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Best MBA Programs for General Management Majors
Every year business schools receive rankings from various organizations and publications. These rankings are determined by a variety of factors and can be very useful when choosing a business school or MBA Program. Here are the top picks from you About Guide to Business Majors.

MBA Programs: Definition, Types and Program Duration
Explore some of the most common types of MBA programs, including part-time, two-year, one-year, executive and online MBA programs.

Business School Case Studies: Definition & Uses
Get the basics on case studies here. Find out what a case study is, why business schools use case studies, and get case study samples.

Basic Essay Writing Tips for Better Writing
Essay writing is an essential skill for college and business school. Get essay writing tips that will improve your papers.

One-Year MBA Programs: Definition, Pros and Cons
Learn about the pros and cons of one-year MBA programs and find out how you can increase your chances of getting accepted to your program of choice.

Sample Letter of Recommendation From an Employer
This free sample letter of recommendation from an employer provides a solid example of what a good employer recommendation looks like.

MBA Degree: Definition, Types and Career Options
Understanding the MBA degree is important. Learn about types of MBA programs, rankings, degree costs and the reasons you should consider this degree.

The Reasons Why You Need to Study Global Business
Every business major should study global business while earning a degree. Find out why and get an overview of global business education here.

Management Degree: Definition, Types and Career Options
Find out what type of management degrees are available and what you can do with this popular business degree after graduation.

Top 10 MBA Internship Program Opportunities
MBA Internship programs can be a valuable resource for MBA students. Students who take advantage of MBA internhsips benefit from hands-on experience, netwroking opportunities, and much more. Get a list of top MBA internship programs.

Sample Recommendation Letters for Students and Jobseekers
This varied collection of recommendation letters provides an example of a recommendation letter for nearly every academic or employment situation.

Free Guide to the MBA Admissions Process
This free MBA application guide offers information on every aspect of the MBA admissions process. Find out what you will need to submit with your MBA application and how you can improve your chances of being accepted.

Free Business School Textbooks - Where to Find Free Business School Textbooks Online
Free business school textbooks? It might sound too good to be true, but there are a number of places that you can find free business school textbooks online. This article offers a list of places that you can legally download and read free textbooks.

Should I Earn My Master's Degree in Business?
Thinking about earning a master's degree in business? Check out this article, which lists reasons to get a master's degree and information about choosing a master's degree program.

Manchester Business School
Manchester Business School is a top management school in the UK and is consistently ranked among the best business schools in the world. Offerings include undergraduate and graduate programs. Learn more about Manchester Business School programs, academics, and admissions.

Business School Rankings
Business school rankings can be a good comparison tool if you are trying to find the best business school in a specific category. Learn more about business school rankings, find out who ranks business schools, get a list of ranking criteria, and see top business schools in categories like best full-time MBA program, best executive MBA program, best part-time MBA program, and best non-U.S. business schools.

California Business Schools
Business schools in California

MBA Case Studies From Top Business Schools
MBA case studies are published by many of the world's top business schools. This list will help you locate MBA case studies around the web.

Job Search Sites for Business School Graduates
There are many job search sites that can help business school students find a job after graduation. Here are 10 of the best.

Business School Internships - Where to Find Business School Internships Online
Looking for a business school internship? Here are 25 places to find business school internships online.

Networking Online - Where to Network Online
Networking is important for business majors and business professionals. If you are looking for places to network online, this article offers a list of 10 business networking sites that you can try today.

Foster School of Business - University of Washington
Foster School of Business at the University of Washington offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as certificates in the business field.

20 Reasons to Get Your Business Degree Online
Online education is more popular than ever. Here are 20 reasons to get your business degree online instead of on campus.

Strategies and Tips to Help You Cram for a Test
At some point in your academic career, you may have to cram for a test. Learn how to strategically and effectively cram for a test.

How to Read a Lot of Dry Text Quickly
Reading through page after page of dry text is a challenge, but there are tricks that can get you through required reading quickly and efficiently.

Public Administration Information for Business Majors
Public administration is a solid option for business majors who want to work in the public service. Learn more about degrees and careers in this field.

Marketing Degree: Definition, Types and Careers
Learn more about earning a marketing degree, including degree types, education requirements, and career options for marketing professionals.

List of the 10 Best U.S. Business Schools
Wondering which U.S. business schools make the grade? Here is a list of the best U.S. business schools for graduate students.

Accounting Degree: Definition, Types and Careers
Business majors with an accounting degree have good career prospects. Learn more about accounting degree options and careers.

