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Do I Have to Wash Newborn Baby Clothes? Yes! Here's why . . .
Do you really have to wash newborn baby clothes before you use them? Find out why and what detergents to use and avoid to keep your baby safe and healthy.

Infant and Baby Clothes for Boys
Fashionable and hip baby clothes for your boy. From socks and shoes, jeans and t-shirts and everyday wear to formal attire and costumes, we've got it covered in sizes newborn to 2T.

Shopping for Baby Clothes: Discounts, Online, Designer and Shopping for Baby Clothes
Shopping for baby clothes can be a lot of fun. And it seems that there is a million places to make your purchase. Let's take a look at online baby clothes stores, popular traditional stores, handmade sellers, and the ever-popular Baby Clothes of the Day and Deal of the Day features, right here.

Shopping Archive
Shopping Archive. Baby Clothes.

Children's Consignment Sales in Dallas/Fort Worth
A calendar of children’s consignment sales in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area that sell affordable, gently used kid’s clothes, toys and baby items.

How to Consign Baby Clothes at Consignment Sales
What you need to know about consigning baby clothes at children’s consignment sales including prep, pricing and tagging kid’s clothing for quick sell.

Baby Clothes: Budget Shopping Tips, What You Need & More
Learn what baby clothes you need for your newborn. See the best brands for layette and infant clothing and get tips on how to store and care for baby attire.

Minor Treads T.E.C Infant Boy Sneaker
Minor Treads T.E.C Infant Boy Sneaker. Page 3.

Naturino Falcotto 170 Olive 1st Walker
Naturino Falcotto 170 Olive 1st Walker. Page 6.

Navy Frogs by Inch Blue Shoes
Navy Frogs by Inch Blue Shoes. Baby Clothes. Page 4.

See Kai Run Dominic Boot
See Kai Run Dominic Boot. Baby Clothes. Page 7.

Starchild Retro Khaki/Baby Blue Trainer
Starchild Retro Khaki/Baby Blue Trainer. Page 8.

Wood Nymph Boot
Wood Nymph Boot. Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes Basics
Baby clothes basics includes layettes, pajamas, socks, hats, slippers, and outerwear, plus what to buy when you're expecting for the first time.

UGG Erin Bootie
UGG Erin Bootie. Baby Clothes. Page 9.

Parents Ask, "Are Baby Clothes Made in China Safe to Wear?"
After a large scare surrounding toys made in China, parents have been writing in, asking if baby clothes made in China are any safer.

Baby Size: When Should I Put the Next Baby Size in the Closet?
When you have baby clothes in a variety of baby sizes, it's hard to know what to put in the closet and what to put in storage. One reader asks,

How to Make Baby Clothes Last Longer
Babies outgrow clothes so fast, but you can extend the life of baby clothes, get the most wear out of them and make them last longer with these tips.

Top 5 Inexpensive Newborn Clothes Brands
Want to buy cute, affordable clothing for your baby? Here are the top five brands of newborn clothes that are stylish, inexpensive and high-quality.

Baby Gifts: 6 Baby Clothes Gifts Under $50
When you think of baby gifts, you usually think of toys. But a recent survey by American Baby indicated that one of the top choices for baby gifts were actually baby clothes. Here's 6 great baby clothes gifts for this holiday season - or any other time of year- all priced under $50.

5 Baby Clothing Items Every New Parent Should Have
Baby clothing is a necessity for new parents, but there are only five types of newborn baby clothes that you need the first few weeks you are home.

Nine Recommended Detergents for Baby Laundry
Head to any grocery store aisle and you'll see laundry detergents specifically marketed for baby laundry - but which should you choose?

Did Too 'Hugo' Sweater at Nordstrom
This cotton knit sweater is easy to get on and off with a full front zip. A variation of the typical holiday colors, this brown and blue combo is modern and fresh. Page 2.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Kids Tie-Spy Shoe at Zappos
Classic and dressy, this lace-up shoe is a pint-sized version of dad's dressy footwear. Page 9.

Ralph Lauren Corduroy's at Nordstrom
A traditional corduroy, the Ralph Lauren Corduroy pant lends quiet sophistication to any baby boy's outfit. Pair it with the striped sweater by Did Too, or any other sweater you see here. Page 6.

Shawl Collar Sweater by Old Navy
Give your baby the gift of comfort with this cozy pullover sweater that will take him from daytime play dates to late night holiday parties. Soft cable-knit is complemented with a knit shawl collar, cuffs and hem.

Bedford Wash Jean by Ralph Lauren
Who says denim can’t be classy? Pair it with the 1/2-zip mock sweater and no one will notice he’s not wearing khaki’s. Page 8.

Detroit Tigers Little Monster Knit Hat
This little monster knit hat plays double duty; it keeps your little one's head warm and shows off his team spirit.

Detroit Tigers Pinstripe Coverall
Detroit Tigers Baby Pinstripe Uniform Coveralls

Detroit Tigers Pink Blanket Sleeper
This Adidas blanket sleeper will keep your baby cozy through every chill night game.

Yankees Suck Baby Bib
As a Red Sox fan, I couldn't resist this Yankees suck baby bib.

Vintage "My First Tigers Tee" by Majestic
This vintage-styled Detroit Tigers baby t-shirt can be worn baby baby girls or baby boys; it's very cute!

Christening and Baptism Gowns and Outfits for Babies
Christening or baptizing a baby is a tradition that dates back centuries. The special day often includes an outfit selected specifically for the occasion. Sometimes that outfit is handed down from generation to generation; other times, parents choose it on their own.

The "Louisa" Layette Christening Gown
This ivory christening gown is antique in design and receives five-star ratings by parents.

Petit Ami Cotton Christening Baptism Pique Longall with Tucks and Embroidery and Hat
Baptism and christening outfits are not just for baby girls ... though the plethora of christening gowns available would have you think so. This outfit by Petit Ami is perfect for baby boys.

Biscotti Baby Girls Cherished Heirloom Embroidered Gown with Bonnet
An updated version of an heirloom gown, this christening gown by Biscotti Baby is simply stunning.

Lito White Round Tail Satin Christening Baptism 5 Piece Tuxedo Accented with an Embroidered Cross and Hat
Another outfit for a boy, this tux-inspired outfit gets rave reviews from parents.

Angela West Christening Gowns
By far the most elegant christening gowns on the list, this handmade gown by Angela West is more than breathtaking.

Christening Headbands
Often a gorgeous christening gown calls for an adorable headband to go with it.

Christening Bonnets and Hats
In lieu of a headband, or perhaps you're baby is a boy, a bonnet or hat might be more appropriate.

