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Ginger and Asthma
Ginger is one of the herbs that may help improve your asthma. Learn what you need to know and do to get better control of your asthma.

All About An Injection Site Reaction
An injection site reaction is one of the most common side effects you may experience after a Xolair injection. Learn what you need to do about it.

Flutiform is a combination asthma product used primarily in Europe. Learn more about the indications, side effects for this new drug.

Does Asthma Go Away and Will Symptoms Return?
Does asthma go away? If you could predict your future related to asthma your treatment would be so much easier.

How Long Do Steroids Stay in Your System?
Sometimes patients want to know how long a medication stays in their body.

How Good Is Your Nebulizer Machine?
Patients often think nebulizer machines are a more powerful treatment. However, you may be getting less medication than you think.

Does Board Certification Matter?
Board certification is one indication of your doctor's skill. Learn what you need to know about what certification means and what it does not.

Cough Variant Asthma: An Atypical Respiratory Condition
Sometimes cough may be the only asthma symptom someone has—Learn about this type of respiratory conndition, how it is diagnosed and how it is treated.

Do Allergy Free Dogs Exist?
Do allergy free dogs exist? Learn what to do when you want to have a furry friend but are not sure what the impact on your asthma will be.

Bichon Frise
A Bichon Frise is a small cute dog that may help your asthma under control.

Bedlington Terrier
The Bedlington Terrier helps your asthma by not shedding its coat.

Portuguese Water Dog
Is the presidential dog asthma friendly? Learn more about the Obama's dog and how it might impact asthma.

Chinese Crested
Known as a toy dog, this small dog sheds very little hair and is touted as a dog that is asthma friendly.

Dogs For Your Asthma
Are there dogs for your asthma? While there is controversy as to whether a hypoallergenic dog exists, this article discusses dogs for your asthma.

Learn More About Your Asthma

Deceptive Allergy Practices In Promary Care
Certain allergy practices in primary care offices may be misleading to patients. Learn what you need to know to make sure you get the best care.

Cromolyn Sodium And Nedocromil: What You Need to Know
If your asthma is poorly controlled or you cannot tolerate some standard treatments, your doctor may prescribe cromolyn sodium or nedocromil.

Chronic Bronchitis VS Asthma: Is It Asthma Or Chronic Bronchitis?
Chronic bronchitis is very different asthma, but patients sometimes get labeled with this diagnosis early on before asthma is diagnosed.

Different Kinds of Asthma Triggers
Asthma irritants are substances that are airborne and act as an asthma trigger. While not allergens, they can irritate already inflamed airways.

Asthma Medication Side Effects
All medicines have side effects, some more serious than others. What are the side effects of asthma medications people use every day to keep their asthma in check?

What Is Your Biggest Asthma Problem?
Share your asthma problems with our community.

Sources for the article. Asthma.



Get an Action Plan
An action plan is your asthma road map. It tells you when you are doing well, when you need to detour, and if you have gotten way off track.

Understand Asthma Control
If you don't understand what good control is, you will never know if you have gotten there or not.

Monitor Your Asthma
If you are not monitoring your asthma you will never be able to see if it improves. Not matter what tool you use, you need a monitoring plan.

Know Your medication
Knowing what inhaler to use when is an important part of your asthma action plan. Additionally understanding what side effects to watch for is important as well.

Asthma is Complicated
Asthma is a complicated disease that requires a number of different strategies to gain control. If you're newly diagnosed, here are 5 things you have to know for good asthma control.

Understand the Pathophysiology of Asthma
Understanding the how and why of asthma will allow you to gain better control. Understanding the pathophysiology of asthma will help you understand treatment.

How Spirometry Is Used to Diagnose and Manage Asthma
Spirometry is an important tool in both the diagnosis and management of asthma. Learn what you need to know about spirometry.

Asthma Action Plan - Tool to Prevent Asthma Attacks
Use this asthma action plan as a guideline for daily and emergency care if you or your child have asthma. It tells you what to do in case of an asthma attack.

The Connection Between Asthma and Pneumonia
Does asthma cause pneumonia? Can pneumonia lead to asthma? Read more and find out about this chicken or the egg scenario with your asthma.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E supplementation has certain impacts that may be beneficial for asthma. Learn if it is right for your asthma action plan.

Vitamin D
Bitamin D is an important immune modulator in the development and treatment of asthma. Learn if vitamin D supplementation might make a difference.

Water Soluble Versus Fat Soluble
It is important to understand the difference between water soluble and fat soluble vitamins. Learn what you need to know.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an important part of a healthy diet, but will it help improve asthma symptoms? Read more to find out if you need vitamin C supplements.

Diet and Asthma: 3 Vitamins Impacting Your Asthma
Vitamins may provide help for your asthma, especially if you have a poor diet. Learn if vitamin supplementation might improve your asthma.

Budesonide is an inhaled steroid that can help keep your asthma under control. Learn when its needed and what the expected side effects might be.

Asthma In Pregnancy
Asthma in pregnancy can be confusing. What can I take and what can't I take? Learn what you need to know and do.

What Type of Asthma Doctor Can Care for My Child?
What kind of doctor can take care of your child's asthma. Learn about the differences between different providers of asthma care.

What Is Bronchoprovocation Challenge Testing
Sometimes bronchoprovocation challenge testing is necessary for​ diagnosing asthma. Learn the indications and reason why it might not be for you.

ACOS: Asthma Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Overlap Syndrome
Have you heard of ACOS or asthma chronic cbstructive pulmonary disease syndrome? In this condition asthma and COPD occur together.

A Medical Food For Asthma
Lunglaid is a medical food for your asthma that can potentially help get your asthma under control.

Who responds To Journal Writing?
Who responds to treatments can be a difficulty for doctors. Find out what the science says about journal writing.

Red Means Stop and Green Means Go
The asthma zone system is easy to use and remember. Make sure you know where you are and what you need to do.

What Is Reactive Airway Disease?
Reactive airway disease can mean different things to different people. Learn more about reactive airway disease.

What is Bronchoconstriction?
Definition of bronchoconstriction. Bronchoconstriction is at the heart of your asthma. Learn what you need to know and do.

What Is a Family Physician?
A family physician can care for your asthma in addition to provide you all of your regular care. Learn what you need to know and do.

What Is A Family Doctor?
Family doctors are primary care physicians that treat a large number of medical problems including asthma. Learn more about what they can do for you.

