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Basic Pool Techniques from
For too long, myths have prevailed on how to inject power and style into your pool game. Enjoy the articles and step-by-step demonstrations and illustrations within. Watch your pool and billiards soar to stellar heights!

Lighted Diamond Systems Table
Ken Tewksbury's innovative lighted diamonds table--a study in photos. Page 2.

Lighted Diamond Systems Table
Ken Tewksbury's innovative lighted diamonds table--a study in photos. Page 3.

Lighted Diamond Systems Table
Ken Tewksbury's innovative lighted diamonds table--a study in photos. Page 4.

Lighted Diamond Systems Table
Ken Tewksbury's innovative lighted diamonds table--a study in photos. Page 6.

Lighted Diamond Systems Table
Ken Tewksbury's innovative lighted diamonds table--a study in photos. Page 7.

Lighted Diamond Systems Table
Ken Tewksbury's innovative lighted diamonds table--a study in photos. Page 9.

Lighted Diamond Systems Table
Ken Tewksbury's innovative lighted diamonds table--a study in photos. Page 10.

Lighted Diamond Systems Table
Ken Tewksbury's innovative lighted diamonds table--a study in photos. Page 13.

More From The DI
Further drills, stories and instruction with's pal, The Drill Instructor

Pool & Billiards News
All the pool and billiards news that's fit to print online, here at

Lessons From The Drill Instructor
Get set with Dominic Esposito, aka The Drill Instructor. He'll get your game into shape. Sir, yes sir!

An Aiming Primer - Every Pro Method Of Aim
A full manual of aim methods. How would different pros aim the same shot successfully?

Steps To Greatness
Build confidence as you take a walk on the wild side toward pro-like fundamentals and stylish play.

Assorted Techniques
These are moves for your body, stroke arm and mind designed to get you pocketing more balls, faster.

Going One Step Beyond
To go one step beyond in pool means you're ready for intermediate and advanced techniques, shots and strategy. You'll find them here.

Think About This
Think about these moves before you bend to stroke and watch as more and more balls sink with ease. Good stuff.

Crazy Techniques, Or Are They?
Some of these wild and outrageous ideas just might be what you need to enhance your play today.

English, Throw And Masse
Learn to use english and learn when to avoid using it, too.

Enhance Your Fundamentals
Make your basics sharper with these simple (yet devastatingly helpful!) techniques.

Matt's Magical Workshop

Do This
Some of the techniques that will get your runs to pile on and on. Why not run a whole rack today?

Odds And Ends
A variety of interesting and wild pool news from around the globe.

Enhance Your Aiming Skills
To go next level in aiming balls to pockets requires knowledge about your

Buying Equipment: Check the Pool Table Rails
Three little tricks you can use to test pool table rails on a new or used table you seek to purchase or play upon. Show them how cool you can be at the poolroom even before play begins.

A Proper Cue Stick Grip - Do It Right
It's time again to look at the proper cue stick grip--here it is in words and pictures along with pro secrets of grip.

Repairing Dents On Your Cue Stick's Shaft
Repairing Dents On Your Cue Stick's Shaft - how do to it on your own, step-by-step.

Billiards Book Reviews - Three Pool & Billiards Book Reviews
Arthur Bacon scores some definite barbs in these billiards book reviews, holding nothing back, starting with his review of Bob Fancher’s Pleasures of Small Motions.

Three Pool Book Reviews - Arthur Bacon - Three Pool Book Reviews
Arthur Bacon continues his scathing yet charming pool book reviews... Page 2.

Zen Pool - Pool Book Review - Zen Pool
Finally, notwithstanding the fact that Zen Pool is one of those economical, do-it-yourself web-design books, it is embarrassingly short on gravitas. The

Pleasures Of Small Motions - Pool Book Review - Pleasures Of Small Motions
Finally, just a few years ago when I was taking lessons from Dan Louie we ended up playing each other in a nine ball tournament and I suggested that he give me some

A Mind For Pool - Pool Book Review - A Mind For Pool
Phil Capelle, lovable as he is, is like a guy with adult ADD running around the table trying to teach us in

Pool Stance - The Big Secret!
This may be the most important article you'll ever read as a pool player. 99% of casual players are lining up improperly at the pool table and here are the step-by-step wrong and right ways to shoot pool.

Pool Stance - The Big Secret!
I've started with my head above the line of the shot. My shooting arm, however, is on the right of the trunk of my body. Bending over, head in the middle has made my cuestick point away from the shot.

Pool Stance - The Big Secret!
The beginner may soon figure out that standing with their head over the stroke won't work. Next comes that flash of enlightenment--

Pool Stance - The Big Secret!
Standing with head over the shot threw the stick off line. But standing with the cue on line then bending down (the pointers from most instructional pool teaching) leads to this awkward position.

Pool Stance - The Big Secret!
We have examined standing with the shot in the middle of the body and then with the cue on the line. You do want to start with the cue on the line and next comes the secret to success...

Pool Stance - The Big Secret!
The next step is to bend to the table, head coming straight down. Put the cue on the line and then let the head come down where the Creator set it, in the middle of the body to the left of the shot line (or to the right of the shot if you shoot left handed).

Pool Stance - The Big Secret!
Compare this photo with Photo 4 entitled

Pool Stance - The Big Secret!
This photo is the same body position as the previous but taken from a different angle to the table.

How To Create The Classic Pool Grip
The heart and soul of pool flow from an accurate hold on the cuestick. But how to make the classic pool grip, a thing of function and power? Take a look at a typical pool grip from several different viewpoints.

Pool & Billiards - The Classic Stroke - The Classic Pool Grip is Light
Another look at the pool grip, for players who prefer the cue to sit against their palm rather than hanging freely.

Pool & Billiards - The Classic Stroke - The Classic Pool Grip from an Angle
Here is a great look at my pool grip as I begin to line up for the shot at hand.

Pool & Billiards - The Classic Stroke - The Classic Pool Grip from Beneath
A unique viewpoint from below, revealing a gentle, relaxed grip on the cuestick.

The Classic Pool Stroke, Flowing Motion
The classic pool stroke is a throwing motion. And, as you'll learn, the

The First Move Back in the Classic Stroke
Note the gentle, flowing motion that makes the classic pool stroke a THROW, not a stab or jab. There are other pool strokes, but this one from the field is a tossing motion...

The 90 Degree Pool Angle
The pool cue is now at the right angle for the stroke.

The Pool Stroke Backswing
The backswing is a refined, gentle movement before crushing the cue ball!

Top of the Pool & Billiards Backswing
The backswing is a powerful storage medium for an explosion through the cue ball. It is to be done without much conscious effort, too.

The Pool Stroke as Seen Near Impact
The stroke smashes into and through the cue ball.

Hitting the Cuestick Through the Cue Ball
The right angle myth is exploded in this photo--clearly the cue ball impact shows a different approach than taught by many pool pros.

Speeding Through a Cue Ball
Watch the motion of the arm and shoulder if you still believe the upper arm must be rigidly held in place.

Follow Through Demonstration--The Classic Pool Stroke
Note on the follow-through the classic motion dipping down toward the cloth. Hold your arm rigid and you'll rip the table felt.

