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American Outdoor Grill 36 inch T-Series Review
This gas grill was designed to be an affordable (around $2,900USD) completely 304 stainless steel grill.

Weber Genesis E-320 Gas Grill Review
Take care of it and this Weber Gas Grill will last you for a decade and give you the versatility you want to grill most anything you can think of.

Chili Pepper Rub for Brisket Recipe
This is a good, simple rub for beef, particularly barbecue brisket. You can adjust the heat by using either hot or mild chili powder.

Hot Chili Barbecue Wet Rub Recipe
This spicy wet rub can be toned down by using a mild chili powder if you so wish. It can also be heated up with an extra teaspoon or two of cayenne.

Heavy on the Garlic Pork Rub Recipe
This rub is mostly garlic so, for you garlic lovers this is a great rub. Work it well into the meat and try to mince the garlic as fine as possible.

Chef Paul's Chikky Spice Rub Recipe
This is a great all purpose rub with loaded with herbs, spices, and flavor.

What is Collagen and Why is it Important to Barbecue
Collagen is a protein that is the basic building block of connective tissues. This is what makes meat tough, but if cooked low and slow it turns into something wonderful.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared T-36D 463250512 Grill Review
Char-Broil continues to tinker with its RED technology, now under the TRU-Infrared design, this model has a bit more power for faster preheat times.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared 463243812 Gas Grill Review
The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared represents an innovative approach to an inexpensive all infrared gas grill.

MHP GJK3 Gas Grill Review
Built with the goal of outlasting other gas grills, this MHP may have some primitive features, but it a great grill that works year after year.

Napoleon Apollo 3 in 1 AS300K Charcoal Grill Review
The Napoleon Apollo 3 in 1 takes the simple, vertical water smoker to a whole new level. This modular unit can be a grill or a smoker.

Old Smokey #22 Charcoal Grill Review
A simple, classic charcoal grill that is lightweight, portable, easy to use, and highly durable. Find out why you should consider this grill.

Napoleon Prestige P308RB Gas Grill Review
The Napoleon Prestige P308RB is the smallest and most basic of the main line of Napoleon grills. You can get a side burner if you are willing to pay extra.

The First Step in Finding the Right Grill
Looking to Buy a New Grill? Find Grills to Meet your Needs? Gas Grills, Charcoal Grill, Portable Grills, Pellet Grills

How to Cook a Ham on the Grill
Everyone loves those sugar coated, glazed hams for around the holidays. These hams are actually very easy to prepare on your own with a good grill.

Perfect Flame Dual-Head 4-Burner #720-0335 Grill Review
This is a dual head gas grill. One compartment is a standard, three burner gas grill that gives you 42,000 BTUs under 400 square inches of cooking area.

Char-Broil 2-In-1 Hybrid Gas/Charcoal Grill Review
In the endless pursuit of the grill that can do charcoal and gas, Char-Broil has dug up this old design and put together a cheap grill that can do both.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo on the Grill
Cinco de Mayo is the most misunderstood holiday. Not just an excuse for a party, but a reason to celebrate the relationship between two neighbors.

Brinkmann Dual Zone 3-Burner Gas/Charcoal Grill Review
Basically, this version is two grills mounted together on a single cart with a side burner, you have what would appear to have everything for about $250.

What is a Proper Marinade?
A marinade is a liquid solution that you soak raw foods in before cooking to provide flavor, tenderness and to protect the food from intense heat.

Char-Broil/TEC Series 3-Burner #463268307 Grill Review
Char-Broil licensed the TEC infrared burner technology to produce a grill that can generate incredible temperatures and be the cutting edge of the industry.

Broil King Regal 490 Gas Grill Review
The Broil King Regal 490 is basically the same as the Regal 490 Pro, except this gas grill has a powered coated body instead of stainless steel body parts.

Broil King Regal XL Gas Grill Review
The Broil King Regal XL is a huge, 2-lid gas grill with side burner and full rotisserie system. While impressive looking, this might not be the most practical gas grill.

Dyna-Glo 3-Burner Model# DGB390SNP-D Gas Grill Review
The small space grill gets a little larger with this model. The Dyna-Glo 3-Burner still has fold down side tables, but an extra burner and a larger footprint.

Weber Summit E-670 Gas Grill Review
The Weber Summit E-670 is loaded with features including a six main burners and sear, side, smoker, and rotisserie burners.

Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Gas Grill Review
This built-in version of the Summit S-470 gas grill is a four burner unit that offers all the advantages of a Weber Summit grill in an insert unit.

Salt Crusted New York Steak
This is just one of those recipes you have to try to believe. The steaks are caked in salt and then grilled (carefully). The salt crust forms a seal around the steak making it juicy and tender.

Smoked Corn on the Cob Recipe
Smoked corn on the cob is a delicious addition to any cookout. This recipe calls for a slightly sweet and savory seasoning, which amps up the flavor.

Sauteed Mushrooms Recipe
These sauteed mushrooms are the perfect accompaniment to grilled steaks. You can prepare them after the steaks are off the grill and resting, or simply use your gas grill side burner and cook both simultaneously.

Sureheat Sonoma Platinum Edition Gas Grill Review
The updated version of the Sonoma Grill sold through Costco is a little smaller (450 square inches verses 480) and has lost its complete rotisserie system.

Sureheat Sonoma Model# CGR30LP Gas Grill Review
This is another stainless steel grill that looks good and sells for a comparatively low price. This unit sold exclusively through Costco, is a full functional grill constructed almost entirely out of stainless steel.

Master Forge 3-Burner RT2417S Gas Grill Review
Another of the shiny gas grills from China to sit on the floor of Lowe's. This small, 3-burner grill looks pretty, but lacks quality.

Maxfire Torch 2-Burner 810-9213-SB Gas Grill Review
Read this review for the Maxfire Torch 2-Burner Gas Grill. For about $100 you get a two burner gas grill in a metal box. The advantage is that this grill has few parts to fail.

Grilled and Smoked Turkey Side Dishes
So you've decided to make a better turkey this year by frying, grilling or smoking that bird. But what about all the trimmings?

All About Barbecue Ribs
Good ribs make a great barbecue. Don't settle for anything less than the best that leave restaurant ribs far behind.

Beef Ribs: Big on Flavor; Big in Size
Beef ribs are large in size and great in flavor. Done right, you'll have a party favorite for years to come.

Understanding and Selecting Beef Grades
Beef grades can tell you a lot about the quality and flavor of the meat you buy but the labels used don't always help you understand what you are buying. Learn the code to a better cut of meat.

Lighting Charcoal - Do It Right to Get the Best Flavor
Lighting charcoal is a very easy thing to do. You do not want to use lighter fluids, but if you must, make sure you do it right.

Weber Spirit SP-310 Gas Grill Review
One of the two

Cook-Air Wood Fired Portable Grill Review
Unlike most any other portable grill, or even full sized grill, this wood burning unit can reach temperatures over 1,000 degrees F. How? Read more.

Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill Review
This Summit series Weber grill is fully loaded with virtually every feature you can think of. Four main burners are supplemented by with a side burner, infrared rotisserie burner, dedicated sear burner and a smoker box.

Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill Review
This has to be seen as the cornerstone of the Weber Spirit line. As full of features as Spirit gets, with three burners and a side burner.

Weber Summit E-470 Gas Grill Review
The Weber Summit E-470 is loaded with features including a four main burners and sear, side, smoker, and rotisserie burners.

Smoked Acorn Squash Recipe
This recipe is a great side dish for any smoked meats. Put the squash in the smoker a couple of hours before you are ready to eat.