Entrepreneurship Degree: Definition, Types & Careers
An entrepreneurship degree can help you start and run your own business. Learn more about degree and career options in this field.

University of the People - A Tuition-Free Online University
Learn how to get a free education in this interview with Shai Reshef, founder of University of the People, the world's first tuition-free university.

Associate Degree: Overview, Benefits and Degree Options
Many students choose to earn an associate degree. Get an overview of two-year degree programs and learn the benefits of this education option.

How to Choose the Best Online Business School
Overwhelmed by the number of online business schools? See what criteria you should consider to choose the best online business schools.

Best Cars Under $16,000 for College Students
Most students who want a car think they can't afford one. But new cars aren't always expensive. Here are five cars under $16,000 for college students.

The Redesigned SAT: Test Content and Question Types
The redesigned SAT has new content and scoring procedures. There are also two versions of the test. Learn more about the changes to the new SAT here.

Standardized Tests for Undergrad Applicants
You need to submit test scores when applying to a college or business school. Here is a list of common standardized tests for undergrad applicants.

Best Business Schools - Human Resources Management
There are a lot of good places to study human resources at the graduate level. Here are the best business schools for human resources majors.

Free Guide to Writing an Effective Resume
Learn how to write an effective resume that demonstrates your value as an employee. Find out what you should include, and what you should leave out.

Business School Supplies
Not sure where to buy your business school textbooks? Or maybe you're wondering where you can get software to deck out your computer for school. This section of the site guides you to the best places to find deals on all of your business school supplies.

Best Places to Sell Used Textbooks Online
Don't let old books gather dust. Find out where to sell used textbooks online with this list of textbook buyers and places to sell directly.

Will Anyone Hire a Grad with an Online Business Degree?
If you are considering an online degree, you may be worried that your degree will not be considered valuable when it comes time to look for a job. This article can ease your worries by providing information about online business degrees and their status in the workplace.

Top Five GMAT Study Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Carrie Shuchart, Manhattan GMAT Instructor, offers an overview of common GMAT study mistakes and tips on how you can avoid them.

Overview of the Business School Application Process
A well-rounded business school application is your key to getting accepted to business school. Learn more about application components and timelines.

Pros and Cons of Part-Time MBA Programs
Part-time MBA programs are the first choice for many business majors. Here are few of the biggest pros and cons of part-time MBA programs.

Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California
The Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California awards undergraduate, graduate and online degrees. Learn more about academics, programs, and admissions at USC Marshall.

Undergraduate Business Majors: Degrees, Admissions and Careers
Undergraduate business majors are common on a lot of college campuses. Find out more about business admissions, degrees and careers with this guide for undergraduates.

Georgetown University - McDonough School of Business Profile
Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business offers high-quality programs for undergrads and graduate students. Read more about McDonough.

How to Develop a Debt Management Plan
A good debt management plan can relieve even the worst financial problems. Find out how to develop a plan to manage debt and stick with it.

Get Business School Scholarships From These Professional Groups
Looking for a business school scholarship? Here is a list of ten professional groups and associations that offer business school scholarships.

The Best Finance MBA Programs in the U.S.
MBA ranking can help you choose a top program. See a list of the best finance MBA programs in the U.S. based on curriculum and career opportunities.

Where to Get a Free MBA Admissions Consultation
An MBA admissions consultant can answer all of your questions about business school, evaluate your profile, improve your application, and much more. Find out how to get a free MBA consultation and get tips for choosing the right MBA admissions consultant.

MBA Resume Guide
This MBA resume guide will help you learn more about how an MBA application resume works, including how long it should be and what it should include.

Best MBA Programs for International Business Majors
Looking for a business school with a good international business program? Here is a list of the best U.S. MBA programs for international business majors.

Project Management Certification: Definition and Types
Project management certification is often considered a necessity for project managers. Learn more about types of project management certifications.

Federal Work-Study Program: Definition, Jobs and Eligibility
The Federal Work-Study Program can help undergraduate, graduate and professional students pay for school. Get details about the FWS Program and eligibility.

How to Study for a Test in Business School
Taking a test can be a stressful event for any student. When it comes to taking tests, there is no real substitute for preparation. Get tips that will help you prepare for tests and exams.

Executive MBA Program: Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages
Executive MBA programs are a popular choice for experienced executives. Learn what the EMBA is as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this degree.

Distance Learning: Definition and Course Options
Distance learning programs are commonplace nowadays. Find out what distance learning is and learn about the types of distance learning programs.

