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Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Broadband issues facing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Global Broadband Speed Rankings
Broadband Internet speed rankings around the world. Speed comparisons on a global level.

Infonetics: 40% of Broadband Providers will Offer Gigabit Speeds
According to Infonetics, nearly half of broadband providers plan on dramatically increasing available speeds to meet customer demand.

News and information regarding Frontier Communications
News and information regarding Frontier Communications

FCC Connect America Fund Provides Funding for Rural America
The FCC announced nearly $1.7B in subsidies being offered to ten broadband providers to expand rural access to over 8.5 million Americans.

FCC Seeking Input on Lifeline Reform
The FCC announced that it was seeking comment for restructuring the Lifeline program to better support broadband communications while curbing abuse.

FCC Explains Recent Broadband Decisions
Issues such as increasing broadband speeds, municipal broadband, net neutrality, and Title II regulation dominate the FCC's agenda.

GAO: Effectiveness of Broadband Adoption Efforts Unclear
The GAO issued a report on the effectiveness of federal broadband adoption programs, and concluded that most program outcomes are unclear.

Cities Getting Into the Broadband Deployment Business
Two major U.S. cities announced major initiatives related to broadband deployment and the use of technology to improve the lives of its citizens.

Google Inc.
News, issues and information related to Google Incorporated (GOOG).

Rural Broadband Issues
Information about rural broadband issues.

Google's Project Loon Nearly Ready to Launch
As universal broadband deployment remains an important policy goal, providers continue exploring innovative ways to provide service to remote areas.

FCC Connect America Fund Provides $1.7B in Subsidies for Rural America
The FCC announced broadband goals and nearly $1.7B in CAF subsidies expand rural access to broadband for over 8.5 million Americans.

Automotive Industry Embracing Broadband as a Standard
Broadcom has developed an automotive standard for ethernet as ethernet technology is fast becoming a standard accessory in the automobile industry.

Google Remains Major Player in U.S. Broadband Strategy
Google has had a significant effect on broadband deployment in the United States, and has embraced roles as facilitator, disruptor and competitor.

Broadband Medical ApplicationsTelemedicine
Issues and applications related to the use of broadband in medical and healthcare settings.

Texas Stymies Telemedicine Initiatives
A Texas judge blocked the Texas Medical Board for imposing limits on how doctors provide telemedicine consultations.

Federal Broadband Issues
Issues, policies and rules from the federal government related to broadband.

Fiber Optic Broadband
Issues and news regarding fiber optic broadband Internet service. Broadband fiber to the home, and fiber to the node projects will be discussed.

Innovation and Issues
Issues related to broadband and new innovations related to broadband technology.

Broadband for medical and healthcare applications
Broadband for medical and healthcare applications

FCC Regulation of Broadband
Information and issues related to the FCC's proposed regulation of Broadband.

Pricing and Affordability
How broadband Internet pricing affects broadband adoption rates. Trends in broadband and Internet service plan pricing, including bundled pricing.

Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality. Broadband.

Online Piracy
Digital Online PiracySOPAPIPADigital Rights Management

Broadband Spectrum
Broadband SpectrumWireless SpectrumNTIA SpectrumObama Spectrum

Internet of Everything
The future of broadband technology and the applications, services, and devices which will be developed.

FCC CAF to Boost Annual Revenues for Providers
The FCC Connect America Fund (CAF) will add significant revenue to the major broadband carriers who have accepted funding - primarily AT&T and CenturyLink.

Telemedicine Demand Dramatically Increasing
The implementation of telemedicine and electronic medical records continue to increase as healthcare facilities realize the cost-saving benefits.

RNCOS Report: Telemedicine Market to Grow 18.5% Annually
In rural areas of the country, telemedicine is about a doctor providing remote health care, or a pharmacy electronically filling a prescription.

FCC will Preempt State Laws Banning Community Broadband
The FCC approved an order to preempt state laws that limit municipal broadband networks on the same day as they voted to regulate broadband.

Broadband Companies
Information and news about broadband related companies.

Broadband Adoption
Broadband adoption rates and issues affecting broadband adoption, such as digital literacy, affordability, and perception of need.

