Business Insurance Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Commercial Auto Physical Damage Coverage
Learn about auto physical damage coverage, which can protect your company against physical losses to vehicles you own, lease or rent.

Workers Compensation Audits
Most workers compensation policies are subject to an audit. Learn about the types of audits that are available and the reasons they are performed.

Introduction to Workers' Compensation Insurance
Workers compensation insurance is designed to compensate workers for injuries sustained on the job. This coverage is mandatory in most states.

What is Casualty Insurance?
Commercial casualty is a branch of business insurance that includes coverages like general liability, commercial auto and workers compensation.

Why Have Your WC Rates Gone Up?
Why are your workers compensation rates higher or lower than those in another state? Find out what factors can push rates up or down.

Insuring Employer Non-Owned Autos
Autos your firm uses but doesn't own are called non-owned autos. As these autos can be a source of lawsuits, they should be insured for liability.

Holiday Vehicle Theft Report
Car thieves don't take holidays off. However, they prefer some holidays over others. Find out which holidays have the most thefts.

Commercial Property Insurance for Fine Arts
Fine arts insurance is a property coverage that protects your business against damage to paintings, tapestries, ceramics and other valuable items.

What is a Margin Clause?
Does your property policy include a margin clause? If so, you may receive far less than you expect when your property sustains a large loss.

Insuring Against Ransomware and Other Cyber Extortion
Protect your company from cyber extortionists. These criminals use ransonware and other tactics to extract money from businesses.

Basics of Package Policies
Many insurance coverages obtained by businesses are purchased as part of a package policy. Learn about the types of packages and what they include.

When to Hire a Public Adjuster
A public adjuster is a claims professional hired by a policyholder after a loss. Learn what public adjusters do and why you might want to hire one.

Coverages Included in Business Income Insurance
Business income insurance often includes a number of coverage enhancements. These are explained in this article.

Flood and Water
Most commercial property policies exclude losses caused by flood. But what does the term

Cyber Liability Coverage
A cyber liability policy covers risks associated with the use of electronic data and the Internet. Learn what to look for when shopping for a policy.

A Business Income Loss Scenario
The importance of business income and extra expense coverages are best demonstrated by an example.

How Much Business Income Coverage Do You Need?
Learn why many business owners have difficulty choosing the proper limit for business income coverage.

Using a Section 125 Plan to Save Premium Dollars
Section 125 Plans, also called Cafeteria Plans, are a cost-saving tool for employers who wish to offer fringe benefits to their employees.

Business Insurance - Liability Claims
Business insurance provides you with a defense and a way to pay claims in case of an injury to a person or property. This article outlines what happens when your company faces a liability claim.

Business Insurance Premiums are Tax Deductible
Most business insurance premiums are tax deductible as business expenses. Learn what types of premiums you can normally deduct.

What Does Subrogation Mean?
What is subrogation and why is it important? Learn what this term means and why a subrogation clause appears in virtually all insurance policies.

Basics of the Federal Flood Insurance Program
Learn about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). It is the sole source of flood insurance for most businesses and homeowners in the U.S.

Business Income Coverage
Business income coverage protects your company against a loss of income caused by a shutdown in your operations resulting from a physical loss.

What is Ensuing Loss?
Virtually all commercial property policies afford some coverage for ensuing loss. This coverage applies to a chain of events that begins with an excluded peril.

Insurance Endorsements - What are They?
Endorsements are documents attached to an insurance contract that amend the policy in some way. This article explains the functions they serve.

Sewer Backup Coverage
One of the most unpleasant causes of property damage is sewer backup. Is damage caused by sewage from a backed up pipe covered by your property policy?

The Meaning of Insured Contract
Insured contract is a defined term under a general liability policy. It determines the types of contracts that are covered under contractual liability.

The Purpose of Insurance Exclusions
An exclusion is a policy provision that eliminates coverage for some type of risk. Exclusions can often be found throughout the policy.

Do You Need Extra Expense Coverage?
Does your business operate 7 days a week? If the answer is yes, you should consider purchasing extra expense coverage.

The Commercial Property Policy
Learn how a typical commercial property policy is structured and the coverages it is likely to include.

Power of of Lightning - Don't Underestimate it!
Lightning can seriously injure your employees, damage your property and ignite a fire. Protect your workers and your property by following these tips!

Can The Insurer Refuse to Renew My Policy?
State laws may restrict your insurer's right to non-renew your insurance coverage. Learn how these laws typically apply.

Crime Insurance for Employee Thefts
Many employees steal money or other property from their employers. To protect themselves, employers should purchase Employee Theft Coverage.

Loss Payable Clauses Explained
What is a loss payable clause, and how does it differ from a lender's loss payable clause? This article has the answer.

Foreign Workers Compensation Coverage
Companies that employ workers who travel outside the U.S. on business should consider purchasing foreign voluntary compensation coverage.

Utility Interruption Coverage
Could your business survive an extended outage of a major utility service, such as electricity? Learn how you can protect your business with utility interruption coverage.

Coinsurance--What is It?
Many commercial property policies contain a coinsurance clause, which may reduce the amount you receive following a loss. Learn how to ensure that your losses are paid in full.

Will a Blast from Yellowstone End Life on Earth?
Yellowstone National Park contains an active

Watch Out for Flash Flash Floods!
How do you know if your business is vulnerable to a flash flood? This article identifies some key hazards to help you gauge your risk.

Workers Compensation Classifications
Rates you pay for workers compensation coverage vary depending on the classifications assigned to your business.