Christening Shoes, Socks, and Booties
What christening outfit would be complete without a pair of shoes, socks, or booties?

Three-Pack of Mommy's Home Run Bodysuits for Girls
Like the boys' version, this three-pack of bodysuits for girls will keep her looking fresh for all the games.

All® Free & Clear Laundry Detergent for Baby Clothes
Parents are often on the hunt for an affordable laundry detergent that will not only clean up the baby stains but also be sensitive on their skin. This ultimately means using a detergent coined

Baseball Baby Clothes: The Detroit Tigers
The 2012 World Series: who will be the two teams to play for the coveted top prize? So far, we know the Detroit Tigers are in it to win it; if you're a fan, you'll want your baby ready for the game. Check out these awesome Detroit Tiger baby clothes and get ready for the World Series.

Detroit Tigers 3-Pack Boys Big League Baby Creeper Set by Soft as a Grape
With a 3-pack of baby bodysuits, you'll have a fresh look for half of the games.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

16 Adorable Smocked Baby Outfits for Summer
Smocked baby clothes are super adorable and perfect for summer. Here are some of the cutest smocked outfits featuring nautical anchors and more.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

17 Cute Patriotic Baby Outfits
Dress your baby in red, white and blue and stars and stripes on July 4th and Memorial and Labor Days with these cute patriotic outfits. Go U.S.A.!

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

8 Products You Need to Organize Baby Clothes
Before baby arrives, organize your newborn's clothing with these must-have organizing products that will make your baby's closet and drawers tidy and clean.

Organize Baby Clothes
Tips and tricks for getting those baby clothes organized.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

15 Funny Father and Baby Matching T-Shirts
Need a cool gift for dad? Check out these funny daddy and baby matching T-shirts that'll look super cute on your man or dad-to-be for Father's Day or his birthday.

How to Keep Baby Clothes Organized
A new baby means a lot of new baby clothing. Learn how to organize baby clothes and accessories in closets and drawers with these easy storage tips.

Baby Stains - A Guide to Clean Laundry
Babies produce tons of dirty laundry and stained clothing. Here's how to remove pesky stains from baby clothing and how to clean hard-to-remove spots.

What New Moms Should Know About Baby Clothes
New moms can learn important tips about baby clothes, everything from sizes, stain removal, laundry detergent, kid's consignment and envelope collars.

Best Underwear for Potty Training Babies and Toddlers
When your baby potty trains early, finding underwear can be a challenge. Here are the best underpants options for potty training a baby ages 2 and 3.

A Checklist of Newborn Clothes for the First 8 Weeks
The first eight weeks of a baby's life requires a few key pieces of newborn clothes. Here is a checklist of the baby clothes you need to buy.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Cutest Baby Boy Swimsuits
The cutest swimsuits for baby boys in our summer roundup, including swim trunks and swimwear from Janie and Jack, Target, Boden, Gap and Zara.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

12 Cutest Baby Boy Swimsuits
The cutest swimsuits for baby boys in our summer roundup, including swim trunks and swimwear from Janie and Jack, Target, Boden, Gap and Zara.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Let Baby's Weight Determine Baby Clothing Size
The key for appropriate baby clothing size is to shop according to weight and length rather than age when trying to determine the right size to buy.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

14 Cutest Baby Girl Swimsuits
The cutest swimsuits for baby girls in our summer roundup, including bathing suits and retro swimwear from Janie and Jack, Target, H&M, Boden and Gap.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Infant and Baby Clothes for Girls
Baby clothes and accessories for your infant and baby girls. Dress your little girl to the nine's with our comprehensive guide to the most fashionable baby clothes around!

Baby Clothes on a Budget
Practical advice on how to buy baby clothes on a budget. Consignment shopping and hunting down bargains on used baby clothes are often discussed, as well as what to look for when shopping for the best deals.

How to Get Started Making Baby Clothes
Get inspired to sew baby clothes with tips about sewing classes, online sewing tutorials, easy-to-sew baby patterns and making time to sew.

Handmade Baby Clothes
Handmade baby clothes can be fun to make, give, and buy. Handmade baby clothes are typically one-of-a kind creations, which makes them extra special and perfect for your unique baby.

Make Your Own Baby Clothes
If you're crafty, making your own baby clothes can be an excellent way to uniquely dress your baby, as well as save money. Here you'll find links to a variety of resources that can help you get started on making a very cool baby wardrobe.

10 Ways to Save Money on Baby Clothes
Learn how to save money by buying inexpensive baby clothes at consignment sales, thrift stores, sample sales, retail chains, baby websites and more.

Shopping on a Budget
Keeping growing babies in clothes that fit can prove challenging to say the least. Find out what other mom's do to shop on a budget and stay up-to-date on sales.

6 Tips for Shopping Kid's Clothes Consignment Sales
Before you shop for baby clothes at kid's consignment sales, follow these tips so you can be prepared and find the best clothing and deals available.

Q & A with Simply Chickie Organic Baby Clothes
Interview with Simply Chickie founder Gwendolyn Gardner about her organic baby brand based in Newport, R.I., and nautical-designed shirts and onesies.

Understanding Crib Shoe Sizes
Buying that first pair of baby shoes? Follow this guide to learn how to measure your baby's foot and buy the right size crib shoe for your infant.

The Three Rules for Buying Baby Pajamas
Follow these three safety rules when buying sleepwear for your newborn or infant to keep your baby safe.

5 Baby Laundry Tips for New Parents
Get tips on how to establish a laundry routine for baby clothes, remove stains, wash out baby poop and choose detergents and baby fabric softeners.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

20 Cool Rock Music T-Shirts for Babies
Check out 20 cool and cute rock music T-shirts and onesies for babies and toddlers, like Prince, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Organic Baby Clothes
Organic baby clothes for your newborns through toddlers. Organic baby clothes designers and shopping links.

Newborn Baby Clothes
Newborn baby clothes are abundant, and once you find out you're pregnant, it's hard not to run out and buy every cute thing you find hanging on the rack. However, newborn babies have very specific needs and they don't need as much as you may think. Get the scoop on what newborn baby clothes are necessary, and what you can skip.

Holiday Outfits and Costumes for Babies
Formal wear for boys and girls size newborn to 2T.

Baby Laundry
The proper care of your baby's laundry is very important. Baby's skin is sensitive so often times extra steps are required to make sure that their laundry is in the best possible shape it can be.'s Baby Clothes site explores the proper care and keeping of baby laundry.

Celebrity Baby Clothes
Stylish celebrity babies are everywhere; now you can dress your baby in the same brands as celebrity parents. From Suri to Shilo, here's the baby clothes brands that celebrity parents love to have.

