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Where to Buy Baby Shoes on a Budget
It's important to buy quality shoes for your baby, especially once they're starting to walk. But it's also important not to break the bank in doing so. This article shares some of the best places for finding discounted shoes for your baby.

How to Buy Babies' First Walking Shoes
The big day is finally here: it's time to buy your baby his or her first pair of walking shoes! This article has everything you need to know before you make your purchase, from why quality shoes are important, to how to make sure they fit properly, and more.

Kick-Proof Baby Shoes (For Babies Not Yet Crawling)
Babies are notorious for kicking off whatever we put on their feet. Here are some styles of shoes that might actually stay in place, for pre-crawling babies.

Baby Foot Development
The bones and ligaments in a baby's foot are rapidly changing and growing, so it's extremely important that the shoes you put on them promote healthy foot development. Here you'll learn all about your baby's growing feet and the best types of shoes to protect them with.

Baby Shoe Reviews
Practical and real-life reviews of the most popular baby shoes from moms and experts alike. Check them out before you buy your next pair of baby shoes and shop with confidence.

Baby Shoes Gift Guides
Baby shoes are always a huge hit at baby showers, as well as for birthdays and holidays. Here you'll find lists of the best shoe-related gifts, sorted by price, occasion, theme and more.

Baby Shoes on a Budget
Tips and advice for finding quality baby shoes that won't break the bank. From consignment sales to the best online sales and bargains, it's all covered here.

Baby Shoe Designers and Brands
Baby shoes are made by many of the popular adult brand names like Nike, Puma, Uggs, Kenneth Cole, and Ecco. But there are also hundreds of brands, many that you may have never heard of, that focus only on baby/kids' shoes. From popular US brands like Stride Rite, See Kai Run and Robeez, to European brands like Umi and Primigi, find quality baby shoes in a wide range of styles and price points.

Baby Shoes Sizing and Fit
A proper fit is essential for baby shoes, but it can certainly be a challenge! Here you'll learn all about how to measure your baby's feet, determine their width, and make sure their shoes are the perfect fit.

Baby Shoe Styles by Age and Development
Babies need different styles and types of shoes depending on their age and stage of development. Learn all about what kind of shoes your baby needs from newborn, to crawler, to new walker.

Baby Girl Shoes
The complete guide to baby girls' shoes. From newborn booties to first walkers and beyond, learn all you need to know about baby girls' shoes, including size charts, fit advice, infant foot development information, fashion trends, bargain shopping tips and all the latest trends in shoes for infant girls from birth to 24 months.

Baby Boys' Shoes
The complete guide to baby boys' shoes includes size charts, fit advice, infant foot development information, fashion trends, bargain shopping tips and all the latest trends for shoes for infant boys, from birth to 24 months.

Baby Socks, Slippers & More
Socks might seem pretty basic. But if you don't have socks that fit right and stay on your baby's feet, they will drive you absolutely crazy! Find all you need to know about baby socks, slippers, and other foot-related accessories here.


Baby Shoes and Kid's Shoes: Find Sales and Best Styles
Learn how to shop for shoes for your baby and children. Get tips for fitting shoes and see what shoes your kids need for school, play, and formal events.

European Baby Shoes
Here are some of the differences between US and European shoes, as well as some of my favorite European baby shoe brands.

The Best Baby Sandals of 2013
It's been perhaps the longest winter in recent memory, but spring is finally here! Warmer weather means it's time to trade in those winter boots for a fresh pair of sandals. Here's a list of some of my favorite sandals for babies and toddlers.

Baby Inches to U.S. and European Shoe Size Chart
Shopping for shoes online? Here is a shoe size chart to help you determine the correct shoe size for your baby. Includes foot length to US, UK and European shoe sizes.

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Baby and Toddler Rain Boots
Spring is in the air! Spring brings warmer weather, blooming flowers and lots of puddles -- puddles just asking to be splashed in. Here are some of the best rain boots to keep your babies' or toddlers' feet dry this spring.

Best Baby Booties for Shower Gifts
Gift the gift of shoes! Here is a list of the best newborn baby booties to give as gifts. You'll be sure to score many

Baby Boys' Holiday Dress Shoes
Family photo season is here! Here is a list of the best baby boys' dress shoes to pair with holiday outfits, from soft-soled newborn shoes to leather dress shoes for new walkers.

Baby Shoe Styles for New Walkers
Buying your baby their first pair of walking shoes can be a daunting task. With so many types and styles out there, it can he hard to even know where to begin. In this article, I will shoe you the pros and cons of five popular first walker styles, as tested by my own new walker.

Q&A: All About Baby Shoes
Who knew baby shoes could be so confusing! Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about baby shoes.