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Do Vaccines Cause Autism?
Do vaccines cause autism? Find out what the real issues are, what the medical community says on the issue, and how to weigh the evidence.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 2.

How to Help Your Autistic Child Live With Change
Autism makes change difficult, but real life is unpredictable. Here is a step-by-step guide to help your child build flexibility.

What Is "Autism Therapy?"
Is there really such a thing as

Mood Disorders Are Common for People with Autism
The diagnostic criteria for autism don't include anxiety or depression, but some experts say that mood disorders are prevalent among autistic people.

How Much Applied Behavioral Analysis is Enough
The literature says autistic children should receive 40 hours a week of applied behavioral analysis to effectively treat autism. Is it really necessary?

What Was the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) Protocol?
The Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) Protocol was offered through the Autism Research Institute until 2011. Learn more about the program and why it ended.

Do The Amish People Vaccinate Their Kids?
Alan Becker - Getty Images I just read, for the umpteenth time, a statement that

What Happens to Our Autistic Child After We Die?
Here's one answer to the question

Why Autism and the Holidays Rarely Mix Well
Do you recognize any of these ten reasons why autism is especially tough during the holidays?

Help Autistic Children Build Age-Appropriate Interests
Your 15-year-old still watches TV shows intended for preschoolers. What's the best way to respond and why?

Autistic Behavior or Misbehavior? How to Tell the Difference
It's not always easy to distinguish between

Seven Steps to Becoming the Perfect Autism Grandparent
You may be surprised to learn how simple it is to be the

What Does "Autism Friendly" Mean?
Many types of organizations, from theaters to zoos to sports leagues, are offering

Six Ways to Disclose Your Child's Autism
Should your child’s autism spectrum diagnosis be public information? When, how, and to whom should you disclose a diagnosis?

Can Gluten and Casein (Wheat and Dairy) Cause Autism?
Can wheat (gluten) or dairy (casein​), or a combination of both, actually cause autism? Review the evidence.

What Is the Prognosis for a Child with Autism?
What is the prognosis for a child with autism? Can anyone tell me how far my child with autism develop and grow?

Parenting Styles That Don't Work with an Autistic Child
Avoid these parenting styles to make life easier and pleasanter for your autistic child -- and for you.

6 Autism-Related Battles that Are Worth Fighting
Not every battle is worth your time and energy. But these six are battles worth fighting on behalf of your child with autism!

4 Ways to Make Inclusion Work for Your Autistic Child
Your child with autism has talent -- but she's still autistic. Here are four ways to ensure that she gets a chance to show off her talents in an inclusive setting.

Helping Autistic Children to Become Social Communicators
What does it really take to socialize a human being who doesn't automatically connect with others?

Should I Quit My Job to Help My Autistic Child?
Should you quit your job to care for your autistic child? The answer depends on many factors -- including you!

Do People with Autism Connect Best with Each Other?
Are people with autism more likely to connect with one another than with non-autistic people? Here's some guidance on the subject.

7 Types of Autism Parents (Which One Are You?)
What kind of autism parent are you? One or more of these

Use This One Amazing Therapy Daily to Help Your Autistic Child
Provide this one amazing intervention every day, and watch your child's abilities and engagement improve.

How Well Does Early Intervention Work for Children with Autism?
Early, intensive intervention for children with autism is general considered to be critically important. But what does the research really tell us?

Help Your Autistic Child Improve Social Thinking Skills
What is social thinking, why is it so tough for kids with autism, and how do therapists work with kids to help improve their social thinking skills?

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 2.

Autism and the Picture Exchange Communication System
What is the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) - and how does it help people with autism to communicate?

Why Children with Autism Deserve Rules and Discipline
Should you allow your child with autism to misbehave? While some behaviors are simply part of autism, intentional misbehavior is not. Your child with autism deserves to be taught the rules of social behavior.

How Are Autistic Meltdowns Different From Ordinary Temper Tantrums?
What is an autistic meltdown? It's not quite the same thing as an ordinary temper tantrum. Learn about warning signals and how to interpret them.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Social Story
Social Stories look easy to write. But they're not as simple as they seem.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Autism?
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a new treatment for autism which is in the very earliest stages of research. What is HBOT for autism? How effective is HBOT in treating autism?

7 Risk Factors for Autism
Here are 7 risk factors for autism, along with information about the difference between risks and statistical findings.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 2.

Can Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Cure Autism?
Can Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) cure autism? Personal memoirs suggest that intensive ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) can

Why No One Can Predict How Far an Autistic Child Will Progress
Parents may want to

When to Use Rewards to Improve Behaviors in Autistic Childrenn
Is it a good idea to offer your autistic child rewards for good behavior? There are pros and cons to consider.

Why Doesn't the Autism/Vaccine Debate Go Away?
Why is the autism-vaccine debate still alive and kicking? It's not all about Dr. Wakefield! Read about the science behind these reasons.

Help Your Autistic Child Cope with Nightmares
Autism, anxiety and sleep disturbances often go together. Drs. Robert Naseef and Cindy Ariel address a parent's concerns about nightmares, and offer specific advice.

The Difference Between Floortime Therapy & Typical Play
Floortime is a form of therapeutic play developed by Stanley Greenspan. What makes floortime play different from ordinary play?

Coping With Grief After an Autism Diagnosis
How do you cope with grief after an autism diagnosis? Drs. Cindy Ariel and Robert Naseef share their insights and experience.

Marriage to a Spouse with Asperger Syndrome
Marriage to a spouse with Asperger syndrome is challenging. It's hard to know whether behaviors that appear rude or thoughtless are really part of the disorder -- and it's tough to know how to respond. Drs. Bob Naseef and Cindy Ariel take on this complex issue.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 2.

How Can I Help My Autistic Child Sleep?
Do children with autism really sleep less than their typical peers? What can you do to help him sleep? The answers may surprise you.

Developmental Pediatricians for Children with Autism
Has your child been referred to a

Ensure Autistic Children Participate in Non-Academic Programs
Why are some kids with autism included in non-academic programs like sports, music, and Little League -- while yours isn't?

Researching Autism? Here Are 7 Tips to Help You Get Started
To start researching autism on the Internet (and avoid driving yourself nuts!) follow these tips.

Plan Your Autistic Child's Legal and Financial Future
Once your autistic child reaches the age of 18, he's a legal adult. These important tips will help you plan for her future welfare.

