Bullying Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Answers to Your Top 5 Questions About Bullying
Bullying is overwhelming and most parents have a lot questions about the issue. Here are answers to the top five questions parents ask about bullying.

5 Things to Remind Your Kids About Smartphones
Smartphones are extremely useful tools for teens. But there are some dangers. Discover five things you should remind your kids about smartphones.

What Is the Big Deal with Sibling Bullying?
Fighting among siblings is not uncommon. But when it turns to bullying it needs to be addressed. Discover the effects of sibling bullying.

10 Ways to Protect Your Teen From Bullying on Instagram
Teens sometimes use Instagram to cyberbully others. Discover ten ways you can keep your child safe on Instagram.

8 Ways Kids Are Using Instagram to Bully
Most teens love to document their lives in photos on Instagram. But some teens use it is as a weapon. Discover eight ways kids use Instagram to bully.

8 Strategies for Increasing the Emotional Intelligence
Kids with emotional intelligence do well in school and tend not to bully. Learn how social and emotional learning in school can prevent bullying.

8 Ways to Avoid Bullies at School
Bullying is something every child needs to be prepared for. Help your child avoid bullies at school by equipping her with these eight skills.

Top 8 Ways to Spot a Bully
Spotting a bully is not as easy as it sounds. Discover eight things to look for when determining if a teen or tween is a bully.

Ways Kids Use Technology to Bully and Harass Others
Technology has revolutionized teen life in the last three decades. Discover how teens are using technology to bully and harass others

Do Girls and Boys Bully Differently?
Every day kids in schools are dealing with bullying. But boys and girls approach it very differently. Discover how bullying varies by gender.

Ways to Respond to a Teacher Who Bullies
The majority of teachers are good at what they do. But there are a select few that bully students. Learn how to respond to teachers who bully.

11 Ways to Deal With a Workplace Cyberbully
Cyberbullying occurs frequently in the workplace. Learn how to respond to cyberbullies at the office.

7 Signs of an Office Mean Girl and Why She Acts Out
Mean girls are not just in high school anymore. Now they are infiltrating the workplace. Learn how to spot an office mean girl and why she might act that way.

7 Ways to Confront Adult Mean Girls
Sometimes mean girl behavior continues into adulthood. Discover seven ways to confront adult women who bully others.

6 Consequences Bully-Victims Experience
The bully-victim -- one of the most complex types of bullies -- is both a bully and a victim. Discover six unique consequences bully-victims face.

Understanding the Impact of Rumors and Gossip
Gossip and rumors impact teen life in a number of ways. Discover why kids spread rumors and gossip and how it impacts others.

How to Confront Workplace Bullying
When it comes to workplace bullying, there are no quick fixes. But there are things you can do. Learn three ways to confront a workplace bully.

What Are the Consequences of Sexting?
Sexting has serious consequences. Learn how teens can be impacted emotionally and legally by participating in sexting.

Bullying Linked to Eating Disorders
Research has shown that bullying is a contributing factor in the development of eating disorders. Discover how this happens and what you can do.

Ways to Build Resiliency and Prevent Bullying
Bullying affects more kids than ever before. But resiliency can counteract the negative effects. Learn how raising resilient kids can impact bullying.

What Are the Effects of Workplace Bullying?
Workplace bullying is a growing problem in the United States. Learn how bullying impacts the victims, their co-workers and company profits.

How to Make School Buses Bully-Proof
Bullies tend to thrive on school buses where they have a small space and a bus driver whose focus is on the road. Learn how to prevent bullying on the bus.

5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Digital Etiquette
No parent wants to learn that his or her child is a cyberbully. Discover how teaching digital etiquette can prevent cyberbullying in the future.

What Is Cyberbaiting and How to Prevent It?
Globally, one in five teachers has experienced cyberbaiting or knows another teacher who has. Discover what cyberbaiting is and how to prevent it in the classroom.

How Sexting Leads to Bullying
Sexting can have disastrous results for teens. Discover what sexting is, how it leads to bullying and what you can do to prevent it.

8 Ways to Spot Bullying in Your Child's Life
For some kids, mum is the word when it comes to bullying. Learn how to spot the signs that your child is being victimized.

How Building Self-Esteem Can Prevent Bullying
Building self-esteem is a core component of bullying prevention. Discover ways to build self-esteem and prevent bullying.

How to Bully-Proof Your Middle School Daughter
Girls have a lot to deal with in middle school. Learn how to help your daughter deal with mean girls, frenemies and relational aggression.

How to Spot a Frenemy
Kids want to be accepted by their friends. But sometimes their friends are really frenemies. Help your child spot friends that bully.

How Strong Is the Link Between Bullying and Suicide?
There is a link between bullying and suicide. Discover the role bullying plays in suicide and what you can do to help.

How to Spot Workplace Bullying
One in four companies has experienced workplace bullying. Learn how to spot bullying in your workplace.

Bullying in the Early Teen Years - What You Need to Know
Bullying is not a right of passage but a serious form of abuse. Discover everything you need to know about bullying in the early teen years.

6 Common Types of Bullies - Traits and Characteristics
There are several different types of bullies your child may encounter. Learn how to recognize the most common types of bullies and what motivates them.

