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Purple and Yellow with Bright Green Accents
This modern bedroom is perfect for a teenage girl or guest bedroom and a wonderful example of how to use yellow, purple and green triadic color scheme.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms
There's more than one way to use wallpaper -- in fact, there are several. Here are a dozen ideas for decorating a bedroom with wallpaper.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Continue a Pattern
Here is an example of a cottage style bedroom that uses a similar pattern on the wallpaper, curtains, and accent pillows.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Wallpaper Borders
Here are some great tips and ideas on how to use wallpaper borders in your bedroom.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Be Creative
This modern bedroom creatively uses a fun wallpaper design to add spark and interest.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Accent Walls
Here is a wonderful example of how to use wallpaper as an accent wall in your bedroom.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Combine Patterns
Here is an example on how to combine wallpaper patterns to add character and charm to your bedroom.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Wallpaper Murals
Find great ideas and fun patterns or wall murals, like toile, Chinoiserie patterns, or Tromp L’Oeil, which are great additions in children bedrooms, vintage, country, or Asian style bedrooms.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Use Wallpaper as Wainscot
Here are some great ideas and tips on how to use wallpaper as wainscot.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Create Striking Color Contrast
Create striking color contrast with decorative wallpaper patterns and white bedroom furniture as featured in the bedroom designed by Elizabeth Dinkel Design.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Textured Wallpaper Ideas
Here are some great ideas and tips on how to use textured wallpaper in your bedroom.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Frame Wallpaper
Here are some great tips and advice on how to frame wallpaper in your bedroom to create artwork or a fabulous headboard.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Wallpaper Tile
Here is a unique idea for a bedroom remodel that uses zebra print wallpaper tiles for a fun and modern accent wall.

The Difference Between Valances, Swags, and Cornices
What are valances, swags, and cornices, and which should you use in your bedroom? Here's how to choose between these popular window treatments.

What to Do With Throw Pillows at Night
After you've decorated your bed with a wonderful assortment of toss pillows, where do you put them all when it's time to go to sleep?

Names of Common Fabric Patterns
Here's a guide to 30 of the most common fabric patterns used in the decorating world, with pictures and definitions of each.

Names of Common Fabric Patterns
Here's a guide to 30 of the most common fabric patterns used in the decorating world, with pictures and definitions of each.

Names of Common Fabric Patterns
Here's a guide to 30 of the most common fabric patterns used in the decorating world, with pictures and definitions of each.

Designer Tips for Decorating the Bedroom
Top designer Cathy Hobbs shares her nine steps to creating a beautiful bedroom.

Creative Bedroom Closet Doors and Ideas: Add Mirrors
Adding mirrors to your closet doors is a wonderful solution for small bedrooms because it adds more light as well as gives the illusion of a larger space; here is a great example of this concept.

Creative Bedroom Closet Door Decorating Ideas
Here are some great ideas used by talented designers, homeowners and renters to help solve your closet door and storage design challenges.

Creative Bedroom Closet Doors: Use a Wardrobe Wall Unit
Learn more about using wardrobe wall units in your bedroom, which are not only a great storage solution but also gives the room extra charm.

Creative Bedroom Closet Doors: Use Curtains or Drapes
Another simple solution for a closet door is to use drapes or curtains versus a typical door for your closet.

Creative Bedroom Closet Doors and Ideas: Use Simple Storage Unit
If you live in a studio apartment and short on closet space, here is a creative way to add more closet space and decor; add a trendy storage unit like this example.

Creative Bedroom Closet Doors and Ideas: Creative Theme Solutions
Sometimes a theme will also give you great ideas on how to create unique closet doors; here is a great example of this concept.

Creative Bedroom Closet Doors and Ideas: Create a Hidden Closet Door
A unique closet door hidden within the wall, so it will flow with the overall design of the bedroom.

Creative Bedroom Closet Doors and Ideas: Wallpaper the Closet Door
Wallpapering a closet sliding door will add charm and character to your bedroom; here is a great example.

Contemporary Brown Bedroom
Brown is a great alternative to black or gray in a contemporary bedroom.

Metallic Accents in Brown Bedroom
Metallic gold, copper or bronze complement a bedroom decorated in brown.

Ideas for Decorating the Bedroom with Brown
Brown is the perfect neutral for the bedroom. It's soothing and relaxed, yet versatile enough to work with just about any style.

Romantic Brown Bedroom
Brown can be very romantic, if you choose grayish shades and keep them soft.

Dramatic Brown Bedroom
Use bold accents to give dramatic flair to a brown bedroom.

Bright Accents in Brown Bedroom
Spark up a brown bedroom with a few bright accents.

Animal Prints in Brown Bedroom
Walk on the wild side with animal print accents in your brown bedroom.

Relaxed Brown Bedroom
Brown's naturally relaxed vibe makes it perfect for creating a tranquil bedroom.

DIY Floral Headboard
Make your own floral-print upholstered headboard. You'll get just the pattern you want at a fraction of the price you would spend otherwise.

Floral Ceiling Fixture
Light up a boring bedroom with a floral-design ceiling fixture that adds high impact.

Floral Curtains
Large flowers in bright colors keep floral bedroom curtains looking current.

Floral Wallpaper
Today's wallpaper patterns are bolder, brighter and larger than the fussy little florals you remember from decades past.

Floral Bedding
Turn your bed into a garden of flowers with a beautiful, bright floral-print bedspread.