What NOT to Do When Your Child Is Diagnosed with Autism
When your child is diagnosed with autism, you may feel you need to learn everything, do everything, and pay for everything - right now. But before you plunge in, take a moment to read this article!

Best Intelligence Test for an Autistic Child
If your autistic child was given an intelligence test, chances are it didn't do a great job of measuring his IQ. .

Book Review:The Oasis Guide to Asperger Syndrome
The Oasis Guide to Asperger Syndrome by Patricia Bashe and Barbara Kirby is a great tool for parents new to - or experienced with - Asperger syndrome.

Does Asperger Syndrome Still Exist?
In May, 3013, the term Asperger syndrome was removed from the diagnostic manual. Does that mean you have to stop saying you have Asperger syndrome?

What Is Autism Awareness Day, Week, and Month?
Autism Awareness may sound like a simple idea, but – like most things in the autism world – it's not.

6 Gentle Ways to Help Parents to Recognize Their Child's Autism
You think the child of a friend or relative may be autistic. How do you broach the subject? Here are 6 gentle options.

Autism Treatments Based on Psychology
Psychology has made a significant contribution to autism treatment, and psychologists in many different specialities offer autism therapy.

Is School Inclusion Right for Your Autistic Child?
Is an inclusive classroom right for your autistic child? Here are some questions to help you consider your best educational options.

10 Surprising Facts About the "New" Autism Spectrum Disorder
Here are the surprising answers to 10 key questions about the DSM5 (2013) criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder, from experts in the field.

What Is Executive Functioning? What Is Its Connection to Autism?
Executive functioning skills make it possible to take on complex, multi-task projects. This can be challenging for folks on the autism spectrum.

Tips for Teaching Instrumental Music to Autistic People
Music and autism often go together, but it's tough to find an instructor willing to work with an autistic person. Here are tips for music instructors interested in taking on the challenge!

Prepare for the Dentist with Your Autistic Child
A trip to the dentist with an autistic child can be traumatic. Here are tips and resources to make the experience easier and more productive!

Stop Your Child with Autism from Taking Clothing Off
How do I get my child with autism to keep his clothes on? Here are three possible routes to help you resolve the problem for the short and long term.

Five Ways to Help Your Child with Autism to Fit in Socially
There are some simple steps parents can take to help their children with autism to fit in with their typical peers. Some are even fun!

What Is Social Thinking?
Social thinking is a complex process that involves

Autism and Sensory Overload
Too much or too little sensory input can make it almost impossible for some autistic people to focus, relax, or take part in ordinary activities.

The Broad Autism Phenotype: Just a Little Bit of Autism
Read a definition and explanation of the broad autism phenotype

Self-Stimulating Autistic Behavior
What does autistic stimming look like, and what (if anything) should you do about it?

Before You See the Doctor: A Checklist of Autism Symptoms
If your child has several of the symptoms on this autism checklist, it may be time to consider an autism screening or evaluation.

Build a Strong, Loving Bond with Your Autistic Child
It's not always easy to build a strong relationship with an autistic child. Here are eight tips for getting and staying connected with your autistic son or daughter.

9 Ways to Enjoy Summer With Your Child (Autism Spectrum)
Summer is often hard on families with autistic children. Here are ten ideas for summer activities designed with autistic children and teens in mind.

Symptoms of Autism Not Listed in Diagnostic Literature
Autism is usually described as a social/communication disorder. Learn about some of the additional symptoms of autism that are rarely mentioned in media.

Red Flags That Don't Indicate Autism
You've noticed symptoms in your child that could be signs of autism. But not every delay or difference deserves an autism diagnosis!

Play Therapy and Autism: The Basics
What is play therapy? Why is it used as a therapy for children with autism? Get the basics!

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 2.

Educational Options for Children on the Autism Spectrum
How should children with autism be educated? This overview presents the options, along with a quick look at their pros and cons.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 3.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 4.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 5.

Before You Let an Autism Diagnosis Drive You Crazy
Before you drive yourself crazy over child's autism diagnosis, take a deep breath. Then read this article. You're probably doing most things right.

What Are the Diagnostic Criteria for Asperger Syndrome?
What are the diagnostic criteria for Asperger syndrome? Here are the specific criteria as laid out in the official DSM-IV-TR diagnostic manual.

Sensory Integration Therapy and Autism
What is Sensory Integration Therapy and how can it help children with autism?

When Should I Seek an Autism Screening for My Child
When should you seek an autism screening for your child? Even infants and toddlers can show behaviors that may look like autism. These behaviors may eventually disappear -- or not. Here's why you shouldn't wait to have your child evaluated.

ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy for Autism
What is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)? What are its roots? How is it generally used? Read this article to get the basics.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 2.

Tips for Bringing Up a Child with Autism
Find tips and resources for coping with diagnosis, enjoying life with your child, managing family matters, and choosing the right educational setting.

What Is Severe Autism Like?
What is severe autism? How does severe autism differ from high functioning autism, Asperger syndrome, and other autism spectrum disorders?

Impaired Joint Attention in Children with Autism
Read about what lacking joint attention means for children with autism, why this skill is important, and strategies commonly used to help your child.

Four Preschool Options for a Child with Autism
Should a child with autism go to preschool? Or is home the best option? What kinds of preschools best serve children on the autism spectrum?

Make Playtime Fun and Therapeutic for Autistic Children
This introduction to play and autism offers parents tips and resources for overcoming some serious challenges. Yes, you can play with your autistic child!

Find Visuals For Communicating With Autistic People
Are you using pictures to communicate with a person on the autism spectrum? You'll need great images, so here are some resources for great ideas.

How Speech & Communication Issues Affect Autistic People
Language and communication issues are core symptoms of autism. But those with autism may have a whole range of different problems. Find out more.

Playing With Your Autistic Child Isn't So Easy
If there's one issue that's shared by all young children with autism, it's the difficulty with ordinary play skills. Read how you can play with your child.

Why Does My Autistic Child Play Differently?
Autistic children often lack the skills required to play typical childhood games. Read about the why children with autism play differently.

What Are the Early Signs of Autism?
How do you know whether a delay or difference is really significant? Look for these 10 red flag symptoms of autism.

Is Late Speech a Sign of Autism?
Late speech is always worrying, but it isn't always a sign of autism. Learn the signs that might suggest your late talker could be autistic.

Public School and Autism Education Pros and Cons
Most children with autism attend public school but not all have quality education. Here are the pros and cons of public school for children with autism.

