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7 Essential Improvements For Your Next Bathroom Remodel
Small improvements can make a big difference when it comes to bathroom functionality and style. Let's have a look at a few essentials for your bathroom remodel.

Information, tips and ideas on selecting, installing and maintaining bathroom faucets and plumbing.

Information on sink materials, shapes, sizes, colors, designs and installation.

Cleaning, Storage and Organization
The bathroom is one of the smallest—and busiest—rooms in your home. That's why you need creative storage ideas to keep everyone's stuff under control. Find scores of great tips for maximizing counter space, organizing drawers, shelves and cabinets and using interesting baskets, canisters and containers to display your essentials.

Faucets & Fixtures
Faucets, towel racks, knobs, cabinet pulls and other hardware are considered the jewelry of the bathroom. Learn how to choose the right style, shape, size and materials to suit your needs. Don't know the working end of a monkey wrench? You'll also find information on plumbing and basic fix-it how-to's.

Toilet designs, features, functions, materials, plumbing and installation.

The 6 Best Showerheads to Buy in 2016
Shop for the best showerheads on the market from brands like Kohler, Moen, and more

The 6 Best Shower Organizers to Buy in 2016
Shop for the best shower organizers on the market to keep your shampoo, conditioner, and soaps tidy.

9 Things You Shouldn't Keep In Your Bathroom
There are many items that we usually keep in our bathrooms that really shouldn't be there. Which ones? You'll be surprised!

Living well
Here you will find health and lifestyle tips related to your time in the bathroom.

Decorating & Design
Just because the bathroom is a functional space doesn't mean it can't be stylish. Why not create a bathroom with details you love? Get started with decorating and design ideas for traditional, modern, country and Asian-inspired baths. Learn what defines each of these styles and see how you can apply it to your home. Browse photos of beautiful bathrooms and find out how fabrics, color palettes, tile designs, fixture styles, vanity and cabinetry details and flooring can be combined to create a look that's all your own.

Color Schemes
One of the simplest ways to add personality to the bathroom is with color. But what hues should you choose? Your bathroom's color scheme depends not just on complementing the tub and tile, but also on the overall feeling you want to achieve. Do you want a look that's relaxing or energizing? Trendy or traditional? Whatever mood you're after, you'll find loads of inspiration for your bathroom color palette from the tips, tricks and photos you'll find here.

Design Styles
Design Styles offers definitions, ideas and visual examples of popular design styles and how they can be incorporated into the bathroom through fabrics, fixtures, tiles, vanity and cabinet details and flooring.

Budget Decorating
Who says you have to spend a ton of cash on a bathroom makeover? Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of creativity, a handful of materials and a barrel-full of elbow grease. Read on for low-cost ideas and tips for budget bathroom decor.

Green Design
Of all the rooms in the average home, the bathroom is at the top of the list of when it comes to water, energy and paper usage. Fortunately, designers are coming up with brilliant ideas for making toilets, sinks and showers more energy-efficient, and manufacturers have been introducing a dizzying range of recycled surface materials and earth-friendly cleaning products. Here's where you'll find the eco-conscious bathroom news you need to know.

Use Gray For A Classy And Elegant Bathroom
Gray is a great color choice for a bathroom: classic or edgy, it's always elegant, and it matches with almost any other color scheme.

Minions toothbrush holder
Minions will hold your toothbrush and toothpaste. Page 2.

Industrial floating shelves
Install floating shelves for your plants and bathroom items. Page 3.

Cool patent posters
Display cool patent posters in your bathroom

Cartoon Marilyn Monroe shower curtain
Channel the spirit of Marilyn Monroe to feel fabulous every day. Page 4.

Glamour Girl bathroom set
Be glamorous with this bathroom items set. Page 6.

"Get Naked" wall decal
Inspire your day with wall decals. Page 5.

Dinosaur shower head
Scare your friends and impress your guests with this 3D printed shower head. Page 7.

Modern Style
Modern bathrooms feature clean lines, sleek fixtures and smooth surfaces. Other key elements include geometric shapes; glass, metal and concrete surfaces; and minimalist principles.

Showers & Tubs
There are many things to consider when choosing a tub for your bathroom: How often will it be used? What size and shape will fit in your space? What kind of tub material best suits your needs and budget? Is there room in your bath for a tub and a separate shower stall? You'll find the answers to your questions about showers and tubs here. If you're blessed with a large bathroom, maybe your perfect solution is a two-person shower with decorative tilework, multiple showerheads and frameless glass doors. Perhaps your tastes lean toward a romantic claw-foot tub. Browse the photos and articles here to help you find the best shower and tub for your home.

Traditional Style
Traditional bathrooms can range from light spaces with chrome accents to master-bath suites filled with dark woods and oil-rubbed-bronze fixtures. Other key elements include vanities with plenty of millwork, furniture-inspired details and elaborate hardware; claw-foot tubs; and sumptuous window treatments.

Transitional Style
Transitional style fit on the design continuum between traditional and contemporary because it borrows a little from both. Also known as

Small Bathrooms
Bathrooms are often small spaces that are called upon to do big jobs. Learn how to make the most of every part of your bathroom with inspiration from the creative small baths you'll see here. Making the most of a small bathroom doesn't necessarily mean a full-scale remodel. See how a few changes can make a huge difference in your space.

Vanities & Countertops
The bathroom vanity is a multi-functional workhorse. It holds your sink, hides your plumbing and provides storage in cabinets, drawers and countertops. Read on for design inspiration and practical advice on vanity styles and finishes, double and single vanities, vanities with incorporated sinks and vessel sinks and ideas for choosing the right vanity countertop.

Few surface materials are as durable, affordable and versatile as tile. From an eye-catching backsplash to a fantastic floor design, installing tile is an instant way to boost the wow factor in your bathroom. Find inspiration and design ideas, learn about tile's unique characteristics and choose from a variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes to decorate your space.

Toilets & Bidets
Today's toilets and bidets are built for comfort, cleanliness, energy savings and, sometimes, just plain fun. While a built-in sound system or automated lid lifter may not be on your wish list, you'll want to make sure the model you choose suits your style and your needs.

Small Bathroom Storage Tips and Tricks
Make even the smallest bathroom more spacious with these storage and organization ideas.

Make A Splash With Bold Bathroom Colors
Looking to add color in your bathroom? Whether subtle or bold, we have ideas to help you make your idea come to life.

A Short History of the Rubber Duckie
Want to learn more about rubber duckies? Here's a short history of the popular floating bath toy.

Bathroom Etiquette for Overnight Guests
Guests sleeping over? Make sure your bathroom is ready to handle the extra load with these tips for party hosts.

Your Very Own Tropical Resort Spa Bath
Transform your ordinary bathroom into a luxury tropical spa with these decor ideas, and escape the winter blues!

