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Decorating Books – Top 10 Budget Decorating Books
A list of top recommended decorating books that are beautiful and inspiring, and full of great budget decorating ideas.

How to Stain Grout
Step-by-step instructions for how to whiten and stain grout on floors or walls by the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

How to Stain Grout
Step-by-step instructions for how to whiten and stain grout on floors or walls by the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

How to Stain Grout
Step-by-step instructions for how to whiten and stain grout on floors or walls by the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

How to Stain Grout
Step-by-step instructions for how to whiten and stain grout on floors or walls by the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

How to Stain Grout
Step-by-step instructions for how to whiten and stain grout on floors or walls by the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Kitchen Islands - Affordable Kitchen Island Ideas
Options and ideas for affordable kitchen islands and carts, most costing less than $200, from the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Wood Pallet Tool Organization
This tool and lumber organizer, made from discarded wood pallets, show how to wrangle those long pieces of lumber as well as tall tools.

Organization can save you time and money
When you can easily find what you're looking for in the house it saves you time. You can save money too: how many times have you had to buy something because you simply can't find what you're looking for?

Use Wall Studs for Storage
As this photo shows, it's easy to utilize the space in between the wall studs in the garage to hold all sorts of things.

Store Small Fasteners in Peanut Butter Jars
Empty jars, like peanut butter jars, make the perfect place to keep small fasteners like nails, screws and washers.

Wall Track Systems
Ready-to-install wall systems, like this one used by Lolly Jane, is a quick and easy way to add storage to your garage walls.

Landing Pad & Backpack Organization
For some families the garage is the main landing pad in the home, where shoes are left, backpacks dropped, and all manner of in-and-out items need to be kept.

Hanging Shoe Organizer for Spray Paint
This all-purpose hanging shoe organizer works to keep all types of garage objects organized like spray paint, new paint rollers, paint brushes, caulking, or other small objects.

10 Fabulous Fall Front Door Ideas
Need some ideas and inspiration for inexpensive front door decor? We've rounded up some great ideas that you can buy or make without spending a lot of cash.

What Type of Fireplace Are You?
If you're ready to re-do your fireplace, it's a good idea to know what you do and do not want.

Vintage Fireplace
Some homeowners have beautiful, vintage fireplaces in their homes featuring handmade tiles, handcrafted wood mantelpieces and iron screens.

The Open Fireplace
This dramatic open fireplace is the perfect design for this residence set in a mountain resort.

Dominating Mantel
Quite the opposite of minimal, this larger-than-life mantel and fireplace surround practically dominates this room.

No Mantel Fireplace
Although unusual in design, this fireplace looks positively elegant without a mantel or artwork.

Gas Insert Fireplace
A gas insert fireplace might be just the right piece for your living room, bedroom or even bathroom.

See-Through Fireplace
A see-through fireplace is the perfect way to get that warm, cozy feeling in two rooms at once.

Frame Favorite T's
If you have a pile of favorite t-shirts (we know who you are) and are trying to find a way to decorate with them, these ideas are for you!

Pin Boards & Magnet Boards
Every great dorm room needs a place to post photos, invitations, notes and things that keep you inspired.

Dorm Room Door Decor
Your dorm room door's exterior is an important statement. Show off your personal style by getting creative on the exterior.

DIY Lights
You'll most likely want to add more lighting to your dorm room and there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to make your own illumination.

DIY Crafts & Edibles Using Lavender
Don't throw away your cut lavender in the yard waste bin! There are dozens of uses for lavender that use the flowers, the stem or both.

Washi Tape
Given the chance that your child's favorite color may change from month to month, washi tape is a great way to add color to a room without painting walls or changing out bedding.

Book & Toy Storage
Choose book and toy storage that allows your child to play independently in their own room. You'll want storage that enables them to safely pull out toys and books as well as allow them to easily put them away when their done.

Keepsakes & Artwork
Holding on to precious artwork and keepsakes can be challenging if you don't have a system in place.

Clothing Organization
Designing a closet, dresser or storage for clothing, shoes or costumes will help your child learn how to dress themselves and put their clothes away.

Create A Super Organized (and budget friendly) Command Center
A good command center is the main drop zone in the home for mail, paperwork, school work, keys, and other every-day items.

Creative Storage Ideas for the Garage, Basement & Attic
Make sure you keep your garage, basement and attic organized with some easy storage ideas.

A laundry room with room for hobbies
A laundry room can be the perfect spot for hobbies and crafts. Laundry rooms are essentially work rooms, and while the loads are being washed and dried, it makes sense that this room can multifunction in other ways.

Make the most of the space
Although we all dream of a giant laundry room with plenty of countertop space and storage, the reality is that many laundry rooms are small.

Closet laundry room makeover
The master bedroom closet is seeing a new trend: a mini laundry room. Moving the laundry room close to where all the dirty laundry takes place is a brilliant move.