Put The Pool In Pool - Super Stance Technique
Put the pool in pool with these techniques to improve all your shot making.

Pool Strokes - 2 Types of Draw
Interestingly, there are two basic types of draw strokes that can be learned, and one may fit your pool skills better than the other.

Pool Strokes - 2 Types of Draw
The basic draw stroke most beginners struggle with--a long, low, level move.

Pool Strokes - 2 Types of Draw
The low, level draw stroke in pool requires sensible follow-up to learn the technique.

Pool Strokes - 2 Types of Draw
The jab stroke is little understood, yet one of the most simple and elegant strokes in all of pool.

Pool Strokes - 2 Types of Draw
The jab stroke is one of the simple techniques that is a real eye-opener for most beginning pool players.

Pool Strokes - 2 Types of Draw
The jab draw stroke continues, bringing bottom spin to the cue ball with ease!

Pool Strokes - 2 Types of Draw
My hand is lifting for the table for emphasis in this exciting draw stroke.

Massé Made Easy
Massé shots are among the LEAST challenging in pool--if you know the secret.

Lightly Pulled Back
The masse stroke involves a light yet decisive backstroke.

Into The Table
The masse stroke is a choice--smash your cue and felt to bits or stroke down with light force only.

Watching The Fun
I am watching now to see the desired effect. When will the curve take place? The suspense is killing me.

It Begins To "Spin"
I've hit the white ball gently, so that the english has begun to grab the ball and take over now that the forward momentum of the stroke has dissipated.

Sidespin Takes Over
The cue ball has really begun to curve now. Pretty, isn't it?

Headed For The Rail
The cue ball has skittered for the rail and gone an impressive distance before turning completley around the way it came from--but you know better, now. It was simply a gentle stroke allowing the right-hand english...

Smashing An 8-Ball Rack: Power Breaking In Photos
Stop action, unretouched photography shows you how to power the 8-Ball break wide open.

Gather Weight Into The Cue
Pulling back for the power break, I feel like I am drawing a bow with drag and weight on my arm.

Still Moving At Impact
This skillful photo was taken at the precise moment of impact between the cue ball and 1-ball.

Following Through
I have come off my rear right foot and my weight is placed all onto my front foot. The cuestick is allowed to fly forward from a loose right hand.

Pointing The Way
My stroke is mostly completed. My left hand has fallen to the table to provide support for my body with all its weight to the front of my front foot.

Billiards One On One Instruction - Center Ball Strokes - Billiards One On One Basics
A high-speed photo study of center ball strokes in pool. Enjoy this billiards one on one instruction in the basics of center ball work. Page 2.

Billiards One On One Instruction - Center Ball Strokes - Billiards One On One Basics
A high-speed photo study of center ball strokes in pool. Enjoy this billiards one on one instruction in the basics of center ball work. Page 4.

Billiards One On One Instruction - Center Ball Strokes - Billiards One On One Basics
A high-speed photo study of center ball strokes in pool. Enjoy this billiards one on one instruction in the basics of center ball work. Page 8.

Billiards One On One Instruction - Center Ball Strokes - Billiards One On One Basics
A high-speed photo study of center ball strokes in pool. Enjoy this billiards one on one instruction in the basics of center ball work. Page 9.

Diamond System And The "Magic Spot": Bank Shots
Get on board with the ultimate bank shot system. Sinking a multi-cushion bank shot is made simple using this aim method.

Banking A Shot In Pool - Banking A Shot In Pool
Banking a shot in pool. Billiards.

What Are Different Ways To Bank A Pool Shot - Different Ways To Bank A Pool Shot
What are different ways to bank a pool shot?

GTS Calendar Updates For October/November/December

John Schmidt, Pool's "Mr. 400"
John Schmidt, aka

How to Shoot Pool - Competition Tips From Top Coaching
Learn from my coaching of regional and national champs how to shoot pool better, in competition or friendly play.

Use Just 3 Speeds In Billiards Competition
How To Shoot Better In Billiards Competition: Choose from among three speeds only, believe it or not. I show you how, when and why. Page 2.

Taking Winning Permission When You Shoot Pool
How To Shoot Pool In Competition: Go for it on the last ball with your full permission with a medium stroke as I explained in the... Page 3.

Shot Pool Measurement - Watch Your Opponent With More Care
How To Increase The Shot Pool In Competition: Don't assume the player opposite you at the table is... Page 4.

Run Balls More Often, With Less-Than-Pure Offense
Step 5 - How To Run Balls More And More During Competition: Consider the shortest routes for the cue ball on offense and... Page 5.

Most Expensive Pool Cue - Luther Lassiter's Stick Weighs In
A Luther Lassiter cue joins the ranks of fabulous pool cues hitting auctions this year and vies for the title of the most expensive pool cue.

APA Pool League - Trouble In Paradise?
The APA's pool league represents a powerful and influential body of players, people having a great time in billiards. But is there more to the story?

10 Ways Not To Lose Your Shirt Running A Pool Tournament
Great pool tournament question today from a reader who is also a successful poolroom owner...

Pool Tournament - Ways 3 & 4 Not To Lose Your Shirt - Pool Tournament
There are reasonable and customary rates for renting pool tables for a pool tournament. These rates ought to vary based on table size and challenge, table maintenance and peak period (like the weekend nights of your tournaments). Page 2.

Pool Tournament - Ways 5 & 6 Not To Lose Your Shirt - Pool Tournament
The 7 to 8 hour could thus become a great hour for 2-for-1 drink specials or something that keeps players happy and at your tournaments each and every week. Page 3.

Pool Tournament - Ways 7 & 8 Not To Lose Your Shirt - Pool Tournament
Win $1,000 off a $1 ticket in pool with this clever incentive. Page 4.

Pool Tournament - Ways 9 & 10 Not To Lose Your Shirt - Pool Tournament
If you have a good pool experience overall, and people are not just there for the big

List of Existing Pool Leagues in America
This list of established pool leagues comes with my recommendations for improving local and national billiards and pool leagues.

Aiming And Bank Shots - Calculate Aiming And Bank Shots
Aiming and bank shots. Billiards.

Bank Pool Secrets - Bank Pool Secrets
Bank pool secrets... Billiards.

Bank Shot Technique - Bank Shot Technique
Bank shot technique, amplified. Billiards.

How To Shoot Billard Bank Shots - Shoot Billiard Bank Shots
How to shoot billard bank shots using the magic spot method.

Learn How To Bank On A Pool Table - Learn How To Bank On A Pool Table
Learn how to bank on a pool table.

Pool Bank Shots Diagram - Pool Bank Shots Diagram
Continuing our

Pool Banking Techniques - Pool Banking Techniques
Pool banking techniques continued.

Pool Billiards Bank Lessons - Pool Billiards Bank Lessons
Pool and billiards bank lessons.

Pool Tips - Bank Shots - Pool Tips
Pool Tips Bank Shots. Billiards.

The Secret To Banks Shot In Billiards - The Secret To Banks Shot In Billiards
The secret to banks shot in billiards.