The Ultimate Toilet Buying Guide
If you're looking to a buy a toilet for an upcoming bathroom renovation, this guide sets out everything you need about buying this necessary piece.

6 Keys To A Great Bachelor Pad Bathroom
Want a bathroom that's more masculine in style? Here are some ideas for the bachelor pad bathroom.

Don't Buy the Wrong Toilet: 10 Features to Avoid
Make sure the new toilet you buy is free from these 10 potentially irritating features.

10 Weird Toilet Fixes That Really Work
Coca-Cola, vinegar and baby oil are just a few of the surprising products you can use to keep your toilet clean and in tip-top shape.

Bathroom Design and Decoration
How to use bathtubs, bathroom vanities and more to create a beautiful bathroom. Get advice on designing, remodeling and decorating a bathroom.

Why Choose Ceramic Tile For My Bathroom?
Ceramic tile is affordable, durable and available in a dizzying array of styles, textures and colors.

How Much Does It Cost?
Ceramic tile prices can start at less than $1 per square foot and run as high as $40 per square foot for specialty mosaics.

What's The Difference Between Ceramic and Porcelain?
Although ceramic and porcelain are very similar, porcelain tile is heavier and denser, making it a better choice for high-traffic areas.

What's New In Ceramic Tile?
New ceramic tiles look amazingly like marble, wood, metal and even fabric — at a fraction of what the real thing would cost.

Can I Install It Myself?
It's best to start with a small DIY tiling project and leave the big, complex jobs to the pros.

What Is It Made Of?
Ceramic tiles have adorned homes since the Roman Empire, and are still a popular and durable choice for today's modern bathroom.

7 Ways to Get the Look of Granite for Less
If you think granite vanity tops are out of your price range, check out these seven lower-cost alternatives that will give you the look of granite for much less than you thought.

Ceramic Tiles Made with 3D Printing Technology
Spanish tile manufacturer Realonda uses 3-D ink-jet printing to create ceramic tiles with amazing texture and dimension.

Trendy yet
Fireclay Tile's Starburst is both trendy and timeless, and designed to make a bold statement on a floor or backsplash.

Hand-drawn tile design
Italian tile manufacturer Ornamenta just unveiled the Tangle collection, which resembles hand-drawn black-and-white doodles.

Bold Handcrafted Stone Tiles
Walker Zanger's Sonja tile collection is crafted from one tiny piece of stone at a time.

Black and White Tile is a Huge Bath Trend
Black and white tile is big in bathrooms. Here's a peek at the latest tile designs you'll be seeing in the market later this year.

Black & White Tiles with Metallic Accents
Iberoceramica's new B&W collection includes matte, crosshatched and printed tiles with metallic accents.

Moroccan inspired tiles
Ann Sack's Eastern Promise tile collection features black, white and gray in traditional Moroccan patterns.

Mirror, Mirror, Which Mirror Trends Are Hot Right Now?
Check out these mirror trends to add style and focus to your beautiful bathroom.

4 Ways To Make Bath Time Even More Relaxing
A bath is relaxing by definition--but you can make it even more relaxing? Reduce your stress and anxiety with the help of a good, warm bath and these helpful tips.

5 Tips For A Clean & Healthy Shower
5 simple tips for keeping your shower clean, mold-free and in tip-top working condition.

Choose Easy-Care Faucet Finishes
Showerheads and handles with chrome or satin-nickel finishes resist stains and mineral deposits better than matte or oil-rubbed finishes.

Minimize the Grout
For easier cleaning of your shower, choose surfaces with minimal seams or grout lines.

Hands Off the Drain Cleaner
Harsh drain cleaners can erode pipes with repeated use. Try homemade drain cleaner, a mini-snake or

Go With the Flow
Clean or replace your showerhead when mineral buildup restricts the water flow.

Randolph Morris Slipper Tub
The slipper tub is a variation of the traditional clawfoot, with a raised end to support one's head and back during an extended bubble bath.

Rayne Classic Clawfoot Tub
The 54-in. Rayne tub comes with a roll-top rim and cast aluminum ball-and-claw feet with built-in adjusters that adapt to uneven flooring.

The Abbott Modern Footed Tub
A mix of contemporary and classic design, the 59

Hotel Collection Pedestal Tub
With sleek lines inspired by the Art Deco period of the 1920's and 30's, a pedestal tub is a wonderful option for folks who prefer a less ornate look.

Clawfoot Tubs to Fit Your Space (And Budget)
If you dream of a clawfoot tub but fear that your bathroom (and budget) are too small, check out these petite, affordable tub options.

Arabella Double-Slipper Tub
A double-slipper tub has a high back on both sides. These tubs feature a center drain configuration and faucet hardware mounted in the middle.

Funky And Trendy Bathroom Accessories
Looking to refresh the look of your bathroom? Check out these cool, funky and trendy bathroom accessories for a little

Glass Tub Enclosures
A glass tub enclosure offers a sleek upgrade to a shower curtain.

Sliding Door
Sliding or bypass shower doors are a practical, space-saving option that shows off the beauty of your shower.

Semi-Frameless Doors
A semi-frameless shower door with a low profile frame is an affordable and attractive alternative to a frameless model.

Glass Finishes: Textured Glass
Frosted and textured shower doors add privacy and are easier to maintain than clear glass.

Partial Tub Enclosure
A partial tub enclosure is a super hip design choice that's also very affordable.

Glass Finishes: Clear Glass
Clear glass shower doors can be gorgeous, but require lots of daily maintenance to look pristine.

Pivoting Door
Pivoting or swinging shower doors open like a standard door. Measure carefully to ensure there's enough clearance between surrounding fixtures.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors
Folding or bi-fold shower doors are a good option when you want a wider walk-in opening in a small bathroom.

The Buzz on Frameless Shower Doors
Frameless shower doors consist of thick tempered glass and minimal metal hardware. Their clean-lined look provides the perfect showcase for beautiful tile, stone and hardware.

A Bathroom With A View
When it comes to picking out new shower doors, the choices aren't always crystal clear. Here's what you need to know about the sizes, finishes and options available before you buy.

Framed Shower Doors
Affordable framed shower doors can be quite stylish, especially when you choose a high-impact finish such as oil-rubbed bronze.

Recycled Bath Sinks: Green, Gorgeous & Unique
A salvaged or recycled bathroom sink made from metal or glass makes a standout design statement that's eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind.

Recycled Copper Sinks
Copper is a great choice for a bath lav because it is highly durable and has built-in antibacterial properties; a recycled copper bath sink is also eco-friendly and a unique piece of handcrafted art.

Recycled glass sinks
Recycled glass sinks are made from old bottles and other post-consumer content.

