Birding/Wild Birds Sitemap - Page 3 2016-09-26

Where to Adopt Penguins - Sponsor a Penguin
Learn how sponsoring penguins helps conserve these amazing birds, and choose from a list of 15 different places where you can adopt your own penguin.

Try Birding-Inspired Yoga to Be a Better Birder
Do you practice yoga? If you do, it can improve your birding - learn how, and try some bird-themed poses for even more fun.

Bushtit - Psaltriparus minimus - Aegithalidae
Fun and energetic, the bushtit is a plain but ambitious bird. Learn about its diet, behavior, range, voice, breeding and more.

Purple Finch - Carpodacus purpureus - Red Finches
Learn about the purple finch, including its real color (it isn't really purple), diet, reproduction, behavior, voice, range and more.

Ornithology Definition - Science of Studying Birds
Learn what ornithology is and what ornithologists do, including the techniques they use for their work and what types of employment they may have.

Down Feather Definition - Bird Plumage and Feathers
What are down feathers in both chicks and adult birds? Learn how important down is for birds, as well as how humans have used down commercially.

Brood Parasites - Bird Reproduction and Nesting
Learn about brood parasites, including how being a parasite benefits birds and harms host nests. Includes examples of parasite species.

Jacanidae Bird Family Definition - Jacanas
Learn about the distinct and beautiful Jacanidae bird family, a small group of birds that share amazing characteristics.

Lores Definition - Bird Anatomy and Field Marks
Defines the lores as part of a bird's anatomy and facial structure, with bird identification tips and comparison to similar parts of a bird's face.

Monogamous Definition - Bird Monogamy - Mating
Defines monogamous and monogamy with regards to birds and their breeding relationships, including the pros and cons of dedicated partnerships.

Basic Steps to Clean a Bird Bath - And Why It Matters!
Simple step-by-step guide to cleaning a bird bath, including essential supplies for cleaning and easy tips for keeping baths clean.

Painted Bunting - Passerina ciris - Rainbow Bunting
The painted bunting is instantly recognizable, but how much do you know about this bird? Learn its range, diet, behavior and more.

Cedar Waxwing - Bombycilla cedrorum
Learn about the jaunty cedar waxwing, including its range, field marks, food preferences, reproduction and more, including how to attract these birds.

Outbreeding - Bird Mating and Reproduction
Why won't birds mate with close relatives? Learn what bird outbreeding is and how it protects the genetics of different birds.

Plumes Definition - Types of Bird Feathers
Defines plumes as a type of feather, with examples of how plumes are part of bird plumage, what birds have plumes and how to identify them.

Birding in Honduras - Birding Destinations
Learn about Honduras and the spectacular birding it offers, including how to make the most of any visit to this Central American birding destination.

Canyon Birding Tips - Birding in Gorges and Ravines
Planning a birding walk in a canyon? Be prepared for the challenges this habitat presents, and you'll be amazed at the stunning birds you see!

Capitonidae Bird Family - New World Barbets
Learn which barbets belong in the Capitonidae family and how they differ from other worldwide barbets in range and relatives.

Ground Bird Feeders - Low Feeders and Ground Feeding
Ground feeders are easy to set up and attract a wide range of birds. Learn what foods to offer, what feeders to use and how to keep birds safe.

Tundra Swan - Cygnus columbianus - Whistling Swan
Learn about the tundra swan, including where to find them and how to tell the difference between North American and Eurasian tundra swans.

How Vagrancy Helps Birds - Vagrant Bird Benefits
Vagrancy isn't always bad for birds, and there are many potential benefits birds could realize because of vagrant wanderings.

Lybiidae Bird Family - African Barbets
Learn about the colorful and unique family of African barbets, and what makes Lybiidae birds so distinctive and memorable.

How Social Media Helps Birds - Bird Conservation
Social media can be annoying, but it can be a lifesaver for birds when it is used in the right way. Learn how social networking can benefit birds!

10 Must-Dos Before Starting a Bird-Friendly Landscape
A properly planned landscape is better for the birds - learn how to get started and what steps are necessary to keep birds in mind.

Fun Facts and Trivia About Northern Cardinals
What teams and schools use cardinal mascots? How long do cardinals live? Have they been poached? Learn more amazing northern cardinal trivia!

Western Gull - Larus occidentalis
The western gull may seem common, but with a limited range and extensive hybridization, these gulls may not be as common as you think!

Black-Crested Titmouse Range Map and Habitat
Learn where to see the black-crested titmouse, including its complete range, overall habitat preferences and ideal vegetation.

More Tips to Keep Cats Out of Your Yard
Have you tried everything to keep cats out of your yard and away from the birds? Maybe not! These stronger measures can help when nothing else does.

Feed More Birds Without More Feeders - Bird Feeding Tips
Want to feed more birds in your yard without adding extra bird feeders? These tips can help - no new or replacement feeders required!

Who Is Spencer Baird? - Birder Biographies
Learn about the man behind the name, and what makes birds called Baird so special and worthy of honoring a great man who was a force for natural history.

Bird Gods - Mythology and Theology About Birds
Birds have been worshipped for centuries, but how many bird gods do you know? Learn what birds have become deities in different cultures around the world.

How Birds Drink - How Birds Consume Water
Sip, slurp, gulp - how do birds drink? Learn the different ways birds consume water, including where they find it and why they need it.

Greater Blue-Eared Starling - Lamprotornis chalybaeus
Learn about the beautiful greater blue-eared starling, with its remarkable plumage, flocking behavior and expanding range.

Piscivorous Definition - Piscivore - Bird Diets
Defines piscivorous in terms of a bird's diet, including examples of piscivorous birds, how they catch their prey and how piscivores affect local fishing.

Non-Native Plants - How Exotic Plants Affect Birds
Learn what non-native plants are and how they impact birds, for better or worse. Includes examples of common exotic plants.

How Social Media Hurts Birds and Birding
Social media may be great - but it isn't always great for birds. Learn how social networking can actually be hurting birds, and how you can help.

Booby Species List - A-Z Boobies
Learn your booby ABC's with this alphabetical list of booby species.

Where to See Boobies - Birding Travel
Want to add boobies to your life list? Learn where to go for all of the world's booby species.

Winter Bird Bath Tips - Provide Liquid Water for Winter Birds
No matter where you live, you need to take steps to keep your winter bird bath at its best. These tips can help, and birds will appreciate the water!

Celebrity Birders - Celebrities Who Enjoy Birding
They might not be famous for their birding prowess, but celebrities can be birders too! Learn which of your favorite celebs you might see in the field.

Black-Crested Titmouse - Baeolophus atricristatus
Jaunty and distinct, the black-crested titmouse is fun bird. Learn more about where to find them, how to listen for them and what else makes them unique.

