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Europe – Mental Health Support & Advocacy Organizations
Found here are resources and information relating to organizations in Europe that offer help for those with mental health issues in general and bipolar disorder specifically.

Bipolar Disorder Newsletters
Links to the most informative email bipolar disorder newsletters available, as well as an archive (small but destined to grow) of our About Bipolar Disorder newsletters.

Clopixol (generic name zuclopenthixol) is an antipsychotic prescribed to alleviate psychotic features such as paranoia and hallucinations sometimes associated with extreme mood swings in those with bipolar disorder (manic depression). Found here are resources and information relating to this medication.

Panic Disorder
Panic disorder is a form of anxiety disorder characterized by the abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort and includes symptoms such as palpitations, swearing, trebling, shortness of breath, and chest pain. It offers lead to the development of agoraphobia both of which are common for those with bipolar disorder (manic depression).

Agoraphobia is a specific phobia; a fear of being in places or situations from which escape might be difficult or embarrassing or if panic or panic-like symptoms develop. Agoraphobia often occurs due to panic disorder and is common to those with bipolar disorder (manic depression).

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is characterized by excessive uncontrollable worry about everyday things. This constant worry affects daily functioning and can cause physical symptoms. More than 50% of those with generalized anxiety disorder are also diagnosed with having a mood disorder such as depression or bipolar disorder (manic depression).

Blogging, maintaining an online journal, has become quite a trend across the internet. This tool has added a wealth of information to the literature available on any topic you can imagine and, of course, bipolar disorder is no exception. Found here are news and informational blogs as well as personal experience and diaries maintained by people who have bipolar disorder.

Involuntary Commitment
Involuntary commitment is a real and frightening issue for those with bipolar disorder (manic depression). Knowing your rights and learning what to expect can help take some of the fear out of this. Found here are resources and information on this topic.

Bipolar disorder (manic depression) has an equal prevalence in nationalities around the world. Therefore, many countries have support organizations. Found here are resources and information relating to world-wide organizations that offer help for those with mental health issues in general and bipolar disorder specifically. If you know of others not listed here, please let us know!

Cyclothymia / Cyclothymic Disorder - New Definition
Cyclothymia, a mood disorder related to bipolar disorder, is a less severe condition that can still cause considerable distress and impaired functioning.

How Do I Lose Weight I Gained From Medications?
People with mood disorders often gain weight from their medications. Studies have shown techniques that can help people with this problem lose weight.

Bipolar Mania Quiz - Do I Have Manic Episodes?
This quiz is an informal checklist for you to use to determine whether you're likely to have experienced, or are currently in a state of, bipolar mania.

What Is SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome?
Here is a look at the causes and symptoms of SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome, which can occur when a person stops taking or reduces dosage of certain antidepressants.

What Are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Women?
Bipolar disorder affects as many women as men. Here's how some symptoms may appear in women during mania and hypomania, bipolar depression, and mixed episodes.

DSM-5: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 for Psychiatry
A look at the new edition (2013) of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, called the DSM-5, including some of the controversies.

Paxil Drug Information (Generic Paroxetine)
Paxil (generic paroxetine) is an antidepressant medication that may be prescribed for bipolar and major depression, as well as several anxiety disorders,

What Is Mania in Bipolar Disorder? How Is it Diagnosed?
Bipolar mania is characterized by excessive energy plus such symptoms as rapid speech, extravagant behavior, extreme irritability, hallucinations, etc.

Persistent Depressive Disorder
Persistent Depressive Disorder is depression that lasts at least two years with no more than a 2-month letup. It is a combination of two older diagnoses.

Physical Symptoms of Bipolar Depression
Depression doesn't just affect mind and mood - there are also physical symptoms such as unexplained aches and pains, appetite changes and more.

Generic Drugs - Why They Cost Less - Potential Problems
Why generic medications cost less, their production standards, and why they might cause problems not found with the associated brand names.

Generic Drugs Issues - Page 2 - References
Generic drugs issues - references for article. Page 2.

An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison - Book Review
Kay Redfield Jamison's 'An Unquiet Mind' is one of the most famous autobiographies written by someone with bipolar. Here are reasons to read this book.

What Is a Mixed Episode? - Bipolar Disorder
Many researchers and patients agree that there are several types of mixed episodes that can be experienced by just about anyone with manic depression.

Mental Illness - What Does It Mean, And What Causes It?
Mental illness is a condition that affects a person's mood, behavior or thoughts in a way that is distressing or impairs functioning.

How You Retrieve Memories Figures in Depression
A phenomenon called overgeneral memory (OGM) has been shown to be common in people with depression and bipolar disorder. It is characterized by recalling a lumped group of events rather than a single specific event when asked to retrieve one autobiographical memory. OGM is both a predictor and a symptom of depression.

How to Explain Bipolar Disorder to Others
The popular impression of manic depression is quite different from the reality. If you need to explain bipolar disorder, here are some helpful hints.

Zoloft (Sertraline) Side Effects - Common and Rare
Some of the most common Zoloft side effects are sweating, stomach problems, headache, blurred vision and others.

What Are Mood Disorders - Mood Disorders Explained by Category
Mood disorders include depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, and depression, mania/hypomania or mixed symptoms due to a medical condition or substance use.

