Canada News Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

The 1970 October Crisis Timeline
Events during the October Crisis in Canada in 1970, when the FLQ kidnapped two public officials and the War Measures Act was invoked.

What is Your RRSP Contribution Limit?
Each year there is a limit on how much you can contribute to your RRSPs without tax implications. Here's how to find your RRSP contribution limit.

Privacy Law in Canada
An overview of the laws covering the privacy of personal information in Canada.

Applications for Canadian Permanent Resident Cards
How to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Card or renew your Canadian Permanent Resident Card.

Summer in Winnipeg Manitoba
Summer activities, Winnipeg directory, maps, online newspaper and weather forecast to plan your summer in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Humble Canadian Space Telescope - World's Smallest Space Telescope Measures the Stars
Humble Canadian space telescope, the world's smallest space telescope, measures the composition and age of stars.

Protecting Your Canadian Social Insurance Number
When to use your Canadian Social Insurance Number and protecting your privacy in Canada.

Canadian Old Age Security (OAS) Pension Changes
The Canadian government raises the eligible age for Old Age Security benefits to age 67, but gives plenty of notice.

Guaranteed Income Supplement - GIS
This federal government program provides money for eligible low-income seniors in Canada to supplement their Old Age Security (OAS) pensions.

RECOL - Tool for Canadians to Report Fraud Online
RECOL provides Canadians with a simple way to report fraud online.

How To Get a Certified Criminal Record Check in Canada
You may need to provide a Certified Criminal Record Check for adoptions, Canadian citizenship, visa applications, or work permits. Here's how to get one.

New Canadian 100 Dollar Bill Introduced in 2004
In 2004 the Bank of Canada introduced a new Canadian $100 bill with high-tech security features and a design on the theme of exploration and innovation.

Gun Control in Canada
The basics on the Canadian Firearms Program and the requirements for gun owners and users in Canada.

Thomas Mulcair Biography
Aggressive and determined, Thomas Mulcair won the leadership of the New Democratic Party of Canada in 2012, and he plans to put NDP ideas into action.

The Three Conferences That Created Canada
The three conferences at which colonies in British North America hammered out the terms for creating the Dominion of Canada in 1867.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau: Biography
Prime Minister of Canada for 15 years, Pierre Trudeau fought for a united Canada with a strong federal government and a just society.

New Brunswick Election Results 2014
Young Liberal Premier Brian Gallant takes over in New Brunswick and his top priority is a moratorium on hydro-fracking.

Prime Minister Joe Clark Biography
Joe Clark was Canada's youngest prime minister, but not for long. A budget with an 18-cent hike in gas taxes brought him down and Pierre Trudeau back.

Provincial Bird Emblems of Canada
Each of the provinces and territories in Canada has an official bird emblem.

Flu Shots and Clinics in Canada - 2014-15
Information by province on seasonal flu, flu shots, and where to find flu shot clinics in Canada.

Provincial Tree Emblems of Canadian Provinces
Official tree emblems of the provinces and territories in Canada. The territory of Nunavut does not have an official tree.

Canadian Sales Tax Rates - GST, PST and HST
Check the current rates for sales taxes (GST, PST and HST) in each of the provinces and territories in Canada.

Alberta Provincial Electoral Divisions
There are four new electoral divisions and names and boundaries have been changed for the 2012 Alberta provincial election.

Canadian Lighthouses Declared Surplus
The federal government has placed nearly 1000 lighthouses on the government surplus list to enable groups and individuals to purchase and conserve them.

Home Buyers Plan in Canada
The Home Buyers Plan lets Canadian residents use their RRSPs to help pay for a first home without tax consequences.

Facts About Whitehorse, Capital City of Yukon, Canada
Whitehorse is a beautiful capital city surrounded by magnificent scenery. It has a small-town feel with all the modern amenities.

Nunavut: Canada's Newest and Largest Territory
Key facts about the territory of Nunavut, Canada - geography, government and industry.

Iqaluit - Origin of Name
Definition and origin of the name Iqaluit.

Temporary Work Permits in Canada Guide
The basics on temporary work permits for foreign workers in Canada: who needs a temporary work permit, how to apply for one, and how they work.

Entering Canada as a Temporary Worker - What Happens When You Enter Canada as a Temporary Worker
What happens when you arrive in Canada as a temporary worker.

Contact Information for Temporary Work Permit for Canada - Who to Contact With Questions About a Temporary Work Permit for Canada
Where to get specific local information and questions answered about a temporary work permit for Canada.

Canadian Temporary Work Permit Requirements and Eligibility
What you need to demonstrate to get a temporary work permit for Canada.

Temporary Work Permits for Foreign Workers in Canada
A description of the documents which must be provided with an application for a temporary work permit for Canada. Page 4 of a 9-part series.

How to Apply for a Temporary Work Permit for Canada
How to get an application and apply for a temporary work permit for Canada. Page 5.

Temporary Work Permit Processing Times in Canada
How long it takes to process an application for a temporary work permit for Canada.

Temporary Work Permits for Foreign Workers in Canada Page 7
What happens when your application for a temporary work permit for Canada is approved or refused.

Federal Crown Corporations in Canada
Index of parent federal Crown corporations in Canada.

Halifax VE-Day Riots 1945
The tensions of World War II lead to riots in the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia during the celebration of VE-Day in 1945.

Abolition of Capital Punishment in Canada
Canadian murder rate stays low without capital punishment in Canada.

Michel Trudeau Killed
Michel Trudeau, youngest son of former Prime Minister Trudeau, killed in a BC avalanche.

Ellen Fairclough Biography
Profile and political career of Ellen Fairclough, the first woman federal cabinet minister in Canada.

Fredericton, the Capital of New Brunswick, Canada
Key facts about Fredericton, New Brunswick, including population, Fredericton city government, Fredericton attractions and the weather.

Organization of the Federal Government of Canada
Organization of the Canadian federal government, how it works and the services it provides.

Canadian Federal Government - How it Works
How the federal government in Canada works - internal operations, public policy and elections. Page 2.

Canadian Federal Government Services
Services provided by the Canadian federal government to individuals and to business, inside Canada and out. Page 3.

The Trans Canada Trail
Get some exercise, experience Canadian nature, and learn about the environment and Canada's heritage on the world's longest recreational trail.

9 U.S. Presidents Quotes About Canada
Quotes providing a sampling of what U.S. Presidents have said about Canada over the years.

BC Political Party Leaders
Meet the leaders of the major provincial political parties in British Columbia.

Canadian Women in World War II
During World War II Canadian women had many roles - as pilots, on assembly lines, in support services, as war brides and on the homefront in Canada.

New Brunswick Provincial Political Parties
Find news, MLAs, political philosophies and election platforms of the major New Brunswick provincial political parties.