Large laundry room in basement
We most often find the laundry room relegated to the basement, traditionally the best spot in the home for the noisy, wet, and dirty task of washing clothes.

Laundry Room & Mud Room
The classic laundry room/mud room combination is a popular one for many homes. The mudroom entrance is the perfect place for keeping track of all the comings and goings of the family: jackets, backpacks, sports equipment and dirty clothes and shoes.

Use pattern and unique materials to decorate the hallway
This hallway proves that decoration comes in many forms. And sometimes the type of materials you use can serve a decorative purpose as well.

Glass walls as decoration in the hallway
Here we see that glass can be used as a decorative element in a hallway. This hallway is also an entrance and exit, so the sliding glass doors can be opened.

Use texture as decoration in the hallway
This unusual hallway relies upon a textured wall (made of stacked wood) for a really dynamic design.

Use the hallway for display
A hallway can often feel too narrow or short to be useful. But sometimes the hallway is the perfect place to display your artwork or collection of photographs.

Add a simple shelf to display colorful artwork
This typical hallway set up is made to feel unique with its choice in flooring and ceiling material.

Art Deco Decor for a Great Gatsby Style
Art deco decorating and decor ideas from the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Art Deco Lighting
Art deco lighting and decor ideas from the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Art Deco Hardware
Art deco hardware and decor ideas from the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Art Deco Prints
Art deco prints, wall art and decor ideas from the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Art Deco Mirrors
Art deco mirrors and decor ideas from the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Art Deco Frame
Art deco frames and other art deco decor ideas from the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Narrow Hallway? Make It Feel Large
This narrow entryway makeover didn't need a lot to make it shine, just some carefully placed objects. The rug tiles (try www.flor.com) make it easy to have a functional object but in a fun pattern or array of colors.

An Entryway That Has Everything
This entrance has everything you'd want or need. Lots of natural light, along with wall sconces, ensure that this space is well-lit.

Built Ins That Match The Rest of the Space
This entrance is rather wide, and this designer took advantage by creating tall, built in storage pieces. This custom built cabinetry offers plenty of storage for jackets, shoes and backpacks.

Fun, Functional & Family Friendly
This entry makeover was part of a whole-home redo for a family. The safe, neutral gray is offset by a fun punch of orange, and gives this entrance a real focal point.

Your Closet: Is It Worth Decorating?
We sometimes think of our closets as purely functional - a place to hang our clothes, store our shoes and maybe some accessories. But if you have just a plain Jane closet, and it's a modest size, have you ever thought to decorate it?

Beadboard: How To Decorate With This Timeless Design
Beadboard is an attractive design element that you can add to walls, nooks, cabinetry or other parts of the home.

Lots of storage means great organization
Lots of open and closed shelving and storage means there is always room for cookbooks, treasures, vases and anything else this family may need to store.

Hallway with natural light and tons of storage = dream pantry
But what really works for this kitchen is the fact that the hallway is really a super organized pantry and work space.

A modern farmhouse kitchen design that really works
If you're looking for some kitchen inspiration, check out the details of this space.

Create the work stations you really need in the kitchen
In order for a kitchen to be really functional, you must establish your work areas.

Try The Trend: Decorating With Pink
Pink is in! Good news for those of us who love all shades of pink: from blush to hot, mauve to rose. It's easy to find your perfect shade and use it to decorate your home.

Stick To Your Budget When Working With An Interior Decorator
Although you may be thinking that using an interior decorator is out of your budget, there are ways to use professional help without going overboard.

Shade Savvy: Hide From The Sun Without Losing Style
While a permanent arbor or overhang might be out of your price range, there are plenty of ways to add shade to your space without spending too much money.

Prepare Yourself For The Longest Yard Sale In America
Even expert flea market shoppers and adept garage sale browsers may gasp at the thought of a 690-mile long flea market. Learn about how to survive the 127 Yard Sale.

5 More Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Small Space
Living in a small space has it's fair share of challenges: little to no storage, cramped quarters, not much flexibility.

5 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Small Space
Small spaces can still feel spacious if you spend the time to bring in color, furniture and decor that really works for you.

Use nautical influences
This home definitely looks sea-worthy with these touches of sailing and boating. The nautical look instantly brings a beach look to any room.

Decorate like you're headed out to the beach
An easy way to get the beach-chic look in your home is to decorate like you actually live on the beach.

Distressed, not stressed
The beach vibe is definitely low-stress, with furniture, flooring and textiles that are low-maintenance and comfortable.

Use sea glass green
There are distinct colors that remind everyone of the beach, and sea glass green is one of them.

Breezy outdoor entertaining
A beach house always seems to have a casual, easy entertaining style. Creating an indoor-outdoor pass through shelf like this beach house can instantly make your back deck feel like you're steps from the ocean.

Best Summer Decorating Projects
When summer arrives to your home you'll want to spruce up your yard and get your porch, deck or patio ready for summer entertaining. We've rounded up some great (and inexpensive) projects to help you welcome summer and start celebrating in style.

