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Advantages & Disadvantages of Employees or Contractors
This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a worker as an employee or an independent contractor.

When an Employment Contract is Necessary - And When It's Not
For most employees, you don't need an employment contract. But there are some reasons to give an employee an employment contract.

Child Labor - Child Labor Laws
Discusses federal and state child labor laws, including state restrictions and federal restrictions.

Why a Personal Guarantee for a Commercial Lease
What to do if you are asked to give a personal guarantee for a commercial space lease. Some alternatives and how to negotiate.

Appeal IRS Audit - IRS Audit Appeal Process
How to appeal an IRS tax audit decision, with information on the process for small and large amounts owed.

How to Incorporate a Business in Arizona
How to incorporate in Arizona, including information necessary to file Articles of Incorporation with the state of Arizona.

How to Incorporate in Michigan
Learn what it takes to incorporate in Michigan, including filing articles of incorporation and other requirements.

Business Income Tax Preparation and Filing Questions
Business tax questions answered, including: Do I have to file a return? Can I use tax software? Do I need a CPA? Which form do I use?

W-4 Forms - Check Employee W-4 Forms
Check employee W-4 forms for accuracy

W-2 Forms - Payroll Information for W-2 form
Steps to take before you prepare W-2 forms. The first step is to gather payroll information.

W-2 Distribution to Employees
How to distribute W-2 forms to employees

Duplicate W-2 Forms
How to handle employee requests for duplicate W-2 forms.

W-2 Forms State Requirements
Check state requirements for distribution of W-2 forms.

Classifying Workers - Employee or Independent Contractor
Before you begin working on W-2 forms, make sure you have correctly classified workers. Review the IRS regulations for classifying workers as employees or contractors.

W-2 Processing
Options for processing w-2 and w-3 forms.

Filing W-2 Forms and W-3 Forms with Social Security Administration
Options for filing W-2 forms with the Social Security Administration, along with transmittal form W-3.

Hiring Seasonal Workers for Summers or Holidays
Hiring practices for seasonal or holiday workers. Tips for hiring summer or holiday workers and children. Check minimum wage laws and overtime too.

I-9 tand E-Verify to Verify New Employee Eligibility
All about form I-9 and the E-Verify system, used to verify employment eligibility for new employees.

Hiring and Paying an Independent Contractor
If you are considering hiring an independent contractor, here are some tax considerations and employment agreements you should ‚Äčknow about.

W-2 Form - How to Complete, File, Print and Send
The statement employers provide employees after the end of each year, with information on their gross pay, tax withholding, etc.

Payroll - Payroll Terms - Confusing Payroll Terms
Distinguishing between confusing payroll terms: hourly vs. salaried employees, exempt vs. non-exempt, wages vs. salaries, employees vs. independent contractors.

All About Business Assets and Taxes
All about business assets, including capital gains taxes on sales of assets and asset valuation.

What Are Self-Employment Taxes? How to Calculate Taxes
All about self-employment taxes, including how to prepare Schedule SE for income taxes and how to include on personal tax return.

10 Ways to Save on Business Taxes
10 Ways to Save on Business Taxes, including timing income and expenses, funding a business retirement plan, special deductions and other tips.

How to Form an LLC
This article gives details about this business form and the process of forming an LLC, including registering with a state and other filings.

LLC - Explanation of LLC - Limited Liability Company
An explanation of the LLC business form, including LLC taxation, common myths, and how to form an LLC in one or more states.

Common Questions About Sales Taxes
Answers to common questions about sales taxes, including the difference between sales tax & use tax, sales tax vs. excise tax, & out of state sales.

Business Valuation - Business Valuations
Every business should have on hand a business valuation, which is updated every year. Like a current resume and business plan, a business valuation can allow you to take advantage of opportunities, protect your family in case something happens to you, and allow you to move quickly when you are ready to sell your business. This article presents the concepts involved in business valuation and discusses how to construct a business valuation.

Year-end Business Tax Planning Tips
Tax deductions and tax credits you can use to save on taxes. Read this list of tax deductions before the end of the year and take advantage of those that can reduce your business taxes

Tax Planning - Stock Up on Inventory - Pre-Pay Expenses
Stock up on inventory and pre-pay expenses to increase expenses and save on taxes this year.