What are Unfair Claims Settlement Practices?
Your state has probably enacted legislation that protects you, the insurance buyer, from unjust behavior by insurers in the claim settlement process.

Riskiest Cities in the World
According to a new Lloyd's study, many cities are vulnerable to threats that could cause catastrophic losses. Is your business located in one of them?

Standard Mortgage Clause
Many commercial property policies contain a standard clause. Learn why this clause is important to lenders.

How to File a Claim a Business Insurance Claim
Do you know what to do when a loss occurs? This article explains the three steps involved in filing a claim: planning, reporting and following up.

Limiting Business Liability - Release Forms
Business insurers may require the use of a release form or limitation on liability form be used by your business. Do release forms limit liability?

Insurance Coverages Needed by a Bar
Like any business, a bar or other liquor establishment requires insurance. Learn what types of coverages a bar or tavern is likely to need.

Business Insurance for the Home Office
A homeowners policy may not provide adequate protection for your home office. Learn what types of business insurance coverages you should consider.

Business Insurance for a Lodging Establishment
Motels, inns and similar businesses face similar risks. This article describes insurance coverages that lodging establishments are likely to need.

Business Insurance Introduction
Learn about business insurance a broad category of insurance coverages designed for businesses.It is also called commercial insurance.

Business Policies Cover Four Things
What types of policies does your firm need? This questions may be easier to answer if think of your business in terms of four basic categories.

Overview of Business Insurance Categories and Types
There are many different types of business insurance. This article provides an overview of the kinds of insurance many businesses need.

What are Insurance Conditions?
Insurance conditions are rules of the policy. This article deciphers some of those confusing clauses often found in commercial policies.

Commercial Property Policy- Computers and Data
Does the standard commercial property policy provide adequate coverage for computers, software and data? As this article explains, the answer is no.

Insurance Basics- How is Your Policy Organized?
Do you know how insurance policies are constructed? This article describe each section and the type of information you are likely to find there.

Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Coverage
Does your business rely on computers to perform its daily operations? If so, consider purchasing electronic data processing (EDP) coverage.

Contractors Equipment Coverage
Does your firm use tools and equipment at a job sites? If so, consider purchasing contractors equipment coverage.

Dangers of Cyber Attacks
A cyber attack can be devastating for a small business. Learn how a hacker can hurt you and whether your insurance policies are likely to protect you.

Should You Buy Earthquake Insurance?
When shopping for earthquake insurance, what aspects of a policy or endorsement are most significant? If you aren't sure, read these important tips!

Waiver of Subrogation Under Property Insurance
Many business owners sign contracts that contain a waiver of subrogation. Learn how such waivers may affect your commercial property insurance.

Landslide and Mudflow, What's the Difference?
What is a landslide and how does it differ from a mudslide or mudflow? These 3 terms do not mean the same thing. Learn how they differ.

Tenants Improvements and Betterments
Upgrades a tenant makes to a rented building are called tenants improvements and betterments. Learn how TIBs are covered under a property policy.

10 Most Common Insurance Claims
A study by Hartford Insurance shows what types of claims are most commonly incurred by small businesses and what types of claims are the most costly.

Oddities Insured by Lloyd's of London
Lloyd's of London is known for insuring unusual risks. As explained in this article, such risks have included body parts of various celebrities.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance, Part One
This is Part One of a discussion of equipment breakdown insurance, which covers damage to property caused by certain perils that are excluded under a typical property policy.

Riots, Vandalism and Civil Commotion
A riot or civil unrest can cause a business to sustain property damage and a loss of income. Will these losses be covered by your property policy?

Do I Need Commercial Auto Coverage?
Unlike personal auto policies, commercial auto policies are specifically designed to cover vehicles used for business.

A Look at Fire Insurance for Your Business
Most businesses that own property need insurance to protect them against the risks of fire. This article explains the basics of fire insurance.

Valuable Papers Insurance Coverage
Valuable papers and records coverage is important for protecting critical documents against loss or damage. Make sure you have the proper insurance.

Good News on Auto Theft
In 2013 auto thefts in the U.S. were 58% lower than they were in 1991. Learn what factors have led to this dramatic drop in stolen vehicles.

Insurance on Hired and Non-Owned Autos
Does your company utilize autos your firm doesn't own? If so, you should purchase liability coverage for hired autos and non-owned autos.

The Lowdown on Automatic Braking Systems
Will an automatic braking system (a type of front crash prevention system) help you avoid auto accidents and reduce your commercial auto premium?

Don't Buy a Flood-Damaged Vehicle!
Shopping for a used vehicle? Learn how to avoid buying a flood-damaged auto!

Who's Covered Under My Commercial Auto Policy?
Learn who qualifies an an insured under the liability section of your commercial auto policy.

Cancellation Clause
Virtually all insurance policies contain a cancellation clause, which outlines the circumstances under which your insurer may cancel your policy.

Is Mold Damage Covered?
Many property policies provide limited coverage for damage caused by fungus (mold). Learn what is and what's not covered by a typical policy.

The Importance of Building Ordinance Coverage
Building Ordinance coverage protects your company against losses caused by the enforcement of building codes.

The Diminished Value Exclusion
Most commercial auto policies contain a diminution in value exclusion, which can reduce your recovery for a loss involving an auto you own or hire.

Insuring Hired Autos for Liability and Physical Damage
Rental vehicles, called hired autos under a commercial auto policy, may be insured for liability coverage, physical damage coverage, or both.

