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Redken Shades EQ Cream and Cover Plus Info and Review
Find everything you need to know about the exciting new Redken Shades EQ Color Cream and Cover Plus.

Professional Hair Styling - Find the Best Tricks and Tools to Create the Most Beautiful Looks for Your Clients
Get up to date information on the newest beauty and styling tools and where to find them. Read reviews and watch tutorials from real stylists that are using them in the salon.

Professional Hair Cutting: Techniques, Styles, Trends and Product Info
Learn all about basic and advanced cutting techniques, and keep yourself educated with the latest styles and trends that clients are asking for.

Hair Product
Get all of the information you need about the hair product industry. From how they work to where to find them. We'll be discovering new technologies and learn just how important the right product is.

Hair Color Ideas - Panel Hair Coloring
Looking for a new hair color idea? Check out this in depth introduction to the art of panel hair coloring

The Best All-Natural Shampoos
The stories behind some of your favorite natural beauty products.

Best Hair Products for Curly Hair
Curly hair doesn't have to remain a mystery. Check out the best hair products for curly hair.

The Best Hair Sprays - A List of Pro Favorites
What are the favorite hair sprays among pro stylists? Look no further as I've compiled a list of the top choices in professional hair spray.

Top Kerastase Products
Learn the ins and outs of top kerastase products.

Top Choices in Professional Hair Bleach
Straight from the pros - check out their choices in top professional hair bleach.

Beauty Salon Owners: Information for Professional Hairstylists
Learn how to own and operate your own hair or beauty salon. Keep on top of industry trends and new techniques for coloring your client's hair.

Ombre Hair Coloring Tips
Don't miss these must have tips for achieving perfect Ombre hair color every time.

Wedding Day Kit Essentials
Check out these wedding day kit essentials that every hair stylist should carry.

Blonde Hair Color Formulas for Coloring
Find a complete list of blonde hair color formulas to get you inspired.

State Board of Cosmetology - Contact List and Info
Find your state's board of cosmetology contact info, right here!

State Board of Cosmetology - Contact List and Info
Find your state's board of cosmetology contact info, right here!

State Board of Cosmetology - Contact List and Info
Find your state's board of cosmetology contact info, right here!

State Board of Cosmetology - Contact List and Info
Find your state's board of cosmetology contact info, right here!

State Board of Cosmetology - Contact List and Info
Find your state's board of cosmetology contact info, right here!

Best Ammonia Free Professional Hair Color
Learn about the top ammonia free hair color brands favored by professional stylists.

Everything You Need to Know About the Professional Skin, Nail and Body Care Industry
Get all of the information you need about the newest beauty products on the market. How do they work and what new technologies are being used? What is the most effective way to sell them to your clients, and what are the top selling skin, nail and body products on the market?

The Best Biotin Pills for Hair Growth
Find the top brands in biotin supplements for hair growth.

Best Brands for Bright and Crazy Hair Color
What is the best hair color to use to achieve crazy, bright colors? Check out this list of the top crazy hair color brands that will give you the best results with the most staying power.

The Best Professional Hair Color Lines
Found out which professional hair color lines are the best on the market.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Marketing: Essential Marketing Techniques For the Discerning Beauty Professional
Learn all about increasing your clientele, promoting your salon, building an online presence, and numerous other tools to make your business a success.

Professional Hair Color: New Trends, Techniques and the Best Hair Color Products
Learn new hair color techniques and how to execute them. Compare professional hair color lines and get info about cutting edge technologies in the hair color world.

Top Beauty Schools, How to Get Certified & Continued Education
Looking to break into the beauty industry? Educate yourself about the best beauty schools and the certification requirements for your state. Already a working stylist? Get your continued education from our video tutorials and find information on the best classes to take to brush up on your skills.

Beauty Resources
Build successful relationships with product companies to increase your salon revenue. Looking for a job in the beauty industry but don't want to stand behind the chair? Get information on how to become a product rep, and learn about all beauty industry job options.

Chemical Hair Treatments
Brazilian or Japanese? Keratin or Protein? Make sense of the options and find out which treatments can work best for you and your clients.

Color Theory
Brush up on your color theory or access information to help you pass your state board test.

Salon Inventory
Which salon chair is right for you? Should you buy an over-head or steam dryer? The decisions can be dizzying when it come to outfitting your salon. Make sense of all of the options as we compare the best of the best in salon inventory.

Salon Operations
Find helpful information and tools to lead your salon in the right direction. From human resources to billing and décor. We've got it all covered.

The love affair between hair stylist and hairspray goes way back. Learn the history of hairspray and how for it has come as we investigate the best new products on the market.

All Over Color
Learn the differences between semi and demi permanent color and find other helpful information to assist you with your color services in the salon.

Facials and Skin Care Products
Find information about the top selling skin care products and the newest innovations in professional skin care.