7 Signs You Have Reached Your Limit at Work
Ongoing workplace bullying is difficult to deal with. Look for these seven signs in your life that it has become just too much to bear.

5 Ways to Get Victims and Bullies to Open Up
Asking good questions establishes rapport and helps you get the facts. Learn five techniques for asking the right questions of victims and bullies.

How to Use I Statements When Confronting Bullying
Confronting workplace bullying is never easy. Learn how using

7 Things Teens Should Never Post on Social Media
Teen life often plays out on social media. But to avoid problems, teens need a few guidelines for posting. Here are 7 things teens should never post.

How Apps of the Future Will Spot Bullying
Technology experts hope to make spotting cyberbullying, violent threats and suicide talk posted online by teenagers easier to detect. Find out how.

10 Internet Rules For Young Kids That Prevent Bullying Later
The Internet can be scary for parents of young children. But with appropriate rules in the beginning, parents can head off big issues like bullying.

5 Dangers of Cliques
Cliques often masquerade as a close knit group of friends, but really are destructive groups. Discover why cliques are dangerous for your teen.

How to Bully-Proof Your Compliant Child
Compliant teens are often bullied because they so easygoing. Discover how you can teach your compliant child to stand up for herself.

5 Points About Social Media Every Parent Should Discuss
Planning to allow your 13-year-old to have a social networking account? Discuss these five things beforehand.

6 Reasons Why Workplace Bullying Is a Silent Epidemic
Workplace bullying is reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. But it is still called the silent epidemic. Find out why.

6 Ways to Get Your Non-Talker to Open Up About Bullying
It is hard to help your child overcome bullying if he will not talk about. Check out these six tips for getting a reluctant talker to open up.

7 Ways to Support a Spouse Who Is Bullied at Work
When a spouse is bullied at work, it is hard to know what to do. Discover seven ways you can support your spouse without trying to fix everything.

5 Ways to Increase Parent Engagement in Bullying Prevention
Successful bullying prevention programs engage parents in the process. Discover six ways to get your school's parents involved.

7 Ways to Build Your Digital Parenting Skills
The only way to raise a good digital citizen is to be a good digital parent. Check out seven tips on how you can improve your digital parenting.

Victims of Workplace Bullying: Avoid Sharing on Social Media
Posting to negative thoughts to social media can feel cathartic. But it also can create problems at work. Discover what is best kept to yourself.

Positive Affirmations and Their Impact on Teen Bullying
Negative self-talk is a natural consequence of bullying. But it doesn't have to be that way. Teach your kids how to use positive affirmations to cope.

Why Bullies Shift Blame and How to Hold Them Accountable
Bullies have a hard time accepting responsibility for their actions. Discover how they shift blame and deflect responsibility and what to do about it.

5 Ways Technology Is Impacting Teen Sexuality
When it comes to views on sex, things have changed. Find out how technology has impacted these changes and how you can address it.

How to Move on From Bullying
Obsessing about the bullying you experienced is not healthy. Learn five tips for taking control of your thoughts and refocusing.

Bullying and Hazing: Is There a Difference?
Bullying and hazing both involve a power imbalance. But are they the same thing? Explore the similarities and subtle differences between the two.

7 Ways to Deal with College Roommates That Bully
Sometimes college roommates use bullying to control their environment. Discover seven ways to deal with a roommate that bullies.

How Reframing Bullying Can Help Kids Cope
Changing the way a teen thinks about a bullying situation can help them cope. Learn how reframing bullying can change a teen's perspective.

3 Types of Prejudicial Bullying
People are bullied for a variety of reasons. But sometimes they are targeted for prejudicial reasons. Discover three types of prejudicial bullying.

Help! My Best Friend Is a Mean Girl
It hurts to find out that your best friend is a mean girl. Learn how to take care of yourself and set appropriate boundaries.

How to Make Friends and Prevent Bullying
Healthy friendships go a long way in improving your quality of life. And, they are a great barrier to bullying. Learn how to make friends in the New Year.

21 Quotes Victims of Bullying Find Encouraging
Inspirational quotes often help victims of bullying keep bullying in perspective. Discover 21 quotes that victims often find encouraging.

5 Truths Only Parents of Bullied Kids Understand
Bullying is traumatic for the victim. But it impacts parents too. Discover five things parents of bullied kids experience and how you can help.

5 Guidelines for Bully-Proof Passwords
An important line of defense against cyberbullying is a solid password. Learn five tips for creating bully-proof passwords.

Is Public Shaming the Same as Cyberbullying?
Public shaming and cyberbullying both involve using the Internet to humiliate others. But are they the same thing? Read on to find out.

Subtweeting and Vaguebooking - What Parents Need to Know
Teens have learned how to cyberbully under the radar of authority figures. Discover how they use subtweeting and vaguebooking to escape detection.

How to Prevent Xbox Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying on Xbox can feel overwhelming, but there are things you can do to keep your kids safe. Discover several guidelines for preventing cyberbullying.

Sexting and Cyberbulling Apps Parents Should Know About
Cyberbullying and sexting are becoming commonplace among teens. Discover the top four apps teens are using to commit these acts.

The Effects of Slut Shaming on Teen Girls
Slut shaming involves bullying girls based on their sexuality. Discover how teen girls are being shamed and the effects it has on them.