What Does "Insurable Interest" Mean?
Insurable interest is a basic principle of property insurance. It distinguishes insurance from gambling and helps protect society against fraud.

"Claim" Versus "Suit" in a Liability Policy
General liability policies cover damages that result from a claim or suit.

Liability Coverage for Damage to Rented Premises
Damage to Premises Rented to You is a liability coverage that protects tenants against claims arising from fire damage to rented buildings.

Civil Authority Coverage
Police have blocked access to your business after a fire burned a nearby building. Will the income you lose be covered under your business income coverage?

Can Telematics Save You Money?
Fleet telematics involves the collection of data via GPS technology, computers and telecommunications. Learn how this technology can save you money.

Specific Limits Versus Blanket Limits
When choosing limits under a commercial property policy, it's best to opt for a blanket limit rather than specific limits.

Liability for Damage to Electronic Data
Most liability policies exclude claims resulting from damage to electronic data, but you can buy back some coverage via an endorsement.

Stated Amount Coverage
Physical damage coverage may be provided on a stated amount basis when the value of a vehicle (such as an older truck) is difficult to establish.

Cell Phones and Other Driver Distractions
Cell phones and other distractions are a contributing factor in many accidents involving autos driven by employees. Here are tips on how to reduce these distractions.

The Meaning of Occurrence in a Liability Policy
A general liability policy covers bodily injury or property damage caused by an

Who's Covered Under My Liability Policy?
Your liability policy covers lawsuits against people or companies that qualify as

Cyber Liability Insurance - Coverage for Data Breaches
A cyber liability policy protects your firm against lawsuits by parties whose data has been compromised due to a data breach on your computer system.

Claims for Faulty Work - Are They Covered?
Contractors are often sued based on allegations of faulty work. Find out whether claims based on shoddy work are covered by your liability policy.

The "Other Insurance" Clause
For some claims, your liability policy applies on an excess basis. This means that your policy will not pay until other insurance has been used up.

Coverage Territory Insurance

Personal and Advertising Injury Liability Coverage
Personal and advertising injury insurance covers certain intentional acts (called intentional torts) like libel and false arrest.

Medical Payments: A Hedge Against Lawsuits
Medical Payments Coverage pays injured parties' medical expenses regardless of fault. Thus, it can head off lawsuits against your firm.

Preventing Slip and Fall Claims
Learn how to prevent slips and falls accidents, which are a major cause of claims filed against small businesses by employees and customers!

Insuring Non-owned Watercraft
While most liability policies contain a watercraft exclusion, they do cover some claims arising from boats you don't own.

6 Holiday Hazards to Watch Out For
If you are planning a Christmas party or other holiday event, think about safety! Protect your employees and guests by avoiding these 6 hazards.

Business Insurance Types - Overview of Business Insurance Categories
There are many types of business insurance. Here is a list of the nine types of insurance policies for property, liability, health, and more.

Damage to Premises You Rent: Part Two
Damage to Premises Rented to You coverage applies to damage to premises by a cause other than fire if the premises are rented for a week or less.

What is an Extended Reporting Period?
Many claims-made policies contain an option to purchase an extended reporting period. This extension is important if your coverage is terminated.

10 Most Stolen Cars in 2015
The National Insurance Crime Bureau has published a list of the top ten stolen vehicles in 2015. Is your car or truck on the list?

Protecting Your Business With a Self-Insured Retention
A self-insured retention can be an effective way to save money on insurance premiums. This article will explain how it works.

10 Steps to Reducing Your Insurance Premiums
Insurance premiums can be a substantial cost of doing business. Here are ten steps you can take to lower the cost of insurance.

Most Common Lawsuits Against Businesses
What are the most common types of lawsuits filed against businesses? This article outlines five of them.

Discrimination and General Liability Coverage
Your company has been sued for discrimination! Will the lawsuit be covered by your general liability policy?

Certificates of Liability Insurance
A certificate of liability insurance is used to verify the existence of liability coverage. It does not add or change any coverage in your policy.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverages
Many auto accidents are caused by drivers that have little or no auto liability insurance. Learn about uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages.

Agents Versus Brokers and How They Make Money
How does an insurance agent differ from a broker? How does each make money from the premiums you pay? The answers are in this article.

Questions To Ask Before Renting An Auto for Business
Renting a vehicle creates risks for your business. These questions can help identify those risks and ensure you are adequately protected against claims.

Introduction to the General Liability Policy
A general liability policy provides basic coverages every business needs. It is a generic policy designed to cover virtually any type of business.

Before You Buy an Umbrella Policy
What should you consider consider before buying a commercial umbrella policy? This article outlines some important features to look for.

Covering Additional Insureds for Liability
Businesses are often asked to insure other parties as additional insureds. Learn why these requirements exist and how they affect your insurance.

Many types of liability policies cover injuries stemming from accidents caused by your negligence. What is negligence? Read this simple explanation.

Meaning of Hired Autos Under a Commercial Auto Policy

Product Liability and Completed Work Liability
Claims stemming from products you've sold or work you've completed may be covered by a liability policy under products-completed operations coverage.

Covering a Vendor as Additional Insured
A vendor endorsement covers a vendor as an additional insured. It protects the vendor against claims arising from products the vendor did not make.

What is the Insurance Services Office (ISO)?
The Insurance Services Office (ISO) is a research organization that provides statistical, reporting, policy writing and other services to insurers.

Who's Covered by an Omnibus Clause?
The omnibus clause covers anyone who is vicariously liable for an auto accident caused by the named insured or a permissive driver.