Styling Tools
Styling tools are a direct extension of the hair stylist, this makes them very important to our business and craft. Invest in the right tools with this information and learn about new products on the market.

Looking to combine your love of education and hairstyling? Learn how to become and educator in the beauty industry with these helpful articles.

Beauty Distributor
Find out where you should be buying your professional hair products. From the top beauty supply stores to learning about how to become a distributor yourself.

Get information on the top beauty trade shows and events happening around the country.

Beauty School and Apprenticeships
Congratulations! If you are considering getting into beauty then you are one step closer to working in one of the most exciting industries in the world. Get all of the information you need to make that first step.

Celebrity and Editorial Hair Styling
Learn all about celebrity and editorial styling.

Build Your Client Base
If you're just starting out or you've been in the industry for years, these helpful articles will teach you how to consistently increase your client base.

The certification process can be confusing. Find out what are the requirements for your state and get tips on passing the State Board test.

Product Information
We've got the latest in color line information and new technologies. Which color line should you be using and which ones are the most popular as far as the consumer is concerned? Find out all of this information and more.

From hombre hair color to visible roots. Learn the newest techniques in hair color trends.

Continued Education
Continued education is extremely important for the successful stylist. Find the best classes take and watch video tutorials to stay brushed up on your technical skills.

Extensions and Wigs
Dive into the world of hair extensions and wigs. Learn how this fast growing industry can work for you and your clients.

Hair Treatments
Protein treatment or moisture treatment? Learn the differences and find out about new services to add to your treatment menu.

Learn about basic and advanced highlighting techniques.

Online Marketing
Discover the world of online marketing and reach and endless amount of potential clients.

Professional Nail Care
Here you will find the professional's guide to the nail care business.

Learn the in's and out's of professional hair relaxing.

Salon Appliances
Get the right salon appliances for your business by educating yourself before you buy.

Salon Design and Decor
Take your salon to the next level with these helpful design tips. Get inspired and create a magnetic space that will attract more clients and make you more money.

Salon Management
Helpful tips to excel in salon management.

Find video tutorials from some of the country's top stylists. Learn to enhance your clients bone structure, how to manage certain hair textures and which are the right pair of shears to invest in. Hear you'll find everything you need to know about professional haircutting.

Professional Waxing and Hair Removal
Educate yourself about the many options in professional hair removal


Team Building Tips for Salon Owners
Learn how to build a strong and successful team environment.

How to Deal With No-Show Clients
Learn helpful tips to prevent and deal with no-show clients.

Top Drugstore Beauty Proucts
Check out this list of the best products that won't put a major dent in your wallet.

Secrets of Women With Great Skin
Skin secrets from the chair.

Convincing Your Client to Go Short
Tips for giving you client that extra boost of confidence when they're on the fence about making a big change.

5 Reason Why You Should Stop Chemically Straightening Your Hair
Break free from the confines of stick straight hair.

Travel Beauty Tips
How to simplify your beauty routine when you're on the go.

The Best Hair Products for Your Male Clients
Check out the best hair product options for your male clients.

Ebooks for Hair Cutting and Styling
Check out these awesome downloads of hair cutting and hair styling ebooks.

Top Websites for Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists
Check out these great websites for hair stylists and beauty professionals.

What Is a Curling Rod?
What is a curling rod? Find out all about this exciting hot tool and learn which ones professional stylists recommend

How Can I Become a Celebrity Hair Stylist?
Are you looking to break into celebrity and editorial hair styling? Read this article for tips on how to become a celebrity hair stylist, including how to get represented by an agency.

Your Salon Apprenticeship - What to Expect
Take the next step and learn what to expect from completing a salon apprenticeship

How to Remove Nail Polish Stains From Clothes and Furniture
Learn how to remove nail polish stains from just about anything.

The Best Flat Irons - A List of Pro Favorites
Finding the right flat iron can be confusing in a wide sea of options. Check out this list of the best flat irons on the market, and see what the pros are using.

Hair Brushes - Which One do You Choose?
Having the right hair brush is essential to doing good hair. Learn the functions of each brush and find out which ones will be right for you.

Biotin for Hair Growth
Biotin is quickly gaining speed as a contender in the hair growth industry. Read on to learn all about biotin and how it works.

Hair Spray Hacks
You'll never guess how many handy uses this common product has up it's sleeves.

Common Misconceptions About Shampoo
Help your clients avoid surprisingly common mistakes when it comes to their shampoo.

Best Practices When Working With Celebrity Clients
How to survive in the high-stakes world of celebrity hair styling.

Great Lengths - A Superior Hair Extension System
Great Lengths is a luxury hair extension option that offers hair of the highest quality. Learn all about this hair extension system and how it could bring big money into your salon.

How to Up Sell
Up selling is the fastest way to make more money with the clients you already have. Read on to learn more about the art of up selling.

What Products You Should be Buying From a Discount Beauty Retailer
Learn how to save some cash on the products you use every day.