Broadband Applications
The use of broadband in national initiatives such as medical and healthcare, public safety, consumer protection, government, education, energy and environment, civic engagement, and economic development.

Speed Issues
Issues and studies related to broadband speeds.

State and Local Government
Broadband issues from a State and Local Government perspective.

Technology and Bandwidth
Methods of delivering broadband via various types of technology.

Google Fiber to the Home Project
News, status, and information related to the Google Fiber to the Home project.

Information and news related to T-Mobile

4G/LTE4G Broadband4GLTELong Term Evolution

Broadband applications for entertainment

News and information about IBM. Broadband.

Windstream Corp (NYSE: WIN)
News and information regarding Windstream Corp

News and information about Cisco.

News and information regarding CenturyLink

News, issues and information related to American Telephone and Telegraph Inc.(AT&T, T-NYSE)

FCC Critical Issues
Critical issues facing the FCC. Hot issues and topics involving the Federal Communications Commission(FCC).

Broadband Mergers and Acquisitions
Information and news about mergers and acquisitions related to Broadband companies.

Verizon Communications Inc.
News, issues and information related to Verizon Communications Inc.(VZ).

Broadband White Papers
Research and white papers exploring any broadband related issues. New innovations in broadband technology, issues affecting broadband policy, and issues facing the broadband industry.

News regarding Apple. Broadband.

Consumer Broadband Applications
Issues and applications related to the use of broadband in consumer related functions.

State and Local Broadband Legislation
Broadband legislation, rules, and policies on a local and state level.

Pay Television
Issues related to the Pay TV medium, such as HBO, Cinemax, DirecTV, The Movie Channel, and other subscription based television broadcasting.

TV Everywhere
Information and issues surrounding TV Everywhere, a verification system that allows television service providers to authenticate users who wish to use video on demand Internet television services.

International Broadband Issues
The issue of Broadband around the world.

Net Neutrality
Issues and information about net neutrality and the FCC's classification of Broadband as a telecommunications service.

Broadband for Public Safety
Information about the use of broadband for public safety.

Broadband for Economic Development
How broadband is used to spur economic development.

Broadband for Energy and the Environment
Use of broadband technology and broadbamd applications for energy and the environment.

Information and types of video applications transmitted over broadband technology.

FCC National Broadband Plan
Issues and information about the FCC's National Broadband Plan, including recommendations about the use of Broadband in national initiatives.

Broadband Stimulus (ARRA)
Information and news regarding the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Broadband Stimulus programs and grant awards. Includes information about NTIA BTOP grants and USDA RUS Grants and Loans.

Cable Modem
Issues and information regarding cable modem technology to deliver broadband Internet service.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
Issues and information regarding DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line technology to deliver broadband Internet service.

Economic Development
Issues related to the impact of broadband on economic development.

White Space
Issues and information regarding the use of broadband in

WiMax Broadband
Issues and news related to WiMax broadband technology. (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)

Wireless Broadband Internet Service
Issues and news regarding wireless broadband Internet service.

Barriers to Adoption
Issues that affect broadband adoption.

Big Broadband versus Little Broadband
Issues and debate regarding providing high speed broadband Internet service to Americans versus providing Internet access to more Americans, particularly in rural remote areas.

Broadband Availability and Penetration
Local and state broadband penetration rates, and broadband availability rates on a local or state level.

Broadband for Civic Engagement
Use of broadband for civic engagement. Civic engagement applications for broadband.

News, issues and information related to Comcast (CMCSA).

Digital Literacy
Broadband digital literacy issues.

Broadband for Education
Use of broadband in education applications.

Broadband for Government
Use of broadband in government.

News, issues and information related to Netflix (NFLX).

Perception of Need
How perception of need affects broadband adoption rates.

Broadband Public Safety
Use of broadband technology in the public safety field. Emerging technologies in the public safety sector.

Issues and news related to SmartGrid technology permitting use of broadband to evaluate home and business energy consumption, and real-time monitoring of usage.

State Broadband Speed Rankings
News and information related to broadband speed rankings by individual US States.