Best Part-Time MBA Programs in the United States
Many offer a part-time MBA program that can be completed in the evening or on weekends. Learn more about the best part-time MBA programs in the U.S.

How to Write a Thank You Note After a Job Interview
Sending a thank you note after a job interview can help you get hired. Get tips on how to write a thank you note and see a sample thank you note.

Resume Writing Tips: How to Format Your Resume
These resume writing tips will help you understand how to format your resume, layout pertinent information, choose the right font, and proofread your work.

How to Request a Recommendation Letter for School or Work
Learn how to request a recommendation letter for college, graduate school or employment. Get tips on who to ask, when to ask, how to ask and more.

Financial Aid Glossary for College Students
There are a lot of confusing financial aid terms. This financial aid glossary provides definitions for the terms every student should know.

Ethics in Business - Part Two of an Interview with Dov Seidman
Part two of an interview with Dov Seidman on the importance of ethics in business and the Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest. Page 2.

Ethics in Business - Interview with Dov Seidman
In this interview with Dov Seidman, founder of LRN, we discuss the importance of ethics in business and the Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest.

Where to Find Free GMAT Prep Resources Online
There are many different free GMAT resources around the web that can help you prepare for the GMAT. Here are 7 free GMAT resources to explore today.

The Do's and Don'ts of College Interviews
College interviews are required at some schools as part of the admissions process. Learn the major do's and don'ts of college interviews.

Free College Programs for Business Majors
College tuition is expensive, why not find a way to go for free? Start with this list of free college programs for business majors.

Online Education - Earning Your MBA Degree Online
Many people are choosing to earn an MBA degree online. Learn more about post-graduation opportunities and the pros and cons of online MBA degrees.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Two-Year MBA Programs
Two-year MBA programs are the traditional option for business students. Learn more about the pros and cons of two-year MBA programs.

Sample Application Resumes
Sample Application Resumes: Having trouble formatting your application resume? Here are some sample resumes that can help. You'll find sample MBA application resumes, sample resumes for top business schools, and more.

10 Easy Ways for Students to Raise Their FICO Score
FICO scores can affect a student's ability to get loans and other types of credit. Here are 10 easy ways for students to raise their FICO score.

How to Choose a Business School - A Guide for MBA Students
With thousands of business schools to pick from, it can be difficult to choose. Find out how to choose a business school in this guide for MBA students.

How to Network in Business School
Networking is an important part of the business school experience. Learn why it is important and get tips on how to network in business school.

Best Information Technology MBA Programs
An MBA can help IT professionals qualify for senior management positions. Find out which schools offer the best information technology MBA programs.

GMAT Test Business School Study Guides
Taking the GMAT is an important part of the business school admissions process. There are many different GMAT prep books and study guides available on the market. Here are the top picks from your About Guide to Business Majors.

Top SAT Prep Books for Practicing the SATs
When it comes to the SAT, there is no substitute for preparation and practice. SAT prep books can give you both. Most prep books offer test-taking strategies and SAT practice tests. Get a good SAT prep book and you will most certainly increase your score. Here's a list of some of the best SAT prep books on the market.

How to Get Good Grades in Business School
Every business student wants to succeed, but there are always some students that do better than others. Learn how to get good grades in business school.

Digital Textbooks - Best Places to Buy Digital Textbooks for Business School
Digital textbooks are increasing in popularity among business school students. This article offers a list of the best places to buy digital textbooks online.

8 Networking Tips for Business Students
Better networking leads to a larger network. Here are 8 networking tips every business student can put into practice.

How to Write and Format a Business Case Study
There are some elements that all case studies share. Learn how to write and format a business case study.

Options for People With No College Savings
Paying tuition without a college savings is difficult but not impossible. There are lots of options out there for people who can’t pay in cash. Learn more about your scholarship, grant, and student loan options.

How to Pay for Business School
Wondering how to pay for business school? This article offers a list of ways to pay for business school along with tips on getting the financing you need.

Finding an Accredited MBA Program
Finding an accredited MBA program is very important. Accreditation ensures a quality education as well as eligibility for grants and scholarships. Employers also prefer applicants with a degree from an accredited MBA program over applicants with a degree from a non-accredited program. Learn more about finding an accredited MBA program here.

Tips to Keep Student Loan Debt Under Control
Student loans are hard to avoid and even harder to pay off. These tips will help you keep student loan debt under control before and after you take out the loans.

Student Loans 101
Student loans are a necessity for many undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more about what a student loan is, the types of student loans that are available, how you can apply for a student loan, and what you need to know to about your various loan options.