Nova Scotia Party Leaders
Meet the leaders of the major provincial political parties in Nova Scotia.

Manitoba Party Leaders - Biographies
Meet the leaders of the major provincial political parties in Manitoba.

Ontario Party Leaders
Meet the leaders of the major Ontario provincial political parties.

Political Party Leaders in Saskatchewan
Meet the leaders of the major provincial political parties in Saskatchewan.

Pictures of Canada in World War I
These historic pictures and photos of the role of Canada and Canadians in World War I bring the grim reality of wartime to life.

Pictures and Photos of Canada in World War II
These historic pictures of the role of Canada and Canadians in World War II bring the grim realities of wartime to life.

Canada and World War I Battles
Important World War I battles and campaigns in which Canadians fought.

Canada and World War II Battles
Information on important battles and campaigns in which Canadians fought in World War II.

New Brunswick Party Leaders
Biographies of the leaders of New Brunswick's major provincial political parties.

Yukon Political Party Leaders - Biographies
Meet the leaders of political parties in Yukon.

Liberal Party of Canada
Find out about the history, structure and issues of the Liberal Party of Canada, including information on the Liberal leader and MPs.

Conservative Party of Canada
Look into the Conservative Party of Canada, the federal political party formed by the merger of the Canadian Alliance Party and the federal Progressive Conservative Party in December 2003.

NDP - New Democratic Party of Canada
Learn more about the New Democratic Party of Canada with information on its history, NDP news and issues, the federal NDP leader, Thomas Mulcair, past leaders and NDP members of parliament.

Green Party of Canada
Founded in 1983, the Green Party of Canada goes beyond environmental issues and aims for policies to achieve social and economic justice, peace and democracy. The Green Party of Canada elected its first member of parliament, leader Elizabeth May, in the 2011 Canadian federal election.

Canadian Kindergarten - Lesson Plans and Worksheets for Canadian Kindergarten
Use these lesson plans, worksheets and resources to enhance teaching kindergarten in Canada.

October Crisis in Canada
In the 1970 October Crisis in Canada, the FLQ kidnapped two public officials in Quebec and murdered one, and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act suspending civil liberties.

Biographies - Officers of Parliament in Canada - Biographies of Officers of Parliament
Biographies of Canadian federal government officials responsible to the House of Commons or the Senate or to both Canadian Houses of Parliament.

Canadian Federal Party Leaders - Federal Political Party Leaders in Canada
Learn more about the current party leaders of the major federal political parties in Canada.

Canadian Teachers Tools - Templates Quizzes Worksheets and Form Letters
These online tools can help Canadian teachers save time. They include generators and templates for letters, forms, quizzes, worksheets, rubrics, assignments, science experiments and puzzles.

Death of Pierre Trudeau
The death of Pierre Trudeau, the flamboyant prime minister of Canada, stirred an outpouring of memories from Canadians of all political stripes.

Buying and Selling Cars in Canada
Use this information to help when you are buying or selling a new or used car in Canada.

Understanding Auto Insurance in Canada
Learn the basics on auto insurance in Canada, from how it works, how to buy it, and how to make a claim.

Car Safety in Canada
Stay up to date on safety equipment, government regulations, warnings and resources to drive and maintain cars safely in Canada.

Canadian Electricity Industry - Electricity Companies Industry Canada
Learn about the electricity industry in Canada, including restructuring and pricing.

Agriculture Organizations Canadian Federal Government
Identify federal government organizations in Canada which deal with agriculture, agri-food and agribusiness, including research, financial assistance, marketing and trade.

Home Insurance in Canada
Use these resources to help choose an appropriate home insurance plan in Canada.

Getting Vehicle Registration and Licence Plates in Canada
Information on registering your vehicle, renewing your vehicle registration and getting licence plates in each of the provinces and territories in Canada.

Safety for Canadian Seniors
Information to help Canadian seniors protect themselves from crime, scams and accidents.

Cars in Canada
Protect your family and your wallet with information on buying a car in Canada, Canadian auto insurance, and car maintenance and safety.

Canadian Federal Government Transportation Organizations in Canada
These Canadian federal government departments, agencies and Crown corporations are involved in air, marine, rail and road transportation in Canada, and are a good source of information on the transportation industry.

Nova Scotia Provincial Political Parties
Find out about Nova Scotia provincial political parties with information on their teams, philosophies, news and events.

Tax Slips for Canadian Income Tax Returns
Information on different types of tax slips issued to Canadian taxpayers telling them how much income they earned and how much tax was deducted.

Ontario Provincial Elections
Learn about Ontario provincial elections in Canada and get information to help you vote.

Yukon Elections
Learn about Yukon elections in Canada and find useful information to help you vote.

Manitoba Provincial Elections
Learn about Manitoba provincial elections in Canada and find information to help you vote.

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Elections
Learn about Newfoundland and Labrador provincial elections in Canada and get information to help you vote.

Northwest Territories Elections
Learn about Northwest Territories elections in Canada and find useful information to help you vote.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Elections
Learn about Prince Edward Island provincial elections in Canada and get information to help you vote.

Quebec Provincial Elections
Learn about Quebec provincial elections in Canada and find information to help you vote.

Saskatchewan Provincial Elections
Learn about Saskatchewan provincial elections in Canada and get information to help you vote.

Alberta Provincial Elections
Information for voters in Alberta provincial elections in Canada.

BC Provincial Elections
Learn about BC provincial elections in Canada and find useful information to help you vote.

New Brunswick Elections
Learn about New Brunswick elections in Canada and find information to help you vote.

Nova Scotia Provincial Elections
Learn about Nova Scotia provincial elections in Canada and find useful informaton to help you vote.

Nunavut Elections
Learn about Nunavut elections in Canada and find information to help you vote.

Canada at the 2012 London Olympics
Find information on Canada, Canadian athletes and medals at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Canada and the War of 1812
Canadian history resources on Canada and the War of 1812.

Canadian Agriculture - Food Farming and Canadian Agriculture Statistics
Get an overview of Canadian agriculture, food and farming, and access Web portals and government departments dealing with Canadian agriculture.

Air Travel in Canada
Check on airport and airline security rules in Canada, how to make complaints and get air travel tips.

Automotive Companies in Canada
Check into the latest on the road with these major automotive companies in Canada, including head offices of Canadian automotive manufacturers and distributors.

Canadian Automotive Industry - Statistics Automotive Companies and Regulations in Canada
Get an overview of the automotive industry in Canada, including statistics, automotive companies and Canadian government regulations and standards.

Canadian Banks
Find information on the major Canadian banks, including head offices, bank jobs and annual reports.

Energy Conservation in Canada - Save Energy and Money
Save energy and money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with these Canadian energy conservation resources.

Energy Sector in Canada
Explore all areas of the Canadian energy industry - oil, gas, nuclear, coal and electricity.

