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A Look at Car Dealership Service Departments
A closer look at automobile service departments yields some interesting observations. Read's expert's guide to understand the process.

The Basic Structure Of An Automotive Dealership
If you're looking to own a car dealership, it helps to understand the structure of the various departments that make up a new-car store.

How to Become a New Car Dealer
There's a lot of thinking, planning and investing that goes into becoming a new car dealer. From selecting a site to working with the DMV, we detail what it takes to build a dealership from the ground up. Auto Industry - News, Features, Insights and More
Geared toward anyone involved in -- or interested in -- the automotive industry,'s Auto Industry site provides news, feature articles , insights, and more addressing topics ranging from EPA fuel economy regulations and NHTSA recalls to UAW contract negotiations and developing automotive technologies.

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An index of categories in the

Technology & Innovation
Technology and innovation touch every aspect of the automotive industry, from pedestrian safety and infotainment systems to alternative energy sources and efficient methods of production. You'll learn about it all here.

Want to know about the inner workings of the retail side of the automotive industry? Take a look here. Whether you're looking to own your own dealership or you're an industry professional looking for advice on how to navigate the ever-changing auto industry, this section will help you get the advice you need.

Automotive Trends
Trying to read the tea leaves concerning the automotive industry? Start here.

Need to know difference between ABS, VSC, and TPMS? Start here for your guide to automotive terms.

Labor Relations
Automation plays a significant role in the production of vehicles, but labor of the human variety is still very much a part of the process. The relationship between automaker and employee can sometimes be complex with issues such as union contract negotiations, plant closures and workplace safety. You're in the right place to learn about it all.

Automotive Production & Sales
You've landed in the right place if you're looking for information about new and used vehicle sales, fleet/commercial and retail markets, vehicle pricing and distribution, automotive manufacturing, and more.

Auto Shows & Events
With production debuts, display concepts developed to test public perception, executive speeches forecasting changes in the market, and announcements for various awards, auto shows put a finger on the pulse of the automotive industry. From Detroit to Geneva, you'll learn about them here. In addition to auto shows, we're also tracking a wide variety of industry events, all of which are noted on the continually updated calendar. Check back often to see what's new.

Dealer Operations
There's a lot more to being an auto dealer than sticking a For Sale sign in a car's window. We cover it all here, from franchise agreements and CSI to community relations, vehicle auctions and F&I.

Government & Policy
Recalls, safety mandates and fuel economy standards are just a few examples of how government and auto industry are intertwined. We detail and explain it all here.

Industry Directory
The automotive industry involves more than automakers and local dealers. They're the big players, but you can't forget about parts suppliers, aftermarket companies, PR and marketing agencies, finance companies, and others. We'll cover them all here, and supplement that info with an automotive career section.

International Markets
International markets have become increasingly relevant here in the U.S., as more domestic-badged models are sourced from Europe and automakers battle for share in countries like China. We break it down here, examining and tracking how the U.S. market is influenced by other areas of the globe.

verywell. Automotive.

Welcome to our A-Z encyclopedia of automakers, with background information, contact information and product information.

Directory Of Auto Shows
If you're seeking complete details about the world's most significant auto shows, pull up a chair and start reading what we've compiled in our Directory of Auto Shows.

Automotive Careers
Looking for work in the automotive industry? Start your search here.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to both manufacturers and dealerships. Check here for advice on how best to serve the customer. Your success may depend on how well you handle this vital function.


5 Ways for Auto Dealers to Boost Winter Sales
Auto sales during the winter tend to slag, but there are ways to beat the winter blues. Here are five strategies to increase sales during the winter.

A Guide To Why Certain Cars Aren't Sold Here
We Investigate Why Certain European Cars Aren't Sold In The States

5 Customer Service Problems To Avoid
Avoiding Certain Customer Service Pitfalls Can Help Your Business

Using Social Media To Boost Sales
A Guide To Using Social Media To Increase Sales

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New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) Names Best-In-Class Models for 2012
The New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) recently recognized a wide variety of automakers with its 2012 Best-in-Class and Winter Vehicle awards. General Motors and Chrysler led all others with three awards each.

New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) Names Best-In-Class Models for 2012
The New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) recently recognized a wide variety of automakers with its 2012 Best-in-Class and Winter Vehicle awards. General Motors and Chrysler led all others with three awards each.

Subaru's EyeSight System
Labeled a “driver assistance system” by Subaru, the EyeSight feature is a bundled collection of safety technologies engineered to help prevent or lessen the severity of collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians.

Working With Dealers
This is the place to come to learn about working with or for an automotive dealership. If you need advice on the sales and service of new and used cars and trucks, take a look here.

Directory Of Auctions
Whether you're a collector or a used-car sales manager, odds are you'll be spending some time at auctions. This section will help guide through the world of auctions.

Design Study: 2011 Nissan Juke
A look at the design of Nissan's new Juke crossover.

Suppliers & Aftermarket
As we've seen numerous times in the past, suppliers are critical in the automotive production food chain. With any sort of disruption in the flow of suppliers' parts, the assembly lines can soon shut down. If you're interested in the roles of suppliers, how they work and how they contract with the OEMs, this is the place to learn. This is also your home for information about the automotive aftermarket, including the development of parts and the marketing of the this robust industry.

Check here for all the latest news on automotive recalls.

This is your source for important automotive industry resources, such as the details about the major auto shows and auctions.

5 Steps On How To Become An Auto Dealer
Ever wanted to own an automotive dealership? Well, take a look here for the steps you'll need to get your name on the sign.

Mitsubishi Eclipse To Be Discontinued In 2013
Ailing automaker Mitsubishi is revamping its lineup, and the Galant sedan and Eclipse sports coupe will be left out in the cold as the automaker focuses on

Now Might Be the Time to Become a New Car Dealer
Now Might Be the Time to Become a New Car Dealer

Unions and management often fight over labor contracts, and we'll explain the issues in deeper detail, as well as exploring the history of union contracts in America.

Electric cars are hitting the market, and this is the place to come to learn all you need to know about the newest vehicle segment in the market.

This is the source to learn all you need about all kinds of automotive engines, from small four-cylinders to large V-8s; from gasoline to diesel.

Between gas prices and alternative fuels, fuel is always on the consumer's mind. These articles will teach you what you need to know about how fuel affects the industry.

The hybrid segment continues to grow, and this is the place to come if you want to learn more about hybrids and their effect on the industry.

Marketing Campaigns
Automotive advertising draws a lot of interest, from both within the industry and without. Learn more about it here.

Here we'll investigate employee pensions--and their effect on profits--further.

Looking for information and new and used car prices? Start here.

Plant safety is very important to the quality of life for automotive employees. Automakers are continually working on ways to improve safety at their plants, and we'll take a deeper look here.

Car designs are more than just sketches on paper or computer screens. Autos literally are the sum of their parts, and in this section, we'll explore the design and manufacturing process of auto parts.

Future Technology
This is the place to check for the latest information about upcoming automotive parts and components.

Here we take an in-depth look at automotive maintenance, and the parts that are required to service a car.

Here we take a deeper dive into the unions that represent some American autoworkers.

Inventory And Fleets
Fleet sales are a large part of the automotive business. Check here for the latest news about what's happening on this side of the industry.

Want to know what's next in the field of automotive design? Curious about how cars will look in the future? Start here.

Here's the place to go for the latest updates concerning automotive advertising and marketing efforts.

Image And Branding
Every automaker has its own unique brand image. This is the section to come to if you are looking for more information on brand history, current image, or future changes.

Labor negotiations tend to make big news because they're so important to the bottom line. Here, we'll look more closely at the negotiations process.