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Cloth Diapering Glossary - Cloth Diaper Terms
Cloth diapering can be confusing for new parents, with so many terms to understand. This cloth diapering glossary will help you speak the cloth diaper language in a hurry.

Baby Feeding & High Chairs
From baby bottles to baby food and high chairs to boosters, babies sure grow up fast! Learn how to make your own baby food, how to pick the perfect high chair and how to make feeding your baby a success.

Recalls & Baby Safety
It's a dangerous world for babies and toddlers. Learn about baby safety products, baby proofing and toy and clothing recalls.

Drop-Side Cribs - What Are The Safety Problems?
Drop-side cribs are one of the most popular crib designs, but drop-side cribs may become a thing of the past now that government agencies have banned them. Learn about the potential safety issues with drop-side cribs and find alternatives so your baby can have a safe and comfy sleep space.

Cloth Diaper Care & Accessories Glossary
Need to know about cloth diaper lingo? These common terms are related to cloth diaper care and accessories.

Car Seat Parts & Pieces
These glossary entries cover the parts of various car seats.

Pura Naturals Baby Soap Sponges Review
Pura Naturals Baby Soap Infused Sponges let you bathe your baby with all-natural ingredients. Are you ready to ditch the baby washcloth? Learn more in my Pura Naturals Baby Soap Sponge review.

Summer Infant Pop 'N Play Portable Play Yard Review
Need a play yard that can go anywhere with you and baby? The Pop 'N Play Portable Playard from Summer Infant is lightweight, water-resistant, and very convenient to use. Learn more in my Pop 'N Play play yard review!

Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Jumper Review
So much fun in a small space! This stationary jumper has cute toys, lights and music, and loads of bounce for baby. Learn about the pros and cons in my Evenflo Exersaucer Jump & Learn review.

Oball Obounce Activity Center Review
If you love the sensory experience of the Oball, you'll love the Obounce activity center for your baby. This cool stationary entertainer provides lights, sounds, and plenty of Oball squishiness.

High Chair Safety Tips
High chairs are convenient to use with your baby, but they could also be dangerous. Data from a recent high chair injury study gives us some handy high chair safety tips. Readers' Choice Awards for Baby Products
This is where you'll find everything you need to know about the Baby Products categories for the Readers' Choice Awards. Nominate, check out finalists, cast your vote, and see who wins!

Baby Clothes - FAQ About Baby Clothes
It's easier to buy baby clothes if you understand some of the common terms used for baby clothes. Here are some basic questions and answers about clothes for babies.

Babywearing Glossary - Common Babywearing Terms
Babywearing communities often use terms that may not be familiar to new parents. This babywearing glossary explains some of the most common babywearing terms and holds.

State Car Seat Laws - Baby Car Seat Laws - Child Safety Seat and Seatbelt Laws By State
Keep your child safe in a crash and your wallet safe from tickets by following your state's car seat laws. Find out how long your state child safety seat laws require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seatbelt.

Baby Books & Videos
Baby books and videos stimulate learning through fun! Read reviews of books and videos for babies and toddlers, and find my favorite picks for these ages, too.

Best Toddler Products
Looking for the best toddler toys and gifts? These toddler products are just right for kids from age one to four!

Legality of Selling Recalled Baby Products Under CPSIA
When the U.S. government passed the product safety act known as CPSIA, it became illegal to sell recalled products. If you're selling your baby's used gear, here's what you need to know.

What Do Infant Car Seat Crash Tests Mean for Your Baby?
You may have seen infant car seat crash test videos on the news lately where the infant car seats flew off their bases. What do these infant car seat crash test results mean for your baby? Should you replace your infant car seat? Learn more about infant car seat crash tests from a certified child passenger safety technician.

Improving Infant Car Seat Safety - How Can We Improve Infant Car Seat Safety?
NCAP crash tests showed that some infant car seats may not perform well under some conditions. What should you do? Learn how you can improve infant car seat safety and learn from the NCAP crash tests. Page 2.

Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers
Lots of parents are looking for wood toys this year, thanks to the number of plastic toy recalls. These companies all have high-quality wood toys are appropriate for babies and toddlers.

Belly Armor Radiation Shield Baby Blanket Review
This Belly Armor blanket review covers the pros and cons of the only blanket designed to block everyday radiation to protect you and your baby.

Baby Gifts for New and Expecting Parents
These useful and unique baby gifts are sure to be appreciated by new and expecting parents. From bibs and burp cloths to baby gear storage solutions, all of these baby products make great baby gifts. Many of these gifts cost less than $25, too, so you get lots of bang for your gift-giving buck.

Top Organic Baby Products and Gifts
Many parents today choose to use organic products for their baby. Finding great organic baby products and clothes can be a challenge, though. Here are ten high-quality organic baby products that would also make wonderful baby gifts for parents who prefer organic products for their baby.

What Is CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)?
CPSIA is a U.S. federal act designed to improve the safety of products intended for kids under age 12. Learn about CPSIA and what it means for businesses and consumers here.

Top 6 All-In-One Car Seats for Baby and Toddler
These all-in-one and 3-in-1 car seats are the best available, and can replace the need to buy a separate infant seat, convertible seat, and booster.

How Long Should My Baby Be in a Rear-Facing Car Seat?
Learn why a rear-facing car seat is safest for babies and toddlers, and why you should keep baby rear-facing for much longer than one year.

How to Choose Winter Coats and Snowsuits for Baby
Here's how to choose the perfect warm, safe winter coat or snowsuit for your baby.

Infant Sleep Positioners - A Safety Warning
Infant sleep positioners might seem like a good idea for keeping baby on his or her back during sleep, but they may actually be dangerous.

Can I Use LATCH and a Seat Belt to Install a Car Seat?
Many parents install car seats with both a vehicle seat belt and the LATCH system. Is using two car seat installation systems twice as safe?

Current Baby Products Recalls Listing
Keep your baby safe and healthy by checking regularly for recalls on the baby products you own. This baby products recall list is updated several times each month to bring you the most current safety information to protect your baby!

Current Car Seat Recalls
Sometimes companies must recall car seats to better protect your baby on the road. Find out about any new recalls that might apply to your baby's car seat here.

Baby Food Recalls and Safety Alerts
Occasionally a baby food or formula recall is necessary, though these types of recalls are rare.

Are Crib Bumper Pads Safe?
Traditional baby bedding sets often include a crib bumper pad, but experts say crib bumper pads are dangerous and should not be used.

Tommee Tippee Trainer Sippee Cups Review
Learn the pros and cons of these sippy cups, and get details on mold concerns, in my Tommee Tippee Sippee Cup review.

Baby - Newborn - Infant - Toddler - Definitions
What's the difference between a baby and an infant? Learn which ages are used for the terms baby, newborn, infant and toddler at About Baby Products.

Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor Review
The Safety 1st Glow & Go baby monitor is a basic analog baby monitor that can be found in many stores at a reasonable price. Is this baby monitor worth buying? Learn more in this Safety 1st Glow & Go Baby Monitor review.