Ocellated Turkey Range Map - Bird Ranges
Learn the range and habitat preferences for the ocellated turkey, as well as how this bird's range has changed historically and where to see them today.

Shorebird Identification Tips - How to Identify Shorebirds
Tips for how to identify shorebirds by appearance, range, behavior and voice. Includes tips for proper shorebird identification equipment.

Teal Duck Definition - Types of Dabbling Ducks
Defines teal as a type of duck, including a discussion of how teal are unique ducks and several examples of familiar teal species.

5 Ways to Recycle Christmas Trees for the Birds - Help Birds by Recycling Christmas Trees
Recycle your Christmas tree for the birds with these five easy choices and give your old tree new life while you help the birds.

Raptor Definition - Bird of Prey - Types of Birds
Defines raptor as it relates to birds, including physical characteristics and species examples, along with popular raptor symbolism.

Protect Winter Bird Feeders - How to Feed Winter Birds
Learn how to keep winter bird feeders free of ice and snow so they can feed a wide variety of backyard birds all winter long, even in terrible weather.

Habitat Definition - Types of Bird Habitats
Defines habitat as it relates to bird environments, including examples of bird habitats, how they meet birds' needs and how habitat loss affects birds.

Birding Supplies - Gift Ideas for Birders
Need the perfect gift for a birder? This list of top ideas for any occasion or type of birder can help you choose the ideal bird-themed gift they'll love.

Famous Birds - Bird Celebrities - Avian Fame
How do birds become celebrities? Learn about bird fame and some of the world's most famous birds from odd sightings to mascots, movie stars and more!

World Owl Trust - Birding Organizations
Want to support owls? Consider a membership with the World Owl Trust and help global owl conservation, habitat preservation, captive breeding and more.

15 Things to Do After You Go Birding
Birding doesn't end after a walk - take care of these tasks after every birding trip so you can refine your skills and make birding even better.

Park Birding Tips
Any neighborhood park can turn into a great birding spot - learn what to expect and how to go birding in different parks.

Ocellated Turkey - Meleagris ocellata
Learn about the wild turkey's more colorful cousin, the ocellated turkey - including where to see one and what makes them so unique.

Flipper Definition - Do Penguins Have Wings?
Learn about flippers as they apply to penguins and other aquatic birds, including how the flipper structure is different from a wing used for flight.

Crop Milk Definition
Do birds produce milk? Yes, but crop milk is unlike any other milk. Learn what this food is, what baby birds eat it and the different ways it is produced.

Black Phoebe Range Map - Bird Ranges and Maps
Black phoebes may appear in different habitats - learn where to see them and what features are critical for their habitats and range.

Keep Bird Houses Warm in Winter - Winter Backyard Birding
Take a few simple steps to keep bird houses warm in winter, and backyard birds will appreciate the safe, cozy shelter on those bitter cold nights.

Birding by Skis - Tips for Birding While Skiing
Are you a skier? These easy tips can help you combine cross-country skiing and birding for some great winter opportunities.

Gull Species List - A-Z List of Gull Bird Species
How many gulls can you name? There are more than many birders realize, and learning more gulls can give you insight into their diversity. Get the A-Z list!

More Fun With Wild Turkeys - Crafts, Trivia & Recipes
Great list of fun, easy projects about wild turkeys - from crafts and recipes to hunting, trivia, cocktails and more, there's more to do with turkeys!

Gifts for Penguin Lovers - Penguin-Themed Presents
Is there a penguin lover on your gift list? These top gift ideas all feature penguins, with dozens of suggestions for unique penguin-themed gifts.

Prairie Warbler - Setophaga discolor - Dendroica discolor
Learn about the prairie warbler and where to find it - because you won't see it on prairies! Includes facts about diet, breeding, field marks and more.

How to Attract Wild Turkeys - Attract Backyard Birds
Do you want wild turkeys in your yard? These tips can help you attract them, but be careful - they can cause problems too! Learn more...

Who Is John Cassin? - Famous Birders and Ornithologists
Learn about John Cassin, the man behind so many familiar bird names, including his incomparable contributions to ornithology around the world.

Cere Definition - Bird Bill Parts and Anatomy
Defines the cere as part of a bird’s bill, including which birds have ceres and how to use it for identification or determining a bird's health.

Fictional Birds - Famous Bird Characters
Learn which real birds have inspired the most familiar fictional birds in the world, from cartoon characters to cereal mascots to mythological birds.

Wishbone - What Is a Bird's Furcula - Bird Anatomy
Learn the anatomy of a wishbone, what it does for birds and the history of making wishes on this unique structure. Plus - learn which birds don't have one!

15 QuickThings to Do Before You Go Birding
Make your birding hikes safer, easier and worry-free by taking care of these 15 quick and simple tasks BEFORE you go! (Don't forget #11!)

Caching Food - How and Why Birds Do It - Feeding Birds
Many birds stockpile food for winter - but why and how do they go about it? Learn about caching, including which birds store food.

Venezuelan Troupial Range Map - Bird Maps
Learn where to find the Venezuelan troupial (not just in Venezuela!), including which habitats it prefers and where in the Caribbean you can see this bird.

How Birders Get Famous - Fame Through Birding
Learn how birders can become famous and what that fame means for helping birds and bird conservation. Do you know these famous birders?

Twitcher Definition - Types of Birders - Twitching
A twitcher is a unique type of birder - is twitching right for your birding? Learn what it is and how it can be controversial to other birders.

15 Items to Recycle for the Birds - Recycling to Help Birds
Learn which common materials can be recycled to help the birds, attract more species or share birding with others. Get started with these easy ideas!

Essential Equipment to Clean Bird Feeders
Learn what tools you need to clean bird feeders, as well as what tools and soaps you want to avoid. Includes tips to make your cleaning more convenient.

Carrion Definition - What Wild Birds Eat
Defines carrion as a food source for birds, including where carcasses may come from and how they can be dangerous to scavenging birds.

More Ways to Support Birding Organizations
Being a member is only one thing you can do to help birding organizations - learn many other easy ways to lend a hand and help support birds.

Black Phoebe - Sayornis nigricans - Bird Profiles
The black phoebe is an elegant flycatcher, but do you know where to see them, how to identify them or how they raise their young? Time to learn!

Birding in South Texas - Birding Hotspots
Learn why birding is better in South Texas, and get all the best tips to make the most of a birding visit to this spectacular region.

Who Is Alexander Wilson? - Birder Biographies
Learn more about Alexander Wilson, the Father of American Ornithology and an amazing influence on birding. How many of Wilson's birds have you seen?

Victorian Bird Houses - Bird House Styles
Victorian architecture can be amazing inspiration for bird houses - learn about Victorian bird houses and whether one is right for your backyard.

Bird Crop Definition - Anatomy and Digestion
Defines the crop as part of a bird’s digestive tract, with a discussion of how it is used and what other bird body parts may be confused for the crop.