How to Successfully Do Hair in a Client's Home
This helpful list will make doing house calls a breeze.

Your Holiday Survival Guide
How to stay sane around the salon during the busy holiday months.

Top Hair Color Removers
Removers and techniques that actually work to remove stubborn color stains.

Best Beauty Blogs
Check out these top rated beauty blogs.

The Best Hair Brushes - A list of Pro Favorites
Finding the right hair brush can be confusing in a wide sea of options. Check out this list of the best hair brushes and see what the pros are using.

Your Must-Have Guide to Online Beauty Boxes
Learn which beauty box will work best for you.

How to Transition Your Haircare Routine From Summer to Fall
Learn how to dust off that summer-hair hangover and get prepped for fall and winter.

Novex - My New Favorite Haircare Line
Discovering a new line of curly hair products.

DIY Hair Accessory Ideas
Fun projects to make your own unique hair accessories.

Herbs, Plants and Essential Oils that Promote Hair Health
Unlock the beauty benefits of these powerful plants and oils.

5 Bridal Hair Styling Tips
Helpful tips and tricks for your bridal hair business.

Can the Beauty Industry Change the World?
Learn about the exciting new website that is changing the way we look at the beauty industry.

Simple Steps to Give Your Salon A Facelift
Follow these simple steps to give your salon a major makeover without breaking the bank.

Make Your Salon a Green Machine
Reduce your carbon footprint and trasform your space into a green salon.

Central Vacuum Cleaners for Your Salon
A central vacuum for your salon is one of the best investments a salon owner can make! Find out how a central vacuum system can take your salon to the next level.

Hair Cutting Shears - How to Buy the Right Pair
Learn how to find the best pair of shears at the right price.

Keeping it Professional in the Beauty Industry
Keeping up a professional attitude and work ethic can do wonders for building your clientele. Use this handy check list to make sure you're maximizing your professional potential.

Hair Color Ideas - Brilliant Brunettes
Check out these rich hair color ideas and formulas to achieve the perfect shade of brown.

Hair Trends for Fall From NY Fashion Week (2015)
How to achieve the hottest hair trends for fall. Hint: they're easy!

How to Communicate With a Hair Color Addict
How to handle a client who just doesn't know when to say when.

Tips and Ideas for When Your Client Wants Something "Different"
Inspirations and ideas for when your client is look for a change.

How to Make Your Client Look Years Younger
Coloring and styling tips that tap into the fountain of youth.

How to Succeed at Your Retail Trade Show
How to succeed in the crazy environment of a hair and beauty trade show.

The Best Way to Handle a Color Shy Client
Dealing with a color shy client can be easier than you may think with these simple, quick, non-comital hair color options.

How to Make Stubborn Hair Hold a Curl
Check out these easy helpful tips you can share with your clients.

Best Wig Shops in NYC
Get all the info you'll need to find the best wigs in NYC.

The Best Wig Shops in Los Angeles
Get all of the info you need to find the best wigs in Los Angeles.

The Best Wig Shops in San Fransisco
End your search for the best wig shops in San Fransisco.

The Best Wig Shops in Chicago
The search for the best wig shops in Chicago ends here.

Grey Today, Gone Tomorrow - 6 Tips That Will Do Away With Grey
How to solve the biggest issues when coloring grey hair.

How to Make Instagram Work for Your Business
Learn how social media can build your business and pad your pockets.

How to Find the Right Salon for You
Come prepared with your own questions for your next salon interview.

How to Do Hair in the Entertainment Industry
Tips and tricks for hair stylists looking to work in the entertainment industry.

How to Motivate Your Staff to Sell More Retail
Easy steps to get your staff excited about selling retail in the salon.

Tips for Client Retention
Helpful tips to keep your books full all year long.

Finding a Contractor for Your Hair Salon
Use this helpful list to take the headache out of finding a salon contractor.

5 Tips to Keep Your Clients Happy
Tips that will keep your clients happy and coming back for more.

When Blonde Hair Turns Green
Learn how to treat and prevent the dreaded green hue in your blonde haired clients.

How to Make Your Client's Blow Dry Last A Week
Wow your clients with these amazing tips that will make their blowout last longer than they could ever imaging.

Definition of High Lift Tint
There's a way to lighten your hair to the lightest blonde shade without actually bleaching it. Discover how to use high lift tint.

The Best Hair Tools for Travel
Are you a stylist on the go? Then check out this list of must have travel beauty tools.

When It's OK to Call Out Your Client
Customer service is key to a successful career in the beauty industry, but find out when it's ok to call out your client.

How to Make Money In Your Salon During Non-Business Hours
Earn extra revenue with these creative business strategies.

How to Prevent and Reverse Hair Loss
Learn how to prevent and reverse hair loss with these simple tricks.

Blonde Hair Color - Tips and Tricks For Sticky Situations
Check out these super helpful blonde hair coloring tips.

