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Mosconi's Method: Parallel Aim - Pool And Billiards
Although Mosconi's method has been called “the parallel aim method”, it's actually a plan to bring the edges of the pool balls together...

Tangent Position Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - How To Position The Tangent Line
Start with the basics. Where would you strike the purple 12-ball to sink it inside the nearby side pocket? These are perhaps the two most vital position concepts in pool.

Tangent Position Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - How To Position The Tangent Line
The cue ball will roll along a tangent line, which is perpendicular to the line of centers if the spin and speed were such that the cue ball would have stopped if the shot line was along the blue aim line.

Tangent Position Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - How To Position The Tangent Line
The two concepts of aligning the object ball with the pocket’s center at its opening and [ ] are the two most important principles in playing position in pool and billiards.

Blasting the Break
Blasting a 9-ball break in photos

Tangent Position Aiming In Pool & Billiards - Cue Ball Position - How To Position The Tangent Line
What I mean by “center of the cue ball or object ball” is the topmost part of the ball you can see, or its exact geographic center, or its base where it rests on the table.

Billiards Ball Ghosted Aim
Here's a nifty trick for sending a billiards ball to meet another at the optimum contact point.

Pool Ghost - Pool & Billiards Aim &The Pool Ghost
Boo! The pool ghost promises us a better path of aim.

Pool Ball Aim - Sectional Aim Taken On The Target Pool Ball
Pros think about a pool ball differently than beginners, in terms of effectual aiming. See how.

Sectional Pool Aim: The Ghost Ball And More
We're going back to the ghost ball method of aim to teach you sectional aim -- the ghost ball replacement method of the billiards pros.

Pool Shooting Stud Tom Cruise, aka "Money"
Cruise, who is ambidextrous, shot pool left-handed in The Color of Money. But the real magic was applied when he shot one-handed...

Pool Strokes - Body Slip Stroke
From the feet on up, I have begun to move forward with the cuestick. A great stop action photo taken near the point of impact!

The Kick Shot Properly Aimed in Pool
A kick shot in pool is the annoying little bugger where you need to drive the cue ball to a cushion before it rebounds to strike your target object ball. The pool kick shot can be converted to a deadly weapon of pool skill—you'll look like a pool hustler--if only you have a simple way to aim them with precision.

Plot The Spot - Plot The Spot
Next, plot the new spot for the

Room Owners - Room Owners
Sometimes room owners press tables too close together or near a wall or other obstacle.

Shooting Pool & Billiards - Stroking The Cue Through - Pool Stroking
You are looking at a greatly exaggerated backswing motion.

Shooting Pool & Billiards - Stroking The Cue Through - Pool Stroking
A greatly exaggerated followthrough shows the direction of the thrust forward in pool.

Cue Tips - Exploring Different Brands Of Cue Tips For Replacements
Whether you plan to exchange cue tips immediately or no, here's a closer look at what billiards pros are into lately for their cue tips.

Billiards - How To Seek The Right Billiards Instructor
Finding a billiards instructor who knows how to instruct billiards is less easy than most think.

Pool Definition -- Scratch
Pool Definition -- Scratch. Billiards.

Cue Shafts - How to Remove Cue Shafts Finish / Varnish
Some find the slick finish manufacturers add to their cue shafts distracting during play. Learn how to remove and replace a cue shaft's finish.

Golf Putting - Pool And Snooker For Golfers And Golf Putting
Golf putting requires touch, angles and the wisdom of rich experience. These elements are precisely the intrigue of J.J. Gowland's Snooker 4 Golfers handbook, and add to hours of fun and excitement in the form of free golf tips, free pool tips and varied game play.

Pool Tip Shape - Use A U.S. Buck For Pool Tip Shaping
One of the coolest uses for money at the pool hall has nothing to do with gambling for your pool tip shape. Check out this tip for your cue stick's tip!

Pool Definition -- Slop
Pool Definition -- Slop. Billiards.

Arm And Wrist Motion For A Classic Billiards Stroke
What arm and wrist motions are made through the classic pool stroke? Probably not what you think. Catch the action with text and photos.

Shooting Pool & Billiards - Stroking The Cue Through - Pool Stroking
The wrist may make six distinct movements. Is one or more of them required in a pool stroke?

Pool Strokes - Reverse Slip Stroke
I have begun a regular backswing away from the ball. Nothing unusual has happened quite yet.

Right And Wrong Ways To Draw the Cue Ball: Aim Low
The secret to draw the cue ball accurately lies in not lifting the hand abrubtly, before the stroke begins; step-by-step photos and techniques.

Pool Professional And Legend Mike "Captain Hook" Sigel
Mike Sigel, aka

Hall Of Fame: George Balabushka, aka "George Herman Balabushka"
Aspiring creators need many years to produce the best. Fortunately for the world of pool, George Balabushka handed down many trade secrets...

Pool Hall Of Fame - Nick Varner, aka "The Kentucky Colonel"
One of the greatest ever to wield a cue, Nick Varner is a great gentleman and ambassador of our sport. Read his compelling pool story.

The Greatest Ever, Ralph "The Aristocrat" Greenleaf
The greatest player ever. Even Willie Mosconi said,

Willie Mosconi, aka "The Mosc" - Billiards Hall Of Fame Great

Pool Strokes - Smooth Draw
Watch and laugh as I uncork a common error on draw shots.

Draw Shots - Fluidly Made
This photo highlights the smooth flow of a correct draw stroke in pool.

How To Play Pool Defense - Like Iron, Made Easy For You
It takes only a few seconds of thought to crush your opponent in pool--if you consider defense and two-way strokes along with other possibilities.

Billiards Strategy For Experts - Don't Play The Risky Shot In Billiards Strategy
Most pool players would win more by slowing down and considering defensive options. The pros do!

Pool Strategies - The Defender's Plan - Pool Strategies
A mindset of iron defense means you will win at more pool strategies than you've dreamed. Let us show you how.

Choosing The Right Cue Stick For Pool
What are the typical weights and sizes in a custom cue? Which choices are right for your game?

Sneaky Petes Pool Cues And House Cues
The sneakiest fellow at the pool hall isn't a person, it's a cue, and his name his

Tommy Kennedy - Pool Players To Watch - Tommy Kennedy, Billiards Player
Tommy Kennedy has won more than 130 tournament titles, including six times as State of Florida champion (he resides in Indiana, and before that South Georgia and Florida, but is still a mainstay on the Florida pool tours) but his favorite is surely as pool's Mr. Amity...

How To Hold A Pool Cue With Your Hand
How to hold your pool cue? Let's take a closer look, shall we? I outline the correct use of the hand and where to hold the cue stick in your hand.

How Do Top Pros Practice Pool?
How do top pros practice pool? Jump in for more of Donny and Matt's 8-Ball Debates...

Best Break - How To Increase Speed For Your Best Pool Break
Learn how to increase your pool break speed and crush every billiards break you consider.