Tax Savings with 401k Plans - Employee Retirement Plans - Save on Taxes - Setting up Employee Retirement Plans
Setting up an Employee Retirement Plan (401k or Safe Harbor Plan) can save on your business taxes

Write Off Obsolete Equipment and Inventory
Writing off obsolete equipment and inventory can reduce your income and save you money at tax time. Page 5.

Tax Savings by Paying Bonuses - Employee Gifts
Paying Bonuses and giving gifts to employees may reduce your business taxes.

Tax Savings - Bonus Depreciation - Section 179 Deductions
Save on taxes by taking bonus depreciation and section 179 deductions

Tax Savings by Purchasing Energy Saving Equipment and Vehicles - Going Green Saves on Business Taxes
Save on your business taxes by purchasing energy-efficient vehicles and using energy-efficient materials in construction.

A Disclaimer
Tax deductions and tax credits you can use to save on taxes. Read this list of tax deductions before the end of the year and take advantage of those that can reduce your business taxes

End of Year Payroll Tax Report Procedures and Deadlines
Detailed due dates for the process of preparing and filing annual wage and tax forms W-2 and 1099-MISC, and transmittal forms W-3 and 1096.

All About Your Employer ID Number (EIN)
Everything you need to know about Federal Employer ID Numbers (EIN) or business tax ID, including how and where to get one, how to change or cancel.

Deducting Use of Car for Business Purposes
Answers to common questions about business driving and deductions for business auto expenses.

Sole Proprietor - Proprietor - Proprietorship
What is a sole proprietor and sole proprietorship business, how to start a sole proprietorship, taxes for a sole proprietor/

Answers to Business Mileage Calculation Questions
This article discusses the methods of calculating mileage for business use of a car/truck.

Taxes and Deductions for Home-Based Businesses
Everything about home-based business taxes and tax deductions for home-based businesses.

How to Get Paid by Customers
Want to get paid by customers? Here are 7 tried-and-true ways to get paid, from setting up your billing system to selling accounts receivable.

How to Calculate, Pay, Report Payroll Taxes
All about payroll taxes, beginning with hiring through paying employees, filing payroll tax reports, and paying federal and state agencies.

How to Calculate Deductions From Employee Paychecks
Employee paychecks begin as gross pay,with withholding for federal income tax, FICA tax, state and local tax, and other deductions.

Federal Business Registration - State Business Registration - Local Business Registration
How to register your new business with federal, state, and local authorities.

Employee or Independent Contractor - Check Status
This article describes the difference between an employee and an independent contractor, how the IRS makes its decisions on employment status, and about the three factors in employment/contractor designations.

Non-compete Agreement Information
Considerations in non-compete agreements.

Attorney - CPA - Bookkeeping Setup - Business Negotiations
Other startup costs include: fees for attorney and CPA to help set up legal and financial systems, local licenses and fees, and insurance deposits.

Equipment - Business Equipment and Vehicles
This section lists estimated costs for business equipment and vehicles. Depreciation may be estimated on this equipment.

Supplies - Business Supplies - Advertising Supplies
This section lists supplies and advertising materials needed for business startup.

Startup Costs - Startup Costs Worksheet
Add up all startup costs to get a complete picture of what you will need to start a business.

Facilities Costs
Facilities costs for startup. US Business Law / Taxes.

Financial Statements for Business Plans and Startup
Financial statements needed for a successful business plan, including balance sheet, income statement, and sources and uses of funds.

Starting a Business as an Independent Contractor
What you need to start a business as an independent contractor, including choosing a business type and business checking account, getting an EIN.

Small Business Tax Deductions Guide
Lists small business tax deductions, including accounting, home office, car and truck, travel, employee benefits, meals and entertainment. benefits,

Small Business Tax Deductions Guide
Lists small business tax deductions, including accounting, home office, car and truck, travel, employee benefits, meals and entertainment. benefits,

Which Type of Business is Best? - LLC, LP, LLP, JV, PC
LLC, LP, LLP, JV, PC - Each type is best for a specific situation, relating to taxes, liability, & your ability to control profits and losses.

How to Survive an IRS Tax Audit of Your Business
All about IRS tax audits, including types of audits, audit process, and types of information needed for an audit.

6 TaxCredits to Cut Your Business Tax Bill
Tax credits are available to qualified businesses for spending on beneficial projects, like improving disability access and hiring workers.