"Catfishing" and How It Relates to Cyberbullying
People are catfishing when the pretend to be someone else online. Discover how catfishing relates to bullying and how to avoid being catfished.

6 Tips on Managing Online Reputations
Managing your teen's online reputation can open doors to college scholarships and reduce bullying. Learn six ways to manage your teen's online reputation.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Bullying at School
School bullying affects everyone. But as a parent, you have the power to do something about it. Learn how to prevent bullying at your child's school.

7 Surprising Ways Your Teen Benefits From Social Media
Parents often assume social media is a bad thing. But there are some surprising benefits to its use. Discover the top seven ways kids benefit from social media.

5 Occasions When You Have to Say No to Your Boss
Some bosses abuse their power by taking advantage of employees. Be sure you know what lines you should never allow a boss to cross with you.

How Weight Teasing Affects Body Image
Victims of weight teasing suffer from a variety of consequences including body image issues. Learn more about these consequences and what you can do.

8 Guidelines for Disciplining Bullies at School
Schools must have clear plans in place for disciplining bullies. Discover the best guidelines for disciplining bullies at school.

How to Tell the Difference Between Conflict and Bullying
Conflict is a normal part of life, but bullying isn't. Learn how to distinguish between bullying and conflict.

5 Bullying Tactics Politicians Use and How It Impacts Kids
Americans are not surprised by bullying during an election. But our children pay a price when it occurs. Discover how political bullying impacts kids.

8 Ways to Avoid Raising a Bully
No parent wants to discover that his child is the school bully. Discover eight ways to raise kind, bully-free kids.

6 Ways Bullying Impacts Bystanders
Watching others being bullied is hard. In fact, research shows bystanders are as much at risk as the victims. Learn how bullying hurts bystanders too.

Workplace Bullying Causes Anxiety Issues
The effects of workplace bullying are staggering and long-lasting. Discover how long-term exposure to workplace bullying can lead to anxiety issues.

10 Ways to Respond to Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is a growing problem with devastating effects. But quick intervention can lessen its impact. Discover ten ways to respond.

Dealing With Bullying on Youth Sports Teams
When young athletes are bullied, they lose their confidence and struggle to perform to their potential. Learn how to address bullying in youth sports.

Steps College Students Should Take When Bullied
Developing a plan of action can help you take control of a bullying situation in college. Here are the best steps every college student should follow.

How to Get Bullies to Take Responsibility
Discovering your child is a bully is taxing, especially if he feels he did nothing wrong. Learn how to get him to take responsibility for his actions.

Ways to Discipline Your Child for Bullying Others
Learning your child is a bully is overwhelming. But don't let the shock keep you from acting. Here are the best steps to disciplining your child.

Bullying Hot Spots and What to Do About Them
Bullying usually happens when adults are not around. Learn how to identify bullying hot spots at school and what you can do about them.

Ways Parents Make Bullying Worse
Bullying is serious. But sometimes parents can make the situation worse. Discover common mistakes parents make about bullying.

How Bullying Impacts Sleep
Bullying is not confined to the classroom. Now, it impacts the bedroom too. Learn how bullying impacts the sleep of bullies, victims, and bystanders.

What Are the Signs Of a Mean Girl?
Mean girls often use relational aggression without parents and teachers even noticing. Discover the top six signs of a mean girl.

How Peer Pressure Can Lead to Bullying
Peer pressure is a strong force, especially when it relates to bullying. Learn how to help your kids cope with the pressure to bully others.

What Is Bullying? 3 Key Components
Bullying is more than just physical aggression. Learn how to spot the three components of bullying as well as identify some common forms of bullying.

8 Things Victims of Bullying Should Never Do
When teens are bullied, they are often uncertain about how to handle bullies. Discover eight common sense tips for dealing with bullies.

How to Deal With Teasing and Subtle Forms of Bullying
Sometimes teasing is lighthearted. Other times it is a disguise or a subtle form of bullying. Learn more about teasing and how to address it.

5 Terrible Pieces of Bullying Advice
Unsolicited bullying advice is not always helpful advice. Some is downright dangerous. Discover the top five worst pieces of bullying advice ever.

11 Truths About Friendship Every Girl Needs to Know
Girls feel pressured to have a lot of BFFs. But, in reality, friendships come and go. Discover 11 hard truths about friendship every girl needs to know.

Teaching a Kid to Be Inclusive to Others
Social exclusion is a painful form of bullying that leaves kids feeling sad and alone. Teach your kids how to be inclusive in a world full of cliques.

Ways to Address Bullying With More Than Discipline
Getting bullies to change their behavior is not a simple task. Discover strategies that go beyond discipline and encourage behavioral change.

6 Types of Workplace Bullies
Bullies at work use different methods of attack to gain power and control. Discover the six most common types of workplace bullies.

7 Types of Toxic Friends to Avoid
Friendships are important. But when you are hanging out with the wrong people, they can be toxic. Learn how to spot toxic friends and avoid them.

7 Indicators a Bully Is Open to Change
Sometimes it's hard to tell if you are making progress with a bully. But bullies can change. Here are seven indicators that a bully is open to change.