Should I Tell an Adult "I Think You May Be Autistic?"
I think I know an adult with Asperger Syndrome. What can I do to help him or her?

Why It's So Tough to Be "Autism Accessible"
Learn about the challenges of providing accessible programs and resources to people on the autism spectrum.

Teaching Soccer to Children with Autism
Yes, many kids with autism CAN learn to play soccer -- with extra support and visual tools like the ones included in this article.

Teach the Basics of Soccer to Children with Autism
Use this poster to provide children with autism with an introduction to the true basics of the game of soccer.

Teach Children with Autism to Dribble a Soccer Ball
Use this poster to provide autistic children with an introduction on how to dribble a soccer ball.

Soccer and Autism - Teach Children with Autism to Kick a Soccer Ball
Use this poster to provide a visual reference for the process of dribbling. Make sure children understand that they're to use one foot after the other, keeping control at all times.

Soccer and Autism - Teach Children with Autism to Pass a Soccer Ball
Use this poster to provide a visual reference for the process of passing a soccer ball.

What Is Nonverbal Autism in Children?
Nonverbal autism is not uncommon, but it is a mysterious and surprising disorder. Find out more about nonverbal autism in children.

10 Kinds of Gifts Autistic Kids (and Their Parents) Will Hate
Buying a present for an autistic child? Here are some top no-no's for gifting kids on the autism spectrum.

Diagnosing Autism or Asperger Syndrome in Adults
Could you or someone you love have Asperger Syndrome? How would you find out? Learn how experts diagnose Asperger Syndrome in adults.

What Toy Should I Buy for an Autistic Child?
What kinds of toys are best for children with autism? Here are some suggestions to get you inspired!

Why Cold, Unloving Mothers Were Blamed for Autism
It was only a few decades ago that

Should Teens With Autism Register for Selective Service
Are autistic teens required to register for selective service? If they are on the selective service list, can they be drafted?

Physical Therapy as a Treatment for Autism
Almost every child with autism (and many adults on the spectrum) can benefit from physical therapy.

How Can Drama Therapy Help People with Autism?
Drama therapy is an old idea, but it's a relatively new way to help people with autism build and practice social skills.

Do Children with Autism Understand What Others Think or Feel?
Many people with autism have

Where Does Your Child Fall on the Autism Spectrum?
Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means symptoms can be mild, severe, or both. Where does your child fall on the spectrum?

Floortime Therapy for Physical and Intellectual Skills
Floortime is a play therapy that help build social communication skills -- but it can also be used to increase physical and intellectual skills.

Starting Your Autistic Child on a Gluten and Casein Free Diet
Many practitioners recommend a gluten (wheat) and casein (dairy) free diet for children with autism. But in the USA, wheat and dairy are everywhere! An expert shares tips on starting and managing a GFCF diet for children with autism.

Son-Rise Autism Treatment Information
Son-Rise is a developmental approach to autism treatment, created by the parents of a child with autism. Is it a good choice? Learn about the pros and cons.

Getting Past Blame and Worry to Help Your Autistic Child
Nothing is more debilitating for the parent of an autistic child than self-blame and worry.

8 Reasons to Feel Good about an Autism Diagnosis
What could possibly be good about an autism spectrum diagnosis? Here are 8 reasons why many people are actually glad to hear the word

William Stillman Speaks About Autism and Spirituality
Bill Stillman's book, Autism and the God Connection, has received a good deal of interest. Many felt that Bill's approach to autism and spirituality struck a note with their own experience. Here, Bill answers questions about his ideas and his writing.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 2.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 3.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 4.

Genetic Autism and Spontaneous Mutation
Genetic autism is not always inherited. New research finds that new,

Genetic Testing for Autism
A new research study suggests that spontaneous genetic mutations caused, in part, by older parents, may play an important role in the autism epidemic. The research study also suggests that a genetic test for

Low Birth Weight and Prematurity Raises Risk of Autism
Does low birth rate raise a child's risk of autism? Recent studies suggest there may be a connection.

Choosing the Best Pet Dog for a Child with Autism
What is the best dog for a child with autism? While there is no one perfect answer, researchers say that there are a few things to consider. Learn more.

Why Do They Call it the Autism 'Spectrum?'
Why do we call it an Autism Spectrum? Is this the best way to describe people who have some form of autism?

Can Teachers Give an Autism Diagnosis?
Can teachers give an autism diagnosis? Read about how teachers are not qualified to do so, but may be the best to observe differences between children.

Advice on Autism and Teens an Autistic Adult
Robyn Steward, a young adult with autism, offers insights and advice to parents of teens on the autism spectrum.

Why High Functioning Autism Is Hard to Diagnose
In order to qualify for an autism diagnosis, symptoms have to be present from toddlerhood. So why are so many people diagnosed as teens or adults?

Should Parents of an Autistic Child Have Another Child?
Should parents of a child with autism have more children? What is the risk of having another child with autism?

Extended School Year (ESY) for Kids with Autism
Extended School Year (ESY) provides summer experiences for some children with special needs. Is it the best choice for your autistic child?

What Is Early Intervention for Autism?
What is an early intervention for autism and why is it a good idea? Also, find resources for this type of intervention for autism.

Help Your Autistic Child Expand Their Interests
Teens and adults with autism are often intrigued with entertainment intended for very young children. Here are some tips for expanding their interests.

Social Skills Therapy and Autism: The Basics
What is social skills therapy for autism? Who offers it? Is it important? Get the basics in this overview article.

Signs of Autism Your Pediatrician May Miss
What are the first signs of autism? Why might your pediatrician miss them while others don't? Learn more about what to look for.

Should You Tell Parents Their Child "Looks Autistic?"
Someone's child has symptoms that look a lot like autism. Should you say something -- or keep quiet? Before deciding, ask yourself these questions.

Should My Autistic Child Go to Preschool?
Is a home-based program best for a preschooler with autism? What are the pros and cons of staying at home with a preschooler on the autism spectrum?

Children with Autism Living in an Out-of-Home Setting
Why are parents at odds over the question of whether out-of-home placements are a good choice for kids or adults with autism?

Adult Autism Spectrum Conditions and Asperger Syndrome
Asperger syndrome, a high-functioning​ form of autism, may not be diagnosed until adulthood. Could you or an adult in your life have Asperger syndrome?

Is Regressive or Late Onset Autism Really Possible?
Can a person develop symptoms of autism after early childhood? Is it really possible to

Speech and Communication in Autism
Autism symptoms are often most obvious in social situations. Even for verbal people with autism, choosing and using the right words and body language can be very difficult indeed.