Britax Blink Stroller Review
The Britax Blink umbrella-style stroller has a basket, sunshade, and recline, plus a sturdy frame, all in a compact, lightweight package.

Fisher Price 900 mHz Long Distance Baby Monitor Review
The Fisher Price 900 mHz Long Distance Baby Monitor is no longer available. Check out my review for similar monitor suggestions.

Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat
The Chicco NextFit is one of the best convertible car seats available. Learn why it's on my list of recommended car seats!

Graco MySize 65 Convertible Car Seat
Graco MySize 65 is one of the best car seats on the market today. Check out the features of this great convertible seat.

Evenflo Symphony DLX Convertible Car Seat
The Evenflo Symphony convertible car seat is among my top picks for good reason. It's a fantastic car seat for a nice price.

Cosco Scenera Next Convertible Car Seat
Looking for a great convertible car seat at a low price? See why the Cosco Scenera Next is on my list of best convertible seats!

Diono Radian R100 Convertible Car Seat
Is space an issue in your car? The Diono Radian R100 convertible car seat has a narrow footprint that may make it ideal for fitting in tight spaces.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat
There's never been a car seat easier to install with a seat belt than this Britax Boulevard ClickTight seat. Check it out on my list of the best convertible car seats.

Best Convertible Car Seats for Baby
These are some of the best convertible car seats available, to give your baby a safe and comfortable ride.

Sunsafe Baby Swimsuits Review
Keeping baby safe from sunburns is easy with a full coverage swimsuit. This brand is no longer available, but I have suggestions for others to try!

Is the Kitchen Sink Clean Enough for Baby's Bath?
Do you bathe baby in the kitchen sink, or think it's not clean enough for your baby? Here are some options to try so baby and sink stay squeaky clean.

8 Great Feeding Accessories for Toddlers
Add fun and reduce mess from toddler mealtime with these cool feeding accessories. Utensils, plates, bibs and more that are all easy to use and clean.

Graco ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat Review
The Graco ComfortSport convertible car seat has drawbacks that may not make it worth the cost. Learn the pros and cons in my ComfortSport review.

4 Comfortable & Supportive Maternity Compression Socks
If you have swollen ankles and achy legs during or after pregnancy, maternity compression socks might be helpful. Here are four brands to try!

Safety 1st Grow and Go Air 3-in-1 Car Seat Review
In this Safety 1st Grow and Go Air car seat review, you'll learn how well the 3-in-1 car seat performs in all modes.

BuggyGuard Stroller Lock Review
Since strollers cost most than ever, it's more important than ever to protect your investment. This BuggyGuard stroller lock review can help!

The Best Umbrella Strollers for Baby
Sometimes a fancy stroller isn't necessary. An umbrella stroller is simple but effective, and these umbrella strollers are the best available.

Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Baby Monitor Review
This baby monitor can be worn right on your wrist! Check out the pros and cons in my Summer Infant Babble Band review.

Lascal KiddyGuard Avant Gate Review
This baby gate is sleek and effective, with a lot of cool features! Learn more in my Lascal Kiddyguard Avant Gate review.

Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump Review
This double pump has the popular petal inserts from the manual Avent model. Is it as good? Learn more in my Avent double electric breast pump review.

Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier Review
The Tula baby carrier is an extremely popular soft structured carrier. Learn the pros and cons in this Tula baby carrier review!

How To Choose and Store Powdered Baby Formula
Powdered baby formula is a convenient way to feed your baby if you're not able to breastfeed. Here's how to choose and store powdered baby formula.

Used Baby Cribs - Should You Buy One?
Buying a used baby crib could help you save some money on baby's nursery. To make sure a used baby crib is safe, though, follow these guidelines.

Baby K'Tan Carrier Review
The Baby K'Tan carrier is a wrap style carrier that requires no wrapping. Learn the pros and cons in my Baby K'Tan baby carrier review.

ItzBeen Baby Care Timer - Review of Itzbeen Baby Care Timer
The ItzBeen timer, or Pocket Nanny, keeps track of baby care info in the first weeks of parenthood. Learn more in this ItzBeen baby care timer review.

CPSIA and Handmade Baby Products
Learn why many small toy and baby products businesses sought changes and exemptions to CPSIA for handmade and natural baby products.

Stroller Safety Tips to Keep Baby Safe
Stroller safety seems simple, yet kids still get hurt every year while riding in strollers. These stroller safety tips can help prevent injuries.

My Baby Nest Baby Carrier Review
My Baby Nest Carrier is a wrap-style baby carrier that you don't actually have to wrap. Learn more in this My Baby Nest baby carrier review.

Snuggie for Kids in Car Seats
Snuggie for Kids makes an excellent car seat blanket that stays in place while keeping a child warm.

7 Convenient Stroller Organizers
If your stroller lacks storage options, a stroller organizer can offer a handy place to stash your stuff. Check out seven awesome storage additions for your stroller.

Infantino Squeeze Station Review
This Infantino Squeeze Station review has all of the details you need about a handy gadget for filling baby food pouches.

What is a Baby Blanket Sleeper?
If you want your baby to stay warm at night, consider purchasing baby sleepers. Find out what baby sleepers and blanket sleepers are, and whether or not you need one.

TaylorMade Baby Slings Review
These unpadded ring slings by TaylorMade are convenient to stash in a diaper bag and come in gorgeous fabrics and colors.

Choose the Perfect Play Gym for Baby
A play gym offers baby a fun place to relax and play. Learn how to choose a play gym that is safe and fun for your little one.

What Is A Stroller Frame?
Stroller frames are a lightweight option for carrying an infant car seat. Get the scoop on stroller frames and why you may want one.

What is an Umbrella Stroller?
Not sure what an umbrella stroller is? If you're a parent or might be one soon, you need to know about these lightweight, versatile baby strollers.

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Bubblebum Booster Review
The Bubblebum is an inflatable booster seat for children ages 4 to 11. Learn more about this cool new car seat in my Bubblebum booster review.

Chicco Polly Magic High Chair Review
The Polly Magic is an updated version of a perennial parent favorite. Check out the details in this Chicco Polly Magic high chair review.

Chicco Polly Highchair Review
The Chicco Polly is an attractive, sturdy and popular choice. Learn the pros and cons in this Chicco Polly high chair review.

Should Your Toddler Use Disposable Potty Training Pants?
Learn about the pro and cons of disposable training pants to prep you for potty training your toddler.

Britax Regent Car Seat Review
The Britax Regent is a discontinued model that had a high harness weight and tall shell. Learn more about the Britax Regent in this car seat review.

Drop-Side Cribs - What Is A Drop-Side Crib?
Drop-side cribs are convenient and popular, but modern crib safety standards may make them a thing of the past. Learn about drop-side cribs and why they're popular, as well as what safety issues they present.

Boogie Wipes Review - Do Boogie Wipes Work?
Boogie Wipes are saline nose wipes for baby and toddler noses that are made to be more gentle. Do they work? Find out in this Boogie Wipes review.

Fisher Price Safe Voyage Convertible Car Seat Review
The Fisher Price Safe Voyage convertible car seat is discontinued. This is a past review of the car seat from a child passenger safety technician.