Salvaged Vintage Sinks
Salvaged sinks are eco-conscious, inexpensive and add vintage charm to the bathroom.

Recycled Bronze
genuine recycled bronze bath sinks develop a living patina

From Time Warp to Clean, Modern Aesthetic
The new bathroom complements the color palette and clean aesthetic of the adjacent kitchen.

Ben & Therese's Brooklyn Heights Bathroom "Before"
See how two small, outdated bathrooms in New York City went from sub-par to special with help from the right professionals.

A Bathroom the Whole Family Loves
Ben, Therese and their dog, Enzo, agree that the new design is more functional and feels more open, making it a happy ending for all.

Kate & Elliot's Results: Light and Bright
The remodeling newbies got expert advice on every detail of their project from their chosen design/build firm, Ecostruct.

Ben & Therese's Results: Clean, Simple & Unique
Ben and Therese's modern new design incorporates industrial elements with bold, Moroccan-inspired floor tiles for a look that is uniquely their own.

Kate & Elliot's Williamsburg Bathroom
Floor-to-ceiling earth-toned tiles, faulty pipes and an old black toilet seat made updating their small bathroom a must for this Williamsburg couple.

The Bathroom "After" is Vintage Chic
Because they wanted the bathroom to look like it was original to the house, the couple chose a tub and tiles with an old-fashioned feel.

The Old Blue Tub "Before"
Allison and Jovito knew that their circa-1910 house needed some serious renovations, but they decided to tackle the upstairs bathroom first.

Why Should I Buy A Bidet?
There are good reasons why today's affordable and energy-conscious bidets may finally wear down the resistance of America's staunch toilet paper users.

An Old Blue Bathroom Goes From Icky to Urban-Chic
Because they chose the right contractor on a new referral site, first-time NYC homeowners turned their dated bathroom into an urban-chic oasis.

Making the Most of a Small Space
To add space, the couple chose a pocket door and a toilet with a very narrow tank. A console sink and clawfoot tub add an airy feel.

A beautiful floor that's easy to maintain is the foundation for a great-looking bathroom. Here's where you'll find the information you need to design your bath from the floor up. Choosing the right material is easy when you know the pros and cons of flooring such as tile, concrete, bamboo, vinyl, laminate and more. Discover durable and distinctive flooring materials and design ideas that you can bring to your bathroom.

5 Beautiful Wooden Additions To Your Bathroom
Wood is an excellent material choice for bathrooms--see what you can do with different wooden items.

3 Green Yet Effective Cleaners For The Bathroom
Want to keep your bathroom clean and shiny, but without all the toxic chemicals of commercial household cleaners? These three items can do all the work.

6 Ways To Reduce Bad Bathroom Smells
Smelly bathrooms are unpleasant and embarrassing. Fight the smell with these tips and techniques to keep your bathroom smelling fresh... most of the time.

Hate Cleaning the Bathroom? These 4 Gadgets Will Do It For You
Wouldn’t it be cool to own a robot that tackled bathroom cleanup for you? These four robotic cleaners can help cut back on human scrub time.

6 Tips for Creating a Cool Kids' Bathroom
Most of us know a kid who needs a little extra motivation to brush their teeth, wash their hands or jump in the tub. Here are six ideas for designing a fun, functional and safe bathroom that little ones will love to use.

Blooming Toilet Paper Tree
Standard toilet paper holders are so...ho-hum. Here are five eye-catching alternatives that are guaranteed to add delight to every bathroom visit.

Mr. T Toilet Paper Stand
It takes a strong man to support a soft roll. Or two. Propped on the toilet tank or a nearby shelf, Mr. T takes care of the heavy lifting in your bathroom.

Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder
This cast-iron giraffe's long neck makes a handy holder for several spare t.p. rolls. It's the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones' Westchester Estate
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones' home features six baths, including this traditional-style suite with Carrara marble floors and countertops.

Celine Dion's Beachfront Waterpark
Celine Dion's 16-bedroom home in Jupiter, Florida features this glorious master bath with vaulted ceiling and tub overlooking the Atlantic.

Christie Brinkley's Yoga-Inspired Retreat
Christie Brinkley's master bedroom and bath, located in their own detached pavilion only steps from the sand, feature serene, Zen-inspired decor.

Renee Zellweger's Connecticut Farmhouse
Actress Renee Zellweger's bath features a vintage vanity, clawfoot tub and wide-plank wood flooring befitting the historic style of the home.

Chrome Soaking Tub
The Piedmont Pedestal Soaking Tub is a reproduction of a 19th-century design, with solid brass fittings and a polished chrome finish.

Vintage-Style Iron Vanity
The Sydney Iron Vanity by the Home Decorators Collection features a distressed finish and architectural scrollwork.

Copper Faucet
Signature Hardware's Rotunda copper faucet could be the focal point of a vintage bath.

Galvanized metal vanity light
The galvanized metal vanity light is repurposed from an old trough and features space for five vintage Edison bulbs.

Copper Lipstick Holder
The Vestige Lipstick Holder is crafted from solid brass with a glass shelf.

Vintage Faucet Towel Hooks
The sturdy Hang Up the Faucet shelf features 3 hooks made from iron faucets.

Hotel-Style Shower Curtain

Slate Bath Accessories
Crafted of gray slate, the simple, solid lines of these bath accessories by West Elm are a perfect complement to an industrial style bathroom.

Toilet Paper & iPad Pedestal Stand
The combination iPad and toilet paper stand adjusts to any viewing angle, allowing the user to enjoy web browsing from the comfort of their own throne.

Industrial-Chic Toilet Paper Holder
Fans of industrial design will love this steel-pipe toilet paper holder, guaranteed to handle the biggest and baddest rolls in the house.

Steve Martin's St. Barth Hideaway
Judging by their bathrooms, life is pretty good for some of our favorite celebrities. Peek into the inner sanctuaries of 7 of the world's superstars.

Jimmy Kimmel's Hollywood Hills Home
Jimmy Kimmel's Hollywood Hills home has five bathrooms, including this master with a floor-set tub and spa shower on a raised teak bathing platform.

Heidi Klum's Tuscan-Style Villa
Heidi Klum restored her ten-bath Tuscan-style villa, including doubling the master bath space and positioning a tub to overlook the Pacific Ocean.

Industrial Style: Why We Love It
Industrial style is a simple look that can be as affordable as a shelf made from old plumbing pipe or as pricey as a handcrafted chrome soaking tub.

Over-the-Toilet Shelving
The Orleans over-the-toilet shelving unit features charming New Orleans style and is crafted with a steel frame and marble laminate shelves.

Matching Vanity and Mirror Frame
The most dramatic change in the room came in the form of the re-stained vanity and newly framed mirror in a matching finish.

