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Even before the Kardashians, Chloe was near the top of the list.
All about the popular baby name Chloe, including the history, meaning and roots in Greek myth.

Isabella's Fast Rise as a Popular Baby Name
Explore all there is to know about the name Isabella, including its sudden rise to popularity, history, and other famous Isabellas.

The Growing Popularity of the Baby Name Mason
If you're looking for a unique baby boy name, Mason might not be the way to go since it's broken into the Top 10 baby boy names over the last few years.

How to Increase Low Milk Supply for Breastfeeding
If your breastfed baby is having difficulty gaining weight or you have low milk supply, these 7 tips can help increase your breast milk production.

Cute Baby Boy Nursery Decorating Ideas - Cute Baby Boy Rooms
These cute baby boy nursery decorating tips will inspire you to create a special nursery. Follow a theme or color scheme to make a cute baby boy room.

Throw a First Birthday Cupcake Theme Party
A first birthday cupcake theme is a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate baby's special day. Read about the first birthday cupcake party ideas.

What a stranger did for this crying baby on a plane will warm your heart
What a stranger did for this crying baby on a plane will warm your heart

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Babies and Kids
Got an upcoming birthday party for a baby or child? This photo gallery will inspire your birthday cake ideas.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Dr. Seuss Party Ideas - Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Party Supplies
Dr. Seuss is such a fun party theme. Read on for Dr. Seuss 1st birthday party supplies, birthday cakes, favors, party activities and more.

Do You Have These Signs of Postpartum OCD?
Do you have these signs of postpartum OCD? Find out what you can do about it and how to get help when you need it.

Birthday Party Ideas - A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party
Look for The Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party ideas to help bring this classic story to life on your baby's first birthday.

First Birthday Party Ideas: Mother Goose Birthday Party
A Mother Goose birthday party is such a different first birthday theme. Here's everything you need, including Mother Goose cakes, activities and more.

Baby's First Christmas - Create a Christmas Scrapbook Page
Baby albums are fun ways to reverse baby's milestones. Learn how to make a Christmas scrapbook page with baby Christmas quotes, pictures, and more.

What to Put in Baby's First Easter Basket
Make baby's first Easter memorable with a basket filled with these Easter gifts and goodies for baby

Gift ideas for mothers.
Here are some ideas to help you find a baby gift for mom that anyone could give.

Creative Onesie Decorating Ideas for Crafty Moms
Use creative onesie decorating ideas to give your baby a personalized wardrobe. Customized onesies are easy to create, even if you can't sew or draw.

The Baby Name Addison
The popular girls' name Addison has risen in prominence among Millennial parents. Where did the name come from?

Six Pocket Picks That Will Convert You to Cloth Diapers
Pocket cloth diapers are the most popular types of reusable diapers. These are six of the best pocket diaper brands that will convert you to cloth.

Low-Calorie and Low-Fat Tuna Wrap Recipe
This fast-and-easy tuna wrap is low calorie and low fat but still has all the flavor to make a satisfying and healthy meal.

Easy Christmas Card Ideas - Baby Handprint Christmas Cards
Make your own greeting cards in honor of baby's first Christmas. These four ideas, including handprint Christmas cards, can be made in 15 minutes.

Girls Popular Baby Names By Pronunciation
Many popular baby name lists do not group together names that are pronounced the same but spelled differently. Check out these popular baby names which give a more accurate picture of name popularity.

The Top 100 Most Popular Girl Names
A list of the top 1000 girl names that is different than the Social Security Administration list. This one keeps names which sound the same listed together.

Baby Girl Popular Names - Favorite Names for Girls
A complete list of baby girl popular names. Considers name by pronunciation.

Popularity of Names - Popular Names Grouped By Pronunciation
Most baby name lists do not consider populary by how the name is pronounced rather than how it is spelled. Check out the popular of names based on pronunciation.

Popular Baby Names for Baby Girls - Rank of Popular Girl Names
Popular baby names for baby girls can be grouped together by how names are pronounced. This list of top 1000 names for girls may surprise you.

Names Popularity - The Popularity of Names
Names popularity lists can vary depending on how the information is displayed. This list of popular baby names takes a look at a different angle.

2010 Popular Baby Names - SSA Name List Released in 2010
Each year the SSA releases their list of baby names. This 2010 Popular Baby Names List groups names of similar pronunciation together.

What Are Popular Baby Names - Top Names for Babies
What are popular baby names? Check out this list which takes a different spin on the SSA lists released each year.

Baby Lullaby - Day Is Done Baby Lullaby
A simple baby lullaby that can be sung in only a few seconds is

Put Baby to Sleep - Using Baby Lullabies to Put Baby to Sleep
Put baby to sleep with soothing songs and rhymes. Here are the lullaby lyrics to many favorite tunes

Lyrics to Popular Lullabies
Help baby sleep with soothing songs and rhymes. Here are the lyrics to many favorite lullabies.

Lullaby Lyrics - Lullaby Lyrics of Your Favorite Bedtime Songs
Brahm's lullaby is a classic bedtime song that you can sing to your baby. The lullaby lyrics include four verses.

The Lullaby Lyrics - The Lullaby Lyrics to Hush, Little Baby
The lullaby lyrics of the popular song Hush, Little Baby area often adapted by parents. Here is one set of the lullaby lyrics to this classic bedtime song.

Put Baby to Sleep - Using Baby Lullabies to Put Baby to Sleep
Put baby to sleep with soothing songs and rhymes. Here are the lullaby lyrics to many favorite tunes

Which Style to Choose for the Baby's Crib
Don't let the overwhelming number of options for baby's crib overwhelm you. Check out various styles, colors, and designs when selecting baby's crib.

Standard Crib - What Is a Standard Crib
Wondering what the differince is between a standard crib and a convertible crib? Find out what makes a standard crib

Convertible Crib - What Is a Convertible Crib
The convertible crib has become a very popular option for nursery furniture, but what are the benefits and drawbacks to this type of crib? Find out the ins and outs of the convertibel crib.

Why You Should or Shouldn't Buy a Round Crib
Thinking of purchasing a round crib for your baby's nursery? You may not want to do that. Learn the pros and cons of the round crib. Page 4.

Sleigh Crib - Pros and Cons of a Sleigh Crib
Looking to purchase a sleigh crib? Find out the pros and cons of this interesting style of baby furniture. See if a sleigh crib is the right choice for you.

Baby Diaper Cake - Forming the Second Layer of the Baby Diaper Cake
Making a baby diaper cake is not difficult, but it does require patience to roll the diapers and tie the ribbon together to form each tier of your baby shower centerpiece.

