Agnosticism & Atheism Sitemap - Page 15 2016-09-26

Iraq - General Beliefs of Islam
iraqi baath party shia islam concern muslims prophet muhammad flag of iraq: Religion in Iraq: General Beliefs of Islam.

Religion in Iran - Index
bani sadr sunni islam iran index flag of iran islamic conquest: Religion in Iran: Religion Index.

Religion in Lebanon - Religious Life
muslim faiths islam faq roman catholicism religion around the world quota system: Religion in Lebanon: Religious Life.

Religion in Kyrgyzstan - Index
religious freedom report russian orthodox church president akayev muslim feast muslim heritage: Religion in Kyrgyzstan: Index

Religion in Jordan - Ethnicity and Language
Religion in Jordan - The role of ethnicity and language in religion and society.

Indonesia - Arrival of Islam
buddhist religions islam indonesia buddhist traditions buddhist concepts origins of islam: Religion in Indonesia: Arrival of Islam.

Religion in Jordan - Religious Minorities
Religion in Jordan - The role and nature of religious minorities.

Religion in Algeria - Status of Women in Society
femmes algeriennes tenets of islam arab conquest islam faq islamic opposition: Religion in Algeria: Status of Women.

Religion in Sudan: Women and Family
christian nubia muslim households tenets of islam flag of sudan indigenous religions: Religion in Sudan: Women and Family.

Religion in Sudan - Regionalism and Ethnicity
christian nubia addis ababa flag of sudan tenets of islam arabic languages: Religion in Sudan: Regionalism and Ethnicity.

Religion in Syria - Ismailis Islam
shia islam son ismail umayyad caliphate ancient syria muslim empires: Religion in Syria - Ismaili Islam.

Religion in Turkey - The Alevi
tenets of islam ottoman period ottoman empire islam faq religion around the world: Religion in Turkey: The Alevi.

Religion in Turkey - Sufism and Folk Islam
sufi brotherhoods tenets of islam woolen garments islamic mysticism ottoman empire: Religion in Turkey: Sufism and Folk Islam.

Religion in Algeria - Islam and the State
french colonial regime muslim rulers tenets of islam muslim authorities islam faq: Religion in Algeria: Islam and the State.

Saudi Arabia - Wahhabi Theology in Islam
Religion in Saudi Arabia: Wahhabi Theology in Islam.

Religion in Jordan - Sunni Islam
Religion in Jordan - History and theology of Sunni Islam.

Religion in Egypt - Akhenaten and Monotheism
sun god ra pharaoh akhenaten amenhotep iv islam faq religion around the world: Religion in Egypt: Akhenaten and Monotheism.

Religion in Syria - Sunni Islam
al hasakah sunni islam umayyad caliphate sunni muslims ancient syria: Religion in Syria - Sunni Islam.

Religion in Egypt - Traditional Attitudes Towards Women
Religion in Egypt: Traditional Attitudes Towards Women.

Religion in Qatar - Shia Islam
shia islam shia muslims sunni islam sunni muslims temporal leadership: Religion in Qatar - Shia Islam.

Religion in Somalia - Religious Life
tenets of islam islam faq religion around the world religious roles pastoral life: Religion in Somalia - Religious Life.

Azerbaijan - Religion
Religion in Azerbaijan: Discussion of the history of various religions in Azerbaijan, including the situation today for minority religions.

Religion in Turkey - Development of Islam in Turkey
Religion in Turkey: Development of Islam in Turkey.

Saudi Arabia - The Hajj (pilgrimage)
Religion in Saudi Arabia: The Hajj and Saudi Politics.

Religion in Turkey - Women and Gender Relations
tenets of islam ottoman empire islam faq family loyalty religion around the world: Religion in Turkey: Gender Relations.

Religion in Somalia - The Tenets of Islam
tenets of islam pilgrimage to mecca prophet muhammad somali coast god allah: Religion in Somalia - Tenets of Islam.

Iraq - Religion in Iraq
shia muslims shia islam flag of iraq religious observances violence in iraq: Religion in Iraq: Index.

Religion in Kuwait - Index
wahhabi islam kuwait index shia islam sunni islam flag of kuwait: Religion in Kuwait - Index.

Religion in Jordan - Tribes and Tribalism
Religion in Jordan - The influence of tribalism on religion and politics.

International Religious Freedom Report 1999: Switzerland
United States 1999 State Department Annual Report on Religious Freedom for the country of Switzerland. What is the religious demography of Switzerland? What is the status of religious freedom in Switzerland? Are there restrictions on religious minorities?

Do Atheists Have No Reason to be Moral? Are There No Atheistic Moral Standards?
For most religious theists, their religion and their god provide the basis for their entire understanding of morality and moral values. They thus find it inconceivable that atheists who donít believe in any gods and who have no religion could possibly have a basis for morality or even understand what true moral behavior is. Many go further and argue that this is a good reason to reject atheism, saying that it leads to immoral behavior, that it cannot account for the existence of morality, etc.

Evolution & Creationism: Issues, Science, and Religion
Evolution & Creationism: Issues, Science, and Religion

Anti-Lent: Test a Bad Habit, New Sin, Guilty Pleasure for a Few Weeks - Atheists Don't Believe in Penance for the Soul, So Learn Ways to Enjoy Life
Lent is the penitential period of 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter when Christians fast and do penance in preparation for Easter. The principle behind Lent is asceticism: denying material, physical pleasures for the sake of the soul. Atheists who reject Christianity can turn Lent on its head by observing anti-Lent. If Christians do penance for their sins, you can rack up new 'sins' by test driving new material, physical pleasures. This is our only life, so expand your comfort zone.