Boho Chic On The Cheap
Love the boho chic look but don't want to spend a lot of money? Not to worry, it's easy to get the look for less when you know what you're going for and where to shop for it.

Bake an Epic Celebratory Cake
This over-the-top 4th of July cake from Sugarhero could really be the centerpiece of your celebration.

Wrap Your Food
When serving hot dogs, sandwiches or burgers, why not wrap them in some festive paper ware or fabric?

Just Add Stars
It's amazing how adding a simple shape, like a star, can turn an ordinary dish into an extraordinary one.

Drink Your Red, White & Blue
Your budget table decor doesn't have to stop with the food. Making a red, white and blue punch drink can be a great way to add color and style to your celebration while still sticking to a budget.

Healthy Foods Can Be Beautiful Too
When it comes to using food to decorate your 4th of July table, it's easy to focus on candy, cake and sweet treats. But don't forget, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that make for festive, and delicious treats too.

Dress Up Store-Bought Foods
If you're short on time or just want to prepare some easy dishes, try dressing up your store-bought favorites with some 4th of July flair.

Stars & Stripes Mason Jars
This easy DIY tutorial is inexpensive, festive and practical for your 4th of July party. Use it to hold silverware, straws, candy, candles, sparklers or simply use it as a vase.

Red, White & Blue Garland
Making tissue paper flower garlands is really easy and inexpensive but can pack a huge decorating punch.

Super Simple Paper Chain
It goes without saying that if you're hosting a 4th of July party, you need to go all out in decorating your front porch, patio or deck. What could be easier (or cheaper) than a simple paper chain done in red, white and blue?

Paint Your Pots
Here's another easy paint project from Lolly Jane: paint your pots or containers! You'll want to start with a clean pot that is completely dry.

Patriotic Wreath
Budget Decorating.

Paint your floors
With the technological advancements in paint, there's nearly a paint for every type of floor.

Painting: Easy DIYs
Looking for a cheap way to add some color and style to your home? Painting is an inexpensive way to makeover a whole variety of objects in your home.

Paint a container or planter
Take your plain planters and make them shine with a bit of paint. You'll want to start with a clean and dry container, like this plastic one shown.

Paint a sign
You can buy signs at your local craft store or vintage store, but why not make your own? This is a great project to do in a day.

Stencil your furniture
Stencils are a quick way to paint the same shape over and over again. You may think that stencils are merely for walls however, stencils can be used on a wide variety of surfaces.

Budget Remodeling: Keep Your Bedroom Rennovation In Control
Thinking of remodeling your bedroom? Like most remodeling or improvement projects, it's easy for a bedroom update to quickly get out of hand.

How To Successfully Design An Ikea Kitchen
When it comes to saving money on a kitchen remodel, many people turn to Ikea for good quality, low cost goods.

Staging a Home - Staging a Home on a Budget
When staging a home, making small repairs can cost a little bit of cash but it is what makes a home “move-in ready” and can go a long ways toward helping you sell or rent your home.

Staging a Home - Staging a Home on a Budget
Even if you are on a strict budget when staging your home, you can still transform almost any space into an attractive area for prospective homebuyers or renters. All you need is a little creativity and DIY decorating.

Staging a Home - Staging a Home on a Budget
Whether you are preparing a property to sell or to rent, staging is a proven way to give your property a leading edge over the competition. Staging a home doesn’t have to be expensive, and many of the steps in staging a home don’t cost a dime.

Staging a Home - Staging a Home on a Budget
Decluttering is one of the most important steps in staging a home and will give you a huge advantage over many on the market. A prospective homebuyer or renter will walk away if they can’t see your home because of all of your stuff.

Staging a Home - Staging a Home on a Budget
Cleaning is the most important step in staging a home, because nothing repels a prospective homebuyer more quickly than dirt, grime and bad smells.

Halloween Decorations - Make Your Own Halloween Wall Decorations for Free
A unique idea for chic Halloween wall decorations using reprints of old illustrations.

Halloween Decorations - Make Your Own Halloween Wall Decorations for Free
A unique idea for chic Halloween wall decorations using reprints of old illustrations.

Halloween Decorations - Make Your Own Halloween Wall Decorations for Free
A unique idea for chic Halloween wall decorations using reprints of old illustrations.

How to Save Money at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
How to save money at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores with coupons, seasonal sales and more.

Great Parties Start With Great Planning
It's so easy for a casual celebration to turn into an expensive fete so if you don't want runaway costs, write down your plan and stick to it.

Easy To Please Decor
When it comes to decorating for your graduation party, you'll want to make sure it suits the style of the grad.

Create Self-Serve Stations
Make it easy on yourself and put your effort into creating self-serve stations for food, drinks and desserts.

Add Sentimental Touches
Your grad will certainly appreciate a few sentimental touches to the party.

Don't Forget To Capture The Moments
Throwing a party can leave you distracted from actually taking photos or video.