Anxiety Medications for Bipolar Disorder
Anxiety medications, also called anti-anxiety medications or anxiolytics, are prescribed for anxiety disorders and people with anxiety and bipolar disorder.

What Is a Major Depressive Episode ?
A group of symptoms such as low mood, sadness, fatigue, insomnia and indecision must be present to confirm the diagnosis of bipolar depression.

Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
This diagnosis is used to document symptoms of bipolar disorder that do not meet the requirements for a diagnosis of bipolar 1 or bipolar 2 disorder.

SSDI and SSI Disability Benefits Application
Beginning your application for disability is easy and you should begin this process as soon as possible due to the lengthy processing time.

Bipolar II Disorder Diagnostic Criteria
There are five check-points a doctor will review with you for diagnosing bipolar II disorder as per the criteria found in the DSM-IV.

Dating Someone With Bipolar Disorder
What is the experience of trying to find love with bipolar disorder? What are some of the challenges? Are there any ways to make the process easier?

Cold Medicine Interactions with Bipolar Medication
Before taking any over-the-counter cold or flu remedy, be aware of the possible interactions with your prescriptions. Some can be dangerous!

Essential Information About Seroquel (Quetiapine)
Essential information about Seroquel (quetiapine), an antipsychotic medication used to treat psychotic symptoms and bipolar depression.

Can Antidepressants Spark a Manic or Hypomanic Episode?
This article explores the possibility of a manic or hypomanic state arising as a side effect of the use of antidepressant medications.

Decreased Energy and Activity in Bipolar Depression
Bipolar depression symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia or sleeping too much, feeling lethargic, and decreased personal and social activities.

Difficult Mood Symptoms in Bipolar Depression
Bipolar depression is complicated. In part 4 of a 6-part series we look at moods that include indifference, irritability, pessimism, anger and others.

Coping With Panic Attacks in Bipolar Disorder
Panic attacks are common among people who have bipolar disorder. They most often come as part of agitated depression. Here are tips and techniques from experts on dealing with panic attacks.

Benzodiazepines - Medication Family
Information about the benzodiazepine family of medications, generally used to treat anxiety and related conditions, including Valium, Librium, Xanax and several others.

What Are the Symptoms of Stevens Johnson Syndrome?
Stevens-Johnson syndrome may be caused by the drug Lamictal (lamotrigine), which is used to treat epilepsy and as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder.

Apathy, Lethargy and Anhedonia in Bipolar Disorder
Apathy, lethargy and anhedonia - all describe symptoms of depression. They have some similar characteristics, but they aren't quite the same.

Thomas F. Eagleton - Senator Who Lost VP Nod Due to ECT
Senator Thomas F. Eagleton was forced to withdraw as vice presidential candidate in 1972 because of the revelation he'd been treated for depression.

Bipolar Depression Symptoms: Changes in Cognitive Skills
Depression can have a profound effect on cognitive skills like concentration, memory, organization and decision-making, which can seriously impair behavior.

Teens with Bipolar Disorder and School
Teen author Dan discusses living day to day in the classroom with bipolar disorder, addressing many important topics regarding teens with bipolar and school.

Dr. Kira Stein Explains the Patient Experience With Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
What is it like to have a transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment? Dr. Kira Stein of the West Coast TMS Institute describes the procedure from beginning to end.

Mood Charting for Children
Mood charting is an excellent tool for parents whose children have bipolar disorder. It provides a record to share with your child’s doctors and can help detect episodes early. In its simplest form, it is a daily record of a child’s emotional state. These charts may also include items such as medications, sleep schedules or difficulties in school. Some charts are for the child to complete.

Businessmen and Politicians with Bipolar Disorder
This list of short biographies and articles is comprised of businessmen and politicians who have bipolar disorder (manic depression).

Singers and Musicians with Bipolar Disorder
This list of short biographies and articles is comprised of singers and musicians who have bipolar disorder (manic depression).

Actors and Actresses with Bipolar Disorder
This list of short biographies is comprised of actors and actresses who have bipolar disorder (manic depression).

Medications Lists - Alphabetically and By Type
If you are looking for information on a particular medication that is prescribed for bipolar disorder, you will likely find it here. Each list contains links to in-depth information about the particular drug. Multiple brand names are listed for medications where possible, along with their generic names.

Seroxat Information - Side Effects of Seroxat
Information about Seroxat - generic paroxetine - an antidepressant sold by this brand name in Europe and the UK. Includes link to a list of Seroxat side effects.

Mexico & Central America Mental Health Support & Advocacy Organizations
Found here are resources and information relating to organizations in Central America that offer help for those with mental health issues in general and bipolar disorder specifically.

Bipolar Medications A-Z - Drugs for Bipolar Disorder Starting With A
This directory will help you find in-depth information on some of the most commonly prescribed medications used in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Drug therapy is an important component of treatment for manic depression, and it is important to educate yourself about your meds. On this page: Medications starting with the letter A.

Selective Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors
Antidepressants are frequently prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of depression for those with bipolar disorder (manic depression). Selective Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SSNRIs) are a subclass of antidepressants. Please note that the abbreviation SNRI may also used for this class of drugs. Found here are resources and information regarding these medications.