Time Warner Incorporated
News, issues and information related to Time Warner Incorporated (TWX).

Broadband Grant Funding
Information about broadband grants and funding opportunities.

Broadband Mapping
Information related to broadband availability mapping, and the creation of the national broadband map.

Congressional Broadband Action
Information about broadband issues coming before the US Congress, including congressional hearings, broadband policy, and broadband rulemaking.

National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Information about the National Telecommunications and Information Administration as it relates to broadband issues.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Information about broadband grants and loans administered by the USDA.

Telemedicine Interest Increases Broadband Bandwidth Demand
As the medical community continues to transform the delivery of healthcare services with broadband enabled technology, bandwidth demand increases.

IDC Health Insights: Top Ten Health IT Predictions
IDC Health Insights published a list of Health IT predictions for 2015. The predictions point to substantially increased bandwidth requirements.

City Balks at Demands - Google Walks
Google Fiber pulls out of Leawood Kansas after city expresses concerns over agreement. Incumbent provider AT&T steps in to provide service.

Post-Assessment of the FCC Technology Advisory Council
Since 2011 when the FCC Technology Advisory Council submitted eight recommendations, many have been incorporated into official initiatives.

Wheeler objects to Verizon's Limits new unlimited Data Plan -
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler sends strongly worded letter to Verizon Wireless regarding the issue of data throttling for

Verizon Upgrades FiOS Service to Compete with Cable
Broadband providers are investing in R&D to stretch the limits of aging technology, as well as developing new ways to utilize existing networks.

Unique Ways of Delivering Broadband Being Explored
As broadband deployment continues to be a prominent policy goal for government, telecommunication providers will continue exploring innovative ways to provide service to remote areas.

Net Neutrality - Year in Review
Net neutrality remains an important broadband policy issue in 2014 as the U.S. Court of Appeals delivers a setback to the FCC.

Verizon's Aggressive Home Broadband Strategy
Verizon's business strategy of investing heavily into FiOS and 4G/LTE wireless broadband has been evident over the past two years.

Broadband Basics
An introduction to broadband issues including a description of broadband technologies, broadband speed issues, and broadband adoption.

Broadband and Economic Impact
Numerous studies by economic and telecommunications analysts study the correlation between broadband access and the economic impact of broadband.

Broadband Speed - How much do you need?
Broadband Internet SpeedInternet Speed Testbroadband speedDSL SpeedSpeed of Broadband ConnectionSpeed of Broadband FiberInternet SpeedsInternet download speedsHow much broadband speed do I needbroadband speed requirementshow much internet speed do i needbroadband speed requirements

Welcome to Broadband on
A website all about Broadband. Broadband issues including federal, state and local efforts to deploy Broadband, as well as initiatives to regulate the Internet will be discussed. In addition, the technological innovations and applications facilitated by Broadband will be featured and discussed on a regular basis.

700 MHz Interoperable Broadband Public Safety Network
Information related to public safety use of the 700MHz spectrum for a national broadband interoperable public safety network.

Consumer Data/Viewing Trends
Issues surrounding consumer viewing trends as related to the television and cable tv industry.

Digital Video Recorder
Issues and information about digital video recorders, which are devices that record video in a digital format to mass storage device.

Federal Broadband Studies
Listing and analysis of federal broadband studies from the FCC, NTIA, USDA, Congress, and the Office of the President.

Broadband and Economic Development
Issues related to broadband's impact on economic development.

FCC: Google Fiber Playbook Could Serve as Broadband Deployment Model
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler acknowledged Google's FTTH city checklist as a model the agency could adopt during Congressional testimony.

The Evolution of Net Neutrality
While net neutrality has emerged as one of the most important issues affecting broadband, the FCC has been dealing with the issue for almost a decade.

Pew: Internet of Things will Thrive by 2025
According to a recently released report from the Pew Research Internet Project the Internet will continue to thrive, but negative implications exist.

Challenges of Rural Broadband Deployment
Despite challenges with deploying broadband in rural areas of the country, significant economic benefits continue to be reported as a result of access.