6 Ways Workplace Bullying Affects Family Life
Workplace bullying takes its toll on the victim, but it impacts the family too. Learn how families are affected by workplace bullying.

How to Develop a Witty Comeback for an Office Bully

How Rumination Impedes Healing From Bullying
Thinking about the bullying you experienced is unhealthy when it leads to rumination. Discover how obsessing over what happened can delay healing.

How Massage Therapy Impacts Bullying
Regular massage is a proven to stress reliever. Discover how massage therapy may be useful in overcoming bullying situations.

6 Signs Your Son’s Coach Is a Jerk (And a Bully)
Nothing is worse than watching your son be humiliated by his coach. Discover the top six signs your son's coach is a jerk and a bully.

How to Support Your Daughter with Bullying Boyfriend
If your daughter has a bully for a boyfriend, it can be hard to watch the pain she experiences. Learn five ways you can help her end her relationship.

7 Healthy Habits That Prevent Bullying
Sometimes having the right mindset and maintaining healthy habits is all it takes to prevent bullying. Learn 7 healthy habits teens should implement.

The Connection Between Bullying and Anxiety
Bullying can be traumatic for the victim. Discover how prolonged bullying can lead to anxiety disorders.

Friends Don't Let Friends Bully
Would you know what to do if your best friend started bullying others? Discover five strategies for stopping your friend from bullying others.

A Clique or Friends? How to Tell the Difference
Healthy friendships are an important part of teen life. Learn how to identify the differences between a close-knit group of friends and a clique.

10 Facts About Cyberbullying Every Educator Should Know
When cyberbullying occurs, it impacts the learning environment. Learn ten facts about cyberbullying that every teacher and administrator should know.

8 Ways Bullying Affects Gifted Students
Gifted children are often at a higher risk of being bullied. Learn why gifted students are targeted and how it affects them.

Fake Friends And How to Avoid Them
Fake friends are phonies that bully others and belong to cliques. Help your child identify fake friends and avoid bullying.

6 Types of Bullying You Should Know
Physical bullying is just one type of bullying kids experience. Here is an overview of the six most common types of bullying found in schools.

4 Activities That Put Kids at Risk for Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is never acceptable, but there are things kids do that increase their risk. Find out what online activities lead to cyberbullying.

Teach Your Bullied Child How to Take Control of His Life
Targets of bullying often feel like their lives are out of control. Learn 15 strategies that will help a bullied child take back control of his life.

Spying or Oversight? How to Know When You Have Gone Too Far
How do parents give teens some privacy and still keep them safe online? Find out how to monitor online activities without becoming a double agent.

Does Your Child Have These 7 Predictors of High EQ?
Kids with high EQs typically are resilient and deal effectively with bullying. Find out if your kids have these seven predictors of a high EQ.

9 Destructive Habits That Make a Teen Vulnerable to Bullying
If your teen is hard on herself, she may be setting herself up for bullying. Do you recognize any of these nine destructive habits in your teen?

7 Ways to Deal With a Boyfriend That Bullies You
Is your boyfriend a bully, but you are not sure what to do? Learn seven ways you can deal with your bullying boyfriend and take back your life.

9 AAP Technology Guidelines Parents
Kids today are growing up digital. Discover how the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents respond to the changing roles of parenting.

Understanding the Health Risks of Cyberbullying in College
People rarely consider college students at risk for cyberbullying. But a new study uncovers the health risks associate with college cyberbullying.

4 Bullying Prevention Demonstrations for Educators
Planning a workshop, an assembly or a lesson plan on bullying requires a few hands-on activities for students. Discover four engaging games for kids.

3 Studies Report Bullied Teens May Be Carrying Weapons
Teens subjected to bullying are more likely to be depressed, consider suicide and carry weapons. Discover what you can do to respond.

Study: Excessive TV Viewing as a Toddler Can Lead to Bullying Later
Too much television in the early years can cause a host of issues in kids including bullying. Find out why television viewing is linked to bullying.

Are School Bullying Prevention Programs Making Bullying Worse
Some bullying prevention programs teach kids the ins and outs of bullying. Discover how these programs are increasing bullying at schools instead of preventing it.

Apps Let Students Report Bullying Anonymously
Technology may be the answer to empowering bystanders. Learn how to apps make reporting bullying easy.

Be Careful Who You Call a Bully
Bullying awareness is growing. But a downside is that people tend to label every mean thing bullying. Discover how this waters down the message.

11 Elements of Successful Bullying Prevention Programs
Many schools struggle to adequately address bullying. Discover 11 elements that make prevention programs successful.

Study Shows Childhood Bullying Consequences Worse Than Maltreatment
Research shows that bullying by peers impacts mental health more than maltreatment. Discover the implications of this research.

9 Character Traits Associated with Bullying Prevention
Character education is an important part of bullying prevention. Discover the top nine traits that schools and parents should be teaching kids.

7 Characteristics of a Bully-Proof Friendship
Healthy friendships are an important component of bullying prevention. Learn the top seven signs of a bully-proof friendship.

4 Reasons You Should Not Say Your Child Would Never Bully
It is normal to expect the best from kids. But don't assume you can predict their behavior. Learn the dangers of saying:

5 Facts About Bullying in College
Bullying in college presents some unique challenges. Learn five facts about college bullying every parent should know.