Floral Artwork
Use a large painting or wall hanging instead of a headboard. It's even better when it's a floral design like the one shown here.

Floral Wall Decals
Wall decals make it easy to add impact when and where you want it, and are just as easy to remove when you want a change of decor.

Floral Throw Pillows
Add an instant shot of color to your bed with floral throw pillows like these bright beauties.

Contemporary Florals
Florals are back, and they are better than ever. Today's floral designs are larger and more colorful than the fussy little prints you remember.

Great Kid's Bedroom Themes
Decorating your child's bedroom in a favorite theme is lots of fun. Here are nine great bedrooms to inspire you.

Polka Dots Bedroom Theme
Get colorful in a boy's or girl's bedroom with a polka dot theme.

Pirate Bedroom Theme
A pirate or boat theme is fun for both boys and girls.

Paris Bedroom Theme
Decorate with a Paris theme for a preteen girl.

Camouflage Bedroom Theme
Decorate a boy's bedroom with camouflage.

Surfer or Beach Bedroom Theme
Thrill a beach-loving boy or girl with a surfer themed bedroom.

Girlie Girl Bedroom Theme
Pink is where it's at in a girlie girl's bedroom.

Car Bedroom Theme
Any car-loving little boy will thrill to an auto-themed bedroom.

Space Bedroom Theme
It's easy and fun to decorate a child's bedroom in a space theme.

Flowers Bedroom Theme
Here's a great bedroom theme for a little girl who loves flowers.

Solid Bedding and Small Prints Work in Small Rooms
Make your small bedroom look bigger with small prints and plenty of solids, especially on the bed.

Tall Shelves in the Bedroom
If you have a small bedroom, make it look bigger with the nine decorating tricks shown here.

Mirrors Make a Small Room Look Bigger
Mirrors and reflective surfaces make a small room look bigger.

Use Furniture with Legs in a Small Bedroom
Furniture with legs shows the floor underneath, fooling the eye into thinking the room is larger than it really is.

Match Drapes and Walls in a Small Room
Make your bedroom look bigger by matching the color of the window treatments to the walls.

Use Sconces Instead of Bedside Lamps
Open up your small bedroom by using sconces for lighting instead of a bedside lamp.

Clear Clutter to Make a Small Room Look Bigger
Instantly make your bedroom look bigger by getting rid of clutter.

Keep Furniture in Scale
Even a small bedroom needs a nightstand or two appropriately scaled to the bed.

Use Light Colors in Small Rooms
Enlarge the look of your small bedroom with a palette of light colors.

Bold Touches in a Gray Bedroom
There's a reason why gray is so popular in the bedroom -- it's soothing, yet very versatile.

Contemporary Country Gray Bedroom
Sophisticated gray can update any traditional decorating style.

Warm Gray Bedroom
Keep a gray bedroom from looking cold by choosing a warm gray with brown undertones.

Gray Accent Wall
Use dark gray for an accent wall in any bedroom that needs a little touch of drama without overwhelming color.

Fun Gray Bedroom
Gray doesn't have to be sedate. Paint bold stripes on your walls or ceiling for a fun touch in a child's or master bedroom.

Gray in a Child's Bedroom
Gray works very well in a child's bedroom as long as you add in plenty of white and bright colors. Perfect for a boy or a girl.

Modern Gray Bedroom
Gray, black and white are perfect for the modern bedroom, but can look a little chilly. Warm things up with plenty of textured accents.

Sophisticated Gray Bedroom
Dark gray and black are very dramatic in the bedroom, but the look can be overwhelming without a few touches of unexpected light color or accents.

Gray and Orange Bedroom
When decorating with gray, add some bright accents to keep the look lively. In this bedroom, orange is used, but any bright color would work well.

7 Repurposed Alternatives to the Tradtional Headboard
Instead of a conventional headboard, try something repurposed. Old doors, ladders, pallets or even surfboards make great, untraditional headboards.

How to Sleep with a Snorer or Blanket Hog
Don't move into separate beds yet -- here's help for common complaints about sleeping with a partner, including snoring, blanket hogging and more.

Inexpensive Bedroom Updates
If your decorating ambitions are bigger than your budget, give your bedroom a new look with these ten accessories that each cost $150 or less.

5 Clothing Items No Closet Needs
Get these five clothing mistakes out of your closet, and you'll immediately open up more room for the clothes that you love.

Yoga and Meditation for Sleep
When insomnia strikes, try these easy yoga and meditation techniques to fall asleep naturally without need for drugs.

Here's the Easiest Bedroom Color Scheme Ever
Sticking with neutrals because you think you don't know how to mix colors? When you use an analogous color scheme, your room will look great every time.

Red, Yellow and Orange Bedroom
Analogous does not automatically mean bright. Choose subtle shades of color for a more tranquil feel.

Orange, Yellow and Green Bedroom
Even bright color works when you stick with analogous hues.

Blue, Green and Purple Bedroom
Cool and calm, you can't go wrong with blue, green and purple in the bedroom.

Purple, Red, Orange and Yellow Bedroom
Tertiary shades keep a colorful analogous palette under control.

Orange, Gold and Yellow Bedroom
Create a subdued analogous palette by using colors that are mixes of each other.

Red, Pink, Orange and Purple Bedroom
Decorating with pink, red, orange and purple might seem overwhelming, but this bedroom shows how beautifully it works.