Comcast Pleads its Case for Acquiring Time Warner Cable
Comcast will acquire Time Warner Cable for $45 billion, in a deal which will create a huge force in the United States cable and broadband markets.

Netlix Leads Internet Traffic Consumption
According to Sandvine's newest Global Internet Phenomena Report, more than 30% of all Internet traffic is generated by Netflix.

FCC: 70% of Fixed Broadband Connections Meet Speed Threshold
According the FCC's most recent Internet Access Services report, the number of broadband connections and overall subscribership are rising.

Netflix Largest Source of North American Internet Traffic
According to Sandvine's newest Global Internet Phenomena Report, more than 30% of all peak downstream content is generated by Netflix.

Frontier Challlenging Cable Providers by Offering Higher Speeds
In a series of announcements in 2015, Frontier Communications is expanding broadband service areas and emphasizing high-speed symmetrical access.

FCC: Increase Speed to 25 Mbps, Declare Broadband Inadequate
The FCC voted to raise broadband speeds to 25 Mbps and said

Cable & Telephone Companies Add 1.1 Million Subscribers
LRG found that the largest U.S. cable and telephone providers acquired 1.1 million new broadband subscribers in the first quarter of 2013.

Measuring Broadband Speeds Becoming Even More Important
Broadband speeds are a critical component of accessing the Internet. There are a variety of ways to assess quality and speed of broadband.

The Importance of Broadband Speeds
Broadband speeds have become a critical factor when considering whether access is sufficient for accessing content on the Internet.

Congress Tries to Limit FCC's Title II Authority
A U.S. House panel approved a measure that would prohibit the FCC from using Title II authority to regulate the price of broadband.

Smart Cities Gaining Traction Across America
As broadband continues to expand and bandwidth becomes more of a commodity, cities will be able to realize the vision of smart cities.

Alabama Announces Major State Broadband Expansion
Huntsville Alabama's Mayor announced construction of a new fiber network that will meet the area's rapidly growing data and communication needs

AT&T announcement follows 2015 smart cities initiative
AT&T announced strategic partnerships with other large telecommunication companies to advance the company's smart cities strategy.

U.S. Senate Votes to Permanently Ban Internet Access Taxes
The Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act was passed by the U.S. Senate and now heads to President Obama for signature.

Telemedicine Barriers Include State Policies and Reimbursement
According to a recent survey, physicians are ready to embrace telemedicine, but lack of consistent reimbursement schedules and state policies remain as significant barriers.

U.S. Senators Take Issue with FCC Broadband Report
Six U.S. Senators wrote a letter to the FCC objecting to the recent speed thresholds established by the agency last year.

Importance of Fiber Emphasized by Charlotte Developers
Municipalities cite the demand and necessity for high-speed broadband (not just access to the Internet) for economic survival and prosperity.

Google Fiber Deployments Encourage Competition
In addition to improving economic prosperity for Google fiber communities, the company is also spurring competitors to accelerate deployment plans.

Broadband Industry Opposition to Recent FCC Orders Mounting
Recent FCC orders will undoubtedly result in multiple court challenges on many fronts as broadband providers are weighing in with familiar threats.

FCC Lifeline Program Being Overhauled
In 2015, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler proposed restructuring the FCC's Lifeline Program to include broadband and increasing competition.

Broadband Providers to FCC: Help us Deploy Broadband Faster
After FCC broadband progress report is released, industry responds with its own assessment. US Telecom provides list of things the FCC could do.

Google Pushes Public-Private Partnerships for Broadband Deployment
Google is changing the way municipalities view broadband deployment in their communities - emphasizing partnerships over funding.

Telemedicine Accelerates Broadband in America
With rapidly increasing costs and a shortage of health care providers broadband facilitates a more efficient and less costly form of healthcare.

2016 Broadband Progress Report Highlights Disparities
The FCC's 2016 Broadband Progress Report reflects the impact of Chairman Tom Wheeler, and his focus on raising the bar on broadband access in the U.S.

Broadband Industry Takes Issue with FCC Broadband Report
Some in the broadband industry take issue with the FCC's Broadband Progress Report, stating that broadband is not being deployed in a timely manner.