Infant and Baby Outerwear
Infant and baby outerwear for warm and cold weather. Highlighting snowsuits, swimwear, jackets, hats, mittens, boots, and sunglasses, while pointing you in the right direction for where to buy these necessary baby clothing items.

Baby Food Stains: How to Remove Common Baby Food Stains
Baby food stains can quickly turn even the most adorable baby clothes wardrobe into a pile full of play clothes.

As the Guide to Baby Clothes, I get questions from readers every day asking how to get out pesky baby food stains like berries and formula.

Baby Sandals
Baby sandals are all part of summer. Find reviews of great baby sandals and get purchasing suggestions before you head to the store.

Baby Clothes Brands that Celebrities Love
Celebrities love to dress their babies to the nines and high-end designers are taking notice. Recently a host of the same designers that dress celebrities for the red carpet are also creating baby clothes. Here's a look at favorite celebrity baby clothes brands.

Celebrity Owned Baby Clothes Stores
With a major Hollywood baby boom going on, more and more parents are opening the doors to their very own baby clothes stores for a variety of reasons. Check out their selection and then shop in-store, or online.

Famous Baby Looks for Less
Celebrity baby looks for less. How to do it and where to buy it.

Other Baby Stain FAQ's
Baby food stains are not the only thing that can get your baby's clothes dirty. Let's take a look at how to get other common baby stains out such as stains from leaky diapers, petroleum jelly, and mud.

Shop for Baby Shoes
Shopping links for great places to find baby shoes for infants, babies and toddlers

Soft Soled Baby Shoes
Soft soled baby shoes are best for newborns and babies that are not yet walking, but there's a number of different versions out on the market. Get brand reviews and buying suggestions for soft soled baby shoes.

Winter Baby Boots and Shoes
Winter is all about waterproof when it comes to baby boots and shoes. Here are some excellent choices to keep your baby's feet warm and dry in the wettest of months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Baby Clothes
Buying organic baby clothes can be difficult and confusing. You want what's best for your baby, but you don't want to go broke doing it either. Here I'll answer all you need to know about buying organic baby clothes, including what to invest in and what to skip.

Where to Buy Organic Baby Clothes
Shopping links for stores that sell great quality organic baby clothes. Big selections, great prices. Stop here first when you're shopping for organic baby clothes.

Baby Clothes of the Day
Shining the spotlight on a special piece of baby clothes five days a week. Whether it's designer, one-of-a-kind, a major sale or a basic that you just can't live without, we'll bring you the best of the best in Baby Clothes of the Day.

Infant and Baby Footwear
Popular baby footwear for play and dress. Top designers and shoes for pre-walkers and walkers, along with information on where to buy.

Baby Halloween Costumes: Dressing Up in Baby Halloween Costumes
Baby costumes are so much fun! Check out baby Halloween costumes and a reader gallery with pictures of their very own spooky Halloween babies.

Shop Online for Baby Clothes
Links to the best baby clothes stores online. These are stores that offer discounts frequently, and also have some of the most unique offerings or best values.

Trendy Baby Bodysuits
Trendy baby bodysuits have become super popular. From witty sayings to original screen printing, trendy baby bodysuits have become the new designer item.

Baby Clothes Weekly Sales
Every Friday, I'll post a list of the best baby clothes to be found on the Internet. Remember, baby clothes sales are usually limited in quantity and don't always last forever; be sure to grab it quickly if it catches your eye.

2009 Baby Clothes of the Day
Shining the spotlight on a special piece of baby clothes five days a week. Whether it's designer, one-of-a-kind, a major sale or a basic that you just can't live without, we'll bring you the best of the best in Baby Clothes of the Day.

Baby Laundry Detergent Reviews
Read full reviews about laundry detergents specifically marketed to parents with babies. Also included: parent reviews, information about chemicals found in most baby detergents, price comparisons and directives on where to find the best deal on these detergents.

Stain Removers for Baby Laundry
Which stain removers work best for baby laundry? Are they all safe? Are there certain ones you should avoid? Read these comprehensive stain remover reviews and decide which is best for your baby laundry needs.

St. Patrick's Day Baby Clothes
St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday; why not dress your baby up for the celebration?

Newborn Baby Clothes Gifts
Newborn baby clothes are abundant and it's easy to go overboard when buying them. Here you'll find recommendations for the best newborn baby clothes gifts

Accessories for Baby Boys
Baby boys might seem to be unlikely candidates for accessories, but quite the opposite is true. Think hats, sunglasses, and mittens - your baby boy will wear them, right?

Filled with reviews, suggestions, and guide picks, accessories for baby boys will keep you well informed.

Infant and Baby Clothes Glossary
A glossary of terms to help define the terminology used when talking about baby clothes. All the lingo can get overwhelming for new parents and those that are buying baby clothes for gifts; find out what it all means.

Baby Clothes Recalls
Baby clothes recalls can be a scary thing; stay up-to-date on what baby clothes, and baby products, are deemed unsafe by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Baby Size and Age Charts
US and International baby size and age charts for clothing and shoes.

Infant and Baby Winter Outerwear
Infant and baby outerwear is a must when the temperatures get cold. Snowsuits, jackets, hats, mittens, boots, and anything else they might need will be located here.

Baby Boy Shoes, Sneakers, Sandals, and Boots
As a baby boy, you need great footwear. Regardless of the season, your baby boy will have the best looking shoes, sneakers, sandals or boots on the block.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Clothing
New parents navigate unfamiliar territory when it comes to buying baby clothes. It's an easier trek if they know what all these new items really are.

Cheap Baby Clothes: Save Money with Cheap Baby Clothes
Buying baby clothes is an expensive business. Check out these simple ways to stay on budget and find bargain baby clothes.

Travel with Baby
Traveling with baby can be tough work; find out what baby clothes you need to pack when you travel with baby.

Tips for Dressing Baby
Dressing your baby can be tricky to say the very least. But with a little patience and practice, you'll be a pro in no time.

Baby Clothes of the Day
2010 Baby Clothes of the Day Picks

Designer Baby Clothes
Designer baby clothes are all the rage right now. From celebrity designed baby clothes lines to niche baby clothes designers just emerging, every parent is scrambling for something new and different. Enter, designer baby clothes.

Baby Clothes Gifts
Baby clothes make great baby shower gifts. Maybe you're crafty and can make a more personalized clothing gift, or maybe you just need a few key pieces of baby clothing to pull your whole gift together. Whatever your predicament, we've got some suggestions to help get you ready for the shower.