Top 3 Shaft Tapers - The Pool Cue Taper And You
No two custom pool cues are the same. The taper of the shaft offers a range of control options in determining play. Here are all three tapers.

Pool Equipment Guide
What is a

Staying Healthy & In Shape for Pool
You might not consider a pool player an athlete, but many hours bent over, stroking and striking the cue ball, and smashing break shots wide open, requires mental alertness and physical fitness.

Cool Pool Terms and Slang
This alphabetical glossary helps pepper your pool playing language. You'll nod knowingly deciphering Hustlin’ Dave’s “He called the case nine in the side, a two-railer. He bounced it off the point with a major choke, it banks in the corner and he slips on the wrap, flips the stick out of his grip, and miscues. With ball-in-hand on the five I hooked him behind the six for the nine ride.”

Custom Cue Guide -- Get the Right Cue the First Time
We have in-depth information on choosing a personal cue for you, which like Little Bear’s porridge, will be just right! This topic at will prove priceless for you, since hundreds of cuemakers are vying for your business now, and new craftsmen introduce their wares (good or bad) into the market constantly.

Pool & Billiards Games and Strategy
Learn exciting new games that will teach you skills to change your game for the better. Entertaining practice games are included plus new variations on old favorites, with bonus strategies and hot tips.

Pool as a Culture--Excitement Around the Pool World
How will you choose the right pool league for your needs and wants? Which movies and TV have great pool shooters attached, not just

Pool & Billiards - Vital Accessories - Improved Pool & Billiards
Which items will add to your game besides a cue, balls and table? Product reviews, tips and more.

Pocket Billiards - Control the Pool Cue Ball - Pool & Billiards Techniques
Having the little white ball do what you want is at the heart of great pool. Learn how with our simple pocket billiards solutions.

Pool & Billiards - Creating a Home Pool Room - Home Pool Tables & Equipment
Planning to buy a table and accessories to give your home its own “pool hall”? Shop smart with us first. We'll help separate fact from fiction and show you what you won't want or need to enjoy pool to the maximum.

Pool Humor - The Billiards Funnies - Pool Humor
Pool stories that can lead to excessive bouts of laughter. A winsome look at pool's lighter side.

Improving Your Pool Game
Your Pool & Billiards Guide, Matt Sherman, explores one of pool’s darkest secrets, the lack of quality instructors, and how to find helpers right for your game.

Types Of Strokes - Dead Stroking Pool Types Of Strokes
When discussing the types of strokes you can take in pool, know that cognoscenti are constantly seeking to enter

Classic Pool Halls - Billiards Legends Enshrined
Stories and articles showcasing classic haunts pool players long to visit. A great pool hall hosts more vibrant battles with sticks in a week than in all the Star Wars films.

Pool History & Fiction
Did you know that pool's history goes back centuries or that in a bygone era, Willie Mosconi and Ralph Greenleaf vied for popularity and income topping that of Babe Ruth? Enjoy our reviews of pool classics and essays on all that makes pool and billiards a magnificent sport for spectators and competitors alike.

Pool Classics in the Movies and on TV
A-list actors make brief but memorable appearances at pool tables in Carlito’s Way (Al Pacino), Devil In A Blue Dress (Denzel Washington), Heaven’s Gate (Kris Kristofferson), Oceans Eleven and Robin and the 7 Hoods (Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack) and more. Check out some of Hollywood's pool classics.

"Q-Skill" through "Quick Draw"--Pool Terms Starting With Q

Pool & Billiards Specialty Shots - Special Strokes - Specialty Plays In Pool & Billiards
These are important techniques, specialty strokes for different pool shots you will encounter at the table. Impress your friends and dazzle your opponents.

Pool Stroking Techniques
Not all pool strokes are the same. There are strokes that will challenge your imagination. Learn the secret techniques of the billiards pros.

Pool Table Selection & Discernment
Learn the essentials in selecting a table for your enjoyment at home, and how to identify the best table from dozens at your favorite pool hall. Good players understand the choice of table can be as important as choosing your pool competition.

Learning A Classic Pool Stroke
Unlock the classic pool shooter within and learn the correct grip, stance at the table, balance and fine form. Finesse the cue ball and sculpt your pool shots with ease.

Pool Trick Shots - Happy Accident Pool Trick Shots
A compendium of wild and wooly shots that happened by accident on real pool tables - or did they?

Aimed Position In Pool & Billiards - Aiming Cue Ball & Objects In Pool & Billiards
Learn to aim the cue ball accurately, sink object balls, and set all the balls in position for upcoming shots.

"Race" through "Running"--Pool Terms Starting With R

"Safe" through "Stunt Pool"--Pool Terms Starting With S

"Table Bed" through "Two Piece"--Pool Terms Starting With T

Pool -- The Mental Game
How does a top pro think through a game of pool? What are the last things you should look at and consider before pulling the trigger on your shot? Learn how to stay calm, collected and focused over those sometimes frustrating little spheres.

"Unstroke" through "Under The Sea"--Pool Terms Starting With U

"Veneer" through "Vision"--Pool Terms Starting With V

"Wing Shot" through "Wrap"--Pool Terms Starting With W

The 8-Ball Debates
Get all the skinny on why to play 8-Ball at all, and how and where and against who to play it... and how!

My Favorite Pool Rants
Some of my favorite stories and assorted bits that are funny and touching about our sport.

Start Beating Up On Your League Members!
Tips and tricks for getting the most out of the amazing game of Eight Ball.

Famous Pool Shooters
Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln and Frank Sinatra have this in common--location. All three loved to hover over a pool or billiards table. Check out these exciting cueists.

"Game Ball" through "Gutters"--Pool Terms Starting With G

"Half Ball" through "Hustler"--Pool Terms Starting With H

Pool Hall Of Fame Players at
Their names are legend. Their feats are scarcely believed. They are remembered forever, living or dead, in Pool's Hall of Fame.

"Illegal" through "Ivory"--Pool Terms Starting With I

"Jaw" through "Jump Shot"--Pool Terms Starting With J

"Key Ball" through "Kiss Shot"--Pool Terms Starting With K

"Lag" through "Low Balls"--Pool Terms Starting With L

"Magic Balls" through "Mushroom Protector"--Pool Terms Starting With M

"Nap" through "Nylon"--Pool Terms Starting With N

"Object Ball" through "Outside English"--Pool Terms Starting With O

Pool & Billiards - Pros & Personalities - Pool Players To Watch's list of pool players to keep an eye on--these folks are strong contenders for future victories on tour or off, collecting the hustling cash on the road.

Pool Leagues - Tips For Succesful Pool and Billiards Leagues
Building a better pool league is simple. Follow our lead and gather tips to administrate a great pool league and keep your players happy and coming back season after season.

Pool & Billiards - Pool Table Sizes - Pool Table Differences
Not all tables are the same size. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of learning to play pool on different length billiards tables?

