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Santa Fe Steak Recipe
This round steak is marinated in a flavorful spice mixture, grilled hot and fast, and carved into thin strips.

Peanut Buttercup S'Mores
A delicious combination of peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker. One bite and you'll be hooked.

Bourbon-Dijon Rib Eye with Herb Butter Recipe
These rib eye steaks are marinated in a delicious bourbon-dijon mixture, grilled and topped with a flavorful herb compound butter.

Hoisin Duck Recipe
This is a delicious Asian-inspired grilled duck recipe that can be prepared for any occasion.

Lemon-Herb Duck Breasts Recipe
This is a nice and simple grilled duck recipe. Remember that duck breast should be served rare, so the cooking time shouldn't take too long.

Grilled Pheasant with Soy-Peanut Glaze Recipe
This grilled pheasant has an almost satay quality to it. The soy and peanut glaze is a wonderful addition to this dish.

How to Smoke Barbecue Pork Ribs
Fire up the Smoker for a fantastic Rack of BBQ Ribs. This is the traditional method for the perfect rib, worth of any Barbecue Competition.

BBQ Ribs Step by Step, Step 6: Wrapping the Ribs
You can just let your BBQ ribs smoke as they are but many people swear by what is known as the 3-2-1 method. This method calls for smoking the ribs unwrapped for three hours followed by two hours wrapped in heavy duty foil. The ribs finish up with one additional hour unwrapped. This process allows the ribs to be exposed to smoke for 4 hours while they steam in their own juiced for two hours.

BBQ Ribs - Preparing the Smoker
For this method of BBQ Ribs we will be firing up the smoker to hold a temperature of 225 degrees F for 6 hours. Make sure you are familiar with your smoker and have enough fuel to get you through. Temperature control is very important to get your BBQ ribs tender and flavorful.

BBQ Ribs: Preparing the Pork Ribs Step
There is a wide variety in how ribs get cut, trimmed and prepared before you buy them. Having a good supply of the ribs you like is a must and knowing a good butcher is just as important. Preparing your pork ribs for great BBQ ribs is easy to do if you know what to look for. Making sure the ribs are ready for the smoker is the most important step in this whole process.

BBQ Ribs Step by Step, Step 4: Pork Rib Rub
The rub is your best source for flavoring your BBQ Ribs. The rub goes on before the ribs do and the flavors of this spice mixture have the whole cooking time to sink into the meat and give your ribs a lot of flavor. You can pick a sweet rub, a spicy rub, or a savory rub. The choice is yours. Remember that hot spices will mellow during the cooking time so if you want your ribs spicy hot you will have to make sure you make it very spicy.

BBQ Ribs Step by Step, Step 5: Placing Ribs on the Smoker
Knowing your smoker is vital to producing good barbecue. You want to make sure that your BBQ ribs get exposed to even heat so if you know there is a hot spot you need to make sure you are prepared to deal with it.

BBQ Ribs - Barbecue Sauce
To sauce or not to sauce. Contrary to what a lot of people (and restaurants) seem to think good BBQ Ribs don't need barbecue sauce.

BBQ Ribs - Cutting Ribs and Serving
Like any meat you cook it is important to let it rest before you carve and serve. This evens out the heat and lets the natural juices flow back towards the surface of the meat.

Grilled Pizza Crust Recipe
Believe it or not, the grill is probably the best appliance you have to make pizzas. The high, dry heat is perfect for pizza and this basic crust recipe will get you started on a whole new world of grilling.

Bacon and Onion Stuffed Brisket Recipe
This bacon stuffed brisket is simple to prepare. Just make sure to properly seal it with bamboo skewers, and you'll have a tender and delicious brisket for any occasion.

Acorn Squash with Asiago Cheese Recipe
This grilled squash recipe makes a great side dish for almost anything. You can get them ready and set them on the upper rack or off to the side of your grill.

Grilled Mexican Style Pork Roast Recipe
The combination of sweet and spicy flavors gives this grilled pork roast a fantastic flavor that is sure to please!

Easy Grilled Steak Tacos Recipe
Coated with a delicious seasoning rub, these strip steaks grilled to perfection, sliced and served in warmed tortillas. Top with your favorite salsa for a delicious treat.

Grilled Mussels Recipe
This quick and easy recipe lets you fire up the grill and produce some delicious mussels without making a mess in the kitchen.

Smoked Peanuts Recipe
While this recipe calls for hot sauce, the smoking process tones down the heat and gives the peanuts a delicious flavor.

New York Onion Sauce Hot Dog Topping Recipe
You've had chopped onions on a hot dog before, well this onion sauce is the traditional topping for a New York hot dog.

Spicy Mustard Potato Salad Recipe
Try this delicious potato salad recipe next time you have a cookout. Your guests will definitely come back for more.

Chipotle-Tequila Flank Steak Recipe
This delicious flank steak recipe calls for a flavorful chipotle-tequila marinade and cooked hot and fast on the grill.

Orange-Ginger Tilapia Recipe
Tilapia is an excellent fish for grilling. If you've never tried grilling a whole fish, you really should take a crack at this recipe. It is certain to impress.

Maple and Green Onion Pork Rib Tips Recipe
These rib tips are coated with a fantastic maple syrup sauce . Try to use the real stuff and not imitation.

Blackened Red Snapper Recipe
These red snapper fillets are grilled very hot and fast which blackens the seasonings. It is then topped off with a flavorful butter sauce.

Mediterranean Eye of Round Recipe
These steaks are marinated in a mixture of Dijon mustard and marinated artichoke liquid. They are then grilled to perfection. Delicious!

Grilled Potato Dippers with a Trio of Sauces Recipe
Serve these potato dippers as a side dish or a fun appetizer at your next gathering! Enjoy with three delicious and easy to prepare sauces.

Red Snapper Recipe
This recipe calls for a whole fish. If you haven't grilled a whole fish yet, it isn't as difficult as it might sound. This is the traditional Mexican method for grilling snapper.

Building a Custom Smoker You Want
Building your own custom smoker, regardless of the heat source, will give you the exact smoker you want if you know where to start.

Stuffed Goose Recipe
This is a traditional way to prepare a goose, and by traditional I mean fire roasted. The fire is the secret to a great goose, but because the fatty juices drip from the goose it can make a big mess.

Garlic-Wine Pheasant Recipe
Here is a great pheasant recipe for you to try. You can add more pepper sauce if you want to spice things up a bit.

Fish and Seafood
Recipes, Resources and information for grilling and smoking fish and seafood. From smoked salmon to grilled crab this is where you'll find out how to cook anything from under the sea in your backyard.

Recipes and information for grilling and smoking pork from pork chops to pork tenderloin to whole hogs. This is also where you'll find recipes for Carolina pulled pork barbecue.

Grilled Seafood Recipes
Smoking and Grilling Recipes for seafood from shrimp to crab to lobster and everything in between.

Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs on the Grill or in the Smoker - Recipes and techniques for the best BBQ pork Ribs - Make great barbecue ribs or grilled ribs

Grilled Shrimp Recipes
Shrimp is made for the grill. Despite what others might tell you there is not better way to cook shrimp. Grilling shrimp is fast and easy and grilled shrimp is flavorful and, well, just about perfect.

Shrimp a la Plancha Recipe
Easy, fast, and delicious, these Spanish style shrimp can go straight from the grill to the table in 5 minutes.

Pineapple-Chili Shrimp Kebabs
These shrimp are infused with the sweetness from the pineapple and a hint of spice from the chili sauce.

Pork Rib Recipes
Smoking and Grilling Recipes for all kinds of pork ribs from Baby Back to Country Ribs. Regardless of the equipment you have or the amount of time, you'll find lots of great rib recipes here.

Steak is the king of the grill and with these articles and recipes anyone can make a steak better than any restaurant on their backyard grill.

Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches Recipe
The traditional way to prepare these pork tenderloin sandwiches is to bread and fry them. This is a healthier alternative to the traditional method and you can use your grill to make them.