Monitoring Asthma - Essential Steps To Monitoring Asthma For Better Control
These six steps will give you the essentials for monitoring asthma symptoms and getting your asthma under control.

6 Things Your Asthma Health Coach Should Do For You
An Asthma Health Coach should help you get unstuck from whatever iis preventing your asthma control. Learn what they should be doing for you.

Things To Do When Asthma Stresses You Out
Stress can impact your asthma greatly and we are surrounded by it daily. However, we often do not effectively manage our stress.

Can Journling Write Away My Asthma
Journaling is a written record of your thoughts, experiences, impressions and observations on your asthma or any subject that inspires you.

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Tips and Advice on Living With Asthma
Living with asthma can be challenging. Our tips and advice can help you make living with asthma and asthma management more successful.

Obesity and Asthma—12 Ways to Lose Weight
Obesity and asthma are not a good match. Asthma makes it hard to exercise and obesity can make it harder to breathe. Learn what you need to know.

Are Primatene Mist and Generic Epinephrine Inhalers Safe?
Primatene Mist and other generic epinephrine inhalers are the only over-the-counter asthma medications available. Learn how to use these products safely.

Is Alternative Asthma Treatment Effective And Safe
Nearly 60% of asthma patients have tried alternative asthma treatments. Learn about some popular options and if they'll actually help your asthma.

Are Asthma Scholarships Available For College
There are special college scholarships for people with asthma. Check these out to see if you qualify for a little extra college dough.

How Available Is Over the Counter Asthma Medication?
Many patients ask whether there are any over the counter asthma medication option in lieu of more expensive prescription medication.

Try These Home Remedies for Asthma
From traditional Chinese medicine to covering your air conditioning vents with cheesecloth, here are natural ways to manage your asthma.

Ginkgo And Asthma- Can Ginkgo Help My Asthma
Ginkgo biloba is a widely used complementary and alternative medicine product related to memory loss that may have some potential benefit in asthma.

What Is the Definition of Histamine?
Histamine is the chemical that is found in and released by mast cells that can lead to certain symptoms depending on which part of the body where the histamine release occurs.

Combination Asthma Inhalers Advair and Symbicort
Combination inhalers like Advair and Symbicort combine 2 different asthma medications into one inhaler. Are they better for your asthma control?

Asthma Specialist Versus Primary Care
How do I know if I need an asthma specialist? Why should i be referred to an asthma specialist? Is the care from an asthma specialist better?

Causes of Wheezing That Are Leading to Child's Symptoms
Asthma is one of the causes of wheezing in your infant, but wheezing can be caused by a number of other conditions and infections. Learn more.

Chronic Cough and Asthma: Are They Related?
Chronic cough is one of the 5 most common reasons people see a doctor. Is your cough related to your asthma?

What Are the Risk Factors for an Asthma Attack?
Do you know all of the things that can increase you risk of an asthma attack? Some are under your control, while others are not. Learn more about the risk factors that may be making your asthma worse.

What to Do if a Cold Makes Asthma Worse
When the common cold makes your asthma worse, what do you do? You have questions and we have answers about these important health topics.

Does Xolair Increase Cancer Risk?
Are you worried about the risk of Xolair and cancer? There is some concern that this could be a risk. Learn more about the risk.

Xolair Side Effects - All About Xolair Side Effects
Do you know the Xolair side effects that might effect you? Read about the risks and what you need to watch out for.

COPD and Asthma - What's the Difference?
Do you know the difference between COPD and asthma?

Does Acupuncture Help Improve Asthma Symptoms?
Acupuncture may help some people with asthma breathe better, but the evidence supporting this procedure for the treatment of asthma is lacking.

What is Animal Dander? Pets and Asthma
Pets all shed allergen producing dander per week. Dander or the proteins in skin flakes, urine, feces and hair trigger your asthma symptoms.

Am I at Risk for a Fatal Asthma Attack?
Learn if you might be at risk for a fatal asthma attack? Most fatal asthma attacks are preventable and you can learn how they might be prevented.

All About My Peak Flow Meter
Using a peak flow meter is important for your asthma. Learn why. Learn how to perform peak flows and use your peak flow meter correctly.

5 Types of Asthma Doctors You Can See
Choosing an asthma doctor can be very difficult and there are a number of different factors to consider. Learn which factors impact you.

Choosing an Asthma Doctor: What You Need To Know First
Controlling asthma means working with an asthma doctor to find the right treatment for you. Learn about how to find and choose the right Dr. for you.

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Springtime Allergies and Asthma
Allergies and asthma often worsen during certain seasons of the year, depending on your triggers. Find out what you need to know about spring allergies, seasonal allergies and asthma.

Asthma. Page 2.

Summer Allergy-Induced Asthma
Allergies and asthma often worsen during certain seasons of the year, depending on your triggers. Find out what you need to know about summer allergies and seasonal allergies and asthma.

Asthma. Page 2.

Dealing with Winter Allergic Asthma Symptoms
Allergic asthma problems often worsen during certain seasons of the year, depending on your triggers. Find out what you need to know about winter allergic asthma issues.

Asthma. Page 2.

Treatment of Asthma in Children - Stepwise Treatment of Asthma
Treatment of asthma in children is based on the same stepwise treatment of asthma used for adults. However, kids' asthma treatment is adjusted by age group as well as degree of control.

Asthma. Page 2.

How to Take a Home Lung Function Test
A home lung function test is key to monitoring your asthma. Learn how this skill can help you gain better control of your own asthma symptoms.

4 Signs You May Need To Change Asthma Doctors
Changing doctors is never easy but these signs may indicate it is the best thing for your asthma.

Should Pediatricians Care For Asthma?
A pediatrician is a board certified physician that not only care for your child's asthma, but can meet all of their immunization and other needs.

Pure Room: An Allergy Free Hotel Stay
A pure room may help you avoid allergies and asthma on your next vacation. This specially treated rooms are designed for asthma patients.

Is Your Asthma Causing You Embarrassment?
Asthma can take a psychological as well as a physical toll on a person's life. It can even cause embarrassment at times. Here are tips to cope.

Questions To Ask Your Prospective Health Coach
If you are stuck with some aspect of your asthma it may be time to consider a health coach. Learn about questions to ask to see he/she is a good fit.

Iggy and the Inhalers
Asthma education can be difficult, but Iggy and the inhalers will be more enjoyable and help you learn more of what you need to know and do.