6 Examples of Victim-Blaming
People often blame victims for the bullying they endure. Examine six different ways people engage in victim-blaming.

7 Surprising Things Parents Do Not Know About Bullying But Should
Bullying is a complex issue. Discover the top seven things that parents often do not realize about bullying but should.

8 Ways to Get Your Kids to Stay Positive Despite Being Bullied
Thinking positive despite being bullying can create a protective barrier against the consequences. Learn eight ways to help your kids be optimistic.

8 Facts About Bullying Everyone Should Know
Get the complete picture when it comes to bullying. Discover eight facts every parent should know.

10 Ways to Prevent Relational Aggression in Girls
Female bullies are not overtly aggressive. Instead, most girls engage in emotional bullying. Learn how to prevent relational aggression in girls.

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Bullying
You might have established beliefs about bullying. But sometimes those beliefs are not based on facts. Discover the most common myths about bullying.

Bullying Prevention Tips for Recess Monitors
Recess is often a hot spot for bullying incidents. Learn how to prevent bullying at recess.

What Is Sexual Bullying and Why Do Kids Engage in it?
Sexual bullying is a growing issue among tweens and teens. Discover what constitutes sexual bullying and why kids bully others sexually.

Effects of Bullying Last Into Adulthood
The consequences of bullying may extend into adulthood. Learn more about how the adult mind is impacted by bullying experienced in childhood.

10 Bullying Prevention Goals for Schools
School bullying is a huge issue. Discover the top ten goals every school's bullying prevention program should contain.

6 Ways to Bully-Proof Your Workplace
Workplace bullying occurs daily in offices across the country. Learn six key ways to bully-proof your company.

9 Self-Defense Strategies Kids Can Use Against Bullies
Sometimes bullies target other kids simply because they look unaware or unprepared. Learn nine tips kids can use to defend themselves against bullies.

Discover How PTSD Manifests Itself in Kids
Bullying can be a traumatic experience. But did you know it can lead to stress-related conditions like PTSD? Discover how PTSD manifests in kids.

3 Reasons Why Envy Can Cause Bullying
Bullies are often envious of the kids they target. Discover three ways envy can be a motivator behind bullying behaviors.

4 Strategies That Encourage Your Child to Talk about Bullying
Kids usually do not tell anyone when they are being bullied. Discover how to get your child to open up about the bullying.

5 Ways Teachers Can Help Socially Isolated Students
For students who lack social connections school can be a painful place. Learn how teachers can help socially isolated students form connections.

7 Truths About Bullying Only Victims Understand
Unless you have been bullied, you will never understand the extent of hurt victims feel. Discover seven truths about bullying only victims understand.

How Problem-Solving Skills Help Kids Cope with Bullying
Learning how to solve problems is an important life skill. Discover how victims of bullying can benefit from sharpening their problem-solving skills.

6 Steps for Teens to Overcome Bullying
Just because you have been bullied does not mean you have to be defined by it. Instead, learn how to put the past behind you and start fresh.

5 Tips for Recognizing the Connection Between Narcissism and Bullying
Narcissists are often prone to bullying others. Find out five characteristics that link narcissism and bullying.

Eight Ways to Help Your Daughter Cope With Mean Girls
Mean girls often use relational aggression to climb the social ladder. Be sure your daughter knows to respond. Learn eight things you can say to your daughter about mean girls.

6 Signs Your Friend Is Controlling (And a Bully)
Sometimes it is hard to tell if a friend is truly a friend or a bully instead. Discover six ways to identify friends who control and bully.

Why Do Kids Engage in Relational Aggression Bullying?
Relational aggression, or the mean girl phenomenon, is an insidious type of bullying that often goes unnoticed by parents and teachers. Learn more.

Nine Consequences of Name Calling
Name-calling is one of the most damaging types of bullying. Discover nine different ways name-calling hurts victims and why to stop it.

Identifying Different Types of Cyberbullying
Kids today use the Internet to email and chat with friends. But just like any other social activity, the opportunity for bullying exists. Learn how kids use technology to cyberbully others.

Reasons Why Victims of Bullying Do Not Tell
Bullying can have significant consequences and yet many victims don't tell anyone what is happening. Discover eight reasons why victims of bullying keep silent.

Mean Girl Behavior Not Exclusive to Girls
Research shows that boys may use relational aggression as much, if not more than, girls. Discover the reasons behind mean behavior in boys.

7 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Being Ostracized
Sometimes kids bully others by excluding or ostracizing them. Learn ways to help your child deal with being ostracized and move beyond social rejection.

4 Reasons Why Forgiving a Bully Is Best
It may sound counterintuitive but forgiving a bully is often the first step toward healing. Find out why forgiving a bully is always the best option.

Why Teaching Kindness Prevents Bullying
When teens are kind to others, they feel good inside. Discover how fostering kindness can prevent bullying in schools.

Why Compliant Kids Are Targets for Bullies
Compliant kids are a joy to be around. But their easygoing nature also makes them targets for bullying. Find out why they are susceptible to bullying.

8 Things Kids Should Do When They Witness Bullying
It is likely children will witness at least one bullying incident in their lifetime. Learn how to equip kids with ideas for responding to bullying.