Steak Topping Recipes
Make the most of any grilled steak with a steak topper. These steak topper recipes add a while new level of flavor to your steak investment

Blue Cheese and Pine Nut Sauce for Steaks and Chops
This is great sauce adds another level to any grilled steak, beef roast, and pork chops. While this sauce is perfect for the holidays.

Marsala Veal Chops Recipe
This veal recipe is simple enough for a weeknight meal and impressive enough for guests. Serve with your favorite vegetables as a side dish.

Basil-Mustard Veal Chops Recipe
This recipe calls for a delicious herb and mustard sauce to top off these great veal chops. Remember not to overcook these chops.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Veal Chops Recipe
These veal chops are stuffed with a delectable blue cheese and herb filling. If you are not a fan of blue cheese, you can use feta or a cheese of your choice.

Grilled Veal Shanks Recipe
This is a convenient way to prepare veal shanks since they are grilled in a foil packet. You can serve shanks with potatoes or noodles.

Beef Recipes
Grilling, rotisserie and Smoking Recipes for all kinds of beef from beef ribs to beef roasts.

Recipes and techniques for smoking barbecue brisket

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An index of categories in the

Rib Recipes
Smoking and Grilling Recipes for all kinds of ribs both pork and beef. Regardless of the equipment you have or the amount of time, you'll find lots of great recipes here.

Barbecue Ribs of all Types from St. Louis Pork Ribs to Beef Barbecue Ribs. Find out how to smoke them to perfection with lots of flavor with these articles and recipes.

Barbecued Beef Short Ribs Recipe
A simple barbecued beef rib recipe starts out in a Dutch Oven and ends up on your grill. While you won't get a lot of authentic smoke flavor you will certainly get some great, tender ribs.

Oh Yeah Sticky Beef Ribs Recipe
This BBQ beef rib recipe will make you say

Slow Cooker Recipes
Recipes for making barbecue in your Crock-Pot. It might not be real barbecue, but it still pretty good. Make pulled pork, barbecue brisket or great ribs easily in your home.

BBQ Beef Ribs in Slow Cooker Recipe
Simply delectable, these slow cooker BBQ beef ribs are moist, tender and flavorful.

Slow Grilled Beef Ribs Recipe
These ribs are mouthwatering, tender, and quite likely the best beef ribs you'll ever try.

Tomato-Jalapeno Beef Ribs Recipe
A tender, mildly spicy, delicious beef rib recipe for the grill that avoids the flare-ups. This is a quick and easy way to cook beef ribs.

Barbecued Chipotle Beef Ribs Recipe
This is a fantastic way to prepare beef ribs. The sauce is slightly spicy, yet tangy and sweet at the same time. Enjoy with your favorite grilled vegetables.

Barbecue Beef Ribs (Slow Cooker) Recipe
This is an easy way to get a plate full of barbecue ribs. While they may not have the authentic grilled flavor, they are delicious.

Sweet and Spicy Beef Ribs Recipe
The real secret of making these beef ribs great is to baste them frequently, particularly towards the end of their cooking time.

Garlic and Fresh Oregano Chicken Marinade Recipe
This chicken marinade is a combination of citrus flavors, oregano, chilies, and garlic. Perfect for chicken, pork, and even seafood.

Slow Cooker Country Style Beef Ribs
Ever run across country style beef ribs at the grocery store and have no idea what to do with them? Well, this recipe will fix that problem.

Grilled Polenta Cakes with Fontina Cheese Recipe
Topped with melted fontina cheese and a delicious Italian inspired tomato-basil garnish, these versatile polenta cakes can be served as an appetizer or side dish.

Grilled Pineapple Chicken Recipe
The marinated chicken is split in half making it easier to grill. If you want to put it on a rotisserie, then keep it whole.

Dino Bones with Chipotle Red Wine Barbecue Sauce Recipe
These succulent beef ribs are so large, hence the name dino bones, they will not only fill your stomach amply, but your guests will be clamoring for the recipe.

Korean Beef Ribs
Korean style beef ribs are butterflied to maximize the surface, marinated to give them lots of flavor and keep the tender and then grilled hot and fast to make them perfect.

Pork Chop Ham Steak Recipe
Not ham nor a steak, but this pork sirloin chop is loaded with flavor and tender and delicious. This is a great way to cook an inexpensive cut of pork.

Bistecca alla Pizziaola Recipe
This classic Italian dish places together a grilled steak, and grilled tomato sauce. Sure to be a favorite. Serve with risotto, mashed potatoes, or pasta.

Thai-Style Tilapia Recipe
This is a flavorful tilapia recipe sure to please your taste buds. Grill the tilapia on one side so that the Thai seasoning mixture won't get lost in the flame.

Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops Recipe
This is a simple grilled scallop recipe that makes a truly addictive appetizer. Serve with grilled melon or pineapple.

Grilled Veggie Subs with Garlic-Sage Mayonnaise
This delicious sandwich not only benefits from the fantastic flavor of grilled vegetables, but contains Havarti cheese and a creamy herb and garlic mayonnaise.

Grilled Hamburger Steaks and Onions Recipe
A great comfort dish that takes a traditionally pan fried hamburger steak out to the grill.

Cranberry Teriyaki Meatballs Recipe
These delicious cranberry-teriyaki meatballs are perfect for cookouts, game nights, and holiday parties.

Prime Rib Recipes
Make the most of the Prime Rib investment by taking that most wonderful of beef roasts to the grill or smoker.

Steak Pinwheels with Chimichurri Recipe
Flat iron strips stuffed with a flavorful chimichurri sauce and placed on the grill.

Rotisserie Prime Rib Roast Recipe
A delicious and convenient way to prepare a prime rib roast using your rotisserie unit.

Spicy Lime Marinated Eye of Round Steaks Recipe
A wonderfully spice-flavored steak dish that can be served with grilled potatoes or sliced and served over a fresh green salad.

Martini-Marinated Fillet Mignon with Sautéed Spinach and Pine Nuts Recipe
Vodka and vermouth are excellent in marinades for all kinds of meat and fish. We've chosen the quintessential fillet for this special Valentine's Day dinner.

Chili and Brown Sugar Rubbed Filet Mignon Recipe
This is a fast easy way to grill a tender, tasty filet mignon. The simple, yet flavorful rub enhances the steak's flavor giving it a rich beefiness, with a hint of sweet from the brown sugar.

Seduction Strip Steak with Roquefort Bacon Butter Recipe
Grill the steaks, then serve topped with large pats of this big-flavor butter that will pleasingly melt over the hot steak.

Indonesian Pork Satay Recipe
These not only make a great entree but an excellent appetizer. You can get them ready ahead of time and grill them up in about 10 minutes.

Argentinian Basting Sauce Recipe
This is a very traditional Argentinian chimichurri sauce recipe that works perfectly as a baste during grilling.

Grilled Thai-Style Snapper Packets Recipe
This is a quick, delicious, and no mess way to prepare a Thai inspired snapper dish. Serve these delicious fish fillets with grilled vegetables over rice.

Rotisserie Recipes
Chicken, Roasts, Turkey and other Recipes for cooking on the Rotisserie System on your Grill. Find all the Rotisserie Recipes you need including that rotisserie chicken you've been buying at the store.

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches with Rosemary Aioli
These amazing grilled veggie sandwiches are served on marbled rye and topped with a refreshing rosemary aoili.

Pulled Pork Steak
This is a easy way to turn a cheap and tough pork chop into a delicious meal that can satisfy your barbecue cravings any night of the week.

Italian Sausage Po' Boy Recipe
A great recipe for a hardy and flavorful sausage Po'Boy grilled sandwich, with a fantastic mustard-mayonnaise.

Applesauce Barbecue Chicken Recipe
This recipe combines a concentrated apple flavor with the traditional makings of a great barbecue sauce to add pure deliciousness to this grilled chicken.

Smoked Potato Skins Recipe
This is a great potato skin appetizer to make if you already have the smoker heated up.