How to Make a Baby Shower Diaper Cake
Diaper cakes as baby shower centerpieces are a cute way to give parents-to-be a much-needed staple of baby's first year. And they're not hard to make. Here's an easy step-by-step guide.

Diaper Cake Directions - Diaper Cake Directions for Preparing the Diapers
Diaper cake directions are intended to be flexible so you can adapt the project to fit your needs, including making the cake from cloth diapers.

Diaper Cake Centerpiece - Starting Your Diaper Cake Centerpiece
Use rolled diapers and items such as baby lotion and baby wipes to make your diaper cake centerpiece.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake - Decorating Your Baby Shower Diaper Cake
Be creative with the items you choose to decorate your baby shower diaper cake. Board books, teething rings, pacifiers, and rattles are just some of the many choices available.

Final Touches - How to Make a Diaper Cake Step by Step
When looking for instructions on how to make a diaper cake step by step, remember that choosing a memorable cake topper is an important part of the process. Page 6.

Baby Present Ideas Based on the 12 Days of Christmas
Get inspiration for innovative holidays gifts for your baby based on the famous Christmas song, The 12 Days of Christmas.

Baby Tutu - Adorable Baby Tutu Great for Photos
Sweetie pie tutus makes baby tutus and children's size tutus.

Frog Hat - Baby Frog Hat With Ear Flaps
This adorable frog hat has ear flaps and tie closure. Your baby or toddler will look terrific in this handmade frog hat.

Penguin Toy - Stuffed Penguin Toy
Piper the Wee Penguin is a lovely stuffed penguin toy. Handmade from leftover fabrics, this cute penguin toy will have your little one's heart.

Baby Drum - Baby Drum Onsie Outfit set
Looking for a punk-rock style onsie? This baby drum onsie set is too good to pass up. Baby drum outfit set includes: onsie, cap, big, and gift box kit.

Baby Pictures - Adorable Baby Pictures With Photo Props
Looking for great props for baby pictures? This adorable pear cocoon and hat set is a great photo opportunity.

Corduroy Dress - Festive Dove Corduroy Dress for Babies
This festive corduroy dress with dove detailing is perfect for the holidays and throughout the year.

Baby Chicken - Baby Chicken Toy for Babies and Kids
This adorable baby chicken soft toy is perfect for your little one. Made from soft natural materials,

Nursery Wall Decals - Custom Made Nursery Wall Decals
Nursery wall decals are a great way to decorate your baby's room. You can find artists who will custom make your design for you. Check out these nursery wall decals which allow you to sizes and colors.

Teething Rings - Natural Teething Rings and Nursing Necklaces
Teething rings can be an instant soother for the frustrated baby. Additionally you can find natural teething rings that can double as a nursing necklace to help keep your baby entertained.

Goose Down Blanket - Goose Down Blanket for Babies
A goose down blanket can be one of the most warm and comforting comforters to snuggle up with. Perfect for in the stroller or used over the car seat harness, this handmade goose down blanket is the perfect choice for your baby.

Pull Toy - Hand Made Swan Pull Toy
A pull toy makes a great gift for babies who are becoming interactive with their environment, both mobile and not-quite-mobile babies. This swan pull toy is handmade with simple detailing.

Milk Bath - Organic Baby Milk Bath
Milk bath can be a wonderful way to soothe your baby from issues of fussiness, eczema,diaper rash, or simply dry skin. This organic baby milk bath is a great option.

Baby Swim Diapers
When you go on baby swim trips, you'll need to consider what you are doing to do for diapers.

Swim Diapers - Do Disposable Swim Diapers Work Well
Using swim diapers that you can dispose of is convenient, but may not prevent leaks as well as you would hope.

Reusable Swim Diapers - Why You Should Consider Reusable Swim Diapers
Cloth swim diapers are an economical and practical choice.

Baby Summer Fun and Safety - Baby Summer Tips
Have a blast this season with the right gear and baby summer safety tips.

Save Money on Baby - Save Money With Frugal Tips for Babies
You can save money on baby with these simple tips. You can trim your baby budget without sacrificing essentials.

Cheap Baby Clothing - Finding Cheap Baby Clothing
One simple way to save money on your baby is to pull your resources to find cheap baby clothing.

Skip Crib Bedding - Crib Bedding Unnecessary and Expensive
Crib bedding can be very expensive, but actually can pose a risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Make Baby Food - Make Baby Food Instead of Buy It
A simple way to save money to make baby food rather than buy jarred foods.

Cloth Diapers Save Money - Cloth Diapers Great Investment
Cloth diapers can be a sound investment and a definite way to save on baby expenses.

Homemade Baby Wipes - Homemade Baby Wipes Save Money and Waste
Don't waste money on disposable baby wipes. Homemade baby wipes save money.

Gender Neutral Baby Items - Gender Neutral Baby
Think long-term and opt for gender neutral baby products rather than gender specific items.

Join a Toy Library - Trade Toys at a Toy Library
A toy library offers parents a cheaper alternative to buying new toys.

Baby Sale - Baby Sale Items
Baby sale items sometimes convince you to buy things you truly don't need.

Breastfeeding Baby Saves Thousands - Save Money by Breastfeeding Baby
One way to save more than a thousand dollars is to follow the AAP recommendations by breastfeeding baby for at least the first year of life.

Cheap Baby Sitters - Baby Sitters Who Charge Next to Nothing
Baby sitters can be expensive! Rather than shell out tons of money, check out these ways to save money on baby sitting.

Baby Bike Safety Tips - Baby Bicycle Helmet
There's nothing more fun than bike riding with baby. Learn the basics of baby bike rides, how to find a baby bicycle helmet and bike safety tips.

When Can My Baby Eat - Giving Baby Food
Do you find yourself wondering,

Popular Girls' Names From Greek Myths
Greek mythology has many stories of strong, inspiring women. From Sophia to Chloe to Cynthia, here are some of the top picks for baby girls' names.

How to Take Care of Baby Hands, Fingers, Toes and Feet
Little newborn fingers and toes are in need of special care. Follow these tips on how to take care of your baby's hands, feet, fingers and toes.

Creative Homemade Baby Shower Gifts
You don't have to be a DIY expert to make thoughtful, homemade baby shower gifts. These creative homemade baby gifts are easy enough for any crafter.

Gift Ideas For a Two-Month Old Baby
Curious what to get for a baby who is around 2 months old? Check out these suggestions, like gifts that encourage kicking or make noise.

5 Baby Toy Ideas - Baby Toys 9-12 Months
These are the best baby toys for babies aged 9-12 months, featuring lots of imagination and fun.