Preparing for Thanksgiving on the Autism Spectrum
Yes, it's possible to have a pleasant Thanksgiving with a child on the autism spectrum. Here are ideas for preparing for a great day.

Is It Possible to Diagnose Autism in an Infant?
Is it really possible to diagnose autism in infants? Philip and Osnat Teitelbaum believe the answer is yes. Find out more about their theories and research.

Drugs and Medications Used to Treat Autism
While no drug has yet been developed to directly treat or cure autism, many treat symptoms associated with autism. Are any right for you or your child with an autism spectrum disorder?

Is There a Real Increase in the Incidence of Autism?
Since the early 1990's, diagnoses of autism have risen dramatically. But is there a true epidemic -- or just more diagnoses?

7 Modern "Conveniences" That Make Life Harder for Kids with Autism
The modern world is awash in technologies and

9 Autism Terms You May Be Misunderstanding
What do autism professionals mean when they say your child is

The DSM-5 Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Find out how the creators of the 2013 DSM-5 have re-conceived autism, and find links to information about how these changes may affect you.

Do I Have Asperger Syndrome?
Do I have Asperger Syndrome? Does my husband, wife, co-worker, son, or professor? The more we read about Asperger Syndrome, the more we seem to see it

Joint Attention and Its Importance for Kids with Autism
Joint attention -- paying attention to the same thing as another person at the same time -- is a tricky skill for some autistic children to master.

Is Summer Camp Right for Your Autistic Child?
Summer camp may sound like a perfect experience for a child with social deficits, and it can be. But it's important to choose the camp wisely. Learn more.

Is Everyone "a Little Autistic?"
It's possible to have milder or more severe autistic symptoms -- but that doesn't mean we're all just a little autistic. Here are 8 reasons why.

7 Tips for Including Kids with Autism in Family Events
If your extended family offers more stress than support, consider these tips to improve the situation.

Do We Expect More from Autistic Kids Than from Their Typical Peers?
Often, kids with autism are held to higher standards than their typical peers. Here are just six examples of skewed expectations.

6 Ways to Avoid a Relationship with Your Autistic Child
It can be easy to talk yourself out of connecting with your autistic child. Here are six phrases guaranteed to keep you and your child at arm's length.

Speech Therapist - How to Find a Speech Therapist
How do you know your child's speech therapist is the right choice for your child with autism? Learn more about choosing the right therapist.

How Do Occupational Therapists Help People with Autism?
What is occupational therapy, and how is it helpful to people with autism? This overview article covers the basics.

6 Reasons Why Parents Must Become Their Own Autism Experts
Wouldn't it be great to find an expert to help you make all the right decisions for your autistic child? Here are 6 reasons why that expert is you!

Tips for Sex Education to Autistic Children and Teens
Sexuality is a tough topic with any teen. For children and teens on the autism spectrum, sex education is even more complex. How do you teach someone with social and communications challenges about such a difficult and socially complicated topic?

Helping Mothers of Autistic Children Cope with Depression
If you're the mother of a child with autism, you may be at risk of depression. Luckily, there are tools to help you cope!

Art Therapy as a Treatment for Autism
Art therapy is a solidly established treatment for many disorders. Find out how it can be helpful for people on the autism spectrum.

Diagnosing Adults with Asperger Syndrome
Asperger syndrome is a now-outdated name for a high-functioning​ form of autism. Could you or someone you love have the symptoms of Asperger syndrome?

Why Are Summers So Tough for Kids on the Autism Spectrum?
Summer vacation can be very difficult for kids on the autism spectrum. Here's why.

5 Ways to Help You Connect with Your Autistic Son
Parenting a child on the spectrum requires some out-of-the-box thinking, but you can draw on ordinary fathering skills to connect with your autistic son.

Facilitated Communication and Autism
Facilitated communication (FC) is a highly controversial technique for helping non-verbal individuals with autism and similar disabilities to

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders. Page 2.

Early Signs of Autism May Be Present at Birth
A 2006 study at Yale University Medical School suggests that placental abnormalities may point to genetic differences leading to autism spectrum disorders.

Do Vaccines Contain Aborted Fetal Tissue?
Some parents worry that there is fetal tissue in vaccines. There isn't. But there's more to the story.

When Autism Has no Known Cause
Approximately 85% of autism is

Pragmatic Speech Delays in Autism
Pragmatic speech is often an issue for people with autism. They may use words and language brilliantly, but have a tough time communicating.

What Does It Mean to Be Neurotypical?
What do parents, therapists and teachers mean when they use the term

Girls vs. Boys: Differences in Diagnosing Autism
Research suggests that girls with autism may be underdiagnosed because their behaviors differ from those of boys on the spectrum. Here are eight differences between both.

6 Autism Terms That Have Disappeared from the Textbooks
The term autism has been around for fewer than 100 years -- but in that short time, many terms describing autism have come and gone.

Are You Letting Autism Ruin Your Marriage?
There are many reasons why autism can put strain on a marriage. Do any of these reasons sound familiar to you?

Are Autism Friendly Events and Venues Right for Your Family?
Are autism friendly programs right for your family? Here are the pros and cons.

Avoiding the Question "What Caused Your Child's Autism?"

4 Tips to Make Your Autistic Child's Birthday Party a Success
Yes, you can throw a successful birthday party for your child with autism -- so long as you keep these four key tips in mind.

7 Tips to Help Kids with Autism Build Flexibility and Resilience
Flexibility and resilience can be tough skills to learn when you're autistic. Here are seven tips for making the learning experience positive and successful!

Does My Child with Autism Need More Friends?
Some parents with children on the autism spectrum are naturally social people. They grew up with lots of friends, and it hurts to see their child alone or hanging out with just one other person. Drs. Robert Naseef and Cindy Ariel discuss what social life might look like for a child on the autism spectrum.

Book Review: More Than Words by Fern Sussman
More Than Words by Fern Sussman is a an absolutely top-notch tool for parents interested in helping their children with autism to communicate.

Book Review: "Look Me in the Eye" By John Elder Robison
John Elder Robison is autistic. Diagnosed as an adult with Asperger syndrome, his story is loaded with pathos and rock and roll.

7 Science-Based Facts We Know About Autism
What causes autism? Recent research has turned up new information about genetics, brain structure, environmental issues and more.