Nectar Definition - Birds That Drink Nectar
Defines nectar in terms of a bird's diet, including what birds drink nectar and what artificial nectar options are available for feeding birds.

Bird Irruption Definitions - Migration Changes
Defines irruption, irrupt and irrupting, including why these population changes happen and which birds are often involved.

Lifer Definition
What makes a bird a lifer? Learn the qualifications, how to count lifers and why adding more new birds to your life list isn't always desirable.

Neotropical Migrant Definition - Bird Migration
Learn what a neotropical migrant is by bird ranges and migration, including examples of neotropical migratory birds and their conservation needs.

Winterizing Your Bird Feeders - Backyard Birding
Make sure your bird feeders are ready for winter with these winterizing tips. Includes suggestions to protect feeders all winter long.

Primary Feather Definition - Bird Plumage
Defines the primary feather as part of a bird's wing, with tips for identifying birds by primaries and how these feathers are used in different cultures.

Threats to Bluebirds - Bluebird Conservation
Learn the threats bluebirds face and what you can do to help minimize those risks and make your backyard more bluebird-friendly.

Cavity-Nesting Definition - Bird Nests and Reproduction
Defines cavity-nesting as it applies to bird nests and reproduction, with examples of birds that nest in cavities and the different spaces they use.

Phaethontidae Bird Family Definition - Tropicbirds
Learn why the tropicbirds have their own separate bird family, and what traits make Phaethontidae birds unique and beautiful.

Dimorphic Definition - Bird Gender Differences
Defines dimorphic, dimorphous and sexual dimorphism with regards to wild birds and bird identification, with examples of how genders look different.

Striped Owl - Asio clamator - Owl Species
Learn about the beautiful and distinctive striped owl, including where to find these birds, how to identify them and how unique their behavior can be.

Insectivorous Bird Diet Definition - Insectivore
What makes a bird insectivorous? Learn why insects are such an important part of these birds' diets and how to offer bugs as backyard treats.

Snowy Owl Range Map, Habitat and Irruptions
Learn where snowy owls live and what habitats they prefer, as well as what causes irruptions and where else in the world these owls might be spotted.

Casuariidae Bird Family Definition - Cassowaries
Learn the birds in the Casuariidae family, where to find them and what traits they share. You may think you know cassowaries - but there's more!

Who Is John James Audubon? - Birder Biographies
Who is John James Audubon, and why is his legacy so important to modern birding? Learn who he was, what he did and how he influenced birding.

Apterygidae Bird Family Definition - Kiwis
Learn about the small, strange Apterygidae bird family, including what birds belong to it, traits they share and grave threats they are all facing.

Bird Museums - Where to See Bird Exhibits
Should you visit a museum for birding? It can be an amazing experience with a lot of benefits! Check this list of great museums to visit for birds.

10 Fun Facts About Birds - Bird Trivia
How many feathers do birds have? How many species are there? Where are pet birds popular? These general trivia facts about birds are amazing!

Eye Ring Definition - Bird Anatomy
Defines the eye ring as part of a bird's anatomy, with tips for bird identification using eye ring field marks and examples of birds with eye rings.

Venezuelan Troupial - Icterus icterus - National Bird
Learn about Venezuela's national bird - the Venezuelan troupial - including its diet, field marks, range, conservation status and more.

Nelson's Sparrow Range Map
Detailed range map for the Nelson's sparrow, and a discussion of which habitat these sparrows prefer so birders can learn where to see them.

Strange Foods and the Birds That Eat Them - Bird Trivia
From wax to blood to milk and more, birds have some strange things in their diets - learn which birds eat these weird foods!

Uropygial Gland - What Is a Preen Gland?
Learn what the uropygial gland is, where to find it, why it is important to birds and what birds don't actually have this gland.

How to Clean a Bird Bath Without Scrubbing - Easy Bird Bath Cleaning - Bleach Treatment for Bird Baths
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

How to Clean a Bird Bath Without Scrubbing - Easy Bird Bath Cleaning - Bleach Treatment for Bird Baths
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

Clean Even the Dirtiest Bird Bath Without Scrubbing
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

How to Clean a Bird Bath Without Scrubbing
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

How to Clean a Bird Bath Without Scrubbing - Easy Bird Bath Cleaning - Bleach Treatment for Bird Baths
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

How to Clean a Bird Bath Without Scrubbing - Easy Bird Bath Cleaning - Bleach Treatment for Bird Baths
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

Adding the Bleach - Bird Bath Cleaning Treatment
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

How to Clean a Bird Bath Without Scrubbing - Easy Bird Bath Cleaning - Bleach Treatment for Bird Baths
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

How to Clean a Bird Bath Without Scrubbing - Easy Bird Bath Cleaning - Bleach Treatment for Bird Baths
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

How to Clean a Bird Bath Without Scrubbing - Easy Bird Bath Cleaning - Bleach Treatment for Bird Baths
Clean even the dirtiest bird bath in 10 easy steps, all without using any scrub brushes. Suitable for concrete bird baths and other materials.

Hummingbird Species List - List of Hummingbird Species
Alphabetical list of hummingbird species including common and scientific names from G-Q, with notes on which hummingbirds visit, breed and reside in North America. Additional pages cover birds A-F and R-Z. Page 2.

A List of Hummingbird Species (A-F)
Alphabetical list of hummingbird species from including common and scientific names from A-F, with notes on which hummingbirds visit, breed and reside in North America. Additional pages cover the rest of the alphabet.

Alphabetical List of Hummingbird Species (R-Z)
Alphabetical list of hummingbird species including common and scientific names from R-Z, with notes on which hummingbirds visit, breed and reside in North America. Additional pages list all hummingbirds A-Q. Page 3.

Bird-Friendly Chocolate - Sustainable Cocoa
Learn what makes cocoa production good or bad for birds, and where to find bird-friendly chocolate that supports habitat conservation.

Owl Superstitions - Fables, Myths and Legends
Are owls really omens of death or can they mean something good? Learn about owl superstitions and how they can hurt these birds.

List of Free Bird House Plans Online
There are many free bird house plans available online, and this list of resources includes tips for choosing the right plan and a selection of bird houses available for different species.

Sage Thrasher - Oreoscoptes montanus - Bird Profile
The sage thrasher is a desert bird that is often overlooked, but look again! They are subtle beauties and songsters you don't want to miss.

Passerine Definition - What Are Perching Birds
What exactly is a passerine? The term applies to more than half the world's birds - learn what traits they share, and what birds aren't passerines.

A-Z Wren Species List - Comprehensive Wren List
Get the complete list of wren species from A-Z, including which wrens are threatened or endangered and details on where to find more wrens.

Attract Your Neighbor's Birds - Backyard Birding
Learn how to share backyard birds with your neighbor and attract nearby species to your yard as well. Easy tips for neighborly backyard birding!