Qualified Joint Venture - Husband-Wife Business
Describes the qualified joint venture, a way for husband-wife businesses to file tax returns using two Schedule C's instead of partnership returns.

Finding and Leasing Business Space
Here is a description of the process of finding a location and leasing space for your business.

All of the Taxes a Small Business Pays
Here is a list of all the taxes paid by a business, including federal, state, and local taxes, and taxes based on income, sales, property, and employees.

How to Complete Form 940 for Federal Unemployment Taxes
Form 940 shows the amount of unemployment tax owed for the previous year, the amount already paid, and the amount owed.

LLC - Limited Liability Company Myths
Five myths about limited liability companies and the truth. Myths about whether an LLC is a corporation and whether an LLC is

Owner's Equity vs. Retained Earnings
Owner's equity vs. retained earnings. All owners have equity, but it's different for accounting purposes with corporations.

Watch Out for The Fake OSHA Poster and Other OSHA Scams
How to spot an OSHA poster scam and other OSHA scams, and how to comply with OSHA regulations.

Doing Your Own Payroll and Payroll Taxes
How to do your own payroll and payroll taxes, in three steps: before you pay employees, paying employees, and after you pay employees.

Before You Go Into Business With Family or Friends
Here are some tips to help you avoid destroying the relationship if you go into business with a family member or good friend.

What Is Inventory Financing and How Does It Work?
Find out the definition of inventory financing, a term commonly used in US business law, and whether you should consider the financing option.

verywell. US Business Law / Taxes.

Budget - Financial Plan - Financial Ratios - Break-even
Learn how to set up a business budget, determine cost of goods sold, calculate break-even. Learn about financial ratios and how they can help you manage your business.

Tax Records - Business Tax Records - Record keeping for Business Taxes
To successfully minimize your taxes, you need to keep good tax records. This includes records for business income and expenses, cost of goods sold, vehicles, depreciation, business assets, and more.

Calculate Cost of Goods Sold
How to calculate cost of goods sold for your business tax return.

Schedule C - Schedule C for Sole Proprietor
Schedule C for sole proprietor or single-member LLC

Payroll Taxes - Payroll Tax Basics
Payroll tax basics - Employer Responsibilities for Payroll Taxes

Payroll Processing Options - Outsourcing Payroll
Outsourcing payroll processing. US Business Law / Taxes.

Finding a Business Location Leasing or Buying a Building
Finding a business location involves much work and many decisions. This section has answers to your questions about leasing a business space, buying a building, or working from home.

Sole Proprietor - Starting as a Sole Proprietor - Sole Proprietor Business
Starting a business as a sole proprietor.

Tax Advisor - Find a Tax Advisor
Finding and working with a tax advisor; getting help with business taxes

Business Licenses and Registrations
Business licenses, business registration

Business Name
business name. US Business Law / Taxes.

Employer ID Number - EIN
Employer ID Number. US Business Law / Taxes.

Business Startup Attorney - Attorney for Startup
Business startup. US Business Law / Taxes.

Start a One-Person Business
Starting a one-person business, like a freelance business, sole proprietorship, or independent contractor business.

Filing an Amended Return
File an amended business tax return

Sales Taxes - Sales and Excise and Use Taxes
Sales taxes, use taxes, and excise taxes

Contracts - Business Contracts - Agreements
Business people rely on contracts to keep relationships running smoothly. This section discusses the essentials of a business contract as well as specific types of contracts, such as non-compete agreements.

FICA Taxes - Social Security and Medicare Taxes
FICA Taxes - Social Security and Medicare taxes for employees and employers.

Payroll Taxes - Payroll Tax Deposits - Payroll Tax Deductions, Withholding, Calculations
Payroll tax processing information, including calculating gross pay, how to calculate withholding, and payroll tax deposits.

Partnership Taxes - Partnership Tax Return - Form 1065 - Schedule K-1
Filing partnership and LLC taxes on Form 1065 with Schedule K-1

S Corporations and Taxes
S Corporations and Taxes. US Business Law / Taxes.

Business Tax Deductions: A to Z
Here is a list of all available deductible business expenses, from

Employees Pay - Employee Compensation - Compensating Employees and Board Members
Tax and legal issues relating to employee compensation, compensating executives, compensating board members.

Business Start-up and Taxes
Costs for starting a business can be deducted or amortized (spread out) over several years. Types of expenses that can be deducted include advertising costs, costs of working with professionals, business plan preparation, and operating costs.