Blue, Green and Yellow Kid's Bedroom
What child wouldn't love this bright and cheery yellow, green and blue bedroom? It's a perfect palette for girls and boys alike.

8 Hot Bedroom Decorating Trends
Looking to give your bedroom a style update? Here are eight of the hottest decorating trends.

How to Mix Patterns
Learn how to mix patterns like a pro by following these twelve guidelines.

Best Bedroom Color Schemes


Best Bedroom Color Schemes
Set your bedroom's mood: here are the best color schemes for creating a bedroom that feels calm, romantic, cozy, sophisticated or clean and simple.




Inexpensive Bedroom Makeover Ideas
Give your bedroom a fresh, new look for less than $100. Here are easy ways to redecorate without spending a bundle.

Touch of Sophistication
White can be very sophisticated when used in a contemporary bedroom.

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas
There's nothing sterile or boring about a white bedroom when it's done right. All it takes is a little touch of something extra to bring white to life.

Touch of Drama
Add a dramatic touch like a canopy or focal point wall to liven up a white bedroom.

Touch of Texture
Keep a white bedroom from looking dull with a wide range of textures.

Touch of Shine
Add metallic accents to your white bedroom to keep it interesting.

Touch of Romance
A canopy bed is the ultimate in romance.

Touch of Color
Use touches of color to liven up a white bedroom.

Touch of Charm
Make a picket fence bed to give charm to your bedroom.

Touch of Pattern
When your palette is limited, use pattern to add interest to the bedroom.

Bedroom with Indigo Blue Walls
When your bedroom walls are very dark, you need lighter color throughout the room to prevent a cave-like feel.

Pale Yellow Bedroom
Soft shades of yellow give a bedroom a peaceful, relaxed vibe.

How to Decorate a Bedroom with Yellow
Sunny, happy yellow works very well in the bedroom, as long as its natural exuberance is toned down with other colors.

Pastel Yellow Master Bedroom
To give pastels a grownup look in the master bedroom, add accents in black, dark brown or gray.

A Romantic and Contemporary Bedroom
When using contemporary colors like gray and black, it's best to add in a colorful accent like yellow to keep the look lively.

Neutral Yellow Bedroom
Yellow works as a neutral as long as it's a soft, buttery or sandy shade.

Yellow and White French Country Bedroom
White plus one other bright color is a classic decorating palette. Here, that color is yellow.

Contemporary Mustard Yellow Bedroom
Mustard yellow works with many decorating styles. It can also look contemporary, as long as the bedroom has modern furnishings and accents.

Bright Yellow Girl's Room
When you're decorating a child's bedroom, go bright! Here's a girl's bedroom that makes ample use of bright color.

Ideas for Decorating Children's Bedrooms
Children need a comfortable, functional bedroom just like adults do, but there are some special tricks for creating the best kid's bedroom.

Shared, but Not Alike
Just because kids share a bedroom doesn't mean they have to decorate alike.

Have Fun
Have fun working with your child to decorate her bedroom.

Bedroom Zones
A teen or older child's room needs a place for schoolwork and a place to relax.

Open Shelves
Use open shelves in your child's bedroom to make cleanup a snap.

Maximize Space
Push the bed against the wall to maximize space in a child's bedroom.

A Little Separation
Set up a divider between the beds in a shared children's room.

Bunk It
Bunk beds are a great way to make good use of space in a shared children's bedroom.

Children's Closet
Help a child keep an organized closet by hanging the rod low, installing shelves and using drawers to hold small items.

Follow Their Interests
Use your child's interests to come up with a bedroom theme they will love.

Decorate Your Glamorous Bedroom in Neutrals
While you can create a glamorous bedroom in any color scheme, neutrals do it best. For proof, check out these ten gorgeous, rich-looking rooms.

Beautiful Neutral Bedroom

Glamorous French Country Bedroom

Contemporary Glamorous Bedroom

Gorgeous Brown Bedroom

Blue and White Glamorous Bedroom

Feminine Bedroom

Bedroom With Leopard Print

Beautiful White Bedroom

How to Decorate a Relaxing Bedroom
Your bedroom is all about peace, serenity and calm. These seven photos show you how to create a relaxing bedroom that you'll love.

Luxurious Bed
The most important item in a relaxing bedroom is a luxurious, comfortable bed.

Color it Calm
Cool, calm colors make a bedroom feel relaxing.

Growing Green
Add potted plants to your bedroom for a peaceful feel.

Light it Soft
Keep the lighting soft in your bedroom for the most soothing environment.

Ditch the Electronics
Keep electronics out of your bedroom if you want to relax.

Clean of Clutter
An uncluttered bedroom is a relaxing bedroom.

Treat Your Senses
Appeal to all of your senses for a spa-like bedroom.

Closet Door Decorating Ideas
Here are 7 easy projects for decorating your bedroom closet doors. Why leave them plain and boring when it's so easy to add color, pattern and style?




Closet Door Decorating Ideas
Here are 7 easy projects for decorating your bedroom closet doors. Why leave them plain and boring when it's so easy to add color, pattern and style?

Closet Door Decorating Ideas


How to Organize a Bedroom Dresser
Learn how to organize your bedroom dresser inside and out. It doesn't take long, and your entire bedroom will benefit.