Extreme Weather in Canada
Find out about blizzards and cold, heat and humidity, tornadoes and hurricanes - and how to protect yourself.

Food Safety and Nutrition in Canada
Protect yourself and your family with Canadian consumer information on food safety and nutrition - food warnings and alerts, allergy alerts, and safe shopping, preparation and storage of food.

Homes in Canada
Pick up consumer tips on buying and selling houses in Canada, home building, renovations, repairs and safety.

Canadian Human Resources for Employers
Information on Canadian human resources management, including hiring, firing, policies, issues and employment standards.

Insurance Industry in Canada
Get the facts on the insurance industry in Canada, including companies, statistics, regulation and consumer information.

Canadian Mining Industry - Minerals and Mining Statistics and Canadian Government Regulations
Research the mining industry in Canada with information on government regulations, taxation, production, and statistics.

Privacy in Canada
Learn about privacy laws and information for the protection of the privacy of personal information in Canada.

Safety in Canada
Canadian safety information to protect your family, online and off, including alerts, emergencies, and fire, accident and crime prevention.

Transportation Sector in Canada
Investigate all aspects of the transportation industry in Canada - air, marine, rail and road.

Canada Day - July 1
Every July 1 Canadians everywhere celebrate Canadian confederation and the birth of Canada as a nation in 1867.

Careers in Canada
Choices in Canadian careers - education, skills requirements and duties for many careers in Canada.

Christmas in Canada
Use these resources to help celebrate Christmas in Canada.

Education Finances in Canada
Get ideas and information on financing an education in Canada through education savings programs, student loans, RESPs and scholarships.

Federal Museums in Canada
These history, science and art museums operated by the federal government tell the stories of Canada.

Canadian Federal Political Parties
Get a better understanding of the major Canadian federal political parties with information on the party leader, members of parliament and political policies.

Canadian Government Departments - Federal and Provincial Governments
Use this index for fast access to federal and provincial government departments and agencies in Canada.

Canadian Government Phone and Email Directories
These Canadian government directories will help you find government officials, their phone and fax numbers, email addresses and office addresses.

Halloween in Canada
Use these resources to help celebrate Halloween in Canada, with ideas for free Halloween costumes, lesson plans and worksheets, and safety tips.

House of Commons in Canada
Explore the Canadian House of Commons - how it works, members of parliament, committees and behind the scenes.

Canadian K-12 Education - Elementary and High School Education in Canada
Investigate education resources for elementary school and high school in Canada, for students, parents, and teachers.

Officers of Parliament in Canada - Roles and Responsibilities of Officers of Parliament
The roles of current Officers of Parliament in Canada.

National and Provincial Parks in Canada
Discover Canadian wilderness, adventure and recreation in national and provincial parks in Canada - Arctic, Rockies, prairies, forests, lakes, rivers and the sea.

Senate in Canada
How the Senate of Canada works, Canadian senators, Senate Committees, the rules of the Senate and the record.

Supreme Court of Canada - Role Justices and Administration of the Supreme Court
The Supreme Court of Canada is the highest court of appeal in Canada. Learn about the role of the Supreme Court of Canada, find out how it works and read biographies of Justices of the Supreme Court, both current and past.

Canadian Teachers - Lesson Plans Rubrics Jobs and Tools for Canadian Teachers
These education resources for Canadian teachers include lesson plans, assessment rubrics, curriculum documents, sources for jobs and time-saving tools.

Tourism and Travel Offices in Canada
Government tourism offices for Canada and each Canadian province are good sources of Canadian travel information, as well as brochures and maps, online postcards and vacation packages.

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
Look back on the life and politics of Pierre Trudeau and the impact he had on Canada as Canadian prime minister for 15 years.

University and College Education in Canada
Find information on Canadian universities, colleges and programs and ways to finance a university education in Canada.

Canadian Federal Government - Functions Role Responsiblities of Senior Offices in Canadian Government
Learn about the main duties and responsibilities of the top offices in the federal government in Canada.

Who's Who in Canadian Federal Government - Biographies of Who's Who in Canadian Government
Read these biographies to find out about the men and women holding top positions in the Canadian federal government.

Canadian Women in Government
Learn about the contributions of Canadian women who have served and changed government in Canada.

Canada and the South African War
Canada supported Britain in the South African War by sending volunteers and equipment, the first time Canada officially sent troops to an overseas war.

Canadian Citizenship Application Forms
Application forms to use when applying for Canadian citizenship and proof of citizenship.

Drivers Licences in Canada
Information on getting and renewing a drivers licence in each of the provinces and territories in Canada.

Canadian Government Budgets - Federal and Provincial Government Budgets
Most recent budgets from the federal government and governments of the provinces and territories in Canada.

British Columbia Health Care
Check out the British Columbia government Medical Services Plan (MSP) of health insurance, as well as health care policy services for residents of British Columbia.

Nova Scotia Health Care
Nova Scotia provincial government health insurance, health care services and health policy for residents of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Ontario Health Care
Find out about the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), health policy, health services and long-term care for residents of Ontario, Canada.

Holiday Mail in Canada
Canadian mail services for the holiday season, including shipping across the border, how to write to Santa, mail security and postal codes.

RRSPs in Canada
Learn the basics on using Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) to build your retirement savings.

Canadian Federal Acts and Regulations - Federal Laws of Canada
Use these pages to find information on Canadian federal acts and regulations.

Federal Bills in Canada - Legislative Process in Canada
Track government House and Senate bills and private members bills through Parliament, and find out how a bill becomes law in Canada

Canada in World War I
In World War I, more than 66,000 Canadians lost their lives, over 170,000 were wounded, and the young nation of Canada was changed profoundly.

Canada and World War II
In the six years of World War II, more than a million young Canadians and Newfoundlanders served in the armed forces. Over 45,000 died and another 55,000 were wounded.

Canadian Gun Control and Firearms Law in Canada
Canada has had some form of gun control since the 1800s, but the skyrocketing costs of the gun control registry and the election of a minority Conservative government in 2006 keep this issue high profile in Canada.

Marijuana in Canada - Legalization or Decriminalization of Supply and Use of Marijuana
Marijuana laws are being reformed in Canada to decriminalize, not legalize, casual marijuana use, but at the same time increase criminal penalties for marijuana growers.

Organized Crime in Canada
Find out about organized crime in Canada and Canadian government actions to prevent and control it. Includes information on biker gangs, money laundering, smuggling illegal immigrants and drugs.

Persons Case in Canada
In the Persons Case, five Alberta women - the Famous Five - fought to have women legally recognized as persons in the early 1900s in Canada.

Remembrance Day in Canada
Observe Remembrance Day in Canada and honour those who fought and died in war and military service for Canada.

Same-Sex Marriages in Canada
While the Canadian federal government struggles with the issue of same-sex marriages and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, many provinces in Canada allow same-sex marriages.