2016 FCC Report: Broadband is not Being Deployed in a Timely Manner
The FCC releases the 2016 Broadband Progress Report, stating that broadband is not being deployed in a timely manner.

FCC: Increase Broadband Speeds to Stimulate Competition
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler has been signalling his intentions to spur broadband competition and raise the stakes in the broadband industry in 2014.

FCC Raising Speeds for Defining Broadband
Remarks by FCC officials have been consistent with regard to the growing importance of broadband as the FCC considers raising broadband speeds.

FCC Agenda is Centered on Broadband in 2015
2015 is already proving to be the most significant year in the history of broadband deployment in the U.S. for the FCC.

Is Copper DSL for Broadband Dead?
Broadband providers in the United States are reevaluating plans to utilize copper DSL networks for deployment of broadband infrastructure.

FCC Considers Lifeline Reforms to boost broadband adoption
The importance of broadband was emphasized in the FCC's recent order requesting comment on Lifeline reform.

U.S. Senate: Internet will RemainTax Free
Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune reintroduced the Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act to ensure that Internet access remains tax free.

Broadband Subsidies will Create Windfall for Major Providers
The FCC Connect America Fund (CAF) will add significant revenue to the major broadband carriers who have accepted funding.

FCC Chair: Streamlining Rules will Increase Broadband Deployment
In order to allay telecommunication concerns about over-regulation of the industry, the FCC Chair announced a vote to reduce regulations.

USTelecom Welcomes FCC Action to Reduce Regulation
USTelecom welcomes a recent FCC announcement regarding a vote to reduce outdated industry regulations.

FCC Raises Broadband Speed Threshold to 25 Mbps
Read about broadband regulations by the FCC as the need for broadband speed increases. This includes information on the Dig Once Initiative and US-IGNITE.

FCC: Broadband not being deployed to Americans in a Timely Manner
Read about the broadband regulations by the FCC, which includes why broadband speeds are important in rural areas, and why the cable industry opposes increasing speeds.

Cable Industry Opposes Increasing Broadband Speeds
Read about the FCC raising the minimum speed for defining broadband to 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up, and the effect of broadband has on cities and the economy.

Methods and technologies for transmitting data over broadband.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Issues affecting the Internet Service Provider community as a whole.

Broadband Promises to be Hot Topic for Congress in 2015
As FCC Chair Tom Wheeler and newly elected representatives stake out net neutrality positions, 2015 might be the year an agreement is reached.

Netflix Controversy - Getting Too Greedy?
Netflix Controversy a Sign of the Future; Is Netflix Getting Too Greedy? Usage Limits and Data Caps: Is this a Sign of Things to Come for Broadband?

FCC Report: Advertised Broadband Speeds Pretty Close to Actuals
The FCC reports that 80 percent of consumers did not know what speed they purchased from their Internet Service Provider.

Verizon Offers LTE for Home BroadbandLTE 4GMobile Broadband
Verizon is promoting its 4G/LTE mobile broadband as a home broadband alternative by launching a new HomeFusion Broadband service

J.D. Power Ranks Broadband Service Providers
J.D. Power Ranks Broadband Service Providers - which broadband provider has the best customer experience?

United Nations: Broadband is a Basic Human Right
A report from the Human Rights Council of the United Nations General Assembly declares access to the Internet a basic human right .

Benefits of Broadband Include Many National Initiatives
An article describing the benefits of broadband in all sectors of public and private industry.

Internet of Things Fallout - Privacy and Cybersecurity?
As the Internet of Things continue to tout the benefits of a connected world, issues such as cybersecurity threats and privacy concerns are mounting.

LRG: 645K Broadband Subscribers Added in 3Q 2015
According to a recent report from LRG seventeen of the largest cable and telephone providers in the US represent about 94% of the entire market.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Emerge as Issues
As governments around the world continue to advocate for broadband access security experts are warning consumers about privacy and cybersecurity.

UK Falling Behind in Broadand Deployment as Government Pledges Access
As the United Kingdom continues to fall behind in global broadband rankings, government officials are promising universal access by 2020.