7 Decorating No-No's in the Bedroom
Don't let bedroom decorating mistakes ruin your good night's sleep. Learn what to avoid when it comes to creating a bedroom you love.

Easy Cures for Insomnia
When insomnia strikes, try one of these seven easy moves. Each takes only a few minutes or less, yet each helps you relax and fall asleep faster.

Get Your Bedroom Ready for Sleep
When it comes to a good night's sleep, your bedroom needs to be just right: not too hot, not too cold, not too light and not too loud.

Herbs that Help You Sleep
Natural herbal remedies can help beat insomnia without side effects. Here are eight herbs that help you relax and fall into a deep, restful sleep.

Creative Alternatives for Nightstands
Repurpose furniture and other household items into unique nightstands. You'll save money, help the environment, and most of all, show off your creativity.

Inexpensive Fall Bedroom Accessories
Here are six inexpensive accessories to add fall color and warmth to your bedroom. All are under $50.




Dark Bedroom Walls
Here's how to decorate with dark colors of paint on your walls. These eight bedrooms give you all the tips you need to create a room you love.





Alternatives to Traditional Headboards
There are so many alternatives to conventional headboards, why settle for something less than perfect? Here are 21 ideas to rev up your creativity.

What's the Best Choice for Bedroom Floors?
When it comes to the bedroom floor, you need comfort, durability and good looks. Learn the pros and cons of the most popular choices in bedroom flooring.

Creating a Harry Potter-Themed Child's Bedroom
If your child loves all things Harry Potter, why not decorate his or her bedroom with a Hogwarts theme? Here's how to do it.

Creating a Tranquil Bedroom
Soothing colors, simple decor and an uncluttered, easy look bring tranquility to a bedroom. Here's how to decorate to create a serene space.



Open Space

Simple color


Decorating Accessories

Beautiful Minimalist Bedrooms
The minimalist decorating style is all about less-is-more, but that doesn't mean it has no personality. Here are 8 bedrooms that get the style right.

Platform Beds

Essential Oils - Aromatherapy for Insomnia
When insomnia strikes, natural essential oils can help you relax and sleep. Try the power of plants next time you have a hard time falling asleep.

The Dangers of Pets in the Bedroom
Sleeping with your pet might be cozy, but it can also be dangerous to your health. Learn about some hazards of allowing your cat or dog into your bed.

Decorating with Zebra Print
Decorate the bedroom with zebra print for a wild, bold look that works with just about every decorating style.

Alternatives to the Traditional Footboard
Use items you probably already have around the house to create a useful, fun or unique footboard.

10 Minutes or Less to a Clean, Organized Bedroom
If you have ten minutes, you have enough time to get your bedroom organized. Here is a month's worth of easy, short bedroom cleaning tasks.

What's the Difference Between Antique, Retro and Vintage Decor?
Antique, retro and vintage -- the terms are often used interchangeably, but actually have their own meanings. Here's how to define these three common decorating terms.

How to Choose an Accent Wall and Color in a Bedroom
Choosing the perfect wall and color is very important to your overall design concept; here are some great tips and advice to help you decide which color and wall is the best to accentuate in your bedroom design.

How to Feel Less Tired After a Bad Night's Sleep
Here are eight ways to boost your energy after not getting enough sleep the night before.

What Are the Best Bed Sheets for the Bedroom?
There are many factors to consider before you buy bed sheets. Here is a list of bed sheets categorized by the feel and texture to help you find your favorite type.

Decorating with a Monochromatic Color Scheme
Monochrome means only one color. It's a simple decorating theme, yet it can be challenging to get right. Get tips from these 12 lovely monochromatic bedrooms.

Salmon Bedroom

Blue Bedroom

Green Bedroom

Pink Bedroom

Black Bedroom

Tan Bedroom

Brown Bedroom

Yellow Bedroom

White Bedroom

Purple Bedroom

Gray Bedroom

9 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep
Sometimes all it takes to get a good night's sleep is a small change. Try these simple tips and improve the quality of your sleep.

11 Little Cleaning Jobs With Big Impact
You already do the basics, but don't forget about these 11 small cleaning jobs that are often overlooked.

Sleep Better With a Nighttime Routine
Just because you're all grown up doesn't mean you don't need a bedtime routine. Learn how to sleep better with a regular nighttime routine.

7 Items Every Grown-Up Bedroom Needs
Once you're living on your own, it's time for a bedroom that reflects your new maturity. Here are seven items that every grown-up bedroom needs.

6 Ways Lack of Sleep Hurts Your Health
Chronic lack of sleep not only leaves you tired, it can also give you a heart attack, diabetes, obesity, the flu, a reduced sex drive or wrinkled skin.

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom Closet
When it's time for decorating the bedroom, don't forget your closet. Here are 8 easy ideas for making your closet look great.

The Cottage Bedroom From A to Z
Casual, eclectic and welcoming -- here's what you need to know from A to Z about decorating the cottage bedroom.

6 Ways Your Bedroom is Ruining Your Sex Life
If the most action going on in your bed is snoring, your lack of a sex life might be due to these six bedroom issues.

The Emergency-Proof Bedroom
When disaster strikes, every second makes a difference. Here are eight items every bedroom needs to help you and your family stay safe in an emergency.

Help Your Child Overcome Fear of the Dark
Fear of the dark is one of the most common phobias among children. If bedtime has become a battle, use these tips to conquer the boogeyman.