Can The 9-Ball Be Made On The Break Consistently?
A reader sees EIGHT 9-balls on the break in a row and asks me to explain the mystery. I give readers a break tip, too.

Pool Cue Price - 4 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Pool Cue Price
The essential costs/pool cue price range hasn't changed much in 20 years so here's the 4 steps to picking the right stick.

Pool and Billiards: Pocket Sports Instruction, Culture
Learn pool, billiards and snooker culture, get basic and advanced instruction and learn Matt's secrets on aim, stance, equipment, pros and hustlers.

Following The Break
Here's what you should think about as soon as the balls are broken. What to following the break.

Top 8 Ways to Get Thrown Out A Pool Hall
How to Get Ejected From a Pool Hall. What must you do (or not do) to be considered a champ, not chump, at your local billiards parlor?

Position Break Shot Tips - Pool & Billiards - Ten Top Tips For Your Pool & Billiards Break Shots
Fetch a crooked cue stick to break with and learn by feel the motion the pro uses when their cue widely bends and flexes on the stroke. Um, don’t bend another’s cue you need for this purpose, please.

Break Shot Techniques - Pool & Billiards - Ten Top Tips For Your Pool & Billiards Break Shots
Pivot your shooting side foot as I recommend online to stand upright more than for a regular stroke. This frees and lengthens your arm motion and body to add power.

Break Shot Tricks & Hints - Hide in the Corner
See what feedback you can absorb from this pool and snooker practice, but loosen a bit if the room owner insists you are abusing a corner pocket!

Breaking Racks Shot Tips - Pool & Billiards - Ten Top Tips For Your Pool & Billiards Break Shots
You can power stroke a ball quite well while maintaining smoothness. And here’s an added tip on using the break slip technique I recommend to add still more power to the break.

Pool & Billiards Break Shot Tips - Ten Top Tips For Your Pool & Billiards Break Shots
Consider adding ulnar deviation on the final stroke, giving extra zip to the break.

Bank Shots - Hot To Sink More Pool And Billiard Balls
Aiming bank shots in pool and billiards with precision is easy, if you use this method, which relies upon an aiming secret you already know.

How To Do Bank Strokes In Pool And Billiards
To determine the bank point line for any pool bank shot, we merely divide the ball pocket lines and cross pocket lines where they join together.

Banking Object Balls - Techniques In Pool And Billiards
Simply drive the cue ball from its present position to meet the ghost ball as diagrammed to make this spectacular looking bank shot with ease.

Billiards English - Top 10 Mistakes Made Using Billiards English
English Mistake #9: Failure to maintain a level cue stick with billiards english.

Sidespin - Top 10 Mistakes Made Using English Sidespin
Striking upon (pun intended) by accident the mysterious sidespin phenomenon called “backwards english

Billiard Instruction - Top 10 Mistakes Made Using English Billiard Instruction
Billiard instruction is what we specialize in at Don't mistake our hundreds of instructional articles for anything but the best.

Billiards Aiming - Top 10 Mistakes Made Using English Billiards Aiming
Applying english to object balls over a foot distant from the intended pocket can ruin billiards aiming.

Break Shot Tips - Ten Top Hints For Pool And Billiards
Drum roll, please! Here are ten top tips on break shots in pool and billiards to help your open breaks scatter the balls to the four winds.

Open Break Shot Tips - Pool & Billiards - Ten Top Tips For Your Pool & Billiards Break Shots
Ensure the balls are racked rather tightly for your game. For some competition, you will be allowed to rack your own.

Open & Closed Break Shot Tips - Pool & Billiards - Ten Top Tips For Your Pool & Billiards Break Shots
Fast moving hands and fingers are all you need to smash apart a break. Let me repeat that so you practice a few breaks this way to feel the sensation...

Break Shot Tips - Pool & Billiards - Top Tips For Pool & Billiards Break Strokes
Experiment with grip, holding the stick so loosely that it might clatter to the floor with a slightly looser hold on the break.

Cue Ball Break Shot Tips - Pool & Billiards - Ten Top Tips For Your Pool & Billiards Break Shots
Lightly apply chalk before the break stroke—the added friction of chalk forces the cue tip to adhere to the ball longer, but you want the cue ball to rebound faster on the break—a thin, hard tip helps also.

Banking Shots In Pool And Billiards
We're used to banking balls into the pocket all the time, so simply begin by dropping a line into the opposite corner pocket.

Aiming Bank Shots - Techniques In Pool And Billiards
We've established aiming bank shots using the cross pocket line for the bank shot in pool, now we need to build the ball pocket line for the object ball.

Playing Bank Shots In Pool And Billiards - Sinking More Balls
Having derived the bank point line in our easy as 1-2-3 calculation, we have arrived at the moment of truth, a concrete look at the precise place we need to bank the 1-ball toward.

Top 10 Mistakes Made Using Pool English
Pool english question of the day as a reader takes their object balls for a spin.

Billiards Shots - Top 10 Mistakes Made Using English Billiards Shots
Not leaving english billiards shots to the suckers

Pool Ideas - Top 10 Mistakes Made Using English Pool Ideas
English Mistake #7: Not watching out for squirt [deflection]. This is probably your culprit among these pool ideas, dear reader.

Pool English Tips - Top 10 Mistakes Using Pool English Tips
Pool english tips? There are three variants on english technique. Learn all three strokes here at

Pool Ball English - Top 10 Mistakes Made Using Pool Ball English
Pool Ball English Mistake #5: Hitting the cue ball far from center.

Billiard English - Top 10 Mistakes Made Using Billiard English
Not reviewing the cue tip after an errant billiard english stroke is taken.

Meeting Harold Worst At Billiards
Meeting Harold Worst at Billiards

The Stars Come Out
The Stars Come Out. Billiards.

Among Legends Of The Game
Among legends of the game of pool and billiards.

Reasons to Love Pool and Billiards
Few sports offer the color, drama and tradition of Pocket Billiards, known to most Americans as “Pool”.

Meeting Famous Pool Players - The Mickey Holiday Story
Great player Mickey Holiday shares his adventures with readers, playing and beating some of the best billiards pros in the nation.

How To Run A Rack - 8-Ball - How To Run A Rack
How to run a rack in step-by-step photos detailing the four kinds of balls that come up in an 8-Ball or 9-Ball rack.

Pocket That 8-Ball - Correct Sequences - Pocket That 8-Ball
To pocket that 8-ball this turn, you'll need a correct sequence. Do you know how and what is the next shot?

How To Make The 8-Ball - Finishing The Run - How To Make The 8-Ball
How To Make The 8-Ball - Finishing The Opening Moves Of The Run

Perfect Pool Practice - 3-Ball Break-And-Runs
Here is another of my practice drills that are fun for beginners and easily altered to make them challenging for more advanced players.

Perfect Practice - 3 Ball Breaks Continued
Perfect Practice - 3 Ball Breaks Continued

10 Common Mistakes I See In Billiards Lessons
You asked for it this billiards instruction! Ten of the obvious (to me, and soon to you) errors pool shooters make to lose games, throw off their rhythm, and ruin and otherwise good evening of pool.

GTS Calendar For 2015 And Beyond
The college tour for Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. started this year on November 3 at William Paterson University...