How to Choose the Best Bottle Warmer for Your Baby
A bottle warmer is one convenience product that might be worth buying. Here's how to choose a bottle warmer that works for you and your baby.

SnapPower Guidelights Night Light Review
Are these the perfect baby and toddler night lights? My SnapPower Guidelight review has the scoop on these unique outlet plate LED night lights.

Cozywoggle Car Seat Coat Review
The Cozywoggle coat is a clever way to keep your toddler very warm in the car seat without interfering with the safety of the car seat harness.

Essential Products for Stuffy Baby Noses
Be prepared for this winter's baby sniffles, snot, and congestion with these five excellent products for stuffy baby noses.

Summer Infant SharpSight HD Video Baby Monitor Review
This review of the Summer Infant Sharp Sight HD video baby monitor includes pros, cons, and how the range compares to what's stated on the package.

Choosing a Safe and Comfortable Baby Bath Seat
Bath time with baby can be pretty wiggly. A bath seat could give a helping hand, but there are some safety issues you must take into account.

Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket Review
Munchkin's new deluxe dishwasher basket makes cleaning bottles and accessories so easy. This sturdy dishwasher basket is one of the best available today.

Bumbleride Flite Stroller Review
The Bumbleride Flite stroller is a lightweight stroller with a sturdy frame and lots of style. Learn more in my Bumbleride Flite review.

2015 Holiday Baby Gift Guide
This 2015 holiday baby gift guide will help you find the best toys and holiday gifts for babies and toddlers, from trends to classic toys.

Top 5 Safe Sleep Products for Baby
Many safe sleep products aren't necessary for your baby. These 5 products may help baby get a good night's rest without compromising safe sleep.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Review
The Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin uses baking soda to neutralize diaper odors. Does it work? Learn more in this Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin Review.

Saving Money On Baby's Nursery - Budget Baby Nursery
Saving money on baby's nursery has never been easier! These tips will help you create a budget baby nursery without sacrificing comfort or style.

Baby Products for Infants 3-12 Months
Buying baby products for infants aged 3 months to one year is lots of fun. Babies in this age range are learning new skills, learning to eat new foods and maybe even learning to walk. Here are the things you may need to buy in your baby's first year.

Baby Products for Newborns (Breast Pumps to Car Seats)
If you're expecting a baby or have a newborn younger than three months, these articles will help you identify the products you may need or want to make your life with a newborn baby as easy and fun as possible.

Super Undies Hybrid Cloth Potty Training Pants Review
Looking for cloth potty training pants? My Super Undies Hybrid review has details about this fantastic reusable option.

My Carry Potty Review
My Carry Potty is a portable, convenient addition to potty training. Learn all about this fun travel potty in My Carry Potty review.

The 5 Best Baby Spa Tubs
Treat baby to a spa day with a luxurious bath tub. These baby spa tubs create a relaxing, soothing oasis for your baby's bath time.

4Moms BounceRoo Review
The 4Moms BounceRoo is a baby bouncer with upscale features and looks. Learn all about the evolution of bounce in my 4Moms BounceRoo review.

Baby Plus Prenatal Education System Review
Baby Plus Prenatal Education System is supposed to help your unborn baby learn. Does it work? Take a look at this Baby Plus review.

Baby Monitor Cord Safety Tips - Baby Monitor Cords Can Cause Strangulation
Did you know that baby monitor cords could be a danger lurking in your home? These baby monitor cord safety tips will help you keep your baby safe.

Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack Review
Need a durable, convenient diaper bag? Learn all about a great option in my Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack review.

Baby Travel Systems Buying Guide
Many parents-to-be purchase a baby travel system. This handy buying guide will help you determine which travel systems might be right for your baby.

What is a Locking Clip? Car Seat Locking Clips
A locking clip may be needed to install your child's car seat properly. What does a seat belt locking clip do?

What Is a Low-Back Booster Seat? Backless Booster Car Seat
Learn about low-back booster seats and when you should use one for your child. Does your child need a backless booster seat?

Bear Hands Mittens Review - Bear Paw Gloves for Babies & Toddlers
These adorable Bear Hands mittens keep baby and toddler hands warm and stylish. The bear paw gloves shape and grip texture provide a great fit, too!

How to Wash Baby Clothes - Baby Stain Removal and Clothing Care
Learn how to wash baby clothes and keep tiny outfits looking great with these simple laundry tricks, including parent-tested baby stain remover options.

Munchkin Deluxe High-Speed Bottle Warmer Review
This bottle warmer promises to have baby's bottle at the perfect temperature in less than 2 minutes. Does it work? Learn more in this Munchkin Deluxe High-Speed bottle warmer review!

Ikea Sniglar Crib
Ikea's Sniglar crib is the cheapest full-size crib available. Is it worth the low, low price?

Ikea Sundvik Crib
The Ikea Sundvik crib is a stylish choice at a budget price.

Delta Waves Crib
Delta Waves crib comes in cool colors and has a simple, modern design.

Fisher Price Providence Crib
An antique look makes this crib look like a family heirloom. Loads of style for just $130!

StorkCraft Sheffield Crib
Clean lines and simple solid finishes make the Sheffield crib from Storkcraft a nice choice if you're on a budget.

StorkCraft Hampton Crib
The Storkcraft Hampton crib has pretty, curved edges and converts for your toddler. Best of all, it costs about $120.

Baby Mod Bella Crib
The Baby Mod Bella crib is made by a company that also makes higher end cribs. Is their budget line up to par?

Delta Capri Crib
The Delta Capri crib is sturdy and sleek at $130. The modern solid black finish is particularly nice in this price range.

Mamas & Papas Sola Stroller Review
Need a zippy, good-looking stroller to whisk baby through city streets? The Mamas & Papas Sola could be the stroller for you! Check out the good and not-as-good features in my Sola stroller review

Monkeydoos: Gallop, Hop & Stomp Kids Fitness Video
Get your baby or toddler moving with a Monkeydoos kids fitness video! Monkeydoos are so much fun, your toddler won't even realize it's a baby exercise video. Learn more about this unique video for babies and kids in a review from your Baby Products Guide.

Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System Review
Looking for a full-size travel system that can also be used as a stroller frame? Learn all about the Graco Modes travel system in this review!

Exersaucer Triple Fun Review
Need a play saucer for baby that won't be outgrown as soon as you buy it? Check out my Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun review to learn why you'll love this baby activity station.

Fisher-Price Papasan Chair for Babies - Review
The comfort of grown-up papasan chairs has been scaled down to infant size with this Baby Papasan from Fisher-Price. Is this bouncy chair alternative worth the extra cost? Find out in this review of the Fisher Price Baby Papasan from your Guide to Baby Products, Heather Corley.

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review
This stroller may go down in history as one of the best lightweight strollers ever made. Learn why it's so great in my Baby Jogger City Mini review!

Top Ten Fisher Price Little People Toy Sets
Fisher Price Little People toys have been entertaining babies and toddlers for generations. If you're looking for the perfect baby gift, check out the top ten Fisher Price Little People toy sets for a sure-fire hit with any baby or toddler.

