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PSMJ Project Management Training
Last week I participated in a Project Management Bootcamp, one of many courses offered by PSMJ Resources Inc. While PSMJ targets mainly the architecture and

Tech Transfer for Business-Science Grads
When I was in university - (pay attention now, I'm about to reveal my age) - scientific research wasn't viewed as having a whole lot of commercial value and

Interesting Risk Perception Story
I currently work in risk assessment, which means I spend every day looking at toxicological exposure data and estimating the probability and the magnitude of

Pharmaco-Epigenomics an Emerging New Approach to Cancer Therapy
There's a new area of biomedical research emerging from the fields of epigenetics, genomics and cancer therapy, called pharmaco-epigenomics. This title

Epigenomics in Leukemia Research
The new field of Pharmaco-Epigenomics is being applied for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of leukemia, according to research to be published this month in

Epigenetic Therapies are Synergistic with Conventional Treatments
The use of pharmaco-epigenomics has already lead to the approval of several drugs for treatment of different types of cancer. These drugs work by reversing

Power Graphs Analysis of "Six Degrees" in Protein Interactions
Are you curious about cascades and information networks in cells? Have you wondered if there are patterns to protein interactions? Are you interested in

A Simplified SUMOylation Assay for Drug Screening
SUMO (small ubiquitin-related modifier) is a small polypeptide that binds reversibly to proteins and influences their structure and activity. It is a

Medicinal Properties of a Common Garden Bush
If you have a garden, you probably have, in your front or back yard, the treatment for a number of different types of cancer. The Yew is a popular

New Bacterial Enzyme for Cyclodextrin Production
Cyclodextrins (CDs) are circular chains of sugars used in the food and pharmaceutical industries for a variety of purposes. CDs typically consist of 6 to 9

New Findings in "Superbug" Research
In a letter released today by Nature, scientists from Harvard University demonstrate what they describe as charitable behavior among cultures of bacteria with

Genomic Research: Rapid Advances Changing Lives
Hockey season is gearing up again and, living in Canada, it's hard not to pay at least a little bit of attention to what's going on. I got thinking this morning

PCR-Inspired, Personalized Artwork by DNA11
DNA11 is a novel Canadian company that makes works of art from your own DNA. Just swab your cheek and send them a sample, and the company will create a unique

4 Societal Concerns with Biotech
The field of biotechnology is fast-paced and rapidly changing. Often, the pace at which new technologies are developed far exceeds that of regulatory change and

Biotech Battling the Spread of Superbugs
Medical tourism has made headlines lately, as the threat posed by the spread of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms becomes a global problem. Online news

Human O-Glycosylation Activity in Tobacco Plants
One of the chief applications of agricultural biotechnology is to use plants to produce proteins (such as antibodies, or antigens for vaccines) for human

Array Technologies Finding Widespread Use
When you think about it, the study of nutrition, and consumption of food, something we all do every day, are both actually applications of biotechnology. There

The Prion Link to Cancer
Prions are small molecules that are mainly made up of protein, and appear to contain no nucleic acids. Despite apparently having no genetic material, they can

Simultaneous Prion Research Paying Off
There's a Canadian link to the prion link to cancer that I thought you might find interesting. Canadian researchers working on vaccines to prevent the spread of

Bubble Plot of Biopharma Data
Last year, BioProcess International sent me a really fun poster summarizing the First 30 Years of Biopharmaceuticals. I was checking it out today (fall

Nobel Prize for In Vitro Fertilization
The Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded today, to physiologist Dr. Robert Edwards, for the development of in vitro fertilization. The award is

What Bothers You Most About GM Foods?
On September 29th I recieved an email from the Center for Food Safety noting a press release in which they applaud the 39 US Representatives and Senators

No Non-Fish "Foreign" DNA in Aquabounty Salmon
My inquiry to AquaBounty Technologies, regarding the construction of their transgenic Salmon, was responded to very quickly by both the media relations staff

New Beta-Lactamase Inhibitors to Fight Superbugs
Two interesting new patents were filed in Canada last month, both aimed at addressing the problem of Superbugs and their growing resistance to antibiotics of

Translocater Protein Inhibition Halts Superbug Invasion
I need to finish the second half of my story about new patents protecting innovative ways to fight Superbugs. It has been pretty much established that bacteria

Extremophiles from African Soda Lakes
It started with the Discovery Channel show about the Great Rift Valley in Africa. I'd never the explanation before, for what makes pink flamingos pink.

Amniocytes the Future of Vaccines?
It's flu season again, at least in my corner of the world, and - do you think we're any further ahead in the vaccine department than we were last year? Well,

Bioplastic "Plant Bottles" Invading North America
Bioplastic Plant Bottles Invading North America

Buckyballs Found in Space
The following doesn't have a whole lot to do with biotechnology, but it's definitely newsworthy and pertains to a discovery that has lead to leading edge

Antibacterial Properties of Dog Saliva: Fact or Fiction?
Since getting a new puppy last week I've been asking myself if it's really true that dog saliva has antibacterial properties and, if so, why aren't the

Tummy-Tuck Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine
Headline news, on my talk radio station on Friday morning, was that scientists had manged to use stem cells from adipose (belly fat) tissue obtained from people

Cytori: Regenerative Medicine with Adipose Stem Cells
Many thanks to reader Tom Baker, who works in investor relations for a company called Cytori. About ten years ago, Cytori was founded by a team of

Outsourcing to a CDMO Saves Time
If you're looking for new, improved outsourcing model to get your product from the pipeline to market faster, consider this: It might be tempting to approach

Non-Research Job Options in Biotechnology
Do you love biochemistry, chemistry or chemical engineering, but don't feel the creative urge to do discovery research and new drug development? Maybe you don't

Nutrient Supplementation Methods
It makes perfect sense that, in order to reep full benefits of a transgenic organism during bioprocessing of a new biopharmaceutical, you would want to grow as

Filing an Adverse Event Report
Awhile ago a reader wrote me to fill me in on some facts regarding SUSARs and the reporting system for adverse  effects to drugs or biologics in the USA. It

High "Bio"-Tech Christmas Gifts
It's that time of year again and, if you're anything like me, time, to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list, is running out. If you're

Developments in Personalized Medicine
Personalized medicine, once the fodder of sci-fi movies, has become a reality. By now, the idea that different people have different reactions to certain drugs

More Anticancer Immunotherapies
The personalized cancer vaccine I wrote about yesterday is just one of several approaches making news in the biotechnology industry, for targeting and

Life as a Protein
The lifespan of a protein isn't very long. In fact, some proteins are quite labile. For that reason, protein recycling is an ongoing process within our cells.