LLC Members
LLC members. US Business Law / Taxes.

What Records to Keep
What business records to keep for tax verification, for tax deductions, for travel and car/truck expenses, and other accounting.

Customers - Collections and Accounting
Dealing with customers, accounting for collections, getting the money, setting up customer billing, debt collection

Employee Theft and Embezzlement
Your business can lose money quickly if you don't deter and prevent employee theft and embezzlement. Some advice from an attorney and other information on how to set up your records to minimize losses from employee misconduct.

Litigation - Civil Litigaton
This section includes information about the litigation process, courtroom terms like burden of proof and damages, and the benefits and drawbacks of litigation.

home business, home business tax, home business deduction
Home business tax issues explained, including home office deductions, taxes on home businesses.

Family Business Disputes - In Business with Family and Friends
Being in business with family and friends is wonderful, but it has its own set of issues. Disputes will arise, and how you handle them can mean the difference between saving the family relationship or closing the business.

Home Office Expense Deductions
Home office expense deductions. US Business Law / Taxes.

Is this a Hobby or a Real Business? How the IRS Decides
How to make sure the IRS sees your business as a business and not a hobby, even if your business isn't making a profit in the beginning.

Form 1099-MISC,
Form 1099-MISC. US Business Law / Taxes.

Backup Withholding
Backup withholding. US Business Law / Taxes.

Hire and Pay Independent Contractors
Hire and Pay Independent Contractors

Independent Contractor Agreements - Employment Contracts
Independent contractor agreements

independent Contractor or Employee
independent contractor or employee

Payroll Records - Employee Records - New Hire Forms
When you hire a new employee, you must have the employee complete specific forms. All employee records must be kept in two files - one for employment and one for payroll. These articles provide details on new hire forms, employment records, and payroll records.

Starting a Corporation - Subchapter-S Corporation - Corporation
Starting a corporation involves many tasks, including selecting a board of directors, registering a corporate name, filing Articles of Incorporation, selecting a subchapter-s election, writing by-laws, setting up the corporate record books, and more. Learn about this process in this section.

Business Name - Business Name Registration, Trademark
Your business name - selecting, registering, trademarking your business name.

Glossary N
Glossary N. US Business Law / Taxes.

Information on Your Business Startup Process
You have decided to start a new business but you don't know where to begin. Here is all the information you need to get started. This section takes you through all the applications and filings and organizational decisions you will need to make so you can start your business.

What Legal Paperwork Do I Need to Start My Business Type?
In starting your business, the legal requirements for each type of business are different. This section explains the paperwork and filings required for each type of business (LLC, sole proprietor, corporation, and others).

Payroll Tax Reports - End of Year Payroll Tax Report
This article discusses end of year payroll tax reports, including W-2s for employees, 1099-MISC forms for independent contractors, W-3 forms and 1096 forms for the Social Security Administration.

Trademark - Service Mark - Register Trademark
Learn the difference between trademarks and servicemarks, how to register a trademark or servicemark, and how to protect your trademarks and servicemarks.

Hiring - Hiring First Employees
Hiring your first employees? These articles describe the hiring process for new employees, including forms that must be signed, and how to start out right with an employee handbook.

Foreclosures on Business Property
Foreclosure is a process by which a bank or other creditor takes back a property from the debtor because the debtor has defaulted

Employee Benefits - Employee Compensation - Benefits and Compensation and Taxes
Employee benefits and compensation and tax deductions.

How Can I Avoid Having My Business Considered a Hobby?
Many legitimate businesses start out with a loss their first few years. But the IRS expects that a legitimate business will be set up to make a profit, not just have a hobby.

Tax Deductions - Tax Credits - Business Tax Deductions and Credits Basics
Most small businesses pay more tax than necessary, because they don't take advantage of common business tax deductions and tax credits. Learn about the common tax deductions and tax credits for business and how to keep good records for these deductions and credits.

Labor Laws
Labor laws, Fair Labor Standards Act

Glossary T
glossary t. US Business Law / Taxes.

Business Mileage - Mileage Expense - Auto Expense
calculating business mileage. US Business Law / Taxes.

LLC Taxes
LLC Taxes. US Business Law / Taxes.