3 Most Important Bed Sheet Terms: Thread Count, Weave and Fabric
Are you looking for the best bed sheets? It all comes down to thread count, weave and fabric. Here's what you need to know.

Bedroom Meditation Area
Your bedroom is the perfect spot to meditate. Here's how to get it ready for your meditation time.

Bedroom Craft Center
Create a bedroom craft center by repurposing an armoire into a handy craft supply storage center.

Bedroom Exercise Area
All you need is a few pieces of small equipment to create a home gym in your bedroom.

Bedroom Office Space
Sometimes your needs are larger than your living space. If so, one option is to use a small portion of your bedroom for another purpose.

Bedroom Sewing Space
Love to sew? Then set up a sewing area in your bedroom. You'll need a table and some sort of shelving.

Bedroom Reading Nook
A bedroom reading nook is the ultimate relaxation center. A cozy chair, lamp, and small table is all you really need.

Bedroom Yoga Space
Yoga is great for your health, and doesn't require lots of room. Set up a bedroom yoga nook with a mat and a small altar.

7 Tips for Staging Your Bedroom
Staging means making your house as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Here are tips on staging the bedroom.

Decorate Your Bedroom With Thrift Store Finds
Thrift stores have bedroom decorating treasures, but used items are not always safe. Learn what's okay to buy used when decorating on a budget.

Make Your Bed Like a Pro
Want a bedroom that looks like it belongs in the glossy pages of a decorating magazine? Then learn to make your bed like a pro.

11 Reasons Why Your Bedroom Doesn't Work
If your bedroom is lacking that special something, it's probably because you are making one of these 11 common decorating mistakes.

Decorating Your Bedroom for Spring
Why not add a few seasonal touches to your bedroom to celebrate the perfect days of spring?

Make Your Bedroom More Energy Efficient
Seven easy tips to a more energy-efficient bedroom.

How to Use Paint to Set Your Bedroom's Mood
The color of your bedroom walls sets the mood for the space. Here are paint suggestions for a peaceful, cheerful, dramatic, elegant or romantic room.

Tips for Organizing Children's Bedrooms
Children might not naturally be neat, but with the right tools, they can learn to keep their bedroom organized. Here are the six items they need.

Picking the Right Mattress
When it comes to the bedroom, your mattress is the star. Learn about the different types of mattresses and which one is best for your needs.

Teen Bedroom Basics
Your teen spends a lot of time in his or her bedroom, so work with your child to design the perfect space.

Unique Shoe Storage Ideas
Organize your shoes with these six unique shoe organizers, including three you can make yourself.

Color Ideas for Every Mood and Style
Color is your most important decorating tool in the bedroom. Learn the basic palettes to create a variety of decorating themes and moods.

How to Design a Bedroom for Better Sleep
Tips and advice on how you can design your bedroom for better sleep, which should be considered along with color options, styles, and furniture.

Bedroom Closet Hacks You Need to Know
Here are seven clever closet hacks to increase your bedroom closet's storage capacity.

Hot Summer Decorating Trends
Looking to give your bedroom a style update? Then you'll want to know the seven hottest summer decorating trends for this year.

Coral Bedroom
Coral's warm vibrancy works perfectly with just about every other color. Use it to decorate your bedroom this summer.

Large Floral Prints
Forget about fussy, little florals -- this summer, it's large, colorful floral prints that are hot.

Sea Grass, Wicker and Rattan in the Bedroom
When it comes to summer decorating, woven is right. Wicker, rattan and sea grass all bring the outdoorsy feel of summer indoors.

Reclaimed Wood Headboard
Reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly and it looks great in the bedroom. Make a DIY headboard, or furnish your room with reclaimed furniture.

Lime Green Bedroom
Is it green or is it yellow? Neither, it's lime green, a mixture of both. Use this cheerful color to liven up your summer bedroom's style.

Watercolor Designs in the Bedroom
Whether it's on your bedroom walls, or accents in your bedding, watercolor designs are popular this summer.

7 Easy Steps to Spring Clean the Bedroom
No need for a labor-intensive spring cleaning. Here's the easy way to get your bedroom fresh and clean in just seven simple steps.

Cover Bedroom Walls With Fabric
Here are seven creative, non-permanent DIY ways to dress up bedroom walls, perfect for those who rent, or are otherwise unable to paint their walls.

Washi Tape Ideas for Bedroom Walls
Japanese paper washi tape is a great way to add color and whimsical design to your bedroom walls.

Hanging Artwork in the Bedroom
Yes, you can create a gallery wall in the bedroom. Just keep one element consistent between all of your artwork: frame, theme, artist or color.

Flower Wall in Bedroom
Create big impact with a bedroom wall covered in faux flowers. It's romantic and oh, so feminine.

Removable Wallpaper for Bedrooms
Removable wallpaper makes it a snap to create an accent wall in your bedroom. Just pick your favorite design, press it into place, and you're done.

Wall Decal Ideas for the Bedroom
Use wall decals for a temporary touch on your bedroom walls. The designs are nearly endless, so you can match any decorating theme or style.

Curtained Walls in the Bedroom
Use long drapes to cover a bedroom wall. The effect is both elegant and luxurious.

What's the Best Color for Decorating Bedrooms?
It's the perennial question: What is the best color for decorating the bedroom? The answer -- just about all of them.