7 Things Victims of Bullying Wish They Had Known in High School
Bullying in high school is painful but it is not the end of the world. Discover seven things victims of bullying wish they had known in high school.

What Are the Effects of Bullying?
Bullying is a serious problem. But many adults do not realize how much kids suffer. Discover the high price kids pay for being bullied.

What Are the Risk Factors for Becoming a Bully?
Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, there is no single cause of bullying. Here is a list of factors that influence bullying.

What Are the Effects of Cyberbullying?
Targets of cyberbullying experience a variety of consequences and negative feelings. Discover the common emotions cyberbullied teens experience.

5 Ways to Empower Students to Change School Climate
Schools can prevent bullying by empowering students to change school culture. Learn five ways you can empower students to make a difference.

5 Ways to Encourage Gratitude and Prevent Bullying
Kids today are growing up in a self-indulgent world. Learn how teaching them to appreciate what they have can prevent bullying.

10 Ways to Cope With Social Rejection at Work
Social rejection is never easy to deal with. Learn how having a positive attitude toward rejection can make coping easier.

14 Ways to Respond to Relational Aggression
When friendships are limited due to relational aggression, the impact can be devastating. Help your daughter respond to relational aggression.

7 Ways Parents Can Address Sibling Bullying
Sometimes conflicts between siblings go too far and one sibling ends up bullying the other. Discover how to address bullying among your kids.

10 Ways for Adults to Heal From Childhood Bullying
Bullying can leave scars that last a lifetime if not addressed. Discover ten ways to heal from childhood bullying.

7 Ways Bullies Minimize Their Actions
Bullies often try to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Discover seven ways bullies attempt to minimize their behavior.

10 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Bullying
There is nothing worse than discovering your tween or teen has been a target of bullying. Learn ten ways to help your child recover from bullying.

15 Ways to Prevent Bullying in Your Classroom
Bullying has become a serious problem for schools. Learn 15 ways to create a safe and positive environment for your students.

15 Ways to Prevent Bullying in Your Classroom
Bullying has become a serious problem for schools. Learn 15 ways to create a safe and positive environment for your students.

Obesity and Bullying – What Is the Connection?
Obesity and bullying are both reaching epidemic proportions in the United States. Discover how the two are connected.

7 Unhealthy Responses to Bullying
If your child has been bullied, it is important that he is on the right path to recovery. Discover seven unhealthy coping strategies to watch out for.

5 Myths About Victims of Bullying
People often have preconceived ideas about victims of bullying. Discover the top five myths surrounding the characteristics of bullying victims.

5 Messages Teachers Send When They Ignore Bullying
When teachers fail to address bullying, this sends a number of negative messages. Discover five things you communicate when you ignore bullying.

Too Ashamed to Eat - Bullying in the Lunchroom
In lunchrooms across the country kids are being pressured to throw away their lunches. Learn more about this subtle form of weight shaming.

5 Tips for Keeping Bullying in Perspective
It is hard to be rational when your child is being bullied. But instead of letting your emotions run wild, learn how to keep bullying in perspective.

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Bullied Kid
Knowing what to say to a bullied kid is not easy. Discover five insensitive things people say to victims of bullying and what to say instead.

5 Ways to Heal From Workplace Bullying
Recovering from workplace bullying may be challenging but it is worth it. Learn the top five ways to move beyond workplace bullying.

5 Things Victims of Bullying Should Leave Behind in the New Year
When you have been bullied, it is important to leave the past in the past. Check out five things victims of bullies should leave behind this New Year.

6 Things to Say to Your Kids When They Are Bullied
The way you respond to bullying can impact how quickly your kids overcome it. Discover six things every parent should say.

5 Things Teens Wish Parents Knew About Bullying
Teens complain that parents

5 Things Teens Do Not Know About Sexting But Should
Sexting is a growing issue among teens laced with legal and emotional consequences. Discover five things teens do not know about sexting but should.

5 Things Every Parent Can Do to Prevent Bullying
There is no guarantee that parents can keep their kids from being bullied. But there are things they can do to reduce the likelihood. Discover five things parents can do to prevent bullying.

Life After Bullying Learning to Be You Again
Overcoming bullying is never easy. But doing so will help you feel empowered. Check out ten necessary steps to reclaiming your life after bullying.

5 Lies You Probably Believe if You Were Bullied
If you have been bullied, you probably are believing some lies about what happened. Check out the top five lies almost every victim believes.

The Bully on the Sidelines
Sometimes bullying in sports involves parents instead of other players and coaches. Check these six parenting types who contribute to bullying.

Study Shows Teens Feel Cyberbullying Will Not Happen to Them
Teens believe that cyberbullying is something that happens to other people. Learn what you can do to increase awareness of cyberbullying risks.

7 Ways to Teach Empathy and Prevent Bullying
Empathy is central to emotional intelligence and a crucial factor in bullying prevention. Learn seven ways you can teach empathy to your kids.

9 Tips for Talking to the Principal About Bullying
The idea of talking to your child's principal about bullying can seem like a daunting task. Discover nine tips for making the most of the meeting.