Backyard Water Features To Make This Weekend
The sound of trickling water or bubbling brook is enough to turn even the most meager yard into an outdoor oasis.

Turn a potting bench into a beverage bar
Simply adding hardware like a towel rack, hooks for tools, a bottle opener and a glass rack makes this piece really functional and attractive.

Make your own citronella candles
This easy-to-follow tutorial from Marty's Musings shows you how to make your own citronella candles using a mason jar, a wick and some torch fuel.

Use outdoor containers as ice buckets
Your pretty terra cotta planters or ceramic containers make perfect ice buckets for your outdoor party.

Make easy tin can lights for ambience
This is an oldie but a goodie: take a clean metal can (you can use any size you'd like) and punch holes using a hammer and nail.

Cupcake liners to keep bugs at bay
When entertaining outdoors, simply turn a pretty cupcake liner like this one upside down on top of the glass and slip a straw through it.

Hula hoop chandelier
You'd never guess that beneath this pretty twinkle lights and lace was a kid's hula hoop! This simple, round toy can easily be wrapped in fabric (like ribbon), wrapped with holiday lights, then hung from the rafters.

Make a recycled utensil caddy
Hosting a party outdoors should be easy on the host or hostess, so consider placing your utensils outside (this also cuts down on the traffic in and out of your kitchen).

Make a bandana tablecloth
This bandana tablecloth would be perfect for the 4th of July, but you can purchase bandanas in many other colors as well.

Your Guide To The 2015 IKEA Outdoor Collection
IKEA can be a great place to find budget-friendly pieces that make you feel like you can create a spectacular outdoor space.

How To Get Your Outdoor Furniture Ready For Summer
If you have weather-worn furniture, you may need to do a bit of sprucing up before hosting your next outdoor party. Here are some tips for making your outdoor furniture and equipment shine this summer.

20 Steps to the Perfect Living Room
20 Steps to the Perfect Living Room - The Perfect Living Room in 10 Steps

Decorating Tips For a Spectacularly Stunning Deck
Are you getting the most out of your deck? Use these tips to help plan and style your outdoor space and take advantage of every square inch.

Daybed as a reading nook
If you're looking for the perfect piece of furniture to read in, look no further than the humble daybed.

Daybed as outdoor furniture
If you live in a climate that is conducive to placing a daybed outside, then this piece will be one of the best for outside relaxation.

Daybeds for the porch or sunroom
Porches are generally protected from the elements so they make perfect spots for enjoying the weather without getting too much sun or rain.

Daybeds for the living room
A living room typically features a sofa or two, so why not try a minimalist daybed like this one?

Daybed for the nursery
Many new parents find it helpful to have a daybed in the nursery. It makes for a great place to sit and nurse, read to your child, and it's perfect for those naps that you inevitably require.

Daybed for guests
Daybeds can make for the perfect extra sleeping space when you have guests.

How to Host Brunch on a Budget
Hosting brunch at your home can be as big and expensive of a production as hosting a dinner party. If you're intimidated by hosting a brunch and already thinking about the scaling costs, this article is for you.

Last Minute Cinco de Mayo Decorating Ideas
Throwing a Cinco de Mayo party, or Mexican-themed fiesta, can be a fun way to entertain. Your party budget will need to include amazing food and drinks, and you might not have a lot of money left over for decorations.

Paper flowers are easy and inexpensive
There's no need to spend a lot of money at the party store and buy Cinco de Mayo decorations.

Decorate above the table
Decorating above your table can also be important: it helps frame the table, brings the eye up and down, creates the feeling of space and pulls the whole room together.

Color, Color, Color!
A festive Cinco de Mayo party must have color, but you don't need to start from scratch. Oranges, pinks, reds and greens are perfect colors for your party, so look around your home and see what you have.

Put food to use
Your Cinco de Mayo table can easily be filled with produce as well as your party food. This table shows just how festive your table can look with some limes, lemons, colorful eggplant, red-hot chili peppers, and other fruits and vegetables.

Head to the grocery store
If your grocery store has a good selection of made-in-Mexico foods, try using containers and bottles on your table for a fun and festive decoration.

Earth-Friendly Decorating Tips (That Won't Break Your Budget)
If you're thinking of your next DIY or decorating project and are thinking that green products are expensive, think again. Here are some great tips that will make your next budget decorating project beautiful and earth-friendly.

Have only one wall to decorate? Make it count with pattern and color
Sometimes a single wall is the absolute best place to test out bold colors or patterns. Because it’s a small area compared to the rest of the room, it won’t tire out your eyes.

Have only one wall to decorate? Make it count with shelving
Shelves help take advantage of the entire wall, from edge to edge and floor to ceiling. If you want a flexible shelving system, look for a wall mounted track which allows you to move your shelving brackets wherever you want.

Have only one wall to decorate? Make it count with paintings and pictures
If you’re short on wall space, your lone wall might be the best spot for hanging artwork, photographs or other wall art.