Canada and the War on Terrorism
Canada joins the United States in the war on terrorism after the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Housing Finances in Canada
Financial information to help you buy and sell a house in Canada.

Canadian Income Taxes 2014
Use these Canadian income tax forms, schedules and information resources to help you file your 2014 personal income tax return in Canada.

Insurance in Canada - Car House Life Health and Employment Insurance in Canada
Learn about car, house, life, health and employment insurance in Canada.

Canadian Music Artists - Candian Bands Singers and Musicians
Find information on Canadian music artists, bands, singers and musicians - song lyrics, biographies, articles, reviews, albums, MP3s, audio and video clips.

Canada Retirement Finances
Plan your Canadian retirement with information on pensions, estate planning, taxes, RRSPs and RRIFs, and a little psychology.

Canada Customs - Regulations at the Canadian Border
Before you or your goods cross the Canadian border, be sure you are aware of Canadian government customs regulations and services.

Canadian Art Galleries and Art Museums
Explore major art galleries and art museums in Canada. Collections include Canadian regional, historic and contemporary art, native arts, Emily Carr and the Group of Seven.

Canadian Bilingualism
Canada has two official languages - English and French. Find out what that means for living and working in Canada and the policies and politics involved, and access useful resources for learning and improving your English and French language skills.

Canadian Space Program
Explore the Canadian space program, with information on Canadian astronauts, space missions, and space science and technology.

Canadian Citizenship - Applications Test and Fees for Canadian Citizenship
Find out the requirements for becoming a Canadian citizen, the responsibilities that go with it, what's involved in the citizenship test and the relevant fees. You'll also find links to download the application forms for Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Earth Sciences - Geology Earthquakes Dinosaurs Fossils and Mapping in Canada
Learn about earth sciences in Canada - dinosaurs and fossils, earthquakes, geology and mapping.

Environment in Canada - Protection of Water Land and Air Environment in Canada
Protection of the environment in Canada, including resources on land, energy and water conservation, clean air and the weather.

Government Contacts - Email Phone Offices Politicians Government Officials
Use these lists and directories to find phone numbers and email and office addresses to contact politicians and government officials in Canada.

Canadian Government Ethics - Conflict of Interest and Ethics Guidelines
Take a look at Canadian government ethics guidelines, policies and issues for cabinet ministers, members of parliament and senators and public servants.

Government Spending in Canada - Federal Government Spending Estimates and Audits
Learn how the federal government in Canada budgets, plans and estimates government spending, how it audits and reports on government spending, and the results of its financial management and mismanagement.

Canadian ID Cards and Documents
Canadian ID cards and documents for personal identification.

Immigration to Canada
If you are planning to move to Canada, be sure to investigate Canadian government information on the requirements and application process, and on the basics of living and working in Canada. Then go ahead and download the appropriate application kit.

Marketing in Canada - Advertising Selling and Promotion for Marketing Your Business
Canadian marketing, advertising, media relations, sales, promotion, and communications resources

Canadian Government Pensions
Governments in Canada administer a variety of pension plans, including the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS). Find out about eligibility, benefits and how to apply.

Postal Services in Canada
Look up Canadian postal codes, U.S. zip codes and U.K. postcodes, check postage rates, find a post office in Canada and collect Canadian stamps.

Canadian Wildlife - Facts About Animals, Birds and Insects
Learn about animals and birds in Canada and wildlife conservation and protection.

General Canadian Law Resources - Family Criminal Law School and Lawyers
Use these Canadian law resources to find general information on all aspects of the law in Canada, including family law, child custody and support, and lawyers.

Canadians in Government - Biographies of Canadians in Government
Learn more about Canadians who serve in government and change government in Canada. Profiles of prime ministers and premiers, activists and astronauts are just a few of the biographies of Canadians you'll find here.

Career Guidance for Canadians - Career Skills Labour Market and Occupations in Canada
These career guidance resources can help you get ready for your first job or prepare for a switch in careers. They cover the labour market in Canada, skills assessment, occupations, aptitude tests, and choosing a university and work.

Canadian Employment Insurance
If you lose your job in Canada, you're probably eligible for Employment Insurance. Here's information on the requirements, benefits, rules, and how to apply.

Federal Government Employment Services
From job banks to labour market information, Canadian federal government services can help you find a job in Canada.

Federal Cabinet in Canada - Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers
Find out about the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers who form the executive branch of the federal government in Canada.

Governor General of Canada - Role and Services of the Governor General of Canada
The Canadian Governor General is the representative of the Queen in Canada. Learn about the role and services provided by the Governor General and about current and past Canadian Governors General.

Canadian Government Organization - Federal and Provincial Government Institutions
Learn about government institutions in the federal and provincial governments of Canada and what they do. This section covers the prime minister and premiers, parliament and provincial legislatures, government departments, and the courts.

Canadian Federal Government Jobs
Postings of Canadian federal government jobs open to the public, public service recruitment campaigns and rates of pay.

History of Immigration to Canada
Immigration has played a big role in the development of Canada. Find out about many groups of immigrants who chose Canada as a home and how they were treated.

Canadian History Pictures and Photos
Explore Canadian history through these collections of historic pictures and photos of Canada and Canadians.

Employment and Labour Standards in Canada
Federal and provincial employment standards in Canada, including pay, hours, vacations, terminations and complaints.

Canadian Military and Defence
Find out about the Canadian army, navy and air force, and other federal government organizations involved in military and defence matters in Canada.

Monarchy in Canada
The monarchy still plays a ceremonial role in Canada. Find out about Queen Elizabeth II, Royal visits and protocol, kings and queens in history, and the Governor General of Canada.

Official Residences of Canada
The Canadian federal government owns and operates seven official residences, six of which are in the National Capital Region surrounding Ottawa.

Parliament in Canada - House of Commons and Senate
Find your way around the Canadian Parliament with this information on the House of Commons and Senate, members of parliament and senators, and how bills become law in Canada.

Prime Minister of Canada - Stephen Harper Role and Past Prime Ministers
Meet Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, and learn about the role of prime minister in Canada and the history of Canadian prime ministers.

Province of Alberta
Learn about the western province of Alberta, Canada, including its government, elections, health care, parks, maps, and information for visitors.

Province of British Columbia
Learn about British Columbia, the province on the west coast of Canada, including its government, elections, health care, parks, maps, and information for visitors.

Canadian Art - Collections and Exhibits
Discover Canadian art through these virtual art exhibits, museum and gallery collections and resources and lesson plans.

Canadian Music - Artists Bands Song Lyrics and Music Record Company Labels
Explore the best of Canadian music with Canadian music artists and bands, song lyrics, music record company labels in Canada, and the national and royal anthems.

Canadian Courts
Find out about federal and provincial courts in Canada and the Canadian justice system, including where to find court decisions.