Pool & Billiards - Special Pool Table Features - Guide To Pool Tables
Innovations you can order for your pool table to increase your playing pleasure.

New Pool And Billiards Games - New Pool And Billiards Games
Try these new pool and billiards games. They rock.

"Call Shot" through "Cut Matt's Throat"--Pool Terms Starting With C

Choosing the Right Pool Cue
Cues come in every color of the rainbow, in lengths from 40

Billiards & Pool Cue Makers - Modern Artists - Pool & Billiards Craftsmen
Our look at some modern cuemakers who have elevated their craft to an art form, including some up-and-coming cue fashioners whose prices are still within this stratosphere.

"Pack" through "Push Shot"--Pool Terms Starting With P

"Balance" through "Butt"--Pool Terms Starting With B

Pool -- The Shaft
The upper half of a two-piece cuestick translates the stroking motion into momentum thrust through the cue tip. Different specifications are prized by the pros for their playing characteristics.

Pool Flows From The Tip

Classic Pool And Billiards Games - Classic Pool And Billiards Games
Come play classic pool and billiards games with us.

Don't Do This - Pool And Billiards - Don't Do This
Don't do this at the pool table and you're sure to come out a winner.

For Advanced Players - Pool And Billiards - For Advanced Players
For advanced players wanting to grow their pool and billiard skills.

Humorous Situations - Pool And Billiards - Humorous Situations
These humorous situations have made many laugh at pool or in it.

Innovative Pool And Billiards Games - Innovative Pool And Billiards Games
Play innovative pool and billiards games and learn as you go.

Shaping Your Skills - Improve Your Billiards - Shaping Your Skills
Get to shaping your skills the easy way with over a dozen articles of quality pool instruction.

Super Stance - Pool And Billiards - Super Stance
Our step-by-step guides for the best possible pool stance imaginable.

Testing A Table - How To Best Test A Table
Get to testing a table today you're thinking of buying or choosing as the best in your local poolroom... hustlers do.

Pro Pool Techniques - Enter At Your Own Risk - Pro Pool Techniques
Enter into these pool pro techniques at your own risk, because you are playing with fire--although that fire can warm your game also.

"Dead" through "Duck"--Pool Terms Starting With D

"Ebony" through "English"--Pool Terms Starting With E

"Face" through "Full Hit"--Pool Terms Starting With F

Pool Online Highlights & Strategy
A plethora of choices not dreamed of 20 years ago surrounds today's pool shooters--24/7 pool halls are available online. Some games are limited, others defy the imagination in their complex physical theorems, the closest you can get to pool without a real cuestick in your hands.

Pool with Style and Tournaments with Class
What equipment can or should you bring to a tournament at your local hall? The most important item to bring is a thoroughgoing knowledge of the behaviors that make for the best competition and fine sportsmanship. And, you will look good, too. Learn how to move in the poolroom before you visit.

Best Pool Record? Guiness Attempt: Mildly Amazes Us
What is the reason for 10 men to attempt a Guinness World Record billiards game?

Pool Cues: How To Replace A Stick's Tip Yourself
How can you safely and effectively change a tip on your pool cue by yourself? We show you how at

Cue Components - Basic Pool Cue Parts - Cue Stick Joint
Our handy guide to cue stick components. Page 6.

Cue Components - Basic Pool Cue Parts - Cue Tip
Our handy guide to cue stick components. Page 7.

Cue Components - Basic Pool Cue Parts - Cue Male & Female Joint Ends
Our handy guide to cue stick components. Page 3.

Cue Components - Basic Pool Cue Parts - Cue Shaft
Our handy guide to cue stick components. Page 4.

Cue Components - Basic Pool Cue Parts - Cue Crown
Our handy guide to cue stick components. Page 8.

Cue Components - Basic Pool Cue Parts - Cue Ferrule
Our handy guide to cue stick components. Page 5.

Cue Components - Basic Pool Cue Parts - Cue Joint
Our handy guide to cue stick components. Page 2.

Cue Components - Basic Pool Cue Parts - The Wrap
Our handy guide to cue stick components.

Cue Parts: Get To Know Your Stick's Components
Take your pool game to the next level, and get familiar with the parts and assembled components of your cue stick. Out handy guide has photos.

Is 8-Ball Or 9-Ball Better To Play, And Why?
Some love 8-Ball more than 9-Ball and vice versa. Which of these games is actually better for your pool game skills?

Begin Better Aim - The Real Secret
I'm going to tell you the real story on aiming pool. This is the pro method to ensure better play at billiards.

How You Use One Hand For Ball/Bridge Control Perfection
Use the three techniques of this article together for killer safeties, and killer speed control for offense.

Is Fast Or Slow Pool Cloth Best?
So many pool cloth choices--which speed is better for your pool cloth need, always?

How To Control The Cue Ball: One Magic Stance Move
Cue ball control mastery becomes yours with this one simple move.

Your Best Jump Cue Lacks Oomph? "White Diamond" It!
Tired of lacking a quality jump cue? Tired of a jump cue tip that won't get the job done?

Pool Instructions From The Master Player
I have researched many pool instructions from many teachers and found my pool and billiards game still wasn't enough until I followed this specific advice.

Exotic New Billiards Games: Free To Use And Distribute
Here are new billiards games for you, courtesy of Andy Neiman.

Billiards Game - Indiana's Six Ball And More - Free New Billiards Game
Looking for a new billiards game? Look no further than our own reader submitted billiards games. Page 2.

Center Ball Focus - Aiming To Better Strike Through Center Ball
Center Ball Focus - Aiming To Better Strike Through Center Ball. Page 4.

Reducing Throw Technique - Pool & Billiards - Reducing Throw
Center Ball Without Sidespin, Reducing

Learn How To Generate (Or Avoid) Pool Throw
Pool throw refers to the physical act of billiard balls clinging together long enough to ruin--or cinch--a shot. We'll show you how to use pool throw to do either in this article.

Confident Stroke - Mike Mattice
Confident Stroke - Mike Mattice - Confident Stroke. Page 2.

Our Full Review: The Laser Pool Cue Stroke Tool
If you've dreamt of owning a cue laser, dream no more! Ted Schulze's cue laser aimer, the Laser Stroke, is ideal. Read our full review...

Young Player, Willie Mosconi: Killed By Ralph Greenleaf
Young player Arness will need his best to defeat Mosconi--here's why.

Stick Length And Weight - Let's Get Stick Length And Weight Right
Cue length and weight discussions must start with a discussion of skills. Page 2.

Pool Cue Length And Weight: Seeking The Holy Grail
Seeking the Holy Grail of sticks by weight and cue length is a pastime for millions--but the real news is inside our story--the true pool cue length.

Use This Pool Practice Drill Book To Improve
You can see the formula on this article to determine your Drills Success Factor in billiards.