Red-Crested Cardinal Range Map
Where in the world is the red-crested cardinal? Learn the native range, introduced areas and preferred habitats for these colorful birds.

Coniferous Forest Definition - Bird Habitats
Defines coniferous as it relates to trees and shrubs for birds, including for bird-friendly landscaping and backyard birding.

Brackish - What Is Brackish Water and Habitat
Learn about brackish habitats, including how water is classified as brackish, what birds can thrive in salty water and how the habitat meets their needs.

Mantle - Parts of a Bird - Wild Bird Anatomy
Learn what a bird's mantle is, how birds use it and how birders can use it as an identification field mark for different species.

Riparian Habitat Definition and Examples - Bird Habitats
Riparian habitats are some of the most lucrative for birding, but why? Learn about these habitats and which birds you can find there.

Holiday Events for Birding Clubs - Group Events
Celebrate major holidays with birding flair - from New Year's to Easter to Halloween to Christmas, these are great options for every birding club to try.

Where to Adopt Owls - Wild Bird Sponsorships
Learn about owl adoption, what it does and where you can adopt your own wild owl today to support the conservation of these amazing birds of prey.

Great Crested Grebe - Podiceps cristatus
The great crested grebe is widespread, but just where can you see it? Learn more about these aquatic birds, including breeding, diet and conservation.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder Project - Easy Crafts
Turn an empty toilet paper roll into an easy bird feeder - a great project for kids or any age. Includes tips for hanging and cleanup.

Talon Definition - Parts of a Bird Foot (Anatomy)
Learn what a bird's talons are, what they are made of, how different birds use their talons and how talons can be useful for identification.

One-Legged Birds - How They Survive and How to Help
Learn how birds may lose a leg and how they adapt and survive. Includes tips for helping one-legged birds in the backyard.

Thrasher Identification Tips - Identify Thrashers
Sage, brown, crissal, California? Learn to tell thrashers apart with these easy identification tips and feel confident identifying thrashers.

Gifts for Owl Lovers - Bird-Themed Gifts
Detailed list of different owl-themed gifts with dozens of suggestions for the perfect gifts for owl lovers, even if they aren't birders.

How to Submit Your Bird Photos for Identification Help
Need help identifying a bird? Follow these tips and guidelines for submitting your bird photos and get expert help puzzling out the bird species.

15 Fun Facts About Peregrine Falcons - Bird Trivia
Learn all about the peregrine falcon - amazing trivia you won't believe! Speed, size, range, behavior and more, plus other amazing facts.

Why It's Important to Keep Bird Feeders Clean
Cleaning bird feeders is necessary to keep birds healthy, but there are many other reasons why cleaning feeders is important.

Masked Booby - Sula dactylatra - Bird Profile
Learn about the masked booby, from its appearance and voice to how it mates, where to see it and what conservation threats it faces.

Free Purple Mountain Bird House Plans
Build a purple martin house with these free plans, tips and tricks sure to help you create the ideal home for a purple martin colony.

Fall Bird Bath Tips - Water for Autumn Birds
10 tips to keep your fall bird baths at their best and provide autumn birds with fresh, clean, liquid water all season long.

Canyon Wren Range Map and Preferred Habitat
Learn where canyon wrens can be found, including not only range but also overall habitat, elevation and terrain.

Bird-Themed Costumes - Costume Ideas With Birds
Have fun with bird-themed costumes, whether you find one to buy or make your own. Includes a list of online bird costume retailers.

Your Best Birding Destination - Where to Go Birding
Want to travel for birding but don't know where to go? Choose your best birding destination with these easy tips and suggestions!

Sounds Hummingbirds Make - Birding by Ear
Learn hummingbird sounds to help identify these birds by ear - they may not sing a lot, but hummingbirds make more sounds than you think!

Birding Magazines - Magazines About Birds
Get informed about the best birding magazines around the world, as well as what to look for and expect in magazines about birds.

Bird Personalities
Birds all have different personalities, but do you know which birds have which character traits? Learn more about bird psychology!

Trogonidae Bird Family Definition
Learn about the Trogonidae bird family, including where in the world these birds are found and what traits they share.

Red-Crested Cardinal - Paroaria coronata
The red-crested cardinal is a beautiful bird, but do you know it's not a cardinal (not the kind you think of, anyway!)? Learn more!

Bird Idioms Explained - Clever Bird Phrases
You're not crazy as a loon if you study bird idioms - learn what they mean and how they relate to real birds!

Urban Birding Tips - Where to Go Birding
Cities can be great birding destinations, if you know what birds to look for and where to go in the city to see them. Become an urban birder today!

Zosteropidae Bird Family
Learn the birds of the Zosteropidae family, including where they are found and what traits they share.

Why Not All Rehabilitated Birds Can Be Released
Learn what is necessary for an injured bird to return to the wild and why some rehabilitated birds spend the rest of their lives in captivity.

Bird-Safe Platform Feeder – Bird Feeder Review
Review of the Bird-Safe Platform Feeder from Duncraft, a durable and versatile feeder that can instantly accommodate a hungry backyard flock.

Casque - Bird Anatomy
Learn what a casque is, what it does and what birds have one.

Nelson's Sparrow - Ammodramus nelsoni
Learn about the Nelson's sparrow, including what makes it unique from the saltmarsh sparrow and where you can find these colorful sparrows.

Birding by Car
Learn how to go birding without leaving your car or sacrificing great birding experiences.

Fall Bird Identification Tips - Identify Fall Birds
Learn the best tricks for identifying fall birds, no matter how confusing they may be.

Wetland Birding Tips - Marsh Birding
Learn how to go birding in wetlands and marshes, see more birds and stay safe while preserving the habitat you visit.

Bird Poaching - Illegal Birds and Conservation
Learn the 5 major reasons birds are poached, what species are most at risk and 8 easy ways you can help prevent poaching.

Superb Fairywren Range Map
Learn the general range and habitat of the superb fairywren, including what cities to visit to see this amazing Australian bird.

Ear Tufts - Bird Anatomy
What do bird's ear tufts do? You might be surprised that they do a lot, but none of it is hearing!

Superb Fairywren - Malurus cyaneus
You'll think you've seen a fairy when you see the beautiful superb fairywren - learn more about this amazing Australian bird!

Protect Bird Feeders From Deer - Keep Deer Away
Learn how to safely and easily keep deer out of your yard and away from your feeders - these 9 tips really work!

Bird Symbolism - What Birds Mean
Birds have many symbolic meanings - which ones do you believe? Learn about bird symbolism and how it can help or hurt birds.

Bird Migration Myths
Hibernating birds? Dehydrated hummingbirds? Hitchhiking birds? Debunk some of the craziest bird migration myths!

Maluridae Bird Family Definition
Learn the unique birds of the Maluridae family, including where they are found and what traits they share.