Mango Stuffed Chicken Breasts Recipe
A delicious mango stuffed chicken breast recipe that is topped with a mango sriracha glaze.

Oven Barbecue Brisket Recipe
A tender and delicious brisket recipe alternative for those who do not have access to a smoker. This oven brisket is sure to please.

Bourbon Barbecue Mop Recipe
This is a great sweet barbecue mop and works particularly well with beef. It's a perfect mop for smoked brisket.

Honey Barbecue Riblets (Applebee's) Recipe
This is the recipe for Applebee's famous rib lets. It requires grilling (or broiling) the ribs, then steaming them to make them tender. A great choice for a party dish.

Master Forge 5-Burner Model L3218 Gas Grill Review
This is another big (787 total square inches of cooking space) and powerful (65,250 BTU maximum output) grill made of shiny metal to attract the attention of people walking by it at Lowes stores.

Kirkland Signature 304 Model# 138972 Gas Grill Review
This is a big and shiny gas grill built by Nexgrill for Costco and sold under the name Kirkland. At nearly $1,400 this grill has a lot of features including a good quality cast brass side burner, a full rotisserie set including infrared burner and an oven.

Master Forge 9-Burner Silver 6318B Gas Grill Review
This is more grill island than grill. At nearly 8 feet, end to end, this $1,300USD monster has virtually everything, including a cover.

Kenmore 4-Burner Red with Sear Burner Grill Review
The Permasteel made Kenmore 4-burner has an internal ceramic searing burner and side burner for around $300USD (it is usually on sale for this price).

Brinkmann Smoke'N Pit Professional Smoker Review
This item has been discontinued. The Brinkmann Pro or SnP as it as abbreviated on the internet is one of the consistently best smokers on the market.

Nexgrill 3-Burner Charcoal/Gas Combo Grill Review
Can't decide whether you want a gas or a charcoal grill? Well a number of stores and grill makers think you have this problem and have come up with the perfect solution, they have welded a gas grill to a charcoal grill.

North American Outdoors 35-Quart Saf-T-Fryer Review
Frying turkeys can be dangerous business no matter what you do. This doesn't mean that you need to give it up completely

Brinkmann Dual Zone 3-Burner Gas and Charcoal Grill
Basically this version is two grills, one gas and one charcoal mounted together on a single cart. Add in a side burner, albeit a weak one and you have what would appear to be a complete package, and all for about $300USD.

Texas Hillbilly Mop Sauce Recipe
This fantastic mop recipe that works well on beef and pretty much anything else. This mop has no sugar so you don't have to worry about it burning.

Grilled Crab Cakes Recipe
Crab cakes are delicious to begin with, but grilling them adds even more flavor. You need a really clean and well-oiled​ cooking grate for this one.

Maple and Brown Sugar Brine Recipe
This brine can be used on any kind of poultry and pork. It gives a sweet, maple and brown sugar flavor to meats.

Chinese Five Spice Marinade Recipe
If you want to add Chinese flavors to anything you're grilling, then this is a great marinade. Make this marinade a day in advance to get the most out of the flavors.

2015 Model Gas Grills
Gas Grill Reviews for models discontinued in 2015.

Broil King Imperial XL Gas Grill Review
This dual head grill (two cooking chambers under two lids) from Broil King is the biggest grill they make and with a total cooking area over 1000 square inches, it is a monster.

Char-Broil 3-Burner Model# 463722314 Gas Grill Review
The Char-Broil 3-burner gas grill is typical of the low end, mass-market gas grills and can be found at several retail outlets. Poor quality components with poor quality construction.

Fuego Element 01 Stainless Steel Gas Grill Review
The Fuego Element is a unique grill. Basically a pedestal grill, this unit is as small as you can get in a full height gas grill and still have space to actually cook something.

Vermont Castings 5-Burner VCS524 Gas Grill Review
This is a heavy grill with heavy cast iron and stainless steel body parts. The 67,500 BTU output from five stainless steel burners is more than enough to heat

Jenn-Air 45,000 BTU Model #720-0163 Gas Grill Review
For 2006 this unit has been redesigned to address issues of low heat output, bad casters and assembly problems.

What is a Country Ham and How do you Cook it?
A country ham is a true ham, aged, brined and smoked. This rare treat is the perfect meal for the Holidays or anytime.

Brinkmann 2-Burner Red 810-4220-S Gas Grill Review
Basic and lightweight, this gas grill is practically disposable. Fortunately it is priced for that. Find out why this isn't the best cheap grill on the market for 2013.

How to Make Smoke on your Grill
Grilling is hot and fast. Is there time to get the real smoke flavor into foods? You bet. The secret is creating the right kind of smoke and getting it to wrap around the food so that the smoker flavor can be absorbed.

Maxfire 2-Burner Model #810-9212-SB Gas Grill Review
For about $100 you get a two burner gas grill in a metal box. That's it. Of course the advantage is that this grill has few parts to fail. Of course this grill lacks quality as much as it does feature.

NexGrill Dual Head 4-Burner 720-0617 Gas Grill Review
Good quality stainless steel is expensive these days. To pack a big gas grill full of bells and whistles and then wrap it in 304 stainless steel is going to give you a very expensive grill.

BBQ Pro 4-Burner Gas Grill PG-40403SOL Review
What Sears considers a virtue, I consider a vice. The stainless steel hood on this gas grill would be worth pointing out if it were not low grade, poorly finished metal.

Huntington Classic Model# 666664 Gas Grill Review
Sitting next to this grill on the showroom floor of your local Lowes is a comparably sized and featured gas grill for about half the price.

Masterbuilt 28-Quart Electric Turkey Fryer Review
The popularity and the danger of frying turkeys have lead many people to try to come up with a more convenient and safer way to deep fry turkey.

What is your BBQ fuel of choice?
It is the age old question of outdoor cooking: Charcoal or Gas? Of course, there is a lot more to this question. Do you prefer lump to briquette? Do you know

Do you Exchange or Refill your Propane Tank?
It would seem that there are fewer and fewer propane filling stations these days. With the growing popularity of propane tank exchange locations we may soon

Infrared: Good or Gimmick?
It has been credited with saving the modern barbecue industry. They have been described as the microwave of the outdoor kitchen. Promising incredible

Vermont Castings Premium 36,000 BTU Gas Grill Review
This is one of those grills that sits in the back of the showroom floor. It is not flashy or attractive and the design is primitive.

Char-Broil Commercial Infrared 4-Burner 463242715 Review
Dramatically improved, this Char-Broil infrared gas grill is a little smaller but a lot better than the previous version. But is it that much better?

Best Barbecue Hog Rub Recipe
This is a good general rub for any kind of pork, but specifically large cuts of pork for grilling, smoking, or baking.

Char-Broil 6-Burner Model# 463221311 Gas Grill Review
This is a very large but basic gas grill from Char-Broil. With 6 burners and a side burner you get a giant, full feature grill for around $300USD (sold through Sears).

Brinkmann Vertex 6-Burner 810-3885-S Gas Grill Review
This is a grill so complicated and loaded with features that it is almost too hard to describe. On one side you get a standard 40,000 BTU grill and on the other a rather strange multi-function unit.

How to Make a Barbecue Rub
Rubs make the difference between a masterpiece and just another cookout. Find out the secret ingredients you can use to add a rich, deep flavor to your next barbecue.

Glen Canyon 48,000 BTU Stainless-Steel Gas Grill Review
When Home Depot introduced this $1,200USD gas grill in its Expo stores it was an immediate success. Now it is being offered through some Home Depot stores and available through special order.

