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8 Ways to Live Well as a Grandparent With Low Vision
Ever wondered how grandparents with no sight can be capable and fun carers for their grandkids? Here are 8 ways to excite the younger generation.

Simple strategies to identify personal care needs
How does a person who is blind or visually-impaired get around a bathroom? Discover ways to locate personal objects in a sighted household.

Attitude Blocks More Vision Than Blindness Ever Does.
Learn 4 things people do to block their own progress when experiencing low vision and see how to move forward.

Tips on using color contrasts for the visually impaired
Adapting a home to incorporate contrasting color is an effective safety technique for those with low vision.

Avoid Common Mistakes when New to Vision Loss
Discover the basic mistakes people can make when they feel like a rookie who has been newly diagnosed with an incurable eye condition.

How VisionConnect's Blazing a Trail in the App World
Get info on an amazing accessible app for iPhones and iPads especially developed to bridge the gap between sighted professionals and blind clients.

Treat your Valentine to a sensory gift using 5 senses
Here is how to touch the heart of your Valentine with a perfect sensory gift. Get the inside tips of fabulous gift ideas from those who live by all the senses

What Global Warming Means for Life With Low Vision
See how similarities between the current world concern for global warming and your fear of going blind are remarkable allies in the face of change.

6 Great Activities for Blind Grandparents and Sighted Children
Grandparents have an important role to play in our kids’ lives. Losing our sight as we get older doesn’t mean we lose our sense of fun. Let’s show those young rascals a trick or two.

How to Cultivate a Fragrant Garden Using Touch & Smell
Tending a fragrant garden is something you can do even as sight fades. Learn how it can become your haven of tranquility.

Comics for the Blind from Comics Empower
Discover a new way that is empowering blind and visually-impaired readers of all ages who can now not only download comics but get to write them too.

6 Key Ways to Thrive in the Midst of Change
These 6 essential qualities are the most important things you will want to develop in your life when change is on the horizon.

5 Sensory Games for Blind Grandparents and Sighted Children
For grandparents with low vision, here are 5 more fantastic ways to be proactive in showing the younger generation two can play at their outdoor games.

4 Bright Ways to Light up Christmas for a Shopper with Low Vision
Be an awesome helper by getting into the real spirit of the Festive Season. Know how to assist a shopper with low vision and you will light up more than a Christmas tree

Be Present and Make a Difference When Giving a Gift
Learn why the exchange of gifts can be difficult to enjoy for a person who is blind or visually impaired and what you can do to make a difference.

21 Super Reasons Why Having Low Vision Makes You Incredibly Attractive
Having low vision is an opportunity to look at the brighter side of life. There are other advantages to living with a disability that are highly attractive.

Best Strategies When Coping With Vision Loss
Learn key strategies to cope with vision loss even if your blindness or other vision related impairments blindside you.

How to Seize the Next Wave of Possibility
Learn how to stay afloat emotionally when experiencing vision loss and how to function in a sighted world where you can feel waves of uncertainty.

Trick or Treat: What To Do When Disability Comes Knocking
Trick or Treat is not only a Halloween custom but can be a way of life when a disability appears from out of the blue to knock at your door.

Transform That White Stick Into Your Wand of Power
A blind person's white cane can become their wand of power if they know the correct way to wield it!

People with Low Vision Can Access iDevices with iFocus
You can access FREE audio seminars at Hadley School for the Blind called iFocus and stay in easy touch with iDevices.

The Secret to Cooking With Zest and Low Vision
Having low vision is not a reason for losing your zest for cooking. Here are a few ways to retain your confidence as master chef in your kitchen.

5 Ways to Boost Your Popularity When Assisting a Blind Customer
Be smart and be a cut above the rest knowing how best to assist a person who is blind or has low vision the next time they come browsing in your retail store.

6 C Words Which Enhance Life With Low Vision
Learn 6 powerful words that have the amazing potential to create anything you would like to achieve in spite of having low vision.

Super Senses to Transform Disability Into Possibility
Transform the disability of visual impairment into living with new possibilities with these super senses for those willing to tap into their resources.

7 More Ways to Be a Better Sighted Guide
How do you guide going up or down. Here are more tips on the etiquette of being a sighted guide for a person with low vision.

How to Blast 5 More Myths About Being Blind
5 myths you can bust that are based on fear and have a negative impact on our society, especially for those who live with vision loss.

Blind Insight - 5 Sneaky Tactics to Get Back on the Radar
Get sneaky, get creative and be bold with low vision. Learn how you can send clear signals out to others to get back on the radar of life.