Classic and Modern One-Syllable Girls' Names
Short and sweet, one-syllable names can provide just the right meaning for your baby girl's name.

Daniel as a Baby Name
Daniel is an intriguing choice for parents looking for a classic name with some religious significance for their baby boy.

Emily remains a popular name for baby girls.
Emily is a classic name that has timeless appeal for parents seeking a traditional, feminine name for their baby girl.

Where to Buy Designer Diaper Bags - Celebrity Diaper Bags
As many moms know, finding a designer diaper bag is hard. Why not shop online? This guide to celebrity diaper bags will help you find the perfect bag.

How to Make A Banana Baby Food
Banana is a great first food for babies. Learn how to make banana puree that's perfect for your baby.

Prevent Baby Coats from Interfering with Car Seat Safety
Baby coats can interfere with the security your baby's car seat provides? Learn how to suit little ones in baby coats and avoid potential injury.

How to Puree Meat for Homemade Baby Food
Homemade meat baby food is delicious, nutritious, and cost-effective​, but pureeing​ it can be challenging. These tips will take care of that.

Movement and Motion Can Calm Upset Babies
A simple way to calm fussy babies is to use movement and motion.

The Name Noah: Popularity, Meaning and History
Thinking of naming your baby Noah? Learn about the origins of the name, when it became popular, and some famous Noahs in history and pop culture.

The Baby Name Olivia
Find out everything about the baby name Olivia, including its origins and some interesting women who bear the name.

Meaning and history of Ethan
Ethan has become wildly popular since the year 2000. Why this name's meaning may resonate for parents searching for a perfect name for their baby boy.

How Sophia Came to Popularity as a Baby Name
Find out the meaning of the name Sophia, its popularity, history, suggestions for middle names for Sophia, and great sibling pairs.

The Basics of the Cloth Prefold Diaper
Prefold diapers are likely the most economical of cloth diapers. Learn the basics of prefolds to decide whether they're the right fit for your baby.

How to Choose the Best Infant Car Seat Carrier
Selecting an infant car seat carrier can be intimidating and confusing. All are considered safe when used properly, but some may suit you better.

Cat & Mouse
Baby's First Year.

Pizza Jumpsit
Baby's First Year.

Get in the Halloween Spirit with These Baby Costumes!
Get in the Halloween spirit with these costume ideas for babies!

Lil' Pumpkin
Baby's First Year.

Rosie the Baby Riveter
Baby's First Year.

Babywearing Boss
Baby's First Year.

Super Baby
Baby's First Year.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Baby
Baby's First Year.

Mr. Bones
Baby's First Year.

Chick Magnet
Baby's First Year.

Probiotics May Reduce Your Baby's Risk of Type 1 Diabetes
The surprising health benefits of giving probiotics to your baby include possibly lowering their risk for type 1 diabetes. Learn more.

Baby Names from Classic Hollywood Stars
Movie aficionados may well be tempted to use baby names inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood. Check out names that evoke memories of stars gone by.

What Are The Most Popular Baby Names of the 20th Century?
Every year the Social Security Administration releases a list of most popular baby names. Find out which were the most popular!

Names for Girls from Greek Mythology
Looking for a mythological Greek name for your baby girl? Get to know the stories behind these names of goddesses and other mythological women.

Girls' Names From Greek Myths
Greek myths can be a great source of ideas for names for your baby girl.

Names of Greek Mythology, Female Names E - I
Looking for a beautiful name for your baby girl? Greek mythology offers many choices for unusual baby girls' names with interesting meanings.

Greek Mythology Names for Baby Girls
Greek Mythology Names for Girls, A-D. Check out this comprehensive list of some women from Greek mythology and find a unique name for your baby.

How to Make Ornaments for Baby's First Christmas
Celebrate baby's first Christmas by making homemade baby ornaments for your Christmas tree. These five Christmas ornament crafts are easy to make.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Grandparents - DIY Christmas Gifts
DIY gifts make great Christmas presents for grandparents, especially when they feature photos of baby. Here are 5 homemade gift ideas for grandparents.

First Birthday Party Ideas: Monkey Themed Birthday Party
Need a first birthday party theme? A monkey themed birthday party with activities, favors, and a monkey cake is perfect for baby's first birthday.

Rubber Ducky First Birthday Ideas
The rubber ducky first birthday party theme offers a creative and whimsical way to celebrate your baby's first birthday.

Teddy Bear Themed First Birthday Party Tips
A teddy bear first birthday celebration is easy to put together and offers many cute photo opportunities for helping to remember your baby's day.

Baby's First Birthday Themes - ABC Party Ideas
An alphabet birthday party theme is perfect for baby's first birthday. Read for ABC party ideas, including alphabet cake, party activities and more.

Prepping Unbleached Prefolds and Bleached Prefolds
Properly caring for your prefold cloth diapers doesn't have to be overwhelming. Follow these simple steps to prepare your prefolds.

First Birthday Party Ideas: Crayon Birthday Party
A crayon birthday party is a great DIY first birthday party theme. Read on for ideas on crayon cakes, party favors, activities and more.

Fall Baby Picture and Portrait Ideas
Fall baby pictures are a great way to document your child's growth and the seasons. These fall baby picture ideas will help improve your portraiture.

Halloween Crafts for Babies - Easy Handprint Halloween Craft
Baby's first Halloween is special. Make an easy handprint Halloween craft. This handprint candy bag is one of the best Halloween crafts for babies.

Entering Cute Baby Photo Contests
Entering cute baby photo contests is a fun way for new parents to enjoy showing off their favorite baby pictures.

Breastfeeding Photos - Breastfeeding Photography Tips
Keep these breastfeeding photography tips in mind to get pictures that document the special bond between breastfeeding mothers and their children.

Baby Scrapbooking - How to Make a Baptism Scrapbook Page
Create a baptism scrapbook page to commemorate the start of your child's spiritual journey. These baptism scrapbook ideas are simple and elegant.

Common Newborn Concerns: The Choking Baby
In the first weeks, you may find that you have a constantly choking baby. Find out what causes newborns to choke and how you can help your baby.

Baby's First Steps - Make a Baby Can Walk Scrapbook Page
A baby album or scrapbook is a great way to document baby's milestones. Remember baby's first steps forever by creating a simple baby scrapbook page.

How to Choose a Great Backdrop for Baby Portraits
Learn how to choose photo backdrops for baby portraits at home. Keep the background simple and allow your child's personality to shine through.

Getting Ready for Baby's First Photo Shoot
Select the perfect outfit and props to turn your newborn baby photos into a chance for precious baby photos that will put a smile on your face.