Member's Mark 39-Inch Stainless Steel Gas Grill Review
At around $800 this isn't that bad of a stainless steel gas grill. Of all the Chinese manufacturers, Grand Hall (who makes this unit) probably has the best reputation.

What Cuts of Meat Are Best for Smoking?
What meats are best for smoking? - Tough, bad cuts of meat are perfect for smoking. After all that's how barbecue got its start with pieces of meat no one else wanted.

Zip-Top Brining Bags
One of the tricks of brining is finding a container to brine it. This is pretty simple for smaller items like pork chops or chicken breasts, but when it comes

Best Odds Rib Mop Recipe
This mop is your best odds to keeping ribs tender and moist during the smoking process.

Grilled Cinnamon Apples Recipe
This grilled apple dessert is perfect for fall or winter. You can serve it sliced over pie or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Pork Injection Marinade Recipe
The BBQ Guru posted this recipe for a great pork injection solution. The secret here is to add your pork rub to the mixture to get the flavor inside and out.

Weber Spirit E-220 Gas Grill Review
Small, but well features, this gas grill is designed for those who don't need a lot of food, but still want to do serious grilling.

Fast Eddy's by Cookshack FEC100 Smoker Review
This smoker revolutionized competition barbecue and has made its way into hundred of BBQ joints. Find out why.

Vermont Castings 4-Burner VCS424 Gas Grill Review
This is a heavy grill with heavy cast iron and stainless steel body parts. The 54,000 BTU output from four stainless steel burners is more than enough to heat the nearly 524 square inches of primary grilling area.

STOK Island Model# SGP2220SB Gas Grill Review
The STOK Island Gas Grill is designed for versatility. You remove the center of the cooking grate and replace it with a pizza stone, a vegetable basket, or one of the other available accessories.

Goose Grilled or Smoked to Perfection
Slow smoked or grilled to perfection. Learn how to cook your holiday goose the right way. The tradition of slow roasting goose over an open flame is older than Christmas.

Wrong Grill Brush Could Put You in the Hospital
It's the sort of thing most of us don't think about. Need to clean off the grill's cooking grates, so pick up a grill brush.

Brinkmann 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill 810-6420-S Review
Big and cheap, this Brinkmann 4-Burner seems like a pretty good idea for a discount gas grill. With the side burner, it has a lot to offer except quality.

Member's Mark 32-inch Stainless Steel Gas Grill Review
At around $600 this isn't a bad stainless steel gas grill. The 304 stainless steel will last and retain its appearance for a long time though it is thin.

Nexgrill Small Space 2-Burner Gas Grill 720-0864 Review
Another of the small space patio grill, this one from Nexgrill and reasonably powered for the size. This inexpensive gas grill isn't a bad choice but

Ducane Stainless Steel 36,000 BTU Gas Grill Review
This is an attractive grill designed by Weber, sold under the Ducane name through Home Depot, made in China.

Sonoma by Altima 4-Burner Model PF30LP Gas Grill Review
This grill is loaded with features, many you do not find on other grills. From the infrared side burner to the brick lined firebox, this one has virtually everything for around $680USD.

Master Forge Double Door Liquid Propane Smoker Review
Gas smokers afford you better control than you find in many charcoal smokers with more power than you get with electric smokers.

First Look: BakerStone Pizza Oven Box
Barbecues & Grilling.

Alfresco LX2 42" Gas Grill Review
There are a lot of expensive stainless steel gas grills on the market. Most are well built of high quality stainless steel with welded seams and high gloss finishes.

Broilmaster P3BL Gas Grill Review
This is a very well made grill with high, even heating. The multi-level cooking grates give you a level of versatility you don't get in other grills.

Lynx 30-inch Freestanding Gas Grill Review
This two burner unit is the smallest and most basic of the Lynx Gas Grills. At around $3,000 you'll be paying a lot for a grill, but you'll get one that cooks great and is built for last.

TEC Sterling III FR Infrared Gas Grill Review
This version of the TEC grill is one of their most popular. Probably because it is the perfect size for the average consumer.

Weber Jumbo Joe Premium 22 Charcoal Grill Review
This Weber, exclusive to Walmart in North America, is the least expensive of their full sized charcoal grills. Question is, should you buy this or spend the extra for better features?

Great Outdoors Pinnacle 5-Burner Gas Grill Review
This gas grill is designed to look like a higher quality stainless steel unit with its shiny hood and body. Unfortunately these parts are not really stainless steel.

Sureheat Tuscany 30-Inch 4-Burner Grill Review
The Sureheat Tuscany gives you a full feature gas grill in an attractive design for around $400. Sold exclusively through Costco Stores.

Char-Broil Advantage 4-Burner 463344116 Grill Review
Very shiny and with a powerful side burner, this Char-Broil Gas Grill is sure to impress on the showroom floor, but how about on the patio?

Brinkmann 5-Burner Model #810-8501-S Gas Grill Review
This is a big gas grill. With the exception of the infrared searing side burner it is also a rather basic grill.

Char-Broil Gourmet 2-Burner TRU-Infrared 463251413 Grill
Char-Broil found success with what they have called

Char-Broil RED 3-Burner Model# 463250511 Grill Review
For 2011, Char-Broil has made some design changes to its RED line of infrared grills, largely to address the long preheat times that this grill suffered from.

Brinkmann 5-Burner Model# 810-2512-S Gas Grill Review
This basic Brinkmann 5-Burner unit offers you a full feature gas grill at a discount price (around $200USD). Read this review for the pros and cons with lots of versatility in your cooking.

Cuisinart Infrared Gourmet Propane Grill Review
This is a big, shiny BBQ grill with lots of cool extras. The U-Type burners give this grill even heating, though it is a little low for the size.

Benihana Hibachi Steak Recipe
This is as close as you can get to the Benihana's Hibachi Steak recipe that starts on the grill and finishes in a delicious soy-ginger sauce.

Basic Pork Rub Recipe
This classic pork rub is perfect for any smoked pork roast. The combination of sweet and all three heats is perfect for pulled pork.

Shrimp and Pineapple Kebabs Recipe
This is a quick and simple way to prepare shrimp kebabs any day of the week and do it with a Hawaiian twist.

Grilled London Broil Recipe
This is a good, old English-style London Broil recipe that has lots of flavor and will give you a tender cut of steak.

Weber Original Kettle Premium 26 Charcoal Grill Review
Consider this the super-sized version of the ever popular Weber Kettle Grill. Large enough to cook four (maybe five) turkeys this grill is also loaded with upgrades.

DCS 48" Professional Gas Grill Review
This is truly a beautiful looking gas grill. With up to 861 square inches of cooking space and 100,000 BTUs depending on the configuration you choose.

Weber Original Kettle 18 Charcoal Grill Review
Small and simple this is the perfect starter grill for those looking to take up charcoal. It won't cook for lots of people, but it will do practically everything easily.

Lynx Professional 42-Inch Gas Grill Review
At the heart of every Lynx Gas Grill is a heavy duty solid cast brass burner that comes with a lifetime guarantee. This unit has 3 of these burners at 25,000 BTU's each.

Huntington Rebel Model# 612364 Gas Grill Review
Huntington grills come in two flavors, the Patriot and the Rebel. This Rebel gas grill from Huntington is the budged priced version at around $330USD from Cabela's.

Kirkland Signature by Nexgrill Gas Grill Review
This is a nice, shiny gas grill built by Nexgrill for Costco and sold under the name Kirkland. At nearly $1,000 this grill has a lot of features including a god quality cast brass side burner.