Canadian Crime and Law in Canada
Learn about crime and the law in Canada - from crime statistics to capital punishment.

Canadian Currency
Learn about Canadian currency - foreign exchange rates, bank notes, coins and counterfeits.

Legal Aid in Canada
How and where to get legal aid in Canada if you can't afford a lawyer. Legal services and requirements vary from province to province.

Canadian Legal Issues - Law in Canada - Gun Control Marijuana Same-Sex Marriages Legal Issues
Examine legal issues of concern to Canadians, including gun control, marijuana and same-sex marriages.

Canadian Legislation - Federal and Provincial Acts and Bills
Learn about Canadian legislation and the legislative process in Canada. Track Canadian federal government bills through Parliament, provincial government bills through the provincial legislatures and find Canadian acts and regulations.

Province of Manitoba
The central province of Manitoba, Canada, including its government, elections, health care, parks, maps, and information for visitors.

New Brunswick
Learn about the Maritime province of New Brunswick, Canada, including its government, elections, health care, parks, maps, and information for visitors.

Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
Learn about the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, including its government, elections, health care, parks and information for visitors.

Province of Nova Scotia
Learn about the Canadian Maritime province of Nova Scotia, including its government, elections, health care, parks,and information for visitors.

Northwest Territories
Learn about the Northwest Territories in the Canadian western Arctic, including its government, elections, health care, parks and information for visitors.

Canadian Personal Fnance - Banking Education Housing and Retirement Personal Finance in Canada
This information will help you handle your personal finances in Canada, from preparing a budget and banking to paying for your education and planning your retirement.

Canadian Personal Income Taxes
The information you need to file your Canadian personal income tax return.

Provinces of Canada - Government History Geography - Canadian Provinces
Find information and facts on the ten Canadian provinces and three Canadian territories, including geography, government, history and travel. This page is organized by topic.

Canadian Science and Technology - Space Program Wildlife Earth Sciences and the Environment
Learn about Canadian science and technology, from fossils and geology and the Canadian environment to the Canadian space program.

Canadian Cities - Major Municipalities in Canada
Access information on major cities and municipalities in Canada and their governments.

Education in Canada - Elementary High School and University Education
Explore education in Canada, including elementary school and high school education, lesson plans and curriculum, university in Canada, education finances and tools for Canadian teachers.

Canadian Federal Elections - Voting Ridings Parties and Results for Canadian Federal Elections
Learn how federal elections in Canada work and find information on registering to vote, how to vote, federal ridings, political parties and leaders, and the results of past Canadian federal elections.

Holidays in Canada
Celebrate holidays in Canada with information on history, traditions, crafts and activities.

Canadian Legislative Assemblies - Provincial Legislative Assemblies in Canada
The provincial and territory legislative assemblies in Canada are responsible for making and passing laws relevant to their regional and constitutional jurisdictions. Each Canadian province and territory has a unicameral, or single chamber, legislative assembly.

Lieutenant Governors Provinces Canada and Territory Commissioners
Lieutenant Governors in Canada represent the monarchy in the provinces. The role is mostly ceremonial, but includes key duties such as giving Royal Assent to provincial legislation. Commissioners in the Canadian territories have a similar role.

Maps of Canada - Provinces Travel History and Blank Outline Maps of Canada
This selection of maps of Canada includes an overview map, maps of the Canadian provinces and territories, and travel, history and topographic maps of Canada.

Territory of Nunavut
Basic facts and statistics on the Canadian territory of Nunavut, including location, government and industries.

Province of Ontario
Learn about Ontario, Canada's second largest province, including its government, elections, health care, parks, maps, and tourism.

Province of Prince Edward Island
Learn about Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province, including its government, elections, health care, and tourism.

Canadian Provincial Premiers
Biographies of current Canadian provincial premiers, historical listings of past premiers and the role of the provincial premier in Canada.

Provincial Cabinets in Canada
Check these listings of cabinets or executive councils in each of the provinces and territories of Canada for biographies, photos and contact information for provincial and territory cabinet ministers.

Provincial Elections in Canada
A starting point to research information on provincial elections in Canada, including results, MLAs, who can vote, voters lists and ridings.

Province of Quebec
Learn about the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada, including its government, elections, health care, parks, maps, and information for visitors.

Province of Saskatchewan
Discover the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, including government, provincial symbols, parks and tourism.

Canadian Statistics - Business and Labour Statistics and Census Canada
Find Canadian census statistics, and business, economic and social statistics about Canada.

Canadian Travel and Tourism
Governments in Canada provide services for Canadians travelling abroad, for visitors to Canada and for tourists. Services include border protection, safety regulations, management of a system of national and provincial parks and government funded museums.

Yukon Canada
Learn about the Canadian territory of Yukon, including its government, elections, health care, parks, maps, and information for visitors.

Business Finance in Canada - Taxes Investors and Statistics
Check here for Canadian financial resources for business, including taxes, information for investors and statistics.

Canada at War - World War I and II Korea and the War on Terrorism
Learn about the role of Canada in major wars - World War I and World War II, the Korean War, and the war on terrorism.

Canadian Flags
Find out about the history of the Canadian flag and provincial flags in Canada, as well as the etiquette and rules for flying the flag.

Canadian History - People Places and Events in Canadian History
Explore this broad collection of resources on people, places and events in Canadian history, including building the railroad, the Klondike Gold Rush, the Halifax explosion and the discovery of insulin.

History of Canadian Confederation 1867
The events leading up to Canadian Confederation, the birth of Canada as a nation on July 1, 1867, and the evolution of Canada since then.

Canadian Consumer Information
Protect yourself and your family when shopping online or off with tips on how to avoid consumer problems, and what to do and where to complain if you run into trouble.

E-Commerce in Canada - Internet Business Online - Canadian E-commerce
Look into Canadian federal government strategies, policies, guidelines and resources on e-commerce and Internet retailing for small, medium and large businesses in Canada.

Canadian Exploration and Explorers
Learn about the exploration and explorers of Canada with these resources on the search for the new world, the settlement of Canada, the search for the Northwest Passage and the exploration of the Canadian Arctic.

Canadian Business Management Canada - Reference Material on Canadian Management
Use these Canadian resources to find practical reference material on all aspects of management in Canada, including human resources, privacy law and technology.

Medical Marijuana in Canada
Check into the laws and regulations covering the supply and use of marijuana in Canada for medical reasons.

Quit Smoking
Quit smoking with help from these Canadian resources, including health benefits and health risks, and where to find support groups and programs in Canada.

Canadian Seniors Health
Practical information on health and fitness for seniors in Canada, from Canadian government policies and programs to coping with Alzheimer's, stroke or arthritis.