Ten Pro Billiards and Pool Tips to Catch Opponents Off-Guard
Ten pro pool tips your opponents don’t know, brought to you by

9 Ball Break Strategy & Tips - How To Break 9 Ball - Free Tips & Strategy
9 ball strategy can be complex or simple, as in the case of this ultimate breaking tip. This one free tip will double the power and cue ball accuracy of most players on the break.

9 Ball Break Tips - 9 Ball Break Drill - How To Play
Here's a little (okay, big) secret to sharpen your 9 ball breaks and drill your open break shots. One of my favorite 9 ball tips is this--aim as shown in the accompanying diagram so that you are placing pressure (shooting toward) the spaces where the balls touch.

9-Ball: Rack And Break Tips And Strategy
Here are some fast tips to sharpen your 9-Ball racking, breaking and more instantly.

Your Responses To "The Death Of Pool"
Pool has all the potential to be like golf and enjoyed by more folks due to its lower cost.

How To Billiards - Improve Your Pool Skills Fast
How to improve your billiards skills fast? Work the following routines daily or as often as you can.

Which Billiards Aim Methods Are Best?
Which Billiards Aim Methods Are Best? Let me start by telling you why different aim methods work best for different players.

Rate Your Own Pool Play - 10-Ball Method
I'm a fan of this self-test to provide a playing ranking, as invented by pro and teacher Joe Tucker.

How to Play Last Pocket Eight Ball
Take on 8-ball with a difference with this often money-saving game of Last Pocket Eights.

Rotation aka Chicago - Pool & Billiards Games
Rotation was the darling of most pool shooters up through the Depression era and WWII. This classic game deserves a second look.

Choosing A Smart Pool Cue
Unless soft tips help you truly pocket every ball you look at, stay clear of them, in my opinion.

Pool Instruction - Pocket Billiards - Pool Lessons & Instruction
For too long, myths have prevailed on how to inject power and style into your pool game. Work through the exercises within and watch your billiards soar to stellar heights!

Banking Drills You Can Take To The Bank...
Regular and reverse bank shots applying The Drill Instructor's skill to the strokes you can do for great billiards.

A One Diamond Bank Drill
A one diamond bank drill gets you home to the side or corner pocket.

An Impressive Side Pocket Bank Shot
An impressive side pocket bank shot is on tap if you know where to aim and spin and speed.

A Quarter Ball Bank Shot
Take it up a notch with this quarter-ball bank shot.

Third Ball Bank Shot
A one-third ball bank makes this cinch play.

Pro Skill Workout - Hot Billiards And Pool Drills
Get your shape fixed with Dominic Esposito, The Drill Instructor, and these fabulous pro skill drills.

Execute a Safety Shot - Billiards, Snooker and Pool
Execute a safety shot that hides the cue ball behind an object ball, and/or hides the object ball behind another object ball, exactly as shown--or die..

Open Shot Pool - Make It so
Continue with this shot or risk leaving your next pool game wide open for your opponent.

Target Safeties in Pool and Billiards - License to Kill
Presenting some billiards weapons you can ignite during this year’s 50th Anniversary of the James Bond Film Series. It’s high time to add a safety skill shot to your

What Are The Limitations Of Aim Systems?
Exploring the limitations of and refinements to aim systems including Fraction Aim,

Aim Primer 7: Ghost Ball Vs. Contact Point Aim
Use the ghost ball or fire directly at the contact point in pool and billiards? I've got the whys and hows here as part of my ultimate pool aim primer.

Contact Point Aim System - A Top Pool And Billiards Technique
Contact point systems are simpler and more effective than ghost ball systems. As illustrated in the diagram, the player marks the contact point on the object ball with an early terminus to the aim line as shown.

Behind The Cue Ball - All Kinds Of Aim
Continuing our Aim Primer from behind the cue ball with more information on dividing balls and the contact point. Regardless of cue ball direction of travel, and discounting concepts of collision-induced throw and etc., the cue ball can come from any direction yet strike the 2-ball on its contact point to sink it.

The Full Line - Understanding This Key Concept
From the player’s perspective, if the cue ball were to be stroked along the full line it will impact the 2-ball as a “full hit”. With eyes watching from behind the cue ball in the stance, the cue ball will fully eclipse the sphere of the 2-ball at impact...

The Edge - Critical In Pool And Billiards Aim
Proceeding from the edge of the ball, we continue our look at The Half Ball Shot Line. The balls and pocket are aligned such that a player who plots a line through the base of the cue ball and along the right edge of the 2-ball...

Half Ball - One Pro Aim Method
The illustration shows a half ball hit as viewed from behind the shot. The blue box represents where center ball was aimed at the yellow ball's edge. The cue ball eclipses half its surface.

Aim Primer 6: How To Aim Cut Shots In Pool And Billiards
Continuing our multi-article aim primer, detailing every method top players use to play cut shots successfully in pool and billiards.

Aim Diagram - The Simple Ghost Ball System
Again, if the cue ball and object ball impact along the aim line, as in Diagram 13, the object ball will be driven into the pocket.

Aim Primer 8: The Best Pool Systems
Learn how to shoot and aim more accurately. The dramatic conclusion of my aim primer for pool and pocket billiards.

Pivot Aim Systems
There is an ever-growing family of aim methods that begin with the full line or some edge-to-edge or edge-to-center line followed with pivoting the cue stick or body from that line to determine the final shot line. Their complexity can be astounding and off-putting.

The History of Pool Balls and What They're Made of
John Wesley Hyatt saved elephants from pool extinction, by inventing modern plastic, as part of the legacy of the history of pool.


Church Groups: GTS Trick Shots Coming To You
Dozens of colleges and other interest groups will be hosting GTS for free trick shot shows throughout 2016 and 2017.

Simple Yet Dazzling Trick Shots
The secret’s out! These are selected trick shots requiring little pool skill, knowledge, preparation or practice! Illustrated herein are sure-fire winners to entertain at your local pool hall. Have fun!

Pool & Billiards Trick Shots and Stunts
Pool and Billiards has an exciting subculture of players striving for more and more extraordinary trick shots and (sometimes dangerous) stunts. Juggling six pool balls won't help you shoot them in the pockets (other than improving your hand-eye coordination) but studying trick shots, you might learn a technique to take to a real game situation to win.

Is It Good To Rub Your Chest With The Cue Stick?
A lot of good players have a square stance or rub their chest or chin over cue. But why?

This Blog Named To Best Of The Web
We're pleased to have been selected as a finalist for the Inaugural Best Billiard Blog Awards. Great links are there to check out!

Get Better At Pool Fast, By Experteering
You might not want to become a total pool expert, but you will read this article to become more skilled at playing the game. Let me save you time!

Arness Vs. Mosconi
A fictionalized account of Willie Mosconi taking on his greatest rival--in a match with the highest possible stakes--life itself.

Pool Players Talk Back
Your opportunity to sound off to other players. What pool equipment do you rate the best? Which billiards techniques have helped you go next level in your play? Subjects discussed here are limited only by your imagination. Send your suggestions in to our Pool & Billiards Guide for future topics.