Best Alphabet Learning Videos for Babies & Toddlers
Help your child learn the ABCs with a fun and educational alphabet video! I've chosen the top alphabet learning videos that are sure to have your baby or toddler singing along in no time. Give baby a jump start on learning the letters of the alphabet with one of these great ABCs videos from your Guide to Baby Products.

Belli Maternity Skin Care Review
Belli has created a fantastic skin care line for pregnant women! Learn all about these facial products in my Belli skin care review.

Thighs Disguise Maternity Shorts Review
Want belly support, thigh smoothing, and chafing prevention for pregnancy and beyond? Learn how to get it in my Thighs Disguise review.

Selling Your Used Play Yard
Has your baby outgrown the play yard? Sell your used play yard and recoup some of your baby gear costs!

Muv Gaan Stroller Review
The new Gaan stroller from Muv is a full-size, three-wheel model. Learn the pros and cons in my Muv Gaan stroller review.

Selling Your Baby's Used Car Seat
Do you want to sell your used car seat? Here's what you need to know to prepare your car seat for sale.

How to Prepare Your Used Baby Crib for Sale
You can sell your baby's amazing crib, but there are a few things to know about selling used cribs. Here's how to prep your baby crib for sale!

Top 6 Baby & Toddler Sunglasses
Baby's eyes need sun protection, too! Here are 6 baby and toddler sunglasses that are cute and effective for blocking out those harmful rays.

The Best Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding Moms
Can a nursing bra be comfortable and sexy? I sure think so! These nursing bras provide the perfect support for a breastfeeding mom, and they look good, too.

Top 7 Strollers Under $100
A good stroller doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! Here are 7 fantastic strollers that cost less than $100.

Best Cabinet Locks for Childproofing Your Home
Need to keep your baby out of the cabinets? These locks and latches will keep your drawers and cabinets safe from curious hands!

Best Cradles for Baby
A cradle provides a snug space for a tiny baby to rest. These 8 cradles allow baby to sleep in style!

Top 5 Portable Baby Swings
A swing is a must-have for soothing your baby! These portable baby swings have all the soothing power of a traditional swing in a compact, travel-friendly package.

Potty Chairs - Best Toddler Potty Training Chairs
Potty chairs can be helpful when you're potty training your toddler. Here are some great potty chair choices in a variety of price ranges and styles.

Toys and Gifts for 3-Year-Old Toddlers
Need an age-appropriate gift for a 3 year old? These toys offer plenty of fun for this busy age group and would make perfect gifts for holidays or third birthdays.

Modern Design Baby High Chairs (Top List)
Sometimes a pastel, cartoon character high chair just won't do. If you prefer more modern-looking baby gear, check out these top modern design high chairs.

Toilet Seat Inserts for Potty Training
Adult-size toilet seats are a bit much for toddlers, so a potty training seat can help speed the potty training process by making the toilet seat toddler-size. These toilet seat inserts are perfect for potty training your toddler, and come in a range of styles and prices.

Winter Snowsuits and Fleece Coats for Babies and Toddlers - Top Picks for Winter Baby Gear
Snowsuits and coats for babies and toddlers need to be warm but not too thick, so baby can move easily and be safe in a car seat. These snowsuits and coats are plenty warm but comfortable for little bodies to wear.

All-In-One Cloth Diapers - Best All-In-One Cloth Diapers
All-in-one cloth diapers are a convenient choice for parents who want the eco-friendliness of cloth but the ease of use of disposables. These all-in-one cloth diapers have a good track record for durability and quality.

Top Summer Baby Products for the Pool or Beach
Summer is near, and there are lots of fun baby products in stores that will make your trip to the pool or beach safe and exciting for baby. Take a look at the top baby products for the pool or beach, chosen by your Baby Products Guide.

Top 9 Stylish Designer Diaper Bags
Step out in style with a designer diaper bag! These great designer diaper bags diapers and essentials while allowing you to maintain your stylish, streamlined look.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Gifts for Baby Showers - Ideas for Baby Gifts
Baby shower gifts can be hard to choose. Which baby shower gifts will parents and babies enjoy most? These favorite baby shower gift ideas from your About Guide to Baby Products will help you choose a baby gift that is thoughtful and useful.

Top Reversible Baby Strollers - Bugaboo-Style Strollers
Reversible strollers allow you to position your baby facing towards you or away from you. This style, made popular by Bugaboo strollers, is now available from several brands and in several price ranges. Here are the best reversible baby strollers, Bugaboo and beyond.

Milkies Milk Trays Review
Want to ditch the tiny plastic breast milk storage bags? Learn how in my Milkies milk trays review!

NUK FreshFoods by Annabel Karmel Baby Food Freezer Tray Review
Need a way to freeze your homemade baby food? Find a flexible, simple option in my NUK baby food freezer tray review.

Trunki Children's Luggage Review
Trunki is a cute, colorful suitcase that your child can easily pull through the airport. Learn more about Trunki in this review.

Boba Air Carrier Review
This amazingly lightweight, comfortable baby carrier might be just right for quick trips with your baby. This Boba Air Carrier review has the complete scoop.

Miracle Blanket Review - Is This Swaddling Blanket a True Miracle?
The Miracle Blanket promises to help your baby sleep soundly through the magic of swaddling. Does it work? Check out my Miracle Blanket review.

Born Free Bottle Genius Review
If you'd like accurately measured formula and a perfectly warm bottle for baby, every time, this may be the machine for you. Learn the pros and cons in my Born Free Bottle Genius review.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Bottle Maker Review
This automatic bottle maker heats, mixes, and pours baby formula for a perfect bottle in a flash. Learn the pros and cons in my Baby Brezza Formula Pro review.

Kiinde Kozii Bottle and Breastmilk Warmer Review
My Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer review will give you the pros and cons of this nifty device. As a bonus, I'll tell you how to pronounce the name correctly, too!

Munchkin Precision Digital Bottle Warmer Review
Want a speedy bottle warmer that is easy to clean? Learn all of the pros and cons in my Munchkin Precision Digital Bottle Warmer review!

Munchkin Night & Day Bottle Warmer Review
The Munchkin Night & Day Bottle Warmer & Cooler offers speed and convenience for baby's meals. Check out my review of this nifty, multi-purpose bottle warmer.

What Are Hip Snaps? Cloth Diaper Hip Snaps
Hips snaps can help your baby's cloth diaper fit better. Learn all about hip snaps and why your baby's diaper might need them.

Glow Bug One-Size Cloth Diapers Review
Need to build a diaper stash fast? This could be the diaper you need! Check out my Glow Bug one-size cloth diaper review.

Using a Car Seat After a Crash - Should Baby's Car Seat Be Replaced?
After a crash, is it safe to re-use your baby's car seat? Learn how to tell if the car seat should be replaced after a crash.

Car Seat Expiration - Why Do Car Seats Expire?
Car seat expiration is somewhat controversial, but it's a real issue. Here's how to find out when your baby's car seat will expire.

Flushable Toddler Wipes May Cause Major Sewer Trouble
Flushable toddler wipes are so convenient when your little one is potty training. These wipes are blamed for some major water treatment problems, though.