UK Leader: Access to Broadband is a Right - not a luxury
Prime Minister David Cameron stated that every citizen in the U.K. will have affordable high-speed broadband within five years.

How Much Broadband Speed Do You Need?
Broadband speeds vary greatly depending on the transmission technology. This table lists the speed range of various broadband technologies.

Frontier Communications Banking on Broadband Customers for Growth
Frontier Communications ended the third-quarter 2013 with 1.84 million broadband customers - with almost 30,000 new customers added in this quarter.

Broadband Speeds Garner Headlines Once Again
The NYS Attorney General is investigating whether broadband providers are providing the speeds they advertise to NYS consumers.

U.S. House Committee Conducts Hearing on Improving Broadband
Several witnesses testifying at the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology discussed barriers and solutions to broadband deployment.

U.S House Subcommittee Hears from Broadband Deployment Experts
Witnesses testifying at a US House Subcommittee hearing described solutions to the challenges facing broadband providers in municipalities in the US.

Google's Strategy for Broadband Deployment in the United States
Google's fiber to the home strategy is more than just broadband deployment. It is about demonstrating value and demand - and spurring competition.

U.S. House Committee Conducts Hearing on Improving Broadband
The House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology conducted a hearing entitled,

How Much Broadband Speed do You Need?
Broadband Internet SpeedInternet Speed Testbroadband speedDSL SpeedWiMax Speedhow much internet speed do i needSpeed of Broadband Connectioninternet speeds explainedSpeed of Broadband FiberInternet SpeedsDifference in Broadband Speeds

Broadband Technologies Overview
WiMaxFTTHFiberWireless BroadbandSatellite Broadband Connection

What is Net Neutrality?
FCC Net Neutrality. Broadband.

Net Neutrality Pros and Cons
Net Neutrality Pros and Cons. Broadband. Page 2.

AT&T Reconsiders DSL Service for Rural Broadband and Rebrands U-Verse
AT&T reconsiders its rural broadband strategy while rebranding U-Verse with the introduction of Mobile TV.

Cisco: Video to Consume 79% of all Internet Traffic by 2018
A report from Cisco emphasizes the prevalence of online video, with almost 80% of all Internet use coming from video streaming by 2018,

Broadband Experts Agree Broadband is a Significant Economic Accelerator
Broadband Experts Agree Broadband is a Significant Economic Accelerator: Do Increased Speeds Boost Benefits Further?

Frontier Adding Pre-paid Broadband Service Offering
In addition to exploring markets to expand high-speed broadband service, Frontier is now offering prepaid broadband service without a contract.

Verizon: Copper to FiOS Migration Accelerated by Hurricane Sandy
While Verizon continues to draw criticism for abandoning coppper network upgrades in rural areas, company execs pledged to replace infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Sandy with fiber.

Connect the World Aims for Universal Broadband by 2020
Business Leaders, including Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg launch

FCC Connect America Fund Decisions Reveal Company Plans
Broadband providers who have accepted or declined FCC CAF funding have revealed their overall rural broadband strategy.

FCC Connect America Fund Auction for Broadband Service in 20 States
The FCC announced it will conduct a reverse auction for the CAF funding declined by Verizon earlier this year.

Broadband Providers Accept Over $1.5 Billion in Annual Support
The FCC announced nearly $1.5B in annual support subsidies was accepted by ten broadband providers to expand rural broadband access.

AT&T Publishes Map to Depict GigaPower Cities
With over 100 cities identified as GigaPower candidates, AT&T recently published on online map to inform consumers about deployment status.

Low-cost Broadband Finally Becomes Part of Lifeline
The FCC now considers subsidies for broadband service as an eligible expense for Lifeline.

FCC Lifeline Reforms Generating Controversy
The FCC now considers subsidies for broadband service as an eligible expense for Lifeline. State and local leaders are questioning the FCC's decision to force consumers to choose between phone or Internet service.

FCC's Lifeline Program and Important Policy Imperative
With millions of Americans unable to subscribe to broadband service, the need for the FCC's Lifeline program is greater than ever.