Choose the Right Size Area Rug for Your Bedroom
Area rugs add warmth, color and texture to the bedroom, but choosing the right size can be confusing. Here are guidelines to simplify the decision.

7 Resolutions for a Better Bedroom
No matter what time of year, you can take steps to create a healthier, happier bedroom. Here are 7 bedroom resolutions you should make now.

Madonna's Bedroom
Madonna goes for a minimalist look in her bedroom.

Kourtney Kardashian's Bedroom
Kourtney Kardashian's bedroom shows off a neon wall hanging for extra impact.

Elton John's Bedroom
Elton John's bedroom features a Mylar-lined ceiling for a mirror-like effect.

Ellen Pompeo's Bedroom
Ellen Pompeo decorates her bedroom in a wonderful blend of exotic patterns and warm colors.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's Bedroom
Steal a few interior decorators’ tricks from these seven celebrities’ bedrooms.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Bedroom
Sarah Jessica Parker's white bedroom is a peaceful oasis.

Alan Jackson's Bedroom
Alan Jackson's bedroom is decorated in Tuscan style.

Small Bedroom Decorated in Blue, Red and White
Make a small room look bigger by adding bright accents to a backdrop of white and a mid-tone color.

Small Romantic Bedroom Decorated in Green and White
Add touches of romance to a small bedroom with an airy canopy and high-impact ceiling fixture. Don't forget the bright color on the walls!

Decorate a Small Bedroom with Pattern
The key to mixing patterns when decorating is to keep the size of the designs in the same scale, and match at least a few of the colors.

Colorful Accents Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger
A small bedroom looks bigger when it's mostly white with bright accents scattered throughout the room.

A Red, Peach and Coral Small Bedroom
For a colorful, yet harmonized bedroom color scheme, try an analogous trio -- three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

Colorful Teen Bedroom
Use bright touches to make a teen's small bedroom look bigger.

Orange and Pink Girl's Bedroom
What little girl doesn't love pink and orange? Decorate a kid's small bedroom with this cheerful color combo.

Yellow, Coral and Green Small Bedroom
Think you can't use bright color because your room is small? Sure you can, and these nine bedrooms show you how to do it right.

Add a Focal Point to Your Small Bedroom
Play up one wall of your tiny bedroom with a dramatic focal point. It fools the eye into thinking the room is larger.

Aromatherapy for Insomnia
Instead of reaching for a sleeping pill when occasional insomnia strikes, why not try aromatherapy, the use of essential oils, instead ?

Humidifier Buying Guide
Don't let dry indoor air make you miserable -- a room humidifier is an easy and inexpensive way to keep moisture levels in the comfort zone.

Contemporary, Modern and Minimalist Bedroom Design
Confused about the difference between contemporary, modern and minimalist decor? Learn the difference between these three popular bedroom styles.

10 Ideas for Decorating Bedroom Walls
With these ideas for decorating your bedroom walls, boring white is a thing of the past.

Traditional with a Twist
Mix purple and green with dark brown for a sophisticated teen girl's bedroom.

Contemporary Color
Cool colors work in a contemporary bedroom.

Romantic Bedroom
Use cool shades of blue, green and purple to create a romantic bedroom.

Cool Elegance
Deep shades of purple are elegant in the bedroom.

Have Some Fun
Mix blue and purple for a fun bedroom that will thrill a teenage girl.

Blue and Green
Blue and green create a relaxed, peaceful bedroom.

Small-Space Color
Open up a small space with cool colors.

Asian Influence
Blue and purple may not be traditional Asian-decor colors, but they work beautifully in the bedroom.

Girl's Bedroom
Add fun color to a teen girl's bedroom with a palette of blue, green and purple.

Color it Cool
Blue, green and purple are perfect in the bedroom. Cool, calm and relaxed, they add color while subtracting stress.


Hawaiian Style
Use a tropical-print comforter to add Hawaiian flair to your bedroom.

Tropical Color
The typical tropical palette includes yellow, green and orange.

Tropical Blue
Blue works well in a tropical bedroom as long as you choose a shade that is bright and true.

Tropical can also be exotic -- just add a few touches from Asia, the West Indies or South America.

Elegant Tropical Bedroom
Eight bedrooms decorated in tropical style show how easy it is to give your bedroom the casual, colorful and lively flair of the tropics.

British Colonial Style
British Colonial decor is a combination of tropical motifs and materials with traditional British style.

Tropical Romance
Hang netting around your bed for a tropical touch that is extra romantic.

Add Plants
For just a hint of tropical style, add a few large potted plants to your bedroom.

A country bedroom decorated in black and white gets lively with a few touches of additional color.

Black and white with touches of silver gives a contemporary bedroom dramatic flair.

A minimalist bedroom with a black-and-white palette gains warmth with a few extra touches.

An Asian-influenced bedroom decorated in black and white uses metallic accessories for extra spark.

A romantic, country bedroom decorated in black and white looks feminine and charming.

Add punch to your bedroom with a black and white color scheme. Though bold, it's also a peaceful palette that works well with many decorating styles.

Mixing neutrals with black and white gives this cottage bedroom warmth and airy appeal.

Combine patterns and texture to keep an elegant black-and-white bedroom interesting.

Zebra Print
Decorating with bold zebra print always makes a dramatic statement in a room.

Keep a modern bedroom interesting with plenty of texture, shine and touches of personality.

Bedroom Ceilings
Ideas for bedroom ceilings.