Hair Accessories for the Baby Girl
Bows and barrettes and headbands, oh my! Little girls do have the sweetest little hair accessories.

Infant and Baby Outerwear FAQ's
Infant and outerwear questions asked and answered. Always wondered the difference between SPF and UPF when it comes to baby swimwear? Questioning just how many layers your baby needs in the colder weather? You'll find all that and more in the infant and baby outerwear FAQ's.

Infant and Baby Sleepwear
Baby sleepwear for boys and girls. Footie pajamas, slippers, sleepwear separates and luxury sleepwear to pamper your new baby. Plus, all the information on where to buy these great items!

Top 5 Winter Boots for Infants
Babies that aren't walking yet can be a little tricky when it comes to buying winter boots. You don't really need a boot with a sturdy sole, and while a waterproof upper is nice, it's not crucial. But you want their feet to be toasty too. Here are my top picks for infant winter boots.

San Francisco Giants Baby Bib
Want to show your fan pride all the time? Grab a San Francisco Giants baby bib, perfect for catching food and drool!

Baseball Baby Clothes: San Francisco Giants
The 2012 World Series finds the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants matched up in a fight for the coveted title. If you're a fan of the Giants, you'll want your baby decked out for the game. Check out these awesome San Francisco Giants baby clothes, and get ready for the World Series.

San Francisco Giants Infant Replica Home Jersey by Majestic Athletic
This jersey is indeed a replica and looks just like what the

San Francisco Giants Newborn Creeper Set in Pink
This three-piece creeper set is perfect for the youngest fan.

San Francisco Giants Six-Piece Creeper Set
For the family that needs both a home and away set, this is six-piece creeper set is perfect!

San Francisco Giants Pinstripe Coverall
Let your baby look like an old-time player with this adorable pinstripe coverall.

San Francisco Giants Knit Hat by '47 Brand
Don't let cold weather stop you from showing your team spirit; this knit cap will keep your baby warm, regardless of the temperature.

San Francisco Giants Kids SkidDERS Footwear
If you have a baby that's walking, SkidDERS are a must; these San Francisco Giants branded pair is perfect for any small fan.

San Francisco Giants Infant and Baby Hoodie Sweatshirt
Hoodies are essential to baby wardrobes; they're the perfect weight for in-between seasons, for example, baseball season.

Albetta Wild West All in One
Albetta Wild West All in One. Baby Clothes. Page 2.

Appaman Steel Bolt Long Sleeve T-shirt
Appaman Steel Bolt Long Sleeve T-shirt. Page 6.

Applique Romper by Boden USA
Applique Romper by Boden USA. Baby Clothes. Page 9.

Baby Blue Eyes Long Sleeve Tshirt by Dream Ts
Baby Blue Eyes Long Sleeve Tshirt by Dream Ts. Page 8.

Frugi Cut4Cloth Pea Green Boat Long Sleeve Bodysuits
Frugi Cut4Cloth Pea Green Boat Long Sleeve Bodysuits. Page 4.

Fall Clothing Trends for Baby Boys: 2008
Fall Clothing Trends for Baby Boys: 2008

Baby Clothing Recalls: 3 Most Recent Infant and Baby Clothing Recalls
While this site keeps a running list of all baby clothing recalls, the top 3 list is updated each time a new infant or baby clothing recall is issued.

Buying Baby Swimsuits: What Should You Look For?
Many babies spend their summers running around naked as a Jaybird, but when it's time to hit the beach, it's often time to cover up—both for sun protection and because babies in suits are just so darn cute! But what should you look for when you buy a baby bathing suit?

Celebrity Baby Clothes Stores: Poppy Store in Santa Monica, CA
A celebrity baby clothes store owned by Jenny Belushi, wife of funny man Jim Belushi, carries items that are classic and sweet in styling. A limited selection of high-end designers line the racks of Poppy Store, which is frequented by Reese Witherspoon and Cindy Crawford.

Bamboo Baby Clothes
With organic baby clothes becoming all the rage, it's hard to tell what's worth buying and what's not. Bamboo is one of the best materials you can invest in when it comes to organic baby clothes.

Newborn Clothes You Can Skip
When you're shopping for newborn baby clothes it's easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. When you're a fist time parent, it's hard to know what's necessary and what's a waste of money for those first few weeks at home. Here are the items you can skip when purchasing newborn baby clothes.

Amber Hagen Motorcycle Hoodie
Amber Hagen Motorcycle Hoodie. Baby Clothes. Page 5.

Been Inside for 9 Months by Oh Baby London
Been Inside for 9 Months by Oh Baby London. Page 3.

Baby Jeans: Dogwood Vintage Denim Baby Jeans for Baby Boys
Baby Jeans: Dogwood Vintage Denim Baby Jeans for Baby Boys. Page 7.

Knuckleheads Tough Guy Zip Shirt
Knuckleheads Tough Guy Zip Shirt

Understanding Baby Clothes Sizes
You shop at the GAP where the term

Fitting Baby Clothes Correctly
Figuring out the proper baby size when buying baby clothes can be a bit tricky for new parents. And there always comes a point in time if you wonder whether or not that favorite outfit is simply too tight. Here's how you can tell if your baby's clothes are too tight.

Best Sunglasses for Your Baby
Whether it's summer or winter, baby sunglasses are a must-have. Since baby's eyes have less protective pigment than adult's, they absorb more ultraviolet radiation which is extremely harmful. Even if you and baby are spending most of your time in the shade, sunlight will reflect off almost any surface which can still expose your baby to harmful UV rays.

Baby Bodysuit Definition and Uses
Baby bodysuits are another piece of clothing typically found in a layette; they are also a great layering piece.

Tips to Organize Outgrown Baby Clothes
Outgrown baby clothes can quickly take over a baby closet; learn how to weed out the old and decide what to save, what to donate, and what to consign when it comes to baby clothes that no longer fit.

Top 6 Baby Boy Swimsuits of 2012
Summer is upon us and it's time to hit the beach! Here's my top picks in the category of baby boy swimwear for the summer of 2012.

Transitional Baby Shoes for Early Walkers
Soft soled baby shoes are excellent for developing baby feet. But sometimes, after they've learned to walk, it's difficult for a baby to make the transition from the soft soled shoes to a more supportive shoe. Luckily, there are several shoes on the market that provide the flexibility of a soft soled baby shoe but the support and protection of a more traditional shoe; here are two I highly recommend.

Online Baby Clothes Consignment Shopping With thredUP
thredUP recently changed its business model, and I'm happy to say it's for the better. This review of thredUp's new website and shopping method will have you on the road to online consignment shopping in no time at all!