Pool Professionals, Personalities and "Playas"
Some think top professionals and pool hustlers never cross paths. Is it possible instead that pros and top hustlers are one and the same people? Explore pool's darker side and greater lights with us, and some pool shootin' celebrities, too.

Beat People With a Stick! - A (Helpful!) Book Review
If you're going to beat people with a stick, you will certainly want to read this exciting lessons book. It comes with my highest possible recommendation.

Billiards Practice - Some Of The Most Fun Techniques
A day of practice for pool and billiards? Everyone hates billiards practice! I make it fun instead with a few simple routines.

Drill A Cue Stick In Your Hair? - Billiards Practice
Later we can talk about why your eyes move that much during pool practice—but for now, let's stick a cue stick in your hair, please. Page 3.

The Fun "Circle Pacing Drill"

Not Your Usual Boring Drills - Pool Practice
Here's an interesting drill to spice your pool practice. Take video of your play then send it to me for a free review. Page 2.

Pool Hall of Fame Inductee: Minnesota Fats
Minnesota Fats was a legend of pool and remains so today. Here are his fascinating details, all in one place.

Fun Billiards Games: Plus Strategy And Tips
Ready for tips and hints on fun billiards games? Get tips on the most popular pool games and some interesting, fun variations, too.

A List Of United States And Related Pool Associations
A List Of United States And Related Pool Associations

Straight Pool - Tips For Improved Play
How to play better Straight Pool? Wonder no longer as superb tips are here to help you master this most master-worthy of cue games.

Pool Training - How Pros Really Aim in Billiards
Pool training you can take to the bank, hustler. Learn about pro aiming in billiards, you can do it too!

Secrets Of Pool Geometry: Aiming In Billiards
The geometry of pool is different than many amateurs think. Most players hit their cut shots too thinly to score.

Pool Table Space: Cheating Smaller-Sized Rooms
Felt stuck when trying to fit a big billiards table into a small room? Calculating accurate pool table space requirements? Let our guide help you.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy Or Try A Pool Table
Price alone is not an indicator of table quality. There are questions requiring thought before you purchase any pool table.

How To Choose A Pool Cue: Before You Buy
How to choose which pool cue? Here is your guide to narrow down choices, and select the best possible custom (or free to use) pool cue.

Coke Bottle - A Lousy Tool To Groove Your Stroke
Why using an old pool bottle is a bad idea to groove your billiards stroke and what to do instead.

My Top 8 Basic Pool Strokes: Learn Billiards Technique
Here are my 8 top pool strokes, there's more than one way to hit the cue ball to win. Here are some of the most important techniques for the beginner to learn.

Fun Pool Games - Bowliards And Fargo
If you shoot the balls in rotation order (as in Nine Ball or Rotation), they score 2 points each. Otherwise, they count as 1 point each.

Updates From Ringside
Some of the latest news from pros and colleagues around the world who collaborate with

10.5 Straight Rotation - Have You Tried This Game?
Allen Hopkins recommends competitive rounds of four racks each for this interesting new game.

The Trust Stroke - Your Way To Self-Improve Your Billiards Game
Because I use a trusting stroke even on shots I'll miss, I'm continually enhancing my confidence and fundamentals whether I make or miss a shot.

Don't Look At The Object Ball When Aiming In Pool!
This instruction may startle you, but an average, even a beginning pool player, should look neither at the cue ball nor the object ball for aim.

Half-Ball Hits And Fraction Aiming In Pool
Have fun and let me know how this method helps or if you want to try a different technique instead. I keep a stock of systems on hand to help players.

Continuing The Modern History Of Eight Ball
Eight Ball as it should be, a strategist's delight, or risk life and limb when playing with strangers for draft brews or dollars.

Gyroscopic Self-Leveling Billiards Table, At Sea
I was able to fulfill a dream last week and cruise and shoot pool using a gyroscopic pool table at sea.

The History Of Eight Ball - Action And Strategy
An 8-ball shot in the wrong pocket was spotted rather than costing the game, which changed when coin-op table players complained about paying again.

Lesson Clinic - How To Break The Balls Apart, Hard

Pool Tournament Formats To Try
Although quite frustrating for participants, this simple format is tailor made for pocket billiards tournament spectators--and see our alternatives.

14 Ways To Play A Safety Shot
Have You Considered These 14 Types Of Billiards Safety Shots?

How To Play Better Position In Pocket Billiards
I've learned that what separates the champs from the chumps is this--when you've sunk the ball you've wanted but didn't get the shape you wanted, the champion goes back and reassesses their offensive and defensive (safety) plans.

Eight Ball And Nine Ball Strategy
In 9-Ball, all the object balls are the

How To Win Playing Eight Ball
In the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory films, as in Eight Ball, a powerful imagination is the most important key to success. You can improve your pool instantly by thinking on at least three options before each and every pool shot.

All About The Double Hit Foul
Even better, ask the neutral party who referees the shot, in a voice for the shooter to hear, please listen for the clicking of a double hit.

Why Pool Hustlers Win - Learn To Beat The Sharks
You're going to have a ball with Why Pool Hustlers Win: Learn To Beat The Sharks. Come out ahead more often in league and for the cash and trophies.

Play Billiards - Strengthen Your Back As You Play Billiards
Sit down to a shot rather than bend over a shot to play billiards. While we’ve seen how to bend from the hips and not from the waist, there is an added move that will enhance your comfort at the table. Page 2.

Shoot Pool - Waive Back Pain As You Shoot Pool
When you shoot pool, ensure the arms are not adding to neck strain. There should be little or no need to rigidly set any portion of either arm during practice strokes or on any final stroke as you shoot pool, anytime. Page 3.

Play Pool Games - Strain Less & Score More As You Play Pool Games
Set your head in place without scrunching it down tight to play pool games. One of pool’s best kept secrets, although I’ve printed in several times on this website along with all types of stance secrets and stance fundamental tips, is to set your head and forget it... Page 4.

Billiards Equipment - Buying The Best Pool Balls
Pool and Billiard balls are made from a durable plastic resin that is highly crack resistant under stress. This so called “phenolic resin” represents a big change from...

Please Don't Take A Powder - Talcum Powder And Pool
Talcum or baby powder can be convenient to have at home for use or to dry hands soaked from excessive perspiration. The powder, however, can...

Easy Pool Trick Shot: "The Power Of 9"
A delightful and simple-to-setup-and-perform pool trick shot, this power of 9 shot is worth learning to dazzle your audience.

The Game Of Six Ball Pool: Fun And Challenging
6-ball provides a quick test on pool. Rack 'em, scatter 'em and run 'em--but will you find Six Ball easier or tougher than running a game of Nine Ball? Check it out.

New Pool Game - Gopher Eight Ball - New Pool Game
A new pool game combining much of the fun of 8- and 9-ball plus a chance for great practice and learning, too--Gopher Eight Ball.

Play Pool With Less Pain - Ease Back And Neck Pain At The Table
Play pool again without neck and back pain? Enjoy the game without, not playing past, the pain. These are the methods I recommend as safe for your body without harming your game skills.