How to Transition a Child's Bedroom to a Teen's Room
Kids grow up so fast -- before you know it, your son or daughter is too old for the childhood bedroom they once loved. Work with your teen to update the bedroom for their current needs.

Bedroom Ideas By Color
Color is very important in decorating any room in your home. Regardless of your decorating style it will determine the atmosphere, level of comfort, and ambiance. Here are some ideas and suggestions on different color schemes, hues, and techniques used to find the perfect color for your bedroom.

Bedroom Ideas by Decorating Styles
When deciding how to decorate your bedroom sometimes it's best to use a style that will compliment your taste and personality. There are many different types of decorating styles to choose from and use in your bedroom. Here are some great ideas, concepts, and styles that will help you get started.

Green Bedroom Color Ideas: Simple Traditional Green Bedroom Idea
Finding the perfect shade of green for your walls may be the best solution for your green bedroom idea, such as this traditional bedroom idea.

Green Bedroom Color Ideas: Contemporary Coastal Living Bedroom
Green is a wonderful color to use in tropical style bedrooms, such as this lovely coastal living bedroom designed by Viscusi Elson Interior Design.

Green Bedroom Color Ideas: Find an Artistic Approach to Green
This contemporary bedroom designed by Artistic Environments, Inc., is a wonderful example of using a green accent wall to help showcase a magnificent piece of artwork.

Green Bedroom Color Ideas: Green Modern Farmhouse Bedroom
This whimsical green bedroom idea designed by Van Wicklen Design, is perfect for a guest bedroom or two little girls who need a bedroom to grow up with them.

Green Bedroom Color Ideas: Green Contemporary Bedroom Idea
This green contemporary bedroom designed by Sarah Story and Todd Davis Architects, is another great example of how to use green wallpaper for a touch of color and pizzazz.

Green Bedroom Color Ideas: Green Tropical Palm Beach Bedroom
Fun, bright and tropical themes run rapid in this green bedroom idea designed by Michelle Workman, which is a great example of how to use green color scheme.

Green Bedroom Color Ideas: Great Tips and Photos
Whether you want to create a cozy, tropical retreat, or something more traditional; here are some stunning green bedroom ideas from professional designers and homeowners, which will have you beginning your bedroom remodel today!

Green Bedroom Color Ideas: Cottage Style Green Bedroom
Green can work well with more traditional style bedrooms, like this adorable cottage style bedroom designed by Gerald D. Cowart.

Green Bedroom Color Ideas: Simple Modern Green Bedroom
Simplicity is the key when designing modern bedrooms, such as this delightful green bedroom designed by Magdalena Glen-Schieneman, A.I.A.

Faux Painting or Faux Finish
A brief definition of what faux painting is along with some examples.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions
Easy, original bedroom projects and design ideas that you can do yourself at little, to no cost.

Bedding sets, designer collections, comforters, linens, and other accessories, which will make your bed stylish and comfortable.

Flooring Options
Flooring options for your bedroom, such as, rugs, carpeting, hard wood floors, and more.

Great Electronic Gadgets for the Bedroom
Every bedroom deserves a few fun gadgets. Here are six you'll love.

Photos for Inspiration
Bedroom photo gallery that offers several photos for inspiration to help plan your next bedroom remodel.

On the Bed
Stars and stripes bedding in classic blue and white looks fresh and cheery.

Subtle Nautical
A nautical bedroom with a subtle stars-and-stripes theme.

Bold and Exotic
Even an exotic bedroom can use a stars and stripes theme.

Stars and Dots
Mix stars and dots for a fun girl's bedroom.

Rustic Country
A rustic country bedroom with a simple stars and stripes theme.

Tranquil Simplicity
A neutral bedroom with only a hint of stars and stripes looks airy and restful.

Red, White and Blue
Decorate a little boy's bedroom with a country theme in a red-white-and blue palette.

Rustic Log Cabin Bedroom with a Soft Touch
There are many ways to create a rustic bedroom, while still keeping a chic, glamorous space. Here is a great example along with some tips and advice.

Rustic Ranch Style Bedroom
Ranch style bedrooms feature decorative elements found on a cattle ranch, such as bull horns and Native American textiles and patterns. Here is a great example of this style along with tips and advice.

Types of Decor to Consider for the Rustic Style
There are many different types of decor to consider when designing your bedroom in the rustic style; here are some wonderful ideas and tips to help you decide.

Rustic Contemporary Bedroom Idea
Another idea of how to add a rustic feel without losing the clean, fresh ambiance of a contemporary bedroom is to incorporate some textures from nature. Here is a great example along with some tips and advice.

Rustic Cottage Charm
The lake house style has a more of a cottage feel unlike the lodge style. It combines the same elements as a beach cottage bedroom but with a more rustic and vintage feel. Here is a great example of this style along with tips and advice.

What is the Rustic Style?
The Rustic style is another cottage-type decor often found in many other decorating styles; such as Tuscan, cottage, or coastal living. If you feel this is the style for your room; here are some photos, tips, and advice on how to create a rural sanctuary of your own.

Coastal Living Bedrooms: Basic Decor Needed
When decorating a bedroom in the coastal or beach cottage style there are a few basic elements and decor needed to complete your room. Here are some great examples and photos on what basic elements you'll need for your bedroom.