Used Baby Clothes: HR4040 Will Affect Consignment Shops
In addition to affecting the small businesses that design their own handmade baby clothes, HR4040 will also affect consignment stores and thrift shops that sell used baby clothes.

Thrifty Thursday: Up & Up Unscented Laundry Detergent at Target
On a recent trip to Target, I hit up the laundry detergent aisle. My mission? Score one of my top 7 laundry detergents that I could use on everyone's laundry

Cleaning Leather Soft Soled Baby Shoes
Leather soft soled baby shoes are a staple in most baby clothes wardrobes, but they do get dirty; what's the best way to care for them?

Robeez Soft Sole Sand Suede Penny Loafer for Infant and Baby Boys
Robeez Soft Sole Sand Suede Penny Loafer for boys; say that three times fast. Cool and casual for the ‘little man’ who sacrifice style for comfort. Perfect for playtime or party time, this is one Robeez style you'll reach for again and again. Page 4.

Infant and Baby Pajamas: Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket
The right baby pajamas are important. The right fit can mean a good night's sleep and depending on the weight of the baby pajamas, you may be able to forgo a blanket, thus reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Halo SleepSack is a great alternative to a blanket.


Umbilical Cord: Best Style Baby Shirts for Umbilical Cord Care
The first few weeks you are home with your newborn baby, you'll be contending with his or her umbilical cord every time you dress them. So, what is the best style baby t-shirt for umbilical cords?

Are Flame Resistant Baby Pajamas Safe for Babies?
There has been controversy over whether or not flame resistant chemicals used to treat baby clothes are safe. While many baby pajamas are treated with these chemicals, you can find snug-fitting, all cotton baby pajamas which are not. But the question remains,

A Review of Dreft Laundry Detergent for Baby Clothes
You want to wash your baby's clothes in the very best detergent available, right? Based on straight advertising, you'd think that Dreft was the absolute best baby laundry detergent ever made, but is it really? Read on to learn more about this well-known baby detergent.

Winter Baby Clothes - Dressing a Baby for Cold Weather
With winter weather just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, it's time to start thinking about how to dress your baby for the change in temperature.

Baby Laundry: The Care of Your Baby Laundry
Baby laundry doesn't need to be a time-consuming task. With a few alterations to your routine, you can get your baby laundry done with the rest of the family clothing.

US, UK, and European Size Chart for Baby Shoes
Baby shoes are a favorite, and it's possible to buy shoes from all over the world. But to get the right size, you need to know the proper conversions.

Baby Clothes Size and Age Chart
If you're not sure what size to buy for baby clothes, take this baby clothes size and age chart to help guide your purchase.

Difference Between Baby Size 24 Months and a Toddler 2T
Ever been to the store and look at two identical outfits, one in baby size 24 months and the other a 2T? Find out the differences in these two baby sizes.

European Size Chart for Baby Clothes
European baby clothes are fun and funky - and many parents love to dress their babies in them. But because the sizing is based on height rather than weight and inches must be converted to centimeters, parents often get overwhelmed. Here's a european baby clothes size chart you can cut out and keep right in your wallet for easy reference.

Deciphering Baby Clothes Sizes: How to Read a Size Tag
It can be difficult to buy baby clothes in the right size — especially when every brand is different. And what happens when no age range is listed on the tag? Here's how to read a baby clothes sizing tag.

Top 5 Winter Baby Boots for Walkers
Cold weather, snow and slush call for baby boots that can keep little feet warm and dry. As a parent, I require good tread, durability and a boot that is easy for me to get on and off squirmy toes. Here's a round-up of this season's best baby boots, all which meet my discerning criteria.

Baby Gifts: Inexpensive Baby Gifts for Every Occasion
Inexpensive baby gifts are needed all year long. Whether you're looking to spend $15 or more than $100, there are a variety of baby clothes gifts that will be well received by the recipient and give you, as the gifter, great pleasure in purchasing them.

Top 5 Sandals for Baby Boys, Summer 2012
Summer calls for airy shoes and long days at the beach; lets take a look at the best summer sandals of 2012 for baby boys.

What Is Pima Cotton? (Aka Extra Long Staple)
Pima cotton is sometimes used in the highest quality baby clothes; what exactly is pima cotton and how is it different from traditional cotton?

Layette: What Is a Layette?
A baby layette is a set of essential pieces in a newborn baby wardrobe.

Guide to the U.S. CPSC Children's Sleepwear Regulations
Buying safe baby pajamas is an absolute must and the CPSC has done a lot to ensure that the pajamas on the market will keep your baby safe while they're snoozing. However, the law and the regulations can be confusing. Here's an easy-to-understand breakdown of the CPSC Children's Sleepwear Regulations.

Selling Used Baby Clothes on can be a big helper when it comes to selling used baby clothes on a free listing site, and it can be an easy way to generate a little extra money. Use what you make to buy new baby clothes for your ever-growing baby; I'll bet you can find some great deals on baby clothes on

Mothercare: A Review of the Online Baby Clothes Store
Mothercare is a baby clothes and products store with locations all across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Far East. For those of you that live in the United States, you can shop Mothercare by visiting

What Is a Baby Layette?
Definition of a baby layette. Baby Clothes.

Buying and Receiving Newborn Clothes - What to Expect
The first six weeks of a baby's life requires a few key pieces of newborn baby clothes. While it's tempting to buy everything piece of clothing you see and love, it's entirely unnecessary.

Newborn Baby Clothes - Things to Consider Before Buying
As a new parent, you're likely excited to start dressing up your baby in newborn baby clothes. However, newborns don't need a lot when it comes to clothing, and there are things you should consider before you go out on your shopping spree. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when shopping for newborn baby clothes.

Clothes to Keep Your Baby Warm All Winter Long
With cold weather right around the corner, you might be wondering what kinds of baby clothes you can use to keep your baby warm — both in and out of the house. Here's some suggestions to keep your baby cozy, all winter long.

UPF: What is UPF?
UPF is all the rage in baby clothes right now, but what exactly is it? Find out what UPF really means and how it affects your baby clothes.

Baby Sizes: When Height and Weight Don't Match Up in Baby Sizes
So you know that not all baby sizes are created equal. And when you shop, you do so based on height and weight rather than age, right? So what happens when your baby's weight equals one size and his length makes him a different size? Here's what you do when you have conflicting baby sizes on your hands.

Newborn Baby Mittens: What Are Newborn Baby Mittens
Newborn babies have paper-thin nails that, while soft and pliable, can easily scratch a baby's sensitive skin. Newborn baby mittens have become the answer for some.