Planter Bird Houses
Get both plants and birds with a planter bird house - but use the right plants and expect the right birds!

How Travel Helps Birds - Birding Travel
Even long-distance travel can be good for birds with these easy considerations - so plan a trip and help birds with every mile!

Canyon Wren - Catherpes mexicanus
Learn about the stunning canyon wren, including where to see it, how to listen to it and what unique behavior to watch for when you find it.

Bird Mascots - What Birds Are Popular Mascots?
What birds are the most popular mascots, and what overlooked birds deserve that honor?

How to Attract Parrots - Attracting Backyard Parrots
Bring a splash of color to your yard with these tips to attract backyard parrots.

Autumn Bird Feeding Tips - Feeding Birds in Fall
Tips for feeding fall birds, including what the best bird foods are to offer in autumn and how fall bird feeding helps migrating birds.

What Is Leucism? About Leucistic Birds
Leucism affects birds' feathers and turns them pale or white. Learn about bird leucism, how it impacts birds and how you can identify leucistic birds.

Fall Activities for Birding Clubs - Autumn Birding
Try this list of great meeting and activity ideas to get your birding club flying in fall!

Organizing Your Field Bag
Learn to effectively organize your field bag, and you'll find your birding more organized and efficient at the same time!

15 Careers for Birders - Birding Jobs
Learn what career options are available for birders, as well as what skills and education are needed for different jobs.

College Campus Birding - Birding Hotspots
Go back to school for great birding on college and university campuses. Learn why schools can be great for your birding education!

White Ibis - Eudocimus albus
Beautiful and unmistakable, the white ibis is a widespread wading bird, but do you know what other bird they are related to? You'll be amazed!

Desert Birding Tips - Birding in Desert Habitats
Learn how to go birding in the desert, including what birds you may see and how to be properly prepared for this unique environment.

Don't Annoy Your Neighbors When You Feed the Birds
Be a good neighbor and a good birder with these easy tips.

Basic Bird Bill Shapes
Learn the different basic bird bill shapes, how different bills are used and what birds have which shapes.

Birding in Utah - Birding Travel in Utah
Tips for birding in Utah, including where to go and what amazing birds to expect in the state.

Haematopodidae Bird Family
Learn which birds belong to the Haematopodidae family and what characteristics show them as relatives.

Nonverbal Bird Sounds - Using Nonvocal Sounds to Identify Birds
Birds make a wide range of nonverbal sounds, and savvy birders who listen well can use those sounds for easier bird identification.

King Eider - Somateria spectabilis
The king eider is a majestic duck indeed, but learn more than it's beauty with these facts about habitat, range, breeding, behavior, voice and more.

Parrots International - Bird Conservation Organizations
Help parrots fly free throughout the world by supporting Parrots International.

Indicator Species - Bioindicators
Learn why birds are great indicator species, and how they are used for environmental research.

How Birding Helps the Economy - Birding Economics
Birders do their part to help the economy in a variety of ways - and it helps birds too!

Mountain Birding Tips - Alpine Birding
Take your birding to new heights in the mountains with these tips for the best of alpine birding and what birds you may see in the mountains.

Bald Birds - Causes of Bird Baldness
Which birds are naturally bald and why do other birds lose their feathers? You'll be amazed at how many birds can be bald!

U.S. Places With Bird Names
State-by-state list of U.S. places with bird-themed names. Where will you go birding next?

What is a necropsy, and what can it tell us about how birds die?

Lamellae Definition
Definition of lamellae in a bird's bill and tongue, including how they are used and what birds have them.

Struthionidae Bird Family
Learn which birds are part of the Struthionidae family, including what makes them so unique.

Scaled Quail - Callipepla squamata
Learn about the scaled quail - you'll be surprised at its subtle beauty, and you definitely want to attract it to your yard.

Saving Money on Birding Tours - Birding Travel
Think a birding tour costs too much? Think again! These tips can help you save.

Top 10 Complaints About Birds - And Fixing Them
Which of these complaints about birds have you heard? Learn how to answer and ease tension for both people and birds!

Types of Field Guides - How Many Do You Need?
Tips for which field guides you should own and how many may eventually be on your shelves, depending on your birding preferences.

Vegan and Vegetarian Bird Species
Which birds are vegan or vegetarian? You might be surprised at how bird diets vary, and which birds rely on plant foods!

Simple Bird Houses - Learn the Basics
Learn the basics of bird houses and how to choose a simple design birds will use, including what residents to expect.

How to Attract Quail - Backyard Birding
Bring quail and grouse right to your backyard with these easy tips for meeting their needs.

Chestnut-Backed Chickadee - Poecile rufescens
Learn all about the chestnut-backed chickadee, including the different subspecies, what habitats they prefer and how to attract them.

Protect Backyard Ponds From Birds
Learn how to enjoy a backyard pond without accidentally offering a fish buffet to backyard birds. These safe techniques really work!

Black-Billed Cuckoo Range Map
Learn where to find the black-billed cuckoo, including what types of habitats it prefers as well as its complete breeding and non-breeding range.

Birdseed Cylinders, Blocks and Cakes
Are birdseed cakes, blocks or cylinders best for your birds? Learn what they are, pros and cons and how to offer cakes in your yard.

How Cats Hurt Birds - Threats to Birds
Cats hurt birds in many more ways than just hunting - learn how, and what you can do to help!

Forest Birding Tips - Where to Go Birding
Tips for making the most of all your forest birding trips, including what birds to expect and what types of forest to visit.

Book Review: First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story by Noriko and Don Carroll
Book review of “First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story” (2006) by Noriko and Don Carroll.

Blue Dacnis - Dacnis cyana
Learn about the blue dacnis, including what type of bird it is, what it eats, where to find it and how to recognize it.

Canadian Provincial Birds - Official Birds of Canada - Province Birds of Canada
List of the official provincial birds of Canada with a notation about the country's lack of a national bird.

Is Jelly Bad for Birds?
Jelly is a backyard staple at many feeders, but is a high-jelly diet the best for birds? It can actually be harmful!

Jelly - Feeding Birds
You can offer birds a sweet treat with jelly - but are you offering the right jelly the right way?

Birds in Society and Culture
How are birds part of human culture? They're more important than you may realize in art, music, sports, economics and more!

Oriolidae Bird Family
Learn which birds belong in the Oriolidae bird family and where in the world they are found.

Virginia Rail Range Map and Habitat
Learn the range and preferred habitat of the Virginia rail, including vagrant sightings.

Lesser Goldfinch - Carduelis psaltria
Detailed bird profile of the lesser goldfinch: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes tips for attracting lesser goldfinches to your backyard.

Emergent Layer - Forest Habitats
Learn what the emergent layer is, where to find it and why it matters to birds.