Easy Enough for a Novice DIY-er
The shower curtain and faux roman shade were easy enough projects for a novice sewer.

Stephanie's Dramatic Powder Room Revamp
Paint was Stephanie's biggest bargain solution for glamorizing the drab space. She used Benjamin Moore’s Champion Cobalt on the walls.

Bold & Bright Details
Stephanie built a custom shelf with a piece of red oak. She stained the wood a dark walnut color and added IKEA shelf brackets spray-painted gold.

Julianne Moore's Meticulous NYC Renovation
In actress Julianne Moore's NYC townhouse, the master bath features a marble soaking tub, traditional fireplace and wide-plank hardwood floors.

Brooke Shields' Greenwich Village Townhouse
The master bathroom in Brooke Shields' Greenwich Village townhouse has a formal design that complements the home's original architectural details.

Liv Tyler's Romantic L.A. Retreat
The memory of Liv Tyler's romantic bathroom in her former Los Angeles estate will live on forever.

Adam Levine's Laid-Back L.A. Pad
Pop superstar Adam Levine's Los Angeles home features a sleek, marble-clad master bath with a vintage clawfoot tub.

John Legend's Outdoor Spa-aah
The highlight of singer-songwriter John Legend's Los Angeles home is the outdoor bathing space, which features a basalt tub with Dornbracht fittings.

Ellen DeGeneres' Eclectic Home
The gorgeous Beverly Hills home shared by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi features a master bath filled with antiques, art and global influences.

Ellen Pompeo's Mediterranean Abode
Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo's master bath features distinctive Asian influences, including an antique Chinese bamboo ladder.

4 Amazing DIY Bath Makeovers That Cost Next to Nothing
No cash for a bathroom makeover? See how these four baths were transformed from ugly ducklings into lovely swans, all for no more than a few dollars.

Jessica's Dated Peach Bathroom "Before"
Blogger Jessica Hill says that her bathroom had good bones but dated finishes, and the 80's peach paint color had to go.

A Sprightly New Color Scheme
Jessica chose a sprightly navy, green, teal and gray color scheme that she carried throughout the room.

Heather's Builder's Grade "Before" Bathroom
Heather freshened the bathroom with leftover paint, curtains, mirror and picture frames from other parts of her home. Total cost: Zero.

Heather's Lovely Leftover Results
Future master bath projects include a vintage clawfoot tub Heather dreams of finding on Craigslist, a chandelier and possibly a bigger window.

Stephanie's Powder Room Before: "Ewww"
Other than a coat of paint, Stephanie Shore Fisher's half-bath had been left untouched until she was suddenly seized with the urge to

Ursula's Drab Jack & Jill Bathroom "Before"
Blogger Ursula Carmona put her DIY skills to the test by revamping her walk-through bath for just $83.

The Sleek & Sophisticated "After"
Everything in the bathroom, from the paint and hardware to the accessories, was purchased at a discount store or secondhand shop.

Little Details Make a Big Difference
Says Ursula:

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
These 10 celebrity bathrooms take the phrase

Cameron Diaz's Manhattan Jewel Box
Actress Cameron Diaz's New York City apartment features a sumptuous guest bath designed by Kelly Wearstler.

Bobby Flay's Dream House in The Hamptons
Chef Bobby Flay's Hamptons home features a light-infused master bath with a Japanese soaking tub and his-and-hers shower.

5 Great Plants For Your Green Bathroom
Learn about 5 great bathroom-friendly plants to make your own green bathroom.

5 Easy Ways To Bring Color In your Bathroom
Colorful bathrooms are in, but can you add color without remodelling the entire space? Here are some affordable ways to add color to your bathroom.

4 Budget Bathroom Flooring Choices
There are ways to make your bathroom look new with a simple, budget-friendly flooring refresh. Here are some ideas.

Bathroom Decoration Tips For First-Time Apartment Renters
First-time apartment renters can decorate their bathroom with style, even without being able to paint or change the tile.

Shine On: Bathroom-Friendly Metal Finishes
Want to add metal finishes in your bathroom? Ideas from mosaic tile to wallpaper, from brand new faucet hardware to copper standalone baths.

Neutral And Traditional Bathroom Color Palettes
Here are a few more color palettes to inspire your next bathroom remodel or redecoration project.

The 6 Best Bathroom Scales to Buy in 2016
Shop for the best bathroom scales on the market right now from brands like WiThings, Utopia, and Taylor.

The 6 Best Bath Towels to Buy in 2016
Shop for the best bath towels on the market today in a range of prices and styles

Bath Remodeling Ideas
Whether you're ready to create your dream bath or just want to refresh your existing space, you'll find smart tips and guidance for your bath project here. Transforming a so-so bathroom into a stylish retreat doesn't require tons of cash or space -- just a little research and some clever ideas. Enhance your bathroom and add value to your home by improving the layout, adding storage or replacing fixtures. From DIY projects you can complete in a weekend to full-scale renovations, the inspiration and advice you'll find here will help guide you through the bathroom remodel process.

Easy Budget Updates
Are you ready to tackle a DIY project that will improve your bathroom? Whether it's a weekend-long remodel or a quick and easy update, you'll find instructions, tips and tricks for fantastic renovations that will refresh your bathroom.

Back To School: Tips For Harmonious College Bathroom Sharing
Bathroom sharing between roommates can cause conflict. Here's how to minimize or avoid them, and have a nicer bathroom at the same time! Page 2.

Back To School: Tips For Harmonious Roommie Bathroom Sharing
Bathroom sharing between roommates can cause conflict. Here's how to minimize or avoid them, and have a nicer bathroom at the same time!

Lighting and Ventilation
Bathroom lighting installed in just the right places can make you and your bathroom look and function at maximum performance. The same holds true for bathroom fans: these small workhorses remove unpleasant odors and clear out the humidity that fogs up your mirrors and can potentially damage your home.

Bold Bathroom Lighting Ideas
Is your bathroom lighting boring or bold? Here are a few ideas for those who want a little more style to their bathroom lights.

12 Water-Saving Habits To Adopt Right Now
Concerned about the water usage in your bathroom? Follow these simple yet effective habits for a greener bathroom---and home.

Boudoir-Style Bathroom Ideas For Every Budget
Want to transform your boring bathroom into a beautiful boudoir? Here are some decor ideas for all budgets to help you do just that.

The Ultimate Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide
Here's all you need to know when shopping for a new bathroom faucet. Page 2.

The Ultimate Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide
Here's all you need to know when shopping for a new bathroom faucet.

7 Great Ideas For Tiny Bathrooms
A tiny bathroom doesn't mean it can't work well. There are many ways you can maximize space.