Frederic Fekkai for Vera Wang
Frederic Fekkai for Vera Wang at NY Fashion Week, Spring 2013

Odile Gilbert for The Row
Odile Gilbert for The Row at NY Fashion Week, Spring 2013

Renato Campora for Marchesa
Renato Campora for Marchesa at NY Fashion Week, Spring 2013

Guido for Rag and Bone
Guido for Rag and Bone at NY Fashion Week, Spring 2013

Odile Gilbert for Jason Wu
Odile Gilbert for Jason Wu at NY Fashion Week, Spring 2013

Bumble and Bumble for Herve Leger
Bumble and Bumble for Herve Leger at NY Fashion Week, Spring 2013

Orlando Pita for Carolina Herrera
Orlando Pita for Carolina Herrera at NY Fashion Week, Spring 2013

Suno - NY Fashion Week Fall 2012
Check out the messy, romantic hair looks from Suno's 2012 fall show.

Derek Lam Hair - NY Fashion Week Fall 2012
Hair and makeup looks from Derek Lam's 2012 fall show.

Michael Kors - NY Fashion Week Fall 2012
Straight from New York Fashion Week, check out the hair and makeup looks from Michael Kors 2012 fall show.

Carolina Herrera - NY Fashion Week Fall 2012
Check out the beautiful bouffants that walked down the runway of Carolina Herrera at New York Fashion Week.

Oscar De La Renta - NY Fashion Week Fall 2012
Straight from New York Fashion Week, check out the hair looks from Oscar De La Renta's 2012 fall show.

Jason Wu - Fashion Week Fall 2012
Check out the strong, statement-making hair looks from Suno's 2012 fall show.

The Best Conditioners for Fine Hair
Check out the best options in conditioner for your fine haired clients.

The Best Relaxers for Damaged Hair
Learn all about the best relaxers that are safe to use on delicate or damaged hair.

The Best Gel for Curly Hair
Hair gel got you feeling crispy? Check out these top choices of the best gel for curly hair.

What is LED Light Therapy and How Does It Work?
What are LED light treatments and how do they work?

Embellished French Tip at Norman Ambrose
Check out these nails that really pop from CND for Norman Ambrose, Spring 2012

Checked Please at Nicole Miller
Check out this flirty manicure from CND for Nicole Miller, Spring 2012

Lucite Lace at Joy Cioci
You'll flip for these Lucite Lace nails from Joy Cioci, Spring 2012

Flesh Toned Manicures at Cushine Et Ochs
What's your take on the flesh toned manicure? Check out this wild manicure from backstage at Cushine Et Ochs.

Lethal Love at Jen Kao
Check out this fierce nail design from CND at Jen Kao for Spring 2012

Glitz and Glam Manicures at The Blonds
Endless nail looks from the 2012 Spring runway of The Blonds.

How to Train the Perfect Assistant
Create a great work environment for both you and your assistant.

Being a Conscious Salon Coworker
Simple rules to follow to keep the peace around the salon.

How Not to Cross the Line With Your Hair Stylist
Keeping it classy in the hair salon.

Which Supplements Should You Be Taking For Hair and Skin Health?
Learn all about the best supplements for your hair and skin.

How to Breakup With a Client
Helpful tips for handling this awkward, but sometimes necessary situation.

Searching for the Right Salon Space
Simplify the process of opening up a new salon with these helpful tips.

Beauty Hacks With Items You Probably Already Have Around the House
Check out these time saving tips and tricks.

Choosing and Caring for Your Wig
Learn about maintaining and extending the life of your wig.

The New Sun-In?
Check out the new batch of gel lighteners that now work better than ever.

Hair and Makeup at Your Doorstep
Check out the best apps and websites that offer in-home beauty services.

The Top 10 Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram
Check out who to follow for up-to-date products and plenty of inspiration.

What's up With the "Lob"?
Learn everything you need to know about this wildly popular hairstyle.

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Business
Learn how to make social media work for you.

Client Friendly Tips for Creating the Perfect Updo
Easy tricks your client can use once they leave the salon.

The Best Dry Shampoo for Brown and Darker Hair Colors
Think your darker haired clients can't reap the benefits of dry shampoo? Think again!

Expert Tips for Treating a Flaky Scalp
Learn tried and true treatments for this annoying condition.

Catering to Your Male Clientele
An inside look at male-only hair salons.

5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Hair Treatments Into Your Busy Schedule
Learn sneaky ways to squeeze in hair treatments

Coconut Oil - Natures Secret Beauty Weapon
Learn all about the wonders and uses of coconut oil.

How to Cancel Appointments With Class
Learn how to cancel an appointment the right way.

How to Mend Split Ends Without Getting a Hair Cut
Buy yourself some extra time between hair cuts with these simple tricks.

What to Do When Your Client Doesn't Like Their Hair Color?
We've all been there....learn how to finesse a hair color miscommunication.