Nexgrill 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill Model# 720-0888 Review
If more really is better then this would be a pretty reasonable gas grill. This Nexgrill 5-burner has a great price but can it deliver with all those burners?

Charmglow 3-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Grill Review
Charmglow Stainless Steel Gas Grill Review. In 2004 Home Depot bought the rights to the Charmglow name.

Brinkmann 5-Burner Model# 810-2511-S Gas Grill Review
This basic unit offers you a full feature gas grill at a discount price (around $200USD). The five burner design gives you lots of versatility in your cooking.

How to Grill on a Wood Plank
You've probably heard of cedar plank grilled salmon, but did you know that you can use these grilling planks for so much more.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Four-Burner Gas Grill Review
The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared, model #463247512, is nothing more than a new name for the Quantum grill that has been available at Lowes for the past several years.

Nexgrill 720-0783C 4-Burner Propane Grill Review
Large and full of features, the Nexgrill 4-Burner here would be an impressive gas grill if there was as much quality as gimmick.

Griddle Flat Bread Recipe
This is a great, easy flat bread recipe that makes a delicious side dish to any meal. Use for pizzas, wraps, or serve with grilled kebabs.

Simple Coleslaw Recipe
This coleslaw is easy to make and perfect for topping Carolina style pulled pork sandwiches.

Grilled Brussel Sprouts Recipe
This is a quick and easy way to grill up brussel sprouts. Grilling adds a new flavor dimension to brussel sprouts that you will be sure to enjoy.

Baby Back Ribs (Slow Cooker) Recipe
These baby back ribs might not be bathed in smoke, but they are loaded with flavor. This slow cooker recipe will give you a great set of ribs.

Classic Steak Marinade Recipe
The perfect marinade for tougher cuts of steak. The delicious combination of vinegar and herbs helps tenderize and infuse delicious flavor.

Selecting, Seasonings, and Grilling Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops are a great meal that you are probably missing out on. Put aside your notions of overpowering flavor and tough cuts.

BBQ Grillware 3-Burner Model # GGPL-2100 Gas Grill Review
This discontinued grill is one of the last of Lowes' BBQ Grillware brand of grill. It is a basic 3-burner gas grill with side burner and sells for under $200USD.

Nexgrill 4-Burner Side and Rear Burner Grill Review
This is a $220USD gas grill loaded with features for a very low price. Unfortunately that is the issue with this grill.

Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoker and Grill Review
This is actually a classic smoker. This little unit is considered by many, the starter smoker. Want to know if you have what it takes to make barbecue?

Brinkmann 6-Burner Dual Fuel 810-6680-S Gas Grill Review
One gas grill to do it all seems like a good tag line for this Brinkmann Gas Grill at Home Depot. With an intense sear system, deep fryer and rotisserie kit all in one.

Brinkmann Select Dual Sear 5-Burner 810-6630-S Review
The Sear Burner has become the accessory to impress and this Gas Grill from Brinkmann and Home Depot might just prove that wrong.

Weber Genesis EP-330 Gas Grill Review (Discontinued)
This premium line of gas grills are the best you can buy in this price range and beyond. Read our review to find out more.

How to Smoke a Trout
Smoked trout is an easy and quick meal or the perfect ingredient in everything from sandwiches to dips.

Jenn-Air 52,000 BTU Model #720-0337 Gas Grill Review (Discontinued)
This is a large, full function as grill that sells out of Lowe's for around $1,000USD. You get everything with this grill except the rod for your rotisserie, a cover and a propane tank.

What is the Secret to a Thick Juicy Filet Mignon?
Just how do you grill the perfect steak? You start out with a good cut of meat and a hot, hot grill. Then pay attention and learn the secrets of

Infrared - Hotter and Faster, but Better?
It has been called the microwave of the outdoor kitchen, but is infrared really the secret to better grilling?

Marinated Pork Kebabs Recipe
Yogurt is a great addition to this marinade because it's slight acidic nature helps to tenderize the pork while the thickness holds herbs and spices in place.

Grilled Tenderloin Barbecue Recipe
This is a fantastic way to get pulled pork without a smoker and several hours of cooking time.

Grilled Hawaiian Pork Tenderloin Recipe
This grilled pork tenderloin slow roasts on the grill as you brush it down with a tangy Hawaiian-style sauce. Top it off with grilled veggies and you've got a delicious meal.

Italian Dressing Pork Tenderloin Recipe
Italian dressing is a perfect marinade. The combination of oil and vinegar, with a good amount of herbs and spices makes it delicious.

Selecting and Smoking Pork Ribs
Traditional barbecue at its best, ribs smoked low and slow will change the way you look at food forever. There are few things in life better than a rack of great ribs.

How to Cook a Great Leg of Lamb
A succulent feast for any occasion, but the perfect meal for a springtime gathering, a leg of lamb is a great way to grill up some memories for years to come.

The Secret of Great Carne Asada
Fire Roasted Meat at its Best. Fire up the Grill for a Fantastic Meal loaded with Flavor and Tradition.

Smoking 101 - Introduction to Barbecue
Learn the basics of Smoking, the key to true Barbecue. Real barbecue requires three things, low, slow and smoke.

How to Dry Age a Great Steak
You bought a great steak at the store, lightly seasoned it and grilled to perfection, but it just doesn't taste the same as that high priced restaurant steak.

Aging Beef - The nearly lost art of the great steak
Aging beef is the nearly lost art of making a great cut of meat. Get the information on how it's done and why it makes beef better. Page 2.

How to Brine all Cuts of Pork
Salt-water brine increases the water stored in meat so that it will stay moist providing the perfect opportunity to add extra flavor.

London Broil Select and Cook
What is a London Broil? Where does it come from? How do you prepare it? Get your London Broil answers, fire up the grill, and have a fantastic meal.

Selecting and Preparing Pork Chops
Don't throw Pork Chops in the oven, under the broiler, or in a frying pan. Add a marinade and take them to the grill for the best Pork Chops possible.

DCS 30" Professional Outdoor Gas Grill Review
This is like a subcompact Ferrari. The smallest of the DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) grills, but at about 500 square inches of primary grilling space it's not that small.

DCS 36-inch Professional Gas Grill Insert Review
This is a beautiful grill with everything. While smaller in size it still offers everything including a full rotisserie unit, advanced ignition system, independent smoker tray and three 25,000 BTU burners.

Weber Summit S-620 Gas Grill Review
This Weber Summit gas grill is a basic unit with side burner. You have to step up a model to get the smoker burner and full rotisserie system.

Char-Griller Outlaw Charcoal Grill/Smoker Review
The Char-Griller Outlaw gives you over 1,000 square inches of cooking space in a charcoal grill that cooks hot and fast or low and slow..

All About Pulled Pork Barbecue
Carolina Style pulled pork is the origin of modern barbecue. Find out how to have your own southern style

Backyard Grill Model BY13-101-001-12 Review (Discontinued)
Large and simple, this 4-burner gas grill gets hot, but heats unevenly and isn't built to last. Of course at this price how much does that matter?

Grill Master 4-Burner Model #720-0697 Review (Discontinued)
For around $200USD you get a large, 4-burner gas grill with porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates and a 12,000 BTU side burner.

Grill Master 3-Burner Model# 720-0737 Gas Grill Review (Discontinued)
For around $150USD you get a standard sized, 3-burner gas grill with porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates and a 12,000 BTU side burner.

Nexgrill 4-Burner Model# 720-0830H Gas Grill Review
Shiny and inexpensive, this Nexgrill gas grill at Home Depot looks impressive and certainly has the power. But will it last, or will it need to be replaced in a year or two?