Am I Having Nicotine Withdrawl?
With 21% of all asthmatics being smokers, nicotine withdrawal is one of the common reason asthmatics pick the habit back up after quitting.

Asthma and Dating
Asthma and dating can be scary enough by themselves, but together the stress can go through the roof. Overcome these issues so that you can have a good time.

Improving Communication With Your Asthma Doctor In The New Year
Improving communication between doctor and patient leads to better asthma control. Learn how you can improve even if your doctor does not.

Consider The 5Fs When Choosing An Asthma Doctor
An asthma doctor will help you take control of your condition for good. Consider if your doctor has the 5 F's – doctors who do are usually the good ones!

What Are The Side Effects Of Alternative Medicine In Children
Parents are appropriately concerned about side effects of meds with kids. They should be no less concerned about CAM.

Talking About Asthma
Talking about asthma can be difficult when you are entrusting your child's care to someone else. A story can be a powerful message for those people.

Fragrance Sensitivity: Making Sense of Scents
Is fragrance sensitivity a problem for your asthma? Certain smells may be worsening your asthma. Rather than a true trigger these are lung irritants.

Asthma and Anxiety: Is Your Child Strung Out?
The relationship between asthma and anxiety has been talked about for many years. New research suggests asthma control is the key. Learn more today.

Asthma Clinical Trials
Asthma clinical trials are essential before a doctor can prescribe medications for your asthma. Learn more about current clinical trials in athhma.

Exercise With Asthma - How To Exercise With Asthma
Exercise needs to be a daily part of your life despite asthma. Exercising with asthma is good for you, as long as you know how to do it safely and prevent symptoms.

Bronchial Tubes Definition - Asthma FAQ
Do you know what bronchial tubes are? Learn more about bronchial tubes.

What Are Beta 2 Agonists in Asthma?
What is the definition of beta 2 agonists? How do beta 2 agonists impact your asthma? Learn what you need to know and do.

Can Choosing Certain Plants Improve Asthma?
Gardening does not need to be off limits if you have asthma. Rather, certain asthma plants may help you improve your asthma.

All About Bronchial Thermoplasty
Bronchial thermoplasty is a new treatment for patients with difficult to control asthma. It is a non-drug outpatient procedure. Learn more.

Asthma Definition
Symptoms, severity or impact can be used to define asthma. Defining it is important so that you can improve asthma control and measure its impact.

Asthma Resources- Help On The Web
We all need help with our asthma. Asthma resources from across the web can help you with all aspects of asthma care.

Summer Asthma Mistakes- Don't Make These
Don't make these asthma mistakes this summer and you will be breathing better during the long hot summer. What you need to know/ do to breathe easy.

Are You Worried About Environmental Asthma Triggers?
Environmental asthma triggers can impact your asthma and you might not even know it. Hear the story of one mom and her environmental asthma triggers.

What is Aspirin-Induced Asthma?
Learn how aspirin and other pain relievers, like ibuprofen, may trigger asthma, and how this serious health condition can be prevented and treated.

How Do You Know If It Is Asthma or COPD?
It is not always easy to tell if your symptoms are from asthma or COPD. Learn about questions you can yourself to which is more likely for you.

Asthma Problems
Patients experience a number of different asthma problems. Find out which ones are commonly reported by our readers.

5 Water Safety Tips Every Asthma Family Should Follow
Water safety is an important in the summer. Whether at the pool, the beach or the lake, you need some additional safety measures with asthma.

You Need To Relax When You Have Asthma
Stress is around us everyday. If we do not develop positive coping techniques it may get the better of us and our asthma.

Questions a Prospective Asthma Coach Should Be Asking You
Your asthma coach should be asking you certain questions if you are going to get a lot out of the coaching relationship.

What Is An Inactivated Vaccine?
What types of vaccines are available? What is the difference between inactivated and activated vaccines?

Does Being Overweight Affect Asthma?
Weight loss often leads to improvements in asthma control. On the flip side, obesity can worsen your symptoms.

Cardiac Asthma: What You Need To Know and Do
What is cardiac asthma? Could the wheezing mean that I have a broken heart?

Handwashing: I Never Knew There Was a Right Way To Wash
Handwashing is one way that you can decrease your risk of picking up a virus that may land you and your asthma in the ED. Learn how to wash your hands

Medicinal and Home Cough Remedies for Kids
Cough remedies for kids can help get your annoying symptoms under control. Learn about home remedies that can help your non-asthma​ cough

How To Write A Journal About Asthma
How to write a journal about asthma is a common question I get when recommending this technique to asthma patients.

Twenty Six Journal Prompts for Asthma
Journal prompts help you get ideas for journaling about your asthma. Reflecting on how and why your asthma control is where it is may help your plan.

Honey and Asthma: A Little Sweetness For Your Asthma
Honey is one of the foods that can help with your asthma. Learn what you need to know about honey and asthma.

Improving Asthma Symptoms by Changing Diet
Can a healthy diet improve asthma symptoms? Find out what research says about eating well for good asthma control.

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Do You Fit the CAM Mold?
Why do people turn to CAM? While you may think that everyone is just dissatisfied with their medical care, the answers may surprise you.

Probiotics and Asthma
A number of studies demonstrate a favorable relationship between probiotics and asthma. Learn more before you jump on this treatment.

Chest X-Rays: What They Tell Us About Asthma Patients
What is a chest X-Ray and how does it aid asthma patients? The screening is used as a preoperative exam or when in the ER because of an asthma attack.

Summer Asthma: Asthma Symptoms and Extreme Weather
Extreme weather may worsen your asthma. Learn some things you can do to lessen the effect of extreme weather and extreme heat on your summer asthma.

Pulmonary Function Tests
Pulmonary function tests or PFTs are an important part of your asthma care -- if you have symptoms or to help monitor your asthma.

How To Use Your Metered Dose Inhaler
Your metered dose inhaler or MDI is an essential part of your asthma action plan. You need to make sure you know how to use it correctly.

What Is A Pulmonologist and Should A Pulmonologist Treat My Asthma?
What is a pulmonologist? Would my asthma care benefit? Learn everything you need to know about whether a pulmonologist might help improve your asthma.

Can FeNO Be Used To Diagnose Asthma?
Fractional excretion of exhaled nitric oxide or FeNO is a novel tool to help your doctor diagnose and monitor asthma. Find out if it may benefit you.