Have only one wall to decorate? Make it count with home organization
Your single wall may have to serve as the best place for your home organization. Whether this is a family command center, homework station or home office,

Pantone's 2015 Spring Color: En Plein Air
Pantone's Spring color trends report for 2015 is called en plein air, which means

Pantone's 2015 Spring Color Trends: Paint Your Walls
Painting one wall, or a small room, can be an inexpensive way to bring color into a space in the course of one weekend.

Pantone's 2015 Spring Color Trends: Paint Your Furniture
Like painting your walls, painting an older piece of furniture can be a relatively easy and fast way to transform something without a huge investment.

Pantone's 2015 Spring Color Trends: Bed Linens
New bed linens don’t have to cost a fortune. The key is to shop for sales (many stores offer spring linen sales) and don’t pay for thread count you don’t need.

Pantone's 2015 Spring Color Trends: Small Accessories
The small accessories you usually place upon your coffee table, buffet, fireplace mantle or kitchen counter are perfect for testing out new color and styles.

Pantone's 2015 Spring Color Trends: Dishware and serving pieces
Whether you favor vintage floral teacups or bold Fiesta ware, using a few pieces of charming dishware with your regular table setting can create a table transformation, just in time for spring.

Flowers: Spring Blooms Make Quick Decorations
If you're already planning on using cut flowers for your centerpiece, buy a few extra and tuck them into your napkins like this example

Easter Basket Tinsel
That multi-hued faux straw or tinsel that is usually placed inside an Easter basket can add a lot of color and texture to even the most plain glass container.

Vegetables: Quick & Easy
Using plants like flowers or grass are great ways to decorate for spring, but vegetables?

Eggs: Multitasking Decor Straight From Your Fridge
Eggs are an obvious choice for your Easter tabletop decor and are easy (and affordable). The good news is that even non-dyed eggs can look beautiful when placed in the right setting.

Chocolate: Bunnies Make Pretty Decor
There seems to be no shortage of chocolate bunnies during the Easter season, so why not decorate with them?

Grass: Chic Decor With Low Investment
Grasses, like wheatgrass, are really easy to grow from seed in just a few weeks time.

Candy: Cheap, Easy & Colorful
It's easy to use candy for your Easter tabletop decor.

6 Tips for Successfully Painting Your Walls with Color
Decorating with paint can be an easy way to update a room without investing a lot of money in textiles, furniture or decorations. But finding the right color can be an enormous struggle for many of us.

Ikea Nails "Improvements for your Private Life"
Ikea has done it again with another hilarious video highlighting a very common issue: how to make your bedroom space a happy space. Watch this video and learn some budget-friendly tips for the bedroom.

How to DIY your lamp
Your old lamp shades and bases are a great place to start and will help save you money. Take apart a table or floor lamp that you already have, consider the shade shape (you might be ready to try a new one) and think about what you'd like to do.

Cover your current shade with fabric or ribbon
Recovering a shade with new fabric or ribbon is a quick way to customize any shade.

Paint the outside or the inside for a quick transformation
White or off-white shades are generally the easiest to stencil however, any color of lamp shade can be transformed with white, silver or gold paint too.

Use a vintage map for a creative shade design
Pretty Handy Girl shows us just how easy it is to take a plain old shade and cover it with paper, like a vintage map.

Natural sisal can transform a lamp base and shade
So Creative Things shows us the amazing transformation that happens when a regular lamp base and lamp shade are wrapped in sisal.

Painted green and white mugs
Perfect for Irish Coffee as well as your daily tea, this DIY projects is perfect for anyone that has the luck of the Irish.

Luck of the Irish, all year long
Some of us believe in the luck of the Irish all year long. Why show off your Irish pride just one day a year?

Mason jars make pretty (and functional) decor
Gold decor is so hot right now, and Mason jars are an inexpensive item that can be used as a vase, coin jar, pen cup or for other storage.

Reversible decor
A distressed wood shamrock like this one will look great all year long. This simple, rustic wall dcor is just the small touch of dcor that any Irish household needs.

Celtic patterns stenciled on fabric
Stencil a Celtic pattern on a tablecloth or other linens for a beautiful look any time of year.

A lucky charm
a traditional horseshoe, thought to bring good luck to any home that hangs this above the door.

Tangible collections
Tangible items or collections that you want people to pick up and touch are usually best displayed on a table or shelf.

Collection as featured art
Some collections are really great works of art, and should be displayed as such.

Collections as decor
Your collections, collectibles and vintage ware can easily transform your hallways, kitchen or bedroom into a dynamic space.

Functional collections
A functional collection, like these blue and white jars, not only make for beautiful display, they can also be used.

Collections by color
You might actually have a collection of objects that you admire because of their color.

Sports memorabilia
Sports memorabilia like baseball cards, signed footballs or jerseys are a really common type of collection.

Painting Tips That Will Save You Money
Painting your walls or furniture can be a great DIY project, but it can also quickly add up. Here are some great tips for sticking to your painting budget.