Add Wonderful Energy To Your Bathroom With These Decor Techniques
Is your bathroom a little boring, a little sleepy? Here's how to add some personalized energy to it.

Creating A Shabby Chic Bathroom
Shabby chic is an eclectic style that lets you choose with your heart rather than with a set of decor rules. See how to use that style in your bathroom.

8 Small Tubs That Are Totally Soak-Worthy
Here are 8 small, affordable tubs that will provide luxurious, deep-soaking bliss in a small bathroom.

The Ultimate Guide To Grout Cleaning And Maintenance
Take better care of your grout with this ultimate guide to grout cleaning and maintenance. Page 2.

The Ultimate Guide To Grout Cleaning And Maintenance
Take better care of your grout with this ultimate guide to grout cleaning and maintenance.

Using Driftwood In A Beach-Style Bathroom
Driftwood is a beautiful element to add to any beach-style bathroom. See how decorators around the world have used them in gorgeous bathrooms.

Towel Management Ideas For Small Bathrooms
Have too many towels for your small bathroom? Try these storage and display ideas for more pretty towels in your small space.

10 Trendy Patterns To Liven Up Your Bathroom
Look out for these interesting and trendy new decorative patterns to spruce up your bedroom.

9 Bathtub Designs To Make You Drool
Nine luxury bathtub designs to make you ooh, aaah and drool. Modern, retro or something in between: bathing has never been so beautiful.

How To Give Your Retro Bathroom Some Love
Your retro bathroom can be awesome with just a few updates and changes. Put a clawfoot bath and add some retro decoration. Page 2.

How To Give Your Retro Bathroom Some Love
Your retro bathroom can be awesome with just a few updates and changes. Deal with tile and fixtures first.

Latest Bathroom Tech Innovations You Won't Want To Live Without
The bathroom is the last frontier in home automation. Let's have a look at the latest technologies entering this space.

Latest Bathroom Tech Innovations You Won't Want To Live Without
The bathroom is the last frontier in home automation. Let's have a look at the latest technologies entering this space. Page 2.

Dirty Bathroom? There's a Tool for That
If bathroom grime and gunk are preventing you from achieving inner bliss, these nifty products can quickly help restore order to your world.

Bathroom Countertop Edges: Why Their Shape Matters
Bathroom countertops should be attractive, durable and safe. Here's why the edge style you choose is so important for your bathroom.

Bathroom Types
Whether it's your master bath, powder room, guest bath or kids' bathroom that needs a little (or a lot) of TLC, you'll find loads of how-to's and inspiration here. Learn how to create a pampering and stylish master suite that stands up to daily use. Make a big impact in a small powder room by using bold colors and eye-catching materials. Transform a children's bathroom into a fun space that's a cinch to keep clean. Whatever your bathroom's size or style, you're sure to find ideas that will help you transform it into a space you'll love.

Master Bathrooms
A dreamy master bath is one of the most desired features in any home. Get inspired by the beautiful spaces you'll see here. Not only will you find large master suites with luxury finishes, you'll also see plenty of great master bathrooms created within a limited space and budget.

Half Baths
No matter whether you call it a powder room, guest bath or half bath, the small mirror-sink-and-toilet arrangement in your home probably gets a ton of traffic from family members and guests. But while they can add convenience and value to your home, one of the biggest challenges presented by powder rooms are their cramped or problematic layouts. If you're planning to remodel an existing guest bath or adding a new one, check out these ideas for creating the best layout, carving out extra storage space and adding maximum pizzazz.

Kids' Bathrooms
Designing a children's bathroom presents a special set of challenges. Of course, you want everything to be kid-friendly, safe and easy for little ones to manage. But in the blink of an eye, kids will outgrow a bathroom design that's too babyish. Check out these ideas for stylish yet fun bathrooms that your kids will love now and for years to come.

Small Bathrooms
Bathrooms are often small spaces that are called upon to do big jobs. Learn how to make the most of every part of your bathroom with inspiration from the creative small baths you'll see here. Making the most of a small bathroom doesn't necessarily mean a full-scale remodel. See how a few changes can make a huge difference in your space.

Gift guides
In this section, you'll find gift guides for all kinds of bathrooms and bathroom experiences, for all occasions and times of the year.

Buying A Vessel Sink? Read This First!
A vessel sink can add pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary bathroom. But is it the right choice for your home? Here's how to decide.

How To Choose The Right Showerhead
Whether you're looking for a basic fix or a blissed-out spa experience, learn about the showerhead options that will fill the bill.

How To Buy the Best Showerhead: Top-Mount or Body Sprays
If you're remodeling a bathroom, learn about top-mount showerheads, body sprays and spa shower panels. Page 2.

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An index of categories in the

You'll Want To Switch To A Walk In Shower After Reading This
Walk in showers are an excellent choice for modern renovations in your home. They're easy to clean, accessible and stylish. Page 2.

You'll Want To Switch To A Walk In Shower After Reading This
Walk in showers are an excellent choice for modern renovations in your home. They're easy to clean, accessible and stylish.

Spruce Up Your Powder Room For $200 Or Less
Only have $200 to decorate a powder room? No worries, there's plenty you can do!

9 Beautiful Bathroom Color Schemes For Spring 2016
Change of season, change of mood with these color palette and assorted product ideas for Spring 2016.

Decorating The Global Bathroom
How to choose the right tile/wall color for your bohemian bathroom.

Decorating The Global Bathroom
How to choose furniture, bathing and wall accessories for your bohemian bathroom. Page 2.

Decorating The Global Bathroom
How to decorate your own global bohemian bathroom. Page 3.

Bathroom Tile Guide: Planning, Buying, Maintenance
Stone tile is an excellent choice for your bathroom. Learn more about how to choose, purchase, install and maintain stone tile. Page 2.

Bathroom Tile Guide: Planning, Buying, Maintenance
Ceramic and porcelain tile are perfect for budget-conscious renovators who still like to have a beautiful style in their bathroom. Page 3.

Bathroom Tile Guide: Planning, Buying, Maintenance
Characteristics, installation and cleaning of glass tile for the bathroom.

Bamboo Flooring is Eco-Friendly, But Does It Work in the Bathroom?
The pros and cons of installing eco-friendly bamboo flooring in the bathroom.

Concrete: A Smart Choice for a Bathroom Floor?
The pros and cons of installing eco-friendly concrete flooring in the bathroom.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Flooring
For a greener bathroom, consider one of these 3 eco-friendly flooring options.

Eco-Friendly Flooring: Which Types Work Best in the Bathroom?
The pros and cons of installing eco-friendly linoleum flooring in the bathroom.

Robern's M Series Cold Storage cabinet keeps cosmetics and champagne perfectly chilled.

