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Buying Bitcoins Slowly and Easily
Lawnmower is a new app that will allow you to use your

Is Bitcoin Mike Tyson's Biggest Battle?
Mike Tyson may have found his biggest foe yet - bitcoin! His Mike Tyson branded bitcoin ATMs just opened on the Vegas strip and the reviews are mixed

How Can You Profit from Bitcoin Price Rise?
The price of bitcoin has been on the rise as of late, so how can an average investor take advantage of this and potentially profit from this rise.

What Do Financial Advisers Think of Bitcoin?
Bitcoin has become more than just an alternative currency as many speculative investors and their advisers are looking to it as an investment vehicle

Using Digital Currencies to Disrupt Social Media Platforms
An Israeli-based startup seeks to disrupt the current social media world with their use of a digital currency to pay users for their attention.

What's Happening with Bitcoin in the Czech Republic?
The history of bitcoin in the Czech Republic has been an interesting one from

What's Happening with Bitcoin in Mexico?
Mexico is the capital for remittances and the Bitcoin community sees this as fertile ground for the digital currency. But what about the Wall?

Is This the End of Bitcoin (Again)?
The success of bitcoin during 2015 was met with an internal battle between developers of the bitcoin eco system that threatens the entire technology.

Bitcoin Glossary
Read our glossary of bitcoin terms and definitions.

What's Happening with Bitcoin In Japan?
Japan may be the hometown of the creator of bitcoin and the collapse of Mt. Gox, but it has taken a nuanced, but positive approach to bitcoin.

What's Happening with Bitcoin in Russia?
Russia's negative approach to bitcoin has led it to propose four year prison terms for those who use bitcoin. But can it be a way to help the economy?

Five Bitcoin Myths
People say some silly things about bitcoin sometimes. Here are some of them, and an explanation of why they are not true.

Honey, They Factomized My Books!
The growth of start-ups using the blockchain to solve real business issues shows its potential beyond bitcoin and will change how business is done.

Altcoins: A Basic Guide
Altcoins: A basic guide explains what altcoins are, and why they exist. It also tells you what characteristics to look for in an altcoin.

How Online Services Will Help Bitcoin Adoption
Payment processors are gradually adopting bitcoin support, which could mean that a multitude of customers will, too.

The Rise of the Bitcoin ATM
2014 saw the rise of the bitcoin ATM. But how do they work, and should you use them?

How Bitcoin Can Cut Out the Middle Man
Currently, sharing economy marketplaces skim a margin from every transaction. Here's how bitcoin could cut out the middle man.

Why Use Bitcoin?
It may be a fascinating technology, but why should you use bitcoin? Here are several reasons that might persuade you to check it out.

Is Bitcoin Mining Worth It?
Is bitcoin mining worth it? Here's how to find out whether you should buy that mining rig, or just buy bitcoins and hope for a price increase.

What is Bitcoin Mining?
You can make your own bitcoins using little more than a computer, an internet connection, and the right software. Here's how bitcoin mining works.

The Death and Rebirth of Auroracoin
Created in response to the financial crisis that bankrupted the small country of Iceland, a digital currency is once again gaining interest there.

Should You Consider Bitcoin for Your Investment Portfolio?
Interest in bitcoin and blockchain assets has grown over the last few years, as has the value of them.Is it time for the average investor to consider?

Dubai "Warming Up" to the Blockchain
As one of the world's most modern cities, Dubai is focused on exploring Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies to help grow and develop new companies.

What's Happening with Bitcoin in Venezuela
The socialist government in Venezuela may have accidentally created a thriving bitcoin economy because of its incompetence and poor fiscal management.

What's the Deal with Las Vegas and Bitcoin?
Las Vegas seemed a natural place for the use of Bitcoin, but the marriage between the two is flourishing and benefiting many businesses in the area.

A Merger That Can Lead to More Visibility for Bitcoin
A merger between leading bitcoin venture firm, DCG and a leading bitcoin news site, Coindesk seeks to provide even more quality bitcoin content.