What Are the Best Sports for Kids with Autism?
Which are the best sports for kids with autism spectrum disorders? Hint: soccer may not be top of the list!

Autistic Traits: A Plus for Many Careers
Passion. An eye for detail. Photographic recall. A lack of interest in office politics. All of these are traits of autism -- and all are plusses in many careers.

What is "High Functioning Autism?" Why Is It So Hard to Define?
What does it mean to have high functioning autism? The answer is about as clear as mud! Here are some reasons why.

These 8 Things Do NOT Cause Autism
What caused my child's autism? Here are 8 things that can't be blamed!

What Is an Autistic Savant?
If your child with autism has special talents, is he a savant? Find out more about this extraordinary disorder.

How to Manage a Visit to Extended Family with an Autistic Child
Are you heading to a difficult family gathering with an autistic child? Here are options and ideas for taking charge and managing the situation.

Should I Push My Autistic Child to Take Part in Typical Activities?
Most parents want their autistic children to fit in. But how hard should you push your child to take part in typical activities?

Do You and Your Autistic Child Have the Same Goals?
You may have a long list of goals for your autistic child, but do your goals match his or her interests, strengths, or desires?

Explaining Child's Asperger Syndrome
Asperger syndrome is invisible, at least some of the time. At other times, though, symptoms rise to the surface. When should parents tell their children that they have Asperger syndrome? When and how should parents explain Asperger syndrome to other adults?

ABA (Behavioral Therapy) for Autism
Behavior therapy is often recommended as a treatment of autism. What is a behavior therapist, what do they do, and where do you find one?

Do People With Autism Lack Empathy?
Do people with autism lack empathy and sympathy? Can they guess what other people are feeling? Research studies produce differing conclusions.

Should Person-First Language Be Used When Discussing Autism?
Person-first language advocates say we should use the term

Marriage and the Child with Autism
No one ever said marriage was easy. Add a child with an autism spectrum disorder or other special needs, and marriage can become downright difficult. Drs. Robert Naseef and Cindy Ariel wrote this article to help couples address some of the toughest issues surround

Could My Child Outgrow Autism?
Is it possible for a child to

Autism Treatment Basics and Options
How do you choose a treatment for autism? How does one autism treatment differ from another? Which autism treatments are the most effective? Which is the right treatment for you or your child with autism? Explore treatments for autism and learn about your options.

Speech Therapy for Autism
Speech therapy is almost always a must for children with autism. What do speech therapists do, how do they help, and how can you find a good one?

Are There Really More Autistic Boys Than Girls?
Are boys really more likely to develop autism than girls? Or are girls just underdiagnosed?

3 Answers to the Question "Will Your Autistic Child Lead a Normal Life?
At some point you'll need to respond to the question

Too High Functioning Autistic Child for ABA
Applied Behavioral Analysis is often recommended for children with autism -- but is it the best fit for higher functioning kids?

Book Review: "Rules" by Cynthia Lord
Rules is a novel for 9-12 year olds written by Cynthia Lord, who happens to be the mom of a child on the autism spectrum. Rules won a Newbery Honor Award, and it certainly deserved it.

Get the Best Behavioral Therapy for Your Child with Autism
Most doctors and many schools recommend behavioral therapy for children with autism. But not all behavioral therapists are created equal. How can you tell whether a therapist is doing a good job, and how can you improve the situation if they're not?

ABA Therapist Training -- Behavioral Therapists Training
Behavioral therapists should be properly trained to treat your child with autism. These tips will help you decide if your therapist has the background and experience she needs to help your child.

Is Your Child's Autism Therapist Doing a Good Job - Evaluating Autism Therapists
Is your child's behavioral therapist doing a good job? One good way to find out is to watch the therapist in action and draw your own conclusions. If your child is having a negative experience, it may be time for a change.

Tips for Understanding and Managing Your Autistic Child's Behavior
Here are hints and tips for understanding and managing your autistic child's behavior.

Top 10 Reasons to Allow Autistic Children to Watch TV
Television, videos and even video games can serve many positive purposes -- both for our autisic kids...and for parents!

What Are the Best Traits of Autistic People?
It's time to celebrate some of the best qualities of folks with autism. Here are ten top strengths of people living on the spectrum.

7 Tips for Bonding With Your Autistic Grandchild
Grandparents don't always connect with their autistic grandchildren. These simple tips can help them build a relationship.

How Autistic Speech Patterns Can Affect Communication
Autistic people often have difficulty with speech patterns and rhythm. Find out more about why this is the case, and what it means.

What Is Stimming In Autism? Can It Be Treated?
What is stimming in autism? Why is stimming so common in autistic people? Can (and should) it be eliminated?

7 Ways to Lower Stress for You and Your Autistic Child
Here are six ways to help keep stress to a minimum when parenting an autistic child.

Helping Children With Autism to Handle Their Emotions
Children with autism have strong emotions, and it can be tough for them to know how to let out their feelings appropriately. Psychologists Dr. Robert Naseef and Dr. Cindy Ariel explain why emotions run so high for children with autism, and offer tips for helping your child manage strong feelings.

Is That Child Autistic or a Spoiled Rotten Brat?
Is that kid autistic -- or just a spoiled brat? Here are some signs to look for.

What Does Mild Autism Mean?
What is

What Is the Rapid Prompting Method for Treating Autism?
The Rapid Prompting Method, developed by Soma Mukhopadhyay, is a tool for reaching, teaching and communicating with non-verbal people on the autism spectrum. There is no research to support or refute its usefulness -- and some claim that it's nothing short of miraculous.

Treatments for Adults With Asperger Syndrome
What happens after an adult is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome? What treatments are available and what do they do?

Learn the Meaning of Mand and Other ABA Terms
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a treatment for autism. The term

What Are the Different Types of Autism?
Not all autism spectrum diagnoses are

What Are the Three Levels of Autism?
If diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, you can get a diagnostic level describing support you may need. Check out the DSM-5 Diagnostic Manual.

Why Is Autism So Scary?
Autism isn't life threatening or contagious--so why is it so scary? Here are 6 reasons why many folks seem to be frightened of autism.

Why Autistic People Sound Different When They Converse
Many people on the autism spectrum can and do carry on conversations. But why do those conversations sound

Echolalia: When Children with Autism Echo Words and Phrases
If you're the parent of a verbal child diagnosed with autism, you may have heard your child repeat bits and pieces from videos or other sources. This type of communication is called echolalia.

