Cake Decorating Sitemap - Page 2 2016-09-26

Paleo Nutella Cupcakes
These cupcakes a treat which many people who follow a Paleo diet might not have expected to taste again.

Gather Ingredients and Tools
Gather your tools to make the project easier.

Make Royal Icing for Flower Center and Tint Yellow
Make yellow butter cream for flower center.

Make Center in Flower
Make flower center. Cake Decorating.

Apply Color to Flower
Finish the edges of the flower. Cake Decorating.

Make Number of Flowers Needed for Design
Repeat until all the required flowers are done.

Place Flowers on Cake
Finish the cake. Cake Decorating.

Roll Out Gum Paste
prepare gum paste. Cake Decorating.

Cut Out Flowers
Use a cutter to make the initial flower.

Create Petals
Cut petals out with knife tool. Cake Decorating.

Cut Calyx for Center
Make center for briar roses. Cake Decorating.

Place Calyx in Forming Cup
Gather your tools to make the project easier.

Brush Calyx with Gum Paste Adhesive
Gather your tools to make the project easier.

Place Petals on Calyx
Create the flower. Cake Decorating.

Create Cup in Flower
Create a cup in the flower. Cake Decorating.

Make Rice Krispie Mixture
Simple Rice Krispie treats can make great cake decorations.

Make Rice Krispie Hearts
Cut out or mold hearts. Cake Decorating. Page 2.

Melt White Chocolate
Carefully melt whatever chocolate you are using. Page 3.

Dip Rice Krispie Hearts in Melted Chocolate
Accent the hearts with melted chocolate. Page 4.

Accent Chocolate with Sprinkles
Sprinkle pretty cake decorating accents on chocolate. Page 5.

Chill and Use Rice Krispie Hearts
Finish your chocolate dipped hearts. Page 6.

Make the Pom Pom Base
The base is the important foundation for this decoration. Page 2.

Roll Out Gum Paste
Roll out your prepared gum paste on a flat work surface. Page 3.

Cut Out Strips
You will need one inch wide strips to make your ruffles. Page 4.

Cut Gum Paste Strips into Pieces
Cut your strips for the ruffles n the pom poms. Page 5.

Make Gum Paste Ruffles
Fold gum paste to make ruffles for pom poms. Page 6.

Glue a Ring of Ruffles around the Base
Create the first layer of ruffles. Page 7.

Finish the Pom Pom
Finish your pom pom with another layer of ruffles. Page 8.

Gather all Equipment
Make sure you have everything you need to make your pompoms.

Gather Equipment and Sculpt all Body Parts
It is important to have all the tools you need to create perfect Easter bunnies

Put the Easter Bunny Together
Once everything is formed it is simple to put the bunny together. Page 2.

Cake Design Apps-Part One
There are some very interesting apps available for cake decorating enthusiasts.

How to Make Fondant Bats
These wonderful spooky creatures are perfect for cupcakes.

How to Make Fondant Spiders
Spiders are great cake and cupcake toppers for spooky holidays.

Alternative Fondant Recipes
Other types of fondant recipes can also be great for your cake designs.

Cake Decorating Techniques
Simple Tips and Techniques to help you make wonderful cakes.

New Year's Eve Cake or Cupcake Ideas
Cupcakes or cakes for this festive holiday can be simple or elaborate depending on your event.

Cake Decorating Basics
Easy to follow cake decorating tips and techniques.

Candied Ginger
Crystallized ginger is a wonderful addition to cake recipes and fillings.