Tips Of English - The Double Pro Kick System
The DI will get you moving this month with Part II of his phenomenal and easy-to-absorb Tip Kick System.

The System Count Is Simple - Kick At Object Balls
The system count in this kick method is easy and you'll have it memorized in minutes.

Awesome 9-Ball Play - Good For Other Games Also
Time for an awesome 9-Ball play. Most players shoot defensive shots in 9-Ball because they don't see any ball they can make with confidence. That kind of thinking has to be averted if you're ever going to shoot pool at a high skill level.

Pool Ball Drills - Killer Safeties To Win Billiards Games
These double-sided pool ball drills develop intense safety skills to win games.

Pool Skills Drills - Fun Billiards Challenges
These pool skills drills will max your understanding of pocket billiards technique.

Walk The Line
Walk the line for pocket billiards with this fascinating pool skills drill.

Play In A Pool Tournament - Get Ready With Dominic Esposito
Ready to play in a pool tournament? Dominic Esposito gets you there with his patented drills and preparations. Check it out.

No Pool Luck Involved When You Use L.U.C.K.
No pool luck is needed when you use this L.U.C.K.y system for practice. Check out this hot billiards drill.

English Points - Strike The Cue Ball Here
The cue ball illustration demonstrates the 1-2-3 system of applying english to the cue ball.

8-Ball Pattern - With The Drill Instructor
You got there after pocketing the 15-ball in the top corner pocket. To do this you needed the cue ball to have an angle to play off of, which came from making the 10-ball using

Practice Drills That Develop Consistency - Part 2
Practice Drills That Develop Consistency - Part 2 - Critical review of what is needed to build ultra-consistency in your pool game.

Chalking Time Is Walking Time!
Chalking Time Is Walking Time! - Critical review of what is needed to build ultra-consistency in your snooker, billiards or pool game.

Pool Practice Routine - So Good, It's Like Cheating!
Your pool practice routine determines whether you are straight or crooked. These billiards moves will make any player stronger, instantly!

Neck / Back Pain - Avoid Neck Back Pain As Your Play Pool
Think of neck-back pain as alleviated if your spine as always aligned straight up from the middle of your back between your shoulders and... Page 5.

Strategies For Pool League Success
These are hot tips for your local pool league. Make it a big success with the tips inside for individuals and teams.

Are The Best Pool Cues Straight Sticks?
The best pool cues don't have to be straight pool cues! Here's why... I know it sounds strange, just bear with us, readers.

English And Tip Shaping - Questions And Answers
Do experts stroke the cue hard or softly instead? And an old tale on pool equipment continues...

How To Break An 8-Ball Table Wide Open
Improve your 8-Ball break shot. Do these tips apply to your game as to the reader whose questions I answer for a more powerful 8-Ball break?

Pool Definition - Kitchen - Cook Something Great
Learn how to use the

Fix Your Stroke With My GAP Quiz
Are you ready for Matt to fix your pool stroke? Do it the fun way with his new GAP Pool Quiz. Come and learn more about the right way to shoot.

The Cue Sticks of George Balabushka
The cue sticks of George Balabushka are unequaled in history. Learn why and explore this fascinating man's legacy.

2 Wrong Ways And The 1 Right Way For Shooting With English
Shooting pool with english, you are likely to miss your target or miscue without using the methods I describe. Here are reasons to shoot with carabao english.

How To Become A Professional Pool Player - Matt's Master Class
How to become a professional pool player by skipping hours of tedious drills to do my preferred billiards training methods, while having fun!

Deadly Defense Drill - How To Mark A Big 8-Ball (Or 9-Ball) Win
Lovely defensive drill--as when cutting to balls to pockets to make them blockers--ODO pool shots.

Stick To This Solution - Under $300 U.S. For A Great Billiards Cue
Unless you are hustling pool and want to look strange and also have a bad cue, here's how to have a great cue for under $300.

Drill In Stop Shots - Off The Rail!
Get this technique, then make small adjustments until you become more confident and more accurate with your stop shots from along the rails.

Buy (Or Don't Buy) a Pool Jump Break Cue?
I am answering a probing question today regarding that ultimate show stopper, the jump break cue. Do you need a jump break cue at all or should you separate tools?

Good Clean Instruction
I recommend to you this site for some good old-fashioned instruction for billiards beginners. Enjoy.

A Full Review Of Lee Brett's The Secret Art Of Pool
If you learn Lee Brett's stroke, and he gives you details on his DVD to master it, your stroke will have taken full advantage of pro secrets.

Champions Pool Technique - This Shot Trains Your Aiming
This is little known, but is perhaps the best pool shot to train your eyes in making other pool shots.

Is Gaming With Money Cool For Pool?
Gambling can become the worst imaginable addiction. But can one bet on pool without gambling?

New Variations On 8-Ball Games
There's nothing quite as much fun as adding your own

Pool Ball Weights - Be Careful As They Can Be Different
Pool balls can vary, surprisingly even on the same table in a set.

Light Or Heavy Cue Weight - Which To Use
Use a billiard playing cue weight that is light or heavy? Do you know how to choose? We show you how.

Bank Pool - Improve Your Aim For Bank Pool And Bank Shots
how to make a bank shot or any kick shot using simple calculations.

Pool Banks - Making Pool Banks With Style And Ease
For these pool banks, see how the red arrow indicating the final aim point has moved to the right to adjust for the target ball moving closer to the rail?

Step-by-Step: How To Aim Bank Shots "On The Square"
The very easy way to make a bank shot or kick shot and understand all the moves.

Bank Shots - Score Much More Often On Bank Shots
Bank shots explained step by step as a tool you can use in seconds.

Banks Shot - Making All Your Percentages Increase On Banks Shot
For your choice of banks shot with accuracy, realize the typical bank looks little the previous diagram...

Pool Kick Shot - The Best Way To Aim A Pool Kick Shot
A challenging pool kick shot turns easy using this simple method.

Kick Shot - Compare This Angle With The Previous Kick Shot
Compare this kick shot with the kick shot angle and ball placement on the previous page.

Hot Bank - Review The Data On This Hot Bank
Make a hot bank now using this simple methodology.

Get Your Head And Eyes Right For Pool
You must get your eyes and head in the right position to see shots--or you'll miss thousands of easy shots over the course of your pool career!

Break Almost Done
What does the stroke look like immediately following the break movement, before the pool balls have come to rest?

Bearing Down
Lean into the pool break, but not too much before pulling the trigger.

How to Play Pool Like the Pros (Tips and Techniques)
How to play pool like the pros, using my ultimate tips and techniques.

Practice Makes Perfect In Pool
Once you develop a proficiency for working both off the rails and frozen to the rails, you can move each of the object balls down one diamond...

Jump Shot Tips - Cues And Methods
All about jump shots including aim, technique and special equipment to get you high faster and cheaper, too.