Form an LLC - Starting an LLC
Information on how to start an LLC, including registering the LLC with a specific state, registering as a foreign LLC, preparing articles of organization and an operating agreement.

LLC Operating Agreements - About LLC Operating Agreements
LLC operating agreements. US Business Law / Taxes.

LLC vs. S Corporation
LLC vs. S Corporation. US Business Law / Taxes.

Record Keeping System, Business Records
Creating a business record keeping system means capturing all the information about income, expenses, and assets, then using that information to generate business reports. This section shows you how to set up a simple records system for your business.

Business Taxes Previous Years
Business taxes - previous years. US Business Law / Taxes.

Depreciation - Accelerated Depreciation
Depreciation is difficult to understand, but if you use depreciation it can save you much money in business taxes. Learn about depreciation, how to calculate depreciation, and accelerated depreciation, including Bonus depreciation and Section 179 depreciation deductions.

Capital Gains Taxes - Capital Gains and Losses
All about capital gains and losses, including information on capital gains taxes and tax rates, short term and long term capital gains, how to report capital gains on your income tax return, and how to avoid capital gains taxes (legally).

How Does a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Pay Taxes?
Describes how a single-member limited liability company or multiple-member limited liability pays income tax.

How to Create a Sources and Uses of Funds Statement
This worksheet is a simplified statement that you can use to show a lender how much you need for financing & how much collateral you will contribute.

Tax Credits - Business Tax Credits
Tax credits can reduce your taxes. Tax credits include disability access credits, energy credits, hiring credits.

Setting up a Payroll System Forms Filing and Taxes
Set up your payroll system so you don't forget important tax filing and payment deadlines. This section includes information on W-4 Forms, W-2 Forms, and 1099 Forms. You will get help making decisions on when to pay, salaried vs. hourly employees, and new employee procedures.

Year End Payroll Processing Tasks
Employers have responsibilities to report information on wages and payments to employees and independent contractors and to federal and state income taxing entities. These articles describe year end payroll tasks for employers.

Start Doing Payroll and Payroll Taxes
Want to do your own payroll? Learn what to do before hiring your first employees, and how to create a payroll system and handle payroll taxes.

Loans - Business Loans - Bank Loans
Loans - traditional bank loans, that is - are the most common way to fund business start-up or expansion. Learn about the loan process and factors lenders consider in evaluating business loans, including personal credit and business credit.

Board - Board of Directors - Corporate Board
The Board of Directors for a corporation has great responsibility. Learn about what a board of directors does, about the liability imposed on board members, and about board conflict of interest policies.

Incorporate - Start a Corporation - S Corporation
Steps in the process of forming a corporation include filing Articles of Incorporation, preparing by-laws, setting up the corporation's checking account, electing corporate officers and directors, and having the first board meeting.

How to Calculate and Pay Estimated Business Taxes
How to calculate estimated taxes for a business, and how, when, and where to pay estimated business taxes.

Tax Disputes and Audits - IRS and Tax Court
Tax disputes and audits, tax court.

Prepare a Startup Balance Sheet
This article discusses the process of preparing a business balance sheet for startup, for a potential lender.

Partnership - Forming a Partnership
Forming a Partnership. US Business Law / Taxes.

Employment Taxes - Payroll Taxes - Federal Employment Taxes - State Employment Taxes
Employment taxes on businesses - Social Security (OASDI), Medicare, Income Tax Withholding, Unemployment Taxes, Workers Compensation Taxes and others.

Business Tax Changes - Tax Changes
Business tax changes you should know about.

glossary w
glossary w. US Business Law / Taxes.

Business Losses - Carry-back - Carry Forward
Business loss carry back and carry forward .

Tax Court - Tax Audit
Tax Disputes - IRS audits, Tax Court and more.

Arbitration Mediation
Arbitration and mediation are forms of alternative dispute resolution. Learn the process of arbitration and mediation and the differences between arbitration and litigation (going to court).

CPA - Find CPA - Role of Tax Advisers
Every business needs advisers, and every business needs assistance with tax, legal, and financial matters. Excellent financial advisers can help you move your business forward; bad advice can negatively affect your business.

Attorney - Business Attorney - Working with a Business Attorney - Legal Services
How to hire and work with an attorney; how to get legal services for your business.

Bookkeeper - Accountant - CPA - Enrolled Agebt
Bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, enrolled agents

Form W-2 Form W-3
Form W-2, Form W-3. US Business Law / Taxes.