Get the Right Life Vest to Ensure Your Child's Safety
Do you know the laws about your baby wearing a life jacket on a boat?

Should I Bring My Baby to a Wedding?
Are wedding bells a-ringing? Here are a few tips and advice on if you should bring your baby to a wedding.

Find the best cloth diaper for you and your baby.
Learn the pros and cons of Velcro cloth diapers and snap cloth diapers to choose the best for your baby.

Under Crib Storage - Is a Crib With Drawers Worth the Money?
A baby crib with drawers is a smart under crib storage solution, but is it worth the money?

Why Do Car Seats Expire and How Can You Tell?
Is car seat expiration just a marketing ploy? Nope. Here's why, and how to tell if your car seat is up to par with the latest safety standards.

Is Baby Spit Up a Medical Concern or Laundry Problem?
Feel like you are being covered in baby spit up? Find out if your baby spitting up is a medical problem and ways to decrease the amount of spit up.

Attachment Parenting - Overview and Definition
Attachment parenting, a method of raising socially confident children, is defined. Learn the basic principles of attachment parenting.

Lactose and Dairy Free Baby Formulas
Lactose free formulas are used to replace cow's milk based formula for infants shown to have lactose intolerance or have a cow's milk allergy.

All-in-One Cloth Diapers - All-in-One Diapers Definition
Considering cloth diapering? This All in One diapers definition explains cloth diapering tips and the pros and cons of cloth diapers.

DIY your own baby wipes to save money!
Did you know that making your own cloth wipes can save up to $150 a year?

What to Look for in a Quality Crib Sheet
Crib sheets are the essential part of baby bedding, and they take a beating. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect crib sheet for your baby.

How To Care For Your Baby's Skin In The Winter
Get the scoop on how to care for baby's skin in the winter months.

"Babies" Documentary Review
The Babies documentary follows the lives of four babies from all around the world, but is it worth seeing? Read on for the film's background and more.

How Do I Keep My Diaper Pails From Smelling So Bad?
If you haven't noticed, diaper pails stink... bad. How do you get the odor out of foul-smelling diaper pails? Find out how.

How to Pick the Perfect Avocado for Your Baby
Avocado fruit is a wonderful first food for babies. Learn how to tell if the avocado is ripe and how to speed up the ripening process.

When Age Can a Baby Sit Up in a High Chair?
What age can baby sit up in a high chair, and what things should parents do to prepare?

When Can My Baby Use a Booster Seat or High Chair?
The high chair vs booster seat debate is a big one. When should your child use a booster seat? Read on for booster seat tips and safety guidelines.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Games for Babies
Explore the world of baby play with this simple activity that only requires a mirror, a grown-up, and a baby.

Plan The Perfect At-Home Valentine's Date Night With Baby
Can't get out this year for Valentine's Day? Consider this your personal downloadable date night!

How To Care For Your Baby's Circumcision
If you do decide to have your baby undergo circumcision, you no doubt have plenty of questions. Here are the 4 most common ones, answered.

10 Fun Facts About The New Royal Baby
Everything you want to know about the new Princess.

5 Tips For Young Moms
Many women find a lot of benefits to starting their family earlier, but it can be challenging to balance. Here are a few tips for young moms.

Mom Sacrifices Baby For Her Dream House
Sometimes parents need to make sacrifices driven by finances. One mom's choice: a third baby or her dream home?

How To Make A Baby Handprint Christmas Ornament
Make a handprint ornament for your baby's first Christmas!

How to Say Baby Girl Names
Take a look at baby girl names with pronunciation.

Ava as a Baby Name
The name Ava has taken off in popularity over the past few years. Learn everything about the name: popularity, meaning, historical use, middle name suggestions, sibling name suggestions, and more.

Baby Nursery Room: Checklist of Essentials
Planning your baby's nursery? The list of things you'll need in baby's room isn't long, and shouldn't bust your budget.

Abigail has a special meaning for fathers of new baby girls.
Abigail has grown in popularity in recent years, part of the trend of Millennials finding favor with traditional names.

Alexander: A Great Name for a Baby Boy
Want to know more about the name Alexander? A name with a great history, it's a popular option for baby boys.

Ten One-Syllable Names for Baby Boys
Here's a list of classic and modern one-syllable names you might consider for your baby boy, including James, Luke, and Seth.

Help After Birth to Keep on Top of Household Chores
Once you bring your new baby home, you may need to find help to keep up on household chores.

Elizabeth: A Traditional Baby Name
Everything you wanted to know about the baby name Elizabeth, a classic girls' name that has remained popular over the past century.

Ella as a Baby Name
Ella is an old name that feels new again, and has a lovely meaning as a baby girl's name.

Names for Baby Boys Ending in A
Are you looking for names for boys ending in an

List of Names Ending With "Lee" Sound
A comprehensive listing of lee names. Includes several different lee sound endings. Ley names, leigh names, ly names, and more.

When Can I Let My Baby Have Cheese to Eat?
Learning when to introduce certain foods to your baby isn't easy. So when can baby have cheese? Learn more about when and how to introduce cheese here.

When Can Babies Have Fish? Is Fish Safe for Babies?
When is it safe for baby to eat fish? Feeding guidelines have changed. Find out when your baby can have fish, shellfish, or crustaceans.

Why is Emma Such a Popular Baby Name?
Emma has enjoyed a revival over the past two decades as a baby girl's name. Here are the history and meaning of the name, and some well-known Emmas.

The Baby Name Mia
Mia has multicultural appeal for parents seeking a simple-sounding name for their baby girl.

At What Age Can Babies Eat Yogurt?
Is it 6 months, 9 months, after a year? If you are wondering when can babies eat yogurt, find out the reasoning behind each suggestion.

Jacob Meaning and More Name Facts
Find out the meaning of Jacob, its popularity, history, suggestions for middle names for Jacob, and sibling pairs. Also includes celebrity information.

Baby Name Jayden
The contemporary name Jayden has come out of nowhere and become a top 10 baby name. Why parents might think about it for their child.

The Name Elijah
Elijah, most commonly associated with the Biblical prophet, has risen in popularity as a baby name.

Matthew for a Baby's Name
Matthew is a classic baby boy's name that's remained popular over several decades, and continues to rank in the top 25 baby names.

A look the baby name Aiden, with Irish roots.
Originally an Old Irish name, Aiden has been one of the most popular boys' names for about the past decade or so. What does this popular name mean?

Restaurant offers $10,000 to couples willing to name their baby after the grain.
Restaurant offers $10,000 to couples willing to name their baby after the grain.

Baby Essentials For Three-Month-Olds
What baby essentials will you need in the first few months of life with your baby? Use this guide to figure out what you need.