Will We See a Dino Chicken in 2011?
Did anyone else miss the 60 Minutes episode on the Dino Chicken and controverial paleontologist Jack Horner the first time around (in November 2009) and catch

Biotech Predictions for 2011
Happy New Year everyone! There's no doubt in my mind that during the next decade we will see biotechnology come of age, maturing into a source of everyday

Top Small Biotech Companies of 2010
I've been asked to put together a list of the top small biotech companies which, in my opinion, is a rather daunting task because I don't believe I could

ChronTech DNA Vaccines Thriving in 2010
DNA vaccines are an up-and-coming solution to some of the more persistent and potentially lethal viruses that can infect humans. The idea is to use a plasmid

Worst of 2010: Helicos BioSciences
I know I said I'd write all week about some of the best small biotechnology companies of 2010, but since I was so disappointed last night to find out that

Apeiron Biologics a Leading Performer in 2010
The prestigious European Biotechnica Award is presented annually at the Biotechnica event for biotechnology and life sciences. The candidate must be an

Advanced Cell Technology On the Mend
One more Small Biotech company review and I'm giving it a break for Friday. Here's my last pick for the week... There's no doubt that in 2011 we will see

Agricultural Biotech Giant, DuPont, Investing in Enzymes
DuPont is already a world leader in agricultural biotechnology, in addition to being the manufacturer of the controversial Bt Corn. DuPont research is aimed at

Will you Donate your Eggs?
Would you donate your eggs to be used in the generation of parthenogenetic stem cells? Parthenogenensis is  a type of asexual reproduction in which an organism

The Evolution of InnoCentive
Two years ago I blogged about the website InnoCentive, a page that provides a forum for companies seeking new ideas to find innovative answers to their needs.

Photomodifiers Enhance Control Over Antigene Therapy
Since the discovery of siRNA, companies like Silence Therapeutics, Sirna Therapeutics and AVI Biopharma have been racing to apply the Nobel prize-winning

Positive Predictions from J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
J.P. Morgan's Annual Healthcare Conference was held last week in one of North America's top biotechnology hubs, San Francisco, with over 8500 attendees.

Metabolomics Blooming for Metabolon
Metabolomics is just another of the latest -omics in biotechnology, but, looking at the accomplishments of Metabolon, you'd think this field of study had been

Biopolymers Improve Sophorolipid Acne Treatment
You only need to watch prime time TV for about 10 minutes to realize that fighting acne has become a big business. The world's top music and movie stars can be

DNA Backbone Assists Nanocrystal Formation
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) has become a household name, known for being the biopolymer that comprises our genes and contains the code for how we're formed and

The Value of a Good CSO
When writing about the advances of biomedical research, I sometimes forget about the important role CSOs play in the industry. It's not something that smart

Phase III Trials for Lung Cancer Vaccine
The subject of cancer vaccines is one I find extremely interesting. I think the reason for this is when I first started studying biochemistry, not a lot was

Projects of the Biomarkers Consortium
Just before the new year, the Foundation for NIH-managed Biomarkers Consortium (BC) announced that they were ready to release proteomic data they'd gathered

Quick Facts on Tobacco Mosaic Virus
A reader wrote to ask me if tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is a type of retrovirus. TMV is a virus that attacks (no surprise here...) tobacco plants. It is closely

Investor Relations Website Maximizes Startup Exposure
Readers often contact me with questions about how to get an idea to market, or a startup off the ground. There are lots of different ways to go about launching

USDA in Defiance of Courts
In a rare turn of events, I have to say this time I'm picking a side over a controversial issue, and it's not the side you'd expect. I've been reading up on the

Can Redpoint Bio Make Cola Products Healthier?
What was a company that strives to develop healthier foods and new treatments for diabetes, doing in collaboration with Coca-Cola? Redpoint Bio Corporation is a

Chromovert Bioindicator Platform has Unlimited Potential
I love it when I'm writing about one topic and it opens the door to a whole new range of subjects. The only problem with that is it's very easy to get

Is Chromocell the Coca-Cola Favorite?
 Unlike Redpoint Bio, which is currently very small (employing only 11 people) and appears to be struggling, Chromocell Corporation appears to have it all

Enzymes in the Edible Oil Industry
Food biotechnology doesn't just have to mean transgenic plants designed for higher yields or pesticide resistance. Don't forget that some of the first biotech

Biomedical Treatments from the Sea
From the name, it sounds like Marinomed would be a company focussed on finding new biomedical treatments from marine sources. As a matter of fact, the last time

Biovest Comeback with Cancer Vaccine
A reader wrote me at the start of the new year to let me know I'd missed out on one of the most successful comeback stories of 2010. According to my

Bioengineered Solution for Degenerative Disc Disease
As a former figure skater, I've taken a lot of falls in my life, and was told fairly early in adulthood that my lowest two intervertebral discs were partially

Mark Your Vote for New Bioplastics Symbol
Cereplast is an American bioplastics producer that makes plastics and resins from plants like corn, potatoes, algae and wheat. Their products are used in a

FDA Approval for Lupus Drug, Benlysta
After delaying their decision for 3 months, last December, the FDA has come through with an approval for Benlysta, a drug for the treatment of lupus. The

FDA Orphan Drug Status for Aegerion's Lomitapide
Whether we like it or not, biomedical discovery companies DO have to make money, to recoup the high costs of drug discovery and development, and Phase I, II and

New Biotech Tools Announced Daily...
With all the topics I need to cover for the biotech/biomedical blog, I often get caught up in new medical advances or bioproducts you might find in the home,

Biotechnology in Japan
According to Biotechnology Business, a website geared towards promoting biotechnology in Japan, the Japanese biotech industry is the second-largest in the

Cleveland Biolabs Cashing in on Disaster
Cleveland Biolabs (CBLI) has been in the global spotlight this past two weeks, for their as-yet unapproved treatment for radiation exposure, CBLB502. The drug,

Ranking the Top Biotech Countries
The USA ranks first in number of biotech firms, PCT patent applications and biomedical treatment approvals, with Japan coming second, according to the 2009 OECD

Chemoproteomics Aids Study of Epigenetics
Another biotech term gaining recognition as an omics of biotechnology is a field of study called chemoproteomics. In a paper released last month in Nature

GM Flowers You CAN Buy
So, if you can't find GM, drought resistant tulips, what types of flowers HAVE horticultural genetic engineers managed to produce? According to GMO Compass,

Immunitor HepC Vaccine Also Fights TB
Multi-drug resistance in pathogenic bacteria has become such a big problem that even people with no knowledge of science are aware of the concerns of the

Academic Tech Transfer
If there's one thing I've heard over and over again, it's that scientists are not business people. That may or may not be true, but there are certainly many

How to Patent a Natural Bioproduct
One ongoing debate in the field of biotechnology is the question of whether or not individuals (or companies) should be allowed to patent natural biomolecules

Vets Take Another Step Towards Curing Lupus
To find a solution to a problem, you first have to identify what cause of the problem is. You don't get anywhere in biopharmaceutical drug discovery without

"Patent Cliff" Takes Another Drug Saturday
According to corporate research company EvaluatePharma, this year marks the beginning of a six-year

Microbiome a Little-Known Branch of Biotech
Joshua Lederberg (1925-2008) was a molecular biologist and visionary who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1958 for discovering bacterial

Bioartificial Organs Becoming Reality
I don't get PBS's Nova ScienceNow program in Canada, which is really too bad because I would have loved to have seen the episode aired in January about

3 Reasons to Get Excited About Stem Cells
One of the most popular articles on my site is entitled Why all the Excitement About Stem Cells? It seems a lot of people are still asking that question, even

Proteomic Link to Pre-Term Births
The Obstetrics crowd has been chasing down bioindicators of spontaneous pre-term birth (SPTB) for many years now, but a new and significant piece of the puzzle

US Military and Vical Continue DNA Vaccine Collaboration
Awhile ago I wrote a piece about Inovio Pharmaceuticals and their in situ electroporation platform for delivering DNA vaccines. CEO Dr. Joseph Kim, in an

In Defense of Cloning and Stem Cells
Cloning and stem cell research often get a bad rap because the words conjure up images of human experiments gone wrong coupled with the destruction of embryos.