Why Should I Buy Organic Baby Clothes?
As a new parent, you've heard a lot about organic baby clothes, but have you wondered what organic really means? And why you should buy organic clothes for your baby?

How Do I Measure My Baby's Foot for New Shoes?
Ever wonder what size shoe your baby should be wearing? Since they can't speak up and tell you what feels to tight or too lose, it's often hard to know if you're purchasing the right size.

What Types of Fabrics Are Used for Infant Clothes?
It seems that infant clothes are available in a variety of fabrics, from synthetic blends to organic. But when it comes to buying infant clothes, what do all those fabric blends mean?

What Size Should I Buy for a Newborn?
It's hard to determine what baby size to buy a newborn. Do you opt for newborn sizes? Or immediately jump to 0-3 months? Here's an easy way to decide what baby size to buy for your newborn.

Cheap Baby Clothes: Garanimals Are Durable, Functional Cheap Baby Clothes
Garanimals have been a staple in many baby closets for years and years. While these are considered

Celebrity Baby Clothes Stores: The Little Seed, Los Angeles
The Little Seed was co-founded by new mothers Soleil Moon Frye (yes, the former Punky Brewster for all of you that remember), Paige Goldberg Tolmach and Beth Birkett, with the goal of being a one-stop shop for parents seeking products from clothing to skincare to bedding to toys that are made with organic or eco-friendly materials – healthy for babies and healthy for the planet.

Used Baby Clothes: Hand Me Down Used Baby Clothes Save You Money
Used baby clothes, also known as

Baby Clothing Storage: How To Preserve Outfits Thru Baby Clothing Storage
Every baby has at least one special outfit that parents want to save; the key to keeping it free from discoloring is proper storage.

Designer Discount Baby Clothes: Browse eBay to Find Designer Discount Baby Clothes
Dressing your baby in designer duds doesn't come cheap. But with the power of the Internet and a website called eBay, it's easy to find designer baby clothes at a steep discount.

Designer Baby Clothes: Create Your Own
Designer baby clothes can be easily created by parents that know how to sew or crochet. a life-saver; not only can you save money, you don't have to be a slave to whatever designers say is fashionable this season. Your baby will have one-of-a-kind fashions on, every single day.Show your creative side and have a little fun designing your own baby clothing.

Do I Need to Buy Baby Leg Warmers?
We hear a lot about baby leg warmers. But what are they exactly? And, do you really need to buy them? Here's the scoop on baby leg warmers.

How Long Will My Newborn Wear Newborn-Sized Clothes?
Newborn baby clothes look so teeny tiny on the rack; how long will they really fit your baby? And are they worth buying? Find out here.

Blanket Sleeper: Definition of a Blanket Sleeper
A blanket sleeper is commonly worn by babies and toddlers.

Baby Stain: How To Remove a Blood Baby Stain
Blood can be a scary sight when it comes to a baby stain; but boo-boos are a fact of life, especially when babies are learning to stand and walk. And let's not forget the scraped knees of summer time. Here's a guide to getting out a blood baby stain.

Baby Clothing: Top 5 Baby Clothing Items Every New Parent Should Have
Unsure of what baby clothing to stock up on? This top 5 list tells you what baby clothing items are essential to have in the closet the day your newborn comes home.

Fleece Clothing: Can I Use Fleece Clothing for Baby, Even Though it's Synthetic?
Fleece clothing is abundant in the baby clothes market, but it's a synthetic fabric which should be avoided on baby clothes. But is it okay to break the

Snug Fitting Garment: What is a Snug Fitting Garment
Baby sleepwear that is not flame resistant is often labeled as

Baby Coverall: What to Look for When Buying a Baby Coverall
A baby coverall is simply a one-piece baby outfit. As a new parent, you will find these to be indispensable items in your baby's wardrobe. With that said, there are definitely a few features you should be on the lookout for when shopping for a baby coverall.

Organic Cotton vs. Conventional Cotton
Curious about the difference between organic cotton baby clothes and conventional cotton baby clothes? Let's take a look at what makes organic cotton different from the rest.

How Long Will My New Baby Wear Newborn Clothes?
Newborn baby clothes are often given as gifts, but it's hard to know how long they'll fit. How long will your baby wear them? What if your baby is large?

A baby bodysuit is probably the most common piece of clothing in any baby's wardrobe.

Winter Baby Clothes: Winter Emergencies Call for Winter Baby Clothes
An extra set of winter baby clothes is required when you're traveling by car in inclement weather; be prepared with all the essentials, plus a few pieces of clothing you might not have thought of.

Baby Shoes: 6 Steps to Buying the First Pair of Baby Shoes
So your baby is walking and ready for his first pair of baby shoes - now what? Here's 6 steps to follow when you buy that first pair of baby shoes.

Travel with Baby: Cold Weather Baby Clothes to Pack for Car Travel with Baby
When you travel with baby in the cold weather months, there are certain baby clothes you should have packed in the car.

Used Baby Clothes - Shopping for Used Baby Clothes
We all know babies grow faster than you can say

Cheap Baby Clothes: Host a Baby Clothes Swap Party to Score Cheap Baby Clothes
There are times when you want your baby dressed up and there are other times that it just doesn't matter - which is why you seek out cheap baby clothes for playtime. There's no shame in it and in fact, it's really smart. Hosting a baby clothes swap party is one of the best - and easiest - ways to score cheap (and usually free) baby clothes.

Auction Sites and Used Baby Clothes: Selling Used Baby Clothes on eBay
eBay can be one of the best places to score a deal on used baby clothes - it can also be one of the best places to make a little cash on clothes your babe has outgrown. Here's what you need to know about selling used baby clothes on eBay.

Baby Outerwear: Before you buy Baby Outerwear
Before you buy baby outwear this season, it's important to know what you should be looking for. While a baby that is walking may need a snowsuit, a baby that is crawling needs little more than a bunting. Find out what the right baby outerwear is for your baby this winter season.

Baby Clothes: How to Avoid Having Too Many Baby Clothes
Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned veteran, it's easy to get stuck with too many baby clothes. From hand-me-downs and clearance sales to gifts and impulse purchases, baby clothes add up fast in terms of both volume and money. Avoid getting bogged down with too many baby clothes and find out what to do if you already have an overabundance.

Used Baby Clothes: How to Consign Used Baby Clothes
While used baby clothes might be cluttering your closet, if you take the time to go through them, they might just score you some cold hard cash. Learn what you need to do to prepare your baby's outgrown clothes for consignment sale.