When you can't make the bathroom larger
Here are some tips for creating a bathroom that looks bigger than it really is.

Make the most of the shower space
The shower is a great place to add more storage and give the illusion of greater space.

Patterns can make a space feel larger
Small bathrooms can benefit from patterned wallpaper.

Use wall space effectively
Medicine cabinets are a great way to add more storage within a narrow space.

Take advantage of glass
Glass, either with a window, shower door, or mirror, can greatly impact the amount of light within a space. The more light, the larger the space feels

Use large mirrors
Mirrors can play amazing tricks on the eye, making any space feel a whole lot larger than it is.

Small Bedroom Decor: Tips for Success
Have a small bedroom and aren't sure how to get the most out of your space? If you're trying to sort out how to decorate and furnish your small bedroom we have some great tips for you!

Dressing the Bed: When to Spend, When to Save
When it comes to styling and dressing your bed, there are plenty of ways to overspend and blow your budget. Mattresses and pillows alone are costly, not to mention linens, comforters and bed frames.

Make it cheerful
Sitting down for breakfast would always be cheerful in this colorful nook.

Offer a great view
This window nook offers not only a great view to the outside, there is also a great view into the kitchen itself.

Design an efficient space
A breakfast nook can be simply a table and chairs but this home shows that efficient design makes for a spectacular space.

Make it bright
In the mornings we aren't always perky and alert. So decorating your breakfast nook with a few lamps or bright pieces (like this mirror) can help banish the darkness of morning.

Incorporate storage
If you plan on having bench seats for your breakfast nook (like this home), be sure to add storage.

Give it personality
Unlike the dining room, which tends to be more formal, your breakfast nook should feel free to express your family's personality.

Use an area rug to enlarge the space
An area rug can make a room feel larger as it will create that room-within-a-room feel, giving the illusion of greater space.

Use a sofa or console table
A sofa table is a tall, narrow table that sits directly behind a sofa.

Try a monochromatic palette
Sometimes a monochromatic color palette can help make a space look larger than it is, especially one that is lighter in color.

Consider custom furniture
Custom furniture may be a higher price than what you'd find on the shelf, but you may be able to get more out of your small living room.

Maximize your wall storage
Your small living room may not have space for lots of freestanding furniture, but chances are you have a few walls you can utilize.

Have plenty of light
Small or large, your space should have plenty of light to make the room feel illuminated and bright.

Keep things within reach in the kitchen
In the kitchen, use floating shelves to keep things easily in reach.

When you have a small wall area
Floating shelves, cut to size, are perfect for those small wall areas, like this in-kitchen desk area.

Take them all the way to the ceiling
Shelving can easily take advantage of tall ceilings so feel free to bring them up high.

Wrap around corners to maximize the space
Floating shelves can easily fix those awkward corner spaces, like in this kitchen.

Utilize non-traditional spaces
Definitely non-traditional, floating shelves can easily take advantage of the space inside your walls too.

Craft room storage
Any craft room, hobby space or workspace can get an instant dose of organization with a sheet of pegboard.

Kitchen storage
Every wannabe Julia Child aims to have their pots and pans neatly organized on a pegboard wall.

Workshop and tool storage
We're used to seeing a workshop or garage wall with pegboard - pegboard is so easy to cut to size, and this method of organization keeps tools within reach.

Jewelry holder
Strings and strands can all be neatly displayed with pegboard.

Art display
A display wall like this one works great as a gallery wall.

Cord management system
Organizing cords and keeping them from taking over your TV area is annoying. Not only is it unsightly, it can be really difficult when you need to move things around or add something to your system.

Create a Home Office Anywhere
Your home office is a great place to accomplish tasks, stay organized and keep track of important records.

Office under the stairs
This home employs a very creative use of space under the stairs.

Office under the eves
An attic or an awkward roof line, like this home, can easily house a desk and chair set up for an office.

Office in an awkward space
Have an odd-shaped room with an unused corner? Why not add a small surface, some shelving and call it an office?

Office in the basement
This basement remodel made sure to use every last inch of space, including creating this simple but beautiful home office.

Office in a stairway landing
A stairway landing was cleverly converted into a home office in this home remodel.

Office in a mud room
A mud room or laundry room can easily serve as a home office or family command center with the help of some cabinetry and desk, like this home.


The Personality of Color: How Room Color Affects Mood
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How to Arrange Furniture - The Basics of Furniture Arranging

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Casting Call: HGTV’s Property Brothers Wants You!
Casting Call: HGTVs Property Brothers Wants You!

Decorating with Pinecones
Pinecones are a great way to bring nature into your home, any time of year.

Choosing Interior Colors for Your Rooms
Seven questions to ask before deciding on an interior color scheme and tips for choosing interior colors for your rooms from the Guide to Budget Decorating at About.com.

Pull it all back together
With the room cleaned and your “new” pieces ready to go, it’s time to put the room back together again.