Tips for Summer Bird Baths
Learn how to keep summer bird baths full, fresh and bird-friendly even in arid or drought areas, including why bird baths are so critical for birds.

Why Attend a Birding Festival?
Why should you bother attending a birding festival? Learn the benefits of doing so and what you gain by being part of the event!

Birding Gifts for Kids - 15 Top Choices
Need to buy a gift for a young birder? These are the top choices, including options for every age!

Understory - Forest Layer Habitat
Learn what the forest understory is, how it meets birds' needs and what birds are common in this critical habitat.

Grassland Birding Tips - Go Birding on Grasslands
Learn about different grasslands and the birds that use them, including how to best go birding in grassland habitats.

Firecrest - Regulus ignicapilla
Learn all about the firecrest, a fiery European bird with colors and personality that match its name.

Worst Bird Baths - 10 Bad Bird Baths
If you have one of these bird baths, you might actually be hurting birds! Learn how to correct the worst bird baths.

Make a Dust Bath - Steps and Tips
Add a dust bath to your backyard with these easy steps, and you'll love the birds that take advantage of dusting!

Digiscoping - Basics and Getting Started
Learn what digiscoping is, what benefits this techniques offers and what you need to get started digiscoping birds.

Torpor Definition
Defines the term “torpor” and gives examples of birds that enter this state.

Greater Roadrunner - Geococcyx californianus
Detailed bird profile of the greater roadrunner: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes conservation information and tips for how to attract greater roadrunners.

Attract Fledgling Birds - Attracting Baby Birds
Learn how to safely attract baby birds to the backyard with these easy tips.

Identify Birds in Motion - Moving Bird Identification
Learn how to identify moving birds and what clues motion can provide about a bird's species.

Black-Billed Cuckoo - Coccyzus erythropthalmus
Learn about the elusive black-billed cuckoo, including what makes this bird unique, where you can see it and how to attract it.

Ciconiidae Bird Family Definition
Learn which birds make up the Ciconiidae family, what traits they share and where to see them.

Spotted Pardalote Range Map
Learn where the spotted pardalote lives, including the habitat it prefers within its native range.

Birding Festivals in July - July Bird Festivals
List of birding festivals in July, including brief details on each festival, event dates, location and links to official festival websites.

Bird Threat Displays - Passive and Active
Learn the different passive and active threat displays birds use, when they will use them and what to do if you see threatening birds.

Regulidae Bird Family Definition
Learn the characteristics of the Regulidae bird family and which bird species are members.

How to Rescue a Bird Nest - Help Nesting Birds
Learn when and how to safely help a damaged bird nest, including what to do if the nesting site is no longer safe.

Western Scrub-Jay - Aphelocoma californica
The western scrub-jay is a popular bird - learn how to recognize them and what makes them unique, including their behavior, calls and more.

Black Swan - Cygnus atratus
The black swan is beautiful and distinctive, but where can you find this bird and what other characteristics make it unique?

Canopy Definition
Learn what a forest canopy is and why it can be so vital to birds, meeting all their needs and providing a superb habitat.

Wilson's Plover - Charadrius wilsonia
Learn about the distinctive Wilson's plover, including how to identify these shorebirds, where to see them and how to recognize their behavior.

Red Junglefowl History - Chicken History
Chickens are more than livestock or a meal - learn the incredible history of the red junglefowl and how it is part of our culture.

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak Range Map
Learn where to see the rose-breasted grosbeak, including what habitats these birds prefer and what trees they need in forests.

List of National Birds
Do you know your national bird? What about other nations? Get the list of official national birds (and some not-so-official but popular candidates)!

Apex Predator - Top-Level Birds
Learn what birds are apex predators, what that means in the food chain and what still threatens these powerful birds.

Beach Birding Tips - Go Birding on the Beach
The beach can be birding paradise, if birders visit the best beaches ready for the birds they may see. Learn how to make beach birding the best!

Urohydrosis is a disgusting way birds can keep clean and cool, but how?

Get Up Close to Birds
It is possible to get close - very close - to birds without harming them, and these tips can help!

Identify Birds by Wings
Learn to identify birds by their wings based on shape, proportion, posture, markings, flight style and other features.

Bird-Themed Baby Names - Bird Names for Babies
Do you want to give your child an avian moniker? This list of 40+ bird-themed names is a great place to start!

Gifts for Advanced Birders - Birding Gifts
Choose great gifts for experienced birders with these top 10 gifts for advanced birders.

When Not to Photograph Birds
Learn when bird photography can be dangerous to both birds and birders, and avoid these worst times to take pictures of birds.

Hummingbird Feeder Placement - Where to Put Feeders
Are your hummingbird feeders in the best place to safely attract more hummers?

How to Get More Hummingbirds to Your Feeders
Tips for attracting great flocks of hummingbirds to your backyard feeders.

How Lights Threaten Birds - Threats to Birds
Learn how lights and light pollution can be harmful to birds, and what you can do to help protect birds from too much light.

Best Urban Birding Locations - Birding in Cities
Learn the best places to go for spectacular city birding, along with what birds to expect in each area.

Birds of New Guinea: Second Edition
Review of Birds of New Guinea: Second Edition from Princeton University Press and how exceptional it is as a birding reference.

Tax Deductions for Birders - Income Taxes
Depending on how you go birding, some supplies may be tax deductible. Learn if your birding can help you save on income taxes!

Hawaiian Birds of the Sea - Book Review
Want to see seabirds in Hawaii? This book takes birders to the islands with sightings of 23 seabirds in its pages, with remarkable photos and enjoyable anecdotes.

How to Attract Doves - Dove Attracting Tips
Easy steps every backyard birder can take to attract doves to their yard by meeting these birds' basic needs all year long.

How to Keep Birds From Going Extinct - Stop Extinction
Learn how to minimize bird extinction risks, and learn why birds will still go extinct.

How Baby Birds Mature - Bird Growth
Learn the growth cycle of baby birds, including how altricial and precocial birds are different. Includes tips for helping baby birds grow up safely!

Ring Bearer Birds - Wedding Owls
Birds can be a romantic touch at a wedding, but is a ring bearer bird a good idea?

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill – Book Review
Review of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (2005) by Mark Bittner, an intriguing and intimate look at one of the world's most famous feral flocks.

Spotted Pardalote - Pardalotus punctatus
Learn about one of Australia's most adorable birds - the tiny, colorful, energetic spotted pardalote, including how you can spot one!

Northern Waterthrush - Parkesia noveboracensis
Learn about the northern waterthrush, including what makes this brown warbler distinct and where you can see one.

Best Time for Birding Travel
Learn exactly when to travel for birding in order to have the best possible birding experience.

Types of Bird Nests
Learn the different types of bird nests, with examples of which birds build which types of nests.

North American Bluebird Society
Overview of the North American Bluebird Society, including the group's history, what they do today and how to become a member.