How Do You Know If You Have Asthma?
It's not always obvious that your symptoms are asthma – you can mistake them for the cold or flu. Learn more about the typical signs to look out for.

ScanMed QR- A Personal Health Record
Personal health records are one way that you can make sure your doctor has all of your medical information or communicate if you are unable.

Health Insurance Definition and Information
'What is health insurance' is a more complex question than is sounds at first. With all the options, bells, and whistles, many wonder what they need.

Advantages of Having a Primary Care Physician
Many patients with asthma know they need a specialist, but may not see the value in a primary care doctor. Learn why you may want to add a PCP to your team.

Telling the Difference Between a Cold or the Flu
When you have asthma it is important to tell the difference between a cold and the flu. This article discusses the important cold symptoms.

Minimizing Side Effects of Asthma Steroid Medication
Some steroid medication can cause added symptoms. Learn about asthma medication and how to reduce weight gain and the side effects of corticosteroids.

Signs of Respiratory Distress in Those With Asthma
Nobody wants to experience respiratory distress; however, it is important to recognize the signs of respiratory distress to take proper action.

What To Look For in a Portable Nebulizer
A portable nebulizer may be what you need for asthma control when you are out and about. Learn about the important features in a portable nebulizer.

What Is A Dry Powdered Inhaler?
A dry powdered inhale or DPI may provide you with some benefits compared to other inhalers. Learn what they might be and why a DPI might not work.

What You Need To Know About the Signs of Asthma
If you understand the signs of asthma, you will be able to get a diagnosis more easily and understand treatment. Learn about the signs of asthma.

Medical Foods For Asthma
Medical foods are just one of the more recent treatments that have become available for the treatment of asthma. Learn what you need to know.​

What Is A Medical Food?
Frequently asked questions about medical foods for asthma. Determine if this treatment might be right for you.

The Effect of Asthma on Long-Term Health
Poorly controlled asthma can lead to negative health consequences. Learn what they are and the bet ways to prevent them.

Post Nasal Drip & Your Asthma
Post nasal drip can be a nuisance and make your asthma control more difficult. Learn about actions you can take at to help decrease your drip.

Is It A Cold Or Flu?
Cold and flu season is troublesome for asthma patients. While both may worsen asthma, it is important to figure out which is causing your symptoms.

What Is Mometasone Furoate?
Mometasone furoate is an inhaled steroid for asthma. Learn what you need to know about side effects, indications and side effects.

Can An Internist Care For My Asthma?
Internal Medicine doctors are just one type of physician that can care for your asthma. A primary care MD can help get your asthma under control.

Surgery and Asthma
If you have asthma and need to have surgery, it is important to know if your asthma puts you at increased risk. Learn what you need to know and do.

Breath Actuated Metered Dose Inhaler
A breath actuated MDI may improve your asthma technique and increase the amount of medication delivered to your lungs.

What You Need To Know About Taking Flovent For Your Asthma
Flovent is an inhaled steroid used in the treatment of asthma. Everything you need to know- safety information, indications and side effects.

Common Inhalers and Medicines for Asthma
A guide to several common asthma medicines, including Advair, albuterol and Pulmicort. Learn more about the drug profiles of these drugs and others.

Symbicort - An Inhaled Asthma Treatment For Asthma
Symbicort can be an important part of your asthma treatment plan. Learn about when it's used, potential side effects, and other important information.

What Is Advair Diskus? Medication for Asthma
Learn about Advair Diskus and how it can help your asthma. This controller medication is one of the most common asthma treatments today.

Asthmanefrin Safety Concerns
Asthmanefrin safety concerns have recently been raised by the FDA. Learn what you need to know and do before taking this medication.

8 Signs And Symptoms Indicating You Need Emergency Care
Asthma death are on the rise and it is essential you know when it is time. Learn what you need to know about identifying and asthma emergency.







5 Things To Do For Better Asthma Control In 2016
Asthma control is difficult, but there are a number of steps you can take to improve. These 5 steps will help you breathe better this year.



















6 Steps Towards Better Asthma Control
Asthma can be overwhelming. Sometimes there can seem like so much to do that we really don’t do anything. Learn what you can do.





17 Healthy Snack Ideas for Asthma Sufferers
There’s no one food you can eat or one food you should avoid to manage asthma symptoms. There are healthy diet choices you can make.


Using Alternative Treatments
Alternative medicine is growing in popularity but is it improving your asthma?

Stopping Or Not Taking Medications Regularly
In order for your asthma medications to work, you need to take them. Learn why some patients don't and what you can do.

Ignoring Asthma Symptoms
Ignoring asthma symptoms is a sure fire way to end up in the hospital. Learn what you need to do.

Too Much Clutter
Clutter and dust go together. Remove the clutter and and you will likely improve the dust.

What Is Your Biggest Asthma Problem?
We want to help you get control of your asthma. I want to hear about your biggest asthma problem so that we can try to help you develop a solution.

Learn More About Your Asthma

Sources used in the article. Asthma.

Getting a Hypoallergenic Pet
Some pet lovers advocate for a hypoallergenic pet– although I consider hypoallergenic pets to be more of a myth. Learn more

Leaving Windows Open
Keeping windows closed will decrease your pollen exposure.

Ignoring Pollen Counts
Pollen. Asthma.

Spending Time Outdoors At The Wrong Time
Weather can impact your asthma, but with a little planning you can make sure the environment does not get the best of you.

10 Biggest Mistakes Astmatics Make
We all make mistakes. Learn from these 10 common asthma mistakes frequently seen in practice.

Not Having An Asthma Action Plan
An asthma action plan is the most important tool that will help you achieve excellent asthma control and not let asthma impact your daily activities.

What Is An Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics or Med Peds Doctor
Med Peds combines training in both adult and pediatric medicine in order to care for patients from birth to death.

Letting Your Pet Sleep With You
Allowing pets to sleep with you can create many problems for your asthma because you spend a significant portion of your life in the bedroom.

What Is A Family Medicine Doctor?
Family medicine doctors are one of the other groups of doctors that can help take care of your asthma.

Does Subspecialty Care Matter
Sometimes specialty care is needed, but you still have a number of different options to choose from.

Primary Care Or Specialty Care?
The first decision you need to make is whether you need primary or specialty care. While everyone needs a primary doctor, your asthma may need more.