Update what you already have
Another great way to revamp the living room on a budget is to simply update what you already have.

Measure the room
Save your back and don’t move big objects in or out of the room before measuring.

Give the room a good cleaning
It’s amazing how much a good scrubbing can change the appearance of the room.

Borrow from other rooms
Don’t be afraid to move objects around the house.

Clear the space
Starting with a blank room (or as close to an empty room as possible) is the easiest way to make big changes.

Use your critical eye
If you really want to revamp your room you’ll need to use a critical eye.

Take a cue from a home stager
A home stager is somewhere between a real estate agent and an interior decorator.

Refresh your living room using what you already have
Sometimes the best way to re-do a room in your home is to use what you already have.

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How to Create a Decorating Plan for Your Home
If you can’t visualize what a room or a space will look like after it is done, how do you even know where to begin? Start by creating a decorating plan.

Extra long dining table
If your dining room is long and narrow, like this one, you can easily fit an extra long dining table or an extendable table.

Warm and cozy dining room
A warm and cozy dining room is perfect for holiday entertaining.

Banquette dining room
This dining space, located within the kitchen area, works well for both traditional meals and casual breakfasts.

Dining room with pass-through window
Having a pass-through window, like this one, is a great way to have the best of both worlds.

Formal dining room
This home, originally constructed in 1828, needed to have a traditional dining room to honor the historical style of the row house.

Indoor-outdoor dining room
This contemporary dining space elegantly blends the separation between indoor and outdoor dining with an expansive row of moveable glass.

The dining room of the past & present
When it comes to dining rooms, there are rarely any rules regarding layout, size, shape or location.

Dining room in the kitchen
This contemporary home placed the dining room within the kitchen area, creating one large open space.

Chalkboard kitchen cabinets
In this kitchen by Errez Design, the exterior of a few carefully chosen cabinets were painted with black chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard hallway
This home was created with family in mind, and even the hallway design was made family-friendly with this chalkboard treatment.

Chalkboard recipe organizer
A chalkboard surface is a great spot to write down recipes, shopping lists or organize menus for the week like this home.

Chalkboard vinyl decal
This fridge is not painted in chalkboard paint but rather covered with a sheet of chalkboard vinyl.

Chalkboard storage cabinets
Imagine how organized your comings and goings would be with large, chalkboard cabinets like this!

Giant chalkboard wall
This large chalkboard wall is perfect for a play room or kid's room like this one.

Review of IKEA Kivik Series
Review of IKEA Kivik series including sofa, loveseat and footstool.

Your Complete Guide to Shopping at IKEA
Shopping at IKEA doesn't have to be overwhelming or confusing. Use the tips and information to make your next trip a breeze!

Cheap Decor Ideas for Your Living Room Walls
If your living room walls are bare, here are some easy and cheap ways to add more interest

Backlit mirrors
This type of lighting is very flattering on the face and can be really helpful for evenly lighting a face for makeup.

Fully custom mirrors
This set of mirrors was clearly customized to fit with the cabinetry.

Faucet in mirror
This faucet nearly disappears within this bathroom mirror.

Mirror on top of mirror
This large span of mirror has been cut and mounted in an architecturally interesting way.

Medicine cabinet mirrors
In the bathroom it's important to include storage for all of your body, hair and face care needs.

Frameless mirrors
The beautiful wallpaper in this bathroom is enhanced by the duo of beveled mirrors.

Tilting mirrors
If you're mirrors aren't very large, like these, then try to have them tilt.

Strong symmetry
In this master bathroom, rectangular mirrors add perfect shapes to the already symmetrical space.

Mirror on top of texture
When a prominent texture is used, like in this tiled wall bathroom, it's important to have a mirror that shows it off.

High drama frame
Powder rooms are a great place to create a sense of drama with color and decor.

Match frame to cabinets
A sure-fire way to make your frames look custom is to have them match with your cabinetry.

Lights on the mirror
This dominating mirror has plenty of illumination thanks to lights mounted directly on the mirror.

12 Ways to Make a Big Impact With Bathroom Mirrors
A mirror hanging in the bathroom is a necessary object, but that doesn't mean you have to hang an ordinary mirror.

This might sound old-fashioned but it’s not a bad idea to trade objects and décor with friends or family.

Vintage markets
Some of the most stylish interiors rely upon a carefully curated collection of new and old. In fact, it’s never been more “in” than to have an interior space that looks truly unique and eclectic.

Have good lighting
Even an expensively designed room will look terrible in bad lighting. Not having enough lamps or lighting can really ruin a space.

Shop sales
Finding favorites on a budget usually means hitting the pavement. Shopping brick-and-mortar stores for discounted merchandise or sales is still the best way to purchase things without paying full price.

Buy floor samples
A floor sample is a display item (like a sofa) that is being discontinued by the vendor and is listed for sale.