MS vs. MBA Degrees
MS degree or MBA degree. There are similarities and differences. Find out which degree would be better - an MBA or an MS in business.

Top Marketing MBA Programs
Business school rankings are determined by a variety of factors and can be very useful when choosing a business school or MBA Program. Here are the top MBA schools for marketing.

GMAT Strategies That Work
The GMAT is tough, but there are many strategies that can help you prepare for the exam and make the most of test day. Here is a list of proven GMAT strategies that can help you develop an attack plan for the test.

What Is Executive Education?
Executive education is a popular academic option for business students at the graduate level, but it is quite a bit different than an executive MBA or a master's degree. Learn more about how executive education works, where to fin programs, and the pros and cons of executive education for management professionals.

Tippie College of Business - University of Iowa
University of Iowa's Henry B. Tippie College of Business is a top-ranked business school that awards undergraduate and graduate degrees. Learn more about academics, admissions, and program offerings at Tippie College of Business.

Help Your Recommendation Writers Help You
Scott Shrum, co-author of Your MBA Game Plan, offers excellent advice on securing an MBA recommendation in the following article.

What Are Your Finance Degree Options?
There are many different finance degrees available to business students. Learn more about some of your finance degree options and what you can do with your degree after graduation.

Student Loan Debt Relief for Federal Loans
Student loan debt can feel overwhelming, but there are options available for grads that need relief. Learn more about your federal student loan debt relief options here.

Should You Earn an Actuarial Science Degree?
An actuarial science degree is a specialized business degree that is very useful for students who want to work in risk management in the insurance and finance fields. Learn more about actuarial science education and careers.

Top MBA Schools
Every year business schools receive rankings from various organizations and publications. These rankings are determined by a variety of factors and can be useful when choosing a business school or MBA Program. Get a list of the top business schools from your About Guide to Business Majors.

Free Online MBA Courses - Recommended MIT Courses
MIT's Sloan School of Management offers a large selection of free online MBA courses. All of the course materials are available online; registration is not

Free Case Study Samples for Business Majors
Case studies are a large part of the business school curriculum, and sometimes it can be hard to decide how you should format a particular project. Luckily, there are many free case study samples for business majors available online. These websites in particular offer excellent examples of case studies.

Top Student Loan Consolidation Companies
Student loan consolidation occurs when you roll all of your student loan payments into one low monthly payment. When you consolidate student loans, you can lower your monthly student loan payment by as much as 60 percent. Get a list of the top student loan consolidation companies here.

Peer-To-Peer Student Loans for MBAs
Many business students are turning to peer-to-peer loans to finance their MBA education. Learn more about how peer-to-peer student loans work and discover the advantages and disadvantages of this type of debt.

EMBA Admissions
EMBA programs have a competitive admissions process. To get accepted, you'll need an understanding of the application requirements and a profile that distinguishes you from other candidates. Get an overview of the EMBA admissions process and tips to improve your chances of acceptance.

Business Degree Options at the Graduate Level
Many people want to continue their business education at the graduate level, but feel overwhelmed by the education options. Learn more about the different business degree programs available to students who have already earned an undergraduate degree.

Michigan State University - Eli Broad College of Business
Michigan State University's Broad College of Business is one of the largest business schools in the United States. Undergraduate and graduate students can choose from a range of degree programs. Read more about academics, programs, and admissions at the Broad College of Business.

Where MBAs Want to Work
Getting a great job is one of the main motivators for students seeking an MBA degree. Find out where MBAs want to work after graduation.

Resources to Help Your Choose the Right Business School
Trying to choose a business school? You can get advice on how to choose a business school here. Look through business school profiles, see business school rankings, and find out which undergraduate or MBA program might be right for you.

Analyzing Business School Case Studies
Case study analysis is an important part of most business school curriculums. If you are interested in learning more about analyzing case studies or if you are looking for tips on writing a case study analysis, this article can help.

Office Administrators - Job Profile
Office Administrators coordinate activities and employees within an office setting. The exact duties of office administrators vary depending on title, field, level of education, and place of employment. Get the full job profile for office administrators here.

University of Notre Dame - Mendoza Business School Profile
University of Notre Dame's Mendoza Business School is consistently ranked among the top business schools in the United States. This school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in addition to executive education. Read more about Mendoza Business School.

6 High-Paying Business Management Jobs
You don't have to be a top executive to make a high wage in the business world. There are many management jobs that can net you a big salary. Here are six high-paying management jobs to consider.