Forbes: Broadband CAPEX Decrease Due to FCC Net Neutrality
An article written by Hal Singer for Forbes links the dramatic decrease in broadband capex to the recently enacted FCC Net Neutrality regulations

Consumers File 2000 Complaints Against Broadband Providers
In the first month following enactment of FCC net neutrality rules, 2000 complaints have been filed with the FCC regarding service provider issues.

FCC Net Neutrality Rules - Consumers vs. Providers
The FCC net neutrality regulations are rallying support in both corners - providers have filed suit against them, while consumers are embracing them.

Lawsuits Follow Net Neutrality Order from FCC
Several broadband providers and the NCTA filed documents at the U.S. Court of Appeals challenging the FCC's net neutrality rules.

FCC Passes Net Neutrality Regulations
FCC Passes net Neutrality RegulationsOpen Internet

FCC Connect America Fund to Provide Broadband Funding in 45 States
FCC to Provide $1.5B in Broadband Funding in 45 States for Ten telecommunications carriers to provide broadband to nearly 7.3 million people.

San Antonio Next Stop for Google Fiber
With projects well underway in Kansas City, Provo and Austin, Google is planning its largest gigabit deployment ever in San Antonio, Texas.

FCC Votes to Subsidize Broadband for Low-Income Americans
The FCC recently voted along party lines to subsidize broadband for low-income Americans through the Universal Service Funding mechanism.

Minnesota Uses Broadband Cooperative Model to Deploy Fiber
Amid a risky regulatory environment and increasing competition, states are using a variety of approaches to increase broadband access.

Next Century Cities Provides Platform for Municipal Leaders
Next Century Cities was built on the foundation of providing municipal leaders with a platform to advance broadband deployment goals in their cities.

Next Century Cities Publishes Policy Agenda for Broadband Stakeholders
Next Century Cities recently published a policy guide for stakeholders titled

Ohio Claims to be First Gigabit State
Agile Network Builders completed a project to install network equipment on radio towers throughout the state of Ohio to deliver high-speed broadband.

Google Expands Portfolio to Include Free Municipal WiFi
Google wrote the playbook on the deployment of gigabit broadband networks. The company is now doing the same for municipal wifi networks.

Windstream to Offer Gigabit Service in Select Markets
Windstream is getting into the gigabit broadband business by announcing it will be deploying the high-speed service in select markets.

Digital Learning Equity Act of 2015 to Improve Broadband for Students
Two U.S. Senators introduced the Digital Learning Equity Act of 2015 as a way to improve broadband access and close what they call an education gap for all students.

Google Exploring Using Balloons to Deliver Broadband
Companies such as Google and Titan Aerospace are developing innovative solutions to deploy broadband in rural areas.

Content on Demand
Information and issues about content on demand services and applications such as distance learning, video and information on demand service providers.

Cisco: Demand for Broadband Rapidly Increasing
According to Cisco global Internet Protocol (IP) traffic has increased 500% over the past five years and is expected to continue rising.

FCC Chair proposes sweeping changes to USF Lifeline Program
In May 2015, Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed a series of actions to restructure the FCC's Lifeline Program to include broadband.

FCC Connect America Fund Provides Funding for Rural America
The FCC announced nearly $1.7B in CAF subsidies being offered to ten broadband providers to expand rural access to over 8.5 million Americans.

Company highlighting symmetrical speeds
After casting doubts about consumer demand for gigabit broadband speeds, Frontier dramatically increases speeds and emphasizes symmetrical speeds.

Demand for Broadband for Telemedicine Continues to Grow
With rising healthcare costs in-home monitoring systems enabled by a broadband connection are becoming increasingly utilized by seniors.

Colorado Telehealth Bill will Drive Demand for Broadband
In Colorado, a telemedicine bill passed by both houses of the State Legislature is awaiting Governor John Hickenlooper's signature to become law

FCC will use Title II to Regulate Broadband and Enforce Net Neutrality
The FCC will use Title II to regulate broadband and enforce net neutrality rules in recent order - paving the way for inevitable court challenges.

Google Advice to Cities: Facilitate Broadband Deployment
Google VP Milo Medin repeated advice Google executives previously offered to municipalities regarding facilitated broadband deployment.