Where to Register for a Baby Shower
Where to register for a baby shower, and how to choose the best option for you and your guests.

Woman Makes Husband Choose Between Their Baby and Her
It's hard to believe, but this father was faced with a heartbreaking choice.

The Benefits of Delayed Cord Clamping For Your Baby
Is delayed cord clamping right for your baby? Some say there are benefits to waiting between one and five minutes before clamping.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year. Page 3.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year. Page 4.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year. Page 2.

How to Prevent and Treat Baby Ingrown Toenails
Baby toenails can grow exceptionally fast. Find out how to care for baby's toes, treat, and prevent ingrown toenails.

How Many Wet Diapers Should My Newborn Have Each Day?
Your baby should have a certain number of soiled diapers each day. Learn how to tell how many wet diapers your baby should have each day based on his or her age.

Using Last Names as Baby First Names
In the past decade or so, using last names like Mason, Jackson, Madison and Avery as baby names has become an increasingly popular trend.

What You Need To Know About Newborn Development
Here's what to expect of your infant's growth and development in those first early weeks.

Laws for Booster and Car Seats by State
Learn about booster and car seat laws for every state in the U.S., as well as laws for passenger seat belts, in this side-by-side comparison.

What's The Best Age Gap Between Babies?
Wondering when you should have your next baby?

Study Says Looking At Our Phones Is Hurting Our Babies
A new study says interruptions from our phones is hurting our babies. But is it realistic?

Car Seat Registration - Why and How to Register Car Seats
Do you have a car seat but have not registered it? Lost the registration and not sure how you can notify the manufacturer? Maybe you moved and need to update your contact information. Find out why you should register your car seats and what to do if you do not have the registration card.

The Surprising Link Between Babies and Asthma
New research shows asthma may have a surprising cause early in life.

Why and How Babies Need Time on Their Bellies
Tummy time is critical to the physical development of babies. Find out what it is all about, why it is important, and how you can play with your baby.

Buying Affordable Child Car Seat Restraints
Depending on what kind you buy, a baby car seat can be quite expensive. Use these tips to locate cheap car seats, save money, and keep your baby safe.

What To Do With Your Car Seat After an Accident
Do you need to get rid of a child car seat after any accident? Not necessarily. Find out what constitutes replacing a car seat following an accident.

Tips for Buying Car Seats for Sale
Is it safe to buy a used car seat? In many cases it is far better to buy an affordable new car seat, but if you want to buy used, follow these tips.

18 Things Your Baby Should Be Doing By Age One
Is your one-year-old on track with developmental milestones?

The Simple Way You Can Prevent Pain In Your Baby
Research is revealing that babies feel more pain than previously thought -- here's how you can help reduce your baby's pain.

Banana Nutrititional Facts for Babies
Bananas are a healthy fruit for babies, kids and adults. Banana nutrition facts reveal why bananas are so good for you and your baby. Hints are starting bananas with your baby included.

Cute Baby Christmas Photo Ideas - Baby Christmas Picture Ideas
Save some money by taking baby Christmas photos yourself. These cute baby Christmas photo ideas will help you create a memorable holiday card.

Diwali Scrapbook Page - Baby Scrapbook Page Ideas
Learn how to make a Diwali scrapbook page to commemorate baby's First Festival of Lights. A Diwali page honors your family's traditions.

How to Make Fish Baby Food
Fish might not be the first baby food that comes to mind, but it's very nutritious and delicious for baby. Just follow these fish baby food recipes.

Baby Pictures: Tips for Taking Good Easter Portraits
Easter photos are fun and when a baby is involved, they are adorable. Get tips for Easter baby pictures with outfits, props, and special effects.

Photo Lighting Tips for Baby Pictures
Learn a few basic photo lighting strategies that will help you take better baby pictures indoors, outdoor, and even some DIY photo studio lighting.

Digital Photo Organizing Tips
Keeping track of your digital baby photos is an important part of preserving memories. Follow these tips for organizing your digital baby photos.

Scrapbooking How To: Baby Boy & Baby Girl Haircuts Pictures
Your little one's first haircut is a special occasion. Create a baby's first haircut scrapbook page with your baby boy or baby girl haircuts pictures.

How to Create a First Year Baby Book
Creating a first-year​ baby book that features one layout for each month of your baby's life is an easy way to scrapbook important baby memories.

How to Make a Baby Collage - Create Collages & Scrapbooks
Baby collages are great ways to preserve your baby's special moments and memories. Picture Collage Maker Pro lets you create collages with ease.

Questions To Ask Before You Decide To Cloth Diaper
Is cloth diapering right for you? Find out here!

Surprising Things To Always Have In Your Diaper Bag
Don't forget these diaper bag essentials for every age and stage with your baby.

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Wearing Your Baby
Baby wearing isn't just a trend -- it's recommended by medical experts too.

What are the benefits to working at home with a baby?
What are the benefits to working at home with a baby?

The Surprising Way To Soothe A Cranky Baby
Cranky baby? Soothe them with singing, says one study.

Tantrums: Understanding Baby's Mood Swings
Baby tantrums have a way of taking you by surprise, but it is important to understand what causes them in order to know how to respond to them.

6 Tips for Weaning Your Breastfed Baby
Ready to wean your breastfed baby? Get some tips on how to get started, such as eliminating one feeding at a time.

If you're having a second baby, your marriage may be stronger than ever.
If you're having a second baby, your marriage may be stronger than ever.

Should you consider cloth diapering for your baby?
Should you consider cloth diapering for your baby?

Make a Baby Sling From a Sheet During a Natural Disaster
During a natural disaster, the challenge of caring for a baby can be even more challenging. Find out how you can make a baby sling from household materials in the even that you need to evacuate during a national emergency.

Mom Publicly Shamed For Breastfeeding Her Baby
One mom was publicly shamed for feeding her baby and shared this amazing, well-worded response. Read more.

How to Make Homemade Baby Cereal - Baby Cereal Recipe
Rice cereal is a great way to introduce your baby to solid foods. This baby rice cereal recipe explains how to make homemade baby cereal.

How to Make Baby Name Wall Art - Baby Name Wall Art Ideas
Unique baby name wall art is a lovely addition to baby's nursery. Learn how to make custom baby wall art that will become a special keepsake.

Diaper Bag Checklist for Short and Long Trips
What goes in the diaper bag depends on whether it's a short or long trip. These diaper bag checklists will help you have everything you need.

How To Combine Breast and Formula Feeding
How To Combine Breast and Formula Feeding

A new study looks at what happens when you combine breast and formula feeding.
A new study looks at what happens when you combine breast and formula feeding.