Brinkmann Pro Series 2600 Gas Grill Review (Discontinued)
All in all this grill gives you some nice features for the price. It is also one of the few grills at this level with 4 main burners. The cast iron burners will require some care but distribute good heat.

Jenn-Air Model #720-0164 Gas Grill Review (Discontinued)
This line of grills have been very successful. For 2006 this unit has been redesigned to address issues of low heat output, bad casters and assembly problems.

How to Roast Chestnuts on a Grill
Long ago, chestnuts, a holiday favorite, were roasted over an open fire. The high, intense heat cooks the chestnuts and they literally pop open.

Weber Smokey Joe Premium 14 Charcoal Grill Review
The Weber Smokey Joe is another of Weber's iconic products. Small and lightweight, this little charcoal grill is perfect for the beach, picnic, or patio (if charcoal fires are allowed).

Weber Smokey Joe 14" Charcoal Grill Review
For decades this little charcoal grill has been a mainstay on beaches, at frat houses, and around the world. Small, lightweight, and versatile, the Weber Smokey Joe is practically the perfect portable grill

Delta Heat 32-Inch Model# DHBQ32G-F Gas Grill Review
At a price in the range of $2,800USD (depending on how it is configured) you wouldn't think this was a discount grill.

Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Grill Model# NK22CK-C Review
In 2011, Napoleon reinvented the kettle charcoal grill with a new design for airflow that helps create an even charcoal fire.

Weber Summit E-420 Gas Grill Review
For many years the Summit line of stainless steel grills from Weber has been some of the best gas grills on the market.

Char-Broil American Gourmet Deluxe Offset Smoker Review
Despite the almost single-minded​ focus on infrared technology, Char-Broil has kept their feet in the smoker business with old school smokers like this one.

Weber Spirit S-210 Gas Grill Review
Smallest of Weber's full sized grills with a shiny stainless steel finish. With fold down side tables, this grill is designed to fit small spaces. Perfect for the little patio.

Meco Electric BBQ on Cart Model 9325 Grill Review
Meco has been making electric grills like this one for many years. Little has changed over the years and this electric grill, designed for a global market is their full sized version.

Southwestern Style Rotisserie Pork Tenderloin Recipe
This pork tenderloin recipe has a great Southwestern kick. This dish is best complimented by a side of grilled vegetables.

Rotisserie Huli Huli Chicken Recipe
Here is another delicious rotisserie chicken recipe for you to try. The sweet sauce gives this dish an authentic Hawaiian flavor.

Rotisserie Sesame Chicken Recipe
Try this delicious Asian inspired rotisserie chicken recipe with a side of grilled vegetables.

Five-Spice Rotisserie Chicken Recipe
This Asian inspired rotisserie chicken recipe has mildly tart and pungent flavors making this a fantastic way to cook a whole chicken.

Pitts & Spitts P-C1830 Smoker Review
The Pitt's and Spitt's smokers might be more expensive than many units, but the solid construction and fantastic smoking characteristics make them some of the best units on the market.

Tremore Breeze Charcoal Smoker Review
A marvel of engineering, but there are sacrifices for one of the easiest to use smokers on the market with amazingly even heat distribution. Is it worth the price?

Backwoods Smokers The Competitor Charcoal Smoker Review
For over 20 years, Backwoods Smokers has been making some of the most popular competition smokers around.

Dyna-Glo 5-Burner Model# DGF510SBP-D Gas Grill
Once again Home Depot has opted for size over quality. This large, 5-burner gas grill has the features yet weighs only 75 pounds.

First Look: The Kamado Smoker & Grill Cookbook
Chris Grove's new Bible for the Kamado grill covers virtually every method, technique, and trick these cookers are capable of.

Rotisserie Tandoori Chicken Recipe
Instead of individual tandoori chicken pieces, try the whole chicken rotisserie style for an authentic method to a great chicken.

Spit Roasted Bacon Wrapped Chicken Recipe
The bacon and the butter help to keep this rotisserie chicken moist and give it an old world fire roasted taste. A simply delicious, low ingredient meal!

Three Pepper Rotisserie Style Chicken Recipe
This is a fork tender, delicious three pepper and herb rotisserie chicken.

Mexican Style Rotisserie Chicken Recipe
This dish has a great south of the border flavor. You can shred this rotisserie chicken and serve with warm tortillas and guacamole, or slice and serve with Spanish rice.

Tequila Sweet Potatoes Recipe
This smoked sweet potato dish is much better than the marshmallow covered things that always get served up with turkey.

Bayou Classic 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer Model# 3016 Review
This is about as basic a turkey fryer set up as you can buy. It is also about as inexpensive a turkey fryer as you can buy. In fact the oil and the turkey will probably cost you more than this set up.

Broilmaster P3S Super Premium Gas Grill Review
Long ago gas grills were made with cast aluminum bodies and quality, durable parts. Those grills, mostly gone now, where built to last for decades.

Weber Genesis EP-310 Premium Edition Gas Grill Review
Simply put the Weber Genesis line of grills are the best you can buy in this price range and beyond. The list price is $899USD but you can typically find it for around $750USD.

MasterBuilt Electric Smokehouse Model# 20070106 Review
If you want barbecue or maybe to smoke some jerky, but don't want to spend the day stoking a fire, then a small electric smoker is probably the answer you are looking for.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe
These grilled tomatoes are rich in flavor, yet simple to prepare. Remember to look for large ripe tomatoes for this recipe.

Stuffed Zucchini Recipe
This stuffed zucchini recipe calls for rice as the main stuffing. Any style of rice would work or you can use couscous if you prefer.

Greek-Style Eggplant and Squash Recipe
This is a quick and delicious way to prepare vegetables any time of the year. Look for squash and eggplant that are firm so they can hold up to the grill.

Greek Grilled Pizza Recipe
There's no better way to cook this Greek Inspired Pizza than on the grill. This high, dry heat makes it the perfect pizza oven.

Top 7 Electric Grills
Sometimes you just can't have a full sized gas or charcoal grill. That's when you have to rely on an outdoor electric grill.

Broil-King Signet 320 Gas Grill Review
Basic, straightforward, and powerful, the Broil-King Signet is one of the best grills on the market in this price range.

Weber Spirit E-210 Gourmet BBQ System Gas Grill Review
Smallest and least expensive of Weber's full sized grills, this Home Depot exclusive version comes with the Gourmet BBQ System of accessories.

Broil King Baron 440 Gas Grill Review
The Broil King Baron 440 is a basic, but well-built​ gas grill, now available for under $500, making this grill one of the best bargains on the market

Big Green Egg Medium Charcoal Smoker/Grill Review
Big green egg has been producing these Kamado Style grills for decades. This one is the mid-sized of their models and is big enough to cook one 18-pound turkeys.

Stok 4-Burner Quattro Model# SGP4330SB Gas Grill Review
Recently a major grill maker told me that the future was in accessories. The Stok Quattro may just be the perfect design for this.

Top 10 Beer Can Chicken Recipes
One of the challenges of grilling a whole chicken is keeping it from drying out before it gets completely cooked.

Weber Genesis S-330 Gas Grill Review
Simply put the Weber Genesis line of grills are the best you can buy in this price range and beyond. You can typically find it for around $950.

Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill Review
The Weber Genesis line of grills are the best you can buy in this price range and beyond. The E-310 is the most basic version of this series.

Char-Griller Duo Gas/Charcoal Model 5050 Grill Review
Char-Griller has been making charcoal grills and smokers for a few years. Recently they introduced a small 3-burner gas grill.