The high-low effect
Sometimes an expensive piece can elevate the inexpensive pieces around it. Think of an expensive handbag making even t-shirt and jeans look expensive. The same rules can be applied to your interior.

High style on a low budget: 8 ways to fool your friends
You’ve heard the joke about having “champagne taste on a Budweiser budget.” Ever since people invented the concept of a home, humans have strived to make their home look nicer than what they could actually afford.

Buy post-season
The best time of year to purchase holiday dcor or seasonal goods is right when everyone is sick of seeing them.

Designer goods at big-box stores
Stores like Target and IKEA often collaborate with high-end designers to bring affordable designs to the masses.

10 Practically Free Place Cards For Thanksgiving
Looking for some low-cost or no-cost ideas to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Here are some great ways to add name cards to your place setting without having to break your budget.

1. Buying antique instead of vintage
he word “antique” can be a loaded one. Shopping at an antique store (particularly a specialized shop) is perfect for a collector; but this type of shopping trip will definitely cost more than simply buying an item that is “old.”

10. Custom furniture and furnishings
Custom furniture, like a sized sofa or dining table, is generally more expensive than one that’s ready to ship.

9. Having specialized hobby rooms
It’s fun to think about having a yoga studio, wine cellar or in-home theater in your home, but these rooms are expensive to design, equip and maintain.

6. Using costly upholstery and textiles
Using unique fabric and textiles in the home can instantly create color, personality and needed texture.

7. Upgrading appliances before you need to
It’s important that your appliances and fixtures aren’t so old that they’re costing you extra in electricity or water.

8. Using high-end materials
High-end materials like wallpaper, Venetian plaster, marble, granite, inlaid wood or custom steel carry a high price point and are more expensive to install.

10 Decorating Trends That Will Definitely Blow Your Budget
When it comes to decorating our homes, there are all sorts of ways we could spend our money.

2. Buying seasonal objects
Focusing too much money on seasonal items, like outdoor furniture, that’s only used a few months out of the year, or on holiday-specific objects, like a wreath for every holiday, is a good way to blow your furnishings budget.

4. Installing expensive, high maintenance objects
Your home design and decorating budget can easily be blown with high-end fixtures or features that not only cost a lot upfront, but also come with high maintenance costs.

5. Spending too much money on artwork
It’s important to support artists who create unique pieces of art. However, if you don’t have the budget to buy original artwork, it’s really easy and inexpensive to make your own pieces or shop around online.

3. Spending too much money on tchotchkes
Decorative objects, like figurines, vases and the like, can greatly add up.

Inexpensive decorative objects
Every kitchen deserves personality and style and this is where accessories come into play.

7 best kitchen improvements under $500
When it comes to upgrading the kitchen, there seems to be no shortage of things on our wish list.

Cabinetry hardware
Believe it or not, your door hardware and drawer pulls can easily look outdated. Fortunately it’s super easy to update or replace the hardware on your cabinetry and drawers.

New backsplash
The kitchen backsplash is more or less at eye level and it’s one of the first things people notice when entering the kitchen.

Banish dark corners and recessed areas of the kitchen by adding more light.

Kitchen island
Every kitchen could use additional counter space. Adding a kitchen island may or may not work for your space.

Paint walls
Painting the walls of your kitchen is a fairly quick project that can instantly add color and style to the room.

Add beadboard
Beadboard (sometimes called bead wainscoting) is a traditional tongue-and-groove paneling that lines interior walls.

Let’s Decorate! Patterned Duct Tape
Budget Decorating - Using Patterned Duct Tape to Decorate

Chevron patterns on a budget
Wallpaper can bring instant pattern, color and dimension to any room.

Vinyl decals
Vinyl stickers, those removable and completely temporary stickers, are now offered in a massive arrange of styles, colors and price ranges.

Stenciling is an old technique of hand painting patterns on a wall with the help of a cutout template.

Painting patterns
Freehand painting of a repeating pattern takes patience but can be done with the right amount of preparation.

Removable wallpaper
If you’re still set on using wallpaper, look for removable wallpaper.

Use up lighting
The spookiest of lighting techniques is lighting from below. Everyone remembers sitting around a campfire while ghost stories were told.

Film noir inspired decor
While there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to decorating with Halloween-themed supplies, there’s an easy (and inexpensive) way to decorate using a very powerful medium: light.

Use inexpensive lights
You can certainly use your own table and floor lamps that you already have but there are few other sources for gathering more lights for Halloween.

Create dark shadows
Halloween lighting should use lots of strong contrasts between light and dark as well as long shadows to create that dramatic appearance in the home.

Make "cookies"
In your Halloween home, you could use foam core or cardboard to cut out a creepy silhouette.

Safety tips for lighting
Light bulbs can get hot, and can even start fires. Your first priority when setting up your creepy lighting is to ensure safety in your home.

Want to learn more?
And if you find yourself confused by your fuse box, or see that your outlets have died, be sure you hire an expert so you don't end up in your own film noir nightmare!

The Basics of Budget Decorating
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