Luxury: Keuco Edition Palais, $2,600
Edition Palais modern medicine cabinet features a mirrored and illuminated exterior and six ample shelves.

Budget-priced recessed cabinet
With its oval shape and espresso finish, the Pegasus recessed medicine cabinet is a charming budget option for a bath or powder room.

Pottery Barn's moderately priced vintage-style glass and metal medicine cabinet

Recessed/Luxury: Built-in LCD TV, $2,655.80
The Robern M Series features in integrated LCD TV that can be viewed from several angles.

Tri-View/Budget: The Granville by Broan, $110
The Granville is a budget tri-view medicine cabinet available at Lowes.

Tri-View/Moderate: The Broadway, $661.50
The Broadway triple-door medicine cabinet features storage space galore.

Budget: American Classics cabinet, $32.97
A roundup of the three most popular medicine cabinet styles in a range of prices to fit every budget.

Moderate Price: Rejuvention's Mendenhall FSC-certified wood cabinet
Rejuvenation Mendenhall medicine cabinet has vintage details that make it a good choice for an older home.

Budget, Moderate or Luxury: A Medicine Cabinet to Fit Your Needs
A roundup of the three most popular medicine cabinet styles in a range of prices to fit every budget.

Polished Chrome Faucet
Water spots and fingerprints can be a pain, but polished chrome's good points include durability, affordability and the ability to pair with nearly every decorating style,

Polished Nickel Faucet
Polished nickel is silvery and high-gloss like chrome, but has a luminous depth that chrome can't match.

Whether matte or shiny, black makes a dramatic design statement.

Polished Brass
Polished brass is making a comeback from 1980s style, thanks to its warm, inviting finish.

Bronze in its many subtle variations is a warm, rustic finish that works well with Old World and traditional designs.

Brushed Nickel
Popular brushed nickel is a semi-matte finish with warm golden undertones.

Bath Faucet Finishes: What Suits Your Style?
Selecting a faucet finish is like icing a cake. There are so many delicious colors and textures available, it's hard to choose a favorite. Here are some tips for making a satisfying decision.

Smart New Faucets You Should Know About
New faucet technologies for the bathroom combine water- and money-saving features with convenience, comfort and ease of use.

Lever Handles
Faucets with lever handles range from boldly modern to quietly traditional.

Cross Handles
Cross-shaped faucet handles lend charming vintage style to a traditional bath.

Knob Handle Faucet
Reasonably priced knob faucets are popular in both home and commercial settings.

Touchless Faucets
Modern touchless faucets offer ease of use and great protection against dirt and germs.

Touch-Activated Faucets
Touch-activated faucets turn on with the merest tap.

Joystick Handle
Single-lever or joystick faucet handles are easy to use and add a striking focal point to a contemporary bath.

Bath Faucet Basics, Part 2: Handle Styles
Here's a roundup of popular faucet handle styles for every style and budget.

Buyer's Guide to Bathroom Countertops
The huge selection of countertop materials available can be both a blessing and a curse. This guide will help you choose the right one for your bathroom.

Quartz, Solid-Surface & Laminate Countertops
Quartz, solid-surface and laminate countertops are popular alternatives to natural stone. Page 2.

6 Fun And Practical Additions To Kids' Bathrooms
Transform your kids' bathroom space with a few cool and practical additions to encourage good bath time habits and an enjoyable environment.

5 Awesome Reasons To Use White In Your Bathroom
White is back! In the bathroom, white can have a larger purpose than just looking

Rustic Bathroom Design
Thinking about a rustic bathroom remodel? Have a look at some basic decor principles for this style.

5 Habits That Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner Longer
Keep your bathroom cleaner between big cleaning jobs by following these few tips and tricks.

Choosing The Right Water Heater
A hot water tank is an essential part of a functioning bathroom. Know what to look for when shopping for a replacement.

Peach And Pink: Watch Out For The Feminine 2016 Bathroom Colors
Pink and peach are going to be hot in Spring 2016--let's see how this applies to bathroom design and decor.

Tech Bathroom Gift Guide
Looking for bathroom-related gifts for technology and gadget lovers? Here are some of my favourite products.

Luxury Bathroom Gift Guide
Gift suggestions for a luxurious, spa-like bath experience

Faucent Trends For 2016
Looking for the next cool thing in faucet design? Here are some trends coming up for the 2016 season.

Eclectic Bathroom Design
What makes a bathroom beautifully eclectic? How can you make this style seem effortless and beautiful? Here are some tips for your own eclectic bathroom.

Trend Alert: Bathroom Tile Mosaics
Tile mosaic is a growing trend that has taken over bathrooms all around the world, from the most traditional to the most modern.

Modern Bathroom Decor
The principles behind modern bathroom design are simple: clean, straight lines, neutral colors and natural materials.

How To Keep Your Bathroom Mold-Free
Want to prevent mold from growing in your bathroom? Want clean air and a clean bathroom? Follow these mold prevention tips.

Get Hung Up On Towel Racks
Now that you've shopped for towels you love, you need to show them off the right way. Discover the many different types of racks and bars to display your beautiful new towels.

2016 Bathroom Trends You MUST Know About
It's time for a look at the trends for 2016. What will next year's bathroom look like? What shades, textures and patterns will we see in stores and magazines?

Traditional Bathroom Design
Want to decorate your bathroom in the traditional style? Here are some pointers and ideas for traditional bathroom decor.

9 Tips For a Toasty Warm Bathroom
Keep winter's chill out of your bathroom with these 9 products designed to keep you toasty warm.

Wood in Your Bathroom? Yes, You Can!
Mixing wood with water used to be a recipe for disaster, but not anymore. In fact, wood floors, sinks and tubs are a top bathroom trend. Here's why:

The 'Touchless' Toilet: Should You Get One?
If you're a parent worried about bathroom germs, Kohler's

New Bathtubs With Spa Options to Make You Say 'Ahhh'
New, high-tech bathtub upgrades offer relaxation, relief from aches and pains and stimulation for all your senses--right in your own home.

How to Get a Spa-Like Tub Into a Tiny Bathroom
It's possible to fit a soak-worthy tub into a tiny bathroom if you're armed with the right information.


How to Shop for a Bathroom Sink
Part of designing a bathroom is choosing a sink that best fits your space and your taste. Here's how to recognize the most popular installation options.

3 Bathroom Plumbing Problems: DIY or Call a Pro?
How can you tell the difference between a DIY-able bathroom repair and one that should only be handled by a pro? Here are three helpful examples.

How to Create a Luxurious Bath for Every Budget
Designer Christopher Grubb offers a few priceless tips for creating a deluxe bath at every budget level.

Incorporate Mirrors and Sconces
If you have a smaller space, use a sconce up above. It gives an extra dimension, and also it’s a piece of jewelry.