Bone Structure 101
A great hairstylist always takes a clients bone structure into consideration before beginning a haircut. Learn about the ideal shapes to use on your clients.

Boar Bristle or Synthetic Round Brushes?
Make sense of all of the options in professional hairbrushes as we break down the differences between boar bristle and synthetic round brushes.

Disulfide Bonds
What are disulfide bonds? Beauty Supply.

The Best Hair Products to Beat Frizz and Humidity
Check out the top hair products for fighting frizz and humidity.

Mastering the Razor Cut
Master the art of the razor cut with these razor hair cutting tips.

Tips for Color Correction
How to get your next color correction right the first time.

The Best Hair Color Removers/Correctors
Color correction products have come a long way over the years. Check out the market's current top choices.

How to Avoid Having to Wet Curly Hair Every Day
Learn the art of extending the life of curly hair to day 2 or 3.

Top Trends in Nail Art
What are the newest trends in nail art? Think modern, strong and futuristic. Read on to learn more....

How to Apply the Keratin Treatment - Step by Step
How is a keratin treatment performed? It's easier than you think. Here we'll be breaking down the step by step application process of a keratin treatment.

Tips for Successful Salon Management
Check out these helpful tips for success in a salon management position.

10 Steps to Perfect Hair Color
Follow these 10 steps to achieve perfect hair color in the salon and take the guess work out of formulating!

How to Formulate Grey Hair Coverage in Four Easy Steps
Learn tips and tricks for guaranteeing complete grey coverage, every time.

Washing Hair With Only Water
Can you wash your hair with water only? Learn the truth behing this hair washing alternative.

Top Cosmetology Schools in the United States
Check out this must-have list of the top cosmetology schools in the country.

Steam Processors and Hair Steamers- Pros and Cons
Every wondered what the benefits of using a steam processor are? Can this device save you time and money? Find out all of the pros and cons of using a steam processor.

Beauty Products - How to Start Your Own Brand
Have you ever dreamed of starting your own brand of beauty products?

How to Become a Celebrity Hair Stylist
Are you looking to break into celebrity and editorial hair styling? Have no idea how to make that happen? Check out this article for tips on how to become a celebrity hair stylist.

Diatomaceous Earth for Hair and Skin
Learn why everyone should be using diatomaceous earth in their hair and skin regimen.

Cutting Fine Hair - Beauty Tips and Supplies
Cutting fine hair can be one of the trickiest things to do in the salon. Check out these great tips and become an expert in how to cut fine hair.

Hair Color Formulas for Hairdressers
Some client requests for hair coloring are just flat out scary to perform sometimes. Here are formulas for difficult-to-achieve hair colors.

The Best Professional Keratin Lines
Find the top keratin treatment lines used by professional hair stylists.

What is Ceramic and Tourmaline Technology?
Learn what tourmaline technologie really is.

The Best Scalp Exfoliation Products
Find the best products in scalp exfoliation.

How to Sell More Retail Products in Your Hair Salon
Learn tips and tricks for become a retail selling machine. Hair and beauty products will be flying off your shelf in no time.

Red Hair Color Ideas - Color Formulations Made Easy
If the thought of formulating red hair color makes you weary, fear no more with this list of tried and true red hair color formulas.

Keratin Treatment - Formaldehyde-Free
Meet the first 100 percent formaldehyde free keratin treatment. This exciting new product is sure to change change the game in the keratin world. Stay ahead of the curve and keep you and your clients safe with this formaldehyde-free keratin treatment.

Cutting and Styling Tips for Curly Hair
Find the best cutting and styling techniques for curly hair.

Travel Hair Essentials
Don't get stuck with bad hair while traveling with these travel

List of Hair and Beauty Trade Shows 2013
Check out this complete list of 2013 hair and beauty trade shows.

List of Hair and Beauty Trade Shows 2013
Check out this complete list of 2013 hair and beauty trade shows.

List of Hair and Beauty Trade Shows 2013
Check out this complete list of 2013 hair and beauty trade shows.

INOA Hair Color by L'Oreal Professional
Learn about the newest ammonia free hair color to hit the market.

How to Fix Brassy Hair Color - Must-Have Tips
Learn how purple shampoos, toners, sunscreens and water filters can help the battle against brassy blonde hair.

Hair Treatments - Which One is Right for You?
There are many hair treatment options for you and your clients. Find out what's what with this comprehensive list of hair treatments.

How to Become a Cosmetology Instructor
Ever thought about a career as a cosmetology instructor? Have you been working as a hair stylist and you're ready for a change? Read on to learn how to become a certified cosmetology instructor.

Block DHT - Stop Hair Loss?
Learn all about DHT and how it can affect hair loss.

Using Own Fat Stem Cells for Curing Hair Loss
Learn how stem cells are changing the game when it comes to hair loss treatments.