What Is A Pediatrician?
Your baby may need asthma treatment and a pediatrician may just be that person.

What Is An Internist?
Doctors for adults will not only care for your asthma but for other medical conditions that you may have.

Different Types Of Asthma Doctors
There are a number of different types of doctors that can help take care of your asthma. From primary care to specialty find out which one is for your

What Is Your Biggest Asthma Problem?
We can each help each other through our asthma experience. Let us know what your biggest problems and challenges are.

Learn More About Your Asthma
If you need help we are here. Let us know about your questions, problems or any other help you need.

Know Your Asthma Triggers
Knowing your asthma triggers is an important item on your asthma to do list. Trigger identification is key to good control.

Asthma To Do- Have an Asthma Action Plan in Place
Your asthma action plan is an essential part of your to do list if not done. This is a road map for your asthma control.

Know When Your Asthma Is and Is Not Well Controlled
Knowing if your asthma control is optimal or needs some work is key to improving your symptoms. Learn what you need to know and do.

Develop A Monitoring Plan
A monitoring plan is essential. That which you choose not to measure cannot be improved. Your asthma is no different.

Learn How To Use a Peak Flow Meter
Peak flow meters are one of the tools used to monitor your asthma. Correct use and application of this tool will improve control of your asthma.

Make Sure You Understand and Take Your Medication as Prescribed
Keeping appointments is not enough, you need to make sure you are taking your asthma medication correctly in order to achieve good control.

Always Have Your Rescue Inhaler
Your rescue inhaler is an important part of your asthma plan. Knowing when, how and the potential side effects are essential.

ICE Contact and Medical Alert Technology
An ICE contact, medical alert bracelet or personal health record will help give people information about you when you need help.

2. Sleeping With The Window Open
Sleeping with the windows open is an allergy asthma mistake that may lead to poor asthma control. Learn more about what you need to know and do.

3. You Get A Hypoallergenic Pet
Do you need a hypoallergenic pet? While some advocate for this, it could be an asthma mistake you do not want to make.

4. Not Paying Attention To Pollen Counts
Not paying attention to pollen counts is another allergy asthma mistake. If you fail to do this it will be increasingly difficult to achieve control.

Spending Time Outdoors at the Wrong Time
Weather can turn into an asthma allergy mistake if you do not know when and when not to spend time outdoors. Learn what you need to know and do.

Your Biggest Asthma Problem & Sources
We can each help each other through our asthma experience. Let us know what your biggest problems and challenges are.

Questions & Sources
If you need help we are here. Let us know about your questions, problems or any other help you need.

1. Sleeping With Your Pet
Sleeping with your pet is an allergy asthma mistake that you do not want to make this spring. Learn what you need to know and do.

Allergy Asthma Mistakes
Allergey and asthma mistakes can lead to poor asthma control. These 5 tips will help make sure your not sneezing and wheezing this spring.

Asthma To Do List
This asthma to-do list will ensure that you have the individual steps you need for good asthma control in place.

Chest Tightness
Chest tightness is one of the classic symptoms of asthma that may occur alone or in combination with other asthma symptoms.

Signs You May Have Asthma
The signs of asthma are not always readily appreciated. You need to consider asthma with these common symptoms.

Wheezing is the classic asthma symptom, but not all that wheezes is asthma. Read more to find out what you need to know and do about wheezing.

Shortness Of Breath
Shortness of breath is one of the classic symptoms of asthma, but it can also signify a more significant problem. Get yours checked out.

Cough is one of the most common symptoms patients with asthma experience. While it occurs with asthma, it also occurs with other common diseases.

Signs Of Asthma
The signs of asthma are important symptoms that you need to have evaluated. These symptoms can occur with asthma or other disease.

Tips for Using Metered Dose Inhalers
Here are a few additional tips on how to use your MDI and get the most from it. Metered dose inhalers are highly effective asthma inhalers-- as long as you know how to use them correctly.

Using Your Nebulizer
In order for you to get the most out of your breathing treatments, you need to correctly use your nebulizer. Learn how to use your nebulizer and care for it appropriately.

Diagnostic Tests in the Treatment of Asthma
During the diagnosis or treatment of asthma, you are likely to undergo a number of asthma tests. Learn about them and what their results mean.

Asthma Drugs- Learn About All Your Asthma Drugs
There are many different asthma drugs that vary by properties, actions, and how they are prescribed. Learn what you need to know about your asthma drugs or find out about others.

The Impact of Asthma on Individuals and Society
The impact of asthma affects you as an individual and also society. Learn about the many ways asthma impacts our lives from financial to our health.

Types of Asthma and Classifications
What asthma type do you have? Asthma classification is important and can help guide your asthma treatment. Learn how to identify the types of asthma.

How to Deal With Fall Allergies and Asthma
Allergy and asthma problems often worsen during certain seasons of the year, depending on your triggers.

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What Is It Like To Have Asthma?
What is it like to have asthma? Asthma can impact people in different ways. Some peope are brought down while others are empowered. What about you?

What Symptoms Say About Your Asthma
What are the symptoms of asthma? Asthma symptoms can be non-specific and somewhat confusing. Learn the symptoms that make you suspect asthma.

The Difference Between Inhaled and Oral Corticosteroids
There are a number of types of corticosteroids, including oral and inhaled, that you might take for your asthma. Educate yourself about the differences.

What Happens in the Lungs During an Asthma Attack?
A number of different things happen in your lungs during an asthma attack that may make your symptoms worse.

What Does Asthma Pathophysiology Mean?
If you can understand the pathophysiology of asthma, you can understand why your doctor prescribes certain medications in treating your asthma.

How You Can Safely Run With Asthma
Many asthma patients don't think running is good for them. Find out how you can keep yourself running with asthma.

Dust Mites Bites and Irritations They May Cause
Have you ever wondered if dust mites bite? Learn about dust mites, how to get rid of them, and if they are the cause of asthma.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Viral-Induced Asthma
Viruses are a common cause of asthma exacerbation or worsening among adults. We look at diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of viral-induced asthma.

How Asthma Can Affect Your Sex Life
What happens when sex gets in the way and makes your asthma symptoms worse? Learn how you can enjoy this stress-buster without experiencing symptoms.

All About Home Humidity And Your Asthma
Home humidity levels can allow dust mites and mold to flourish. Control house humidity with several techniques to help you decrease humidity levels.