Car Seat Top Tethers - When To Use the Top Tether
Using the top tether is required in some car seat installations, and highly recommended in others. Learn how to properly use a car seat top tether.

Wet Bags: For Cloth Diapers and So Much More
Wet bags are a necessary part of using cloth diapers for your baby. Learn how to use a wet bag for cloth diapers and so much more!

Six Great Snack Containers for Toddlers
Tired of smushed snacks? A snack container can save money on plastic baggies, plus keep your baby's snacks in better shape while on the go. Here are 6 great snack containers for toddlers.

The Best Appliance Locks for Childproofing Your Kitchen
Childproofing the kitchen can be challenging since there are so many potential danger spots. These appliance locks cover a variety of danger zones and are perfect for keeping your baby safe in the kitchen.

Baby Bath Products - Baby Shampoos & Baby Body Wash
There are lots of baby shampoos and body washes available today, so it's hard to choose one to use for your baby's bath. These baby shampoos and body washes will leave your baby squeaky clean and smelling great!

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Review
The Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby costs less than other activity centers and takes up less space. Is it worth the price? Learn more in my review!

Milkies Freeze Breastmilk Storage System Review
Need an easy way to store your pumped breastmilk? Check out my review of the Milkies Freeze breastmilk storage system!

Kid Lid Fold-Up Laptop Protector Review
I tried out the Kid Lid fold-up laptop protector to see if it would keep my toddler's curious fingers off my keyboard. Learn more in my Kid Lid review!

How to Choose a Stationary Play Center for Baby
A play saucer offers lots of fun for baby and convenience for you. Here's how to choose a stationary play center that makes both you and baby very happy.

Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center Review
This bouncy activity center from Little Tikes has a fun train theme and a much longer useful life than other basic play saucers. Learn more about the Discover & Learn Activity Center in my review!

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags Review
Tired of carrying your breast pump in a bag that lacks style? Check out my review of Sarah Wells breast pump bags to learn pros and cons of these beautiful bags.

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens Scarf Review
Looking for a stylish, comfy nursing cover? The Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens scarf is a great option that is useful for many years. Learn more in my review!

How to Create the Perfect Baby Gift Registry
Ready to register for gifts? Here's how to create the perfect baby gift registry!

Noodle & Boo Ultimate Cleansing Cloths Review
Looking for a luxurious baby wipe? Check out my Noodle & Boo Ultimate Cleansing Cloths review to learn about the many uses of these upscale baby wipes.

make my day The Baby Bib Review
Is a $10 baby bib worth the cost? Take a look at my The Baby Bib review and find out!

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Review
One of the most popular double breast pumps around, the Medela Pump In Style Advanced is reliable and effective. Is this the right pump for you?

What Is a Car Seat Splitter Plate?
The splitter plate is a little known car seat part, but it serves a very important purpose!

Urbini Emi Travel System Stroller Review
Meet the latest travel system from Urbini! Learn the pros and cons of this full-size travel system in my Urbini Emi review.

Safety Alert: Magnets Are Dangerous for Kids!
Magnets may be fun to play with, but they can be very dangerous to babies and toddlers. Learn why magnets are considered one of the top hidden home hazards!

Should You Buy a Car Seat Cover?
Bored with your car seat cover? Here's why an after-market cover may not be a good idea.

Bella Tunno Shift Sack Diaper Bag Review
Need a diaper bag that's durable, lightweight, and very roomy? The Bella Tunno Shift Sack might be the right bag for you! Learn more in my Bella Tunno Shift Sack review.

Chicco Liteway Stroller Review
This light but durable stroller is packed with features and maneuvers in small spaces easily. The Chicco Liteway also costs less than $150!

Maclaren Quest Stroller Review
Compact, sturdy, and stylish, the Maclaren Quest is among the best lightweight strollers on the market today.

Quinny Yezz Stroller Review
Check out the ultra-lightweight ultimate travel and commute stroller - the Quinny Yezz! Learn all about the pros and cons in my Quinny Yezz stroller review.

Choosing Safe Pacifiers for Your Baby
Choose safe pacifiers for baby with these simple tips. Pacifiers can help soothe your baby and may reduce the risk of SIDS.

Diaper Changing Tables Buying Guide
When you're setting up baby's nursery, you may want to consider buying a diaper changing table. Learn how to choose the best baby changing table for your needs in this changing table buying guide.

How to Buy Glider Rocking Chairs for Baby's Nursery
There are a number of styles of rocking chairs for your baby nursery, from classic rocking chairs to newer glider rockers. Learn how to choose the best rocking chair for your baby nursery with this buying guide.

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump Review
The Lansinoh Affinity breast pump is less expensive than many popular double electric breast pumps, but does it work well enough to keep mom and baby happy? Learn more in this Lansinoh Affinity breast pump review.

Eddie Bauer, Safety 1st and Cosco Car Seat Recall
Dorel Juvenile Products, a major baby products manufacturer, recently announced the recall of popular rear-facing infant car seats sold under the Eddie Bauer,

Hot Baby Products: Fisher Price Kid Utility Vehicle
Part wagon and part stroller, the Fisher Price Kid Utility Vehicle allows parents to tote two kids in style and comfort. The Kid Utility Vehicle is the standout

U.S. District Court Announces Baby-Tenda Ruling
If you haven't received an invitation to a Baby-Tenda

Dorel Asia Recalls 635,000 Cribs
Photo courtesy of Drop side hardware failures are the problem behind the latest crib recall. This time, 635,000 cribs from Dorel Asia are

Hot Baby Products: Bloom Alma Mini Crib
At the most recent ABC Kids Expo, where I go each year to take a look at the latest and greatest in the baby gear world, one crib out of hundreds stood out

Dorel Recalls 800,000 Car Seats
If you own a Cosco, Safety 1st or Maxi Cosi car seat, your baby's safety gear could be included in a new recall of nearly 800,000 car seats from Dorel Juvenile

Can Your Toddler Escape the Car Seat?
According to a recent study presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies' meeting, half of the kids sitting in car seats know how to unbuckle themselves, and

Sunshine Kids Radian SuperLatch Issues?
Sunshine Kids was the first company to release a SuperLatch system that allows parents to install car seats with LATCh beyond the normal 40-48 lb weight limits

Should I Buy a Used Car Seat for My Baby?
Thrifty parents often ask whether it's OK to purchase a used car seat from a garage sale or an online auction. While a used car seat might be save dollars, it

Car Seats for Larger Babies
Photo courtesy of New research indicates that more than a quarter of a million children ages one to six are heavier than the maximum

Reader Question: When Can My Toddler Use a Booster Seat?
Q: I've heard that children should be 4 years old and weigh 40 pounds before using a booster seat in the car. Is that true? Does that vary by state? My child is

Evenflo Discovery Infant Car Seat Recall
One million Evenflo Discovery infant car seats are affected by a recent recall because new crash tests showed a potential for the car seat to separate from the

Playtex Offers BPA-Free Bottle Samples
Playtex announced recently that the company will offer a sample of their BPA-free Drop-Ins Original Nurser bottle system to parents who sign up for the sample

Jeep Liberty 3-Wheel Strollers Recall
© 2013, About 96,000 Jeep Liberty three-wheel strollers from Kolcraft are recalled because the tire inner tube can rupture and cause the wheel rim

Summer Infant Baby Touch Wifi Monitor Review
The latest video baby monitor from Summer Infant exceeds the quality of their previous models - pretty amazing for a company that already produces fantastic video monitors. Learn more about the Summer Infant Baby Touch Wifi video monitor in this review!