Assistive Technology Using Computers without Sight
Are you worried about your future with sight-loss and not being able to continue using your computer? Read how it is totally possible to work a computer without seeing the screen.

How to Move out of Fear and Travel Confidently with a Dog Guide
Learn how getting around on all paws with a dog guide is one of the best ways to boost confidence when traveling blind. Celebrating September as National Service Dog Guide Month, originally Guide Dog Appreciation Month.

How a Sighted Child Learns From Their Blind Parent
Teach your child about the world if you are blind or visually impaired. Try these practical ways and get creative in your approach to parenting.

Cooking is a Sensory Affair with Low Vision
Read how having low vision gives you a cutting-edge advantage using your other senses when it comes to being master chef in your kitchen.

How Visually Impaired Moms Watch Out for Their Kiddies
If you're wondering how a visually impaired mom manages to meet the challenges of raising kids, take a peek here and learn the secrets.

How Do You Cook for Your Family when You Cannot See?
There are many techniques for cooking even when you can not see. Here are some helpful ways to prepare the space to be master chef in your kitchen.

Create a Successful Double-Act With a Sighted Assistant
Finding vision loss difficult? Try these 5 easy tips to gain a sighted assistant when you most need them.

How to See Blindness as a Word and Not a Sentence
If you are being confronted by the fact that you are losing your eyesight, it is natural that you are experiencing a sense of deep and unfathomable loss

Avoiding chaos if blind and living with sighted people
5 effective techniques to try when dealing with chaos if blind and living with sighted people

Taking Charge as CEO of Your Life
Take notice of how you manage frustration as a person experiencing vision loss. See how to turn things around to work for you instead.

5 Ways You Can Install a More Efficient Memory:
Learn how you can tap into your memory as sight fades, to create the ability to operate as if a smartphone were inside your head.

Organizing Moving House when Vision Impaired
If you are having to move house and are visually impaired here is part 1 Organizing chaos so you can stay safe and pack up with less stress.

How to Kill Time Without Injuring Yourself
People who have a degree of blindness are observers of time and know what it takes to use it wisely. Come and follow their lead.

Stress less with low vision strategies for moving house
More tips on moving house with low vision and how to label and keep track of boxes. Sighted family can help by following your system

A person may be able to see, even when they are blind
Did you know that a person may be able to see, even when they say they are blind? They may not necessarily be completely sight-less. Learn why.

7 Ways to Be a Better Sighted Guide Part 1
With over 4 million Americans aged 40 and older who are visually impaired, it is highly probable you will want to know the best ways to assist as a sighted guide when the need arises.

Maribel Steel our Vision Loss Expert
Helpful tips for coping with vision loss.. Adapting emotionally to going blind. Daily living when visually - impaired.

A Moms experience of a child with a rare eye condition
Be inspired by the story of a child born with a rare eye condition and her determination to live life to the full.

Amazing tactile game for children with all abilities
Discover the most innovative learning kit on the market for children with all abilities. What this inclusive game can achieve for interactive play and enhancing social skills is amazing.

Why it is Easier than Ever to Improve Life Skills with Low Vision
Learn the easier alternative and improve life skills with a new focus on distance education

Never Make this One Blooper with a Blind Person
Avoid the one basic mistake some sighted people make when helping another who is blind or visually-impaired.

Bust 5 Myths About Being Blind and Become an Awesome Hero
It is not that hard to bust a myth! Here are 5 popular misconceptions about being blind that you can set straight and become an awesome hero.

Shopping alone can be fun with low vision.
Learn 3 fun ways a person new to low vision can shop alone for clothes and gifts.

8 Clever Ways to Treat Sighted Friends to Your Dinner Party
See how easy it is to put on a fabulous party for your sighted friends when you are visually impaired.

6 Ways to Leverage a Web Guest Spot with Low Vision
Becoming a guest blogger or podcast interviewee is not as hard as you might imagine. Having low vision is your strength and strategy.

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Get Rocking Around a Music Festival with a Visual Impairment
Partner up with a sighted friend to enjoy a festival extravaganza with low vision using 9 awesome techniques.

Who really needs the white cane the blind or the sighted
Learn why using a white cane is just as important to the sighted person as to the person with low vision.

Why it is OK To Fall Apart When New to Vision Loss
See why it is OK to fall apart in order to aim at life again. Develop the art of letting go to keep going.

Why Going Blind is not Losing Sight of Your Future
There is no better time than in October, during Blindness Awareness Month, to do what the blind do best. Turn an obstacle into an amazing opportunity for their future.