Big Green Egg Mini Charcoal Grill Review
This mini version of the popular Big Green Egg charcoal grill gives you the best of two worlds, a great little charcoal grill and a hibachi.

How to Buy the Right Smoker for Your Needs
In the market for a smoker? Get some information and some advice on selecting the smoker that is right for you. Before you buy, you really need to think about what you want to get out of a smoker and how much you are willing to put in to it.

The Truth About Stainless Steel
With the recent surge in stainless steel gas grills on the market, there has been a surge in confusion. What you need to know is that not all stainless steel is created equally.

Grilling Wood Chips and Chunks Differences
The size of the wood pieces you use to make smoke depends on the kind of smoking you are doing and the type of equipment you are using.

Going Natural Gas for Your Grill
With more and more gas fired outdoor products on the market you really should consider switching to natural gas. It costs less, burns cleaner and you'll never have to worry about an empty propane tank again.

KettlePizza - Charcoal Grill Accessory Review
First of all, pizza is bread. It is baked like bread, but unlike most of the bread baked in your oven, the secret to the perfect pizza is high temperatures, higher than your oven can probably reach.

Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill Review
Smallest and least expensive of Weber's full sized grills. With fold down side tables, this grill is designed to fit small spaces.

Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer Review
Since deep frying a turkey in hot oil has developed a reputation for being dangerous (and delicious) a few people have been thinking of ways of doing it with out the oil.

Traeger Pellet Lil' Tex Smoker/Grill Review
This unit is sold as a grill but works equally well as a smoker. With an optional digital feeder control you can get a low and slow temperature that is perfect for smoking for many hours.

Napoleon Prestige P500 Gas Grill Review
This is a basic, relatively expensive gas grill similar in many ways to the Weber Genesis. Manufactured in Canada by Napoleon this is a high-quality grill that is built to last.

Broil King Keg Charcoal Grill Review
The Broil King Keg is so closely modeled on the size and shape of the Big Green Egg that grates and accessories are interchangeable.

Weber Spirit E-310 Gas Grill Review
This will be the cornerstone of the new Spirit Grill line from Weber. A basic 3-burner grill, this one has the size, versatility, function, and Weber name that should make it a great seller.

Weber Summit S-670 Gas Grill Review
Six main burners are supplemented by with a side burner, infrared rotisserie burner, dedicated sear burner and a smoker box with its own smoker burner.

Napoleon Prestige II Freestyle Model# PTSS215P Portable Gas Grill Review
This well constructed 304 stainless steel portable gas grill from Napoleon isn't very creative in design but works great.

Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB Gas Grill Review
Powerful and fully features this Napoleon Gas Grill has all the bells and whistles, including a full rotisserie system and an infrared searing side burner.

Broil King Monarch 340 Gas Grill Review
Simple, well built, and powerful enough for most any grilling task, the Broil King Monarch 340 offers a lot for a reasonable price.

Broil King Regal 490 Pro Gas Grill Review
The Broil King Regal 490 Pro is basically the same as the Imperial 490, except this gas grill has porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates instead of stainless steel rod.

Steak Recipes
Tons of great steak recipes for the grill. There is more to grilling a steak than simply throwing it on the grill. Use these recipes to make something truly great.

Filet Mignon with Gorgonzola Recipe
A simple, yet flavorful way to prepare the perfect filet mignon. The gorgonzola adds a salty bite to the steak resulting in the perfect combination of flavors.

Top 10 Filet Mignon Recipes
The perfect romantic meal is the Filet Mignon. Tender and perfect for two, this is a great steak and these recipes make it so much better.

Top 10 High End Pellet Grills
Pellet Grills offer a wide versatility of cooking abilities, and these the best of the best can do it all. Spend the extra money to get more than just a grill.

Viking Ultra-Premium 54-Inch Built-in Gas Grill Review
Viking is the best known brand among the highest end appliances. The question is, can they make a good gas grill.

Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill Review
Simply put the Weber Genesis line of grills are the best you can buy in this price range and beyond. The S-310 is the stainless steel version of the E-310.

O-Grill 3000 Portable Gas Grill Review
A good portable gas grill should be sturdy, with good grilling characteristics, but also lightweight and easily transported.

Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series 42-Inch Gas Grill Review
This Twin Eagles gas grill is one of the best-designed gas grills on the market. Flawless in its construction this classic style gas grill still uses high-temperature​ ceramic briquettes as a barrier to distribute heat and burn off grease.

Tomato-Roasted Red Pepper Meatball Sliders Recipe
These sliders are delicious and great served as a main course or as an appetizer. Give this one a try on your next cookout or Superbowl get together.

Solaire Anywhere Infrared Portable Grill Review
Imagine the power of an infrared grill in a portable. This 14,000 BTU infrared grill packs more heat than any other portable grill and at 20 pounds you can take it almost anywhere.

Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Turkey Fryer Review
Basically this is a large fryer designed to hold up to a 14 pound turkey in a specially designed (turkey shaped) frying chamber.

Weber Genesis E-330 Gas Grill Review
Simply put the Weber Genesis line of grills are the best you can buy in this price range and beyond. The list price is $949USD but you can typically find it for around $800USD.

The Ultimate Mashed Potatoes Recipe
As the title says, these are the ultimate mashed potatoes. Make sure you have a potato ricer for this recipe as it makes a world of difference.

Grilled Filet Mignon with Bearnaise Sauce Recipe
While this recipe will take some time to prepare, it is well worth it. You can prepare the bernaise sauce shortly before the steaks go on the grill.

Easy Grilled Filet Mignon Recipe
If you're new to grilling steaks or a fan of simplicity, then this filet mignon recipe is for you.

Cumin and Black Pepper Crusted Filet Mignon Recipe
Serve these fantastic steaks with grilled or sauteed vegetables, and rice or quinoa pilaf.

Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Recipe
While filet mignon rarely needs help in the flavor department, bacon just seems to make it better.

Creamy Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe
If you need a delicious side to go with a fresh of the grill steak, rotisserie chicken, pork or beef roast, then give this twice baked potato recipe a try.

Grilled Cauliflower with Sesame Aioli Recipe
This grilled cauliflower spends less than ten minutes on the grill and is topped with a creamy, delicious sesame aioli.

Dyna-Glo 4-Burner Model# DGF493BNP-D Gas Grill
Stripped down to the bare bone basics, this four-burner gas grill by Dyna-Glo has the power and the size for a very reasonable price.

Saber SS 500 Model# R50SC0012 Gas Grill Review
Using the unique infrared technology from Char-Broil, this stainless steel Saber gas grill is quick to heat, easy to use, and dependable.

Elevate Grill
Billed as the largest portable grill, the Elevate has some unique features that makes it stand out among the crowded portable gas grill market.

Cookshack Amerique Electric Smoker Review
The Cookshack Amerique is a computer controlled outdoor electric smoker that makes great barbecue and requires no tending. Is it right for you?

Recipes and Resources for Grilling and Smoking all Cuts and Kinds of Beef from Brisket to Fillet Mignon and Everything in Between.

Weber Summit S-420 Gas Grill Review
This is possibly the best of the

Grilled Filet Mignon with Mango Balsamic Reduction Recipe
This grilled filet mignon is topped with a silky mango and balsamic vinegar reduction. Perfect for Valentine's Day and anniversaries.

Filet Mignon with Peppercorn-Thyme Butter Recipe
These filets are grilled to perfection then topped with a simple but delicious peppercorn-thyme compound butter. Perfect for special occasions.

Buttermilk Sweet Potato Salad Recipe
Sweet potatoes are quite versatile and this recipe offers an alternative to traditional potato salad.