Bassinet & Cradle Safety Standards
In the past, there were only voluntary safety standards for bassinets and cradles. In 2014, a new set of mandatory federal safety standards go into effect. Here's how your new bassinet or cradle will be safer for baby.

What is a Car Seat Foot Prop?
Have you seen a foot prop on a car seat yet? Learn more about this feature that is just starting to be used in the U.S.

Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat Product Review
This infant car seat has some exciting features that might make it perfect for your newborn! Learn more in my Nuna Pipa infant car seat review.

Antique Toy Chests May Pose Danger to Kids
Are you saving an older toy chest or storage chest to use with your kids? Older and antique chests are the subject of a new warning from CPSC, who says they can be deadly.

New Stroller Standards: What Do They Mean for Your Baby?
Strollers are going to change for the better in 2015. What will the new federal standards mean for stroller buyers?

The Shade by Imagine Baby Review
Need a car seat cover to keep wind, rain, snow and sun from your baby? The Shade is one of the best available! Learn about the pros and cons of The Shade in my review.

Nuna Pepp Stroller Review
The Nuna Pepp is a fantastic stroller for urban and suburban terrain. Looking for a new lightweight stroller? Check out the pros and cons of the Pepp!

Classic Baby Toys - Developmental and Educational Toys for Babies
Imaginary play using simple baby toys can help your baby develop important life skills in ways that adult teaching cannot. These 10 baby toys can make playtime fun and educational at the same time.

Five More Classic Toys for Learning and Fun
Imaginary play using baby toys can help your child develop important life skills in ways that adult teaching cannot. These 10 baby toys, chosen by your About Guide to Baby Products, can make playtime fun and educational at the same time. Page 2.

Best Classic Baby Toys- Educational Baby Toys
Which classic baby toys are must-haves for every child? Find out how to stimulate imagination and learning with these educational baby toys. Page 3.

Keeping Baby Safe in the Shopping Cart
Shopping with your baby? The shopping cart can be surprisingly dangerous for babies. Here's how to keep your little one safe.

Soft Structured Baby Carrier Safety
Need a soft structured baby carrier? Here's what you need to know about using one safely.

Choosing a Safe Frame-Style Baby Carrier
A frame carrier is perfect for outdoorsy families who want to take baby along on hikes and other adventures. Here's how to choose a safe frame carrier for baby.

Choosing a Safe Frame Baby Carrier
A frame carrier is perfect for outdoorsy families who want to take baby along on hikes and other adventures. Here's how to choose a safe frame carrier for baby.

Car Seat Safety Tip: Watch Those Flying Objects
Children can be at risk of injury from items flying around the car during a crash. Learn how to protect your baby or toddler from projectile injuries.

Spuni Baby Spoon Review
Looking for a less messy way to feed your baby? The Spuni spoon is designed to fit baby's mouth perfectly. Learn more in this Spuni review!

Lillebaby CarryOn Air Toddler Carrier
Looking for a baby carrier for a heavy toddler? You may want to try the Lillebaby CarryOn Air, which is suitable for kids up to 50 pounds.

GB Evoq Travel System Stroller Review
The GB Evoq travel system offers lots of high-end features and a sleek ride for baby. Learn all about this awesome set in my GB Evoq travel system review.

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddling Wraps Review
Looking for an all-purpose blanket for your baby? These muslin baby wraps from Aden + Anais may be just what you need.

The Windi Gas & Colic Remover Review
The idea of the Windi is pretty weird, but it may be the colic remedy your baby needs. Learn how this product relieves gassy babies quickly.

NoseFrida the SnotSucker Review
NoseFrida, the SnotSucker, does exactly what its name implies. Should you use one for your baby? Check out this NoseFrida review!

Summer Infant Calm Muslin Blanket Review
These inexpensive muslin swaddling blankets are perfect for soothing your baby. Learn more in my Summer Infant SwaddleMe muslin blanket review.

Buttermilk Babies Swaddles Blanket Review
Looking for a luxurious way to swaddle your new baby? Take a look at my Buttermilk Babies swaddling blanket review!

Urbini Sonti Infant Car Seat Review
Urbini's latest infant car seat, the Sonti, is a fantastic choice for families on a budget. Learn the pros and cons in my Urbini Sonti review.

What Is a Car Seat Foam Liner?
The foam liner is an important part of the crash protection offered by some car seats.

Tiny Love Cozy Rocker-Napper Review
Looking for a comfy place for your baby to sleep and play? Take a look at my Tiny Love Cozy Rocker-Napper review!

Ameda Purely Yours Versus Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump
Compare the Medela Pump In Style Advanced versus the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump. Which of these pumps is best for you?

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Review
A double electric breast pump is the best option for moms who need to pump milk regularly. Is the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra the right pump for you?

How to Choose a Diaper Pail
Those messy diapers have to go somewhere after the changing table! Here's how to choose a diaper pail that meets your budget and your available space.

Rubber Duckie & Friends Bath & Shower Wand Review
If baby and toddler bath time involves tears, make it more fun and gentle with a friendly animal sprayer from Rubber Duckie and Friends. Check out my review of these cool bath and shower wands.

Aqueduck Faucet & Handle Extender Review
Toddlers love to wash their own hands, but reaching the faucet isn't always easy. Check out my Aqueduck review to learn how this nifty system could help.

How to Childproof While Traveling
Away from home? Childproofing is just as important when traveling as it is at home. Here's how to childproof baby's space when you travel.

Yummie Tummie Shapewear Review
Looking for a way to look sleek in your pre-pregnancy clothes post-baby? Yummie Tummie Shapewear may be a good choice in some situations. Learn more about Yummie Tummie Shapewear in this review.

Angel Alert Child Distance Monitor Review
The Angel Alert Child Distance Monitor promises to keep your young children safe in public places by sounding an alarm if the child wanders too far away. Does the Angel Alert work? Learn more about the Angel Alert Child Distance Monitor in this review from Baby Products Guide Heather Corley, who tested the Angel Alert with her own toddler.

Stationary Baby Activity and Play Centers, ExerSaucers
Is an ExerSsaucer a baby product or some kind of UFO? Learn about play saucers and stationary activity centers for babies, in this quick ExerSaucer primer.

Britax Vigour Stroller Review
The Britax Vigour stroller is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a travel system stroller to match the popular Britax Companion infant car seat.

Hybrid Diapers Information and Buying Guide
Hybrid diapers may be an option for parents who want the convenience of disposables with some of the re-usability of cloth diapers. Learn more about the pros, cons and costs of hybrid diapers in this hybrid diapers buying guide.