Working with Insurance Companies
As a business owner, you will occasionally have direct contact with your insurer. Here are some tips for maintaining a good working relationship.

Business Liability Claim - Negotiation, Lawsuit, and Aftermath
Business insurance provides you with a defense and a way to pay claims. This article outlines the contact and negotiation with injured party, the lawsuit, and aftermath. Page 2.

Business Insurance - Insuring a Church
A church may experience many of the claims or suits that affect for-profit businesses. Thus, a church needs adequate insurance to protect its assets.

Types of Insurance for a Church
Here we look at business Insurance for a church to protect the congregation, the physical location of the church, and other types of insurance to consider. Page 2.

Insure Your Business Against Earthquake Damage
Damage to your business caused by earthquakes are not covered by your business insurance policy. If your business is in an area prone to earthquakes, then such business insurance coverage should be considered.

Farm Business Insurance
Business insurance for a farm requires a good deal of forethought in order to purchase the proper insurance for the farm operations.

Other Types of Farm Business Insurance
Business insurance for a farm requires proper insurance for farm operations. including workers' compensation, crop, and livestock insurance. Page 2.

Business Insurance for Your Home-Based Business
Home-based businesses need business insurance to protect the business just like any other business. Learn the most common types of business insurance.

Top Ten Ways To Increase Insurance Premiums
Actions you take, or fail to take, as a business owner can affect the cost of your company's insurance coverage. Here are 10 things not to do.

What Is Advertising Injury Coverage?
Advertising injury is automatically included in most general liability policies. Find out what types of claims it covers.

Employee Benefits Liability Coverage
Errors in administering employee benefits can lead to lawsuits against your firm. Protect yourself by purchasing employee benefits liability coverage.

Liability Insurance for Mobile Equipment
In the insurance industry, moveable machinery like a backhoe or forklift is called mobile equipment. Learn how to insure such equipment for liability.

Inland and Ocean Transit Insurance
Transit insurance covers property in the course of transport from one place to another. It consists of two types: inland transit and ocean cargo.

Commercial Property Insurance Rating
Construction, occupancy, protection, and exposure are key factors in the underwriting and rating of commercial property insurance.

Prudential Insurance and Alliance Accounts
In 2009 a media firestorm erupted over Prudential's use of Alliance Accounts to pay life insurance benefits to survivors of U.S. soldiers.

What to Look for When Buying an Umbrella
Buying an umbrella policy can be tricky since no two policies are alike. Here are characteristics to look for when shopping for a policy.

Permits and Additional Insured Coverage
To obtain a permit, your business may be required to cover a government entity as an additional insured. Learn what endorsement is typically used.

Is Your Business Misclassified?
A report published by the NCCI identifies five class codes that are often used incorrectly to classify employers on workers compensation policies.

Pitfalls of Additional Insured Endorsements
Additional insured endorsements aren't always what they seem. This article describes some pitfalls to watch out for.

Pitfalls of Additional Insured Endorsements, Part Two
Many additional insured endorsements contain limitations or exclusions that are easy to overlook. This article explains three of them.

Insuring Money and Securities
While losses involving money and securities are not covered under a property policy, you can protect yourself by purchasing a type of crime coverage.

Understanding Your Experience Rating Worksheet
The experience rating worksheet confuses many business owners. Find out what all of those numbers actually mean.

Experience Rating Worksheet, Part Two
Many small business owners find their experience rating worksheet confusing. This article and a previous one explain what the numbers on the worksheet mean.

What is El Nino?
Depending on where it is located, your business might be subject to damage by severe weather caused by a climate pattern called El Nino.

What is a Legal Contract?
What are the criteria for a business agreement to qualify as a legal contract? Find out by reading this simple explanation.

Fiduciary Liability Under ERISA
If you administer an employee benefit plan or manage its assets you may be held personally liable for errors you make under a federal law called ERISA.

Think Before You Share That Article!
Content you share on the Internet can get you in trouble if you infringe on someone else's copyright. Here are common misconceptions about copyrights.

Worker Injuries - Real or Fake?
A fraudulent workers compensation claim can have a significant impact on your small business. Learn what signs may indicate an injury has been faked.

Directors and Officers Liability Coverage
Directors and officers of private companies may be sued by competitors, vendors, regulators and others. Learn the basics of private company Directors and Officers coverage.

Protecting Workers From Heat
Employees that work outdoors in the summer may develop heat stress. Learn what heat stress is, who is susceptible and what you can do to prevent it.

Workers Compensation - Small Deductible Plans
One option for reducing your workers compensation premium is to enroll in a small deductible plan. This article explains how such plans work.

Property Damage Caused by Sinkholes
Sinkholes can cause major damage to business-owned property. Learn why and where they occur, and how sinkhole damage is typically insured.

Concurrent Causation and Anti-concurrent Causation
Concurrent causation and anti-concurrent causation are important concepts in property insurance. This article explains these terms in simple language.

Protecting Workers in Cold Weather
Workers exposed to cold air and wind are vulnerable to cold stress. Find out what cold stress is and what you can do to prevent it.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?
A class action lawsuit is a legal action filed by a group of plaintiffs. This article explains how these suits work.

What is No-fault Auto Insurance?
12 states in the U.S. currently have some type of no-fault automobile liability law. This article explains how they work.

The Basics of OSHA - Here's What You Should Know
All businesses must comply with workplace standards issued by OSHA. Learn what OSHA does and what services it offers to small businesses.