What to Do If You're Having An Asthma Attack
You need to be prepared for an asthma attack at any time. Asthma attacks are preventable if you know the specific triggers you need to look out for.

Is Chest Tightness An Asthma Symptom Or Something Else?
Chest tightness is a classic asthma symptom. You need to make sure your symptoms are not due to a more serious condition.

Are You Using Your Twisthaler Correctly?
The Asmanex Twisthaler is a dry powdered, breath activated inhaler. Using it is a little different from a regular inhaler, so make sure you know how.

LABA Bronchodilator for Asthma Symptom Control
LABA bronchodilators can be an important part of your asthma care plan, but there are some safety concerns you need to be aware of for good control.

Asthma Classification: What Type Do You Have?
Asthma classification is a good way to categorize your asthma. Learn if you have good control or if you could be doing better.

Fatal Asthma- Is My Child at Risk for a Fatal Asthma Attack
Learn if your child might be at risk for a fatal asthma attack and what you need to do if your child is. The best strategy is prevention.

Albuterol and SABAs for Acute Asthma Symptoms
Short-acting​ beta agonists (SABA) provide quick relief for asthma symptoms. Learn what SABAs do, how they work, and their side effects.

What Is Qvar, and How Is It Used to Treat Asthma?
Qvar (beclamethasone dipropionate) is an inhaled steroid used to treat asthma. Learn how Qvar works, when it is used, and potential adverse effects.

Effects of Acid Reflux on Asthma
Do you know how acid reflux may lead to a worsening of your asthma? This common GI problem may be worsening your asthma if you're not careful.

How to Know if You Have Both Asthma and Acid Reflux
Asthma and reflux may sometimes occur together. Learn the signs and what you can do about these comorbid conditions.

Stress Free & Better Asthma control
Stress is part of all of our lives. Learn simmple steps that can help you destress and get better control of your asthma.

Breathe Easier By Managing Stress
Breathing exercises are just one way that you can take control of your asthma. Breathing training decreases asthma symptoms as well as medication use.

Exercise Often
Exercise is great for your overall and mental health. Regular activity is a great way to lessen the impact of stress on asthma.

Meditation is a great way to to focus your attention and breathing on things that are important to you. In the process you may notice better control of your asthma.

Yoga is a great way to get control of your stress and possibly help your asthma.

Meditation for Stress Relief and Asthma Control
Meditation for stress relief is one adjunctive treatment that may help you get control of your asthma. Learn basic skills and practices you need.

Using Your Nebulizer
Second step in using your nebulizer.

Cleaning Your Nebulizer
Cleaning your nebulizer. Asthma.

Learn How to Use a Nebulizer for Asthma
In order for you to get the most out of your breathing treatments, you need to correctly use your nebulizer. Learn how to use your nebulizer here.

Adding Nebulizer Medication
Adding your medication to your nebulizer.

Connect All Nebulizer Pieces
Connect all the nebulizer pieces together

Using Your Nebulizer
Using your nebulizer. Asthma.

Flu Shots and Asthma
Despite recommendations for asthmatics to receive flu vaccination, many do not receive this important preventative measure. Learn important facts about the flu vaccine and see common flu myths debunked.

Asthma Herbal Medicine: Treating Asthma With Herbs
In treating asthma herbal medicine is commonly used. Here's our overview.

An Anaphylaxis episode can be life-threatening. Know the symptoms and how to prevent episodes from happening in the first place.

Is Wheezing A Common Asthma Symptom for Adults?
How common is wheezing in adults who have asthma? Find out what wheezing is, what it means, and how best to treat it.

Asthma and Bronchoconstriction
Bronchoconstriction is an early response to asthma triggers. Learn what you need to know and do to prevent this asthmatic condition.

GERD May Be Causing Your Uncontrolled Asthma Symptoms
Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a common condition that can lead to uncontrolled asthma symptoms. Learn what you can do.

Wheezing Is a Common Asthma Symptom for Kids
Wheezing is a common childhood asthma symptom and is often the reason parents seek care for their kids. What causes wheezing and what does it mean?

Hyperresponsiveness- Definition of Hyperresponsiveness
Hyperresponsiveness is one of the two reactions to allergens that characterizes asthma. Learn more about this response and its treatment.

Natural Remedies and Nutrition For Treating Asthma
When you have poor asthma control, many patients turn to natural asthma remedies. Learn what you need to know and do to evaluate these treatments.

Homeostasis and its Relation to Asthma
What is homeostasis in relation to asthma? It can mean a good attitude about your asthma control or it can be referring to pathophysiology. Learn more.

Is Your Difficulty Breathing Asthma or Something Else?
Difficulty breathing is a symptom that could be asthma or it could be something else. Learn if your difficulty breathing could be asthma.

Will Singulair Side Effects Affect My Mental Health?
Singulair and other leukotriene modifiers have changed their labeling to reflect some potential side effects with this class of drugs.

Antihistamines and Your Asthma
Antihistamines can control your allergy symptoms and may help you get better control of your asthma.

What Is an Albuterol Inhaler? (Medication Guide)
Learn about uses of albuterol, how your doctor may prescribe albuterol, and what the possible side effects and drug interactions might be.

Asthma & Pregnancy: Can I Use That Medication?
Asthma can be a scary disease and asthma in pregnancy is no different. Learn about medications, outcomes, and other important facts to help you.

Nocturnal Asthma Symptoms and Treatment
Nocturnal asthma is one of the common asthma types. Symptoms predominate and typically occur at night.

Asthma and Pregnancy: Respiratory Tract Changes
Pregnancy is associated with a lot of changes. When asthma and pregnancy occur together, a number of changes occur that may impact your asthma.

Allergy Medicine While Pregnant?
Taking allergy medicine while pregnant can be scary if you are not educated. Learn what you need to know and do about you runny nose and itchy eyes.

Acute Bronchitis
Acute bronchitis can sometimes present similarly to asthma? Is your cough and wheezing asthma or is it something else

The Benefits and Obstacles of Journaling
In this interview with the author of Digging Deep, Sherri Brisson discusses​ what children and what diseases benefit from journaling.

A Look at Irritant-Induced or Occupational Asthma
Irritant-induced asthma (IAA) and reactive airway dysfunction (RADS) are acute onset asthma which happen after a person is exposed to irritants.

Seasonal Allergies and Asthma
Summer often means worsening of your seasonal allergies and asthma. Learn what you can do to stop the sneezing and wheezing.