Evenflo Symphony 3-in-1 Car Seat Review
Looking for a car seat that does it all at a great price? Learn the pros and cons of one contender in my Evenflo Symphony DLX car seat review.

Cosco Scenera Next Convertible Car Seat Review
The Cosco Scenera Next has some pretty amazing features considering it's one of the least expensive car seats on the market. Learn more in my review!

What is Wicking in a Cloth Diaper?
Wicking in a cloth diaper can be a good thing or a bad thing. Learn about the types of wicking in a cloth diaper.

Baby Clothes Quick Tip - Use the Sun to Remove Stains
Got stains on your baby clothes? Try this all natural, easy, and free stain remover!

Rear-Adjust Car Seat Harness - Should You Buy One?
On infant car seats, this feature can make it more difficult to use your car seat correctly. Learn about rear-adjust harnesses and why you may want the convenience of another option.

Chicco Lullaby LX Play Yard Review
Need a play yard with all of the bells & whistles? The Chicco Lullaby LX play yard is one of the best available today.

The Biggest Baby Products Recalls of 2014
What were the biggest baby products recalls of 2014? These recalls cover millions of baby and child items with various hazards.


IKEA Antilop High Chair Review
Can you trust a $15 high chair? Check out my IKEA Antilop high chair review to find out!

GB Zuzu Stroller Review
This lightweight stroller turns on a dime and comes ready to hold an infant car seat. Learn the pros and cons in my GB Zuzu stroller review!

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller Review
This Urbini Hummingbird review has the pros and cons of what is called the world's lightest full-featured stroller. Is this the stroller for you?

GB Ellum Stroller Review
This lightweight stroller has a full reclining seat, huge canopy, quick fold, and ability to become a travel system. Even better, the price is under $250! Check out my GB Ellum stroller review.

Graco Contempo High Chair Review
Don't want to leave your child's high chair set up all the time? The Graco Contempo high chair folds flatter than any other!

How to Choose a Toddler Potty Training Chair
Sometimes, a toddler potty chair can help speed the potty training process up a bit. Here's how to choose a potty chair that works for you and your toddler.

Dangling Cords and Overhanging Pot Handles Are Risky for Babies
Any cords or handles that dangle or overhang a counter or table can cause injuries to your baby. Know the risks to help reduce the danger.

Baby Products Cords Pose Electrocution & Entanglement Risks
You know you need to keep electrical cords out of baby's reach, but what about the cords on your baby's powered gear?

Unsecured or Recalled Window Blinds Can Harm Baby
Are your window coverings safe for your baby or toddler? Many window blinds have been recalled because of strangulation risks to babies.

Car Seats On Top of Shopping Carts Are Not Safe
Do you place your infant car seat on top of the shopping cart? Learn why it's a bad idea and how you can shop safely with baby.

Unsecured Furniture, TVs Risky for Babies & Toddlers
Did you know that injuries from TV and furniture tip-overs have increased? Here's how to prevent injuries in your home.

Are You Using the Wrong Baby Gate On the Stairs?
Some baby gates may not be safe to use at the top of your stairs. Learn how to prevent falls by picking the correct gate.

Do You Use a Baby Seat or Bouncer On the Counter?
It's convenient to plop baby on the counter in a bouncer or baby seat, but is it safe? Learn the risks, and where you should use those bouncers and seats.

Baby Isn't Buckled Up In the High Chair or Stroller
Buckling up isn't just for the car! Learn why you should use those harnesses on other baby gear, too.

Hot Water That's Too Hot Is Dangerous for Babies
Most parents carefully check their baby's bath water to be sure it isn't too hot. However, there are other times your baby could be burned by hot water.

Keep Batteries Away From Babies & Toddlers
Batteries are a part of everyday life for most families. Babies and batteries can be a very dangerous mix, though.

Keep Magnets Out of Baby's Reach
Babies and toddlers love to play with magnets. That doesn't mean magnets are safe for small hands, though.

Makeup & Skin Care Products Could Be Dangerous for Baby
It sure looks funny when a baby smears makeup all over his or her face. However, some beauty products might be dangerous to your baby.

Baby Safety Mistakes and Safety Tips
You're probably prepared for basic childproofing, but there are lots of common baby safety mistakes you could be making. Here's how to fix errors and keep baby safe.

Alabama Car Seat Laws
When does Alabama law require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt? Find Alabama's state car seat laws here.

Michigan Car Seat Laws
When does Michigan law require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt? Find Michigan's state car seat laws here.

Combination Car Seat Safety Tip - Check Maximum Harness Weights!
Combination seats are often packaged to show parents the maximum weights the car seats will accept in booster mode. However, that does not mean the car seat harness will work up to that weight.

Baby Diaper Bag Buying Guide and Tips
Before you buy a diaper bag, check out these quick tips for choosing one that best meets your needs. Whether you've got your eye on designer diaper bags or budget models, this guide will help you make the right choice.

Tips for Buying Nursery Bedding for Baby Cribs
Crib bedding is an essential part of any baby nursery. This quick guide will help you choose the best crib bedding for your baby's nursery.

Choosing a Baby Gate for Stairs or Doorways - Buying Guide
Baby safety gates help you protect your baby from falls and other accidents. Here's how to choose a baby safety gate that works for your lifestyle and your home.

Cloth Diapers Buying Guide - All About Cloth Baby Diapers
Cloth diapers are the choice for a growing number of parents, due to concerns about environmental impact and how baby is affected by diaper chemicals. Learn more about the pros and cons of cloth diapers, how much you might spend on this method, and other considerations in this cloth diapers buying guide.

Summer Infant Best View Handheld Video Monitor Review
The Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Baby Monitor is one of the best video baby monitors available, particularly for the price. Learn more about this video baby monitor in this Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Baby Monitor review.

Safety Turtle Water and Pool Alarm for Baby (Review)
Safety Turtle is a water alarm that sounds when baby enters the water. If you're looking for a way to keep your baby or toddler safe near a pool or lake, check out this review of the Safety Turtle water alarm system from Heather Corley, your Guide to Baby Products.

Land's End Backpack Diaper Bag Review
The Land's End Backpack Diaper Bag gets raves from parents for its practicality and durability. With plenty of storage space and a fantastic price, there's a lot to love about this diaper backpack. Learn more in this Land's End backpack diaper bag review.

VTech V-Smile Learning System: Review
The VTech V-Smile learning system is geared to kids age 3 to 7, and offers a video game alternative that combines fun and learning. The V-Smile Learning System has some strong and weak points for kids under four, though. Find out more about VTech V Smile in this review from your Guide to Baby Products.

Six Tips for Using a Breast Pump
A good breast pump can help you breastfeed your baby longer. These simple breast pump tips will help you get the most out of your breast pump, whether you pump your breast milk daily or only occasionally.

Britax Chaperone Travel System Review
The Britax Chaperone travel system features a full-size stroller with a 55-lb capacity and an infant car seat that holds babies up to 30 lbs. Learn more in this Britax Chaperone travel system review.