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe
This is the classic side dish for a prime rib. You need to capture at least 1/2 cup of the beef drippings, so make sure you have a way to do that regardless of the cooking method.

Grilled Fresh Peaches Recipe
Peaches are a perfect fruit for the grill. The mild sweetness is heightened by the heat. Choose firm but peaches and grill them hot and fast.

Grilled Avocados with Crab Salsa Recipe
Enlivened by the open flame, these grilled avocados are creamy and delicious. A perfect starter to any meal, they can also fill the role of side dish.

Grilled Brie with Spicy Peach Salsa Recipe
Plank grilling is a fun and convenient way to prepare and serve food all in one go. This method even works for cheeses like Brie.

Grilled Rock Lobster Recipe
Serve these lobster tail with drawn butter and fresh lemon, or for an delicious twist, roasted garlic can be added to the butter.

Superbowl Burger Recipe
Adding wood chips or pellets to the fire gives you more of a wood smoked taste. Don't be afraid to grill a whole baby brie; it's a lot easier than you think.

Herb Chicken Burgers Recipe
These grilled chicken burgers are low in fat and delicious. Top with sliced tomatoes or avocados for a fantastic burger.

Simple Black and Blue Steaks Recipe
Simple and delicious, these black and blue steaks derive the name from the crumbled blue cheese added to the top of meat.

Ethiopian Spice Rub Recipe
This spice rub is packed full of flavor. The combination of spices are just perfect for any type of meat, seafood, or vegetable.

Fixes for Common Gas Grill Problems
Most Gas Grill problems can be solved with some simple tricks and maintenance so before your cookout is ruined, try these common solutions.

Reuben Burgers Recipe
If you love Reuben sandwiches then this burger is for you. Easy and fast to prepare, this will become a go to burger favorite.

Fresh Grilled Tomato Marinara Sauce Recipe
Grilling the tomatoes allows easy removal of the skin and infuses each piece with a light smoky flavor. This will easily become a favorite!

Lollipop Pork Chops
Don't think a pork chop can be a fancy meal? They this double thick rib chop grilled to perfection is perfect for a special occasion.

Pork Chops with Curry and Mustard Recipe
A delicious grilled pork chop with pungent Asian flavors. Anyone who loves flavor will love this grilled pork chop recipe.

Cuban-Style Pork Chops Recipe
These delicious, citrus flavored pork chops make a perfect make ahead meal. They are perfect for weekday meals.

Cajun Grilled Ribs Recipe
These ribs are grilled slow enough to keep them from getting tough but hot enough to give them a good crust over the surface.

How to Use a Vertical Water Smoker
I got a vertical water smoker without instructions. How do I use it? Your typical vertical water smoker can look a little like a puzzle when you take it out of the box.

First Look: Weber Expandable Smoking Rack
Weber now has introduced something that expands the capacity and versatility of their popular line of smokers.

Mustard Apricot Ham Recipe
The apricot mustard glaze is filled with sweetness and just a hint of spice which works great with the ham. This recipe is perfect for special occasions.

New Orleans-Style Barbeque Shrimp Recipe
While New Orleans Barbeque Shrimp is usually baked in an oven, why not take it to the grill? Sop up the delicious sauce with bread or serve over rice.

Spicy Beer Burgers Recipe
One of the best things about this recipe is it leaves you with left over beer to dispose of, but the best thing is the flavor. These burgers have a strong, beefy flavor that is simply fantastic.

Eggplant and Red Pepper Salad Recipe
This is a great grilled salad recipe. Fresh, delicious and easy to prepare!

Chipotle Red Wine BBQ Sauce Recipe
Subtly flavored with chipotle chili powder and red wine, this tomato based barbecue sauce is a perfect addition to beef ribs.

Buffalo Chicken Burgers Recipe
If you love buffalo chicken wings, then these burgers are right for you. You'll be amazed at the similarity between this dish and a popular appetizer.

Grilled Standing Prime Rib Roast Recipe
This is a simple recipe for a grill standing rib roast. You can top with horseradish or an herb butter of your choice.

Steak and Vegetable Skewers With Soy-Ginger Marinade
While most marinades work best with an overnight soak, this high intensity soy-ginger combination will do the job in 1-2 hours. A must try!

Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken Sandwiches Recipe
This is a simple solution to making barbecue chicken sandwiches and popular alternative to pulled pork.

Charcoal Grilling Tools
Tools to make your Charcoal Grilling easier and better whether it's a charcoal chimney or the perfect spatula. Get the right tool for the job.

Smoker Tools
To make your smoking easier and better whether its a good meat thermometer or charcoal chimney

Smoke Roasted Rack of Lamb Recipe
These French cut Racks of Lamb are marinated in a flavorful herb-Dijon marinade, then grilled to perfection.

Tandoori Rack of Lamb Recipe
This rack of lamb has a traditional Indian spice rub on it that gives it a fantastic flavor. You will want to sear the lamb hot to seal in the juices and give it a nice crusty surface.

Quick Grilled Beef Quesadillas Recipe
This quesadilla recipe is quick, easy, and delicious. It's perfect for any weekday dinner or as an appetizer for your next cookout.

Parmesan Eggplant Recipe
This recipe is a simple and mildly spiced grilled eggplant topped with parmesan cheese. Perfect as a main or side dish.

Cedar Plank Trout Recipe
This is a traditional method for preparing trout. The smoke of the wood really enhances the flavor resulting in a delicious fish.

Spicy Whole Turkey Recipe
The Southwestern flavors of this grilled turkey recipe give you a great bird. Butterfly the turkey so it will grill more evenly and quicker.

Greek Vegetables Recipe
These vegetables are good enough to be a meal all by themselves. They also make an excellent side dish for grilled meat. I prefer them with lamb chops.

Grilled Sea Bass with Corn and Poblano Salsa Recipe
The sea bass is lightly seasoned, grilled, then topped off with a delicious grilled pepper and corn salsa. Perfect for any occasion.

Southwest Tequila Marinade Recipe
This southwestern marinade combines tequila, lime, and cilantro to give it a great, authentic flavor. This marinade works on everything.

Grilled Salsa Recipe
No store bought salsa can compete with a fresh homemade salsa. The ingredients for this salsa get fired up on the grill to add great flavor and make a really great salsa.

Santa Maria Pinquito Beans Recipe
Pinquito Beans are native to the Santa Maria Valley in Southern California. They are a cross between a small pink and a small white bean.

Tequila Sunrise Chicken Recipe
This is a flavorful chicken recipe that gives you a great grilled chicken in a rich gravy. Serve it up with a side of garlic mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.

Grilled Goose Recipe
This is a quick and easy way to prepare a goose on the grill without a rotisserie or too much work. By splitting the goose in half you can expose all the meat to the flame and get it cooked quickly, which will keep it from drying out.

Grilled Herb and Balsamic Endives Recipe
A great partner to grilled fish, endives offer so much more than just a component to salad. Try these topped with a chunky blue cheese dressing.

Herb Butter Prime Rib Recipe
A simple yet great way to prepare prime rib for any occasion. Remember that you have to grill this rib roast on indirect heat.

Chili Rubbed Chicken Recipe
This chicken recipe calls for a simple rub that is heavy on the chili powder. Adjust the heat by changing the amount of cayenne.

Old Fashioned Griddle Hot Cakes Recipe
Want to try some delicious, authentic hot cakes? This is a simple recipe that can be expanded if necessary.

Pulled Pork with Wet Mustard Rub Recipe
To prepare the wet mustard rub, you will need to use a mortar and pestle or spice grinder to mince the citrus peels and rosemary leaves.

Pulled Pork with Spicy Chili Sauce Recipe
This is a delicious pulled pork recipe. You can add more or less cayenne to the sauce to adjust the heat to your liking.

Spicy Chicken Burger with Green Onion Aioli
Forget fast food spicy chicken sandwiches, this recipe is fresh, flavorful, and much better for you.