Localized Immunosuppression of Islet Transplants Using Stem Cells
One of the drawbacks to organ transplants, or even stem cell treatments, like therapeutic cloning, can be the necessity for immunosuppressent drugs, which

Rosetta Green Has Solutions to Drought and Biofuel Concerns
RGN-131 is part of a family of miRNA genes discovered by a company called Rosetta Green Ltd. that play a role in drought tolerance in plants. Rosetta Green is a

Harvard Bioscience Tops Boston Globe's "Best-of" List
Just last month (April 24th) I wrote a blog about Harvard Bioscience Inc. and their specialized bioreactor and protocol for making hollow organs to transplant

High-Sensitivity Assays Detect New Cancer Biomarkers
Nanosphere Inc. is a nanotechnology-based developer of diagnostic systems, including molecular systems, for detecting disease. Their discovery program has

Types of RNA
Lot's of new research is being done using miRNA and siRNA, as small molecule treatments for various diseases. As a result, these small RNA pieces have become

Small Molecule Halts Drug-Resistant Leukemia
The BCL6 protein is a transcription factor known to be active in many different kinds of cancer, one of which is drug-resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Biosimilars: Generic Versions of Biotech Drugs May Soon be Approved
Biosimilars: Generic Versions of Biotech Drugs May Soon be Approved

Chromosome Mapping Approach Helps Understand Cancer Development
Chromosome Mapping Approach Helps Understand Cancer Development

Roche Still Trying to Takeover Illumina
Roche Still Trying to Takeover Illumina

Fetal Genome Sequence Using DNA in Maternal Blood
Non-invasive Whole Genome Fetal DNA Sequence Using DNA in Maternal Blood

Stanford Professor Receives Innovation Award for Contributions to Microfluidics and DNA Sequencing
Stanford's Dr. Quake Receives Innovation Award for Contributions to Microfluidics and DNA Sequencing

How the Bird Flu Might Become More Pathogenic
Two recent articles describe how the avian flu H5N1, also known as the bird flu might become pathogenic to humans

Genetically Modified Apple That Doesn't Brown When Cut
Okanagan Specialty Fruits is working towards getting FDA approval for its genetically engineered non-browning non-browning Arctic Apple.

Roche Abandons Takeover of Illumina
Roche allows offer to buyout Illumina to expire

Supreme Court's Ruling against Prometheus Shakes Up Personalized Medicine
Prometheus v. Mayo Clinic

Researchers Find Age-Related Gene Regulators
Researchers identify genes influencing aging, study by groups at King's College and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Whitehouse Releases Guidelines for the Bioeconomy
What's relevant to drug development in the Obama administration's recently released bioeconomy blueprint

Ten-Year Study Demonstrates Safety of Retroviral Gene Therapy Using T-Cells
Retroviral T-Cell Follow Up Study Indicates Safe Approach For Gene Therapy

Addressing the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implication of Genomic Research
Addressing the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implication of Genomic Research

Single Cancers Are Produced by Diverse Cell Populations
Cancer cell populations are genetically very heterogeneous

New Discovery Brings Routine DNA Sequencing of Every Patient Closer
Next Generate DNA Sequencing for Every Patient

Abandoned Drug for Sleep Disorder Blocks Neuronal Cancer Tumors
Researchers find abandoned sleep disorder drug blocks neuroblastoma growth

Roche Closing NimbleGen and Pulling Out of DNA Microarray Market
Roche is pulling out of the DNA microarray market and closing its NimbleGen microarray division.

Comparing Boston and San Francisco Biotech Clusters
Overview comparing the biotech clusters surrounding Boston and the San Francisco Bay

Multiplicom Gets $250K to Make Prenatal Genetic Test Using Maternal Blood
Grant to Multiplicom to Develop Prenatal Genetic Test Based on DNA in Pregnant Woman's Blood

Whole Genome DNA Sequencing's Impact on Health Care
How Will Whole Genome DNA Sequencing Affect Health Care

Opening Day of the BIO 2012 Convention in Boston
Opening Day of Biotechnology International Organization's Annual Meeting, the BIO 2012 Convention in Boston

BIO 2012, Day 2: Industry Address, New Protests, and E&Y Release Global Biotech Industry Report
BIO Day Two, Ernst and Young Release their Annual Global Biotech Report

Japanese Laboratory Grows Eye Part from Embryonic Stem Cells
Researchers at RIKEN Use Embryonic Stem Cells to Culture Retina in Laboratory

Six Ways the Court's Affordable Care Act Ruling Impacts Biotech
Impact on Biotech and Biomedical Industries of the Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act Ruling

Another Lab Analyzes Fetal Genes Using DNA in Mother's Blood
Prenatal DNA Analysis of Fetal Genes Using DNA Obtained from Mother's Blood

Quit Smoking with Gene Therapy
Laboratory at Cornell University uses gene therapy to block effects of nicotine in mice

High Speed Imaging That Can Pick Out Rare Disease Cells in Blood Samples
Researches at UCLA developed a high speed imaging system that enables identification of cancer and other rare cell circulating in blood

The Concern over Genetically Modified Food
Concern of genetically modified food continues although it has been in US groceries for more 15 years.

Concerns over Possible Release of Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys
Florida Keys residents express concern over potential release of genetically modified mosquito to fight dengue.

Preventing Aging: Is It Possible?
Leading researcher on aging Linda Partridge shows that the genes controlling how cells sense key nutrients also appear to control the aging program.

Nobel Prize for Medicine Goes to Stem Cell Researchers
John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka jointly share the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their work on induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.

Genetic Reprogramming Converts Blood Cells to Nerve Cells
Researchers at the Salk Institute convert umbilical cord blood stem cells into nerve cells using the Sox2 transcription factor

New Approach Could Extend Types of Disease Treated with Gene Therapy
Researchers at the Laval University Hospital are developing an gene therapy approach that could be used to regulate rather than replace a gene. This variation would expand the type of disease treatable with this technique.

Are Stem Cells Delivering on Their Potential Therapeutic Benefits?
Stem cell treatments seem to be taking a while to develop but progress is being made.