Do You Need an MBA Admissions Consultant?
Many business school applicants try to increase their chances of acceptance with an MBA admissions consultant. Find out what MBA consultants are and what they can do for you.

How to Get a Free Business Education Through Job Corps
Job Corps is a great way for low-income students to get a no-cost business education and launch a career in the business field. Learn more about how you can get free business training through Job Corps.


50 Free MBA Application Resources
Getting ready to apply to an MBA program? Check out this list of 50 resources for MBA applicants.

50 Resources for MBA Applicants - Page 2
Page 2 of the article 50 resources for MBA applicants.

Free Business Administration Courses Online
Opencourseware is a wonderful way to prepare for business school and gain knowledge at no cost. It also provides companies with the opportunity to give every

Financial Aid - Find Out What Type of Financial Aid Is Available and How to Apply for It
Looking for financial aid? Get the basics here. Learn about the different types of student aid, including grants, student loans, scholarships, and work-study programs.

Free Online Bookkeeping Course
Business School.

Free Project Management Course
This week's featured free business course offers an introduction to project management. The course provides an overview of project planning and touches on

Icebreaker Games for Large Groups
Icebreaker games are a great way to put everyone at ease. Here are two icebreaker games for large groups. If these don't catch your fancy, you'll also find links for other icebreaker games.

Free Online Payroll Course
Business School.

Icebreaker Games – Team Building Puzzler
Icebreaker games give your team an opportunity to work together and have fun in the process. If you need an icebreaker that emphasizes teamwork, this game fits the bill. Also includes additional links to more icebreaker games.

Toilet Paper Icebreaker Games
Here is an icebreaker game that is sure to get everyone's attention. Known as the toilet paper game, this icebreaker is perfect for large or small groups. You'll also find links to other icebreaker games too.

Free Human Resources Management Course
This week's featured free business course covers a range of human resources management concepts, including recruitment, hiring, training, labor relations, and

Free Management Training and Leadership Skills Course
This week's free online business course is designed for current and aspiring managers. The course covers management concepts, leadership

Try This Icebreaker Ball Game at Your Next Gathering
Looking for classic icebreaker games that are easy to play? Try the Ball Game. It's a great icebreaker for large and small groups. Links to more icebreaker games included.

How to Get an MBA Scholarship
MBA scholarships are the best way to pay for your education. And they may not be as hard to find as you might imagine. Find out how to find an MBA scholarship and get tips on applying for scholarship funds.

Standardized Tests for MBA Applicants
Most MBA programs use standardized tests as part of the application process. Find out what tests you need to take as an MBA applicant.

Six-Figure Jobs in the Business Field
Wondering which business careers pay the most? Check out this list of six-figure jobs in the business field.

Top 10 Sample Recommendation Letters
Writing a recommendation letter for someone else is a huge responsibility and getting everything just right is important. If you are seeking inspiration, the

Free MBA Program from London School of Business and Finance
London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) recently made high quality MBA course material available through Facebook. Anyone in the world can sign up for the

Should I Earn a Joint MD/MBA Degree?
There are a growing number of schools offering joint MD/MBA programs. Learn more about the joint MD/MBA degree here, including where you can earn one and what you can do with this degree after graduation.

Should I Earn an MPA Degree?
An MPA degree is like an MBA, but for the public sector. Learn more about the MPA degree, including education and career options.

Should You Offer a Tuition Reimbursement Program for Your Employees?
Tuition reimbursement programs, also known as tuition assistance programs, are becoming increasingly popular. Learn more about how the programs work and get an overview of the benefits for employers and employees.

Management Degrees for Business Majors
There are many different types of management degrees to choose from. Learn about the different types of management degrees that are available to business majors and what you can do with each one.

Icebreakers - The Do's and Don'ts
A well-chosen icebreaker game can relax the mood, but a poorly chosen icebreaker can have the opposite effect, making people feel nervous and uncomfortable. These do’s and don’ts will help you choose the right kind of icebreakers for your event.

What Are Business School Tiers?
Wondering what the difference is between a first tier business school and a second tier business school? Or maybe you're curious about the difference between a second tier business school and a third tier business school? This article explains.

What Is a First Tier Business School?
First tier is a term frequently applied to business schools. Find out what a first tier business school is here.

Evaluating a Job Offer From All Angles
Evaluating a job offer can be difficult. After all, deciding whether or not to take a job is an important decision. Read on to learn how to evaluate a job offer.

Business Majors 101 - Preparing for Business School
Interested in applying for business school? Find out everything you need to know about being a business major, including how to prepare for business school and beyond.