Couture: Shop Sandbox Couture for Baby Couture
Sandbox Couture is an online designer baby clothes boutique that provides high-end couture for babies and children, including designer baby clothes, designer childrens clothing and clothing accessories for babies and children. Celebrity babies are often seen in couture from this popular online store.

Does My Baby Need Sunglasses in the Winter?
It can be tempting to put away the baby sunglasses once summer is over, but the sun is still bright, particularly during the winter. So does your baby still need sunglasses in the winter months?

Five Tips for Dressing Your Newborn Baby
It has been said by many experienced parents that dressing a newborn baby is a lot like trying to dress a wet noodle. Here's 5 tips for dressing your baby.

How Many Clothes Does a New Baby Really Need?
As a first-time parent, it can be hard to know just how many baby clothes you really need. Here's the quick answer.

Cheap Baby Clothes: Shop for Cheap Baby Clothes is a great site where you can find cheap - as in FREE! - baby clothes! Who doesn't love free?

Top 5 Questions About Babies and Shoes
From the moment babies are born, most moms can't wait to put adorable booties and shoes on them. But when is it really appropriate to put shoes on your baby? That's just one of the many questions answered here.

Baby Sleepwear: What to Look for When Buying Baby Sleepwear
Baby sleepwear is an essential part of any baby wardrobe. While it may seem simple to choose some pajamas, there are some very specific things you should keep in mind when buying.

Baby Stain: How To Remove Calamine Lotion Baby Stain
A calamine lotion baby stain can be tricky to get out of baby clothes, but from bug bites to poison ivy, calamine lotion is a must for summer. Therefore, it's a must to know how to remove this baby stain.

Baby Sunglasses: What to Look for When Buying Baby Sunglasses
We all know that baby eyes are sensitive - in fact, more so than adult's. To keep those eyes protected, baby sunglasses are a must-have all year long. But do you know what to look for when you're shopping for baby sunglasses? Find out here.

The Difference Between Waterproof and Water Resistant Baby Boots
When you're out buying winter boots for your baby, you want to make sure you're purchasing boots that will keep their feet not only warm but also dry. And in your shopping, you may see boots marked waterproof and water resistant — but what's the difference?

Flame Resistant: What is Flame Resistant Fabric
Ever wonder what it means when your baby sleepwear says

Organic Cotton: Baby Clothes Made with Organic Cotton are Great for Babies Skin
Organic cotton is, like all other organic fibers, grown without the use of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Farmers that grow organic cotton use crop rotation as an alternative to agrochemicals and artificial fertilizers.

Why Gender Neutral Baby Clothes Are a Great Investment
When you're buying a baby gift for a couple that has chosen to keep the sex of their baby a surprise, it can be difficult to know what color or style of baby clothes to buy. And while some might view gender neutral clothes as

Cheap Newborn Clothes: Where Can I Find Cheap Newborn Clothes
If your budget is tight, you might be wondering where to find cheap baby clothes. Or, maybe you just don't want to spend a bundle on baby clothes that will be outgrown in a matter of weeks. Learn where to find cheap newborn clothes.

5 Tips for Buying Comfortable Infant Clothing
When you're purchasing infant clothing, there are 5 things you should be aware of and try to avoid at all costs. Do you know the 5 things to avoid when buying infant clothing?

What is Hemp? Do They Make Organic Baby Clothes with Hemp?
Hemp is just one more organic fiber that is used in the making of organic baby clothing.

Pillowcase Dress: Handmade Pillowcase Dress
This pillowcase dress by Etsy seller

Packing Baby Clothes for a Trip with Your Baby
When you travel with your baby for a weekend, it can be hard to know what to pack. You want to pack enough clothing, but not be so overloaded that the baby's suitcase becomes a burden. Here are the baby clothes you'll need to get through the weekend when you travel with baby.

Travel with Baby: Warm Weather Clothes to Pack for Car Travel with Baby
The hot summer months are one of the most frequent times to travel with baby - whether to visit family and friends or just for a vacation. But large volumes of traffic and potential road-side breakdowns in the steamy weather can make for an uncomfortable ride for your baby. Know what baby clothes you need to have in the car to keep your baby comfortable.

Bag Sleeper: A Type of Infant and Baby Sleepwear
A bag sleeper is one of many options you have when it comes to choosing infant and baby sleepwear. Favored by many parents, it is roomy and makes midnight diaper changes more bearable thanks to its unique design.

Do Babies Need to be Barefoot When They Learn to Walk?
This reader wants to know if she should let her baby learn to walk barefoot or if it's okay to put her baby in shoes to protect her little feet.

Cheap Baby Clothes: An Archive of Thrifty Thursday Tips
Every Thursday, the Parenting Channel participates in

Baby Layette: How Many Items do I Need in my Baby Layette?
Before babies are born, you hear a lot about the baby layette. But do you really need it? And, if you do, how much of it do you really need? And when?

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby's First Shoes
So you think it might be time to buy your baby his first pair of shoes? Take a look at these frequently asked questions bout buying baby shoes.

Top Baby Gifts: 5 Top Baby Gifts Under $10
It seems there's always baby gifts to buy. And while you may want to splurge on some, there are other times that you need to be more budget conscious. These 5 top baby gifts under $10 will fill this niche without breaking your budget.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards: Top 5 Nominees for Best Tutus
There were plenty of nominations for the title of Best Tutus in this years' Readers' Choice Awards. But only five could be finalists and it's a great mix of companies that all have different styles of tutus to offer. Let's learn more about each of the finalists.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Best Celebrity-Designed Baby Clothes Line Finalists
Celebrity-designed baby clothes continue to pop up as fast as celebrity pregnancies. The lure of having your baby dressed like a celebrity baby is often too much ... especially when the lines are so affordable. These brands were nominated as finalists in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards category of Best Celebrity-Designed Baby Clothes Line.

The Most Important Aspect of Baby's First Shoes
This reader is overwhelmed by the prospect of buying baby shoes and wants to know the bottom line on what is the single most important feature in new baby shoes?

What to do with Used Baby Clothes: 6 Things You Can do with Used Baby Clothes
A reader recently emailed, mentioning that she has become overrun with outgrown baby clothes from her twins. With limited time on her hands, she asked me for a quick list of things she can do with her used baby clothes.

Baby Sandals: Top 4 Baby Sandals for Summer
No summer outfit is complete without a pair of comfortable baby sandals. From rugged to casual, we've got baby sandals for every summer occasion.

Baby Easter Dresses: 4 Cute Baby Easter Dresses for Baby Girls, Spring 2010
Easter is right around the corner and baby Easter dresses abound! Choose from one of these 4 adorable looks for your baby girl.