Stem Cell Researchers Assess the State of the Technology
Leading stem cell researchers discuss the current state of stem cell technology and the challenges faced in developing clinical treatments

Human Stem Cells From Embryos Frozen for More Than 18 Years
Human embryonic stem cells can be made from embryos that have been frozen for more than 18 years

One Step Closer to a Universal Flu Vaccine
Scientists identify antibodies that protect against large variety of flu viruses moving researchers one step closer to a universal flu vaccine

Blood Test for Alzheimer's May Be on the Horizon
Researchers have identified 4 blood proteins that may enable diagnosis of Alzheimer’s using a simple blood test.

Why All the Concern over Genetically Modified Food?
Anti-GM group continue to sound the alarm regarding the potential risks of GM Food. What is the controversy about?

Nanoparticles Minimize Brain Injury from Trauma
Researchers at Rice and Baylor College of Medicine used nanoparticles to protect brain cells from free radical damage during treatment of traumatic brain injury

Closing in on a Universal Flu Vaccine
Recent research finding antibodies that target multiple flu strains and showing a universal vaccine should work for people that had previous flu shots are bringing the goal of a universal flu vaccine closer.

Court Upholds Federally Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Circuit court upholds Obama's 2009 Executive Order allowing funding of research using embryonic stem cells

How to Change the Genetic Make-up of an Organism?
If you want to understand the basic procedure for genetically engineering plants and animals, take a look at this article.

Labeling Food Containing GMOs: Is This a Good Idea?
Should GM Foods Be Labeled? Thoughts on California’s Proposition 37 and Labeling GM Food.

Using Advanced Genomic Techniques to Make Drought Resistant Corn
Drought resistant corn strains were recently developed using advanced genetic breeding and genetic engineering.

Greenpeace Prompts Chinese CDC to Investigate Engineered Golden Rice Study
Greenpeace blog prompts Chinese CDC to investigate study evaluating if genetically engineered Golden Rice can alleviate vitamin A deficiency in children

BiondVax May Soon Finish the Race for a Universal Flu Vaccine
BiondVax appears to be the farthest ahead in the race to develop a single universal flu vaccine and BiondVax CSO Tamar Ben Yedidia explains why

Study Showing Rat Tumors from GMO Corn Shakes up Officials
Study Showing Rats Get Tumors from GMO Corn Shakes up French Officials and Skeptical Scientists

A Discussion on Life Science Research with Dr. Paul Nurse at the 2012 EMBO Meeting
I had the fortune to talk with Nobel laureate Dr. Paul Nurse about the direction of life science research and changes in developing new drugs at the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) meeting earlier this week.

Nobel Prize for Chemistry Goes to G-Protein Receptor Researchers
The Nobel Prize in chemistry granted to Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka for their instrumental work in on G-protein coupled receptors, which are now key drug targets

Surveying the Forgotten Living Ocean
Dr. Eric Karsenti pioneered the Tara Oceans Expedition, the most ambitious survey to date of marine microbial life which makes up 98% of the ocean's biomass and produces 20% of the world's oxygen.

EFSA Discounts Study Suggesting GMO Corn Promotes Tumors in Rats
Review by European Food Safety Association Discounts Eric Séralini's Study that GMO Corn Promotes Tumors in Rats

Overcoming a Few of the Challenges to Developing Stem Cell Treatments for Nerve Damage
Researchers Overcome a Some Challenges to Developing Stem Cell Treatments for Nerve Damage

Human Trials Using Stem Cells to Treat a Genetic Nerve Disease
Human trials using stem cells to treat Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease, a rare genetic neurodegenerative disorder.

Science and Medicine Nobel Prize Winners Support Obama
Sixty eight Nobel prize winners in science and medicine pen an open letter to the American people supporting Obama for president.

Non-Coding RNA Has Changed the Definition of a Gene
Researchers in the last several years have found whole classes of genes that do not make proteins. They make non-coding RNA and have changed the meaning of what a gene is.

Researchers Moving Toward Controversial Germ-Line Gene Therapy
Researchers developing techniques to replace defective mitochondrial DNA in human egg cells to prevent congenital mitochondrial disease has drawn criticism for pursuing germ-line genetic changes that can be passed from one generation to the next.

Frankenstein, Vampires, Werewolves and Life Science?
Where does classic horror intersect with the life sciences and biotechnology? Connections Dracula, werewolves, and Frankenstein's monster have with science.

How Reliable Is Published Biomedical Research?
Recent studies suggest much of published biomedical research is not reproducible. Is it a problem with the science or scientists?

GMO Labeling: Does Proposition 37 Falsely Alarm or Empower Consumers?
GMO Labeling: Does Proposition 37 Falsely Alarm or Empower Consumers?

Using Self-Destructing Bacteria to Carry a Vaccine
Researchers use genetically engineered bacteria to make a potent vaccine against influenza

The Odd Selectively Bred Thanksgiving Turkey
Thousands of years of selective breeding produced the odd looking bird that's the center of our Thanksgiving feast.

More Fowl Genetics: The Origins of the Chicken
Although it is known that the domesticated chicken originated in Southern Asia when people started taming and raising the red junglefowl, the origins and genetics are not very clear.

How Restricting Calories Might Delay Aging
Researchers may have found the genetic connection for how a severely restricted diet slows the aging process.

Three Chinese Officials Fired in Scandal over GM Rice Study Involving School Children
Chinese CDC finds research testing effectiveness of genetically-modified (GM) Golden Rice to supplement children’s vitamin A deficiency did not meet regulatory and ethical guidelines. Fires three officials involved.

A Few Options for Personal DNA Analysis
You can go online and order a service kit to have your DNA analyzed. What do these companies provide and what do you have to do?

What's the FDA’s Concern with Direct-to-Customer Genetic Analysis?
The FDA is looking at a handful of companies offering direct-to-consumer genetic analysis. What’s the concern?

Who’s Offering Personal DNA Analysis?
Looking to get your DNA analyzed. Find out about the companies offering this service.

Biotech Developments in 2012 and 2013
Check out some of the biotech highlights of 2012 and thoughts on what's coming up for 2013

Market Shakeup in Developing Maternal Blood Prenatal Diagnostics
Illumina decides to enter maternal blood prenatal genetic testing market with purchase of Verinata, which confuses its partner Sequenom, the leading suppliers of these tests.

Indian Generics Case Worries Humanitarian Agencies
Novartis' case for Gleevec patent in India worries humanitarian groups that rely on cheap Indian generic drugs.

Lawsuit to Block Stemcell Funding Is Over
James Sherley and Theresa Deisher lost their lawsuit to block the NIH from funding human embryonic stem cell research

Can Companies Own Human Genes?
What rights do gene patents give companies? Can it stop others from working on certain genes or testing patients for certain genes? SCOTUS has agreed to take up these questions with its acceptance to review the Myriad BRCA case.

Japan Increases Support for Science Research; US May Pull Back
Japan approved a government stimulus that sets aside $11 million for support of science and new technology development. In contrast, the US is facing reductions in science investment due to the pending sequestration cuts.