People Who Can Help Your Birding
Do you have a birding question? Learn who to ask to get the answer!

When to Photograph Birds - Bird Photography
Learn the best times of day and best seasons for bird photography so you can always take amazing bird pictures.

Free Bird Backgrounds and Wallpapers
List of websites offering free bird-themed desktops and backgrounds, including tips for finding the best bird background for your device.

How Dogs Hurt Birds - Threats to Birds
Learn how dogs, even pampered pets, can be harmful to birds, and what you can do to help protect birds and still enjoy your canine companion.

Worst Nesting Materials for Birds
Not all nesting materials are good for birds - learn which ones can be downright dangerous, and what you can do to keep nests safe.

Common Ostrich Fact Sheet
You might recognize the common ostrich, but how much do you really know about this popular bird? Learn its range, mating habits, diet and more.

How to Attract Warblers - Tips for Attracting Warblers
Tips for attracting warblers to your backyard by meeting their needs for food, water, shelter and nesting sites.

Discouraging Nesting Birds - Keep Bird From Nesting
Tips for how to safely and effectively discourage nesting birds, and when nests should not be disturbed.

Egg Dumping - Intraspecific Brood Parasitism
Learn about egg dumping, including which birds are more likely to do it, and how.

Competitive Birding
Learn the different types of birding competitions, and how competitive birding can help both birds and birders.

How to Monitor a Bird House
Learn how to safely and effectively monitor a bird house, and enjoy an intimate connection with nesting birds.

When Birds Eat - Do Birds Have Mealtimes?
Learn when birds forage and what factors might affect when they eat.

Bird Distraction Displays
Learn the types of distraction displays birds will use to protect their nests and eggs, and what to do as a birder if you witness this acting.

National Geographic Photographing Birds - Book Review
Review of National Geographic Photographing Birds, including how useful the book is to birders and what weaknesses birders should watch out for.

Birds of Borneo - Field Guide Review
Review of Phillipps' Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo, the ultimate guide to birding in Borneo with extensive information and spectacular bird plates.

Bird-Friendly Landscaping to Discourage Cats
Tips to plan a landscape that is welcoming to birds but unwelcoming to cats.

Birding by Boat
Learn the benefits of birding by boat, as well as how to do it safely and make the most of every birding opportunity.

Antarctic Treaty of 1959
Learn about the Antarctic Treaty System and how it works to protect birds, including how it can have global impacts far away from Antarctic ice.

Gifts for Beginning Birders
Great list of gift ideas to give beginning birders to encourage their new-found birding enthusiasm.

Rainbow Lorikeet - Trichoglossus haematodus
Learn about one of the world's most familiar parrots, including where you can see them in the wild.

Birds of East Asia - Field Guide Review
Going birding in eastern Asia? Don't go without this amazing field guide!

Too Many Bird Feeders
How many feeders are too many in the backyard? Learn the problems too many feeders can cause.

Identify Birds by Feet - Bird Identification
Learn how to use bird feet for identification - they give birders more clues than you think!

Birds You Can't Identify
It's okay if you can't identify every bird, and there are many birds that even experienced birders have trouble identifying.

Why You Want Hawks in the Backyard - Attracting Hawks
Learn why raptors are great backyard birds to see, and how they can benefit both birds and birders.

Sulidae Bird Family Definition
What birds belong in the Sulidae family, and why?

How Climate Change Hurts Birds
Learn how climate change can negatively impact birds, and how you can help birds adjust.

Birds of North America - Eastern and Western Guides
Learn about these excellent field guides for beginning or casual birders, including what unique features they offer.

Bird Flu and Birding
Learn the basics of bird flu, what birds it affects and how birding could be impacted.

Defines guano and which birds produce it, as well as discussing guano harvests and their impact on seabirds.

Extirpate - Local Extinction
Learn about bird extirpation - what causes it, and how it may be reversed.

Why Migrating Birds Get Lost - Bird Migration
Why do some birds get lost on migration? Learn what can confuse migrating birds and what you can do to help them stay on the right path.

Threats to Summer Birds - Summer Bird Hazards
Summer may seem bird-friendly, but there are many threats summer birds face. Learning about those threats will help you safeguard your summer birds.

Threats and Hazards of Bird Baths
Learn how birds baths can be a threat to birds, and what you can do to make sure your bird bath is safe and useful for backyard birds. Includes tips for overcoming each type of potential threat.

Milk Carton Bird House
Recycle an empty milk or juice carton into an easy bird house with this simple project, no experience necessary. Includes tips for how to mount and clean the house to keep birds safe.

Greater Yellowlegs or Lesser Yellowlegs?
Tips for properly identifying both greater yellowlegs and lesser yellowlegs, with a quick reference chart for telling them apart.

Bird Behaviors That Claim and Defend Territory
How birds claim territory for feeding, mating and raising young can give birders clues about different species and where to find them. This bird behavior can be fascinating to watch, and when you know what territories birds have claimed, you will know where to see them all summer long.

Birding Travel to See Flamingos
Though there are only a few species of flamingos in the world, see these wading birds can be seen on several continents. These tips offer the best viewing spots for wild flamingos and ideas for up close views of flamingos in captivity.

Barred Owl - Strix varia
Detailed bird profile of the barred owl: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes conservation information and tips for how to attract barred owls.

Get Started Attracting Birds to Your Backyard
Attracting birds may seem intimidating, but with these five easy steps, you can get started attracting backyard birds in no time.

Tips for Attracting Swallows, Swifts and Martins
Get natural insect control with these tips for attracting swallows. If you meet these birds' needs for food, water, shelter and nesting sites, you'll be rewarded with swallows in the backyard.

How Birds Navigate During Migration
Millions of birds migrate every year, using a variety of adaptations and techniques to complete their journeys successfully, but how do they do it?

Tips on How to Get Started Feeding Birds
It's easy to get started feeding birds, and these fives simple steps can help you choose the best bird feeders and attract a hungry backyard flock even if you've never had a bird feeder before.

How to Attract Backyard Hawks
Learn how to attract backyard hawks by meeting their needs for food, water, shelter and nesting sites - including why you want them in the yard!

Gentoo Penguin - Pygoscelis papua
Instantly recognizable, gentoo penguins can be identified by their white head patch, orange bill and large size. How much more do you know about these penguins?

When Your Partner Isn't a Birder
Yes, it is possible to go birding with non-birders and everyone has a great time!

Bucket Nesting Shelf Project - DIY
Fast, easy project to turn an old bucket into a bird nesting shelf - no skills required!

Identify Birds by Diet - Bird Identification
Learn how to use a bird's diet and foraging behavior to help identify the species.

Rock Pigeon History - Rock Doves
Rock pigeons are instantly recognizable, but how much do you know about their noble and varied history?

Is Salt Bad for Birds? - Feeding Birds
Learn how salt can impact birds' health, where they get salt and how you can feed backyard birds a low-salt diet.