Barbecued Chili Beef Recipe
This top round steak is marinated and grilled to give it an extra kick. Add it to chili or any Mexican or Southwestern dish that calls for beef, cubed or shredded.

Smoked Tilapia Recipe
Tilapia actually makes an excellent smoked fish and can be used in other dishes such as, salads, dips, or served on toast rounds with a good lemon-garlic aoli.

‘Cued Corn Salad Recipe
Truly sensational, this salad uses the grilled corn, ranch dressing, and poblano peppers to kick up the flavor.

Grilled Chicken Parmesan Recipe
This is a great way to prepare this traditional favorite. Don't worry, while this recipe doesn't call for tomato sauce, it uses sliced tomatoes instead.

Kick'n Corn Recipe
Hot sauce can be made up to 4 days in advance and kept refrigerated. To use, simply warm the sauce before brushing it on the corn.

Maple Barbecued Chicken Recipe
The rich, sweet flavor of maple syrup is want makes this chicken recipe really stand out. Try to get a good quality syrup for the best results.

Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Smoked Bacon, Spinach & Gouda Recipe
Now this is the way to eat chicken breasts. Stuffed with Gouda cheese, bacon and then grilled, these chicken roulade are simply delicious.

Grill-Fried Fish Recipe
This is a unique recipe for the grill. The fish is coated in dehydrated potato flakes, wrapped in foil with butter and oil, so it can fry on the grill. This is a great way to get fried fish without messing up (or heating up) the kitchen.

Tuscan Top Round Steaks Recipe
Take these inexpensive top round steaks and turn them into a fantastic feast. The tomato based marinade is packed with rich flavors that will make this steak tender and delicious.

Smoking Chicken
Chicken is probably the easiest meat to smoke. Flavorful and forgiving, this is a great place to start on the journey to real barbecue.

Festival Turkey Legs Recipe
Looking for a great festival turkey leg recipe? Look no further. This is the closest you'll get to those famous legs served at fairs and festivals.

Artichoke Kebab Recipe
By using small artichokes on skewers you can prepare these otherwise difficult to grill vegetables easily, and it makes a great appetizer while you grill other items.

Armadillo Eggs Recipe
Spicy bratwurst sausage is molded around a jalapeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese to form an egg. Perfect for game day celebrations!

Walter Jetton's Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This fantastic sauce was created by President Johnson's Pitmaster, Walter Jetton. Not only is this a famous sauce, but delicious too!

Hickory Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This is a good, thin barbecue sauce that relies more on vinegar and beer than on tomatoes for its base.

Red Pepper Sauce Recipe
This recipe is for a spicy barbecue sauce that can be brushed onto meats at the end of cooking or served as a side sauce.

Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This version of the traditional Kansas City BBQ Sauce is a thick, sweet tomato-based sauce with a touch of heat to give it a little kick.

Brisket Barbecue Sauce Recipe
A classic barbecue sauce that is perfect for so much more than smoked brisket. You might just want to make up a large batch of this great sauce for every use.

Central Texas Barbecue Dip Recipe
It's not a sauce, not really. This dip is for barbecue the old fashioned way, smoked meat, a little seasoning and if you want it, a little dip

Sweet Finishing Sauce for Brisket Recipe
This is a side sauce, meaning that you put it on the table and let people add it to their smoked brisket as needed.

Texas BBQ Sauce Recipe
Traditional Texas BBQ Sauce is a sweet and spicy mixture of tomato, spices and vegetables.

Sweet Cherry Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Try this deliciously sweet barbecue sauce on chicken. Remember, since this barbecue sauce has a good dose of sugar in it so you don't want to put it on foods while they are cooking because it will burn quickly.

Hibachi Teriyaki Tuna Recipe
These tuna slices are grilled for only a few minutes. You want it hot and fast to sear the fish without overcooking it. When the tuna starts to get stiff on the grill it's time to take it off. Serve with teriyaki sauce.

Strawberry Habanero Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Combining sweet with heat is a great way to get a perfect barbecue sauce. This sauce can be used on anything but is particularly good on chicken and pork.

Black Cherry Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This barbecue sauce has a sweet flavor from the combination of cherry soda, cherries and cherry jam.

Peach Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This is a great barbecue sauce that doesn't look anything like barbecue sauce. The sweet fruit flavors add to most anything you can grill or smoke but is particularly good on poultry.

Plum Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This barbecue sauce is sweet and flavorful with a great fruity flavor. You will find this is a great sauce for any cut of pork or piece of chicken.

Smoked Brisket with Southwestern Wet Rub Recipe
Flavorful and delicious, this southwestern style smoked brisket will quickly become a favorite.

Spicy Apricot Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This is an excellent fruit and tomato based barbecue sauce for pork and chicken.

Apricot-Habanero Barbecue Sauce Recipe
You probably didn't think about making a barbecue sauce out of fruit. Well, this sauce is sweet and hot. It works perfectly on poultry and pork.

Mango Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This unique barbecue sauce combines fresh tomatoes and mangoes to create a sweet sauce, lightly spiced by chili peppers.

Apple Barbecue Sauce Recipe
A delicious apple-flavored barbecue sauce. This barbecue sauce works well with pork ribs or with chicken.

Calypso Grilled Pineapple Recipe
A delicious and easy grilled pineapple dessert. Serve with ice cream and reduced sauce on top. Perfect for any occasion.

Apple BBQ Sauce Recipe
This recipe combines concentrated apple flavor with traditional ingredients, yielding a mouthwatering barbecue sauce specifically designed for grilled chicken.

Smoky Chicken Sauce Recipe
This sauce works well on anything from rotisserie chicken to thighs, drumsticks, or even wings. So, slather on this sauce for a tasty treat.

Apricot-Chili Glaze for Chicken Recipe
Rich with sweet apricot flavor and the boldness of Asian inspired ingredients, this barbecue sauce is perfect for chicken.

Bourbon Barbecue Chicken Sauce Recipe
A deeply rich sauce, bursting with sweet bourbon and tomato flavor is a great accompaniment to chicken.

Parmesan Potato and Vegetable Packets Recipe
A delicious potato and vegetable packets that are perfect for any barbecue or camp out.

Alabama White Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This traditional Alabama Barbecue Sauce uses Mayonnaise as its base rather than tomato sauce, vinegar, or any of the other traditional barbecue sauce bases.

Better BBQ Chicken Sauce Recipe
Reminiscent of the barbecue sauces of yesteryear, this sauce will bring forth nostalgic memories of childhood cookouts and summer evenings.

Burning Tomato Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This tomato-based​ sauce has a lot of Louisiana-style hot sauce that gives it a lot of heat. You can adjust that hotness to how you like it.

Best Odds Rib Sauce Recipe
This is a classic barbecue sauce for BBQ Ribs. The combination of flavors enhances the flavor of the ribs, but doesn't overpower them.

Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Sweet and flavorful this barbecue sauce gets a rich cola flavor from Dr. Pepper making it a perfect choice for smoked ribs.

Savory Rib Sauce Recipe
This is a thin and flavorful barbecue sauce that works well when applied to ribs towards the end of cooking.

Jack Daniel's Rib Glaze Recipe
Use this barbecue sauce toward the end of cooking. You want the sauce to cook on to the surface of the ribs, but you don't want it to burn.

Kansas City Rib Sauce Recipe
A rich, thick, tomato based Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce, perfect for ribs. This classic recipe has everything that makes Kansas City famous for BBQ.

Classic Southern Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This is a classic tomato based barbecue sauce with loads of flavor. Turn up the heat by adding more cayenne pepper.

Tar-Heel BBQ Sauce Recipe
Here is another fantastic vinegar based barbecue sauce for pulled pork.

Mustard Barbecue Sauce Recipe
If you haven't tried a mustard-based barbecue sauce then you are really missing out on something. This sauce works well with almost anything, but particularly pork.

Southern Vinegar Sauce Recipe
This is a traditional vinegar based Carolina style barbecue sauce. Notice that there is no tomato base in this recipe, just lots of flavor.