6 Ways Your Social Media Use Influences Your Child
Kids often emulate what they see their parents doing on social media. Discover 6 ways to evaluate your social media use and set a good example.

Study Shows Anti-Bullying Laws Effective
All 50 states have some sort of anti-bullying laws on the books. But just how effective are they? Discover the impact these laws have on bullying.

7 Ways to Stop the Bully-Victim Cycle
Bully-victims face a complex set of problems because they are both bullies and victims. Discover seven ways to put an end to the bully-victim cycle.

How to Spot Suicide Warning Signs in a Bullied Friend
Suicide and bullying are complex issues that impact teens every day. Discover how to spot suicide warning signs and get help.

Study: Why Some Schools Have More Cliques Than Others
Cliques can make school life challenging. But why do some schools have more cliques than others? Find out what influences the development of cliques.

5 Steps to Stop Blaming Yourself for Being Bullied
Discover five ways you can change your self-blaming ways and start putting the responsibility for the bullying you experienced where it belongs.

How to Help Your Child Cope with Gossip
Gossip and rumors are a regular and ugly part of teen life. Learn how to help your kids cope with tales told at school and online.

How to Get the Real Story From a Bully: Advice for Teachers
Bullies are known to deny and manipulate when they are confronted about their actions. Discover seven techniques designed to help you get the truth.

How to Gain the Confidence of Bystanders
When bystanders consistently report bullying, school climate improves. Learn how you can gain the confidence of bystanders and encourage reporting.

How to Instill Kindness in Kids
Kindness is an important character trait, but many kids do not see it as a priority. Discover how to teach your kids to be kind.

So You Reported Bullying, Now What?
Bullying can seem overwhelming if you do not have a clear plan of action. Discover crucial next steps in addressing bullying in your child's life.

7 Ways to Build Social Skills and Prevent Bullying
Social skills provide a protective factor against bullying. Learn how to build your child's social skills and prevent bullying.

7 Skills Bullies Need In Order to Change
Bullies have the ability to change if they want to. Learn seven skills bullies need in order to make lasting change in their lives.

6 Ways the Internet Has Changed Bullying
Kids today are growing up digitally and with that comes change. Find out six ways the Internet has changed bullying.

How Teaching Assertiveness Can Prevent Bullying
Some kids struggle with being assertive. But learning to be assertive can prevent bullying. Discover seven ways to improve your child's assertiveness.

How Self-Blame Impacts Healing from Bullying
Victims of bullying tend to blame themselves for the bullying they endured. Find out why self-blame is counterproductive to healing.

How Positive Thinking Benefits Bullying Victims
Positive thinking may help victims of bullying cope with their situation. Discover how optimism benefits victims of bullying.

How Popularity Increases the Risk of Bullying
Research shows that climbing the social ladder is not all it is cracked up to be. In fact, becoming popular increases a child's risk of being bullied.

5 Signs Your Teen Is a Bully
Are you looking for bullies in all the wrong places? Discover if you have a bully living under your roof.

8 Signs Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is an Abusive Bully
Confused about whether your boyfriend or girlfriend is an abusive bully? Quickly find the answer with this 8-point checklist​ of bad behavior.

4 Signs Social Media is Ruining Teen Friendships
Spending a lot of time on social media can negatively impact friendships. Discover four signs that social media is hurting your teen's friendships.

How Kids Are Misusing Snapchat to Sext and Cyberbully
Teens are fascinated with smartphone apps, but many apps are being misused. Find out how kids are misusing the Snapchat app to sext and cyberbully.

8 Ways Kids Can Stand Up for Victims of Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is an issue that should never be ignored. Teach your kids how to stand up to cyberbullies online.

How Gratitude Alters the Brain and Can Impact Bullying Recovery
Research shows that practicing gratitude can alter the brain. Find out how these new findings can be applied to recovery from bullying.

8 Ways Educators Can Support Victims of Bullying
When school bullying occurs, educators need to be prepared to support the victims. Learn eight ways educators can support victims of bullying and help them overcome bullying.

How Character Education Can Prevent Bullying
Character education programs designed to build character at school also help prevent bullying. Learn five ways character education programs help decrease school bullying.

6 Ways Bullying Impacts the Family
Victims of bullying are not the only ones affected by bullying. Discover how the target’s family members also are impacted.

5 Crucial Steps Toward Healing from Bullying
Healing from bullying does not occur when the bullying ends. It is a process. Learn five steps toward healing that every child should take.

8 Reasons Why Teens Bully Others
Bullies target other kids for a variety of reasons. Discover the top eight things that motivate teens to bully others.

10 Reasons Why Kids Are Bullied
There are a variety of reasons why bullies target other people. Learn the 10 most common reasons kids are bullied.

8 Reasons Why Kids Cyberbully Others
The first step in preventing cyberbullying is understanding what motivates kids to bully online. Discover the top eight reasons behind cyberbullying.

6 Reasons Why Workplace Bullies Target People
An estimated 54 million Americans are bullied at some point in their career. Discover how workplace bullies choose their targets.

6 Reasons Why Revenge Never Makes You Feel Better
Wanting to get even with someone that bullied you, is normal. But it is not healthy to act on it. Discover six reasons why revenge is not a good idea.