Agreed Value Option to Avoid Coinsurance
Many commercial property policies include an optional coverage called agreed value. This coverage benefits you by suspending the coinsurance clause.

Workers Compensation Assigned Risk Plans
Assigned risk plans are the market of last resort for employers that are unable to obtain workers compensation coverage from a standard insurer.

Experience Rating in Workers Compensation
Experience rating is a mechanism that increases or decreases your workers compensation premium based on your company's loss history.

National Council on Compensation Insurance
Learn about the NCCI, a national organization that performs important services on behalf of insurers and state insurance bureaus.

Workers Compensation Dividend Plans
A dividend plan can be an effective tool for saving money on workers compensation premiums. This article explains how dividend plans typically work.

Anniversary Rating Date - What is It?
When a workers compensation rate changes, the new rate may apply to your policy on your anniversary rating date, not on your policy inception date.

Experience Rating and Frequent Claims
Is your workers compensation policy subject to experience rating? If so, learn why the number of your claims carries more weight than the size of your claims.

Don't Leave Your Keys in Your Car or Truck!
While vehicle thefts have declined substantially in recent years, thefts of vehicles with keys inside are on the rise. Want to warm up your car? Read this first!

Damage Caused by Water Leaks
Many business owners experience property damage caused by water from a leaky pipe. Learn what types of water losses are covered under a typical property policy.

Insurance Fraud - Not a Victimless Crime!
Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime. Everyone (including you) pays the costs. Find out what kinds of fraud are most common in commercial insurance.

When is Your Vehicle a Total Loss?
How does an insurer decide to

Was That Auto Accident Really an Accident?
Staged auto accidents are a big business for criminals. Don't be a victim! Learn how to recognize common scams and what you can do to protect yourself.

Liability You Assume Under a Rental Car Agreement
Auto rental agreements can make you liable for certain types of suits against the rental firm. Learn what's covered by your commercial auto policy.

Could Your Vehicle be a Clone?
Cloning is a type of identity theft, but the identity that is stolen belongs to a vehicle rather than a person. Learn how to avoid this type of scam.

Tow Truck Scams
Don't be the victim of a tow truck scam if you are involved in an auto accident. Protect yourself from crooked tow truck operators by following these tips.

Covering Your Landlord as an Additional Insured
Many commercial leases require the tenant to cover the landlord under the tenant's general liability policy as an additional insured.

False Arrest and False Imprisonment
Claims alleging false arrest or false imprisonment may be covered by your general liability policy. Find out what these terms mean.

What is Wrongful Death?
What is wrongful death? Is a wrongful death claim against a business covered by a liability policy? This article answers those questions.

Advertising Online - What are the Risks?
The perils of advertising are essentially the same whether you advertise online or through traditional media. Here are some pitfalls to watch out for.

Additional Insureds: Primary and Noncontributory
Many contracts used in business require one party to provide another with liability insurance that is primary and noncontributory.

Theft of Cash by Employees
Small businesses are particularly prone to the theft of cash by employees. Learn what types of theft are most common and what you can do to protect yourself.

Insured, Named Insured and Additional Insured
What are the differences between an insured, a named insured, and an additional insured? If you don't know the answer be sure to read this article.

Incidental Medical Malpractice
Incidental medical malpractice insurance covers acts committed by certain medical professionals employed by a business.

Beware of Federal Laws When Marketing Via Phone or Email
Phone calls you make and emails you distribute for marketing purposes may violate federal laws. The result may be fines or lawsuits that are not covered by liability insurance.

What is Contractual Liability?
Contractual liability is covered under a general liability policy . It covers liability that one party assumes on behalf of another via a contract.

Contractual Liability Coverage for Employee Injuries
Have you signed a contract that makes you liable for claims stemming from injuries to your employees? Your liability policy should cover such claims.

What is Personal and Advertising Injury?
Personal and advertising injury is a defined term that determines the offenses covered under Personal and Advertising Injury Liability Coverage.

Defamation, Libel and Slander - What are They?
Libel and slander are types of defamation. Both are covered by a general liability policy under Personal and Advertising Injury Liability.

Claims-made Policy Versus Occurrence Policy
Liability policies may apply on either a claims-made or an occurrence basis. Learn how the two types differ.

Who Needs Errors and Omissions Liability Coverage?
Does your business perform a service or provide advice to others for a fee? If so, you may need errors and omissions liability coverage.

Waivers of Subrogation
Many contracts used in business contain a waiver of subrogation clause. Learn about waivers and how they impact your insurance coverage.

Pitfalls of Claims-made Liability Policies
Shopping for a claims-made policy? Here are some pitfalls to watch out for when considering a policy or when comparing one policy with another.

Buying Business Insurance Online
Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of buying business insurance on the Internet, and where can you obtain online quotes.

Self Insurance Options for Small Businesses
Risk retention, also called self-insurance, can be an effective tool for lowering your insurance costs. Find out what options are available to small businesses.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Directors and officers liability coverage protects corporate officers and directors from lawsuits filed by third parties, including shareholders.

Additional Insured Coverage - What is it?
Learn the basics of additional insured coverage: what it is, why is it needed. and what to watch out for when obtaining or providing it.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Employment practices liability insurance protects your company against claims by employees for acts li‚Äčke discrimination and wrongful termination.

Discontinued Products and Operations Coverage
Are you going out of business? Do you make a product or perform work for others? If so, you need discontinued products-completed operations coverage.

Workers' Comp Discount for a Drug-Free Workplace
Learn how you can obtain a discount on your workers compensation premium by maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance.