Bitcoin Mining in the Beauty of Iceland
Iceland's natural beauty and vast energy resources make it a hotbed for Bitcoin mining activities, which are rewarding investors and miners alike,

Huge Bitcoin Opportunities in India
Economic opportunities in India have been attracting many businesses and investors. Now there's growing interest in the benefits of Bitcoin there.

Iceland - Time to Free Bitcoin!
Iceland has had its share of financial crises, but the country has a citizenry that's resilient and progressive - could it be time to look at Bitcoin?

What Did I Do with My 21 Bitcoin Computer?
The author was one of the first to get the 21 bitcoin computer and soon learns that he needs programming capabilities but great help is available.

The Battle for Bitcoin (Part One)
The bitcoin world has been rocked by alternate versions of the underlying software. How will it impact the future of the virtual currency? Part 1 of 2

Bitcoin in Australia: What's Happening?
The growth and potential of bitcoin goes beyond American shores as other countries are embracing the virtual currency to help emerging businesses.

Who is Satoshi?
Experts agree that the creator of bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. However, no one can agree if Satoshi is a real person - so who really is Satoshi?

My (Successful) Bitcoin Investment Journey - Part Four
This final article about my Bitcoin Investment Journey finds a significant investment gain and an eye towards opportunities in other cryptocurrencies.

How to Follow the Price of Bitcoin
As interest rises in bitcoin as an investment vehicle, there are many options available to track the real time price of bitcoin.

My Bitcoin Investment Journey - Part One
In 2013, the author begin a journey with bitcoin that has led to a current day situation where he has invested in bitcoin for retirement. Part One.

The Impact of Bitcoin on Your Taxes
It's tax season in America and there's a need to consider Bitcoin trading and exchanges in tax returns for many Americans. What are the considerations?

Cryptos Are the New Alternative Investment
The growth of interest (and profit) in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum makes it clear that they need to be considered by investors.

"Bitcoin Halving Day" is Coming? Are You Ready?
In 2016, the mining process for new Bitcoins will be

What's the Deal with The DAO?
With over $150 million, The DAO has raised the highest amount of crowdsource capital of any project. It's funded with ETHER and may be the next thing

Is She the Most Powerful Woman in Bitcoin Today?
Blythe Masters left her 27 year career on Wall Street to create a

Technical Analysis of Bitcoin
Fundamental and Technical analysis are vital aspects of the investment decision process. They should also be applied when investing in Bitcoin.

Is He the Next Steve Job?
Vitalik Buterin is a young college dropout who saw a better way than Bitcoin, launching his own cryptocurrency to improve upon it-Is he the next Jobs?

Bitcoin: A White Young Male Club?
Why is Bitcoin still a young, white guys' club - and what can be done to change it?

My Bitcoin Investment Journey - Part Two
The author seeks to make an investment in bitcoins for his retirement and finds that the choices are limited and he must be an

My (Losing) Bitcoin Investment Journey-Part Three
The third installment of the author's foray into bitcoin investing finds him, after 4 months, losing half of his investment while still having hope.

Using Bitcoin Wherever Visa is Accepted
The Shift Card is a Visa debit card that allows consumers to easily spend their bitcoin and it's currently available in 24 states.

Should I Consider Cold Storage of My Bitcoin?
Because of past issues of lost bitcoin fortunes, the trend to cold storage of one's bitcoin holdings provides safety and security in a physical form.

The Growth of Bitcoin Exchanges
Capabilities to buy bitcoin have grown from the days of Mt. Gox to today where venture money, high powered names, and big plans are now involved.

Bloq Builds Formidable Team to Address Blockchain Potential
The potential for Blockchain technology becoming a major

Is Bitcoin An Alternative Investment?
Investors have the opportunity to invest in bitcoin as an alternative investment for portfolio diversification in a number of new investment vehicles

Could Bitcoin Die Because It’s Too Successful?
The growth and success of Bitcoin is leading to increased transaction times and one leading academic believes it may lead to its demise.