RSV Virus Risk Factors, Symptoms, & Prevention
The RSV virus is known to cause symptoms very similar to asthma in young children and may also be a risk factor for developing asthma later in life.

Could Household Mold Be Worsening My Asthma?
House mold may be the cause of your worsening asthma symptoms. Learn what mold is how to get control of it in order to improve your asthma.

Why Is Cleaning My HFA Inhaler Important?
One of the important changes with the new HFA inhalers is that it needs to be periodically cleaned to continue to function properly. Learn how.

Vital Capacity (VC)
What is vital capacity? Learn more about this important part of pulmonary function testing and how it impacts your asthma diagnosis and treatment.

Pulmicort and Asthma Medication
Pulmicort is a controller medication for asthma. Learn about the indications, side effects, and other important aspects of this asthma medication.

Mardi Gras Asthma Control Tips
Wheezing can complicate your Mardi Gras fun, frolic, and family time. Learn what you can do to keep your asthma under control at Mardi Gras.

Acute and Chronic Bronchitis - Symptoms and Treatment
Coughing is the predominate symptom of bronchitis - but is it asthma? Read more about acute and chronic Bronchitis, along with symptoms and treatments.

Fluticasone Propionate - What You Need To Know
Fluticasone propionate is an inhaled corticosteroid used as a controller medication in the treatment of asthma. Learn how it is prescribed for asthma.

Ragweed Allergy and Your Asthma
Learn what ragweed allergy is and what you need to know to prevent ragweed allergy from worsening your asthma.

Immunotherapy - What You Need to Know
Immunotherapy is one of the many potential treatments for your asthma. Just like other medications, it has risks and benefits. Learn More Today.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Asthma
How's my asma doing doc? When I get this question I know I have done a poor job of educating my patient on key concepts of monitoring and control.

Rescue Medications & How They Work
Rescue medication are an important part of your asthma care plan with different medications utilized in different clinical settings.

Do I Need the Pneumonia Shot if I Have Asthma?
The pneumonia shot or pneumococcal vaccine is now recommended for adults with asthma. Find out why you need this shot.

Is Your Chest Wheezing Caused by Asthma?
An important tenet in asthma care is that 'not all that wheezes is asthma.' Learn about some of the common and not so common causes of chest wheezing.

The Different Types of Asthma & Their Symptoms
While there are similarities, there are also important differences in the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of various types of asthma.

Inhaled Corticosteroids Common Side Effects
Do you know what inhaled corticosteroids side effects you need to watch out for? Learn what you need to know.

Health Coaching to Help Control Asthma
Health coaches can look at you and your asthma and help you get unstuck in the areas preventing good asthma control.

Hay Fever Treatment Options and Asthma
Asthma can be worsened by hay fever. Learn the most effective treatments to manage both conditions.

How Your Immune System May Be Worsening Your Asthma
The same system that helps protect you from infections, your immune system, can also be responsible for your worsening asthma.

Patient Assistance Program for Asthma Medication
Asthma medications are very expensive, and a patient assistance program may be helpful to you in obtaining your asthma medications.

Great Websites for Information About Asthma
In order to keep your asthma under control, you need asthma information. Learn about great resources for asthma info.

Will an Immunomodulator Help Your Asthma?
Do you know if an immunomodulator will help your asthma? Learn about the indications and side effects to see if an immunomodulator is for you.

Nebulizers for Asthma Treatment Medication
Nebulizers are just one of the delivery methods for your inhaled asthma medications. Learn more about nebulizers before you make a decision.

Chest Congestion Relief
Many asthma patients complain that they have difficulty getting chest congestion relief. In the end good asthma control is the best bet. Find out more

Digging Deep Interview: What Are The Benefits?
The stories we tell about our experiences are important. Digging Deep helps one find meaning in those stories one critical step at a time.

Asthma Diagnosis and Symptoms Information
Discover how you and your doctor can go about figuring out if your symptoms are from asthma. Learn more about diagnosis and diagnostic testing.

What Does Shortness of Breath Mean for My Asthma?
Shortness of breath is a common asthma symptom. Learn what it means and what you need to do to address it.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) vs. Asthma
Is it asthma or COPD? It's not always easy to tell. While you might not think so, it is important to figure out which you have.

Does Zinc Deficiency Make Your Asthma Worse?
Could your asthma and zinc be related? Zinc is essential for good health, and low levels may affect your asthma.

Stop Wheezing Without An Inhaler-- Is It Possible?
Can you really stop wheezing without an inhaler when you have asthma? There are a number of things you can do to improve your asthma symptoms.

Asthma Checklist
Back to school can be scary for parents when your child has asthma. This asthma checklist can help you prepare.

9 Asthma MythsYou Need To Hear About
Asthma myths are common and pervasive, especially on the internet. Debunk these common ones here.

A Breathing Technique for Asthma Relief
Learn how breathing training may help you get control of your asthma. These techniques may help you without the need for more meds.

Using Asthmanefrin, an Over the Counter Bronchodilator
Astmanefrin is an OTC asthma inhaler. Learn more about the safety issues, warnings and controversies about this over the counter bronchodilator.

All About Allergic Asthma
There are many different types of asthma. Learn what you need to know to improve allergic asthma.

What Is the Link Between Hay Fever and Asthma?
Are those annoying allergy symptoms related to your asthma? Discover what you need to know and do if hay fever is making your asthma worse.

Are Flu Vaccine Side Effects More Likely For Asthmatics?
If you have asthma it is important to know if you are more likely to get the flu from vaccination or more likely to experience flu vaccine side effects

Premenstrual Asthma - All About Premenstrual Asthma
Does your asthma worsen around your period? Learn what you need to know and do.

9 Useful Tips For Eliminating House Mites
House mites can make your asthma worse even though you can't see or feel them. Learn how to eradicate these little insects and live mite-free.

What Types of Medication Are Used to Treat Asthma?
Your physician has an arsenal of potential medications to treat your asthma. In this article, we look at 10 different types of asthma medications.

Asthma and Bronchiolitis- What Is the Definition of Bronchiolitis
Definition of bronchiolitis. Not all that wheezes is asthma. Make sure you know the difference between asthma and bronchiolitis.

Stress, Anxiety and Asthma: How You Can Learn to Cope
Dealing with Asthma is bad enough, but added stress can add more symptoms. Cope by following these tips for managing anxiety and a chronic condition.