Tuition Reimbursement From Your Employer - 4 Things to Know
While this may ease the financial burden of getting a business school degree, it may not be worth the trouble. Here are four things you need to know.

What Is a Case Study?
The case study defined. If you have no idea what a case study is, you can get the scoop here.

Top Undergraduate Level Business Schools
Every year business schools receive rankings from various organizations and publications. These rankings are determined by a variety of factors and can be useful when choosing an undergraduate school. Get a list of the top undergraduate level business schools from your About Guide to Business Majors.

Should I Earn a Management Information Systems Degree?
Management information systems is a popular business major at colleges, universities, and business schools. Learn more about management information systems, where you can find an MIS program, and what you can do with an MIS degree after graduation.

GMAT Scores and Importance in School Admissions
If you have looked into applying to business school, then you know that you will need to take the GMAT. But, have you ever wondered why? Learn more about how schools use GMAT scores, get information about average GMAT scores, and much more.

Current Trends in MBA Admissions - Interview with Knewton CEO Jose Ferreira
To learn more about current MBA trends, I interviewed Knewton CEO Jose Ferreira. Here's what he had to say about MBA admissions trends, getting accepted into an MBA program, and admissions strategy.

Best Business Schools - Best Non-Profit Management Schools
There are a lot of great non-profit management schools. Here is a list of the best business schools for graduate students who want to specialize in non-profit management.

Top Three Types of Recruiting Interviews
Typically there are three types of interviews that recruiters use to screen job candidates. Though every recruiting interview is different, it is much easier to prepare if you know what to expect. Learn more about recruiting interviews here.

Find Out Everything You Need to Know About MBA Loans
Need information about financing your business school education with MBA Loans? Learn about financial implications, lenders, and much more here.

Five of the Best Reasons to Study Abroad
Study abroad can be an enriching experience for any business school students. Here are a few reasons why you should study abroad

How Long Should a Case Study Be
When writing a case study, it can be difficult to determine exactly how long it should be. Find out the average length of a case study here.

MBA Rankings - See MBA Rankings and Learn How MBA Rankings Work
MBA rankings can help you learn more about various business schools and programs. MBA rankings are useful when trying to determine which schools and MBA programs stand out among their competitors. Read more about MBA rankings and see top ranked schools here.

Recommendation Letters - Asking for a Letter of Recommendation
Recommendation Letters. If you need a recommendation letter, it can be hard to decide who to ask. Here are a short list of qualities to look for when you need recommendation letters.

Attending Class - Do I Need to Attend Every Class
Is it is necessary to attend every class in business school? The answer might surprise you.

GMAT Scores - Retaking the GMAT
How important are GMAT scores? How do you know when you should retake the GMAT? Find out here. Get tips on deciding whether or not retaking the GMAT can improve your chances of acceptance into business school.

Getting an MBA in a Recession - Will an MBA Degree Help You Thrive in a Recession - A Student's View
Will earning an MBA or another advanced degree help you get the job you want? Is the debt worth it? One potential MBA student answers these questions and others in this illuminating interview.

Kellogg School of Management Profile
The Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) is consistently ranked among the top business schools in the nation. Get a full profile of the school here.

3 Ways to Pay for an MBA
Before you can get an MBA, you need to figure out how you will pay for it. Here are the 3 most common ways to fund an MBA education.

GMAT Prep- How to Beat the GMAT
If you plan on attending business school, taking the GMAT is a must. You should begin preparing for the GMAT at least four months prior to taking the exam. Find out how preparation can help you beat the GMAT.

Where Can I Find Sample Recommendation Letters
Wondering where you can find sample recommendation letters? Find out here.

Applying to a BBA Program - Steps and Tips
Admissions to BBA programs can be competitive. Find out what tasks you will have to complete as part of the admissions process and get tips on how to get into your BBA program of choice.

College Essay Writing- Get Help with Your Admissions Essay
Writing an essay is an important step in the college admissions process. Get tips that will help you with your admissions essays.

Relocating - Calculating the Cost of Living
Thinking about relocation? Find out more about cost of living expenses and learn how much the cost of living is for your destination.

Undergraduate Degrees and MBA Programs
Many people wonder if you have to have an undergraduate degree in business to apply to an MBA program. You can find the answer to this frequently asked question here.

College Application Essays - Writing and Editing Your College Application Essays
If you need help writing or editing your college application essays, consider turning to a professional service like Learn more about how Essay Edge can help you with your college application essays here.