Grip Billiards - A New, Cool Pool Store
I have a personal soft spot in my heart for Blaze Cues--they are great for beginner players who are looking to get serious. They have a beautiful finish, but aren't too flashy, so the material costs help keep the price down.

Breaking 8-Ball: Racking And Strategy
If the rack is crooked you may get best results hitting the second ball on the side of the rack where the balls sit loose (or by the old standby--hitting the front ball head-on) which means placing the cue ball for the break close to a full hit on the front ball and the eight in the middle of the rack.

How To Think About Kicking And Spinning Off The Rails
If you're still unsure what the pool ball will do when it spins into the rail, see it hit the cushion then rebounding away in again in slow motion...

Prayer, Pool And Power
First event up was the annual Hopkins Super Billiards Expo with about 8,000 pool players in attendance at the New Jersey Expo and Convention Center in Edison, NJ.

9 Ball - Billiards Variation "Triple Play"
The 9 Ball billiards variation,

A Billiards Craze Worth Checking Out, "Three Ball"
Three Ball is a terrific little game that looks easier than it is and provides amazing moves. See more about this wondrous pool game.

Sneaky Pete Pool Cues - The Hustler's Weapon Of Choice
A Sneaky Pete pool cue drives some to distraction. Petes are the hustler's tool, the player's bane--but cheap. Learn protections against this threat.

Improving Your Mental Game In Pool
The last frontier for pool man to explore is the mental plane. So why is it that at pool's highest levels, the experts have often stopped thinking?

Improving Pool Skills - Going Mental - Pool & Pocket Billiards Skill
What was the mindset of Willie Mosconi when he set his world pool record at Straight Pool? A look at looking, then making pool results. Page 3.

How To Rack Pool Balls Tightly
How to rack pool balls better is the question answered today, and with a few secrets in this feature.

How To Rack Pool Balls Properly, Like A Champ
Forming a firm pool rack could involve tapping or is it rapping? We explore how to stymie your opponent the legal way in billiards.

How to Break in 8 Ball - Pool And Billiards Strategy
When discussing the best 8 ball breaks, including how to break in the 8 ball with this all-important stroke, it becomes necessary both to emphasize basic break strategy and specific 8 ball break technique. Victory in 8 ball pool at times requires (rules permitting) a commitment to sink the 8 ball on the break, and at other times, a mere shattering of the rack to spread the balls effectively to win the game.

How To Break In 8 Ball - Breaking The 8 Ball In - Pool & Billiards Strategy
How to break in 8 ball? By which I mean, how to break the 8 ball in on the break?8 ball breaks require not so much of a deft touch or sheer genius, but the will to play an unusual stroke that could win the game for you in one try (if local rules for 8 ball breaks call making the 8 ball on the break a win). Page 2.

Defense In The Sport Of Pocket Billiards
All however introduced the concept of the legal shot, which in essence prevented what might be legitimately called dirty pool.

How To Shoot Pool Accurately Without A "Poked, Jab Stroke"
Shooting pool accurately involves a smooth, non-poked stroke. Here's how! Four ways to do it right, readers...

Draw Stroke - Accelerating The Draw Stroke Correctly
2 - The Accelerated Draw Stroke: Next, let’s review how to accelerate the draw stroke properly. Page 2.

Follow Through - Correcting The Pool Follow Through Motion
3: A Stick Follow-Through You Can Visualize - I’ve provided some handy follow through photos of reasonably achieved stick motion for you to see and study. Page 3.

Shot Speeds Taken Well - Shot Speeds Of The Pool Pros
4: Pre-Plan Your Choice Of Pro Shot Speeds - Finally, realize that a pre-shot commitment to the correct speed will help you shoot the shot without that nasty hitch of a jab-and-poke. I recommend... Page 4.

The Pool Bridge Crossed - 3 Secrets To A Better Open Bridge
The bridge in pool may be open or closed--here's three facts forgotten about the open bridge by amateurs. Plus a bonus hint to help you.

Enhance Your Pool Bridge With Matt's Favorite "Loop Touch"
Your pool bridge will be enhanced by imitating my

Poolroom Culture - This Is What Makes For A Top Pool Hall
Robert Byrne has published more books on the pool hall culture than any other author. In 1993 he wrote a feature for Billiards Digest entitled

Fun Billiard Exercises
Apply this principle to all shots and you will learn faster and without “holes” (basic shots and techniques that you’ve neglected) in your game.

More About The Wild, Triangle-Shaped Delta Cue
Someone is going to make this cue illegal if a pro uses it for a tournament to crush every break.

Pool Table Sizes - Bar Toy Sized Tables
Pool Table Sizes: Tables measuring 4' x 8' have a key disadvantage (okay, challenge)...

10-Foot Pool Tables, Known As "Monster Tables" - 5' x 10' Giants
Have you ever shot pool on a 10-foot pool table? I doubt it and here's why.

Mini Pool Tables - Billiards Trouble Or Billiards Pleasure?
Far too small to offer a true test of skill, these are toys for young children mostly. Learn about the correct sizes for pool tables.

Pool Table Sizes And So-Called "Regulation Tables"
Beware rip-offs! Table ads that guarantee

The Difference Between English & American Pool Table Size
Overseas, people want to know whether they should use “American” or “English” for their base pool table size.

Correct Pool Table Dimensions - What Space Do You Need?
When gauging pool table dimensions, how big a table and how much free space do you need are vital questions. Answers are here.

Pool Table Room Size - I Answer A Reader's Question
A reader's question about a bargain pool table leads to a response on pool table room size.

Pool Hustlers Encyclopedia - A Definitive Work
You can thrill to reading this billiards book cover-to-cover or leaf through photos and stories, stopping to read biographies and not-tall tales.

Matt's Review Of "Ungloves", aka Billiards Finger Slides
Read our pool review on revolutionary billiards equipment, finger slides, a.k.a.

The Ultimate, Definitive Pool Movie List
We salute a pool movie--actually, a list of very hot pool movies to die for and dive into.

The Best Pool Movie - The Hustler With Jackie Gleason And Paul Newman
The Hustler is certainly the finest film on pool ever with an array of stars and fabulous writing and cinematography. Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason turn in powerful, convincing performances.

Two Moves For An Improved 9-Ball Break
I teach you moves for an improved 9-Ball break, and with amazing and achievable results. Enjoy, pool players.

How To Bank Shots - 3 Pro Techniques
What makes a bank shot so difficult? You are not aiming at a typical target but an imagined rail point.

Break Shot - Two Moves For An Outstanding Break Shot
Break Shot Moves For Beginners And Advanced Pool Shooters

Correct Ball Placement for Billiards Break Shots
We just reviewed technique for break shots with the cue ball close to the rail. Let’s consider some of my keys to a better break from along the head string. Page 2.

More On Buying A Great Pool Table Slate
A quality pool table slate is the top key to making a level, enjoyable playing surface, without wobbles affecting the roll of the balls. Here's more.

Discover More About Folding Pool Tables
Amazing space innovation, the folding pool table. An idea whose time has come? Or not?

A Powerful Pool Lesson - Control Ball Speed With Grip Force
A quality today. How to absolutely control ball speed using grip force... flow the stroke even better, letting the cue stick pass lightly through your hand...