Symbols and Emblems of Provinces of Canada
Discover the official symbols and emblems for each of the provinces and territories of Canada, including the motto, provincial flag, coat of arms, flower, bird, tree, gemstone and tartan.

Canadian Exports Imports and Trade
Investigate international trade and business opportunities with these resources on exports, imports and trade services for Canadian business.

Weather in Canada
Check Canadian weather forecasts and find out about extreme weather conditions in Canada, like storms, tornadoes, hail, heat and the humidity.

Canadian Women in History - Canada Womens History
The achievements and struggles of women in the history and development of Canada.

Daily Life in Canada - News Weather Maps Statistics and Travel Information
Get practical information to help with daily life in Canada, from news and weather to statistics and travel information.

Canadian Business and Consumer Information
Use these Canadian resources for quick research on business and consumer information in Canada, including major Canadian business sectors and companies, markets, business management and statistics.

Canadian Symbols and Emblems
Learn about the symbols and emblems that represent Canada and her provinces and territories, including the Canadian flag, coat of arms, motto, colours and music.

Canadian Elections - Federal and Provincial Elections in Canada
Research election results, MPs and MLAs, ridings and electoral districts, eligibility to vote and voters lists for Canadian federal elections and provincial elections in Canada.

Canadian Employment - Standards Insurance Government Jobs and Taxes
Use these Canadian resources to help you plan your career, find a job, research employment standards across Canada, do your taxes, get employment insurance if you lose your job, and plan your retirement.

Canadian Government Basics
An introduction to Canadian governments including how they are organized, how elections work, the people who work in government and what they do.

Canadian Federal Government Organization
Get an overview of how the federal government of Canada is organized, its major intstitutions and what they do.

Organization of Provincial Governments in Canada
How provincial and territory governments in Canada are organized, their major institutions and what they do.

Health in Canada
Find about the health care system in Canada, Canadian government health care programs and services, news, issues and safety.

Canadian Health Care System - Canadian Medicare and Health Insurance
Learn about the fundamentals of the health care system in Canada.

Canadian Health Resources
Resources specifically for Canadians, covering healthy living, disease prevention, conditions and mental health.

History of Canada
Explore Canadian history of people, places and events, including Canadian Confederation, symbols, emblems and traditions, major wars, history pictures and maps.

Canadian Law - Legislation Law and Crime in Canada
Learn about the legal and justice systems in Canada, look up the text of bills, acts and regulations, find a lawyer or get access to legal aid, and read about legal issues and crime in Canada.

Money and Taxes in Canada
Find out about money in Canada, including the banks in Canada, Canadian currency and how to handle your personal finances and taxes.

Canadian Music Art and Science
Discover Canadian creativity and innovation in music, art and science in Canada.

Provincial Health Care and Insurance Plans in Canada
Provincial government health care programs deliver the Canadian national system of health and hospital insurance and health care services.

Canadian Provinces and Territories
Information and facts on each of the ten Canadian provinces and three Canadian territories, including government, geography, history and travel.

Canadian Government Services
Make the most out of the many services provided by Canadian governments in our daily lives.

Summer in Ottawa, Canada's Capital
Get the best out of Ottawa in the summer with information to help both visitors and residents plan summer holiday activities.

How to Redirect Your Mail in Canada at the Post Office
A simple how to on how to have your mail redirected in Canada

Major Changes at Canada Post
Canada Post is phasing out home delivery as one of its initiatives to return the Post Office to financial sustainability by 2019.

Canadian Confederation Lesson Plans - Elementary K-8
Use these lesson plans and resources on Canadian Confederation to teach elementary school students about the birth of Canada as a nation.

Explorers of Canada Lesson Plans - Elementary K-8
Use these lesson plans and resources to help elementary school students learn about the explorers of Canada.

Canadian Geography Lesson Plans Elementary K-8
These Canadian geography lesson plans and resources provide ideas for elementary school teachers.

Canadian History Lesson Plans Elementary K-8
Find lesson plans and resources on Canadian history for elementary school teachers.

Math Worksheets K-8 - Elementary School Math Worksheets
Math worksheets and printables to help Canadian elementary school teachers teach math.

New France History Lesson Plans
Teach about the people and events in the history of New France with these resources and lesson plans for Canadian elementary school teachers.

Weather in Canada - Elementary School Lesson Plans
Weather lesson plans and resources for Canadian elementary school teachers.

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Lesson Plans - Elementary School in Canada
Use these background resources and lesson plans to teach about Canadian citizenship and immigration in elementary school.

Christmas in Canada - Elementary School Lesson Plans
Christmas lesson plans and activities to help celebrate Christmas in Canada and teach elementary school students about the meaning of Christmas.

Groundhog Day in Canada
Use these Groundhog Day lesson plans, activities, crafts and resources to celebrate Groundhog Day in Canada.

Remembrance Day in Canada - Elementary School Lesson Plans
Lesson plans, resources and activities to teach elementary school students about the meaning and importance of Remembrance Day in Canada.

Canadian Spelling Lesson Plans and Resources - Canadian Elementary School Spelling
Find spelling lessons and resources for Canadian elementary school teachers.

Writing Lesson Plans - Canadian Elementary School Writing Lesson Plans
Find writing lesson plans, strategies and resources to teach writing and the writing process for Canadian elementary school teachers.

Canadian Government Services
Health care, consumer protection, travel, employment, financial and postal services are just some of the ways the Canadian government can help you in your daily life.

Who Needs a Study Permit for Canada - International Students Who Need a Study Permit for Canada
Which international students need a study permit for Canada and when a study permit is not required.

How to Apply for a Study Permit for Canada
How to get an application and apply for a study permit for Canada.

Processing Times for a Study Permit for Canada
How long it takes to get a study permit for Canada.

Application for Study Permit to Canada (Acceptance or Refusal)
What happens when your application for a study permit for Canada is accepted or refused.

Entering Canada as an International Student - What Happens When You Enter Canada as an International Student
What happens when you arrive in Canada as an international student.

Contact Information for Study Permits for Canada - Who to Contact With Questions About Study Permits for Canada
Where to get specific local information and questions answered about a study permit for Canada.

Documents Required to Apply for a Study Permit for Canada
A description of the documents which must be provided with an application for a study permit for Canada.

Study Permits for Canada - Requirements & Applications
The basics on study permits for Canada - who needs a study permit to study in Canada, how to apply for one, and how they work.

Eligibility for a Study Permit for Canada
What you need to demonstrate to get a study permit for Canada.

Issue - Gun Registry in Canada
Gun registry has been an issue in Canada for years due to strong political, philosophical and emotional differences of government policies on gun control.

Gun Registry in Canada - Background and Pros and Cons of Gun Registry Issue in Canada
Soaring costs and administrative mismanagement, in concert with strong political, philosophical and emotional differences of opinion on gun control, have combined to make the gun registry a hot issue in Canada for years. Page 2.