Interview with MBA Admissions Expert A.V. Gordon
A.V. Gordon, an MBA admission expert and author of MBA Admissions Strategy, recently sat down to answer a few questions about the MBA admissions process. If you are getting ready to or are thinking about applying to an MBA program, this interview is definitely worth the read.

Student Loan Consolidation - Consolidating Student Loans
By consolidating student loans, you can bundle all of your student loans together into a single loan, which means that you will have only one lender and one payment to deal with. Student loan consolidation also gives you a chance to lock in at a low interest rate, which can save you a great deal of money over time. Learn more about consolidating student loans here.

Best Second Tier Business Schools
Second tier business schools may be a better fit than you think. Here are five second tier business schools worth a second look.

When Times Get Tough, Adults Go Back to School - Part 2 of an Interview with Peter Smith, Ed.D.
Part two of an interview with Peter Smith, Ed.D., the Senior Vice President for Academic Strategies and Development at Kaplan Higher Education. Page 2.

Information Systems Management - Majoring in Information Systems Management
Information systems management is a hot option for business majors. Read on to learn more about the information systems management specialization.

The Ultimate MBA Essay Mistake
Essay mistakes can seriously tarnish your MBA application. Scott Shrum, co-author of Your MBA Game Plan, offers advice on avoiding the ultimate MBA essay mistake in the following article.

Raising Capital for Start-Ups and Other Business Ventures
Looking to raise capital for a start-up business venture or an existing company? Read on to learn what CEO Richard Singer has to say about raising money for your business.

Business School Internships - Why You Should Get a Business School Internship
After you have graduated from business school and earned your business degree, you will enter the workforce. Discover how an internship can give you practical experience and help you land the job of your dreams.

MBA Admissions Tips for International Students
Almost all MBA programs welcome international students. However, admissions can be competitive. Here are a few can't miss MBA admissions tips for international students.

IMD Admissions - Interview with the IMD Associate Director of MBA Admissions
Thinking about applying to IMD? Read this Q and A to learn more about IMD application timelines, interview tips for IMD MBA applicants, and other IMD admissions factors.

Business School Tuition
The cost of business school tuition may surprise you. Get an idea of how much money you'll need to cover costs, how you can lower your business school tuition, and where you can get the cash you need to pay for your education.

Tips and Advice on Applying to Business School
The business school admissions process can be tough. If you are getting ready to choose a business school or apply to business school, you can get plenty of admissions advice right here. Through interviews with real admissions officers, and articles that include general admissions advice, such as choosing a business school, sorting through business school rankings, getting a recommendation letter, and writing a killer essay, you will increase your chances of getting into a top business program.

Part-Time MBA Programs for Professionals
Part-time MBA programs were designed for the working professional. Find out more about part-time MBA programs here.

Interview With a Former Part-Time MBA Student
Wondering what it's like to attend a part-time program? I recently interviewed a student who earned an associate's, bachelor's and master's degree from part-time programs. Read on to find out what she had to say about the part-time program experience.

Part Two of an Interview with a Former Part-Time Student
Part two of an interview with a former part-time student. Page 2.

Interview with NYU Stern MBA Admissions Director
Isser Gallogly, the Executive Director of MBA Admissions at NYU Stern School of Business, recently answered several questions regarding the NYU Stern admissions process. If you are getting ready to apply to Stern or any other business school, you do not want to miss out on his excellent advice!

Business School Admissions - NYU Stern School of Business Admissions Continued
Page 2- Isser Gallogly, the Executive Director of MBA Admissions at NYU Stern School of Business, recently answered several questions regarding the NYU Stern admissions process. If you are getting ready to apply to Stern or any other business school, you do not want to miss out on his excellent advice!

Accelerated MBA Programs
Accelerated MBA programs provide the opportunity to earn your business degree faster than normal. Find out how accelerated MBA programs differ from traditional MBA programs and learn the pros and cons of earning your degree at an accelerated pace.

MBA Programs - Guide to MBA Programs
MBA programs are among the most popular education programs for business students. MBA programs can be found at many colleges, universities, and graduate business schools. Read more about the different types of MBA programs you can choose, applying to an MBA program, paying for an MBA program, and post-graduate opportunities.

MBA Programs - Guide to MBA Programs - Continued
MBA programs are available at many different schools. Read more about MBA programs and get tips on applying to MBA programs here. Page 2.

How to Edit and Proofread College Essays
One of the most important steps in the essay writing process is editing. Once your essay is written, it should be carefully checked over. Find out how to proofread and edit your college essay.