A Critical Shaft Component - Your Pool Cue Ferrule
The shock terminator of pool, the ferrule absorbs impact. Keep it clean and damage free and it will reward your pool game.

Bullseye Billiards - Train As You Play
Top pool professional and teacher to the pros Joe Tucker says of Bullseye Billiards it is “One of the best instructional books/guides I’ve ever seen.

Are You Sure You Need A Straight Cue Stick?
A very slightly dampened cloth or tissue may remove sweat, chalk, etc. See this article about sandpaper grits and cue care.

How To Straighten A Bent Cue Stick Shaft
Don't throw away a bent cue stick! You can easily straighten a shaft. I'll show you how in this article.

How To Break Hard In Pool - Snap The Break
Here are super tips on how to break hard in pool, and with style.

Wood vs. Fiberglass in Pool Sticks Decisions
A reader mentions the possible differences between wood cue sticks and fiberglass, which is making a splash. We take a quick and closer look.

The Major Pool Cue Joints - The Master Joint Connection
The master joint on a custom cue stick is crucial to a dead solid hit. Made of steel or wood properly, you can bash open a break shot and/or stroke with confidence and maximum feel.

Pool & Billiards - Pool Tables 101 - Pool & Billiards Table Book
What precise details do you need to look for in a new or used pool table to get the best value? How can you repair and re-felt your table accurately on a budget? What key questions should you ask of any pool table dealer or installer you shop?

How To Choose Pool Cue Tip Materials
This article will help you learn what pool professionals appreciate in their most important investment--a great cue tip.

How To Round Your Billiard Cue's Tip
It takes just a few minutes' time to care for your cuestick's tip, and the effort is well worth it.

Is A Shorter Cue Better Than A Longer Stick?
If you find that your backhand is closer along the cue stick toward the cue ball than 2-4 inches from the balance point, you may try a shorter stick.

Choosing Between Cue Tips - And Cue Tip Help
I recommend that players keep their scuffing of the cue’s tip to a minimum. Most people tend to overdo it here, grinding the tip down to a nub.

Jerry Orbach - Outstanding Celebrity Pool Player Jerry Orbach
It's time for me to share a few tales about Jerry Orbach, legend of stage, screen--and pocket billiards.

Billiards: Using Pool Cues to Break
You shouldn't be using pool cues to break--if you value them highly. Break cues are meant to offer speed, not mass, to the pool shooter for the open break. Consider options carefully before making your purchase.

Pool Drawing - By The Loop Pool & Billiards Drawing
A highly effective method for pool drawing is this--take the loop of your forefinger and thumb where they guide the billiards cue stick and...

Learn Wisdom For Better 8 Ball Pool
Playing 8-Ball pool requires tenacity and strategy far more than luck. Here's a solid tip entry in the game pitting solids against stripes.

Efren Reyes - A Wild, Wonderful Bank Shot - Efren Reyes
A wild wonderful bank by Efren

Pool & Billiards - Common Injuries & Treatments - Repetitive Motion Injuries
An area sensitive to the pains and strains of pool is repetitive motion syndrome or in the hand and wrist area,

Play 9-Ball Better In Competition - Play 9-Ball
Are you planning to play 9-Ball for an upcoming tournament or simply enjoy the game? A devoted reader asked me yesterday about how they might...

How to Build a Pool Table (Resources)
How to build a pool table? We lead you to super resources to build a pool table, here at

Ideas - Throw The Cue Through Trick Shot Ideas
Lacking ideas for your next set of pool stunts at table? Try Matt's

Glass Pool Table - Now Down Under A Glass Pool Table
An Australian company has developed a glass pool table and created a new playing surface for the billiards balls in one swoop of innovation.

Wood Pool Cues - Why Wood Pool Cues Should Be Used
The best cues are wood pool cues, not graphite and other Space Age materials, and here's why.

Pool Stick High - The Best Ever With A Pool Stick
Who is the best ever to wield a pool stick? Is there a clear way to determine the best at the sport?

Winners At Pool Halls - Use This Hand Technique At Pool Halls
What number of grip do you most often use to play at your area pool halls?

Pool Beginners - Training Device For Pool Beginners
I’m looking forward to receiving my CueTrack training device and plan to see how my raw beginners take to it, and also my ranks of more advanced students. I also plan to experiment with it for my personal stroke training. Page 5.

Using The CueTrack Creatively - CueTrack
It is intended for holding the cue stick straight on the line of aim allowing the student to stroke the cue with no side-to-side lateral movement on that line of aim. Page 4.

Pool Aim Trainer - Align With CueTrack - Pool Aim Trainer
If you are not aligned to the proper line of aim, you are adding a degree of difficulty to the game that does not need to exist. You have to constantly reevaluate a shot to be sure the result will be favorable and ultimately remove doubt from your mind. Page 2.

Pool Trainer - Interview With CueTrack Pool Trainer Inventor
A pool trainer product has come to my attention, one which I am more excited by than anything I’ve seen on the market in more than a decade.

How to Sink a Straight Shot in Pool
Drill Your Next Straight Shot - Bar none, beginning and intermediate pool shooters (and not a few experts) are stymied shooting a straight shot, one where the cue ball and the target object ball rest along a straight-in path to the pocket.

How To Improve Your One Pocket Skills, Part I
Yet these are critical for you to know, and yes, you can benefit tremendously from being able to execute One Pocket shots.

Control Billiards Drill #2
Roll softly up table, staying behind the 10- and 11-balls.

Control Billiards Drill #1
Shoot the bank shot again while continuing to cause the cue ball to hit and move the object ball a short distance up table.

Red Dwarf Series - Planetary Pool Potter In The Red Dwarf Series
The Red Dwarf series featured upon a time a great planetary potter. Now, scientists say cosmic pool is reality and not fiction.

Cue Training Device - CueTrack Cue Trainer
Testing CueTrack was a great experience because nothing like CueTrack was on the market. Some products hold the front of the cue or act as a guide on one side of the cue. CueTrack is the only product that holds the cue in a straight line and provides instant feedback if... Page 3.

Stick Pool - The Old Billiards Head Trick - Stick Pool
A massive stick pool technique!

Pro Skill Pool Drill - English And Deflection
This month's drill from The Drill Instructor tackles that odd phenomenon known as

See Deflection In Action
Either way, you cannot apply more than three tips of spin/english to a cue ball. These three drills are designed for you to be able to shoot with english applied at a dead straight-in shot so you can see the deflection, then learn how to account for it.

And One More Go
Dominic “The Drill Instructor” Esposito is the author of the popular book and DVD series you can find on his web site.

Deflection Accounting - Another Angle
This month's drill from The Drill Instructor tackles that odd phenomenon known as

Billiards Game - "Play Catch", A Training Billiards Game
Play catch, a billiards game, and learn one of the most deadly pool strokes in mere minutes.

Play Catch - Get Better At Billiards When You Play Catch
Play catch in pool and billiards and get better skills, fast.

Update on Pool & Billiards Olympics Participation
The story of pool at the olympics is a checkered one--but first steps have been accomplished as billiards enjoys an international oversight organization.