Swine Flu Vaccine Link to Narcolepsy Concerns European Authorities
GlaxoSmithKline’s swine flu vaccine has been linked to the development of narcolepsy in several Northern European countries.

Safely Access Your Genetic Profile on Your Smart Phone
Smart phone app enables individuals to safely store and access the genetic information contained in their DNA profile.

Did You Get Your Vaccine Tattoo?
A new drug delivery approach using microneedles to tattoo a layer of molecules just under the skin

Containing Infectious Diseases with DNA Sequencing
DNA sequencing is revolutionizing the approach to track and contain outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Diabetes Cure for the Dogs
Researchers cure dogs of type I diabetes with gene therapy

Addressing Malnutrition on a Global Scale with GM Rice
International Rice Research Institute is developing genetically modified rice to address third world nutritional deficiencies.

Incomplete Consent in the NIH Stem Cell Registry
Incomplete consent provided for some of the human embryonic stem cell lines in the NIH registry

SCOTUS Hears Monsanto Suit against Indiana Farmer that Grew GMO Soybeans
Monsanto’s case against the Indiana farmer that grew Round-up Ready GMO soybeans was heard by the Supreme Court

LC/MS Enabling Advances in Proteomic Analysis
Mass spectroscopy is enabling significant advances in proteomic analysis.

From Looking at the Parts of a System to a System of Parts
Biomedical research is shifting its focus looking at single molecules to looking at hundreds of thousands. To measure what’s happening on the whole living system.

Medical Testing Using DNA Sequencing Produces Some Unique Challenges
Heidi Rehm, Director of Lab for Molecular Medicine at Partners Healthcare describes some of the unique collection of problems that genetic testing using DNA sequencing in the clinic produces.

The Chasm between Biomedical Research and Medical Practice
Biomedical research is advancing faster than clinics can use the results. Will patients be able to reap the benefit of new discoveries in a timely manner?

Guidance on Health-Related Incidental Findings from Genetic Analysis
American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) provides guidance on how to handle incidental results from DNA analysis that indicate important health-related risk genetic factors.

Testing Cancer Treatments on an Avatar
Testing cancer treatments using mouse avatars that grow patient's tumors.

The Changing Biotech Investment Environment
A discussion from the Spring Bio-Europe conference on the changing biotech investment environment

Novartis Loses Its Case to Stop Sale of Generic Gleevec in India
Ruling against Novartis' patent on Gleevec (aka, Glivec) by India's Supreme Court

Slow Steady Progress against Cancer and the Rally for Medical Research
The American Association of Cancer Researchers (AACR) gather in Washinton DC to discuss recent advances in Cancer research. This year, the meeting coincides with a Rally for Medical Research to encourage continued funding into the research and development of new approaches to fight disease and improve medical treatment.

Researchers Rally for Medical Research in Washington
Scientists, doctors, and patients rallied in Washington for increased funding to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for biomedical research to cure disease and improve healthcare.

SCOTUS Hears Arguments on Patenting Human Genes
The US Supreme Court hears the case against Myriad Genetics patents on the human BRCA genes that indicate risk of breast cancer.

Day 1 of 2013 BIO Conference
The first day of the 20th annual Biotechnology Industry Organization meeting in Chicago

Second Day of the 2013 BIO Conference
Highlights from the keynote session on the second day of the 2013 BIO meeting in Chicago.

BGI Sequencing Facility at UC Davis
Shenzhen-based BGI opens a new sequencing facility on the UC Davis campus.

Indiana Farmer Vernon Bowman Loses Lawsuit to Monsanto
Indiana farmer Vernon Bowman loses lawsuit to Monsanto and owes $84,000 in royalties for GMO soybeans.

Day 3 of the 2013 BIO Conference
The third day of the BIO2013 conference focused on how changes in healthcare insurance and Obamacare may affect biotech innovation, the politics of the debt, and biotech's impact on developing nations.

What Effect Will the Myriad Ruling Have on Biotech?
Will the upcoming ruling by the Supreme Court in the Myriad Genetics gene patent case shake up the biotech industry? Probably not so much.

One-Step Generation of Transgenic Mice in Just Weeks
New one-step technique to make knockout mice from the Whitehead Institute at MIT produces transgenic animals in just weeks instead of years.

Cloning Human Embryos
How significant is the cloned human embryo produced by researchers at OHSU and what promise does it hold for biomedical research?

FDA Authorizes Emergency Use of MERS Diagnostic Assay
FDA clears emergency use of CDC PCR diagnostic test to detect MERS virus

Genes Can't Be Patented
In the case against Myriad Genetics, the Supreme Court ruled today that natural human genes cannot be patented. Simply isolating a gene is not enough for a patent.

New Technique to Screen People for Unknown Viral Infections
Researchers at St. Louis University develop new technique to detect presence of known and novel viruses in blood samples from patients.

Why Don't Naked Mole Rats Get Cancer?
Researchers at the University of Rochester have found out the naked mole rats produce a special form of hyaluronic acid which protects them from cancer.

NCI Announces $10 Million Project Targeting the RAS Oncogene
The NCI initiated a $10 million project to leverage 30 years of research on the RAS oncogene to improve patient outcomes

Medicine before Germs and Anesthesia
What was medicine like during the time of the Founding Fathers? A bit scary. No knowledge of germs, no anesthesia, and smallpox was rampant.

Replacing Organs without Organ Donors
Organ transplants require organ donors. Will there ever be an alternative? Growing organs in the lab.

DNA Sequencing Helps Improve IVF Success
First child born following screening using next generation DNA sequencing to identify quality embryos for IVF

Researchers Grow Human Liver in Mice
Researchers have used induced pluripotent stem cells (IPS cells) to grow a functioning human liver in mice.

Maternal Antibodies May Cause Autism
Recent studies lend credence to the idea that autism may be at least partly the result of fetal exposure to maternal antibodies during pregnancy.

FTO Gene Causes People to Want to Eat More
Researchers find obesity-associated FTO gene regulates the hormone that makes people want to eat more.

At the Intersection of Biotech, Hi Tech, and Fashion
My new Fitbit Flex enables me to track my activity to help improve fitness. Is this the start of a trend or passing fad?

Booming Biotech
2013 is shaping up to be an excellent one for biotech finance. Stocks are surging, VCs investing, and there's an almost unprecedented rate of IPOs.

NIH SBIR/STTR Grants: Seed Funding for Biotech Development
Funding for development and commercialization of new biotechnology available through the US government's federal SBIR and STTR grants.

Vandalism of Golden Rice GMO Trials
Activists destroy experimental GMO rice testing site in the Philippines. In response, the government sues the attackers.

Connection between Red Hair and Melanoma Risk
Why do redheads have a higher risk of developing melanoma? It seems the gene that causes red hair and light skin lacks a tumor suppressor function.

Obesity, Gut Bacteria, and Poop Transplants
A recent study showing that gut bacteria make mice fat shows the importance of the microbiome in health—especially the critters living in the intestine.