How to Increase Your Business - Beauty Supply
Since we can never have too many clients, this is a great article to learn new tricks to increase business.

The The Best Hair Growth Supplements
Check out the top hair vitamins that are recommended by beauty pros.

What is Ombre Hair Color? - Hair & Beauty Terms
What is Ombre Hair Color? Beauty Supply.

Holiday Hair Guide
Your holiday hair survival guide has arrived.

Maximize Income During the Holidays
Learn how some stylists double their income during the holidays.

Salon Etiquette
What not to do while working in hair salon.

Breaking the Base - Glossary Definition
What does it mean to break the base?

Continued Hair Education - Free Online Videos
Searching for continued education in hair? Are you interested in education classes online? Check out this list of free online hair education classes.

What Is a Keratin Treatment and How Does It Work?
What is a Keratin treatment and how does it work?

The Best Products for Fighting Hair Loss
Check out this great list of the best products on the market for thinning hair and hair loss.

The Best and Most Nourishing Hair Treatments
Check out the best hair treatments for all types of hair.

The Best Hair Oils
Find out what the professionals are using with this list of the top hair oils.

The Best Drugstore Products for Every Hair Type
Just spent hundreds of dollars on a hair service and looking to save a few bucks on the product? Check out the best drugstore products for all hair types.

All About Hair Extensions
Get all the facts about hair extensions. From how they work to where the hair comes from, read this and become an expert on this hot hair service.

Best Hair Products for Fine Hair
What are the best hair products for fine hair? The experts weigh in and bring you this master list of the best hair products for fine hair.

Product Review - John Frieda's 3-Day Straight
Get all of the facts about the amazing and effective 3-Day Straight by John Frieda.

History of the Perm
Learn all about the origins of the perm.

Fool-Proof Consultation Tips
Check out these fool-proof consultation tips for perfect results, every time.

Anatomy of the Head
Before you can master the art of hair cutting, you will first have to study the anatomy of the head.

The Right Questions to Ask When Your Client Wants to Cut Their Hair Short
What to ask your client before you cut their hair short.

How to Stay Comfortable While Working Behind a Salon Chair
How to keep comfortable while you're working in a hair salon.

Crazy Hair Cutting Techniques
Check out these crazy hair cutting techniques.

Texture, Porosity and Elasticity 101
Find a basic breakdown and explanation of hair texture, porosity and elasticity. Learn about texture categories, moisture, and why you hair bounces.

Cosmetology State Board Practice Exam
Get prepared for your cosmetology state board exam with this handy practice test.

Cosmetology State Board Practice Exam
Get prepared for your cosmetology state board exam with this handy practice test.

Learn How to Become a Beauty Supply Distributor
Learn how to become a beauty supply distributor or representative.

Cosmetology State Board Practice Exam
Get prepared for your cosmetology state board exam with this handy practice test.

Cosmetology State Board Practice Exam
Get prepared for your cosmetology state board exam with this handy practice test.

Keratin Shot Treatment for Hair Review
Learn all about the exciting new keratin treatment, Keratin Shot by Salerm Cosmetics.

The Best Online Hair Cutting Courses
Find the best websites for continued beauty education.

The Styling Tools That Editorial Hair Stylists Can't Live Without
Learn about the essential tools that editorial hairstylists can't live without.

Rules to Follow When Coloring Textured Hair
When it comes to textured hair, it doesn't look, feel or act like fine straight hair. So why would we follow the same rules for coloring it? Check out these top rules to follow when coloring textured hair.

Protecting Your Client's Hair Color After They Leave the Salon
Check out these fantastic new products that will protect and extend the life of your professional hair color.

The Best Shampoos for Fine Hair
Learn all about the best shampoos for fine hair.

Health Tips for Hair Stylists
Learn ways to boost your energy and keep you healthy while working in the beauty industry.

The Hair Products that Every Editorial Hair Stylist Can't Live Without
Learn about the coveted hair products that every editorial hair stylist can't live without.

Perms of the Past
A close look at hair perms of the past - learn how they were developed, and the wacky techniques that were first used to perm hair.

Tips For Your First Salon Interview
How To Ace Your Salon Interview and Land the Job

How Do Hair Relaxers Work & Where Did They Come From?
Hair relaxers are big business in the land of beauty. Get all the facts you need to know about relaxing hair, including helpful care and safety tips.

Editorial Hair Styling - Who's Who (Part 2)
Ever dreamed of doing editorial hair styling? Find out how the greats got their start.

Make More Money in the Beauty Industry
Learn how to get your schedule as packed as possible.

Hair and Beauty Trade Shows 2012
The only list you'll need for hair and beauty trade shows in 2012.

Best Beauty Subscription Services
Glossybox or Birchbox? Find out where to get the best deals with these top beauty subscription services.

The Best Styling Creams
Check out the top styling creams that are used by professional hairstylists.