Pool Soft - Gentle Your Game And Learn How To "Pool Soft"
Pool soft? Of course. Soft billiards are winning shots, as I just re-discovered in last night's tournament.

Trick Billiards - Here's Why I Can't Miss At Trick Billiards
An easy but thrilling trick billiards move that anyone can do at a pool table.

Table Score Counters - Special Pool Table Features - Table Score Counters
Table score counters are an exciting accessory for any pool or billiards table. Check them out with our Guide.

Pool Tricks - The Never Missed Bank Shot - Great Pool Tricks
One of a number of easy but show-stopping pool trick shots from

9-Ball Hints - The 3 Mistakes Made Most Often
Take my 9-Ball hints and miss the three traps almost every 9-Ball player drowns in.

8-Ball Rules - Exploring The Best Choices
How to make 8-Ball rules made simple--and fair.

8-Ball Pool - Know What The Key Ball Does
The key to 8-Ball pool is to identify the ball nearby you must guard with your life.

9-Ball - Game Rules and Strategy
9-Ball's game rules and strategy are deceptively simple. But there is far more to the action than meets the eye.

8-Ball Pool Game Rules And Strategy
The outer simplicity of 8-Ball, however, belies its sublime strategy. Top 8-Ball demands more creative thinking than a rotation game such as 9-Ball, plus more clever shot sequencing with precise control of the cue ball, too.

8-Ball Break - Watch for Enemies Closely
The complexity of each 8-Ball break is due to enemy balls crowding the table.

Best Billiards Tables – Buying Your Pool Table – Best Billiards Tables
Why skimp when the best billiards tables may be in use for decades, even a century, in your home or poolroom?

4 X 9's Are the Best Table Size - Here's Why
The 4' x 9' table size is the best, commonly used for top tournament play, and here's why.

Billiards Style - 7-Ball Rules - Billiards
7-ball billiards takes concentration, discipline and a knowledge of the rules.

Sidesaddle - Why The Sidesaddle Is Not Sound For Pool
Warning To Pool Shooters: Avoid A Sidesaddle Hold! Use these three methods instead. Page 4.

Hot Pool Games - 7-Ball: Rules & Strategy
7-Ball is one of the pool games taking America and the world by storm. Learn the rules and subtleties of this fabulous game.

7-Ball Pool Strategy - Consider Defensive Pool
Defensive play in 7-ball pool requires much forethought and frankly, lots of

Billiards Pool - 7-Ball Final Judgment In Billiards Pool
Shoot both a billiards pool safety and an agressive pocket at once in 7-ball.

Billiard Player: Where To Hold The Fingers
Listen, billiards player! Here's where to hold the fingers (four hand designs/shapes).

The Hall-of-Fame Method Of Grip - Pool Hall Of Fame
The Hall-of-Fame Method Of Grip. Billiards. Page 3.

Common Theme - Have You Guessed Today's Common Theme For Billiards?
Have you discerned the common theme to the three grip variations I suggest? Here it is... Page 5.

Use The Force Follow Shot, Luke
The force follow shot has thrilled many players. Beginners love watching this one at my pool clinics. And, it's so easy to shoot, Luke! Use the force!

Pool Strokes - Force Follow
Although it looks astounding to beginning pool players, the cuestick hides in the bridge hand on its own.

Pool Strokes - Force Follow
The force follow is simple, if you aim high up on the cue ball.

All Done
All the cue motion has been expended now, in this high res photo of stop action for 9-ball.

And Away We Go!
Watch and learn the secret to a devastating 9-ball break.

Pool Strokes - Force Follow
Following the blow delivered to the ball, the cue is again moving forward. It will creep a short distance, a few inches to several feet forward, following impact...

The Power Break in 9-Ball
Crushing a 9-Ball rack with a power break, like a pro, is made easy when you know how--and here it is outlined for you in stop action photos.

Booming the Break
The 9-ball break explodes into action!

Following Through
Note the extension and direction of the aiming, shooting hand.

Lined Up Right
The lineup on the 1-ball for the break is clearly visible from this angle.

Booming the 9-ball break with style and accuracy.

Incredible Pool Power - The Slip Stroke Technique
The slip stroke is a technique that many players do on an subconscious basis. You may want to experiment to add it to your game.

Pool Strokes - Slip Stroke
As the cue moves forward for the next practice stroke, without touching the cue ball, my hand is slipping along the cue's length toward its rear.

Pool Strokes - Slip Stroke
The cuestick is still slipping forward through my cupped right hand.

Pool Strokes - Slip Stroke
Now that the cue is slipped forward to its new home for the shot, I begin another backstroke.

Pool Strokes - Slip Stroke
The new backswing nears its highest point.

Pool Strokes - Slip Stroke
Stroking through--you can see how far forward my right hand has moved along the cue's length since the start of the previous stroke in Photo 1. Try the slip stroke technique to see if it helps your game.

Pool Strokes - Reverse Slip Stroke
The reverse slip stroke is a powerful technique to learn. A real eye opener for beginning pool players, no less than pool giants Willie Mosconi and Ralph Greenleaf (commonly considered the two best ever to wield a cue) used the r.s.s. to add power and finesse to their game.

Pool Strokes - Reverse Slip Stroke
Here is where the reverse slip becomes astonishingly different than a classic pool stroke.

Pool Strokes - Reverse Slip Stroke
Follow through complete, you can see just how far through the hand the cuestick has come since Photo 1.

Pool Strokes - Body Slip Stroke
This is another of those out-of-the-box pool techniques that may pleasantly surprise you.

Pool Strokes - Body Slip Stroke
Through the end of the stroke and you can compare to earlier photos to see how much body action has added to the stroke...

Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - Pool & Billiards
The ghost ball method reviewed in pool. How does the pool professional take aim at billiard balls, those sometimes difficult-to-discern spheres far away across the table?

Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Alignment - How To Aim For Pool & Billiards
How does the pool professional take aim at billiard balls, those sometimes difficult-to-discern spheres far away across the table. Review our step-by-step look at traditional and professional pool and billiards aim methods.

How To Aim The Cue Ball At The "Ghost Ball"
How does the pool professional take aim at billiard balls, those sometimes difficult-to-discern spheres far away across the table? Review our step-by-step look at traditional and professional pool and billiards aim methods.

Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - Aim For Pool & Billiards
Review our step-by-step look at traditional and professional pool and billiards aim methods. How does the pool professional take aim at billiard balls, those sometimes difficult-to-discern spheres far away across the table?

Aim Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - How To Aim For Pool & Billiards
How does the pool professional take aim at billiard balls, those sometimes difficult-to-discern spheres far away across the table? Do pool professionals use the contact point method or not?

Parallel Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - How To Parallel Aim Pool & Billiards Balls
Let’s examine the parallel method of aiming pool balls. We are exploring a parallel aim method suggested by Willie Mosconi from his 1950's book...

Parallel Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - How To Parallel Aim Pool & Billiards Balls
Now plot a parallel line running through the center of the cue ball to the nearest billiards table cushion.

Parallel Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - How To Parallel Aim Pool & Billiards Balls
After composing parallel lines in your mind’s eye on the object ball and cue ball, deduce the shortest line that will bring the balls together on one aim line.