Memphis Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Traditionally Memphis Barbecue is served without a sauce, but since rules are made to be broken try this fantastic sauce on your barbecue.

Big Daddy's Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce Recipe
The combination of sweet and tangy flavors in this Carolina Barbecue Sauce brings out the absolute best in grilled or smoked pork or chicken.

Top 10 Mustard Barbecue Sauce Recipes
Mustard based barbecue sauces find their origins in the Carolinas and Georgia and are the perfect BBQ sauce for pork whether you are talking whole hog, pork shoulder, or ribs.

Sweet Mustard Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Here is a fruit-based version of a Carolina mustard sauce. In many places, you will find preserves added to barbecue sauces to give them a great sweet flavor.

Beer and Mustard Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This is an old style mustard-based barbecue sauce. This recipe is for a basting sauce used for smoking or grilling slabs of ribs, pork loins, pork butts, pork tenderloins, ham, chicken, or any meat of your choice.

Savory N Sweet Mustard Sauce Recipe
The perfect sweet and tangy barbecue sauce for virtually anything, especially any kind of grilled or smoked pork.

Old Fashioned Mustard Sauce Recipe
How about trying a mustard sauce that starts by cooking bacon. This rich ​and savory barbecue sauce is perfect for pork whether you grill it or smoke it.

Honey Mustard Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This sweet mustard barbecue sauce works great on poultry and pork.

Georgia Mustard Sauce Recipe
This tangy mustard sauce has a touch of heat and is the perfect barbecue sauce for pulled pork, but don't be afraid to try it on chicken or ribs.

Sweet Mustard Barbecue Sauce Recipe
The combination of mustard and molasses gives barbecued meats a sweet and sour flavor.

Golden Carolina Barbecue Sauce Recipe
In the central and southern regions of South Carolina, mustard is king. This golden barbecue sauce is the perfect compliment to smoked pork.

Harrison Lee's Bar-B-Que Sauce Recipe
This is fantastic if you are a spicy, burn those lips, fan. It is great as a finishing sauce for brisket, or as a spicy marinade for chicken or pork ribs.

Robert Murch's Southern Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Robert Murch sent me this recipe for a great southern-style barbecue sauce that combines tomato, vinegar, and mustard into one sauce. Perfect for practically anything.

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Recipe
The great thing about this recipe is that you can put a lot of stuffing in between these tenderloins. By using two, it simplifies the process of stuffing, rather than just using one.

Barbecued Onions Recipe
These onions can be cooked right in the coals on your smoker, off to the side on your grill, or on a campfire.

Best Odds Pulled Pork Table Sauce Recipe
This table sauce is a classic combination of cider vinegar for sour, brown sugar for sweet, tomato for color, and cayenne for heat.

Buttermilk Turkey Drumsticks Recipe
These turkey drumsticks are a meal in themselves that are tender, flavorful and easy to eat.

Piedmont Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This is a classic Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce. Typically, served on smoked pork (at the table), this thin, vinegar based sauce has tons of flavor.

BBQ Rum Sauce Recipe
This sauce is based on a basic tomato style barbecue sauce and then gets a kick from a little rum. You won't taste the rum, but it works excellently to combine the other flavors and enhance what you put it on.

Best Ever Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This is a classic barbecue sauce, heavy on the tomato with a wide range of flavors including a hint of lemon, making any barbecued food taste more authentic.

Honey & Bourbon Barbecue Sauce Recipe
The combination of Kentucky Bourbon with honey makes a fantastic barbecue sauce. The sort which has been used in the South for longer than people can remember.

Southwestern-Style Beer Can Chicken Recipe
You can adjust the heat in this beer can chicken recipe by using either hot, medium or mild chili powder.

Cumin and Chili Spiced Burgers Recipe
These burger patties are filled with flavorful spices then topped off with sauted onions and melted cheese.

Garlic-Lemon Beer Can Chicken Recipe
This beer can chicken has a fantastic garlic and lemon flavor. Remember, you can use the beer can or you can use a glass jar to hold the liquid.

Buffalo Burgers Recipe
These grilled burgers are not only delicious, but simple to make. Serve on top a deli roll or burger bun with your favorite condiments. Remember that Buffalo is a lean meat so don't over cook it.

St. Louis Barbecue Sauce Recipe
St. Louis Barbecue Sauce is generally thinner and has a more tangy flavor than its Kansas City cousin. A great Barbecue Sauce for Ribs!

Spinach and Mushroom Stuffed Lamb Leg Recipe
This leg of lamb is stuffed with a delicious, spinach, garlic and mushroom mixture, then grilled to perfection.

Greek-Style Beer Can Chicken Recipe
If you love that lemon and oregano flavor of Greek food, then this beer can chicken recipe is sure to become a fast favorite.

Grilled Potato Kabobs with Lemon-Herb Drizzle Recipes
It’s okay to play with your food! Substitute your favorite protein for the chicken sausage or try a new potato variety for a vegetarian version of this delicious kabob.

Garlic Soy London Broil Recipe
This flank steak (the traditional steak of London Broil) is marinated in a thick, almost soy and garlic sauce.

Sea Bass Kebabs Recipe
This is a quick and easy way to prepare sea bass on the grill. These great little fish kebabs work well as a main course or appetizer.

Norm's Elegant Blue Cheese Hamburger Recipe
Alan Spahr sent in this great blue cheese hamburger recipe. Make sure you choose a sweet onion so it doesn't overpower the other flavors.

Green Valley Burgers Recipe
These burger patties are stuffed with roasted green chilies and monterey jack cheese. You probably won't need too many toppings with a burger this good.

Dijon Rib Roast Recipe
This is a delicious recipe for a prime rib roast. The combination of Dijon mustard, herbs, and sour cream gives this roast a unique flavor.

Pulled Pork Egg Casserole Recipe
A delicious breakfast recipe using leftover pulled pork from the night before. Perfect for brunch and of course, breakfast for dinner.

Cumin Marinated Skirt Steak Recipe
Flavored with cumin, chili powder, and a lime juice, this skirt steak is a perfect addition to tacos, salad, or served along with grill vegetables.

Southwestern Mahi Mahi Recipe
These fish fillets are marinated in southwestern seasonings, making this a great main course and a perfect fish for Mexican-style dishes like fish tacos.

Soy-Ginger Skirt Steak Recipe
This skirt steak recipe not only calls for soy and ginger, but also uses rice wine vinegar and lime juice which helps to tenderize the meat.

Citrus and Yogurt Marinated Chicken Breasts Recipe
These citrus and yogurt marinated chicken breasts provide a subtle, but delicious addition to salads, sandwiches, and soups. They can also be served as the main attraction.

Poultry Brine - Recipe
This poultry brine works with the added power of pickling spices which increases the moisture in poultry with some great seasonings for more flavor.

Ginger-Honey Pork Tenderloin Recipe
Full of flavor and sure to please even the finickiest eaters, this ginger-honeyed pork tenderloin makes a great week day meal or cookout treat.

Pork Chops with Indian Spice Rub Recipe
Grilled pork chops are delicious, but the marriage between the open flame and Indian-inspired spices takes this dish to another level.

Grilled Tuna Steaks with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Recipe
Honestly, one of the best Tuna Recipes you are going to find.These tuna steaks are grilled up hot and fast and served with a fantastic roasted pepper sauce.

Garlic-Hoisin Burgers Recipe
Get ready for an explosion of flavor from these Asian style pork burgers. Packed full of deliciousness, these burgers are further complimented by the crunchy sweet yet, tart slaw that is sure to be a taste bud tantalizer.

Cookout Potatoes Recipes
Potatoes “au gratin” for the grill. A nearly mess free way to grill up a potato side dish that is loaded with flavor (bacon) and so easy to make.

Grilled Spicy Shrimp Recipe
These spicy and flavorful grilled shrimp can be served as an appetizer, main course or added to seafood tacos or salads.

Sage and Cumin Pork Tenderloin Recipe
A unique blending of sage, cumin, and other spices are used in this recipe. I recommend grilling over charcoal, but gas works just as well.