Making Biomedical Research Credible Again
Is there a solution to the persistent problem of unreplicatable biomedical research publications? A recent survey of MD Anderson researchers suggests some causes for the problem, and the Reproducibility Initiative suggests some solutions.

How Far Will the Biomedical Battle against Death Go?
Is death inevitable or will science eventually figure out a way to conquer it? Immortality or resurrection. What's possible?

Vaccination Protects against Norovirus Symptoms
Researchers report that a vaccine against the norovirus protects individuals from the nausea and diarrhea produced by the virus.

Mouse Study Changes Approach to Developing Alzheimer's Treatment
Mouse study blocking prion disease gives a new perspective on how to development treatments to fight Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and related brain diseases

Initiative Gets $1.3M to Validate Published Cancer Research Findings
Science Exchange's Reproducibility Initiative receives $1.3M to validate findings in 50 published cancer studies

More Effective Drugs for Fewer Patients
Will the pharmaceutical industry meet the challenge of developing more effective drugs for far fewer patients?

"Jaw-Dropping" CRISPR Technology
CRISPR is generating a lot of excitement as a new tool for genetic engineering. The Independent notes Craig Mello's jaw dropping reaction.

Discovery of Genes - DNA Encodes Genes - Discovery of DNA
Experiments with chromosomal material that were primarily responsible for the establishment of DNA as the component that encodes for the structures of proteins.

Biotechnology Terms - Biotechnology Research - Science Research
A collection of

VOCs - Volatile Organics - Air Contamination
VOCs definition. Biotech / Biomedical.

Xenotransplantation - Ethics of Xenotransplants - Transplanting Animal Organs
A discussion of the ethical and practical issues surrounding the use of animal organs for human transplants (xenotransplantation). Page 2.

Career Opportunities - Careers in Biotechnology - Biotech and Drug Development Jobs
A review of the book

BIO World Congress - Industrial Biotechnology Conference - BIO Conferences
A review of the 2008 Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing. Page 2.

Request for Proposals - RFPs - Submission Deadlines
Submission deadlines are important and should be clearly identified in an RFP when soliciting contract service/ manufacturing organizations for outsourced work. Page 6.

Initial Public Offerings - IPOs - Public Companies
What to consider before selling shares in an IPO for a startup biotech company. Page 2.

Request for Proposals - RFPs - Services Requested
Suggestions for what to include in an RFP when soliciting contract service/ manufacturing organizations for outsourced work beginning with a description of the specific services requested. Page 2.

Request for Proposals - RFPs - Documentation
Suggestions for what to request in an RFP when soliciting contract service/ manufacturing organizations for outsourced work, including documentation requirements from the CSO. Page 3.

Request for Proposals - RFPs - Time Estimates and Fees
Time estimates and fees should be included in an RFP when soliciting contract service/ manufacturing organizations for outsourced work. Page 4.

Request for Proposals - RFPs - Qualifications
Staff and company qualifications are important and should be requested in an RFP when soliciting contract service/ manufacturing organizations for outsourced work. Page 5.

designer babies - stem cells and custom babies - in vitro reproduction
Developments in stem cell research and in vitro techniques for reproduction have led us to the theory that sometime in the near future, wanna-be parents will be able to create designer babies with the specific traits they desire. Page 2.

DNA Vaccines - Vaccine Efficacy - Advantages to DNA Vaccines
The advantages to using DNA vaccines to stimulate immunological responses to infectious and chronic diseases. Page 2.

Get ISO 9001:2000 Certified - ISO QMS Certification - Quality Management Standards
Follow these steps to becoming ISO certified for 9001:2000 Quality Management Standards (QMS).

Invest in an IPO - Initial Public Offerings - Investing in Biotech Startups
Many biotechnology startups get research funding by going public, via an IPO. If you want to invest in biotech stocks, one route is to take advantage of initial public offerings of startup shares.

RT PCR - Real Time PCR - kinetic PCR
RT-PCR can refer to one of two different types of PCR, one of which is real-time PCR.

Active Ingredients - Drug Formulas - Pharmaceutical Chemical Constituents
Active ingredients refers to the chemical makeup of drugs.

DNA Fingerprinting - Genetic Fingerprinting - DNA Profiling
Explanation of the term DNA fingerprinting and a brief description of the methodology.

Green Fluorescent Protein - GFP - Bioindicators
Green fluorescent protein (GFP, from jellyfish) and other fluorescent proteins have become important bioindicators in biomedical and biotechnology research. The protein exhibits strong green fluorescence under ultraviolet (UV) light and can be used to track cells, and study gene expression (transcription) or track cloned genes in transgenic organisms and GMOs.

Hepatitis C - Hep C - Liver Diseases
An explanation of the viral infection Hepatitis C including causes and symptoms of the disease.

ISO Certification - ISO Standards - QMS Certification
Explanation of the ISO standards and QMS certification

DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid - Nucleic Acids
What is DNA and what does it do?

micro RNA - miRNA - RNA interference
What is miRNA, or microRNA and how is it used as a molecular genetics research tool in the process called RNA interference?

Nanomedicine - Nanotechnology and Medicine - Nanoparticles and Biomedicine
Definition of nanomedicine. Biotech / Biomedical.

Process Intensification - Improve Sustainability with Process Intensification - Biotech Engineering and Process Intensification
Process Intensification is an engineering term applied to process design, to improve sustainability, in the bioproducts manufacturing sector.

SWOT analysis - Strategic planning - Business strategies
A SWOT analysis is a business tool for strategic planning.

Smart Polymers - Stimulus Responsive Polymers - All About Smart Polymers
An explanation of how smart polymers are specially designed stimulus-responsive macromolecules with an unlimited number of potential applications in biotechnology.

Proteomics - the study of proteins - large scale protein studies
Large-scale studies of proteins including determining their structure and function, how they are expressed, in what amounts, and how they interact with each other.

Regenerative Medicine - Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
How are stem cells are used for regenerative medicine?

Tissue Engineering - Bioengineering
Tissue engineering is the use of bioengineering methods to control cellular processes in aggregates of cells (tissues).

Translational Research - Translational Medicine - All About Translational Research
A definition for the biomedical term translational research.

Type 1 Diabetes - Diabetes Types
An explanation of what causes Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - Diabetes Types
An explanation of the causes and symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.

Knockouts - Using Knockouts for Genetic Research - Disease Resaerch with Gene Knockouts
Gene knockouts are useful tools for studying the causes of genetic diseases, but what exactly are they?

Clones - Cloning - Gene Cloning
In genetic engineering, what does it mean to create a clone?

Xenotransplantation - Ethics of Xenotransplants - Transplanting Animal Organs
A discussion of the ethical and practical issues surrounding the use of animal organs for human transplants (xenotransplantation).

Lyophilization Buffer - Make Lyophilization Buffer - Freeze Drying Cultures
In order to freeze dry a cell culture of yeast, bacteria or fungus, it is important to use the right media. This recipe is for lyophilization buffer, for use in preserving your cell lines for long term storage by freeze drying.