When Your Baby Should Start Solid Food
Learn more about the feeding recommendations from the AAP to help you decide when it's the right time to start your baby on solid foods.

Does My Baby Have An Ear Infection?
The signs and symptoms of ear infections in babies.

What To Do When Your Baby Gets Sick
There's nothing harder than being home sick with a sick baby. Here are some tips to help you make it through.

All-Natural Remedies for Ear Infections: Safe or Not?
Are natural remedies really effective for your baby's ear infection?

Is Your Baby Covered By Your Health Insurance?
You shouldn't have to worry about insurance issues when becoming a mother. Know the rules for coverage under your insurance provider.

How to Keep Homemade Baby Food Fresh
Homemade baby food often turns brown or discolored. Follow these simple tips to keep baby food fresh and prevent baby food from browning.

One Doctor Thinks He Has the Cure for SIDS
Sudden infant death syndrome is one of the leading causes of death in infants. One doctor thinks he has the cure for SIDS.

How to Trim Baby's Fingernails
Cutting baby fingernails doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some quick tips to make trimming your baby's nails easier.

More Proof That You Should Never Use A Crib Bumper

Can You Teach Your Baby To Swim?
Brush up on your water safety skills and find out if it's really possible to teach your baby how to swim.

What Does Measles Look Like In Babies?
With measles outbreaks becoming more common, know the signs and symptoms of measles in babies, as well as facts that may help you protect your child.

What Are the Symptoms of a Yeast Diaper Rash?
A stubborn diaper rash that refuses to go away with diaper rash cream might possibly be a yeast diaper rash. Here's how to spot the telltale symptoms.

DIY: Turn Baby's Board Books Into Mini Scrapbooks
What should you do with your baby's old board books? Give them new life by turning them into scrapbook albums with this DIY baby board book project.

First Birthday Halloween Theme Party Ideas
Baby's first birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime event and a first birthday Halloween theme party is a wonderful way to celebrate if your child was born during the month of October.

7 Tips For Safe Sleep Habits
Rest easy by creating safe sleep habits early on with your little one.

Options for Bronzing Baby Shoes
Bronze baby shoes are beautiful and enduring heirlooms that preserve memories of your baby. Parents have many options for continuing this tradition.

Dr. Sears' Views on Baby Sleep and Attachment Parenting
Dr. William Sears, noted American pediatrician, deviates from traditional theories of baby sleep. Here are his views on cosleeping and attachment parenting.

Creative Birth Announcement Ideas - Baby Announcement Cards
Looking for creative ways to announce baby's birth? These cute and clever tips will show you how to make a memorable birth announcement.

What Should I Say After the Death Of a Baby?
If a friend or loved loses an infant or child, it can difficult to know what you can say and do. Here are some tips on how to speak to the parent.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Awesome Collection of Unique Baby Hats
If you've got a baby, you must see this collection of adorable, unique baby hats from designers all over the world.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Baby's First Year
Baby's First Year.

Actually Useful Holiday Gifts For Your Baby
Every Christmas, I both look forward to all the gifts my kids will get and dread it.

Baby Popular Names - Favorite Baby Names
Looking for a name for you baby? Popular names or names that appear on the Social Security Administration list can give you some ideas. Browse our list of favorite baby names.

Baby Names Most Popular - Most Used Baby Names in the United States
Looking for ideas for great baby names? Most popular names or even names appearing on the SSA charts can help you brainstorm naming ideas. Names are ranked together by similiar sound or similar pronunciation.

Popular Boys Baby Names - Frequently Used Boys' Names
Popular boys' baby names are ranked here by grouping names of similar sound or similar pronunciation to give a better look at how popular a name truly is.

Most Common Names in US - Favorite Baby Names
The most common names in US are listed by grouping names of similar sound or pronunciation together. This list will give you a better idea of how common a name is.

Presidents' Names A Popular Baby Name Trend
Presidents' names are becoming a popular baby naming trend. What are the most popular names for boys and girls?

Most Common Names - Names By Popularity
Many lists of most common names really don't give an accurate picture of the most popular baby names because they do not group names that are pronounced the same but spelled differently the same. Check out this list of names by popularity of pronunciation to learn how common a name really is, regardless of how it is spelled.

Top 100 Baby Names - Frequently Used Names
Here's an interesting look at the top 100 baby names in America. However, names pronounced similarly a grouped together.

Most Popular Baby Boy Names in America
Looking for information on the most popular baby names? Browse this list of popular names in America, ranked in order of similar pronunciation.

Top Names in America - What Are the Most Common Names
The list of top names in America, ordered by how names are pronounced. Find out what are the most common names and see if anything surprises you.

Popular Baby Boy Names - Great Names for Baby Boys
Wondering what the most popular baby boy names are? Here's a listing of the top 1000 baby names, grouped together by similar sounding names.

Popular Boy Names for Girls
Follow the baby name trend of using traditional boy names on girls. Browse this list of the most popular boy names for girls.

October Celebrity Babies - Famous Babies Born in October
A calendar of celebrity births. Browse multiple months and years worth of celebrity babies.

December Celebrity Babies - Winter Babies of Celebrities
The December page of our 12 month calendar of celebrity baby births. See who December celebrity babies are.

July Celebrity Babies - Hollywood Stars Who Delivered in June
Complete listing of stars and famous people who gave birth to babies during the month of July. Several years of July celebrity babies.

November Celebrity Babies - Fall Celebrity Baby Names
Complete calendar of babies births. Browse November celebrity babies and more.

Baby Easter Pictures - Photos Baby's First Easter
Capture your baby's first Easter with stunning poses or with a photo-journalistic style. Baby Easter pictures pointers, tips and tricks.

April Celebrity Babies - Which Stars Gave Birth in April
Browse our calendar of April celebrity babies. Multiple years included.

September Celebrity Babies - Babies Born in Early Fall
We've got a complete list of celebrity baby names. Flip through out calendar and see which celebrity babies were born in September.

May Celebrity Babies - Hollywood Babies Born In May
Browse our calendar of May celebrity babies. Access to multiple years worth of celebrity baby names.

August Celebrity Babies - Babies Born in August to Famous People
Wondering which famous people had a baby in August? Check out our list of several years of August celebrity babies.

June Celebrity Babies - Celebrity Baby Names for Month of June
Detailed list of June celebrity babies for the past serveral years. Which stars gave birth during the month of June?

Setting Up the Nursery - Furniture and Room Arrangement
Setting up the nursery is a fun part of planning for your baby. These tips will help achieve a room arrangement that is practical, safe, and inviting.