Grilled Nachos Recipe
The high, intense heat of your grill is the perfect environment to prepare all sorts of foods, like nachos. Make sure you use a grill safe pan for this recipe.

Top 10 Turkey Injection Marinade Recipes
What to add flavor to your next turkey? Try injecting it right into the meat. Injecting Turkey is the best way to get flavor inside.

Quick & Healthy Greek Potato Salad Recipe
Packed with Mediterranean flavor, this dish will transform any summer cookout into a feast fit for the Greek Isles.

Grilled Sausage and Potato Salad Recipe
Traditional German style potato salad is usually served warm. This recipe calls for grilled kielbasa. If you would prefer to use a different type of sausage, feel free to do so. Be creative and enjoy!

Grilled Potato Salad Recipe
Next time you have a cookout, try grilling up a potato salad. Here is a great recipe for doing just that.

Tex-Mex Potato Salad Recipe
A cookout isn't a cookout without a great potato salad. This recipe combines, potatoes, bell peppers, beans, and avocado to make the perfect barbecue side dish.

Lemon-Paprika Tri-Tip Roast Recipe
This tri-tip roast has a wonderful mixture of lemon, honey, and smoky paprika. A must try for your next cookout.

Italian Sausage and Bell Pepper Pizza Recipe
This Italian inspired pizza is loaded with delicious flavors sure to make everyone happy.

Strawberry Pork Chop Fiesta Recipe
This appetizer combines fresh summer strawberries, artichokes and chiles with a bacon-wrapped chop for a unique pairing of sweet and savory flavors.

Pork Chops Dijonnaise Recipe
This is a classic recipe for fantastic grilled pork chops. The sweet mustard glaze gives these chops a deliciously crisp surface.

Traditional Teriyaki Marinade Recipe
This marinade works really on all types of meat and can be boiled down to create a delicious teriyaki sauce.

Genoa Style Stuffed Pork Loin Recipe
This pork loin roast is stuffed full of sausage, cheese, pine nuts and other delicious ingredients. This is a great dish for special occasions.

Herb and White Wine Beer Can Chicken Recipe
This beer can chicken recipe calls for wine instead of beer giving it a unique, but delicious flavor. This wine can chicken is definitely a recipe to try.

Balsamic Marinade Recipe
This marinade uses the power of balsamic vinegar to tenderize and flavor meats. This marinade works well on beef, lamb, poultry and pork.

Grilled Tomatillo and Red Onion Relish Recipe
The tomatillos, onions, and jalapenos are grilled, chopped, and added with other ingredients to make the perfect topping to any cooked meats and vegetables.

Creole-Style Beer Can Chicken Recipe
This beer can chicken recipe uses a fantastic Creole rub on the chicken and crab boil in the beer. A simply delicious combination!

Hot and Spicy Smoked Brisket Recipe
If you like your brisket on the spicy side, then this recipe is for you!

Stout and Honey Mustard Lamb Leg Recipe
This leg of lamb is marinated in a tasty combination of honey, mustard and beer. I

Satay Marinade Recipe
This marinade recipe adds a wonderful combination of flavors to any skewered meat.

Homemade Smoked Chipotle Recipe
Make you own homemade Chipotle peppers with this easy method.

Hawaiian Marinade Recipe
This marinade recipe is sweet and works well on any kind of meat, but particularly chicken and pork.

Grilled Filet Mignon with Ginger and Red Wine Recipe
The combination of red wine and soy sauce works beautifully together to flavor these steaks. Try with your favorite grilled sides.

Southwestern Pork Chops Recipe
You can adjust the heat for this pork chop rub by using hot of mild chili powder, or by using more cayenne if you like it spicy. Grill these chops hot and fast.

Sweet and Spicy Grilled Catfish Recipe
These catfish are marinated in a delicious sweet and spicy mixture, grilled hot and fast, and served with your favorite sides.

Mustard Covered Rack of Lamb Recipe
These racks of lamb are coated in a herbs and shallot flavored, mustard marinade then seared on the grill.

Hawaiian Style Catfish Recipe
This is a different way to prepare catfish. The Hawaiian-style sauce is complimented by the mild flavor of the fish and the sweetness of the pineapple.

Grilled Beef Yakitori Recipe
These beef kebabs are perfect as an appetizer or a meal. Delicious thin strips of beef marinated and grilled hot and fast. A quick grilled beef dish.

Robert Marshall's Best Ever BBQ Sauce Recipe
This is a thick and sweet barbecue sauce. By using tomato paste instead of ketchup, as most sauces do, you'll get a unique tomato flavor.

Catfish Fillets Recipe
By marinating and basting these catfish fillets you don't have to worry about them drying out. This combination of flavors adds to the catfish without overpowering it.

Cardamom Naan Recipe
If you're already a fan of naan, then this is surely a recipe you'll love. If you haven't tried it before, then you're in for a lovely surprise.

Hibachi Yakitori Recipe
These chicken kebabs are similar to the ones sold by street vendors throughout Japan. Serve with a nice steaming bowl of rice with grilled vegetables

Stuffed London Broil Recipe
This is a traditional stuffed London Broil recipe. Perfect for special occasions and the holidays.

California Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe
The great thing about this recipe is that it uses the salad dressing as a marinade. This allows the flavors in the chicken to match those in the salad.

Herb and Honey Pork Loin Recipe
This great pork loin roast is marinated in beer and honey, making it tender and flavorful. Remember to use pork loin and not pork tenderloin.

Red Wine Sangria with Grilled Fruit Recipe
Grilling the fruit caramelizes its natural sugars, adding depth of flavor to an already delicious red wine sangria.

Adobo Chicken Recipe
This adobo chicken is grilled and served up in a rich, spicy sauce. Serve over rice and with a nice helping of grilled vegetables.

Beef Sukiyaki on the Grill Recipe
This is a traditional method for grilling a Japanese-style steak. The combination of beef and vegetables makes it a whole meal. Serve with rice of noodles.

Sirloin Beef Kebabs Recipe
Looking for a great, simple beef kebab recipe? Look no further. These kebabs are flavorful and perfect for cookouts and game day parties.

Cornbread Stuffed Pork Loin Recipe
This pork loin is filled with a delicious cornbread stuffing. Perfect for the holidays and special occasions.

Cilantro-Lime Marinade Recipe
The combination of dark beer with the lime juice adds flavor but and tenderizing power. This marinade can be used on all meats, fish, and seafood.

Caribbean Pork Kabobs Recipe
These pork kebabs combine the classic onion and bell pepper with pineapple to give them a great tropical flavor.

Flank Steak with Onions Recipe
The onions are marinated with the steak, giving it a fantastic flavor. Grill the onions until by are brown and soft then serve them on top of the flank steak.

Prime Rib Secrets - Best Beef Roast
Regardless of how you cook your prime rib, there are a few secrets you need to know. Size, timing, and cut are everything for the perfect standing rib roast. Once you've master these secrets you are ready to grill or smoke your next, greatest beef roast. Oh, yes, you could roast it.

Leg of Lamb Provençal Recipe
This is a classic European recipe for leg of lamb. The slow roasting on the rotisserie makes it self basting and absolutely delicious.

Chicken Sausage Sandwiches with Tomato-Pickle Relish Recipe
A simple, but delicious chicken sausage sandwich. The tomato-pickle relish provides a nice, tart flavor that compliments this dish very well.

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Recipe
You can prepare these quesadillas ahead of time and simply grill them up when you need them. They also make a great appetizer for any party.

Halibut Steak with Oranges Recipe
The orange slices placed on the halibut steaks helps to baste the fish as it cooks.

Apple Brine Recipe
This is the ultimate turkey brine for flavor. The apple juice in this brine gives a sweet flavor to poultry and is perfect for turkey.

Apple Wood Smoked Turkey Recipe
Just wanted to give you guys a recipe for smoked turkey that I've had excellent results with. It's a favorite around here. Just thought I'd share it with you guys.