What a Hair Stylists is Looking for in an Assistant
Learn how to become the best assistant and get onto the salon floor fast.

Beauty Supplies - Where to Find the Best Deals Online
Looking to find the best deals on beauty supplies? Here is the only list you'll every need to find all of your tools of the trade.

Best Hair Cutting Books for Beauticians
Looking for inspiration? Use this helpful list to find the right hair cutting book for you or a friend.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Breaking into the Beauty Industry
Get all the facts about the exciting world of beauty.

The History of Hairspray
Ever wondered where your favorite beauty product got its start? Check out this touching tribute to the history of hairspray.

Doing Hair at Home
Learn helpful tips that will get your in-home hair salon set up in no time.

How to Become a Hair Stylist
So you'd like to learn how to be a hair stylist? Find all of the info you'll need to become a hair stylist or barber.

The Hair Salon Remixed
Learn how Dry Bar, The Bang Station and Braid Bar are taking the hair salon to the next level, and how you can start your very own pop-up shop in your own salon.

Starting Your Own Hair Salon Business
Hear from a fellow hair stylist about leaving the comforts of their hair salon to start their own business.

Top Hair Color Lines Chosen by Beauty Professionals
Learn about the top professional hair color lines that are preferred by stylists.

10 Steps to Perfect Hair Color
Learn the steps that will allow you to formulate perfect hair color results every time.

What are the Most Toxic Chemicals in our Beauty Products?
Learn about the toxic chemicals that are included in our every day beauty products.

List of Natural Hair Care Treatments
Check out these fabulous natural hair treatment to share with your clients.

Natural Products That Fight Hair Loss
Learn about these effective, naturally occurring ingredients that can help promote hair growth and battle hair loss.

The Best Natural Hair Treatments
Jump on board the natural products craze with the natural hair treatments for you and your clients.

Tips for Planning Your Salon's Design and Decor
Find helpful tips on salon design and decor from salon owners who have already been through the process.

Finding the Best Salon Chairs for You and Your Clients
How to find the best salon chairs for your hair salon.

The Hottest Trends in Gel Manicure Art
Check out the hottest trends in gel manicure art.

Tips for Keeping Your Salon Safe While Performing Keratin Treatments
Tips for keeping your salon safe while performing keratin treatments.

Hair Style Helpers and Tricks of the Trade
Helpful tools and tricks to make hair styling easier.

Easy Tips for Perfect Braids
Easy steps to perfect braids

How to Purchase Salon Equipment
Learn how to make the best decisions when it comes to purchasing your salon's furniture and equipment.

Spring Hair Color Formulas
Spring has almost sprung! Get inspired with these great Spring hair color formulas.

Jeff Chastain - Words of Advice When Starting Your Own Salon
Hear wise words from a fellow hair stylist who has started their own salon.

How to Handle and Prevent No-Show Clients
Learn how to prevent and deal with no-show clients in your salon.

All Soft Argan-6 Oil by Redken
Check out my review and get the facts about Redkens exciting new product, All Soft Argan-6 Oil.

Simple Tips for House Call Hair Cuts
Learn helpful tips that will make your career as a traveling hair stylist fun and comfortable.

What Type of Hair Cutting Shear is Right for You?
How to pick out the perfect pair of hair cutting shears.

Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Color
Check out these pro tips on creating long-lasting hair color.

How to Build Your Bridal Hair Business
Learn helpful tips to build your clientele in the lucrative world of bridal hair styling.

New Hair Color Formulas
Check out these hot new hair color formulas for professional hair stylists.

Learn A Few Simple Tricks About How to Say No to a Client
Learn A Few Simple Tricks About How to Say No to a Client

Finding the Best Brand of Hair Cutting Shears
How to buy the perfect pair of hair cutting shears.

Hair Color Ideas - The Texas Collection
Discover the hottest hair color trends from down South.

Successful Salon Education
Learn how to create a successful education program in your salon.

Learn How to Make More Money in the Your Salon With Retail Sales
How to boost retail sales in your salon.

Salon Tips - The Little Extras that Go a Long Way
Little changes that can make a big difference in your salon or spa

Tips to Keep Your Salon Staff Safe and Healthy
Simple actions salon owner can take take to keep their staff and clients safe.

javascript:void('Paragraph Format')What Are the Five Most Common Skin Disorders?
Get educated and learn about the five most common skin disorders.

Best Hair Dryers for Professional Stylists
Straight from the pros - check out their top choices in professional hair dryers.

The Top Nail Polishes That Are 5-Free
Check out these top eco-friendly nail polish brands.

Natural Ways to Treat Eczema
Learn about natural treatments that are effective in the battle against eczema.

Olive Oil - An All Natural Multi-Purpose Beauty Product
Olive oil - Easy ways to use natures favorite beauty product.

How to Make a Manicure or Pedicure Last Longer
Tips to make your manicure and pedicure last longer and chip-free.