Dumbest Lawsuits of 2015
While many lawsuits filed against businesses are legitimate, some can seem downright ridiculous. Here are ten examples of dumb lawsuits.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance.

Failing to Properly Insure Mobile Equipment
Business Insurance.

Insuring Low Value Vehicles for Physical Damage
Business Insurance.

Failing to Insure Hired and Non-owned Autos
Business Insurance.

Relying on a Personal Policy to Cover a Business
Don't make these mistakes when buying commercial auto insurance for your business.

Purchasing Workers Compensation Coverage in North Dakota
Business Insurance.

Purchasing Workers Compensation Coverage in Wyoming
Business Insurance.

What are Monopolistic States?
The monopolistic states prohibit the sale of workers compensation insurance by private insurers. Learn how to buy coverage in these states.

Skimping on Auto Liability Coverage
Business Insurance.

Purchasing Workers Compensation Coverage in Washington
Business Insurance.

Purchasing Workers Compensation Coverage in Ohio
Business Insurance.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

What is Lloyd's of London? - Overview
Lloyd's of London has existed for centuries but many people aren't sure what it does. This article explains what Lloyd's is and how it operates.

The Meaning of Additional Insured
An additional insured is a person or entity that is covered as an insured party under someone else's liability, auto or property policy.

The Definition of Property Damage

Business Insurance for Your Products
Product liability insurance protects a business against claims arising from products the business manufactures or sells to others.

Types of Property Coverage
Commercial property is a broad category that includes many types of coverage. Learn what types of coverage your business may need.

Employers Liability Coverage
Employers Liability is covered via Part Two of the standard workers compensation policy. Learn how it protects you against suits by injured workers.

Top U.S. Property/Casualty Insurers
Here's a list of the top property/casualty insurance groups in the United States. The insurers are ranked according to premiums.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance, Part Two
This is Part Two of a discussion of equipment breakdown insurance, which covers damage to property caused by certain perils that are excluded under a typical property policy..

Liability Deductibles and Self-insured Retentions
Deductibles and self-insured retentions are often used in liability insurance. Learn how and why they are used, and how they differ.

State Laws and Certificates of Insurance
Does your company use certificates of insurance? If so, you could be subject to prosecution if you utilize these documents in a manner that violates state law.

Auto Loading or Unloading Accidents
Many accidents occur while property is being loaded onto or unloaded from a vehicle. Learn whether these accidents are covered by your commercial auto policy.

Pollution Exclusion in Your Commercial Auto Policy
The standard commercial auto policy contains a broad pollution exclusion. If you find the exclusion confusing, read this simple explanation.

Garagekeepers Liability
Do you operate an auto repair shop (or similar business) or a restaurant that provides valet parking? If so, you may need garagekeepers coverage.

What is a Surplus Lines Broker?
If your agent is unable to obtain insurance on your behalf from a standard insurer he or she will likely contact a surplus lines broker. Learn what these brokers do.

15 Largest Insurance Brokers
Here's a list of the 15 largest insurance brokers in the based on revenue generated from U.S. clients in 2014.

Claims-Made vs Occurrence Policies
Commercial liability insurers offer two types of policies: claims-made and occurrence. Learn how they differ.

verywell. Business Insurance.

Separation of Insureds (Severability), Part Two
The Separation of Insureds clause ensures each insured party is covered as if no other insureds existed. Learn why this is important.

Separation of Insureds (Severability) Part One
What does Separation of Insureds mean? This article explains this concept and why it is important in the event one named insured sues another.

What are Supplementary Payments?
Liability policies pay various court costs, including the cost of defending you against a lawsuit, under a coverage called Supplementary Payments.

General Liability Rating
Have you ever wondered how your general liability premium was derived? This article describes a classification and rating system used by many insurers.

Property Rates, Values and Coinsurance
The premium you pay for property insurance depends on the rating method used and the value of your property. Property values may be calculated in various ways. The manner in which your property is valued is important as it affects the amount of any loss payment your receive.

Business Income and Extra Expense
Loss or damage to physical property can generate a loss of income or extra expenses. Coverage for income losses and extra expenses is included in some property policies. If these coverages are not included, they can be added separately.

Commercial Crime Insurance
Commercial crime coverage protects a business against losses due to crimes committed by employees and other parties. Crime policies may include a variety of coverages such as Employee Theft, Computer Fraud and Funds Transfer Fraud.

Causes of Loss (Perils)
Commercial property policies cover damage to insured property if the damage results from a covered cause of loss (peril). Some of these perils addressed in this section are covered by a commercial property policy while others are not.

Obligations of Insurance Agents and Brokers
Insurance agents and brokers are regulated by the states to ensure they fulfill their legal obligations to insurance buyers.

Insuring Specific Types of Businesses
The types of insurance a company needs depends on the nature of its business. Each type of business generates certain risks, and these risks should be considered when a company is buying insurance.

Voluntary Compensation Coverage
Voluntary Compensation coverage affords benefits to workers not covered by state workers compensation laws. It can help protect you from lawsuits.

Auto Theft, and Physical Damage Coverage
Autos can be stolen by thieves. They can also be damaged or destroyed by natural or man-made events. Learn how to protect your vehicles against such events.

Auto Insurance Scams
Criminals have developed many types of scams based on the use of autos. Their goal is to make money from you or your auto insurer. It's important to be aware of these scams so that you don't become a victim.

Hired or Rented Autos and Contractual Liability
Hired or rented vehicles can create liability for small businesses. Fortunately, such vehicles can be insured under a commercial auto policy.