Coastal Living Bedrooms: Enhance Beautiful Views
The main purpose of this style is to use simple design to enhance and bring views of the ocean and/or beach. Here is a great example along with a few tips on how to enhance the scenic views in your beach cottage bedroom.

Coastal Living Bedrooms: Use Historical Charm
Most of the beach cottage designs are a combination of historical pieces of furniture and dcor combined with modern and contemporary comforts. Here is a great example along with a few tips on how to add these elements to your bedroom design.

Coastal Living Bedrooms: What is the Coastal Living or Beach Cottage Style?
If you think the coastal living or beach cottage style will look great in your bedroom; here are some great photos, advice, and tips on how to create your relaxing seaside oasis, regardless of where you live!

Coastal Living Bedrooms: Simple Cottage Nautical Theme
A nautical theme is often found in coastal or beach cottage bedrooms, particularly when designing a bedroom for kids. Here is a great example of how to incorporate a nautical beach theme in your child's bedroom.

Coastal Living Bedrooms: How to Add Decor from the Sea
Besides using white as your primary color, most coastal or beach cottage bedrooms also use creatures and items from the sea as decoration. Here is a great example along with some tips on how to incorporate this decoration in your bedroom.

Coastal Living Bedrooms: Create Romantic Bedrooms
Adding romantic charm to this style is easy; here is a wonderful example along with a few tips on how to add romance in your coastal living bedroom idea.

Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas: Traditional Can Be Whimsical
Traditional furniture goes well with whimsical or eclectic bedrooms; here are some great tips and advice on how to use traditional furniture in themed bedrooms.

Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas: Create a Classic
Along with elegance, a traditional bedroom is a classic. Here are some great tips on how to create a timeless and traditional bedroom.

Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas: Combine Contemporary Accents
Traditional bedrooms can be contemporary or modern with the right touches. Here are some ideas on how to modernize your traditional bedroom.

Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas: Simplicity is Key
Traditional is simplicity at its best; here is a great example of this concept used within a bedroom.

Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas: Create a Cozy Bedroom
Traditional bedrooms and furniture is cozy and quaint. Here is some advice and tips on how to create a cozy bedroom.

Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas: Great Style for Bedrooms with Spectacular Views
If you have a bedroom with a spectacular view, then the traditional style is perfect. Here are some tips on how to decorate your bedroom in the traditional style to compliment your stunning views.

Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas: How to Add Some Pizazz
The traditional bedroom style and furniture sets are very popular and common; here are some great tips and advice on how to design a traditional bedroom by adding fun colors, accents, and pizazz.

Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas: Create Elegance
Traditional bedroom furniture is functional, sleek, and universal, but more importantly it is elegant, here are some great tips on how to create a beautiful traditional bedroom.

Traditional Bedroom Design Ideas: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color
Color is very important in any design, especially in a bedroom; here are some great ideas how to incorporate color in your traditional bedroom.

What is an Interior Design Color Wheel?
An Interior Design Color Wheel helps take the guesswork out of trying to decide what color schemes and combinations to use in your room. Here is a brief description and explanation on how an Interior Design Color Wheel can help you with your next project.

Cottage Decorating Style Guide
The cottage style is a very popular and has been used and re-invented throughout the years. The key element of this style is to use history, nature, regional and rustic decor; here is a list, along with some great advice and examples, of the three most popular types of cottage styles.

Best Wallpaper for Bedrooms
10 bold wallpaper designs perfect for creating an accent wall in the bedroom.

Modern Bedroom Photos: Design a Soothing Bedroom
This modern bedroom is soothing and relaxing. A perfect example of remembering to add comfort to your modern bedroom. Page 10.

Modern Bedroom Photo: Using Color and Simple Artwork
This modern bedroom has many modern characteristics, like clean straight lines and shapes, natural wood, a simple wall mural, and architectural elements used as decoration. Page 4.

Modern Bedroom Photo: Uses Recessed Lighting To Add Light and Space
This Modern bedroom uses recessed lighting within the ceiling to create more space and light. Page 5.

Modern Bedroom Photo: Using Natural Light, Bright Colors, and Wood as Decoration
This modern bedroom uses dark wood panels, trim, flooring and furniture as its main decoration, but lightened with color and other textiles. Page 6.

Modern Bedroom Photo: Use Natural Wood and Light as Decoration
This modern bedroom example uses natural wood on the wall and floor, a crimson red accent wall, and natural light as its main decoration. Page 7.

Modern Bedroom Photo: Use Color and Simple Decorative Elements
This modern bedroom example uses simple elements of decoration with color and furniture. Page 8.

Modern Bedroom Photo: Using Color as a Focal Point
This modern bedroom example uses color as its main decoration, but also incorporates simple elements, such as unique lighting fixtures and furniture. Page 9.

Modern Bedroom Design Tips
Modern bedroom design and decorating tips, to help complete any bedroom remodel.

Modern Bedroom Photo: Use Architectural Elements as Decoration
This modern bedroom example uses architectural elements, such as a bare concrete wall, shelves, and wood floors as its primary decoration. Page 2.

Modern Bedroom Photo: Uses All Elements of Modernism
This modern bedroom example uses all elements of modernism: It has architectural elements, clean lines and shapes, lots of natural light, and other simple accents--like a bookshelf and vases--used as decoration. Page 3.

How to Make a Small Bedroom More Spacious
Here are some tips designers use to turn small bedrooms into wonderful and spacious rooms.