Christmas Baby Clothes: Infant and Baby Girls Christmas Baby Clothes Outfits
'Tis the season to get dressy and it's time for Christmas baby clothes! I've picked my 5 favorite holiday looks for baby girls, as well as 5 pairs of baby shoes to go along with them. You can mix and match, or buy them just as I've picked them out. Either way, you'll have a great Christmas baby clothes for every party this season.

Designer Baby Clothes: 5 Designer Baby Clothes for Your Child
Designer baby clothes are all the rage. Look at any tabloid and you'll see celebrity babies decked out in the same labels their parents wear. Here's a list of 5 designer baby clothes that are hot with celebrity babies right now.

Review of Potty Patty and Potty Scotty Training Underwear
Some babies potty train early, that's just a fact of life. The problem is, not many brands of potty training underwear offer both the protection your baby will need as well as the smaller size that a baby requires. The Potty Patty and Potty Scotty training underwear, particularly in the XS sizing, is a great option for parents that need smaller potty training underwear.

Baby Brand Profiles: All About Stride Rite
Stride Rite has been a trusted brand since 1919 — nearly 100 years! Learn more about this brand, why it's great for babies and new walkers, and why you should trust your baby's feet to Stride Rite.

The Sizing of Stride Rite Baby Shoes
Stride Rite makes it easy to find the right sized baby shoe. By breaking their product down by age and then further by stage, the company does all that it can to ensure a proper fit. Page 2.

Stride Rite's Brands
Since its inception as a two-person operation, Stride Rite has grown to become a household name that supports several brands beyond the flagship namesake. Page 3.

Handmade Baby Clothes: Will Handmade Baby Clothes Become Illegal to Sell?
Handmade baby clothes are one of life's little luxuries. Unique in their styling, your purchase also supports the local economy and small scale designers. However, HR4040, a recent bill passed by Congress, could make these items illegal to sell in the United States.

Baby Costumes: Kitty Cat Baby Costumes
Baby Costumes: Kitty Cat Baby Costumes. Page 9.

Baby Costumes: Princess Baby Costumes
Baby Costumes: Princess Baby Costumes. Page 6.

Robeez Lil' Horses Soft Sole Shoe for Infant and Baby Boys
Robeez brings a bit of the wild west right to your little cowboy's feet. A pair of tan suede colts play have light brown leather manes and tails. A tan suede ankle band keeps him riding in comfort and style. Page 7.

Robeez Tredz Sporty Z-Strap Shoes for Infant and Baby Boys
Robeez Tredz are great for little ones that are just beginning to walk. This sporty styled z-strap shoe is great for active little boys. The classic elasticized back keeps shoes on, even when he's running. Racy red accents on this navy pair of Tredz make for a handsome looking athletic shoe for the baby boy. Page 2.

Robeez Tredz Monsters with Hook and Loop Closure for Infant and Baby Boys
For those babies that are walking, Robeez gave them their very own Monster shoe with hook and loop closure, and very grown-up looking mock laces. Mischief is often a middle name once a baby starts walking, and these Monster Tredz will help your guy scare up action wherever he ventures. Olive and turquoise googly-eyed monsters are set against a navy and ocean blue background. Page 8.

Baby GAP: Girls Sandals from Baby GAP
Dress these little girl's sandals from Baby GAP up or down, depending on the occasion. Great with a dress or shorts, you'll find yourself grabbing these strappy gold baby girl's sandals nearly every single day. Page 2.

Salt-Water Sandals: Great Summer Salt-Water Sandals for Baby Girls
The Original Salt-Water Sandals have been around forever - you may have even worn them as a kid. Good news is, they're still just as cute.. Page 4.

Organic Baby Clothes - Benefits of Organic Cotton in Baby Clothes
We all hear about how great organic baby clothes are, but do you ever wonder why they get such high ranks? Read this article before you buy organic baby clothes to get the scoop on this new trend.

Robeez Soft Sole Funky Monsters for Infant and Baby Boys
A pair of bubbly monsters make wild companions for your little creature. Featuring bold lime bellies, ocean blue and orange bodies, a lime ankle band and stitched bubbles.

Baby Costumes: Vampire Baby Costumes
Baby Costumes: Logan in Count Cutie Baby Costumes

European Size Chart for Baby Clothes
European baby clothes are fun and funky - and many parents love to dress their babies in them. But because the sizing is based on height rather than weight and inches must be converted to centimeters, parents often get overwhelmed. Here's a european baby clothes size chart you can cut out and keep right in your wallet for easy reference.

Cheap Baby Clothes: Sales for Week of April 5, 2009 Create Abundance of Cheap Baby Clothes
A listing of the top sales and cheap baby clothes for the week of April 5, 2009.

2009 Baby Clothes of the Day
Shining the spotlight on a special piece of baby clothes five days a week. Whether it's designer, one-of-a-kind, a major sale or a basic that you just can't live without, we'll bring you the best of the best in Baby Clothes of the Day.

August 2009 Baby Clothes of the Day
Shining the spotlight on a special piece of baby clothes five days a week. Whether it's designer, one-of-a-kind, a major sale or a basic that you just can't live without, we'll bring you the best of the best in Baby Clothes of the Day.

July 2009 Baby Clothes of the Day
Shining the spotlight on a special piece of baby clothes five days a week. Whether it's designer, one-of-a-kind, a major sale or a basic that you just can't live without, we'll bring you the best of the best in Baby Clothes of the Day.

November 2009 Baby Clothes of the Day
Shining the spotlight on a special piece of baby clothes five days a week. Whether it's designer, one-of-a-kind, a major sale or a basic that you just can't live without, we'll bring you the best of the best in Baby Clothes of the Day.

September 2009 Baby Clothes of the Day
Shining the spotlight on a special piece of baby clothes five days a week. Whether it's designer, one-of-a-kind, a major sale or a basic that you just can't live without, we'll bring you the best of the best in Baby Clothes of the Day.

Baby Clothes Weekly Sales: August 1st, 2008
The best baby clothes sales across the Internet for the week ending August 1, 2008.

Baby Clothes Sales: Aug 22, 2008
Baby clothes sales for the week ending August 22, 2008. This week, we have sales from lots of niche baby clothing boutiques, as well as a shoe store.

Cheap Baby Clothes: Deal of the Day Highlights Cheap Baby Clothes
If you're always looking for the best deal on baby clothes, look no further. Five days a week, we'll highlight one exceptional deal on baby clothes.

Baby Clothes: Hot vs. Hype
Hot baby clothes trends you have to have vs. baby clothes trends you can skip.