Use of Referendum in Canada
Referendum - definition of referendum in Canada.

What Is a T4A Canadian Income Tax Slip?
Description of a T4A income tax information slip in Canada.

What is a T4? - Definition
Description of a T4 income tax information slip in Canada.

Definition of a Plebiscite in Canada
Plebiscite - the definition of a plebiscite in Canada.

Minor Child in Canada - Definition
Minor child - Definition of a minor child in Canada.

Definition of an Adult in Canada
Definition of an adult in Canada.

New Brunswick - Origin of the Name
Definition and origin of the name of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

Parliament of Canada - Definition
Definition of Parliament in Canada.

Official Opposition in Canada - Definition
Official opposition - definition of official opposition in parliament and legislative assemblies in Canada.

Parliament and Legislative Assembly Party Caucus
Caucus - definition of caucus in Canada.

Governor General of Canada - Definition
Governor General - definition of governor general of Canada

Cabinet Portfolio - Definition
Cabinet portfolio - definition of cabinet portfolio in Canadian government.

What is Cabinet Solidarity in Canadian Government?
Cabinet solidarity - definition of cabinet solidarity in Canadian government.

Yukon Facts - a Vast Canadian Territory
Key facts about Yukon, Canada - geography, government and industry.

Quick Facts on the Province of Ontario
Key facts about the province of Ontario, Canada - geography, government and industry.

Canadian Political Party Leaders
Index to the leaders of major federal and provincial political parties in Canada.

Write to the Premier of Saskatchewan
Contact information to write, phone or fax Brad Wall, the Premier of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Swine Flu - Symptoms and Precautions
The outbreak of swine flu in humans in Mexico has spread to the United States and Canada. Learn about swine flu symptoms and precautions.

Registering to Vote in the Federal Election in Canada
How to register to vote in the Canadian federal election.

Advance Polls in Canadian Federal Elections
Elections Canada opens advance polls for three days to let Canadians vote early in a federal election.

National Car Scrapping Program Introduced
The Canadian federal government is putting $92 million towards a national car scrapping program to get older model personal vehicles off the road and reduce air pollution.

Write to the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
Email, phone or fax Stephen Harper, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Prime Minister of Canada.

Members of the Alberta Legislative Assembly
Current members of the Alberta Legislative Assembly.

Role of the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons
Role and responsibilities of the Speaker of the House of Commons in Canada

Ontario Government Charges Premiums for Health Care
The Ontario government has re-introduced premiums for health care, based on income.


Books on Canada in World War II History
A selection of history books highlighting the role of Canada and Canadians in World War II.

Canada Heads Into Early Expensive Election Campaign
Election Day will still be Oct. 19 but the campaign will start early in August, making it the longest Canadian federal election campaign since 1926.

The Supreme Court of Canada on Senate Reform
The Supreme Court's decision on the government's reference for an opinion on the constitutionality of its Senate reform plans was bad news for the Tories.

T4RSP Tax Slips for Canadian Income Taxes
If you withdraw money from your RRSP, you can expect to receive a T4RSP tax slip at income tax time. Here's how to handle it.

Nigel Wright Biography
Nigel Wright, Stephen Harper's former Chief of Staff, is scheduled to testify on the Senate scandal at the Duffy trial in August 2015.

Canadian Members of Parliament - Role and Duties
The role and responsibilities of Canadian members of parliament.

Diaries of Mackenzie King
The diaries of Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King provide a first-hand political and social history of Canada, and they are online and searchable.

Who Can Vote in Canadian Federal Elections
Eligibility requirements for voting in a Canadian federal election.

Michael Ignatieff Biography
An eminent scholar and author, Michael Ignatieff led the Liberal Party of Canada to an historic third place defeat in the 2011 general election.

How Federal Elections Work in Canada
Here's a simple explanation of the basics of how a federal election works in Canada.

Bloc Québécois
The Bloc Québécois is a Canadian federal party whose primary objective is the sovereignty of Quebec.

Pamela Wallin Biography
A successful Canadian media personality and diplomat, Pamela Wallin's career was stopped short by her involvement in the Senate expenses scandal.

Canada News on About: Government, Politics and History
Get the latest Canadian news on government programs and issues, the people that create them, and the history that puts it in context.

Capital Cities of Canada
The capital cities of Canada - the national capital and capital cities of the provinces and territories of Canada.

Explore National and Provincial Parks in Canada
National and provincial parks across Canada protect natural areas, and also provide visitors with wilderness, adventure, recreation, inspiration and peace.

Canadian Social Studies Lesson Plans K-8 - Canadian Government Geography History Citizenship
These Canadian social studies lesson plans and resources will help elementary school teachers in Canada teach Canadian geography, history, citizenship, immigration and government.

Canadian Government Lesson Plans K-8
Canadian elementary school teachers will find useful resources and lesson plans to teach about the Canadian government.

Canadians at Battle of Dieppe
The Dieppe raid in World War II was a test for the full-scale invasion of western Europe, and it was a disaster for the Canadians.

How to Find Unclaimed Bank Accounts in Canada
The Bank of Canada holds money from dormant accounts in Canada. You can search for unclaimed bank balances and claim funds that are yours, for free.

Minimum Wage in Canada by Province
The hourly minimum wage in Canada in each of the provinces and territories.

Canada Day Checklist
Things you need to know to celebrate Canada Day, marking the birthday of Canadian Confederation.

Sir Robert Borden Biography
Prime Minister of Canada through World War I, Sir Robert Borden increased international recognition of Canada and its independence from Britain.

Battle of Beaumont Hamel
The Battle of Beaumont Hamel in WWI France was devastating for Newfoundland, with the 1st Newfoundland Regiment nearly wiped out in just half an hour.

International Driving Permit for Canadians
Canadians travelling abroad should consider getting an International Driving Permit (IDP). It's simple and inexpensive.

Travel Health Insurance for Canadians
Understand travel health insurance and protect yourself and your family from financial disaster when travelling outside Canada.

The Origin and History of the Name Canada
The name Canada was first used by Jacques Cartier in 1535. It wasn't the only name considered by the Fathers of Confederation in 1867 though.

Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald Biography
The first Prime Minister of Canada and a Father of Confederation, Sir John A. Macdonald combined a vision of Canada with alcoholism.

Consumer Scams in Canada
Pay attention to these warnings, alerts and safety precautions and protect yourself from consumer scams and fraud in Canada.

Canadian Income Tax Glossary
Definitions and information on terms commonly used when filing your Canadian income taxes.

Emily Murphy Biography
Social activist Emily Murphy was one of five women who fought, and won, a legal and political battle to have women recognized as persons in Canada.

Energy Conservation and Cars in Canada
Save fuel and money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with these energy conservation resources for cars and driving in Canada.