Holiday Poultry Brine Recipe
This poultry brine is perfect for the holiday turkey. By using vegetable stock you get extra flavor with a mild saltiness that makes for a perfect brine.

Classic BBQ Rib Sauce Recipe
This sauce gives ribs that perfect flavor we call barbecue. Whether smoked or baked, add this BBQ sauce for a touch of heat and smoke and a lot of flavor.

Apple Cider Turkey Brine Recipe
Apple cider has a nice, tart flavor that gives this turkey brine a mild lift. Perfectly formulated for maximum brining effect, this recipe is a definite winner.

Magic Dust Recipe
There's a big shaker of Magic Dust next to the salt and pepper in my own kitchen and at all my restaurants.

Apple Spice Brine Recipe
A brine is typically water and salt with a little sweet to give it flavor. This brine uses fruit juices for water providing flavor and sweet at the same time.

Cajun Turkey Seasoning Rub Recipe
This is a great basic Turkey rub with enough heat to make it interesting. You can use this rub on all poultry, no matter how you prepare it.

Turkey Injection Sauce Recipe
This injection solution super-hydrates your turkey so it stays nice and moist while it cooks. The cayenne and hot sauce give it a Cajun flare that makes this recipe perfect for fried turkey.

Deep Fried Turkey Breasts Recipe
This is a great way to experiment with deep fried turkey. Flavorful and tender, you will be pleasantly surprised by this turkey breast recipe.

Memphis Style Rub Recipe
In Memphis the Rub is the most important ingredient aside from the meat. Often ribs are served with only a rub and without sauce.

Chicken under a Brick Recipe
You will want to have a good set of tongs or grill mitt to move the hot brick which flattens the chicken breast as it cooks. This is a great way to quickly cook chicken breasts.

Coffee Liqueur Chicken Wings Recipe
These delicious buffalo style wings have a hint of coffee flavor, but is in now way overpowering. You can adjust the heat by adding more or less hot sauce.

Chinese-Style Ribs Recipe
This Chinese-style rib recipe utilizes the deep flavors of hoisin and five spice powder, coupled with the saltiness of soy sauce and a light, sweet flavor of honey.

Lemony Pulled Chicken Sandwiches Recipe
This is a simple and delicious way to prepare pulled chicken. Remember to keep an eye on the temperature of the smoker and to add wood chips as needed.

Carne Asada con Cebollitas Recipe
This great recipe for a quick and easy Carne Asada. This is a large quantity recipe that is great for large gatherings.

Seasoned Salt Recipe
This is a knock off of the popular Lawry's Seasoned Salt. It is great for any recipe that calls for seasoned salt. The combination of salt, sugar and spices give this a great, natural way to enhance flavors.

Steak and Chorizo Burgers Recipe
These flavorful steak and chorizo burgers are simple to prepare and are made by combining ground beef with chorizo sausage.

Italian Herb Turkey Injection Marinade Recipe
Lots of injection marinades are built around a Cajun flavor. This one is mild in heat, but rich in herb flavors.

Slow Cooker Barbecue Beef Recipe
This may not be true barbecue, but this low and slow cooked beef is full of flavor and makes delicious barbecue sandwiches.

Pulled Chicken Sandwiches Recipe
Pulled chicken is faster and easier than pulled pork and just as good. Smoke the chicken, shred the meat, and mix it with a good barbecue sauce.

Winter Squash Recipe
These flavorful little squash kebabs make an excellent side dish or a main dish for the vegetarian in the group.

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms Recipe
This stuffed, grilled mushroom dish makes an excellent starter or side dish to any meal.

Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate Sauce Recipe
A great way to bring dessert out to the grill. The lightly grilled fruits and warm chocolate sauce makes a fantastic dessert for any cookout.

Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb Recipe
This leg of lamb recipe from the American Lamb Board is a great way to grill up a leg of lamb without a rotisserie and without having to worry about drying out the lamb before the center gets cooked.

Brisket Brown Sugar Rub Recipe
This is a good, sweet rub that you will produce a good, flavorful barbecued brisket. This rub can be used on oven baked briskets as well.

Beer and Honey Turkey Injection Marinade Recipe
This Turkey Injection combines a traditional Cajun flavor with beer and honey to give you a well-balanced​ flavor. Since this injection marinade contains honey you need to use it warm.

Herb Turkey Rub Recipe
This is a great rub for turkey anyway you plan to cook it. The fresh herbs really add a bright flavor to the bird.

A Carolina BBQ Rub Recipe
A classic Carolina style Barbecue Rub recipe with sweet and heat. Try this barbecue rub next time you want to make a traditional Carolina Pulled Pork.

Smoked Turkey Brine Recipe
This turkey brine recipe makes enough for a whole turkey and will add flavor and give you a juicy and more tender bird.

Savory Turkey Brine Recipe
This turkey brine gets a portion of its salt from vegetable stock. The combination of spices and herbs will give your turkey a rich flavor.

Cajun Turkey Injection Marinade Recipe
This is the classic solution injected into the meat of turkeys which are fried Cajun style.

Beer n' Butter Poultry Injection Marinade Recipe
Use this marinade to reach deep into the meat of poultry. It works really well on turkey. Make sure the mixture is warm to keep the butter in liquid form.

Cedar Plank Halibut Recipe
This is a simple, light halibut recipe that doesn't require a lot of work. Just make sure to soak the cedar planks for at least an hour before placing on the grill.

Chipotle Barbecue Sauce Recipe
This is a classic style barbecue sauce with the added smoky flavor of chipotles (smoked jalapenos). You can either purchase or make your own chipotles.

Linebacker Barbecue Potatoes Recipe
This is a classic and easy way to prepare baked potatoes on the grill, while giving you the space to grill up everything else.

Grilled Beer Braised Bratwurst Recipe
These brats are simmered in beer and peppercorn making them extra juicy and filled with lots of flavor.

Garlic and Dill Grilled Potatoes Recipe
This tasty grilled potato recipe is an easy and convenient side dish. Try it the next time you grill chicken or fish for a quick and delicious weekday meal.

Grilled Honey-Ginger Pork Chops Recipe
These pork chops are not only simple, but really delicious. Though you can use any kind of pork chop you wish to, center cut is recommended for this recipe.

Citrus Tuna Recipe
This grilled citrus recipes utilizes the wonderful combination of citrus, sherry, and herbs flavors. Definitely a light and refreshing grilled tuna.

Lemon-Tequila Steaks Recipe
This is a

In Defense of Lighter Fluid
The simplest solution to the hazards of lighter fluid isn't to ban it, but to migrate to a cleaner, healthier, alternative. Page 2.

In Defense of Lighter Fluid
Two decades of trying to convince people to put down the lighter fluid has failed. The convenience is too much to cast aside, but there is a better way to light charcoal.

Grilled Asparagus with Cilantro-Mint Cream Recipe
For this recipe, you can use either green or white asparagus. The cilantro-mint cream is flavorful, yet mild, making this an ideal side dish or appetizer for any occasion.

Skirt Steak Tacos Recipe
A well balanced mixture of lime juice, garlic, onion, earthy cumin, and the deep richness of chipotle peppers, these skirt steak tacos are truly fantastic.

Pork Tenderloin Spiedis Recipe
This traditional Italian dish combines pork tenderloin pieces skewered and grilled like kebabs, then wrapped in Italian bread and eaten like a sandwich.

Pulled Pork: The Meat
How to make smoked pulled pork from a whole pork shoulder or the smaller Boston butt. A simple way to make great pulled pork barbecue.

Grilled Asparagus with Pear Balsamic Sauce Recipe
This grilled asparagus recipe is simply delicious. Topped with a pear-balsamic sauce and shaved Parmesan, you couldn't ask for a better side dish.

Garlic Rub Recipe
The best way to maximize the flavor in this rub is to let it sit for few days in the refrigerator so that the garlic can flavor the oil.

Firecracker Salmon - Recipe
This salmon is marinated in an Asian-style mixture with just enough spice and heat to give it a little kick.