Why Does My Autistic Child Have Multiple Diagnoses?
Could my child really have autism, ADHD, OCD, and sensory processing disorder? Learn why multiple diagnoses are so common - and why that's a problem.

Why Asperger Syndrome Is "Socially Unacceptable"
Why should it be so tough for people with autism to

Andrew Wakefield - Who Is Andrew Wakefield
Dr. Andrew Wakefield's theories about the MMR vaccine and autism have created a firestorm of controversy within the autism community. Find out more about the man and his work.

Why Autism Parents Don't Always Agree
There are lots of reasons for parents of autistic children to connect -- and disconnect. Here are four top reasons why parents often disagree.

Who Should Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders?
Who should diagnose autism spectrum disorders? What is an autism specialist? Find the right doctor or team to evaluate and diagnose autism.

Why Autistic Emotions May Go Unrecognized
Why does the myth of the

Where Are the Best Schools for Kids with Autism?
A reader writes: Why can't I seem to find any information on where the best schools in America are for children with autism? My family is willing to

Where Will Your Child with Autism Live When An Adult?
Today, my husband was chatting casually with an acquaintance who knows our son Tom. Tom is 14, with high functioning autism; he's verbal, pleasant, but clearly

When Should Parents Stop Researching Autism?
Can a parent become too focused on autism? A reader wonders whether his wife has become too obsessed with researching autism treatments for their son. Drs. Robert Naseef and Cindy Ariel, family psychologists with a focus on special needs, offer their advice and insights.

When Is Inclusion Right for Your Autistic Child?
Inclusion -- in the classroom or community -- can be wonderful. Or terrible. But how do you when to push for inclusion, and when it's not a great idea?

Is Now the Right Time to Have My Child Evaluated for Autism?
Is now the right time to have your child evaluated for autism? Here are 6 questions to help you make the right choice.

What Symptoms Do All Autistic People Have in Common?
The autism spectrum includes an incredibly wide range of people, with an amazingly broad range of abilities and challanges. So, what symptoms do all autistic people share?

What Makes a Behavior "Autistic?"

Sensory Processing Disorder - Autism Definition
What is Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD)? What is Sensory Integration? How are they connected with autism spectrum disorders?

What Is Social Communication Disorder?
In May, 2013, the American Psychiatric Association published a new manual containing a brand new diagnostic category:

What Is PDD-NOS? How Does it Relate to Autism?
Often, children with social and communication delays were diagnosed with something called PDD-NOS - pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. What exactly was PDD-NOS?

Face Blindness (Prosopagnosia) Is Common in Autism
Face Blindness (Prosopagnosia) is common among people with autism spectrum disorders. What is face blindness and what does it mean to have it?

What Was Atypical Autism (PDD-NOS)?
What is atypical autism? It's another name for one of the now-defunct official autism spectrum diagnoses.

What Is a Group Home for Adults with Autism?
You've heard about group homes for adults with autism. But what exactly makes a group home a unique type of setting? Could a group home be a positive and realistic option for your child?

Autism Diets - What Do Doctors Say About Special Autism Diets
Many websites and some doctors recommend that children with autism eliminate wheat (gluten) and cassein (milk products) from their diets. Do these diets really make a difference? Who should try them?

Welcome an Autistic Family Member for the Holidays
So you're welcoming a family member with autism to your holiday celebration. What can you do to make the season bright? Here are hints and tips to welcome your autistic family member.

7 Weird Questions About Autism

6 Ways You May Be Misunderstanding Your Autistic Child
People with autism have plenty of feelings -- but they may not express them in the same way as their typical peers.

Why IQ Tests Can't Measure Intelligence in Nonverbal Autistic Children
Children with autism may have no spoken language - but that doesn't necessarily mean they're lacking in intelligence. How do you measure intelligence in a non-verbal child, and what signs should parents look out for?

No Child Left Behind and Autism
What is the No Child Left Behind Education Act, and how does it impact children on the autism spectrum?

"Natural Environment" Behavioral Therapy for Autism
If your child's Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy involves nothing but sitting at a table working for goldfish crackers and M&M's, it's time to make a change.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for Autism
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)may be a helpful treatment for autism by alleviating hypersensitivities with few side effects.

Top 10 Reasons for Adults to Get Evaluated for Autism
Autism is neither life-threatening nor is it curable. So why bother seeking a diagnosis if you're already an adult? Here are ten good reasons why adults might choose to be evaluated to determine whether they should receive an autism diagnosis.

Top 10 Autism Facts to Share
What are the top autism facts? This quick top 10 article includes the most imortant autism facts, plus links to learn more. Share it with your mom, your child's teacher, or anyone else who asks

Top 7 Myths and Facts about Autism
If you're new to the autism spectrum, you may have built your picture of autism from media stories. But it's important not to believe everything you see or hear!

Toilet Training Autistic Children Requires Patience
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

Toilet Train - How to Toilet Train a Child with Autism
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

Toilet Train - How to Toilet Train a Child with Autism
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

How to Toilet Train a Child With Autism - When to Start
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism. On this page we discuss when to start training.

Toilet Train - How to Toilet Train a Child with Autism
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

Toilet Train - How to Toilet Train a Child with Autism
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

Toilet Train - How to Toilet Train a Child with Autism
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

Toilet Train - How to Toilet Train a Child with Autism
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

Toilet Train - How to Toilet Train a Child with Autism
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

Toilet Train - How to Toilet Train a Child with Autism
An expert shares a step-by-step method to toilet train children with autism.

5 Life Skills Autistic Teens Are Taught (But Typical Teens Aren't)
Autistic teens often receive training in

The MMR Vaccination-Autism Controversy
Does the MMR vaccine cause autism? For many years, researchers have debated the question of whether the mumps/measles/rubella vaccine could be responsible for the leap in autism diagnoses. Despite reassurances from federal research agencies, the question is still debated.

Extreme Need for Sameness
An extreme need for sameness and anxiety over change can be a sign of autism.

Is My Kid's Behavior a Sign of Autism?
Some unusual behaviors could be red flags for autism, such as lack of

Stimming -- Rocking, Twirling, Pacing
Certain types of self-stimulation are more often associated with autism.

Lack of "Joint Attention"
If your child sees and hears with no problem, but doesn't notice your presence, it may be time for an evaluation.

Repeating the Same Words, Ideas, or Actions
Does your child repeat the same words, ideas, or actions over and over again? This may be a red flag for autism.