7 Reasons Why Cliques at Work Are Bad for the Company
Cliques are not limited to middle school and high school. They are even found in the workplace. Discover why cliques are bad news for companies.

5 Reasons Why Bullying Prevention Programs Fail
Creating a bullying prevention program is not easy. Consider these five reasons why bullying prevention programs fail as you develop your program.

Prevent Summer Cyberbullying by Limiting Screen Time
Limiting screen time during the summer months can reduce the risks of cyberbullying. Discover seven ways you can get your kids do something else.

7 Predictors Your Child Has the Grit to Overcome Bullying
Kids with grit have a natural ability to overcome bullying. Learn how to spot these seven characteristics of grit in your kids.

7 Predictors Your Child Is Being Bullied
Most parents believe they would know if their child was being bullied. But not all signs of bullying are obvious. Look for these seven predictors.

7-Step Plan for Standing Up to Bullying
Anyone can be a target of bullying. Make sure your teen or tween knows how to respond. Learn the top seven ways to stand up to bullying.

How People Pleasing Contributes to Bullying and How to Stop It
Is your teen stuck in the destructive cycle of people pleasing? Discover five tips for putting an end to people pleasing.

5 Parenting Styles That Contribute to Bullying
Most parents handle bullying well. But there are parents who handle bullying in unhealthy ways. Learn more about these parenting styles.

Why Kids of Overprotective Parents Are Targets for Bullies
Kids of overprotective parents are anxious but they may become targets for bullying too. Find out why this parenting style sets kids up for bullying.

10 Ways to Improve School Climate and Prevent Bullying
When bullying exists at school, it impacts both the school's climate and its academic success. Learn ten ways schools can improve their climate.

3 Ways Social Media Is Changing Friendships
Social media is a big part of teens' lives. Find out how this tool is changing the way teens make and interact with friends.

5 Secrets About Bullying Your Principal Wants You to Know
Bullying is not an easy subject to tackle. Learn five things about bullying principals wish parents knew.

8 Signs Your Boss Is a Bully
Perhaps the most difficult situation to deal with at work is bullying by a boss. Learn how to identify the signs that your boss is a bully.

How Kids Can Change Their School Climate and Prevent Bullying
Sometimes the best bullying prevention programs come from students. Learn how kids can play a role in changing school climate and preventing bullying.

How to Unfriend or Unfollow a Friend That Cyberbullies
Maintaining friendships with people who are mean to others on social media is hard. Consider these points before making the decision to unfriend.

The Rumor Mill: How to Avoid Being the Talk of the School
Rumors and gossip are prevalent in schools. But how do you avoid being the topic of conversation? Learn seven tips for protecting your reputation.

How Empowering Bystanders Can Prevent Bullying
Usually, bullying occurs while other kids are present. Yet, the most common reaction for bystanders is to keep silent and do nothing. Learn how to empower bystanders to take action.

Excluded at Work? How to Deal with It
Exclusion is one of the most painful types of workplace bullying someone will experience. Learn six ways to address the issue.

6 Common Emotions Parents of Bullies Experience
Most parents of bullies are shocked by their child's behavior and experience a variety of emotions. Discover the most common emotions they experience.

7 Ways to Deal with the Stress from Bullying
Stress from bullying can be overwhelming. Discover seven ways to cope with the stress of bullying.

Bullying or Unkind Behavior? How to Know the Difference
While bullying is unkind, not every unkind behavior is bullying. Learn how to tell the difference between bullying and unkind behavior in children.

3 Steps to Breaking Up With A Bullying Boyfriend
Enough is enough. If your boyfriend is a bully, it is time to break up. Find out three ways to handle this volatile situation.

7 Ways to Deal With the Family Bully
Bullying among adult family members happens more often than you might think. Discover tips on how to deal with this family dynamic.

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7 Ways to File a Complaint about Bullying in a Healthy Way
Complaining impacts problem-solving skills and affects your brain. Discover 7 ways to make effective complaints and protect your mental health.

Family Dynamics
The home environment can predispose children to bullying. Learn what family dynamics and experiences can lead a child to bullying and what can be done to prevent bullying behavior.

What Is Workplace Bullying?
Workplace bullying is a growing phenomenon. Gain a better understanding of the problem by learning some of the key components.

Subtle Bullies: Coping with Passive Aggressive People
Passive aggressive bullies are hard to identify and difficult to read. Learn how to recognize a passive aggressive bully and deal with her behavior.

5 Subtly Mean Phrases Bullies Use
Sometimes bullies are subtle. Learn how to recognize the phrases bullies use to minimize their behavior and discredit the victim's feelings.

6 Steps to Confronting a Bullying Boss
Standing up to a boss that bullies is not easy. Learn six ways you can confront your bullying boss.

4 Most Important Things to Say to Your Bullied Friend
When a friend is bullied, it can be hard to find the right words. Discover the four most important things you can say to a bullied friend.


6 Ways to Differentiate Between a Tough Boss and a Bullying Boss
Being a tough boss is not the same as being a bully. Learn how to tell the difference between a tough boss and a bullying boss.

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8 Things to Expect From the School When Your Child is Bullied
Do you have reasonable expectations of your child's school when it comes to bullying? Discover eight things you can expect when your child is bullied.