Shot Choice In Billiards - "Think!" Says The DI
Tell yourself my little mental game inspirational thought and

A Shot Choice You Didn't Make
When having to choose between using left or right english or not using any sidespin at all, choose to win! Page 2.

The Roles Of Hand And Eyes In The Pool Stroke
Only a few see a straight stick beneath them as they run racks! This is how to make it happen. Eyesight aim is usually different than

Pool And Billiards Definition And Examples -- "Handicap"
Pool Definition -- Handicap. Billiards.

Answering Your Pool Questions
Learning the correct line of sight for one's personal eyesight particulars can help greatly with aim.

Test Your Billiards Knowledge - Matt's True/False Pool Quiz
There's an old joke that says,

How To Check Your Own Fundamentals In Pool
Compounding the problem: any one of these four items can force your subconscious to jerk or twist the stroke by way of compensation...

Visualize Positive Outcomes in Pool
How to stop thinking at pool--and start thinking. An exploration of the mental plane, pool's last frontier. Page 2.

Hot Pool Break Tips For Differences Between Table Sizes
Looking for break tips? Some of the best break tips are recorded in this unique article.

Guinness World Records - Pool And Billiards - "X Games Ahead"
If you care about philanthropy, you should be proud of Rikki Cunningham, who helped a family and shot into the Guinness Book of World Records at once.

Checking The "Felt" - Your Pool's Table Cloth
Searching for a good buy in table cloth or felt? A used pool table in decent condition might prove worth a try. You may even find one that...

Best Cue Shafts - Technique To Find Or Make Them Outstanding
Cue shaft technology has come far in recent years. A reader suggests a better billiards cue shaft and I reply in this article about what makes the better the best.

Famous Pool Players And Infamous Choices
There are now hundreds of pool instructional articles posted to this site. Dig in with relish!

More Models Needed In Pool
Money on tour is hard fought for and often, pool teaching becomes a chore for the pro to make a few bucks fast. Sad.

How To Win At Pool - My "Calm And Win" Tactic
The “calm and win” I am diligently teaching my students now to win pool more often. The tautology has been proven, how to play your best.

Pool Definition -- English
Pool Definition -- English: The use of english in billiards, what it is, what it does.

American Cue Sports Alliance (ACS) - New League For American Cue Sports Alliance (ACS)
The American Cue Sports Alliance. Learn about this exciting new pool league offering alternate rules, increased player payback, and more.

All About Natural Roll In Pool And Billiards
All about natural roll, the most powerful pool technique because of its simple nature; anyone can shoot like a pro using natural roll.

How To Break The Balls Like A Beast
This 8-Ball (and 9-Ball) break will give you good results almost every break!

GTS Calendar For 2015 And Beyond
Rob Boswell and Steve Lillis are again planning a return trip to the Philippines scheduled for November. The team can only take 10 people.

Four Contributors To The Death Of Pool
Change these factors! Help save pool as a vital sport.

How To Get More Power And Accuracy On Most Pool Shots
Come straight into the head ball with relaxed power. Too hard can be as bad as too soft.

How To Use CueSight's Laser Cue And Precision Training Ball
It's a laser cue, not a toy, and yeah, lasers just look cool.

A Review For CueSight's Laser Cue With Precision Training Ball
It's A Laser! CueSight's Precision Training Ball and Laser Cue are meant to help.

GTS Calendar 2015 - See The World's Greatest Trick Shot Artists Live!
Including the American Straight Pool Championships at Diamond Billiards, 13184 Midlothian Turnpike in Midlothian, Virginia.

Stop "Missing A-Round" At The Tables!
Now for you better players, the DI knows you can make the first 12 balls... were you thinking that you know this one?

How To Understand Crazy Pro Stances And Fix Yours
For either main stance, the two main purposes are to get one's vision center on line and have a stroke hand on the shot line.

A Review And How To For The Spider - Billiards Aiming Trainer
The Spider's DVD makes understanding the use of this exciting product eminently simple and clear.

Win Twice As Many Games Of Eight Ball, Now
Is there one attribute that separates top league and tournament 8-Ball’ers from the lower ranks? There sure is.

The Super-Break, The Most Powerful Pool Break On Earth
I think you should have a little fun and go for it regardless.

Pool Room Checklist - Personal And Professional
You’ll want and need these following items for your personal poolroom or for most tables in your pool hall...

Answering Your Billiards Questions
Answering some tough and interesting pool questions in today's article on aim, cloth speed and deflection/english.

Pool In The Park - Update And News
We would like to welcome our 20th and final member to our Philippines team, Tom

My Pool Movie Script Begins
You know, you could have a rocking movie not just about fictional pool hustlers but the real greats of this game. May I set a few scenes for you as below? These are all real-world, true-to-life stories of

From Dry Practice To Fresh Pleasure: Speed Pool And Card Pool Games
You are limited only by your imagination. Have fun!

How Billiards Experts Stroke The Cue Stick
How billiards experts stroke the cue stick is less a matter of debate than of fact. I give 17 reasons why every good billiards player shoots a certain way.

Why Play Billiards At All: Part II
While I love to see two friends who meet weekly for fun games, and who know they’re evenly matched and live merely for the pleasure of the hunt for billiards perfection,it feels good to win, to triumph and conquer.

"Fast Larry" Guninger - Ripley's Believe It Or Not - Fast Larry

Should You Shoot Pool On A Bar Table Or Not?
Should bar pool tables be used at all by the serious pool player? Here's our debate showing both sides of the issue.

Pool Books That Cook - The Best On The Market
his article features some of the best instructional and equipment pool words in print.

Awesome Pool Fiction Books You Should Read
Some of the fiction works that are a joy to read, and pillars of my pool book collection. You’ll want to read most of them sometime!

Cutthroat Pool - It's Not Just For Pirates Anymore
I ask for the middle balls as often as possible. Player B often holds a winning position simply by his set fooling the other players.

Pool Definition -- Call Shot
Pool Definition -- Call Shot: Imagine making the

Give Me A Break, From The Table!
I've got bad and good news for you on this one. Which do you want to hear first? How about the bad news?

Liz Ford - Rack Star
Grab photos and the details of my interview with the lovely and talented Liz Ford, one of pool's hottest

Alison Fisher - Rack Star
Grab photos and the details of my interview with the lovely and talented Alison

Interview With Jennifer "9MM" Barretta And The Rack Starz
Grab photos and the details of my interview with the lovely and talented Jennifer

Yomaylin "Smiley" Feliz - Rack Star
Grab photos and the details of my interview with the lovely and talented Yomaylin

Gail "g2" Glazebrook - Rack Star
Grab photos and the details of my interview with the lovely and talented Gail

Ball In Hand - With A New Game For Safety Play
Get ball-in-hand for the big billiards win more often with this new game from Dominic Esposito and Matt Sherman.

Tip For Better Safety Play - And A New Pool Game
Enjoy this quick tip for better safety play, and try our new pool game.