Canadian Embassy and Consulates in the United States
Contact information for the Canadian embassy in Washington, DC, and Canadian consulates in the United States.

Canadian Senators Salaries 2015-16
Canadian senators make a basic salary and get paid extra for additional responsibilities, such as chairing Senate committees.

Salaries of Canadian Members of Parliament 2015-16
On April 1, 2015 salaries of Canadian members of parliament went up 2.3 percent. The increase also applies to payment for extra duties.

Canadian House of Commons Committees Canada
Learn about Canadian House of Commons committees - members, clerks, rules and procedures, reports, preparing submissions and appearing as a witness.

Alberta Budget 2015 Aims for a More Balanced Economy
The province of Alberta has been forced to restructure its finances to handle the fall in oil prices, but it still has the lowest taxes in Canada.

Premiers of Alberta Canada Since 1905
Premiers of Alberta, Canada and their terms of office since 1905, the year Alberta joined Canadian Confederation.

Alberta Election Results 2015: NDP Majority
The results of the 2015 Alberta election give the NDP an historic majority government, and push the Progressive Conservatives to third place.

Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta, Biography
Rachel Notley became Premier of Alberta in 2015, leading the NDP to victory after 43 years of Progressive Conservative governments in the province.

Jacques Cartier, Explorer of Canada
French navigator Jacques Cartier explored the east coast of Canada and the St. Lawrence River and was responsible for naming Canada.

Kathleen Wynne - Premier of Ontario
Her experience in conflict mediation should come in handy as Kathleen Wynne becomes the first woman Premier of Ontario.

Ottawa - the Capital City of Canada
Key facts about Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, including population, government, attractions and the weather.

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP)
In World War II, Canada's management of the BCATP provided the Allies with more than 130,000 trained air crew.

Elsie MacGill Biography
Canadian Elsie MacGill was the first woman aircraft designer in the world and dubbed

10 Firsts for Canadian Women in Government
Ten historical firsts - from the first Canadian woman member of parliament to the first woman Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

C.D. Howe Biography
A cabinet minister in the King and St. Laurent governments, C.D. Howe mobilized Canada for World War II and transformed the Canadian economy.

Brian Gallant, Premier of New Brunswick: Biography
Without a lot of political experience, Brian Gallant set his sights on a career in politics and became Premier of New Brunswick quite quickly.

Andrea Horwath Biography
Andrea Horwath, leader of the Ontario NDP since 2009, puts the emphasis on issues impacting the affordability and quality of everyday life in Ontario.

Alberta Party Leaders
Meet the leaders of the major provincial political parties in Alberta.

Quebec Party Leaders
Meet the leaders of the major Quebec provincial political parties.

Province of Alberta: Fast Facts
Key facts about the province of Alberta, Canada - geography, government and industry.

Alberta Provincial Political Parties
The major provincial political parties in Alberta, with information on MLAs, political philosophies and party positions.

Paying Canadian Income Taxes by Installments
If not enough income tax was withheld from your income over a year, you may be required to pay income tax in installments. Here's how it works.

Change Your Income Tax Return Online or by Mail
If you need to correct or change your Canadian income tax return, first wait for your Notice of Assessment. Then you can do it online or by mail.

Filing Your Canadian Income Taxes - The Basics
What you need to know to file your Canadian income taxes - information you need to have, ways to file and pay your taxes, and where to get help.

Queen Elizabeth: Biography - Canada News
As Canada's head of state, Queen Elizabeth has a special relationship with Canada and Canadians.

Prince Edward Island Facts
Quick facts about the geography, government and industry of Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province.

Facts About Charlottetown, the Capital of PEI, Canada
Charlottetown, PEI is a safe, family community with a low cost of living, good weather and a great sense of heritage.

When Is the Next Alberta Election?
The date of the next Alberta provincial election and how Alberta election dates are decided.

PEI Party Leaders
Meet the leaders of the major provincial political parties in PEI.

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada: Biography
Biography, professional and political background of Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Winnipeg General Strike 1919
A massive general strike crippled the city of Winnipeg in the summer of 1919. Government reaction was aggressive and the workers gained little.

Penalties for Filing Your Canadian Income Taxes Late
If you file your tax return late, you may be charged both a penalty and interest. Even if you can't pay the balance due, file your taxes on time.

2015 Canadian Budget and Your Personal Finances
Canadian families, seniors, savers and students should reap some financial benefits from this election-year budget.

5 Ways to Pay Your Personal Canadian Income Taxes
There are a variety of different ways for you to choose how to pay the balance owing on your Canadian income taxes.

Battle of Ypres 1915 - Canadians Meet Chlorine Gas
In 1915, the second Battle of Ypres established the reputation of the Canadians as a fighting force as they held their ground against chlorine gas attacks.

T4 Slips and Other Canadian Income Tax Slips
Common T4 and other income tax slips issued for Canadian taxpayers to use when filing their Canadian income tax returns.

My Account - Your Personal Canadian Tax Information
My Account, a Canada Revenue Agency service, provides you with secure online access to your personal income tax information.

Relief From Tax Penalties and Interest
Under exceptional circumstances you can apply to the CRA to have income tax penalties or interest reduced or cancelled.

Mike Duffy Biography - The Fall of a Senator
Mike Duffy was always interested in news and politics, but in his move to the Canadian Senate he managed to become the story himself.

Check on the Status of Your Tax Refund in Canada
When and how to check on the status of your Canadian income tax refund and what might be holding it up.

Who Can Vote in Alberta Provincial Elections
Basic eligibility requirements to be allowed to vote in provincial elections in Alberta, Canada.

Senate Committees Canada
Learn about Senate committees in Canada - how they work, what they do and the procedures for appearing as a witness.

Canadian Senators Role
Canadian senators review legislation, act as watchdogs on the federal government and represent regional constituents.

Canada Post Expects to End 2014 in the Black
After a year working with its aggressive action plan, Canada Post has made some progress and actually reported a profit in the third quarter of 2014.

David Johnston - Governor General of Canada
Biography of David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, who has extensive experience as a legal scholar and university administrator.

Governor General of Canada - Role and Duties
Much of the role of the Governor General of Canada is ceremonial, but some of his or her official duties can be key to governing Canada.

Governors General of Canada - Current and Past
Governors General of Canada and their terms of office since Confederation in 1867.

British North America Act (BNA Act)
The British North America Act, now called the Constitution Act 1867, is one of the base documents of the Canadian constitution.

Bringing Alcohol Into Canada
Check on the Canadian customs regulations for the amount of alcohol you can bring into Canada without paying duty or taxes.

Canadian Children's Arts Tax Credit
This non-refundable tax credit encourages a wide range of activities that help a child's development and complements the Children's Fitness Tax Credit.

Where to Get a Canadian Income Tax Package
How to get a Canadian income tax package - online, by mail, by phone or in person.