Outfit an Apartment Bathroom
Use a larger piece of art instead of a lot of small cluttered things to let the room breathe.

Bonus Budget Tips
Start out with towels. Find a color palette, use a hand towel with a pattern in it, and then pick a color from that pattern for the walls.

Use Wainscoting & Crown Molding
Bring in the unexpected with stone wainscoting or a glass liner.

2 Incredible Solutions for Brightening Up a Dark Bathroom
Does your bathroom suffer from a lack of light? See how these two dark 1970's baths were transformed into light-filled retreats.

Magnificent Mulberry Street Master Bath
If you adore the look, but not the price, of this million-dollar Manhattan master bath, here's how you can achieve it for (much) less.

Wall Treatment
Save money by using strippable wallpaper or a decorative tile treatment on a single accent wall in your bath, such as behind the vanity.

Carrara Marble Wall Tile
Carrara marble tiles feature perfectly cut-to-size edges that minimize grout lines and allow the streaks and veins of the stone to shine through.

Modern Jetted Tub
If the cost and size of this jetted tub are too big, there are lots of smaller tubs out there that are totally soak-worthy—and priced under $900.

Polished Chrome Tub Faucet
This tub faucet features an iconic design found in the best European hotels. Get the best price by checking out these online retailers.

Double Sink Vanity
The Lune double vanity from TradeWinds Imports is of hardwood and features tempered glass countertop and cabinet panels and tons of interior storage.

Brass Wall Sconces
Gold-toned fixtures are the hottest thing in bathroom design right now, especially when they're mixed with other metals.

Bath Hardware: Why It Pays to Get Hung Up on the Details
One of the fastest ways to transform the look of your bathroom is through new hardware. Here are some small products that can make a big impression.

10 Money-Saving Sites for Bathroom Fixtures
These 10 online retailers are my favorite sources for high-quality bathroom hardware, fixtures and accessories, often at deeply discounted prices.

This Pro Turned Her Cramped Bath into a Gorgeous Jewel Box
A designer reveals the 7 ways she turned her own tiny bath into a jewel box without spending a fortune in the process.

Hang a Fun Mirror
Finally, Kristie found the inexpensive round mirror pictured here at HomeGoods.

Use Towel Hooks Instead of Bars
Towel bars take up a lot of room, and few people can neatly hang their damp towels on them, reasons Kristie, who prefers hooks for towels.

Wrap the Walls & Ceiling in Your Favorite Color
Kristie chose a striking emerald green paint color for both the walls and the dormer ceiling of her tiny bathroom.

Add a Dose of Black for Drama
The black-painted window complements the floor tile, door hardware and ceiling fixture, giving the bathroom an industrial-chic flair.

Go for the Gold (Fixtures, That Is)
Kristie chose gold for her sink faucet, light fixtures and even the hinges on the shower door.

Keep Your Tile Choices Timeless (And on the Small Side)
White subway tile and the hexagonal floor tiles used in this small bath are classics that never go out of style.

Mix High with Low

J Lo's Hidden Hills Mansion
They're sleek, gorgeous and have sex appeal to spare. In fact, these seven bathrooms almost, but not quite, outshine their superstar owners.

Scarlett Johannson's Vintage Love Nest
Scarlett Johannson's circa-1941 property features a contemporary master bath complete with floating double vanity, skylight and walk-out balcony.

Kylie Jenner's $2 Million Starter Mansion
Kylie Jenner plunked down $2.7 million for a five-bedroom house with a home theater, a pool and this spacious master bath with inset soaking tub.

Nick Jonas' Sunset Strip Pad
Pop crooner Nick Jonas' Mediterranean-style compound features five bathrooms, including this Spanish tiled master with jetted tub overlooking the city.

Lauren Conrad's Beverly Hills Penthouse
Actress Lauren Conrad's top priority for her new Beverly Hills master bath was a designated area for hair and makeup.

Jared Leto's Multi-Million Dollar Military Compound
Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto's Laurel Canyon property contains eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, this one featuring a spa-style shower.

Liz's Budget Blue Powder Room Refresh
Powder rooms are small and public spaces that can pose big design challenges. See how these 4 spaces went from dreary to dreamy on a tight budget.

...And Charming Chainstore Decor
Liz carved out extra storage space with a wood and metal shelf she found at HomeGoods.

Tasha's Beige, Boring Powder Room (Before)
Tasha's old powder room was beige, boring and ill-equipped.

Tasha's DIY Concrete Countertop
The couple painted their outdated oak vanity a dark gray and replaced the old cultured marble top with concrete. Cost for these two updates: $20.

Toilet Tank Love
Even the top of the toilet tank got a little bit of love. Says Kris,

Liz's Genius Faux Beadboard Idea...
Liz and her husband added crisp, white beadboard--actually affordable and easy-to-install wallpaper.

Tasha's Industrial Style Makeover
The couple painted the walls a soft blue and cut down the

Kris's Bear of a Makeover
Blogger Kris spent six weeks making over her outdated powder room, and readily admits that the project was filled with unexpected hurdles and setbacks.

Kris's Gorgeous Results
The couple replaced a plain builder’s grade mirror with a distressed wood medicine cabinet that provides ample room for toiletries.

5 Ways To Cut Your Bathroom Renovation Costs
Five tips for saving money on a bathroom renovation include doing your own demo, using recycled building materials, installing a sun tube, using inexpensive subway tile and using paint instead of tile on walls.

Tips for Saving Big on Your Bathroom Renovation
For a budget bathroom renovation, cut back on the fancy tile in favor of these inexpensive alternatives. Page 2.

The Kohler Veil
Kohler's Veil wall-hung toilet fits beautifully within a contemporary bathroom design, saving up to 12 inches of coveted bathroom space.

Duravit's Starck 1: Expensive But Worth It
Designer Philippe Starck's line of wall-mounted toilets, bidets and sinks for Duravit feature the simple lines of ancient buckets and washbowls.

The Scarabeo Planet
The trendy Planet toilet by Scarabeo is a guaranteed conversation piece. Manufactured in Italy, it's constructed of high-quality ceramic.

The Geberit Monolith
Geberit's Monolith system works with both wall-mounted and traditional floor-mounted toilets. A glass base unit hides the tank and plumbing parts.

Flexibility and Floor Space: The TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet
These five sleek and stylish wall-hung toilets will let you add a half-bath in an otherwise unusable space.

A Glowing Powder Room
The lacquered maple countertop and paneling, both dyed a stunning red-brown, provide all the drama this Asian-inspired powder room requires.

Marsala Goes Mediterranean
In this bath, Marsala window frames and tub surround are paired with cheerful yellow walls and hand-painted mosaic tiles for a Mediterranean feel.