Play To Win With A Magic 8-Ball - The Sneaky Double Shot
It's time for a little Magic 8-Ball move of the table position! A great game played great.

Max Eberle - Pool Artist, Pro Talent
“Mad Max” Eberle is not only a pool professional with an impressive list of tournament wins but an artist, and in the literal sense of the word.

The # 1 Trick To Confidence At The Pocket Billiards Tables
Your confidence will be greatly enhanced on all shots you need to make.

Mike Massey And Steve Lillis - Trick Shot Tour
Steve Lillis and Mike Massey will be on tour in Los Angeles from 5/26/15 – 6/13/15. So far there are six shows booked as the tour continues to take shape.

Kill The Bugs - The Spider Pocket Billiards Game
Carl Sandstrom has invented another cool pool game, called

The Top 33 Signs You Are Pool Obsessed
If you've told your boss he can get the last three in a race-to-five for double or quits on your annual raise, you might be obsessed...

Reader Questions - Aiming, 8-Ball And Bar Box Pool
I place a three card on the key billiards ball the audience chooses to shoot next to last, and so on...

Craving Trick Shots? They're Going From The USA To The Philippines
Do you crave awesome billiards trick shots?

Don't Miss These Ideas For Eight Ball Play
These rules applies to all levels of play from pros to amateur.

Outdoor Billiards In Central Park
The latest updates from “The Pastor of Pool” Steve Lillis include an outdoor billiards trick shot show in New York’s Central Park this week!

James Wright Adds To A Classic Pool Game
It was in the Job Corps where I learned this “Billiard Grid Game”.

What Made You Create This New Racking Device?
What motivated you to create this new pool ball racking device?

How Is Rack Pool Played?
How is Rack Pool played? Billiards.

How Should Your Stroke Pull Or Push The Cue Stick?
Standing erect in port arms, of course, your backstroke is limited and it really feels like you are forced to push through to go forward on the final pool stroke.

Along The Butterfly
The owner of these three interesting cues has an interesting story to go with these custom cues. Page 6.

Butterfly Cue Stick Of Unknown Origin
The 360 was the most expensive of the early Brunswick-Balke models and as such, was often awarded as a tournament prize. Page 5.

Can You Identify This Cue Stick?
What stories this cue must have to tell us! dI'd love an e-mail if you know who made this lovely and rather unusual cue stick. Page 2.

Cue Stick With Dragon - Length
The dragon cue actually has hand-carved designs of two creatures. Page 4.

Enter The Dragon Cue Stick
Realize that today's software-aided and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) cue sticks make handcrafted designs like this one from generations ago seem more worthy than ever. Page 3.

Map Of Japan Cue Stick
At first glance at this photo, the custom cue stick that is shown seems to be damaged along its handle. Help us solve this billiards mini-mystery!

Fascinating Cue Sticks - Please Tell Us More
These three cues are a family legacy and date to pre-1955 at least. Can you help us identify these 60-year-old-plus fascinating cue sticks?

Dirty Dave Dishes Down On Dirty Pool
I had a double rack of the old solid and striped ball sets, they were like, “WHAT is this?” so we attempted the first-ever Dirty Pool Double Break...

Billiards Interview With "Dirty Dave": Part II
Imagine four pro players playing, it could be guys against gals or even mixed couples against each other. They can alternate turns every shot.

The Pool Power Shot Aim System
Making just a small change in the way our sport is learned can have a far-reaching effect and might trigger a Pool Renaissance.

All About Pool Table Cloth - What To Buy And Search For
One factor that adds speed is using a worsted, not woolen, cloth surface. Another that cuts speed is dropping balls to the table--don't do it!

Predator Cues Announces Third Generation Shaft Technology
Overall, I'm excited about the latest Predator products, since I usually pay more for a good Predator shaft than the cue stick I attach it to...

Everything We Know About Pool Tournaments Is Wrong
Room owners, if you must keep on with the old double elimination format, spice up play by trying something new? Just play pocket billiards matches.

Arthur Bacon Reviews Through The Eyes Of The Lizard
The great Cervantes once said, “There is no book so bad that something good may not be found in it”. He was wrong.

The Setup - Pool As Metaphor For Testosterone
Where does this obsession with money and gambling come from? The Depression ended about 75 years ago if my history memory serves me correctly.

Two Big Pool Events In April
Matt Sherman is offering free and paid clinics next month at his Quick Draw Pro School.

Pool Sticks - Do You Know Their Parts And Functions?
The ferrule, tip hardness and shaft flexibility combine to help provide feel for the next pool, snooker or cushion billiards shot.

Getting The Best Pool Sticks For Your Money
There is likely a weight bolt inside the butt cap that may removed or changed at will to change the weight of your playing cue. Experiment.

Planning An 8-Ball Run: Student Issues

Using Your Brain In Eight Ball
Ever wonder why the best players will run three or four balls, then pause for up to a minute or longer, then run the other balls and win?

Trick Shot Shows Near You For 2015
We are also looking for 8 more people to make a team of 16 to visit The Philippines with us.

The Monk Waxes Eloquent On Changing Pool Tournaments

Down And Dirty At The Pool Table
This game can get pretty intense. Standby EMT personnel are welcomed when players faint or have heart trouble.

Dirty Pool Is The Name Of The New Billiards Game(s)
The gorgeous set of balls for this new pool game is worth the price of admission alone.

How To Win 8-Ball Pool Tournaments - The Rules Of Sequence Continued
Smart players shape on two, three or even more balls simultaneously, and as often as possible.

Panic Vs. Paradise - Running A Table In 8-Ball
I explain how a good Eight Ball run should grow easier, not more difficult, as it goes forward

The #1 Pool Trick To End English Errors
BHE works better than the other english methods being discussed today, as in much better.

Pool Fiction - Great Pool Stories Free To Read
Pool fiction free to read and enjoy online, the best and latest in billiards fiction.

A Variety Of Pool Cue Sticks To Own
A Variety Of Pool Cue Sticks To Own

Pool Games & Strategy - Pocket Billiards - Pool Games
Your guide to a variety of fascinating pool games and the winning strategies and logic of the best players.

Are There Secret Pro Pool Aim Systems? - Yes!
Are There Secret Pro Aim Systems? The short answer is yes, there are. The long answer is in today's article and I welcome your feedback and comments.

Do The Pros Use A Big Or Small Tip Gap At The Pool Table?
Sometimes players need a fundamentals overhaul, yes. Other times, there are very easy fixes.

Carom Bank Eight Ball Makes You Strong
Remember that old scratch where you cut a ball into the left corner pocket but the cue ball plows into the right corner pocket or vice versa?

The Pure Stroke Action Trainer - Tantalizing Details
Do not lend your PureCue to a friend as they will be reluctant to return it! Seriously... it's a fun cue stick that is also a teaching device.