Small Claims - Small Claims Court
Any business can file a case in small claims court without needing an attorney, if the amount owed is within the limits set by your state. Learn how to file a claim, prepare for trial, and what happens after trial, if you win or lose.

IRS Tax Forms - Employment Tax Forms - Business Tax Forms
IRS forms for employment taxes. US Business Law / Taxes.

Buying a Business - Steps in Buying a Business
Buying a business is different from starting a business from scratch. Included in this section: steps in buying a business, advantages/disadvantages of business purchase, and advice to read before you purchase a business.

glossary s
glossary s. US Business Law / Taxes.

Limited Liability Company - Starting a Limited Liability Company - Start LLC
Starting a limited liability company (LC) involves registering with your state.

Form LLC in State O-W
Form LLC in OhioForm LLC in Oklahoma Form LLC in Oregon Form LLC in Pennsylvania Form LLC in Rhode Island Form LLC in S. CarolinaForm LLC in S. Dakota Form LLC in Tennessee Form LLC in Texas Form LLC in Utah Form LLC in Vermont Form LLC in Virginia Form LLC in Washington Form LLC in West Virginia Form LLC in WisconsinForm LLC in Wyoming

Form LLC in State M-N
Form LLC in Maine form LLC in Maryland form LLC in Massachusetts Form LLC in Michigan Form LLC in Minnesota Form LLC in MississippiForm LLC in MissouriForm LLC in Montana Form LLC in Nebraska Form LLC in NevadaForm LLC in New Hampshire Form LLC in New Jersey Form LLC in New MexicoForm LLC in New York Form LLC in N. Carolina Form LLC in N. Dakota

Health Care Law and Business Taxes
The Health Care Reform Law (HR 3590), the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Barak Obama on March 23, 2010. This law, and its modifications, radically changes your business taxes and your relationship with your employees. Major provisions of this law affecting your business taxes, tax credits, and employee benefits, are detailed in these articles.

Glossary O
US Business Law / Taxes.

Garnishment and other employment issues.

Business Credit
Business Credit. US Business Law / Taxes.

Personal Guarantees for Business Loans
Personal Guarantees for Business Loans

Copyright - Copyright Registration - Fair Use
Learn about copyrights and how they protect creative works. This section also discusses why you should register a copyright, how to register a copyright, orphan works copyright issues and fair use issues.

Startup Financing
Startup Financing. US Business Law / Taxes.

How to Survive Business Tax Season
How to survive business tax season. Tips include knowing the deadlines, getting help, filing early, and understanding your options.

What are Current Assets - Current Assets Definition
All about current assets as a type of asset that can quickly be converted to cash and is not held by a business for a long time.

Types of Partners in a Partnership Business
Types of partners in a partnership - general or limited, equity or salaried, and partners by level in the firm - discussed.

The #1 Rule You Need for Business Tax Planning
When you do business tax planning, check state and local taxes, licenses and permits, and other business costs to save on total taxes.

Your Partnership Income Tax Questions Answered
How a partnership pays income tax, including the information return for the partnership and the forms used for each partner's portion of the income.

Arbitration vs. Litigation - What Is the Difference?
Describes the arbitration process vs. the litigation process, with points of differences and similarities.

What Penalties Does the IRS Impose?
Lists the penalties imposed by the IRS on business taxpayers for underpayment, late payment, and other tax violations.

Buying a Boat or Airplane for Business
Buying and using a boat or airplane for business purposes. How to deduct expenses for business use of boat or airplane.

Create Financial Statements for a Startup Business Plan
Create financial statements for your business plan, including balance sheet, income statement, break-even analysis, and sources and uses of funds. Page 3.

Completing Your Startup Business Plan
Complete your business plan by writing the management and operations section, and creating an executive summary. Page 4.

Create a Startup Business Plan in Easy Steps
How to create a business plan, with all sections, in easy steps. The business plan includes financial statements and an executive summary.

Create Your Business Startup Marketing Plan
Create a marketing plan for your business startup, including a description of target market, analysis of competition, and promotion strategies. Page 2.

Business Lease - Leasing a Business Location
Business lease negotiation. US Business Law / Taxes.

Glossary D
Glossary D. US Business Law / Taxes.