Is a Group Home Right for Your Adult Child with Autism?
Group homes are a great option for many adults with autism spectrum disorder -- but they're not for everyone. Here are some of the reasons for choosing (or not choosing) a group home setting.

What Are "Independent Living Skills" for Teens and Adults with Autism?
What, exactly, are

Use Thomas the Tank Engine as a Teaching Tool
Does your child with autism love Thomas the Tank Engine? If so, you're not alone. Here are some tips for making the most of your child's passion by harnessing Thomas's teaching power.

Directories of Summer Camps for Children with Autism
Where can you find a summer camp for your child with autism? This article includes links to the best directories of summer camps for kids with autism and Asperger syndrome.

What Are "Splinter Skills" in Autism?
Some people with autism have amazing abilities which don't relate to real-world problems or situations. These are called

How to Find the Right Summer Autism Program
Here are the steps to take to find the right summer autism program for your child.

7 Social Benefits of Autism
Autistic people are rarely as social as their typical peers--but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

How Not to Describe Autism
It may be challenging to describe autism, but there are some descriptions you really should avoid.

Shut Up About Your Perfect (Autistic) Kid!
Those stories about amazing kids with autism

11 Signs of Autism in Girls
Autism affects both boys and girls -- but there are distinct signs of autism that are most common in girls.

How Can I Help My Autistic Teen to Feel Cool
How can I help my autistic teen to feel that he's cool? Here is advice and insight from family psychologists specializing in special needs.

10 Hobbies and Activities to Enjoy With Your Autistic Child
It can be tough to bond with an autistic family member, but by finding (or creating) these shared interests, you can grow together.

What's the Difference Between High and Low Functioning Autism?
The terms

Help Your Autistic Family Member Stay Calm When Stress Levels Rise
Stress is part of everyone's life, and it can be especially hard on people with autism. Here are some simple tips for reducing sensory and emotional stress to make life easier for everyone.

Parents Become ABA Therapists with "Rethink Autism"
Rethink Autism is a website that provides parents and providers with all they need to get started with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a popular and well-regarded therapy for autism.

Finding Respite Care for Autism Caregivers
Respite means relief. Respite care for a loved one with autism means relief for the caregiver. When is it OK to seek respite care? What's the best way to find? How can you pay for it?

Repetitive Behaviors in Autism
One of the core symptoms of autism is repetitive behaviors. What are these behaviors, and how can they be managed?

5 Reasons to Expand Beyond the Autism Friendly World
Autism friendly settings are a wonderful home base. But they're not enough.

5 Reasons to Avoid "World Class" Autism Centers
World-class autism organizations do important work -- but they may not be an ideal place to get treatment, support, and ongoing services for your autistic child.

6 Realistic Tips for Making Your Home Autism-Friendly
People with autism may spend all day coping with sensory and social challenges. Here are some realistic tips for making home more of a sanctuary for rest, relaxation, and recharging.

Going Through College with Asperger Syndrome
What does it take for a teen with autism to succeed in college? Maureen Johnson, Ph.D., an adult with high functioning autism, offers hints and tips from her own experience.

Grants for Families Living With Autism
Yes, there are grants for individual families living with autism. They're not large, and they're very competitive - but they are out there. Here's a list of some of the top funding agencies that offer grants for families living with autism.

Getting Autism Treatments Covered by Insurance
Will your health insurance cover the cost of treatments for autism? Often the answer is yes - even when it appears to be no. Here are some tricks of the health insurance industry that may lower your costs

What Is "Generalizing?" and Why Is It Tough for Autistic People?
Your autistic child knows she should raise her hand in school -- so why is Sunday School so confusing? Find out why!

Getting Autistic Children to Eat More
What does it take to get a child with autism to eat more than one or two favored items? Here's a step-by-step guide for parents of autistic children.

Overcoming Feeding Problems in a Child with Autism - Autism - Picky Eaters
What does it take to get a child with autism to eat more than one or two favored items? Here's a step-by-step guide for parents of autistic children.

Overcoming Feeding Problems in a Child with Autism - Autism - Picky Eaters
What does it take to get a child with autism to eat more than one or two favored items? Here's a step-by-step guide for parents of autistic children.

Overcoming Feeding Problems in a Child with Autism - Autism - Picky Eaters
What does it take to get a child with autism to eat more than one or two favored items? Here's a step-by-step guide for parents of autistic children.

Overcoming Feeding Problems in a Child with Autism - Autism - Picky Eaters
What does it take to get a child with autism to eat more than one or two favored items? Here's a step-by-step guide for parents of autistic children.

Overcoming Feeding Problems in a Child with Autism - Autism - Picky Eaters
What does it take to get a child with autism to eat more than one or two favored items? Here's a step-by-step guide for parents of autistic children.

Should I Send My Autistic Child to Private School?
What are the pros and cons of private school for children with autism? Find out what the options are, and decide whether private school is a good possibility for your child on the autism spectrum.

Why the "Best" Autism Programs May Not Work for Your Child
You've heard nothing but great things about a particular autism program, therapist, or school. But somehow your child doesn't seem to be thriving. What happened?

Parenting Is Challenging Across the Autism Spectrum
Whether your autistic child is

Why School Is So Challenging for Children with Autism
School is probably the MOST challenging environment your autistic child will face. Here are 8 reasons why!

Does My Autistic Child Need a 1:1 Aide in School?
Many children with autism are included in regular classrooms with 1:1 aides. What is a 1:1 aide, and how might one help your child succeed in school?

Grants for Families Living With Autism
Yes, there are grants for individual families living with autism. They're not large, and they're very competitive - but they are out there. Here's a list of some of the top funding agencies that offer grants for families living with autism.

5 Signs That Should Get You Worried About Autism
Lots of symptoms look a little like autism, but which should really worry you?

Why Was PDD-NOS Removed from the Diagnostic Manual?
When the American Psychiatric Association changed its diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorders, they got rid of the PDD-NOS diagnosis.

Parenting an Adult Child with Asperger Syndrome
How do I parent an adult child with Asperger syndrome? How can (or should) a parent intervene when an adult child with Aspergers seems to be headed for trouble? Kate Goldfield, a young adult with Asperger Syndrome, offers insights and ideas.

How Can Families with Autistic Children Find Support
How can families with autistic children find support? Drs. Naseef and Ariel offer practical suggestions on how to find support and cope.

Free Visual Tools for Teaching Playground Skills
How do you use a swing? What are the rules of using a seesaw? Here are three free posters that provide clear, visual, step-by-step instructions to preschoolers and early elementary students with autism and developmental delays.