Harvard Business School Profile
The Harvard Business School is consistently recognized as one of the top business schools in the U.S. Get a profile of Harvard Business School here.

How to Get a Business School Recommendation
A business school recommendation is an essential part of a business school or MBA application. Many schools ask for two to three recommendation letters. Get tips on how to get a business school recommendation for your MBA application.

Spring Break Destinations for Business Students - Las Vegas
Looking for somewhere to spend spring break? Consider Las Vegas. The sights, sounds, and sheer excess are enough to take your mind off your studies.

How to Write an MBA Essay
A good MBA essay is essential to your MBA application. Find out how to choose an essay topic, see a list of common MBA essay questions, and get tips on how to write a standout MBA essay.

Online Business Education - Interview with Western Governors University
This Q and A session with Western Governors University demonstrates what a unique institution WGU is. If you are thinking about getting your MBA or an online business education, this interview is a must read.

Aspiring Managers - 35 Online Resources for Aspiring Managers
Aspiring managers can find many resources online to help them climb the corporate ladders. Here are 35 great online resources for aspiring managers.

Internship Programs- The Nationwide Insurance Graduate Internship Program
Looking for a good internship program? Try Nationwide Insurance Company. Their Graduate Internship Program provides valuable hands-on experience and networking opportunities.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants - FSEOG
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are a wonderful way to finance your college education, because unlike loans they do not have to be paid back. Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are awarded to students based upon financial need. Find out if a FSEOG or another government grant can help you pay for college.

Case Study - Chic McSherry and Prosys Business Solutions
Looking for case study samples? This case study tells the story of the development of a software company business and the actions taken by the company's founder to save the business post 911. Case Study created and distributed by the University of Stirling.

Top Ten Jobs for People Who Like to Keep Learning
From Guide to Your Career (Random House / Princeton Review Books, $19.95 paperback), here are the top ten jobs for people who like to keep learning.

Applying for a Student Loan - How to Apply for a Student Loan
Interested in applying for a student loan? Get instructions on how you can apply for a student loan from the government or a student loan from a private lender.

Drexel University LeBow College of Business - Profile of LeBow College of Business
Drexel University's LeBow College of Business offers a highly-ranked part-time and full-time MBA program as well as undergraduate and doctorate programs. Read more about Drexel University's LeBow College of Business here.

Job Profiles - Accountants
Accountants compile analyze and prepare financial records. Exact duties depend on the accountant’s title, field, and place of employment. Get the full job profile for accountants here.

Online Business Degree Programs - An Overview of Online Business Degree Programs
Thinking about earning an online business degree? Check out this overview of online business degree programs to learn more about earning a degree, choosing a program, and the pros and cons of online education.

What is a Recommendation Letter
Recommendation letters defined. Find out what a recommendation letter is here.

Career Information and Advice for Business School Graduates
Both new and old business graduates can benefit from specialized career information and advice. This section of the site has everything a business professional needs, including job profiles, tips on finding a job or landing an internship, resumes, cover letters, career references and recommendation letter, advice for business managers, and much more.

Top MBA Schools - Executive MBA
Interested in finding a business school with a good Executive MBA program? Here is a list of top MBA schools for Executive MBA students.

Author Interviews - Q and A Sessions with Your Favorite Business Book Authors
Have you ever read a business book and wondered about the author? If so, you're in the right place. Here is a selection of interviews from your favorite business book authors.

Business Book Reviews
Looking for a good book? Check out the book review sections and get reviews for all types of business books.

Business humor - funny articles jokes cartoons
Business can be funny. Despite trying to take it seriously, the world of business often throws up events that make us chuckle. This page links you to funny business articles, business cartoons and business jokes.

Business Management Articles - Articles on Business Management
Read business management articles written to bring you up to speed on the latest business thought. This is a collection of some of the best articles on business management.

College Prep - College Prep Book Reviews
You can get almost all of the college prep information you need from a quality college prep book. Here are several college prep books worth checking into.

Cover Letters
Cover letters serve as your introduction to a potential employer. A cover letter should always accompany your resume. Get tips on how to make your cover letter as effective as possible.

Job Profiles - Business Careers
Here is a collection of job profiles for business majors. These job profiles represent some of the most common careers in the business field. Each profile includes information on the job's salary range, required education, essential classes, job outlook, and more.

GMAT and SAT Test Prep- Books Courses and Study Tips
Because colleges will be looking at your SAT and GMAT scores before accepting you into their business school program, it's important that you prepare well ahead of time. Here you will find information about SAT test prep and GMAT test prep.