Recipes and Cooking Information for making the best possible hamburgers. Learn how to select the right meat, grill to perfection and make burgers of Gourmet Quality.

Potato Salad Recipes
Potato Salad is the number one side dish salad for the backyard cookout. The best thing about potato salads is that not only can they be very healthy but there are so many ways to prepare them.

Burger Toppers
Burger Toppers. Barbecues & Grilling.

Burger Patty Recipes
Ultimately the heart of any burger is the patty. While many might think that this is simply ground meat, it can be so much more. These burger patty recipes make the most of any hamburger by starting with loads of flavor.

Hamburger Recipes
There is so much more to the hamburger than an all beef patty on a bun. These hamburger recipes cover every meat and flavor.

Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Electric Grill Review
Can't have a gas or charcoal grill where you live? This might be the solution for you. The Char-Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill is one of the largest electric grills on the market.

Broil King Imperial 490 Gas Grill Review
The newly designed Broil King Imperial 490 Gas Grill is a big change and improvement for Broil King.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3-Burner Grill Review
Another attempt by Char-Broil to build a Gas-Charcoal Grill hybrid. This model improves the charcoal pan, but the same problems persist.

Gas/Charcoal Grills Reviews
Grills that give you gas and charcoal burning options. These reviews should help you determine which gas/charcoal hybrid grill is best for you.

The Cobb Grill Portable Charcoal Review
The Cobb grill has been repeatedly praised as one of the most unique and versatile portable grills on the market.

Kalamazoo K750HT Hybrid Freestanding Gas Grill Review
The best gas grill in the world for the biggest price in the world, the Kalamazoo K750HT can do it all, last forever, and impress everyone you know.

Woodflame Delecto Portable BBQ Grill Review
Imagine getting authentic wood fire flavor in your cooking. Now imagine getting it from a portable grill that weights around 17 pounds.

Broil King Baron 5-Burner 540-S Gas Grill Review
Big and shiny, the Broil King Baron 5-Burner has a lot of space and a lot of knobs. The first question to ask is, too big?

The Holland Apex Model# BH421SS5 Gas Grill Review
The Holland Grill is a truly unique gas grill. This model, the Apex, is the top line product from Holland Grills and a very nice product.

Smokin' Tex Pro Model 1500 Electric Smoker Review
There are many who want to be able to smoke up their own barbecue, but may not want to deal with controlling fires, or regulating temperatures.

Kenmore 4-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Grill Review
This $350USD 4-burner gas grill is a full function unit that boasts a good sized cooking area, side burner, and a stainless steel body.

Weber Spirit E-310 Gourmet BBQ System Gas Grill Review
The small and inexpensive member of Weber's family of full sized grills, this Home Depot exclusive version comes with the Gourmet BBQ System.

Vermont Castings 3-Burner VCS323 Gas Grill Review
This is a heavy grill with heavy cast iron and stainless steel body parts and 40,500 BTU output from three stainless steel burners.

Horizon BBQ Smoker 16-Inch Backyard Classic Review
There was a time when any smoker worth cooking barbecue on was a horizontal offset smoker just like this one. Since then a lot of things have changed.

Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill Review
Want a gas grill, but need something small? This might be the solution for you. The Char-Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill is small, full height gas grill

Louisiana Grills LG-900 Pellet Grill Review
Typical of the lower priced pellet grills, this one does include a meat temperature probe and a generally better computer controller.

Char-Broil Kettleman TRU-Infrared 22.5" Charcoal Grill Review
The Char-Broil Kettleman makes a lot of promises about performance and efficiency. The question to ask is, can it really compare with Weber's ironic grill.

KitchenAid 3-Burner Model# 720-0787D Gas Grill Review
This basic 3-burner gas grill looks impressive, particularly because of the KitchenAid name on the front. While competent it isn't anything spectacular, even at this low price.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Commercial Model Gas Grill Model 463642316
This little Char-Broil Infrared Grill is very small, takes up a very small space, but can cook enough for several people.

Smoke Hollow 44-Inch Gas Smoker Review
The biggest limitations of gas smokers is the range of temperatures they can hit and the fact that most of them leak smoke and heat through the doors.

Big Green Egg Small Review
Big Green Egg has been producing these Kamado Style grills for decades. This one is the smaller of their models but is big enough to cook a turkey.

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18 Gas Smoker Review
One of the problems with gas smokers is that the heat output can be limited by a factory who thinks they know best.

Char-broil Grill 2 Go Ice Portable Gas Grill Review
You want to head out to do some tailgating or grill up some burgers at a picnic. You need a grill and a cooler. What if these two bulky items were built into one unit?

Weber Jumbo Joe 18 Portable Charcoal Grill Review
Restored from the past, the Jumbo Joe from Weber is has the same cooking surface as the full sized Weber 18 1/2-inch kettle, but in a portable.

The Good One Trail Boss - Competition Smoker Review
The Good One smoker is one of the top competition smokers on the circuit. This one, the Trail Boss, is the largest of these smokers. ​

Raptor Portable Charcoal Grill Review
The Raptor Grill promises fuel efficiency that dramatically reduces the cost of charcoal grilling. The question is, can it deliver?

Evo Professional Flattop Grill Review
Truly a unique piece of outdoor cooking equipment, the Evo Flattop Grill is a solid surface unit that can do so many amazing things.

Outdoor Grill and Smoker Product Recalls
Has your gas grill, smoker, or other outdoor cooking appliance been recalled for safety problems? You could have a dangerous product sitting on your patio and don't know it.

Outdoor Grill and Smoker Product Recalls
Has your gas grill, smoker, or other outdoor cooking appliance been recalled for safety problems? You could have a dangerous product sitting on your patio and don't know it.

Grills, Barbecues, & Smokers 2013
As the recession continues to hold down sales, the outdoor cooking industry is stepping up competition to hold off a new wave of innovators and duplicators.

What to do when your Gas Grill goes Bad
I get a lot of complaints about grills, grill manufacturers, and grill stores. While the internet is a good place to post your complaints it probably won't get you much satisfaction and it definitely won't get you a refund.

Perfect Flame 5-Burner Gas Grill Review (Discontinued)
This is a big, powerful grill. With a total cooking area well over 700 square inches and 65,000 BTUs of heat output you get a grill that won't have any trouble heating up and cooking.

Pellet Grills- a Real Wood Burning Smoker and Grill
What exactly is a Pellet Grill and do you really want one?

Pulled Pork: The Smoke
It's the smoke that is the secret behind True Pulled Pork Barbecue. Learn to add the right amount and kind of smoke to get that Authentic Barbecue Flavor.

Weber Genesis Gas Grills
The current line up of the Weber Genesis grills includes 4 models ranging in price from $850USD to $1,100USD.

Kitchenaid 30-Inch 4-Burner Gas Grill Review
This is a big, shiny, gas grill with the KitchenAid name stamped right in the middle of the lid, but it isn't what you think it is.

Kenmore 4 Burner Gas Grill With Stainless Steel Lid Review
What Sears considers a virtue, I consider a vice. The stainless steel hood on this gas grill would be worth pointing out if it were not low grade, poorly finished metal.

Zippo All Terrain Gas Grill Review
One of the most powerful portable gas grill on the market, this is about as close to a full size grill that can be taken to the park or parking lot.

Napoleon Prestige Pro PRO665RSIBPSS Gas Grill Review
This Napoleon Gas Grill might not have the kitchen sink, but it does have an ice bucket, and practically everything else.

Big Green Egg XL Charcoal Grill Review
Big green egg has been producing these Kamado Style grills for decades. This one is the largest of their models and is big enough to cook two 20-pound turkeys.