Covering Family Members Under a Commercial Auto Policy
Is your business a sole proprietorship? If so, learn how to insure your family members under your commercial auto policy.

Adjusters, Underwriters and Other Insurer Employees
Insurance companies employ a variety of workers that make important decisions about your insurance coverage. Find out who they are and what they do.

Key Person Insurance Coverage for Employees
Key Person insurance protects a business against the death or disability of a key executive or employee.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Commercial Auto Policy
A commercial auto policy is an important element of a business insurance plan. Here are issues to consider before buying a policy.

What Does "Bodily Injury" Mean?
The term

Protecting Workers From Injury
There are a number of steps employers can take to protect their workers from on-the-job injuries.

Links to State Insurance Contacts
Links to state departments and agencies licensing insurance agents and monitoring insurance companies in your state and other relevant insurance links.

Errors and Omissions (Professional) Liability
A branch of liability insurance that covers claims arising out of your negligent acts, errors or omissions, or your failure to provide the level of professional advice or service that was expected.

Additional Insureds
An additional insured is a person or entity that is covered as an insured under a liability policy purchased by someone else. Typically, two parties have engaged in a contract that requires one party to cover the other as an additional insured.

Understanding Workers Compensation Insurance
Learn the basics of workers compensation coverage. If your company employs workers, you are likely obligated by law to purchase this coverage.

Foreign Commercial Coverages
Commercial coverages designed for companies that conduct business operations outside the United States.

Business Insurance: Lowering Workers Compensation Rates
Workers compensation rates are based on a formula used throughout the industry. Understand the formula to lower your business insurance premiums.

Pollution Coverage Under a Commercial Auto Policy
A commercial auto policy covers certain types of pollution-related claims. This article explains what's covered.

Host Liquor Liability Coverage
Host liquor liability coverage protects your firm against claims or suits that arise from the serving of alcohol in a social setting.

Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage
Personal and advertising injury coverage is included in general liability and umbrella policies. It covers certain types of acts called intentional torts.

Commercial Auto Rating Explained
To calculate commercial auto liability and physical damage premiums, most insurers use a rating system developed by ISO.

Temporary Workers and Alternate Employer Endorsement
The Alternate Employer Endorsement protects your firm against lawsuits filed by workers you have obtained from a temporary employment agency.

Auto Medical Payments Coverage
Auto medical payments insurance covers medical expenses incurred by you or your passengers due to injuries sustained in auto accidents.

Liability Coverage and the Duty to Defend
Under a liability policy, your insurer is obligated to defend you against lawsuits. This obligation is separate from the insurer's duty to pay damages.

Newly Acquired Property and Your Coverage
Most commercial property policies provide limited coverage for Newly Acquired or Constructed Property.

Liability Exclusions
Liability policies contain exclusions that eliminate coverage for certain types of claims.

Excess Liability and Umbrella Insurance
An excess policy applies when the limits of the primary policy have been used up. An umbrella is a type of excess policy that affords broader coverage than the primary policy.

Contractual Liability
Contractual liability means liability that one party has assumed on behalf of someone else under a contract.Your general liability policy automatically covers liability you have assumed under certain types of contracts on behalf of another party

Why You May Need Liquor Liability Insurance
Liquor liability insurance protects your business against claims that occur because a patron has become intoxicated and injured someone else.

Choosing the Right Insurer
Shopping for an insurer? Here are six factors to consider when comparing one insurer to another.

Post-Disaster Construction Scams
Disasters like tornadoes and floods are a siren call to fraudulent contractors. Learn how to protect your business from these thieves.

Classification, Rating and Rating Plans
Learn about the system used to classify employers under workers compensation policies. You can also learn how rates are derived and how rating plans (including experience rating) apply.

Types of Workers Compensation Benefits
Learn about the types of benefits that are provided under state workers compensation laws.

Do I Need Workers' Compensation Insurance?
Is workers compensation insurance required in your state? The answer is likely yes although the laws vary from state to state.

Deciphering Commercial Auto Policy Symbols
Commercial auto policies utilize numbers called covered auto designation symbols to determine the types of autos that are covered.

Workers Compensation Policy - What's Covered
Learn what coverages are afforded under a standard workers compensation policy and the benefits your workers are likely to receive if injured on the job.

10 Signs of a Dishonest Agent
How can you tell if your insurance agent is dishonest? Here are 10 warning signs to watch out for.

Preparing for a Workers Compensation Audit
Preparing for a workers compensation audit can seem daunting. Here are some steps you can take that will help your audit go smoothly.

Services Your Agent Should Provide
Agents and brokers earn commissions on the premiums your pay for insurance. Find out what services you can reasonably expect them to provide in return.

Owners, Partners and Executive Officers - Workers Compensation
Must sole proprietors, partners and corporate officers be covered under a workers compensation policy? The answer is in this article.

When Workers Compensation Isn't the Exclusive Remedy
Injured employees are generally barred from suing their employer under the exclusive remedy rule but the rule has some exceptions.

Political Risk Insurance
Political risk insurance protects a business from losses caused by political events, such as war, expropriation, and import sanctions.

State insurance contacts I through L
Insurance links and contact information for States beginning with I through L.

State insurance contacts A through C
Insurance links and contact information for States beginning with A through C.

State insurance contacts D through H
Insurance Links and Contacts for States beginning with D through H.

State insurance contacts M
Insurance links and contact information for States beginning with M.