Caregiver Support—Coping with Asthma Stress as a Family
Families of individuals with chronic illness are always affected. Here are some resources for Asthma families to manage financial and emotional strain

Asthma Attacks in Children
Asthma is a common, chronic illness in many children. Learn how to care for your child's asthma attacks, including recognizing when to go to ER.

6 Steps to Dealing with a Chronic Asthma Condition
Asthma Is a chronic illness and there are ways you can manage the condition. When dealing with Asthma, follow these 6 steps to cope with the symptoms.

Digging Deep: More Questions For Sharon Brisson
Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part. Author Sharon Brisson helps us get started and discusses the power of Digging Deep.

Asthma and Diving Risk
Asthma and diving risk is not always viewed the same from country to country. Learn more about asthma and diving risk.

Digging Deep: Rereading Your Journal
Rereading journal entries, talking with your child about their journal entities, and the differences between health and regular journals are discussed

Anaphylaxis - Identifying and Treating Anaphylaxis
Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening emergency. It is important to know how to respond to anaphylaxis quickly and correctly to avoid disaster.

All About Asthma Allergens
Asthma allergens are also known as one kind of asthma triggers. Allergens can set off asthma symptoms in people with allergic asthma.

Allergies and Asthma Through the Seasons
Allergies and asthma can change with the seasons, depending on which triggers you are sensitive to. Learn what you need to know to take action.

Preventive Asthma Controller Medicines
Asthma controller medicines help prevent asthma symptoms when taken every day as prescribed. Make sure you know all the indications and side effects.

Exercise Induced Asthma Symptoms and Treatment
Could you have exercise induced asthma? Learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this common condition.

Coping With Asthma - Tips for Coping With Asthma
The day to day hassles of a chronic illness like asthma can make anyone feel overwhelmed. The following 10 tips may help you cope with asthma stress-free.

People With Asthma- All About People With Asthma
All of these people with asthma have achieved great things. While you are sure to know a few, there are probably many that you did not know.

Buteyko Breathing Exercises for Asthma
Preforming this exercise may help you get better control of your asthma and use less medication. Breathing exercises are easy to learn.

Why Is IgE Important and How Does It Affect My Asthma?
Poorly controlled asthmatics may have elevated IgE levels, and benefit from treatment. Learn what you need to know and do about IgE and asthma.

How To Treat Flu If You Have Asthma
Because asthmatics are at increased risk of complications from the flu, it is important to know how to treat flu if you have asthma.

What Is Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1)?
What is the definition of forced expiratory volume or FEV1? There are certain terms you need to understand when you have asthma and FEV1 is one.

Is An Over the Counter Asthma Inhaler Available?
An otc asthma inhaler may seem like an easy fix, but you need to make sure you carefully consider its use before self treating. Learn what you need to know.

What Should My Normal Peak Flow Be?
Measuring your peak flow is an important part of your asthma care plan? If the measurements are going to be meaningful, you need to know how to figure out what your peak flow should be. Learn several different ways to determine what your normal peak flow should be.

Asthma Physiology - Lungs During an Attack
Three main things are occurring in your lungs during an asthma attack. Your symptoms and treatment are targeted around them.

All About Oral Steroids For Your Asthma
Oral steroids or systemic corticosteroids are just one of the possible treatments for your asthma. Learn about why you may need them and potential side effects.

Everything You Need To Know About Xolair (Omalizumab)
Learn what you need to know about asthma medication Xolair (omalizumab) including indications, how it works and important adverse effects.

Asthma and Stress- Does Stress Affect My Asthma
Research shows that stress can actually make asthma worse. Read about how it can be managed in order to avoid poor asthma control.

What Is the Role of Singulair (Monteleukast) in Asthma?
Singulair is in a class of medications called leukotriene modifiers. This class of drugs is one of the potential add on drugs for your asthma regimen.

What Is My Asthma Severity?
Measuring your asthma and understanding severity is a key to gaining control.

What Is a Live Virus Vaccine?
What types of vaccines are available? What is the difference between inactivated and activated vaccines? Learn more about vaccines.

Spirometry - What Does Spirometry Measure
What does spirometry measure? Spirometry is an important part of your asthma action plan and will help you determine your asthma is control.

Basophil Definition and Effect on Asthma
Definition of a basophil. Asthma is a very complicated process and basophils are just one of the many cells that contribute to your symptoms.

What Causes Wheezing?
Many different conditions can lead to wheezing. This is important if you think that you may not have asthma or are trying to determine the cause.

Macrophages- What Is the Definition of Macrophages
What is the definition of macrophages? Macrophages are important cells that may impact your asthma. Learn how macrophages work and impact asthma.

Mild Intermittent Asthma: Classification for Treatment
People with mild intermittent asthma have the least severe type of chronic lung disease. Daily medication is not needed, but monitoring is required.

Medical Conditions that Make Uncontrolled Asthma Worse
Hard time controlling your asthma? Ask your asthma provider about these 5 problems that contribute to uncontrolled asthma.

What Is a Therapeutic Trial for Asthma?
Sometimes doctors begin treatment for a disease to determine if you have a certain disease without doing other diagnostic testing. Learn more.

All About Theophylline for Asthma
Theophylline is an old, but important asthma medication. Learn what you need to know and watch for if you are on theophylline. Learn more.

Is Genetics One of the Major Causes of Asthma?
It's normal to wonder whether you may inherit asthma, and the answer is probably yes but not certainly, since it depends on a variety of factors.

Improve Your Asthma - How to Improve Your Asthma
Clear communication is a key to getting your asthma under control. Learn questions that will improve communication and lead to better asthma care.

Symptoms of Infant Asthma
Getting an asthma diagnosis in your infant can be difficult. Learn about the similarities and differences between infant asthma and asthma in adults.

Status Asthmaticus: Understanding Severe Asthma Attacks
Status Asthmaticus is asthma attacks of 2 types-long and severe or a sudden and quick. Learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.

How to Get Rid of a Dry Cough: 12 Home Remedies
A cough can be very irritating and difficult to soothe. Learn about home remedies that can improve cough and make you feel better.

How to Get Better At Taking Your Asthma Meds
More people than you think don't take their asthma medication regularly. Learn how you can improve your medication compliance.

Similarities and Differences of Asthma and COPD
Sometimes asthma and COPD occur together. What's the difference? Learn what you need to know and do if you suffer from both of these conditions.