PBS - Phosphate buffered saline - IHC washing buffer
PBS is a commonly used buffer for immunohistochemical (IHC) staining, used as a wash solution and for diluting antibodies.

Career Opportunities - Careers in Biotechnology - Biotech and Drug Development Jobs
A review of the book

Biomass Plastics - Plastics from Renewable Resources - Carbon neutral plastics
Biomass plastics are not petroleum products but are made from polymers during fermentation of sugars obtained from plants, but they are not always biodegradable.

Freeze Dry Bacterial Cultures - Lyophilization - Culture Preservation
Quick step by step instructions for preservation of bacterial, fungal or yeast cell cultures, by freeze drying (lyophilization).

Agarose Gels - Loading DNA onto Gels - Loading a Gel
Quick tips for neatly loading DNA samples into agarose gels.

Freeze drying sterility, sterile lyophilization, freeze drying under sterile conditions
A handy new invention that makes it easier to avoid contamination and perform lyophilization (freeze drying) of cell cultures under sterile conditions.

Biotech Nation - Moira Gunn - Biotech Book Reviews
A review of the book Welcome to Biotech Nation by Dr. Moira Gunn.

Approach a Biotech Venture Investor
Take a professional, organized approach when seeking venture capital investment funds for your startup biotech company.

pharmacokinetics - drug metabolism and side effects - pharmacokinetics of new drugs
Pharmacokinetics is defined as the study of the action of drugs or medicines in living organisms.

Initial Public Offerings - IPOs - Public Companies
What to consider before selling shares in an IPO for a startup biotech company.

DNA Vaccines - Vaccine Efficacy - Advantages to DNA Vaccines
The advantages to using DNA vaccines to stimulate immunological responses to infectious and chronic diseases.

BIO World Congress - Industrial Biotechnology Conference - BIO Conferences
A review of the 2008 Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing.

Request for Proposals - Preparing a Request for Proposals - Contents of a Request for Proposals
A list of items to include in a request for proposals (RFP) when soliciting contract service/ manufacturing organizations for outsourced work including scope of the project, deadlines for submission, fee schedules and required documentation.

Laboratory Equipment - Furnishing a Laboratory - Used Lab Equipment
A list of resources and suggestions for finding used lab equipment.

Leasing Laboratory Facilities - Leasing Laboratory Space - Finding a Laboratory
Practical items to consider before agreeing to lease a laboratory space for your new startup biotech company.

Stem Cell Cultures - Oxygen Tension and Stem Cell Growth - Bioprocessing Controls for Stem Cell Cultures
A quick tip on optimizing stem cell proliferation in your bioprocessing unit by controlling oxygen tension in the growth medium.

Business Plans - Writing Business Plans
Every biotech startup should begin with a thorough business plan to guide the achievement of milestones and obtaining research funding by satisfying potential venture and angel investors, granting agencies and loan institutions. Check this planning outline for a list of items to include in your business plan.

Virtual Companies - Business Models - Outsourcing Biotechnology
Virtual companies are formed using a business model that takes advantage of the availability of suitable contract organizations for outsourcing all aspects of the biotechnology business.

Active Cellular Immunotherapy - Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment - ACI
ACI, or Active Cellular Immunotherapy is a new development in biomedical research and is being applied for treatment of cancer. Also known as Active Specific Immunotherapy.

Precautionary Principle - Risk Assessment - Safety Regulations
The Precautionary Principle is explained in terms of how it is used in risk assessment and how it might apply to new biotechnologies, particularly nanotechnology, where insufficient scientific data is available to ensure public health and safety and the absence of toxicological effects.

Retrovirus - Viruses - Types of Viruses
Retroviruses are a special type of RNA virus, that replicate their genome by reverse transcription of their RNA to form DNA which is then incorporated into the genome and transcribed by the host cells which the virus inhabits.

Venture Capital - Explanation of Venture Capital - Investment Types Defined
An explanation of venture capital.

Vero Cells - All About Vero Cells - Vaccines
An explanation of the vero cell line and the use of vero cells in generating vaccines.

Land Zoning - All About Zoning
An explanation of what zoning is, and how it affects commercial land use.

Bioindicators - Indicator Species - Biological Indicators
An introduction to bioindicators and how they are used in the biotechnology industry to detect physiological responses to cellular stressors.

Meta Analysis - Statistical Data - Meta Data
In business a meta-analysis is used to determine if a cause and effect exists or a process is working. So you get the idea meta-analysis is some kind of data assessment, but what exactly does it mean in the biotech industry?

Orphan Drugs - What are Orphan Drugs - All About Orphan Drug Status
Orphan Drug Status is given to certain drugs undergoing development in the pharmaceutical industry. Find out what Orphan Drug Status is and what incentives are available to biotech companies obtaining this designation from the US FDA.

Stem Cell Research - Stem Cells and Medicine - Regenerative Medicine
Stem cell research and regenerative medicine is a controversial bioethical issue in the biomedical field. Find out why doctors and scientists are excited about the future of stem cells and medicine.

Sustainability - Corporate Sustainability - Life Cycle Analysis
Sustainability is defined in terms of corporate activities and sustainabile business approaches that take into account the environmental, social and economic impacts of decisions and processes.

PCT Patent Application - PCT Patents - Patent Corporation Treaty
How does the PCT help biotechnology innovation?

In vivo electroporation - DNA vaccines - DNA vaccine delivery
How does in vivo electroporation work for DNA vaccine delivery?

George Washington Carver - Agricultural Biotechnology - Biotechnology Products from Peanuts
The history of biotechnology began with George Washington Carver, the first scientist to concentrate on the development of bioproducts.

George Washington Carver - Pioneers of Biotechnology - Industrial and Agricultural Biotechnology
George Washington Carver was a pioneer of industrial and agricultural biotechnology, inventing numerous commercial uses for bioproducts obtained from peanuts, soybeans and other crops.

Investing in Biotech Companies - How to Invest in Biotech - Investing Money in Biotech
Pointers on how to invest in biotech with things to consider before investing in biotech companies or buying biotechnology stocks.

: Biotechnology Stock Review - Biotech Stocks - Investing in Biotech>
Do you invest in biotechnology stock? Review your favorite biotech company here.

Outsourcing and Contracts - Outsource - CSOs
A list of potential contract service options for biotechnology companies looking for ways to outsource drug development, IT, manufacturing processes or other business operations, to a CSO.

Process Analytical Technology, PAT in Bioprocessing, Using Process Analytical Technology for Quality Control
PAT (Process Analytical Technology) refers to the use of chemical analyses mid-process, to determine parameters that are directly related to product quality, allowing mid-stream adjustments to be made. Use of PAT leads to improved monitoring and control of the final product.

Graduate Studies and Parenting - Graduate Students Raising a Family - Parents in Graduate Studies
Things to consider when making the decision whether to pursue graduate studies in biotechnology while in the process of raising a family.

