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Abuse and Neglect
Perceived and actual abuse of clients is an industry issue. Find information to prevent, identify and deal with abusive staff.

Communicating with Patients and Families
One of the biggest breakdowns in the health care field is the not-so-simple issue of communications. The complexity of health care and the lighting speed at which it moves often causes vital communication breakdowns that can impact care as well as the reputation of the care provider. Find up-to-date information and best practices dealing with communicating with families, caregivers, patients, residents and clients here.

Healthcare Trends
This category will look at aging trends and demographics.

Care Partners
Care providers do not operate in a vacuum. And with healthcare reform, working together with other care providers for the health of the client will be rewarded. Topics covered here include how to partner with other providers, which providers are best to partner with for your business, when to partner, mergers and acquisition and other best practices for working with other care providers and those that direct the care of patients, residents and clients.

Adult Day Care Centers – Medical Day Care – Elderly Day Care – Senior Day Care – Aging in Place
As society moves away from institutionalized care to home based care and aging in place, the vital role that adult day services play will grow. Now is the time to consider this as a viable business option.

Nursing Homes
Each care provider in aging services has its own set of regulations and standards. Find nursing-home specific information - MDS 3.0 for example - that can not otherwise be covered in the general categories for this site here.

Hiring Help
Family caregivers cannot do everything themselves. In this category we will look at how to hire the right help for your needs and those of your loved one.

This category will house articles related to tele-medicine, tele-monitoring, tele-visits, etc.

News from the AHCA/NCAL Organization
News from the AHCA/NCAL Organization

Game that Improve Cognitive Function
This category contains games activity professionals can utilize to improve cognitive function and social interaction.

Hospice Care
Each of us has the right to die pain-free and with dignity, and that our loved ones will receive the necessary support to allow us to do so. That is the belief of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and is reflected in the work that hospice providers do around the country. Yet hospice is very misunderstood.

Home Health Care - Home Health - Aging in Place - Home Health Services - Home Health Nursing - Home Health Jobs - Home Health Certification
According to the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, home care began in the US in the 1880’s. Approximately 12 million individuals currently receive care from more than 33,000 providers. In 2009, annual expenditures for home health care were projected to be $72.2 billion. With a continued emphasis on aging in place, home care will continue to have its place in the aging continuum but it is not without its challenges.

Preventing Falls
This category will contain articles that will help providers implement strategies to mitigate the risk of falling among the populations they serve.

Marketing and Sales
No matter how good your business is it will not be successful if people do not know about it. Marketing and sales is crucial to your organization's success. This is your source for information to grow your business. All aspects of marketing and sales for businesses in the aging services sector from strategic marketing to tactical implementation can be found here.

Information for Consumers on Choosing and Evaluating Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Home Care and Other Long Term Care Services and Supports
This tab is devoted to helping consumers navigate the often confusing maze of long term care services and supports. We have included information on how to choose and evaluate nursing homes, assisted living, home health, adult day and other services; locate services; pay for care; and locate resources for caregivers can be found here.

September Activity Article Hub
Here are some activities for the month of September for activity directors in nursing homes and assisted living.

Other Care Providers
Each care provider in aging services has its own set of regulations and standards. Home health care, hospice care, adult day care, adult medical day care, rehabilitation services, geriatric care management, elder community services, non-medical home care, and other elder care businesses will be the focus of the information found here.

International Models
Articles in this category will explore international models of care that could be worth emulating in the U.S.

Preventing Falls
Preventing Falls-NIH, PCORI Announce Major Award

Designing for Senior Living-Rejuvenating Spaces with Color
Designing for Senior Living-Rejuvenating Spaces with Color

Training, Certification, Accreditation
Keeping you staff up-to-date on the latest processes, trends and rules provides a competitive edge to businesses as well as keeping them compliant. Also learn about certifications and accreditations both mandated and otherwise that can give you a competitive edge, improve care and help with your marketing efforts.

Home Health Aides:
Home Health Aides-The Front Lines of the Future

Quality Winners to Emulate-AHCA Releases Award Winners
Quality Winners to Emulate-AHCA Releases Award Winners

Training and Education in Home Health
Training to overcome cultural and racial differences is key to providing person centered care in all health care settings.

Caring for Clients
Caring for patients across the spectrum of aging services can be rewarding, fulfilling and complicated. Look here for information that will help you provide the best care for your clients with particular attention to quality of life issues. As called for, links to healthcare experts and medical advice will be provided.

Sexual Activity / Sexual Abuse
This category contains articles dealing with the sensitive topics of elder abuse and sexual activity among elders in care facilities.

Infection Control
This category contains articles related to infection control and hand hygiene.

Senior Living Design
This category will feature articles pertinent to designing person-centered living spaces for boomers and seniors.

This category will catalog news and information about payment mechanisms.

Resources for Activity Professionals
Resources for Activity Directors

Hiring and Staffing
Your staff defines the experience for customers. Therefore your very reputation and business viability hangs on your ability to hire and retain the best staff. Hiring, staffing, recruitment, and retention of staff are at the core of topics covered.

Healthcare Workers – Healthcare Jobs – Healthcare Recruitment – Healthcare Careers
One of the fastest growing segments of the economy is healthcare and within that aging services. One of the problems facing the industry is that many people look at positions in the industry as jobs not careers. The industry is seeking to change that mentality. Here we will link you to important information about career positions and related training and certification. And we will help organizations with timely articles about recruitment, training, workforce satisfaction, rewards and recognitions and more.

Activities for Seniors
An individualized, well though out activities program is at the heart of a quality life for residents in aging services no matter what the setting. Activities is not just about bingo and watching television. In fact, activity programs can be quite creative and stimulating for the mind. And the health and well-being benefits of a good program are becoming more and more documented.

gloria hoffner - activity professionals - activities for seniors - activities in nursing homes
Gloria Hoffner is the owner of Guitar with Gloria and Science for Seniors providing activity programs at over 200 retirement communities.

Aging in Place – Universal Design – National Home Builders Association – Ageing in Place
Aging in place is the ability to live in one's own home for as long as confidently and comfortably possible. One of the keys to successful aging in place is to remodel the home to accommodate that. That has spawned a lucrative aging in place home remodeling and design industry.