State insurance contacts N
Insurance links and contact information for States beginning with N

State insurance contacts O through S
Insurance links and contact information for States beginning with O through S.

State insurance contacts T through Z
Insurance links and contact information for States beginning with T through Z.

Best Insurers for Small Businesses
Which commercial insurers do small business owners like best? A satisfaction survey conduct by J.D. Power in 2015 sheds some light on that question.

3 Common Property Insurance Deductibles
Most commercial property policies include at least one deductible. Learn what types of deductibles are most common and how they apply.

Outsourced Workers and Employee Leasing
What is a Professional Employer Organization and how does it differ from an employee leasing company? The answer is in this article.

Insurance Company Ratings
Learn about the insurance company ratings produced by the four major rating firms: Fitch, A.M. Best, Standard & Poor's, and Moody's.

Stock Insurer Versus Mutual Insurer
An insurance company may be organized as either a stock company or a mutual company. Learn how the two types differ.

Aircraft Coverage Under Your Liability Policy
Many companies use aircraft for business purposes. Find out whether claims arising from the use of aircraft are covered by your liability policy.

Insurer Risk Control Services
Your insurance company may offer a variety of tools and resources that can help you avoid losses. Learn what types of services are often available.

Top 25 Property/Casualty Insurance Agencies
Here's a list of the 25 largest property/casualty insurance agencies based on 2014 revenue.

25 Largest Workers Compensation Insurers
Here's a list of the 25 largest workers compensation insurer's in the U.S. based on 2014 premium.

Vicarious Liability - Definition and Policies
In some cases, your company may be held liable for an injury caused by someone else's negligence. Learn about the concept of vicarious liability.

Could Heavy Snow Cause Your Roof to Collaps
Heavy snow on a building can cause the roof to cave in. Learn what factors can lead to a roof collapse and what you can do to avoid it.

Commercial Auto Liability Coverage
Commercial auto liability coverage is important if your company uses autos, whether it owns them or not. Find out what types of claims your policy covers.

What is an Insurance Binder?
A binder serves as a temporary policy. Learn why it is important and what type of information it is likely to contain.

Joint and Several Liability
Under joint and several liability you may be required to pay all of the damages awarded to a plaintiff, even if you were minimally at-fault for the accident.

Comparative Versus Contributory Negligence
Contributory negligence and comparative negligence are legal doctrines that determine who is liable for an accident and whether the plaintiff is eligible for damages.

Fellow Employee Suits
Can an employee who is injured on the job sue another employee for bodily injury? Will your liability insurance cover the suit? Learn about fellow employee lawsuits.

Self-Driving Cars and Insurance
The advent of self-driving cars will have a major impact on the auto insurance industry. Learn what types of changes are likely to occur.

Employee or Independent Contractor?
Learn how to determine whether a worker qualifies as an employee or an independent contractor for the purposes of workers compensation insurance.

5 Reasons to Use an Independent Agent
Why utilize an independent insurance agent when you can buy insurance online? Here are five ways you will benefit by using an agent.

Hard or Soft Insurance Market
Is the insurance market hard or soft? The answer can have a major impact on the availability of insurance and the price you pay for a policy.

Personal Use of Company-Owned Vehicles
Many employees drive company vehicles during non-work hours as a

Out-of-Pocket Payments for Worker Injuries
If an employee sustains a minor injury on the job should you pay the medical bill out of pocket? Here are some important issues to consider before making a decision.

Liquor Liability Insurance
Liquor liability insurance protects bars, restaurants and other businesses against lawsuits that arise from the sale or service of alcoholic beverages.

Most Dangerous Jobs
What were the most dangerous jobs in 2013 based on worker fatalities? What types of incidents caused the most deaths? This article has the answers.

Commercial Auto Liability Exclusions
While auto liability insurance covers many types of claims stemming from auto accidents, it does contain exclusions. Find out what kinds of claims are not covered.

Punitive Damages
Punitive damages (also called exemplary damages) are intended to punish a wrongdoer. Learn what types of behavior may generate a punitive damages award.

Product Recall Expense Coverage
A product withdrawal can devastate a small company. To protect your firm from the costs of a recall, consider buying Limited Product Withdrawal Expense Coverage.

Compensatory Damages
Compensatory damages are awarded to a plaintiff in a lawsuit to make him or her

Obesity and Workers Compensation
Obese workers are more likely than non-obese workers to sustain disabling injuries that are costly to treat. This drives up the cost of workers compensation insurance.

Workplace Homicies and Assaults
Contrary to what you might think, most workplace homicides and assaults are not committed by rampaging workers. Find out who are the real culprits.

Hired Autos (Rented Vehicles)
Many businesses utilize vehicles they lease, hire, rent or borrow. Such vehicles are called hired autos under a typical commercial auto policy. As explained in this section, you can elect to insure hired autos for liability coverage only, or for both liability and physical damage.


Business Interruption Insurance
If your business suffers an interruption in its ability to operate, then there will be no income to pay the obligations of the business. Business interruption insurance can isure against such a loss and provide the business the ability to continue. Here I discuss business interruption insurance in more detail.

Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial property insurance includes a variety of coverages that apply to physical damage to property owned by the policyholder. It may be written by itself or in combination with liability coverage.

Health Insurance Business Insurance
As part of your business insurance plan, health insurance provided to your employees is a key incentive in attracting skilled employees to your business. Here we discuss options for the employer in providing health insurance to its employees.

Errors & Omissions Liability
A branch of liability insurance that covers your negligent acts, errors or omissions, or your failure to provide the level of professional advice or service that was expected.