Activity and Game Ideas to Play With Babies
Looking for games to play with babies? We have a comprehensive list of baby activity and game ideas. Find some wonderful ways to play with your baby.

Celebrity Pregnancies - Babies Born in March to Stars
March can be a busy month for celebrity pregnancies. Who gave birth during March? Check out our perpetual celebrity baby calendar.

Celebrity Babies - Celebrity Baby Born in February
Find out which stars gave birth to a baby during the month of February.

Relationship Boundaries - How to Improve Relationships
Relationship boundaries, when set with a loving spirit, can improve relationships. Find out how to set boundaries with those who are seeking to give you parenting advice.

Reading Between the Lines - Misinterpreting Advice Into Criticism
Sometimes when you receive criticism, you read between the lines and make more out of it than was meant. Find out how active listening can improve communication of feedback.

Pediatric Advice - Using Your Pediatrician's Advice to Refute Parenting Feedback
Are you gettin unwanted advice from friends and family regarding your parenting style? Consider using pediatric advice to help shut down negative parenting comments.

Self Defense Mechanisms - How to Shut off a Defensive Personality
When you receive criticism, do you find yourself being overly defensive? Find out how you can turn down hostile self defensive mechanisms and improve your relationships.

Which celebrity babies were born in every month of the year?
Wondering which celebrity babies share a birth month with your own baby? Browse our listing of celebrity babies births for the whole year.

Unsolicited Advice - Responding to Unwelcome Parenting Criticism
As a parent undoubtedly you will face lots of suggesting on how to parent, sometimes that feedback comes because you asked for it, other times it comes as unsolicited advice. Find out how to respond to each kind.

How to respond when people criticize your parenting style.
Do you know how to respond to criticism of your parenting ability in a positive, productive way?

How to Make Banana Rice Baby Pudding
Banana rice pudding is sure to be a hit with your baby. This banana rice baby pudding recipe is nutritious, tasty, simple and easy to prepare.

5 Photoshop Elements Filters for Creative Baby Photos
Quickly and easily create fun images for your baby's scrapbook by adding filters to those adorable baby pictures in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Is My Newborn Breathing Normally?
Find out what some normal newborn breathing patterns so that you know what to expect in the first weeks of your baby's life.

Gifts From Baby to Mom
Ideas for gifts from baby to Mom, Dad and siblings for Valentine's Day.

5 easy Halloween treats to make with baby.
Looking for some Halloween treat ideas for the youngest of trick-or-treaters? Here are five Halloween treats for babies that are sure to be a hit.

Baby Naming in Autumn - Baby Naming Advice for Fall Babies
If you find yourself baby naming during September - November, find names that have an

Fall Names - Fall Names Inspired by the Harvest
Fall names can stem from themes of harvest.

Names Stemming from Fall Holidays - Fall Holidays Inspires Names
If you are expecting a baby during any of the fall holidays, you might find inspiration from these names.

5 Great Newborn Toys For Babies 0-3 Months
Looking for a gift for the baby in your life and aren't sure of the best newborn toys? Check out these five baby toys for 0-3 months.

Baby Massage - Calm Fussiness With Baby Massage
Often babies long for the warmth and comfort of physcial touch. Some babies may be soothed by baby massage and skin to skin contact.

Homemade Baby Items - Baby Girl Homemade Baby Gifts
Nothing can be more elegant and thoughtful than a homemade baby item. Here is a collection of ideas for homemade baby gifts, featured with a photo.

How to find the best winter sled for your baby!
There's no reason why you and your baby can get outside and play in the snow when you have a baby sled. Check out these baby sled recommendations.

4 Essential Tools for Home Made Baby Food
Learn how to make homemade baby food with these tools found in practically every kitchen.

Tips for Starting Baby on Solid Food
Feeding baby food to your growing child is a landmark milestone. Check out these tips, advice, and nutritional guidelines before you start.

Is Baby Powder Safe to Use?
Is baby powder safe to use on babies? Here is a comprehensive look at the evidence and what you need to know about talc and possible cancer risk.

Diaper Wreath Instructions - Diaper Wreath Instructions for Starting Your Wreath
While diaper cakes are assembled using rubber bands, diaper wreath instructions use curling ribbon to tie together the parts of the baby shower diaper wreath.

Baby Shower Gifts: How to Make a Diaper Wreath
Learn how to make a diaper wreath to give at a baby shower. This easy gift is filled with useful items for mom and baby and is fun to make.

Baby Diaper Wreath - Make a Full and Fluffy Baby Diaper Wreath
A baby diaper wreath has a full and fluffy appearance that makes it the perfect baby shower decoration

Baby Diaper Wreath Instructions - Baby Diaper Wreath Instructions for Decorating Your Wreath
Baby diaper wreath instructions are just a general guideline for this fun gift idea. Don't be afraid to get creative when selecting toys, books, toiletries, and other items for you baby shower diaper wreath.

Diaper Wreaths for Baby Showers - Finishing Diaper Wreaths for Baby Showers
When making diaper wreaths for baby showers, remember that strategically tied ribbon will keep all of the items in place until the recipient is ready to use them.

Does Your Baby Have a Flat Head?
Does your baby have a flat head? Find out what it is and how it happens. Then learn what you can do about it.

Starting Baby on Solids - Birth to 6 months Starting Solids
From birth to about 6 months your baby should only receive breastmilk or formula. Find out the appropriate timing for starting solids.

Baby Solids at 6 Months - Beginning Solid Foods
For the 6th month old baby solids are a new adventure. Here are some great recommendations for the baby just beginning solid foods.

Baby Nutrition Between 6 to 8 Months Old
Baby nutrition guide for 6 to 8 months old.

Baby Food Guide 8 to 10 Months: Introducing Solids
Investigate this baby food guide for babies aged 8 through 10 months.

When Should I Start Feeding My Baby Solid Foods?
Feeding solids to your baby isn't an exact science, but there are some general guidelines you can follow to simplify it.

Feeding Baby Solid Food - Baby Food for 1 Year Olds
By the end of the year, feeding baby solid food is a breeze. Learn which foods are acceptable to introduce at this age.

Foods to Avoid for Baby - Baby Foods to Avoid
There are certain foods to avoid during the first year. Find out which foods you should hold off.

This Is Why Your Baby Has Vaginal Discharge
Find out why your baby girl has vaginal discharge, how to clean it and what you should do to keep your baby healthy.

Quick Scrapbooking Tips for New Parents
Keeping in mind some quick scrapbooking tips makes it easy to design attractive baby scrapbook pages. You don't need to spend hours on each layout.