Doctoral Studies - Ph.D. Advice - Graduate School
For those considering doctoral studies, here are five reasons to go all the way in graduate school and complete a Ph.D.

Types of phytoremediation - phytoremediation - bioremediation using plants
Descriptions for six different types of phytoremediation.

Funding Biotech Startups - Biotechnology Business Financing - Biotech Funding
An outline suggesting five funding sources for financing a new startup Biotech company.

NIH Data Sharing Policies - Sharing IP - Data Sharing Requirements for Grant Recipients
Resources for determining data sharing requirements of NIH grant recipients.

Reasons for ISO QMS Certification - Benefits of QMS - Quality Management Systems
Ten reasons why your company should be certified for ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standards (QMS).

Networking - Business Development
By definition, networking provides benefits to both you and your contacts. In the biotechnology industry, the contacts made through networking might become mentors, provide job referrals or research funding, trade laboratory equipment, and more.

Biotech Laboratory Notebooks - Contents for Laboratory Notebooks - Recording Research Activities
A list of required contents for a properly maintained laboratory notebook, containing records of research activities in a biotech laboratory.

Careers in Biotechnology - Investing in Biotech - Biotech Industry
For anyone interested in investing in, or thinking of pursuing a career in biotech, whether at a large company or a small startup, here are five positive indicators of how viable the industry is today.

Milestones - Biotech Startup Milestones - Venture Capital Deliverables
Most venture investors will insist on setting a number of milestones when agreeing to invest in a biotech startup. This list outlines some common milestones that might be set as deliverables in a venture capital contract.

Biotechnology Business Models - Fully Integrated Pharmaceutical Company
Platform, Product and Vertical strategies make up three major biotechnology business models.

Biotech Investor Criteria - Biotech Venture Capitalist Priorities - What VCs Look For
Before approaching a biotech Venture Capitalist for research funding, familiarize yourself with the criteria commonly looked for in startup companies. Compliance with these priorities will increase your chances of attracting investors.

Best Biotech Stocks - Best Stock Performance 2008 - Biotech Stocks 2008
To help out potential investors chose which shares to buy, here is a list of six of the best biotechnology stocks, for small startups, based on earnings and performance on the stock exchange in 2008.

Worst Biotech Stocks - Bad Stock Performance 2008 - Biotech Stocks 2008
To help out potential investors chose which shares to buy, here is a list of five of the worst biotechnology stocks, for small startups, based on earnings and performance on the stock exchange in 2008.

Gene Cloning Methods - Cloning in E. coli - Cloning Bacterial Genes
Five reasons the microorganism E. coli is so widely used in protein engineering and genetic research.

Cell-Free versus Whole Cells - Fermentation Conditions for Bioprocessing - Bioprocessing with Enzymes
Manufacturing issues to consider when deciding whether to design a whole cell or cell-free bioprocess.

Gene Expression Control - Protein Degradation - Proteasomes and Epigenetics
How protein degradation by proteasomes impacts cellular processes like transcription and cell differentiation.

PCR - Polymerase Chain Reaction - Molecular Techniques
Discoveries that lead to the molecular techniques that make it possible to amplify genes using PCR.

RFLP - Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism - RFLP analysis
Molecular techniques that make it possible to perform RFLP analysis.

Sequencing - DNA sequencing - gene sequencing
Molecular techniques that make DNA sequencing possible.

Investing in Biotechnology - Choosing Biotech Stocks
Investing in biotechnology can be a risky business. The following list outlines some suggested criteria to consider when choosing which biotech stocks to buy.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Gifts for Scientists - High Tech Gifts
Unique gift ideas for scientists.

Biotechnology Clusters in North America - Biotech Clusters - Biotechnology Hubs
A list of the top biotechnology hubs in North America. Each cluster is an active site of R&D, job and investment opportunities in the life sciences or agricultural biotech.

Stem cell research - bioethics of stem cells - NIH funding for stem cell research
US government funding for stem cell research - do you agree?

Finding a Job in Biotech - Biotech Careers - How to Find a Job
Biotechnology page users tell their stories about experiences in job hunting, networking and how to find a job in biotech.

Nobel Prizes - Nobel Prize Nominations - Nobel Prize in Chemistry
The nobel prize in chemistry went to the discoverers of GFP in 2008, for it's widespread use as a bioindicator in biomedical research and biotechnology. Who would you nominate for a Nobel Prize in chemistry or medicine, and why?

Jobs in Biotechnology - Science Jobs - Biotech Careers
Do you remember what first motivated you to study science?

designer babies - stem cells and custom babies - in vitro reproduction
Developments in stem cell research and in vitro techniques for reproduction have led us to the theory that sometime in the near future, wanna-be parents will be able to create designer babies with the specific traits they desire.

Patenting Genetic Inventions - Applying for Patents - Licensing Gene Technologies
Users share their stories about patenting or licensing innovative technologies and genetic inventions.

Venture Capitalist Roles - Venture Investors - Biotech Venture Investor Roles
A list of the roles that biotech venture investors play in the development of early- and mid-stage startups. The benefits, and some of the shortfalls, to obtaining venture capital funding for R&D and to promote the growth of a company, are outlined.

In Vitro fertilization - designer babies -genetic screening
A call for readers to share their thoughts on test-tube babies, genetic screening for designer babies and other ethical issues pertaining to in vitro fertilization.

Patenting Life Forms - Licensing Genetic Inventions - Patents and Bioethics
A question about the ethics of licensing genetic inventions and patenting GMOs, cell lines or higher life forms.

Medicine and Healthcare
Highlights how biotechnology research advances that affect healthcare and medical treatment.

Reader Submissions: Laboratory Experiments by Readers
Reader-entered presentations of their laboratory research projects.

Research Projects - Laboratory Research - Experiments
Reader-entered presentations of their laboratory research projects.

Arrays - Microarrays - High Throughput Technologies
Arrays are a versatile high throughput tool for analysis in the life sciences.

Cancer - Cancerous Cells - Tumors and Cancer
A brief description of cancer, progression of the disease, and possible causes.

statistics in research - statisitcal analysis - stats for experiments
A review of the book

Epigenetics - Gene Regulation - Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression
A definition of the term epigenetics, and how epigenetic marks in eukaryotes control transcription. Also discussed are the relationships between studies of how gene expression is regulated, stem cell research, and cloning.

Electroporation - Transforming Cells - Making Recombinant Organisms
Electroporation is one of the most popular methods for transforming bacterial cells and making recombinant organisms.

Electrophoresis - Gel Electrophoresis - DNA electrophoresis
Gel electrophoresis is a DNA separation technique, but how does it work?

Titer - What is Titer - Determining Titer
A definition for titer as it applies to the biomedical industry and production of antibodies, proteins, antibiotics and other bioproducts.

transgenic - genetically altered - genetically modified
Transgenic defined, in reference to genetically modified organisms and how they are altered.

HDP - Host Defense Peptides - Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs)
HDPs, or AMPs are a special kind of peptide that plays a role in immunity to microorganisms and host defenses.