Who Could Oppose Increased Broadband Speeds?
Despite the compelling case for the FCC to increase broadband speed thresholds, many broadband providers are opposed to doing so.

President Obama Previews Broadband Agenda for 2015
A series of actions by the White House in the weeks preceding President Obama's SOTU address signal the administration's broadband priorities in 2015.

FCC Raising Broadband Speed Threshold to 25 Mbps
The FCC raises the minimum speed for defining broadband to 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up, and declared that

Telemedicine will Drive Broadband Utilization in 2015
Two members of Congress are advancing the use of technology for medicine by introducing the 21st Century Cures Initiative in 2015.

FCC ERate Program to Focus on Connecting Rural Schools
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler noted the huge disparity between urban and rural schools, and the lack of adequate fiber to support educational requirements.

Public Broadband Investment Drives Need to Define Benefits
As public broadband investments continue to increase, there has been a corresponding rise is ways in methods and formulas to quantify impact.

Gigabit Cities Growing in Popularity
The notion of building networks capable of speeds faster than what many have any idea to do with became popular with Google's challenge to communities across the United States.

Verizon Replacing DSL With Wireless 4G/LTE - At a Cost
Telecommunications provider Verizon is Moving Closer to Abandoning DSL Service and Replacing With 4G/LTE

Broadband Issues
Issues related to broadband

Broadband Research and Reports
Contains articles and links to the most current broadband research and studies depicting trends in broadband availability, broadband adoption, broadband technologies, and the use of broadband globally.

Information and news related to Alcatel-Lucent (ADR).

News, issues and information related to Motorola (MOT).

Information and news related to Vonage (VG).

Google Position on Net Neutrality
Information regarding Google's position on Net Neutrality.

Multi-platform formatting
Issues and trends surrounding multi-platform formatting, including applications, uses, and devices.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Issues and news about digital rights management (DRM), including emerging technologies, new applications, and digital copyright laws.

Interactive Television
Issues affecting interactive television applications.

Mobile Video
Issues and new technology regarding mobile video or mobile content. This includes information about media which is viewed or used on mobile devices, such as ringtones, graphics, games, movies, and GPS navigation services.

Online Video
Issues surrounding online video and video hosting services such as youtube who allow individuals to upload video clips to Internet website.

Broadband Job Board
Job openings in the Broadband industry.

List of broadband related terminology and definitions.

Broadband platforms and devices to connect to the Internet.

Sources for reference information about broadband, including white papers and broadband studies.

State Broadband Websites
State Broadband Websites

Telcos versus Cable
Covers the issues and trends in U.S. wireline telecommunications versus the issues facing the cable industry. Examines why phone companies are still losing residential-access lines while adding more digital-subscriber-line (DSL) customers. Explores the competition between cable and phone companies for video customers.

Television Commerce
Issues related to T-commerce or television commerce. (E-commerce transactions utilizing digital television.)

Mobile Broadband Internet Service
Issues and news related to Mobile Broadband Internet Service, or use of broadband over mobile computing devices such as smartphones, cellphones, and PDA's.

Satellite Broadband Service
Issues and news related to satellite broadband technology.

Issues related to datacasting and the broadcasting of data over wide areas via radio waves.

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)
Issues related to digital out-of-home technology and electronic advertising. Dynamic media such as screens, kiosks, jukeboxes and jumbotrons distributed across networks in public venues.

Digital television (DTV)
Issues affecting Digital Television (DTV), and the transmission of audio and video by digital signals.

High Definition Television (HDTV)
Issues related to high definition television (HDTV or HD).

Network Convergence
Issues surrounding network convergence and emerging technologies to migrate voice and data networks into single networks.

Search Engines
Issues related to the use of search portals on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices
Issues and trends related to search engine optimization practices and techniques.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)
Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technology and applications.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
Issues affecting the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)technology.

Broadband Public Safety Bill Signed by President
Broadband Public Safety NetworkInteroperable Broadband Public Safety NetworkObama Broadband Public Safety

Government Policy
A description of government programs regarding broadband.

State of Arizona Broadband
State of Arizona Broadband