Next Steps After a Baby Product Recall
Your baby's toys or baby products have been recalled. Now what? Here's what to do when the baby products you own are recalled.

Missouri Child Car Safety Laws
Keeping your child safe in the car isn't just smart,it's the law. Find when Missouri law requires your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt.

How to Buy Cheap Disposable Diapers
Disposable diapers can be very expensive. These tips will help you find cheap disposable diapers!

Baby Onesies® and One-Piece Bodysuits for Babies
What are Onesies®, exactly? If you're not sure, you can find out with this frequently asked questions section from your About Guide to Baby Products.

BabyGanics Cleaning Products Review
Some cleaning products can leave harsh residues in your home that you may not want baby to be in contact with. BabyGanics cleaning products are made to be baby-safe but tough on your messiest messes. Learn more in this review of BabyGanics cleaning products review.

Child Passenger Safety and Seat Belt Laws in Virginia
Keeping your child safe in the car isn't just smart, it's the law. When does Virginia law require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt? Find Virginia's state car seat laws in this state by state list of child passenger safety and car seat laws.

Graco Flipit Travel System Stroller Review
The Graco Alano Flipit travel system features a reversible stroller and the popular SnugRide car seat. Is this the perfect travel system stroller for you? Check out the pros and cons in this Graco Alano Flipit travel system review.

Before You Buy a Baby Carrier or Baby Sling
Baby carriers are considered a must-have baby product by many parents, but choosing a baby carrier can be hard given the many types of carriers available. Before you buy a baby carrier or baby sling, check out this guide to baby carriers from Baby Products.

Graco MetroLite Travel System Review
The Graco MetroLite travel system offers all of the convenience of regular travel systems, but the lightweight stroller makes it easier to load in the trunk or carry over curbs. Learn more about the Graco MetroLite travel system in this review.

Colorado Child Safety Seat and Seat Belt Laws
Keeping your child safe in the car isn't just smart, it's the law. When does Colorado law require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt? Find Colorado's state car seat laws in this state by state list of child passenger safety and car seat laws.

BabyPlanet Unity Twin Stroller Review
The Unity twin stroller from BabyPlanet folds so compactly, it only takes up about as much space as a single stroller. The light weight, compact fold and other convenience features make the Baby Planet Unity a great choice for a double stroller.

Puj Baby Bath Tub Review
The Puj Tub is a modern, minimalist way to give your baby a bath. This cool baby bath tub hangs flat to dry, folds in a snap for bath time, and cradles baby comfortably in your sink. Learn more in this Puj Tub review.

Hawaii Child Passenger and Seat Belt Laws
Keeping your child safe in the car isn't just smart, it's the law. When does Hawaii law require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt? Find Hawaii's state car seat laws in this state by state list of child passenger safety and car seat laws.

Illinois Child Safety Seat and Seat Belt Laws
Keeping your child safe in the car isn't just smart, it's the law. When does Illinois law require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt? Find Illinois state car seat laws in this state by state list of child passenger safety and car seat laws.

CARES Airplane Harness for Toddlers Product Review
The CARES harness allows you to properly restrain your toddler on an airplane without lugging a car seat onboard. Learn about the strengths and limitations of the CARES airplane harness in this review.

American Red Cross Digital Pacifier Thermometer Review
Pacifier thermometers are a newer way to keep an eye on baby's temperature. The American Red Cross digital pacifier thermometer looks easy to use, but does it work? Learn more in this digital pacifier thermometer review.

BumGenius 3.0 / 4.0 One-Size Cloth Diapers Review
The BumGenius 3.0 and 4.0 one-size diapers are one of the most popular pocket diapers ever made. How well do these diapers work? Learn more in this BumGenius pocket diaper review.

Ohio Car Seat Laws
When does Ohio law require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt?

Texas Car Seat Laws - Child Passenger Safety
Keeping your child safe in the car isn't just smart, it's the law. When does Texas law require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt? Find Texas's state car seat laws in this state by state list of child passenger safety and car seat laws.

Toddler Potty Training Products - Best Products for Toddler Potty Training
Potty training can be a stressful time for parent and child. These potty training products will make the road to no diapers easier on everyone. Find a toddler potty training product that will work for you at About Baby Products.

Citrus Lane Review
Want to try out cool new baby or toddler items every month? Citrus Lane is a subscription service that sends monthly boxes of baby and toddler products. Here's my review of a Citrus Lane sample box.

What is a High-Back Booster Seat?
A high-back booster seat is an important step in protecting your child. Learn about booster seats in this car seat glossary.

Is the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat Safe?
If you can swing the cost of the Chaperone and your vehicle has the required space for it, you won't be disappointed with this car seat.

Britax Marathon Car Seat Review
The Britax Marathon car seat is one of the most popular convertible car seats, and for good reason. The Marathon has ease of use and convenience features that many other car seats lack. Learn more in this Britax Marathon car seat review.

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What is a Convertible Car Seat?
Learn more about convertible car seats in this glossary of car seat terms.

Buying Used Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapering can save you lots of money over disposables, and you can save even more by looking for gently used cloth diapers. Here are some tips to help you buy quality used cloth diapers.

New Mexico Car Seat Laws
When does New Mexico law require your child to ride in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt? Learn about New Mexico car seat and booster seats laws.

Chest Clip - What is a Car Seat Chest Clip?
The chest clip is an important part of your baby's car seat. Learn more about car seat chest clips in this car seat glossary.

Review of Safety 1st Complete Air Car Seat
The Safety 1st Complete Air convertible car seat offers a 40 lb rear-facing limit and a unique side-impact protection method. Learn more about the Safety 1st Complete Air car seat in this review.

4Moms Origami Stroller - Product Review
The 4Moms Origami stroller is truly unique in the stroller world. It generates its own power to fold and unfold, and has a host of other features for the techy parent. Learn about the pros and cons of the Origami stroller in this review.

What Is a Bag-Style Baby Sling? - Kid Carrier Review
You may have heard about safety issues with bag slings. What is a bag-style baby carrier? Learn about bag slings and the potential dangers these baby carriers pose.

Valco Baby TriMode Single Stroller - Review
The Valco Baby TriMode single all-terrain stroller is durable enough to handle whatever your lifestyle dishes out.

What to Know Before You Buy a Baby Shower Gift
Choosing a baby shower gift is hard work, especially if you aren't a parent! Learn the basics of buying a baby shower gift for non-parents.

Choosing a Baby Bath Tub for Your Newborn
Some parents like to use a special baby tub to bathe their newborn. If you are looking for a baby bath tub, here are some things to consider before you purchase a bath tub for your baby.

Sit-N-Stroll Car Seat and Stroller Review
Lugging baby's car seat and stroller on vacation can be a hassle. Will the Sit-N-Stroll car seat and stroller make travel with baby easier? Learn about this unique baby travel product in a review from your Guide to Baby Products, Heather Corley.

Graco Quattro Tour Travel System - Review
The Graco Quattro Tour travel system is a popular choice among new parents, but it has some significant drawbacks to go along with its positives. Learn about the Graco Quattro Tour travel system in this review.