Teach Your Child with Autism to Use the Playground Swings
Playground swings may look simple to use, but for children with autism, they can be quite a challenge. Added to the physical challenge is the social challenge of sharing. This poster provides step-by-step help.

Autism and Play - Teach Your Child with Autism to Use the Playground Slide
This photo poster shows and tells how to wait in line, climb up and slide down appropriately.

Autism and Play - Teach Your Child with Autism to Use the SeeSaw
Teach your child with autism to use the seesaw. The seesaw is probably the trickiest piece of equipment on the playground How do you get on without hitting ground or sending another child flying? How do you climb off? What exactly do you do in between? This photo poster provides all the help you need.

"Name Test" May Suggest Autism - And Cause Panic
An article on the BBC website describes a recent research study conducted at the University of California, Davis. According to the BBC article: The

Autistic Children and Music Therapy Benefits
Music therapy is a well-established method for working with people on the autism spectrum. Is music therapy right for your child with autism?

Tips for Handling Guilt When You Have an Autistic Child
If you have a child on the autism spectrum, you're probably coping with guilt. You should do more, be more, spend more, learn more. But then again, maybe it's ok to be gentler with yourself!

Do Gluten Free and Casein Free Diets Help Autism?
The Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF)diet involves eating no wheat or dairy. It's a tough diet to follow, but some autism professionals and many parents feel it has a tremendous positive impact. What are the potential plusses and minuses of the GFCF diet for children with autism?

Helping Kids with Autism Handle Parents' Divorce
Divorce is always toughest on children. When one of the children is autistic, though, there's an added burden. How can parents help an autistic child manage the many changes in his life? How can they help him to communicate and cope with his feelings? Drs. Bob Naseef and Cindy Ariel offer insights into managing a difficulty transition.

Should Adults with Autism Live in the City or the Country?
Autism communities set in the countryside can be a great choice for some adults. But they're not for everyone! Here are 7 questions to ask as you consider living options for an adult on the spectrum.

Tuberous Sclerosis Raises the Risk of Autism
Tuberous Sclerosis is a rare medical condition which is linked to autism. It's untreatable, and may have accompanying symptoms.

Can You Protect Your Child from Autism?
Can you protect your child from autism? Find out what's possible -- and what's not.

When Should Parents Give Their Autistic Teen More Independence?
When should parents give their autistic teen more independence? Drs. Robert Naseef and Cindy Ariel, family psychologists, offer insight and advice.

The Symptoms of Autism and Eye Contact
Lack of eye contact can often be a symptom of autism. How is eye contact defined and how much is considered enough?

Can Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Improve Adolescent and Adult Autism
Can Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)treatments improve adolscent and adult autism? Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), like many interventions, can make a big difference for teens and adults as they build life and work skills.

The ADI-R and Other Tests Used to Make an Autism Diagnosis
The Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) test is one of several tests used to make an autism diagnosis.

Advocating for Your Child's Autism Therapy -- Advocacy Autism
What happens if your child's therapy is less than ideal? Changing the situation may be up to you, the parent. Here are some options for improving your child's outcomes.

Improving Autism Therapy -- Private Autism Therapy -- Independent Autism Therapist
If your child's school-based behavioral therapy for autism is less than terrific, you can bring in an independent consultant to help troubleshoot.

Managing Your Autistic Child's Therapy -- Managing Autism Therapies
No one cares as much about your autistic child's therapy and progress than you, their parent. That's why it's a good idea to keep a sharp eye on your child's therapies and therapists -- and to intervene when necessary.

Autism Therapies and Outcomes -- Outcomes and Autism
Children with autism can and should progress with the right therapies and the right therapist.

Tests for Children with Autism -- Evaluating Children with Autism
How do behavioral therapists know what your child needs to learn? While some therapists go by age, a better approach is to use tests specifically designed to evaluate strenghts and weaknesses.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Options and Tips for College with ASD
College is an option for many students on the autism spectrum -- whether they attend a mainstream school, a specialized school, or even an online university.

Top Autism Websites
There's an incredible glut of information about autism available on the web. Some is outstanding; some is ... not so outstanding. These top ten sites are reliable resources that offer solid information, useful advice, and fascinating insights into the world of autism.

Autism and Success at Martial Arts
Lenny Hoover was diagnosed with autism at age two. Today, he's mainstreamed -- and a Taekwondo competitor.

Thomas the Tank Engine Autism Connection
In a blog called

When NOT to Rely on Expert Autism Advice
Not every expert knows autism -- and not every autism expert knows your particular child or your specific needs.

Why "High Functioning" Autism Is So Challenging
High functioning autism may sound like a mild disorder, but it can be extremely challenging. Find out why.

Drugs Used to Treat Autism - Drugs for Autism - Treatments for Autism
Drugs may not cure autism, but often they can help with symptoms. Which drugs are used to treat symptoms related to autism? Are any right for you or your child?

Legal Resources for Parents of Children with Autism
What are families coping with autism entitled to under the law? How can families find legal resources to help manage difficult school situations or discrimination?

Temple Grandin, Autistic Self-Advocate, Author, Speaker
Temple Grandin is probably the best known (and best loved) autistic adult in the United States.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Compared with Autism
People with autism often engage in repetitive behaviors that may be similar to OCD. What should you do if these behaviors become problematic?

Why We Need More Men in Autism-Related Careers
Men are rare in the autism field. But they shouldn't be!

How Can I Help My Autistic Child Handle Puberty?
How can I help my autistic child handle puberty? Drs. Bob Naseef and Cindy Ariel offer insights into how to help your autistic child manage the ups and downs of puberty.

Who Recommends Special or Gluten Free Diets for Autism?
While mainstream doctors are unlikely to recommend special diets for children with autism, alternative doctors and practitioners may suggest gluten free, casein free and other restricted diets. Find out why.

Why Are Dads Less Involved with Autistic Toddlers?
Why do dads so rarely take the lead in their autistic child’s diagnosis and treatment? Our culture makes it hard – but not impossible! Does this scenario describe your situation?

Finding the Right Home for Your Adult Child with Autism
Where should your adult child with autism live? What will he need in the way of support? Can you afford to provide what's needed? This article is an overview of some of the issues and options.

Adults with Autism - Finding the Right Home for Your Adult Child with Autism
Where should your adult child with autism live? What will he need in the way of support? Can you afford to provide what's needed? This article is an overview of some of the issues and options. Page 2.