CryptoAssets: The New Investment Asset Class
A compelling new white paper is published that makes the case for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to be considered by investors as a

Becoming a Certified Bitcoin Expert
The Digital Currency Council provides education and a professional certification program for professionals working with bitcoin and digital currencies

Bitcoin's Success Brings Bad Guys and Opportunities
Recent activities by criminals to use Bitcoin for illegal means undermines the credibility of the virtual currency but help is on the way.

Bitcoin's Most Innovative Public Company is...
This innovative company has been an early adopter of bitcoin for retail purchases to using blockchain technology for corporate bond and equity sales.

What's the Deal with Coinbase and GDAX?
Coinbase grew from a small startup seeking to allow users to exchange Bitcoin easily to its recent decision to offer two products to Bitcoin investors

Is the Libertarian Party THE Party of Bitcoin?
Bitcoin has always appealed to libertarians and in the upcoming US Presidential election, they may be the only ones brave enough to take a stand on it

Bitcoin and Taxes
Tax season is around the corner and the reality is that those of us with bitcoin may be subject to taxation, like it or not!

Want to Know How to Use Bitcoins?
How can you get started with bitcoin? Here's a handy guide with some pointers for buying, storing, and spending the cryptocurrency quickly.

How to Invest in Bitcoin
Bitcoin investing can yield significant gains - and comparable losses. Here are some techniques and tools to help invest in this high-risk asset.

Is Bitcoin Safe? Here's the Skinny
There are ways to use bitcoin more safely, but it requires some technical expertise and preparation. Here are some tools and techniques to help.

Is Bitcoin Legal?
Bitcoin is still puzzling many lawmakers. Is it legal to use, and if so, how?

Should I Pay Tax on Bitcoin?
Should you pay tax on your bitcoins? If so, how, and why? Find out here.

Is Bitcoin Really Anonymous?
Is bitcoin truly anonymous? A lot depends on how you use it. Find out the dos and don'ts in this article.

What is a Cryptocurrency Crowdsale?
A crowdsale sells you the right to use an online service by issuing cryptocurrency tokens. But should you participate, and what are the dangers?

What is a Dark Market?
Dark markets operate secretly online, peddling illegal goods and services, and taking bitcoin for payment.

Is Bitcoin the Answer in a Financial Crisis?
Greece, Cyprus, Argentina - all of them have experienced financial crises, and all of their citizens have fled to bitcoin as an alternative.

Cryptocurrency For Kids
What could cryptocurrency teach your children about money and technology?

How To Get Bitcoins
There are a variety of sources for you to get your bitcoins. Here's how to find them, and how to use them to stock up your bitcoin wallet.

Places That Accept Bitcoin
Where can you spend your wallet full of bitcoins, and how can you find those places? Here's how to spend your bitcoins on practically anything.





First Look at the 21 Bitcoin Computer
21 Computer was one of the most highly anticipated ventures in the digital currency space when it raised over $116 M from some of the leading private equity and venture investors. There was much secrecy and discussion about what the company was going to produce and on November 17, 2015 their product began shipping to consumers. We've got the first look and comments on it here.


Strange and Unique Altcoins
There are many strange altcoins out there. Here are some of the more original and interesting ones that we found.

How to Gamble With Bitcoin
How to gamble responsibly - and instantly - with bitcoins.

How the Blockchain Could Change Your Life
The world is moving beyond bitcoin, using its blockchain technology for a whole range of new online services. Here's how they might change your life.

What's the Deal with Ethereum?
Ethereum is a

Is Ethereum Becoming the New Platform for Startups?
The increased visibility and recent success of Ethereum is drawing venture capital to companies that are building businesses based on the new platform

How the Blockchain Will Change How We Vote
How we vote is under scrutiny today and potentially the solution to a more secure and easier method may lie within Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Bitcoin?
Who will be the first of the Presidential candidates to articulate their stance on bitcoin and blockchain? We challenge them to do so-Tweet @JackTatar

verywell. Bitcoin.