How to Make Avocado Baby Food
The avocado is a brain-boosting super food you should definitely feed your baby. This avocado baby food recipe is easy and takes minutes to make.

First Valentine's Day Gifts for Baby
If you have a baby, you may be puzzling over which Valentine's Day gifts are the best for your little one. Here are several ideas on how you can celebrate.

5 Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Baby's Nursery Is Safe
Baby-proof your nursery with these simple safety checks and tips for creating a safe nursery in your home.

Winter Coat Car Seat Safety For Your Baby
It's important to keep baby warm and safe in the car seat during the winter months. Look at these products to keep your baby warm.

What To Do About Hemorrhoids After Birth
Find out what causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and how to treat them at home after birth. Also, read about when you should call a doctor.

Popular Two-Syllable Boys' Names
Two-syllable boys' names like Noah, Ethan and Jacob have topped the charts in recent years. Have a look at our other suggestions for your baby's name.

Constipation After Birth - Causes and Treatments
It is not uncommon for moms to experience constipation after birth. Find out why it happens and what you can do to get relief.

Co-Sleeping or Sleep Sharing - Benefits and Criticisms
Co-sleeping, sleep sharing, and the family bed are different terms that describe the same parenting sleep practice. Read about the benefits and criticisms.

Hidden Dairy Ingredients for Babies With Milk Allergies
Is your baby highly sensitive to cow's milk? If you're breastfeeding, eliminating these surprising culprits from your diet may help.

Physical Development of 3 to 6 Month Old Babies
Learn the physical development benchmarks of 3 to 6-month-old babies. Growth, fine motor, physical appearance, and sensory development detailed.

Improve Your Baby's Sleep With Bedtime Routines
One of the easiest, least stressful ways to encourage better sleep behavior is to establish a bedtime routine, such as gentle music, massage, story time.

Baby Handprint Crafts - Salt Dough Ornaments Recipe
Baby handprint crafts such as salt dough ornaments make for special keepsakes, as well as great gifts for important people in your child's life.

Facebook, Baby Pics and Privacy Issues for Parents
If you're thinking about sharing baby pictures on Facebook or other social media sites, first understand the concerns surrounding privacy issues.

Tips for Taking Photos of Your Baby's Birth
As you're getting ready for your labor, it's a good idea to spend some time thinking about what type of birth photos you'd like to have as keepsakes.

Tips for Making an ABC Book for Your Baby
Making an ABC book is a fun project that can help you clear out your scrapbook supply stash while creating a special keepsake for your baby.

How to Use Poor Quality Photos in Your Baby Scrapbook Album
Poor quality photos can make it hard to create a baby scrapbook page, but there are several different tricks you can use adding them to your album.

Simple Solutions for a Newborn Stuffy Nose
It's pretty common for babies to have nasal congestion from time to time. Try these steps to avoid nasal irritants and clear that little nose.

Adorable Ideas for Valentine's Day Baby Photos
Cute baby photos are a fun way to share the love on Valentine's Day. Explore some adorable ideas for baby pictures with hearts, flowers and more.

Baby Water Supplement Feeding Guidelines
Before offering supplements to your baby, be sure you are familiar with guidelines for giving baby water, and when babies can have juice.

Newborn Sleep: Why It's Unpredictable
There's no real

When to Expect Baby's First Words
When does baby talking begin? Find out what major milestones to expect in language development during baby's first year.

Will I Fall In Love With My Baby Right Away?
Struggling to fall in love instantly with your baby? You're not alone. Find out what you can do when you don't fall in love with your baby right away.

Tommee Tippee Bottles for Newborns Review
Closer to Nature Tommee Tippee Bottles have a design that sets them apart from other baby bottles on the market. Read this bottle review and find out why.

Baby Games: Playing With Shadows
Playing with shadows is an easy way to develop your baby's sense of movement, light, patterns and shadows. These easy activities will build skills.

The Dangers of Nitrates in Baby Food and Infant Formula
Those who make their own homemade baby foods need to understand the dangers of nitrates. Find out what they are and how to lower their rates in baby food.

Personal Gift Ideas for New Mothers
What's one way to pamper the new mom? These gift ideas are sure to point you in the right direction for a special gift for the new mother.

How to Take Care of a Baby from Head to Toe
Caring for a baby can be overwhelming. Here are resources for everything you need to know about caring for a baby, from scalp to bottom.

What Kinds of Water Work for Baby Formula?
When you mix baby's formula, you need to be careful about what kind of water you use. Find out what water is best to use for baby formula and why.

How To Boost Your Baby's Brain Development
You can improve your baby's cognitive and developmental skills.

How Baby Nap Routines Improve Nighttime Sleep
Could regular naps help your baby sleep better at night?

Wha Is Cluster Feeding and Does My Baby Need It?
What is cluster feeding with breastfeeding?

Top 50 Most Popular Baby Names of 2011
Wondering what the top 50 baby names were in 2011? See the full list here!

Smart Trike 3-in-1 Tricycle Review
Learn about the Smart Trike tricycle with our detailed review of this three-in-one tricycle intended for babies through toddlers.

What You Need to Know about Planning a Baby's Funeral
If someone you love is dealing with the death of a baby, they may need assistance in planning for a baby's funeral.

How to Create a Baby Scrapbook - Baby's First Year
Learn how to create a baby scrapbook without spending a lot of time or money. Baby scrapbook freebies and kits make assembling a baby album quick and easy.

Diagnosing Infant Colic and Its Causes
Wondering if your fussy baby has infant colic? Get an idea if your baby's fussiness is more than just crankiness, and learn about colic symptoms and colic treatments.

How to Choose the Right Diaper Rash Cream
When selecting a diaper rash cream, you have a wide variety of options. Here's a list of effective diaper rash treatments.

Why Is My Baby Is Always Hungry?
Does it feel like your baby is always hungry? Find out how to read baby hunger cues, what are normal feeding patterns, and how to manage your baby's hunger.

How to Pick Names for Brothers and Sisters
Picking out a sibling name that compliments the names of brothers and sisters can be challenging. Here is a list of sibling baby name ideas for families.

What to Do With Old Baby Clothes
Instead of tossing out or donating baby's outgrown things, turn them into special baby keepsakes. Learn how to recycle baby clothes, cribs and toys.

Healthy Chicken Liver and Avocado Baby Food Recipe
This tasty and nutritious chicken liver and avocado homemade baby food recipe is easy to prepare and so good, baby will lap it up.

Pillowcase Dress - Make a Pillowcase Dress
A pillow case dress may sound simple, but they are elegantly dear.

Baby Booties - Handmade Baby Booties
From head to toe, your baby will look like a doll in these hand knit baby booties.