Tip Gap - Pocket Billiards Questions And Answers
Also consider standing at the rail exactly as you would or as close to it as on a regular shot and your rail play will improve.

Fix This Or Forever Be An Amateur Pool Player
Demonstrate the problem for yourself. Take the perfect stance (for you) at a pool table, now realize your cue tip is too far...

Fixing A Billiards Problem That Plagues Most Players
It’s a frequent occurrence for me to spend 15 minutes to correct the player habit of fudging the address position. Here's how to fix it yourself.

GTS Shows Continue To Amaze
As Steve shared Ella's story from her difficult birth to her tragic death the young people's eyes were riveted on the pool shots...

Pool Technique - Shooting The Right Shot Vs. Shooting The Shot Right
Pros play on a last ghost ball rather than a wild shot on the game ball.

Why Pool On TV Sucks
Nine Ball on TV encourages the beginner to become a spectacular shot maker rather than precisely guide the cue ball and the commentary can stink.

Best Pool Cue - Pro Hints on Buying Your Personal Pool Cue
Here are some helpful hints on buying your

One Of The Dumbest Things Pool Players Do - Fixed
If you are over half-a-ball distant from the cue ball with the tip, good luck hitting the ball on your stroke near your intended point of aim.

The Pool Lesson To End All Pool Lessons, Really
One Of The Best Pool Lessons I've Given I enjoy giving pool lessons whether a costly seminar or simply a few pool lessons for struggling students pro

Speed Trumps Aim - The Pool Shot That Is Made Without Aiming
Speed trumps aim on this difficult cut shot made easy at

Pacing Beats Chasing - Pool Body Distance, Cue Distance, Speed
Pacing beats chasing on most shots, which is to say, play the cue ball right now and the next object ball will be easy to shoot also, as I demonstrate.

Cut Shot - The "Home Again," The Most Important Billiards Shot

Playing To The Middle - Cue Ball Positioning Of The Pros
Playing to the middle or center is key in pool. Here's how it's done the right way beyond,

The Magic 8-Ball - Shot Of The Pros
What I call the magic 8-ball shot is one of the

The New M1A1 Training And Playing Pool Cue
When you vividly recall the feeling of playing well, neurotransmitters in the brain send this message to every cell, nerve, and muscle in the body.

Use Hypnosis For Billiards Without Hypnosis
Understand the Eve-apple principle for pool and billiards

Use Neurotransmitters To Enhance Your Billiards Skills
Dominic “The Drill Instructor” Esposito is the author of several popular books and DVD series and the inventor of the G-5 LAUNCHER “Aiming” Jump Cue.

How To Run Out A Pool Table - Strategy For 8-Ball And 9-Ball
Here's how to run out at the pool tables more often. Even the pros want to do more than one of four 9-Ball racks if the pressure is at a maximum.

"Cannonball" Eight Ball Variation
It has helped countless players to see that running Eight Ball can be simple if you think carefully and choose shots in the correct order

The Hung Wrist Method - Wrist Moves In Pool
The hung wrist method for billiards. Page 2.

Pace The Distance - Pace The Distance
Now we'll pace off an equal distance from the cushion along the line (

Doubled Distance Pool - Doubled Distance Pool
Simply look back toward the cue ball from this

Cue Ball's Edge - Cue Ball's Edge
Remember to account for the fact that a cue ball's edge will touch any cushion in pool, but never the cue ball's center.

Titanic Thompson "The Man Who Bet on Everything" Review
He gambled--and won--more on pool and billiards than anyone who ever lived. Do you know him?

Razzle, A Chicago Pool Game Variation
Razzle is an interactive game where partners discuss the next shot before it is played, opening a great opportunity.

How to Sink Balls on the Break - Pool Tips
How to sink more balls on the break? I'll tell you how the pros do it and how to straighten your break stroke at the same time.

Technique in Aiming the Cue Ball in Billiards
One of my best techniques for aiming the cue ball is described including a helpful illustration.

Expert Brand Recommendations for Your Custom Cue
“Which brand or maker of custom cue should I try and buy, Matt?” is heard at many of my pool lessons. Here's what I say...

20 Top Billiards Lies and Pool Myths
Sort fact from fiction (and cloth friction) with these 20 pieces of garbage that even some famous pros and teachers use in their lessons. Billiards on this GuideSite is like life, in that I enjoy sorting myths from truth.

How to Choose Between Pool Cue Tips
A shameless request for info on pool cue tips becomes a pool cue tips compendium.

How to Improve Your Pool Stroke
How to improve your pool stroke - why, use golf equipment, of course.

How To Buy The Right Pool Table
Buy your next pool table, new or used, the smart way.

Deciding Between Predator and Other Cues
Choosing between Predator cues and other quality cues is like deciding between Peking Duck and Russian caviar. So here's how to decide.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Billiards Skills - 5 Myths That Will Destroy Them
Get your billiards skills under control and avoid these awful mistakes. Learn from the best, the tools of the top pool pros and teachers.

Hot Women Of Pool - The Rack Starz Launch
The Rack Starz new calendar launched high at Amsterdam Billiards this month. Check out our exclusive reports.

Vernon Elliott Biography - Greatest Pool Hustler
Vernon Elliott was one of those pocket billiards legends who never played tournaments before the public but cashed against all the great. Here's his story.

How To Sink More Rail Shots
Pool and billiards becomes quite a different game when the balls sit near the rails. And don't get me started with snooker. Here's how to solve the problems.

How To Straighten Your Pool Stroke
How to straighten your pool stroke by fixing the common stroke errors that most players have now.

Diamond Systems Are Forever - New Billiard Table Feature - Lit Diamond Systems
“Diamond systems”, detailing how to work the cue ball to touch several cushions around the table on a path completing an odd triangle or parallelogram, are among the hardest items to teach, but a new table feature makes learning fun and quite fast.

The Drill Instructor
The Drill Instructor. Pool / Billiards. Page 2.

The Drill Instructor
The Drill Instructor. Pool / Billiards. Page 5.

The Drill Instructor
The Drill Instructor. Pool / Billiards. Page 8.

The Drill Instructor
The Drill Instructor. Pool / Billiards. Page 4.

The Drill Instructor
The Drill Instructor. Pool / Billiards. Page 3.

The Drill Instructor
I recommend few other pool teachers. They have to be the best. The Drill Instructor is a man of integrity, a playing pro, and a very knowledgeable pool teacher.

360 PureCue Stroke Trainer - Neil Johnson's Billiards Training Device
The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer is a terrific invention, a simple idea that is brilliantly executed. I believe an APA-ranked 2 or 3 might quickly turn to a 6-level or higher using a PureCue to train their skills.

Mastering Cue Ball Control For Power Breaks
Begin by setting the cue ball in the center of the table. Place between 10 balls to a full rack of 15 balls on and around the break spot.