How Often Should You Refill Bird Feeders?
Are empty bird feeders always bad? Learn how often you should refill feeders, and why you might want to wait a day or two.

How to Help a New Birder - Newbie Birding Tips
Help new birders out with these easy tips, and welcome more friends into your birding flock.

Rosy-Faced Lovebird - Agapornis roseicollis
Rosy-faced lovebirds are popular pets, but how much do you know about these wild birds? They're more different than pets than many birders realize!

Aquatic Bird
Learn what an aquatic bird is, including what types of birds are generally considered aquatic and why.

Brahminy Kite - Haliastur indus
One of the most beautiful raptors, the Brahminy kite is an amazing bird and sacred to many Hindus.

Unusual Bird Predators - What Eats Birds?
Birds are in danger from a wide range of strange predators - learn about these unusual bird predators and the most dangerous predator of all.

Hanging Bird Feeders - Tips and Tricks
Learn how to hang a bird feeder safely and securely so both you and the birds can enjoy it.

Clay Pot Bird Bath Project
Turn clay pots and saucers into easy bird baths with this simple project. Includes ideas for many optional project variations.

House Sparrow - Passer domesticus
Detailed bird profile of house sparrows: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes tips for attracting house sparrows to your backyard.

How Travel Hurts Birds - Threats to Birds
Learn how travel can be dangerous for birds, and what you can do to minimize the impact of your travel and still enjoy birding.

Arboreal Bird Definition and Examples
Learn what it means to be an arboreal bird, and what birds are typically considered arboreal and why.

What Is a Raptor? - Raptor Characteristics
Learn the characteristics that make raptors unique, including what bird families raptors belong to and how these birds vary.

15 Fun Facts About Ostriches - Ostrich Trivia
Learn all sorts of weird facts about ostriches - how big they are, what they eat, how long they live, how fast they run and more!

Common Merganser - Mergus merganser
Have you seen the common merganser? You might be surprised at this bird's uncommon characteristics and what makes it so unique!

Natural Foods for Birds
Learn which natural foods birds like most, including how to add them to your yard for a feeder-free bird buffet.

Bird Dads
Learn how male birds are involved with their feathered families, including which birds could win father of the year.

Aerial Bird Definition and Examples
Learn what an aerial bird really is, including just what they can do in flight and which birds are classified as aerial.

Northern Cardinal Photos - Share Your Photos of Northern Cardinals
Share your northern cardinal photos and see what photos of these beautiful birds other readers have taken.

Terrestrial Bird Definition and Examples
Learn what a terrestrial bird is, and what characteristics terrestrial birds share that make them distinctive.

Freshwater Pelagic Birding - Lake Birding
Learn about the unique opportunities freshwater pelagic birding offers, including how these tours are different from ocean tours.

Gular Sac
Learn which birds have gular sacs and how they use them.

Kirtland's Warbler Range Map
Learn where to find Kirtland's warblers, including what habitats they prefer and how those habitats are managed.

Virginia Rail - Rallus limicola
All about the Virginia rail, including its range, habitat, key field marks, breeding behavior and more.

Rail Identification Tips - Identifying Rails
Tips for identifying rails, crakes, gallinules and moorhens, including essential equipment, visual clues and other identification techniques.

How to Attract Shy Birds
Learn how to bring even the most reclusive birds to your yard with these tips for attracting shy species.

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak - Pheucticus ludovicianus
Detailed bird profile of the rose-breasted grosbeak: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes tips for attracting rose-breasted grosbeaks to your backyard.

Concrete Bird Baths: Overview, Pros and Cons, Care Tips
Concrete bird baths are the most common designs, and these tips can help you decide if a concrete bath is right for your birds.

Booted Racket-Tail - Ocreatus underwoodii
The booted racket-tail is an instantly recognizable hummingbird and one that is easy to identify with its unique plumage. Learn why!

Gourd Bird Houses Overview
Get started with gourd bird houses by learning what gourds are used for these houses, what birds nest in them and other basics.

LEGO Birds - Review
Build your own feathered friends with LEGO Birds - diverse species that represent worldwide birds creatively constructed from LEGO bricks.

Fowl Definition - Bird Fowl
There's nothing foul about learning why birds are called fowl!

10 Things Every Birder Should Do at Least Once
Every birder should spread their wings and try different parts of this fascinating hobby - try these different ways of birding today!

Worst Flowers for Hummingbirds
Learn which flowers you don't want in your yard if you hope to attract hummingbirds.

Black-Chinned Hummingbird Range Map
Learn where to find black-chinned hummingbirds with this detailed range map and habitat discussion.

Flyway - Bird Migration Routes
Learn what a flyway is, where they are found and why they are so critical for bird migration.

Birding Festivals in May - Bird Festivals in May
Directory of birding festivals in May, including dates, locations and brief descriptions of festival features. Festivals are listed chronologically and include links to additional information.

Birding Festivals in May - Bird Festivals in May
Directory of birding festivals in May, including dates, locations and brief descriptions of festival features. Festivals are listed chronologically and include links to additional information.

Birding Festivals in May - Bird Festivals in May
Directory of birding festivals in May, including dates, locations and brief descriptions of festival features. Festivals are listed chronologically and include links to additional information.

Birding Festivals in May - Bird Festivals in May
Directory of birding festivals in May, including dates, locations and brief descriptions of festival features. Festivals are listed chronologically and include links to additional information.

Birding Festivals in May - Bird Festivals in May
Directory of birding festivals in May, including dates, locations and brief descriptions of festival features. Festivals are listed chronologically and include links to additional information.

Suet Cage Nester - Give Birds Yarn as Nesting Material
Make an easy, inexpensive suet cage nester to offer birds colorful yarn scraps (found at home or cheaply at thrift stores) as nesting material.

Attracting Birds With Nesting Material
Learn how to attract birds by offering suitable nesting material in a way that will encourage them to build nests in your backyard. Includes a list of different types of nesting material.

How to Identify Bird Eggs - Egg Identification
Learn how to easily identify wild bird eggs, including what clues to watch and how to keep eggs safe while identifying them.

Birding Festivals in June - June Bird Festivals
Early summer is an ideal time for birding, and many birding festivals in June offer unparalleled opportunities to see summer birds. This directory of June bird festivals includes dates, locations and festival highlights for each event.

Birding Festivals in June - June Bird Festivals
Early summer is an ideal time for birding, and many birding festivals in June offer unparalleled opportunities to see summer birds. This directory of June bird festivals includes dates, locations and festival highlights for each event.

Kirtland's Warbler - Dendroica kirtlandii
Learn more about one of the most coveted warblers in North America, including why the Kirtland's warbler needs our help.

Opisthocomidae Bird Family Definition
Learn what bird is the only member of the Opisthocomidae bird family and why.