Disregarded Entity - Taxes and Disregarded Entities
A disregarded entity is an entity that is separate from its owner but which chooses not to be separate from its owner for the purpose of filing federal income taxes. A single member LLC is a disregarded entity.

Filing Payroll Taxes - EFTPS and E=File
Filing payroll taxes electronically with EFTPS

Disability Deductoins and Credits
Disability credits and deductions

Incorporate in a State M-N
Incorporate in Maine Incorporate in Maryland Incorporate in Massachusetts Incorporate in Michigan Incorporate in Minnesota Incorporate in Mississippi Incorporate in Missouri Incorporate in Montana Incorporate in Nebraska Incorporate in Nevada Incorporate in New Hampshire Incorporate in New Jersey Incorporate in New Mexico Incorporate in New York Incorporate in N. Carolina Incorporate in N. Dakota

Incorporate in a State A-L
Incorporate in Alabama Incorporate in Alaska Incorporate in Arizona Incorporate in ArkansasIncorporate in California Incorporate in Colorado Incorporate in Connecticut Incorporate in Delaware District of Columbia Incorporate in Florida Incorporate in Georgia Incorporate in Hawaii Incorporate in Idaho Incorporate in Illinois Incorporate in Indiana Incorporate in Iowa Incorporate in Kansas Incorporate in Kentucky Incorporate in Louisiana

S Corporation Taxes - S Corporation Income Taxes - Form 1120S
Filing S Corporation Taxes with Form 1120S

Incorporate in a State - How to Incorporate in a State O-W
Incorporate in OhioIncorporate in Oklahoma Incorporate in Oregon Incorporate in Pennsylvania Incorporate in Rhode Island Incorporate in S. CarolinaIncorporate in S. Dakota Incorporate in Tennessee Incorporate in Texas Incorporate in Utah Incorporate in Vermont Incorporate in Virginia Incorporate in Washington Incorporate in West Virginia Incorporate in WisconsinIncorporate in Wyoming

Form LLC in State A-L
Form LLC in Alabama Alaska Arizona ArkansasCalifornia Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana

SBA Small Busines investment Companies (SBIC)
SBA Small Business Investment Companies

Disaster - Disaster Recovery - Business Disaster Plan
What to do before a business disaster to protect employees, customers, business assets and data. What to do after a disaster to get a disaster loan, recover business assets, including preparing a business valuation to serve as a basis for disaster insurance.

Form 941 - Form 941 Employers Quarterly Wage and Tax Report
About form 941 Employer's Quarterly Wage and Tax Report,

Corporate Taxes - Corporate Income Taxes - Form 1120
Filing corporate income taxes on Form 1120

S Corp - S Corporation
All about S corporations, including how to elect s corporation status, how an s corp is taxed, and how an s corporation differs from other business types.

Electing S Corporation Status
Electing S Corporation status. US Business Law / Taxes.

Government Contractor - Government Contracting
Learn how to register as a government contractor and how to bid and win government contracts.

Qualified Joint Venture
The IRS allows a husband-wife business (not a corporation) to pay federal income taxes as two sole proprietors, using two Schedule C forms. This is called a qualified joint venture (QJV). Using two Schedule C forms is less expensive than filing a partnership tax return, but there are restrictions on the election of a QJV. This article answers questions and clears up misconceptions about the Qualified Joint Venture.

I-9 and Employment Eligibility Verification - Immigration Laws for Employers
Changes in immigration laws since 1986 have required that employers verify work eligibility of all employees at time of hire. The verification form, I-9, must be completed and retained in case of questions. These articles describe Form I-9, how to complete the form, and common questions about the form. The E-Verify system is explained.

Choosing a Type of Business Legal Form
To determine the type of business legal form that is best for your business startup, you will need to know the differences between these types, their advantages and drawbacks. Here is the information to help you make this decision.

Car Lease - Car Lease Deduction - Car Lease Expense
Car lease tax issues, including leasing expenses, capital lease.

Barter - Barter and Taxes
Barter is the exchange of goods and services with no cash. Barter income is subject to taxes, but expenses related to barter income may be deductible. Learn about the affect of barter on your business taxes and about barter exchanges and other barter issues.

Patent - Patent Registration
If your business has a patent, you need to know about how to patent, search the patent office, and protect your patents.