Volcano 3 Collapsible Cook Stove Review
Essentially an all-purpose power burner, this charcoal/gas unit can grill and heat pots and pans. Plus it collapses for transport. But the question is . . .

Bradley Smoker Original Review
Of the

Pit Barrel Cooker Review
The Pit Barrel Cooker is a simple and easy to use cooker. It is debatable as to whether this is a real smoker, but it does produce smoke flavor and produces great tasting foods.

Lodge Sportsman Charcoal Grill Review
The classic cast iron hibachi improved, this model from Lodge isn't the cheap little charcoal grill from years ago, but a solid little powerhouse.

Char-Broil CB940X Charcoal Grill Review
Virtually unchanged in decades this charcoal grill from Char-Broil is big and heavy but over the years it has lost something very important.

Capital Precision 40-Inch Built-in Gas Grill Review
Capital makes some beautiful grills with great features. This 304 stainless steel beauty features dual W-shaped 25,000 BTU burners.

Bull Brahma Built-in Gas Grill Review
At around $2,400 this Built-In Gas Grill is an inexpensive way to make a outdoor kitchen, the question is will it last long enough?

Blaze 32-Inch Gas Grill Insert Model# BLZ-4 Review
The Blaze 32-Inch Gas Grill has a lot to offer for a very reasonable price. This is certainly a model worth researching before you buy a new grill.

Hamilton Beach 5-Burner GrillStation Gas Grill Review
The Hamilton Beach 5-Burner GrillStation gas grill is an average quality grill in a price range glutted with products.

Huntington 2-Burner Model# 30040HNT Gas Grill Review
Another of the cheapest gas grills on the market. Find out why this is the one to buy over all the others.

Huntington 2-Burner Model# 30030HNT Gas Grill Review
Another of the cheapest gas grills on the market. Find out why this is the one to buy over all the others.

Huntington 2-Burner Model# 24025 Gas Grill Review
Like most of the least expensive 2-burner gas grills on the market, this Huntington Gas Grill at Lowe's this is lightweight and thin unit.

Char-Broil Classic 480 Model 463436215 Gas Grill Review
Large, but simple, this $200USD gas grill seems like good deal, but is this he best choice? Even with a side burner, it might not be everything for everyone.

Charcoal Grill Starter Alternatives
There are so many better ways to light charcoal than with petroleum based lighter fluids. Clean up your grilling with a greener alternative.

Fiesta 25,000 BTU 2 Burner Model# BP26035-024BL Gas Grill Review
Like most of the least expensive 2-burner gas grills on the market, the Fiesta Gas Grill at Walmart this is lightweight and thin.

Bradley 4-Rack Digital Food Smoker Review
A uniquely versatile electric smoker that offers size and performance, but requiring special wood source for smoke and unfortunately problems.

Weber Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill Review
People aspire to this gigantic charcoal grill. With the space of four classic Weber grills, the Weber Ranch Kettle is amazing, but that isn't the whole story.

Weston Prago Outdoor Propane Vertical 30-Inch Smoker Review
This Gas Smoker from Weston Supply lacks many of the basic features that can make a good gas powered smoker.

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill Review
Designed to be as small as its 145 square inch cooking surface will allow, this portable is small, but is it worth the money?

KitchenAid 2-Burner Model# 720-0891B Gas Grill Review
This small, 2-burner pedestal grill is simple and fairly well made for the price. The most important thing to know about this gas grill is that it isn't a KitchenAid product.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Grill2Go X200 Portable Gas Grill Review
With solid construction and infrared technology this little portable gas grill promises a lot of power and performance, but can it deliver?

TEC Sterling G2000 FR Infrared Gas Grill Review
This version of the TEC grill is perfect for the small family. The intense cooking temperatures are unlike any other gas grill on the market.

La Caja China Aluminum Model# 2 Roasting Box Review
The quickest and easiest way to roast a whole hog or lamb or a dozen pork shoulders for that matter. This is not a smoker, but a charcoal roaster.

Grilling Potatoes
Potatoes are amazingly forgiving and are perfect grilled. On their own or part of any dish, the smoky perfection of the grill makes a great potato.

Brazilian Barbecue
Imagine a group of cowboys out on the train developing their own way of cooking. Cooking that involved fire, smoke, large cuts of meat and some simple seasonings.

Steak: Grades and Cuts
Learn how to pick the right grade and cut of steak. Knowing what you are buying will help with picking out the perfect steak for the grill.

Meco Tabletop 9300 Grill Review
Need an outdoor electric grill. This model from Meco is a small, portable solution, but like many electric grills it has trouble delivering what it promises.

Kenyon Electric City Grill Review
A good electric grill can be hard to find. This one from Kenyon, specialists in electric heat, costs more than most. Is it worth the investment.

Vision Kamado Pro Ceramic Charcoal Grill Review
Loaded with features, this takes the straightforward ceramic grill and gives it all the gadgets, but is it better than the simpler competitors?

Saffire Kamado Bronze Class Grill and Smoker Review
Large and well built, this is a good version of the increasingly popular Kamado Grill. Saffire Grills have some innovative features that might be worth the price.

Dyna-Glo Gas Vertical Smoker Review
Most gas powered smokers suffer from the same problems, doors that don't fit tight and difficulty controlling temperature. Does the Dyna-Glo gas smoker?

Char-Broil Vertical Gas Smoker Review
Propane gas is quickly responsive and powerful, making it a good alternative for smokers, but does this Char-Broil stand up against the others?

Masterbuilt 7 in 1 Smoker/Cooker Review
This basic vertical water smoker is built on a kind of modular design that allows you to mix and match parts to give you a wide range of function.

Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker Review
Promising the best of both worlds, this Masterbuilt gas smoker can also burn charcoal. The question is, can it do both well?

Grill Dome Infinity Large Kamado Grill Review
With a thicker shell and stainless steel components this Kamado has some great features, but how does it stand up to the Big Green Egg?

The Outdoor Greatroom Company Legacy 20i/e Electric Grill Review
For those people who live in a place where gas or charcoal grill are not allowed there have been few options when it came to grill that would give you an authentic grilling experience.

MAK Pellet Grill 2-Star Review
Considered one of the best Pellet Grills on the market, MAK has a solid, well engineered build and this version is loaded with features.

Napoleon Charcoal Professional Grill Model# PRO605CSS Review
Looks like a gas grill, but fired by charcoal, this Napoleon is built for straightforward high temperature cooking. But is it better than an inexpensive Weber?

Pitmaker BBQ Safe Smoker Review
Pitmaker builds some of the most popular competition smokers. This is small enough for the patio, but large enough to compete or cater.

Grilled Corn Succotash Recipe
If you don't have access to fresh corn, simply used canned or frozen corn for the recipe. However, if corn is in season, take full advantage of the grill for this tasty dish.

Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice with Sausage Recipe
If you're looking for a delicious versatile dish to serve as a main course or a side item, then red beans and rice will do it.

Spicy Tomahawk Steak Rub Recipe
A delicious, spicy rub for tomahawk steaks. Feel free to adjust the spiciness to your liking.

Dry Chimichurri Steak Rub Recipe
This is a great way to season your steaks with the flavors of chimichurri without having to make the sauce.

Cumin Rub for Steaks Recipe
This wet rub is heavy on the cumin and works really well on large cuts like T-Bones, Porterhouse, and Tomahawk steaks.

Side Dishes
Information and Recipe for the Perfect Cookout Side from Potato Salad to Beans to Cole Slaw and everything else.