to accommodate that. That has spawned a lucrative aging in place home remodeling and design industry.