Making Sense of Laser Facial Rejuvenation Treatments - Which One is Right For You?
Learn the differences between ablative, nonablative and fractional lasers.

The Best Flat Irons for Professional Hair Stylists
Check out the best flat iron options for professional hair stylists.

Making Sense of Laser Facial Treatments
Learn all about laser facial treatments and how they can work for you and your clients.

Nail Disorders and How to Treat Them
Learn about the most common nail diseases and disorders.

Hair Removal: The Best of Professional Hair Wax
Learn all about the best options in professional hair wax for hair removal.

Four Ways to Minimize Rosacea Symptoms
Learn about simple steps your client can take to treat and minimize their rosacea.

The Best Post Waxing Treatments
Learn about the best post waxing treatments used by professionals.

Halloween Hair How-Tos
Check out some pro tips for fool-proof halloween hair styling.

Styling Hair With Fall and Winter Hats
Think styling hair with a hat is tricky? Think again. These helpful tips will bring harmony to your client's hair and their winter hat.

The Saw Palmetto and Hair Growth Connection
Learn how Saw Palmetto can treat hair loss.

How to Build Your Salon Website
Get all of the information you need to get your salon website up and running.

Hair Color Ideas
Searching for hair color ideas and inspiration? Sick of doing the same old color formula? Check out this list of the latest trends to get you out of a hair color rut.

How to Raise Prices In Your Hair Salon
Learn how to raise your prices without freaking you, or your clients out.

What Are Gel Nails and How Are They Applied?
What are gel nails and how are they applied? Learn about the newest advancements in gel nail technology.

11 Things Every Stylist Should Share With Their Clients
Learn the 11 things you should be sharing with your clients.

Balayage - Hairstyling Technique Definition
Learn the definition of this hot new trend.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color - Definition
Learn the meaning and uses of semi-permanent hair color.

Chart of Underlying Pigments
Use this handy chart to determine underlying pigments in natural hair.

Vidal Sassoon - The Man that Started it All
Vidal Sassoon - The man who changed the hair dressing world forever with his iconic bob.

How to Cut a Bob - Precision Cut
This how-to comes straight form the geniuses at TIGI. Read on to learn how to execute this gorgeous precision cut bob. Page 2.

Salon Retail
Which hair products should you carry in your salon and what are the top selling products? Learn everything you need to know about successful salon retail.

Salon Furniture
Find the best salon furniture for your business. We've done the leg work to investigate tried and true salon products at the most competitive prices.

We're not talking about big 80's hair here. The perms of today have come a long way. Learn the history of the perm and find out how this service can work for your clients.

Semi-Permanent Hair Styling
Semi-permanent styling is one of the most exciting new developments in the hair industry. This could really change how we do hair!

Cameron Diaz Before and After Photoshop
Cameron Diaz Before and After Photoshop. Page 2.

Celebrities Before and After Photoshop
Celebrities Before and After Photoshop. Page 6.

Jessica Alba Before and After
Jessica Alba Before and After. Beauty Supply.

Kim Kardashian Before and After Photoshop
Kim Kardashian Before and After Photoshop. Page 3.

Madonna Before and After Photoshop
Madonna Before and After Photoshop. Page 5.

Penelope Cruz Before and After Photoshop
Penelope Cruz Before and After Photoshop. Page 4.

Emma Watson Short Hair
Emma Watson Short Hair. Beauty Supply.

Michelle Williams Short Hair
Michelle Williams Short Hair. Beauty Supply. Page 4.

Gwen Stefani Hair
Gwen Stefani Hair. Beauty Supply. Page 2.

Katie Holmes Hair
Katie Holmes Hair. Beauty Supply. Page 3.

Met Gala Hair Trends - Naomi Campbell
Met Gala Hair Trends - Naomi Campbell. Page 3.

Met Gala Hair Trends - Isabel Lucas
Met Gala Hair Trends - Isabel Lucas. Page 4.

Met Gala Hair Trends - Stella McCartney
Met Gala Hair Trends - Stella McCartney. Page 5.

Met Gala Hair Trends - Jessica Alba
Met Gala Hair Trends, Jessica Alba. Page 7.

Met Gala Hair Trends - Kate Hudson
Met Gala Hair Trends, Kate Hudson. Page 9.

Met Gala Hair Trends - Rashida Jones
Met Gala Hair Trends, Rashida Jones. Page 8.

Met Gala Hair Trends - Serena Williams
Serena Williams went all out with her Philip Treacy hat. Page 6.

Kate Middleton Hair
Kate Middleton Hair. Beauty Supply.

What is Dry Shampoo?
What is Dry Shampoo? Learn about this versatile product and find out about the best dry shampoos on the market.

Long Layers
What are long layers? Beauty Supply.

Beauty Trade Shows 2011
The only list you'll need for beauty trade shows in 2011.

Beauty Trade Shows 2011
The only list you'll need for beauty trade shows in 2011.