SBA Loans - Small Business Administration Loans
The Small Business Administration (SBA) has many loan programs you may qualify for or be eligible to use, through your lender. In addition to general loans, the SBA has programs for women, minorities, development areas, and veterans. Emergency loans are available during tough economic times. Learn about SBA loans and how to apply for these programs.

Liability - Negligence - Torts
Businesses must be watchful of liability issues. This category discusses issues related to tort law, liability, and negligence.

S Corporation - LLC - S Corporation or LLC
S Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are the two most popular business forms for small business startups today. But there is much confusion about the differences, in terms of costs, liability protection, taxes, and other issues. A CPA and several attorneys weigh in on this issue, and you can benefit from their insights.

Glossary I
glossary i. US Business Law / Taxes.

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Glossary M
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Glossary E
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Glossary H
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Glossary 000-999
401k 401(k). US Business Law / Taxes.

Qualified Joint Venture
Qualified Joint Venture. US Business Law / Taxes.

Glossary V
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Glossary U
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Tax Savings by Bad Debt Write-off - Save on Taxes by Writing Off Bad Debts
Writing off bad debts and uncollectible receivables can reduce your business income and save on taxes.

Who Owns Employee Work?
This article discusses the concept of work-for-hire and who owns employee work, including exceptions to employee/employer agreements.

New Tax Savings for Business in PATH Act
The 2015 Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATH) includes several key tax savings benefits for businesses. Find out if your business qualifies.

How Does the IRS Determine Independent Contractor Status
Factors the IRS uses to determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee.

Want to Buy a Business? Here are the Steps
Want to buy a business? Here are the steps, including getting your team together, doing due diligence, negotiating, and signing final documents.

Selling Accounts Receivable to a Factor
How to use factoring - selling your accounts receivable - to finance your business. Your questions about factoring answered.


What Is Defamation?
Defamation (Libel and Slander). US Business Law / Taxes.

Home Business Deductions - Home Business Tax Deductions
Home business tax deductions can save you money on business taxes, but only if you take these tax deductions correctly and you follow IRS regulations. A new simplified home business tax deduction can make tax filing easier.

Free Online Course in Payroll and Payroll Taxes
Payroll and Payroll Taxes

Schedule C
Schedule C

Independent Contractor Agreements - Employment Contracts
Independent contractor agreements

Employment Issues
Employment issues

Employment Laws
Employment laws.

Payroll and Payroll Taxes
Payroll and payroll taxes - how to set up a payroll system and how to pay payroll taxes.

Incorporate in a State - How to Incorporate in a State
How to incorporate a business in a specific state. Information on Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Incorporation, specific requirements of the state, are included.

CPA - Hire and Work with a CPA - Financial Advisor
How to hire and work with a CPA, accountant, bookkeeper, or tax advisor.

Incorporate in a State M-N
Incorporate in Maine Incorporate in Maryland Incorporate in Massachusetts Incorporate in Michigan Incorporate in Minnesota Incorporate in MississippiIncorporate in MissouriIncorporate in Montana Incorporate in Nebraska Incorporate in NevadaIncorporate in New Hampshire Incorporate in New Jersey Incorporate in New MexicoIncorporate in New York Incorporate in N. Carolina Incorporate in N. Dakota

Payroll Taxes - Payroll Tax Mistakes
Top payroll and payroll tax mistakes, including W-4s, end of year reports, state taxes, payroll records.

Mileage - Mileage Rate - Mileage Rate for Business Taxes
Mileage rates and mileage calculations for business tax deductions.

Finding a Business Location
Business location

Business Taxes - Business Income Taxes - Business Income Tax Forms
This article details the specific business income tax form to be completed by each type of business.

State Employment Laws - Labor Laws
Here is a list of state employment laws that can affect your business.

IRS Tax Forms Business Start-up Corporations Sole Proprietorships LLC's Partnerships
IRS Tax Forms for Business Startups, for corporations, s-corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships

Legal Forms of BusinOrganization- Sole Prop to LLC to Sub-S Corp
Are you confused about the many legal forms of business? This section will give you information about all of them, from sole proprietorship and partnership to Limited Liability Companies and Corporations. You can find checklists here to help you set up your legal form correctly.

Business Tax Deductions A-Z
What tax deductions can you take to reduce your business taxes? Go through this list and find the ones that can save you money. Learn how to minimize taxes by taking deductions on business travel, meals and entertainment, employee benefits, and, of course, depreciation.