Just A Splash Can Be Enough
A hint of Marsala in a shower niche, mirror frame or backsplash can make a big statement in an otherwise neutral color palette.

Marsala As Pop-Up Art Installation
If you're not ready to commit to Marsala, buy one item, such as a garden stool or shower curtain, and treat it as an art object.

Crisp White Paired With Cherry-Chocolate
While black, white and neutrals are common in contemporary baths, Marsala provides a fresh jolt of color that's modern and vintage at the same time.

Wine in the Bath -- A Match Made in Heaven?
Marsala is Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year. Here are some tips for incorporating this earthy, red-brown hue into your bathroom decor.

8 Embarrassing Questions Your Bathroom Designer Should Ask
If you're remodeling a bathroom, here are eight embarrassing questions your designer should really be asking you.

Adventuresome Stone
Barbara Sallick says that stone with lots of surface activity and texture will be a popular choice in bathrooms this year.

Faucets That Resemble Tail Fins
Candace Roulo, Senior Editor at Contractor Magazine, says she's noticing a trend in faucets with touches of 1950's-era design.

Gorgeous Grays
Gray is the dominant color in bathroom design this year. It is compatible with many stones, from subtle charcoal basalt to white-gray veined Calacatta.

Statement-Making Floors
Statement-making floor tiles in smaller bathrooms add style without overwhelming the space.

Bold Powder Rooms
The small space of a powder room is great for experimenting with this year's trends in graphic or textured wallpaper and lively mosaic floors.

Unlacquered Brass is Big
Three bath design insiders take a look inside their crystal balls and reveal the 6 hot new trends for 2015. Number 1: Unlacquered brass fixtures.

5 Things You Wanted to Know About Grout (But Were Afraid to Ask)
What type of grout should you use to tile a bathroom? That depends. Tile expert Matt Smith explains five basic grouts and their best uses.

A Stunning Bath Renovation, Thanks to Pinterest
See how one savvy homeowner used Pinterest to help her create the master bath transformation of her dreams.

The Year's Best Eco-Friendly Bathroom Stories

6 Genius Sinks Options for Small Bathrooms
Six ways to get more space in your small bath by minimizing the size of the sink — but not its style or function.

A Window Design to Suit Any Bath Decor
Here are 5 tips from Budget Blinds style guru Tracy Christman for choosing the right window treatment for your bathroom.

A traditional bathroom is elegant yet relaxed. A pleated shade in the right color and transparency can add elements of warmth, peace and privacy.

In a modern bathroom, your window treatments can either act as the focal point with a splash of color or a backdrop that sets the tone of the room.

In a Coastal-inspired bath, soft fabric treatments in a blue that's slightly different from the wall color adds another dimension to your bathroom.

In an eclectic-style bath, you might choose a bold color for window coverings to make a big visual impact.

In a chic bathroom, it’s often about highlighting one treasured element, whether it's a vintage style tub or a beautiful chandelier.

5 Reasons to Buy a New "Super" Toilet
Why buy a

6 Easy Projects to Transform Your Bathroom in a Weekend
These six easy bathroom projects require little more than some inexpensive materials and a weekend to achieve their spectacular results.

Trends & Inspiration
The latest news from designers on what styles, technological innovations and materials are hot in bathroom design right now.

Eco-Friendly Bath Design
The latest tips on everything from simple energy-conserving changes to cutting-edge products that will make your bathroom a model of green efficiency.

Stepless Showers Are Safe and Visually Striking
A barrier-free, step-less shower not only looks stunning and seamless, but makes sense as we age.

Without a Shower Door, Doesn't the Bathroom Get Soaked?
A linear or trench drain is one of the most effective solutions in a curbless shower for channeling water away from the rest of the bathroom.

Keep a Wet Room Toilet Off the Floor
Wall-hung toilets help prevent water damage in a wet room because they don't send waste through the waterproofing system underneath the floor.

Flat-Out Fantastic Shower Style
A new, discreetly concealed wall drain maximizes the seamless look of an open shower, perhaps installed in full view in a bedroom.

Rustic Cabin Style
This cabin bathroom may be small, but it's big on Paul Bunyan style. The Kohler sink lends an industrial, no-nonsense vibe.

A Model of Efficiency
American Standard's Cornice is a compact pedestal sink that's big on looks and efficiency. This sink features a rim that slants inward to ensure proper drainage.

Corner Sinks Are Small Bath Space Savers
Corner sinks and vanities not only add functionality and free up floor space, but add a fresh slant to your bathroom design.

Simple and Luxurious
This sumptuously spare New England master bath features a floating corner countertop that helps to visually expand the space.

Petite and Demure
When space in a traditional-style bath is at a premium, the frankly romantic Carline fits snugly in the tightest corner.

Am I Blue?
This curved corner vanity in this

Uncluttered DIY Design
By matching the corner sink with the floor and window molding, the homeowners completed the design in this tiny bathroom without adding extra clutter.

A Clear Winner
TradeWinds Imports' Balboa is a modern, wall-mounted corner unit that creates an airy, almost weightless feel in a small bath.

Clean & Green
This custom corner cabinet increases floor space in this tiny bathroom, while the tall medicine cabinet adds extra room for toiletries.

Sleek, Contemporary Style
With its sleek lines and single-hole faucet, the Gordy wall-mount sink is perfect for a transitional or contemporary bathroom.

Choosing A Color Palette
Choosing A Color Palette offers tips, ideas and inspiration for selecting the best color combination for your bathroom. This includes the color wheel, contrasting and complementary colors, primary colors, pastels, how color affects mood, light and color and other basic information.

Bathroom Photo Gallery
Whether you're embarking on a big renovation project or just looking for a few simple decorating updates, you'll find plenty of smart and stylish ideas to fuel your imagination here. Browse through bathroom images in an array of styles, layouts and color schemes that you can adapt to your own home.

What Makes a Transitional Faucet?
A transitional bath design combines the best of contemporary and traditional elements. Here are four key elements to look for in a transitional faucet.

Tips to Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet
If your medicine cabinet looks like a frat house after a keg party, here are some tips to help you put things back in order.

Sort It All Out
Remove all medicine cabinet items and sort into categories. You'll find that many things, like vitamins, can be stored in the kitchen.

Shrink It Down to Size
Downsize oversized products into smaller, refillable containers.

Store Stuff On the Door
Attach storage containers to the inside of the cabinet door for small items that roll around.

Maximize Vertical Space
It's more sanitary to store your toothbrush inside the medicine cabinet. Choose a narrow organizer that keeps vertical items upright.

Moderate Price: Ronbow Rebecca Vanity = $2,300
The Rebecca wall-mounted vanity features multiple units that fit together for a custom design.