The Stroke That Plasters The Rack
Note for those wanting to maximize their benefit: Practice this shot 100 times or until you consistently cause the cue ball to slow roll forward 6 to 8 inches... Page 2.

Breaking "Out Of The Box"

Breaking From The Box
Breaking From The Box. Pool / Billiards. Page 2.

Practice Drills That Develop Breaking Skills, Part II
Practice Drills That Develop Breaking Skills, Part II

Pool Teachers - What Are They Really Teaching?
I list what many of the costliest pool teachers are sharing in their lessons lately, so take careful notes.

APA Break - And For Other Players - Rules And Strategy
The APA break rules can be a blessing or a curse as can other pool league and tournament rules. Here's why.

8-Ball Rules Supreme - The Debates Continue
Donny and Matt's 8-Ball rules debates continue at Which side will you choose?

Killer Pool - Shoot To Kill With This New Android App
Shoot to kill with this new killer pool app for Android phones.

Eyesight Aiming - A Key To Guide All Shooting Sports
There are numerous myths in pool and billiards concerning the topic of eyesight aiming—myths that will affect your abilities in other shooting and ball/stick sports. It’s imperative your eyesight is accurate or you will 1) miss shots 2) get aches and pains from straining muscles to bring the head into an incorrect, unbalanced position.

Ball Run - The 8-Ball Debates Begin
Should you consistently go for the big ball run in 8-Ball? Here's why not and what to do instead.

Hustlers Tricks - Know Them, Avoid Them
There are sharks in all the waters of the pool rooms in this world, it seems. Heck, my wife tries to shark me when we play, since she gets bored of sitting and watching me run tables.

Seven More Ways To Lose A Game Of Eight Ball
Knowing what not to do is as important in Eight Ball as knowing what to do. Here are seven examples.

Straight Pool Strategy And Hints
Straight Pool Strategy And Hints

Vincent Van Gogh - Celebrity Pool Shooter - Vincent Van Gogh, Pool Artiste
Millions admire Vincent Van Gogh's artisitic sensibilities and were amazed by his emotional insensibility unless poured out on his canvas. Do you know the tale behind his billiards painting?

Newton's 3 Laws Of Motion - Practical Pool And Billiards
Apply Sir Issac Newton's physical laws with me to accomplish nifty strokes at the pool table. This article outlines laws of motion relationships to great, straight strokes and powerful break shots.

Break Cue Weight - By Sir Issac Newton
Newton's second and third laws of motion have much to say about break cue weight, strokes and power in pocket billiards. Page 2.

Aiming The Cue Ball - Two Kinds Of Aim
Aiming the cue ball using instinct vs. Fraction Aim... continuing our aim primer where every different method used by the pros to aim object balls is illustrated. You may catch up on past reads first if you wish.

8-Ball, Best Or Worst - Pool And Billiards
Is 8-Ball the best practice game for pool and billiards, the worst, or does the answer lie somewhere in the middle of the spectrum? Page 8.

14.1 Continuous Pool - The Best Pool And Billiards Game?
Could 14.1 Continuous Pool be the best pool and billiards practice game, and why? Page 9.

Planning Three Shots Ahead - Pool And Billiards
Planning ahead is critical to creating high runs in billiards. Here's how to think through the rack with accuracy. Page 5.

Open Bridge Or Closed - And When In Pool?
Should you use an open or closed bridge in pool, and when and why? Page 6.

Uses Of Open And Closed Bridges - Pocket Billiards
The correct uses of open and closed bridges in pocket billiards are a mystery to most amateurs. Page 7.

How Many Shots Ahead - Pool And Billiards
How many shots ahead should you look in pool and billiards? Page 4.

Weight On Which Foot - Pool And Billiards
Which foot should take the weight during the billiards stroke? The answer may surprise you. Page 2.

Back Foot Or Front - Pool, Billiards And Snooker
Should the back foot bear more weight or the front in pool, billiards and snooker? The answer may well surprise you. Page 3.

Pool True Or False - 4 Questions 2 Change Your Game
Have fun (and learn) with these four true or false pool questions to put you in the mood for pool and billiards, test your knowledge, and have a blast. Can you get all four correct?

More With Jennifer Barretta
More With Jennifer Barretta. Pool / Billiards. Page 2.

Interview With Jennifer Barretta
An exclusive interview with Jennifer Barretta, star of 9-Ball.

Amateurs Place The Cue Stick Here
Amateurs place the cue stick here. Page 2.

How To Have A Good Pool Stance - Classic Instruction
How to have a good pool stance? Take on the two wrong and one right stances we demonstrate step-by-step.

Pros Settle To The Floor
Pros settle to the floor exactly in this manner. Page 3.

Ten More Myths That Can Wreck Your Game
If you want to learn how to play great pool and billiards, you ought to banish these myths from your game.

Nervous Pressure Drill

Relieve Nervous Pressure And Score More In Billiards
Every player who has played an important match knows that feeling of having nervous butterflies in their stomach. Suddenly, your breathing becomes short and erratic...

Rotation Order Billiards Drill - Have Fun And Get Better
What kind of rotation drill can you do to make the most of your time? Something just like the following fits the bill. I'm convinced this is a fun drill. Stick with it!

New Year's Pool Resolution
Continuing the previous article: Your New Year's Drill for billiards excellence. Page 2.

Understand Cue Ball Angles - The Best Billiards Tips
Understand Cue Ball Angles, The Best Billiards Tips

Pool Hustling Legends - On The Road With Players
Read true stories about pool hustling legends at

Eyes And The Pool Stroke - Dominant Or Not?
Most people are somewhat ambiocular, which is to say that there are varying degrees of

How To Refine Practice Stroke Aim - Score More, Miss Less
Practice stroke aim comes with a warning, don't do it. Here's why the correct practice stroke will enhance hitting your target, rather than destroy your aim method.

The Best Pool Games to Play to Improve Billiard Skills
Play pool games in your spare time? Are you more serious that that? What are the best possible pool games to play and why?

A Primer on How to Practice Pool Skills Effectively
How to practice pool skills effectively and get on a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

Billiards Accessories - The Finest Rated Holiday Gifts And Billiards Accessories
These are the billiards accessories and products I heartily endorse to get more enjoyment from pool at home or away at your favorite billiards club.

Overcutting Balls - Fixing The Most Common Billiards Issue
What I've learned about overcutting billiards cut shots is akin to fixing the average duffer's slice in golf or all those sidearm Frisbee throws that curve off target almost immediately.

Object Ball - How To Bank Them In Two Ways
Scoring an object ball with ease is accomplished using both these banking methods. Step-by-step instruction including illustrations.

Hard Banks - Pro Technique For Bank Shots
Making a challenging bank shot by firing hard or soft, or using inside or outside english or both, perplexes a lot of players. These two techniques are sure winners. Page 2.

The Sweet Spot In Billiards
The Sweet Spot In Billiards. Get it by extending your pool stroke in the correct, simplified fashion.