Normandy Style Pork Loin Recipe
This marinated roasted pork loin is grilled indirectly so it slow roasts to perfection. Make sure you keep the temperature low enough to prevent burning.

Apple and Apricot Stuffed Pork Loin Recipe
An absolutely delicious and beautiful looking fruit stuffed pork loin roast. Perfect for special occasions.

Schwenkbraten Recipe
This is a traditional German grilled pork roast recipe. The roast is cut into steaks, marinated and the grilled hot. Ideally you'll want to cook it over wood.

Grilled Pepperoni Pizza Recipe
This simple and traditional pizza is easy to prepare for suitable for lunch or dinner any day of the week. This pizza is also a great for casual parties.

Orange-Pecan Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe
This delicious corn bread stuffed pork chop recipe has the combination of citrus and pecan flavors.

Texas Rib Marinade Recipe
This marinade recipe loaded with flavor and the tenderizing power of citrus.

Honey Bourbon Pork Tenderloin Recipe
This pork tenderloin is marinated and slow roasted over low heat, then served with a delicious bourbon sauce.

Sweet Hot Mustard Turkey Legs Recipe
These mustard marinates turkey legs are slow roasted on the grill making them tender and moist.

Jan's Specialty Burgers Recipe
These are delicious onion and cheese stuffed burgers with a great beefy flavor. Top off with your favorite condiments for a delicious grilled treat.

T-Bone Steaks a la Plancha Recipe
The benefit of using a grill plate or plancha for t-bone steaks is that it retains a high amount of heat, allowing you to cook a nice thick steak within minutes. O

Scallops a la Plancha Recipe
This is a quick and easy way to cook scallops on the grill without having to use a plank.

Dijon-Curry Pork Loin
This pork loin recipe is delicious. Don't let the curry intimidate you, it blends really well in the wet rub producing a light fragrant flavor.

Tequila Carne Asada Marinade Recipe
Whether you are making Carne Asada or not, this is a great marinade for most meats, especially beef. .

Fresh Pulled Pork Spring Rolls with Mustard Barbecue Dipping Sauce Recipe
A fast, easy, light and certainly, refreshing way to enjoy leftover pulled pork. These fresh spring rolls contain all the components of a pulled pork sandwich minus the bun.

Mango Slaw Recipe
This mango slaw is great on burgers, hot dogs, pulled meat sandwiches, and makes a delicious side dish. If possible, try to find a semi-ripe mango.

Marinated Sirloin Flap Steak Recipe
Sirloin flap meat, sometimes called sirloin tip, is an amazing cut of beef and relatively affordable. Try this recipe for your introduction to this cut.

Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Recipe
This is a great way to use up leftover pulled pork. This recipe can be done two ways to suit your tastes.

Walter Jetton's Mop for all Barbecue Meats - Recipe
This recipe is exactly the way Water Jetton wrote it down. I modified the instructions a little because he calls for home made bone stock.

Caramelized Grilled Salmon Recipe
A fantastic, few ingredient grilled salmon recipe. Quick, easy, and delicious. What more can you ask for?

Loaf Pan Chicken Recipe
If you're looking for a new way to grill up a tasty whole bird, then this loaf pan chicken is for you.

Garlic-Ginger Pork Tenderloin
This Asian style packet pork tenderloin is a complete meal. Serve it up with vegetables over rice and you'll have a delicious and healthy dish.

Smoked Chocolate Ganache
A quick and easy way to incorporate a light smoke flavor into chocolate. Sauce works well on grilled fruit, ice cream, and baked goods.

Spicy Tilapia with Aioli Recipe
This is a great recipe for tilapia. This fish is loaded with flavor and quite similar to tilapia dishes found in restaurants.

Adobo Pork Burger Recipe
Wonderfully seasoned with a hint of smokiness from the paprika and tartness from the red wine vinegar, these grilled pork bugers are quite sensational.

Hot & Spicy Poultry Injection Marinade Recipe
This injection marinade adds real heat under the skin of any poultry. If you want a little fire in your bird this is a great sauce to use.

Brisket Benedict Recipe
This brisket and eggs benedict is served with a creamy, cheesy bechamel sauce over top. A wonderful way to use up barbecue leftovers.

Ostrich Burgers Recipe
While this might sound very exotic, Ostrich has a very beef like quality but is a much leaner meat. You might just be able to fool a few people with this recipe.

Smoked Sausage, Beer and Cheese Soup Recipe
Smoked Soup? Why not take all those hearty ingredients for your next soup out to the smoker to add that great smoky flavor.

Spicy Dry Rub Recipe
This is a fantastic dry mustard rub that gives a great flavor to almost anything. This rub works particularly well on lamb and pork.

Turkey on a Spit Recipe
This is a basic recipe for a rotisserie turkey. Remember that you have to have a rotisserie kit that is strong enough for the weight of the bird.

Thai Style Chicken Burgers Recipe
These burger patties are so loaded with flavor you will want to eat them all by themselves. This recipes works perfectly well with ground chicken or turkey

Apple Barbecue Brisket Recipe
This trimmed brisket recipe starts out in a dutch oven then finishes up on the grill to give it texture and a crusty surface.

Traditional Carne Asada Recipe
Carne Asada is a traditional Mexican dish that has some similarities to tacos and fajitas. Serve with a warmed tortilla, and your favorite toppings.

Caper and Dill Salmon Recipe
My favorite flavor for salmon is dill and this recipe also utilizes the tartness of capers to produce a fantastic grilled fish fit for any occasion.

Black Jack Barbecue Sauce Recipe
The coffee helps to give the sauce a deep, rich flavor which works particularly well on beef.

Chipotle Pork Tenderloin Recipe
This is a delicious grilled pork tenderloin recipe with a southwestern flare. What you end up with is a saucy tenderloin packed with flavor.

Tandoori Mixed Grill Recipe
This Indian Mixed Grill recipe calls for lamb chops, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables. All delicious choices!

Red Snapper Veracruz Recipe
These red snapper fillets are grilled up in packets with a flavorful salsa mixture. A quick and delicious meal.

Asian-Caribbean Red Snapper Recipe
This grilled fish recipe combines jerk seasoning with an Asian style baste. The blending of flavors really adds a lot to this Red Snapper dish.

Halibut Packets with Lemon-Thyme Butter
Quick and easy to prepare, yet generously flavored, this halibut packet recipe is a great addition to your weekday meal repertoire.

Easy BBQ Black Beans Recipe
These barbecued black beans are a great side for carne asada, brisket, spare ribs, grilled chicken, or served all by themselves.

Guinness Rib-Eye Steaks Recipe
This is a deep, rich grilled rib eye steak is marinated and basted in a dark beer sauce. Absolutely delicious!

Traditional Fajitas Recipe
This recipe for traditional fajitas has the great flavor of smoked skirt steak.

Gin and Tonic Marinated Chicken Kebabs Recipe
These kebabs are marinated in a gin and tonic mixture along with herbs and spices, resulting in a flavorful grilled chicken dish.

Smoked Mini-Brisket Recipe
I know, you're not supposed to smoke a trimmed brisket. However, the marinade in this recipe really helps to keep the brisket tender and moist.

African Tilapia Recipe
This Tilapia is grilled hot while it is basted in a lightly flavored marinade.

BBQ Gumbo Recipe
This Gumbo takes those

Smoked Butternut Squash
Add extra flavor to the Butternut Squash that is the base for so many recipes by throwing it on the smoker.

Parsley Crusted Salmon Recipe
This crusted salmon is absolutely delicious. You will need to cook it on indirect heat, since the salmon cannot be turned.

Turkey Burgers with Cucumber Relish Recipe
These flavorful turkey burgers are topped with a mildly spicy, and refreshing cucumber relish. Perfect for an occasion.

Ginger-Apricot Grouper Recipe
This grouper dish has a wonderful spicy flavor, complimented by the fruitiness of the ginger-apricot dressing.