What's the Deal with Lisk?
There seems to be a new cryptocurrency born everyday, but a new one, Lisk, seeks to turn Blockchain applications mainstream in an

Micropayments are the Future of Content Delivery
Thanks to Bitcoin and SatoshiPay, the age of nanopayments is coming and it may not only save the publishing model but help us to avoid ads as well.

Using the Blockchain to Change the World's Governments
The blockchain is being heralded as the way to change business processes, but some are seeing it as also a way to change how we govern as well.

How Revolutionary is Blockchain Technology?
American financial businesses are having a love affair with Blockchain. But will the Blockchain disrupt or enable existing financial systems?

IBM sees Blockchain as the Next Big Thing
IBM's announcement of their Blockchain tools and resources may be the motivation for more companies to embrace Bitcoin's underlying technology.

What's the Deal with FinTech?
FinTech is one of the hottest growth areas for funding, development and the focus for major financial firms. But what is it and why is it so popular?


How Does a Bitcoin Transaction Work?
What does a bitcoin transaction look like under the hood, what is a change address, and why do wallets end up with lots of small amounts of bitcoin?

How Criminals are Holding Your Bitcoins To Ransom
Ransomware is the cybercriminal's latest weapon of choice, and he has your bitcoins in his sights.

How Bitcoin Could Make Micropayments Possible
Micropayments could revolutionize the way that we buy things online - and bitcoin could help.

Bitcoin's Big Remittance Problem
Bitcoin was supposed to be the way to get money from migrant workers home to their families. It may be more difficult than people thought.

Can Bitcoin Help Liberate Girls in Afghanistan?
Fereshteh Forough hopes to teach Afghani girls to code - and get them paid in bitcoin.

Blockstream: A Bitcoin Blockchain for Everyone?
Could Blockstream create different blockchains for lots of different uses online?

Two Bitcoin Transactions: 29,000 Books
This company used two bitcoin transactions to take a snapshot of the entire Gutenberg library. Here's why it's important.

Piggybacking on the Bitcoin Blockchain
People are using the bitcoin blockchain for more than financial transactions. Here's how, and why.

What Is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin has captured the world's imagination, but many people still don't understand it. So, what is bitcoin?

Dogecoin: a cuddly cryptocurrency
Dogecoin is a cuddly cryptocurrency with a heart of gold.

How to Read Bitcoin's Price
How can you find and read the bitcoin price, and what does it mean? Find out here.

Who Sets Bitcoin's Price?
Bitcoin's price is affected by a variety of factors.

What is a Bitcoin Mining Pool?
What is a bitcoin mining pool and how does it work? Find out here.

Five Crazy Things To Buy With Bitcoin
Bitcoin can be used to buy some amazing things. How about a ticket to space?

Bitcoins in Space!
A group of enthusiasts is preparing bitcoin for a journey to the stars. Well, at least, to low-earth orbit. Welcome to BitSat, the global satellite network for bitcoin users.

Colored Coins: When A Bitcoin Isn't Just A Bitcoin
The bitcoin network can be used to send more than just bitcoins. But how? Welcome to the world of colored coins.

Beyond Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency 2.0
Bitcoin's blockchain technology could revolutionize a whole host of applications online.

Five Bitcoin Books That You Should Read
Do you want a deep dive into the culture, economics and technology of bitcoin? Here are five books that will give you what you need.

How to Choose a Bitcoin Miner
Bitcoin miners have a variety of characteristics that will affect how successful they are at creating bitcoins. Here's how to choose a bitcoin miner.

What Is a Bitcoin Paper Wallet?
Bitcoins can be stolen if you don't look after them properly. A paper wallet can be a useful way to stop hackers from walking away with them.

How Much Power Does the Bitcoin Network Use?
Bitcoin mining consumes electrical power. How much energy is the entire bitcoin network using?

What is the Blockchain?
Bitcoin's blockchain is the critical component that holds it altogether. But how does it work, what exactly does it do, and why is it so elegant?

In Search of Satoshi Nakamoto
Who was Satoshi Nakamoto? The mysterious figure gave us bitcoin, and then vanished. There are several potential candidates.